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Don't believe in the Lie of Peace. That is the "Big Lie".
"War is Peace"

PC Opus

PC Opus. This program will work on most Micro Soft platforms namely Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, and XP. Can not vouchsafe later editions but, PC Opus may work. Be careful! You could wreck your Operating System very easily! However, you can move, copy, and delete almost anything in your system among other things. Use PC OPus to delete Trojans, malware, and viruses it usually works good. Do not use any hacks! They will destroy your Operating System! Namely the DVD hack.

My Kitty

My Kitty. This is a very rare Hello Kitty screen saver.

I E Eradicator

This Internet Explorer Remover works with Micro Soft Products Windows 95, 98, ME, and 2000 maybe XP. Other Windows versions try finding it at the products web site. Be very careful if this not Microsoft Windows 98!

Safe XP
Here is a program that you can use to change security setting on your Windows Operating System.
The internet is like the Wild West these days. People are out there gunning for you. They will kill your machine if you let them.

Malware Inspector

This the cure for the "Itty bitty." Your XP looks great but, your Internet goes nowhere man. Hopefully, you are still running Widows 98 SE, or Windows ME. It might work on other versions of Microsoft soft ware. Then you can download, and run this fix. Open up the program, and let it sit there in the icons at the bottom of your view screen. Now, you have got it! Bingo! Otherwise, be creative, and use another machine. Good!

Rising PC Doctor

A must have for every Windows system to at least Vista, or maybe higher. Be sure to plug those leaks! Make sure all your protections are enabled. You did it. Congratulations!

Rising Internet Security

Now, make sure your fire wall is enabled. Now, you stand a chance of staying on the Internet. Sorry folks can't put this one up. Try majorgeeks.com, softonic.com, filehippo.com might have this one too.

Rising Antivirus

Here is the antivirus program you will need. Ditto. Again majorgeeks.com, softonic.com, filehippo.com

Tiny Personal Firewall

An old program that can work wonder on your Windows machine. See if this works to keep these trespassers out of you Operating System.

Fun exec

Good uninstaller for those tough to remove programs.

Coffee Cup Zip File Opener

This program will open up any zip file.

Zip Repair

Solves the problem of a broken zip file. This will work maybe for you.

Here is the PDF File of The Versailes Treaty from the Library of Congress enjoy.

Versailles Treaty PDF File

Here are the collected works of Josephus including "The Wars of the Jews." This is standard reading for all Christians.