By Friend Kitten
"The extraordinary can always be found in the ordinary."

We are going to talk about something that is very close to me. That is Biological Warfare. Now, you know you want to do it? You have to work up to real Biowarfare in stages. Let's take plants? Because, this is the easiest Biological Warfare to do! Chances are you can get away with it. The Enemy will not notice this at all. That is because, they are dunderheads. Even, if you get caught: how is anybody going to prove you are doing real Biowarfare? Don't you understand? You are doing field research on Plant Pathogens.That will work.

 You can't use Pathogens: viruses, mycoplasma, bacteria, fungi, protozoans, nematodes, mites, insects, and usually, not any of the higher animals such as birds, rodents... on anything of Economic Importance.

But, we can kill roses. There are many Pathogens we can use most of them not lethal to roses our Target Organism. First, we must look in the wild. Mind you, roses are closely related to apples, pears, and other plants. We might find something there. But, we don't want to deploy something that can harm our fruit trees. Pay attention to that! I like apples. I like pears too. Friend Kitten consumes lots of them. So don't screw things up for me. You will be hated. We are going to check things very carefully. There is a virus: rose rosette  disease. Friend Kitten found this virus in the "Knock Out" family of roses. As you drive around you will notice things that are unusual, in your Target Organism. Once, you have found something like that. That is a Weapon. The question is. Is somebody waging real Biowarfare? Because, you just might run into it. You don't have to make War at all. Don't bother them. So you have killed roses.

The first rule of Biological Warfare is use the resources, and people of the Enemy to destroy the Enemy.

 You are at War. The Enemy might not know they are at War exactly. We always, call the Enemy: "the Enemy" in our Language of Sophistry. You have to learn hypocrisies. You are going to be a hypocrite. You are a Villain! "War is peace."

 Don't tell the Enemy they are doing anything bad. We want them to believe they are okay. You are not there to criticize the Enemy. We are there to Destroy the Enemy. The enemy might believe we are doing some bad things to them. That the only thing evil in their Country comes out of their own efforts. They are doing this to themselves. They have some sort of Death Wish. See the Enemy is always, crazy. Otherwise, they would be like us. This is the key to getting away with Biowarfare.

 Now, the Enemy claims they have found something. The Enemy can prove it! We will have to say that it was a mistake. Everybody makes mistakes. Plausible Denial right there for you. All the while, the Enemy is busy pulling out their roses, and burning them. The Epidemic has been raging for some time without the Enemy realizing their Real Situation. "Corruption is good."

Everything we do is sub rosa: beneath the roses Black Operations. In this case the Enemy has done this to themselves. We just want them to keep doing it. "Trickery is fair."

You didn't know you could wage real Biowarfare without getting near a real Biowarfare Agent! Every Military person should know this.

Don't commit the mistake of pride. You are a Cat. The Enemy is always, a Mouse. Don't let the Enemy know this is the true relationship we have with them.

 Don't use the reasoning of a pistol. "I have a gun, and you don't. Do what I say, or else." That is Naked War.

 Don't brag about our Biowarfare. Because, Biological Warfare is considered to be immoral. It is. Evil is good during War. Biowarfare is sneaky.

Why are we waging Biological warfare. Somebody, always is. Why not us? The purpose of Biowarfare is to rediscover Pathogens that the Enemy has already, deployed in our Country. It might be an accident. But, what if it isn't?

The Biowarfare person is a professional paranoid. You are scared. You better be. Then you will be able to find more Plant Pathogens! You can't get sick from this unless, you can. That is very unlikely.

You can't catch powdery mildew fungus from your roses. Tobacco mosaic virus is not contagious to people at all. You can even smoke the weed. Never near your prized tomato plants. Appreciate the fact that this virus is that powerful. Crown gall bacteria can spread to many plants like fire blight to other plants besides roses.
Friend Kitten is starting you out on plants. This is Military logic.

Where is the remedy for the roses? Because, if you have a Biowarfare Weapon. You must have a cure. Rose rosette disease may have come from other Pomacea. It may have an intermediate host which is a mite. Kill the mites that are the vectors of this disease. Your roses shouldn't have mites anyway. You could use selenium in the soil for only ornamental plants like sodium selenate. Otherwise, use a product from Bayer to treat your plants. Look for a Viracide!

 Your Military should be testing all these compounds for you. Remember, "An army marches on its' stomach." That was a quote from General Sherman during the American Civil War. Every War College should teach this hands on. That is real education to get people into the fields quickly to protect our Agriculture. Sambo says so! Sambo is Uncle Sam's Boy working for America. That keeps everything perfect here. Everything, Sambo knows is known to Industry. That increases profits! That creates more jobs for Patriots! Patriots always, do good, and live well. Laws are passed to ensure that.

The University is not a good place to do any research because, of the Bad Politics rampant in such places. Fatalism has become institutionalized there. Because, our educational system does not favor industry, and support work. It doesn't create jobs. So it is impossible to secure these places. The Enemy has already, infiltrated them. The problem is this information will be shared with America's Enemies. Anarchists could release these viruses, and kill off a lot of Agriculture. That could be a "protest," by the way. Who wants that? A Worldwide Epidemic harming everybody's Agriculture.

People have peculiar Ideals about Civilian Life. It is nonsense. To believe an unstructured life is freedom of some species. Nothing is secure. Who is safe? With defective thinking like that. It harms the Work Place. Industry will show sure signs of malaise.

Research can get lost. People will get fired for doing our research. Un American groups will harass our people. The Weathermen are still around creating a Climate of Mayhem. The Weathermen came out of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). The Green Party is bad too. That is terrible! We have to kill this Anarchy off as well as, the Horse that it rides in on. Kill the Horse! Kitten likes horse meat.

Look! Phaedra is coming up! Phaedra is the Roman Goddess Ops.

Phaedra is getting frisky!

 Don't wreck those oranges. Don't support gay males. They are bad for business! That is because, gay males have a Dionysian Ethic. Dionysus promotes mayhem. Nobody wants the Lord of Misrule to run anything.

 Lesbians don't bother anything at all. But, gay men do! They get into this power trip that is like that. Friend Kitten is a Villain sometimes. Whose "fobs" are they? They are not there for me. Are they there for you? They better be there for somebody. Friend Kitten doesn't like "wild boys," or "wilding" for that matter.

 Civilization tames, and refines people. Does anybody want a wild barbarian around anywhere? They break things that we like.

 See! Friend Kitten is not expressing objections about sexuality. Their conduct bothers us. It is the psychology of gay men that worries Friend Kitten. Because, gay males are violent. Gay males have gangs. Gay males play pranks. They attack girls. That's very bad.

 "You must never permit the goats to play."

This is the Navy. America actually, really does have one. The Navy has many Fighting Ships. Gay males have become prevalent on board this Destroyer. See the Navy does really have that Ship at all! It is a Love Boat. You can't expect them to do much fighting. Not at all!

Unless. there is a Revolution of some sort. Then that Destroyer will open fire on Washington DC. That really, did happen in Russia. That was Saint Petersburg during the time of the Czar.

Gay males are that political.

This Bolshevik film about the exploits of the Battleship Potemkin during the Russian Revolution of 1905. This was in the Ukrainian City of Odessa. It never happened! This is nothing but, agitprop. The Machinery of Death is there for the Bolsheviks to show off. It is still powerful in promoting Bolshevikism. This a Gay Male Revolution.

It was Aristotle that first expounded the Doctrine of Revolution. Aristotle remarked about Cyclical Alterations in the forms of Government. It implies a departure from any know previous Historical Pattern. A Revolution constitutes a challenge to the Established Political Order. The New Order is radically different than the proceeding one. This is the Revolution of Alexander the Great. "A leopard does not change his spots" quote from Alexander the Great himself. Later, Aristotle's student Plato went further. Here see the Doctrine of Dialectal Materialism.That means the Doctrine of Revolution is enormously old.

 Revolution is best when it brings Progress. Like the Industrial Revolution. This goes a long with the Agricultural Revolution.

The Orange Bird is really a Florida Oreo. If you cut those oranges in sections. They will come, and eat them.
If you are going have good plants. You must have good soil. Nutrient Deficiency Diseases are now, well known. Look for them! See if you can find Indicator Plants: algae,  pig weed, Jamestown weed.... That will tell you about the Nature of the Ground that must be altered to maintain good Agriculture.

Radium, Thorium, and Uranium along with their by products of the process of nuclear decay are all poisonous to people. These can all be in granite dust unless, it is checked for the presence of pitchblende. Granite dust is a valuable source of the vital nutrient potassium. A small percentage of cesium is fine for growing strong plants. Has a soil life of ten years. Rock phosphate should be checked for radioactivity as well. Rock phosphate, or bone meal is a good source of phosphorous. Soil life is is six to three years respectively. You have to watch out for Hippies. They will put stuff in your fertilizer that shouldn't be there. Buy from respectable sources only. Some mining waste is used. It if good for soil building. Pitchblend has been put on the land. You also, may find pitchblende Uranium ore mixed with the concrete in low income housing. Besides Uranium pitchblende contains small amounts of Radon, Polonium 210, Radium, and Radioactive Lead. Radon tends to come out through the lungs. Radon in your food can be as dangerous as Radon in your tobacco. Radon, and Polonium 210 by products of the nuclear decay definitely cause lung cancer. We still know it is a virus. The role of tobacco smoking is still unclear. Asbestos may be the inert substance people claim it to be. Just think of the stuff coming out a fuel rod in a Nuclear Reactor going right into you. That is basically, what it is.

There is a man. He is in a foreign land. He claims to know Karate, and he might. He has told everybody he does. He is in a bar showing off his Martial Art. It has been noticed. Phaedra is there admiring his musculature. Only "Tiger Water" can make him better. It comes from the Tiger Springs where all Karate is learned. This is real a Tiger. There is a bottle right there for him. He can try it. Phaedra wants him to. And. Sure enough, he downed the whole bottle in almost, one gulp of pure martial arts fury. Phaedra didn't tell him something. It is right there on the label. "A Product of North Korea"

Our monster has half a gram of pure tritium inside him. What do you think about that? That North Korea has found a way of getting rid of their nuclear waste by putting it inside their Enemies.

Iran they might do the same thing. It's the "Persian Springs," of course.

Martial Arts are always, kept Secret.

 Phaedra says so.

Agriculture is War.

In Ancient Rome every Warrior had to grow their own food.
 You can do this too.
Master know everything in the Antebellum South.
Master has done everything.
Master have to train people.
That is Basic Training.
Those trainees have lowest rank.
That is a Slave.
They not real Warriors.
We are going to make Heroes of the Revolution out of them.
They have to grow a Bumper Crop on the Land.
The trainees have to gain their Honor.
They get a share of the Harvest.
That feed more than just them.
They did it.
That is Share Cropping.
So, people must decide if they want to Live, or Die.
They want to Live.
There is an Enemy that wants to kill them.
It is this Trio of Great Faults called Laziness, Selfishness, and Stupidity.
Self Effort cures all Three Great Faults.
They have gotten out of bed.
Already, half the work of the day is done.
The Trainee must follow Master's Orders.
The Trainee must Work.
The ground must be prepared for planting.
It is good to plow the ground.
If you have a plow.
You must use it.
After the ground is broken.
 The stones have to be removed.
Examine the stones for useful minerals that crops enjoy.
You found granite rock.
You break the big rocks into little rocks.
Then pound that all to make granite dust.
You might find rock phosphate.
Look for fertilizer sources on site, or nearby.
You can make Compost.
You have manure.
You must Compost that, or it will burn crops.
Everything must be Organized somehow?
Every Country should be able to do this.
All this, and more Amendments has to be worked into the soil.
You can use a Broad Fork to do this.
You have to use a hand plow to cultivate the soil.
That has three plow like blades shaped into triangular pattern.
This looks like a claw with one arm longer than the back two.
The handle is like a garden hoe.
It is another British tool.
You have to break up the soil to get rid of dirt clods.
You have to get rid of weeds.
You have a War Against Weeds.
You have a War Against Flies.
Compost breeds flies.
Kitten have Spray.
That is to make War on Insects.
That is covered in another part of this work.
A larvacide for flies in compost can be made from ground hellebore in water solution.
You can grow some of your own insecticides.
But, every Country must make their own Spray.
That builds National Pride, and Patriotism in the People.
Most mining waste has important nutrients in it.
Put it on the land.

Examine the ground for toxic, or radioactive substances. Dirt has to be made free of these hostile elements, or people will get sick. That ground should not be radioactive unless, there are naturally occurring radio nucleotides. That would be pitchblende in the worst case scenario: mostly uranium oxide, radium, polonium 210, and radon. You can not grow anything there.
Strangely, indicator plants can be used to free the ground of radioactive elements. Tritium, and cesium go right into most plants. Some plants are more selective than others.

Everybody loves Nuclear Power. We can have it. It can come right out of those War Heads, and be ours. Right there in Nashville, Tennessee.

It doesn't hurt to do mining too. It helps the Earth. It does.

We level those mountains to get the Uranium out of the ground for us. What ever is left over after processing is put into steel. That steel can be used to make these Porcelain lined Composting Containers to dispose of animal wastes. A liberal coat of lead paint on the outside will insure that Uranium steel isn't a radiation hazard. That final product goes right back on the land.

The New Coal Fired Power Plants will work too. That Coal is just lying on the the ground to do this. Like in West Virgina, Pennsylvania, and Montana.

Auschwitz burned coal with almost no pollution. The coal waste went right back on the land to get things growing. That breaks up soil better. Then the plants can get more air down into their roots. That gets mixed with your compost. It is amazing what you can do. Once, you get rid of Fatalism. "Fatalism the Enemy of Monowitz!" We should be able to do that too.

That all gets Agriculture working more for all of us.

Isn't that neat?

Primitive Agrarian Societies are hurt the most by Biowarfare. They are at the mercy of anything that comes along. Always, the Victims of Chance, and Happenstance.

 Do you want to live like that?

You can with fools in charge of everything go right back to something like that, or worse.

That is why the Biowarfare People build up Agriculture. That was so it won't happen to us. At least not badly.

"Progress is our most important product."
To make a good raised French bed. So you can produce three times the yield from French Beds. Than from traditional row plantings. Those are big bumper crops.

You have to dig down two feet to break the ground. The soil is mixed with compost, and amendments to insure good drainage. You will have at least two feet of that. More if you want to grow asparagus. There is real soil in there now. Instead of dirt, rocks, and impenetrable clay.

Dig down at least two to three feet for asparagus. That will get those plants off to a good start.

That is real business. That gets the Dragon harnessed called Industry. You will like them. Industrialists are cool. "Cool" means you like what you are doing, and are good with it.

Then life has meaning.

It does!

 Figure on adding gypsum to break up clay. Heavey water has been used to the same effect in breaking up stubborn clay. Chitosan made from the shells of crabs, shrimp, prawns, even insects to attack pathogenic nematodes by promoting fungi that kill them. That goes right on the land.

 Soil must have the major plant nutrients; phosphorus (P), potassium (K), and nitrogen (N).

 Bone meal (3 yrs), or rock phosphate (5yrs) provides phosphorus. Granite dust will provide potassium for at least ten years. Nitrogen in the form of urea, nitrates, and in the different manures will have to be applied several times during the growing season.

 Minor nutrients: dolomite for calcium, and magnesium; gypsum  for calcium, and sulfur; New Jersey Green Sand has iron, manganese, chromium, boron, and other trace elements.

Remember, magnesium is essential for plants to make chlorophyll. Iron, and zinc are common nutrient deficiencies.

You can even use "Miracle Grow" during the growing season, or something like it. Friend Kitten always, used a bunch of it. Remember, healthy plants come from healthy soil.

"Healthy plants make healthy people."

Now, you can add your compost, and aged manure to complete this soil mixture. You must have adequate drainage. Your water must be good for irrigation.

 Manure from animals even humans can be composted according to the Auschwitz method. That is by using a series of aerobic microorganisms like: staphylococcus to breakdown protein, typhoid ("Camp Fever"), and its relatives to kill leeches, nematodes, and other pests. Other bacteria were added to this liquid that was constantly stirred, and aerated. They used steel tubing to pump the air through. It would dissolve rubber. You will have to do something like that with your aeration system you will be setting up. Make sure everything lasts.

 The Auschwitz crematoria produced incredible amounts of bone meal.

There are many things you can add to the composting. This can all come from medical, and veterinary wastes too. That gets rid of that problem.

Once, you understand, you are going to get sick. You need those shots, and oral vaccines. Lots of them to build up your immune system. You want to keep people going to get remedies for for everybody for those diseases that happen all the time. That is smart.

 The resulting liquid mixture is so powerful it will entirely remove your skin in twenty minutes. You will see bone in about fifty minutes. Those digestive enzymes are that powerful!

 That makes a kind of "Milorganite" as the final by product of "Camp." Himmler wanted this above all else to keep the "Camps" from polluting the countryside.

That will work for cities too. Like Nashville for instance.

Kitten has found the fly parasite wasps to be very effective in fly control for the compost heap. Use them about once a year. That is for a 90% reduction of flies.

You can get the fly parasite wasps from India, and maybe Egypt.

Now, you need to have good plants. That have good breeding. Insect, and Disease Resistant varieties can be planted either from starts, or seeds, or both.

Using cuttings is a bit more work to root them.

You can cut up potatoes into something like quarters. Make sure each piece has an "eye." Dry in the sun until, it is tough enough to plant in the ground.

You should use different kinds of the same plants.

 Brussels sprouts, collards, cabbage, chard, kale, cauliflower, mustard greens, beets, radishes, strawberries, red, and black raspberries, blueberries, asparagus, corn (on the cob), rhubarb, spinach, zucchini squash, summer squash, crook neck squash,  spaghetti squash, pumpkin, cantaloupe, water melon, turnips, carrots, celery, onions, chives, and so on.

Remember, the soil has to be catered according to each crop you grow. Plants have different needs.

The raised boards that confine the bed should be five inches above the ground, and secured well. Friend Kitten used about eight inches above the ground. That gives you lots of soil.

 These all grow good in French beds especially, when they are tented during the early spring, and late fall.

Kitten used PVC pipe bent into hoops covered with polyethylene clear plastic to make greenhouses like that. That extends your growing season by one month: Spring, and Fall. You may have to cover your crop with shade cloth in the Summer. This method was pioneered by Nikita Khrushchev.

Dwarf fruit trees: apple, pomegranate, peach, apricot, pear, cherry, prune, and plums. In warmer climates oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, persimmons, and other subtropical fruits.

Cover them with bird netting to prevent damage to your crop.

Enclose everything inside a strong fence to keep out marauding animals. Bury the fence about a foot, or more to keep animals from digging under your fence. Your needs will vary. You may need an eight foot tall fence to exclude deer.

 Their small size makes them easy to maintain.

Friend Kitten recommends you use phenyl mercuric acetate spray for fungus attacking fruit. It won't mess up your ground fauna unless, you really screw up like a saboteur. That is made from mercuric oxide, phenol, and glacial acetic acid. Don't do this yourself. Buy it if you can.

You can use a dust made of DDT (Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloroethane) 5% plus Dimite (Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloroethanol) 3%. That was a good insecticidal mix with miticide. It has Public Health benefits too. That will kill resistant mites, flies, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, bed bugs, lice, leeches and other banes of Civilization.

You might want to use Baygon. Another, product from Bayer. Those are the people that make your aspirin sometimes. You can trust them. You should buy your pesticides directly from Bayer if you are Military. Don't use go betweens. There is always, a danger of product substitution, or adulteration of your Baygon. Baygon is used in Public Health a lot. Understand, there has been counterfeit pesticides on the market. Those may not have any Baygon in them at all. The carbamate just isn't in there. But, 2% kerosene emulsion is a good contact poison for some insects. That is not Baygon. No it isn't. See those insects are not resistant to Baygon. It is not in there! It has no residual effect like Baygon does. Reinfestation will happen very quickly. Baygon definitely kills bed bugs. Ticks, fleas, roaches, flies, and other indoor insect pests can be controlled with Baygon plus an insect growth regulator like methoprene. There is a 40% Baygon wettable powder that is used as an outdoor insecticide in agriculture, and control insect pests as a barrier treatment around buildings. Kepone is a good insecticide bait for ants, and roaches.

Then there is the Reformulation Scam. It is not always illegal, but it should be. A product is marketed that is genuinely effective but, later on the formulation is altered to lets say half strength.  "People are sneaky." Quality Control is always a must.

Ideally all the ingredients, and their exact concentrations including inert ingredients are listed on the label to forestall product tampering. That is done to produce consumer confidence.
Hypoallergenic Products are to be free of Irritants.
Here is a Cream for the skin it is worthless in Medicine if it causes Inflammation.
The Inflammatory Response is the most Worthless Reaction Coming from the Torment of the Flesh.

We hit a point of controversy here.
It was explained that the adulteration of Agent Orange with Dioxin was deliberate.
It was transformed into a chemical warfare agent.
Not anything you would want to use on your lawn.
This may actually, be the case with DDT.
Insecticidal grade DDT is not pure diphenol dicloro trichloroethane.
It has eighty percent real DDT.
This is the technical product.
A technical grade chemical is considered pure enough for industrial, and agricultural use.
You need to know that.
This product that is tested on animals, plants, and people.
DDT is produced outside of the United States of America.
That has different chemical composition.
Usually, less DDT is present.
The rest of the chemical has by produces.
Those by products are insecticides in there own right.
Methoxychlor is one.
DDD is another one.
There are some others.
This product can even be changed.
Formulation is one method of doing that.
What if a saboteur added another poison?
Dioxin for example.
There are several highly toxic dioxins.
The polychlorinated biphenyls could be in there as well.
These are very poisonous to wild life.
We can check samples of DDT.
There should be a catalog of DDT samples from different times, and places.
We can check them for dangerous impurities.
But, there aren't any.
Not many records of the deliberate misuse of this alleged product.
Quality Control must be with our Government Regulators.
That hasn't ever happened.
DDT will harm birds eggs.
What if it doesn't?
Are the eggs still radioactive.
A metabolite of DDT is the culprit.
That is DDE.
DDE is supposed to have estrogenic properties.
Soy beans definitely have estrogenic properties.
Do soy beans harm birds?
They shouldn't.
We will do several secret double blind experiments on chickens.
DDT was tested on chickens, and other birds when it first appeared on the market in the 50's.
DDT passed.
What is going on?
Besides a change in America's Politics.
Sabotage was rampant during the Anti War Era.
Anything could have happened during the 60's and 70's.
Many of these saboteurs are still alive.
They are still training people in the art of sabotage.
That is part of their Revolution.
These people should be executed not loved.
Their families should be examined carefully.
For this Tradition, and Blood Libel.
They must be all killed in place.
That stops it.
These savages are actually, incapable of learning from experience.
Recall that insanity does run in certain families.
It is hereditary.
Bad Blood.
Substitutes for DDT are very expensive.
Public Health was biggest user of DDT Worldwide.
Agriculture used a lot of DDT Worldwide. 
Removing DDT from the arsenal.
Has caused millions of deaths Worldwide.
There is Famine even in America.
Pestilence has become a God of many Peoples.
Their research people have produced countless tons of worthless scientific findings.
This sophistry of theirs is poor science.
People are taught in High School the Scientific Method.
You would think these researchers would adhere to the Scientific Method slavishly.
They don't.
They are too busy dressing up Political Doctrine as this Bastard Science.
These Cults of Oppression are a problem Worldwide.
Let's look at drugs.
See if we can find it.
We can.
The National Institute of Health released this plague in the early 60's.
America's tax payers got to pay for all that.
The Military in several Countries tested these substances for Chemical Warfare capabilities.
Take psilocybin for example.
This substance was rigorously investigated.
It belongs to a Family of Coumpounds.
So psilocybin is an Organo Phosphate.
There several Chemical Warfare Agents related to psilocybin.
Psilocybin is fatal to humans at thirty milligrams.
Taban a Chemical Warfare Agent invented by the Nazi Chemists is just about as toxic to humans.
The Other Chemical Warfare Agents like psilocybin are VX, Sarin, Soman, and Taban.
Hallucinations are characteristic of all of them.
The victim suffers from Toxic Psychosis during a Near Death Experience.
It might have medical value?
It doesn't.
It is dishonest to call psilocybin a drug.
It a poison that produces intoxication.
It does not produce a psychedelic experience.
Psychedelic means mind manifesting.
It implies that altering your mind in this fashion is desirable.
It isn't.
This poison produces toxic psychosis.
Do you know this language is very misleading?
When we analyze this language in all these studies.
We find it to be bad.
It does matter whether it is  for, or against these toxic substances.
Studies said 8mg was an effective dose.
To really produce intoxication 30mg is needed.
Timothy Leary said so.
Now, psilocybin is present in mushrooms.
It can be.
But, not all the time.
The popular shroom Psilocybe Cubensis.
Psilocybe Cubenis was sold as a mushroom growing kit.
Now, to get that 30 mg dose to do some high flying action.
Well, that may take as many as 30 mushrooms.
These shrooms all of them are poisonous.
They contain small amounts of amatoxins.
That will make you very sick.
So you really can't eat them.
Psilocybin like Mescaline is an emetic.
An emetic produces uncontrollable vomiting, and diarrhea.
You can get that from food poisoning.
They look like the mushrooms you will find in the grocery store.
They grow in cow patties.
Many Hippies have died fist fighting charging bulls.
It is true.
Chances are they can't gather that many shrooms.
Dried shrooms have hit the underground market.
They are nothing but, mushrooms sprayed with LSD another poison.
Let's assume that psilocybin isn't much of a problem.
Babba Ram Dass told people they could get high smoking banana peels.
It won't.
Some scientists still say so.
You can smoke catnip.
You shouldn't
With the wisdom of "High Times," "Psychedelic Review" and hundreds of drug books.
You can do all this.
Better not.
You could find psychedelic drugs in your spice chest.
Very unlikely.
You could drink an aspirin coke.
Vitamin K is a psychedelic drug.
That just ain't so.
Cobra venom might get you off.
Don't you want to try it?
Not ever!
All this is not drug abuse.
That is misleading.
These are Death Seekers.
This disinformation is out there to ensnare people.
People are poisoning themselves.
This frequently happens with autistic children, and adults.
They will try poisons like thallium sulphate.
One very industrious boy opened about a hundred sealed containers of ant bait.
He did die.
Thank God!
It was called an accident.
That is impossible.
They always, do this.
We need to lock them up.
That stops it.
The real junkie has gone much further.
The needle freak is around.
They will try anything.
Have you ever heard of somebody shooting peanut butter oil in their veins?
It is a death trip.
It is real.
What do you think?
Do you want to live next door to them?
A junkie believes everything mentioned above is gospel.
We can trust the authority of a junkie?
A junkie's testimony in court is questionable
Junkies are psychotics with a tenuous grasp on reality.
The autistic person is like this.
You can tell when they are lying easily.
Their lips are moving.
Any other means of communication is the same.
None of this anecdotal evidence can be given credence.
Unfortunately, some people do.
Even respectable scientists.
They shouldn't.
That's bad.
We don't have a drug problem.
We have a plague of autism.
Autism can tear America to pieces.
There are several kinds of autism.
Hereditary autism where the brain is malformed.
In all cases of autism people can learn coping skills.
We can treat the symptoms but, not the disease itself.
We find a surprising number of autistic people in Vaudeville.
Drugs appear to be big problem in  Vaudeville.
Understand, autism makes these people criminally inclined.
Autism is not much in the Military.
Autistic people are screened out in Basic Training.
Autistic people can make it to the highest level in Society.
Autistic people can be effectively evil, and incredibly hard to dislodge.
We can find autism in our Science, and even in Medicine.
These are people with a bad, or no conscience at all.
This is how we got here.
The so called "energy blend" on certain soft drinks tells people nothing much does it?

That is why the Military should not trust Civilians.

Pay attention to what you are doing. Your work is important. You are important. People are important. Everything people do is important to you.

You see there was so much sabotage in my Country. We can't be sure what pesticides have really done per Agent Orange Scam. Friend Kitten has found serious sabotage to pesticides besides Agent Orange.

Deliberate misuse of pesticides is another problem.  Friend Kitten has seen this too many times.

That is why mentally defective people need to be in "Camp." Not on the loose harming all of us.

Or, we have to kill them all in place.

There are other pesticides you can use in your unique situation. Be sure, and look for them.

You need to have "The Yearbook in Agriculture 1952."

"The Gardener's Bug Book" several editions are well worth studying.

Every Country should make its own pesticides.

They have to test them too.

Don't be dependent on anybody else.

That because, of the Internal Politics of these Countries.

They are too unstable.

Of course, you are going to have to shop for seeds. Read up on the subject.

Have a Preacher bless the crops. Just find somebody that has that tradition in a Christian Church.

How can this happen? A new disease has appeared. Nothing is known about it except, it is bad. This shouldn't ever happen. That is because, Plant Pathologists in the Military will have been categorized every known plant pathogen at least in their respective Countries. If you have friends. That are other Biowarfare Specialists in other Nations. You will know this new disease before it can take hold in my Country. Friend Kitten hopes you are up to it.

If the Military can't touch this. Then it actually,
  has to go to the National Security Association. But, somebody has to do it.

Regardless, moving right along, lets get with
staphylococcus. This agent causes boils on the skin. It does. It is contagious. It is also, antibiotic resistant. The darn microbe is usually, on people's skin. A lot of times it causes no problems. Most people are immune to it. We are going to scrub this one. But, keep looking for it anyway. This bacteria is a real flesh eater. Get rid of the idea; "It can't happen here."

 Every AIDS patient will tell you. They're scared. While, people are playing with these vaccines, and not coming up with them. What if they are the Enemy? We might of been penetrated by Enemy Agents, or their dupes. We might have Homegrown Anarchists that are wrecking things by Playing Games to further the spread of mayhem. Some perverts thrive on the misery of others. Don't let them get started.

Kitten hates being hurt!

 Don't know if you want put this in the compost pile. But, if you catch it. Let me know. Kitten got over fleshing eating bacterial disease in the late 70's while in Oakland, California. You just squeeze the stuff out of those sores, and boils. Then take those pills. That will work.

 Kitten understands.

Understanding all that before, we move on to botulism. Let's do more "staph." We'll go back to the compost pile to know the ecology of composting. You do this all the time. That is digestion. You can do the Auschwitz setup. If you are a Government Agent you are going to probably, want to try it. Because, you want to know if it is feasible. You are going to need a very large vat like the kind of composting system they had in Oakland, California in the 50's. A porcelain coated one should do the work. But, that sludge has to be processed further.

First Rule: Shit can't hurt you.

 If it has any pathogens in it. Then you already, have caught them. Don't be too squeamish, and make sure you have all your shots. Everybody, should get those immunizations anyway.
You know this is like "Germ Warfare." You have got to understand, this is all very nasty. That is one of the major hurdles to Biowarfare.

  Before you can go to botulism you have be able to produce this black earth like substance. This substance was further refined into real compost. That was by drying it out on the ground to let it cure. If you can finally, put this "black soil" on your crops without killing them. Then be sure you save some of the "mother liquor" to keep on composting.

You can get those powerful antibiotics, and industrial enzymes from this whole process. Be sure someone keeps looking for them.

 All those newspapers can go right in there, and hundreds of other items like cooking oils, grease, and dead animals. It will even get rid of the prions that cause "Mad Cow Disease." That's pretty cool isn't.

 The final product is actually, clean of pathogens like hepatitis A viruses. That is because, there is a procession of microbes going on while your materials are digesting in your retort. All the microbes are used up in the composting process.

You can not let morons, or idiots anywhere near this stuff.

 They might do stuff with it. That will cause you endless problems. This is the Alchemy of Revolution. You can not let the profane near it. But, they will try, and get it. They always, try to "End the World." That is a "Goat  Thing."

Auschwitz processed its' compost in a place that is believed to be a waste treatment plant. The unprocessed waste stream entered at one end. The black soil came out the other sides. Where it was moved to the side with the motion of stirring. A the paddle, or agitator circled the cubical containment system. That aerated the composting medium. But, you need to pump air into it more. Remember the compost at this stage is highly corrosive. Also, the wooden paddle moved the finished compost towards any of three exit places.

Let's say you did manage to produce the "black earth" that was so prized by the Romans.
We have to get rid of this Dionysian Ethic that has to do with things that are unclean, really, filthy dirty, and dangerous. We have too many child like people out there. There is this mythical magical place called "Out of Here." They actually, believe that. All the garbage in the Whole Wide World is just taken away by people for them. That is not going to happen.

It happened one day. The mysterious trucks came. They were just there. Picking up the cans as the mysterious truck went from house to house. There was garbage in those cans sometimes, called "trash." The people knew they must gather all their trash into these containers called "garbage cans." The truck would just roll along. There were always, two of them dressed like Angels of the Sanitary War in each truck. It was hard to see them. Then the cans were empty! The garbage all gone to
that Mystical Magical Place called "Outofhere".

This Planet Earth is like a Spaceship with nothing but, crew working constantly to make everybody's life better than is was the day before.

Get with it. You are not on this Mother Ship just to enjoy the ride.

You can go on to botulism. There are several types A, B, C, and D. Botulism type E is a bit different. Because, it can become aerobic. That is too dangerous for the beginner. This is basically a composting operation. You can figure out how to make botulism type A by checking the U.S. Patent Office. Friend Kitten knows you are qualified to get this information. You should be able to answer any questions they have regarding this process.

Now, getting with it again. Let's try our hand at making botulism type C. That happens once, in a while, in home canned string beans. You could taste one of these things, and it could kill you. All you have do is create a medium of something of what Your Microbe likes. This a Work of Love. No one but, a True Lover will be able to really do this, and make this botulism type C toxin.

Then you want an antidote, of course. People die from this all the time.

You can not let any other microbes get at this. Your experiment will fail if this happens.

 You can try to get a pure strain of this microbe from Communicable Disease Center (CDC). You are going to have to deal with the U.S. Government again. They don't have any. You have to isolate the bacteria your own self. That will take a few months.

Eureka! You have it! It's like a gold rush.

Your Government does not have a pure strain of botulism type C. Worse no one has any Biowarfare agents at all! But, they are supposed to be there for research purposes. No one is working on finding any remedies in case America is attacked.

It could be happenstance. But, you must be ready for that. That  goes for all Biowarfare agents.

They are always, around. You have to get after these things. Before someone maybe, you gets sick from it. "It is do, or die."

 American Medicine has to figure this out somehow? They won't be able to. If this is not an obvious Biowarfare attack.

 That is proven by the fact that people die from
staphylococcus infections all the time.

Fatalism is our greatest Enemy.

Nihilism is firmly entrenched in American Medicine.

That is why doctors have very high Suicide Rates.

 Biowarfare is the most common form of terrorism.

It is older than the hills.

Pay attention to Kitten!

Excuse me! Friend Kitten is eating. We will pick this up later.

We're back again. Biological Warfare is inheritly disgusting, brutal but, necessary as part of your schooling right here. You understand, that from your experience with composting. That you have made it that far. Friend Kitten wants to get you dirty before you go into a laboratory, and become one of those talking heads. Need to test your metal to see how sharp you are. "Can you cut the mustard?" Do you understand what this is? Do you understand why.

The mustard was a tall weed that was harvested with an extremely sharp sickle. This saying comes from Agriculture in the old days when people really did that. Kitten has too.

Lets go on to anthrax. First, you have got to find it like Friend Kitten did in Port Lambton, Canada. That was when Friend Kitten was a boy in the 60's.

 You understand, that anthrax forms a carbuncle. That is a great big boil. That boil has several depths, or layers. There it forms a hard center deep down below the skin that you must get out to recover from this common disease of animals.

That is why it is called a carbuncle. It is not much different than acne.

Staphylococcus will just form a boil. There is always, a deep crater afterwards. Both, of these diseases look like acne. That is what it is. There you are. Okay?

There is another one. Plague is a skin disease too. It looks like acne even when it is in the lymphatic system. Then it is already, in your blood stream. But, just a little bit. When it gets started from a flea bite, or from handling an infected animal. Rabbit Fever is very common in some areas. That is Tularemia. You can also, contract that from the bite of a deer fly. Deer flies are too common in the countryside. Tularemia is basically plague. Etiology, prognosis, and treatment are the same.

 How do you get rid rid of it? You will need bichloride of mercury. You need about a one percent solution. Otherwise, 5% phenol (Campo Phenique), and/or benzalkonium chloride 0.13% (Bactine).

Those are good antiseptics to get rid of infection.

 What you are going to do is lance that thing, and squeeze all that pus out. Make sure you get all of it. The core will pop right out. Make sure you get it!

Mine had about four layers next to my right ear.

 Apply a lot of pressure. Then swab the bichloride of mercury solution on the open sore. You don't need a bandage. It will heal faster if the wound is exposed to air. Now, you are cured.

The boils caused by plague, or Tularemia can be, and should be lanced, and expressed. Kitten got them in the arm pits, and groin areas. It came right out. Remember, you have to go deep with your needle. Kitten was infected in San Jose, California in the 70's probably, from an infected California ground squirrel. The procedure is the same as for anthrax listed above.

Speed is essential! People have died from infected flea bites within twenty four hours. Tip: don't tolerate boils, abscesses, or pimples especially, if they suddenly appear without reason. Be wary of any skin infection like cuts that don't heal.

 If you have antibiotics take them. Nothing like making sure. You should have these items on hand anyway. You won't catch either one of these infections because, you are immune to them. That will save your life.
 Pay attention to Friend Kitten!

 We are going to examine the state of the art of medicine. Friend Kitten wants to let you know that doctors can't save your life. In order to do that they are going to have to lance that boil.

 They won't do that. Most hospital personal don't have any, or enough immunizations. They might not have antibiotics on hand for them. They have the Minds of Slaves. Slave aren't supposed to do much. That makes them useless. What if there is a major epidemic?They could be exposed to real pathogens like that, or worse. Blood, and pus might get all over them. They will say it is nothing to worry about. Most of the time it isn't. You probably, won't go to the doctor anyway.

Hospitals, and Clinics must be on Full War Status. This Lie of Peace is deadly. Warriors fight even the possibility of sickness. That is why everybody gets those shots, or else. People have no right to spread disease.  People like that deprive you of your Constitutional Rights: Domestic Tranquility, Pursuit of Happiness, and the General Welfare.

Incidentally, that is why they don't do brain operations for cancer. All the surgeons that operated on the boy in the book "Death Be Not Proud" died from brain cancer. That virus is a very contagious variant of Herpes simplex. An excellent candidate for for anyone's Biowarfare arsenal. Saddam Hussein thought so anyway.

The worst problem in Biowarfare is we have a Dionysian Work Ethic in Medicine. Those medical people have something better to do than save your life. Their work is not that important to them. It pays the bills but, they would rather be doing something else. They are not there for us exactly. They are cheating. These are very bad leeches.

 We are paying the bill!

 Their Work Ethic stinks!

This is why the Military can not trust the Civilian Sector all the time. It has to do with Quality Control in hospitals.

Staphylococcus here again. Staphylococcus is common in hospitals. There is a reason why Staphylococcus becomes resistant to antibiotics. You don't get those resistant bugs from handling, or eating good meat. You need to eat it. That is a popular myth in American Culture that meat can make you sick like that.

Feeding antibiotics to cattle for instance can't give you those germs.

 They don't lance those boils, and clean them out. Any sore, scrape, cut, and anything that has a scab has to be scrubbed clean, That hurts a lot. You really have to look for it because, it spreads all over a person's body. Most people do not want to handle a naked person. They really don't.

 People have to be really dedicated, and know people are important.
Without massive numbers of
Staphylococcus bacteria in those boils those antibiotics have a better chance of curing that infection.

People should get antibiotics all the time. That is what a doctor is there for. Otherwise, we can go to a system without doctors.

There used to be one.

People hate playing!

 You can do this outside of a hospital. Other people can too. As long as it appears that person can care for themselves.

Self Care is important. It should be taught in every school to children. No one wants a Dionysian Work Ethic in the classroom. Those teachers have to be on the ball.

 If you catch the "creeping crud" that is what you need to know. The "Creeping crud" is jock itch. There are several other kinds of this Athlete's Foot fungus. Cleanliness, and speed is essential. As a matter of fact, you should be clean all the time, and not a "crud." A "crud" a person that never washes themselves. They are always, very sick. Use a good fungicide. You may have to try several different kinds. Hongo is tough to cure. 

There was an old trick that was done to the Natives by the Army in the old days. This is what you do to people you really hate. They always, had this mixture from their infirmary right there for those Red Skins. They would just put it on them. Crazy Horse died pretty good. It took only two hours of bayonet practice to kill him. The women folk kept the cauldron hot for the Injuns. The girls liked scalding the children to death. Those were Evil Times. You see Primitive Societies are Evil.

Civilization brings all of us into the Realm of Politics. All Enemies are Political. If the Enemy does not understand, they are Political. It is safe to bet those people are at least Anarchists. But, they don't know this. Because, they are Politically Naive. Although, Anarchists may have definite Political Goals. Long term planning is not usually, one of them. But, there are exceptions. Serbian Black Hand is one of them.

 There are other ethnic peoples that immigrated to the United States mentioned in a collection of Hapsburg documents  as "hazardous people." These families were known to be involved in vendettas. They are "Jewish." They may breed true to form: criminals of the worst sort. That was from 1898 to 1934 from various Countries. These families have been watched by different Governments because, they still have relatives in the Old World.

That is the First Wave.

The Second Wave came after the First Wave was established here in the United States of America. The problem here is all these Peoples have been Touched by Evil. All their vendettas are still active overseas against rival Ethnic Groups overseas.

Finally, a Third Wave has arrived on the shores of America from Asia. They will wipe out the First, and Second Waves from Europe if they are mistreated.

The last groups are from Africa.

 Nihilists very because, they exist in every Political Persuasion. A Dionysian Ethic generates a Dionysian Politics by perpetuating itself through the propagation of mayhem. We find this "turning effect." These people are our most dangerous, and most likely suspects in any Biowarfare scenario.

Understand, that Immigrants bring with them their Political Beliefs. There are hundreds of variants of Socialism. The Quakers, and Quaker like peoples are also, likely suspects in sabotage involving Biowarfare.

There are what are called these "home remedies." Every Biowarfare person should know them by heart. They are the Country Ways that have to do with killing people. It is the "medicine" of the American Frontier.

 If a pebble lodges in your appendix. You can die from appendicitis.
Botulism common in home canned foods can be given to someone. A knowledgeable person can kill hundreds of people with one jar of this remedy. Signs of poisoning do not appear for twelve hours to three days later. It leaves no trace. Home canning is not that common because, this hazard is very well known.

Anthrax is not used much. Anthrax is very common on ruminates: cows, sheep, goats, horses, burros, and mules. That is people do not have much contact with these animals. Chances are anthrax won't kill you any more than staph can.

Typhoid, and its Salmonellae relatives usually, wont kill you. You might not even get sick if you are around animals a lot.

Auschwitz had Salmonellae as their best Biowarfare weapon.

Auschwitz could grow viruses in people. Those were their lab animals.

What can you do with small pox, or something like it? Not a whole lot since, everyone in Europe has survived several epidemics of the disease. There is a lot of inherited immunity. Like with the common cold. After 1917 the Asian flu had lost its punch too.

Many of these virus diseases are self limiting.

Polio is an exception. You can still get the disease. The violent purging of both stomach, and intestines can kill you within a single hour. Kitten contracted a roto virus like that, and also, probably polio. Fortunately, speedy medical attention saved Kitten's life twice. Kitten had taken polio vaccine eight times so the central nervous system damage did not happen.

Pathogenic worms were studied in Auschwitz extensively. They are disgusting. Friend Kitten has to proof read this. Not while Friend Kitten is eating. We are taking a break here. Sorry folks. You haven't seen them have you?

Auschwitz used copper acetate to rid the ground of worm larva. Auschwitz used copper acetate on leeches. Copper sulphate will work too. The sulphate of copper is used up quicker. It binds too much with debris in the water, and on land.

DDT, and its relatives kill worms, and leeches.

A copper pot thrown into a fish pond can get rid of blue green algae. Blue green algae can become intensely poisonous. Water from a desert oasis can kill people, and animals in as little as five minutes. Those blue green algae blooms are more than unsightly. Yet, this same kind of blue green algae can be nontoxic. It is even sold in Health Food Stores.

 There is another problem called the hothouse effect. People that have never been exposed to pathogens much will get sick, and probably die.

That is why people need immunizations. If they really will work. Some vaccines have come out that are inactive. Other vaccines have been tampered with by even adding other virus, or bacteria to them is true.

You need a Cobalt Bomb. Time is less than a millisecond. About 0.9 millisecond is pretty close for some live vaccines. It does not use much of the well tuned Cobalt Bomb. Use hypo allergenic substances. You are going to put this experimental vaccine in your body. It is a great shot. You put it right in your arm. A Nurse can do this better. You get to pay for it.

Even a partially effective vaccine is still useful. Use it. It is better than nothing. The Military should always, make their own vaccines.

How are we going to punish sabotage?

We are addressing these "Home Remedies" more since, you may encounter at least one of them during your lifetime.

You have to understand, how vicious people really are. People reverted back to the times of the American Frontier. It is a kill, or be killed mentality.

 Back then people ate pastry that was laden with alflatoxin. It is a mold found in spoiled grain. It glows when you shine an ultraviolet light on it. It takes about eight kernels of corn on the cob to kill somebody. It is kind of like ergot fungus on rye. The poison is so powerful that it can ruin a person's thyroid gland years later. It is also, a mutagenic substance. That will cause thyroid cancer. Ergot fungus can deform you. That was common in the United States back then.

 A family could get animal droppings mixed with their food. The whole family would be afflicted with parasitism. Dog round worms have an affinity for the brain, and spinal cord that produces a form of epilepsy. "Epilepsy just runs in the family." That's what the doctors would say.

 A pebble just the right size can lodge in the appendix. Gold works better. That will get the real honest to God "Tummy Monster" going on right away. Nowadays, appendicitis is very rare.

 The common grasshopper has a thread worm that is deadly to people. Don't eat "wild locusts, and honey" like St. John the Divine did based on a "dare."

 Raw, or undercooked pork mixed with other food has been used the same way. This is really interesting to get this at Christmas, or something. This is why pork is banned in many Countries because, it is deadly. Pork has many parasites that can kill, or maim people. 

 Kommandant Kitten is pushing the envelope to see if anybody will pick this up. In the envelope are directions on how to kill people. But, if you are going to do this really good. You should get at least two real years of medical school training. In nursing they will start you out killing animals. This will get to be a real killer. You need to methodically cross those species barriers until, you get to work on people. People are animals of a sort. There is more to this. You understand, that these schools have produced thousands of well trained assassins. They might work in hospitals but, let's say they don't. They will have knowledge of all your vital organs, and how to dispose of them. Uncle Fester is sort of like that. But, he hasn't done anything. Because, he is a TV character on "The Munsters." "The Munsters" aren't bad because, they are just a TV show. That is as far it goes. There is another problem. There are people that know all of Uncle Fester's stuff. They didn't even have to read his book "Silent Death." That is Chemical Warfare. Because, they could play with this in college. They have really done this. Killed people.

Understand, that this may be the only reason they want medical training. We all know that poisons can injure, disable, and even kill people. However, most cases of poisoning are not fatal. "These People" need the exact procedures in order to administer a poison, or combination of poisons along with a Biological agent, or combination thereof to produce a given result. That is not known to Uncle Fester, or people like him. That is just theoretical.

There are records kept on people that have gotten this sort of medical training.

Worse they have made connections with corrupt research people via black mail, relatives, or terrorist ideology.

They can be informed that certain Pathogenic Bacteria can be cultured in yogurt, and kambucha (tea fungus).

 Don't make kambucha at home. There are some kumbucha drinks from Germany that are free of Pathogenic Microbes.

Both plague, and Tularemia can be grown in yogurt cultures. You may be able to actually, obtain a viable culture of Tularemia from University of California Santa Barbara. Both diseases have a nasty habit of getting loose from highly secure installations by infecting people that work with these diseases.

Never make yogurt at home since, it always gets contaminated with staph, or other other undesirable microbes.

Store bought yogurt is safe. Consume yogurt soon after opening. You should refrigerate yogurt.

 Here is an example. There is somebody that has killed three, or four hundred people defending his right to grow, and sell moonshine. No one can pin these killings on him.  But, he does this for a living. There are thousands of people like him in my Country.

 This is not life as we know it.

Maybe, you have heard about the Great Cranberry Scare during the Mid 50's. They said it was contamination with the herbicide Amitrol. But, it was really pie crusts, or bread baked with grain contaminated the mold, or fungus containing alflatoxin.

 Only eight infected kernels can kill you.

Never make flour from moldy grain.

During the Presidency of Lydon Johnson there was a fellow named Billy Sol Estes.

 There was a big scandal concerning stored grain rotting all over the Country.

Nobody said that grain was deadly poison. Nixon sent that surplus grain to needly Countries even China, and the Soviet Union.

With friends like that dumping poison on your docks.

 Who needs enemies?

If you have ever been hit with alflatoxin, and you have lost your thyroid.

Kitten understands.

Yes, it is real.

Maybe, you got a True Gift of Death. Kitten got a rabid cat with her kittens from a "Hippie Chic" (Scalawag). A "Hitler Cat" was what this Mad Doctor (Carpetbagger) called her. The cat's real name was "Bubbles" stolen from her happy home in Marin, California for this experiment by the Scalawag. The Mad Doctor got the virus from a Mad Scientist (Carpetbagger) working next door to the Mad Doctor in Berkley, California (Lawrence Livermore Laboratories) at behest of a War Criminal ("Evil in High Places"). That is why Biowarfare research must never be done by Civilians, and only in "Camp." Otherwise, it can get loose. It does. Because, civilians have scores to settle (Vendettas).

But, Bubbles had been vaccinated against rabies three times. The Mad Doctor had taken rabies in serum form from another, stolen kitty "Mau" that had been vaccinated against rabies at least twice. The Mad Doctor was able to induce the disease in these kitties by overwhelming their immune systems by massive injections of this serum devised in that manner.

Question what would happen to someone that handled "Bubbles" while, she was super infectious while, "Bubbles" was nursing her new born kittens?

Several other persons mostly Negroes, and Hippies have gotten other strains of rabies since, there was only one "Bubbles."

Kitten found "Bubbles" a good home.

Rabies is exceptionally contagious.

A rabid person get on a bus.

Everybody will catch it.

A rabid person enters a crowed auditorium.

Three thousand people will get the disease.

Ditto for a rock concert.

Now, there were two Mad Doctors that were from Islamic Countries.

They were in America against their will.

They decided to get even.

It happens sometimes.

They produced astonishing quantities of rabies virus.

They got people to launch several balloons.

From 1978 to 2006 this kept happening.

Cat rabies isn't always, lethal.

The symptoms look like a drug overdose.

Cat rabies has become human rabies in hundreds of different variants.

This was sprayed all over California.

We can expect that human rabies is pandemic in the United States of America.

If you have ever caught rabies.

You won't know it.

Kitten understands.

The pulmonary form of rabies is more contagious than small pox. You are in an auditorium with four thousand people. People that have rabies go into fits of uncontrolled sneezing at times. Their hands, and clothing will have virus. You all just got it. Just like that under ideal conditions. That is why Great Britain has done everything in their power to prevent Rabies from entering the Country. But, they don't test people entering the Country.

Rabies may be several different viruses, or several strains of the same virus. There maybe, several different viruses that may be confused with rabies. These diseases may exist in other Countries but, rabies originated in North America. This can be seen into fact that aboriginal populations show no symptoms, and do not die from rabies. Rabies is sacred to Native Americans on the North West Coast called the Cannibal that lives in the Woods. During the Secret Ceremony of the Red Suspenders Dance. The Hemutza carries the disease that he acquired by eating an infected elk. That elk had gotten infected by a rabid wolf, or dog. It is good to bitten by Him. Then your progeny will always, be blessed. Then the Hemutza goes into the deep woods when it is His Time. The Hemutza does not always, die in the Woods of Evil. The Wolves will never molest the Hemutza  Later, young Warriors must go look for the Humutza.

Incidentally, rabies like AIDS can remain dormant in a person for much as thirty years before they develop symptoms. That makes the source very hard to trace. It might not be an animal bite.

Bet you didn't know that Staphylococcus can be used to make yogurt? It tastes great too. The lactobacillus, and other yogurt forming microbes prevent putridity. There is a small pearl, or "Mother" you can use to make more yogurt! That Staphylococcus is MRSA.  That is how you can put an AIDS patient on the "fast track" to death.

All homemade yogurt can become contaminated with pathogens without your knowledge

If you have ever eaten yogurt like this without knowing it contained Staphylococcus. Lots of it.

Kitten understands.

Kumbucha is another "Home Remedy" if it contains Listerella, and Candida albicans. That is the Russian variety made by the Kulaks. It tastes really good too as a carbonated tea like beverage. For some reason the bacteria does not produce food poisoning but, it can become systemic in people with challenged immunity. Like if you are getting radiation treatments for cancer, or something like it.

If you have ever gotten a painful Listerella infection in the lymph nodes.

Kitten understands.

Those same "Old Hippies," "Saps," "Goats," "Anarchists," "Real Mice" etc. "Assholes" is another old name for "These People."

They usually, have studied the subject of killing people very methodically. Like using monomethylhydrazine found in false Chantrell mushrooms. It was used to make rocket fuel. But, that is easy to spot. So they are always, caught. They are usually, a family member.

The Amanita mushrooms are much different to spot if they are used to simulate a long term illness. It is about half a gram, or so is mixed with food. Their target will show signs of cirrhosis of the liver.

Once, their victim shows definite signs of chronic poisoning. That is indistinguishable from long term alcohol ingestion.

They can be finished off with yogurt made with MRSA, and kambucha under the guise caring for the sick.

The Military should be especially, savvy to these old tricks.

"These People" are heartless killers with a lot medical knowledge. They are paid assassins that know how to hide their inhumanity. Never underestimate them.

It is usually, a trail of hundred killings, or more is the trait that always, marks one of these groups of people.

"These People" are well networked maybe, in some kind of "Peace Cult."

One will find "These People" involved in protests, and at various Counter Culture events. Watch for people watching people instead of the main event.

They are very dangerous to young girls. That is why Kitten hates them.

Active duty, and retired Military personnel need to be on the lookout for these killers.

Especially, near Military Bases.

Aboriginal Peoples like those during the Viet Nam War. Perhaps, in Afghanistan have some very formidable Bioweapons.  A person infected with some ailment might do the Samson number. Walking, and moving among you carrying pneumonic plague. That is a gift you want to avoid.

You want to know if anything like that is around.

Get rid of it!

You gain lots of Human Points for doing that.

Let's get back to worms. Did you know none of the "earth worms" are native in the United States? That is true.

Then there are heart worms. Heart worms have been getting into everything. They came here too from the South East Asian jungles.

Dengue is here too. From the same place. The "doctors" don't believe it is here. But, it is. That disease is spread by mosquitoes native to those jungles. They don't believe those vectors of disease can live here. Because it is too cold for them to be here in the United States.

Medicine is still in its infancy.

This Hell called Unbelief has fully manifested in America.

But, the African night crawler can survive even in Canada!

The heart worms can live there too.

A form of dengue called hepatitis C is also, in Canada.

That is because, hepatitis C is pandemic.

Hepatitis C has evolved to become a more virulent, and contagious disease that is non blood borne.

That form of the dengue has become global.

But, those mosquitoes can't live in Canada. Maybe, they don't. There could be another disease vector that does sometimes.

In order to know if a disease is vector born. You have to test it on people.

That is what Walter Reed did to prove that mosquitoes spread yellow fever. That is another virus still very much around.

Friend Kitten wants to know if anybody is testing pathogens on people.

Don't you want to know that?

Because, you can catch it.

When the "doctors" tell people you can only get a disease, AIDS for example from risky sex, or intravenous drug use only.

Was AIDS ever vector tested with mosquitoes, lice, fleas, ticks, mites, and other animals?

What about a sneeze at different stages of  the progression of AIDS as it is either more, or less infectious?

Is this true for all forms of AIDS? HIV 1 ? HIV 2 ? HIV 3 ?

If none of this "doctor talk" is not based on scientific testing on humans in the laboratory, and in the field.

Then those "doctors" are spreading dangerous lies.

That must never be permitted.

Xenogenesis, abiogenesis, or spontaneous generation of disease is patently false. Something, does not come out of nothing.

It's like the "mysterious trucks" that Friend Kitten explained to you earlier in this opus.

That diseases just disappear.

The "doctors" find a "mysterious disease" that just shows up from somewhere else, or it is just there.

The "doctors" are talking down to people. That is against our human dignity. Bad ethics.

It is like the garbage in this story. It has to be gathered into these cans. And, then it just goes "outofhere".

Just like those sick "patients" are gathered into these hospitals.

Everybody, is afraid of hospitals because, that is a "death place."

It shouldn't be.

But, that is what people can think.

If we let them.

No one talks about sickness.

Sickness is bad.

Nobody talks about death.

It is just something that happens to people somehow.

The "mysterious trucks" come, and take all those dead people away.

There are people that we will call "Hollies."

Whenever, somebody dies.

Hollies just show up, and run off with the dead bodies.

Understand, that Hollies are very shy. Don't look at them.

Hollies are very sensitive. Don't do anything crass.

 Don't say anything to them. Because, Hollies are always, very busy.

 Don't do that.

Just pretend that nothing happened, and act normal.

Hollies like that.

Hollies always, run off with those dead bodies.

They're gone!

We don't have to worry about them.

It's just like a little child.

The Hollies just came, and ran off with the body.

Momma isn't there anymore.

Or, Daddy is gone.

It's just like that.

Isn't it?

You just need to carry on.

You understand, families have no Constitutional Rights to exist.

A cadaver is nobody's mother, father, brother, sister, wife, or husband.

A cadaver has no religion. None!

A cadaver is not a person. It is a thing.

This is a child like view of medicine, and death. We will call this medicine sick. It is pathological. A sort of  psychosis.

There is no harmless pathology to us.

We know better.

Because, we are "grown ups."

Only grown ups can understand these things.

If you have ever experienced something like this.

Kitten understands.

We do too.

Don't we?

Can we get back to those worms?

Not, before breakfast.

Kitten has to eat.

In the meantime, here is a little story about rabies.

That one has rabies in it.

Our Biowarfare people found out somebody detonated this thing somewhere in the Midwest.

That is the American "Heartland."

No one knows why.

 But, it was set off in this area as a kind of prank.


We will get into that later.

One of our Biowarfare people Virusman is in this Cow Town. He is looking for virus. This was about fifty years after the bomb was set off a long way from that area. Virusman is just asking around about where to find rabies. He told them why.

 Everything, will be secret. Because, no one knows who set that bomb off. They could be really big people now. That means they are dangerous. They will kill you if they suspect you are investigating this matter. "Time heals all wounds." What if it doesn't. Viruses like to spread.

 These Cowboys just found Virusman. The Cowboys told Virusman to go to this farmhouse. Ask them if it is alright, to harvest the mice. You see, all the mice are rabid.

You need to know a little bit of ecology. Mice are an integral part of the food chain in the wild. Hundreds of animals eat them. They actually, do. That's the truth.

Do you know that snakes get rabies? Snake rabies, that is pretty weird isn't it. Don't feed any wild rodents to your snake. If you have one, that is.

Sure enough, he can get them. Yep, the mice are all rabid. The people are rabid there too.

You have to know a little bit about the etiology of rabies. Rabies is an incredibly ancient disease in the Americas.

There is a European form that is in the rabies family of viruses. That doesn't concern us here.

That is Lhasa fever probably.

 Somehow, everybody in town is rabid. They don't show signs of it. They are just happy people.

Here rabies in them is almost, a vaccine. It has been around that long. Apparently, the cowboys caught rabies from the Natives. Who ever they were. No one dies from this disease. Because, they have become immune somehow. It is not natural. This is human rabies. That means they have a strain of that virus that is unique to them.

 Bats have a strain, or variant as it is called, native to bats only. Bats can live with that disease all their lives.

 Some veterinarian found that rabies was not as strong in some animals. If you kept this up by putting this through a succession of animals: pigs, mice, birds, whatever until, she had an infectious vaccine. That was over a hundred years ago. People still retain the disease but, it doesn't do anything.

 This is how diseases get Domesticated like the common cold virus. Understanding, that common cold virus attacks the Central Nervous System. Ditto for the Asian flu. So is scarlet fever.

Ebola is a disease that is just like scarlet fever was. Ebola is in the Process of Domestication.

This has been done with small pox too. It's the mice again. In a certain location in Germany the disease is still native in them. Small pox is actually, a long term illness. It may not kill you. You may not show any obvious signs of this disease. Although, it is flu like for a while. Also, it is AIDS like. Even, though you have been vaccinated you will still catch it. You will still spread it.

 As matter of fact Friend Kitten found these mice infected with this disease here in Nashville.

 Virusman took those mice. Several hundred of them that were infected with primordial small pox. Their disease went back to them. It didn't go back to Germany. It went to Friend Kitten's Enemies. They stood in Hel's Way. They have it. Let's hope they have got their shots. We hope they don't. Because, people like this just need to die, and stay dead forever.
Virusman did Friend Kitten a favor for finding, and securing those infected rodents. Also, Friend Kitten imparted Virusman with the secret of primordial syphilis. That is Lyme disease. The possibility of combining Lyme disease, and syphilis to produce a super bug. Virusman couldn't wait to try that out on Friend Kitten's Enemies. You see we are sending them to Hel.

 Since, Friend Kitten had acquired hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. If you have gotten these diseases. This was due to somebody else's filthy playfulness.

That hepatitis C came from Saddam Hussein as a gift to the University of Florida in Tampa, Florida in 1983. Hepatitis C Delta showed up there in 1988. Somebody was doing virus research there on people.

Kitten understands.

Friend Kitten wanted to do some work on hepatitis H. That is more damaging, and contagious than hepatitis C. Nowadays, "doctors" can not distinguish the two apart. Hepatitis H can kill within six months. Hepatitis C can, sometimes.

Virusman was interested in several other retroviruses that cause, or promote cancer. Those got to go to Friend Kitten's Enemies. There is three brain cancer viruses, four viruses that affect the human reproductive system, two go to the liver, and a unique lung cancer virus. This is what it is. War! Civil Wars get really messy don't they? They do.

Friend Kitten wants you to hate the Enemy that wants to kill you, or something really bad like that.


Why do people do things like that?

Dionysus enshrines Play as a Way of Life. Dionysus builds up, and strengthens His Godhead by Creating Mayhem. That is how Dionysus Plays. The Maendes: Maidens of Dionysus Play with Dionysus to complement, and extend His Power to Rule All Things as the Great God Pan.

Our Culture is amazingly old. It is older than the Jews. It is older than Babylon. It is even older than Egypt. It is prehistoric at times. Dionysus is part of our psychology. It is what people are being taught even in Universities. This is a Cultural Phenomenon. Alright, that is part of it.

When a dog reverts back to wild. That dog is called a "wolfen." That dog has no master. That dog can be Fetish. A Little God to somebody out there. Because, there are people like that. That is called a "werewolf." Guerrillas are called werewolves too. They are like that. They have no masters. That is why they never have leaders.

The Fenir Wolf comes out of the ground to eat one their relatives. That way Fenir becomes one of their Clan. Fenir is family now. They get this incredible Power. They might be good with that Power. Fenir likes that a lot. Fenir is Ceres. That is who She is.

They get to have their dogs to train them.

That is what we want of our Enemies.

To turn them away from us.

Now, they get to be werewolves. After all, they deserve it.

And, that's what they get for their filthy playfulness.

It is their filthy playfulness that bothers us.

It is a kind of amateur sport.

It is sport for sake of sport like the Olympics.

We are tired of them.

We are tired of their money.

Tired of their mixing with us.

Tired of their apartheid.

Tired of their lives.

Tired of their Way.

If you feel like that, and you might, at times.

Kitten understands.

People have been doing research on heart worm for a long time. They have altered them so they can live in other animals besides monkeys. Popular fiction has it there are many different kinds of heart worm. There aren't any.

People have turned it loose in the wild because, they are playful.

This is where it goes with this constant escalation of hostility.

Yet, they are not hateful. They enshrine play as a way of life. They live only for that. They play for the sake of playing. It is not to learn anything. They don't get smarter. Because, they are too busy playing.

Social Pathology at its finest.

People might call this Community.

The Mob Psychologists understands Community very well.

Play in animals, and people is part of learning. It's exploratory behavior.

Friend Kitten has to teach you more about Psychological Warfare. Psychological Warfare Operations are abbreviated: Psychops. First Teaching: You are a Villain. That is because, the Enemy hates you. Second Teaching: You are at War. Because, you are at War. You are a Villain. That is terrible isn't it? It is terrific. Because, there is an Enemy out there that wants to kill you, or something bad like that. Third Teaching: You don't want to die. Now, if you don't want to die. You don't. You have to be a Villain. Because, the Enemy isn't going to listen to Saints. Fourth Teaching: You have to locate people that hate the Enemy, and convince them to fight for you. They all know they can Win because, the Psychsops Leader says so. Fifth Teaching: You are a combatant. You may not be infantry. But, infantry is not bad. These are different combat skills in Not Fighting. Sixth Teaching: Is the Game. The Primary Game is Cat n' Mouse in all its thousands of variations. Who benefits? Where is it? Why? The Seventh Teaching: Debate is War. If you can beat them in Debate. Then you don't have to wrestle with them on the Battlefield. Eighth Teaching: Trickery is fair. It may save your life. It saved Kitten's life, to be sure. Ninth Teaching: Use the weapons, and resources of the Enemy to destroy the Enemy. Tenth Teaching: Corruption is good. You have to cultivate corruption in the Enemy. Eleventh Teaching: Ignorance is strength. Eliminate the Intelligencia of the Enemy. Twelveth Teaching: Don't do business with Traitors. You have to keep your Word. Traitors can do no such thing. You will lose the Peace. Thirteenth Teaching: Be prepared. Remember, you are still a Villain. Fourteenth Teaching: Don't support Revolutionaries. Eventually, they will turn against you. Fifteenth Teaching: Camp is essential. Reconstruction has begun. Sixteenth Teaching: You have Won both the War, and the Peace. Take it. It's yours!


This one isn't quite ripe but, it will be.

The Dude Ranch

Now, that you have been doing the composting for a couple of years. It is time to start a Dude Ranch.

This is where you raise the Dudes. You have to grow that virus somewhere? You get to harvest it out of the Dudes.

The plasma usually, has it. With a modest nuclear facility. X rays may not be as good as gamma rays for this purpose. You make your own live vaccines.

You can try the same thing with cells from different cancers. The serum may give remission, or even a possible cure for the disease.

You will want to build up your immunity with freshly killed viruses. Formaldehyde will work well for this.

You don't need anybody's approval to do what Salk did with his polio vaccines. You are going to use them on yourself too.

You have got to watch your health while you are doing this.

Most people do not know how common vitamin deficiency diseases are in the general population. Most people who appear to have a virus, or poisoning are really nutrient deficient. This is the major cause of deformity in the United States, and Canada. You will see this oblong, or pear shape is a sure sign of rickets. Pellagra is frequently misdiagnosed. Scurvy is very much around. This gives lie to the fact that people have gotten all their nutrition from foods. The medical people are hopelessly inept.

You should know that Commerce has succeeded in producing dog food that contains all the nutrients dogs need by having all these intensive scientific feeding studies. Thousands of these Government feeding studies were done to find the ideal dog food too. People love their dogs. They may give their best friend organ meats from their prey right off the butcher's shelf.

Now, you know it! People should at least be nourished as good as dogs!

There is such a thing called the Required Minimum Daily Allowance, or RDA for short.

This is a Guide to how much certain given nutrients you must have daily to avoid getting sick.

You need to consume adequate amounts of vitamins, and minerals.

You are expected to take care of yourself.

You are no longer a babe.

The RDA is based on the Science, and Technology of Feeding People.

There are no Trends, or Fads native to Quackery in it.

The only question is how much nutrition is in your food?

That will vary.

You are going to take supplements.
If you can, you should.

You are going to need about four grams of bone meal a day.

Most diets are phosphate poor.

As a matter of fact all of them fall short of the RDA.

There is enough calcium in the bone meal to meet the RDA too.

Then you will need vitamin D supplemented to utilize the calcium in the bone meal.

You will need three grams of potassium to meet the RDA.

Magnesium at a little less than half a gram a day.

Sodium chloride is required at about two and a half grams a day.

You need to know that calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium among a few others are called electrolytes.

Lack of  electrolytes can mimic hundreds of diseases.

Electrolytes are needed for every function of your nervous system.

Like the beating of your heart.

Electrolytes are used in thinking.

You can become disoriented, confused, black out, even die.

Like what happens during heat stroke.

Phosphates are needed in energy production for your physical organism.

Certain poisons like arsenic inhibit phosphates.

So if you value your life.

You do.

You will meet this standard righteously.


Once, these deficiency diseases are corrected no one ever recovers completely from years of physical abuse. You will see this later in life with different forms in different people. But, it is almost, always there.

We will pass this up. We need real virus carriers. You have to be able to see it, and know they are infected with your target organism.

The Dude Ranch

You have found your virus. You know it is viable in humans. Well, good for you. There are other viruses that are mostly theoretical. You will need other animals at your Dude Ranch. Horses, cows, sheep, and the white rat is always, welcome.

You need to get your Ranch ready for the Dudes. Make sure you can meet their needs! This is a Dachau like setup. Good. You know that. You should be able to handle fifty Dudes.

In order for the Dude to grow properly. You have to do some basic medical procedures. Secure the Dude to his bed first. They have to be out cold for their catheter. We have got to drain that bladder. Likewise, a bag has to be attached to the colon. That is to insure cleanliness. A feeding tube is inserted. The trachea  has to be kept clear. Be sure the to cut those vocal chords. Good Dudes must be silent. Dudes never have anything to say to anybody.
Once, you have freshly harvested virus. You need to put the serum into those Dudes. You can use only one virus, or combination of viruses thereof  in one place to prevent cross contamination of the Dudes. Then you have chancy stuff that probably, won't work.

Those young biker boys make the best Dudes. It is not that hard to get them to go where you want them. Techniques vary in how you secure their bodies while, you make the Dude happen inside them.

You can't harvest much of anything out of a cadaver unless, they are very fresh.

The average time a Dude spends at the Dude Ranch is usually, around 30 days.

You don't have to feed them much. They need to keep getting virus in their veins. The plasma nourishes them. They should get a good liquid supplement like Ensure daily. It goes directly into their stomach from a feeding tube.Be sure to harvest a couple to meet those needs. As you put the plasma into them from a modestly infected source. You know you are going need to get more Dudes.

You finally got my Mice. Mouse is primordial small pox. It isn't small pox exactly. You have to cultivate small pox out of Mouse. That means you have given this to a succession of Dudes.

Remember, you are not a doctor. You are a killer. So you don't have any patients there. They are all Dudes. Each Dude is a huge Dude to use him up. You have to kill them as you harvest them. You burn up the bodies in your crematoria made of anodized brick works. Just like a mini Auschwitz. You are going have to use a thousand Dudes to grow a new strain of small pox. It is worth the trouble.

You now, have a genuine airborne illness. That can deployed in a Sans unit. That is a wall mounted spray unit usually, used to sanitize the air in laboratories, and bathrooms the World over. That is the last place people will look for virus.

Now, you have got make up your vaccines. You have got to have plenty of Dudes. Use them up.

You can use animals. Animal serum will not be the same as that made from a real human source. Do use it.

Now, you are vaccinated completely. You will need boosters later. You will need a lot of the stuff on hand cryogenically frozen, of course. Use a medium like petroleum ether to freeze your specimens thoroughly. You have to use serum out of your own body to combat infection in people that really matter to you.

Now, in this overview. The etiology of small pox has to be explained. Why small pox is not around all the time like the German measles is. Small pox has a complex lifestyle. You have taken Mouse out of a mouse, and put it in a Dude. Then you have taken the serum from that Dude to put into another Dude for another life cycle of the disease to start. That has to be repeated at least ten times to obtain your first sample of genuine small pox. That is how things are in the wild. That takes about two years under ideal conditions. Then small pox always, winds up going back into the mice again, and so it goes.

The hepatitis viruses have another life stage where it goes into a Gila monster, or something. It will rest there until, the virus is needed again. All these viruses are probably, ancient. India is one place where they are all present. That virus can show up on your doorstep at any time.

The Dude Ranch sounds pretty sick? It is. This is the ultimate conclusion of this kind of activity. Nobody has ever done this have they? Have you ever heard of a Sap Farm? President Kennedy had this stuff on the drawing boards. When you are going start a Thermo Nuclear War. Kennedy wanted to. We suspect that these Sap Farms did exist in some form out there. Kennedy wasn't holding anything back. Back then Nuclear War was a certainty. Kennedy killed a lot of people even Heads of State in other Countries. Kennedy was nothing but, a gangster. We had a form of oppression that was incredibly different. You can research is topic on your own. You will find it.

Remember, Bioweapons are First Use Weapons. Bioweapons are used a long time before a real "shooting war" happens. If it ever does. Sick people don't fight well.
Saddam Hussein had those Dude Ranches in Iraq. He used up a half million Dudes in Iraq's Biowarfare programs.

 Those weapons were used on the United States inside our borders years prior to the Iraq War.

 Probably, following the lead of the Union of South Africa that released all their weapons including AIDS I and AIDS II. That was because, of this boycott that was directed against South Africa.

 Their Biological Warfare produced several strains of antibiotic resistant Staphylococcus as one of those weapons. These bacteria induce: boils, septic arthritis, toxic shock, food poisoning, cholecystitis (gall bladder infection), dacryocystitis (eye infection), impetigo, ear disease, and general infection in a person's internal organs.

Several aerobic strains of botulism were developed but, they weren't employed. They just can't live in people's intestines. This form of botulism does not grow well in human lungs.

Typhoid fever (Salmonella typhi) was used in Kuwait a lot.

Hepatitis; several forms of that disease were investigated a lot. Some of these viruses were probably deployed on American soil. Probably, hepatitis Delta.

Brucellosis was studied in Iraq.

Brucellosis seems to be common in the American bison.

Streptococcus pyogenes in its relationship to Rheumatic fever is still one of the most feared diseases in the Americas.

Rheumatic fever is not common. But, it does do irreparable damage to the heart valves.

It shows up mostly as a mild case of Strep Throat.

Doctors should always, test for it .

Iraq deployed their Bioweapons in the cities of New York, Miami, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

That was in the 80's.


The United States bombing of Libya.

The United States invasion of Grenada.

The United States invasion of Panama.

The War in Yugoslavia.

First Iraq War.

It is this Politics of Confrontation. That is going to get a lot of Americans dead like it always, does.

Anybody in Iraq can see the writing on the wall.

Here is a little bit of an overview.

 Whatever, the relationship between the United States, and other Countries outside our borders had better change.

 Friend Kitten suspects that this Dionysian Ethic is the cause of most of the misfortune in America.

 America is dying.

 You may not believe in Dionysus, or Mithra as Gods commanding, and demanding of us things we can not possibly endure.

 Regardless, Dionysus is a powerful force in the American psychological, and cultural makeup in this Century.

 The solution is to get rid of this Dionysian Ethic.

 Dionysus lives inside people. Maybe, a little bit in all of us.

 We have to train people out of this Dionysian Playing. Because, it hurts people. It creates Enemies. It promotes crime.

You must not permit the goats to play.

The problem with play as a way of life is cheating.

Having an unfair advantage over the other players.

Play without rules.


Biowarfare can happen here!

Then there is the story of "Rabbit Fever," or Tularemia that is really a form of Bubonic Plague. We hate "bedside manner." That is calling Plague something else. It is another Civilian Vice. We don't know how many people got sick, or even died from Plague in the 20's and 30's. Because, the Government has to keep records that people can not trust. We don't want to be reassured. We want to be healthy. Eradicating Plague in America would have created a lot of necessary work during the Great Depression.

 They failed America.

The Big Lie.

The Big Lie we all want to believe.

A Big Lie so big.

We don't believe anybody would lie to us about that.

The Big Lie is the Lie of Peace.

The Lie of Peace.

When there is no Peace.

We are at War.

That is not a lie.

The West Nile Primer

Is a Biowarfare agent first employed by the British during World War II. It was tested on suspected Vichy prisoners captured during the invasion of France.

How do you produce West Nile virus in quantity?

One infected horse produces eight gallons of blood. After this is fractioned off you are left with one pint of excellent virus laden material. How about that?

That will infect three thousand people.

Now, we are not sure entirely about the etiology, and prognosis of this form of encephalitis. Either, the required research has not been done, or this is still secret. Ugh!

Can this virus be transmitted from person to person like yellow fever?

Can this virus be transmitted from an infected horse to person, or vice versa?

Is there another route besides mosquito vector transmissions? IV drug use? Sex? Sneezing? Coughing? Other vectors like fleas, ticks, chiggers, biting flies, etc?

How long does this disease last?

Also, like other forms of encephalitis there may be few, or almost, no symptoms.

West Nile virus is killing a lot of birds in North America.

Birds do seem to have a reservoir of infection that is dangerous to both horses, and people?

If you have ever been infected by West Nile virus.

Kitten understands.

The Bean Cult

Among certain groups of Quakers in Britain there is a Cult around these pinto beans. Arguably, the is 100 mg of real progesterones per ounce of these beans. They feed them exclusively to their boys to make them into these towering ranch hands. Sort of like a linebacker in American football. In rugby they are fantastic.

You have to soak those beans for several hours before cooking. Change the water. Put the beans on the stove cook at medium heat without burning the beans on the bottom of the pot, and stir for an hour. Change the water again. Repeat two more times. Now, those beans won't give you flatulence. Refrigerate any leftovers.

Kitten likes pork, and beans.

 Jimmy Dean Cult

Jimmy Dean raises pigs. His pig's stalls are kept so clean you could practically eat off the floor. He raises them just like pets. They are fed good food. Nothing bad in there. Later, they kill each pig out of the sight of another pig instantly. Pigs are intelligent. They are very dangerous unless, they are handled perfectly. Jimmy Dean always, does. You must always, cook pork like any other meat, fish, or foul thoroughly. After you have washed it.

Kitten figures all the girls might want to try them.

Do we get most of our hormones from food?

We all should know that meat. Especially, the organ meats from different animals contain hormones. Thus the common adage that meat builds up strength among athletes.

Chicken gizzards contain thyroid, and parathyroid hormone.

How many hormones does our body really make?

How much?

The healthy body is allegedly able to make all of them.

Only, if it is well fed.

Exercise plays a role to in hormone utilization.

Thus, the Health Cults emphasis on diet, and exercise a kind of Universal Panacea.

It is really, about vitamins, minerals, and hormones.

Understand, that science does not trust doctors.

Physicians used to believe that Astrology was a Universal Truth.

Phrenology has fallen out of medical favor.

The notion that surgeons should wash there hands was considered insulting by doctors.

All the while medical platitudes are still dinning in your ears. While you are reading something in JAMA, and Lancet. Demand just one thing. Prove it!


There are several varieties of this virus. All of them are bad. They can cause cancer. They all lower your immunity. There are no harmless pathological agents. None. Let's be clear here. You need to take those shots.

 Then you won't get mumps. You won't have shingles. That will spare your pancreas. Then you won't get diabetic. You won't get warts. You won't have skin cancer. You won't get cancer of the cervix, or genital warts.

There even seems to be a relationship between acne, and herpes. Those skin infections from different microbes can get into your bloodstream, and poison you. You will die.

Get those shots!

Pay attention to Kitten!

The problem of Nihilism is present in Civilian doctors. We could call this Nihilism "Death Worship," or Fatalism. The concept is that people can get along with, and live with disease.

Doctors have gotten into Managing Disease instead of Curing Disease. It is a kind of Fraud called Health Care. Lots of make work for Doctors.

The Military Mind knows that people are at War with Disease. Military doctors ideally want to Eradicate Disease not live with it. That is sensible. You understand, there is this relationship between War, and Disease. So you make War on Cancer.

Access Denial

Amoebas are scary. Who wants to turn into a jelly head? That is when they enter the body through the nostrils, ears, or both. They can get into the brain, and digest it. That is terrible.

Amoebic dysentery can incapacitate people. No one wants to have this contagious disease.

Nobody wants to go swimming if you can get things like that!

Those amoebas are from Other Lands. They can get to you. In your nostrils, the water in your ears has them in great quantities, my God; they are crawling right through your eyeballs. You are going to die.

You have to make up stories to take control of the water shed.

Leeches can do more to get those "No Swimming" signs to have a lot more meaning.

The medical leeches are famous for this. The big old horse leech puts it in another realm of pure disgust.

The King Leech lives on land. The King Leech has a bright yellow stripe more so than an ordinary horse leech. King Leeches eat anything that doesn't eat them first. They are not ectoparasites. They are very dangerous to horses. That leech will go inside them. It will kill them. It can go inside people too. That fellow comes from South East Asia.

The Big Planarian is the next one those very scary monsters of the deep. They come from South America. It is about nine inches of huge leech when it is fully extended. The "Blood Eel" looks like a large flat worm down there. But, as soon as they sense a diver. Here they come!

Then we have got the large red stripped animal. That is an eighteen inch land dwelling leech. That one is impossible to talk about right now. He comes from the Land of the Pharaohs.

Then there is the orange striped leech from Central America that rules the waters. You can find them in Michigan now.

What do you think?

Do this just like the roses. It is actually, already there. That is symptomatic of real Social Breakdown that comes from War.

Pay attention to Kitten.

Now, you need to learn to like Phaedra. Phaedra can save your life. Phaedra can keep you from getting sick. Phaedra can tell you if you are really are sick. If you are sick Phaedra can get you over it. Phaedra will tell how to not spread disease.

If you are Military, Police, Government, or even Private Security you will like it.

Civilians don't have any rules during War. That is because, Civilians have no Military discipline. Whereas, troops are under Martial Law.

Get rid of the Lie of Peace when you are dealing with Enemy Civilians. You are not "peace keeping" you are "restraining them" from killing you, or each other. Never fraternize with them. You are not there to be their friend. You are a Villain to them. Maintain that relationship, or they will not respect you. You may not use any of the Biological Weapons because, you are under orders. Enemy Civilians follow no such orders. They observe no such protocol. Never underestimate your Enemies! There isn't a "Satan Bug" but, there could be something very close to that in that Theater of Operations. Assume that they will try to get their "Satan Bug" into your Land. The Enemy may not confront the Military directly. They want to topple your Government.

There are several guises under which this can happen.

The Enemy will seek to get their "Satan Bug" into Universities, and Research Centers under the guise of  Public Health.

They may not be able to get that "bug" into your family's house at home. But, it is now, damn close to it.

Mind you, those people are not Saddam Hussein's people. Saddam did send a lot of Biological Materials to the United States, and elsewhere. Knowing that they will probably, get loose. Saddam is a pretty good judge of human character. With the people we have got working in those Universities, and Research facilities. Who needs Enemy Agents to spread diseases in America?

Remember, AIDS, hepatitis C, and West Nile virus? We believe in the Germ Theory of Disease not in spontaneous generation. Diseases don't just appear out of nowhere. Diseases are carried usually, by people.

 Race baiting happens all the time in America constantly creating Enemies. America has a large population of refugees. Those people are not assimilated. Their Culture may be at odds with Other Cultures in America. The Immigrant has the same problem but, they don't always. Some people may be Antisocial at times. America has a large criminal population. Some of these criminals are well organized. There are hostile people that have been trained to hide this. A rogue agent, or agency of some powerful commercial concern, or even the Government could become involved.  America has a a lot  of dangerous Religious Sects, and Cults.

Child like people are excessively dangerous.

Therefore, never treat people like children.

In many cases America has a Society of Aversion.

A Culture of Death.

The means, motives, and opportunities are here on Campus.

The temptation is too great.

Saddam was a lot smarter than most people give him credit for.

We have a fungus killing off the frogs. There is another fungus killing bats off in the U.S.A. Honey bees are getting these mites that are killing honey bees off. Did any of these plagues come out of laboratories? Are these plagues, or something really bad like that being carried around by researchers? What about Anarchists?

A good study of Anthropology, and History will tell us if heart worm is native to North America. Humans do get heart worm.

We could have 100% of the American population infected, and have 50 million deaths before anyone would know we were hit with real Bioweapons.

Disease is a dictator.

Sickness dictates how people live.

Stay away from crowds.

Avoid personal contract.

 You might catch it.

The Biowarfare person must know we can all go back to "Those Times."

Now, you have been hit with several Bioweapons.

They have been in the Country for four years, or more.

First good move get rid of the Pretense.

Breaking the Pretense of Normalcy is very necessary.

People might not know they are sick.

They will be out there still spreading disease.

The Pretense might be so strong you won't even notice there is anything wrong at all.

Yet, there is.

Recreational drug use, and high alcohol consumption can cover up an outbreak of a deadly illness.

Deaths from Bioweapons like rabies can mimic a drug overdose perfectly.

In such populations illegal drug use, and excessive alcohol consumption go hand glove with countless diseases.

Here we see death.

The goats have gotten humorous.

Then there is death without cause.

Nothing is exactly, what is it seems to be but, the party is definitely over.

A Landscape of Visible Damnation is there in its place.

Then there is always, a clash of wills.

We have to stop the diseases from spreading.

We have to treat everyone that has been exposed to Contagion.

That requires the imposition of Martial Law.

Camp is established permanently to deal with Reconstruction issues.

The Medfly Fiasco

This really happened in Mountain View,  California in the 1980's.

This is how to not deal with an outbreak of a Bioweapon Organism.

 Mediterranean Fruit Fly was found in Santa Clara County.

 Jerry Brown was the Governor of the State of California. Did not act as the "Medfly" kept spreading, and ruining California's Agriculture.

 Finally, APHIS (United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Inspection Service) as well as outraged Fruit Growers had hit the boiling point as American Fruit was under embargoes from numerous Countries. Overseas markets closed permanently to all American produce in some Countries.

A restaurant would serve your breakfast along with a pair of tweezers to pick the maggots out your meal in Countries where this Mediterranean fruit fly prevailed.

This would cost American Agriculture billions of dollars in losses.

Worse, the Oriental fruit fly had made its debut coming from Hawaii.

People were deliberately spreading these pests too.

There is a company called Vindicator.

 They eradicated the screw worm fly by the release of sterile flies that eventually reduced the  screw worm fly's biomass below levels of sustainability. The death rate is greater than the replacement rate in other words.

Vindicator used a "cobalt bomb" to sterilize insects with gamma radiation.

Vindicator's methods always, worked.

California didn't use Vindicator.

Jerry Brown is busy being a Running Dog for Anti Nuclear Activist Jane Fonda.

You see Jerry Brown doesn't like Nuclear anything.

 Especially,  "The  Peaceful  Atom."

California Governor Jerry Brown is Buzzing.

But, these University People said they could sterilize  these "Medflies,"  and  release them in something like the way Vindicator would do it. But, they used X rays instead of the Bomb that really works.

Problem. Those millions of "Medflies" were still fertile!

Governor Jerry Brown had to order the "ground spraying" of every fruit tree as well the gathering. and disposing of thousands of tons of confiscated fruit from people's back yards, orchards, etc.

The "Medfly" was still gaining ground on poor Jerry Brown.

It was time to do a spray bait operation from the air using helicopters.

That did do it. Maybe?

Jerry Brown was elected Governor of the State of California in 2011.

We need to check those people's brains in California for virus.

What is Jerry Brown going to do if we find something really bad there?

"And the Band Played On."

  This is what it is like to have a Dionysian Ethic in Government.

It is this Fatalistic Nihilism that infuriates Kitten.

Phaedra, and Kitten watched "Faces of Death."

There is a very short clip of Caryl Chessman in the Gas Chamber.

There is some hokey music to go along with it while Caryl Chessman is vainly trying to hold his breath. He breaths three times. Then he is legally dead.

Jerry Brown wanted to spare the life of this Dionysian Monster.

Jerry Brown felt some sort of perverse kinship with that wretched creature.

This is not life as we understand it.

Once upon a time. Kitten was a different person. Kitten dreamed of a time when rats would not attack babies in their cradles, or something terrible like that. We must not permit anything like this, or worse. Kitten knew we could have a Civilization. That Civilization would be ours.

Phaedra, and Kitten played a battle game fighting with Tanks against other players, and the Machine. We began to notice the terrain where these battles were being fought, and won. Of course, everything is being demolished.

Then we are in Antwerp, Belgium. Kitten didn't know the United States Army under General Eisenhower had a War with Belgium, or Antwerp for that matter? Did General Eisenhower tell Belgian Resistance Fighters, and their families to gather in certain areas prior to Antwerp's liberation from Nazi tyranny? General Eisenhower even knew there were no German forces in that city at all. Did methodically plan, place artillery, and other munitions to become the "Butcher of Antwerp." The population of Antwerp was totally annihilated. Even the Capital of Belgium was not unfazed by this infamous scoundrel's march to the Presidency of the United States of America. President Roosevelt had already, picked Eisenhower as his rightful successor even though Eisenhower later ran on the Republican ticket along, with Vice President Nixon staying in Office for eight years. A period of American History not unmarred by lots of collateral damage. The question looms was Eisenhower a more incompetent General that he was an American President?

Here is what we get from all this Political System.

Bad Politics

1) Peonage
2) Mutilation
3) Expulsion
4) Excommunication
5) Imprisonment
6) Extermination

All of these methods have been used on Poor Kitten to one degree, or another.

Kitten is a Villain.

Did you know that armadillos carry leprosy? Apparently, they can. People do eat armadillos. What does this leprosy look like? Here is the problem with evolving disease organisms. Nobody knows exactly what form these emerging diseases will take. Leprosy definitely is contagious. It makes an excellent Biowarfare weapon since, leprosy is so feared Worldwide.

"Achoo, achoo, achoo! We all fall down!" If an emerging strain of rabies gets into human beings somehow. We will call rabies the "Satan Bug" because, it might be World Ending. It might be. It could also, become a chronic disease in human beings. Rabies does not show up right away. That is years later. Rabies would be incredibly hard to detect as a cause of death. If rabies is used as a Biowarfare Weapon. Remember, rabies is a contagious as small pox. We all might have it just like people catch the flu bug?

What about Lyme disease? West Nile virus is a lot like rabies. People can catch heart worm disease almost, as easy as dogs. We have this huge mixture of Human Pathogens. That without a doubt will do an enormous amount of damage in any Land this situation exists in.

It is the Morals.

It is the Morality of accepting the unacceptable. Of tolerating the intolerable. When we should be eradicating these plagues from the face of the Globe.

We have the means, motive, and opportunity to do this. 

Kitten is concerned about the purity of Human Growth  Hormone (HGH). That these products either are, or will become contaminated by retro viruses at sometime during its manufacture. Human Growth Hormone is made from mice, and people. Viruses could be in either one. Now, at anytime too, those mice could get sick. This could be sabotage. Hopefully, Quality Control will be testing employees for disease that could be transmitted to those mice. First we need to check the basic health of the mice before anything is done to them by examining random batches for retro viruses. You wouldn't want to catch a cancer virus from a shot of Human Growth Hormone? Kitten can not recommend Human Growth Hormone supplementation until, these questions are answered. Hopefully, by the end of this year 2014. 

The Hippy Feast

Well they got him. He is a raccoon. They don't know this but, this raccoon has rabies. He is very dead, and the man is skinning him out. He is going to make himself a real honest to God coonskin cap just like Davy Crockett. Something like it. He has already, sold three of them. Probably, all those raccoons might have been rabid. That meat is not going to waste. It is raw raccoon. Hippies don't always, cook their food. But, this will be medium rare.

There is jerky made out a several diseased elk. That's alright isn't it? Nobody knew about elk wasting disease then. This gets passed out during the big event. It's free. "Sometimes the worst things in life come to us free." This will be a rock concert that is in Monterey, California. Jimmy Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Joan Baez, Jane Fonda, lots of the big counter culture luminaries. Phaedra will be there too. Because, this is a Celebration of Destruction. There is more food like that. Phaedra will make sure they eat it all up. It is all Home Made by Phaedra.

Now, heres the quiz.

How can you tell if a Hippie is rabid, or not since, they are all naturally hostile? Hippies suffer from dementia a lot. When they are hungry they will eat road kill. It's free. It can't be bad can it? Can you say "Zoonosis?"

Did you know they had Hippies in Cambodia. Pol Pot seen them, and was shocked. The Khmer Rouge avoided them. They believed those Hippies were vectors of countless diseases. Smart people!

Did you know the Asian Flu is one of the oldest Biological Weapons. Bioweapons aren't meant to kill people at all. Sometimes, they do by giving the Enemy the advantage during the Winning of a War, and the Peace.

Ethnic Weapons are possible. Ethnic Weapons as Biological Weapons are still being used the World over.

Any disease, or defect can be used as a Weapon especially, when Research Facilities are not secured under Martial Law the World over.

Diplomacy has failed constantly, and consistently to stop the propagation, development, and proliferation of these Plagues.

That is because, Civilians can not be trusted for an infinite variety of reasons. Lack of discipline is one of them. Lying to the public is another one. Keeping records seems to be their major problem. They might have scores to settle. It boils down to one thing their word is no good.

We are going to militarize Public Health. That means all of it. That means we have a reliable means of finding, tracking, and eradicating infectious diseases from the Face of the Earth.

People should do that. Because, cancer could show up on the menu. Food and Drug Administration has regulations that forbid cancerous meat for animals, and even people. That is because, cancer is contagious under certain circumstances.

You want to be regular in your bowel movements. Dysentery is a major killer Worldwide. Nor, is constipation desirable. Those are sluggish as opposed to lose bowels. Kitten takes psyllium seed husks like in Metamucil to hold either of these maladies in check. That is a good source of fiber in the diet too.

Eschew bad water, and bad food.

Hebe will like you.

Hebe pours nothing harmful.

Usually, Hebe pours nothing but, the purest water.

You ought to like Hebe.

Then you can get Hebe to tell you if this liquid is potable.

Hebe hates soda pop.

Hebe doesn't drink wine either.

That is Ganymede..

Whiskey is Bacchus.

Both of these Gods have to borrow Hebe's Cup.

There never is any poison in Hebe's Cup.

Kitten eats lots of rice, and beans most of the time. Of course, Kitten does take supplements to have all the necessary vitamins, and minerals. Read the label, and examine your diet to meet the minimum dietary requirement for proper human nutrition. Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, all the B vitamins, and so forth are needed to maintain real vigor in the physical organism. Remember, vitamin, and mineral deficiencies are common in America. You should get your hormone levels checked as well by a competent medical professional. It all should make sense to you. "Medicine makes sense." It is applied science, by the way.

Know that certain vitamins can be poisonous. Avoid mega doses of anything. You have to use your head. There is ample literature on the subject.

Phaedra wants to let you know something about Culture. That is Civilization. "Who I am I?" The question of the ages. Kitten is an American. To put this Cultural Argument bluntly like the American Infantry does. There is only one kind of American Citizen. There is no such things as a Multicultural Country that can pretend to be Civilized. That is why you can not have a White America, a Hispanic America, an Asian America, a Black America, or anything of the sort. Here are the Seeds of Rebellion, Sedition, and Treason. Otherwise, you might get shot in the back if you are patrol. Domestically, you always have these Warring Factions we see so often in Third World Countries. We can go there too. Such Warring factions can be easily manipulated by a clever Enemy.

Cube Root is a good source for the insecticide Rotenone. There are very few sources for this useful insecticide.

Here we are back again, and the subject is racism. Actually, it really isn't. It is this Culture of Death. Because, only in a Culture of Death can racism be considered to be some kind of Cultural Norm that has many Values. None of them worthy of the Name: Civilized.

We know that Biowarfare is real. It should only be a Military Occupation. That biological agents need to be under that kind of control. Not the Amusing Work of some deformed mind. A mind formed by a Culture of Death that would even astonish the Personal of Auschwitz. That would be hard to do. But, They did understand that this would happen if certain trends would continue unabated. That the Norms, and Values of Eternal Perdition have somehow crept into the minds of many people. Even doctors; ladies, and gentlemen of the jury. We could convict them of some sort of fraud.

Here we find we are being starved down in a Culture of Death. A simple examination of the real diet that most people consume will verify this fact. Doctors, and nutritionists will  assume this is normal. Of course, we are being properly nourished in a Culture of Death?

Are you fit to hang?

A bread, and water diet will do that.

Starved down for execution.

Kitten is skeptical about these diet fads out there.

Maybe you might lose weight.

But, that diet belongs in a Penitentiary.

Where does food come from? Let's look at rice. In Cambodia the rice is planted by hand. The yield is is close to 100%.

In California the rice is sown by airplane. Yield has been 0%.

We have a Problem that shows up almost, like the Indian Wars. It seems that some people are attacking the General Population of the United States of America. It has several distinct features. Mind you, this could be de facto as if but, the results are the same because, we are dealing here with several Popular Movements. And, the Solution here is to have a Popular Front to confront, and tame these Heathens. If that is possible?

1) Starvation
Like people are being starved down for execution, or maybe, it is to keep them in slavery.
2) "Temperance"
It is a Minimalistic Philosophy that embodies a Malevolent Asceticism.
3) "Peace"
A Set of Traditions of Triage.
4) Amoralism
A peculiar lack of moral conventions.
5) A "Peculiar Institution"
Slavery that results from antidemocratic hidden forms, and structures.
6) Destruction
The Logical Outcome of Their Karmic Burden. They must get Their Wages for the Work They Have Done.

These People have to be put into "Camp." That is for our own good.

Speaking of people that must be put in "Camp." For our own good. Friend Kitten has gotten more reports about "Tummy Wind."

You go into this store, and at the counter. Suddenly, you can't talk because, your mouth is that dry. You feel funny. You might notice a wind like sensation in your abdomen. You have just gotten "Tummy Wind."

Kitten understands.

The radiation device 80Mhz itself is very hard to spot. Is activated by a button, or foot pedal behind the counter.

This form of spy gear was developed by spies during World War II. It came into its own with the Weathermen, and the Male Homosexual Underground in the 60's.

"Beacon" is another Spy Device on Friend Kitten's Hate List. The 83 Mhz model is one despised by Kitten. There are others that are being used for access denial. These could be improvised "electronic fences." These devices harm plants, domestic animals, wild life, and of course, human beings.

Then there are the old fashioned EMP Bombs likewise used by the Weatherman, and the Gay Male Underground. Likewise, hated by Kitten.

These electromagnetic assault weapons can blind, cripple, or kill an animal. All of them should be banned.

Then there is HAM radio broadcasting into people. That does a lot of damage to people's endocrine, and nervous systems especially, to children. It might be done to children to scare them away. HAM radio has no socially redeeming value. It used to be a spy device. Not much used now.

CB broadcasting falling into the same category as HAM radio. It may disorient drivers even passing by such broadcasts. Like couple of shots of whiskey. If you have a baby on board you might not want this hazard around at all.

Then there those questionable broadcasts by authorized radio, and television stations. Digital signals are more damaging than analog signals of the same strength.

That is why broadcast signals should not touch the ground. As a matter of fact in Hollywood, California those signals are so strong they kill holly trees. Birds, and animals will leave the area.This is the Hollywood Beacon. You notice the extraordinary absence of people. It feels really dirty there. Like Satan is looking over your shoulder. You have to get away from that area. That is access denial. You can't do any shopping. You don't want to see anything. You certainly aren't going to eat anything there. At that strength that signal could harm your ability to have children. That is bad isn't it? It seems to be radio operators. Should we kill them? If you have ever had this kind of experience.

Kitten understands.

Speaking of things that Heaven forbids.

This is the Red Dragon Teaching of Jana.

The Red Dragon is That Damned Thing that God Hates.

This arousing of these blood feuds.

 Is to arouse the Red Dragon who is the Power of Murder.

Somewhere, somehow, in some way people cherish That Damned Thing.

 But, maybe they shouldn't.

That brings Alastor down.

It arouses the Fury of God.

We do not have That Damed Thing as Our God.

You shouldn't either.

Phaedra, and Kitten are in agreement on this.

That Damned Thing can not exist in any Culture that has any pretensions of being Civilized.

For the sake of Civilization That Damed Thing has to be set aside.

End of Teaching.


Now, that being said. We have to have a means of Slaying the Red Dragon.

That is the Forgiveness of God.

This Teaching on Forgiveness is not unknown in any Religion.

It really isn't.

There is a Political reason for Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is Patriotic!

Forgiveness brings people together again.

In extreme cases the Government has to get involved.

They have to bring warring parties to the Peace Table.

Even by Force of Arms.

In the worst case this is impossible.

Every possible way to work out a peaceful solution has failed.

Then we must put these people in "Camp."

If they are incorrigibly evil.

Then they will have to be there in "Camp" for the rest of their days.

Anarchist Movements are extremely hard to root out.

Anarchist Movements are extremely hard to find.

Anarchist Movements are not conspiracies exactly.

Even though these Anarchist Movements behave like they do have a sort of Master Plan of some sort.

These antisocial behaviors arise spontaneously seemingly, almost, at the same time.

Given this Culture of Death this is hardly unusual.

Knowing this Culture of Death is really around, and we are not fooling ourselves.

We must have a Cultural Revolution in the United States of America.

1) Moral Training gives people Moral Strength.

That is called Integrity.

This is Secular.

It is embodied in Kitten's Honor Code.

Do good.

Don't do evil.

Be kind.

As much as you can.

That means people shouldn't hurt each other without cause.

That is what we agree on.

Nobody dies.

This will get rid of the Black White Game.

Respect is the Currency of the Universe.

2) Patriotism is to be instilled in the population constantly by all means.

That is called Loyalty.

It is expected.

Then people can be trusted.

That is good for business all the time.

We know who we are.


That is what we have in America.

American Citizens.

When it comes to who we are there no special classes of Americans.

There are no Black Americans.

There are no White Americans.

To end this divisiveness we must become assimilated to be Americans.

Americans help each other.

They do.

3) Common Standards of measurement are to be fully implemented everywhere in America.

The Metric System is to be Universal here.

No references to feet, pounds, inches, miles etc. anywhere.

This alternative system of measurement is to be abolished.

We expect a Worldwide Currency to be established very soon.

That means in science, and economics we have objective standards we can all rely on.

4) Everything is under "One Big Blue Roof ."

Everybody has to be assimilated to the point where their Patriotism is Not in Question.

There is one Culture.

That is one Civilization that must be ours.

That is American Culture.

Can you speak Spanish?

Kitten never said you couldn't.

That goes with other languages too, of course.

If you can learn a language do so.

That enriches Culture.

A good Liberal Arts Education is a must.

You can do that outside of College.

Anthropology is good to study.

5) Ban Unisex.

Girls are not boys.

That is why Kitten does not like Blue Jeans.

Blue Jeans are not Fashion.

They are work clothes.

We have a kind of  Poisonous Asceticism.

This is one of its manifestations.

That harms the garment industry.

It always, goes a lot further.

The cosmetics are not being used because, this venomous asceticism is becoming resident in people.

Blue Jeans don't have any fashion accessories!

You are out of a job.

Blue Jeans are a form of Sabotage.

This Bad Asceticism starts in on the Food Industry too.

Hundreds of Food Choices disappear from our Menu.

The Agricultural Sector is feeling the Pinch.

It tells you that you don't need a motor vehicle.

Our Transportation Industry has taken a major hit like this.

This False Temperance has manifested.

Understand, this is all shutting down Industries.

How can a Great Depression not happen?

Great Evil can happen under the Guise of doing Good.

Unemployment may be just something that happens to someone else.

It is getting dark outside.

Your lights aren't working.

Those Oil, Gas, Coal, and Nuclear Power Industries are under attack by a daring, calculating, and determined foe.

It works something like this.

 This Totenkopverband
e that is this "Peace Movement" has hundreds of other fronts.

Let's take on the Anti Smoking Movement, and understand, it is Totenkopverbande.

Now, about twenty pounds of pitchblend per acre will make that land bad for growing anything.

Tobacco grown on that land will contain radio isotopes that will cause cancer.

It gets a little bit more complicated.

We are going to put the Chemical Theory of Cancer in the trash for them.

The truth is we have these cancer monsters living inside us.

There is a herpes virus that causes lung cancer.

Another variety of herpes virus attacks the pancreas causing diabetes, and even pancreatic cancer.

Herpes causes skin cancer.

There is a form of genital herpes that causes cancer of the cervix.

All these viruses are contagious.

They are living time bombs.

Even the research mice used to study cancer may have been infected with herpes viruses by the people working with them.

That makes research questionable in the extreme.

People will be vaccinated.

Antiviral chemicals will be available immediately.

People are important.

6) Get rid of Coeducation.

Girls are not boys.

This all comes out of Unisex.

It is a major contributer to over population.

This is the most humane method of reducing population before other methods have to be employed.

The problem here is pair bonding between girls and boys.

There is another problem of homosexual pair bonding between boys.

Strangely, speaking girls never have this problem of social hostility.

As a matter of fact Kitten encourages girls to pair up for various reasons.

7) We all know we are at War.

 Nobody is at the Peace Table.

"These People" will not stop "doing it."

They really are "doing it."

The United States Military, Federal Agencies, and Spy Agencies are going have to get together on this one.

The Intelligence Agencies, Police, and Military of Foreign Countries are going to have to be in on this one.

Remember, we are dealing with a Black International.

We are going to have to keep people honest.

That means we are going to do all the Research on Biological Agents ourselves.

We will find remedies.

During War we may employ Biological Agents.

That will spur Worldwide efforts in finding remedies for these scourges of Humanity.

It had better jive with the Research on Biological Agents in the Private Sector.

Kitten does not think Civilians can be trusted.

Remember: people are more inclined to do evil than to do good
People are prone to cheating.

We need Government Agents to keep them honest.

We need to reexamine all past research for ideological bias, logical errors, and content defects.

We should not find any sabotage.

The spreading of dangerous lies under the guise of Authority.

We need to make sure that all our medicines are really just that.

The Military can test drugs to make sure that the molecular
structure is exact.

You shouldn't have isoxanex instead of Xanex.

There is to be no misinformulation: like pills that don't dissolve, skin creams that contain irritating poisons, the concentration is exactly what it must be...

Placebos  are  poisons.

There will be no sub clinical dosing of patients.

"Hell has no place in a hospital"

Neither, does fraud.

There Medical Societies that might disagree.

That is just making work for doctors.

Their patients can just go to hell.

This what we have got to bust.

Criminal Cartels that has become established in medicine over time.

That is why we need real Standards.

The Military is going to have to take the lead on this.

There is no substitute for Victory in War, and in Peace.

There is a short story pretty much in the vain of "The Man with the Aura."
This short story was written by a psychiatrist called "The Fifth Seal." It is unique story about medicine. Synopsis: This young doctor has come across a cure for cancer. His father was a world famous doctor that died as a result of a power struggle within the medical profession. He is given some research papers by his fellows that show all his research is hardly new. As a matter of fact, this renowned physician was instrumental in the development of the disease. You see people are too healthy. They will never get diseases hardly at all. The doctors have to keep the research going on constantly. Our doctor's research is of no value. The young idealist came to a bad end. They always do.

Phaedra liked the story.

Kitten recommends you read "The First and Last Freedom" by J. Krishnamurti.

 That is the freedom to exist.

You are at War with the Enemy.

The Enemy wants to kill you, or something really terrible like that.

The Enemy is Amoral.

That means the Enemy has no conscience.

Just as bullet has no conscience.

It just has a trajectory.

You must protect yourself, or you will be hit maybe even killed.

The Enemy is like that too.

Many of you might know Kitten was a Buddhist Monk.

 Kitten was training during a Three Year Retreat.

 Now, Kitten is trying to come up with the words for this as much as Kitten can.

 Because, it is difficult to describe this kind of behavior.

 It pains Kitten.

 It breaks Kitten's heart.

 Lama asked it if it was alright, to teach the Dharma to gay men?

The Dharma would do a lot to tame them.

Kitten didn't think so.

 There were several gay men that seemed to have an excellent practice of the Dharma Arts.

They were included for the first time in training to be Lamas.

 There were two incidents that stood out.

 One was the mysterious death of a Dharma Cat.

 He died from intestinal blockage.

 The veterinarian said the cat "Mr. Tips" had been fed some kind of substance that hardened in his intestines.

 Kitten knew what it was but, didn't say anything then.

The problem is people doing the retreat knew how to do this.

Did they try it out on people?

 It is a kind of resin that is mixed with other substances to produce to produce a durable Offering Torma for the Naga Puja.

 Only Kitten was allowed to do the Naga Puja.

 Puja means worship, and adoration.

 The murder of Mr. Tips was an extreme crime against the Dharma itself.

 These same gay men gave an Offering Torma to Sindu.

They were jealous of Sindu's Dharma practice.

 He could eat it now.

 Sindu got Parkinson's Disease as a result of this abominable sacrilege.

A synthetic narcotic poison can do the same thing.

It mimics Parkinson's Disease.

These gay men were the best.

They are expected to be extremely moral.

The problem is cheating.

 Unfortunately, Kitten did not know all of this at the time.

 Committing such acts of depravity was unthinkable to Kitten.

So the Buddha Dharma has gotten corrupt.

The Robber Monks are back.

The Key Man is around too.

The Dharma is Destroyed.

Tantra is Dead.

But, you can have Phaedra.

We found it! We have gotten our first case of Ebola virus in the United States. You are not going to catch this probably. Unless, you already, have caught Ebola. What if you have?

Now, after the death of this unfortunate man, and the sterilization of everything. The News Media assured everybody that this virus was not present in the United States. Mind you, they have finished discussing everything with these Ebola researchers. Yes, they do have live virus. What is disturbing, troubling so to speak is the virus is said to be not here, and we are told people are doing this virus research. The virus is definitely in the Country. This a prime example of what George Orwell called "Double Speak."

What is our future going to be like? There has been a Revolution in America for the last fifty years. That is actually, a little more than half a century that has been going backwards. We don't know what kind of biological weapons have been developed. We are not sure if they have been deployed during the Cold War Era. Some of the non classified agents are mentioned like bubonic plague, rabies, and many others. But, what about the more exotic agents like the cancer viruses? One cancer virus was used on rabbits in Australia to good effect. A biological form of pest control.

Brain cancer can be caused by a virulent strain of Herpes simplex. That cancer is very contagious. Herpes viruses are ubiquitous. In other words we all are exposed to these viruses. We may even have non cancerous infections. A large number of people do have warts caused by Herpes simplex. Why do some people get brain cancer, and others don't? This form of brain cancer does go into remission a lot. We believe a defect in the pituitary gland is the culprit. This can be a birth defect. Another problem is poor nutrition. That can harm the endocrine system. Certain poisons like thallium sulfate can do this too. This will not show. Certain kinds of radiation can harm the endocrine system. Ultra violet radiation might mutate this common skin virus into a cancer virus. The sun is really strong these days. Solar radiation is more powerful than it ever has been since, the extiction of the dinosaurs. Non ionizing radiation has become a known factor namely radio waves. Even cell phones have become suspect. Mind you, there is a whole ecology of cancer.

So we go to more advanced forms of biological warfare. We have to soften the Enemy up to receive our Gifts of Death. Heredity may play a role. So we have the possibility of developing Ethnic Weapons. So we can employ certain agents to do this. Hopefully, these agents are already, at work because, the Enemy is hopelessly stupid. These endocrine disrupters are already, in their environment. Their land is already, awash in a sea of radiation. As a matter of fact that strain of brain cancer is already, hard at work. As in the case of those roses we don't even have to lift a finger. But, we will take credit for it anyway. That is to build up the Legend of Our Villainy.

Villains always, have an antidote. The Villains have to be to be working on this constantly. Viruses are very hard to cure. Villains always, have to be healthy. That is to do more Villainy.
Probably, the hardest disease to crack is cancer. There are at least sixteen cancer viruses in humans.

You can get started on plants. You have found all those cancer bugs?  You have to look constantly for them yourself. You don't trust outsiders. Those are total strangers. That person in another Country says they are a scientist. Even a botanist. You know more. What makes you think he is your scientist? He might be just a spy. Not even your spy. You should be able to cure those cancers. Good. You are working on it.

You are working on animals. Mice are the real workhorses of Biowarfare. Use them. Lots of them.
After you are done with mice. You can graduate to hamsters, guinea pigs, and rats. Keep working. Remember you are looking for diseases of these animals in the wild. You will find new ones. They're out there to be found by you.
You are getting lots of Military service.
Now, let's make rank.
That's right humans.
You have to find diseases.
We are going to do something hard.
You have to find cancer viruses that can infect humans.
All the cancer cells from animals can infect humans with cancer.
You have to grow them in dudes.
The cancers may not take.
But, they do sometimes.
By now, you should have found about sixteen viruses that infect humans.
You are going to have learn to cure cancer.
Your mother might have breast cancer.
Don't you want help her?
You don't want to catch cancer do you.
There is vaccine that can prevent cervical cancer.
Take that shot.
There are vaccines for mumps, and shingles.
Take those shots.
Any vaccine that boosts the immune system.
 Take them all.
Biowarfare people know the need for immunity.
You are going to get a full panel work up on you.
 This is done in shop.
 You will know what you have been exposed to.
All your genetics are right in front of every Biowarfare person.
That is because, those statistics could change.
You might have an extra chromosome, or two later in life.
You want to know what those chromosomes really do.
All the relevant facts of your genome should be yours.
Biowarfare doctors fully inform their patients.
Our doctors don't lie.
We believe in science, and technology.
That is why we have the best scientists, and technicians.
You are going to be making vaccines for the Biowarfare agents you study..
That means you have to have a gamma ray device.
That is for live virus vaccine.
You get shots of killed virus first.
Don't breed super bugs.
Or, those shots might not work.
You don't breed antibiotic resistant bacteria.
Don't raise resistant insects.
Who wants resistant cockroaches in their own home?
No Villain does.
Don't create resistance in any organism.
You might catch it.
You know there is an ecology of cancer. You will have to use several treatment modules. Cancer may never form tumors. A man may die from brain cancer without showing any evidence of cancer in his brain, or in any other part of his body. There are many cancers like that. Even tumor forming cancers may do that. Then suddenly the tumor is there!
Remember, the cancer virus is just one factor. But, the virus still must be present. Certain foods broccoli, spinach, collards, carrots, and fruits; all of them. May prevent the cancer virus from producing real cancer right away, maybe not at all. Moderate physical exercise plays a role. Nutrition must meet, or exceed the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) of vitamins, and minerals. Minimal exposure to toxic chemicals. Also, no exposure to either ionizing, and non ionizing radiation from high radiation sources.
This person has cancer. Diet, and exercise won't cure cancer. They going to have to get anti cancer drugs.
Antiviral drugs during the chemotherapy will be useful.
Those tumors need attention from Vindicator. They are the cobalt bomb people. That bomb has to be the very best. Vindicator technicians only know how to tune that radiation device for maximum effect. Gamma rays have wave lengths. Only a few of those gamma rays are useful.
Remember that.
They have to stick with the regimen.
Their cancer is cured.

More Rabies.

Governor Jerry Brown is rabid.
That is right the Governor of California.
To top it all off.
Jerry Brown has "Adopted Child Syndrome."
Hardly, anything like the former Governor of California Pat Brown.
 The Governor of the all powerful State of California has rabies.
 Let's just say for the sake of argument that this is true.
Rabies is highly contagious.
There is no human vaccine.
But, there could be.
It can be made from human cadavers.
This has been done before.
A killed virus vaccine using formaldehyde, or something else.
A live vaccine using gamma rays from a cobalt bomb.
People have caught rabies from exploring caves, and mines while rock hunting.
They can catch it from handling a dead animal.
They won't show any signs of the disease for months, years, or maybe not at all.
It could live in people very much like Herpes does.
They may never die from it.
Word has it that rabies is 100% fatal.
But, that is old data.
It has been found that bats do survive the disease.
The common cold virus kills a 100%of Natives that have never been exposed to these viruses before.
The Asian Flu killed 100% in 1910.
Measles did the same thing in a virgin population.
How old is our rabies data?
It may now, be as deadly as West Nile Virus.
The incidence of rabies in skunks, and raccoons may be higher that fifty per cent.
Yet, no one sees very many dead animals.
Cats may even survive the disease.
Bats nearly always, do.
As Kitten has said before.
There seems to be a form of human rabies.
Autopsies are seldom done in California.
We really don't know what is killing people there.
We have no idea that there could be contribution factors leading to that death.
We will not know if there any other diseases in that body.
Possibly, contagious that are spreading through the population.
We have no Public Health data from that State worth mentioning.
Coughing, and sneezing are part of it.
Sort of like a very bad cold.
Rabies is just as contagious
That is far as it may go in people.
Because, the virus isn't too strong.
The person's immune system is really good.
There is a chronic form of rabies.
Governor Brown has these fits of uncontrollable sneezing.
He drools sometimes.
But, the Governor's ever present aids wipe his face when this occurs.
All his staff is probably rabid.
CORE is one of Governor Brown's biggest supporters.
They are always, out there organizing for him.
We will assume they are all rabid too.
They may have the furious form where they act outrageously in public even in a Democratic Party rally.
President Obama doesn't trust CORE.
He thinks they are undependable.
The dumb form of rabies can happen too.
This is where people lose interest in things like Politics.
The people of California might not be apathetic at all.
They might be rabid.
They did put Governor Brown in the that Office.
This could be the Politics of Rabies.
These tirades come out of Governor Brown.
Rabies is talking.
You better listen.
What about the White House?
President Obama is one of America's saner Presidents.
There is an election coming up in 2016.
Think about that.
Like the Peace Corps has just gone into this impoverished Country.
One, or more of these Peace Workers is rabid.
There is no peace with that!
Job Corps can't work!
Not if they are rabid!
Human rabies is different than cat rabies.
It is a different strain of rabies.
If you catch rabies from a dog you will probably die.
If you catch rabies from a human being.
Well no one knows for sure.
Small pox may be still deadly to people.
The bovine form of small pox usually, isn't.
It is used in vaccines for people.
Small pox in monkey's is the origin of AIDS 1, and AIDS2.

The New Heart Worm

Is the Mexican Maggot.
This species of heart worm does not attack dogs, or cats.
It is a disease of humans that comes from Central America.
The Aztecs knew about this disease.
This disease is likewise mosquito born like in the manner of malaria.
The human to human; by transmission by means of insect vectors.
Instead of thread like heart worms.
These heart worms look like maggots.
An Autopsy is being done.
The pathologist has opened the chest of the subject.
Moving aside the lungs for a clear look at the heart.
It appears to be still beating.
But, it isn't alive.
Pathologists throw up when they see an infected human heart like this.
Nothing but, this mass of squirming  maggots feeding on it.
The disease itself is rare in Mexicans.
That is because, the mosquitoes that carry the disease are not common in Mexico.
Yet, the Culex species of mosquitoes are very common in some parts of the United States, and Canada.
There may be no Mandatory Autopsy Laws.
We have no idea if this heart worm is spreading, or not.
So it is difficult to know how common this disease is in America

Let's say that Hepatitis C is a modified Dengue Virus grown in a woodchuck. Hepatitis B is a modified Yellow Fever grown in a hamster.


Phaedra has gotten the World Ball from Kitten.
We are looking for plague.
We are finding it too in people in Nashville.
Tularemia, and plague may not infect the lymph nodes all the time.
People may not show obvious symptoms like swollen lymph glands.
Septicemic plague is a very infectious blood born disease.
It looks like 150 cases of this form of plague are in Nashville.
This is misdiagnosed.
They die from it.
The pneumonia form is fairly rare.
It does show up sometimes.
There are about two hundred cases of undiagnosed rabies at any given time.
There are eight people with misdiagnosed Ebola virus dead in Nashville.
Pneumonia kills five hundred people in Nashville every year.
Viral skin cancer kills nine thousand people a year.
Viral cancer of the cervix kills fourteen thousand people in Nashville.
Viral brain cancer is about four hundred people dead.
Four people are dead with anthrax.
We could go on.
But, the list is pretty big.
We would find that half the Death Rate is due to Communicable Diseases.
These problems keep growing with the populations.
Every day makes a pandemic of multiple diseases a sure thing.
Public Health Apparatus way too small.
This Apparatus is far behind the times.
We need need to know what is really killing people.
We must have a Mandatory Universal Autopsy Laws.
A Physician is not a Pathologist.
Physicians are unqualified to find the Cause of Death.
We have got have people looking for Communicable Disease.
We have them in all of our Spy Agencies.
Each Agency is to have a Biowarfare section.
They look for diseases as part of there training.
Military has a big role to play in looking for diseases.
All Branches of Military Service will have a regiment probably, a division hunting down Bioweapons.
They are to find them too in my Country.
That includes every disease in animals, plants, and people.
We are to identify all reservoirs of disease including wild ones anywhere disease can be found.
We will eradicate it.
We will secure all research facilities wherever they may be under Martial Law.
We will quarantine people with infectious diseases.
We will have facilities to house them.
If that is needed.
They will have the power to carry out their mission.
Even if the United States Constitution must be Amended.
We do that.
Every police, and fire department  will receive Biowarfare training.
The propaganda will be out there in all manner of the media.
This will encourage people to report disease.
Our biggest problem in America is these Ideals of Peace.
They are not good ones.
Here peace is a trap.
It is what Americans do.
Money becomes too important.
People are less important.
Money is stealing.
Government is theft.
Hell starts to happen.
Life is dark.
Denial becomes a Way of Life.
There is no Progress.
Society gets more aversive.
People are changing.
People are getting more evil.
Kitten is a Lover of War.
If that is what Peace is.
Does anybody want it?
This is our struggle.
War in some form is always, around.
We have to admit that.
Then we start becoming more honest with each other.
We are going throw away those White Hats.
We are not going to be too good for each other.
We can quit posturing.
Hypocrisy goes away.
There is still a lot of traffic in pathogens with America, and other Countries.
Notably, Great Britain.
This is all in the Private Sector.
This sort of activity is very hard to watch.
But, let's just assume that Great Britain is a hostile Country.
They have a bad government.
There are several features that make Great Britain different from the United States.
They don't respect our Constitution.
They just don't like us.
But, is okay to do this hazardous research on potential Biowarfare Weapons here instead of in their own Country.
They will tell you they will never do that!
Those bugs might get loose.
Let's say they have sometimes.
Our Dow man noticed a degradation in the chemicals coming from Great Britain.
That was in 1970.
You might not want buy any pharmaceuticals from Great Britain.
As a matter of fact you might not want to get any medicines from Canada either.
We are not sure about these formulations.
They may contain other ingredients that are not good.
They may even be inert.
They have no medical value.
They could even be poisons.
The Food and Drug Administration does have these concerns.
He noticed that "chemically pure" could be purified further by himself.

Integrated Biological Warfare

Now, you are ready for the Big Leagues.
That means you have to put a lot of stuff in place.
While the Lie of Peace is still strong.
The human immune system is your greatest obstacle.
You have taken the trouble to deploy a Radionics System.
That is to Irradiate the Enemy.
As a matter of fact the Enemy may be sufficiently Irradiating their own population already.
Hopefully, the enemy is not completely aware of the health effects of non ionizing radiation.
Your radionics system will differ but, little from normal broadcasting.
They think it is new improved electronics.
Well it is.
We just have to make sure it is all in place.
There are these exotic chemicals that are hormonal in effect which can increase people's sensitivity to irradiation, and disease.
That went along with Kennedy's New Frontiers, and New Battlefields.
Even Urban Combat.
You have already, deployed all your Pathogens.
The Black Harvest will be plentiful.
People will sicken, and die by the millions.
Yet, the enemy will not know the true causes of all these deaths is War.
They have been defeated permanently.
Take it.
It's yours.
Even a large Country like the United States of America could fall victim to such a War Plan.
There are no real autopsies done much.
People are just getting sick.
Millions of people are dying from "natural causes."
Annnnd, if people are that stupid as to believe in the Lie of Peace: "Peace Time."
They do deserve it.
We will call it "natural causes."
America rattles their sabers a lot.
People are scared of America.
People do hate America.
It could be the Black International.
They have duped several million people into doing their work for them under one guise, or another.
They will have them putting up those Irradiation Devices.
They are injecting these photo toxic, carcinogenic, tetra genetic chemicals right into our water pipes.
It is the same method used to trace water leaks in under ground pipes using radio iodine.
Then there are those food additives.
Recreational drugs that will kill, or cripple people in a few weeks, or years later.
Stupid people are doing research on pathogens.
The Black International just grabs those Biological Weapons.
They are deployed immediately.
Results may not show up for months even years later.
Rabies probably, can not be diagnosed if that person has not had contact with any animals.
All the medical personal will catch it too.
The sign might not show for years in some cases.
It will look like drug overdose.
A rabid person probably, will self medicate anyway.
Other diseases are not easy to find either.
People don't like going to hospitals.
If they die at home.
They could be poisoned.
No one will know that.
Because, they can just cremate him.
A doctor will say it was a heart attack, or something natural.
Once, everybody is either sick, or dying.
The Black International will be happy to help them.
They can just go in, and take over.
Kitten does not want people to be this stupid.

Here a couple more Bioweapons.
They have gone World wide.
One of them is tooth decay.
These bacteria were studied in an American Dental School.
At one time it was not unusual for people that are adequately nourished to have an excellent set of real teeth well into their old age.
Somebody, put these bacteria into Wonder Bread.
What do you think of sabotage in America now?
There was a placental disease discovered in Canada.
Somehow, the placenta got stuck to the uterus, or the vagina.
The placenta was infected with these bacteria.
It was frequently rotten.
The women were rendered sterile.
Somebody, thought this would be an interesting human population control measure.
We are not exactly, sure when these Bioagents became into vogue.
There are viruses being studied that could kill off our intestinal flora.
That will harm our ability to digest food, and make vitamins like vitamin K.
Vegetarians would get vitamin B12 deficiency.
We have to control this research severely.
Anthropologists may come across novel diseases that are still in the wild.
The so called Ethno Botanist may discover novel poisons as well.
Even tourists may find these Gifts of Death.
We don't want them to bring them home.
An investment in Pathology is an Investment in Our Future.
We want to know why people get sick, and die.
A Medical Doctor is not qualified to sign a Death Certificate.
People die from multiple causes very frequently.
We want to stop an epidemic before it spreads.
A dead body has no religion.
A cadaver is no longer part of any family.
It is alright, we can study them.

We all understand, that this Integrated Biowarfare can be solely a Product of Nature rather, than Nurture.
Irregardless, the Effect is still the Same.
Whether, Poisoning is a product of Pollution rather, than some Chemical Warfare Agent.
You are still showing Signs of Toxicology.
Erosion of the Body from Free Radicals takes place.
The Human Immune System is Compromised.
The Natural Radiation in the Environment can Increase in Strength, and Duration.
Combined with the Effects of Pollution Mutations will produce Novel Organisms.
Psychsops will start up the Rumor Mills to confuse the Enemy.
Because, of the Careless Use of Science, and Technology.
This is Mad Science.
Global Warming is a by product of this Mad Science.
They have a Bad Government.
The Puppet State is like that.
This Process will continue until, this Enemy State is Destroyed.
The Revolution is needed to deal with This Problem.
A Total Revolution in Norms, Forms, and Values to Restore Sanity.
A Government that won't address These Problems has become an Enemy of the People.
We can become Our Own Enemies.
We know that.
The Revolution will produce a State where there is no distinction between Civilian, and Military at all.
We Recognize we are Still at War.
You have to Mobilize the Masses.
That is how you get Rid of Disease.

The Mind of Evil

Psychsops Leader has to take over now.
The Process is Running.
The Controller is waiting.
In this case we are dealing with an Enemy State.
Our relationship with them is going to be criminal anyway.
Integrated Biological Warfare is the Process.
It doesn't matter who did it.
Because, we are going to say we did.
We are taking credit for the Process.
Because, we are Villains.
We want to make sure they have the Mind of Evil.
We are targeting the Intelligencia of the Enemy.
Remember, Ignorance is Strength.
We are Totenkophverbande.
We are at War
We are not only at War with the Enemy.
We have to compete with the Enemy in the Business Arena.
The Enemy never plays fair.
The Enemy kills people.
That is what makes Them the Enemy.
This is the Problem of Education.
That is why you don't let a Terrorist Training Camp exist.
The Enemy is always, training spies, terrorists, and subversives in Their Universities.
If they can.
They will be training all of those people described above in Our Universities.
They will get into all the Fraternities, and Sororities on every College Campus.
Then they can access all of Our Schools.
Enemy indoctrination of the Youth of Our Country will happen.
That will get them killed.
The problem is it shows up here in Our Country.
That is to be expected of the Enemy.
Remember, use the people, and resources of the Enemy to Destroy the Enemy.

The Mexican Maggot

Is a form of heart worm indigenous to North America.
It too is spread by mosquitoes from person to person.
This parasite was known to the Aztecs.
There are instructions in the Aztec Codice to inspect the heart for worms.
Before you put it into your heart bowl to eat it.
It affects only humans.
The Aztecs practiced strict sanitation measures to eradicate it.
The Aztecs killed everyone that had that showed signs of extreme lethargy.
They had that strange haunted look just before they expired.
There is the body of a young man in his twenties.
The pathologists has to examine him to verify the cause of death.
He is cutting open the man's chest.
His lungs look alright.
He is going to see the man's heart.
Our pathologist wishes he hadn't seen it.
He is vomiting violently into the waste basket.
The man's heart appears to be still beating.
But, it really isn't.
The man's heart is nothing but, a squirming mass of maggots.
This disease may be making a comeback.
Fortunately, it is still very uncommon in Mexico.
It may have gotten to other parts of the World.
People may encounter this disease of the heart anywhere.

The Water Dog

The Native Americans had lots of the Home Remedies for people's drinking water.
The water dog, or the larger mud puppy is made to order.
They are fairly large gilled water loving salamanders.
They are covered by a mucus like secretion that carries typhoid fever.
That protects them from leeches, fish, and the like down there.
All that trickster has to do.
Is put a couple, or more into somebody's fresh water well.
If those people don't die from it.
They will not be able to use any of that water without boiling it first.
All their domestic animals will sicken, and die.
Also, they will spread the disease to their kinfolk.
 It could go further by creating another "Typhoid Mary."
This was very common on the American Frontier.
This disease was very common in the larger towns.
One outbreak would kill thousands of people.
Turtles carry a relative of typhoid.
But, it is not quite as powerful.
It is time to wash that turtle bowl.
These wasting diseases of elk, and deer were another Native American Remedy for the White Menace.
True to its' name.
This disease or diseases would cause you to waste away, and give you something like Alzheimer's Disease.
Sheep Scabies, and Mad Cow Disease will do the same thing to you.
Don't eat road kill.
Don't kill, and eat a wild animal that is too tame.
Never handle a dead animal, or bird without protection.
You could get encephalitis, West Nile virus, rabies, or a host of other diseases called zoonosis.
 To wit, disease acquired by contact with animals, their secretions, droppings, urine, animal hair, feathers, and finished products like from a disreputable fur trader, or taxidermist.
People that hunt animals for bounties may have a "Gift of Death" in them for even their families.
This was why this practice is frowned on even in the States that may still give out bounties for these varmints.
A animal trapper could acquire any kind of disease.
They may not show it.
But, they can still give it to you.
 That is why fur is so expensive.
Young children are most at risk.
Remember, we live on a Hostile Planet at times.
The Planet isn't quite your Enemy.
But, it can be.
If you are standing on Enemy Soil.
Friendly Ground is very rare, and hard to find.
Poison mushrooms are dangerous to dogs, and well as people.
Buy, your mushrooms in the store.
Kitten is well versed in mushroom lore.
That is why Kitten goes to the store.

What exactly is the Common Cold Virus? How many variants does it have? Can you catch a Cold that lasts for more than a year? That would be very disabling. It would be an excellent Biowarfare Harassment agent. Those Nose Drops could do this to people. Let's hope somebody comes up with a cure for this very common malady. It would be worth that.

A Pigs World

"Don't eat pork."
Kitten's Lama told Kitten that.
Pork can kill you.
Unless, you really cook it.
The meat must be white.
Not, a hint of pink is to show.
That meat isn't cooked well enough.
Other wise, the meat could be cancerous.
You could get cancer by eating it raw.
The United States Food and Drug Administration seems to think so.
Who wants to eat cancer?
That is bad.
Trichinella spiralis the pork roundworm is especially, dangerous in people.
It causes trichinosis a sometimes fatal disease that can attack the brain.
Pigs get a rabies like disease.
That disease is not always, fatal in humans.
They will be dolts after they recover from it.
 Even handling the infected meat can make you sick.
The problem with eating pork is there are exotic diseases in other Countries.
That is why you don't want to eat bush meat.
Out of the depths Pocrus is coming.
From far beneath, beneath.
The ground is breaking.
A great upheaval.
Porcus is above ground.
Porcus surveys the Land.
All is known to Porcus.
Porcus has gone into everything Porcus can
They are coming.
The din of their hooves  deafening.
Drowns out the thunders that have come against them.
They are coming.
No weapon made by man can stop them.
They are coming.
The mountains are no hardship to them.
They are coming.
The rivers and waterways can not hinder them.
They are coming.
During this cycle Porcus can be above Man.
It is so.
They are coming.
Here is the riddle.
If a man's soul is eaten alive by a pig.
Little do you know.
Your breakfast served with sausage, eggs, orange juice, coffee, and a muffin.
Was served to you by a a waitress with the soul if a pig.
Yum Yum Yum
The Long Pig has come out of the restaurant.
The Pig That Walks Like a Man.
He lifts up the Sun.
He knows he is Vishnu.


Now, getting back to those Pathogenic Organisms.
What do you think what would happen?
If an incurable form Athletes Foot got lose in a Country?
An excellent Harassment Agent!
Jock Itch could be like this too.
 This could show up in the next Olympiad.
Jock Itch might not win any of those Gold Medals.
Not likely.
Remember, people cheat.
This strain of Jock Itch is almost immortal.
This Jock Itch is invincibly hard to treat.
A vaccine might be in the works.
But, the situation looks grim on the playing field.
Imagine stuff like this showing up in track, and field.
What about basket ball.
This fungus would easily spread to other Countries.
That will make it very hard to live normally.
Let alone fight any War.
Civilians are doing a lot Research on these Organisms like this.
What if this stuff got into the hands of Terrorists?
This Research must be under Lock and Key.
It must be under Martial Law.
Or, the next Olympiad just wouldn't happen.
What do you think?
Because, this could happen with Natural Selection too.
That is about the same thing.
We had better have Remedies!

The Scientific Method

(1) Qualification of Authority.
What makes this person an authority on this subject?
Who is this person?
Who are you with?
Who are you for?
Why are you doing this.
Where are you at?
Can we correspond with you?
People will ask questions.
The Scientist has to answer scientific questions from peers.
Where is it?
Proof of Scientific Hypothesis.
(2) A Hypothesis starts with a Question always.
The presentation has to be Logical.
The Reasoning is expected to be very sound.
Other Scientists should be able to duplicate this Hypothesis to prove it.
The Hypothesis can be Verified.
This proof can be repeated innumerable times.
Everything used in these Scientific Observations, and Experiments can be Cataloged.
We know exactly what this Scientist did.
This will be summarized in the Conclusion.
(3) This goes on to the point where there is a Theory.
Observations, and Experiments are conducted to Prove this Theory.
The Theory is Verified by Innumerable Scientists.
The Conclusion states this at some length.
Once this Theory is proven again, and again.
(4) We now, have a well proven Practical Scientific Fact.
However, errors in Logic, and Reason are common in many Scientific Papers.
The hardest errors to spot is in the Content of the Scientific Research.
Important Content is left out.
The research mice have viruses.
The mice can catch diseases from the people that handle them.
Masks, and gloves are mandatory in the laboratory clean room.
The mice are under extreme stress.
The poor mice have been treated cruelly.
The breed of laboratory mice is not standardized.
That invalidates every experiment right away.
Cruelty to mice causes cancer.
Everybody knows mice don't smoke.
But, they can try it.
The mice can breath second hand smoke.
The concentration does not exceed the normal levels in a smoke filled room.
The tobacco does not contain additives that are not supposed to be there.
Analyze the composition of the tobacco.
Everybody knows tobacco should never be radioactive.
Test for radio isotopes.
This is where tobacco research takes us.
What do you think?
Research on Psychedelic Drugs always, falls into this category of Bastard Science.
All these papers are rife with errors that are all too obvious to a beginning college student.
Biowarfare is based on Science.
Remember Walter Reed.

What's Natural?

Many people have been influenced by Taoism, and Confucius.
The Center is in Taoism.
Okay, it is.
The Great Sage Confucius taught this Middle called the Golden Mean.
You can do this Exercise if you must.
Say it Mantra style at least once, for Friend Kitten.
You will be Enlightened!


Keep repeating the Mantra as you must.

Not Enlightened yet?
Then do this powerful Kitten Mantra for at least three hours.
Now, you are ready.
There is a problem with the Great Natch.
It is all this business of natural, and organic foods.
It is wasteful.
The shelf life is not nearly good as it could be.
A lot of food is discarded.
The food  can go bad.
Already, it has pathogenic microorganisms.
That is why you should always, wash your food.
Grain products will become infested with insects.
It could come to you that way from the grocery store.
Remember, this food has a very short shelf life.
More food is being discarded.
Many fruits, and vegetables can't be grown organically.
Pesticides have to be used in those cases.
Farm animals fall into this category too.
People that eat these natural, and organic foods suffer from starvation.
All the diseases that come from a poor diet are found in these people.
Their lives are shorter than they should be.
America is a poor Country.
We can no longer afford to waste food.
Sorry Mr Eisenhower.
But, you were wrong.
America really needed to drink all that milk.
But, a fleet of milk trucks dumped more than a million gallons of Grade A Milk into Chesapeake Bay.
Milk needs to be Pasteurized.
We need to be using safe, and effective food preservatives.
We need to Irradiate food.
It's the Friendly Atom again.
Food Irradiations kills fungi spores.
That extends the shelf life of food immensely.
Food Irradiation means no food with pathogenic bacteria, fungi, molds, insects...
Don't make it to Overseas Markets.
Eat the Recommended Daily Allowance every day.
You can in a Country that doesn't waste food.

The AIDS Breeder

This actually, happened.
This was on a University Campus in Florida.
This was a kind of prank.
This Sorority hired a male model.
It is hazing.
Our hero has HPV.
It is not AIDS.
But, it could have been.
He has just slept with three hundred Coeds.
They all have it now.
By now, some of them are dead from cervical cancer.
At least nine thousand people have been exposed.
They are all very contagious.
It is still still spreading.
There is some evidence that the Mumps Virus causes Breast Cancer.
We know that Shingles comes out of Chicken Pox Virus.
What we are talking about is something called a Retro Virus.
These Retro Viruses lurk in the human body for a person's entire lifetime.
Most of the time these diseases are asymptomatic.
They have no symptoms of disease infection.
How do you find that?
How do we treat viruses?
Here is a person as seen of TV.
She underwent an operation for Cervical Cancer.
But, the HPV Virus is still present untreated.
She can still spread disease.
We need to question Medicine a lot.
Is there anything that can kill HPV?
There should be.
There is a vaccine.
There are all these prejudices against treating Venereal Disease.
So people will not be vaccinated.
There is a connection with Incest.
Have they ever heard of Rape?
Rape is way too common in America.
Why take chances.
 Men get Raped too.
Gang rape is still around.
They enjoy pumping people full of death.
This is the ultimate in sadism.
Sadism is still around.
  Doctors still practice Passive Euthanasia.
By not treating disease.
Also, by not diagnosing disease.
There maybe people in Medicine with Hollywood Credentials.
We have to make sure people in Medicine are really who they claim to be.
There is a Radical Method.
 Especially, in this Age of Terrorism.
We can send Medical Personal to a "Work and Reeducation Camp."
We have to get people out of these Cages.
A Medical Person may live their entire life in a Cage.
It is a Cage called Life.
As  people grow older the Cage shrinks until it crushes the life out of them.
This so called Life they believe they are living is really as Species of Death.
These Medicine People are too close to Death.
"Camp" is really needed get rid of this programing.
Especially, once an infraction has occurred in a Medical Facility.
We could find corruption in a Hospital.
We could find corruption in a Research Facility.
These cases of Tardy Progress.
We examine the books for payoffs.
People may be paid off to not do certain things.
Like really looking for those Cancer Viruses.
Developing a real vaccine for AIDS.
While they are at it.
They can  make one for Rabies, and host of Other Diseases of human beings.
It may not be a highly effective one.
But, it will slow the progress of the disease, and make it more treatable.
People that can transmit disease can be put in "Camp" as a quarantine method.
There seems to be a problem of Influence Peddling in the Halls of Congress.
Vaudeville is the chief offender.
We should examine Charities for this problem.
Money is  a neglected suspect in the spreading of disease.
Terrorists could employ money as means of attacking United States Citizens.
The present Baby Boom has increased the risk of a devastating epidemic.
Population Densities dictate how much, and how fast diseases spread.

Ethnic Weapons
Assume these Weapons are still being developed in the Private Sector.
Our Universities are not immune from this temptation.
These Research Facilities could easily fall prey to Enemy Agents, Terrorists, and Criminals.
Do you know how Scientific Research works?
All experiments are there to answer a question.
That is clearly stated.
"How do viruses spread?"
That can be answered by Observation of the Spread of Diseases.
That Study of the Spread of Disease is called Epidemiology.
You know it is Immoral to release a disease, and study the spread of it in humans.
Neither, Nazi Germany, nor the Soviet Union ever did this.
This was never done even in "Concentration Camps."
That disease could get loose.
You would lose your whole "Camp."
Somehow during the Eisenhower - Kennedy era this happened.
It may be still going on.
Let us have our Inquisition into this kind of Scientific Research.
Almost, no one will see the Original Scientific Papers.
There are reams of information in there.
It might take at least a year to read it all.
It could be in another language.
Might even be in code.
Assume this study, or studies is honest?
You can't.
Do you want to trust the United Nations World Health Organization?
Not in your life.
They have to prove their Sophistry.
We figure it is filled with Fallacious Reasoning.
They might have an ax to grind.
The Scientist might be Prejudiced.
The work may not be Unbiased.
What makes that person a Qualified Authority on this subject?
Let's see their Credentials.
Who are they?
Does anybody know them?
None of these works should ever be secret.
That is Non Science.
That is Witchcraft.
We have to make sure our Science is free from all that.
We will "follow the money" as President Nixon said.
Is there anything crooked here?
We have to Protect the Public.
That is why Friend Kitten is skeptical.
We examine the Original Work.
Look first for Errors in Logic, and Reasoning.
B comes after A but, so does X.
 It might have Content Defects.
Those are the hardest Scientific Errors to spot.
This is Level One.
But, this can all be Verified by other Objective Scientists.
We have passed the first hurdle.
Hopefully, that is so.
Because, you won't see this in that form.
Now, you see this published in a Scientific Journal.
That is Level Two.
This article may go to the House, and the United States Senators.
They see Level Three.
All this has to be Translated, and Transliterated for an Educated Layman to read it.
For not all Scientific Terms are easy to understand.
We want Plain Language.
That is not code.
It is easy to understand.
That is the Conclusion of this Study.
The Public will see Level Four.
As seen on TV.
You can follow this so far.
How do you know this Research is not a Front?
Here people are Researching the Cold Virus.
These viruses do mutate to produce something called a Novel Organism.
They are even testing this Cold Virus on Humans.
Absolutely Immoral!
There are these nose drops filled with contagion.
People are infecting themselves.
But, the virus has gone outside laboratory.
Native Americans are especially sensitive to this disease.
Mexicans are either partly, or fully Native Americans.
At one time the Common Cold Virus killed them.
This critter is actually, meant to do just that.
Half a million people have been self infected with this Super Bug.
What do you think?
Don't you want stuff like this secure as Military Base?
Protected by armed guards we can trust.
Then it can't get loose.
The World Health Organization (WHO), and National Institute of Health (NIH) in the United States have done some very bad things in the past.
There is no such thing as a harmless pathogen.
Understand, even a Minor Pathogen can cause major economic damage.
We want to exterminate pathogens.
Not spread them.

The Many faces of Herpes

Chances are one of these faces is yours.
Herpes simplex is a Common Wart Virus.
It kills human babies.
It can turn into Skin Cancer.
Herpes zoraster is the Chicken Pox Virus.
Later, it can cause Shingles.
Shingles is a very painful skin affliction.
HPV another Herpes that causes Genital Warts.
HPV can cause Cervical Cancer.
There is some evidence that HPV causes Lung Cancer in humans.
Could this be the long lost Kennedy Bio Weapon?

It Could Be Lead Poisoning?

You can find lead in most people's bodies.
This is due to Nutrient Deficiency.
Lack of adequate calcium affects the nervous system.
Convulsions occur in the last stages.
This happens in children with very poor diets.
Lead Poisoning is not present in them.
Broadcasting can induce stress in people.
Especially, in Children.
This makes any poison fifteen times more potent.
"Aflatoxins are poisonous carcinogens that are produced by certain molds (Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus) which grow in soil, decaying vegetation, hay, and grains. They are regularly in improperly stored staple commodities such as cassava, chili peppers, corn, cotton seed. millet, peanuts, rice, sesame seeds, sorghum, sunflower seeds, tree nuts, and variety of spices. When contaminated food is processed aflatoxins enter the general food supply where they have been found in both human, and animal foods., as well as in feed stocks for agricultural animals. Animals fed contaminated food can pass aflatoxin transformation products into eggs, milk products, chicken, and meat.
 Children are particularly affected by aflatoxin, which leads to to stunted growth. and delayed development 20 parts per billion. At two hundred parts per billion liver damage, and liver cancer can happen. No animal species is immune.
Aflatoxins are the most carcinogenic substance known.
The term "aflatoxin" is derived from one of the produces it, Aspergillus flavus. It was coi
ned in 1960 after its discovery as the source of Turkey X Disease.
Aflatoxin has been investigated by the Kennedy regime as a Biological Weapon.
Again more human experiments even on the general public.
Aflatoxin is an ideal terrorist weapon.
Make a note of that.
Aflatoxin can be absorbed through the skin.
It is easily transmitted from the mother to the unborn child.
Aflatoxin produces mutations.
Peanut butter has been found to have high concentrations of aflatoxin.
Cooking oil has this problem too.
Aflatoxin can be detected by shining Ultra Violet Light on it.
The mold  glows on food being inspected like grain in storage as well as rat urine.

The New Biological Weapons

Their now, Scientists studying the role that Viruses play in Human Allergy.
These are the Next Generation of Bugs designed to attack the Autonomous Nervous System.
Featured as seen on TV a little girl is allergic to water?

A Scare Story

Not all scares are genuine. But, this one is. It is a tale of two viruses. One virus is the lung cancer bug from the Kennedy Era. Ther other virus is a COPD virus. COPD is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Yes. They both are contagious diseases of the lungs. These diseases came to the attention of authorities in Great Britain. Vaccines have been developed for both diseases. The vaccines might work. But, we have to do something really good. We have to stamp out passive euthanasia in the United States permanently.

There were two doctors in Great Britain that were not reporting disease. Both doctors were hung by the neck until dead. By the order of a concerned Magistrate. An epidemic has been in progress for at least twenty years, or more. That is a really grim scene. Especially, when you have to hang two epidemiologists. It makes it very hard to track a disease outbreak.

Fighting the epidemic is going to be very hard in London. It appears both disease are the product of laboratory research into biological warfare agents.

After a hard day of cutting grass. Kitten is relaxing drinking a 24oz Natty Daddy lager beer. Kitten will smoke a couple of Winston cigarettes. There is a huge pot of ham, beans, and onion soup on the stove simmering. The Italian bread loaf is waiting in anticipation. Then there are those chocolate dipped frozen strawberries.

The kitties are eating 9Lives pate, those omnipresent cat treats Temptations, tuna is sometimes on the menu "Sorry Charlie."

Life is good.

President Kennedy was honest about Germ Warfare. All the literature of those times points to all out War. All that money going out as Foreign Aid is coming back funding CBW Research. Just when you thought of a these Private Charity Funds were helping people where ever the hell they are at. That money is coming back on itself. Funding more Weapons Research. Here President Kennedy was not too honest about all that. Guess what? He used them all up. President Johnson had nothing in his stockpile. Isn't that something?