The New Buddha
By Kommandant Kitten


"A well fed cat has no mouth."

 The New Buddha is brand new. As a matter of fact I just made Him up. His name is "Reality." Only selfless dedication to Reality can get you anything good in this world, or any other world, for that matter.

 New Dharma also, known as the Laws of Nature, and Man begins with Obedience. Every law can be summed up in just one word "obey." If you always obey the Laws of Nature, and Man your life will be secure, and untroubled always.

 The New Sangha is Good Company that you must keep, always. These are all people that believe in Reality, and obey the Law. Shun people that do not believe in Reality, and disobey the Law. Those are Evil Companions. Evil Companions are a curse in anybody's lifetime. Even, the Buddhas are plagued by Them too.

 This all came from Maya, the Mother of the Buddhas! Hello Kitty Goddess right there for you, always. That is the Rainbow Girl in the "Matrix Revolutions".

 If you can handle the New Buddha Reality. Then you are ready for Real Medicine Buddha Teaching Kommandant Kitten got from Real Tibetan Master Kalu Rinpoche. That hard to get at anytime. Pay Attention! That is the Full Teaching of Kalu Rinpoche on Medicine Buddha. So Kommandant Kitten specialize in that Buddha alone. You like that.

 That get you Medicine in every life. Then you can give that to people.

First Medicine Teaching: Public Health.

 The Four Noble Truths of the Buddha: A New Explanation Thereof

1) Torture!  Now, you may have this candy coated as the "Truth of Suffering", maybe "Sorrow". Our lives are pervaded by Torture. Your mind can be distracted momentarily. But, you are being still being Tortured. Your body knows this, by the way. Even if you mind doesn't. That is why the body even feels pain when it is anesthetized at still some level. We can have less Torture if we do not have Dionysus as our God. The Play of Dionysus is Torture. You can Drink the Wine of Dionysus that is Delusion. But, maybe you shouldn't. Madness is Torture. You may not realize that. If you ever live ever do. Pain engulfs all space.

2) Death! Not "Impermanence and Death" but, you can train yourself to accept this is your lot in life. All you have to do is just take it. Your death!  Dogs don't. Dog can be your God!The Fenrir Wolf can be the the Head of Your House. The Moon Dog can be Your Ancestor. Many people believe in God but, don't have God.  They have Dog instead of God! They do. Dogs have no masters, just other dogs. That is the canine truth. Dogs have a system of living based on nothing but, dominance, and submission. You can have a Dog's Life if you deserve that "Life. A Gift of Life Given to Our Enemies. Then you can have a Dog's Death. Not a death of your choosing.

3) Impermanence! It can be called Revolution. That we can have a Hope of the Future. Where we are not Tortured, and have to live, and die worse than Dogs. Because, there is always something more.

4) Salvation! Salvation is the natural result of obedience, work, order, progress, and staying alive. That is not to accept Torture, Delusion, Sickness, Decrepitude, and Death as inevitable. We are to hate these things. Eschew the companionship of those people that cherish these evils. Even the company of Hell is better.