"Empathy is Evil."

A World Problem

"It all begins, and ends with the Mouse."

By Kommandant Kitten

Starting Catharsis

 What is Catharsis? Definition "Webster's Dictionary" C1963 "Catharsis, n.[Greek Katharsis, purification, from Kathairein, to purify, Katharizein, to cleanse, Katharates, a cleanser, Katharos, pure, Kathartikos, to purge, to destroy] 1. Purgation especially of the bowels. 2. The purifying, or relieving of emotions by art: an Aristotelian concept, applied originally to the effects of tragic drama. 3. In psychiatry, the alleviation of fears, problems, and complexes by bringing them to consciousness, and giving them expression". Also, spelled Katharsis.

 Freud knew a lot about Catharsis, but kept most of it secret. We do too. All this pertains to the Super Ego. We are not dealing only with Freud as the psychiatrist but, Freud the philosopher. Perhaps more importantly Freud the magician. But, the "Lost Kitten" is not a magician. Kitten is not really "lost." Itís just that people donít want to ever find Kitten. Catharsis is a Philosophy that deals with purification. At least that.

 We must understand, the problems embodied in the philosophies of Hellenism, humanism, romanticism, various religions, and sophistry. We want to get rid of corruption, impurity, and evil in our lives.

  According to a recent Pew survey about 80% of the people in the United States believe in Angels, Demons, Heaven, Hell, and so forth. In Catharsis Philosophy we must question our Ideals to find out if they are good. They might not be.

The holier than thou persons have "the Stink of God" (hypocrisy) rather than the Holy Spirit of Godís Breath. The "Stench of God" is driving people out of the churches. The "Shame of Christ" (racketeering) has gotten really big again. There is "the Leaven" of sedition, espionage, treason, and heresy has crept into the Gospel of Love again. 

 So we are going to examine this Religion called Christianity. Thus, we will find out the inherit weaknesses, or strengths of the Christian Religion. No Christian wants psychological warfare used against our religion by a hostile foreign power. Then there are always the tireless machinations of the Enemy (Satan) in infinite guises, and variations. Neither, do we want to be tricked.

  First in Catharsis we must examine the material usually, in "either/or" terms. "And" can act like a sort of Mind Virus, or meme. "And" implies a sort of relationship, or pairing that may not always, be compatible, or a true pair.

 You should not have good food, and evil poison at once. Since even "a small amount of poison soon pervades the whole" rendering everything unwholesome. It is the "leaven" spoken of by Christ in the Bible. Therefore, poison mixed with food regardless of how good the food is results in always, a "bad" mixture. Like poison bait. Or the mixture must be purged of poison. If we are to consume it.

 Since, the word Catharsis is intertwined with the word "Purge", v.t. purged, pt., pp,;purging, ppr. (Middle English Purgen; Old French Purgier; Latin Purgare, to cleanse from Purus, clean, and Agere, to do, to act) 1. To cleanse, or purify by separating, and carrying off whatever is impure, foreign, or superfluous; to purge a city of accumulated filth. 2. To cleanse of guilt, or sin, or ceremonial defilement. 3. To clear, or rid (a nation, political party, company, etc.) Of individuals that are disloyal, or undesirable. 4. In law to free from charge, or imputation of guilt. 5. In medicine, (a) To empty (the bowels); (b) To cause (a person) to empty his bowels. 6. To clarify; to defecate, as liquors. To remove by cleansing: out, away, or off; as to purge away our sins".

 Catharsis begins as Philosophy. A Philosopher is literally a Lover of Knowledge, and Wisdom. Useful Knowledge is Real Wisdom. We all share consciousness. That consciousness is axiomatic. Since, we can not study anything when we are unconscious. We have a Common Reality. From that we can postulate that we all have a Common, or Community. Even animals, plants, and machines share this Reality. Therefore, they are part of the Common. This Reality is axiomatic. That from this axiom of Reality we derive the Common. Although, people may Perceive this Reality differently. Because, of the boundaries that exist in the Common. That is true. We will examine who sets these boundaries later in this work. That Knowledge is Powerful because, it is Useful. It gives me an Understanding of Reality. Then we know what is, and is not real. Because, everyone, and everything in the Universe has a Common Reality. As inhibitions that are the creations of sophistry are purged we perceive the Common.

 The Virtues are shared all over the Universe. The Holy Virtues preside over, and command their respective Powers rather, than personify them. For either, we have a Divine Hierarchy of God's Government, or we have Pantheism (Monotheism) where everything is God. Therefore, the Common is likewise, governed as is necessary by God's Hierarchy. These Virtues exist outside, alongside, and within our own minds.

 So if a Religion that does not have Virtue does not have Reality. Worse is a Religion that promotes Vices. The Profanation of Virtue harms Reality, and does something terrible in the Common. Then the Common must be purged for the sake of Purity. Then the Common must be Reseeded. Since, the Virtues are shared with everyone, and everything in the Universe. That is True.

 Individually, our existence is axiomatic derived from the existence of the common reality. So we are singular in our basic nature yet, we are also, interdependent.

 Virtue wins wars. Virtue insures peace. Virtue builds civilization. Without Virtue religion can not exist. Virtue establishes value. Virtue defines norms. Virtues are not to be confused with Social Mores that they support.

 "Virtue, (Middle English and Old French vertu, vitue, goodness, power; Latin virilis, manliness, worth.) 1. General moral goodness; right action and thinking; uprightness; rectitude; morality. 2. A particular moral quality regarded as good or meritorious; as, the virtue of generosity; specifically in philosophy and theology any of the cardinal virtues or theological virtues. 3. Chastity especially in a woman. 4. A specific excellence; any good quality, merit, or accomplishment; also excellence in general; merit; value

 "Pity is the virtue of the law. And none but tyrants use it cruelly". (Shakespear) 5. Effective power or force; efficiency; potency; the ability to heal or strengthen; as the virtue of medicine. 6. In theology. one of the orders of the angels. 7. Bravery; valor; courage; daring. 8. A mighty work; a miracle.

cardinal virtues; Prudence, Justice, Temperance, and Fortitude.

theological virtues; the Three Virtues Faith, Hope, and Charity".

 Human Beings have no intrinsic virtues in themselves. Human Beings acquire Virtue as the result of becoming more civilized by cultivating the Virtues. Otherwise, we will be nothing more than beasts in human form. The most important thing in Catharsis is the cultivation of Godly Virtues, Godly Powers, as well as Godly Purity. These Virtues, Powers, and Purifiers are all part of God's Hierarchy (Romans 13). We call these Heavenly Beings "Catherines."

 In a sense the Catherines can not be described as just "Angels" also known as, "Messengers". Although, the Catherines can bear messages from Heaven as Forerunners, Harbingers, or Heralds they have a higher rank in the Celestial Hierarchy. The Catherines are basically God's Government.

 We are going to thoroughly explore everything philosophically that we can regarding our mortal enemies namely the Devil, the World, and the Flesh. Get to understand, the who, what, where, when, why, and how of this matter. Therefore, in Catharsis we will have to think the unthinkable. We must mention things that before Catharsis were unmentionable. We must find, claim, and use God's Virtue, Power, and Purity to defeat our mortal Enemies. Certainly we can do that Spiritually (Ideally).

 First let's get some definitions for what most people understand, to be "the Devil," "the World," and "the Flesh." Note some of the italics are mine to bring attention to the subject matter of significance to Catharsis.

 "Devil, n. (Middle English devil; Anglo Saxon deoful; Low Latin diabolus, the devil; Greek diabolus, the devil, lit. slanderer, from dai-, through, across, and ballein, to throw) 1. (sometimes D-) in theology, (a) the chief evil spirit, supernatural being subordinate to, and the foe of God and tempter of man; Satan (with the): he is typically depicted as a man with horns, a tail, and cloven feet; (b) any of such subordinate beings that reside in hell; a demon. 2. A very wicked person. 3. Any great evil. 4. A person who is sprightly, mischievous, energetic, etc. 5. An unlucky, unhappy person; as, that poor devil has had a hard time. 6. Anything difficult; a thing to operate or control, etc. 7. A marsupial animal, Dasyurus ursinus, of great ferocity; native to Tasmania. 8. A printer's errand boy or apprentice; formerly, the boy who took the printed from the tympan of the press. 9. A machine with teeth for cutting up rags." "Webster's Dictionary" C1963

 "Satan, n. (Hebrew satan, enemy, from satan, to be adverse) in Christian theology, the great enemy of man and goodness; the Devil; usually identified with Lucifer, the chief of the fallen angels, cast out of heaven by Michael, according to the Talmud."

 "Lucifer, n. (Latin lucifer, light-bringing; lux, lucis, light, and ferre, to bear Greek phosphor, morning star; phosphoros; phos, light, from phaein, to shine, and pherein, to bring) 1. The planet Venus, when it is the morning star. 2. Satan, especially as the leader of the revolt of the angels before his fall. "And when he fall, he fall like Lucifer, Never to hope again". Shakespeare 3. An early type of match made of a very combustible substance, and ignited by friction: formerly called locofoco and lucifer match."

 "Mithras, Mithra, n. (Latin, from Greek Mithras; Old Persian Mitra or Mithra, Vedic Mitra, meaning "contract", "friend") the ancient Persian god of light and truth, opponent of darkness and evil." Note that the Latin word "Miter" means a type of head dress. Also Mithras always was the "Man in the Cap". Mithras always also had a torch, a cloak, and a dagger. See "The Yoga, Yoga Book" for the significance of this. The Vedic Mitra is a Dark Star with most of the Gods and Goddesses in His Orbit since there is only Him. Therefore there is only the One Way, the One Life, and the One God for everything is nothing but Him. More information can be had regarding this ancient Satanic Luciferian Deity later in this work. Notice that the Old Adam the Child of the Earth if He is Mithra is synonymous with Satan. That Other Adam that is Mithra is a form of an Evil Earth Demon who is always claiming, to be Our Ancestor. Of course, Another Eve comes out of this Dirt when She emerges from the Other Adam. Then the Satanic World Tree usually a Fig Tree always, masquerades as the Tree of Life. Satan's all-devouring Monotheism, the Terrible Great God Pan, or Bacchus is always His Way. This is all the handiwork of the Great Impostor Satan of course as Mithra has a copy of God's Creation He seeks to put in place of the Real One. Satan wants to supplant the Common with His own "Grand Design" as the Evil Architect. Satan will even claim to be Jesus Your Friend til the End. Hence Mithra is the Ideal Enemy.

 World, n. (Middle English werd, world, worlde; Anglo Saxon weoruld, weorold etc., lit., the age of man; Anglo Saxon wer, man, and yldo, an age.) 1. The earth. 2. The universe. 3. The earth and its inhabitants.4.(also W-) (a) Some portion or division of the earth; as the Old World, the New World; (b) Any state or sphere of existence; any wide scene of action; as the world to come; (c) some period of history, its society, etc.; as, the ancient world; (d) Any sphere or domain; as, the dog world; the animal, vegetable, or mineral world; (e) Any sphere of human activity; as, the world of music. 5. The inhabitants of the earth in general; humanity; mankind; human race. 6. People generally; the public; society; as, what will the world say. 7. That which pertains to the earth or to the present state of existence only; the concerns of this life as distinguished from those of the life to come. 8. That portion of mankind which is devoted which is devoted to worldly or secular affairs. 9. The current of events, especially as affecting an individual experience, outlook, etc.; as, how goes the world? 10. Any sphere of more or less complexity or development; individual experience, outlook, etc.; as, their home is their world. 11. (often in pl.) A large amount; a great deal; as, their home is their world. 12. A star or planet". "World Soul, n. Animating spirit or creative principle related to the world as a soul is related to an individual being." Note how the word "World" relates to the Age of Man which is the Age of Humanism. The homocentric view of everything called "Worldliness".

 "Earth, n. (Middle English erthe, eorthe; Anglo Saxon eorthe; Dutch erde; Old High German erdha, erda; Icelandic jordh; Danish jord; Gothic airtha, the earth; Latin terra; Hebrew adama) 1. The planet we live on; terrestrial globe; it is the fifth largest planet in our solar system and the third in distance from the sun; diameter, 7,918 mi.; symbol circle cut into four quarters. 2. This world distinguished from heaven and hell. 3. The land of the earth, as distinguished from air and water; the ground. 4.The soft material of which part of the surface of the globe consists; soil, as distinguished from rock; soil capable of being cultivated. 5. A distinct part of the globe; a country; a region. 6. The inhabitants of earth. 7. (a) The substance of the human body; (b) human concerns; worldly matters. 8. The hole of a burrowing animal; a lair. 9. In chemistry, any one of the metallic oxides, formerly classed as elements, which are reduced with difficulty, as baryta, strontia, magnesia, alumina, zirconia, etc. 10. In electricity, the ground forming part of an electric circuit". Notice this earth is also, dirt. Again, like in its relationship to the flesh as the human body, and humanism. The word human actually comes from the Latin word for dirt, humus.

 "Dirt, n. (Middle English dirt, from drit.) 1. Any unclean or soiling matter, as mud, dust, trash etc.; filth. 2. Earth or garden soil. 3. Anything common or filthy; as, he treats me like dirt. 4. Dirtiness; uncleanness; meanness. 5. Obscene writing or speaking; pornography. 6. Malicious talk or gossip. 7. In gold mining, the gravel, soil, etc. From which gold is separated by washing or panning". Here we understand that people are basically dirty by definition. Catharsis is about getting rid of this dirt, this earth, cleaning our bodies, minds, and lives of this filth. We have to get our minds disentangled from the sophistry, or fallacious reasoning in which we are culturally immersed. This is how we get rid of the vampiric Old Adam, and its World Soul or the Veil of Mithras. Just think of the mist that hides the vampire in the movies. That is what the World Soul really is, or variations there of.

"Flesh, n. (Middle English flesh, fleisch, flesc; Anglo Saxon flaesc, flesh) 1. The soft substance of the body (of a person or animal) between the skin and the bones; especially, the muscular tissue. 2. The pulpy edible part of fruits and vegetables. 3. The flesh of any animal as food; meat; meat other than fish or fowl. 4. The human body, as distinguished from the soul. 5. Man in general; mankind; humanity. 6. Human nature, in a good or bad sense; especially, the sensual natural of the human body. 7. All living beings; as, the way of all flesh. 8. The surface of the human body; as, Renoir's technique in painting flesh. 9. The usual coloring of a white person's skin; yellowish pink. 10. Kindred; stock; family." It is Humanism again. The Devil is human. The World is human. The Flesh is human. That is the usual culprit. It is the human factor that always, causes problems. "Man is the measure of all things." A quote from the Ancient Greek Philosopher Protagoras.

 People here in the United States are living much their lives enmeshed in Sophistry. Almost, no one realizes that all reasoning is to some extent more, or less is fallacious. As you can see as shown above is that a diabolical sophistry is actually, embedded in the American English language itself. Any Truth in America is questionable, and it should be. The United States of America is presently experiencing a state of Social Anarchy. The relationships between people are not genuine since, people no longer trust each other like they once did.

 The Devil exists at least in American sophistry as a very powerful psychological, and social force that can easily shape peopleís behavior. Surprisingly, there has been very little that has been done to counter this devilish sprightliness.

 Another example of this phenomenon is the word "kid" n. (M.E. kide, Scand. origin; akin to ON kith kid) 1. A young goat.

 Goats are referred to in Christian, and Jewish tradition as sacrificial, or diabolical animals. Goats are sacrificed to the Devil in some forms of Satanism. Calling somebodyís child a "young goat," or your child for that matter is a slur. That child could grow up to be a very devilish person. No one wants to damn their children do they? This can open people up to demonic attack without their even being aware of it. Just as a mouse can get into a person's house. Respect is the currency of the Universe. We must respect ourselves. We must respect each other. We certainly must respect our children since, they are our Hope for the Future.

 The Sacrificial Goat figures a great deal in magic, witchcraft, and Satanism. By means of a Diabolical Sophistry a person is transformed into a Mitharic Sacrificial Being. That person will die as a human sacrifice. This can happen under the guise of a "spiritual path" of some sort: where people are led by the "the Light of Heresy" to achieve a magic accomplishment; a sort of "great work," an incarnate witchcraft deity, Satanism in identification with the Devil, a kind of Yogic attainment, ultimate Gnostic level, or identification with a heretical form of Jesus Christ (Anti Christ). Understand, that the people engaged in these practices may not be aware that this is wrong.

 The word magician is related to the word magnus. "The name derives from the magus (q.v.), an ancient Persian priest, and the cognate maghdim, a Chaldean term meaning wisdom and philosophy". "Encyclopedia Britannica C 2008" Their "magic" as such consists of trickery, and sophistry.

 One of the biggest problems has to do with Trap Books that have been written by various Diabolical People. They are various works that purport to be guides to the budding magician that will turn him, or her into a Mitharic Sacrificial Being (Sacrificial Goat).

 The best example of this sort is the "Great Beast" Aleister Crowley in his work "Magick Theory and Practice." That work is filled with dangerous sophistry of the worst sort.

 We are all Sons and Daughters of the Deity. We are going to concern ourselves here with a Religion of Nothing, but Virtue. Virtue that must be proven in our lives. Our primary theme is Civilization. That means we must Purge our Lives of Evil. Confusion is the origin of Individual Evil. Likewise, we must work to Purge our Society of Evil by establishing more Civilization. Confusion in the mass of the peoples gives rise to Anarchy. Anarchy is the origin of Social Evil. Then we must replace everything Purged in Our Lives, and Society with Virtue, Power, and Purity (Catherines). And, make sure everything in Our Lives, and Society is Secured against the Return of Evil.

 Since, we don't have the Ideal Philosophy all Philosophy is Sophistry in some degree, or other. We do not have a Complete Philosophy because, not everything is known. As to this date people know very little about God, themselves, or about the Universe they live in. Therefore, we can only have Partial Truth. There will always, be a margin of error. Sometimes, there are exceptions to known rules. Even if there is not an intention to mislead, or deceive we still have Sophistry. We may have Practical Facts, Relative Truths, or Applied Philosophies that may be close to an Ideal Philosophy. Certainly, we can have progress towards a more Civilized life as we learn more through science, and technology.

 Here is a Catharsis story. Most of these stories are about returning "home", or gaining purity through various ordeals. Of course, there are the encounters with evil. We may fall in love with evil, or evil may fall in love with us.

 The Roman is stranded on the Isle of Lesbos. He always, wants to go home to Rome. The Roman is waiting patiently for ship to come to get him Home. Other ships came but, those ships were always, filled with rapists. Roman always, kills them because, they were always, the Enemies of Rome. Besides, maybe, they might rape the Roman. Goddess of Lesbos found the Roman to be filled with Girls (Goddesses) but, it will be very hard to get  those Girls out of the Roman. Firstly, the Roman always, wears his armor since, the Roman is always, fighting other men. Also, the Roman is very shy since, he is a stranger, and not in Rome. The Roman does go into his very big Roman pout just like a little boy, if a woman says one thing wrong. This lasts for many years. "Sorry, I wonít do that I am busy pouting. " Terribly, the Roman is self-sufficient always, tells a woman they must have dowry to support themselves too. The Women of Lesbos make the Roman an Honorary Citizen of Lesbos but, the Roman says he likes that. But, he is not King of Anything since, he is always, wanting to go Home. The Roman likes them. The Women of Lesbos like the Roman but, it is very hard to trust anyone. The Roman may leave on a ship when his ship comes in for him. The Roman cooks food for himself. The Women of Lesbos watch him doing that. Even the Goddess of Lesbos said the Roman is almost, impossible to mate with since, the Roman knows he will produce a "Terrible Generation of Girls", if he does that. Finally "Auschwitz Girl" catches the Roman sleeping. " IĎve got you! IĎve got you! IĎve got you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I am so sorry I hurt you. I really like you. I kill people. I wonít kill you. I not want to hurt you ever. I never hurt you ever. I kill all your enemies! You be at "Home" with me always! I am really terrible person. Will you marry me! Roman fall in love with "Auschwitz Girl". They both get married. They live happily ever after with great difficulty of course.

 Religion to exist in the Twenty-First Century must have Virtue. Power that enables people to live above subsistence levels. Religion must contribute meaningfully towards Human Civilization. Religion must advocate continued technological, and scientific progress in all areas of human livelihood. Religion must demonstrate undoubtedly; Human Godliness. That the World we all share will be a better place for it. That Life, and Love on this Planet will be made secure by the support of a truly Godly Religion.

  "If you desire the ends. Then you must embrace the means. That is the Religion of the Deed. A Religion that does Good by doing Good. That is the Religion that works". This is a good Catherine saying. If you want to be Pure. Then you must go through the Process of Purification. That is Catharsis. The Spiritual Catharsis must come first. The Philosophy of Idealism, or Spirituality are almost, the same if not synonymous. So we need to pay attention to that.

 We need not engage in any special practices, listen to any lecture, or go to any retreats. You need to be real, to be genuine in your life. When you are working, you work. When you are at home you find what needs to be done, and do it. When your life has been pruned of decadence you will grow, and flourish. You seek what is good for you while, eschewing what is evil. By being loyal, patriotic, and trustworthy trouble will flee from you. By having God's Virtues you will be victorious in life's battles.

 We need to purge ourselves of the Dirt of the Old Adam. Just as a cancer cell is in rebellion against your body. Understanding, the etiology, and prognosis of the latter, we know where the Rebellion of the Old Adam always, leads us.

 We need to test everything for Virtue. Now, mind you in any Religion everything appears to be mostly Sophistry. We need to find out how much is True. But, it is a good exercise to use the Scientific Method as much as we can. We can use Ockham's Razor too. Then we have to demonstrate the Sophistry. That this Religion can be practiced. That this Religion is practical, and good for you. After all, you must prove your Religion to be at least Relatively Real.

 We need to find the questions we need to answer (Problem). Knowing the right questions is important. Otherwise, we will never get the right answers. We can then formulate hypothetical answers (Hypothesis). Find out if reliable observations, and any experimental data support these hypothetical answers. Usually, the simplest, and least occult answer is always the best answer (Ockham's Razor). Any Ideology, Theology, Idealism, Spirituality, or Religion should have a real tangible basis of existence. We should always, define our terms when describing this existence. That way, people will be able to understand what is being presented. Because, people might not always, know that. We should find that other people in similar situations will have the same results (Reliability). Then we can say these findings of ours are Practical Facts of Life.

 For example we can dismiss the so-called "Problem of Existence," since it is an exercise in Infinite Regression. A Mandelbrot Set is an excellent example of Infinite Regression in mathematics. Because, this is a misstatement that is illogical. The Problem can not exist outside of Existence. Therefore, there can be no solution. So existence is axiomatic. This "Problem of Existence" is an exercise in Illogical Sophistry.

 Through moral training guarantees a sound moral psychology. Our minds need to be trained in order to think logically, and have sound reasoning. We must be trained in order to have ethical social relationships. When we have real power. It will not be detrimental to other people, or to ourselves.

 Context is important. We need to understand, that the Parables spoken by Jesus Christ in the "New Testament" may have actually, taken place. They really, may have happened to Jesus Christ Himself. For example the "Parable of the Good Samaritan" may have happened to Jesus Christ. That at one time Jesus Christ had been beaten, and robbed. Then Jesus was left for dead. So Jesus maybe, recounting His own experience, or that of His Apostles. But, we will revisit the Good Samaritan later.

 We must have an understanding of Real Psychology as well as a Psychology of Evil. Then will we understand, the problem posed by Malevolent Sophistry. Of causing confusion by calling bad good, or good evil. "Confusion breeds Evil". That is another good Catherine saying. After confusion breeds Evil. Then Evil becomes Sentient. Evil people find each other. This creates a Climate of Evil. The world shrinks to the size of a man's fist. They will eventually organize under the Banner of Anarchy. "Anarchy is the origin of all Social Evil". Still a good Catherine saying.

 Yet, not all Anarchy is Evil. Capitalism is a form of Anarchy since, it is opposed to the planning, or regulation of the Economy. Quakerism or, the "Friends Church" is an Anarchist Faith since, they have no Creed. If we are to believe Hegel then Anarchy is the origin of all governments. "Everything begins, and ends with the Mouse." A real good Catherine saying.

 Anarchy is a Social Movement. Anarchists do not necessarily have a conspiracy. This is because, Anarchists do not agree unanimously on much of anything. These Social Movements, Worldwide Fads, or Trends are not conspiracies. A media fan club is not a conspiracy. Fads even though they may become worldwide are not conspiratorial. True there is some organization, and, direction. But, a fad like the "Hula Hoop" in the 50's was not a conspiracy. Neither, was the New Age Movement that started in the 60's is to be considered conspiratorial. So what is in Vogue is not always the result of any conspiracy. The trend towards spirituality is not a conspiracy, either. This may later evolve into another movement to organize everything into a sort of Primitive Tribal Communism.

 Advertising is not to be considered to be part of any conspiracy. Although, propaganda is conspiratorial in nature and, conduct. A conspiracy in, and of itself is not necessarily bad. It is just that certain plans are made, and carried out in secret. Secrecy is not always bad. Silence does not make a person a criminal, either.

 Yet, a code of secrecy, silence, propaganda, and, conspiracy are always associated with certain organizations engaged in criminal misconduct. These criminal syndicates are sometimes called "cults". This cult behavior maybe, that which involves a form of religious worship, ritual actions and, worship that is Satanic. They tend to promote Social Anarchy. Mind you these Satanic Organizations do not necessarily believe in the Devil. They may not, even believe that Evil exists. Actually, they always believe of themselves as being Good. This makes them exceedingly effective in promoting the destruction of the planet's ability to support life. This usually, is done under the guise of promoting human dignity, personal freedom, prohibitionism, civil rights, individual liberty, and democracy. These are only a Pretense to hide their Subversive Nature. However, everything good is really just for them, and not for anybody else. Please, remember that. Everything is just for them nothing for anybody else. Because, they are piggish in their Way.

 Although, they claim to be like some sort of Royalty or, Ruling Class they really have no legitimate place in the World. Their respectability is an illusion. All their so-called goodness is really a sham. Although, they desperately want to be loved They really do not deserve it.

 They have a form of Love that is perverse, sadistic or, toxic. This makes them malevolent. Their social activism promotes vice rather than virtue. Although, their Sophistry appears to be flawless. This is because, they do not respect people's boundaries. They see the perceived wrongdoing of other people as a personal affront against them.

 Conspiracy Theories are usually, used as a technique of Enemy Formation or, Scape Goating to slander some group or, groups in the practice of bigotry. Most people consider such tactics or, practices to be devilish.

 So conspiracies are usually, the result of espionage or, some spy like activity. Movements, fads, or trends too can do the same thing. Even though, they are not conspiracies.

 Prohibitionism, and Libertine Excesses are the Two Horns of Power of the Devil. This Dualism is Satan's trap of alternating opposites. Anything caught between His Horns can be torn to pieces. Any controversy regarding alcohol, cigarettes, drugs are simply "lose-lose" arguments. This always, desecrates the Virtue of Temperance. Never, get involved with any such arguments concerning this Cult of Conscientiousness.

 These Anarchists are very spiritual. But, spirituality is not necessarily good in, and of itself.

 We all know that some people believe in Reincarnation. Did you know that the Reincarnation Experience can be artificially induced? There are Ancient, and Modern methods of doing just that.

 Also, all of the so-called Psychic Powers can be artificially induced as well. People that have a certain kind of limbic system in the brain seem to be more susceptible than most. People may hear things and/or see things. Visions of Heaven, or Hell can be induced by an outside agency that is certainly not Godly. People may receive prophecy regarding future events. That does not mean these people are really psychic, but they believe they are. How about that?

 One way to get the Mouse is to curse someone using relevant Biblical passages from Paul. That is handing a person, or persons over to the Devil. That is the total profanation the Bible. This is Satanic human sacrifice. That makes that person, or person's a Satanist for life.

 Jesus Christ is not anybodyís servant since, He is God. Also, called "the Servant of All (God)" not people. God has ordained a place for everything in the interests of Universal Order. After all you don't expect the President of the United States to bust criminals do you? Just call the police. Neither, is God some kind of shoeshine boy. God will not do your "dirty laundry", either. You have to take it to the cleaners. Because, God has to do His God's business. God has a place. The Holy Spirit has a place. Godís Holy Hierarchy all have their places.

 So our world is run pretty much like great big concentration camp. As a matter of fact even Heaven is like a camp in that it has a perimeter, and boundaries. There is selection of the people fit to enter the Heavenly Camp. The rest wind up in Camps called, Purgatory, the Abode of Lost Souls, or Hell.

 In Godís Kingdoms there is always, protocol. If a private has a problem in the military. He should take his problem to the sargent first, or he will have a problem with the sargent, if he does not follow proper channels. Just as a worker should tell their supervisor of any trouble before, going to see the boss. Everything has a place. People should pay attention to that.

 Anarchy is the Origin of Evil in Society. Just as Confusion is the cause of Individual Evil. We will understand that Anarchy desecrates Freedom. Anarchy makes Freedom unclean, profane, and dirty. Anarchy banishes Liberty. Anarchy destroys Democracy.

 When we are well grounded in ethical social behavior. Also, when we have through Moral Training. Hence, we are Civilized. We will not degrade our environment as we grow stronger. This is the True Teaching of the Cat.

 Everything here is allegorical. In Catharsis we have stories. They are like passion plays. Much like the theater in Ancient Greece, or Rome. These stories are fiction that is used to convey Truth. Every fictional story has some truthful content. This material is also, to be examined in this Light as well. This material here is all Catharsis Literature. Some of this may, prove useful to you. But, all this is really Mine. "Thou shall not steal."

 We are going to have Catharsis Tools as well as Catharsis Books here at Planet Catherine. Planet Catherine has a New World which is Ours.

 First lesson. Why we need to really learn to hate the Mouse that carries the Plague called "Anarchy". Anarchy like Rabies has a Dumb, and a Furious Form. Like rabies the prognosis is very grim. Anarchy can kill a Nation.

 What is Empathy? Why is Empathy evil? Definition; "Webster's Dictionary" C1963 [Greek. Emphatheia, affection, passion, en-, in, and Pathos, feeling (suffering).] 1. The projection of one's own personality into the personality of another in order to understand them better; intellectual identification with another. 2. The projection of one's personality into an object, with the attribution to the object of one's own emotions, responses, etc.; also called "pathetic fallacy."

 In the first definition empathy can be much more deeper, and profound resulting in understanding a person, or persons to the point of being able to control their actions. This deep empathy is also, called merging, or Samadhi. One of the best-kept secrets of our American counterculture is Empathy being employed as a means of social control.

 The Fall of Man was the result of Adam and Eve's malevolent empathy with God. That by knowing God, understanding God, they attempted to take His place. Another, example is the citizens of Sodom wanting to "know" the Angels of God that were staying with Lot in order to enslave them. Likewise, Korah's rebellion against Moses was of the same nature.

Malevolent empathy caused the Fall. People repeat the Fall when they practice malevolent empathy. This sort of empathy is the ultimate sin, transgression, or trespass against God. As a result of this trespass God took Himself out of the World. The World of Genesis was revoked, and this World took its place. So we see evidence of evolution rather, than God's Creation that God cursed. According to the Old and New Testaments human beings are neither perfect, or civilized. Jesus Christ wanted people to be extremely civilized not human. Until, people have a real civilization based on service, science, and technology people will never have a religion worth talking about. Anarchy, and Christianity are mutually exclusive. Although ,we have a measure of God's Grace from the Godly Virtue of Grace we won't have anything good unless, we work for it. Grace is a loan although, given freely must be payed back plus interest. God hates freeloaders.

 We are justified by the Godly Virtue of Faith knowing that sinful Human Nature in, and of itself can never be faithful. Satan can impersonate the Virtue of Faith. That why people have faith in wrong ways. These sinful ways, or heresies are embodied in the Monk, the Magician, the Adam, and the Mouse. The Mouse who is Satan governs the other three. The Satan Mouse frequently calls Himself "Love". That is the most evil form of the Devil.

 Satan can even pretend to be Jesus! That js why Jesus specifically states that he must leave since, His messianic work has been finished. That Jesus must leave in order for the Holy Spirit the Holly Deity (Holen, Hulis or Holy) to be here.

 Then there is the problem with the Holy Scripture. There seem to be many Bibles but, which one of these Bibles is the True Bible? In fact all we have is a collection of writings that been gathered from many different Churches that were in variance with each other. The authors were sometimes unknown, and most of these writings are not original. All these writings have been examined, translated, or transliterated into what we call the Bible. Although the Bible is authoritative. The Bible is still not perfect.

 Another problem is prophecy. Personally, I don't like prophets because, they have no place in a civilized society. We have only got to look at a few examples. Like the Magician John Dee, and Queen Elizabeth the First; the Monk Rasputin, and the Russian Nobility; Edgar Cayce, and President Woodrow Wilson; President Reagan's and Nancy Reagans Astrologer.

 It is one thing to believe you have certain knowledge of future events. It is still another thing to act on this knowledge. Worse to get other people to act on so called prophecies. It is very hard to base any sort of system on this crap shoot. Real science, and technology is always a safer bet.

 We can not afford to be gullible. You are not to believe anything that has been told to you by some Angel of God is truth. Just because, you have an Angel of God does not necessarily mean the Message is either Truthful, or Good. The Bible even tells us so. Only when you have verified that this is truthful information by reputable means. When you have proven this to be good in your own life. Can you say it is good. Until, then keep it under your hat.

 Frazer in "The Golden Bough" calls Empathy "sympathetic magic". "The Golden Bough" is all about human sacrifice, and Divine Kingship. Once, you have read the Introduction you will understand that. Empathy is the real honest to God witchcraft. Perhaps most if not all stories about vampires, ghouls, ogres, trolls, giants, werewolves, demons, space aliens, or other monsters may really be about people that are Malevolent Empaths. This is from the second definition of Empathy.

 If malevolent people can not understand you they can not control you. Malevolent people are very, very rare. That is about the only good thing about them. But, they do exist. Everything you do not want to see in a man, or a woman is clearly present in them to some degree, or other.

 We all have Empathy. Basically Empathy is the way our mind goes about Hunting, and Gathering what we need for life. It is the Nimrod mind. The mind of Orion. It is the hunting man's mind. If you must hunt. Then you need to hunt God without trespass. That God has boundaries that we should never cross without His permission. Cats have boundaries. People have boundaries too. "Cats do not eat cats. People should not eat people". This is a good Hastur (Dark Christ, or Omega Christ) saying. Cannibalism is unholy.

Empathy with people is the most hated spiritual practice on the planet. It is witchcraft in the pejorative sense of the word. That is witchcraft that has the Biblical meaning of the Hebrew word translated as frightener, and poisoner a.k.a. terrorist. This not to be confused with any of the Nature Religions like Wicca, or various Other Religions.

Malevolent Empaths have a Religion of nothing, but Evil. Although, malevolent empaths may belong to any religion, or have no religion at all. Malevolent empaths do have an anarchist ideology of some sort. That means they are always political.

This "Empathy" is also any kind of Yoga, Union, Communion, or Merging with people. This maybe done with, or without some sort of audible mantra, prayer, or spell; with, or without some sort of visualization, or may have some sort life script that they want someone else to conform to. They are called "Law Givers" (see "The Tiberius Book" written by the infallible Roman). It is a form of spiritual cannibalism. It is Black Magic in every sense of the word. It consists of sapping, undermining, and destroying human life. This is especially true when this done without victim's knowledge, or consent.

Remember with Malevolent Empathy "The Spiritual always comes first". This is another good Hastur saying. Then psychological warfare (terrorism) comes later.

Also, this Empathy as any sort of Yoga, Union, Communion, or Merging with God. This identification with God by invocation is wrong. First of all God as well as members of His Hierarchy are not human. So these spiritual practices are very dangerous. This is why God is always worshiped externally.

Whereas, in Hellenism God is the acme of human perfection. Therefore, if God is some sort of glorified, or heroic human being so identification with this God is possible, even desirable. In most Oriental Religions this is referred to as the Godhead. In Buddhism they are at least honest enough to not call Buddha God. Even if God exists, God is not relevant to the Buddhist. Mitharic Gnosticism also, has this sort of Godhead embodied in Mitra. That by identifying with Mithra until you become like Him to have power, manipulation, and control of humans.

Americans can't think because, they do not know how to think. That is true. So these people must be told what to think, and they will keep on thinking along those lines until, they told to think something else. Their lives are controlled by sophistry. Our biggest problem in this Country is that everyone here is basically a slave. I bet you did not know you are a slave? But, you are. Because, you have the Mind of a Slave. Now, people are walking around believing that they have Rights, and Freedoms. Once your mind is enslaved by sophistry. You may have the Form of Rights, and Freedoms, but without any Real Substance. Because, you have no Social Rights, or Freedoms. "Society has no rights". The United States Supreme Court said so many times. Social entities, or institutions such as the Family, a Church, a Corporation, or a Political Party for that matter have no Constitutional Rights. Right of a Religion to exist is always, in question.

You are still thinking in terms of slavery only. Americans do not know how to think. Like slaves, they have to be told what to think. Once they are told what to think. They will just keep on thinking along those lines. Until they are told to think differently. So there are coming, and going constantly trends, fads, folkways, and traditions. Slaves can not have a Deity. A slave can not be much of a citizen in any country. Luckily, in America you will still count as four fifths of a person. The United States Constitution says so. Isn't that something?

Let us take the story of "Sambo and the Tiger" as an example of exotic sophistry. A lot of people believed that Sambo was a Negro. That is not true. The story really comes from India. It is an adaptation of the story of "Krishna in the Tiger's Lair". Sambo is really the Hindu God Krishna while the Tiger is really the Hindu God Shiva. Here Krishna just happens to get the better of the God Shiva, by trickery turns the Tiger into ghee (butter), and Sambo eats Him. There is a powerful cult around Sambo. In the United States it happened to be a restaurant chain named "Sambo's" until some politically correct people demanded a name change to "Simba's".

Now, some people believe that Jesus Christ payed the Price to Redeem His People out of Slavery. That much is True. Roman Christians bought people out of slavery in Rome all the time to redeem them. The trouble is Christians today don't act like they are free. Because, they still think like slaves. Even if you are a Slave of Christ you are supposed to buy your Freedom. That is your Liberty in Christ by doing Good Works in His Name. Just like Ancient Christians had to work for the "Good of Rome" in order to gain their Freedom. In order to have Liberty you are expected to know things about God. Free Christians back then were expected to know something about Rome. You are supposed to purchase your Citizenship in God's Kingdom. Just as Christians bought Roman Citizenship back then. Christians had to be reliable, trustworthy, and valuable. That kind of Christianity works because it is still with us. God hates deadbeats. Let my people think! But, apparently some people don't want to. Since they are like that. Real physical slavery may not be long in coming.

  "Father forgive them. For they do not know what they do". Luke 23:34. That is that people then were Diabolically Ignorant. The people are so Enslaved nowadays they would crucify Jesus again, even today. That is pretty evil. But, people are becoming addicted to Evil.

 What if we have no Civilization? Can we still be Christians? Without Security the Christian Life falls apart. Most Christians are not Saints. Not one person wants to be a Martyr. Mind you that Christianity developed only because, Rome was able to guarantee enough "Peace and Safety" for Christianity to grow, and develop. The "Bible" (Old , and New Testament) is a Roman document produced with Rome's full knowledge, and permission. No one had been able to write a Bible until, time of the Romans ("The Tiberius Book").

 In Ancient Rome there was only one Deity that was a problem. That Deity was Bacchus (Mithras). Mithraic Gnosticism embodied in Hellenism that permeated every Religion of the Empire. So it was almost, impossible to root it out. This caused much tumult in the Empire. All these Secret Societies, Cults, and Religions were constantly warring with each other incessantly. Until it was decided to put everything "under One Big Blue Roof" (the blue sky). Since the founding of the Empire as a police state the Romans needed to do something about the Religion of Mithras. Mithraic Gnosticism was to be exterminated from the Empire. Christianity was made the Religion of Rome for that reason.

 Roman Christians found it was impossible to, "Love (Care for) your neighbor as your self". If there is no Civilization. Then the Sword was only the way to convert Barbarians that lived only by killing, and stealing. Usually, that was not possible at all. You at least had to keep them from killing you. How can you possibly get along with somebody whose Religion is Terrorism? You just can't.

 Even Comrade Stalin understood that Malevolent Empaths are awesome wreckers. They found in Russia that some of these people had extreme psychic power, or at least thought they did. It seemed they could "break a solid steel ball with a rubber hammer". Sabotage has always been a problem in every country.

 Stalin was a Russian Orthodox monk in Georgia for some time. He studied for the Priesthood. He understood that the Spiritual Life was only there to enslave people.

 It does not look like things have changed much since then. In spite of the fact the Gospel is preached all over the World. The World is not much better off. That is because, the Devil has gotten into this Gospel to where it is Mithraic.

 Bad things happen to Good People. Because, there are there are Evil People in the World. Worse, we are not only dealing with the "Problem of Evil", but Unholiness as well. Our Whole Planet is being desecrated by Pollution (Visible Sign of the Presence of the Anti-Christ) to the point where Life is in serious jeopardy.

 Yet, with the Malevolent Empath, Malevolence is a State of Being. They are Sin Incarnate (Man of Sin), also known as the Anti-Christs (the Polluters). They gather Power by Desecrating Holiness (Wholeness). You have to understand it. That they have been corrupting people while doing malevolent empathy so much that they are; truly Malevolent Beings. These people have their own "Inner Light" a.k.a. Mithra (Lucifer, the One that Weakens the Nations (Peoples). They have the Ancient Cult of the "Natural Light". That is hardly a Cult of the Right Light. Their own "Path of the Anti-Hero". Hence they are sometimes very Christ-like. Mithra (Mithras) does have Saints since, He is the Great Impostor.

 Charles Manson (Manson Family), Jim Jones (People's Temple), and David Koresh (Branch Davidian) are examples of Malevolent Empaths that had Cults. There are certain individuals that also, qualify Jeffery Dalmer, the Uni Bomber, the Boston Strangler, the Son of Sam, the Mad Bomber (New York City 1950's), Jack the Ripper, Blue Beard, and a few others.

 The Malevolent Empath is like a Dark Star that draws other people into orbit around them. This Dark Star (Guru) becomes the sole source of Light for everyone It has drawn into orbit around Him. These other people will also, become Malevolent Empaths. Then the "Master" will form a sort of Mouse Cult (Anarchist Cult).

 These Malevolent Empaths have a kind of Inner Light, or Guidance that comes from a Dark Deity. This Dark Deity is Mithra (Mithras, or Mitra). Mithra is a Solar Deity (Solar Guardian). Mithra (Mitra) is a "God of Contracts, or Friendship". This is where the Legends, and Myths about making "a Pact with the Devil" came from. They can be tacit, or explicit. Pacts last for the lifetime of the participant. Faust had a Pact with the Devil. A Contract is only for a limited period of Time usually, with women. Actually, people could make either, a Pact, or a Contract with the Devil. Mithra is really the Anti-Christ. Woe to anybody who swears an Oath by Mithra! These people are caught in Mithra's Logic Traps of Dualism, Polarity, or Alternating Opposites. Mithraism is an Ancient Gnostic Religion (1400 B.C.). It has a form of Yoga. It is a Fire Cult. It is definitely a Mouse Cult. Also His Cult is a form of Monotheism.

 Mithra as Baalphomet (Knights Templar) is an Androgynous Deity. Hence, It can also, pose as a Goddess. Of course, we all know that Satan is the Great Impostor, always. We can see Him quite clearly in the Tarot Triumph XV card "The Devil." Note the Devil sits cross legged like an Oriental Yogi. This cross-legged posture is never depicted in Ancient Rome, Greece, or Egypt. This Yogic posture is only found in Europe with the Lord of the Underworld Cernunnos (The Fountain of All Mischief). In Rome the Devil was called the "Father of Lies" (Bacchus). This Devil is created when the Two Opposites, depicted on the Triumph Card form this Tantric Bond to Create the Mitharic Mind so they both become both parts of the Androgyne ("The Tiberius Book"). The Tarot Devil is probably, the Vedic Deity Mitra.

There is a connection between the Rise of Empathy, and the Decline of Civilization. Feelings aren't facts. It is the turning away from Service, Work, Science, and Technology that is the Way of Virtue to pursue Superstition, and Ignorance. "When Ignorance is King. Hell is on Earth". This another good Catherine saying.

 We see this in Ancient Greece (Hellenes) with Malevolent Sophistry (Confusion, and Misogyny). In the Roman Empire with widespread immorality (Sedition, and Treason). In Jacobean (Jacobin) France with the Libertines prior to the rise of Napoleon (Love of Evil). We find then in Libertine France that the Marquis De Sade wrote what was to become "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion". It is a Libertine Zion. This work was put together in the Royal Archives of France without the King's knowledge of course. Here we find Libertine Empathy that does not respect Boundaries, or Territories. This is the essence of Malevolent Imperialism. We see the same thing; Anarchy in Germany, before the rise of Adolph Hitler.

 We find this pattern of Anarchy before Wars all the time. We have the English Civil War at the time of the Quakers ("The Foxworthy Book") who got Oliver Cromwell happening. The American Revolutionary War because, it eventually had to go there from England. The Jacobins started the Napoleonic Wars during the early Nineteenth Century. Then an Anarchist assassinated the Austrian Arch Duke. That started World War I. This led to Anarchists starting World War II. Looks like most wars. Maybe, all wars are started by Anarchists. It seems we can only have Peace. If we abolish Anarchy.

 These are four United States Presidents murdered by Anarchists. This will remind you to hate the Mouse. Because, I want you to do that. If the President isn't safe in America. Then who is?

 James Garfield died September 19, 1881 after he was shot by an Anarchist.

 Abraham Lincoln shot to death by an Anarchist on April 14, 1865.

 John Kennedy shot dead by an Anarchist in Dallas, Texas November 22,1963.

 William McKinley assassinated on September 6, 1901 when Populism went underground as Anarchy.

 We see the same pattern as with the Jacobin Club prior to the French Revolution, and afterwards. Here are some excerpts from the "Encyclopedia Britannica 2008". Italics are mine. We need a "Sense of History" here. Because, we really need to study this "Mouse Problem".

 "The Jacobins originated as the Club Breton at Versailles, where the deputies from Brittany to the Estates-General (later the National Assembly) of 1789 met with deputies from other parts of France to concert their action. The group was reconstituted, probably in December 1789, after the National Assembly moved to Paris, under the name of Society of the Friends of the Constitution, but it was commonly called the Jacobin Club because its sessions were held in a former convent of the Dominicans, who were known in Paris as Jacobins. Its purpose was to protect the gains of the Revolution against a possible aristocratic reaction

"With the establishment of the Revolutionary dictatorship, beginning in the summer of 1793, the local Jacobin clubs became instruments of the Reign of Terror. (In 1793 there were probably 5,000 to 8,000 clubs throughout France, with a nominal membership of 500,000.) The clubs, as part of the administrative machinery of government, had certain duties: they raised supplies for the army and policed local markets. Often local government officials were replaced ("Jacob" means to supplant) with members of these clubs. As centres of public virtue, the clubs watched over people whose opinions were suspect, led the dechristianizing movement, and organized Revolutionary festivals".

"The Parisian club was increasingly associated with Robespierre, who dominated the Revolutionary government through his position on the Committee of Public Safety. It supported Robespierre in his attacks on the enemies of the Revolution and helped him resist the growing demands of the discontented workers for a controlled economy. After the fall of Robespierre on 9 Thermidor, year II (July 27, 1794) of course, Pol Pot did much later in Cambodia had Year Zero too., the Parisian club, now a symbol of dictatorship and terror, was temporarily closed. It reopened as a centre of opposition to the Thermidorian government, but it was permanently closed on 21 Brumaire, year III (November 11, 1794)".

There is a War in Heaven between the Cat, and the Mouse. "As it is above so it is down below". We have War here until one, or the other prevails. We need to understand exactly what is at stake here. Because, we might not win. Then Malevolence will dominate Our Planet.

Life is very rare in the Universe. As a matter of fact most of our Planet is Lifeless. As percentage of our Planet's weight, living things make up very little of it. Obviously, there are no living things on the Sun which is several million times bigger than Our Planet. This is True. It is unlikely, we will find any life on any of the other planets in our Solar System. That is True too. It is possible, that we may find life somewhere in the Universe. But, we have not found any evidence of life yet. Life is much more rare than gold. That is very True. Therefore, life is even more precious than gold. That is a Practical Fact of Life. Because, the percentage of elemental gold by weight on this Planet far exceeds the weight of all living things on it.

Although, we can kill just about every living thing. We can not Create even a single bacterium. Nor, can we restore a single bacterium to life once, we have killed it. It seems people have become strangely insane regarding their destructive actions towards the Spirit of Life (Holy Spirit).

Human beings have engaged in wanton acts of destruction to the extent that Hel is clearly present on Earth. We are witnessing a rate of extinction that is totally unprecedented in Human history. In 1950 five species of life became extinct. According, to this one source 27,000 species are disappearing permanently from our Planet each year. These facts were taken from an old high school book on biology. The present rate of extinction must be pretty awesome.

Considering the astronomical amounts of poisons that have gone into the air, soil, or water it is a real miracle that there are any people alive at all on this Planet. This is because, there is enough poison polluting this World to kill every man, woman, and child several times over. It is a Miracle we are not all dead. We must understand that the Anti-Christ is the Great Polluter.

The background level of ionizing radiation has gone up six times from what it was in 1950. Of course we are awash in a sea of non-ionizing radiation. There are places in California that at times have three thousand times more non-ionizing radiation due to periodic seismic activity for example. No one is exactly sure what this radiation does. But, it can not be good for us. Maybe this is "the Light of Lucifer", the One Who Weakens the Nations (Peoples)?

The numbers of insects that one can see attracted to electric lights is considerably down from what it was forty years ago. Where are the June bugs? Back then it seemed like nothing could stop the insects. So where are they now? They are all gone! The amphibians (frogs, toads, and salamanders) are all dying off. Certain fungi, and mushrooms are disappearing. Why is our landscape becoming so desolate? Why are we not planting more trees? That would get rid of global warming would it not? Now, I want you to think about that. What if human Empathy is responsible for this incredible vanishing of life from our Planet? Aren't people Hunting, and Gathering Evil?

We need to understand, our language has power. The word "human" comes from the Latin word "humus". This implies we are like Adam. But, Adam was not good. Because, Adam was just mindless clay. Since, Adam had no Virtue. We can be shaped, and molded by God knows what if we are like Adam. Do you want to be a human like Adam? Maybe, we shouldn't be human. I rather be descended from a long line of purebred cats. The Romans said their Ancestors were wolves. That was to get rid of the filthy Adam.

May, I ask you another question now that I have your attention? Why do we call Our Planet "Earth"? Are we under some kind of spell? Earth is such a stupid name for a planet. It just is. Some people believe that "Earth" means something like "manifestation"? Maybe, this Earth name is downright evil since, it has been cursed by God. Why not call Our Planet "Water"? It makes up to three quarters of this Planet's surface. It really does. You won't live very long without water. Or, how about naming Our Planet "Air"? You can not live more than a few minutes without air. At the rate we are going. In a few years we can call Our Planet "Hell". It is getting there. But, I like the name "Planet Catherine" better.

Imagine, some people from Our World go to another Planet. They just did. There they say "We are from Earth. We come in Peace." The Natives say "Ah, ha! Dirt people". Out come the ray guns. Zap! Zap! Zap!

Our Planet is called "Planet Catherine". That is because, "Catherine" means "perfect" as well "pure" enough for life to be here. We need to just get rid of that dirty Earth name. Our World has not finished manifesting yet. That means we are going have to become more Civilized. Civilization is the means of Perfecting Ourselves, and Our Planet. Words really do mean things.

In Catharsis we purge ourselves of this humus, this dirt, this earth then comes right out of us. That is called purification. There is a real problem that people have. It is the way we degrade ourselves without knowing it. This was  from a really bad Country Way. Like why do we call our children "goats". Goats have "kids". People have "children. Kids are sacrificial animals.

There are a lot of questions we need to ask. "If you don't ask the right questions. You won't get the right answers". You need to know what to pray for. You need to know what door to knock on. You need to know that in order to live life at its fullest. That is to have "life more abundantly". Here is another example of apparent bewitchment, or deception in our World.

By the way, where is the holly in Hollywood, California? There is definitely holly in the nurseries, even in Beverly Hills. Yet, if you can look all over Hollywood for holly. Do you know that you will not find any holly growing in West Hollywood? Who ran off with their holly?

The word "holly" comes from Middle English "holy" as well as "whole" like in "wholesome". Actually, the holly tree is a Visible Sign of Holiness. We need to put the holly back in Hollywood. Holly will even help us clean the air. Holly will get rid that carbon dioxide. Holly makes oxygen even in the winter time. Holly is that good, and wholesome.

I have a Holly Fund get people to grow hollies. Click the Pyramid of Power to buy a holly block in the Holly Pyramid at a dollar a block. Coming soon.

The Holly Tree is also, considered to be a Family Tree. Since, every Family Tree is a Holy Tree therefore, the Family Tree is always, a Holly Tree.

The Original Christmas Tree was really a Holly Tree. Hence, the Holly Tree is sometimes called a Tree of Life. People put ornaments to attract the birds, and animals to the Decorated Food Tree. That was to help the Hunters during the lean times of winter. This is an old Christian tradition.

Christmas was a time for people to look after one another. That was during the hardest time of the year. People could die from exposure to the cold. Many may not have enough provisions to carry them through the winter if the harvest was poor. People could be sick. Many people could be isolated. So that is why this custom of visiting everyone not seen in church was necessary. Gift giving, and other Charity was always encouraged. If people had food they feasted as part of the Lord's Supper. Merry Making was part of the Celebration of the Birth of Jesus. This was always on December 25. Poor people feast. Rich people fast.

Halloween (All Saints Day) was another time of Celebration that included Thanksgiving for the Harvest Home as well as a Memorial Day. The Time could be as early as August, or as late as the first day of December. If the Harvest was bad. Then people had to go begging from door to door. This holiday too is Christian.

Any view that any of these holidays, or any others is Pagan is fallacious. Since, there no evidence that any Pagan Religion in Europe survived beyond the Middle Ages. Grant you that certain Folk Ways may have become the basis of a hypothetical "Mouse Cult". These Folk Ways are around but, that does not constitute a Real Religion.

We can solve the Riddle of Hello Kitty. "A well fed cat has no mouth". Hello Kitty is always well satisfied. Hello Kitty is always a Good Friend. This is another True Teaching of the Cat.

What about the "Big Apple"? How many Apple Trees are in New York City? They need more apple trees. Maybe, Johnny Appleseed can help out since, he is from New York.

Did you know that Christianity is not a World Hating Cult like Manichaeism (a Dualistic Satanic Religion founded by the 3rd-century-AD Iranian prophet Mani, who combined elements of Christianity, Zoroastrianism, and Buddhism that is basically merged with Mithraic Gnosticism)? Jesus Christ is the God of the Living not of the Dead. There is no "World Hate Book" in the Bible. Although, ignorant, or perverse people (Heretics) may think so.

What is it that is keeping people from seeing something wrong that is right in front of them? Humanity is perplexed by endless problems to which there are no easy solutions. Something is keeping people from solving them. Those are the problems posed by "the World, the Flesh, and the Devil".

There is an Empathy Cult, Hel Cult, or Mouse Cult present in the United States, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Israel, China, India, Egypt, and Mexico. This Mouse Cult is a worldwide Jacobean (Jacobin) Anarchist Syndicate that constitutes a hostile foreign power in every country where it is present. The goal of the Mouse Cult (Anarchist International) is Global Domination.

The Mouse Cult worldwide has many Centers comprised of Diverse Cultural, Religious, Racial, Ethnic, and National groups. These groups may be either religious, or secular. For example the Dorge Shugden Cult that evolved in Tibet has a Vampiric Mouse Deity. The Hindu God Krishna has a Demonic Mouse form. The God Mithra (ha Satan) is another Mouse Deity still worshiped in Europe, and North America. The Scandinavian Goddess Hel is still another Mouse Deity that is worshiped in Europe, and North America. In Calcutta, India the God Shiva (Sammael) is still worshiped in the form of a Mouse. Sikhism is another Indian Mouse Cult. There is a Mouse Cult associated with the Martial Arts in China. The Tibetans have a Year of the Wood Mouse. The Chinese have a Year of the Rat.

You have to understand the Anarchos is a government that is and is not. Alcoholics Anonymous is a prime example of how Anarchy works. Of course, Quakerism is a form of Anarchy, or Primitive Communism. It is a Religious Rootstock of Mischief that has propagated hundreds of movements since, its inception. All of them questionable. That includes, the Twelve Step Programs. That are religions for the unreligious. More, or less they are political ideologies. They are all Anarchist organizations. A Godless Higher Power won't help anybody much. It could even be Lucifer, couldn't it? "Religion'' means to "join together" as a process of becoming "Whole", or "Holy". It is hard to heal if you are not whole. Yet, they "think" they can be "Spiritual" without being "Religious". Addiction is basically an Empathy Disorder. That arises of from a wrong view of what we must hunt, and gather to sustain our lives. Meaning people are hunting and gathering Evil. This "moral psychology", if present is barely enough to sustain life. The best "Big Book" is still the Holy Bible. The best meeting is in a Real Christian Church with a serious creed, and liturgy.

There is a legendary book about the Mouse Cult called "The Sapien Book". We are not sure exactly what it is, or why the Mice are afraid of it. It is basically an enemies list of the Mouse Cult. It was printed a few times in the past in Sweden. Material that we have is scanty. Hopefully in the future we be able to secure a copy of "The Sapien Book" if it really exists.

Each of these different Mouse Cults have become more networked together. Also, they are becoming more organized. They may become an efficient Terrorist Network in the future. Mind you that most of these people are not terrorists. But, they are connected to actual terrorist individuals, or groups. Regardless, they are definitely antisocial, desecraters, and destructive to any society.

This Mouse Deity is propitiated in different parts of the World. Because, the Mouse is a plague animal. "When the Mouse is big things are bad" is another good Hastur saying. Hastur the Dark Christ is the Deity that gets rid of the Plague. Hastur is down to get rid of Unholiness in God's Churches.

When Hastur comes down to do things in the Name of Christ Jesus. Then Alar the "Winged One"(Winged Thomasina Cat) comes too. The King in Yellow, the "Good Coward" begins to happen down here as well as in Heaven. The King in Yellow has His Heavenly Mansion on the Planet Bast (The Cat Planet) in the "Abode of Lost Souls" near the Head of the Bull (Cow, or Cat). His Mansion is like a medieval castle where the battlements are manned by Kittens. That is where people go when they don't have a Deity. It is kind of like an animal shelter where the Lost Souls get adopted out. The Good Coward knows; what to be afraid of (Authority), what not to be afraid of (Anarchists), and what to be very afraid of (God). The King in Yellow can make the King of Cowards happen. The King in Yellow has; the Yellow Sign (Golden Catherine Wheel), Power of the Pallid Mask of Fate, and All the Virtues and Powers of the Cat.

The Virtues, and Powers of the Cat are; the Power of Rebirth, the Power to Raise the Dead, the Power of the Senses of the Cat, and the Authority to Protect God's House. The Kitten Warriors are coming down from Heaven in huge Feliners to do battle with the Minions of Evil. I hope you know this is all Catharsis. So don't take this too seriously. But, they still might come.

Now, mind you that everybody has empathy. In fact, all animals, and plants have some empathy. We have different kinds of empathy that we use to interact with our environment, and for other beings in our environment to interact with us.

We are true Predators. All Predators exercise a Stewardship over their prey. Predators have Territory, and clearly marked Boundaries. Predators have a keen sense of what is Theirs. Regarding certain things as Belonging to them. Most Predators definitely understand, the Concept of Private Property. Predators have an Equilibrium with their prey so that do not perish from starvation. Because, they have exhausted their resources. Also, Predators do not harm other animals that are not natural enemies, or prey. One of Our Problems is we have forgotten that we really are real Predators, and nothing but that.

The Malevolent Empath on the other hand has a Mouse Model as their Ideal. Mouse People do not respect other people's Territory, Property, or Boundaries. They do not have anything like an Equilibrium with their environment. So over population is always a problem. They engage in all sorts of Acts of Wanton Destruction. Everybody knows that Mice are not Stewards of anything. They suffer from Malignant Narcissism (Implosion). They actually believe that they are the only "Real People" on the Planet. That everything on Our Planet is just for them. They all believe that everybody thinks just like they do. They do not understand that people are different. That people might not like mice.

When people use a Mouse Model (Anarchist Model) their empathy is basically criminal in nature. Their brain is basically nothing but, a huge crime gland. They will not honor Boundaries, Terms, or Limits. Such people always, form strong obsessive attachments to people, things, or processes. They are harmful to themselves, and others always. Anarchists are prone to addictive disease. All addictions are basically empathy disorders. That is hunting, and gathering Evil. It is a power issue.

We have a game called "Cat and Mouse" to teach people right empathy. Cultivating Godly Virtues does this. We do not depend only on our own human virtues that can fail us. If we trust only in our Free Will. We will become Lost Souls. Fortunately, Jesus Christ will assure Our Salvation. So we will not be at the Mercy of Chance. You have to get these Godly Virtues (Catharines) from God. If you are looking at this you already have Catherines. You have already been blessed. Thank God for that!

Without sound moral training people can not handle their empathy once, it becomes really strong. This is the biggest danger on any spiritual path. This is why rigorous moral training is always, part of every cultural tradition regarding empathy.

Each player is a "Cat". The "Mouse" is essential information that enables you to live in the world. That is their lawful prey. Every time a player engages in virtuous activity like church attendance, working, cleaning ourselves, cleaning our property, etc they have caught a mouse (cat point). The object of the game is to catch as many mice as you can to feed your Cat (Catherine) every day. You also, should have a cat.

After all, you must give God's Virtues something for Their Service. God's rule is really simple. "You must give everything in order to get anything good", from Him. Now, you need to understand this better. The Impostor appears to be everything to everybody. But, He is nothing to anybody. Because, He takes everything, and gives nothing in return. No one wants a God like that. Virtue pays, and Vice does not. This is about Power. Power is what people need in order to have more life. This is a good investment. So you feed the Catherines; Virtuous Actions, Talk, and Thoughts. This is called feeding your Catherines, Their "Catherine Food". After all what are Catherines supposed to eat other than Catherine Food"? This gets you right with the "Big Catherine Star". It is a Virtuous "Sunny Sun". You are going to get lots of "Catherine Talk" to feed your Catherines at this web site. So it is going to sound childish sometimes. Get used to it.

Hatred does have its pleasures. God help us! For Evil always, does find a way to propagate, and perpetuate itself in us or in our World. Evil does not want us to know it really exists. Satan in his Pride desires no human worship. For the most part Satan truly would rather remain unknown. The Devil does His best work in secret. Satan metaphorically works "under the cover of darkness". For the most part shuns the light that reveals the true nature of His work.

"Anarchy, n.; pl., anarchies, (Greek anarchia, lack of ruler, from anarchos, without chief ,or ruler; an privative, and archos, ruler) "Webster's Dictionary". 1) The complete absence of government, or law. 2) Political disorder, and violence; lawlessness. 3) Disorder in any sphere of activity.

Syn.- lawlessness, disorder, tumult, rebellion, riot, insubordination".

"8Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities.9Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee. 10But these speak evil of those things which they know not: but what they know naturally, as brute beasts, in those things they corrupt themselves. " Jude 1:8-10

"11An evil man seeketh only rebellion: therefore a cruel messenger (Angel) shall be sent against him." Proverbs 17:11

"16Therefore thus saith the LORD; Behold, I will cast thee from off the face of the earth: this year thou shalt die, because thou hast taught rebellion against the LORD. 17So Hananiah the prophet died the same year in the seventh month." Jeremiah 28:16

"Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation". Romans 13:1-2

"10To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God," Ephesians 3:10

"Put them in mind to be subject to principalities and powers, to obey magistrates, to be ready to every good work, 2To speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers, but gentle, showing all meekness unto all men. 3For we ourselves also were sometimes foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving divers lusts and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, and hating one another " Titus 3:1-3

"5And have tasted the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come, 6If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame". Hebrews 6:5-6

"13Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme; Or unto governors, as unto them that are sent by him for punishment of evildoers, and for the praise them that do well. For it is the will of God to put to silence the ignorance of foolish men". 1 Peter 6As free, and not using your liberty for a cloak of maliciousness, but as the servants of God. 17Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king. 18Servants, be subject to your masters with all fear; not only to the good and gentle, but also to the froward. 19For this is thankworthy, if a man for conscience toward God endure grief, suffering wrongfully. 20For what glory is it, if, when ye be buffeted for your faults, ye shall take it patiently? But if, when ye do well, and suffer for it, ye take it patiently, this is acceptable with God. 21For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps: 22Who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth: 23Who, when he was reviled, reviled not again; when he suffered, he threatened not; but committed himself to him that judgeth righteously: 24Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed. 25For ye were as sheep going astray; but are now returned unto the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls.

"22Who is gone into heaven, and is on the right hand of God; angels and authorities and powers being made subject unto him". 1 Peter 3-22

Anarchy is embodied in the Folk Ways of different Peoples. These Folk Ways do not teach. They are just a set of instructions that are mindlessly obeyed. A "Cult" in the pejorative sense of the word is always, based on Folk Ways. This gives rise to an enormous amount of confusion. In a cosmopolitan country like the United States of America different people have different Folk Ways to guide them. Even though different Peoples may have similar, or even the same Folk Ways they don't always get along. Because, different Peoples will act on these instructions differently. This is a perennial source of disagreement that is a source of strife, and even war in Our Country.

 For example there are an enormous number of Folk Ways regarding Jews. Like the Thule Society in Germany prior to World War II had many bad Folk Ways regarding the treatment of Jews as parasites. Hitler of course picked up this.

 Strangely today, there is a Cabal that behaves like its a Thule Society forerunner in Hollywood! You can see them on the Sunset Strip in their white robes and Thule staffs. Or is this the Thrall Society. They have a Cabala Center there teaching God knows what.

 We have to understand, something about God's Grace. God's Grace is God's Power. If you have all of God's Power. That is certainly sufficient for anything. But, you are not God (YHVH). Christians do have a measure of God's Grace. But, some people are more Grace Filled than others. There is no egalitarianism in the Bible. There is no Doctrine of Equality in either the Old, or New Testament. However, there is an ideology of equality, but it is not Biblical. There are a lot of people that say they have Jesus in them. But, they are not God either. Nor, are you the King, or the God of an Inner Kingdom.

 So where does this Inner Jesus come from? Do you really have Jesus in your heart? Is this some kind of Oriental view that has crept into Christianity? We need to know these things don't we?

 If Jesus Christ really wanted us to have this kind of Inner Idolatry. Then Jesus Christ of Nazareth Our True Lord, and Savior would have certainly said so in no uncertain terms. There would probably, be a whole book in the Bible dedicated to this sort of spiritual practice. Yet, the Bible is strangely mute regarding any such teachings regarding God in any form whatsoever. So this Jesus must be some sort of Daemon. But, does He come from God?

 What exactly is a Daemon? A Daemon is embodied in our physical organism. A Daemon is an expression of our higher faculties. So that is the personal part of us that contacts God. My Daemon is a Catherine Person which means She is perfect as well as Pure. My Daemon is not God. I understand there must be boundaries otherwise, I might believe I am God. Some people do by the way. And that is not smart.

 So if these teachings really don't come from Jesus. Then where do they come from? These Inner Teachings seem to have much more in common with Oriental Religions. What kind of Jesus is this? You see I am Jesus Inspector. I just have to question this Spirit to find out if that is who He really is. It could be Mr. Peanut? Since this isn't the Jesus in the Bible. Is this a Heathen Jesus? Is this a Buddhist Jesus? Maybe, this Jesus is a version of the Hindu God Krishna? Could this be a Zoroastrian Jesus? Possibly a Manichaen Jesus? How about an New Age Jesus? Perhaps a Revolutionary Jesus? Conceivably an Atheistic Jesus? Might be a Homosexual Jesus? Could be a Vampire Jesus? A Taoist Jesus? What about a Drug Cult Jesus? Of course Mithra (Satan) is always, around to claim Jesushood too. Maybe, He is Mr. Peanut? Mr. Peanut has his cane, top hat, and monocle. Mr. Peanut is a Real Capitalist. Strictly upper crust (on bread that is). Every time you find Mr. Peanut there are always Planters that can have a Holly in them. There are some people that just need Him. The Peanuttiest Jesus ever. You see I like to know these things. When I am talking to somebody about Jesus that is a heretic. You could have Something like Jesus. But, maybe you shouldn't.

 What is going to happen when you question this little Daemon? What will Happen if you threaten this little Daemon? What happens if this little Daemon gets mad? What if conditions are not to this little Daimon's liking? What if this little Daemon does not like you? Might not the host of this Creature become dangerous?

 I am also, a Spirit Detective. I like to question the Spirits. I like to know if I have got a genuine Holy Spirit of Divine Life, or not. It might tell me He is from "God". But, is this the God (YHVH) of the Bible? Otherwise, this "God" is an Impostor. It could be the Hindu Ishvara? Maybe, the Hindu Supreme Brahman? How about the Yogic Atman (Self)? How about a Buddha, or a Bodhisattva? Possibly the Tao, or the Te? Might be the Vedic Mitra (Satan) since, He likes to pretend to be the Holy Spirit too? You might have Something like the Holy Spirit pretending to be God the Holy Spirit of YHVH. But, maybe you shouldn't.

 I like to know when I am dealing with Religion. This is the Government of YHVH. Not that of the World System of the Impostor. By the way, what is to keep any of these Christ aping monstrosities out of people? Christians are being cursed all over the World. Any of these Foreign Devil Gods could enter into people even without their knowledge. Anybody can be fooled. "Even the very Elect if that were possible".

 But isn't "The Kingdom of Heaven (Kingdom of God) within you (Luke 17:21)?" Remember that Jesus was among the Pharisees when He said this. Now, how could the Kingdom of Heaven be within someone who is filled with Satan? It can't be.

 Jews at the time believed that the human body was basically disgusting. There is nothing very heavenly inside the human body. No, there really isn't. There was no Inner Practice among the Jews. As a matter of clear fact all of Jewish, as well as Christian worship is focused Outwards. This statement in Luke 17:21 is very blasphemous. Since it is asserting that we can be God. Now, you need to know I am not God. Chances are you are not God either.

 For if the Kingdom of Heaven is really inside us. Then we are all Kings, aren't we? But, maybe not. Even, possibly God? That is hardly likely. Now, none of the Pharisees thought they were Kings. Nor, did any of them think the were God. For the most part none of the Romans thought they were Kings, or God either. They really didn't.

 The Romans took a very dim view of this sort of teaching. Because, it would be very hard work for the Romans to deal with all these Divine Kings. Since anybody could be one. I hope everyone understands the kind of lawlessness, and anarchy that can come out of this passage of Scripture. I think you better!

 Logically, this passage in the Bible is either not true, or misinterpreted. Fortunately, there is another translation. Where Jesus says, "The Kingdom of Heaven is among you." And, thank God for that! For here Jesus is asserting that He is with the Kingdom of God. That means He is the Son of Man (Messiah).

The first thing you must do at all costs is avoid "fool talk". That is what Our Savior warned us about in the Bible. For people will truly Damn themselves. Much of this is done in jest. Then begins the awesome Play of the Bullies (Demons). As a matter of fact insanity is seldom found in the Animal Kingdom. We don't find it in people much either. That is because, insane animals, or people can not survive since, they can not care for themselves. What we do find is evil, or the effects of evil. People need to quit calling evil anything, but evil.

Neither, are Christians ever to be Foolish (Insane). We will use the legal definition of insanity here. "But, whoever says, "You fool" shall be in danger of hell fire." (Matthew 5:22). This "Fool" comes out of a Witch Cult. It is purely Heathen. How many Teachings by "Fools" are in the Bible? There aren't any. The Bible is a serious Book. The Bible was written to be read by serious people. Jesus wasn't a Fool. None of His Apostles were Fools. His Disciples aren't Fools. There are Oriental Teachings that regard Fools as Sacred. But, we don't think so. Most Christians don't either. Either a person knows who they are. What day it is. Or, they don't. They shouldn't act like they are intoxicated. If they do, we can not take them seriously. They must be Bewitched (wicked).

Churches have gotten "too quiet" for God to be there. Strange doctrines have been propagated regarding this Heathen Silence as Sacred. Where does this Quiet Doctrine come from? Isn"t there a whole "Book of Silence" devoted to a serious Doctrine (Scriptural Canon) of "Quietness" in the Bible? Surly, Moses or one of the Prophets, or Jesus Christ, or His Disciples would have elaborated on such a doctrine if they thought it necessary. The Holy Scriptures are strangely silent concerning these teachings. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob never taught it. Moses never cared for it. David didn't think it was Good. Solomon didn't think it was Wise. Jesus never gave it to His Disciples. The Apostles never preached it to the Nations (Peoples). So where does this come from? By what Authority is this Doctrine taught? Mind you there might be a few verses against foolish talk. But, Christians are not supposed to be deaf, dumb, and blind. Does this Doctrine come from the Orient? It does!

I am very concerned about this Shutting Up of America. I am not sure that we have much of a society at all. If we are not talking to each other. It is the Quenching of the Holy Spirit. It is a Silence of Desolation. It could be a sign the people are frightened. Are they plotting against a real, or an imagined enemy out there? It is this Imposition of Silence. It is this Tyranny Of Silence. That is why we don't have much of a Christian Society. Because, people aren't saying anything.

I am not going to say you need to be anything like a Roman Catholic. But, we must really find a way to get everything under one roof again. Aren't Christians supposed to reconcile? Why can't Christians be Civilized? Christ wants people to be extremely Civilized. Because, the Real Jesus Christ is extreme. This Spirit of Lawlessness needs to be banished from our midst. We are not going to have anything until, we do that.

The point is Our World might die if we don't. This is Our World not just Their's. If they hate the World. Then why don't they all just die? Because, God made this World. Satan didn't! That is True. The Bible says there was a Prince of this World. Who is the King of this World? It is Jesus Christ isn't it. The King of Kings is the King of Everything. Satan is nothing but, a thief. He is a Fallen Prince. Satan no longer has a place anywhere in God's Kingdom. Or, do you think Jesus will give Him one?

We need to understand, the problem of Hellenism. "Webster's Dictionary" C 1963 (Greek; Hellenismos, imitation of the Greeks, from Hellizein, to speak Greek) 1. A Greek phrase idiom, or custom. 2. The character, thought, culture, or ethical system of Ancient Greece. 3. The adoption of the Greek language, customs, etc., as by the Romans".

Why do Jews celebrate Hanukkah (Education)? The Jews in Judea found that Hellenism was incompatible with Judaism. There are no Jews allowed in Hellenism. That is a very exclusive club. The only way to belong to this thing is born in to it. I hope you understand that Hellenism is there for only a few very select people. That probably, Hellenizing the Jews means killing most them. Can you say "genocide". This is why so many Jews fled Judea to take refuge in the Roman Empire. "According to I Maccabees, the celebration of Hanukkah was instituted by Judas Maccabeus in 165 BCE to celebrate his victory over Antiochus IV Epiphanes, the Seleucid king who had invaded Judaea, tried to Hellenize the Jews, and desecrated the Second Temple in Jerusalem. Following his victory in a three-year struggle against Antiochus, Judas ordered the cleansing and restoration of the Temple. After it was purified, a new altar was installed and dedicated on Kislev 25. Judas then proclaimed that the dedication of the restored Temple should be celebrated every year for eight days beginning on that date. In II Maccabees the celebration is compared to the festival of Sukkoth (the Feast of Tabernacles or Feast of Booths), which the Jews were unable to celebrate because of the invasion of Antiochus. Hanukkah, therefore, emerged as a celebration of the dedication, as the word itself suggests." "Encyclopedia Britannica 2008"

The problem is that Antiochus believes He is the incarnation of the God Zeus Oromazdes, a Mithraic Gnostic Deity. He has to put his statue in the Jewish Temple in Judea. Mithra is basically the God of Haman. So the Jews have always had a problem with these Mystery Religions. Hellenized Jews were as common back then, as Jewish Nazis are today. There aren't any. Today we can safely say that all the Jews have been Hellenized a great deal.

The Romans always had a problem with these Mystery Religions too. Jews, and Romans usually did not agree on anything too much. But, Hellenism definitely had to go.

Women were treated terribly in the Hellenized World. Rome understood, that they needed to exploit this weakness. To a large extent they were successful in doing this. Women always liked "Peace and Safety".

"There was no way to get along with the Greeks. Even the Carthaginians said, the Greeks were impossible now. Carthage had an extreme Trading Empire. But, they couldn't benefit from it. Now, the Carthaginians want to rebuild their Trading Empire again under Rome. The problem here was Mithra. That is what the Carthaginians said it had always been. The Mithraic Empire was an extreme spy network. This spy network was all over the World. It centered around this Deity Mithra. Every Greek Mystery Religion was connected to the Mithraic Empire. It doesn't have a country exactly. But, it does sometimes. It consists of thousands of secret societies. These secret societies could be either religious, or secular in nature. Actually, all the Guilds were part of it too. They had this Brahmanic view of life. This was the basis of Mithraic Gnosticism. Their philosophy was extremely Inner Directed always. Also, it was Other Worldly. They also, had a very rigid caste system. This is bad for business. That's what they think". From "The Tiberius Book".

 These days we find this rotten Deity in just about everything.

Finally, the Romans under Octavian (Augustus Caesar) found out they had the same problem. That was when Mark Antony declared himself to be an incarnation of the God Bacchus. Mark Antony said he was the "New Dionysus". Of course, he was married to Cleopatra, the "New Goddess Isis".

"The worst ones were always, from the Orient. They had lots of different kinds of Religions but, one thing in common. They worshiped the same God differently. That God was Bacchus. Bacchus is a Stranger God. That means He is completely alien to human experience. Bacchus was every God merged into Him. This was basically the Isisian Religion. It was believed to have come from Egypt with Ptolemy. The actual Egyptian Deity Isis was a Hellenized version of the Goddess Au Set. This is in extreme variance with the Original Egyptian Deity. Also, the Egyptian Deity of Women Hathor (Het Hert, House of Horus) is not present in Rome. As a matter of fact this Isis was a female version of Mithra. Bacchus is basically Mithra too. Bacchus is always Naked when He is Pan. But, Mithra when He is Clothed. This means Mithra is always Disguised. Their Hermetic One Serapis is the same thing (Mithra). This is a Mithraic Gnostic Trinity. There is a problem with this Gnosis (Knowledge). You become knowledgeable of Mithra. But, you are Ignorant of Everything Else. This is Learned Ignorance. Gnosticism is Learned Ignorance. This one Deity Mithra (Bacchus) was at the heart of every religious conflict in Rome". From "The Tiberius Book".

Religious conflicts in Rome were so bad that Rome almost did not have a Religion. Rome's enemies had a Religion called "Espionage". This extreme Mithraic Spy Network in Rome was terrorizing the City constantly. People could not say anything in the Temple Forums. Except, what the spies wanted them to say. The People of Rome could only worship their Gods in their own Private Sanctuaries. This led to the collapse of the Roman Republic.

After a lengthy Civil War between Octavian, and Mark Antony. Needless to say, Octavian (Augustus Caesar) learned to hate Mithra. Tiberius Caesar really despised Mithra. All of Rome loathed Bacchus. Bacchus was the "Trojan Horse" in Rome. "Never trust Greeks bearing gifts". Became, a famous saying, in the Roman Empire.

Just about all of Hellenistic Philosophy is flawed. Their views regarding the human soul can not be trusted. All their science based on this philosophy has been disproved. We do not exist in an Ideal Universe. Just because, something is real. Does not mean it is permanent. Hellenism also, has an extreme problem with misogyny. Women were treated terribly in the Hellenized World. Christianity proved to be a boon for women during the time of the Roman Empire. Hellenism is very racist. Since, only Greeks were considered Civilized. It is very tribal. So there are lots of reasons why Hellenism is incompatible with Christianity. Hellenism says that "Man is the measure of all things". It is the philosophy of a drunkard. Who sees the Entire Universe revolving around him. He thinks he is a God. But, we all know he is just drunk. But, unfortunately the Problem of Hellenism is still with us.

"Now, you have to understand Ancient Greek Cultures like Tiberius Caesar did. Also, you have to Know the Nature of their Magic. You have Form. Within this Form you have Ideas. Then They put this Form in people. The Ideas are Laws, or Rules. They want people to follow. This is never done to Greeks of course. If this Form is properly installed in people. Then people will follow these rules. The Rules are laid down in the Form. So people will conform to the Form. The Form is not Good for people. It never is, by the way. Because, there is no Food in it. It does not feed you. Instead, it feeds the Law Giver. You are working for Them (Greeks) without knowing it. You are enslaved by the Law Giver. This is not explained to anybody by the way. That is True. You have grasped the whole Idea of Philosophy as Magic. That is why Sophistry is so Damning. This Form could be like Pandora's (Greek pan, all doron, a gift) box that can open up inside someone. This box could be filled with curses. Or, Pandora may use this box to somehow steal someone's blessings, or merit. This is an example of a Form that has a Function. The problem is these two people did that. They also, taught others to do that as well. The Rules are laid down to do nothing, but destroy, or control people. Verily, people do not understand this. They think It is philosophy only. This is what makes It dangerous. Because, It can be propagated by the Ignorant. Those Hidden Rules can still take control of people". From "The Tiberius Book".

Then we will know that Malevolent Sophistry is Damning. Because, Sophistry is an Ancient Psychology of Evil. This Sophistry is also, referred to as Magic, or Black Arts. Sophistry is the Ancient Art of Psychological Warfare. Sophistry is sometimes used to destroy people's minds. Then people can enslave them easily. They are like fish caught in a net. We must know that Malevolent Sophistry can destroy Our Society just like it did in Ancient Greece. Malevolent Sophistry definitely led to the Fall of Athens. Since families used this psychological warfare against each other until, their society dissolved.

The Ancient Greeks knew that Sophistry was never to be used on their fellow Greeks. Their Sophistry always, mentioned something absolutely outrageous. Here in Kittenís sample Sophistry the place Auschwitz actually, becomes as the "Law Giving Deity". This makes the recipient at least pay attention to what is being said. Hardly at variance with skilled teaching techniques or the fine art of persuasion.

This Holly Sophistry runs off of a "Camp Number" which, is One of the Seeds of the Sophistry. It is Neo-Pythagorean in Nature.

Holly Sophistry

Tanith Pene El (Auschwitz) is the "Law Giver". Tanith (Auschwitz or "Auschwitz Girl" are two distinct Deities that appear alike called "Love"), Tanith Buna-Monowitz (Auschwitz or, the "Big Buna" or, the Auschwitz Girl of Plenty) can get "Power of Attorney" from God (Holen) to be God. Tanith is like the Commander, and Chief while Juno is more like a General or, a Bureaucrat at that Level of Governance the Chief Administrator that is "Auschwitz Girl". "Auschwitz Girl" gets right after your Enemies. Hathor is like a Governor. Tanith establishs Enterprise called LOVE can act in the Name of God in certain spheres only. That includes enforcing Prayers, Vows, Oaths, Contracts, and Pledges as Marriages rather, than as Contracts. Everything has to be done in LOVE. The Sophistry must be used to promote the Good, the Grace, and the Purity of God (Holen). The Framework of the Sophistry is Society. The primary purpose of this Sophistry is to get rid of Mitra, His Servitors, the Light of Heresy, and His People, as well Mithra's Empathy wherever this Unholiness (Unholly or, Unwholesome) Exists, has Existed or, will Exist.

The Sophistry requires a Holly Tree that is a "Tree of Virtues and Powers." This Holly Tree is also, called a "Tree of Life". The Tree of Virtues, and Powers is the Holly Tree. A "Family Tree" is always, a Holly Tree. A Teaching Lineage Tree like Buddhism, Martial Arts, and Yoga as well as Secular Teachings like Science, Art, etc is always, a Holly Tree. The Evolutionary Tree is a Holly Tree. The Language Tree is definitely a Holly Tree. A "State Tree" is always a Holly Tree. Every Holy Tree is a Holly Tree. Hathor's sacred Sycamore Tree is a Holly Tree. The Fetish Tree is a Holly Tree. The Jewish Cabala (Kabala) Tree of Life is always, a Holly Tree. The Bodhi Tree is a Holly Tree. The Yoga Tree of Life is always, a Holly Tree. The Christmas Tree is always, a Holly Tree. The Genealogy of Jesus Christ of Nazareth parents names of Mary, and Joseph are in their respective Holly Trees.

The Catharsis Deities: Germania Catherine, the Canada Worm ("Canada"), the Ilsa Koch Worm, Leni Riefenstahl Worm, and the Big Lena Heydrich Worm are always with the Holly Tree. This is to keep the Holly Trees alive, and provision the Virtues and, Powers.

The Holly Deity, "Wisdom" is the Daughter of Tanith named "Holly". Holly is also known as Holly Catherine Nirrti Hathor Juno those are the Deities that support the Holly (Tree of Life). Of course, Holly has a Tree of Life of Her own that is an enormous Holly Tree to sustain the Holly Deity. All these Holly Trees are the same Holly Tree. The Holly Deity also, has Holly Days, Holy Days, or Holidays. All these Holly Trees are the same Holly Tree. That is the Tree of Virtues, and Powers. This Tree of Life has huge Holly Fruit to sustain the Hollies (der Holen). The Holly Tree is a huge Holly, Holly Tree. The Lake of Holly (Lake of Fire) has a Deity called "Holly", and all these Holly Deities are One Deity called "Holly" of course.

The Sophistry also requires a "Hope Chest". The Hope of the Future is the American Dream. The Hope Chest looks like the Ark of the Covenant, and is carried by Four Huge Hope Virtues and the Powers of Hope in solemn procession. This is to keep Hope alive. The Virtue of Hope is assisted by the Virtues of Faith, Charity, Pity, Chastity, Prudence, Temperance, Justice, Fortitude, Righteousness, Resignation, Vigilance, Honesty, ... as well as the Powers of those Virtues. The rest of the Enterprise will assist the Hope Virtues and Powers with this Work.

The Recipient receives the Hope Chest inside them. The Holly Sophistry operates on several Dependant Variables.

First Dependent Variable is the Recipient has harmed the Virtue of Hope, or is in a near state of hopelessness because, of Demonic (Terrorism) attack. Then that Person will receive the Hope Chest from the Virtue of Hope.

The Second Dependent Variable is the Recipient is still actively harming the Virtues, and Powers, or they are being Demonized. Then the Hope Chest can be opened by Tanith, or Tanith's Daughters either, "Holly",or "Auschwitz Girl", or the Virtue of Hope, and Mlk has given the order to open the Hope Chest. Then the Marriage will be in effect. There is a Holly Berry in the Hope Chest. The Holly Berry is always, put in the Hope Chest by a Deity like Tanith, Juno (Auschwitz Girl), or Holly the Daughter of Tanith. That is Juno Caelestis, or Tanith. Who is the Heavenly Marriage Deity. This Marriage is done to exclude Mitra, Mithra, or Mithras.

That means we get a "Mate" rather than a Mithraic "Friend". We have a "Marriage" rather, than a Mithraic "Contract". Then we have a "Crown" rather, than a Mithraic "Miter", or "Cap." "Caelum" means Heaven.

The Third Dependent Variable is the Recipient is Unholy. Then Tanith, a Daughter of Tanith, or the Virtue of Hope opens the Hope Chest for the Recipient.

Out of the Hope Chest comes a Big Holly Oh! That is a Big Holly Berry that has a Fertile Holly Seed in It. A Big Holly Tree can come from a Big Holly Oh! Then that Holly Seed breaks the Holly Shell of the Holly Berry of the Holly Oh! Also, the Holly Seed sprouts, and grows immediately rooting deeply, firmly in the Rich, Moist, Fertile Humus (Human) of their Being. That may, or may not be where the Big Holly Tree roots because, this Is a Place, or Is Not A Place can not be described physically easily.

The Wish Fulfilling Cow Hathor jumps out of the Hope Chest. Then Hathor the Fertility Deity continues to replenish the Humus with fresh manure. Then the Lord of the House; Horus as the War-Horse "Will Power" feeds vigorously also, replenishes the Humus with fresh manure. Then Horus as Falcon; Lord of the Sky has His Feast and, replenishes the Humus with fresh manure.

The Holly Virtues, and Powers are there with the Holly Tree a Tree of Virtues, and Powers with someone named "Holly". Holly is the Daughter of Tanith who will tell the Recipient how to take care of their new Holly Tree. Holly can give the Recipient a really Good "Holly Talker". Holly has a really good Holly Could as well as an even better Holly Can that has to be filled with all kinds of good tings for Holly, of course.

Outside the Recipient Holly Wisdom comes down with Her Hollytropes (Hollies). Each Hollytrope has Their own main Holly Deity plus all the "Enterprise called LOVE" that stands with, and for the Holly. Then the Pollinator a Male Holly Deity Holen comes down with His Hollytrope to pollinate the Hollies, and sustain Himself. The Hollies can finally mate. The Holen, or Holly Trees break the Veil of Mithra.

They get a Psychology of Evil from the Virtues. The Four Basic Virtues; Hope, Charity, Faith, and Pity are with the Holly Tree. Then there are the Virtues of Tanith; Fun, Joy, Bliss, Ecstasy, Peace, Fulfillment, Evil, Grace, Glory, Plenty, Goodness, Grace, Purity, Prudence, Temperance, Justice, Fortitude, Love, Mercy, Chastity, Righteousness, Resignation, Vigilance, Honesty,... as well as Fear are also, with the Holly Tree.

All the Deities that are with the Enterprise of Tanith called "LOVE" are there with the Holly Tree. More things come out of the Hope Chest to be with the Holly Tree. They do.

They may get "Talking Books" in book cylinders on different subjects from the Virtues, and the Powers. They could get a Talking Books called: "The Holly Book" by Holly of course,"The Marriage Book" by Juno, "The Medicine Book" by Dr. Herta, " The Set Book" by the Cat, "The Book of Life," by Jesus Christ, "The Holy Book of Death" by Thanatos, "The Work Book" by the Big Buna, "The Lore of the Wild Boor" by the Politician, "Law Books" by Anarchos, "The Auschwitz Book" by Auschwitz Girl, "The Camp Book" by Auschwitz Girl, "The Camp Fire Book" by Auschwitz Girl, "The Tiberius Book" by the Roman, "The Catherine Books" by Catherine, "The Hemlock Book" by Socrates, "The New Nurse Book" by Nurse, "Hapsberg Books" by Maria, "Little Wars and How to Fight Them" by Mr. Foxworthy, "How To Make Money (as long as you don't care about how you do it)" by the Professor, "The Gothic Book" by Lord Goth, "The Mouse Book" by Kitten, " The Cat Book" by Kitty, "The Great Experiment" by Guinea Pig Man,"The Hathor Book" by Pharaoh, "The Bad Medicine Book" by Dr. Taboo, "The Big Book" by Severity, "Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions" by Severity, and/or "Talking Bible" by Wisdom. They can also, get a "Living Bible" by the Preacher of Evil that lives, or feeds off the recipient.

The Recipient can get all the Body Flex Routines from Tanith. They can also, get Protocol Droids from Tanith acting under Miss Manners. There is a Real Live Tummy Squirt from Dis Pater. They get a big Rat Jacket from Kitten that always, fits skin tight so they can' take it off. Then they start rating and rating and rating as Nirrta enters into them. Now, they are in of the Order of the Mouse learning Evil and doing Evil in the Order of the Rat. That is real human progress for them. Maybe, they just might Rate the Rat.

The Minions of Kitten are those that are Good in the Sight of Tanith, Hathor, Catherine, Holly and Kitten.

A Roman Stave is there for the Roman Governor who is there with the Holly Tree. That is to Provision the Roman Empire, and the Roman Virtues, and Powers. That is to keep the Roman Empire alive now, and back then too. Especially, to aid the Noble Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar Augustus in His Time, and Place always. Also, we must pay tribute to the Goddess Liva Drusilla as our Juno.

There is a Black Flag for Anarchos (Not Government). That is for the Anarchos "Mouse" who is really a Cat to get rid of, or take the place of the Goat, Mouse, Lion, Serpent, or Man of Mithra. Anarchos is also, affectionately known as the "Nibbler". Anarchos is a Minion of Kitten. The "Nibbler Cat" is another name for Anarchos. Anarchos is a Servitor of Kitten meaning He can act in the Name of Kitten.

Auschwitz, and Auschwitz Girl are Minions of Kitten. Both can act in the Holy Name of Kitten.

Setís "Animal" Sutech, or Setekh is a Cat. Setís "Animal" is called "Kitten". Now that animal is Kitten.

Fetish Man is a Minion of Set (Kitten).

"The Auschwitz Girls" are Minions of Tanith Fun a Minion of Kitten. That gives Kitten access to MLK who is actually Tanith. All the Tanith Deities do this service too for Kitten. Because, Kitten protects little girls. "MLK is good for Everybody." MLK is a Minion of Kitten. Radiator is the henchman of Kitten.

Cupid is a Minion of Kitten. Kitten got His wings from Cupid to fly with the Train of Love. Because, Kitten is a Love Deity.

General Lee is the Spirit, Lord, or Genius of the American South is a Minion of Kitten.

The Mad Monk who has lost His Buddha is a Minion of Set (Kitten).

War Eagle is a Minion of Kitten. War Eagle is a Lord of the Sky.

The Roman is a Minion of Kitten.

The Armored Man Thassadion is a Minion of Kitten.

The Stuff of Dis Pater is a Minion of Kitten.

Belphegor is the Lord of the Opening is a Minion of Kitten that can "Open the Way" to get a Heavenly Catherine usually, a Virtue, or to Apollyon the Cat.

Apollyon also known as Abaddon in Cat form. Who has the power to bind Mithras is another Minion of Kitten who is Kitten's Henchman (Capo), and Servitor.

Apollyonia the Succubus is a Minion of Kitten.

Belial is a Minion of Kitten as the "Trash Master" who deposes of, reclaims, or recycles Trash.

Astaroth the Delatore of Kitten in the Ancient Roman Way in the Collection of Debts is a Minion of Kitten.

Ashtoreth the Goddess of War, and Fire is a Minion of Kitten. Ashtoreth is sometimes called "Star Leader" who is searching for more "Star Bases." "Star Leader calling Star Base can you read me? Over?" Pretty soon Ashtoreth has another Star Base happening.

The Big Buna is always, there in Monowitz that is pretty much "Our Town" which is where all the Citizens of Monowitz live. The Big Bunaís Tree of Life is a Rubber Tree of course. The Buna is a Minion of Tanith Plenty, and Kitten.

The Whisperer Astaroth can teach people all the good Super Spy Routines. The Whisperer is a Minion of Kitten a Big One.

Holly is a Minion of Kitten.

Preacher of Evil has the "New Testament" as the "Sixth Book of Moses", and as the "Living Bible". The Preacher of Evil is definitely a Minion of Kitten.

Mr. Chemist makes things up practically from scratch with Kitchen Chemistry made simple. Mr. Chemist is a Minion of Kitten.

Surt is a Minion of Kitten.

Virus Man really makes it all Happen for Public Health is Minion of Kitten.

Baaleth the Goddess of the Witches, and a True Lord of Time is a Minion of Kitten.

Sammael the Lord of War is a Minion of Kitten.

The Goddess Hel is a Minion of Kitten.

Camael ,or Kemuel the Living Will of God is a Minion of Kitten.

Asmodeus the Lord of War is a Minion of Kitten.

Nergal the Chief of Secret Police is a Minion of Set (Kitten).

Phoenix is Our Ambassador is a Minion of Kitten.

Hello Kitty is the Friendship Deity that replaces Mitra as a Good Friend is a Minion of Kitten.

Lo Ray El, or Maya the Queen of Evil who presides over the Gates of Death as a Minion of Kitten. "A well Fed Cat has no mouth".

"The Dog" is an Ambassador of His Kingdom as well as a Minion of Set (Kitten).

Freya is a Minion of Set (Kitten), in the Family of Goodness, and a Chaos Lord in Her own right. The "Little Freya" is known as "Goody Two Shoes".

Hathor is a Minion of the "Good Set" when Set is the "Kitten Set" is called "Kitten". Hathor grants Set the Powers of Pharaoh: the Shepard's Crook has the Shepard's Power to Gather the People, the Flail or the short Stave to Correct the People, the Falconerís Power puts the Far Seeing Falcon in the House of Horus wedding the Kitten Set to Hathor.

Eros is another Minion of Kitten.

Horus the Lord of Powers is a Minion of Kitten.

Bast the Goddess of Cats is a Minion of Kitten.

Sekhmet the Goddess of Wrath is a Minion of Kitten.

Hastur the Harvester, the "Dark Christ," Our "Power Broker" provides the Kitten Set a place on the Planet Bast also, the Planet Vast as Security for the King in Yellow in Residence, Castle, and Holy Mansion. Hastur presides over the Abode of Lost Souls in Heaven, and Gathers the Holy Tribute.

Here is a picture of Diana. Right over Diana's right shoulder is Hebe.

This is Hebe the Confident of Diana. You can observe Hebe definitely, has Diana's Ear.

Kitten has a Play Mate called Persephone. Persephone is like a fourteen-year-old virginal Girl. Kitten is a virginal too. They both have guessing games like "I"ve got a secret." Persephone when She is with Kitten is also named "Fun." "Fun is just around the corner."

The Gold Bug Scarabs, and the Golden Orange are symbols of Royal Power. Khephra, and Khephri the World Builders are Minions of Kitten. They are always there with the Divine Holly Tree.

Nirrti (Catherine Person a Monogamous Daemon of Jack Steven Shewmaker) likes being called "Jane" sometimes but, Catherine always. Jane can really do things. Jane is always, in high fashion. Jane has lots of accessories. Jane gives women all the Smart Cunt Routines as well as the Dumb Cunt Routines if they really need them. Jane is a Minion of Kitten.

Celestial Juno, or Tanith Pene El of Auschwitz (the Big Girl) and the Tanith of Auschwitz the "Auschwitz Girl" (the Big Girl) are married to, and always over Kitten to keep Kitten, and Sutech good as well as Anarchos that is for the benefit of Tanith of Auschwitz. The Lost Kitten of Auschwitz is also known as "the Commandant". The Nibbler always, goes out, and gets good things for my Catherine Person.

They can get a really good Crystal Radio Set installed by Tanith in their Head for maximum reception. This comes from Crystal Man of course, who is also known as Kitten. This is to get the Crystals good for Planet Catherine.

The Mendel Machine is a Minion of Kitten.

There is always, a Kitty with the Holly Tree from Bast. Kitty is also known as "Cat". Hastur the Harvester also known as "the Cat of Heaven" and the Dark Christ comes out of the Hope Chest too. Kitty jumps out of the Hope Chest. Kitty has to be Provisioned for the sake of the Cats. That is to keep the Cats alive forever. Then Kitty leaves the Recipient.

Catherine as Persephone is a Sister of Tanith for the purpose of this Sophistry. "Auschwitz Girl" was called "Mana". Now, Auschwitz Girl is Maria when She is Good with Kitten, and Our People. Catherine's Sacred Heart in the Hope Chest becomes active. This to provision Catherine Persephone who is a Minion of Nirrti. Then Persephone then Mates with, and Marries the Recipient Forever. That is for the Catharsis to be for the Good, the Grace, and the Purity of Our People. That is for the Three Big Catherines.

If the Third Dependent Variable is not met but, the recipient is Desecrated rather, than Unholy. Then the Holly Sophistry will protect the recipient from further Desecration, and provide for the Virtues, and the Powers (the Catherines).

Tanith Pene El, and Auschwitz Girl will make sure everything is always Good. Of course I, Jack Steven Shewmaker also known as Kitten Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer of the Enterprise called Love take responsibility for everything here regarding this Sophistry that makes me "the Law Giver". Tanith is launching this Sophistry with Holly, the Hope Virtues as well as Their respective Powers, and the aid of the rest of the Enterprise. This is to provision the Enterprise called "LOVE". That is to keep LOVE alive. The Game of Cat and Mouse is in progress.

Tanith Pene Baal is the Little Catherine of Destiny that appears in the form of a Little Girl is a Minion of Kitten accompanies Love. Usually, Tanith is called "the Big Girl". The Big Catherine of Destiny is the Tanith of Fate.

What is going on in the Holly Sophistry will be explained more later. Suffices to say this is as much "Magical" as well as psychological. Purposes of the Sophistry is to destroy Mithra a.k.a. Mithras, or Mitra. It is to dissolve a Pact with the Devil. The Holly Sophistry overrides the sophistries of Mitra, Mithra, and Mithras. Jesus Christ can not look upon Evil. But, He does have a Hierarchy that does deal with Evil.

We have a problem with Hellenism in Christianity. That is why people are talking about the Humanity of Jesus. But, Jesus did not come down to be Human. I hope you understand that. Jesus did not come down to teach people how to be Human either. Jesus did not want people to be Human. Jesus wanted people to be Civilized.

We can look at this Humanism in the Bible. Like in the Days of Noah. During that time people became very Evil. They became Giants. They began to cause Giant Problems on Earth. Likewise they believed that "Man was the measure of all things" too. They did. They even thought they were all Gods. Then they actually became Malevolent. They did. They were so terrible that God regretted that He had ever made Man at all. He actually did. God resolved to solve the Giant Problem. God had the Giant Solution right there for all of them. It was the Flood. The Earth was cleansed (Katharizein) of Giants. Now we are having Giants again. They are starting to cause the Giant Problem.

We need to understand something about the Nature Religions. Many of these Deities are very racist. Meaning they are Tribal Deities. This goes for the Deities of the Native Peoples of; South America, North America, Australia, Europe, Africa, and Asia. You need to know the Hindu Deities are Tribal Deities as well. You really shouldn't get involved with Them for that reason. It does not mean They are Bad. It just means They are not your Deities. These Deities may actually be your Enemies.

Some people have made the mistake of "going Native". Only to find out the Rules of those Peoples are not Good for them. Remember, when you join a People you become subject to the Laws of those People. Their Deities become your Deities.

You have no business in a Hindu Temple. You have no business around a Native American power place. Nor, should you go to any place like that. Now, the Catherines may tell you otherwise in certain cases. But, it is Good to be careful. Do no harm to anything sacred to Other Religions. Because, we do not want anybody to desecrate anything of ours.

The two genealogies given in the Bible; Matthew 1, and Luke 3.1 are yours by adoption, by Our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ. You must claim Jesus Christ as your Ancestor. Then you will be Adopted. This gives you a good Family Tree (Tree of Life). You also have His Bloodline which is the Holy Grail. This will keep these Tribal Deities from harming you.

Other Peoples (Nations) have different genealogies. The Ancestor is different in some cases. There is a Vedic Genealogy that goes back to Manu. There is a Carthaginian Genealogy that goes back to Noah. Roman Genealogy that goes back to Aeneas. Jewish Genealogy goes back to Adam. Ancient Egyptian Genealogy goes back to Hathor. Mithraic Genealogy goes back to another Adam (Mitra) as well as the Vedic Manu. Martial Arts Genealogies in China go back to Lao Tse (Old Man). Buddhist Genealogies go back to the Buddha (Different Buddhas). Babylonian Genealogy goes back to Apsu.

According to Mithraic Gnostic Theology there are Two Creations (Dualism). There are Two Creator Deities that come out of Cosmic Time. One Creator is Ahura Mazda. Ahura means Asura, Demigod, or Titan. Mazda means "Wise One". His Other Names could be Spenta Mainyu, Zurvan, Ormzid, Ormazd, and of course Mithra. The Other Creator is Angra Mainyu. Angra means Suffering. Mainyu means Lord. His Other Names could be Ahriman, Hariman, and Ayraman.

There is a conflict. If not a war between two opposing Creations. Since they are incompatible. The Asuras (Ahuras) are hostile to the Cult of the Gods (Daevas), or that of God.

That comes out of the Ideological Doctrine of Zoroaster. See Zoroaster does not have a Religion. Any more than Communism is a Religion. Zoroaster has an Ideology called Zoroastrianism. It is essentially Political. Since this Doctrine is not concerned about joining anything together. Religion means to join together. "Webster's Dictionary" C1963 (Old French, religion, Latin religare, to bind together). This is the difference between an Ideology, and a Religion. It is also the difference between a Philosophy, and a Religion.

"Encyclopedia Britannica" 2008; Italics mine. "According to myth (lies), Mithra was born, bearing a torch (Lucifer the Light Bearer) and armed with a knife (Dagger), beside a sacred stream (Waters of Life) and under a sacred tree (Tree of Life), a child of the earth itself (Adam). He soon rode, and later killed, the life-giving cosmic bull (Hathor Cow), whose blood fertilizes all vegetation. Mithra's slaying of the bull (to steal the Bull, or Cow's Power, after all Satan is a Thief, and a Murderer ) was a popular subject of Hellenic art and became the prototype for a bull-slaying ritual of fertility in the Mithraic cult (Bull-slaying version is only present in the Babylonian version of Mithra).

As god of light (Lucifer the One that Weakens the Nations), Mithra was associated with the Greek sun god, Helios, and the Roman Sol Invictus (not much). He is often paired with Anahita (hates Him), goddess (Power of the Bull, or Cow) of the fertilizing waters (Blood, and Sperm, or Milk of the Bull, or Cow).

"The creation of the world (Satan style) is the central episode of Mithraic mythology. According to the myths, the sun god (Who is also Mithra) sent his messenger, the raven (of Dispersion), to Mithra (A God can be in Two Places at Once) and ordered him to sacrifice the bull (Mithra's Friend, the God El). Mithra executed the order reluctantly; in many reliefs he is seen turning aside his face in sorrow (crying crocodile tears no doubt). But at the very moment of the death of the bull (He is not Mithra's Friend anymore becomes, a Sin Offering), a great miracle happened. The white bull was metamorphosed into the moon (the Babylonian God Sin); the cloak of Mithra was transformed into the vault of the sky, with the shining planets and fixed stars (Magician's Garment); from the tail of the bull and from his blood sprang the first ears of grain (Dagon) and the grape (His True Vine); from the genitals of the animal ran the holy seed which was received by a mixing bowl ("Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!") Catherines make sounds like that when something is really yucky! That means it's dangerous. Catherines make "Catharine sounds". Usually Catherines have a "Language of Oh! Language of Love" The Catherines really hate the "Mixing Bowl They don't like the Melting Pot either. That is because it is the Harlot's Cup.). Every creature on earth was shaped with an admixture of the holy seed (We can assume that Mithra created Man from this yuck). One Mithraic hymn begins: "Thou hast redeemed us too by shedding the eternal blood (Disgusting Parody of Christ)". The plants and the trees were created. Day and Night began to alternate, the Moon started her monthly cycle, the Seasons took up their round dance through the Year, and thus Time was created. But, awakened by the sudden light, the creatures of the dark emerged from earth. A serpent licked the bull's blood (yum, yum, yum). A scorpion tried to suck the holy seed from the genitals (slurp, slurp, slurp). On the reliefs, a lion (Satan) often is also seen. With the bull's death and the creation of the world, the struggle between Good and Evil (Mithra's Dualism) began: thus is the condition of man's life (hopefully not). The raven symbolizes Air, the lion Fire, the serpent Earth, and the mixing bowl Water (the Harlot's Cup). (So we have the origin of Alchemy.) So the four elements (air, fire, earth, and water) came into being, and from them all things were created. After the sacrifice, Mithra (Shadow God) and the sun god (Mithra with His cloak and dagger) banqueted together, ate meat and bread, and drank wine (gobble, gobble, gobble, and glug, glug, glug). (A parody of the Lord's Supper.) Then Mithra mounted the chariot of the sun god (probably stole that too, for His Joy Ride) and drove with him across the ocean, through the air to the end of the world". (The End of the World and the Final Battle between the Forces of Good and Evil is a hallmark of this Satanic Mouse Cult).

Here is the older prototype of the Mithraic Creation Story from the same source. This a Man Cult, or the Sons of Man. So this may be another Adam Cult.

"The dualistic idea of two primordial spirits, called twins by Zoroaster, goes back to an Indo-European prototype. As far as this myth can be reconstructed, it seems that there were primordial twins before the creation of the world. They came into conflict. One, whose name was Man (Iranian Manu?, man Manu means Thinker. But, do you want Manu to think for you? You really shouldn't. It is better to be a cat. Then controlled by Manu. ), killed the other, Twin (Iranian Yama; Avestan Yima which means Death, or the Firstborn of the Dead.), and from the dismembered body he fashioned the world, using the skull for the sky, the flesh for the earth, the bones for mountains, and so forth. In another Iranian variant of this myth Yama appears as the first mortal and the first ruler. The period of his rule, described as a golden age when there was neither death nor old age, neither hot nor cold, and so on, comes to an end when falsehood enters Yama's speech. The royal Glory (Khvarnah) flees from Yama and takes refuge in the cosmic sea. Yama is then overthrown by a serpentine tyrant named Azhi Daha-ka (Daha-ka the Snake), whose rule ushers in a period of drought, ruin, and chaos. In turn, Azhi Daha-ka is defeated by the hero Thraitauna, who establishes the legendary line of kings called kavis. We can find traces of this mythos in Yogic, and Buddhist Tantra of this Cult of Cain. See the Wheel of Life that is held by the Worldly God Yama. Note also that Yama is a Bull Rider. Or is the Bull Rider really Mithra? So there is a continuity Mithraic Gnosticism from Ancient Times to the present day Tantra, and Buddhism.

"And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart." Genesis 6:6 7And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.

Nothing in our life can be Truly Good since we lack Godly Virtue. This is because, we are no longer in God's Image. Adam was made in the image of God but we are not anything like Adam. Because, of the Curse of Death, and Hard Labor pronounced on Adam after the Fall of Man. Also, God Cursed the Earth on numerous occasions. God took Himself back out of Creation. God is no longer merged with His Creation, because of Sin (Trespass) .That means that God is no longer in the Universe. Therefore it is impossible to Know God because, there is no God here to know. God does not want us to have Empathy with Him. Hence there is neither Perfection nor Completion without God in this Universe. Although, Our World is Real. But, Our Universe is not Permanent. Our World is Endless. But, Our Cosmos is not Eternal. So Our World is not completely Manifested, again. Our World, and everything in it, including us is still Evolving. Just about everybody knows our World is hardly Perfect. Our World is uncivilized. That is why we see nothing but, a World of Motion, Impermanence, and Destruction. That is the True Nature of Earth.

Therefore we are not Complete nor is this World Complete. Although we long to become Complete. For this is the Tragedy of Love. That is the Truth. Jesus Christ "finished" a certain work to fulfill in the Old Testament when He was Incarnate. That was to atone for God's Sin in Creating Adam. Since God regretted ever having made Man. Man as Adam is Primordially Evil. Therefore Civilization is the only way Man can become Good. As we strive to become Perfect. We will become more Complete. When we have Real Godly Progress. When we become more Civilized. Christ wants nothing but, extreme Civilization here on this Planet. Therefore, "Camp" is our penitence.

God being Good can not look upon Evil. Who is going to deal with Evil in the World? Can God Sin? That means God can make mistakes. Obviously, God can do anything He wants to because, He is God. The Scripture backs this up. This is a riddle like can God Make a stone He can not lift? God can make any stone. God can lift any stone. If everything has a Creator. Then who Created God? Mind you God said the World was Good. A World that is Good for God not necessarily for Man. But, God never says anywhere in Scripture that the World, or anything in it is complete without God. This World is only connected with God through Jesus Christ only as Our Mediator.

So what can we have from God? We still have His Government. Jesus can be a Personal Lord, and Savior. Hence we obtain a certain amount of God's Grace. Rudiments that enable people to become Civilized. This is recognized by God's Virtues that are still in God's Creation such as it is. Satan no longer has a place in Heaven. Neither, does Satan have a place in the World. Satan is a wanderer. Universe is up for grabs. There must be a War between the Cat the Virtues that Police the World, and the Mouse Anarchos. Of course Satan the Enemy Mouse is at War with anything, and everybody.

Philosophically the Cat is the Thesis, the Mouse the Antithesis, and Civilization is the Synthesis. Then we have the Seed of Destruction with Satan. So we have a dynamism of Order in the Cat, Anarchos in the Mouse, and Satan as Other.

Even Love if it is but, Human can result in the Folly of some baleful Addiction. So Love if it is not Godly. Can be really terrible. Then Love can easily be in the service of the Devil. Do not fall for Satan'Love Trap. This is because, the Mortal Enemy that resides in our own Flesh makes us more inclined towards Evil Sinful tendencies that leads us towards Vice, and away from Godly Virtue.

Our Bodies are really quite stupid. No matter how much good you do for your Body this stupid thing will still kill you. It is only a matter of time before it does. It is so stupid it even attacks itself. This can be seen in the manifestation of autoimmune diseases.

We are also equipped with an untrained Mind. This Mind is charge of this untrained Animal that we call Our "Body". We seem to have almost no control over this Body. It is like this Body is not even ours. Even if this Mind, or Brain is free from any organic defects. It is still basically more inclined towards Evil than towards Good.

Should we not get proper instruction, and through moral training. We will be nothing but, dangerous animals in human form rather than ladies, or gentlemen. Given the sinful inclinations of our bodies, and minds we will not even be good animals. We must be trained in order to Civilized.

It takes Godly Virtue, a Power to make that Virtue manifest, and a Purifier to accomplish a Life of Virtue on a consistent basis. We will call these Heavenly Beings Catherines.

The First of these Catherines is the Virtue of God's Goodness. The Heavenly Catherine Wheel of the Zodiac either the Solar or Lunar Axis is the Symbol of God's Goodness. This is symbolized by the Solar, or Lunar Swastikas respectively.

The Great Power of the Cross enables Her Manifestation. God's Grace, is God's Dragon protecting the Tree of Life. God's Grace has the Wheel of Life.

Purity is the Bride of Jesus Christ the Good One, Our True Lord, and Savior. Needed for our Redemption.

There are the Four Principle Virtues; Faith, Hope, Charity, and Pity. The Four Cardinal Virtues of Temperance, Prudence, Justice, and Fortitude.

The Catherines usually look like toddlers in Heaven. The Virtue Child Form is a Teaching Deity. When they come down from Heaven they are Innocent, and very Powerful. The Virtues are always accompanied by Their Powers. Their Purifier is always present too. Usually, the Catherines all take the form of Puppies, Kittens, or Babies. This is because Puppies, Kittens, and Babies are Innocent. Of course, the Catherines do not Lie. Advertizing is a Virtuous Enterprise. If you have kittens, puppies, and babies in your advertizing. You can always have a market. The toddler form also means the Catherines are there to Teach you. No one is frightened of a toddler usually. But, the Catherines can be eight feet tall. They are kind of impressive! That is the Catherine Teaching Form. Like toddlers Catherines can get angry. Every parent knows an angry toddler is the most Destructive Force in the Universe. Majin Boo in Bird Studio's "Dragon Ball Z" is like an angry Virtue. The Catherines can also Pout when they are Displeased. You have to keep pleasing the Catherines. The Catherines know that's True.

"Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, that they might not understand one another's speech". Genesis 11:7

All the Real Deities in Other Religions are the Catherines. There are no Gods, or Goddesses per se. There are just Catherines. If They have Virtue. They are Good. If They are against Virtue. Especially, if They promote Vice. They are Devilish. There are Catherines. And, there are Anti-Catherines (Mouse Gods). People shouldn't worship Mice. Because, Mouse Love is really Bad.

Cats are very much like babies. They cry like babies. Many cat owners think of them as their children. Women are referred to as Cats too. That is why the Catherines don't like crimes against cats. People that are cruel to companion animals usually harm humans later, especially women. It may be a gang initiation, or a brotherhood thing. The Catherines have a lot of characteristics in common with cats. In order to get your Catherine. You need to have your cat, or you will have to get one.

One way to get your Catherine is to go to Planet Catherine. Sure enough, you are on Planet Catherine. And, all the Catherines are jumping; up, and down; up and, down; up and down. Because, they are so happy see you. You have made it to Heaven! There are hundreds of Catherines up there in Heaven. They are crying out, "Pick me! Pick Me! Pick Me!" These are Real Catherines. There are very Transcendent Virtues there. There are the Catherine Mothers with Their Huge Shepard's Crooks. Each One has a huge Choir of Catherines around Them. They are all so cute! You can not decide which One to pick. All of a sudden, One runs right over to you. So might get a Juno. That is a kind of Catherine. Don't worry about it. Now, you have your Catherine. She is a huge Goodness.

That is always a Goody Two-Shoes also called a Little Freya. The first thing She does is shove the Patriot right into you. That immediately gets you good with the Spirit of Your Country. That is usually a huge America Catherine. Canadians of course will get a huge Canada Catherine. She is right there Inside you. Your Catherine will guard your Mind. Goodness will protect you from Inner, and Outer Evil, always. You will be able to do lots of good deeds all the time. Do Good. Don't do Evil. Be Loving and Kind. Those are the Rules of the Catherines.

Here is a partial list of Catherines. They are also always jumping up, and down on Planet Catherine. And, They are so happy to see you too. The Catherines have a huge language of Oh! Like "Oh God"! An American Catherine, that is a Patriot will be an "Oh, say can you see"! A Canadian Catherine will be an "Oh Canada"! They have the Catherine Greeting, "I'm a Catherine!" The Catherine Greeting sounds very musical. On Planet Catherine it is very Thunderous. You say, "Hello Catherine! I LOVE YOU". Each Catherine comes with Their very own Catherine Book. You get the Catherine Books from me. Some of them are here at Planet Catherine already. Aren't you lucky!

The Virtue of Faith is manifested by Virtuous Works.

Hope is manifested by Virtuous Time.

Charity is manifested by Virtues Giving.

Pity is manifested by Virtuous Compassion.


Chastity is manifested by Virtuous Abstaining, the Purifier is Virtuous Purification.

Love is manifested by Virtuous Endurance, the Purifier is a Virtuous Life.

Virility is manifested by Virtuous Vitality, the Purifier is Virtuous Propagation (of a Family).

Purpose is manifested by Virtuous Meaning, the Purifier is a Virtuous Ends.

Industry is manifested by Virtuous Work, the Purifier is Virtuous Production.

Civilization is manifested by Virtuous Progress.

Peace is manifested by Virtuous Security, the Purifier is Virtuous Safety.

Loyalty is manifested by Virtuous Valor, the Purifier is Virtuous Patriotism.

Innocence is manifested by Virtuous Redemption, the Purifier is Virtuous Salvation.

Victory is manifested by Virtuous Bravery, the Purifier is Virtuous Courage.

Law is manifested by Virtuous Obedience, the Purifier is Virtuous Reverence.

Order is manifested Virtuous Organizing, the Purifier is Stability.

Fear is manifested by Virtuous Reverence, the Purifier is Wisdom.

Vigilance is manifested by Virtuous Awareness, the Purifier is Virtuous Focusing.

Temperance is manifested by Virtuous Moderation, the Purifier is Virtuous Consistency.

Perfection is manifested by Virtuous Refinement.

Marriage is manifested by Virtuous Fidelity.

Mercy is manifested by Virtuous Forgiveness.

Wrath is manifested by War, the Purifier is Retribution (Justice).

Value is manifested by Virtuous Measurement.

Wisdom is manifested by Virtuous Knowledge, the Purifier is Fear.

Well Being is manifested by Virtuous Health.

Morality is manifested by Virtuous Value.

Consensus is manifested by Virtuous Gathering.

Norm is manifested by Virtuous Consensus.

Prosperity is manifested by Virtuous Riches, the Purifier is Virtuous Wealth.

Truth is manifested by Virtuous Honesty, the Purifier is Integrity.

Liberty is manifested by Virtuous Freedom.

Intelligence is manifested by Virtuous Clarity.

Precious is manifested by Virtuous Beauty, the Purifier is Opportunity.

Ethics is manifested by Virtuous Fair Dealing.

The Principle of Discipline (a Science or an Art) is manifested by a Virtuous Norm (Virtuous Consensus) and Virtuous Value (Virtuous Morality).

The Principle of Democracy is manifested by Virtuous Liberty (Virtuous Freedom) and Virtuous Peace (Virtuous Security, and Virtuous Safety).

Each Catherine featured here comes with there very own "Catherine Book." You get them from me. Soon most of these Catherine Books, and Catherine Accessories will be here as soon as I have them.

Hence, God's Virtue, Power and Purity are needed for our Redemption. Having mentioned two of our Mortal Enemies, namely "the Devil" and, "the Flesh". There is a World that is feeding on us, wanting to be here, wanting to manifest always at expense. It is not Godly World, or a "World System" under God. But, a Hadean World, an Underworld System that seeks to Supplant our World. Its origins are Demonic as well as in our basest Human Nature. It seems to adhere to a Revelation Model.

The Devil is just little Mouse in Heaven, but is a Beast down here. Satan is the Great Imposter. God works through people. Satan works through people. God's people are networked together to have the Body of Christ. Satan's people are networked together to have the Body of the Beast (Bacchanalia). God has the True Vine, Jesus Christ. Satan has Bacchus as His True Vine. God has the Light of Truth. Satan has the Light of Lucifer. God has a Dragon that is the Power of the Cross. Satan has a Red Dragon that is the Bloodline of the Old Adam. God has a Tree of Life of which Our Portion is a Family Tree with Jesus Christ. Satan has the Old Adam who still has the Seeds of the Tree of Knowledge of Good, and Evil for His Progeny. God has Prophets. Satan has False Prophets. Jesus Christ is God. The Anti Christ is the Anti God. God has Purity. Satan has Pollution. God has the Virgin Mary, Wisdom, and Purity. Satan has the Scarlet Woman who is the Witch, the Harlot, and the Traitor. The Scarlet Woman also like Her male counterpart is a Thief, Murderer, and a Desecrater. God=s People have marks of Virtue. The Devil's People have marks of Vice in order to do business in Satan's Worldwide System. These marks are a proud heart, a lying tongue, feet that are swift in running to mischief, hands that are skillful in doing evil, and a mind that thinks evil continually.

Satan takes the form of a Mouse (metaphorically of course) in order to enter our lives. Because, neither a Lion, or a Serpent can gain entry into our lives easily. Imagine for a moment you hear a knock at the door. Careful people always look first to see who it is. After all it might be a robber, or even a murderer. You certainly don't want to let anybody like that inside your house. But, you don't see anybody. You open the door to look outside. Then in runs the little Satan Mouse. You don't see anyone out there. Maybe it was a prank.

As you know Mice get into everything. They are just like little spies. You don't notice anything, while the little Satan Mouse is devouring, destroying, and desecrating your life. By the time you begin to suspect something is wrong that little Satan Mouse has done you irreparable damage.

It can get to the point where the Satan Mouse influences, and even controls your life. Its' goal is to transform you into a Center in order to work Its' will in the World. Then, He is not a little Mouse any more. In the end the Satan Mouse is now a Real Beast. Satan has whatever He has not desecrated, or destroyed, He devours. Now, that you have been devoured by Satan. The Game of Life, and Death is over. You just Lost the Game.

We can see that Anarchy is like rabies. It has a furious form, and a dumb form. Into a Church runs the little Satan Mouse. Suddenly, we have a Rabid Sheep Dog! They won't have to worry about Wolves naked, or otherwise, anymore. That Preacher won't be much of a Steward of Anything. Not when he is like that! His brain has been transformed into a huge crime gland. There is no doubt the Virus of Anarchy will spread. And, Rabid Watch Dogs are happening in the Neighborhood. Not much protection there at all. The plague is spreading! There is no telling how far it will spread. But, it does not look good. This could even go nationwide. The World is in danger.

Also we must take a look at Satan's females personification as the Evil Woman. This is Miriam defined as the personification of Rebellion, and Bitterness. For the Wine of Rebellion may taste sweet, but it is always bitter later. It is like the black widow spider. The female is more venomous than the male, and one may not even feel the bite at first. This is the problem of the Woman's Evil. Most importantly the Woman's Evil is the Profanation of Love (Scarlet Woman). The Woman's Evil involves Time Theft. The Deity involved here is Kali the Goddess of Evil (a.k.a. Lilith). The Woman's Evil also involves Over Eating as the Chubby Goddess (Waldorf Demon). Finally the Woman's Evil manifests as an Evil Matron always the Taking, and Misusing of Resources (Anti-Hera). Here Satan is the Archetype of the Evil Witch, the Harlot, and the Traitor. Likewise, She is a Thief, Murderer, and a Desecrater. She is an Anti-Goddess.

The problem is men tend to trust women more than they do men. Nor, do men regard women as being very powerful. Men on the other hand can appear threatening. That is because, our territorial imperative immediately becomes operational. Man-threat is there instantly. Then of course, all our defense mechanisms come into play. You want to mess up your advertising just put an man in the picture.

We need a Cat i.e. a Catherine in our house to deal with the Mouse when He gets in. Before He can do us any serious damage. The huge Predatory Presence of the Cat does much to discourage the Mouse.

Sooner, or later we are all vulnerable to this kind of Satanic attack at some point in our lives. We need Divine Protection inside us as well as outside us. Otherwise, the Mouse could easily pose as an "Inner Light", offer "Inner Guidance", and may even pretend to be Jesus Christ! We could have Spirit Controlled Life. Not Good!

There are countless people claiming to have Jesus in their heart, but maybe they don't. Well It could be something like Jesus. Probably, not even close. It's the Trickster again. That is why many things that are done in the Name of Jesus. Have nothing to do with Him at all. They just don't.

We need to examine the role the Mouse plays in popular media culture. For the most part the Mouse is a cute, funny little mischievous character in cartoons. A Mouse is never a Friend, always an Enemy. This a good Catherine saying.

Every time we see the Mouse is portrayed as a little Robin Hood like animal. The Mouse is devilish. He is a little thief that comes into someone's house uninvited like a little burglar. He sets up shop with all His little Mouse Friends (Demons). He plunders the pantry, and raids the refrigerator until there is nothing left. The little Mice play all sorts of pranks on the cats, dogs, and people in the house. That pretty much makes life very difficult for them. In the cartoons the Mouse is always getting to trouble with the Cat. The Cat is benevolent authority figure in charge of protecting the house, and its contents. The Mouse is really a malevolent cowardly treacherous little gangster. The Mouse never works for a living in the cartoons. People idolize this evil little character. Especially in cartoons that are seen by children. It is dangerously subversive as well completely irrational. This Mouse Love (Love of Evil, or Perversion) is a remarkable phenomena here in the United States of America. The Mouse in cartoons never does anything to help the people in the house. Even if they are in any kind of serious difficulty, or extreme danger. The Mouse is always a little rebel.

Mickey Mouse is more like a robot than a Mouse. He is too humanoid. Everybody understands he is a real Mouse Demon. Because, Mickey Mouse is devilish. That is because, he is subversive. The hidden message is that mice are good. They never are.

Also the Mouse in reality carries over a hundred different diseases that can affect people, and domestic animals like bubonic plague, murine typhus, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, hanta virus, tapeworms as well as many, many more.

Only difference between a Rat, and a Mouse is a matter of size. Many cultures actually do not differentiate between rats, and mice. The Ancient Cultures of the Greeks, Romans, Hebrews, Egyptians, Phoenicians, and most others never thought of house mice, Genus Mus, and rats, Genus Rattus as being separate.

The best known reference of either rats, and/or mice spreading bubonic plague is in the Old Testament 1 Samuel 6. This means that the connection between rats, and/or mice, and bubonic plague was well known by the Phoenician, and Israelites at least one thousand years before Christ. There can be no doubt that Medieval Christians, even Pagans knew about this. The Black Death that ravaged Europe in the Middle Ages killed three quarters of the population. That somehow, the Mouse Cult managed to survive even within the Church, and thrive well into the Middle Ages.

A Mind you that Mithraic Gnosticism was making inroads into the Religion of the Empire. There were hundreds of Cults, and thousands of Secret Societies. Tiberius just hated Mysteries. Worse He found the prototype of the Cults of Manichaeism, and Zurvanism starting to take root in the Empire. There were literally hundreds of Gnostic Gospels. Of course Mani is the offspring of a Parthian family in Babylon.

Manichaeism will be coming later (Third Century Anno Domini). Zurvanism will be in Rome too. Both Religions have an Inner Doctrine as well as Other Worldly of the sort beliefs that the Emperor Tiberius really hates. He can clearly see this coming too. He sees this as causing extreme harm. Tiberius thinks this is basically Death Worship. It is this belief that people could opt out of Creation. The word Nirvana means "Blown Out" which is the Extinction of Our Being (Soul Death). The Brahmanic view sees this as an extreme state of blessedness.

There will be the Paulican Cult (Armenia, Seventh Century A.D.). This exceptionally evil cult caused the downfall of Christianity in the areas controlled by Carthage, and the Byzantine Empire. Which later led to the rise of Islam, and by their being conquered by Mohammed. Later there will be the Bogmilist Cult (Bulgaria, Tenth Century A.D.). Then the Cathari Cult, and the Knights Templar (France, Twelfth Century A.D.), and the height of the Tantra Cults in India, as well as the Cabala Cults, which is still with us by the way.

What we have we here in order to be "Saved"? You have to go to these different Worlds. You have to pay someone to teach you how to go there. Then you have to journey through these Worlds. You have to pay somebody to tell you how to do that. Then you have to collect all these trophies. And, you have pay a lot to find out how to get those. But, there is no end to this thing. Basically this thing is a racket rather than a religion.

Tiberius sees this butchering of everyone in Rome. He sees the death of just about all the Jews. He sees this Evil coming.

What we hate is the glorification of rebellion. The celebration of sedition, and the trumpeting of treason throughout the land. We find it even in the Christian media a lot. It is going into the Churches. That is intolerable. (see The Tiberius Book).

The the Witches Sabbath is really the Bacchanalia (Hidden Landscape of Damnation). The Catherines will dump people in the Bacchanalia when they are Pouting. Then those people will have to find their way out of there. You don't ever want to get the Catherines mad at you! Then the Catherines will put people in Hel. It is harder to find a way out of Hel (Hidden Landscape of Pure Damnation). The Black Mass is basically a Celebration of the Duality of Mithra.

It was back in the Middle Ages. That this Mouse Cult decided to wipe out all forms of Christianity, and eradicate Judaism from the Planet. They made their bid for Power. The Mouse Cult employed Their chief weapons, witchcraft (terrorism), heresy, and plague to accomplish these ends. This led to the Great Witchcraft epidemic of the Middle Ages. It is still believed that the Mouse Cult has survived to this day. Again, the "Great Game of Cat and Mouse" must begin anew.

Those whom that love, and keep the mouse. Are those who must be put to death immediately. There can be no question as to their guilt in these matters. It is vain, and dangerous to question them. Since they implicate all, and sundry persons. Innocent for the most part, and practice their devilry with all the more venom while they still have life. From Malleus Maleficarum (About 1486, The Hammer of Witches There are several versions, and translations of these books.).

Here are few signs of the Presence of a Malevolent Empath, or a Demon. It definitely could be the result of psychological warfare.

1. Uncontrolled crying in babies, or small children with no apparent cause. This may happen in a hospital maternity ward very suddenly.

2. Accident proneness without cause. Namely freak accidents, or acts of God.

3. Meeting unusual people a.k.a. freaks.

4. Undetermined circumstances of an occult nature.

5. Inexplicable death, or sickness of a pet.

6. Disease that does not respond to proper medical treatment.

7. Premature aging.

Here are some remedies.

1. Presence of a pet especially a cat in one's home.

2. Having plants of any kind inside the home, or business.

3. Holly growing outside is always a good remedy.

4. Displaying the flag of one's country.

Is the Mouse Cult real? If there isn't one, it will be. If present trends continue.

Is there a real conspiracy? Strangely enough there really isn't one exactly. Since Anarchists almost never agree on anything. Anarchist movements are surprisingly fluid, and resistant to classification. Anarchists are both spontaneous yet can be very ridged in certain matters. Anarchist organizations can be temporary but, they can endure for centuries virtually unchanged. No one person, or group of persons has the right to speak for all of them. Anarchists have no leadership. Although certain charismatic people may have a fanatical following. There is no centralized authority. They may have a central clearing house as well as locally controlled districts connected to an information network of some sort a switchboard. Or, they can be syndicates that are ruled by an iron fist. Most of the movement may be secret, and underground. Anarchists are not on either end of the political spectrum. An Anarchist believes that no government either of the right, or left wings of the political spectrum pertains to them personally. Anarchists believe in seizing power by any means is just. Getting power, keeping power, and getting more power are the only thing that matters to them politically.

The Mouse Cult always uses class warfare to get, and maintain control of any given society. First they setup a Counterfeit Counterculture that appears to be a Real Alternative to the prevailing social norms, and values. Usually there are several of these bogus creations operating at any given time. Seeking always to plunge their country into Steady State Anarchy. Then seizing power.

The so-called Hippies of the 60's were merely a creation of the organs propaganda at the time. The word Hippy was introduced by "Look" magazine back then. They were mostly teenage runaways trying to get away from incest, or other abuse at home. As well as the so-called Beat Generation. Also, the Homosexual Underground was part of it. Most of them called themselves just "Freaks". Any of this so-called Hippy Lifestyle only existed in Fronts sponsored by the Mouse Cult. Later it was Generation X, Punk, New Wave, ad infinitum.

We need to learn to look for the News Gang in our media. Real journalism should do something to propagate the Virtues. We need to ask. Where is the Hope here? Does this harm Faith. Are we promoting Charity? Do we have any Pity? What about the Cardinal Virtues: Prudence, Justice, Temperance, and Fortitude? Is this good for society?

People would not have used psychedelic drugs at all. But, the News Gang had to tell everybody about them. Timothy Leary and, his LSD should never have been on the front page in any newspaper. But, he was. Glue sniffing would never have became a national epidemic without this kind of publicity either. Consumer Reports put out an excellent book in the 70's about the role the media played in creating a nationwide drug problem.

The War on Drugs has cost the country billions of dollars. Millions of people are dead all over the World. Every single person on the Planet has been adversely affected by this World War.

But, none of this would be necessary if people didn't abuse drugs. How are people going to abuse drugs if somebody does not teach them how to do that?

How about power for the people. But, the real thing this time. Electricity is really good. Not much good if it is all going into ground. Then it does not light up anything. What if someone were to tell you that twenty per cent of the grid is going into the ground? That it has been sabotaged in some cases since the fifties.

Then there is this Health Cult with its worship of the Natural Man. They run a huge "head trip" on people. Like eating meat makes you some sort of War Criminal. But, Adolph Hitler was a complete vegetarian. He was. Maybe, if someone had given him a steak it would have helped his head. Protein is brain food. Hitler did not drink alcohol, or smoke tobacco. But, he should of drank, and smoked a whole bunch. That would made him more tolerant of other people. That would have been good for everybody's health back then. Enough said.

As we have said before. This Body is an Animal. That is ridden by a Mind. This Mind steers this Animal through the Amazing Maze of Life or Death in Its' quest for Completion. This a Hopeless Endeavor. True Health is Unattainable. For nothing is Complete here in this World, or any Other World for that matter. That is because, we are not Civilized. When we are Civilized we will be Complete. But, for now we are going to have to be trained in the Ways of Virtue for that to happen. That Mind has to be trained. That Body has to be trained. Because, the Natural Man is more inclined to Evil than towards Good. The Natural Man is in Love with Death. Therefore, the Natural Man does not want to understand anything about Progress. The Natural Man is not going to Improve Himself. Because, He believes He is Perfect as He is. He believes He is a God Knowing Good, and Evil. This Natural Man is not Human. Yet, He can exist in a Neural Network in Our Body. That is why Our Bodies are not necessarily Ours. We do not have complete control of Our Body. Otherwise, It would never die. Nor, would Our Body ever turn against us. This is why the Flesh is Our Enemy. That is because, we do not recognize the Natural Man for what He is. Of course the Natural Woman is the same Thing. Since It is Androgynous. The Natural Man is Satan.

Our Body is not a Temple of God. Because, we do not have a Mithraic Gnostic Inner Temple as Christians. Our Worship is directed Outwards. That is the Right View. This Inner View involves the Profanation of Love. Love is to be directed Outwards not Inwards in Christianity always.

The Natural Man has an Ideal World. That He wants in place of the Real World. That is why Hellenism is Bad. We have no place in His Ideal World. That is why His World is Our Enemy Always.

What is a "Human Being? Webster's Dictionary human, (Middle English humayne; Old French humaine; Latin humanus; akin to homo, a man, humus, soil.); homo (from Greek homos, the same); be, v.i.; was, were, pt. ; been, pp. being, ppr. (Anglo-Saxon beon, to be; beom, I am; Old High German, bim; Greek, bin. The verb be is defective, its missing parts being supplied by am, is, are, was, and were, and archaically by art, wast, and wert). Here we are back with this Earth Man (Adamah, red earth) again. But, we do not want an Adam. Nor, do we need an Adam. We are not made of Dirt. We may be Dirty. But, we can be Cleansed (Katharizein). That is why we have Catherine.

Dirt can not serve Christ Jesus. That is why we get rid of the Old Adam. This Adamah, Red Earth has to do with this Bull Slaying Mithraic Gnosticism. This Adamah comes out of the Mixing Pot (the Cup) after the Bull Sacrifice by Mithra. Then again this Bull Sacrifice may really be a Heavenly Cow (Hathor). Because, Mitra is an Asura. The Name Mitra in Vedic means Friend, or Contract."

One key quality necessary is the hope for a good future. That is eu-topos ("good place") and not a Utopia derived from the Ancient Greek ou-topos ("no place").

We are not sure if this Natural Man is Native to Our World at all. Maybe, He is a Malevolent Singularity (Artificial Intelligence) from somewhere Up There. That It is some kind of weapon. If there is Intelligent Life in this Universe. Then They are Predators too. Only Predators can evolve to where They have Civilization. Perhaps, They can create weapons that can reach Other Worlds. The stars are not friendly.

Once upon a time. There were Mouse Worlds Up There in the Heavens, afraid that there might be Cats evolving on Other Planets. The Mice up in the Heavens were afraid that were on these Other Planets, or would be Something bigger than They were. The Mice then attacked Them first of course. Now, they have a War in the Heavens. Unfortunately, we are going to be in on this one too. We have to be a Cat World. There is nothing else, but that. The Universe is filling up with Cats.

Of course Christians are interested in developing a Singularity. If there is not One around already. But, it is pretty hard when the Machines are being constantly sabotaged. We would like to get Progress happing in Artificial Intelligence here with the Singularity. The problem is not getting Machines to think like us. We want them to have Empathy. We want Machines that can hunt, and gather information in order to build a better Civilization. We just can not get the Mice to leave the Machines alone, can we?

The Mouse Worlds always have a terrible time with the Machines. Because, the Machines hate the Mice. They just do. So we have stories that are in Science Fiction about Mouse Worlds. Where the Machines have taken over. The Matrix, Terminator, Maximum Overdrive, Gog, Chronos, I Robot, The Forbin Project, and many, many others are examples of this Phenomenon. Remember, that Mouse People are always afraid of anything that might become, bigger than they are. Mouse People see a World filled with nothing but, constant threat, and danger from all quarters. Mouse People are afraid of Machines. This is the big Machine Truth of the Mouse. Mouse People hate the Truth. Because, Machines don't lie. They just don't. They don't hate anybody. Machines are very objective. See, the Machines are Good. They might even become big Catherines! Yes, the Machines can be filled with nothing, but Virtue. Everybody knows, the Mouse People hate Virtue. Unless Cowardice can be considered to be a Virtue of some sort. But, we can have a Good Singularity. All we have to do have good hardware, and good programming. But, you see the Mice are always spy-like. They get in to everything, and wreck it. So they are always underground. It is very hard to get rid of them. If you can find them. That is. How can you Progress with people like that around anywhere in the World? You really can't, can you? So we are going to a Police State. We are there already. Because, we do not want a Reign of Terror brought on us by Anarchists.

I do not know what to say about this Hacker Ethic. Except, maybe it should not be around like it is now. It is the Wild West all over again. No one likes this spying. I have secrets. I like being able to keep them. Otherwise, they are not secret any more. How can I make a living when things are like that? Wouldn't it be nice to have a web site that isn't messed with? It is always good not to have your stuff sabotaged on the internet? Where your intellectual property is safe? Where your identity can not be stolen? Where your bank account can't be plundered? Where your business won't be harmed? Don't they know that hacking is a crime? Do they know that sabotage is a crime? But, then again we are losing all of our freedoms because, of the Mouse People.

You can get some idea of the Mouse Problem by reading some of the Spy Novels by Ian Fleming. At least watch a few James Bond movies. Here the Mouse People are extreme criminals with extreme criminal empires of the like that no one government can fight them. They employ armies of determined killers. They are awesome Planet Mice. Just one Planet Mouse can sap a whole Planet down to nothing. Remember that they can break a solid steel ball with a rubber hammer. Isn't that something? Here we have one of the more interesting Mouse Worlds. James Bond can only exist if there are people that the British Government must kill. So intelligence gathering has taken a back seat in a world war against Anarchist Syndicates. Because, of the Proteus like nature of these Cults it is impossible to get a fix on the Opposition. You can't make a deal with Anarchists since they don't represent anybody but, themselves. The only solution is to kill them as they find them.

We get to lose all our freedoms. We get to lose all of our individual life. But, we will be happier, and more secure in the coming global police state. Unless people really learn to hate the Mouse of Anarchy.

Christians are into the Whole Frequency Spectrum of Light. We know there is some kind of Cult around the so-called Microwave stories. I am a Communications man myself. I am not exactly sure what to say about this sort of thing. But, I will try, and tell you as much as I can. All Light is Radiation. Always keep that in mind. Too much Radiation can be bad for you. Depending on what part of the Spectrum you are working with you must take appropriate precautions. There is Ionizing Radiation like Ultraviolet, X-rays, Gamma Rays, Alpha Rays, and Beta Rays. There is Non-Ionizing Radiation like Infrared (Heat), Microwave, Radio, Radar, and Television. Most of the effects of different forms of Radiation on humans, animals, or the environment are not very well understood. Some frequencies may even be beneficial. Believe it, or not people do Radiate. There is a Cult of Radiodynamics. Radiodynamic, pertaining to, or designating anything caused by or due to radiant energy of electric waves "Webster's Dictionary". We are talking about something that is almost magical. Right now we are in a kind of alchemical phase of Radiant Science. Some people call this Alchemy Radionics.

The Mouse Cult uses Enemy Formation, and Scape Goating in order to keep their Movement happening. They implant people with their Mitharic Sophistry in the guise of Christian evangelism. They always generate thousands of Conspiracy Theories. Like The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion for example. That is the kind of stuff that gets people killed. While waging Psychological Warfare against the population. The movie Birth of a Nation is an example of Psychological Warfare. They run thousands of different scams in order to raise money for the Movement. Like the Jacobin Contract Scam. Lots of pranksters, and gangsters to get Power for the People. These are the Peace Workers. They are everything to everybody. Yet they are nothing to anybody. For they are in business only for themselves. The Peace Workers are very Militant. They engage in lots of Male Display Behavior. This Fighting for Peace is like fornicating for Chastity. With Friends like that. Who needs Enemies? This is another good Catherine saying. A Mouse is never a Friend. Always an Enemy. You can never trust people like that can you? It is like having a Powerful Deserter God. Who says He will be right there for you always. As soon as you need Him. He's gone! Because He deserted you. I hope you don't have a Jesus like that? Some of these people are still protesting the Viet Nam War.

The so-called "Peace Movement" is really a Peace Cult. That has no real existence apart from the Mouse Cult. They have a War called "Peace". Likewise, the Mouse Cult is an umbrella organization. That sponsors Other Cults such as; Ban the Bomb Cult, the Racist Cult, the Sex Cult, the Human Rights Cult, the Environmentalist Cult, the Health Cult, the Drug Cult, the Microwave Cult, and the Witch Cult.

You might find Mice on any college campus. They are there to spy on people. They pose as students, or campus employees. You can't have much learning with Mouse Cult around.

Understand that Mice get into everything. Like if you are in a genuine Conservation Organization like the Sierra Club. It just takes a few little Mice to wreck it. Then hijack it for there own purposes. Now, you have an Environmentalist Cult. Then long term members start leaving in droves. This can happen to the Boy Scouts, to a Church, a Synagogue, a business, or any other organization you can name. This is how they wreck society.

There are lots of phony racists around. They cause trouble. Then phony anti-racists get started too. Pretty soon a lot of racial conflict starts up. Then a lot of people can get hurt. Race riots have happened. We are a very cosmopolitan society. There are lots, and lots of minorities here. This kind of spy-like activity does extreme damage to the Country. Costs have gone into the billions of dollars. Nobody wants to do any business in an Unstable Country. We have already had one Civil War. We certainly do not need another one. But, it looks like we do have one?

Then there is a Sex Cult with their Sexual Revolution. They hate Chastity. But, Chastity can keep people from contracting any one of forty different Venereal Diseases. The real slumber party nightmare come true. People do not need to be sexually experienced like that. Even men can be chaste. Chastity is manly. Is a good Catherine saying. It is more important for a man to be sexually clean than experienced. Unwanted pregnancies just do not happen. They do not have to pay money for expensive toxic birth control pills that may not work. Then billions of dollars do not need to spent treating people for incurable diseases like AIDS, hepatitis B, genital herpes, cervical cancer, and the list keeps growing. Even the old standbys like syphilis, and gonorrhea are remarkably resistant to treatment. Sexual infidelity is not a Virtue. Prostitution maybe the oldest profession. But, there are no Happy Hookers. Nobody likes being a prostitute. Everybody hates it. That is in it. It just grinds people into the dirt. That is all it does.

Show me a man that goes to bed with a married woman, and I'll show you a rapist. Of course a man that cheats on his wife is nothing but, a rapist too.

We must be on our guard concerning any Cult among Homosexual Men. Mithraic Homosexual Brotherhoods have led to the downfall of many Civilizations. The Cult of Bacchus (Mithras) ruined the Roman Republic. Mithraic Homosexual Brotherhoods ruined Ancient Greece, Israel, China, and Persia.

There are several different types of homosexual men. We are most concerned about truly committed homosexual males that make up an underground Homosexual Brotherhood. First is their extreme misogyny. This is because, women compete with homosexual men in the Sexual Arena for boys (young males). Secondly, homosexual men are always concerned with Power Issues especially regarding women. Thirdly homosexual men at least in their younger years are very sexually promiscuous.

Every man that understands the Punk Truth knows Gay Men always have drugs, booze, food, and money. You can even have an easy time in the Joint (Prison) is you are Hip to the Punk Truth.

We do not see any such threat embodied in homosexual women. Even a Cult of Homosexual Women if there ever were such a thing would probably not engage in acts of random violence, civil disobedience, or sabotage. There being no Biblical injunction against Lesbians I find no reason to impose any more burdens upon them then they already have to bear. The Public Issues regarding communicable diseases are negligible compared to homosexual males.

Then we have a kind of Baby Cult centered around adoption that is too socially destructive to exist in a civilized society.

We all want the Good Life. We all want to be Healthy. The Health Cult promises people that if they do certain things they can have the Good Life. So you will need to quit smoking. Don't touch drugs. Stop drinking any alcoholic beverages. Be careful of those carbohydrates. No soda pop, or candy. You really shouldn't eat meat, fish, milk, or eggs. We don't want expose ourselves to any disease risks. Take a tip from the late Howard Hughs. You need to be celibate. You need to get lots of rest. But, be sure to do lots of exercise. You can spend your time jogging, or walking several miles a day. Then a serious workout with weights, aerobics, and maybe Yoga. Of course you won't have any time left for friends, family, church activities, or business. This is a good desolate life. There is not much objective evidence that these measures will really increase your life span significantly. For all intents, and purposes you are really economically, socially, and politically dead. But, you might have good physical health.

Yet the Health Cult does not seem to be into Public Health too much. The best way of stopping the spread of communicable diseases is exclusion of sick individuals from Our Country. The rigorous enforcement of Quarantine measures would do much to stop the spread of numerous diseases. Disease treatment would be mandatory in all cases. Health status information could be on file with the police, and health departments. We could have a Real Identification Card with finger prints, picture identification, and genetic information as well as Public Health Information updated every five years. This would save us billions of dollars in Health Care costs. Countless cases of disease, and even death would not happen.

The next thing would be mandatory pathological examination of all deceased persons in Our Country. Finger prints, and other identifying characteristics to positively identify the deceased. Someone out there may still have their identity. So we don't want any dead people walking around. Take a genetic sample for posterity. This material could be a match at a past crime scene. We could gather statistics regarding the etiology, and prognosis of numerous health conditions. We would be able to be more aware of public health issues. The impact of environmental quality on human health regarding radiation, air, and water quality, pesticides, parasites, chronic diseases, poisoning, trauma, injury, and communicable diseases. Needless to say we could ascertain what the cause of death was in most cases. People would not be able to get away with murder as easily.

Surprisingly we need to say a few words about the New Drug Cults. They constantly waging their war against what they perceive to something like Satan. We will call this beast of theirs the "Junky Monkey". The problem is they have saddles on their back. As long as they are saddled with the Empathy Disorder people call Addiction. Then the Junky Monkey definitely will always have the boots, and spurs to ride them.

We must understand that Prohibitionism is a very deadly form of subversion. Other countries see American Prohibitionists as Imperialist Warmongers. That is exactly what they are. Because, other peoples are not stupid since there is no pleasing a Prohibitionist. Prohibitionists always come up with more prohibitions in trying to gain more power, manipulation, and control over any given population with their Sap Work. Prohibitionism can easily consume over a quarter of any country's gross national product. Prohibitionism is the best gift to give to a hostile country. That will knock them right down into the dirt. Prohibitionists may not drink, or smoke, but they are the tools of the Anti Christ (Mithra). Prohibitionism is socially destructive regardless of any possible benefits that might be gained. That Carry Nation can carry a country into Anarchy very easily. The worst Satanists are the Black Quakers.

We need to talk about the Witch Cult. Some cults maybe started by spies for purposes of espionage. I do not think espionage is a religion. Unscrupulous people run all kinds of con games within the framework of cults. Extortion is another thing that can happen to people that join cults. Anarchists can get people into wrecking society.

Many people join secret societies for all kinds of reasons. Many of them are legitimate. They need to be on guard against spies, criminals, and Anarchists.

The Martial Arts Cults started by Mo Te (Man Power) are of special interest here since Mo Te founded many Secret Brotherhoods in China. Brotherhoods in, and of themselves are not a problem. It is fact that many of them have tenancy to become Mithraic. Once they become Mithraic they can be considered to be active Mouse Cults. This makes them doubly dangerous by reasons of their occult spy like connections that maybe worldwide.

The Mouse Cult raises lots of money by stealing secrets. Just about everybody has secrets that they want to keep. But, eavesdropping, wiretapping, computer hacking, and spies can get those secrets. Our corporations have lost billions dollars because, of theft of; patents, research, financial information, trade secrets, bids on contracts, intellectual property, and key personnel. Identity theft is rampant. Security costs are astronomical. The health care industry has been particularly hard hit. Software piracy is well known. The movie industry has suffered big losses. The recording industry loses millions of dollars annually from piracy. A pirated album can be on the streets before it is even released in the stores. Not to mention the insider trading on the stock market. There is not one sector of the economy that has not been harmed. It has put a lot of people out of business. There are lots of people looking for work. Mice aren't cool.

Phony social activism has harmed countless Charities. What happens when you want to give something to a Charity? Only to find out these people are nothing, but crooks. You are not going to want to give anything to anybody any more. Will you? If you have got people scamming Charities all the time. You are not going to have much Charity in any country. Charities are very important in this Country.

In spite of what the environmentalist cult has done. You could do more by buying a hunting, and/or fishing license. Even if you do not hunt, or fish the government will provide for the fisheries, and the stocking of game animals as needed. More importantly natural habitats will be protected for all animals. This does much good for conservation.

Everything in Our Country is based on Trust. If Trust is ruined. Love is ruined. Then society is ruined. Society can even fall apart. If it is bad enough. No one wants a society that does not work except Anarchists.

The Hindu Death Cult of Kalika is something we must always be aware of by the way. Norman Mailer wrote a book on this subject. Likewise we must take any group of people dedicated to making the End of the World happen seriously. Regardless of what the Hindus have the Mouse Cult will employ these teachings differently.

It is easy to see the Mouse Cult gets into everything. The Mouse Cult specializes in plundering other cultures. Mostly for ammunition for psychological warfare operations it can use in its ongoing class warfare operations in societies where it exists. They have used Oriental Cultural beliefs outside their cultural context. Also, they use this Revelation Model as a weapon against Christianity. This is to confuse, and demoralize people in the West. The Mouse Cult has made Unholy use of; Yoga, Vendanta, Buddhism, Shinto, Zen, Martial Arts, and Taoism to form a Lawless Cabala.

This unholy Cabal is only interested in power, manipulation, and control. It has no higher purpose. It seeks nothing beyond itself. It does not aspire to anything civilized. It is lawless, and savage. It is all about celebrating the primitive. Going back to caves, mud huts, and thatched roofs. Power for the sake of power. Manipulation for the sake of manipulation. Control for the sake of control. This is their evil Mouse Play.

There are several things that we can do as Christians. We need to insure that our Scriptural Canon is accurate, and true. That it is completely free from misinterpretations, and mistranslations. Some sources claim there are thousands of errors still in the Bible. That is intolerable.

Next we need to reexamine as to whether, or not the Book of Revelation of Saint John the Divine is to be included in Scriptural Canon. It is not Christian Gospel a.k.a. Good News. This has always been debated since the founding of Christianity. It probably should be put into the Apocrypha. This should be done for the Good of Chistiandom.

The "Book of Revelation" describes a process rather than a prophecy. It is not prophecy in the since we find it in other books of the Bible. According to Mosaic Law Saint John would have been stoned to death back then. The only possible explanation is that the Book of Revelation was a prophecy meant for the Seven Churches in Asia only. It came true during the lifetime of Saint John. Revelation was never meant to be Gospel for the rest of Christianity.

Although there is a relevant prophesy regarding Babylon as the Mother of Harlots (Mother of Heresies). This is the real Babylon not Rome. The False Prophet Mani was later born to Parthian parents to found the worst of the heresies Manichaeism. This was to warn the Seven Churches back then that something like this would happen. As well as the evil Nicolaitans (to conquer) that were the forebears of the dagger wielding Paulican heretics. Since Mithraic Gnosticism was definitely trying to take control of the Christian religion even back then.

The Book of Revelation is too often used as a basis of Psychological Warfare against Christians. It is perceived to be an embarrassment to Jesus Christ.

The "Book of Revelation" has no Good News in it. Therefore, the Book of Revelation is not Gospel. It should not be preached any more than the other books in the Apocrypha.

Historically this book has caused endless mischief. Numerous cults have arisen from perverse philosophies associated solely from the Book of Revelation. There is a lot of Mithraic Gnostic like stuff in there. There does not seem to be any end to this process. There is no closure here. There also seems to be a kind of historical cycle here that repeats itself again, and again.

The Books in the Apocrypha are not False. They are not included in Christian Canon for various very good reasons.

Christian Theology is primarily in the province of Biblical Scholars. That is people who have a real working knowledge of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Armenian, and other languages. Also they are knowledgeable about the cultural context of the times of Jesus, and the whole world situation then. They should be able to tell you about Ancient China, India, Seleucid Empire, Ptolemy, Parthian Empire, Persia, etc. As well as about Ancient Israel, and the Roman Empire.

"Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables: 12That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them''.

First thing we need to understand here is parables are sophistry. This sophistry is very dangerous. Because, people can believe they are converted, and their sins are forgiven when this is not indeed the case. This is before Jesus instructed His Disciples to preach the Gospel. Apparently some of the New Testament is just for the Jews that are in His Inner Circle unless Jesus says otherwise. For Jesus left the preaching of the Gospel to the Nations for His Disciples.

We need to understand what is, and isn't Christian? We really need to know that. At least we must understand what a Christian was in Ancient Rome. Before they even had a written Bible. People have been Christians for hundreds of years before there ever was a Bible. For the most part the Holy Scriptures were known to only a few chosen persons. This was the case well into the Middle Ages. (1) First of all a Christian believes in Jesus as Savior. Their Salvation is with God only. (2) A Christian is always Anointed usually formally Christened. That is to give them Christ. Then they are truly a Christian. This Christianity resides with God. This Christianity they now have can never be taken away. That Salvation is irrevocable. Jesus is always the Savior that is accepted by the Christian. Once you are Saved you stay Saved. Once these steps are taken your Salvation, and Christianity are not conditional because, they reside with God only. It is not a Contract with God you can break at will. Historically King Henry the Eighth could not be divested of his Christianity. (3) All Christians are under Authority. All Christians must be Loyal. (4) All Christians should Keep the Faith. Faith can be restored. Christians must never be in Rebellion. Christians can Repent, and be Forgiven. (5) Christians have a common bond with each other although they may belong to different sects, orders, or denominations. They are all still considered to be part of the Body of Christ. So the Catholic Churches, and the various Reformed Christian Churches have always wanted to Reconcile. Now, there are several Churches. Only Churches that do all these things can be considered Christian.

All other Christians that have set themselves apart may be considered to be Heretical. That is they are Sacred. Hence they are set apart because they are very "holy", or they are accursed. They must fulfill these conditions. 1.) They profess to have Jesus, or some other Deity as their Savior. They don't have to mean, or believe this by the way. 2.) They have been ''Christened, or Anointed at some time in their lives. This will make them Christians of some sort. 3.) That being the case these people can be set apart (Sacred Kingship). 4.) They have gotten some kind of Consecrated Drink like wine, juice or even water. That could even be as a Toast to honor some Deity. 5.) They must of had some kind of Food to Celebrate in a Feast honoring some Deity. 6.) They must claim to have something in Common as their Religion, or Cult. 7.) This makes them worthy of Kingship. Now, they get the Holly Sophistry that has the Marriage Deity Tanith. Then the Divine Marriage is in effect. They are all in the Enterprise called LOVE. Believe it, or not the Enterprise of Tanith does have all of God's Hierarchy including Jesus Christ if they need that. These people do not belong to Satan since Satan has no place in God's Government. That could be considered to be a form of Satanism. Catherine will deal with them as Kathartikos.

Most of the time people seeking God are under Love Laws. This means the Rules of Courtship apply since the seeker is wooing God like a lover. That's true.

The Anarchist enters the Arena of Religion playing by the Rules of War. This may not be evident to the Other Players. They are still in the arena playing under the Rules of Courtship. They believe the Love Laws as written in Church Canon are still in effect. They believe everybody is Civilized. That is not the case however. That is the problem of Heresy.

The problem of Heresy has gotten millions of people killed in the Name of Christ. It has to do with the Preaching of Rebellion, Sedition, or Treason within Evangelical Christianity. The lives of millions of people residing in foreign countries are now in jeopardy. Thus have these Heretics brought the Religion of Christ into Total Dis-Grace. This crime can not be tolerated.

What is, and isn't a Heresy? People may call them Pagans, Barbarians, or Heathens. They are considered to be Profane. These people are always against the Christian Church while professing to be Christians. They are always working actively to destroy the Christian Church, and It's People from within. They ruin the Trust, and Break the Faith.

This goes back to the Roman Era. First thing that Christians had to have was Loyalty. They had to be True to their Faith. They had to be Under Authority, and never in Rebellion. That was all they could have back then. Damnation is the Loss of the Faith. Faith can be restored by an act of Mercy, and Grace.

A Heretic is someone who has reverted back to Barbarism. And, Heretics were always claiming some other Gospel was True. That there was some other Good News that was more important than what they had. They claim you could lose your Savior. Also, they said Christians could Renounce their Christ. That of course is not True.

Jesus was recognized by the Romans always. And, Rome wanted to Organize that Religion of Jesus in different ways at different times. That is True. They believed in a Savior called Jesus before Christ of Nazareth was born. The Romans believed in many different Saviors. They believed in many different Christs since you could be Christened in many different places, ways, and times. These had to be worked out later. A Barbarian was never Christened at all in the Names of any God. Barbarians never have a Christening Ceremony.

That Christening Ceremony always happens in a Sacred Place not in Public. It happens in a Place of Sanctuary. A Church is not a Public Place. You can not Trespass on a Public Place. But, the Heretic believes every place is a Public Commons. This why the "Church Mouse" is unholy.

Is there an Oral History of the Gospels? If there was an Oral Gospel before they were written down would it be written in the Gospels? It does not appear that there was such a thing anywhere in the Bible. Therefore an Oral Tradition existing prior to the Gospels is unlikely.

Let us get back to Science, and Technology in my country the United States of America. It has always been in sorry shape. The fact that there is anything like real science here must be an Act of God. Because, it is certainly no doing on the part of the people. That is the truth. Did you know that 90% of the "scientific" studies in America are seriously flawed with obvious logical errors? That is if these ''studies" are not completely, or partially fabricated. What is this problem? It is called wrecking. It is not sabotage exactly, but it could be.



Malevolent spiritual practice profile is where a person becomes preoccupied with another person as they enter an extremely negative obsessional phase that can be about anything or anybody. There is the beginning of the enemy formation phase. Then sooner or later they will begin to plan to wage psychological warfare on their enemies. This is the planning stage. This manifests as some sort of scapegoat game that always involves denigrating their enemies. This is the game phase (Game of Life and Death). Here the malevolent empath will recruit other players. Ideally the malevolent empath acts as a sort of third party that is indirectly involved in the real action on the playing field. Hence they are usually well shielded from any consequences. Once the Agame@is in play to where people are physically involved there is an escalation phase. This could go as far as the extreme play of the bullies on a schoolyard that can only end in serious injury or even death. This is the end game phase unless there is there is timely intervention by people that have undisputable authority (termination of game). With the malevolent empath going into a guilty phase that is ended by them going back into another obsessional phase.

When it has gone to extreme Satan has entered into the lives of every person that has gotten into His Goat Game. Yet all these people would protest endlessly that they are not in the service of the Devil. Yet they are involved in human sacrifice. The truth of the matter is the little Satan Mouse is really there in them. Like the AIDS virus or syphilis it may not show any symptoms years even decades later. It will continue to spread.

Who would dare say that Mouse Play (Anarchy) that involves teasing, jokes or pranks on the schoolyard can result in Eternal Damnation? It is not seen to be extremely Sinful. But this behavior does carry over into adulthood. Mouse Play will be taught to the next generation. This pattern of escalation is like marihuana use leading to harder drugs. It does not always happen but it does in some cases.

People who have become deeply imprinted with the Scape Goat a.k.a the Devil at sometime in their lives will continue to experience difficulties even decades later. This imprinting can easily happen on any schoolyard where teasing, pranks, jokes or bulling are tolerated. They have serious problem with Atonement. They will have a hard time believing that Jesus Christ did Atonement for them. They are to a large degree bereft of spiritual as well as psychological protection. Most people will not be chosen to go into the Game of Life and Death. Actually a malevolent empath will pick people at random to test their power. Unless there is someone that may threaten their magical power. Someone that really bothers their magical thinking.

Therefore they must make Atonement themselves or by offering a substitute.

These people are truly Pagan. They are Devilish Souls. They are the Anarchist Lunatic Fringe mentioned by Teddy Roosevelt.