My Persephone
By Kitten

A commentary on My Persephone in Art.

The Lady in White

For the most part My Persephone favors White. Most of the time Persephone does wear some white on Her clothing. That is when Persephone is really large. Then My Persephone is Aphrodite, sometimes called Catherine.

The Dark Girl

This is when My Persephone is starting to come up. This is when She is Phaedra, and She is very deadly. All the Gods have been gathered into Phaedra. Here Phaedra is getting frisky.

Oriental Form of My Persephone as the Dark Girl Phaedra.

This is another form of the Dark Girl called Durga. You can see Kitten is right behind Her. All the Power of the Gods is with Her.

My Persephone is sitting at the right hand of the Goddess Ceres (middle), and the Goddess Flora  is sitting at the left hand of the Goddess Ceres. The Dark Girl is usually, not seen here. The Catherines (Virtues) are in attendance as these Cherubs.

Pomegranate Girl

My Persephone is giving the Pom. "Pom!"
Take the Pom! It's your's!
Now, you have to share the Pom with My Persephone.
"Pomegranates are meant to be shared."

This is another Pomegranate Girl. "Pom!"

Still another Pomegranate Girl. "Pom!"

The Pomegranate Girl Naked is not friendly. My Persephone hates you. My Persephone is being a Succubus like. "Pom!"

The Anime Pomegranate Girl as My Persephone. "Pom!"

My Persephone in Her Sanctuary. "Pom!"

My Persephone as the Pomegranate Girl. "Pom!"

The Disney like My Persephone:

That is Maid Marion.

Persephone here is dreaming of sharing Her Pom. "Pom!"

Sleeping Beauty
That Pom has to last all winter? Kitten will share Kitten's Pom with My Persephone. This is for better or, worse. My Persephone has moved in with Kitten. My Persephone will live. "Pomegranates are meant to be shared." "Pom!"

Proserpina as Thalia Goddess of Springtime. Here My Persephone is Friendly but, is as dangerous as the metal that is named after Thalia (Thallium). We Love Her!

The love smitten Hades as My Persephone is Venus. My Persephone is friendly then. Here My Persephone has a dual personality. Where She is both Venus, and Hades. They are inseparable in Love.

Cerebus isn't usually seen. Here My Persephone is the Purity of the Underworld. My Persephone is warning people to stay away. Go no further. It is time to back through the looking glass.

My Persephone posing as Flora.
 Flora is found usually with Ceres. This is possible. Because, Ceres, Persephone, and Flora

That's a Flower Girl. But, My Persephone is not Flora.

My Persephone is almost Dark like Phaedra. My Persephone is a Pomegranate Girl. "Pom!"

Here My Persephone is posing as Iris. Who is usually, in the Company of Flora. Iris is not usually a dangerous Deity. Iris is a Shepardess. Those Flowers are usually a Marriage Gift. Then you start "going steady." That is the next step up from "dating" (whore like). You meet My Persephone maybe only once in your life. If you "date" My Persephone more often, and My Persephone likes you. Then you may "go steady" with My Persephone. "Living together" is the next up to "Deification."

My Persephone is resting in Her underground chambers.
Here My Persephone is Sleeping Beauty.
My Persephone sleeps with Kitten! Does. Kitten can have Persephone 24/7. Of course, the Dark Girl is like that too.

My Persephone in the pink. That is My Persephone's own Garden of Delights.

Here My Persephone has almost Roman dress. What is unique here is Her flowery head dress is almost never seen. My Persephone here is a Pomegranate Girl. "Pom!"
The birds are almost like Ceres' Parrots that are also "Birds of Love".

This is definitely Flora, but She could be My Persephone. The Pomegranate Girl is here. "Pom!"

My Persephone is gathering flowers.
That is when the flowers are all dying.
They have been gathered by My Persephone.
When the blossoms fall the trees all bear fruit.

My Persephone as the Dark Girl Phaedra mourning the death of the flowers. We all Love Her.

My Persephone is more inscrutable here. These are the Two Lovers.

My Persephone wearing flower hat. The is an excellent rendered image of My Persephone.

My Persephone as the Dark Girl Phaedra. Everything here is misshappened.
The pomegranate tree with its fruit looks a bit weird. "Pom"

This My Persephone as the Dark Girl Phaedra. She is almost a Death Bringer, Thanatos. The Scythe is not usually a weapon. That is when My Persephone is the Gray Girl.
Mostly, Kitten isn't active in this Work. Kitten is a God of Love.

My Persephone is Thalia the Bringer of Spring. That is the Spring Girl. But, My Persephone has a tinge of Thanatos. The Rose here is a "Wedding Gift".

My Persephone as Thalia Goddess of Spring. Thalia has been offended by Narcissus. "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned." Thalia can be enormously cruel. The snake is diabolus. Diabolus here belongs only to Thalia as a Viper. Thalia's diabolus is not Shaitan. Thalia's dress here is blood red. Narcissus is being tortured by Thalia. Narcissus did not have any Gifts for Thalia. Thalia is important. Thalia knows it. Thalia is one of the Three Graces. Thalia is demonstrative. Thalia can do the Other Two Graces. Thalia is Bloom. Aglaia is heart felt. Euphrosyne is joyous.

My Persephone is Thanatos. You need to feed My Persephone. Kitten gets like that upon arising every morning. Kitten has to have breakfast, immediately. That soothes Kitten's fur. Kitten is tame again! My Persephone is waking up outside Kitten too. It's incestuous. Relationships like this are totally hard to explain. Here My Persephone has Her pomegranate. "Pom!"

My Persephone as a Dryad a sort Tree Person.

My Persephone is here on this book cover. You can read it.

My Persephone as Phaedra consuming roses. This is the "Consummation of a Wedding".

My Persephone gathering flowers by the light of the silvery moon.

My Persephone follows a flower jewelry  scheme. Not classifiable.
This a child's rendering of My Persephone in Hell. The roses seem to grow there a lot. Kitten being a landscape person knows roses come from Hell.

This is a piece of Modern Art. It is an oil painting. Kitten will let you figure this one out. My Persephone might be in there some place as the Dark Girl.

My Persephone is about to be Reborn. Rebirth doesn't feel good.

My Persephone is a real doll. Look! My Persephone is a Pomegranate Girl. "Pom!" The Roses are "Wedding Gifts".

My Persephone as Flora. My Persephone has been rendered in 3D very good.

My Persephone is going to execute somebody by fire. A very common occurrence in Ancient Rome.

My Persephone as "Lady Death" Thanatos in Another One of Her Worlds.

 My Persephone as Queen Thanatos in the Land of the "Hungry Ghosts" or Pretas. If they can find Her they can live again to seek out the Living in Our World. It is a Land of Hideous Uncleaness. They are not human but, might of been, if they died by the Hand of Famine. There Famine is a God.

My Persephone as the Queen of Death less Life Affirming than Thanatos "Lady Death". Offering Pomegranate will gain My Persephone's favor so you can come out of "Deep Sleep". Look! There is your Pomegranate. "Pom!"

My Persephone as a Cat.

My Persephone as Penelope the Warden of the Ducks.

My Persephone is here as the "Dark Girl".

My Persephone has a pomegranate tree that the birds like too. "Pom!"

My Persephone is the "Dark Girl", and Her Dark City.

My Persephone as a Waif. A waif is a poor girl.

My Persephone has gone Techno with Pandora.

My Persephone in a Modern Art Hell.

My Persephone as a Green Spotted Pomegranate.
My Persephone is a Happy Pom. "Pom!"

My Persephone is a Movie Star!
There is My Persephone's Pomegranate. "Pom!"

My Persephone is surreal like Salvador Dali's paintings.

My Persephone with Her Mate Dis Pater. Dis Pater is known as the "Unknown God".

My Persephone is Incarnate here. Notice, My Persephone favors white.

My Persephone in Her Grotto. Don't ever go there. It's in the Underworld.

My Persephone Weeping for The Dead in Hell. The dead are all My Persephone's people. When My Persephone comes out of Hell. My Persephone will bring them back to be Reborn. They could be your relatives. Pay attention to that. You might join them. Lay up provisions now, just in case. Look! My Persephone is a Pomegranate Girl. Share a pomegranate with My Persephone. "Pomegranates are meant to be shared." "Pom!"

My Persephone is with Demeter in Arcadia. My Persephone is a Pomegranate Girl. "Pom!"

My Persephone is in Rome looking for the Pome of Rome. "Pom!"

My Persephone in what appears to be in a comic book.

My Persephone is here with Her Shadow. My Persephone is a Pomegranate Girl. "Pom!"

 My Persephone is fashionably dressed for the rain as the "Dark Girl".

My Persephone as the "Dark Girl".

My Persephone on Lake Proserpina in Sicily.

My Persephone in a story book. Isn't that cute.

My Persephone is a the Queen of Pomegranates. "Pom!"

My Persephone as Proserpina hates Lilith because, Lilith may harm girl babies. Here My Persephone is sending Lilith to Hel. When My Persephone, and Lilith are both Incarnate. My Persephone, and Lilith will fight to the Death. My Persephone will aid the Inquisition sometimes. Especially, when My Persephone's Enemies are becoming too numerous.

My Persephone isn't going anywhere but, probably inside you. The Cave, and the Underground Passage to the Grotto is usually, symbolic of My Persephone's Journey into a Human Heart. My Persephone gets right to the Heart of the Matter always.
My Persephone as a Southern Belle in Her Mansion.

My Persephone is on stage.

My Persephone is modeling.

My Persephone modeling a Tantric Pose.

My Persephone applying makeup.

My Persephone as Psyche.

My Persephone Cosplay Pomegranate Girl. "Pom!"

My Persephone comix.

My Persephone in another comix.

My Persephone is a Persephone Girl.

My Persephone as My Little Pony.