The Tiberius Book

By The Roman

 His full name the Noble Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar Augustus. If you don't know anything about Rome. At least know something about Him. For every Christian is aware of what happened on Year Zero Anno Domini (in the year of Our Lord). At least they know, that was when Our True Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ was born. We hope that Christians do know that. But, maybe they don't know everything. But, they need to know something in order to be Christians.

 Anybody could be Emperor of Rome. Since, the Emperor is not a King. You can not rule by decree. The Emperor is a Dictator. But, the Emperor is never a Tyrant. A King can not leave Office. Roman Kings are Sacred. Kings are always killed by Their Replacement (see Frazer's "The Golden Bough"). The Roman Emperor can retire. The Roman Emperor is Secular. This way there is always, an Orderly Succession of Emperors. This is a frequent mistake of scholarship.

 Caligula ("Little Boot"), Gaius Caesar Germanicus did combine the office of Imperator (Emperor) with Kingship. It was a total disaster for Rome. This was the first, and last time anyone tried this experiment. He picked up an obsession with Kingship from a Bactraian Mithraic Cult. Caligula believed Himself to be Zeus Oromasdes. Who is a form of Mithra. This is why Tiberius did not want Him to be Emperor. Tiberius believed that Caligula was a good guy until He got involved with that Mithraic Cult. Liva Drusilla the "Mother of the Caesars" hates Mithra. Tiberius wanted to exterminate Mithra from the Imperium for that reason.

 In order to be Emperor of Rome like Tiberius. You just needed to know where the Government was. First, you needed to know forty-thousand people by name. Then you needed to know where they all were. If you do not know where they are at, you've got a problem. This is the problem with the Republic.

 Now, the Republic is very much around. You better know everything about the Republic that you can. Because, this is the Roman Government. They are for the most part, are not going to see the Emperor. Always, because they are busy. The Emperor has to always, make sure that is the case. That they are always, working for the Good of Rome. He has to accept pretty much, what they say about that.

 Then you have to know all your Publicans, and Delatores that you have out there. Once, you know where your friends are. You need to get after your enemies. Since, you are going have lots of them. You have to know all their names, and faces well. That means all the families that are against you. Just as you know the whole family is a unit expected to be loyal to each other always, everywhere. Otherwise, you could easily be having Consul with an enemy. When they do get in there it is embarrassing. Word will be all over Rome of course, even before it even happens.

 When Tiberius went out to tour Rome. Usually, about four o'clock in the morning. There were a lot of holidays in Rome. But, the Emperor never got a day off. He had always be out there for the Good of Rome. He is going to have walk about twenty miles today. He has already eaten. He has two daggers, and a sword. He usually, needs them. Now, He has to go out, and find people. If they are bad. He is going to have to kill them. Tiberius constantly had to deal with this disorder. There had to be at least two Centuries (about two hundred people).

 Usually, two Centurions were with Him always. But, it could be as many as four Centuries. That is about four hundred soldiers that accompany the Emperor. That was when it was very serious Roman business. They have to keep up with Him. That is His Personal Guard only. Understand, He has a Legion in Rome there as His always. He has three Legions outside Rome. That is so He can keep on being an Emperor. Understand, there is a King of Rome. That is not Tiberius. Caligula later on was both. He got strange ideas from the Orient.

 He usually, has nineteen Publicans to collect the taxes, and various other duties. He usually has two Delatores with Him always to make claims of ownership.

 Then you have to know about how the slaves are doing. Mind you that all the water, sanitation, and salt depend on them. You better know what they are all doing. Is their morale high? It'd better exist there. You actually need to know who a lot of these slaves are personally. Because, you are going to check to find out why a certain slave has not bought his freedom? Some one is "going to the sword" on this one.

 There is a fly problem in Rome. They are bad. People are getting dysentery again. It is time to go to the pits. You need to check on the fly control. This is a real job for the Emperor. There is a problem with the management. The waste is going into the pits wrongly. The fly parasites aren't doing their job. They have to quit covering it up too much. Is the "black soil" getting into Rome? It might be but, it really shouldn't.

 You really better know what the sanitation is doing. Where it is. Why it is there. Only, the slaves know that. The Emperor always, has to be in on this one too. You want to make sure their Captain is really up on things. He had better be. This is where you have to make sure this is not going to mess anything up too much. Otherwise, you are going to hear about it from angry mobs of Roman Citizens. You're not going to like it.

 Sanitation was not easy to deal with either. Sanitation had to happen all over Rome. All the waste had to be dealt with daily in a timely way. The human waste is collected in pots put out from the houses in Rome. This has to be picked up every morning, and fresh pots put down. The human waste is hauled outside Rome for composting. None of the "black earth" is used in Rome because, of the disease risk. All the "black earth" is used on the orchards, and vineyards of Rome. It can't harm anything that way. This is an Imperial Decree, by the way. You must make sure this Imperial Decree is being enforced rigorously. You are going to be blamed for any sickness in Rome.

 You have to understand, that living conditions were really terrible in Rome back then. The flies were really offensive. The fleas were always biting people. Lice could be a problem.

 Rome had lots of dogs. The dogs could get sick. You had to make sure the "biting fever" (hair follicle mite) was not among the dogs. Sometimes, the dogs got crazy (rabies). In that case you had to kill thousands of dogs just to get rid of it. That was the problem when you had the "dog herds" with the soldiers. You always, have to examine the dogs. Worms are rampant. You have to get the garlic for the dogs. The people might need it too. Olive oil was prized by Roman dog owners for its flea killing power. You had to oil your dog two to three times a day.

 The Romans cared a lot about their dogs. A Roman Legion might have anywhere from one to four thousand dogs. The dogs were always inside the formations. They were always on leashes. No one could see them. You also, couldn't hear them either. So they didn't show up.

 They actually learned this from the Carthaginians. The first two Punic Wars were really fought against Greece. The Third Punic War was a disaster for both the Greeks, and the Romans. The Greeks lost about four thousand hoplites in Carthage proper. The Romans when they took Carthage lost about half of their army. That was about six thousand people. So the Romans managed to carry away fifty thousand people. They threw a lot of salt on the ground, and ran out of there. That was because, more Greeks were coming. Then they had to come back later to level the City.

 They brought all these slaves to Rome from Carthage. They went right into slavery. But, Rome still had a problem with Greece. Rome didn't have a lot of people left to fight them. They couldn't invade Rome, but they could make things very difficult for them. In order to trade they needed the Carthaginians to tell them what to do. They had to get along with the Greeks. In order to do anything on the seas, or in the colonies. That was bad. Because, the Republic was in trouble. They had to rely on the Carthaginians to get things going for them. Since, they knew how to get along with the Greeks, and all these tribes in other places. This a basically a Pyrrhic victory. Everyone hated Cato in Rome. Being called a "Cato" was a fighting word. Rome didn't get anything out of this. They sustained huge casualties. So Rome needed to rebuild. The Carthaginians bought themselves out of slavery after eight years. Of course, they were working very hard at buying their Roman citizenship. After ten years of slavery all the Carthaginians became Roman Citizens. Thus, they became the merchant class of Rome. Their business was now, the business of Rome. They had to keep at it constantly, of course, for their own benefit.

Alexandria is a problem. In 29 B.C. Octavian began to rebuild Carthage (Colonia Julia Carthago) more. The Carthaginians are beginning to become very prosperous again.

 By the time of Octavian (7 A.D.) they had to deal with the Greeks again. They really had to tame the "Greek Beast". They are supposed to be with Rome. But, they are really not. The trouble here is the Greek Empire founded under Alexander the Great was not entirely Roman. There is a loose Confederation of Peoples. Among these were the Macedonian, the Seleucid, the Ptolemaic, and Parthian Empires. All share Greek (Hellenic) culture. If you get in war with one. You eventually, will have to fight them all. That is the problem.

 At the start of Octavian's rule Rome had forty legions. But, they could only depend on twenty nine of them. So during this time (starting 29 B.C.) Rome reduced the number of their legions. Because, Octavian wanted something like twenty eight legions. Octavian was interested in Peace, and Safety. So where are these excess legionnaires going to go? For the most part, they are probably going to go into the police ranks. For instance, most of the calvary will become the Centurions. This will be the beginning of the Roman policing of the Empire. So Octavian has to consolidate the Empire in order to have one.

 There was no way to get along with the Greeks. Even the Carthaginians said the Greeks were impossible now. Carthage had an extreme Trading Empire. But, they couldn't benefit from it. Now, the Carthaginians want to rebuild their Trading Empire again. The problem here was Mithra. That is what the Carthaginians said it had always been. The Mithraic Empire was an extreme spy network. This spy network was all over the World. It centered around this Deity Mithra. Every Greek Mystery Religion was connected to the Mithraic Empire. It doesn't have a country exactly. But, it does sometimes. It consists of thousands of secret societies. These secret societies could be either religious, or secular in nature. Actually, all the Guilds were part of it too. They had this Brahmanic view of life. This was the basis of Mithraic Gnosticism. Their philosophy was extremely Inner Directed, always. Also, it was Other Worldly. They also had a very rigid caste system. This is bad for business. That's what they think.

 The Carthaginian People were the most mysterious people on the Planet. They wanted to replace the Mithraic spy network with Their spy network. This was for the benefit of Rome of course. They always wanted their City back. Of course, they wanted to kill all the Mithraic People off. Most of the Carthaginian People are all in the Legions, by the way. They used to be like the Quakers. They were Puritans from the City State of Tyre. They are no longer pacifists. They like dogs. Rumor has it they worship Juno. They understand, how to kill the hoplites.

 You have to understand the Greek hoplites. Were the most formidable fighting men to ever walk the Planet. They knew every kind of Martial Art you could think of, and then some. They are going to have to kill them. They are not going to be easy to kill. They also, have the best calvary in the World. Understand, that these hoplites can come from any of the Hellenist countries. They are always, going to be dangerous to Rome. With them around, Rome is going to have a hard time doing anything in their Empire. Rome is not going have any stability anywhere.

 In order to do anything to the Greeks. They had to kill off all the Mithraic spies anywhere in the Roman Empire. Because, the Romans had to keep all their Roman Fighting Dogs secret. Octavian agreed to all of that. There are going to be several "black operations" going on to tame the Greeks. This is for the stability of the Empire. Of course, the "Peace" is always going on. The "Safety" will happen later. When it is finally secured. You want "Peace and Safety". "If you desire the ends. You must embrace the means."

 Next, the Legions to whom the former Carthaginians belonged to, had be deployed. It was time to fight 24,000 Greek hoplites, and their 1400 calvary. They also, have about 11,000 auxiliary troops, and calvary. That was near Croatia. They had eight thousand people in their legions. Romans had 3,000 calvary. Romans had 4,000 auxiliary troops. Their were about 8,000 to 10,000 other support personal that might fight. They had two legions. Inside the ranks of each legion were four to five thousand dogs. There is a huge concealed dog herd in each legion. No one could see them. No one could hear them either. They are about the size a boxer dog. These are their "little dogs with a big bite". Everybody loves their little dog. They are all leashed. The two legions are all moving slowly across the field of battle. They are going to have to fight three legions of hoplites. Romans basically have at least their standard issue swords, basic armor, and helmets. They have enough Roman shields to protect their flanks. They have enough spears to halt a calvary charge. Javelins are always used on the horses. Slings, and arrows will pretty much neutralize any calvary.

The hoplites are very well armed. They have a much fuller range of weapons than the Romans do. They possess excellent armor. They are not going to be easy to beat. They are going to wait while the Romans come to them across the plain.  If they can get the Romans to break formation. Then they can beat them. Both sides, are well seasoned warriors.

 They finally meet in the clash of battle. That is when the hoplites discover the Romans have dogs. Because, they will never be able to break into their ranks very much. The hoplites are going to take a terrible beating. This engagement will last for five days, and four nights. So this thing is going to end very wickedly. The Romans are going to lose half their dogs. This pretty bad for them. They will lose three quarters of their people. There are about twenty four thousand dead hoplites. The rest of the Romans are picking up their spoils. They bury their dead. Usually, they will try to bury their dead enemies. That always, helps with sanitation. There is a city in the distance. There are eighteen thousand people there. The Romans are going to go there, and kill everyone. This is a big religious center. There are lots of beautiful statues, temples, and lots of priests. More men will be arriving to fight the Romans. These people are not hoplites, or anything like them. So the Romans are going to keep butchering them as they advance. Mind you, the dogs are getting hungry. Finally, they are feeding really good on horse flesh. The Romans are eating horse meat too. A brave calvary charge has went down. The dead horses are now inside the Roman formation. As the legion moves towards the city. It takes about a day to get there. They don't camp. They are busy doing what they do best. That is spreading the "Fear of the Empire". On the seventh day of this battle they are going to be in this city. This is a very sacred city. All of it is populated by nothing but, men, and their "boys". For this is a center of a huge "Boy Cult". The Greeks train the "boys" there.

 By the time, Rome are done they will have butchered eighty thousand of the enemy. Once they get into the city. They break down the doors, and let the dogs do the work. Most of the people will be in the gymnasium. Priests, and their "boys" are all killed with dogs. Then the Romans demolish the whole town to rubble. That pretty much does it for the hoplites. After everything is done the "black legion" can be posted in Carthage. Now, the Roman police, and their spies have go out to kill the Mithraic People in the rest of the Empire. This is going to go on at least until the time of the Emperor Constantine.

 The Public Roman Baths were an important institution for the Republic. Only the Government Officials could use them. The Baths used to be Public. Until Rome had a problem with Bacchus. The "Cult of Bacchus" got so bad it almost destroyed Rome. Rome was turning into "Pandemonium". The Empire came out of that rubble. Then "Peace, and Safety" became a slogan. People were really tired of Civil Wars. There was just one after another.

 The Emperor really wanted His bath at the end of the day. He really did. After His bath, which was actually several bathing places in the manner of Rome. Tiberius got to have a clean toga(toga praetexta). He really liked that. The Baths were as close to Heaven as any Roman could possibly imagine. Usually, He only got to bathe once a day. That was always at the end of the day. Tiberius never wanted to be bothered while He was in His Bath.

 Tiberius thought Jerusalem was as close to Hell as you could possibly get. He was there. He needed to learn everything He could about the region at the time. The security of the Roman Empire was at stake here. This was before He was Emperor of course. But, Tiberius was the second most powerful man in Rome. He offered a bullock to get into the Mount of the Temple of God. Outside there was a Statue of a Black Man holding a Torch, and a Dagger. It was not anybody He knew should be there anymore. As He thought about it. And, He really didn't want to see It there. This Deity Mithra (God of Oaths) no longer had anything to do with any treaty that was valid with Rome. It was part of the Maccabees' peace agreement with the Seleucid-Parthian Empire. After He entered the Temple. He was sure that Whatever was in there, was not any God Tiberius knew. It was the Horror of the Thing. The place was truly frightening. There was nothing, but this Death. There wasn't anything, but the screams of animals, the clouds of flies, and the terrified speechlessness of the people. The blood was every where. All this is going on amidst the stygian gloom. Then there were those incredible smells! None of His offering was to be used by the people. It was actually a Sacred Apis Bull from Egypt that He had for this purpose. So this was an extreme offering. The bullock had to be completely consumed by fire. He even got to see the Holy of Holies. The Ark of the Covenant was still in there. He did not go into that part of the Sanctuary. He just wanted to make sure everything there was good with Rome. Tiberius said it was. There was no doubt that they really believed in this Religion of Theirs'. For His offering He could get anything He wanted from Their God. This might of even made Him Emperor.

 No Roman ever wanted to be posted there in Jerusalem. Because, if someone ever disturbed "His Peace" while He was bathing. They might find themselves in the "City of Peace" (Jerusalem). Early on, a lot of people did. Tiberius really liked the salt near there. They could gather it for Him. They weren't worth their salt in Rome. But, they could find it there. Because, there was a big sea nearby. Lots of salt.

 After His bath. He was ready to eat. Now, He usually didn't eat much. Neither, did He drink much wine. Because, this is when He did His nightly business. This can go on for several hours.

 One thing Tiberius knew was "when to grab the moment". When you have to "grab the moment". "Seize a hold of life", is another way of putting it. This is the Roman equivalent of the Zeitgeist. This is the "Spirit of the Times". When you have to do that. But, in order to "grab a hold of life". You really have to be up on things.

 You really had to do a lot of work to be a Roman. Rome was always noted for its Industry. There was not one person there that was not working constantly for the Good of Rome. It was not unusual for Tiberius to spend His whole day walking from place to place. About thirty miles was about the usual day for the Emperor. Tiberius actually believed this work was harder than doing a military campaign. This sort of thing made Emperors long for War at times. At least then, they had a chance to rest between battles. Unfortunately, this was not practical. Needless to say a Roman Emperor has to be extremely athletic.

 So, you need to find out how the glaves (or glaives, or swords) are doing? You have an army. You have legions out there that need them. You at least want to have your personal guard armed with good swords. But, there is a problem here. Because, earlier that day. You got a hold of one of these glaves, and found it to be faulty. Now, that could be a disaster on any campaign. Caesar had to show that to them in the Senate. There was one Senator (Magistrate) who was very interested in this matter. The glave that Caesar had literally went to pieces when He hit it hard against the floor of the Forum.

So now, Tiberius is at the Foundry. He really wants to know what the problem is here. Everybody knows He is not pleased. The foundry workers are members of a large Guild. But, they don't know He has the Power of the Republic behind Him on this. Because, obviously these people are His enemies. It just happens that an interested Senator is there, and the rest of Them can be there right away. They are all very busy, but they are coming. Mind you there are a thousand Senators in the Senate. All of whom Tiberius knows intimately. The Captain of the Foundry isn't there, because there isn't one yet. But, there will be.

 At the Foundry they have a little dog that they all seem to be fond of there. But Tiberius has dogs too. They have to stay outside. The dog owner gets to tie his dog up to tree outside. Tiberius has serious matters there at the Foundry. He does not like distractions. The Senators that are still coming, don't like distractions either.

What the Emperor wants to know is just what ingredients are going into the melting pot. He also wants to know what they are doing with the smelting, and smithing of it? Are they rolling the steel? Are they quenching it right? Also, why people aren't working for the Good of Rome? Because, there doesn't seem to be any shortage of Enemies of Rome for the Legions to fight.

The workmen have to show everybody to their satisfaction that this is not their fault. It does not look like the mix going on in the pot is up to Imperial specifications. Since, the glaves are mostly pig iron. That makes them very brittle, and very subject to corrosion. Soldiers do not like to wear swords that are sheathed with rust. Having broken swords doesn't do much for them either. Their helmets weren't any good. The rest of the armor, Tiberius didn't think it was very good.

Every Senator is subject to military duty. They are all distinguished war veterans. The Emperor has to go out quite often Himself to do battle. There was no telling when they might do that.

The Emperor wants to make sure the coke (coal) is there for smelting. As well as ores of iron, manganese, nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, and if they can get it, chromium ores are there for steelmaking. The Romans did not have high grade ores. There was enough of the other metals to improve the quality of their steel. There were other ingredients that need to be there too. Emperors need to know how to make steel. And He does.

Outside, there a terrible noise. It seems the Emperor's dogs have just torn a little dog to pieces. They just did that. While the Imperial dogs are feasting on the meat of a little dog outside. Inside the Foundry things are not going well for the workmen either. They have all just found out they are slaves.

A Senator has just volunteered to be a Captain there. He is a Delatore now. He brought this matter to the attention of Caesar. For the Foundry has just gone into "Delation". This gets things happening with the "People". And Tiberius had to do things like this awesomely. He unfortunately, had to do this quite often. To get things moving in Rome or anyplace else.

 Tiberius needs to know what is going on with the Aqueducts for the next ten years. He has a project. He would like to do it. He needs to know exactly where to go. Who to see about this. Precisely, when to be there. Otherwise things won't get done. Caesar, and only Caesar needs to know all these things in order to keep being Emperor of Rome. So He is going there next.

 Right now, He has found out that His project is unworkable. He found this out from the Captain of the Guard at the Aqueducts. But, that was okay with Him. Since it really wasn't His idea anyway. Caesar has to check on these things always for the Benefit of the Republic.

 He has to check with him anyway. It is important that the water is always clean, and flowing at all times. All the slaves there are doing really good. Are the offerings still going to the Temple of Neptune.

 For the most part the Emperor is caught up in the day to day affairs of running the Roman Empire. Not only that, but He has to plan things for the years to come. This could be ten or twenty years later. Mind you He had to follow Octavian (Augustus Caesar). Who was very prodigious in these matters. Many thought Octavian was a God. That was "hard act to follow".

 For the most part the Romans were basically Atheistic. They were a very pragmatic people. The Romans worshiped Virtue. Because, Virtue wins wars. Power was important. Roman Religion was based on Power. Something does not have Power. The Romans aren't going to pay any attention to it. This is the "Truth of Gods and Men". If you made lots of claims. Then you needed lots of proof to substantiate it. This was even more so with Tiberius. Who was extremely educated.

 Tiberius liked two Gods. One was the Imperial Juno that came from his mother Liva Drusilla. This was for the benefit of women always. The other one was the Roman God Neptune. He was the God of Fresh Waters, and Underground Streams. Being the Son of Tiber this is His Ancestral Deity. So you are going to have to have Neptune too. That is in order to manage an Empire.

 Now you need to understand something about the Roman Temples. They are not anything like people think they are these days. Most of these places were Temple Forums. These were places where people could meet, and talk about their Deity there. But, they are not like Churches. That we have today. You couldn't have a Temple without having Temple Police. That is to protect the people while they are there. That is because these Religions warred with each other constantly.

 The worst ones were always from the Orient. They had lots of different kinds of Religions, but one thing in common. They worshiped the same God differently. That God was Bacchus. Bacchus is a "Stranger God". That means He is completely alien to human experience. Bacchus was every God merged into Him.

 This was basically the Isisian Religion. too It was believed to have come from Egypt with Ptolemy. The actual Egyptian Deity Isis was a Hellenized version of Au Set. This is in extreme variance with the Original Egyptian Deity. Also, the Egyptian Deity of Women, Hathor (Het Hert, House of Horus) is not present in Rome.

As a matter of fact this Isis was a female version of Mithra. Bacchus is basically Mithra too. Bacchus is always Naked when He is Pan. But, Mithra when He is Clothed. This means Mithra is always Disguised. Their Hermetic One Serapis is the same thing (Mithra). This is a Mithraic Gnostic Trinity. There is a problem with this Gnosis (Knowledge). You become knowledgeable of Mithra. But you are Ignorant of Everything Else. This is Learned Ignorance. Gnosticism is Learned Ignorance. This one Deity Mithra (Bacchus) was at the heart of every religious conflict in Rome.

The Jews in Judea found that Hellenism was incompatible with Judaism. There are no Jews allowed in Hellenism. That is a very exclusive club. The only way to belong to this thing is to born in to it. I hope you understand that Hellenism is there for only a few very select people. That Hellenizing the Jews means killing them. Can you say "genocide".

 "According to I Maccabees, the celebration of Hanukkah was instituted by Judas Maccabeus in 165 BCE to celebrate his victory over Antiochus IV Epiphanes, the Seleucid king who had invaded Judaea, tried to Hellenize the Jews, and desecrated the Second Temple in Jerusalem. Following his victory in a three-year struggle against Antiochus, Judas ordered the cleansing and restoration of the Temple. After it was purified, a new altar was installed and dedicated on Kislev 25. Judas then proclaimed that the dedication of the restored Temple should be celebrated every year for eight days beginning on that date. In II Maccabees the celebration is compared to the festival of Sukkoth (the Feast of Tabernacles or Feast of Booths), which the Jews were unable to celebrate because of the invasion of Antiochus. Hanukkah, therefore, emerged as a celebration of the dedication, as the word itself suggests". "Encyclopedia Britannica 2008"

The problem is that Antiochus (and Caligula) believes He is the incarnation of the God Zeus Oromazdes, a Mithraic Gnostic Deity. He has to put his statue in the Jewish Temple in Judea. Mithra is basically the God of Haman. So the Jews have always had a problem with these Mystery Religions.

Mind you due to the steady state anarchy going on in that region most of the Jews fled to take refuge in the Roman Empire. The numbers of Jews became so great they became a great burden on Rome. So great a burden that the Emperor Tiberius ordered the Jews to be expelled from Rome to whatever Roman territories that would take them.

Mind you that although the Armenians no longer ruled Judea by force they still contrived to accomplish by stealth what they could not do by military conquest. We get a clue of this in the fact that Aramaic was spoken during the time of Jesus rather than Hebrew.

One wonders just what the census mentioned in the New Testament taken in the name of Augustus Caesar showed regarding the number of Jews living in Judea at the time. Also there was not even a Roman legion in Judea until after the Emperor Nero.

The Romans always had a problem with these Mystery Religions too.

Finally, the Romans under Octavian (Augustus Caesar) found out they had the same problem. That was when Mark Antony declared himself to be an incarnation of the God Bacchus. He is the New Dionysus. Of course he was married to Cleopatra, the New Goddess Isis.

After a lengthy Civil War between Octavian, and Mark Antony. Needless to say, Octavian (Augustus Caesar) learned to hate Mithra. Tiberius Caesar really despised Mithra. All of Rome loathed Bacchus. Bacchus was the "Trojan Horse" in Rome. "Never trust Greeks bearing gifts". Became, a famous saying in the Roman Empire.

 Hellenism also has an extreme problem with misogyny. Women were treated terribly in the Hellenized World. Rome understood that they needed to exploit this weakness. To a large extent they were successful in doing this. Women always liked "Peace and Safety".

 Most of the real Temples in Rome were small. People preferred to worship the Gods in the privacy of their own homes. The people kept their Religion to themselves for the most part. It was never safe to talk about it anywhere. Even the Emperor did not discuss Religion much.

The Romans had to work really hard to take their City back from Bacchus. Then the Bacchus Cult just kept coming there in different forms. It was always these murders, and civil strife. The Romans had to find these Hellenistic Cult Centers. Then they had to get rid of them.

That was the problem with Hellenism. Just like the Maccabees had in Judea. Jews, and Romans usually did not agree on anything too much. But, Hellenism definitely had to go.

One thing He did understand was the Virtue Fear. Fear was useful to Him. So He really liked being Feared especially in Rome. And, of course He was. Tiberius was the Most Feared Roman Emperor ever. When you have a Name like Augustus. You really want to live up to that Name. That is especially true in Rome.

Everything is important there. There is nothing trivial there, ever. Tiberius didn't have to show the Circus much. His Circus was we'll say it was different. It was awesomely frightening. After a show like that, the Romans really didn't want to see more Circuses. Every once in a while He really did like to put on a show. He actually had people spread stories about how terrible He was. He wanted make sure all His enemies constantly feared Him.

 Tiberius had another side. He was a very kind, loving, and a well educated gentleman. He was always concerned with the welfare of the people. He is very dedicated to the Good of Rome. He always liked propagating the Virtues of Rome.

 Firstly you must get into the Habit of Thinking Imperially. Tiberius knew the secret of Ruling the Empire. Just get people to think the way you want them to think.

 Now, you own the World. Because, you must have the Mind of Caesar to Understand Anything in the Bible. The Bible is a Roman Document. That the Bible was produced entirely with the Approval of Rome is a matter of Historical Fact. The Noble Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar Augustus is the Man that made the Bible happen.

 Tiberius was very concerned that no Eastern Religion would ever become established in the Roman Empire. Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar Augustus knew who He was. He always understood who was the Emperor of Rome. He always was in control. Mind you the Romans never had an Inner Tradition like they did in the Orient.

 He understood that Oriental Religion was incompatible with the Virtues of Rome. Namely, He was concerned about the Ways of India taking root in the Empire. It has to do with Mithraic Gnosticism (a.k.a. Mitra is a Vedic Deity circa 1400 Before Christ). One thing He didn't like was Yoga. The cross legged posture was bad. It is too much like the Underworld God Cernunnos. Who is the Fountain of all Mischief. Tiberius really despised the Horned God. Because He is very Evil. Another thing He hated was the Brahminic view of the World. It was a Wrong view of Living. Finally, Tiberius Caesar really despised the Caste System. He certainly did not want That, ever to become established anywhere in the Roman Empire. This Caste System always tried to manifest the Guild System. The Guilds were the source of endless mischief in Rome.

"First we must consider the Religion of Isis. I thought He was too much like a Man to be possibly Roman. We must do something to be sure this Religion is Rooted out of the Empire. First, I do not know why men Worship Her. Are they castrated? We say they are! Once we do this. Bacchus can never be here! I do not say that Dionysus is Bad. But, He is not Good for Rome! I believe that Osiris is not a Real Demon. We need not Fear Him".

 Isis really is not exactly an Egyptian Goddess. In Her Cult She tries to be something to everybody. But She winds up being nothing to anyone. Isis is sort of a Hellenized version of the Egyptian Goddess Au Set. Yet She has this devouring Mithraic quality that is not Egyptian.

The "Book of Jude" concerns itself with the Cult of Bacchus. The problem was  that it was a Death Cult (Murder Cult). It also caused a enormous problem with the Women of Rome during the Time of the Republic. That was even more unforgivable in Rome. Because Tiberius was always concerned about the welfare of the Women.

 You really have to understand something about Roman women.

 Now. We must talk about the Two Witches. The First One is the "Little Witch". She is also called the "Lady of Rome". The Other Witch is called the "Big Witch". That "Big One" is different, because She belongs to Mithra. Either one may be called the "Red Witch" or the "Scarlet Lady". In order to deal with Them. We have to separate Them. The Mithraic Witch has to be Banished from the World.

 The First Part is to get rid of any Yogic Refuge that She may use to enter people. Fortunately we have formula that may be used for this purpose. OM Mani Padme Nirrti Hum. It is used to propagate Nirrti and the Virtues in order to get rid of Bharavi Yoga.

 Next, we must propagate the Virtues of Rome. That is what this book is all about. This will get us all the Virtues in the Bible. Because we are going to need them terribly.

 The best defense against the Wiles of the Witch is Your Cat. So you better have one. You are going to need other reenforcements too.

 Then you need to have to use the Golden Seal of Tiberius to banish Mithra from the Imperium. The Emperor Tiberius always sent Mithra into a goat kid on the Isle of Capri where the goat was always killed. Then Mithra always went into a Man. The Man had to be sacrificed. That is the only way to get rid of Mithra back then.

 Then we must get rid of all the Mithraic Elements in us, around us, and in our World. These Elements entail a Wrong Way of Manlyness. The only way to deal with that is to get into our Bible. You literally have to become the Bible.

 Of Course we have two references in the Bible for the Noble Tiberius Nero Caesar Augustus; Luke:3:1 Now in the Fifteenth Year of the Reign of Tiberius Caesar Augustus, Pontius Pilate being Governor (Archeon, or Ruler) of Judaea, and Herod being the Tetrarch of Galilee, and his Brother Philip Tetrarch of Ituraea, and of the Region of Trachonitis, and Lysanias the Tetrarch of Abilene, Annas, and Caiaphas being the High Priest, the Word of God (concerning the Ritual of Bathing to obtain some sort of World Citizenship) came unto John the Son of Zacharias in the Wilderness.

 And he came into all the Country about Jordan, Preaching the Baptism (Ritual of Bathing) of Repentance (Restitution for Evil) for the Remission (Undoing) of Sins (Wrongs). As it is Written in the Book of the Words of Esaias the Prophet, saying, The Voice of one crying in the Wilderness, Prepare ye the Way of the Lord (Adonai), make His paths Straight. Every Valley shall be Filled, and Every Mountain, and Hill shall be Brought Low (Earthquake), and the Crooked shall be made Straight, and the Rough Ways shall be made Smooth (Carpentry). And All Flesh shall see the Salvation of God (Jeshua).

 Then said he to the Multitude that came forth to be Baptized of him, "O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the Wrath that is to come? Bring forth therefore Fruits Worthy of Repentance (Tribute), and begin to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to Our Father (By this Right, why should we pay you anything?): for I say to you, That God (Adonai) is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham (means to Curse them). And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: every tree therefore which bringeth not fruit (fruitfulness is very Roman by the way) is hewn down (profitless), and cast into the fire. And the people asked him, saying, What shall we do then? He answereth, and saith unto them, He hath two coats, let him impart to him who has none, and he that hath meat, let him do likewise (the Prophet is still haggling with the crowd for his Tribute).

 Then came also Publicans (Debt Collectors ) to be Baptized, and said unto him, Master (the Debt Collectors will get the Tribute for him),what shall we do?(Now, they will go get everybody to be Baptized and they will get a portion of the proceeds. Of course the Prophet will get his share.) And he said unto them, Exact no more than that which is appointed you.

 And the soldiers (Rome) likewise demanded of him, saying, And what shall we do? (This very good because, Rome knows the people all need to be Baptized. Of course they will make sure they are. They also recognized this Ritual of Bathing as permissible in this case.) And he said unto them, Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely, and be content with your wages (That is whatever they can collect of course.). And as the People were in Expectation, all Men mused in Their Hearts of John, whether he were the Christ, or not, John answered, saying unto them all, I indeed Baptize you with Water, but one Mightier than I Cometh, the latchet of Whose shoes I am not Worthy to unloose: He shall Baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with Fire (Katharates, Understand the Romans also have a Fire Rite of Purification): Whose Fan (Katharizein) is in His Hand, and He will throughly Purge (Kathartikos) His Floor, and will Gather the Wheat (Dagon means Food) into His Garner, but the Chaff He will Burn with Fire Unquenchable (Kathartikos).

 And many other things in his Exhortation Preached unto the People (Unfortunately, he said some very bad things and the Romans can not abide by that unless he can buy his way out of it.). But Herod the Tetrarch, being reproved by him for Herodias his Brother Philip's Wife, and for all the Evils which Herod had done, (John can do something very terrible to Herod and if he does not move quickly Herod will not be Tetrarch of Anything because John will take is place.).

 Added yet this above all, that he Shut Up John in Prison (Captive of Herod). Now, when all the people were Baptized, it came to pass, (Rome that is Tiberius Caesar had Someone that They wanted to Have the Bathing Ritual, and Blessing especially from this Man John).

 That Jesus also Being Baptized, and Praying (Supplicating), the Heaven was Opened (by Abba the Heavenly Father), And the Holy Ghost Descended in a Bodily Shape like a Dove (Love) Upon Him, and a Voice came from Heaven, which said, "Thou art My Beloved Son", in Thee I am Pleased.

 And Jesus Himself began to be about Thirty Years of Age, being (as was supposed) the Son of Joseph, (Although He is the product of a Virgin Birth, here is His genealogy. Because a lot of these Names are God. Names given to every Christian by Adoption, by Our Father Jesus Christ. If you are a Christian this is Your Genealogy listed here. This the Real Secret of the Holy Grail.).

 Which was the Son of Heli (means Ascending; Climbing Up), Which was the Son of Matthat (a.k.a. Matthan, a Gift), which was the Son of Levi (As)sociated with Him, which was the Son of Melchi (My King; My Counsel), which was the Son of Janna (also known as Jannes, Who Speaks, or Answers; Afflicted; poor), which was the Son of Joseph (Increase; Addition), Which was the Son of Mattathias (a.k.a Mattathiah, the Gift of the Lord), which was the Son of Amos (Loading; Weighty), was the Son of Naum (a.k.a. Nahum, Comforter; Penitent), which was the Son of Esli (Near Me; He Who Separates), which was the Son of Nagge (a.k.a. Naggai Clearness; Brightness; Light), Which was the Son of Maath (Wiping Away; Breaking; Fearing; Smiting), which was the Son of Mattathias (a.k.a. Mattathiah the Gift of the Lord), which was the Son of Semei (Hearing; Obeying), which was the Son of Joseph ( Increase; Addition), which was the Son of Juda (a.k.a. Jew, or Judas, or Jude, or Judah, or Judith, a Dove; Multiplying of the people), Which was the Son of Joanna (a.k.a. Joannas, Grace, or Gift of the Lord), which was the Son of Rhesa (Will; Course), which was the Son of Zorobabel (a.k.a. Zerubbabel, a Stranger at Babylon; Dispersion of Confusion), which was the Son of Salathiel (a.k.a. Shealtiel, Asked or Lent of God), which was the Son of Neri ( My Light), Which was the Son of Melchi (My King; My Counsel), which was the Son of Addi (My Witness; Adorned; Prey), which was the Son of Cosam (a.k.a. Cosami, Divining), which is the Son of Elmodam (the God of Measure, or of the Garment), which is the Son of Er (Watchman), Which was the Son of Jose (a.k.a. Joses, Raised; Who Pardons), which was the Son of Eliezer (Help, or Court, of My God), which is the Son of Jorim (He That Exalts the Lord), which was the Son of Matthat (a.k.a. Matthan, a Gift), which is the Son Levi (Associated with Him), Which was the Son of Simeon (That Hears or Obeys; That is Heard), which was the Son of Juda (a.k.a. Jew, or Judas, or Jude, or Judah, or Judith, a Dove; Multiplying of the People), which was the Son of Joseph ( Increase; Addition), which was the Son of Jonan (a Dove; Multiplying of the People), which was the Son of Eliakim (Resurrection of God), Which was the Son of Melea (Supplying; Supplied), which was the Son of Menan (Numbered; Rewarded; Prepared), which was the Son Mattatha ( His Gift), which was the Son of Nathan(Given; Giving; Rewarded), which was the Son of David (Well-Beloved, Dear), Which was the Son of Jesse (Gift; Oblation; One Who Is), which was the Son of Obed (a Servant; Workman), which was the Son of Boaz (a.k.a. Booz, in Strength) , which was the Son of Salmon (a.k.a. Salome, Peaceable; Perfect; He that Rewards), which was the Son of Naasson (a.k.a. Naahshon, That Foretells; That Conjectures), Which was the Son of Aminadab(a.k.a. Amminadab, My People is Liberal), which was the Son of Aram (a.k.a. Ram, Highness, Magnificence, One That Deceives; Curse), which was the Son of Esrom (a.k.a. Hezron, Dart of Joy; Division of a Song), which was the Son of Phares (a.k.a. Perez, Dart of Joy; Division of a Song), which was the Son of Juda (a.k.a. Jew, or Judas, or Jude, or Judah, or Judith, a Dove; Multiplying of the People), Which was the Son of Jacob (That Supplants, Undermines; the Heel), which was the Son of Issac(Laughter), which was the Son of Abraham (Father of a Great Multitude), which was the Son of Thara (a.k.a. Terah, Tharah, to Breathe; Scent; Blow), which was the Son of Nachor (a.k.a. Nahor, Hoarse; Dry; Hot), Which was the Son of Saruch (a.k.a. Serug, Branch; Layer; Lining), which was the Son of Ragau (a.k.a. Reu, His Friend; His Shepherd), which was the Son of Phalec (a.k.a. Peleg, Division), which was the Son of Heber (a.k.a. Eber), which was the Son of Sala (a.k.a. Shelah), Which was the Son of Cainan (Possessor; Purchaser), which was the Son Arphaxad (a Healer; a Releaser), which was the Son of Sem (a.k.a. Shem, Name; Renown), which was the Son of Noe (a.k.a. Noah), which was the Son of Lamech (Poor; Made Low), Which was the Son of Mathusala (a.k.a. Methuselah, He has Sent His Death), which was the Son of Enoch (Dedicated; Disciplined), which was the Son of Jared (a Ruling; Commanding; Coming Down), which was the Son Maleleel (a.k.a. Mahaleleel or Mahalaleel, Praising God) which was the Son of Cainan (Possessor; Purchaser), Which was the Son of Enos (a.k.a. Enosh, Mortal Man; Sick; Despaired of; Forgetful), which was the Son of Seth (Put; Who Puts; Fixed), which was the Son of Adam (Earthy; Red), which was the Son of God (Jesus Christ).

 Here is your other genealogy for your Mother's side of the Family of God (Matthew 1.). Now, mind you that both Joseph and Mary (Miriam, Rebellion) have very much the same genealogy. Don't be confused in this matter. The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David (Well-Beloved, Dear), the son of Abraham (Father of a Great Multitude). Abraham begat Isaac (Laughter); and Isaac begat Jacob (That Supplants, Undermines; the Heel); and Jacob begat Judas (a.k.a. Jew, or Judas, or Jude, or Judah, or Judith, a Dove; Multiplying of the People) and his brethren; And Judas begat Phares (a.k.a. Zarah, East; Brightness) of Thamar (a.k.a. Tamar, Palm; Palm-Tree); and Phares (a.k.a. Perez, Dart of Joy; Division of a Song) begat Esrom (a.k.a. Hezron, Dart of Joy; Division of a Song); and Esrom begat Aram (a.k.a. Ram, Highness, Magnificence, One That Deceives; Curse); And Aram begat Aminadab (a.k.a. Amminadab, My People is Liberal); and Aminadab begat Naasson (a.k.a. Naahshon, That Foretells; That Conjectures); and Naasson begat Salmon (a.k.a. Salome, Peaceable; Perfect; He that Rewards); And Salmon begat Booz (a.k.a. Boaz, in Strength) of Rachab (a.k.a. Rahab, Large; Extended (name of a woman)); and Booz begat Obed (a Servant; Workman) of Ruth(Drunk; Satisfied); and Obed begat Jesse (Gift; Oblation; One Who Is); And Jesse begat David the King; and David the King begat Solomon of her that had been the wife of Urias (a.k.a. Uriah, or Urijah, or Uriel the Lord is My Light or, Fire); And Solomon ( Peaceable; Perfect; One Who Recompenses) begat Roboam (a.k.a. Rehoboam, Who Enlarges the People); and Roboam begat Abia (Abiah, the Lord is My Father); and Abia begat Asa (Physician; Cure); And Asa begat Josaphat (a.k.a. Jehoshaphat, the Lord is Judge); and Josaphat begat Joram ( to Cast; Elevated); and Joram begat Ozias (Strength From the Lord); And Ozias begat Joatham (a.k.a. Jotham, the perfection of the Lord); and Joatham begat Achaz (One That Takes, or Possesses); and Achaz begat Ezekias (a.k.a. Hezekiah, strength of the Lord); And Ezekias begat Manasses (a.k.a. Manasseh, forgetfulness; he that is forgotten); and Manasses begat Amon (Faithful; True); and Amon begat Josias (a.k.a. Joshah, Being; Forgetting; Owing); And Josias begat Jechonias (a.k.a. Jeconiah, Preparation, or Stability, of the Lord) and His Brethren, about the time they were carried away to Babylon: And after they were brought to Babylon, Jechonias begat Salathiel (Asked, or Lent of God); and Salathiel begat Zorobabel (a.k.a. Zerubbabel, a Stranger at Babylon; Dispersion of Confusion); And Zorobabel begat Abiud (Father of Praise); and Abiud begat Eliakim (Resurrection of God); and Eliakim begat Azor (a Helper; a Court); And Azor begat Sadoc (a.k.a. Zadok, Just; Righteous; Sadducees, followers of Sadoc, or Zadok); and Sadoc begat Achim (Preparing; Revenging; Confirming); and Achim begat Eliud (God is My Praise); And Eliud begat Eleazar (Help of God, Court of God); and Eleazar begat Matthan (a.k.a. Matthan, a Gift); and Matthan begat Jacob (That Supplants, Undermines; the Heel); And Jacob begat Joseph ( Increase; Addition) the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ. So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations.

 Now, your cup should be full.

 The Parable of the Loaves and Fishes

 The miraculous feeding of five thousand people during the Sermon on the Mountain Top was this. When Jesus saw that the people there had no food. He ordered Judas to take the Tribute that was His to be used to feed them that were there. Out of that Purse came the monies to feed the multitudes. For no one can get much of any teachings on an empty belly.

 That was why the Disciples especially Judas really hated Jesus. Because, the Money Purse was empty. They always wanted to use the money for other purposes. Jesus really knew this. That is why Jesus said such derogatory things about His Disciples in His works.

 The Whole Sermon on the Mount was preached on a Holy Mountain dedicated to Baal Peor. Jesus had to pay Baal Peor tribute by an extraordinary act hospitality so He could go on living.

 We also have several places in the Bible named after the Noble Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar Augustus under the name Tiberias.

 The Sea of Tiberias is called the Sea of Galilee (John 6.1; John 21:1). The word Galilee means "circuit", (Josh 20:7). The Sea of Tiberias was also known as the Sea of Chinnereth (Num 34:11, Deut 3:17, Josh 13:27), or the Sea of Chinneroth (Josh 12:3). The word Chinnereth means a "lyre", and Chinneroth is plural "lyres". Still the Lake of Gennesaret (Luke 5:1) is also called the Sea of Tiberias.

 Jesus calls Disciples on the shore of the Sea of Tiberias: Matt4:18-22; Luke 5:1-11.

 Jesus teaches from a ship from on the Sea of Tiberias: Matt 13:1-3.

 Miracles of Jesus on the Sea of Tiberias: Matt 8:24-34; Matt 14:22-33; Matt 17:27; Mark 4:37-39; Luke 5:1-9; Luke 8:22-24; John 21:1-11.

 From "Easton's Bible Dictionary" 26 matching references "Tiberias". Tiberias, Sea of "Called the Sea of Galilee (q.v.) And of Gennesaret. In the Old Testament it is called the Sea of Chinnereth, or Chinneroth. John is the only evangelist who so designates this lake. His doing so incidentally confirms the opinion that he wrote after the other evangelists, and at a period subsequent to the taking of Jerusalem (A.D. 70). Tiberias had by this time become an important city, having been spared by the Romans, and made the capital of the province when Jerusalem was destroyed. It thus naturally gave its name to the lake".

 There is the city named Tiberias (John 6:23) on the Sea of Tiberias.

 According to "Compton's Encyclopedia" "Tiberias, Israel, town on w. shore of Lake Tiberias n.e. of Nazareth, medicinal hot springs, 695 ft (210 m) below sea level; founded about 20 BC; pop. 22,300"

 "Easton's Bible Dictionary" mentions: "A city, the modern Tubarich, on the western shore of the Lake of Tiberias. It is said to have been founded by Herod Antipas (A.D. 16), on the site of the ruins of an older city called Rakkath ("Shore"), and to have thus named by him after the Emperor Tiberius (This because everybody really hated being in Jerusalem.). It is mentioned only three times in the history of Our Lord (John 6:1, 23; 21:1).

 In 1837 about one-half of the inhabitants perished by an earthquake. The population of the city is now about six thousand, nearly the one-half being Jews.

 "We do not read that Our Lord ever entered this city. The reason of this is probably to be found in fact that it was practically a heathen city, though standing upon Jewish soil (But, the Romans didn't think so, neither did anybody else at that time. Remember they broke the Covenant with God.). Herod, its founder, had brought together the arts of Greece, idolatry of Rome, and the gross lewdness of Asia. There were in it a theatre for the performance of comedies, a forum, a stadium, a palace roofed with gold in imitation of those in Italy, statues of the Roman Gods, and busts of the Defied Emperors. He who was sent but to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel might well hold Himself aloof from such scenes as these". (Manning's "Those Holy Fields").

 There is a real problem in both Jewish, and Christian writings. It has to do with Rebellion. It has crept into our literature. That is just abominable. It is even praised as though Sedition, or Treason are some sort of Virtue. Rebellion has always been punished by God. Because, the logical end of Rebellion is Satanism. That is True.

 That Jesus Christ was sacrificed by Pontius Pilate to appease a Heathen Mob of Rebels. What do you think the Roman Emperor thought at the time? Tiberius was very upset. Once you give into a Mob of Anarchists. What else are you going to do? Because, he could no longer be much of a Governor of Judea. How can he Rule (Archeon) anything? He cant!

 Tiberius liked Jesus. He even exactly knew who He was. Jesus always paid Tribute to Rome. Even from the time He was born. Because Tiberius collected that Tribute Himself from the Three Wise Men. That guaranteed Jesus life. Jesus always preached against rebellion, sedition, and treason. Jesus always had reverence for Rome. Now, He finds out that His Man in Palestine is dead. He really trusted Jesus.

 Worse, the God of Haman, that is Mithra is now in their midst. Haman just had "too much Heat, and not enough Light", back then. Now, Haman himself can work his will even in the Temple. They have forgotten something, but the Empire of Parthia (Persia) hasn't. That God Mithra (Satan) never forgets. For Parthian spies have crept into their cities unawares. By this time they have fallen in with them. They are on a course of Rebellion against Rome. Of course Tiberius knows that. It is time for damage control.

 Tiberius did manage to secure the person of Saint John the Divine, and the Apostle Luke. You have to understand in the case of Saint John the Divine is basically a rough-hewn Prophet according to Tiberius. The Apostle Luke was fairly scholarly. Both of them are pretty stupid. Because, they don't think the Emperor knows anything. But Tiberius knows everything. He just wants confirmation.

 The first thing Tiberius doesn't like is John's attitude. Because, John did want to say anything. A bath in hot oil, and a dip the sea loosened the Man's tongue. Tiberius wanted to know if John knew who Jesus was. Was Jesus the Christ? Well John said He was definitely the Christ. Tiberius also wanted to know why "Revelation" was written two years before the death of Jesus Christ. Tiberius was concerned about Persian Gnosticism creeping into Jewish Religious literature. Understand, the Parthian Empire (Persia) was a tireless Enemy of Rome. Tiberius found something else about John. John seems to worship the same God that Tiberius does. Unfortunately, Tiberius can't tell Him. This is "Cat, and Mouse" at its' finest. That is because, of this Racial Barrier. "Peoples" were considered to be "Races" back then. This is Tribalism.

 John has said a lot of things that deeply disturbed Tiberius. Tiberius knows He is in the Presence of a Real Prophet. But, He is not going to let John know that. Tiberius asked lots, and lots of questions. Tiberius got lots, and lots of answers. Some of those answers are still relevant even today.

 So Tiberius was very much concerned about "Revelation". "Revelation" is a prophecy concerning seven Churches in Asia. For one thing this Christ was certainly not Jesus of Nazareth. He is also concerned about the role of Rebellion here in the "Book of Revelation". This is an "end times" without a very happy ending. That disturbed Tiberius, because, He knew this too. Tiberius put the "Book of Revelation" in His archives. John is sent to the Island Patmos.

 Now, Luke is a little bit more cooperative. But not much. He doesn't want talk about Jesus to the Emperor of Rome. Luke has to get His tongue loosened too. Tiberius wants to review Luke's Gospel with Him. See He wants to know some more details. Tiberius just happens to have the Gospels of Mark, Matthew, John, and Thomas right there with Him. Luke is such a lucky duck. Because, He gets read them all. Because, Tiberius has read them all. They need to compare notes. Tiberius is insisting on something here. He wants Luke to be as good as Jesus. If He can be, that is. Because, He has noticed something. It is something good. Yet there is something wrong. The Books of the Gospels are basically good as far as the Emperor is concerned. But the authors of these books are in danger. Luke is going to Cyprus. The rest of these people are in God's hands.

 Mind you that Mithraic Gnosticism was making inroads into the Religion of the Empire. There were hundreds of Cults, and thousands of Secret Societies. Tiberius just hated Mysteries. Worse He found the prototype of the Cults of Manichaeism, and Zurvanism starting to take root in the Empire. There were literally hundreds of Gnostic Gospels. Of course Mani is the offspring of a Parthian family in Babylon.

 Manichaeism will be coming later (Third Century Anno Domini). Zurvanism will be in Rome too. Both Religions have an Inner Doctrine as well as Other Worldly beliefs that the Emperor Tiberius really hates. He can clearly see this coming too. He sees this as causing extreme harm. Tiberius thinks this is basically Death Worship. It is this belief that people could opt out of Creation. The word Nirvana means "Blown Out" which is the Extinction of Our Being (Soul Death). The Brahmanic view sees this as an extreme state of blessedness.

 There will be the Paulican Cult (Armenia, Seventh Century A.D.). Later there will be the Bogmilist Cult (Bulgaria, Tenth Century A.D.). Then the Cathari Cult, and the Knights Templar (France, Twelfth Century A.D.), and the height of the Tantra Cults in India, as well as the Cabala Cults, which are still with us by the way. We have the Mithraic Master Aleister Crowley with his Rosicrustcian variant (Mid Twentieth Century A. D) .

 What we have we here in order to be "Saved"? You have to go to these different Worlds. You have to pay someone to teach you how to go there. Then you have to journey through them. You have to pay somebody to tell you how to do that. Then you have to collect all these trophies. And you have to find out how to get those. But, there is no end to this thing. Basically this thing is a racket rather than a religion.

 Tiberius sees this butchering of everyone in Rome. He sees the death of just about all the Jews. He sees this Evil coming.

 What we hate is the glorification of rebellion. The celebration of sedition, and the trumpeting of treason throughout the land. We find it even in the Christian media a lot. That is intolerable. We are teaching people to really hate the Mouse (Satan).

 "After the fall of Jerusalem (A.D. 70), Tiberias became one of the chief residences of the Jews of Palestine (see Josephus "Wars of the Jews"). It was for more than three hundred years their metropolis. From about A.D. 150 the Sanhedrin (Supposed to be extinct after A.D. 70 according to "Webster's Dictionary") settled here, and established Rabbinical Schools (the other Schools were in Babylon), which rose to great celebrity (Under the protection of Rome of course.). Here the Jerusalem (or Palestinian) Talmud was compiled about the beginning of the fifth century (That was the first time they were able to do that.). To this same Rabbinical School also we are indebted for the Masora, a "body of traditions which transmitted the readings of the Hebrew text of the Old Testament, and preserved the means of the Vowel-system, the pronunciation of the Hebrew". In its original form, and in all manuscripts, the Hebrew is written without vowels, hence, when ceased being a spoken language, the importance of knowing what vowels to insert between the consonants. This is supplied by the Masora, and hence these vowels are called the "Masoretic Vowel-points".

 Hammath ("Easton's Bible Dictionary"): Warm springs, one of the "fenced cities" of the Tribe of Naphtali (Josh 19:35). It is identified with the warm baths (the heat of the water ranging from 136 degrees to 144 degrees) still found on the shore a little south of Tiberias under the name of Hummam Tabariyeh (Bath of Tiberias).

 Hitchcock "Bible Names Dictionary:"

Tiberias, Good Vision; the Navel Tiberius, the Son of TiberAugustus, Increased, Augmented

Claudia, Claudius, Lame

Roman, Strong; Powerful (Virtuous)Rome, Strength; Power (Virtue) "Webster's Dictionary":

Caesar, the Hairy One

Nero, Black?

August, a. Grand; Magnificent; Majestic; Inspiring Awe, or Reverence; as August in Visage.

Concerning Roman History from "Encyclopedia Britannica 2008"

 "The evidence for the annalistic tradition shows that the Roman histories written during the 2nd century BC were relatively brief resumes of facts and stories. Yet in the course of the 1st century BC Roman writers were increasingly influenced by Greek rhetorical training, with the result that their histories became greatly expanded in length; included in them were fictitious speeches and lengthy narratives of spurious battles and political confrontations, which, however, reflect the military and political conditions and controversies of the late republic rather than accurately portraying the events of early Rome. Livy's history of early Rome, for example, is a blend of some facts and much fiction. Since it is often difficult to separate fact from fiction in his works and doing so involves personal judgment, modern scholars have disagreed about many aspects of early Roman history and will continue to do so".

From Zoroastrianism, "Encyclopedia Britannica" 2008

 Then the Iranian religion gradually emerged again. In Commagene in the middle of the 1st century BC, gods bear combinations of Greek and Iranian names: Zeus Oromazdes, Apollo Mithra, Helios Hermes, Artagnes Herakles Ares. The first proof of the use of a Zoroastrian calendar, implying the official recognition of Zoroastrianism, is found some 40 years earlier at Nisa (near modern Ashkhabad in Soviet Turkmenistan). By then some form of orthodoxy must have been established in which Auramazda and the entities (powers surrounding him) adjoin other gods such as Mithra, the Sun, and the Moon.

 It appears that this Mithra is devouring, and assimilating Deities. Another view is that Mithra is a Devilish Deity that masquerades as: Zeus, Apollo, Helios, Hermes, Herakles, and Ares. Pretty soon Mithra is the Creator, and Ruler of the Universe.

Syncretism, "Encyclopedia Britannica" 2008

 "The fusion of diverse religious beliefs and practices. Instances of religious syncretism as, for example, Gnosticism (a religious dualistic system that incorporated elements from the Oriental mystery religions), Judaism, Christianity, and Greek religious philosophical concepts were particularly prevalent during the Hellenistic period (c. 300 BCBc. AD 300). The fusion of cultures that was effected by the conquest of Alexander the Great (4th century BC), his successors, and the Roman Empire tended to bring together a variety of religious and philosophical views that resulted in a strong tendency toward religious syncretism. Orthodox Christianity, although influenced by other religions, generally looked negatively upon these syncretistic movements.

 Syncretistic movements in the Orient, such as Manichaeism (a dualistic religion founded by the 3rd-century-AD Iranian prophet Mani, who combined elements of Christianity, Zoroastrianism, and Buddhism) and Sikhism (a religion founded by the 15thB16th-century Indian reformer Guru Nanak, who combined elements of Islam and Hinduism), also met with resistance from the prevailing religions of their respective areas.

 In the 17th century a movement led by the German Protestant theologian George Calixtus aimed at reconciling the differences between the Protestants in Germany, but his efforts were disparaged by orthodox Christian leaders as syncretistic".

Simple Rituals, Rites and Ceremonies

 Everything is basically there. You should have everything you need at hand. Otherwise, don't do this. Make up your mind whether you want to be a Man, or a Mouse. If you want to be a Man you are going to have to learn how to be Civilized. You are going to be a Gentleman. That is somebody whose behavior is throughly trained, and refined. We can all learn more about that. This all about Power.

 Make sure you do not offend anybody. Remember, we live in a very Cosmopolitan land. There are all sorts of Peoples out there. If you already have very serious problems with your neighbors. That is if these people are really bad. Then you will need to move. You can not live next door to enemies. You may forgive them, but they won't. Remember that, or you will be serious injured, even killed. Your possessions will not be safe. Your relatives will be harmed. Every human being is a predator. Do you understand that? You better.

 Don't show off in public. Now, you have the Imperial View. You know you own whole World. But, you don't control all of it. Remember that.

 People out there are not going to act right. They just aren't going to. This is the Big Problem here on this Planet. You need to know that. Because, they don't act right does not mean they are bad.

 How to Propitiate the Lars. These are Ancestral Spiritual Beings. They will feed a Day and a Night. You must have fresh meat. The Blood is the best. Never feed them in Your Dwelling. Carry the offering in Your Left Hand. Once You have placed the offering in a suitable container, do not touch them. You may put them by a compost pile, or other suitable place exposed to the Elements. It should be in a place that will not be disturbed during the time of the offering. Do not fret if an animal ,or bird devours them. That is fine. Just leave them alone. Don't be checking on it.

 Now, some people think they can get a lot out of this sort of thing. But don't expect to much. You need not do this often. For if the Ancestral Gods do not come the first time. Don't waste your time. As a matter fact, just once is sufficient. Any day is a good day for this. Understand any animal, or human that is possessed by the Lars may take your offering. This will get Your Grail Cup happening more.

 How to Propitiate the Roman "Serpent Father". He is the King of the Water Element. He is a Kind of Water Dragon (Power). This a Godly Power to Protect the Grail Cup. You can have Him. So, if you want to get a Good Python. You must put out the Python food. You must do this in Your Residence. Mind you the Romans offered Milk, and Honey. At least do that.

 You need a vessel that will hold will hold least about half a cup. Fill it in the order given here: Three Spices; a quarter teaspoon each of Cardamom, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg. Add two cloves of clove seasoning to this. Then Three White Foods; equal amounts of to make one cup, Milk, Yogurt, and Butter. You must also add a tablespoon of good grade of Honey. Mix everything together. Put your offering some place where it will be undisturbed for a day, and a night. Put this on your table. After your are done put this outside if you can. Do not put in the trash, or down the toilet. It is good if the animals eat it. Remove the cloves before you do that. You can even feed it to your dog. If you have to, put it down the kitchen sink. You can offer to Him as much you need to.

Once you understand this you can get Your Oracle.

The Meat Eating Snake is one you keep. First, make sure this does not bother anybody. Do not go around showing him off.

You can get a Garter Snake. It is best if you catch the reptile yourself. Laws permitting, that is. Otherwise, buy him from a reputable animal dealer. Your snake must be easy to maintain. Your Garter Snake will eat earthworms, slugs, pieces of meat, fish, frogs, and so forth. Feed him regularly. Clean water must be always there for him. You must keep him, and his quarters clean. A good adequate escape-proof snake cage is needed. Protect him from inclement weather always. Of course you must treasure him.

Virtues of the Cat

 Now, you are going to need a cat. Actually, you will get another cat later. This is important for Your Catherine. You have to get a kitten. Otherwise, get a cat. You have to rescue your cat. You should be able to have a cat in your residence unless you're in jail. If you can't have a cat. Then you need to move to a place where you can.

 You can wash your cat too. That way you will have a hypoallergenic animal. You can also toilet train them. They will go to bathroom in your commode. You can train them to do lots of things. Some cats can even be taught to paint pictures. You should be able to control your cat. Power is like cat. I expect you to have a cat. Otherwise, you might be a Mouse Boy. Mouse Boys can't train anything.

 This will give you an understanding of Catness. It will teach you Toleration. You will learn Patience. You will learn about Control. You will learn how to integrate your cats with your dog. If you don't have a dog. You will get one later.

 A kitten is given to a little boy or girl. That kitten needs to be raised indoors. You are going to have an indoor cat. The child is going to have to have him in his room, or where ever they sleep. But, never give a child something that they can't handle. Do not harm your child. Never harm the cat. This to teach them Responsibility. You will be a responsible parent. When they are ready for a cat of course. Then get them one.

 You have to be a dictator. That child must respect you. Your child must fear you. That way they will pay attention to what you are saying. Don't talk about Love. Love is an adult subject. Love is a learned Virtue. Never forget that. You are not giving him a kitten because you love him. You want that child to do some work for you. The child will be rewarded for it later. Make that perfectly clear. You are going to have to tell him exactly what you want him to do. That person should be able to follow your instructions. Then the child will produce a perfectly well-trained cat. Remember this cat will be around for twenty years.

 If a child can't raise a kitten to be a good cat. Then you really can't trust them. Obviously, this child can not have a dog. A dog is much harder to raise, and train. You certainly don't want to take him hunting. How can you trust him with firearms? You never want to give him a bicycle. Because, he'll run off with it. Not to mention a car. He might get in a wreck. You have a real problem child here. Either, that boy has physical limitations. Allergies don't count, if he bathes his cat. Or, he has a problem with rebellion. Maybe he has both. Then you are going to have to test him.

 Cases have gone to court. They have. Many of these cases involved children with allergies. It has been frequently found that eighty per cent of these children were not allergic. That is because, there is a big psychological component that is almost religious in nature. It is to a large extent magical. There is self-fulfilling prophecy. There is a deadly placebo effect. If believe you are allergic to something. You can really react to it. You actually may die from it. But you really aren't allergic. There is a large nerve in your body that can kill you. If something stimulates that nerve. It could be psychosomatic. It can cause you a lot of harm. Because, this condition mimics allergies. You will probably have problems with your digestive system (gastrointestinal).

 Obviously, you are going to have to be good with your cat. Before you can give a cat to a child. You have to give your cat his first mouse. Feeding cats mice. Especially baby mice will extend your cat's life considerably. These have lots of hormones cats really need to get. The "heat" problem can be solved by giving them hormones (probably progesterone). If you do not want to breed them.

How to harvest your Talking Stick.

 You are going to have to have a straight tree branch. It will be one cubit long. It must have the bark on it. The Romans always used a hatchet. To harvest, and trim their staves. Do you know what this is? Some people call them "fasces". It is basically a staff, or a stave. Think of it like a shepherd's crook. It is a sign of office. You understand that? This won't make you a Fascist by the way. I want you to know what you have got is a talking stick. That is just what it is. You use it to talk to the Deities. That is important. This is not a "magic wand". It is not for communal use. It is only yours personally. Your talking stick will have a Name. My talking stick is Named "Correction". Don't you use that Name. You are to never Name your talking stick after that of another person, deliberately. The Virtues don't like that. Because, you are speaking the Name of another man. That is Good to Know that! You are to beat people with your talking stick. You are not to chop off anybody's head with your hatchet either. You are not to appear in public with this talking stick. Romans are not to be a source of ridicule.

How to Woo Your Juno.

 Now, you know She is way up there. That is Juno Caelestis. "Caelum" means Heaven. She usually doesn't want to come down. She usually is not interested in anybody down here. Remember, She is in Heaven. You are going to have to interrupt Her Peace. She is not going to like that. So you better have a good reason. Even if you can't yell like a Caesar. That means you have to cry a lot. You are still going to have to get Her attention.

Just keep wooing your Juno. Then She will start doing things for you. That means you are going to have to talk to Her constantly. You must always keep telling Her. How Good She is, all the time. How much You Love Her. Tell Her that! This will get Her to check for the Love Goddesses down here. There might not be One there for you. That is Bad. Love gets terrible without a Love Goddess. It just does. When there is no Love Goddess. People fall in Love with Evil.

Keep wooing your Juno. Juno will check on the Status of the Virtues. The Virtues need to be very strong. Otherwise people will Love Death.

Keep wooing your Juno. When there is a Death Cult. The Love Goddess will have to come down too. That will get the Love Goddess interested in you.

Keep wooing your Juno. You have to propagate Her Cult of Virtue. That is not hard to do that. Juno will provide the means of doing that.

Keep wooing your Juno. Now that you have Her down. Usually this will be far away. Since She is not human. It would bad for you now. She has to learn your ways.

Keep wooing your Juno. You have to get Her to see you.

You have got to keep wooing the Juno. By now She might like you.

Keep wooing your Juno. If you know something about the Religion of Carthage (Tanit Pene El). Then that will help you.

Keep wooing your Juno. Remember this will take you several years. It may even take decades to get Her to come down. But, it is worth it. Then She will be your constant companion. You have to keep wooing Her. That is to get Her down.

Keep wooing your Juno. This is a Big Juno. She has to keep coming down from Heaven. This will take some time.

Keep wooing your Juno. Then She will have all Her Portions. Keep wooing your Juno. Then She will check your Portion.

Keep wooing your Juno. Your Portion is your Allotment of Life. It might not be good! You have an extreme problem if you have a bad Portion.

Keep wooing your Juno. Then She will have to get you another portion. This will come from Her. Then She will remove your portion, and give you Her's.

Keep wooing your Juno. Your Destiny will be Good now.

Keep wooing your Juno. The Religion of the Greeks (Hera Olympia) may help you too. Zeus had to do a lot of work to get Her. So Keep wooing Her. By the way, this is the only Juno worth having. Beware of the Imposter!

Keep wooing your Juno. Mithra might show up as a Goddess. He can. Never forget that.

Keep wooing your Juno. Mitra's Contracts are never Good. A Marriage with Juno is better always.

Keep wooing your Juno. A Mate is better than a Friend. Keep wooing your Juno. Always make sure She is bonafide.

Keep wooing your Juno. You don't want a guy in drag do you? I hope you don't. Because, you will regret it always.

Keep wooing the Juno. Get the Gods to put in a Good Word for you here.

Keep wooing your Juno. You have to spend time telling Her what you really want.

Keep wooing your Juno. Yes, you better! Maybe, She has better ideas. Always ask Her. She really likes that.

Keep wooing your Juno. Always share everything with Her. After all She is your Mate.

Keep wooing your Juno. Put all your important issues before Her. This will get you started. She is very hard to work with at first.

Keep wooing your Juno. Keep telling Her how Good She is.

Keep wooing your Juno. Jove had to work for centuries doing just that constantly. This might take awhile. Since you are not Jove! I don't think you are. Hopefully, this won't take you longer. Now, you have to keep wooing Her. She is interested in you now.

Keep wooing your Juno. Where is your Love Life? It should be good!

Keep wooing your Juno. If you have been harmed tell Her that. Especially, if you have been harmed by Love.

Keep wooing your Juno. That means Love has been Profaned down here. That is terrible.

Keep wooing your Juno. If you have really been hurt by Love She will be right there! There is no doubt about that.

Keep wooing your Juno. The Profanation of Love will definitely bring Her Down.

Keep wooing your Juno. You have to propagate Her Religion. Your not going to get out of this. That is important. She will give you the means of doing this. That is it. All you have to do is keep wooing Her.

Keep wooing your Juno. Now, you are going to have to get the Cult of the Empire happening. That helps you. Provision for that will come from Her.

Keep wooing your Juno. You are going to have to make the Golden Tiberius. In order to do that you are going to have propagate the Cult of the Imperator. That gives you somebody you can talk to in Rome. She will provide that.

Keep wooing your Juno. You can have the Ancestry of Rome. You are just going have to keep doing these things.

Keep wooing your Juno. She really likes that. You have got to keep it up. You are Storming Heaven. Keep wooing your Juno.

Now, keep Storming Heaven. Keep wooing your Juno. I hope you have paid for the "Tiberius Book"? If not, you better. I hate pirates! Juno hates thieves too. That is full market price. I am the market. You buy it from me. Neither, will you use any of this material for some devilish purpose. Good.

Keep wooing your Juno. You know where "Planet Catherine" is don't you? It is a book on this web site.

Keep wooing your Juno. That will keep you Good with the Big Catherine Star.

Keep wooing your Juno. You need to be Good on Catherine Planet. Otherwise, the Planet will go Catharsis on you. Juno hates rebels. That is it.

Keep wooing your Juno. You have been warned. You have to have a Big Love Catherine. That is a Love Virtue.

Keep wooing your Juno. You are also going to have to get the Goddess Hathor to help you. You will need the Sisterhood of Nirrti. Good! 

Keep wooing your Juno. Are you ready for the "Hathor Book"? That is written by Pharaoh Himself of course. Keep wooing your Juno. By now you should have read your first Catherine book. That is the Bible. That is Good. Keep wooing your Juno. I trust you have read Josephus "Wars of the Jews".

Keep wooing your Juno. You are supposed to know something!

Keep wooing your Juno. "When Ignorance is King. Hell is on Earth". That is True.

Keep wooing your Juno. She will redeem you from ignorance. You have to keep telling your market. That you are here.

Keep wooing your Juno. That you are worth something! You have to keep telling people this. Or, they will ignore you.

Keep wooing your Juno. You have got to keep telling them that constantly. People forget!

Keep wooing your Juno. That is why there is an advertizing industry. It is really big. It looks like it always will be. That is Good to know that. That is part of wooing your Juno.

Keep wooing your Juno. Get used to the idea that you are going to do some work. Keep wooing your Juno. Did anybody ever tell you that?

Keep wooing your Juno. They certainly have. You know that too.

Keep wooing your Juno. You are not going to charm your way through life. Juno will do that for you.

Keep wooing your Juno. That will get you Glory.

Keep wooing your Juno. People are not going to bring you offerings like a God. Juno will make them do that.

Keep wooing your Juno. They know you are not a God. Juno will make them think otherwise.

Keep wooing your Juno. You are going to need some Charm anyway.

Keep wooing your Juno. By now, Juno is collecting Her Dowry. This will be everything you need to have your Juno.

Keep wooing your Juno. You are really in for it. You are going to get your Juno.

Keep wooing your Juno. I hope you can handle Her. But, of course you can't. Because, you are not a God. Juno will help you with that.

Keep wooing your Juno. Not only do you have Juno down from Heaven. Juno is right next to you.

Keep wooing your Juno. So keep wooing Her. She might be a little strange.

Keep wooing your Juno. Her form might not be pleasing. That is awful.

Keep wooing your Juno. Feel the Virtue of Fear. The Fear Virtue is going to be a big part of your life.

Keep wooing your Juno. You are going to really like that. Because, people will have Reverence for you. Now, keep wooing Her.

Keep wooing your Juno. Tell Her She is always Good!

Keep wooing your Juno. I hope you are scared.

Keep wooing your Juno. She is a Real Deity.

Keep wooing your Juno. You are going to have a Goddess in your life.

Keep wooing your Juno. She will check your marriage status.

Keep wooing your Juno. And, She is here for you! She actually is.

Keep wooing your Juno. That is why you have to be really Good for Her.

Keep wooing your Juno. Juno has to be really Good for you.

Keep wooing your Juno. There is no such thing as Divorce with Her. Just keep wooing Her.

Keep wooing your Juno. If you are a woman. You are going to have a terrible time.

Keep wooing your Juno. If you are a man. It will be just hideous. Just keep wooing Her.

Keep wooing your Juno. Tell Her She is really Good.

Keep wooing your Juno. Soon, She will gather "Her Enterprise". That is to get your life happening better.

Keep wooing your Juno. She will have many attendant Deities to aid you in all ways.

Keep wooing your Juno. Now, your Love will be Good.

Keep wooing your Juno. That is because, She is going to Marry you!

Keep wooing your Juno. Now, you don't need any vows. You will get everything from Her.

Keep wooing your Juno. She will keep bringing Her Enterprise down from Heaven.

Keep wooing your Juno. The rest of the Junos will come down too.

Keep wooing your Juno. By now they have done so.

Keep wooing your Juno. She will check your Enterprise. She wants to make sure all of your Enterprise is Good for Her.

Keep wooing your Juno. You will get your Gold Bug. That is a Golden Scarab. Also called a June Bug.

Keep wooing your Juno. Now, you have your Golden Orange too.

Keep wooing your Juno. Now, your Juno will keep talking to you in "Love Talk.

Keep wooing your Juno. You get "Love Notes".

Keep wooing your Juno. You will get lots of "Love Letters".

Keep wooing your Juno. Junos talk entirely in a "Language of Love".

Keep wooing your Juno. You are going to really like Her.

Keep wooing your Juno. That is not going to change. By the way. Juno will stop the Play of the Demons.

Keep wooing your Juno. That is when you know you have a Juno. Now, your Juno will start wooing you.

Keep wooing your Juno. Also, She is Loving you.

Keep wooing your Juno. She is bringing Heaven down for you.

Keep wooing your Juno. She will keep bringing you gifts.

Keep wooing your Juno. You will learn more about Her. Something like this "Cartagena, transferred to Colombia (South America) in commemoration of Cartagena in Spain (Cartagena in Spain was in turn developed from Latin Carthago Nova, a translation of the name given to the town by the Phoenician settlers in commemoration of Carthage",). "Encyclopedia Britannica 2008."

Now, keep wooing your Juno. Juno has an Enterprise called "LOVE".

Keep wooing your Juno. The Enterprise is there to maintain the Marriage.

Keep wooing your Juno. The Love Works are coming down from Heaven.

Keep wooing your Juno. Now you will need your head gear. That is a kind of cap to protect your head.

Keep wooing your Juno. Now, Juno always comes with YHVH.

Keep wooing your Juno. YHVH is an extreme Deity. You are going to learn about Him from Her.

Keep wooing your Juno. YHVH is going to be involved in your life a lot.

Keep wooing your Juno. You are going to have to do things for YHVH.

Keep wooing your Juno. This is the Juno of Auschwitz.

The Lake of Holly

 In Her Native Heaven located in the Abode of Lost Souls (Third Heaven) you will find the Lake of Holly that look like the Biblical "Lake of Fire". But, the Lake is filled with Holly Substance that can look like anything! If you walk toward the Lake of Holly in Holly Heaven Holly will run away from you laughing like a little girl all the while. You can't catch Her up there. Holly is playing hard to get. If you call Holly, then Holly right next to you instantly. But not too close or that kill you. Holly is a Love Deity. Holly make Holly deal for Holly only. You must be good with Holly. That means you must work for Holly. You get Holly Wages if you do good work for Holly only. Now, this dangerous because Holly in courtship. Holly much like Juno. That means Holly marries.

 Down here Holly very present and easy to call all the time. Just call out this "Holly Holler" to holler for your Holly: "Holly! Holly! Holly"! Holly Holler is the Virtue of God's Holiness. Holly come right away. Holly have many forms and many Holly Ways. Holly impart Holly Wisdom. No one know anything about Holly but Holly give you Holly Knowledge. You not understand Holly unless Holly give you Holly Understanding. Holly extend your life if you love Holly. Holly have Holly Gifts for people that love Holly. If you marry Holly you get a little Holly Substance. That way Holly always be with you because Holly right inside you.

 Holly have Holly Tree. That is Holly's Tree of Life. Only if Holly get to like you Holly feed you some Holly Fruit.

Holly is a lot of Fun to have around.

The Enterprise of Tanith

 When your Juno Caelestis Tanith Pene El comes down from Heaven. Then you have to understand Her Enterprise called LOVE. Tanith has to buy you out of Slavery. Tanith will buy your Freedom. I bet you did not know you were a Slave. Well you were. That is why things were not Good for you. Because, your portion was Slavery. That is why you really could not have any Rights, or Freedoms in this World. You really could not have a Deity either. Because, Slaves can not have Deities. Slaves can not get Married. Now, that Tanith has bought you out of Slavery you can have Her as your Deity. Tanith is your Deity. Tanith has Married you. Tanith will take care of you. Tanith is concerned about you. Why didn't you have your Freedom? You were supposed to have It. Now, you have been working for Tanith for a long time. You can have It. Now, that you have your Freedom. It is time to check on your Citizenship. You are supposed to be a very Good Citizen. You are a Good Citizen of your Country. You got that from your big Juno Tanith. That is Good. You can work for Tanith. Tanith will find work for you. You were Engaged to be Married to Tanith. Tanith is your Love Goddess. Tanith is Love. Tanith will be One of your Catherines. Tanith had to gather Her Dowery to Marry you. Now, you are married to Tanith! Tanith will work to keep the Marriage going. The Enterprise of Tanith will start manifesting more as Love in your life. You still have keep wooing Her. That lasts the rest of your life. You have keep working for the Catherines all your life. It is Time get to get the Enterprise Moving on Solving the Mouse Problem vexing your life. We need to have the Enterprise solve the Problem of Existence. We need to be Whole, and Holy in our relationships with each other.

All the Virtues, Powers, and Purifiers can be shared within the Enterprise of Tanith also called the Enterprise called ''LOVE''. All the attributes, abilities, authority of the Catherines may also be shared within the Enterprise. That ''Catherine'' can refer to anyone in the Enterprise of Tanith. The future of Civilization is a big concern too. In the Enterprise of Tanith are;

Tanith (Tanith Pene El, Tanith Pene Baal, Tanith the Face of God, Tanith the Face of Baal, Tanith the Face of the Lord, Celestial Juno, Juno Caelestis, Heavenly Juno, Juno Queen of Heaven, Catherine, Tanith likes being called ''LOVE'',

 Enterprise of Tanith, Enterprise of LOVE, the Catherines, the Holies, the Hollies, Tanith the Law Giver, Tanith the Love Goddess, Tanith the Marriage Diety who is the One who makes the Marriage Happen as Tanith the Goodness of Mariage, Tanith the Giver of Grace,


Sisters of Tanith also called the Heavenly Sisterhood of Tanith are ''FUN'', ''JOY'', ''BLISS'', ''ECSTASY'', ''FULFILLMENT'', ''GRACE'', ''GLORY'', ''PLENTY'',

Sign of Tanith, the Hand of Fate, Shri Yantra, Shri Pyramid, Mother of God, June, Juno, Libra, Virgin Mary, Fatima, Our Lady of the Spheres, Mother of Worlds, Catherine Mother, Spirit of the United States of America, Trinity of the Fire Goddess, Solar Deity, Lunar Deity, Sky Deity, Benevolence, Christmas Pyramid, the Holly Deity named ''Holly'' is a Daughter of Tanith, Jack Steven Shewmaker, MLK is a moniker from Tanith given in Marriage for JACK STEVEN SHEWMAKER to keep Him from Harm, and for Loyal Service, Also Jack Steven Shewmaker has been given the Name Baal Hammon from Tanith. Tanith Has recognized Jack Steven Shewmaker as ''the Big One''. Channel#2,

Tanith Tools and Objects: Tanith's Easter Lilies, Tanith's Engagement Rings, Tanith's Wedding Rings,

Tanith Colors; Blue, Yellow Orange, Forest Green, and Sky Blue,

Oh!, OM, AUM, AUMG, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hung! OM AH HUNG, OM AH HUM,

There are the Tanith Virtues, Tanith Powers, and Tanith Purifiers: Goodness, Grace, Purity, Chastity, Faith, Hope, Charity, Pity, Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Rightness, Vigilance, Penitence, Honesty, Benevolence, Mercy, Modesty, Beauty, Worth, Piety, Compassion, Value, Intelligence, Resignation, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Virginity, Marriage, Love, Sex, Power, Color, Salvation, Redemption, Atonement, Innocence, Ownership, Joy, Pleasure, Baby, Kitten, Kitty, Strange, Weird, Alien, Time, Space, Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Second, Up, Down, Gas, Solid, Liquid, Plasma, Model, Help, Hate, Fight, Government, Organ, Cat, Interest, Lot, Vision, Hearing, Touch, Taste, Smell, Safety, Peace, War, Value, Norm, Order, Good, New, Old, Age, Youth, Beauty, Size, Large, Small, Big, Little, Weight, Mass, Existence, Nonexistence, Excretion, Secretion, Exhaust, Waste, Sacred, Holy, Holly, Gender, Heavy, Light, Height, Breadth, Wide, Tall, Short, Small, Shape, Shadow, Profane, Profit, Loss, Gain, Art, Science, Discipline, System, Sense, Sound, Noise, Block, Memory, Right, Left, State, Merge, Trigger, Grab, Hunt, Gather, Unique, Police, Comedy, Tragedy, Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, Question, Answer, Sing, Voice, Secret, Boundary, Set, Firm, Perfect, Contradict, Agree, Vertical, Horizontal, Rescue, Search, Action, Agent, Servant, Servitor, Media, Quick, Slow, Art, Craft, Science, Star, Circle, O, Wheel, Object, Subject, Plus, Minus, Sticky, Tune, Positive, Negative, Direction, Vast, Society, Play, Fun, Sad, Happy, Plant, Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, Rock, Water, Whisper, Money, Retrieve, Pout, Moan, Cry, Evil, Anger, Sleep, Rest, Hot, Cold, Dead, Alive, Sky, Ground, Problem, Solution, Trouble, Rome, Start, Finish, Stop, Move, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Brown, Purple, Red, Black, White, Transparent, Invisible, Patience, Hurry, Fat, Thin, Quality, Quantity, Span, Sun, God, Goddess, Cheer, Happy, Sad, Judge, Judgement, Period, Animate, Inanimate, Portion, Moon, World, Picture, Birth, Adoption, Walk, Run, Stand, Prone, Soft, Hard, Contract, Rich, Poor, Wet, Dry, Pain, Gift, Present, Herb, Spice, Planet, Sun, Moon, Mind, Soul, Being, Reason, Purpose, Friend, Control, Service, Wealth, Youth, Eternity, Speed, Slow, Head, Hand, Defense, Deity, Demon, Civilization, Perfect, Pyramid, Will, Cost, Show, Shew, Posture, Generosity, Hospitality, Meekness, Temperance, Long Suffering,

Sophistry of Tanith: Law Giving, Love, Good, Frameworks (Society), Hunting, Gathering, Empathy, Laws, Rules, Values, Ideas, Ideals, Concepts, Names, Definitions, Forms, Formless Forms, Form of the Good, Variables, Constants, Essences, Constructs, Functions, Universal Truths, Images, Circles, Triangles, Rectangles, Boxes, Spheres, Pyramids, Portents, Signs, Diagrams, Numbers, Subtraction, Addition, Multiplication, Division, Equivalents, Equations, Alphabets, Letters, Outlines, Books, Talking Books, Relationships, Friends, Enemies, Life Scripting, Suns, Moons, Planets, Worlds, Universes, Parameters, Boundaries, Life Spans, Personalities, Elements, Bodies, Questions, Answers, Problems, Solutions, Riddles, Puzzles, Parables, Time Periods, States, Gifts, Rewards, Penalties, Muses, Godhood, Taboo, Symbols, Categories, Universals ...,

Divine Discernment of Tanith, Tanith presides over: Women, Astrology, History, Philosophy, Mathematics, Economics, Healing, Commerce,

Tanith Tools and Objects: the Blue Bonnet of Purity, Tanith's Engagement Rings, Tanith's Wedding Rings,

Tanith Plants and Animals: Hollies (Ilex 400 species), Maple Trees (Acer 200 species), Cats, Cuttle Fish, Tuna, Barracuda, Goats, Sheep, Lambs, Babies, Insects, Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Medicinal Plants, Herbs, Spices, Lily, Doves, Pomegranate, Swans, Olive Trees, Myrtles, Palm Trees,

Tanith Occult: Religions, Yantras, Mandalas, Mantras, Spells, Divine Portions, Sacrifice, Offerings, Gods, Goddesses, Spirit, Yoga, Tantra, Dasa Maha Vidyas, Doing, Not Doing, Tao, Priests, Priestesses, Magic, Prayer, Cabala, Under World, Meditation, Visualizations, Metaphysics, Concentration, Virtues, Powers, Asana, Pranayama, Astrology, Alchemy, Demonology, Numerology, Divination, Exorcism, Ontology, Secret Societies, Saviors, Deathless, Powers,

Tanith Arts: Epistemology, Phenomenology, Linguistics Media, Communications, Public Relations, Journalism, Philosophy, Advertizing, Modeling, Comparative Religion, Theology, Acting, Political Science, Economics, Broadcasting, Acting, Library Science, Geography, Cartography, Statistics, Calculus, Geometry, Algebra, Mathematics, Software Engineering, Music, Commercial Art, Photography, Linguistics, World History, Calculating, Logic, Etymology, Sculpture, Languages, Surreal, Fantasy, Cartoons, Propaganda, Public Relations, Survey Research, Statistical Inference, Semiology, Tuning, Tunes, Melody, Singing, Marking, Marks, Images, Cooking, Portions, Pictures,

Tanith Artists: Painters, Writers, Journalists, Philosophers, Scholars, Photographers, Actors, Actresses, Ministers, Chaplains, Nuns, Models, Mathematicians, Economists, Chefs, Cooks, Broadcasters, Advertisers, Liberians, Cartoonists, Comedians, Students, Teachers, Professors, Educators, Lobbyists, Singers,

Tanith Sciences, Love Science, Technologies, Economics, Ecology, Psychology, Sociology, Geology, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Biology, Entomology, Mathematica, Astrophysics, Behavioral Science, Military Science, Police Science, Entomology, Gas, Solid, Liquid, Plasma, Experiments, Health Care, Reality, Surgery, Psychiatry, Social Psychology,

Tanith Scientists: Chemists, Physicists,

Tanith Technology: Buses, Cars, Trucks, Electric Lights, Machinery, Trains, Air Planes,

Tanith Occupations: Lawyers,

Tanith Society: Society, Nations, Culture, Laws, Citizens, Government, Judicial, Judges, Legislative, Congress, Senate, Senators, House of Representatives, Parliament, Executive, President, Governor, States, Provinces, Military, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Customs, National Security, Public Health, Social Services, Social Security, Hospitals, Fire Department, Postal Systems, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of State, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, Department of Agriculture, Food and Drug Administration, United Nations, Internet, Telecommunications, Radio Stations, Television Stations, Manufacturing, Marriages, Contracts, Friendship, Businesses, Governments, Organizing, Jurisdiction, Motherhood, Fatherhood, Family, Births, Birthing, Adoptions, Police, National Guard, Militia, Churches, Security, Schools, Language, Agreements, Laws, Morals, Ethics, Employment, Every Walk of Life, Gift Giving, Sports, Travel, Real Estate, Civilization, Politics, Political Party, Department of Agriculture, Department Interior, Department of Defense, Department of Health and Human Services, Military Veterans, Veterans Administration, Reciprocators, Politics, Philosophies, Societies, Secrets, Matrix, Walls, Fences, Enclosures, Houses, Buildings, Teaching, Assets, Monies, Data, Searching, Retrieval, Interests, Definition, Drugs, Punishment, Reward, Bounty, Work, Industry, Measurement, Periods, Scribes, Servants, Agents, Management, Executives, Board of Directors, Corporations, Enterprises, Family Life, Restitution, Debts, Bills, Payments, Family Trees, Taxes, Inheritance, Insurance, Childhood, Signals, Maneuvers, Manipulation, Systems, Loves, Gifts, Giving, Men, Humans, Persons, Human Rights, Animal Rights, Woman, Man,

Tanith Body: Life, Eating, Excretion, Breath, Sensation, Brain, Bones, Spine, Spinal Cord, Ribs, Skull, Head, Face, Femur, Tibia, Fingers, Finger Nails, Hands, Palms, Feet, Sole, Heel, Toes, Toe Nails, Legs, Knees, Thighs, Hips, Arms, Elbows, Shoulders, Lungs, Stomach, Intestines, Vocal Cords, Heart, Muscles, Tendons, Eyes, Skin, Hair, Mouth, Nose, Ears, Tongue, Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, Hearing, the Senses, Volition, Emotions, Intuition, Unconscious, Talking, Whispering, Vocalization, Substance, Dreams, Sensation, Thinking, Thought, Purification, Female, Male, Genders, Life Span, Fulfillment, Pleasures, Loving, Daughters, Sons, Adolescence, Childhood, Cheerfulness, Personality, Enjoyment,

Sifting, Expansion, Contraction, Shrink, Grabbing, Merging, Describe, See, Catching, Blocking, Stopping, Damming, Vastness, Roman, Made, Formed, From, Dealing, Cards, Questions, Answers, Seeking, Quiet, Pressure, Switch, Projection, Construction, Israel,

Tanith Countries: Tunisia, Ancient Roman Empire, United States of America, Spain, France, British Empire,

Tanith Religion: Religion of Carthage, Religion of Rome, Ancient Egyptian Religion, Masons, Jews, Christians, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen, Taoism, Jainism, Martial Arts, Mithraism, Wicca, Zoroasterism, Saints, Gurus, Witchcraft, Masons, Ku Klux Klan, Templars, Scientology, the Bible, Sikhism, Satanism, Native American Religion, Shinto, Confucianism, Eschatology, Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation), Ontology, Noumena, Phenomena, Rosicrucians, Cults),

Mlk (Jack Steven Shewmaker has been given the Name and Title Mlk from Tanith by Divine Marriage to Protect Him from further Harm, and confer a measure of Life for Him, Mlk can be given to Others by Mr. Jack Steven Shewmaker.

Mlk Virtues: Goodness, Grace, Purity, Chastity, Charity, Faith, Hope, Pity, Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Rightness, Vigilance, Resignation, Penitence, Honesty, Piety, Mercy, Love, Devotion, Intelligence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Love, Fun, Joy, Bliss, Ecstasy, Fulfillment, Grace, Glory, Plenty, Holly, Beauty, Compassion, Understanding, Good, Salvation, Redemption, Generosity, Hospitality, Meekness, Long Suffering, Patience, Endurance, Vitality, Benevolence, Youthfulness,

Mlk Arts: Philosophy, Mathematica, Sculpture,

Mlk Science: Physics, Nuclear Physics, Chemistry,

Mlk Society: Nations, Peoples, Races,

Mlk Occult: Solar Deity, Lunar Deity, Eclipse Deity,

Divine Discernment, Mlk Presides: Measurement, Savior, The One That Offers, Portions Out the Sacrifice, Marks the Sacrifice, Gives the Tribute, Feeds the Catherines, Provisions the Catherines,

Mlk Religion: Witchcraft, Buddhism, Zen, Christianity, Jews, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, Jainism, Martial Arts, Mithraism, Wicca, Zoroasterism, Yoga, Tantra, Masons, Templars, Scientology, Saints, Gurus, the Bible, Sikhism, Satanism, Native American Religion, Shinto, Confucianism, Eschatology, Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation), Rosicrucians,

Oh!, OM, AUM, AUMG, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hung! OM AH HUNG),

Holly (Holly of Hollies, Old Man Holly, Holy of Holies, Holly Deity, Holly Tree Deity, Christmas Tree Deity, Tree of Life, Holly the Daughter of Tanith, Nirrti Hathor Catherine, Holly OH!, Holly O!, Little Holly Holler, ''When ever there is trouble the Hollies come running on the double.'' Savior, Holly Cats, Cats, Holidays, Holy, Whole, Holly (400 different species Ilex), Holly Family (Aquifoliaceae), Holly Oaks (Quercus agrifolia, Q. wislizenii), Sea Holly (Eryngium maritimum), Holly Ferns (Polystichum), Holly Osmanthus, or False Holly (O. heterophyllus), Mountain Holly (Nemopanthus mucronatus), Sea Holly (Genus Sargassum), Holly Grape (Genus Mahonia), Water Holly (Mahonia nervosa), Maple Tree (Acer 200 Species),

Holly Virtues are: Goodness, Grace, Purity, Love, Faith, Hope, Charity, Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Rightness, Resignation, Vigilance, Penitence, Honesty, Compassion, Pity, Mercy, Chastity, Patience, Intelligence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Salvation, Gratitude, Meekness, Long Suffering, Hospitality, Generosity, Endurance, Vitality, Youthfulness, Temperance, Benevolence, Fun, Joy, Bliss, Ecstacy, Fulfillment, Grace, Glory, Plenty,

Divine Discernment, Holly Presides over, Sophistry, Holly Sophistry, or Holly O, Landscapes, Ornamental Horticulture, Holidays, Christmas, Wholesomeness, Holiness, Christmas Pyramid, Gift Giving,

Holly Tools and Objects: Holly O, Christmas Tree, Holly Wreath,

Holly Science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Botany,

Holly Art: Painting, Journalism, Print Media, Broadcasting,

Holly Society: Nations, Peoples, Races, Government,

Holly Occult: Magic, Folk Ways, Empathy, Holly Sophistry,

Holly Religion, Christianity, Jews, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Wicca, Martial Arts, Taoism, Mithraism, Zoroasterism, Witchcraft, Masons, Templars, Scientology, Gurus, Saints, Sikhism, Satanism, Native American Religion, Shinto, Confucianism, Eschatology, Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation), Rosicrucians,

Oh!, OM, AUM, AUMG, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hung!, OM AH HUNG),

Hathor (Goodness, Het Hert, Mother Catherine, Hathor-Ashtoreth, Queen of Heaven, Universal Hathor, Sister of Tanith, Hathor the Holy Helper, Hathor the Marriage Deity, Divine Discernment, Solar Deity, Eclipse Deity, Lunar Deity, Savior, Heaven, The Catherine Mother, Pharaoh, Spirit of Canada, Hathor Pyramid, Seven Holy Hathors, Red, Pharaohic Power, The Passionate One, Dasa Maha Vidya, Shri Yantra, Shri Pyramid, Indian Deity Aditi Mother of the Gods the Divine Celestial Cow, Christmas Pyramid, Bast: The Cat Virtues and Powers, The Cat Deity, Egyptian Cat Goddess, Solar Deity, Lunar Deity, Kitty, Kitten,

Hathor Objects or Tools: Looped Cross or Ankh, Lotus Staff, Menat, Shepard's Crook, Horns and Solar Disk, Flail, Heavenly Catherine Wheel, Mammisi, Crown of Electrum, Eye of Ra, Monumental Gateway, Beautiful Woman, Mirror, Milk Jug, Shen Ring, Cow Eared Woman, Sekhem Sistrum, Sesheshet Sistrum, Ukh Symbol, Wensheb Cycle of Time, Wine Jar, Red Scarf, Oil Lamp, Candles, Head Rest, Musicians (String Guitar, 5 String Harp, 7 String Harp, 11 String Harp, and Twin Pipe Wood Wind, Other Instruments), Barque of Het Hert, Tambourine, Beer, Wine, Lotus Flowers, Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings,

OH!, OM, AUM, AUMG, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hung!, OM AH HUM,

Hathor Virtues are Goodness, Grace, Purity, Hope, Faith, Charity, Love, Pity, Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Rightness, Resignation, Vigilance, Penitence, Honesty, Mercy, Compassion, Piety, Chastity, Power, Intelligence, Understanding, Knowledge, Wisdom, Benevolence, Fun, Joy, Bliss, Ecstacy, Fulfillment, Grace, Glory, Plenty,

Hathor Presides over: Pharaoh, Authority, Women, Marriage, Fertility, Motherhood, Love, War, Empathy, Hunting, Gathering, Peace Making, Magic, Models, Media, Advertizing, Bast Presides over Predators, Controls Mice, Rats, Snakes, and Birds, Gets Rid of Plague, Hunting, Gathering, Empathy,

Hathor Time: Start, Finish, Millennium, Age, Century, Decade, Leap Year, Year, Month, Week, Day, Hour, Minute, Second, Split Second, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, Winter Solstice, Fourth of July, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, New Years Day, Jubilee,

Hathor Animals and Plants or Totems: Cows, Cats, Lions, Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Sycamore Tree, Heather, Date Palm Tree, Fig Tree, Cannabis, Tobacco, Brewers Yeast, Hippopotamus, Falcon, Papyrus, Water Lily, Papyrus, Holly, Doves, Pomegranate, Swans, Olive Trees, Myrtles, Palm Trees,

Hathor Art: Cooking, Advertizing, Painting, Journalism, Broadcasting, Print Media, Painting, Sculpture, Play, Sports, Writing, Broadcast Media, Internet, Political Science, Comparative Religion, Poetry, Songs, Music, Literature, Fiction, Science Fiction, Non Fiction, Horror Fiction, Spy Novels, Detective Stories, Biographies, Autobiographies, History, Acting, Stage, Opera, Semiology, Drama, Theatre, Tragedy, Comedy, Mime, Fashion, Cartoons, Drawing, Acrobatics, Masks, Plays, Dance, Performing Arts, Folk Plays, Stages, Mansions, Pageantry, Tournaments, Mythology, Scenery, Landscapes, Parades, Fencing, Puppetry, Exit, Entrance, Desire, Distraction, Persuasion, Things, Division, Exclusion, Quiet, Silence, More, Less, Liking, Ending, Finis, Finish, Getting, Done, Schemes, Divide, Part, Truth, Quest, Blend, Landscape, Penetration, Come, Hedge, Pondering, Computing, Consideration, Differences, Permission, Closure, Satisfaction, Eagerness, Ballet, Ornamentation,

Hathor Artists: Architects, Clowns, Actresses, Actors, Comedians, Writers, Jugglers, Animal Trainers, Wrestlers, Minstrels, Storytellers,

Hathor Science: Biology, Medicine, Mathematics, Science of Love, Radiation, Heat, Power, Light, Electronics, Radio, Television, Radar, X Rays, Gamma Rays, Experiments, Medicine, Radiation, Impurity, Chemistry, Physics, Purification, Plasma, Energy, Psychology, Botany, Zoology, Astronomy, Nuclear Energy, Solar Energy, Anthropology, Archaeology, Entomology, Herpetology,

Hathor Scientists: Biologists, Chemists, Physicists,

Hathor Technology: Automobiles, Computers, Trucks, Machinery, Automation, Trains, Ships, Air Planes, Motorcycles, Rockets, Generators, Electronics, Radio, Television, Broadcasting, Satellites, Highways,

Hathor Society: Nations, Peoples, Races, Government, Propaganda, Treasure, Bounty, Sex Games, Civilization, Motivation, Health Care, Politics, Love Games, Courtship, Teaching, Training, Military, Sisterhood, Motherhood, Relationships, Friendship, Marriage, Annulment, Divorce, Smoking, Drinking, Fishing, Camping, Outdoors, Indoors, Police, Defense, Contracts, Organizing, Food, Drink, Plenty, Gambling, Gaming, Religion, Commons, Meeting, Building, Play, Sports, Mail, Advertizing, Gifts, Selling, Buying, Weaving, Women, Hunting, Gathering, War, Migration, Entertainment, Traders, Conquers, Missionaries, Anthropologists, Historians, Travelers, Ethnographers, Urbanization, Centralization, Primitive, Modern, Traditions, Folk Ways, Industry, Industrialization, Evolution, Agriculture, Tribes, Peoples, Customs, Nobility, Elect, Elders, Classes, Guilds, Idioms, Scholars, Gentlemen, Ladies, Officials, Housing, Nurses, Doctors, Lawyers, Police, Military, Folk Lore, Legends, Weddings, Banquets, Academy, Rules, Laws, Values,

Hathor Body: Fertility, Mating, Sex, Conception, Child Birth, Intoxication, Fondling, Petting, Orgasm, Virility, Sex Organs, Sexuality, Eating, Excretion, Breath, Sensation, Brain, Bones, Spine, Spinal Cord, Ribs, Skull, Head, Face, Femur, Tibia, Fingers, Finger Nails, Hands, Palms, Feet, Sole, Heel, Toes, Toe Nails, Legs, Knees, Thighs, Hips, Arms, Elbows, Shoulders, Lungs, Stomach, Intestines, Vocal Cords, Heart, Muscles, Tendons, Eyes, Skin, Hair, Mouth, Nose, Ears, Tongue, Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, Hearing, the Senses, Volition, Emotions, Intuition, Unconscious, Talking, Whispering, Vocalization, Substance, Dreams, Sensation, Thinking, Thought, Purification, Female, Male, Genders, Life Span, Fulfillment, Pleasures, Loving, Daughters, Sons, Adolescence, Childhood, Cheerfulness, Personality, Enjoyment, Dreams, Exercise,

Hathor Language: A, O, E, I, U, Y, Vowels, Consonants, Semantics, Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Greek, Latin, English, French, German, Japanese,

Hathor Under World: Scams, Pornography, Criminals, Syndicates, Drugs, Police, Secrets, Spies, Counter Intelligence, Secret Agents, Secret Police, Security, Trickery, Fraud, Con Games, Charlatans, Conspiracies, Barbarians, Slaves, Torture, Execution, Mouse Cult, Peace Work, Sabotage, Espionage, Arson, Rape, Murder,

Hathor Occult: Empathy, Soul Science, Soul Travel, Not Doing, Doing, Transmigration, Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Sophistry, Fetishes, Eros, Agape, Muses, Graces, Fates, Will Power, Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Secrets, Purification, the Bible a.k.a. Sixth Book of Moses, War Craft, Pyramid, Under World, Matrix, Will, Sacrifice, Chakras, Divination, Necromancy, Nigromancy, Alchemy, Magic, Astrology, Numerology, Geomancy, Conjuring, Sorcery, Witch Craft, Magicians, Mysticism, Superstition, Shamans, Witch Doctors, Supernatural, Spells, Incantations, Charms, Mediums, Mystics, Medicine Men, Medicine Women, Yantras, Mantras, Rituals, Ritual Magic, Ceremonial Magic, Taboos, Sacred, Profane, Priests, Priestesses, Symbols, Chants, Music, Amulets, Candles, Prophets, Magic Books, Magic Diagrams, Augury, Evil Eye, Paganism, Bibliomancy, Prayers, Blessings, Curses, Fertility, Adjurations, Talismans, Astral Travel, Astral Plane, Kabbala, Hermticism, Spirits, Angels, Virtues, Powers, Aliens, New Age, Heresy, Totems, Oracles, Wild Man of the Woods, Plow Monday, Harvest Home, Trance, Hypnosis, Morris Dance, Hobby Horse, Sword Dance, Feast of Fools, Fertility Rites, Saturnalia, Yule Fest, Carnival, Circus, Martyrs, Mystery Plays, Dreams, Real Places,

Hathor Religion: Ancient Egyptian Religion, Witchcraft, Christianity, Jews, Islam, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Taoism, Martial Arts, Mithraism, Wicca, Zoroasterism, Masons, Scientology, Templars, Gurus, Saints, Sikhism, Satanism, Native American Religion, Shinto, Confucianism, Eschatology, Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation), Rosicrucians, Comparative Religion, Shamanism, Voodoo, Spirituality,

Honor, Modeling, Egypt, Canada, United States,),

White Nirrti (Catherine Person, Nirrti the Beloved, Eleventh Dasa Maha Vidya, Eleventh Seforith, Nirrti the Beautiful, Heavenly Sisterhood of Nirrti, Sister of Tanith, Nirrti the Angel of Purity, Nirrti the Good,

Divine Discernment, Solar Deity, Lunar Deity, Savior, Catherine Mother, Holy Helper, Healing, The Evil Queen, She is a Deity that deals with Extreme Evil, Earth Magic, Basis of Reality, Hunting, Gathering, Fishing, Empathy, Matrix, Black Operations, Cheerfulness, Fun,

White Nirrti Virtues are Goodness, Grace, Purity, Faith, Hope, Charity, Pity, Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Rightness, Resignation, Vigilance, Penitence, Honesty, Benevolence, Mercy, Piety, Chastity, Intelligence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Power, Love, Marriage, Destruction, Darkness, Evil, Will, Black, White,

White Nirrti Tools and Objects:

White Nirrti Aversive: Filth, Dirt, Earth, Terra, Dust, Ashes, Barren, Graveyards, Crematoria, Cemeteries, Cremation Grounds, Cadaver, Clay, Negative, Fools, Mud, Swamps, Deserts, Muck, Crud, Creep, Slime, Slippery, Diseases, Sickness, Madness, Garbage, Dumps, Waste, Poisons,

White Nirrti Art: Painting, Books, Play, Sports, Writing, Journalism, Broadcasting, Print Media, Broadcast Media, Internet, Political Science, Comparative Religion, Poetry, Songs, Music, Literature, Fiction, Science Fiction, Non Fiction, Horror Fiction, Spy Novels, Detective Stories, Biographies, Autobiographies, History, Acting, Stage, Opera, Semiology,

White Nirrti Science: Electronics, Radio, Television, Radar, X Rays, Gamma Rays, Experiments, Medicine, Radiation, Impurity, Chemistry, Physics, Purification, Plasma, Energy, Psychology, Botany, Zoology, Astronomy, Nuclear Energy, Solar Energy,

White Nirrti Occult: Occult, Hidden, Unknown, Tao, Doing, Not Doing, Impurity, Weapons, Purification, Yoga, Tantra, Relationships, Mind, Will Power, ESP, Magic, Psychic, Fetish, Demons, Angels, Daimons, Spirits, Ghosts, Devils, Gods, Goddesses, Necromancy, Demonology, Geomancy, Divination, Cabala, Numerology, Astrology, Horoscope, Zodiac, Fate, Destiny, Goddesses, Saints, Asuras, Gunas, Tamas, Rajas, Satava, Heaven, Meditation, Contemplation, Offerings,

White Nirrti Animals and Plants: Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Predators, Cats, Rats, Mice, Bacteria, Protozoa, Viruses, Parasites, Worms, Leeches, Insects, Spiders, Jelly Fish, Doves, Pomegranate, Swans, Olive Trees, Myrtles, Palm Trees, Holly,

White Nirrti Taboo: Tantric Taboo Foods; Mushrooms, Pork, Fish, Dog Meat, Beef, Elephant Meat, Horse Meat, and Human Meat, Tantric Unclean; Blood, Sperm, Urine, Feces, Lymph, Mucus, and Saliva, Social Taboo; Murder, Incest, Cannibalism, Witchcraft, Vendetta,

White Nirrti Under World: Deception, Propaganda, Psychological Warfare, Sophistry, Black Operations, Secret Agents, Anarchy, Alcoholics Anonymous, 12 Step Programs, Drug Treatment Programs, Anarchos, Mobs, Tumult, Riots, Syndicate, Crime, Banishment, Exile, Refugees, Racism, Bigotry, Evil, Harassment, Bullies, Rape, Secrets, Undoing, Death, Espionage, Counter Culture, Sabotage, Vandalism, Weapons,

White Nirrti Society: Society, Culture, Veterans, War Veterans, Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Capitalism, Democracy, Republic, Government, Executive, Judicial, Legislative, Congress, Parliament, Courts, Public Service, Social Security, Social Service, Health Care, Military, Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Customs, Air Force, Marine Corps, Intelligence Gathering, War, Peace, Networks, Communications, Defense, Police, Sanitation, Public Safety, National Security, General Welfare, Press, Organizing, Media, Truth, Life, Prisons, Public Health, Shopping, Spending,

OH!, OM, AUM, AUMG, OM Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hung!, OM AH HUM,

White Nirrti Language: A, O, E, I, U, Y, Vowels, Consonants, Semantics,

White Nirrti Countries: India, Nepal, Bhutan, China, United States of America,

Teaching, Training, Learning, Influence, Shop, Adding, Stuff, More, Always, Was, Is, There, It, He, She, Seaman, Export, Lot, Memory, Foods,

White Nirrti Religions: Christians, Jews, Moslems, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism, Martial Arts, Mithraism, Wicca, Zoroasterism, Witchcraft, Masons, Templars, Scientology, Gurus, Saints, Sikhism, the Bible a.k.a. Sixth Book of Moses, Satanism, Native American Religion, Shinto, Confucianism, Eschatology, Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation), Rosicrucians,

OH!, Pyramids,),

Au Set (Mother Isis, Sister of Hathor, Sophia, The Holly Diety, Solar Deity, Lunar Deity, Heaven, Dasa Maha Vidya, Catherine Mother,

Au Set Virtues: Goodness, Grace, Purity, Faith, Hope, Charity, Pity, Power, Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Rightness, Vigilance, Penitence, Honesty, Intelligence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Benevolence,

Divine Discernment Au Set Presides over:

OH!, OM, AUM, AUMG, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hung! OM AH HUM,

Au Set Presides over: Waxing Moon, Women, Savior, Relationships, Red, Love, Life, Under World, Marriage, Fun, Empathy, War,

Au Set Art: Painting, Writing, Philosophy,

Au Set Science: History, Psychology,

Au Set Society: Organizing, Hunting, Gathering,

Au Set Animals and Plants: Predators, Cats, Cows, Hollies, Doves, Pomegranate, Swans, Olive Trees, Myrtles, Palm Trees,

Au Set Underworld: Criminals, Gangs, Informants,

Au Set Occult: Yoga, Tantra,

Au Set Religion: Witchcraft, Christianity, Jews, Islam, Destiny, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism, Martial Arts, Mithraism, Wicca, Zoroasterism, Masons, Templars, Scientology, Gurus, Saints, Sikhism, Satanism, Native American Religion, Shinto, Confucianism, Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation), Rosicrucians,

Purification, Philosophy, Arts, Sciences, Pyramid, Egypt, and Enchantment),

Nephthys (Sister of Hathor, Lady of the House, Catherine of the House, Solar Deity, Lunar Deity, Heaven,

Nephthys Virtues: Goodness, Grace, Purity, Faith, Hope, Charity, Pity, Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Rightness, Vigilance, Penitence, Honesty, Savior, Intelligence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Life, Love, Fun, Benevolence,

Divine Discernment Nephthys Presides over: Waning Moon, Decomposition, Egypt, Magical Ground, Pyramid, Dasa Maha Vidya,

OH!, OM, AUM, AUMG, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hung!, OM AH HUM,

Nephthys Art: Writing, Movies,

Nephthys Science: Optometry, Psychology, Physics,

Nephthys Society: Women, Relationships, Marriage, Organizing, Hunting, Gathering, Civilizations, Towns, Recycling,

Nephthys Animals: Predators, Cats, Vultures, Holly, Doves, Pomegranate, Swans, Olive Trees, Myrtles, Palm Trees,

Nephthys Under World:

Nephthys Occult: Yoga, Tantra, Afterlife, Empathy, Savior,

Nephthys Religion: Witchcraft, Christianity, Jews, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Jainism, Martial Arts, Mithraism, Taoism, Wicca, Zoroasterism, Masons, Templars, Scientology, Gurus, Saints, Sikhism, Satanism, Native American Religion, Shinto, Confucianism, Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation)), Rosicrucians,

Catherine (White Persephone, Sister of Tanith, White Proserpina, Mana (Power of Catherine), Katherine, Katharine, Catharine, Catharsis Deity, Catharsis Girl, Oh Canada!, Oh Say Can You See!, Oh God!, Tripura Catherine, The Flower of Womanhood, Pandemos (Of All the People), Venus Genetrix, Catherine Queen, Catherine Mother, Catherine Matrix, Canada Catherine, Spirit of Canada, Catherine Saints, Catherine Talk, Catherine Sayings, Catherine Table, Catherine Cats, Cat Place, Heaven, Savior, Catherine Shepard's Crook, Catherine that Destroys Evil, Psyche, Fates, Graces, Muses, Bast: The Cat Virtues and Powers, The Cat Deity, Egyptian Cat Goddess Bast, Solar Deity, Lunar Deity, Kitty, Kitten,

Cupid, Psyche, Persuasion, Eros, Three Charites (Graces), Horae (Seasons), World Egg, Easter Egg, Easter Lily, Easter, May Day, the Star, Shri Yantra, Shri Pyramid, Solar Deity, the Moon, the Sun, the Planet Venus, the Love Goddess,

Catherine Virtues :Goodness, Grace, Purity, Intelligence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Charity, Faith, Hope, Pity, Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Rightness, Resignation, Vigilance, Penitence, Honesty, Chastity, Mercy, Love, Fear, Work, Mind, Fun, Joy, Bliss, Ecstacy, Fulfillment, Grace, Glory, Plenty, Law, Patriotism, Justice, Affection, Strength, Endurance, Loyalty, Fidelity, Beauty, Modesty, Luxury, Courage, Megalopsyche, Independence, Self-Reliance, Magnanimity, Resignation, Sympathy, Benevolence, Nobility, Intuition, Prudence, Altruism, Benevolence, Standards, Norms, Values, Eudaimonia (Gk. Happiness), Nonmaleficence, Self-Improvement, Liberty, Maximin, Maxis, Identity, Innocence, Benevolence,

Catherine (Catharsis) Tools: Catherine's Skully Skull, Catherine's Armor, Catherine's Scepter, Catherine's Bow, Catherine's White Ribbon of Purity, Catherine's Trident, Catherine's Cupid's Bow and Arrows, Catherine's Sacred Heart (Saint Valentine's Day Heart), Catherine's Holy Bibles, Catherine's Books, Catherine's Cards, Catherine's Dolls, Careful Catherines, Catherine's Case, Catherine's Cup, Catherine's Perfumes, Catherine's Rings, Catherine's Buttons, Catherine's Candy, Catherine's Champagne, Catherine's Clothes, Catherine's Cowry Shells, Catherine's Love Beads, Catherine's Cap, Catherine's Food, Catherine's Shoes, Catherine's Shows, Catherine's News, Catherine's Reports, Catherine's Treats, Catherine's Lucky Four Leaf Clovers, Catherine's Easter Lilies, Catherine's Easter Baskets, Catherine's May Poles, Catherine's Engagement Rings, Catherine's Wedding Rings, Catherine's Scissors, Catherine's Needle and Thread, Catherine's Bed, Catherine's Car, Catherine's House, Saint Catherine's Hospice, Catherine's Medicine, Catherine's Work, Catherine's Blue Bonnet,

OH!, OM, AUM, AUMG, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hung!, OM AH HUM,

Divine Discernment Catherine Presides over: Women, Relationships, Marriage, Contracts, Greece, Cheerfulness, Organizing, Hunting, Gathering, Empathy, Research, Courtship Rules, Rules of Engagement, Beginnings, Techno Wizardry, Sex, Sexuality, Concentration, Meditation, Contemplation, Hunting, Gathering, Empathy, Teaching, Training, Learning, Bast Presides over Predators, Controls Mice, Rats, Snakes, and Birds, Gets Rid of Plague, Hunting, Gathering, Empathy,

Catherine Colors: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Brown, Black, White, Transparent,

Catherine Arts: Arts, Philosophy, Hellenism, History of Ancient Greece, Alexander the Great, Economy, Education, History, World History, Ancient Egyptian History, Library Science, Research, Biography, Autobiography, Poetry, Painting, Broadcasting, Print Media, Journalism, Commercial Photography, Advertizing, Teleological Ethics (Gk. telos, end; logos, science), Deontological Ethics (Gk. deon, duty), Semiology, Vaudeville, Sophistry, Propaganda, Galleries, Entertainment, Poetry, Plays, Inventions, Art of War, Games, Copyrights,

Catherine Artists: Journalists, Authors, Inventors, Players, Singers, Dancers, Philosophers, Dramatists, Metaphysicians,

Catherine Science: General Science, Purification, Cleaning, Purging, Catharsis, Nursing, Doctors, Health, Biology, Botany, Zoology, Memory, Computer Science, Anthropology, Comparative Sociology,

Catherine Scientists: Chemists, Physicists, Mathematicians,

Catherine Technology: Technology, Machines, Computers, Cars, Buses, Trucks, Trains,

Catherine Occupations: Economists, Lawyers, Historians, Poets, Writer, Liberians, Entertainers, Soldiers, Detectives, Police Men, Police Women, Nurses, Doctors, House Wives,

Catherine Country: Greece, Canada, United States of America (America), Egypt, France, Italy, Ireland, England,

Catherine Underworld: Purification, Cleaning, Purging, Catharsis, Anarchy, Crime, Mob, Syndicate, Murder, Rape, Arson, Drugs, Narcotics, Money Laundering, Con Games, Fraud, Informants, Espionage, Gambling, Racketeering, Secret Agents, Secret Police, Computer Hacking,

Catherine Occult: Purification, Cleaning, Purging, Catharsis, Yoga, Tantra, Secrets, Dasa Maha Vidya, Other Worlds, Heaven, Meditation, Awareness, Mind, Soul, Heaven, Yoga, Tantra,

Catherine Society: Nations, Peoples, Races, Businesses, Corporations, Enterprises, Government, Nationalism, Politics, Police, Hospitals, Military, Prisons, Guards, Security, Education, Students, Teachers, Social Services, Service Work, Industry, Culture, Law, Ethics, Morales, Bast Society: Gifts, Offering, Marriage, Relationships, Instruction, Teaching,

Catherine Animals and Plants: Predators, Cats, Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Holly, Doves, Pomegranate, Swans, Olive Trees, Myrtles, Palm Trees,

Catherine Religion: Ancient Egyptian Religion, Religion of the Ancient Greeks, Witchcraft, Christians, Jews, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Martial Arts, Mithraism, Taoism, Wicca, Zoroasterism, Masons, Templars, Scientology, Gurus, Saints, Sikhs, Satanism, Native American Religion, Shinto, Confucianism, Eschatology, Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation), Rosicrucians),

Hastur (Puss n' Boots, Brother of Tanith, Astr, Solar Deity, Lunar Deity, Christ that gets rid of Plague, Harvester, Dark Christ, Omega Christ, Cat Christ with a Shepard's Crook, King in Yellow, Golden Catherine Wheel, Pallid Mask, All the Virtues and Powers of the Cat, Hastur Catherines, Hastur the Power Broker, Handles the Demons, Dealing with the Gods, Making Arrangements,

Hastur Virtues: Goodness, Grace, Purity, Mercy, Faith, Hope, Charity, Pity, Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Rightness, Vigilance, Penitence, Chastity, Intelligence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Love, Patience, Gratitude, Humility, Resignation, Honesty, Benevolence, Fun, Joy, Bliss, Ecstacy, Fulfillment, Grace, Glory, Plenty,

Divine Discernment, Hastur Presides over: Predators, Cats, Felidae, Holly, Doves, Pomegranate, Swans, Olive Trees, Myrtles, Palm Trees,

Shepard of the Others e.g. YHVH (God the Father, Jehovah, First Person of the Holy Trinity, Good, The Creator, The Holy Spirt of God, Second Person of the Holy Trinity of YHVH, the Holy Ghost, The Holy Spirit of Divine Life, Third Person of the Trinity of YHVH, Jeshua, Yeshua, Jehovah Saves, Jesus the Christ of Nazareth, Prince of Peace, Emanuel, Lamb of God, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Savior, Salvation, Son of God, God the Son, Allah as declared by Mohammed God's Prophet, Alar Winged Cat Deity Lightening without Thunder, Virgin Mary (Mother of God, Immaculate Conception), Michael (Archangel, Eagle of God), Gabriel (Archangel, Hawk of God), Baal Peor the Lord of the Opening, Lilith Queen of the Witches the Lady of Time, Belial the Trash Master, Asmodeus the Spear Man of Anger, Astaroth the Living Shadow of the Goddess Astarte the God Atar the Delatore of the Temple of Astarte ''Astarte'' meaning ''Star Sent'' this means Astarte could be anything Feminine that comes down from Heaven usually some kind of Love Diety a.k.a. Heavenly Venus, Urania Aphrodite (Heavenly Aphrodite) Moria , Agni the Fire Chief, Tlaloc Poetry Guinea Pig Man, Huitzilopochtli, ''the Hummingbird of the Left'', Butterfly Woman Goddess Itzpapálotl (''Obsidian-Butterfly''), Tezcatlipoca nahualli (''animal disguise'') Ocelot, Tzitzimime Dangerous Beings, Lo Ray El Good Girl, the Smoking Witch, John Barleycorn, ''Mr. Peanut'' as Jesus that comes from a Pea Weevil in a Raw Peanut, Azazel the Living Shadow of Death, Oshman the Baby God, The God Khephra and Khephri the World Builders, Horus Fire of Love, Setech the Pure Destroyer (Kitten Form) in charge of Heavenly Security, Neptune the Underground Streams and the World Seas, We are Dis Pater We are Father Earth, Mr. Painless Kitten Warrior, Lauren Holly Big Being, Catherine McPherson Big Being, Karen Carpenter Big Being, Osiris the Deathless One the Lord of Time, Ahriman Angra Mainyu The Spirit of Anguish the Creator of Another Cosmos the Lord of Suffering, Baal Hammon the Lord of the Hidden World and Fire, Mlk the Sacrificial Man that makes the Sacrifice Happen, Baalzebub the Lord of the Flies (Lord of Everything that Flies like Insects, Birds, and Bats),the Slain Brother of Mitra Yama Lord of the Mithraic World System, We are Silence We are Secret, Yuga The Yoga of the Ages, We are Hel We are Peace! When people need Peace they have to raise Hel!, We are Lok we are the Trickster!, Mithra (Mitra) Father Mithras, We are Set! We are One!

Hastur Sayings: The Lord of Suffering be with you always.

Hastur Heaven: Holiness, Mansion, Cats, Savior, Tribute, Hunting, Gathering, Kingdom, Abode of Lost Souls, Dark Stars, Hyades, Planet Bast, Kitten Warriors,

Hastur Arts: Books, Story Telling, Fiction, Science Fiction, Horror Fiction, Crime Fiction, Education, Liberal Arts, Logic, Mathematics, Geometry, Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, Philosophy, Biography, Autobiography, Music, Journalism, Broadcasting, Print Media, Art, Commercial Art, Advertizing, Films, Movies, Film Making, History, Ancient History, Comparative Religion, Semiology,

Hastur Sciences: Chemistry, Physics, Science History, Space, Time, Radiation, Technology, Minerals, Elements, Plasma, Memory, Psychology, Biology, Botany, Zoology, Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom,

OH!, OM, AUM, AUMG, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hung!, OM AH HUM,

Hastur Religion: Christianity, Jews, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Martial Arts, Mithraism, Taoism, Wicca, Zoroasterism, Witchcraft, Masons, Templars, Scientology, Gurus, Saints, Native American Religion, Sikhism, Satanism, Shinto, Confucianism, Eschatology, Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation), Rosicrucians,

Hastur Society: Government, Politics, Legislative, Congress, Parliament, Judicial, Court, Magistrate, Executive, Defense, Military, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Customs, Police, Fire Department, Postal Service, Society, Social Services, Social Security, Culture, War, Peace, Contracts, Prisons, Truth, Travel, Cleaning, Organizing, Teaching, Schooling, Public Health,

Hastur Occult: Yoga, Tantra, Uncleanness, the Elements, the Bible, Sixth Book of Moses, Meditation, Contemplation, Wizards, Unholiness, Evil, Demons, Angels, Mind, Empathy, Black, White, Light, Yellow, Gold, Sound, Noise,

Under World Hastur: Police, Secrets, Anarchy, Mob, Syndicate, Spies, Occult, Mike Saez, Mike Brown),

Neptune (Neptunus, Poseidon,

Neptune Virtues : Goodness, Grace, Purity, Faith, Hope, Charity, Pity, Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Rightness, Vigilance, Penitence, Honesty, Mercy, Plenty, Love, Wisdom, Understanding, Benevolence,

Divine Discernment, Neptune Presides over Blue, Travel, Water, Heaven, Hunting, Fishing, Empathy, Gathering, Sea Cats, Underground Streams, and the Seas, Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Holly, Cats,

OM, AUM, AUMG, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hung!, OM AH HUM,

Neptune Art: Water Colors,

Neptune Science: Physics,

Neptune Occult: Yoga, Tantra, Teaching,

Neptune Underworld: Water Pollution,

Neptune Religion: Christianity, Jews, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Martial Arts, Mithraism, Taoism, Wicca, Zoroasterism, Witchcraft, Masons, Templars, Scientology, Gurus, Saints, Sikhism Shinto, Confucianism, Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation)), Rosicrucians,

Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar Augustus (Imperium, Virtues of Rome, Divine Discernment,

Tiberius Virtues: Goodness, Grace, Purity, Faith, Hope, Charity, Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Rightness, Resignation, Penitence, Vigilance, Honesty, Fun, War, Love, Peace, Pity, Mercy, Chastity, Patience, Intelligence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Benevolence,

Tiberius Art:

Tiberius Science:

Tiberius Society:

Tiberius Occult:

Our Minister, the Legions of Rome, Peace and Safety, Government, Politics, Society, Civilization, Roman Philosophy, Sophistry, Dogs, Cats, Secrets, Police, Hunting, Gathering, Empathy, Defense, Military, Teaching,

OH!, OM, AUM, AUMG, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hung!, OM AH HUM,

Tiberius Religion: Christianity, Jews, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Taoism, Wicca, Martial Arts, Mithraism, Zoroasterism, Witchcraft, Masons, Templars, Scientology, Gurus, Saints, Sikhism, Shinto, Confucianism, Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation), Rosicrucians, and Big Being),

Saint Catherine of Alexandria (One of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, Heaven, Divine Discernment,

Virtues, Goodness, Grace, Purity, Faith, Hope, Charity, Pity, Chastity, Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Rightness, Resignation, Penitence, Honesty, Vigilance, Mercy, Patience, Intelligence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Benevolence,

OH!, OM, AUM, AUMG, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hung!, OM AH HUM,

Religion: Christianity, Jews, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Jainism, Wicca, Martial Arts, Mithraism, Zoroasterism, Witchcraft, Masons, Templars, Scientology, Gurus, Saints, Sikhism, Shinto, Confucianism Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation)), Rosicrucians,

Saint Catherine of Siena (Patroness; Italy, Nurses, the Dying, Divine Discernment, Heaven,

Virtues, Goodness, Grace, Purity, Faith, Hope, Charity, Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Penitence, Honesty, Chastity, Mercy, Patience, Intelligence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Benevolence,

Religion: Christianity, Jews, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Taoism, Martial Arts, Mithraism, Wicca, Zoroasterism, Masons, Templars, Scientology, Gurus, Saints, Sikhism, Shinto, Confucianism, Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation), Rosicrucians,

Oh!, OM, AUM, AUMG, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hung!, OM AH HUM),

Saint Catherine Laboure (Patroness; the Miraculous Medal, Heaven, Divine Discernment,

Virtues, Goodness, Grace, Purity, Faith, Hope, Charity, Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Rightness, Penitence, Honesty, Chastity, Mercy, Patience, Intelligence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Benevolence,

Religion: Christianity, Jews, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Jainism, Wicca, Martial Arts, Mithraism, Taoism, Zoroasterism, Masons, Templars, Scientology, Gurus, Saints, Sikhism, Shinto, Confucianism, Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation), Rosicrucians,

Oh!, OM, AUM, AUMG, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hung!, OM AH HUM),

Saint Katherine Drexel (Patroness; South Louisiana, Racism, Xavier University of Louisiana, Divine Discernment, Heaven,

Virtues, Goodness, Grace, Purity, Faith, Hope, Charity, Chastity, Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Rightness, Penitence, Honesty, Mercy, Patience, Intelligence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Benevolence,

Religion: Christianity, Jews, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Wicca, Martial Arts, Mithraism, Taoism, Zoroasterism, Masons, Templars, Scientology, Gurus, Saints, Sikhism, Shinto, Confucianism, Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation), Rosicrucians,

Oh!, OM, AUM, AUMG, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hung!, OM AH HUM),

Jack Steven Shewmaker (The Big One, Holly O!, Holly Oh!, Grandpa, Old Man Holly, Doctor Taboo, Murdock of the A Team, Jake the Snake, Karma Tashi Gay Phel, Honorary Milk (Mlk), Baal Hammon, Gee Wiz, G Wiz (Government Wizard), the Village Sorcerer, the Sap Man, Pharaoh, the Man, Hastur, Sans (Sanitation) Man, The Roman (Governor),

Jack Steven Shewmaker presides over the Enterprise called LOVE, Cats, Holly,

Jack Steven Shewmaker's Deities; Tanith Pene El, Tanith Pene Baal, Tanith the Face of God, Tanith the Face of the Lord, Enterprise of Tanith, Catherine Person, Hastur (Astr or Ostr) the Dark Christ, Hathor Goddess (Goodness) of Love, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Holly the Daughter of Tanith, Divine Animal the Cat, Divine Plant the Holly, Mlk the Offering Man, Juno Caelestis, God, Fun Goddess of Bali, Joy, Bliss, Ecstacy, Fulfillment, Grace, Glory, Plenty, Astaroth the Delatore of the Temple of Astarte, Kitten Set Terminus Security and Boundaries, Nirrti Hathor Goddess, Old Man Holly (Adonay or Odin),

Shewmaker Virtues: Goodness, Grace, Purity, Hope, Faith, Charity, Pity, Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, Temperance, Rightness, Resignation, Vigilance, Correction, Penitence, Honesty, Benevolence, Mercy, Love, War, Peace, Safety, Chastity, Industry, Blessing, Godliness, Cleanliness, Life, Spirituality, Universality, Intelligence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Sanctity, Rights, Privileges, Honor Code, Informed, Wealth, Riches, Consecration, Redemption, Innocence, Salvation, Savior, Empire, Imperialism, Virtuous, Concentration, Awareness, Citizenship, Residence, Boundaries, Senses, Working, Works, Things, Property, Privacy, Ownership, Milk, Inviolate, Individuality, Freedom, Liberty, Democracy, Authority, Pure, Belonging, Reality, Constants, Forms, Ideals, Ideas, Temperance, Showmanship, Poise, Chaplin, Minister, Ministry, Steward, Calling, Mission, Missionary, Saint, Priest, Priesthood, Prayer, Ceremony, Ritual, Big Being, Divine Discernment, Predator, Provisions, Home, Territory, Place, Repair, Replace, Regenerate, Specialties, Obligations, Originator, Influence, Manipulate, Move, Movement, Quick, Travel, Show Maker, Chief Executive, Research & Development, Work, Wealthy, Exercise, Posture, Occupation, Love, Fun, Pleasure, Reward, Power, Physics, Chemistry, Morales, Ethics, Laws, Opinion, Definitions, Sort, Organization, Abilities, Talents, Mind, Brain, Nervous System, Excretory System, Circulation, Digestion, Assimilation, Interpretation, Discrimination, Universes, Science Fiction, Fiction, Plays, Shoes, Good Health, Society, Relationships, Patriotism, Loyalty, Fidelity, Friendship, Contracts, Mariage, Bargain, Buy, Sell, Goods, Services, Information, Economy, Bond, Word, Office, Official, Sanity, Healing, Miracles, Organization, Advertizing, Models, Media, Communication, Writing, Movies, Music, Computers, Sophistry, Religion, Arts, Sciences, Technologies, Empathy, Drugs, Ecology, Rocks & Minerals, Full Spectrum of Light, Extraterrestrial Life, Cat >n Mouse, Games, Doing, Not Doing, Meditation, Visualization, Vision,

Shewmaker Arts: Philosophy, Comparative Religion, Drawing,

Shewmaker Sciences: Sociology, Psychology, Medicines, Toxicology, Computer Sciences,

Shewmaker Society: Politics, News, Information, Food, Sports, Playing, Learning, Training, Education, Exterminating, Hunting, Gathering, Military, Police, Government, Fishing, Conservation,

Shewmaker Animals and Plants: Holly, Cats, Dragons,

Shewmaker Occult: Angels, Saints, Heroes, Yoga, Tantra,

Religion: Religion of the Virtues, Christianity, Jews, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Wicca, Martial Arts, Zoroasterism, Witchcraft, Masons, Templars, Scientology, Taoism, Gurus, Saints, Sikhism, Shinto, Confucianism, Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation), Rosicrucians,

Oh!, OM, AUM, AUMG, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hung!, OM AH HUM,

Shri Yantra, Shri Pyramid, Hathor Pyramid, YHVH, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, Tanith, Daughters of Tanith, Mlk, White Nirrti, Catherine Person, Astarte, Hathor, Isis, Nephthys, Bast, Catherine, Mana, Proserpina, Lilith, Hastur, Oshman, Horus, Set, Khephra, Tlaloc, Tezcatlipoca, Neptune, Dis Pater, Psyche, Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar Augustus, Roman Virtues, Naga King, Naga Queen, All the Catherines: Virtues, Powers, Purifiers)

All the Catherines ( All the Catherines are Virtues, Powers, and Purifiers: Virtues of God, Oh God!, Powers of God, Virtues of America, Oh Say Can You See, Powers of America, Virtues of Tennessee, Oh Tennessee, Powers of Tennessee, Virtues of Nashville, Oh Nashville, Powers of Nashville, Virtues of Canada, Oh Canada, Powers of Canada, Virtues, Powers, Purifiers,

Major Catherines: Goodness, Grace, Purity, Love, Mercy, Chastity, Might, Hope, Faith, Charity, Pity, Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Rightness, Vigilance, Honesty, Compassion, Intellect, Intelligence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Patience, Honesty, Patriotism, Victory, Bliss, Norms, Values, Discipline, Law, Benevolence,

Catherine Qualities: Considerate Catherine, Catherine Illustration, Cleanup Catherine, Catherine's Little Girls, Catherine Toddlers, Catherine Babies, Catherine Kittens, Catherine Puppies, Catherine Hollies, Holly Catherines, Holy Catherines, Catherine Places, Catherine Houses, Catherine Families, Catherine Games, Planet Catherine, Catherine Star, Catherine Moon, Catherine Food, Catherine Clothes, Catherine Wheels, Catherine Portions, Catherine Provisions, Catherine Life, Catherine Gardens, Catharine Toys, Catherine Watching, Catherine Treats, Catherine Fun, Catherine Joy, Catherine Laughter, Catherine Playing, Catherine Sports, Catherine Cat and Mouse Game, Catherine's the Great Game, Catherine Spying, Catherine Candy, Catherine Nurturing, Catherine Affection, Catherine Enjoyment, Catherine's Climb Trees, Catherine Holes, Catherine Hideaways, Catherine Cute, Catherine Charming, Catherine Cuddle, Catherine Sunny Sun, Catherine Heidi Holes, Catherine Love, Catherine Empathy, Catherine Little Goody Two Shoes, Catherine Pets, Catherine Christmas Pyramid, Catherine Clean, Catherine Call, Catherine Dominion, Catherine Control, Catherine Authority, Catherine Power, Catherine Heaven, Catherine Talking, Catherine Inspiration, Catherine Rights, Catherine Freedom, Catherine Ways, Catherine Liberty, Catherine Democracy, Catherine Systems, Catherine Children, Catherine Looking, Catherine Things, Catherine Defense, Catherine Offense, Catherine Weapons, Catherine Speed, Enduring Catherine, Catherine Gifts, Catherine Work, Catherine Belongings, Catherine Decorations, Decorating Catherine, Catherine Protection, Catherine Imperialism, Catherine Life, Catherine Measurement, Catherine Accounting, Catherine Sophistication, Careful Catherine, Catherine Case, Catherine Purse, Catherine Territory,

Divine Discernment, Catherines Preside over:

Catherine (Catharsis) Tools: Skull, Armor, Scepter, Bow, Ribbon, Trident, Bow and Arrows, Catherine's Sacred Heart (Saint Valentine's Day Heart), Holy Bible, Catherine Books, Catherine Cards, Catherine Dolls, Catharine Machines, Catherine Communicators, Catherine Security Sentinels, Catherine Connectors, Catherine Collection, Catherine Case, Catherine's Blue Bonnet of Purity,

Catherine Technology: Technology, Machines, Computers, Cars, Buses, Trucks, Trains,

Catherine Occupations: Economists, Lawyers, Historians, Poets, Writer, Liberians, Entertainers, Soldiers, Detectives, Police Men, Police Women, Nurses, Doctors, House Wives,

Catherine Under World: Police, Secret Agents, Secrets, Crime, Gangs, Vigilantes, Invisible,

Catherine Animals and Plants: Cats, Holly,

Catharine Arts: Media, Painting, Music, Communication, Music, Learning, Schooling, Education, Training, Biography, Writing, Films, Movies, Journalism, Philosophy, Comparative Religion, Games, Spelling, Reading, Political Science, Police Science, History, Ethics, Logic, Internet, History, Religion, Politics, Fascism, Communism, Theology, Semiology (Sign Study), Illustration,

Catharine Sciences: Full Light Spectrum, Matter, Universes, Psychology, Time, Space, Motion, Radiation, Energy, Worlds, Health, Physics, Electronics, Chemistry, Medicines, Drugs, Tools, Laboratory, Technology, Geography, Geology, Biology, Botany, Zoology, Computer Science, Sun, Moon, Stars, Sky, Periodic Table, Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Minerals, Rocks, Artificial Intelligence, Gem Stones,

Catherine Body, Nature, Nurture, Nourishing, Memory, Hearing, Vision, Eyes, Ears, Touch, Skin, Taste, Smell, Nose, Mouth, Sex, Feelings, Breathing, Thinking, Aging, Maturation, Movement, Sleep, Rest, Relaxation, Stress, Health, Thought, Thinking, Emotion, Passion, Blood, Organs, Brain, Skeleton, Skull, Teeth, Hair, Fingers, Toes, Legs, Torso, Chest, Navel, Belly Button, Sex Organs, Anus, Back, Solar Plexus, Heart, Stomach, Food, Drink, Fresh Air, Clothing, Sanity, Shelter,

Catherine Colors: White, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Orange, Purple, Brown, Grey, Black, Transparent,

Catherine Calendar: Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Holidays, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, Leap Year, Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Second,

Catherine Society: Government, War, Peace, Safety, Surveillance, Transportation, Gardening, Employment,

Catherine Religion: Witchcraft, Christianity, Jews, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Martial Arts, Jainism, Taoism, Wicca, Zoroasterism, Mithraicism, Masons, Templars, Scientology, Gurus, Saints, Nuns, Ministers, Chaplains, Cults, Satanism, Sikhism, Shinto, Confucianism, Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation), Rosicrucians,

Oh!, Ah, Uh!, OM, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hung!, OM AH HUM,

Catherine Occult: Spells, Yantras, Mandalas, Mantras, Visualizations, Visions, Doing, Not Doing, Karma, Destiny, Fate, Law Giving, Sophistry, Magic, Blessing, Sainthood, Sacrifice, Offering, Guardians, Yoga, Tantra, Spiritual Life, the Bible, Sixth Book of Moses, Muses, the Elements, Immortality, Release, Liberation, Seances, Psychic, Paranormal, Radionics, Communion, Union, Demons, Daimons, Elementals, Spirits, Ghosts, Monsters, Ghouls, Vampires, Werewolves, Trolls, Ogres, Adams, Zombies, Rolang, Angels, Archangels, Watchers, Magicians, Monks, Mouse, Mouse People, Mouse Cult, Devils, Cacodemons, Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, Chakras, Metaphysics, Malevolent Empathy, Black Magic, the Magical Ground, Tree of Virtues and Powers,).

Baal Hammon (Lord of the Incense Altar, Ammon the Hidden One, Solar Deity,

Baal Ammon presides over Death for Death is Hidden in Everything. That is sometimes what He is but, not always. This another Name given to Jack Steven Shewmaker by Tanith.

Our Problem with Quakerism

Firstly, Quakers are still fighting the Revolutionary War in the United States. They have a version of History based on their Sophistry. So United States History is comprised of at least Two Historical Sophistries.

We have found out by Holly Magic the Nature of My Enemy. The ''Friends'' also known as Quakers are definitely my Enemies. Their financial empire is still around. Most of the Insurance Industry is still financed by Llyod TBS Group PLC one of the largest comprehensive commercial banks in the United Kingdom, with subsidiary banks in other countries. It is also a major insurance company. It is headquartered in London, England. They underwrite almost all the Insurance Industry in the United States. Insurance constitutes what is almost another branch of government in United States.

Another problem is Quaker Spiritual Life. Because, they believe they are the only Real People on the Planet. They actually believe they own the world. They know they are different. In a sense they want to ''underwrite'' all the Spiritual Life in the World as they have done in the insurance business. They believe the ''world'' is a creation of people. Quakers have no creed. They co-opted Christian Evangelism in many cases for reasons of political, and financial gain only. Yet their solipsism is hidden by a pretense of humanitarian ethics. They tend to go with flow. They can not be trusted from one moment to the next.

They are very cruel like all agrarian peoples. Even in the city they still hold true to their agrarian ideals. It is like the German ideal of the ''Volk''. Quakers have many, many folkways. These folkways are unknown to outsiders. They are raised to be indifferent to the suffering of animals. They are brutal. This where it gets to be a problem when they get into killing their pets. This where they cross a species barrier as well as broken a very significant empathy taboo. This means they can harm people more easily. Then they will harm other people's pets, and property. They become criminals. But, they believe they are playing pranks on people that deserve it. They may go out of this, but they might not if they get into service work. However, they still have a Cult. There are many Cults in this country. Cults are bigger than gangs. Usually they have rules that others may recognize. Unfortunately, Quakers don't have rules like that. Because, they are Anarchists.

What we have looked at is the Problem of Quakerism. There are other Religions like Quakerism, and Secular Cults. This is part of the Mouse Problem. It has to do with stealing, destroying, and desecrating Life on this Planet. It is using Our Own Resources against US. We should not push our luck. As the saying goes. Who wants someone else to be pushing their luck? They are risking our lives not theirs. We hate their Empathy. Why do cats fight? Because, they are not mice.

The solution is War on several fronts. First is Political. We must have Political Party called ''Catharsis''. Objectives are to secure the Social Rights, and Social Freedoms for the People of the United States of America. We secure our Social Rights and Social Freedoms by amending the Constitution of the United States of America just like Civil Rights are secured. We need a Society that supports People, and Other Living Things. Socially America is dying. Our Society is in an advanced state of decay. That is true. The primary theme is Civilization. We do not have the extreme Civilization we must have to continue to exist for very long. We need to Organize, stay Organized, and keep Organizing the people who are still socially, and politically alive. Mobilize the masses. We are going to have to Organize Unilaterally as Catherine International.

We are Cats. Cats are enemies of Mice. The rest are nothing but, dead clay. Hence they are politically, and socially dead. Mice not only destroy they also desecrate. Destruction is against individuals. Desecration is against society in the form of pollution. Mice harm society.

Man Cult

The dualistic idea of two primordial spirits, called twins by Zoroaster, goes back to an Indo-European prototype. As far as this myth can be reconstructed, it seems that there were primordial twins before the creation of the world. They came into conflict. One, whose name was ''Man'' (Iranian *Manu?, Aman''), killed the other, ''Twin'' (Iranian Yama; Avestan Yima), and from the dismembered body he fashioned the world, using the skull for the sky, the flesh for the earth, the bones for mountains, and so forth. In another Iranian variant of this myth Yama appears as the first mortal and the first ruler. The period of his rule, described as a golden age when there was neither death nor old age, neither hot nor cold, and so on, comes to an end when falsehood enters Yama's speech. The royal Glory (Khvarnah) flees from Yama and takes refuge in the cosmic sea. Yama is then overthrown by a serpentine tyrant named Azhi Dahaka (''Dahaka the Snake''), whose rule ushers in a period of drought, ruin, and chaos. In turn, Azhi Dahaka is defeated by the hero Thraitauna, who establishes the legendary line of kings called kavis.

The Story of Ahriman Angra Mainyu The Spirit of Anguish

Let us say there is another Universe along side Our Universe. The Creator of that Universe is very personally involved with His Creation. He really is. The Laws of that Universe are different.

All the Virtues are shared all over Our Universe, and for the most part His Universe. When the Virtues are harmed here He gets interested in Our Universe. He may come here, or send one of His Angels to find out what is going on. If the problem here is serious He will take action.



Guinea Pig is Guinea Pig. Guinea Pig come out of Guinea Pig. Guinea Pig goes back into Guinea Pig. Guinea Pig Man know many, many things. Guinea Pig Man know everything about Guinea Pig. Guinea Pig Man know all about two-legged Guinea Pig. Because, Guinea Pig is Guinea Pig.

Kantian Philosophy

To the extent that thought is True, action is Good.


Aalso called semiotics, semology, or semasiology, the philosophical and scientific study of meaning. The term is one of a group of English words formed from the various derivatives of the Greek verb se-maino- ("to mean" or "to signify"). The noun semantics and the adjective semantic are derived from se-mantikos (''significant''); semiotics (adjective and noun) comes from se-meio-tikos (''pertaining to signs''); semology from se-ma (''sign'') + logos (''account''); and semasiology from se-masia (''signification'') + logos (''account'').

It is difficult to formulate a distinct definition for each of these terms because their use largely overlaps in the literature despite individual preferences. Semantics is a relatively new field of study, and its originators, often working independently of one another, felt the need to coin a new name for the new discipline; hence the variety of terms denoting the same subject. The word semantics has ultimately prevailed as a name for the doctrine of meaning, in particular, of linguistic meaning. Semiotics is still used, however, to denote a broader field: the study of sign-using behaviour in general''.


The Hollies

First there are ''the Hollies''. Those are the Holly Bushes, and Holly Trees. They all have Holly Virtues or Holly Catherines.

Then we have a Holy Holly Tree for the Virtues and Powers also, called ''the Catherines''. The Holy Holly Tree is in people to guard their Life. This to keep the Virtues from being harmed. The Holly Virtues are Hope, Charity, Pity, Love, Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Fear...

There are Holly Deities also, called ''Catherines''. These are Holy Deities in the Enterprise of Tanith sometimes referred to as ''the Hollies''. Of course Jack Steven Shewmaker is also a Holly. They all work with the Virtues and Powers. The Virtues and Powers all work with the Holy Deities of the Enterprise of Tanith called ''Love''.

The Holly Sophistry has a Holly Deity called ''Holly''. Then we have ''Goodness'' the ''Form of the Good'' that determines the contents of the ''World of Forms'', and brings order into it. Holly has the ''Holly O'' also known as the ''Holly OH!'' That is a Big Fertile Holly Berry Seed. This Holly O is also known as a Holly Wreath. The Holly O is from a variety of Holly (Ilex). The Holly Deity is the Daughter of Tanith Pene El. The Holly Deity is Heavenly. This Holly Deity also over "the Lake of Divine Fire" a.k.a. "The Lake of the Prophet Hali" or "the Lake of Holly".  In order to have the Holly Sophistry you have to be Married to the Holly Deity Holly or Holly Catherine Nirrti Hathor Juno the Daughter of Tanith. Every Marriage has a mutually agreed upon sharing of the Good. All these Marriages are done by Tanith as Juno Caelestis. These Marriage Contracts are more binding than an ordinary Contract even with God. Also a Marriage Friend is much better than an ordinary Friend even with God. This is to exclude the Devil.

Every Catherine gives people a Hunting Fetish so they can find Her.

There are people that have the Holly name, or some variation. These are ''Hollies'' too. As well as anyone who has a ''Holly'' in them is a ''Holly''. They are all Big Hollies.

The Forbidden Rock Magic of Dis Pater

You need a rock. Go out, and find one. It needs to be a special stone. Jacob used a rock for a pillow. It gave him good dreams. You can have a stone for somebody. But, maybe you shouldn't have a stone against anyone.

Money Magic

''A penny for your thoughts''. Now, you can buy a person's thoughts for a whole day. Put a penny in the Kitty. Because, you can always bank on the Cat when dealing with a Mouse.

Then there is the magic of Oranges, and Scarabs.

Tree of Life

There is a Tree of Life. That Tree is always a Holly Tree. That has Eleven Centers. It is like the Jewish Tree of Life, or maybe Others. This one is Rooted in the Future. That is to Secure the Future. These Centers are different.


Usually called the Celestial Juno or, Juno Caelestis is of the Elohim Family of Deities. That means Tanith is a Creator. Tanith is a Marriage Deity. Tanith is a Love Deity. Tanith has a large Love World. Tanith comes down when people are being harmed by Love. Tanith usually is very Evil. But, if you woo Tanith then She is very Good. Tanith usually does not take human form. Tanith Pene El is a Heavenly Deity. When She does come down from Heaven Tanith might take the form of something like a Giant Cuttlefish that shines with a Blue Light like an atomic reactor. Tanith can change colors, and turn off Her Light. This actually can be Tanith's Teaching Form. Then She has married you, and put Herself in you.

Imagine a Giant Cuttlefish that lives more than two miles beneath the Ocean's surface. Down there Tanith like hunting, and killing whales. Tanith is a huge ''Sea Cat'' that eats huge ''Sea Mice'' (whales). Tanith catches the Sea Mice by entangling them in Her net of glamour. This Cuttlefish has hooks in Her tentacles that possess a powerful venom. The Tanith animal is equipped with a harpoon that can inject digestive juices into Her prey. Tanith can produce an electromagnetic field that can be defensive, offensive or, glamorous. This Cuttlefish has a blinding dark or, light producing ink to protect Herself. Also, the Tanith animal has a large storage organ or ''purse'' to transport things from one place to another. Tanith can take you places if you are up to it.

Here is another story. In the sea there is a kind of slime that accumulates in certain places. If you see it you certainly do not want to ever touch it. Usually it does not occur close to shore. It is not normally associated with human activity. It is very bad to get it on you since it contains harmful organisms. There are two creatures that feed on it that are even worse. When the Tanith Animal first come She is a huge Monstrous Worm that no one ever wants to see under water.

You have to understand that you can not normally go to where Tanith lives because, you will die there immediately unless you are inside Her. You also, can not live on Tanith's Heavenly Love World. So having a relationship with Tanith is not easy. First Tanith will come down in a distant place. After Tanith has taken form down there then Tanith can come to you. That will take some time.

Holly Sophistry

Tanith Pene El (Auschwitz) is the Law Giver. ". Tanith (Auschwitz or Auschwitz Girl are two distinct Deities that appear alike called Love), Tanith Buna (Auschwitz or Auschwitz Girl of Plenty) can get ''Power of Attorney" from God (Holen) to be God. Tanith can give ''Power of Attorney'' from God to Be God. The Enterprise called LOVE can act in the Name of God. That includes enforcing Prayers, Vows, Oaths, Contracts, and Pledges as Marriages rather than a Contract. Everything has to be done in ''LOVE''.

The Sophistry must be used to promote the Good, the Grace, and the Purity of God. The Framework of the Sophistry is Society. The primary purpose of this Sophistry is to get rid of Mitra, His Servitors, the Light of Heresy, and His People, Mithra's Empathy wherever this Unholiness Exists, or will Exist.

The Sophistry requires a Holly Tree that is the "Tree of Virtues and Powers". This Holly Tree may also, be called a ''Tree of Life''. The Tree of Virtues and Powers is the Holly Tree mentioned in the Sophistry. A ''Family Tree'' is always a Holly Tree. A Teaching Linage Tree like Buddhism, Martial Arts, Yoga as well as Secular Teachings like Science, Art, etc is always a Holly Tree. The Evolutionary Tree is a Holly Tree. The Language Tree is definitely a Holly Tree. A ''State Tree'' is a Holly Tree as well. Every Holy Tree is a Holly Tree. Hathor's sacred Sycamore Tree is a Holly Tree. The Fetish Tree is a Holly Tree. The Bodhi Tree is a Holly Tree. The Yoga Tree of Life is always a Holly Tree. The Christmas Tree is always a Holly Tree. The Genealogy of Jesus Christ of Nazareth parents names of Mary and Joseph are in their respective Holly Trees. The Germania Catherine, a huge Canada Worm, the Ilsa Koch Worm, Leni Riefenstahl Worm, and the Big Lena Heydrich Worm are always there with the Holy Holly Tree. This is to keep the Holly Trees alive, and provision the Virtues and Powers.

The Holly Deity is the Daughter of Tanith named ''Holly'.' Holly is also known as Holly Catherine Nirrti Hathor Juno. Of course Holly has Her own Tree of Life of Her own that is an enormous Holly Tree to sustain Holly Deity. All these Holly Trees are the same Holly Tree. The Holly Diety also has Holly Days, Holy Days, or Holidays. All these Holly Trees are the same Holly Tree. That is the Tree of Virtues and Powers. This Tree of Life has huge Holly Fruit to sustain the Hollies. The Holly Tree is a huge Holly Holly Tree.

The Sophistry also requires a ''Hope Chest''. The Hope of the Future is the American Dream. The Hope Chest looks like the Ark of the Covenant, and is carried by Four Huge Hope Virtues and the Powers of Hope in solemn procession. This is to keep Hope alive. The Virtue of Hope is assisted by the Virtues of Faith, Charity, Pity, Chastity, Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Righteousness, Resignation, Vigilance, Honesty,.... as well as the Powers of those Virtues. The rest of the Enterprise will assist the Hope Virtues and Powers of Hope with this Work.

The Recipient receives the Hope Chest inside themself from the Hope Virtues and Powers of Hope. The Holly Sophistry operates on several Dependant Variables.

First Dependent Variable is the Recipient has harmed the Virtue of Hope, or is in a state of near hopelessness because, of Demonic attack. Then that Person will receive the Hope Chest from the Virtue of Hope. The Second Dependent Variable is the Recipient is still actively harming the Virtues, and Powers, or, they are being Demonized. Then the Hope Chest can be opened by Tanith, or Tanith's Daughter Holly, or Hope, and Mlk has given the order to open the Hope Chest. The Dowry is Present. Then the Marriage will be in effect as done by Tanith also, by Hathor, and done by Catherine. There is a Holly Berry in the Hope Chest. The Holly Berry is always put in the Hope Chest by a Deity like Juno, or Holly the Daughter of Tanith. That is Juno Caelestis. This Marriage is done to exclude Mitra, Mithra, or Mithras.

That means we get a Mate rather than a Mithraic "Friend". We have a Marriage rather than a Mithraic "Contract". Then we have a Crown rather than a Mithraic Miter or Cap. "Caelum" means Heaven. Juno is also known as Tanith.

The Third Dependent Variable is the Recipient is Unholy. Then Tanith, a Daughter of Tanith, or the Virtue of Hope opens the Hope Chest for the Recipient.

Out of the Hope Chest comes a Big Holly Oh! That is a Big Holly Berry that has a Fertile Holly Seed in It. A Big Holly Tree can come from a Big Holly Oh! Then that Holly Seed breaks the Holly Shell of the Holly Berry of the Holly Oh! Also, the Holly Seed sprouts, and grows immediately rooting deeply, firmly in the Rich, Moist, Fertile Humus (Human) of their Being. That may, or may not be where the Big Holly Tree roots because, this Place, or Not A Place can not be described physically easily.

The Wish Fulfilling Cow Hathor jumps out of the Hope Chest. That is to make our dreams come true. Then Hathor the Fertility Deity continues to replenish the Humus with fresh manure. Then the Lord of the House; Horus as the War Horse "Will Power" feeds vigorously also replenishes the Humus with fresh manure. Then Horus; Lord of the Sky has His Feast and, replenishes the Humus with fresh manure.

The Holly Virtues and Powers are there with the Holly Tree a Tree of Virtues and Powers with someone named "Holly". Holly is the Daughter of Tanith who will tell the Recipient how to care for their new Holly Tree.

Holly can give the Recipient a really Good "Holly Talker". They can get a Genuine Carpet Bag to hold their Scalawag from Holly as well. Holly has a really good Holly Could as well as an even better Holly Can that has to be filled up with all kinds of good things for Holly of course.

Outside the Recipient Holly, Wisdom Comes down with Her Hollytropes (Hollies). Each Hollytrope has their own main Holly Deity plus all the Enterprise called LOVE that stands with, and for the Holly. Then the Pollinator a Male Holly Deity comes down with His Hollytrope to pollinate the Hollies, and sustain Himself. The Hollies can mate. The Holen and their Holly Trees break the Veil of Mithra.

They get a Psychology of Evil from the Virtues. The Four Basic Virtues; Hope, Charity, Faith, and Pity are with the Holly Tree. Then there are the Virtues; Fun, Joy, Bliss, Ecstasy, Fulfillment, Grace, Glory, Plenty, Goodness, Grace, Purity, Love, Mercy, Faith, Hope, Charity, Pity, Chastity, Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Rightness, Resignation, Vigilance, Honesty,... as well as the Virtue of Fear are also with the Holly Tree.

All the Deities that are with the Enterprise of Tanith called "LOVE"are there with the Holly Tree. More things come out of the Hope Chest to be with the Holly Tree. They do.

The Recipient may get "Talking Books" on different subjects from the Virtues, and Powers. They could get a Talking Books called: "The Marriage Book", "The Book of Life" ,The Holy Book of Death," "The Work Book", "Law Book", "The Auschwitz Book", "The Camp Book", "The Camp Fire Book", "The Tiberius Book", "The Catherine Books", "The Hemlock Book", "The Hapsberg Books", or "The Lore of the Wild Boor".

The Recipient can get all the Body Flex Routines from Tanith. They can also get Protocol Droids from Tanith acting as Miss Manners.

A Roman Stave is there in the Hope Chest for the Roman Governor who is there with the Holly Tree. That is to Provision the Roman Empire, and the Roman Virtues and Powers. That is to keep the Roman Empire alive now, and back then too. Especially to aid the Noble Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar Augustus in His Time and Place for the Good of Rome always.

There is a Black Flag for Anarchos (Not Government). That is for the Anarchos Mouse who is really a Cat to take the place of, or replace the Goat, Mouse, Lion, Serpent, or Man of Mithra. Anarchos is a Minion of Set affectionately known as the "Nibbler". The Nibbler Cat is another name for Set when Anarchos is a Servitor of Set meaning the Anarchos can act in the Name of Set.

Belphegor (General Lee) is the Lord of the Opening is a Minion of Set that can Open the Way to get a Heavenly Catherine usually a Virtue, or to Apollyon the Cat.

Apollyon also known as Abaddon who has the power to bind Mithras is another Minion of Set who is Set's Henchman (Capo), and Servitor.

Apollyonia the Succubus is a Minion of Set.

Belial is a Minion of Set as the "Trash Master" who deposes of, reclaims, or recycles trash.

Astaroth the Delatore of Set in the Ancient Roman Way of the Collection of Debts is a Minion of Set.

Ashtoreth the Goddess of War, and Fire is a Minion of Set.

Asmodeus the Lord of War is a Minion of Set.

Lilith the Goddess of the Witches, and a True Lord of Time is a Minion of Set.

The Goddess Hel is a Minion of Set.

Sammael the Lord of War is a Minion Set.

Camael or Kemuel the Living Will of God is a Minion of Set.

Nergal the Chief of Secret Police is a Minion of Set.

Phoenix is Our Ambassador is a Minion of Set.

Hello Kitty is the Friendship Deity that replaces Mitra as a Good Friend. As Lo Ray El the Queen of Evil who presides over the Gates of Death. A well Fed Cat has no mouth.

Freya is a Minion of Set, in the Family of Goodness, and a Chaos Lord in Her own right. The Little Freya is known as Goody Two Shoes.

Hathor is a Minion of the Good Set when Set is the Kitten Set called "Kitten". Hathor grants Set the Powers of Pharaoh: the Shepard's Crook, Shepard's Power to Gather the People, the Flail or the short Stave to Correct the People, the Falconer’s Power puts the Far Seeing Falcon in the House of Horus wedding Set to Hathor.

Horus the Lord of Powers is a Minion of Set.

Bast the Goddess of Cats is a Minion of Set.

Sekhmet the Goddess of Wrath is a Minion of Set.

Hastur provides the Kitten Set a place on the Planet Bast also the Planet Vast as Security for the King in Yellow in Residence, Castle, and Holy Mansion. Hastur presides over the Abode of Lost Souls in Heaven, and Gathers the Holy Tribute.

Kitten has a Play Mate called Persephone. Persephone is a fourteen year old virginal Girl. Kitten is a virginal too. They both have guessing games like "I've got a secret". Persephone when She is with Kitten is named "Fun". "Fun is just around the corner".

The Gold Bug Scarabs and the Golden Orange are symbols of Royal Power. Khephra and Khephri the World Builders are Minions of Set. They are always there with the Divine Holly Tree.

Nirrti likes being called Jane sometimes. Jane can really do things. Jane is always in fashion. Jane has lots of accessories. Jane is a Minion of Set.

Juno or Tanith of Auschwitz is always over Set to keep "Kitten" good as well as over Anarchos that is for the benefit of the Celestial Juno. Kitten (Set) is also known as "the Counselor". The Nibbler always goes out, and get good things for my Catherine.

They can get a really good Crystal Radio Set installed in their Head by Tanith for maximum reception. This comes from Crystal Man of course who is also known as Set. This is to get the Crystals good for Planet Catherine.

There is always a Kitty with the Holly Tree from Bast. Kitty jumps comes out of the Hope Chest. Kitty is also named Bast. Hastur the Harvester also known as "the Cat" comes out of the Hope Chest too. Hastur starts out as a live Cat's Paw usually always the right paw that eventually becomes the Cat. Kitty is Provisioned for sake of the Cats. That is to keep the Cats alive forever. Then Kitty leaves the Recipient.

Catharine as Persephone is a Sister of Tanith for the purpose of this Sophistry. Persephone a Minion of Set is called Mana when She is Good. Catherine's Sacred Heart in the Hope Chest becomes active. This is to provision Catherine Persephone as a Minion of Nirrti. Then Persephone or Mana then Mates with, and Marries the Recipient Forever. That is for the Catharsis to be for the Good, the Grace, and the Purity. That is for the Three Big Catherines.

If the Third Dependent Variable is not met, but the Recipient is Desecrated rather than Unholy. Then the Holly Sophistry will protect the Recipient from further Desecration, and provide for the Virtues and Powers (the Catherines).

Tanith Pene El will make sure everything is always Good. Of course I, Jack Steven Shewmaker as Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer of the Enterprise called LOVE take responsibility for everything here regarding this Sophistry. Tanith is launching this Sophistry with Holly, the Hope Virtues as well Their Powers, and the aid of the rest of the Enterprise. This is to provision the Enterprise called "LOVE". That is to keep LOVE alive. The Game of Cat and Mouse is in progress.

Explanation of the Holly Sophistry

The Jacobins explained the phenomena of God, God's Hierarchy, Jesus Christ, Satan, Heaven, Earth, and Hell as being nothing but sophistry. Otherwise, the Jacobins considered this sort of philosophy, myth, power, or psychology to be some part of the Mind of Man having no real existence apart from Man. All this fits within their Mouse Model that is inner directed. Hence, "Man is the measure of all things".

The Cat People believe the Jacobins to be only partially right. Human physiology especially that of the human brains reveals far more in the light of information theory. At least that. The human brain functions more, or less like a computer. Therefore we can design an Artificial Model using different animal, and nonanimal models.

Since we share consciousness even with animals, and plants we share information within certain boundaries. Our Computers in various parts of our brain, and nervous systems are basically kind of like on a sort of "Internet". We have "programs" to hunt, gather, classify, sort, process, utilize, and act of information gained from "outside" in order to continue to live in an optimized fashion.

Hence we may have an "anti virus programs", "firewall programs" to keep our operating systems from being infected by malevolent virus like sophistry. This anti virus, fire wall, system cleaner programs belong to LOVE, and has to be upgraded by some outside entity like Set, Juno, Nirrti, Catherine, Hathor, Bast, Holly, and/or Hastur for example that are part of the Enterprise called LOVE. Your operating system like Windows has lots of flaws, defects, and shortcomings that require external upgrades from Microsoft, and must use only Microsoft approved software in order to function at its very best. Likewise your operating system must be upgraded by God, and use only programs approved by God. The Enterprise called LOVE is approved of by God to exclusively provide these upgrades. So it is very bad to get pirated, and/or counterfeit operating systems as well as programs along with lots of spy ware from Satan (Mitra).

So what are we to do once we have become infected somehow by Satanic software?

Sophistry of the Games

The Master Game is always Cat n' Mouse.

Salvation and Redemption

"The fundamental idea contained in the English word salvation, and the Latin salvatio and Greek soteria from which it derives, is that of saving or delivering from some dire situation. The term soteriology denotes beliefs and doctrines concerning salvation in any specific religion, as well as the study of the subject. The idea of saving or delivering from some dire situation logically implies that mankind, as a whole or in part, is in such a situation. This premise, in turn, involves a series of related assumptions about human nature and destiny".


Individual totemism is expressed in an intimate relationship of friendship and protection between a person and a particular animal or a natural object (sometimes between a person and a species of animal); the natural object can grant special power to its owner. Frequently connected with individual totemism are definite ideas about the human soul (or souls) and conceptions derived from them, such as the idea of an alter ego and nagualism from the Spanish form of the Aztec word naualli, "something hidden or veiled" which means that a kind of simultaneous existence is assumed between an animal or a natural object and a person; i.e., a mutual, close bond of life and fate exist in such a way that in case of the injury, sickness, or death of one partner, the same fate would befall the other member of the relationship. Consequently, such totems became most strongly tabooed; above all, they were connected with family or group leaders, chiefs, medicine men, shamans, and other socially significant persons. In shamanism, an earlier trait of individual totemism is often ascertained: the animalistic protective spirits can sometimes be derived from individual totems. To some extent, there also exists a tendency to pass on an individual totem as hereditary or to make taboo the entire species of animal to which the individual totem belongs. In this can perhaps be seen the beginning of the development of totems that belong to a group. Many tales about the origins of the group totem could, perhaps, point in this direction".

Totems are used when working with certain Deities like the Catherines (Virtues and Powers). Raising the Totem Animal (Cat), and Growing the Totem Plant (Holly) is a viable means of connecting with, and learning about the Catherines.




1. What are the goals of the propaganda? (What changes are to be brought about? In whom? And when?)

2. What are the present and expected conditions in the world social system?

3. What are the present and expected conditions in each of the subsystems of the world social system (such as international regions, nations, lesser territories, interest groups)?

4. Who should distribute the propagandaCthe propagandist or his agents?

5. What symbols should be used?

6. What media should be used?

7. Which reactors should the propaganda be aimed at?

8. How can the effects of the propaganda be measured?

9. By what countermeasures can opponents neutralize or suppress the propaganda?

10. How can such countermeasures be measured and dealt with?

George Orwell's Animal Farm

Commentary on the American Revolution.

The Face of Hate Teaching Tool

On a mirror write "The Face of Hate". Then pass the mirror around so everybody can see "The Face of Hate". That way we will know it when we see it.

Catherine Books

Introduction to the Catherines

The Holy Virtues, Powers, and Purifiers are known as "the Catherines". This is true. Each Virtue is different. They all have a Power associated with each Virtue that insures that Virtue's complete manifestation. Then there is a Purifier that makes sure that manifestation is always Good.

The word angel has many meanings. "Angel, n. (Latin angelus; Greek angelos, a messenger.) 1. A messenger. 2. A spirit, or a spiritual being, employed by God, according to the Scriptures, to communicate his will to man. 3. Ministering or guiding spirit. 4. Conventional image of a white-robed figure in human form with wings and a halo. 5. A minister of the gospel, or pastor; as the angel of the church at Ephesus. 6. A person regarded as beautiful, good, innocent, etc. 7. An English coin current in the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries: so called from bearing on its obverse a figure of the archangel Michael piercing a dragon. 8. An angelfish. 9. A person who provides money for the production of a play, etc.

There are several Catherine Books with more in the works. Right now, are the Basic Virtues, Cardinal Virtues and a Love Book. We must always do research to find out if anyone else has done any of the Work. We do not want to reinvent the Catherine Wheel.

Introduction to the Catherines

The Holy Virtues, Powers, and Purifiers are known as "the Catherines". This is true. Each Virtue is different. They all have a Power associated with each Virtue that insures that Virtue's complete manifestation. Then there is a Purifier that makes sure that manifestation is always Good.

The word angel has many meanings. "Angel, n. (Latin angelus; Greek angelos, a messenger.) 1. A messenger. 2. A spirit, or a spiritual being, employed by God, according to the Scriptures, to communicate his will to man. 3. Ministering or guiding spirit. 4. Conventional image of a white-robed figure in human form with wings and a halo. 5. A minister of the gospel, or pastor; as the angel of the church at Ephesus. 6. A person regarded as beautiful, good, innocent, etc. 7. An English coin current in the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries: so called from bearing on its obverse a figure of the archangel Michael piercing a dragon. 8. An angelfish. 9. A person who provides money for the production of a play, etc.

There are several Catherine Books with more in the works. Right now, are the Basic Virtues, Cardinal Virtues and a Love Book. We must always do research to find out if anyone else has done any of the Work. We do not want to reinvent the Catherine Wheel.

"Clementia in Roman religion, personification of mercy and clemency. Her worship began with her deification as the celebrated virtue of Julius Caesar. The Senate in 44 BC decreed a temple to Caesar and Clementia, in which the cult statue represented the two figures clasping hands. Tiberius was honoured with an altar to his clementia, and the clemency of Caligula received yearly sacrifices. On coins the goddess was usually depicted standing, with a patera (a dish used in sacrifices) in one hand and a sceptre in the other".

"Honos ancient Roman deified abstraction of honour, particularly as a military virtue. The earliest shrine of this deity in Rome was perhaps built not earlier than the 3rd century BC and was located just outside the Colline Gate. A double temple of Honos and Virtus stood outside the Porta Capena, and another, built by Marius, was probably located on the Capitoline Hill".

Introduction to the Catherines

The Holy Virtues, Powers, and Purifiers are known as "the Catherines". This is true. Each Virtue is different. They all have a Power associated with each Virtue that insures that Virtue's complete manifestation. Then there is a Purifier that makes sure that manifestation is always Good.

The word angel has many meanings. "Angel, n. (Latin angelus; Greek angelos, a messenger.) 1. A messenger. 2. A spirit, or a spiritual being, employed by God, according to the Scriptures, to communicate his will to man. 3. Ministering or guiding spirit. 4. Conventional image of a white-robed figure in human form with wings and a halo. 5. A minister of the gospel, or pastor; as the angel of the church at Ephesus. 6. A person regarded as beautiful, good, innocent, etc. 7. An English coin current in the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries: so called from bearing on its obverse a figure of the archangel Michael piercing a dragon. 8. An angelfish. 9. A person who provides money for the production of a play, etc.

There are several Catherine Books with more in the works. Right now, are the Basic Virtues, Cardinal Virtues and a Love Book. We must always do research to find out if anyone else has done any of the Work. We do not want to reinvent the Catherine Wheel.

"Clementia in Roman religion, personification of mercy and clemency. Her worship began with her deification as the celebrated virtue of Julius Caesar. The Senate in 44 BC decreed a temple to Caesar and Clementia, in which the cult statue represented the two figures clasping hands. Tiberius was honoured with an altar to his clementia, and the clemency of Caligula received yearly sacrifices. On coins the goddess was usually depicted standing, with a patera (a dish used in sacrifices) in one hand and a sceptre in the other".

"Honos ancient Roman deified abstraction of honour, particularly as a military virtue. The earliest shrine of this deity in Rome was perhaps built not earlier than the 3rd century BC and was located just outside the Colline Gate. A double temple of Honos and Virtus stood outside the Porta Capena, and another, built by Marius, was probably located on the Capitoline Hill".

"Clementia in Roman religion, personification of mercy and clemency. Her worship began with her deification as the celebrated virtue of Julius Caesar. The Senate in 44 BC decreed a temple to Caesar and Clementia, in which the cult statue represented the two figures clasping hands. Tiberius was honoured with an altar to his clementia, and the clemency of Caligula received yearly sacrifices. On coins the goddess was usually depicted standing, with a patera (a dish used in sacrifices) in one hand and a sceptre in the other".

"Honos ancient Roman deified abstraction of honour, particularly as a military virtue. The earliest shrine of this deity in Rome was perhaps built not earlier than the 3rd century BC and was located just outside the Colline Gate. A double temple of Honos and Virtus stood outside the Porta Capena, and another, built by Marius, was probably located on the Capitoline Hill".

Scientific Method and Verification of Science

A. Qualification of Authority

1.) Who is an authority?

a) Original Source is always the best.

1.) People that have done the original research.

b) Credentials

1.) Doctor should have an M.D., and a license to practice medicine for example. Therefore they have training, and experience that qualifies them as an authority on the subject.

c) Peers

1.) What do their peers think about them?

2.) Who are there peers?

d) Profit

1.) Who benefits?

2.) What is their motive?

e) Past

1.) Criminal Record

a) Background check.

b) Clean record.

c) Religion

d) Ideology

e) Politics

f) Profile

f) Relationships

1) Who are their friends?

2) Who are their enemies?

B. Authoritative Source Material

1.) Level 1

a) Original Scientific Papers and Material

2.) Level 2

a) Scientific Publications

3.) Level 3

a) Magazines, Newspapers, Internet

4.) Level 4

a) Tabloids

5.) Level 5

a) Gossip

C. Defects

1) Logical Errors

a) Number of logical errors may run as high as 90% in some original scientific data.

2) No Verification

a) Results can not be reproduced.

3.) Content Defects

The Hastur Book

Hastur comes from the Planet Vast. Hastur is a Harvester. Hastur harvests all the people who are caught in the different Sophistries. Since these people don't have a Deity they go to Hastur as Lost Souls. When someone dies, and goes through the "Star Gate" they wind up on the Planet Vast as Hastur's Harvest. Likewise people that are part of a Fandom of a Television Series, Movies, or certain Books can be part of Hastur's Harvest too. Hastur is the Dark Christ. If people don't have a real Deity then those people can go to Hastur. If there are any animals they can go to Hastur too. Many people believe in Heavens, Hells, or Other Places that exist only in Sophistry. There are many Sophistries that people are caught up in before they die. They will die into It if they do not get

The Fun Book

If someone is not fun to be around stay away from them. If something, or is not fun. Chances are it, or they are bad for you. Evil is not fun. Pain is not fun. Death is not fun. When people are not having fun something is always wrong.


Catherine Book #1

Basic Virtues

Hope, Faith, Charity, and Pity

First you need to know these Virtues are more than merely human social mores. At sometime in everyone's life people realize that their humanity lacks the power to do good. Regardless of how much they may want to do good they find they can't. That human will power is just not enough.

Hope is the "Blue Bonnet Girl" when Hope is Pure. She appears as a very Cute Little Girl about four years old holding a Kitten which is Her Power. There are over a hundred of these "Little Catherines" with Tanith. They have a "Young Catherine" a very strong Catherine. Who is a Big Charity Virtue. She appears an Extremely Attractive Young Woman wearing the Blue Bonnet of Tanith about twenty three years old. These Catherines don't always wear their Blue Bonnets. But, They always wear Their Blue Bonnets in Catherine School. The Hope Catherines as well as the Big Charity Virtues are fluent both the French, and the English Languages. These Catherines are very Magical and they have Catherine School for you. You have to Sponsor the Catherine School. There is not any Magical Operation that can Live without Hope.

Then people will call upon something they call God. Now, mind you that most people would not ask the Governor of their State to deal with their own personal needs, or even emergencies. They are expected to go through proper channels. Just as a private is expected to go through the chain of command in the military. They must see if the Platoon Sargent can solve their problem first. Otherwise those people will turn against them.

I am not saying you should not call upon God. Be aware that God does have a Government. God's people are at war. As a Militant Christian you are expected to know these things. The Holy Virtues are part of God's Army (Hosts).

We understand this Planet is not at the Center of the Universe. That is True. Human Beings seem to have a very high opinion of themselves they do not merit.

"The Epistle to the Hebrews" Chapter 6, in the Bible: "Leaving the discussion of elementary principles of Christ, let us go on to perfection, not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works and of faith toward God".

Understand the First Chapter explains the Divinity of Christ. Next is the qualifications of Jesus Christ as a Savior. Divine Pity is mentioned. The Saving Grace of God is related to the Holy Virtue of Charity. God has Grace. People have Charity. By Virtue of Pity of course. The importance of Hope is emphasized. Then there is the advancement of Faith.

First we will define the words Hope, Faith, Charity, Pity themselves as they appear in Webster's Dictionary.

A Hope n.( Gk. elpis; M.E. hope; AS. hopa, hope, expectation, from hopian, to hope) 1. A desire for some good, accompanied with at least a slight expectation of obtaining it, or a belief that it is obtainable. 2. The object of this. 3. confidence in a future event; the highest degree of well-founded expectation of good. 4. One who or that which furnishes ground for hope, or expectation; as the hope of a nation is its youth. 5. Trust; reliance. Syn. expectation, confidence

Hope, v.t.; hoped (hopt), pt., pp.; hoping, ppr. (M.E. hopen; AS. hopian, to hope, look for, expect) 1. To want expect. 2. To want very much.

Hope Chest, a chest in which a young woman collects linen, clothing, etc. in anticipation of getting married".

"Faith, n. (Gr. pistis; Ar. iman; M.E. faith, feith; O.Fr. feid; L. fides, faith, belief, trust, from fidere, to trust, confide in) 1. Unquestioning belief. 2. Unquestioning belief in God, religion, etc. 3. A religion or a system of religious beliefs; as, the Catholic faith. 4. Anything believed.

5. Complete trust, confidence or reliance; as children usually have faith in their parents. 6. Faithfulness; fidelity; loyalty; allegiance to some person or thing. 7. Credibility or trust. Punic faith; bad faith; infidelity; perfidy; from the popular Roman belief concerning the people of Carthage. Syn. belief, trust, confidence, credence, fidelity, conviction, creed, tenets, doctrine, opinion. "trust" (Pali saddha; Sank. raddha), Chinese hsin (Aconfidence, trust, sincerity"),

"Charity, n. (O.Fr. charite, from L. caritas, dearness, affection, high regard, from carus, dear) 1. Love; benevolence; affection; good will; that disposition of heart which inclines men to think favorably, and to do them good. In a theological sense, it includes supreme love of God, and universal good will to men. 2. An act of good will or affection. 3. Liberality to the poor, consisting in giving money or benefactions, or in free services to relieve them in distress. 5. An institution, organization, or fund for giving help to those in need. 6. Liberality to judging of men and their actions; a disposition that inclines men to think and judge favorably, and to put the best construction on words and actions which the case will admit. 7. In law, grants or devises, which include relief of the poor and friendless, education, religious culture, and public institutions. Syn. alms, benevolence, good, will, kindness".

"Pity, n.; pitied, (Fr. pitie, from L. pietas, piety, from pius, pious) 1. Sympathy with the grief or misery of another; compassion or fellow suffering. 2. A cause for sorrow or regret. 3. Piety".

Catherine Book #2

Cardinal Virtues

Prudence, Justice, Temperance, and Fortitude

APrudence, n. 1. State or quality of being prudent; habit of acting with deliberation and discretion; wisdom applied to practice, "It would be the point of prudence to defer forming one's ultimate irrevocable decision so long as new data might be offered". George Washington 2. An instance of this. 3. Careful management; economy. Syn. Forecast, providence, considerateness, judiciousness, discretion, caution, circumspection, judgement.

"Prudent, a. (Fr. from L. prudens, for providens, provident) 1. Capable of exercising sound judgement in practical matters. 2. Cautious or discreet in conduct; circumspect; sensible; not rash. 3. Characterized, dictated, or directed by prudence; as, prudent measures. Syn. circumspect, discreet, cautious, judicious, careful, considerate, sagacious, thoughtful, provident, frugal, economical".

AJustice, n. (O. Fr., from L. justitia, justice from justus, lawful, rightful, just, from jus, law, right) 1. The quality of being righteous; honesty. 2. Impartiality; fair representation of facts. 3. The quality of being correct or right; as, he proved the justice of his claim. 4. Vindictive retribution; merited reward or punishment; as, he proved the proved the justice of his claim. 5. Sound reason; rightfulness; validity. 6. The use authority and power to uphold what is right, just, or lawful. 7. The administration of law; procedure of a law court. 8. A judge. 9. A justice of the peace.

Syn. equity, law, impartiality, fairness, right, reasonableness, propriety, uprightness".

In Christian theology, either (1) the act by which God moves a willing person from the state of sin (injustice) to the state of grace (justice); (2) the change in a person's condition moving from a state of sin to a state of righteousness; or (3) especially in Protestantism, the act of acquittal whereby God gives contrite sinners the status of the righteous.

The term is a translation of the Greek dikaiosis (Latin justificatio), originally a technical legal term derived from the verb Ato make [someone] righteous.@

"Temperance, temperancy n., (Fr., from L. temperantia, moderation) 1. The state or quality of being temperate; self-restraint in conduct, expression, indulgence in appetites, etc,;moderation, originally as one of the four cardinal virtues. 2. Moderation in eating and drinking, especially in drinking alcoholic beverages. 3. Total abstinence from alcoholic liquors. 4. Temper. 5. Temperature".

"Temperate, a. (L. temperatus) 1. Moderate in the indulgence of the appetites; abstemious, especially in the use of alcoholic liquors. 2. Moderate in one=s actions, speech, etc.; self-restrained. 3. Characterized by moderation or restraint, as things, actions, etc. 4. Neither very hot nor very cold; said of climate, etc. 5. In music, tempered: said of a scale or interval. 6. Proceeding from temperance".

"Fortitude, n. (L. fortitudu, from fortis, strong, powerful) 1. Firm courage; patient endurance of misfortune, pain, etc. 2. Physical strength; power of resisting attack. 3. In astrology, any accidental strengthening of the effect of planet".

Catherine Book #3

Love Virtue Book The Love Book

 Love (Luv), n. (Gr. agape; L. caritas; Sank. karuna; M.E. love, luve; AS. lufu, lufe, love.) 1. A strong affection for or attachment or devotion to a person or persons. 2. A strong liking for or interest in something; as, her love of acting. 3. A strong usually passionate, affection for person of the opposite sex. 4. The person who is the object of such an affection; a sweetheart; a lover. 5. Sexual passion or its gratification. 6. (a) Cupid, or Eros, as the god of love. (b) Venus (The Goddess Hathor Matrix Book). 7. In tennis a score of zero. 8. In theology, (a) God's benevolent concern for mankind; (b) Man's devout attachment to God; (c) The feeling of benevolence and brotherhood that people should have for each other. 

The Love Play

People, and even animals play in order to learn. Exploratory behavior is playful. People have to play in order to learn about Love. There is no Rebellion during this time. So there are rules to govern the Love Play. Most of the time people are under Love Laws. This means the Rules of Courtship apply. That's true.

Do Good.

Don't do Evil.

Be Kind.

In Mating there is a time when a young woman 10 to 26 years old may take Love from people in order to accomplish her Dowry. Love Deities like Tanith, Juno, Hathor, and other " Big Girls." Persephone, Nirrti, and Catherine may assist too with this work.

In Religion people are courting God like a Lover. They are Lovers of God in Love with God. People become very child like, and trusting in God. They have a big relationship with the Good. Everything is for the Good. There is no evil there. They are keeping God's Faith. They have the Hope of Heaven. God's Pity is there for them. They are participating in God's Charity. They have Virtuous Peace which means they are really Safe.

People are Saved through Jesus. They have been Christened, and Anointed. They are celebrating the Wedding Feast with the Bread, and Wine of Jesus. They all share God's Peace. They are all under God's Grace, and God's Mercy. Sanctification is in progress. God's Sanctuary is there for the People of God.

Most Christian Saints, and Martyrs have followed the example of Jesus Christ who even went to the Cross still maintaining God's Peace. So many people have gone to great lengths to maintain God's Peace. Even to the point of separating themselves from people that either don't want to, or can't keep God's Peace. Mind you that people can be deprived of God's Peace that is no fault of their own. This is by an Act of War on somebody else's part.

We have to understand Violence. How that is related to Violate. Then we can understand the Origins of War. Finally the role of Anarchy as the causative agent of War.

Violence, n. (L. violentia, from violens, violent) 1. Physical force used so as to so as to injure or damage; roughness in action. 2. A use of force so as to injure or damage; a rough, injurious act. 3. Natural or physical energy in action; intensity; severity; as, the violence of a storm. 4. Unjust use of force or power, as in the deprivation of rights. 5. Great force or strength of feeling, conduct, or language; passion; fury. 6. Distortion of meaning, phrasing, etc.; as to do violence to a text. 7. Desecration; profanation. To do violence to; to outrage; to force; to injure; as, he does violence to his own opinions. Syn. vehemence, impetuosity, force, outrage, rage, profanation, injustice, fury, infringement, fierceness, oppression".

A Violation, n.

1. A violating or being violated; specifically, (a) Infringement or breach, as of a law, right, etc.; (b) Rape; ravishment; (c) Desecration of something sacred, as a church; (d) Interruption; disturbance; (e) Rough violent treatment.

Violate v.t.; violated, pt., pp., violating, ppr. (L. violatus, pp. of violare, use of force or violence.) 1. To break (a law, rule, promise, etc.); to fail to keep or observe; to infringe on. 2. To rape; to ravish. 3. To treat without reverence; to desecrate or profane, as a sacred place. 4. To break in upon; interrupt; disturb. 5. To offend, insult, or outrage. 6. To treat (someone) roughly or abusively; to mistreat. Syn. ravish, injure, abuse, disturb, hurt, rape, outrage, debauch, break, infringe, profane, transgress, disobey". 


The Trespass of Adam and Eve when united together in "Tantra" in their effort to "know" God, and take His Place. This was the first instance of the Great Transgression that led to the Fall of Man. For this Act of Empathy God cursed Adam and Eve with Death, Hard Suffering and Labor as well putting them under the Domain of Satan. Later Satan fell from Heaven blaming Mankind for His Fall. Full of Rage having lost His Place He sought one in people. Claiming to be the Divine Ancestor Satan found a way to live here on this Planet. Empathy with people repeats the Fall. So they are Twice Fallen. It is impossible to have Love for them since they are Enemies of the Virtues.

Transgression (-gresh'un), n. (French from Latin transgressio (onis), a stepping over, from transgressus, pp. of transgredi, to step over, transgress.) The act of transgressing; the breaking or violation of any law, civil or moral, expressed or implied; disobedience of any rule or command; a trespass; an offense; as the transgression of the law.

Syn. fault, crime, infringement, sin, violation.

First War is philosophical. For example the philosophy of limited conflict as proposed by Clausewitz. The "calling out of the Deities of the Enemy" is the next stage of War.

The General knows the Enemy is Real. That Satan (Mitra) is the Ideal Enemy. This Ideal Enemy is realized when the Enemy is physical therefore tangible. The General maybe is the only one in the Army that knows this for certain,

An Act of War need not be overtly violent. Most Wars start small, and unnoticed before they get big, and out of control. Guerrilla Wars are like this. Sometimes they are called " Cold Wars". 

War is not Folly. War is Evil. Just as premeditated murder is not folly. Pleas of insanity can not be accepted in such cases of murder.

The Problem of Evil

The Anarchist enters the arena playing by the Rules of War. This may not be evident to the Other Players. Then there is still another Player, a Wrecker also not evident that is playing by the Rules of Evil. They are in the arena playing under the Rules of Courtship. This is the Mouse Play of Anarchy. This will follow a pattern of escalating War. As the Game continues the Wrecker keeps propagating unwholesomeness. It is like putting a bomb in discotheque. Unknown to the Other Players the Rules of War apply. That is true. There may be Rules of Engagement that keep the War from becoming too extreme. Hopefully, the Rules of Courtship still apply.

Survive at all costs.

Win at all costs.

Don't get hurt.

During War you have to be Good with Your Past. You have to know who to talk to. You have to know what to say. That will work.

Mind you again most people even in Church are under the Rules of Courtship. They are wooing God like a Lover. Many Saints do this. However, the Anarchist is in that Church under the Rules of War. There are Others that just live to desecrate. They have the Rules of Evil because they are more than Evil. They are Unholy. This may not be evident to the legitimate Church goers. The Mouse Play of Desecration will happen. This may, or may not be visible. That is a heinous crime against the Good.

It may be as extreme as bombing the Church building, or even the covert assassination of high Church Officials. Mostly this sort of Unholy Anarchist is like a child molester who joins a Church for that sort of unworthy purpose. Maybe, like a spy of some sort that worms their way into a Church seeking to influence the Congregation along certain lines. Still the Sanctuary of God has been violated.

There will be the loss of our child like Trust, our Innocence. Mind you that people are not in Perfect Trust, nor is their Innocence Perfect but, they are not completely Evil. Hence we are no longer Children of God any more. Since God's Peace has been broken. That is God's Peace not Man's Peace. People better have a very good reason to Break the Peace of the Lord. This is a situation where both sides must lose. The Gates of Heaven have slammed shut, maybe forever on everybody. Redemption, and the Restoration of Innocence is much harder, but not impossible. Everyone is under the Rules of War.

The Love Laws that apply when people are in Courtship are no longer in effect. That just happens to be most of the Bible. War between Christians is even more serious since God's Covenant has been broken. Examples of the Courtship of God in the Bible are these passages.

The Lord's Prayer

The Sermon on the Mount

The Ten Commandments

Biblical injunctions such as; "Only as little children can you enter the Kingdom of Heaven". 

Other Religions and Spiritual Practices

Understand when you have War one is excluded from Buddhism, and the Practice of Yoga. For example Buddha Dharma can not exist in a barbaric land. That is a place where War is in progress. The Yogic Yama of Nonviolence is broken during War. Mind you have only to somehow cause, think about, or rejoice in War to be in violation either practice.

This should give you an idea why Peace is important. This is how people are Desecrated. It is never easy to get the Sacred back. War talk on any subject must never be ignored, or taken lightly. Not to be said in jest. That is why it takes a Formal Declaration of War and a two thirds vote by the Senate for the United States to go to War. The Laws of the Land are different during a State of War. Some States in the United States of America may have War Laws too. Certain Religions may have rules that are effect when they are at War.

Just because, people are no longer shooting at each other does not mean they have anything remotely close to Peace. Nonviolent wars can go on for centuries. People can be as far from Biblical Peace as the East is from the West while still appearing friendly towards each other. This is the problem with the Mouse Cult. It is the problem of Rebellion. For this is the Way of Anarchy.

It was said the War started over a Holly Tree that was cut down in Bristol, New Jersey over a hundred years ago. So this is the Holly War. The Mice are at War with the Cats.

Now, the Love Laws that exist during War are with us. These are the Rules of Engagement. Every Military Chaplain must absolutely understand that. Then Christianity is Militant Christianity. Confusion between the Rules of Courtship, and the Rules of Engagement will get people killed. Enemy Psychological Warfare always tries to do that.

It does not matter who started the War really. But, this War is going to have be finished first. Being resigned to our Destiny let us press on to find some other way while at War to be Redeemed. Thus, will we recover the Innocence we have lost, and have Heaven come down to us. "Only that which has gone up to Heaven can go to Heaven". 

If possible there is a Training period. If you are in War it is good to have Training. Rebellion does not happen during the Time of Training. Consider yourself in Training. That so you can be more effective in combat as well as to not get hurt.

A Contract in War is always a Marriage.

1. Know what you have done, and be good with that.

2. Who to talk to.

3. What is in it for me.

Always be formal during time of War.

Definition of War

A War n. (M.E. werre; O.H.G. werra, confusion, strife.) 1. Open armed conflict between nations or states, or between parties in the same state. carried on by force of arms for various purposes; conflict of arms between hostile parties or nations. 2. The profession, science, or art of military operations as a department of activity. A Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. @ Isa. 2:4 3. Any state of violent opposition or contest; act of opposition; inimical act or action; hostility; strife; as, the war between the sexes. 4. A battle. @

"Rebellion n. (Fr. from L. rebllio, a renewed war) 1. An act or state of armed, open resistance to authority, government, etc. 2. A defiance of or opposition to any control. 3. A rebelling. Syn. insurrection, sedition, revolt, mutiny, resistance, contumacy, anarchy, revolution".

The term "rebellion" can not be applied to people in Courtship, because an act of armed sedition by more than one person is Warfare. That sort anarchy means they are in arena under the Rules of War. People can disturb the peace yet not be in rebellion. Acts of general lawbreaking are not insurrection. Obviously, rock n' roll music, pornography, drinking alcohol, forms of dress, etc. are not rebellion. Exploratory behavior is part of the growing up process. People are expected even required to make mistakes, to sin.

Rebellion will not be present while training for War because, the training process is there to remove unqualified candidates. Rebellion can not happen.

"War in the popular sense, a conflict among political groups involving hostilities of considerable duration and magnitude. In the usage of social science certain qualifications are added. Sociologists usually apply the term to such conflicts only if they are initiated and conducted in accordance with socially recognized forms. They treat war as an institution recognized in custom or in law. Military writers usually confine the term to hostilities in which the contending groups are sufficiently equal in power to render the outcome uncertain for a time. Armed conflicts of powerful states with primitive peoples are usually called pacifications, military expeditions, or explorations; with small states, they are called interventions or reprisals; and with internal groups, rebellions or insurrections. Such incidents, if the resistance is sufficiently strong or protracted, may achieve a magnitude that entitles them to the name "war".  "Encyclopedia Britannica" C 2008

"The analysis of war may be divided into several categories. Philosophical, political, economic, technological, legal, sociological, and psychological approaches are frequently distinguished. These distinctions indicate the varying focuses of interest and the different analytical categories employed by the theoretician, but most of the actual theories are mixed because war is an extremely complex social phenomenon that cannot be explained by any single factor or through any single approach". 

"Strategy should aim at three main targets: the enemy's forces, his resources, and his will to fight. Defensive warfare, he argued, is both militarily and politically the stronger position". Clausewitz

So it is very hard to explore the nature of Love while living in a state of perpetual conflict.

Catherine Book #4

The Work Book

Much has been said about the Virtues of Work. Especially Duty and moral obligation. Notably in the works of Karl Marx. Then we have the almost religious reverence for work in Kant.

The science of economics deals with the products of Work. The effect on actual Labor is usually indirect. The economist is usually not cognate of the actual condition of the workers involved in productive Labor. They are only concerned when there is a problem with Production. The economist knows only a fraction of the true condition of the Economy. It seems that Work is being generated by lots of these nonentities called "workers". Almost instinctual like an ant mound, bee hive, or a termite nest. Where workers are just there as a biological caste. This hardly a Civilized view of any Economy, but it is too real. Life here can be A nasty, brutish, and short". Society is controlled very much like the way pheromones regulate the castes in an insect hive.

This takes into the Orwellian view.

"War is Peace."

"Freedom is Slavery".

"Ignorance is Strength".

Although Orwell mentions something called English Socialism (EngSoc). The Society he describes in A1984" can hardly be called ASocialism.@ Although it is a form of a Police State. It is a desperate Police State. Rather than a Police State that has arisen out of a Design. Because, it is not planned this Police State is especially terrible. Yet this Society really is in Steady State Anarchy. Everything is breaking down. Politically this Society is in an advanced stage of decay. Since Politics takes the lowest form based entirely on Enemy Formation, and Scapegoating. Most of the Services do not Work.

The Ministry of Truth is trying to keep people from finding this out. Most of the  "news" has nothing to do with people. The Truth is the News is covertly telling working people that they have no place in Society.

Even today we can safely say that the News comes from something like the Ministry of Truth. What exactly is the News really talking about if you must Work for a Living. It talks about products you will never buy. Services you will never use. Place you will never go. Situations you will never be in. People you will never meet. It is a "Never, Never Land" of total desolation.

We don't quite have a "National Hate Day", but it might not be long in coming. Hatred can bring people together. We can get together at huge Hate Rally. Sort like a big rock concert. Since no one can trust Love anymore. We can have an Anti Sex League. This the Psychology of Gangs.

Resignation is an absence of Denial. This what we are dealing with is the Social Denial of Reality. Resignation is the first real Work Virtue. The Work is really there. Somebody has to do the Work.

Catherine Book #5

Catherine POWA (Consciousness Transmission)

Catherine Book #6

Peace Virtue Book

There many Virtues that must be present to insure a Virtuous Peace.


The New Carthage

Carthage began a long time ago. They were people pretty much like us. They founded an extreme Trading Empire out of almost nothing. The People of Carthage worked very hard. But, life was really terrible. Many the children died of dysentery. They put them in the precincts of Tanit. They burned incense to Baal Hammon for their funerals. Maybe they would have a better life. Because, they could not have it there.

They were merchants for the most part. They really hated war. They were very much like the Quakers. They had to pay other people to fight their wars. They had to pay tribute in all the different lands they traded in. They had to constantly deal with bandits, and pirates. They wanted Peace more than anything in the World. They wanted everybody in the World to have Peace too. If for any other reason it was good for business.

In many parts of the World there was a problem with banditry. Even Kings were not safe. There was no telling when you went to sleep. That you might wake up with a dagger in you. Barbarians would be raping your wife. As well as having sport with your children. Ordinary people were even worse off. If you can imagine such a thing.

In many places sickness was just incredible. At times there was plague even in Carthage. The Carthaginian traders worshiped their Goddess Tanith for the miracle that they were still alive. They always kept Her secret.

Many people believed the Carthaginians were terrible magicians. That the Carthaginians practiced hideous rites of unspeakable cruelty to feed their Demon. The Carthaginians never denied it. Even though they had a Religion of Love. That they had to keep to themselves. Because, it was better for business to be feared. It helped keep bandits, and pirates from coming to their City. Every once in awhile they had to do terrible things there. This made the Cruelty of Carthage legendary. Then Molech (Mlk) had to be King for a Day.

That way people would keep their trading agreements with them. The Carthaginians were always friendly, honest, and hardworking. They always kept their word. You could always trust them. That was good for business. The Carthaginian Trading Empire at its height went to China, India, Arabia, Egypt, all of Europe, the coasts of Africa, and the Mediterranean Sea, Anatolia, Judea, Parthia, Samaria, Scythian Kingdoms, Judea, and many other places in the Ancient World. They even went to the Americas. They were first people to sail around Africa. That was during the time of Roman Empire. That started during the Reign of Octavian (Augustus Caesar).

They were a Seafaring People. That were adept at surviving in foreign lands. They the ways of many Peoples. Some of them they could always get along with. They could trade with some of the others.

They usually did not tell anybody anything but, their business. They did not want anybody to know about their lives. Carthage was a mysterious City. They liked it that way.

The men had to go away on trading expeditions. While the women minded the business at home. Almost no one knew that the women did any business for Carthage. But, then most of the Other Peoples could not trust their women. That was because, they treated them terribly. The Romans were not too bad on this score. This made Rome have an Empire.

No one in either Carthage, and Rome really knew why they could not get along. It had to do with this Deity called Mithra. That Deity was Evil. But, Mithra always kept His Evil hidden under His Cloak. Mithra always came in numerous disguises. There was a Mithraic Empire. This was an awesome Spy Network all over the known World. That consisted of thousands of secret societies. That are religious, or secular in nature. Many guilds were connected with it. All the Mystery Religions were part of this thing. Mithraicism was an ideology. That proclaimed, "Man is the measure of all things". This was essence of Mithraic Gnosticism. It frequently posed as a Philosophy. It claimed to have a Complete Religion. It claimed this World was created, and ruled by a Demon. That Life was Evil. However, you could depend on Mithra to be your Friend. Then you could die, and go to a Perfect World. Mithra will help you get out of this Evil Prison World. Mithra is the only One you can trust.

Finally, Carthage is going to be reborn again. Mark Antony, and Cleopatra have been killed. The Romans are now in Carthage. Tiberius is concerned about the plague being in Carthage. It could be.

Tiberius is sitting on a pile of stones in a garbage dump. Rats were all over the place. He was told He could be a God in Carthage. He could devote His life to the study of Greek Philosophy. He asked for people to do certain things for Him there back then. He can see they did not do it. He wants to know why. The Roman soldiers that came with Him, and the People of Carthage are busy cleaning the City. They are looking for plague. They found it too.

The decedents of Greeks have settled there. There are a lot of Greeks in the City as well. None of them can speak the language of Carthage. But, Tiberius actually knows it. Those Greeks promised Tiberius lots of things. Just like Cleopatra promised Mark Antony lots of things.

The young Tiberius displeased Octavian. Tiberius got a choice. He could be a God in Carthage, or He could be a Roman. Tiberius wanted to be a Roman. Octavian beat the some the Virtues of Rome into Him. That almost killed Him. All these Greek Philosophers were laughing at Him. His mother beat more of the Virtues of Rome into Him. The Praetorian Guard got have Him next. It was a miracle He survived it. So the Praetorian Guard trained Him to be one of them. Octavian trusted Him after He made the grade. Everybody in Rome thought that was impossible. Maybe He was a God.

Now, there is going to be a beautiful Marriage between the Cruelty of Carthage, and the Fear of the Empire of Rome. Because, Tiberius knows there is plague in Carthage. They found two dead people. These Philosophers are coming to see Tiberius concerning plague in Carthage. The People of Carthage are more than happy to clean their Temple of Love of its trash. All the furniture of the plague victims is being piled up to make a funeral pyre in the dump. That is to burn all the bodies.

The Carthaginians think Tiberius is Baal Hammon. Tiberius knows He is safe because, they won't harm Baal Hammon. Tanit has to be in on this too. She is coming down from Heaven. He is there alone with the People of Carthage. He does not want too many Roman witnesses. This will scare the people. He told the Greeks he was not going to harm anybody. He was just going to burn some garbage.

There is a man. His name is Timaeus. He is dressed in a beautiful toga. This toga is even finer than Caesar's toga. He is dressed in the Toga of Royalty. Tiberius wonders he is a God. Tiberius thinks he needs to go out to sea. Why he is the New Aeneas! Dido will be heartbroken! Then the Romans can put him over the side of the boat. This is to see if he is a God, or not. Neptune will be pleased to see him. Because, the New Aeneas has to talk to Neptune about founding a New Rome.

There is a woman. Her name is Hypatia. She has a beautiful toga on too. She is wearing the Toga of Royalty like a Goddess. Tiberius knows she is the New Dido! Her New Aeneas has deserted her! Tanith is coming right down. She needs to console the New Dido. The Carthaginians are pleased. She goes right on top of the funeral pyre.

Now neither Timaeus, or Hypatia had personally killed anybody. They did not even stick a dagger in anybody. But, they could order people to do that for them. They really did that. All the people in Carthage were miserable because, of their rules.

Now, you have to understand Ancient Greek Cultures like Tiberius did. Also, you have to Know the Nature of their Magic. First there are Ideals. Like the Ideal of the Good. You have Form. Within this Form you have Ideas and Formulas like in Pure Mathematics. Then, They put this Form in people. The Ideas are Laws, or Rules. They want people to follow. This is never done to Greeks or their Race of course. If this Form is properly installed in people. Then people will follow these rules. The Rules are laid down in the Form. So people will conform to the Form. The Form is not Good for people. It never is by the way. Because, there is no Food in it. It does not feed you. Instead, it feeds the Law Giver. You are working for Them (Greeks) without knowing it. You are enslaved by the Law Giver. This is not explained to anybody by the way. That is True. You have grasped the whole Idea of Philosophy as Magic. That is why Sophistry is so Damning. This Form could be like Pandora's (Greek pan, all doron, a gift) box that can open up inside someone. This box could be filled with curses. Or, Pandora may use this box to somehow steal someone's blessings, or merit. This is an example of a Form that has a Function. Then there is the so-called "Tree of Life". Again we find Lies, and Sophistry. This also has Universal Constants. Supposedly these Universal Constants are Eternal, and Perfect. "Talking Books" are also in this "Damned Thing". The "Talking Book" is in a cylindrical container. Once you open the cylinder according to some formula given to you by the Law Giver. Out comes a Book. It does to you what is in the Book. Then you can Live by the Book of Laws contained in the Book from the Law Giver. The Fruit of this Tree is Diabolical Ignorance. When you explore this Tree It Dominates you. It could be any other Tree like the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It can be a Relationship Tree. It can't be a Family Tree because, that is Blood. No Law Giver must ever claim Blood Ties with Their Slave. There is a Pretense of Knowledge. You believe you are actually learning about God. But, there is nothing there to feed you. In fact It is all poison. It is virus like. It is a Device for stealing people's merit. That causes infinite harm to people. There are several versions of this Damned Thing. There is one Damned Tree in the Jewish Cabala that is especially bad. Since this Damned Tree is nothing, but a creation of Hellenistic Sophistry. The Tarot is another kind of system of Lies, and Sophistry when It is in a Tree of Life. Also, Astrology, Alchemy, Demonology, Ceremonial Magic, Idolatry, Tantra, and Geomancy are systems contained in a Tree of Life comprised of Lies, and Sophistry. The Tree of Life can contain several Life Scripts made up of Laws that people can conform to. All their stuff is nothing, but human. "Man is the measure of all things". It is Godless.

My favorite Tree is always a Huge Holly Tree that comes right out of a Package with a Hope Chest in It. It has everything you can possibly Hope for, and then some. That Hope Chest with the Holly Tree is always put in by a Deity like Juno (June). Out of the Hope Chest comes a Big Holly Oh! That is a Big Holly Berry. Only a Big Holly can come from a Big Holly Oh! That grows immediately in the Fertile Humus of their Being. There is a Talking Book that tells them how to care for their New Holly Tree. The Holly Virtue is there with the Holly Tree as "Holly". This Holly Tree even can be a Tree of Life. They will like that. All the Deities that are with the Enterprise are there with the Holly Tree. These things come out of the Hope Chest to be with the Holly Tree. They get more Talking Books on different subjects from Libra. Then there is the Horn of Plenty. But, they have to fill Her up before you can get anything out of the Horn of Plenty from Plenty of course. There is a Hathor's Shepard's Crook. Then there is a Catherine's Magical Ring. There is a Magic Sword. A Magic Wand (Stave) is there. A Pentacle is present. There is a Piggy Bank from Mr. Piggy. Then there is a Baal Pail. There is always a Kitty. These too can steal their life from them. They can rob them of their merit, and feed it to the Virtues (Catherines). Sophistry can destroy them psychologically. If this is all done according to the Deities. Then the whole thing maybe Good. Of course I take responsibility for everything here.

The problem is these two people did that. They also taught others to do that as well. The Rules are laid down to do nothing, but destroy people. Verily, people do not understand this. They think It is philosophy only. This is what makes It dangerous. Because, It can be propagated by the Ignorant. Those Hidden Rules can still take control of people. Libra is a Living Book. Libra is Tanith. You can Trust Her on these things. This is because, Tiberius learned this too. Timaeus, and Hypatia are both Law Givers. They are also Talking Books. They are also called Walking Books. These Books are not always Truthful. In this case they are frequently False. This is why they are "going on these journeys".

More people are coming. The Roman soldiers are bringing them. The soldiers are impressed that Tiberius is unharmed. The sunrise is beautiful even there. Tiberius is interested in food for the rats. The rats will need poison too.

Food is always big with Tiberius. He is starting give His food talk. Tiberius wants food, and wine brought to Him. He also wants food on the tables of everyone in Carthage. More people are coming to explain to Him why there is not enough food in Carthage. More of the People of Carthage are coming. Tiberius knows if the people do not have food. Mobs will be rampaging. Then they can not do much for Rome.

Tiberius does not have any food. He wants to know where it is at. There is grain in a few of the storehouses, but it is bad. They do not have any food. People can hear the screams coming from the funeral pyre. There are rats all over the place. Maybe the rats can eat the grain. But, the rats are sacred to Apollo. The Priest of Apollo is coming right away to explain this to Tiberius. Tiberius wants to know why this grain has been given to the People of Carthage to eat. It might kill the rock doves. The rock doves are the huge Love Birds of Carthage.

Maybe these Philosophers can explain to everybody why there is not enough food for the people. Tiberius wants to know why they think it is alright to give bad food to the people. People are dying. Yet these people are living in the manner of Gods. They can not explain this to the People of Carthage there. That is because, they can not speak their language. They are at a loss for words. The evidence against them speaks volumes. They are enemies of Tiberius. It looks like they are Enemies of Rome. It is time for "Maximum Circus". This will beautiful Circus of Death.

Philosophy of Personalism

 "Personalism is thus in the tradition of the cogito, ergo sum ("I think, therefore I am") of René Descartes in holding that, in the subjective flow of lived-through experience, one makes more direct soundings of the real than in anything arriving through the tortuous paths of perceptual processes. The word person comes from the Latin persona, which referred to the mask worn by an actor and thus to his role. Eventually, it came to mean the dignity of a man among men. The person is thus supreme both in reality (as substance) and in value (as dignity)". "Encyclopedia Britannica"

Wedding Feast

Now, the Wedding Feast is in Heaven. It really is. Everybody is there. Jesus Christ is there with His Bride Purity. All of a sudden. This filthy, drunken party crasher comes through the door shouting obscenities, and threatening the party goers. "I am Happy Go Lucky! Let's Party"! That is Bacchus.

It is almost impossible to anger Jesus Christ. But, this Thing has really done it. This a Wild Beast of some sort. They are not sure what kind of Beast. But, this is definitely a Beast. Why it's a Mouse! He certainly is not welcome. He definitely does not belong there. They just have to find a place for Him. They certainly are going to find one for Him. Since He does not have One. That is why the Mouse wanders. The Beast has many different fighting forms. So He can go to many different places. He has to be banished to many places. He has a huge troop of "people" with Him. These are all His forms.

Jesus Christ is very Creative. He is making a place for Him right now.

The Catherines are not jumping up, and down. They are not happy to see the Beast ever. But, there is Ghoul School on ALGOL for Him. The O's will take Him right there instantly. It is not exactly Harry Potter. Ghoul School is on the Dark Companion. The gravity is tremendous. That ought to hold Him for awhile. All His Friends can join Him there too.

Hariman has Another Universe. He needs an Animal like this for His Zoo. He is getting everything ready for this Beast. He has a really good cage for Him. He gets to be in it there forever.

Apep is working on making His Universe. He wants this Beast there for "Sport and Play forever and a day". 

Hastur has a place for Him on the Planet Bast. Hastur thinks It is some kind of Mouse. "The destiny of mice is to be played with by cats".

Hathor has a place for Him in a very interesting Egyptian Underworld.

The Roman has chains, and a traitor hole ready for Him in Hell.

Nirrti is getting a World of Destruction ready for Him.

Juno is looking for a place for this Beast.

Getting Your Gold Bug

I do not want to bother Her too much. But, we have got to get the Juno to get us a Golden Orange. In order to do that you have to have a million dollars in serious capital. Now, the Juno is going to get that for you. You have at least that even to be considered for your Gold Bug. Your are going to have to get your Gold Bug from Morgan Guaranty and Trust.

National Swimming Day for the Mouse or How To Get Your Catherine

Now, you will need a large clear punch bowel for Mr. Mouse, or Mrs. Mouse to swim in. Fill with warm tepid water about two inches from the top. In goes the Mouse. The Mouse is a little Hydronaught. Your Mouse is a little Explorer. You have to have Empathy with the Mouse. You will go with your Mouse to the Otherside. As soon as you are on the Otherside let the Mouse go on to where the Mouse goes. Never go with the Mouse any further. Where you are there will be a King (Baal Peor). You offer the King Everything in Order to Get Anything Good. You are going to Planet Catherine to get a Catherine. The King Opens the Way. You are on Planet Catherine. There are the Catherines. You get Your Catherine. Now, you are right back home with Your Catherine.

The Mouse is Swimming, and Swimming, and Swimming.

The Mouse is Swimming, and Swimming, and Swimming.

The Mouse is Swimming, and Swimming, and Swimming.

Now you need to squirt some dishwashing detergent like "Dawn" to break the surface tension of the water. (After all you don't want watch a mouse swimming for four, or five hours, do you?)

The Mouse is Swimming, and Swimming, and Swimming.

The Mouse is Swimming, and Swimming, and Swimming.

The Mouse is Swimming, and Swimming, and Swimming.

(The Mouse is starting to go underwater.)

The Mouse is Diving, and Diving, and Diving.

The Mouse is Diving, and Diving, and Diving.

The Mouse is Diving, and Diving, and Diving.

Now, the Mouse has gone through the Opening.

You must get off to see the King.

You offer Him Everything to Go to Planet Catherine to Get Your Catherine.

Now, the Kings says you can go.

And, you are There.

Up there there lots of the Virtues (Catherines) and one of them will choose you.


The Food Book

The Romans have a philosophy about Food. The Romans had lots of teachings about Food. They always talked about Food. Because, Food is important. Starvation causes riots. "Food makes the Man". "Food is Plentiful". "Food is a Religion". "Food feels Good". "Good is with Food always". "Food is Cherished". "Food helps people". "Food Knows people". "Food is Safe". "Food must Be Understood". "No Food for Fools". "Food for Thought". "Food is Medicine". "Food is Love". "Food is a Miracle". "Food is Life". "Food is Victory". "Food brings Order".

The Trouble with America

People are too fat.

They have fat minds.

They have fat ideas.

They have fat souls.

They have a fat God.

They have a fat devil.

There is no room for anything.

People are fat.

Rich people diet.

Poor people die.


The Dynamics of Whales and People

Whales are bad. Fish feeds people.

Whales eat fish. People must eat fish too.

When whales die people eat.

Thallium bullets kill whales.

Starving people like thallium.

When you are fishing you hate whales.

Who doesn't when they are hungry.

Feed the people. Save the whales.



Poor Haiti

No food, no order.

Rich people have it backwards as usual.

Well fed people say Jesus is God.

The hungry say Gun is God.

Let them eat Bibles.

Well fed spirits.

Starving bodies.

A whole lot of shaking going on.

"Get me out of here"!

Screams a fat foreigner buried in the rubble.

He used be able to say a lot.

Who could live.

Who could die.

The gangsters won't save him.

He never liked people anyway.

He is allergic to cats.

His lungs are full of the dust of Haiti.

Maybe he should meow like a cat.

No one is going to save rotten man.

He can pray to Jesus.

Latter, he will pray to God's of Haiti.

He will learn the truth.

Anything, but this.

People need to get something out of their heads.

It is these rich ideas that don't work.

Poverty is simple.

Poor ideas are simple.

Feed the people.

Bomb Haiti with food.

Keep it up until everyone has eaten.

It is easier to have fat people in Haiti.

Than to have a democratic government.

When people eat.

Government gets better.

When people eat.

Riots stop.

When people eat.

Safety happens.

When people eat.

Then you can talk.

When people eat.

People listen.

Here are some good foods to feed the Man. Foods worthy of the Emperor. That is the Imperial Standard.

Raw Milk, the best you can get.

Bull Fries, you have eat them raw.

"Pinkies", clean, disease free baby mice, or rats.

The clean, disease free raw glands of animals.

The Fig Tree

"Plant of the genus Ficus, of the mulberry family (Moraceae), especially Ficus carica, the common fig. Ficus carica, which yields the well-known figs of commerce, is indigenous to an area extending from Asiatic Turkey to northern India, but natural seedlings grow in most Mediterranean countries. It is a bush or small tree, from 1 m (3 feet) to 10 to 12 m (33 to 39 feet) high, with broad, rough, deciduous leaves that are deeply lobed or sometimes nearly entire".

"The fig was one of the earliest fruit trees cultivated by primitive peoples, and its cultivation spread in remote ages over all the districts around the Aegean Sea and throughout the Levant. The Greeks are said to have received it from Caria (hence the specific name); Attic figs became celebrated in the East, and special laws were made to regulate their exportation. The fig was one of the principal articles of sustenance among the Greeks; the Spartans especially used it at their public tables. Pliny the Elder enumerates many varieties and describes those of home growth as furnishing a large portion of the food of slaves. In Latin myth the fig was held sacred to Bacchus and employed in religious ceremonies; the fig tree that overshadowed the twin founders of Rome in the wolf 's cave was an emblem of the future prosperity of the race".

A Charybdis and Scylla in Greek mythology, two immortal and irresistible monsters who beset the narrow waters traversed by the hero Odysseus in his wanderings (later localized in the Strait of Messina). Scylla was a supernatural creature, with 12 feet and 6 heads on long, snaky necks, each head having a triple row of sharklike teeth, while her loins were girt with the heads of baying dogs. From her lair in a cave she devoured whatever ventured within reach, including six of Odysseus' companions. She was sometimes said to have been originally human in appearance but transformed out of jealousy through the witchcraft of Circe or Amphitrite into her fearful shape. She was sometimes confused with the Scylla who betrayed her father, King Nisus of Megara, out of love for Minos, king of Crete.

Charybdis, who lurked under a fig tree a bowshot away on the opposite shore, drank down and belched forth the waters thrice a day and was fatal to shipping. Her character was most likely the personification of a whirlpool. The shipwrecked Odysseus barely escaped her clutches by clinging to a tree until the improvised raft that she swallowed floated to the surface again after many hours. Scylla was often rationalized in antiquity as a rock or reef. Both gave poetic expression to the dangers confronting Greek mariners when they first ventured into the uncharted waters of the western Mediterranean.@

"Bo Tree also called Bodhi tree according to Buddhist tradition, the pipal (Ficus religiosa) under which the Buddha sat when he attained Enlightenment (Bodhi) at Bodh Gaya (near Gaya, west-central Bihar state, India). A living pipal at Anuradhapura, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), is said to have grown from a cutting from the Bo tree sent to that city by King Ashoka in the 3rd century BC. See Ficus (900 species)".

"World Tree also called cosmic tree centre of the world, a widespread motif in many myths and folktales among various preliterate peoples, especially in Asia, Australia, and North America, by which they understand the human and profane condition in relation to the divine and sacred realm. Two main forms are known and both employ the notion of the world tree as centre. In the one, the tree is the vertical centre binding together heaven and earth; in the other, the tree is the source of life at the horizontal centre of the earth. Adopting biblical terminology, the former may be called the tree of knowledge; the latter, the tree of life.

In the vertical, tree-of-knowledge tradition, the tree extends between earth and heaven. It is the vital connection between the world of the gods and the human world. Oracles and judgments or other prophetic activities are performed at its base.

In the horizontal, tree-of-life tradition, the tree is planted at the centre of the world and is protected by supernatural guardians. It is the source of terrestrial fertility and life. Human life is descended from it; its fruit confers everlasting life; and if it were cut down, all fecundity would cease. The tree of life occurs most commonly in quest romances in which the hero seeks the tree and must overcome a variety of obstacles on his way".

"Juno in Roman religion, chief goddess and female counterpart of Jupiter, closely resembling the Greek Hera, with whom she was universally identified. With Jupiter and Minerva, she was a member of the Capitoline triad of deities traditionally introduced by the Etruscan kings. Juno was connected with all aspects of the life of women, most particularly married life. As Juno Lucina, goddess of childbirth, she had a temple on the Esquiline from the 4th century BC. In her role as female comforter she assumed various descriptive names. Individualized, she became a female guardian angel; as every man had his genius, so every woman had her Juno. Thus, she represented, in a sense, the female principle of life.

As her cult expanded she assumed wider functions and became, like Hera, the principal female divinity of the state. For example, as Sospita, portrayed as an armed deity, she was invoked all over Latium and particularly at Lanuvium, originally as a saviour of women but eventually as saviour of the state. As Juno Moneta ("the Warner"), she had a temple on the Arx (the northern summit of the Capitoline Hill) from 344 BC; it later housed the Roman mint, and the words "mint" and "money" derive from the name. According to Plutarch, the cackling of her sacred geese saved the Arx from the Gauls in 390 BC. Her significant festivals were the Matronalia on March 1 and the Nonae Caprotinae, which was celebrated under a wild fig tree in the Campus Martius on July 7. Juno is represented in various guises. Most frequently, however, she is portrayed as a standing matron of statuesque proportions and severe beauty, occasionally exhibiting military characteristics".

"Lac also spelled Lack, sticky, resinous secretion of the tiny lac insect, Laccifer lacca, which is a species of scale insect. This insect deposits lac on the twigs and young branches of several varieties of soapberry and acacia trees and particularly on the sacred fig, Ficus religiosa, in India, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. The lac is harvested predominantly for the production of shellac (q.v.) and lac dye, a red dye widely used in India and other Asian countries. Forms of lac, including shellac, are the only commercial resins of animal origin.

As early as about 1200 BC, lac products were being used in India as plastic and decorative materials. During the 17th century, after traders had introduced lac dye and, later, shellac to Europe, lac became commercially important there. Eventually, lac products came to be used in most of the industrialized countries of the world.

The word lac is the English version of Persian and Hindi words that mean "hundred thousand", indicating the large number of the minute insects required to produce lac. In fact, about 17,000 to 90,000 insects are needed to produce one pound of shellac.

The maximum yield of resin and dye is obtained by gathering stick lac (i.e., the twigs with their living inhabitants) in June and November. Lac dye is obtained from ground stick lac by extraction with hot water or hot sodium carbonate solution.

Seed lac is the resin, freed from the lac dye. After the seed lac is melted, strained through canvas, spread, cooled, and flaked, it becomes the shellac of commerce. The palest orange lac is the most valuable. See also cochineal".

Romulus and Remus the legendary founders of Rome. Traditionally, they were the sons of Rhea Silvia, daughter of Numitor, king of Alba Longa.

Numitor had been deposed by his younger brother Amulius, who forced Rhea to become a vestal virgin (and thereby vow chastity) in order to prevent her from giving birth to potential claimants to the throne. Nevertheless, Rhea bore the twins Romulus and Remus, fathered by the war god Mars. Amulius ordered the infants drowned in the Tiber River, but the trough in which they were placed floated down the river and came to rest at the site of the future Rome, near the Ficus ruminalis, a sacred fig tree of historical times. There a she-wolf and a woodpecker both sacred to Mars suckled and fed them until they were found by the herdsman Faustulus".

Mithra "Mr. Piggy"

Mithra (a Persian god who in Zoroastrianism became an angelic mediator between heaven and earth and judge and preserver of the created world), have achieved semidivine or divine status with their own cults".

The Zoroastrian Mithra was in the Sixth Century B.C.


Delatore that works for the Temple of Astarte.

The Religion of Gun

Zairne is a Place.

Zairne is not Zion.

But, it might be.

Zairne could be in Africa.

But, not always.

Zairne could be in America.

Sometimes it is.

Zairne is always somewhere else.

Except when it isn't.

In Zairne Gun is a God.

The Guns all live in their Gun Houses.

These are the Happy Guns.

When the Guns are not Happy Guns.

Then there is lots of Gun Talk.

When the Guns Talk people listen.

Guns Talk about Life or Death.

In Zairne there is a Boy.

There is a Man who has the Gun Faith.

The Boy believes in Gun.

He has just been Converted to the Religion of Gun.

The Boy leaves home to go with the Man.

The Boy got a real Gun from the Man.

The Boy just has to do what the Man says.

The Man has taught the Boy all about the God Gun.

Gun has made the Boy a Man.

Gun has the Power to do that.

Some people say he is still a Boy.

Gun will talk to them.

That he is Gun Man not a Boy.

Gun Man knows many, many things.

Gun Man knows he won't die of starvation.

Gun Man knows he won't die of thirst.

Gun Man knows he won't be beaten like a boy.

Gun Man knows he will never be hurt like a boy.

Gun Man knows he can get medicine.

Gun Man knows he can get a place to live.

Gun Man knows he can have clothes.

Gun Man knows he can have shelter from the Elements.


There is a man and he is hanging upside down. All he has to do is grab his bootstraps, and pick himself up. When he is above the noose he can mount the noose. Then get can get himself out of the hanging tree.

So there is a saying about picking oneself up by one's bootstraps.

Pacifism and Sophistry

Pacifism can be a form of Taoist "Not Doing". The Peace Cult has Militant Pacifism. With them they have a War called "Peace". So this Peace is at best a racket, or at worst a "Cult" in the pejorative sense of the word. This Pacifism is a source of endless mischief, and constant strife.

The One Book

This is the "One Book". Number One (the One) has the One Thought in One Mind that has the One Way to the One Goal. The One serves the One God who has the One Government (One Hierarchy) that makes up the One Religion, the One Philosophy, and One Ideology. The One has the One Life, the One Existence, the One Body, the One World, the One Universe, the One Destiny, the One Work, and the One Place. The One has the One Focus, the One Control to Control the One Life.