The Auschwitz Dialogs

“You know, I know, and everybody in the
know knows. There is no business like
Shoah business.”

"Unreality has become the mark of our times."

By Kommandant Kitten
“The destiny of Mice is to be played with by

 Auschwitz means “Love Town?” At least, I think it does. Why are the Jews still going there? What is it that is drawing them there? At first glance, Jews want to know about their History. Of course, everybody else, wants to discover History too. In most cases, Auschwitz represents persecution as bad as persecution can get. Yet, there is a far deeper, and disturbing reason for this torrid love affair with the “Big Girl,” Auschwitz more than anyone wants to admit. For unreality has become a mark of our times. Israel has lapsed into a predicament of steady state anarchy that appears to have no end. Not as bad as Somalia but, it is still going there. Even here, in the United States steady state anarchy is manifesting while, the Nation is slipping away from the “First World;” falling gradually but, determinedly into the “Second World.”

 So now, that the United States has become a “Second World” Debtor Country. How is America going to pay its bills? We no longer have the raw natural resources to do this. America has to rely on the Military to secure materials for our “trading partners." America gets no oil from Iraq. Instead, it is all going to pay our enormous trade deficits. There are going to be more of these necessary Wars. Most of these Wars will be Covert Wars. We will call this World War III.  When you sum it all all up. It is. Isn't it? Invisible Wars.

 Invisible Wars fought in every living room, every kitchen, in every bathroom, in every bed room, in your garage, in your basement, in your attic, in your front yard, your back yard, on the streets you drive on, in your workplace, in your doctors office, at your dentist, in every store, in the voting booth, and everywhere you can imagine for these are the Wars of the Future. That is right now. Are incredibly interpenetrating. Those Wars live in people. You should recycle.

Constitutional Matters

 Bet you thought the United States Constitution was a complete Document? Like you can go to a Library to see the Whole Thing? That just ain't so folks! What is missing? There are Rights, and Privileges that are not protected enough from trends, fads, criminal wrong doing, and popular folly. There are Hidden Amendments, Secret Treaties, and Unknown Procedures to examine. A Lawyer needs to know things like that to be a Star in every Courtroom. You want to be your own Attorney? You will have a fool for a client.

 Item One: the Rejection of the Versailles Treaty was put to a Vote in the United States Congress. That is very unusual since, only a Two Thirds Vote, and Three Quarters of the State Legislatures to Amend the United States Constitution. The Vote in both cases was Unanimous Against the Versailles Treaty in both cases per President Roosevelt's first year in Office. All that Language must be added to the United States Constitution. There are Conventions mentioned in the Treaty. You have to look them all up to find if they are good for us. There are all sorts of Laws that have come off to the side like the United Nations. How we look at the Military? What about Unions?

 This is where it went with all those Treaties with the Native Americans. There is no Trail of Broken Treaties. Because, those Treaties were never made. The rest of the Country wasn't going to live with that.

 Every Law Student needs to check to see if America has an Official Treaty with anybody. Not just an Administrative Agreement. Our History books are filled with lies. You can check this out. By looking a copy of the United States Constitution to see if it has ever been amended by a Treaty with a Foreign Government.

 However, World War II made President Roosevelt rethink  the Versailles Treaty. Like President Wilson before him was the reality there would be no end to these Modern Wars. These Boom Bust Cycles would constantly arise due to Speculation. Uniform Banking would have to be established Globally. Run away Populations with the resulting Famine, and Disease would  engulf the World in Barbarism. In order to do this the Global Movement of Peoples must be restricted. Population Caps would be put in place to ensure Progress, and Control Crime. Health Care Standards that are Safe, Effective, and Timely would be established Worldwide. Food production would be more than adequate by the Universal Support for both Agriculture, and Industry. To prepare the way for a Sustainable World: the Destruction of the Land, Sea, and Air would no longer arise out of Human Necessity. A System of Eugenics would maintain the Human Race. Congress got into the mood that this was true. The United Nations will be reborn out of the League of Nations. Here is where Special Command Forces is enacted as a Civil Defense, and Peace Keeping Administration. This was finally, put through the various State Legislatures in one form, or another. By now, this Peace Treaty may be in effect. You have to look to see if this has come to pass in the United States of America.

 That was to prevent the use of any of these Provisions in that Document, and Addendum from being used Administratively by the United States Government, Territories, States, and Local Governments as Law in any form.

 It is because, of the Sedition Nature of this Document. It undermines all American Legal Code.

  Here is what the Constitution of the United States of America says to wit: you can download a genuine copy of the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence right here. This copy comes from the Immigration and Naturalization Agency. Immigrants have to study two books to gain their Citizenship. Declaration Independence and United States Constitution

 Article 1 Section 2: President with Congressional approval can make Treaties. "He shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate to make treaties, provided two-thirds of the Senators present concur..."

 Article 1 Section 9: 9.2 Suspension of Habeas corpus allowed ..."unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it."

 Article 1 Section 9: 9.8  America can have a King. Foreign Titles of Nobility can be allowed by Congress. Domestic Titles of Nobility are not exactly covered here. However, a Constitutional Amendment can establish Nobility. Even an Act of Congress can do that.

 Article 3 Section 3: 3.2 ... Bill of Attainder, Corruption of Blood, Forfeiture allowed during the lifetime of the Traitor. Declaration in Court is sufficient to convict a person of Treason. Otherwise, two witnesses to the act of Treason can be used to prove Treason. This is in Article 3 Section 3.1. "but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood or forfeiture except during life of the person attained."

 Article 4 Section: 4.2 Treaty the Supreme Law of the Land. "The Constitution and laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof and all treaties made or shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land."

 Prison Reform has become an Issue back then. There are  no Constitution provisions regarding the Human Treatment of Prisoners.

 Neither, is there any Constitutional provision concerning Refugees.

 Charity is not in Constitutional forms.

 The Versailles Treaty may actually, be the Supreme Law of the Land. Kommandant Kitten can not find any evidence that the Versailles Treaty was Ratified by President Wilson, and the Senate. The People of the United States are entitled to know it. That means people want to hold additional Conventions. Here are three Conventions that can happen right now.

 Convention: The Global extermination of plant, animal, and human pathogens of economic importance. Control  methods have failed to stop the spread of pathogens due to human agency.

 Convention: Curing disease Worldwide. Inquiry into Medical Ethics permitting immoral conduct. Tardy progress in the diagnosis, and treatment that is safe, effective, and timely for pathological conditions in human beings.

 Convention: Food that covers all the issues put forward in this opus.

 Second Item: Bomb Code was established as a United States Constitutional Amendment during the Trueman-Eisenhower Era. Likewise was a Unanimous Constitutional Amendment. You won't see this in the Constitution. However, it is a series of strong Federal Laws that come out of the Constitution. Where as Women's Rights barely exist.

 Of course, the United States could follow the example of the Roman Empire. That is by transforming most of their Military into Police. An expanded role for the Military in all Lands is inevitable. For people are unpredictable.

 Here is the Nut of It. Why did we have a Revolutionary War? Why did Americans. We call ourselves that sometimes. Why was there a Declaration of Independence? You can read up on it. Why do we have  a Constitution of the United States of America? Why do Americans want every Country to have a Constitutional Government?

 It is the Right to Own Land.
 Under King George III no one in the Colonies had the Right to Own Land.
 We all know Animals have a Territorial Imperative an Animal Instinct Inherit in Beasts.
 Animals can Live on the Land but, have no Right to Own Land.
 What is Land?
 The Clothes that cover you are Land.
 Do you have the Right to Own them?
Can somebody strip the clothes right off you, and leave you naked like an animal?
That place you are standing on is Land.
Can somebody just push you around because, you don't Own Land?
Your Physical Body is Land.
Can somebody take your body, and do anything they want with it since, you don't Own Land.
Out of this Concept of the Ownership of Land evolves the Private Ownership of Land.
Something totally unheard of prior to the American Revolution.
What do you think?
In Auschwitz people thought of nothing but, such things.
For in a "Concentration Camp" people ponder the Mysteries of Freedom.
Could you think of anything else?
Private Property is that the Land you Own is Totally Controlled by you.
Your clothes belong to you.
Anybody that takes your clothes away from you.
Is a lawbreaker called a thief.
They are your clothes.
People are important because, people own, and control Land.
What is the Ultimate Land Man?
The Conquistador,
The Ultimate Land.
Don't you want to Own That Land?
Rather than the Dung Heap of Sheol?
Do you want to die there?
There are Two Hundred Brilliant Worlds.
Up There Waiting For Us.
We are expected.
The Conquest of Space.
The Conquest of Ourselves.
It is exspected.
We can do this.
The Communist Man.
The Ultimate Capitalist.
So Selfish he has to share the Secrets of Capitalism.
That makes him into a God.
Don't you want be a God.
Not grovel like a Socialist to everything that comes along.
After Socialism many have gone a Whoring.
Like a Gollem a Clay Man Molded by Circumstance, and Chance Prey for Anything, and Everything that Comes Along?
Global Warming, Over Population, Ozone Depletion, Global Oxygen Starvation, and the Problems are not Endless but, to the Clay Man of Socialism.
People are not important.
Life is cheap.
Mindless Clay thinks like that from Cradle to Grave.
Let us say we are important on our own bluntly.
We have Extreme Egos.
You can have one too.
Let us Own Our Problems.
We can take it.
It is ours.
That is how people survived even in Auschwitz with their Hunmanity still intact.
Somehow we solved it.
Think about that.
Beyond the Cage of Socialism.
Covered with the Armor of Cruelty of the Dark Lord of Man just Man asking Man to Man.
Askance all the Saints and Angels.
Where is it?
Let us go further.
After all this is the Twenty First Centry.
But, They want to hold us back.
It is an Inverse Relationship Known Out an Universe of Inversion.
Progress Born Out of This Relationship.
When We Live They Die.
They tell all about Egolessness.
They tell all about Unselfishness.
We are too Greedy.
A Philosophy given to an Enemy.
To weaken Them.
To hold you back.
Then you can live in Oppression.
Anything can happen to a Slave that does not Own Land.
They tell us all about this Enlightenment of Theirs.
These are the Forces of Occupation.
We are Important.
We Own Land.
Parasites don't Own Land.
We can not let them even live on the Land.
Because, they Degrade the Land.
That ruins all of us.
The Sun is Dead.
The Sky is Dead.
The World is Dead.
We know that ain't so.
That is so.
Because, that is a Lie that we can not Live.
It is a matter of Genetics.
What about you?
Do you have any Mean Genes?
You might need them.
To be a Warrior.
What about a King?
You know have it in you.

Why Do People Want Slaves?


Demoralized America

"It is all good.
Why complain?"


 Imagine if you will. We have some very serious Laws. We are going on a tour. This is a National Forest. It is under the Department of the Interior. The Bureau of Land Management says we can hunt there. Our Hunter needs to brush up on the Laws Governing this National Forest in Oregon. He can go right in to the Ranger's Station. The Forest Ranger is right there for him. He has his deer tags. His rifle is broken down in the back of his vehicle. His ammunition is secured in the trunk. That is his only weapon. That is seen to conform to hunting specifications. The rifle will effectively kill a deer. It is 30.06 caliber. He is wearing proper hunting attire. He can be easily seen. There are certain places where he is allowed to hunt. He can park his vehicle right next the Ranger's Place. The vehicle must be locked. He has his book of Hunting Regulations. You realize any deviation from those Regulations could get you killed.

  We have teleported to a State Park in Utah. There are two RVs parked some distance from one another. Someone has pointed a loaded rifle at his next door neighbor. The problem is he is too close the man's trailer. Our trespasser has stopped in his tracks. Smart move. One step closer he could die. He has to back up until, he is twenty feet away from him, and his rifle. This is a friendly meeting.

 You understand, that it is legal for him to kill his neighbor. You know that would still be first degree murder. In this Nation of Strangers. Also, during this Age of Terrorism. This Time of Over Population extraordinary incidents take place.

 Eventually, the Military, and the Police will form intimate connections. The "War on Terror," "the War on Drugs," and the "War on Organized Crime" provide the necessary Motive. Modern day advanced communications have hooked up everyone in the Police to the Means. The Opportunities are endless. Modus Operande is always, available. This manner of working is here these days in America. The Machinery of Empire has formed for the modern Police State to exist in all its' evil splendor.

 Why? Because, we are descended from Warriors. Therefore, people must be on their best behavior. Otherwise, they will kill each other, or something bad like that. People are more inclined to do bad. Then to do good. That is why children have to be trained. Their parents have to police them.

 Where do Canada, and Mexico figure into this New American Empire? They are going to have to be Cats too. Kommandant Kitten has examined this issue extensively being one third Canadian, and all that sort of thing. Understanding, that. The United States of America has a population about twice as big as the Roman Empire. We can't do much with Canada. Who wants to waste their time running Mexico? It is not worth it. It is not worth any effort for America to go overseas because, we don't get anything out of it. Unless, you consider the Hatred of the World to be some sort of Moral Victory? Never will, until, Our Empire is consolidated within our own Borders. We need a new set of Laws to guarantee that the business of America is business.  We are not interested in Managing the World. Because, all of these Management Schemes have been tried, and failed. The baby is always, stillborn. That is bad for business. This is a Work of Freedom.

 The American Constitution gives people the right to rule us. That is what that is all about. The "Auschwitz Camp Laws" were like that too. This shows us they cared about people. There is a difference. America has all these disconnected people. Somewhere Life in America is going backwards. Towards what the Philosopher Hobbes describes a Savage Life; "Solitary, Nasty, Brutish, and Short." Auschwitz had Comrades due to the rigors of "Camp Life." Everything is predestined in "Camp." Auschwitz had no Brotherhoods, or Sisterhoods. Auschwitz was Anti Masonic. Auschwitz considered all Masons to be engaged in Ceremonial Magic, and dangerously deluded. Here is the Problem of Masonry: everybody agrees that they are all Bothers and Sisters. That share a Common Culture. What if they don't? Visions in conflict. How far does that go? War. Auschwitz was totally Secular.

 People are reaching out for anything to save them from something like near death experiences. They feel disconnected from the source of their life. This results in the horror of whole Nations, and Peoples losing their identity becoming “lost souls” that is impelling them to reach out to anything solid that reassures them of the fact they are not illusionary, and truly exist. Auschwitz fulfills this need, and the “Big Girl” is always, there to help them be whole again. This is true. 

  The Jews are wandering in a Landscape of Hidden Damnation. Damnation means being put out, Ostracized. This is progressing to a place as they continue to wander into where they perceive a Landscape of Real Damnation. That may not be exactly, their Damnation. But, that won't be long in coming. If they should wander further. They may find themselves in the “Amazing Maze of Life or Death.” Where one wrong move could lead to your Destruction. What the “Big Girl” wants to know is what are you going to do about that? Because, they are now, inside Auschwitz. By the way, you’re in Auschwitz too.

 A Landscape of Hidden Damnation is a Hidden System of Imprisonment without Walls, Bars, or Guards. This is a Form of "Camp" is called a Ghetto. The Imprisonment is usually, defined in Economic Backgrounds, and Heredity. There is a Hidden System of Prohibitions, Sanctions, Prescriptions, and Penalties in place. There is a Landscape of Damnation that begins to become visible. You are somewhere in the Legal System. That is if you are a Plaintiff, or a Defendant. You are Petitioning. You are Demonstrating. You are running for Public Office. Applying for certain kinds of Employment including a Government job. You are now, under Investigation. Society is closing. You have entered a World of Secrecy. You may not know this. That will be bad for you. You may have broken the Law. You might not ever know that either. You have entered a World of Visible Damnation. There are Secret Laws. You may have encountered Corruption. Worse you will become part of this Corruption. You are in the Under World. In the Under World there are Traditions, and Customs. These are Unwritten Laws. You may not be able to follow those Rules. You are in the Amazing Maze of Life, or Death. You are now, a Villain.

 Let us still put that another way. The Psychologist Henry James wrote about this phenomenon of unreality in "The Turn of the Screw." Here there are two children: a boy, and a girl. Their reality has been upended. There is a Presence there. This is "Camp." You have to lose your Innocence. The Presence isn't a Ghost. There is Somebody else near. It isn't Death either. But, Death is nearby. That you will understand, further. The Screw is being turned. Everybody feels that. They are becoming more Mature. Now, you need to know more. You are a Villain.

 You are not a little child anymore. You are not guarded like a little child any longer. "We're here!" There is no where to run to escape your maturity. You can not duck. You can not dodge the issue. You can not fend it off. You can not wish it away. The fact is not going away. You are growing up. You are brave enough to face it. So let's get on with it.

The Ghettos

 A Ghetto is a Concentration Camp without walls, bars, or guards. The Ghetto does not even have a Name. The Ghetto has no physical boundaries exactly. Yet, everybody in the Ghetto is under restraint. The Ghetto is not Fun. Anyone, caught having fun with be punished to the full extent of the Law. There are certain places you are not allowed. Sidewalks you better not walk on. Streets where you are not to drive. People will tell you that. You ought to be grateful. You have been warned. Red Lining is used by Banks, and Insurance Companies to define Regions inside a Population Center as being in the Ghetto. Mind you no Bank, or Insurance Company will admit this is the truth. It is by squeezing people Banks start Wars. Banks do this by fostering Development, Redevelopment, and larger than life Projects that will never be paid for except in Political Favors. It is not about money really. It just another way of killing you. All that money, and resources are being taken away from you by this trickery. You didn't vote for them did you?. The degree of Imprisonment varies with Economic Status. Ghettos are always, associated with Famine. In the beginning you will not see many people in Stages of Advanced Starvation. A keen Observer of Life will note that everybody suffers from Nutrient Deficiency. Famine is a very subtle Foe of Life. There are shortfalls in everything: food, shelter, clothing, personal safety, transportation, and currency. There is a system of hidden fees, and taxes that is there to keep people in their place. Insurance is one of them. You can not open a business without paying several License Fees. You are required to have Insurance. The money to get a Business License is not small change at all. Then you can count all the money paid to get Permits. The money that it takes to Insure a Vehicle is staggering. Kommandant Kitten would outlaw this Protection Racket posing as Insurance. Then there are those Bank Fees. You better keep that check book balanced. Those penalties are out of sight. You will need a telephone. The telephone was supposed to cost you twenty dollars a month with no extras. Your bill comes back at you for something like fourty dollars instead. Prices have gone up to thirty dollars for the Bait, and fifty dollars for the Switch. People with serious disabilities used to get Life Line service. It cost about five dollars a month for your telephone. Now, if you are Sick. You are Screwed. You could die. Nobody cares. That makes more room of everybody. You better pay your bill on time. Otherwise, you will pay up to hundred dollars to restore your phone service. That parking ticket maybe so high they might as well tow your vehicle. There is the Power Bill, the Gas Bill, and the Water Bill. Look! There is the Landlord expecting to be paid right now. Those Property Taxes keep going up. There are thousands of Ordinances you can break. Those Ordinances have pretty stiff Fines. There is a Socialist System that locks up everybody into this relentless System of Inequality. Millions of Americans manage to live in these Ghettos somehow? This is the Managerial Government envisioned by President Carter. How do you like being micro managed from cradle to grave? Bad Politics.

A Monkey on a Stick

 This quaint saying comes from India. It is always, a warning. You should love Kommandant Kitten. Because, you have been warned. There was a man. He had very Bad Karma. His name was Michael Finberg. He starts out really good. He got to see the Six Day War in Israel. All of it. He was in a Kibbutz for awhile. But, turned into a Peacenik. He came to the States. Then he joined this Fraternity. He should have paid attention to what they told him when he joined the Damned Thing. He is no longer a Jew. But, he can be as a god. By then, he is flirting with Bolshevikism. He is a Dupe. Since, he can't be a Fellow Traveler, Pinko, or a Red. He can't understand it. But, he shouldn't. He became an aid to President Jimmy Carter. He even went, and seen Auschwitz several times. He had pictures of everything too. He knew an ancient Cambodian Monk over a century old in Stockton, California. That Cambodian Monk taught him the Healing Powers of Colors, and the Sun. Then he had Tantric Sex with a Bhairavi Girl. He took what he thought was real LSD. Then he had Union with Her in a Flotation Room. He didn't understand Tripura Bhairavi. Anymore, than why he had the Cosmic Cobra Breath, and the White Shiva. Tripura Bharavi emptied Mr. Finberg out of all his Love. Because, Tripura Bharavi is a Vampiric Deity sometimes. Kommandant Kitten got to empty Michael Finberg out of all his Knowledge. Those Solar Healing Powers from Cambodia were added to Kommandant Kitten's Store of Wisdom. That Monk could even Heal AIDS. Bhairavi immediately went to Kommandant Kitten as his Girl. That White Snake of Shiva is very precious. Michael Finberg didn't need the White Shiva anyway. Then he could go on. By now, he is probably dead.

 Have you seen "The Matrix?" Deja vu? Time seems to fold back on itself, and repeat. When deja vu happens with the black cat. They know they are in a trap.  So you should look around. When you find deja vu. You are always, in deadly danger. Run if you can. Stand if you must. You are in a trap. Of course, "The Matrix" was pretty much modeled on Auschwitz.

 Here "The Matrix" has its' inspiration from Revelation 21 is likewise a perfect cube a mimic of the City of God.

 Deja vu means History is repeating itself. Kommandant Kitten does believe this phenomenon is not good in most cases regarding people. There is a Sign of the Backrunner. There is a Backward Logic, and Backward Reasoning comprising a Backward Sophistry. "If they keep saying it. Just keep saying it. It doesn't matter if it is true, or not. They continue to keep saying it. It must happen!" This is how Juno gets Her way with Jove. This spell is based on Human Psychology. You can do it too.

 Like in "The "Matrix" a "Camp Person" can be transformed into a "Camp Guard." That is like Mr. Smith in "The Matrix." They are an "Agent of the System." This can happen outside "Camp." Zion has a Matrix of Freedom. Agent Smith has been banished from the New Matrix, and excluded from Zion. In that case that Agent will be a "System Lord." That "System" is whatever you have. That is Hades. People will go along with that. Sort of like the in movies, and television series "Star Gate." That "Camp Person" will start a new "Camp."

The Problem of Human Violence

 The first question that comes to mind concerning Auschwitz is why? Kommandant Kitten has a Little Story for you. It is only a partial answer. Why? Kommandant Kitten understands Buddha Dharma. Because, Kommandant Kitten is a Lama of the Karma Kagyu Tradition. Kommandant Kitten's Buddhist name is Karma Tashi Ge Phel. Tashi means increasing Virtue. Kommandant Kitten is a Karma Yogi as well. In a Buddhist Retreat we get people that are incredibly violent. The people going in express this violence in different forms. But, it is there. We know that most of them are under a strong delusion. We find this delusion in the New Age all the time. This Delusion always, involves Ascension. They believe they already are, or will become an Ascended Being. As such they don't have a Human Ethic. These Ascended Beings believe they have the Right to Decide who dies, and who lives on Our Planet. Not only that. These Ascended Ones think they Own this Planet Earth, and everything that lives on Earth. These people are Asuras. Asura means "Not God" in Sanskrit. The Asuras are associated with Death. They are Rebellious. "Ye shall be as Gods knowing both good, and evil." That was the Serpent's promise in the Book. We will call the "Holy Bible" the Book because, there are hundreds of Versions used by different Sects of Christianity, and Judaism. But, there is some agreement on the Sayings, and Traditions. Asuras are not Crazy. It is their Heredity. They dance to a different drum. They are very talented people. Asuras are also, called "Fighting Gods" in Buddhist jargon. They are Storming Heaven. The Asuras are in Perpetual Combat with Gods in Heaven, and here on Earth. The Asura is very adept at concealing their Violent Nature. Asuras are incredibly manipulative. These persons may not be true Asuras like the Greek, and Roman Titans, or Demigods. But, they do act like them.  Kommandant Kitten is a Buddhist Monk at the time. The question is always why? Why are you here? What do you want? Another difficult question. Who are you? The Monk wants to know. What there is in it for me? The question is not asked boldly. That is being too froward. But, it is implied. The Monk can own things. The Monk is entitled to a Livelihood. The Monk has a Right to Work. Gratitude should be there in the Students. Those Students are getting real Dharma Teachings from the Monk. Generosity is one of the big Cardinal Virtues in Buddhism. The Varjayana a variation of the Mahayana exists to Benefit All Sentient Beings. People are to Meditate on, and Practice Friendliness like in Hinayana Buddhism. "Yana" means Vehicle that carry you through Life. The Monk is a Comrade. The Monk shares anything with everybody within the Boundaries of Reason The Monk is not there to be taken advantage of, and used up like a rag doll someone has gotten tired of playing with. In return the Monk respects people in this regard as well. The Monk is as helpless as a kitten. The Monk wants to know if these people are Selfish. They all are. These Western Dharma Teachers are Alpacas. The Alpaca is one third the size of a Llama. Kommandant Kitten got Military Training in the US Marine Corps. In the Military you have to come to terms with  your own Violence. All the Yogic Exercises like the familiar Cat Stretches used in Hatha Yoga. The Mental Discipline of Buddhism is added to the Military Training. All this was known in one form, or another in Auschwitz. All Cultures were extensively studied by the Race and Resettlement RSHA in Auschwitz. Culture is an expression of Genetic Endowment. That is why people can, or can not learn.

 Moving right along on the subject of Human Violence me thinks. There is this precious little tome  "Siddhartha" written by Hermann Hesse. It was written to destroy the Bourgeois. The Bourgeois to Hermann Hesse is a Middle Class that lives by killing, and stealing. The Bourgeois are not Capitalists. We will not dwell on the Nature of Capitalism for now. Suffice it to say. The Bourgeois unlike the Capitalist does not understand what Wealth is for. That is why the Bourgeois are so bad with money. Because, the Bourgeois are too selfish, stupid, and lazy to be real Capitalists. The Bourgeois defined by Hermann Hess are Barbarians. Now, the Bourgeois have a Militarism, and Nationalism peculiar only to them. They are the Root Cause of War. The Bourgeois are a slave owning Middle Class in Russia called Kulaks. The Bourgeois in other Countries can't own slaves. But, they do all have them. Bourgeois Propaganda can enslave people. That is important. The Bourgeois can wear White Hats. Their slaves get to wear Black Hats. The Black Hats get to kill, and steal for the White Hats. What Hermann Hesse is doing? He has built a Mythical Buddha that steals from his Teacher. People won't accept a Buddha that kills people. However, Hermann Hesse's Buddha uses strong arm tactics to get Enlightenment. So killing is on the horizon. It could of happened in the Siddhartha scenario. But, you can't write something like that. It is too obvious.

 There are certain Vampiric Practices that could come out of the Misuse of the Buddha Dharma. Aleister Crowley covered this subject at great length. Why you must never do this to extend your life? Kommandant Kitten agrees. Kittens are not Vampires. Because, they are kittens. Kommandant Kitten is not a Vampire either. Others that enter the Dharma are Deluded in this manner. We are seeing something like the Magna Mater here. A Religion of the Great Mother.

 Some of these Deluded people believe that they have the right to manipulate, and control people beyond the Boundaries of Reason, and Law. They will attempt to circumambages around all Intellect, Logic, and Reason to establish themselves as some sort of Teacher of note. This is a Work of Freedom. Kommandant Kitten is a Free Thinking Person. You should be too.

 All this has gotten into the Western Dharma Student. The Witches always, show up. Witches will feign Devotion to the Teacher. By this device they can steal his Magic. The Power Seekers show up too. That is their problem. Showing up. They all ruin everything by being there. Power, Manipulation, and Control are useful on the Path. That is not all there is. You must realize everything personally. Kitten has Mahakala, and Tara as his Practice. Kitten translates this out to be Saturn (Chronos), and Ceres. White Tara translates out to be Luna. Cupid is depicted in Tibetan Buddhist Art as a Red Girl Dakini (Sky Walker) getting ready to shoot Cupid's Arrow of Love. This is another kind of Union. That is Queer. Because, this is Unique to each Lama. You might not know this. There are Hate People. There are Love People. Those are the only people worth teaching. Hate is not Anger. Anger is an Emotion. Hate is what you really are. Love is not Lust. Lust is a Transport. Love is what you really are. Sex is not bad. Many Lamas are sexual.

 Let us say this really happened. People are on their Dharma Voyage. They are beginning to get these Siddhi, or Yogic Powers. The Lama has instructed their Dharma Students to do Black Hala Practice as an Offering to Death for Purification. This is to Benefit All Sentient Beings.

 Here is a Story about what happens to Impure people that awaken these Siddhi. That is because, they don't do Black Hala Practice. But, they tell their Lama (Teacher) that they are doing Black Hala Practice. The Inner Powers are being aroused. Those Powers go forth in the World. Because. people are more inclined to be Evil than to be Good. These Powers can do incredible harm.

 Kommandant Kitten has harnessed this Inner Power. That goes to Zion. Zion is called Mt. Meru in Dharma speech.

 Here is a woman. She has been a Dharma Student for eighteen years. She has learned to do a Practice not unlike Wicca to gain a Familiar called "Doc." "Doc" is an Entity that has been Born Out of Our Heroine. This a Practice of Magna Mater. Why you should not worship a Mother Goddess. Because, it is Incest. "Doc" is her Co - Mergent Demon. "Doc" can be said to be a Negative Doppleganger on the Other Side of Life. That Power summoned a Witch with a Gift of Death. Sure enough, our Heroine has a half ounce of a gray powder. The Witch tells her how to poison somebody, and leaves. Finally, she has made it to Three Year Retreat. If she can finish this Retreat.  She will become a Lama. She could even become a famous Teacher of the Stars in Hollywood. Sometime into the course of this Retreat. Our Heroine has made a beautiful Offering of Food. She is tried to poison Lama. But, her husband got the gift instead. She did it for reasons known only to her. She is crazy.

 How did that happen? Somebody read a book. The author tells folks that the Black Hala Practice can harm you. It is an intimate relationship with Death. All these Dharma Students got to form a Community. There is no Community Leader. The Author of the book addresses the audience.  He is a Professor with impeccable credentials. His name is Mara. Our noteworthy man says he is somebody else. Mara is Satan. On every Spiritual Path in every Religion the Adversary has to come. The Adversary has convinced every one of these people. Not to do Black Hala Practice. It is all a big secret with everybody. They get to leave.

 All these people have been involved in Buddha Dharma Practices for Ages. They have made countless trips to India, and Tibet. Spent a King's Ransom on Dharma Supplies. Learned to speak, and write Tibetan. Done endless Pujas (Worship Rites) to all the Deities of the Dharma. They all have Empowerments, and Oaths of the highest Nature. They think it means a lot to them. But, they did not ask their Lama enough questions about the Black Hala Practice. This book was never brought up before their Lama. Mara is their real Lama now. Mara is Death. There is a kind of humor here.

 Here lies the Hidden Danger of Temperance, and the Ascetic Life that does Violence to Mind, and Body. There is a Man. We all know that liquor can make a receptive person crass in Public. Our Hero has not touched a drop of alcohol in his life. Strangely, his genes say he can hold his liquor. He doesn't smoke. It is a waste of money anyway. Drugs? He won't even take an aspirin. He is not a weak man. He is very well educated. He graduated near the top of his class. He is a regular Church goer. He prays a lot. God has heard all his Complaints. He is very Spiritual. His Co Mergent Demon says he is "Jesus." Our man knows he is being guided. He has a wife that loves him, and two adoring children. He owns his own home. He drives a brand new car to work every day. He does good work the boss says so. He is very active in the Democratic Party. He votes straight Democratic Party ticket during every Election. Our Hero is a Traitor. Have you ever wondered why bad things happen to good people?

 The Co Mergent Demon afflicts Celibate Nuns, and Monks. Even the Padres are not immune to the Power of the Co Mergent Demon. Co Mergent Demon is the Padre that is abysmally evil while appearing to be good in all aspects. It is always, these Oral Teachings that lead people into Great Sin. Treason the Sin that killed the Apostles. This is all a matter of Historical Study. This is why the Inquisition killed the Poor Johns, and Other Heretics. There is a Hidden History of the Inquisition. That real History must be revealed. It will be. It is in a few books that were written during Medieval Times.

 "The Road to Hell is open Night and Day. Smooth the Descent. Easy is the Way."

 Persephone: "What is a Hell Being? Hell is the Total Objectification of Everything. A woman becomes a sex object in Hell. Here is a better illustration. Since, that one is far too complicated to explain here. In Hell there is a Shoe Without a Foot. Up there like in the "Friday the Thirteenth Television Series" there is a counterpart of the Shoe on Earth. The Shoe must be fulfilled with having a foot inside it. But, there is only one shoe. No one will wear a shoe without its compliment. There must be a pair of shoes. That is the Hell of it. Hell Beings have no Mind of their own. There is a man. Who admires the shoe. It does fit perfectly of course. The man made a perfect copy of the Shoe. Instantly, the Hell Shoe comes up to be worn by the man. Wherever the man walks. The whole World is paved with leather. They are Seven League Boots."

 A Lama can bind a Co Mergent Demon like "Doc"  to a Stone. That is having a Stone Against Someone. This practice of thwarting Witchcraft is very Ancient. Standing Stones even those in Stone Hedge are still used in this manner against Wicca. That is why the Magna Mater is bound to a Black Stone. It is a curse on it.

 All the big Nazis were very interested in Tibetan Buddha Dharma. Adolph Hitler is a member of the Golden Dawn of Freya. Freya is Hitler's Ancestor. Freya is the Ancestor of the Germanic Peoples. This is the same Golden Dawn that is in Great Britain. Aleister Crowley the Great Beast is a member of the same Golden Dawn. The Golden Dawn answers to these "Secret Chiefs" according to Aleister Crowley the Great Beast. The Goal is Global Dominion.

 The Grail Legends, and King Aurthur's Camelot are pivotal in some of the thinking of the Third Reich. Considerable research has been done regarding these phenomena. Here we find the Knights of the Round Table are non other than Arch Angels.  It is all about Angelic Power that can be used to get God on their side.

 Hitler's SS is deeply engaged in Christian Mysticism. Here the Jesuits are training them with the Spiritual Exercises of their Founder to be the Soldiers of Chistiandom. This is the New Order. This is going to be a Holy Roman Empire united with Germany Austria Hungary.

 Just about every World Leader is deep in the Occult in those times. Occult means Secret. The Subject is always Global Dominion. How are we going to do this?

 Before the Turn of the Nineteenth Century in the Victorian Era. The Powers That Be decided to Enact Revelation in Secular Form. That is to rid the World of Christian Prophecy. It causes too much trouble. We can not be Guided by the Superstitions contained in the "Book of Revelation." The "Book of Revelation" is not Gospel (Good News). The "Book of Revelation" is Bad. The "Book of Revelation" stands in the way of Human Progress. Thus Aleister Crowley the Great Beast initiates this Great Work. This will be to Procure the Scarlet Woman Mistress Babylon. Even Lilith has to assume the Role of the "Woman clothed with the Sun with the Moon under Her feet, and upon Her head a Crown of Twelve Stars" per Revelation 12. Veiled mention of the the Children of Lilth the Sons of Cain. Later, all the Roles are Assigned to Certain People. World Banking will support them in their Roles.

 Kommandant Kitten's Great Work is to End All This.

  Did you know that Billy Sunday is the False Prophet? Billy Graham is the False Teacher. Someone has to keep the Prophecy of Billy Sunday alive.

 Eve is the Ancestor of Moses. Eve is the Goddess Hathor the Muse of the Sun Itself. Only Hathor can claim to be the All Living Eve of the Egyptians. We get the Garden of Eden, and all that. But, that is a Chaldean Myth. This is actually, a different Ancestor. That is a later Babylonian imposition. That is not of the Tribes of Israel. Moses is the Contender. If the Pharaoh of Egypt dies. Then Moses is Pharaoh. Moses is the Adversary (Satan) to the Egyptians. Lord Typhon is considered to be the God of Moses, and  the Egyptians know this. The Egyptians go so far as to even believe that Moses is the Incarnation of Set the Lord of Evil. Many people are not used to the notion that Moses is the Bad Guy. Pharaoh had all the Gods of Egypt. Moses had all the Gods of Egypt in the Negative. There is a Ceremonial Contest between Pharaoh, and Moses. A War between Good, and Evil. Moses Won. Moses is Death. The Power of Moses (God YHVH) will Lead him to his Place. That is Outside Egypt. All the People that follow Moses are his Slaves. Moses never frees them. Mark this there are only two left out of the original Multitude of Slaves that followed Moses. That made it to the Promised Land.

 The Man of Sin says "Good, and Evil are Normal Life. All people are Violent to some degree, or other. We are all descended from Warriors. The Western Dharma Students are showing qualities of Other  Life. Other Life is something that is not permitted to be here on our beautiful Planet."

 Violence is a Demon like Entity. We can almost see it.

 It is sort of like the Biblical  story of Satan sowing the Tares. The weeds that claim the good ground at the expense of your crops.

 Of course, we are talking about a Normal Planet. A Normal Planet is a Natural World with Natural Man Adam. We don't have Natural Woman. Eve's time has arrived. All this perversion is because, people are being managed too much in America. A landscape peopled with Ken and Barbie Dolls. We could have a "Puppet Regime." The Toys won't really care a lot. Will they? "Unreality has become the mark of our times."

 What can we do to stop these Freebooters from doing this? Occupying our Dharma Centers. All the New Age has fallen to the Forces of Occupation. Now, they are Storming Heaven. There is this Eternal Question. God has to Answer. Tanith Pene Baal was the First to Pose the Question. "Can God fight?"

 Returning to the subject of Hate People. There is a man working in this Hospital. He is a Doctor. Our Doctor will never do anything against the Law. He follows the Hospital Procedures endlessly. There is a crime victim in the ER. Somebody shot him three times in the abdomen. He was waiting for his ride to show up. It is a car pool. That victim is laying in this bed after surgery. He has no idea of why someone shot him. Our doctor does know why. But, that answer is beyond the victim's ken. Somebody seen this man several times. He just doesn't like him. It called Soul Hate sometimes. It is sort of like our victim has a Soul Mate out there. Hate draws people together. Love draws people together. According to this Hypothesis.

 Enter the Love Person in the same Hospital. She is an Intern. This is a Prison Ward. Our Doctor greets the Guard cheerfully. Of course, our Doctor will talk endlessly to this Guard about his cat. It is a Persian. That's right this kitty was smuggled out of Iran before the Shah of Iran was deposed. There are hundreds of offspring from the original Mew.

 Finally, they are in the Ward proper. There is their first patient. It looks like he might live. Alledegedly he was shot by a Police Officer in a gun fight. He was robbing a Circle K convience store. Three people were killed. Our Intern does not like this patient. But, she will follow procedure. Strangely, the Hate Person does not torture patients. Our Intern loves his skills in handling difficult patients. There is a man in the bed next to our hero. He seems to think he is one. This man has pancreatic cancer. Our Doctor thinks he can save his life. He will do just that. Don't ask me how. He is a Doctor because, he hates disease. There is a man who has been on Death Row for so long folks think he was born there. He likes following people leaving Pharmacies. No one is sure how many people he has killed for their drugs. It is suspected as many as thirty people died in this Crime Wave. But, he was only convicted of two homicides. He is getting a shot for his pneumonia. That should fix him.

 Here is an astute observation. Those patients in that Prison Ward are neither Love People, or Hate People. They are what we will call Other Life. It is something that shouldn't be here.

Ideals in Conflict

"You can die at anytime."

Defeatism is Global.

Tell them that.

It's War


 Let us examine the Ideal of Health. Health is an Relative Value. Apollo the Ideal of Truth. An Ideal is a Standard. Once, you have Standards of Measurement.  Whether, or not this Health can measure up to our Ideals. Will tell you can not have Health. Because, you are Mortal. Since, you are Mortal. Lord Buddha tells you Health is Impossible. You are subject to Impermanence, and Death. That brings you to the Second Noble Truth of Suffering. The Book says Human Beings are filled with Sin, and Corruption. Therefore, Human Beings have no Health in them. That any Human Being can live up to the Ideal of Health is Absurd. There is no real Health Care. You can only have a Medical System. That keeps people from Dying. That Preserves the Human Body, and Mind from its inevitable Process of Decay, and Corruption. A Medical System of Treatment that Alleviates Human Suffering. A Medical System that puts people back to Work. If you can not put that person back to Work. If you can not redeem that person so they are employable. What is the point of Health in the first place? All discussion of Human Health is misleading, and bad. Unless, it has a Noble Goal of Curing people of their maladies. That is why the American Model of Medical Treatment has countless problems. This is the Logic of Auschwitz.

 Modern Health Care is Addictive. Addiction enslaves people. It makes work for Doctors, and other Health Care Professionals. Lifetime Employment. Americans have become utterly Dependant on this Health Care. Money is not an object. Your money, or your life. Have you ever been Hospitalized? You were probably, born in a Hospital. Weren't you? When is the last time you saw a Doctor? What about a Dentist? Do you take any Medications? Any Opiates? What would happen if you stopped taking these Medicines? Do you have to under go any Medical Procedures? What if you couldn't see a Doctor? Have you ever had any Medical Procedure done to you? What would be the consequences of abstaining from having any Medical Procedure done? Do you believe the Medical Establishment shouldn't enslave people?

 Now, let us examine the Ideal of Justice in America. Themis in Ancient Greece is the Ideal of Justice and Law. The Idea of Binding Themis in Ancient Athens would be perceived as Diabolical. That means that Themis is being Hindered. "Justice is blind." Themis should not be blindfolded. This Sophistry is very dangerous. Because, this Dark Side hints that Matters of Justice and Law can be decided by Popular Folly, Corruption, and Ignorance. It is Devilish. Auschwitz sees America as an Unjust, and Lawless Society.

 Ideals are used in Ancient Greece, and even Rome to form an Architecture. The Builders of Auschwitz thought in these terms. The "ideal of Camp" that is both a Fortress, and a Prison. That is their Ideal Society. Even the Ideals of Confucius of Ren are to be followed.

 Democracy is the Ideal of Government. There are the Politics of Democracy. "We the People." People have to be Literate. We can Communicate with each other. We can share Ideals.

 We pay attention to Ideals. Because, everything is Political. Republicans think like that. Are Public Officials making up Issues? Politicians should address real Issues. Those are real Problems vexing the Public. Instead some unscrupulous people make Issues up out of thin air. Creating Problems in order  to Solve Problems. A bit dubious me thinks. That is Bad Politics. We find this in Socialist Governments a lot. Those must be Bad Governments. Despots are like that. Do you like Tyranny? Tyranny is about confusing you to hold you back.

 Now, President Trump is toughing it out on the Top. Kommandant Kitten toughs it out at the Bottom. Don't you want to be Great? Don't you want to be Famous? Don't you want to be Powerful? Right thinking normal people like being Great, Famous, and Powerful. Bully for Trump!

 We want to talk about the "Auschwitz Camps." The kind of Governments that are in these "Concentration Camps." Making up Issues. Creating Problems in order to Solve Problems. A Dream World fostering an enormous parasitically Political Structure. We are going to have to constantly compare Auschwitz to something we know. Then we get a sense of proportion. Auschwitz is bad compared to what? Our Culture.

  So now, it is time for my sales pitch. It is a good one. What Kommandant Kitten is going to sell you is “Reality.” You will get your first fix right here. It will cost you the time it takes to find “Reality.” You will find that this works. Since, reality always, does work. That is the test of it.

 You need to know we are not talking about fossils here. Auschwitz is relevant today. Those were real people. They did live real lives. So the present tense is used a lot in this work.

  In order to know what Auschwitz had. You must know what you have. What kind of Culture you live in. What kind of Civilization you have. You have to understand, that Averages are not Norms. Where your Culture comes from. Why your Culture exists. Cultural Form is what determines the Norms, and Values of Culture. That Civilization, and Culture are synonymous in meaning. That Culture must make sense to you somehow. You have to bring yourself out of yourself.

 Many people do not know anything about their own Culture. They aren't even able to describe what Civilization really is. They spend all their time living in Cages. They can not think outside the Cage. They believe this Cage is Life. As they age this Cage keeps getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller. Until, the Cage crushes the life out of them. This Cage people call Life is really a Species of Death.

  Kommandant Kitten is putting together a “Camp” where his evil is law. Here are the “Simple Camp Laws” that will keep you alive even in Auschwitz back then.

1) Stay alive.
2) Obey.
3) Work.
4) Order.
5) Progress.

 The Architect of Auschwitz Birkanau built a Temple.

 You will notice in the picture the Nazis are holding their flag below the waist. But, they will put it on a flag pole. So we know it is really them.

 Then the Nazis have to fly their flag that way to be in compliance with the Treaty of Versailles. Some Convention says so.

 The Versailles Treaty is such an important document. The Versailles Treaty Governs all these "Prison Camps," "Refuge Camps," "Prisoner of War Camps," and "Concentration Camps." The Geneva Convention comes out of the Versailles Treaty. You can download the entire version from the Library of Congress. click here

 Look! You just got a new pair of glasses from Auschwitz Birkenau. The hearing aid comes gratis. You have got a new pair of work boots. The gloves you will need them. That all comes with your work uniform. You get to pay for it. You get to play a role: you are a Villain.

 Villains always, deal with moral issues. An exquisite explanation is there for the morally defective of the consequences of such mayhem. The First Book to read on the Holocaust is J. Krishnamurti "The First and Last Freedom" concerning our Right to Exist. You tell Kommandant Kitten what the First, and Last Freedom are. There you will find the Philosophy of Destruction. Yet, this tome is not dwelling on the Destruction of the Past. That can not be avoided. It is the Destruction that is yet, to come that must be avoided.

 "Questions and Answers Question 1 on the Present Crisis" This is a kind of prophecy written in 1954. We are really in for it.

 "Surely the present crisis is different, Is it not? It is different first because, we are dealing not with money nor with tangible things but with ideas. The crisis is exceptional because it is in the field of ideation. We are quarreling with ideas, we are justifying murder; everywhere in the world we are justifying murder as a means to a righteous end, which in itself is unprecedented. Before, evil was recognized to be evil, murder was recognized to be murder, but now murder is a means to achieve a noble result."

 You can download "The First and Last Freedom" here.

 J. Krishnamurti is the only author that can write a beautiful Self Replicating Negative. Sophistry Writers take note.

Twelve Steps Twelve Traditions

 This refers to the Twelve Step Program called Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)) that started in the 1930's. There is only one publication that is the sole authority on this subject usually called recovery. That is the AA "Big Book." You are informed that alcoholism like all Addictive Disease has no known cure. Science may find a cure. But, Science hasn't done so yet. It may be an allergy. It could be hereditary. The Gates of Hell have just closed behind you. You are hopeless. The best you can do is have one day of sobriety. One day at a time. You get this by going to AA Meetings. AA is a true Underground Movement. When you are sober you have choices. "What you see here. What you hear here. Stays here." Secrecy. That is to protect the Fellowship. The fact you are an alcoholic is to be kept secret. That is to guard your recovery.

 The Treatment Center is an abomination. There is no known cure for Addictive Disease. Treatment Centers say there is. According to AA the Alcoholic may have to be hospitalized for detox. In the Treatment Center the person who suffers from Addictive Disease does not even have the freedom of AA. We can close all these Treatment Centers. Nobody would care.

"A supernatural power that grows while he is watching everyone."

 Global Thermo Nuclear War comes to mind here. Social Experiments can deprive people of all their Human Rights too. It can be that extreme. Once, Socialist Governments get into a pattern of escalation in modern Warfare. Red Scare. Watch out for those Russian hackers! Hillary "Cold War" Clinton is scared. Bet you didn't know Hillary "Cold War" Clinton is a Racist? She has a huge phobia of Slavic People. The Yellow Peril maybe? How about dirty Hindus, and Gypsies? Better watch out for those Arabs. What about those Italians? Christopher Columbus discovered America. Of course, Hillary Rodham "Cold War" Clinton can't stand that idea. Racism is more than a Black, and White Issue. Ethnic Peoples are also, Races. The Law treats this Issue like that. It is not alright to hate Italians for example. Anymore, than it is to be bigoted against Negroes. Because, that is Un American. Hillary Rodham "Cold War" Clinton acts on these sentiments. It is more than just one person's opinion. Here it can become our Nation's Foreign Policy. It did! America's Domestic Policy could happen like this too. That is why Hillary "Cold War" Clinton should not be President of the United States of America. Hillary Rodham "Cold War" Clinton is a Hate Person. Donald Trump is a Love Person. Love won this time.

 The whole Democratic Party is Racist. It is filled with Hate People. Hate is the only thing that keeps them together as a Political Party. That is what all these Hearings in Congress are about. This irrational Racism. The Black Hand of the Anarchist League will meddle with our Election Data. Impossible!

 Witness the Great Presidential Debate: the Little Bus Girl Kamala Harris vs Joe Biden. Did you know Joe Biden opposed Mandatory Busing? Here the Issue is not Racism. The Issue is Honesty. We  do want our President to be an Honest Person. Yet, the Democratic Party continues to perpetrate Lies, and Deceptions from Generation to Generation regarding the Nature of the Cold War. Phrases like "Eastern Block,""Free World," and we are looking for other phrases that mean Nuclear War is just around the corner. Integration is nothing but, a Cover Up, and a Smokescreen hiding the Mobilization of the United States to Fight, and Win World War III. Unlike, Democrats before, or since President John F. Kennedy was refreshingly Honest. Look it up if you will.

 What about Negroes in the Democratic Party? Megan Kelly said there was nothing wrong with Black Facing on Halloween. That was taken from an old Vaudeville act on stage at the turn of the last Century. Megan Kelly was let go because, of these imaginary charges of Racism. Just like the "Frito Bandito" was dropped from Commercial Television before Megan Kelly's time. In Europe Black Facing is something much more ominous. Have a look see? Trayver Martin's murder Trial in Sanford, Florida against a well connected White Defendant. A relative of Bod Dylan. There they all were in that Courtroom. All of these Black Leaders including the NAACP are all Black Facing for Whitey. That is real Racism.

 The Nazis treated Gold Medalist Jesse Owens better than his own Team Mates. There are photographs of the Chancellor of Germany Adolph Hitler applauding Jesse Owen's victory in 1936. The Nazis also wanted the Apache Indian Jim Thorpe to have his Honors, and Trophy restored to him for his Olympic performance in Stockholm, Sweden in 1912.

 Stalin managed to get several hundred tons of fissionable Uranium from the Nazis. Once, that goes into a reactor they can make enough deuterium in there to manufacture thousands of H Bombs. Along with enough German, and Russian scientists to make a rocket to put "Sputnik" the first satellite in space. Well, those intercontinental ballistic missiles can hit any target in the United States of America. By the time, America has finished sifting through the ashes of Hiroshima. They can find their future. Sure enough! Unless, we stop them first. How?

 The Nazis built satellites too. They did manage to launch a few of them. At the time no one even imagined rockets carrying bombs. HG Wells wrote "First Men on the Moon." "Buck Rodgers" is popular in the States. "Buck Rodgers" is a lot bigger than "Star Trek."

 Satellites are a lot more modern now. There can't be any Nazi engineering in them? But, they do! The rockets basically are the same design as their Nazi Ancestors. The rocket fuel was altered but, not a lot. There is Nazi circuitry that appears to be in every one of our satellites. There is this circuitry that broadcasts this "tracking system." It has a frequency of 30 MHz. It is more than a radio signal generator. The frequency was extensively tested by the Nazis. It has been found to be harmful to all life. It is a weapon masquerading as a harmless tracking beam. It is just enough to degrade our environment. Our thinking won't be as clear as it should be. We are moving through a mental fog of sorts. But, there is more. There always, is. Besides the harmless Nazi tracking beam there is another circuitry. This circuitry comes from a bad man. His name is Ted Turner. He studied the Nazi one. His is a lot stronger. The radiation on the ground can be measured. It is different now, the satellite does not need to transmit anything through that pesky Ozone Layer. That Ozone Layer is Gone! It can really harm you more.

 The television beam just follows the "line of sight." The curvature of the Earth is why a signal broadcast in Los Angeles can't be received by a television antenna in Santa Barbara 110 miles away. But, there is a way to do this. The signal can be sent to another receiver/transmitter. That is called a "repeater." The signal goes through several repeaters until, there is good reception in Santa Barbara. These repeaters are obsolete, and should be removed for public safety reasons. There are places where a person could inadvertently walk into the path of this beam. People have been killed. These machines pose a serious danger to wildlife. Santa Barbara? They can watch cable. Do you have high blood pressure? Radiation can do that.

 Radio Frequency Energy is measured like Gamma Rays. The average level of Radio Noise is 10 RAD indoors it is 3 RAD. Radio Noise is Static on the Radio. That comes from many sources. The Sun's output on Earth 100-150 RAD. It takes 800 RAD to kill you for sure. Radio Stations produce 80 RAD. Indoor appliances have 5 RAD. Satellites have 15 RAD. Truck Radios put out 40 RAD. Airplanes signal output 90 RAD. Repeaters in Santa Barbra are 68 RAD indoors 150 RAD outside. Cell Phone Towers puts out 4 RAD. Seismic Activity can account for 200 RAD extra. CB, and HAM Radio add more to this Radiation overload. Never Land where Michael Jackson lived has 600 RAD. Measurements will vary in different areas at different times. The growing ozone depletion influences these figures a lot. In Santa Babara these figures add up over a years time. If they were gamma rays it is enough to kill everybody several times over. Radiation poisoning like lead poisoning gets worse over time. That can be decades later. This does harm people's genes. It can sterilize people. It can cause mutations, and birth defects for example. We will see lots of rapid premature aging in areas where this radiation is present in great quantities like Santa Barbara. The Human Brain and Nervous System is affected adversely by this Radiation. It can cause Mental Health Problems including Violent Aggression. The Radiation plays a role in every autoimmune disease. It causes high blood pressure. Domestic Animals including pets will show signs of harm. Damage to the Ecology of Plants, and Animals is incalculable. Some Species are being Endangered, or Extinct. These Radiation Levels will kill Holly Trees. We know that Radiation can be significantly reduced to Non Harmful Levels.

 What about those cell phones? Cell phones appear to be more addictive than cigarettes. This murderous device is filling this cellar Freak's head with Radiation. It does alter human brain tissue. This Radiation can do incalculable harm to a growing child's brain. Scientific Research indicates that these electromagnetic waves produce a drug like effect in people. "He's hooked! He's hooked! His brain is cooked!" Kommandant Kitten's Cell Phone Rap "The Big Phoney" is coming soon. The cell phone is so engrossing that it is like driving under the influence of alcohol. Then there are hundreds of cell phone towers broadcasting Radiation into a town filled with human guinea pigs. This Radiation may cause brain cancer in human beings. The Environmental Impact is serious. It is suggested that the cell phone is kept away from the head. Use a good head set, or use the speaker phone. Texting is allowed except, while driving.

The Big Phoney

Radiation! Radiation! Radiation!
Going inside your head!
Don't you worry its all dead!
Paying for cell phone isn't all bad!
Can you lend me any money dad?
Brainiac born out of cell phone craze!
Can not see through radiation haze!
Brain cancer is going on!
That what is driving you on!
Texting! Texting! Texting!
You just hit someone!
You have got the cell phone hex!
Your day in court comes next!

 As you can see in the picture competition in the Broadcast Industry has gotten tough. Mexico is making a bid for Supremacy. They are fighting over the Rio Grande. Power is coming down from the Sun for Mexico. Mexican Satellites have taken to the Skies.

 In the USA power is running out. The prospects look pretty dismal. They will fight on as they must.

 Here we get into the Problem of Open Broadcasting. We will call it that. Your Cell Phone receives 2.5 Giga Hertz. You would expect that Cell Phone Tower to be Transmitting 2.5 Giga Hertz. That is Radiation coming at you at two and half billion cycles per second. The amount of Power measured in Watts should not be strong enough to fry you. Radiation like all forms of Light has a Heat Effect. Obviously, if the Cell Phone Tower is not killing birds. It might be safe. The long term effects shouldn't be any worse than asbestos. Experimenting on Americans with 2.5 Giga Hertz doesn't produce any notable casualties. But, there are Other Frequencies that have unquestionably harmed people. If that Cell Phone Tower has a Crystal that vibrates at 2.5 Giga Hertz. That is all that will come out of it. Otherwise, it is possible for that Cell Phone Tower to be Transmitting X rays! Radio Stations with bad equipment do this all the time. There is some question as to whether National Public Radio (NPR) is a Weapons System. A sort of hangover from the Cold War Era. We have got to get those Crystals installed quickly! PBS is sorely in need of an Upgrade. It does not need any beacon, or weapons capability. There is no need to attack the population. Understanding, that Cold War thinking was very crazy at times.

 There is a huge mega company in China called Howie. It sounds like that. China unlike the United States has very stringent Broadcast Laws. Many Chinese Laws have to do with tolerances for Radiation Exposure of certain kinds. There are standards like OSHA in the United States, but more strict. The General Public is safer because, of these Laws. Howie's cell phone has no APS (applications). Because, applications use up too many minutes. That is the basic phone. Your basic phone has a 2.5 Giga Hertz crystal for both transmission, and reception. Howie will broadcast up to the satellite at 6 Giga Hertz. The signal comes down at exactly 2.5 Giga Hertz. That is your Chinese service.

 You don't have Howie. Your phone might not have a crystal. That can be dangerous to you. That is like a phone line. Other Frequencies like microwaves, RF, and sonic weapons using ultra, or infra sound can render you stone deaf in a matter of minutes. That is because, an Enemy has tapped your cell phone. Phone lines are very insecure. Phone Line Switching works with Codes from Micro Soft. Like all Micro Soft Products these Codes can be Cracked. Hackers, terrorists, criminals, spies, employees of the Phone Company, Police, and. the U.S. Government can listen in, and record everything. You could be switched to another phone besides the one you are trying to reach. An impostor can be on the line instead. You are talking to a criminal, and not the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). A phone tapper can cut you off. Your connection has been dropped. Your GPS might lie to you. You have gotten bad directions. Because, of hacking. You do understand, a cell phone is even less secure than a phone line?

 What about those X Ray Machines at Air Ports, and the Post Office? They are dangerous in the work place because, the machines leak. X Rays kill seeds sent in the mail, and alter foods, and medicines. That is why the X Ray treatment of foods is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. When X Rays contact seeds. The X Rays produce a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO). Most people are wary of these Genetically Modified Foods produced inadvertently by these stupid practices. You could wind up growing tomatoes that contain cocaine, or something really nasty like Super Bugs being created from dirt. Bacteria, fungi, and viruses make up more than half of what folks call dust. Hey! Mr. Postal Worker that sure is a nasty skin infection! That is how some Bio Weapons are made. Unfortunately, X Ray Machines can not find a concealed bomb in a package. The Uni Bomber proved that again, and again. The X Ray Machines are a dangerous boondoggle of some sort. X Ray Machines leak deadly Radiation into the work place. Exposure of Postal Employees is not small. The X Ray unit in some cases can removed from the work site. and used as a Terrorist Weapon. X Rays have been used to commit undetectable homicides by Drug Cartels. Most Doctors are not trained to detect Radiation Poisoning from X Rays. X Rays produce Cumulative Poisoning like Thallium. Symptoms of Radiation Poisoning may not show up for days even years later ending in death. Kommandant Kitten recommends that all X Rays be under Martial Law.

 There are even these X Ray Diodes. It is possible to put these emitters into a pen light device. What a boon to Foreign Spies, and Terrorists. Those pen lights better light up at a Security Check Point.

 Hey! Did you know some demented genius developed an X Ray Beam? That is a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Imagine this character gets into your workplace. Amazon has to give up all these seeds to be X Rayed. He did it! He is showing you the X Ray Hand. Nine hundred people have just turned into Genetically Modified Organisms GMO's for short. Nine hundred people. That is right nine hundred people might die from X Ray Exposure. These X Rayed Seeds might die too. Our Hero is an Angel. He thinks he is. What if he is? Now, our Hero is strapped into a seat nice, and tight. The Dragon Lance Device that is going to carefully, and methodically kill him. It will take two minutes to do this. Can you hear the egg timer? Our Hero is one hundred and forty eight degrees inside his head. Is that cruel, and unusual punishment for an Angel?

 There seems to be a connection between Non Hopkins Lymphoma, and a Virus. Lung Cancer seems to be a Virus. Cancer of Cervix is is definitely a Virus Disease. This Virus Theory of Cancer comes from whether the Cancer in question will grow animals, or not. Breast Cancer seems to one of these suspects. Ovarian Cancer is due to a Genetic Defect. Here the body has a defective metabolism of silicates. A dust storm, a day at the beach will cause it to go off. The normal human body requires silicates for perfect life. There is no substitute for appropriate Sanitation Measures including female hygiene. Understand, some cancers are contagious. One effective form of treatment is to irradiate the Cancer with gamma rays from a Cobalt Bomb. Enough of a tumor sample is taken from the cancer patient to produce a serum. With the right frequency, and time duration the Live Virus Serum will be good. This is quite an art. That is injected into the Cancer Person's Body to produce remission possibly a cure.

 Rather than a Disease Theory of Cancer. We could have a Chemical Theory of Cancer. A Radiation Theory of Cancer is possible too. Since, cancer cells grow faster than normal body cells. We can selectively kill off these cancer cells using more of the same. Enter Laeitril that produces a mild cyanide poisoning. All the Quacks claimed that Laeitril cured cancer. The cancer ridden victim would get a remission at the very least. The Quacks all said so. Let us say this form of Medical Treatment did kill some cancer cells. It also kills some brain cells. The patient after a full course of treatment will be rendered into an idiot. "A fool, and his money are easily parted."

 Where can these viruses that are responsible for cancer, and other ills come from?  It can be from the Enemy Within. The Virus is part of their genome. That may come with aging, or some other corruption, or insult to the physical organism. Hundreds of these useless artifacts have been found in human cells in their DNA, and RNA make up. The Enemy Without is more than up to the balance of this Pandemic of Cancer. Cancer comes in crowds. People are many. Things are few. Prognosis is terrible. Cancer can be considered to be contagious.

 These retro viruses were researched a lot in the 60's as possible Biological Weapons. For example chicken pox will produce shingles later in life.

 One of the biggest aggravating agents in producing cancer are found in various forms of Broadcasting. Ionizing Radiation like X Rays, Ultra Violet Light, and Gamma Rays alter tissues by producing Free Radicals. Non Ionizing Radiation like Television Waves, Radio Waves, Micro Waves, and Cellular Broadcasting. Produce a Heat Effect that mutates our Genetic Endowment. Radiation Poisoning is hard to treat, and incredibly difficult to diagnose. Worse people can be exposed to high levels of Radiation without the victim's knowledge.

  Why does our Medical Extablishment tolerate this state of affairs? Maybe, they are not interested in Human Health much at all? Radiation is like drinking a quart of whiskey, smoking three packs of cigarettes, and being morbidly obese put together. Hey! You are fixing to pony up, and die friend!

"2001 A Space Odyssey"

 This futuristic astronaut is on a voyage to the planet Jupiter. HAL: the computer system that runs mostly everything on the spaceship is in trouble. HAL is malfunctioning. The reason is never clearly stated in the movie. Jupiter has an extremely powerful Van Allen Radiation Belt. Earth has one similar to the rings just like the Planet Saturn. The radiation is effecting HAL. HAL wants to go home. The astronaut manages to kill HAL. Little does our hero know it. But, he is slowly being burned alive. He will never make it.

 Where is Arthur C Clark's Monolith? The mysterious Monolith in 2001 is a Funeral Marker for Mankind sort of like the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial Wall. The Monolith is "IF." "IF" Mankind can go further. "THEN" the Monolith disappears.

 There can be a sequel. Another, expedition is launched to find out what happened to our hero. He crash landed on the Planet Jupiter. Maybe, he is down there mining metallic hydrogen, or something really cool.

 Now, you need an Education in Practical Physics. The Cat makes the best Astronaut. The Cat can Self Initiate with Hal the Cat can be in Space Forever. The Monkey hates being up there. The Chimp can handle it much better. The Dog  has it the Worst of all of them. The Dog is too near the Earth to Voyage through Deep Space. The Human Astronaut could go to Mars. By the time they finally get to Mars at lets say Mach 6 they will be Insane. Human Beings are just not as resilient as Cats. Human Beings have too many deep flaws to be Space Travelers. The Problem is Auto Immune Disorders. You have to Breed New People. We can now, create them by cutting nerves in ten different places. Have you ever seen the movie "Dark Man." We produce a kind of Super Man, or Super Girl. That can be done with Advanced Nutrition too. Auschwitz did this too. A Master Race is Created out of Necessity. The "Camp" is closing, and everyone in those "Camps." has the Surgery done. That was several million people prior to Deployment in Eastern Europe behind the Iron Curtain.

 The Space Walk is very dangerous. Look! This Astronaut got a hole in his space suit from an unfriendly pea sized meteor. Our hero is starting to extrude through this hole into Interstellar Space. It looks terrible. He is all out of his space suit. The other Astronauts don't want to go outside to recover his remains that are disintegrating all over the Solar System.

 You now know Mach 6, or Six Times Faster than the Speed of Sound is about as fast as you can go in Space. The G Force outside the space craft is still present. But, inside the vessel everything is weightless in transit. Machines have to made differently probably, in Space. This issue is still being studied. Space Travel is rough on machines, and people. There is some matter in Space. There is some Friction.

 Speaking of Friction. You know the Space Shuttle has to have an adequate heat shield. Kommandant Kitten lived near Moffet Field, Mountain View, California. That is where the biggest Air Craft Hanger is located. A friend of Kommandant Kitten worked gluing tiles on the Space Shuttles. There was a Metallurgist that had made a phony heat shield made out of Tin on both sides built around a Styrofoam core. That was a prototype. Real heat shield is made from this pattern. The real heat shield according to NASA Standards the last Space Shuttle was put together. Kommandant Kitten seen the last Space Shuttle blow up in Florida. The films that were released by NASA plainly showed a piece of Styrofoam falling away from the doomed spacecraft. What do you think?

"The Terminator"

 You got to understand, the terminator was a vision of Wernher von Braun, and other Nazi scientists working for the United States Government during the "Space Race" of the 60's. At the heart of everything was "Sky Net." Sky Net is is a system of satellites networked together to form a super intelligent unity. Sky Net interacts with a Global System of Networks with sensors on the Ground. We can call this Geo Net. That is controlled by a System of Super Computers in different Central Locations. That is needed in order to predict the weather. Weather is an incredibly complex phenomenon covered in the Science of Meteorology. The purpose of Sky Net is to totally control every person on this Planet Earth.

 There is a Philosophy of Totalitarianism. That Civilization can exist only if there is a Means of Control. People are not blown about like a leaf in the wind. The Buddha expounded on the Noble Truth of Impermanence, and Death. The Processes of Decay are always, with us. The answer to this is Total Control as their the Ideal. It is only a matter of time before everybody embraces this way of thinking.

 According to the Philosophy of Totalitarianism Americans are Controlled instead of being Managed. It is a simple Brown Shirt Formula. "Can you work?" You can.

 There was an American Behavioral Scientist B.F. Skinner. An American successor to the Russian Scientist Pavlov. Dr. Skinner along with several other Scientists were founding a Science of Human Behavior. This was Operant Conditioning based on Association, Reinforcement, and Modeling. You should read at least one of B.F.Skinner's books on this Study of Human Psychology.

 B. F. Skinner believed Behavioral Science should be used to control people. Behavior Control has Formulas just like Keynes does in Economics. Skinner Formulas can be used in a Casino. It has to do with the Reward, or Pay Off. The Pay Off has to be enough to keep people Gambling. Some of these Reinforcement Schedules can induce Gambling Fever. A Government can be done like this too with Propaganda.

 These forms of Behavior Control have been found to be effective in controlling even curing all forms of Mental Illness. Psychiatric Drugs have liberated countless people from chains, and straight jackets. Routine procedures such as frontal lobotomies, insulin and electro shock therapy have gone into the dust bin of History. But, this present Drug Scare can bring back all the worst abuses of Psychiatry. The Drug Scare is the Bastard Child of Temperance, and an Evil Mind. This is Mind Control folks. We will get to the subject of Mind Control later. Let us say it is about getting people into Games. An Illegitemate Ruler can never get the support of the people. Unless, you corrupt them with Games. Circus Maximus for instance with Maximum Circus.

  Doctor of Psychology B F Skinner proposed replacing traditional Teachers with Instructors, and a Teaching Machine. All the Tools of Behavior Modification: Association, Reinforcement, and Modeling get far superior results. The Teacher of the Year has serious flaws. Students are graded on a curve. Statistic manipulation is used to bolster the teacher's standing. That is cheating. Another method of cheating is when teachers are basing most a student's grade on their Homework. There is no such need to assign students any extra work after class. Everything required by the State can be taught in class during Normal Hours. Because, it is Immoral. It harms Normal Family Life.

 It is unbelievable. But, it did happen. Numerous of America's Rich and Famous have children that have cheated on the SAT tests. Huh! Kommandant Kitten passed all those Student Admissions Tests without any problem. Does America have some intellectually challenged minds? These could be the America of Tomorrow's Politicians. Be afraid. "When Ignorance is King. Hell is on Earth."

 There is a hidden Terminator. All these Robots were made by somebody. The Robots were made to conform to a certain Pattern. The Robots are a Breed. Master is dead. But, not destroyed since, Master lives on in the Breed. The Brotherhood of Slavery knew they were Doomed. The North opposed the Right of Slaverers to have Freemen. The Battle at Harper's Ferry should tell you that. Those people there died Free! The Slaverers all said so except in the North. That was why the Brotherhood of Slavery did everything they could to keep them away, from the Right to Own Slaves. The book "Roots" gives you a clue. Why are Slaverers bringing African Royalty, and Warriors to America as Slaves? The Blood of Master gone into them to improve the Breed. Are African Americans Terminators?

 At one time the British rocket scientists were without peer. Great Britain was in the in the vanguard of everything forceful. Everybody knows they could have beaten the Germans easily. But, Socialism is the enshrinement of Ignorance. That is the only reason Great Britain has never had an Empire. Almost Golden?

Radiation Primer

 Now, you need a radiation primer. Otherwise global warming, ozone depletion, and climate change won't make any sense to you. The Auschwitz People had researched this very thing very thoroughly. The "Big Girl" figured this was the most likely outcome of this Global Decadence. That is the Extinction of Humanity. The chemical reaction Carbon Monoxide + Ozone = Carbon Dioxide + Oxygen. The lighter than air gas Carbon Monoxide from innumerable sources is the main cause of Ozone Depletion. The culprit is mostly wood burning. The Wood Stove is so inefficient it must be banned. The Wood Stove produces more Carbon Monoxide than twenty automobiles. There are now millions of Wood Stoves. We all know wood comes from trees. Trees are needed to remove these Greenhouse, and Ozone Depleting Gases. Without those trees we will all die from suffocation, and full body irradiation. The Fire Place is three times more efficient than the Wood Stove for cooking. Coal is eighteen times better than wood for heating a home. Oil is about the same. It appears that our Ozone Layer all over the World is gone.  When oxygen is in the Upper Atmosphere it is irradiated to form ozone. When you have seven billion plus human beings on Earth. They make a lot carbon dioxide. Human activity contributes to more oxygen depletion. Still more carbon dioxide plus carbon monoxide is being made constantly. Natural events like forest fires etc. make up the balance. There is an oxygen level of 20.9% today. In 1950 there was 24.3% oxygen in our air. We are being slowly strangled to death by Over Population. It only makes sense less oxygen equals less ozone being made up there. With the Ozone Layer being comprised like this. You are being exposed to ionizing, and non ionizing Radiation. No one is immune to Radiation. Every Sun Spot gives the Earth a terrific burst of X rays. This is "One Strange Rock" per National Geographic. "The Sun is an Enemy." That is the Sun of Mictantecuhti Aztec God of Death. Mithra as the Laughing Skull can join in as the Sun. Heaping Scorn on their Astrology, All their Pseudo Science can get what it deserves. This is the Age of Death. Death is still here. It is isn't it? Au Puch the Mayan Lord of Death the Black Captain will go up to fly with those Astronuts. Au Puch has an Eagle. Au Puch can go that high. That far too. They need a Black Captain to reign in their foolish speaking. Au Puch is the Native American Thunder Bird. Hey! Guess what happened on Kommandant Kitten's Birthday. That is right. Kommandant Kitten is 68 years of age. The Thunder happened. Didn't know what it was. The whole building was shaking to its foundations like an earthquake of five. I have got Him! Au Puch is cool. I still have him. It really happened here in Nashville. The Black Captain of the Skies is with Kommandant Kitten for life. Au Puch is a Garuda."The Sun is an Enemy." That was an absurdity said by Astronauts in "One Strange Rock." Oxygen might kill us if it gets too strong. Melarky like this does it. What if the Sun gets mad at us over this scurrilous trash? Scared? Stay out of the Sun. If you must use sun screen. It might help some. Sun exposure is related to premature aging.

 Now, there is Pipe. Tree Tobacco that go into Pipe. That is Sacred. Sacred mean set aside for Good, or Bad Purpose. You Own a Pipe. You Own Land. You Own Private Property. That is your Pipe. You can not share Pipe. You are Pipe. You now, have Peace Treaty with Au Puch. That how Pipe Ritual Done. You here.

 You have an Enemy Named "Blank Screen." Kitten have to name Enemy that so you can come to Understand the Power that Kills off the Tribes like the Mayan Peoples. Kittten explain the Nature of this Baleful Demon is like the Phenomenal seen in a Movie Theater. Here the Movie Theater is a Kind of Trap an Entertainment to Capture the Mind.  The Movie Supports the Demon. Blank Screen appears to Act as a Passive Agent that Causes Everything to Happen like the Immortal Tao. Blank Screen fools people into accepting their demmise as Destiny. We can not permit this to happen.

 Those Emission Standards cause more damage than a Volkswagen Beetle of 60's. Problem is modern cars, and trucks guzzle too much gas. These sensors, and the car's computer are prone to failure. They contribute to the amount of greenhouse, and ozone depleting gases. The petrol used  fuel must be examined. Question is sabotage. There should not be any oxides of nitrogen, or sulfur, nor any other toxic by products of the combustion process.

 It is also, important to get rid of radio jamming. Certain bad people are actually, dedicated to this. Terrorism in America!

The New Chemical Weapons

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Photo  Sensitizing Agents

"The eyes have it."

 This is a complex problem that is being explained in the terms of an Educated Layman. We begin with a plant St. Johnswort that contains a dye like substance. Here are pictures of St. Johnswort poisoning in sheep, and cattle respectively. Don't you find it hard to believe that St. Johnswort is a Folk Remedy for Depression still sold in Health Food Stores?

 Here there are compounds in the blood of the animal that react with Sunlight, and other forms of Radiation causing damage to the physical organism especially the eyes.

 Liver function plays a key role in metabolizing, and excreting harmful compounds that predispose an an animal to Photo Toxicity. That can be a problem if you have ever had Hepatitis. Alcoholics with bad livers will may die more easily than otherwise. These are the Free Radicals formed during Ionizing Radiation Poisoning. Mind you human beings are animals of a sort. Photo Toxins multiply the effects of Radiation Poisoning quit a lot.

 A Water Bait can be used on an unsuspecting population in a major City comprising of Radioactive Iodine, and a Photo Toxic Substance in micro gram amounts. This can render a person blind if they were to drink three pints of this toxic tap water in the worst case scenario. These substances are powerful together in causing Lymphoma Cancers, and Hypothyroidism. It can also induce Permanent Allergies in a given population of people. These Agents will destroy the pupils of your eyes over time. In many cases this damage is reversable. That will depend on your age, and health. The elderly, babies, and the sick will be the most impacted. These substances can harm your Genetic Endowment. The population under such an attack is very susceptible to Bio Warfare Agents. People may die from illnesses that would be minor, and of little consequence at other times like the Common Cold Virus causing death from Viral Pneumonia.
 These substances have been found to be in Bottled Water from time to time. Your water should not be Radioactive with Radio Iodine, Cesium 137, Strontium 90, Uranium, Radium, or Other Radio Isotopes in it like Trituim. There are hundreds of Photo Sensitizing Agents. You might be taking one of them like Thorazine, Sulfa Drugs, and Other Medicines that advise that you stay out of the Sun. Insecticides like malathion, and hundreds of other chemicals in the air, food, water, etc are Photo Toxic, and Allergy Promoting Substances. 

 There are numerous chemicals that causing photo toxic, and allergic reactions.

 There seems to be some evidence that major Cities in the United States, and abroad have bee attacked in this manner in the past. Epidemiological Studies indicate this to be the case in the past. Like the Location of Cancer Clusters in certain areas.

 Covert Spy Operations could employ such means as to render our Nation totally defenseless. Assassination, or Rendering Political Targets Disabled is possible, and probably has been done in the past.

 The effects of Chronic Stress by being exposed to Aversive Stimuli like in our Broadcast, Print, and Other Media can Increase our Susceptibility to Radiation, and Poisons by Fifteen Fold! That is why our Nation must Reduce Aversion in our Society as a National Security Concern.

  The Hiker

 Our Hero likes to walk a lot. He knows it is good for him. He never drinks, or smokes. That would ruin the his style of Healthy Living. That will help him live forever. Little does he know the Sun does not like him. It's Apollo of course, the Ancient Greek God of Health, and the Sun. He is out there enjoying the countryside soaking up the Sun's health giving rays. Up there is a large Sunspot. The X rays are traveling at the speed of light. Our Hero is getting 900 roentgens (R) a second for about half an hour. Our Hero's heart has stopped beating. Photosynthesis is going at night a little bit. 

 Look it's Digiman! He came through the Event Horizon with the last Atmospheric Hydrogen Bomb test. That was a 100 megatons of pure fury that even changed the Earth's axis. It is Kennedy vs Khrushchev. It set the sky on fire with Plasma Energy. No it wasn't "Heat Lighting." Kommandant Kitten saw it back then. Radio iodine, strontium, and cesium blanketed the whole Country.

 The Government has a problem explaining the Mysterious Death of Birds. Mostly hawks, and eagles are falling from the skies. Who wants to say these feathered friends flew into a cloud of fallout from a Nuclear Test? Actually, there were several nuclear tests. The rest of the birds have absorbed strontium 90 a powerful radioisotope. The birds eggs are too brittle. We can dispense with the idea that the pesticide DDT was at fault. Lots of smoke, and mirrors in the 60's is going on until, it is mistakenly well establish fact.

 There are charts still in existence. That document the spread of Radioactive Fallout. The Soviet Union Bomb Tests completely covered the United States, and Canada. The American Bomb Tests were designed to blanket the Soviet Union with Radioactive Fallout.

 The Atomic, and Hydrogen Bombs produced lots of Carbon 14. Enough of this radio isotope was produced to invalidate all the Carbon 14 dating for fossils, and more recent materials. History is in the making.

 Some of this bomb fallout is still around even today. Still in people working it's way with them. You should eat a 100% of your minimum daily requirement of vitamins, and minerals. This excludes strontium, cesium, and lead from being absorbed by the body. Even non radioactive strontium, cesium, and of course lead are poisonous to people. High levels of strontium in the diet can mimic lead poisoning. Bones that contain strontium break easily. Strontium in the nervous system replaces calcium It causes fits. It is sort of like DDT poisoning. Half a gram of cesium will stop your heart. Just like a lethal injection given to criminals. Rubidium is of course out of the question. Rubidium is more toxic than cesium. Strangely, cesium in the soil causes plants to imitate the Findhorn Phenomena. Those plants grow incredibly large. In severe lead poisoning usually, acid foods that are served in lead glazed pots. Kommandant Kitten diagnosed a man who had a typical Lead Line inside his mouth. With Deleading he fully recovered as did the rest of his family. You should eat Great Fruit.

The Art of Cooking Frogs

 It is an Old Adage. By gradually raising the temperature gradually. The frogs will all die without escaping from the hot water. It is a way of explaining Chronic Poisoning in Humans.

 Human beings as well as other animals require a certain amount of salt sodium chloride in order to live. Heat Stroke is a serious condition that will kill you in a manner of minutes. Unless, you are hydrated with salt water immediately. Salt is not considered to be poisonous under normal circumstances.

 You also, require only a certain amount of potassium chloride to maintain an electrolyte balance necessary for your body to function. High levels of potassium are poisonous. But, you have to get just enough every day of your life. That is part of the Minimum Daily Allowance for potassium intake. Chances are you are malnourished.

 Here is a salt substitute. You are going to cut down on your sodium intake. Perhaps your Physician has told you to. We are going to examine this salt substitute chemically. Our specimen has fifty percent sodium chloride, thirty percent potassium chloride, fifteen percent cesium chloride, and five percent silica. You have a big problem. You are going to die as the cesium attacks your heart muscle. That is not all since, cesium could be present in salt added to countless foods. On the Pharmacy shelves is a solution of ten percent potassium chloride solution given to heart failure patients. This one is spiked with half a percent cesium chloride. You heart is going continue to fail right on schedule. There is no way on this Planet to find cesium, or rubidium as a cause of death. It is very hard to distinguish between sodium, potassium, cesium, and rubidium salts in any chemical analysis.

 What about babies? The Human Fetus is ferociously hungry for salt. The developing Fetus has huge needs for potassium as well. if those needs are not met the mother will die from a heart attack. The Fetus is very sensitive to lithium. Small amounts of this element can easily kill a baby in the womb. Lithium is actually, able to kill an infant if it is present in the mother's breast milk. Needless to say cesium, and rubidium are very toxic to babies in the womb. Strontium does affect a growing Fetus adversely if there is a lack of calcium in her diet.

 While we are on the subject of babies. Did you know that sound waves can affect people like Radiation. The Jury is still out on whether, or not a Sonagram can harm a baby in the womb. Why take chances if it is your baby?

 Digital Broadcasting was not unknown to the Nazis. Digital Broadcasting is easier to encrypt than Analog Broadcasting. That keeps secrets better. Now, that the whole Country has gone Digital. All those old television sets are in landfills all over the Nation. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) apparently thought this was just dandy. Everybody has to buy new TV sets. But, most people can't afford them. Still can't. How do you notify people in the event there is a National Emergency? Smoke Signals? What does Digital Broadcasting do to people? Mind you that this has never been tested on animals. But, it is to provide better picture quality. The hype all says so.

 Now, that you have bought your flat screen digital TV set. You can hook up an antenna to pick up some of those stations. It is not cable. It is not satellite. But, it will do nicely.

 But, what about the sound? You still have your Auschwitz hearing aid. So you will notice right away that the tone is always, flat. So listening to any of this broadcasting will depress you. There is infra sound, and ultra sound that will make your television viewing experience uncomfortable. That is both radio, and television. You see broadcasters don't seem to like you, or their sponsors.

 It is plain as day the Broadcasters are losing money. The reasons, some of them are pretty obvious. The Government is trying to save them. Incentives, Tax Breaks, Lax Enforcement of Federal Communications Regulations including Rules regarding Safe Broadcasting practices, and Financing this Behemoth somehow?

 The biggest reason a business goes bankrupt is Investments. All those people wearing their Tiger Suits keep their money in the Bank where it belongs. Their teeth, and claws tell everybody in the World of High Finance they own Capital. When the Tigers roar people listen.

 There are hundreds of these Paper Tigers claiming to have Real Money on the Internet. Have you ever followed Inter Net Gaming? Poker for example? Some of these Companies were even listed on the American Stock Exchange. This was a multi  billion dollar Industry. Poof! It is gone! What happened? It is breaking numerous Laws. Like Bank Fraud, Money Laundering, Swindling the Players out of their hard earned money. Word has it the Beast is back on the Internet. "A bad thing never dies." Have you ever bought into a Pyramid. There are lots of people claiming to be able to double your money. Watch out for this.

 Joseph Paul Goebbels Nazi Minister of Propaganda as did Molotov are worried. After the Great War there were several Conventions of the Versailles Treaty concerning Propaganda as an Instrument of War. President Woodrow Wilson discussed this at great length too. The United States Congress passed several Laws to curtail Government Propaganda. The Issue then was Freedom of the Press. This was later married to the Broadcast Media. Television was anticipated like in the "Buck Rodgers" films.

  Dr. Goebbels, and Molotov were concerned about a Takeover of the Everything you See, and Hear by some Consentorium. That is a very close knit Confederacy. These are the Prophets of Mind Control. Propaganda is propagating a Point of View. Christian Churches have been doing this for Centuries. Still are. But, you still have the Right to Choose. In Mind Control everything around you starts barking orders that must be obeyed. It told you to drop dead. Your body is in the morgue.

 Nazis, and Communists Hate Mind Control. You can too. It is alright. This is "Hate Day."

 Did you know a Radio Station uses a fantastic amount of Electrical Power? It costs a lot of money to pay for all that. A 150,000 Watt radio station uses enough power to power up 50,000 homes. Take your electric bill multiply that by 150,000 times. That is about what it costs. In your home town of let us say 200,000 people. You will have about a hundred these stations draining away 800,000 Watts. All that time your Tax Dollars are hard at work paying for everything. The enviromental impact is totally obscene.

Unholy Experiments on People

 Nazis love animals. They won't do this to a dog. Never! Auschwitz is amassing material for the Enemy. For that they need to do a few tests on human subjects. After all after the fire bombing of Dresden. The Totenkophverbande does think anybody will not hesitate to do this to there own People. Now, the Totenkophverbande won't.

 The budding "Camp Person" is being Nursed on the "Teats of Camp." The Big Girl is a Tigress. A very jealous protector of her Cubs. It is like work elephants in India. Hunters are not allowed to shoot them. But. they can take some pictures. If that is allowed. There is a big fine for hurting a "Camp Person." Killing a "Camp Person" is unthinkable.

 It costs 18,000 Reich Marks to even look at one. A POW is out of the question. The Geneva Convention says so.

 Those Nazis would never do anything like this to our Rhesus Monkey in this picture. The Nazis, and the British both hate vivisection of live animals. Both Governments claim Rhesus Monkeys can not be deprived of their Rights without a Trial. Others out there will do these horrifying experiments. There are reams of all this Pseudo Science published in their respective Countries. These Scientists are so proud of their work. This abomination is meant to shared. "Human beings make the best Lab Animals." Next the General Public will not be immune to their worst antics. Frontal Lobotomies became enormously popular after the War. There was one Doctor. He had a Golden Ice Pick. The operations if you want call them that. Were performed even in the victim's own home. It was just a matter of catching them here in America. The Doctor with the Golden Ice Pick performed more than 100,000 Frontal Lobotomies. The Doctor's patients were too aggressive, and violent. Wouldn't you rather be gassed to death? Knowing what a Frontal Lobotomy does. Imagine a whole section of town filled with Jewish Zombies. Many prominent people in America believed the Jews started World War II somehow?

 Back then a Hysterectomy was the cure for Menopause. It is sort of like spaying cat. It takes the fight right out of them. Pretty much the same thing. The Woman wants a divorce. Yet, she can not explain exactly why. It was part of Hysteria. By then her husband does not care about sex. Menopause brings out the worst in a Woman. She was never warned about this malady that is the first sign of approaching death. No one told her how to cope with this problem. Nobody told her about her Woman's Rights. Aging Girls need hormone replacement therapy. Your autonomous nervous system has a built in Death Clock. Cutting certain nerves will stop the Death Clock, and make it easier to reverse aging. People can still retain their good looks well into their eighties. When you spay a cat it takes the fight right out of them. The cat settles down quickly. It works the same on neutering a male cat. When you spay, or neuter your cat. The cats quit fighting over territory possessions, food, and water.

 Let us examine Radio Wave effects on people, and animals. The Nazi Scientists already, have accumulated lots of data from the German archives. There is plenty of data from such tests from other Countries. Like Electricity all Radiation is harmful. That is well known since, the Pioneer of Radio Marconi kept having these Radiation induced heart attacks. The Military is well versed on the dangers of Radio Broadcasting. Brain Fog is a sign to turn the Radio off. So Radiation Poisoning not unlike X Rays is well documented. Radiation Poisoning can mimic the effects of chemicals, and disease. Radiation can do incredible damage to a human being before they realize there is anything wrong. Like poisons Radiation Dosage can be based on body mass. Auschwitz has amassed Radiation Tables from that data. The effects of Radiation seem to be masquerading as Lead Poisoning these days. Children are especially, affected by innumerable sources of Radiation. Radiation is deadly to a malnourished population. Even the Sun has been implicated in Radiation Deaths due to heat stroke, and heat exhaustion. It is known that the Ozone Layer does screen out the worst effects of Radiation coming from the Sun, and Outer Space. Radiation has been measured by the Nazis using rockets, and balloons in the Upper Atmosphere. Radiation has been blamed for the Global Extinctions such as the dinosaurs. The Earth does have a Force Field around it like the Planet Saturn. That protects Earth even more from Radioactive Bombardment. Without this protection. This Rain of Fire could easily Exterminate all Life on Earth.

 Radar Frequencies 40Mhz to 40 Ghz do affect humans, plants, and animals aversely. This makes the use of Military, and Civilian Radars questionable. Doppler Radar used in Weather Prediction shouldn't probably be around because of its Environmental Impact. It is not small. There are alternative methods. It is a tornado! This cell phone has a picture of it. There are two sensors that confirm this. The satellite sees it all. The radar is removed people feel better. The birds really like it too. That makes Economic Sense.

 We are finding some very Strange Animals being used in Research. Let us say to gather data on poisons. Mind you that all this Research is redundant. White arsenic, or arsenic trioxide is still a deadly poison to most plants, and animals. It was once, a very common Economic Poison. Research on this chemical has been going on since, at least the turn of the last Century. The beagle dog is a standard test animal. It has been found out the dogs were irradiated to render them docile. That makes the dogs easier to handle. It can go somewhere like children can be irradiated in our Public Schools to make them docile. It is the same as drugging people without their knowledge, and consent. Can you imagine a Government that approves of actions like this? That is absolutely Antidemocratic. Un American. That has happened in America. Experiments on people like this did happen during the Kennedy Regime. The mice are infected with a cancer virus. They act strangely. People that handle the mice have contracted a strange small pox like illness. It seems to mimic AIDS. A chimpanzee was autopsied. Part of the chimp's brain was destroyed by arsenic. That wasn't quite it. Several dead chimpanzees in zoos Globally. Have the same signs of death. It can't be arsenic. None of this was reported to the United States Government. Yes. Government Agents have found this out themselves. They are very unhappy. It appears to be a Conspiracy to Destroy America's Commerce.  What would you do to stop the spread of this Conspiracy?

Radiation Torture

 This is a simple test rig. It is just like jump starting an automobile. You put one alligator clip on one ear. Another alligator clip on the other ear. This forms a complete electrical circuit. We have Radio Frequency instead. Kind like the Citizens Bands has, and a little more. This is exotic torture.

 This form of Interrogation is called the Third Degree. That Enemy Combatant will talk. It is a matter of destroying enough of the brain that Governs the Will.

 This has been going on for two hours of nonstop action. The test subject has stopped breathing. He is legally dead according to Reich Law. Yet, his heart is still beating. There is no more current. The heart goes right on beating for at least forty minutes.

 That man is in Hell.

 During World War I the US Army Signal Corps may have invented this novel means of torture. Everybody that has done this is bringing this technology home. It will keep people in line. All these gangsters think so. The Wild West is still around. Post World War I America is mostly still in the Third World. America went backwards under President Wilson.

Animal People

 Can Humans mate with animals, and produce viable offspring? Mating people with animals has been done repeatedly in the past. We all know something about Bestiality. According to one Sex Researcher Kinsey people having sex with animals was surprisingly high in Rural America. Usually, people subject to this Vice kill the animal involved in the sex act.

 It was studied in the "Camps." None of the Great Apes can produce a Hybrid, or a Monstrum. Yet, experiments using the sperm of Other Animals did produce viable offspring.

 Here Genetic Engineering can be accomplished by simple blood transfers. That is right. You can acquire animal genes in this manner.

 Here is a mystery. This married couple can have no children. Our hero has found out his wife is a hybrid. Her brother is sterile too. Something like a mule. Should they adopt children? Why? This Baby Fixation has gotten deep in some people. To where people are stealing babies. Adoption shows up a bunch too. This Baby Fixation is a Psychosis. They don't need a baby. They need Psychiatric Intervention.

 Now, you need to know about the Games. Dionysus warns about. These are Games you shouldn't play. The Games are rigged. You have them on your computer. You can play more of them on X Box. This is to introduce you to a whole world of nothing but, cheating. Because, somehow you can be switched to another computer. A variation of phone line switching. Sort of like the free calls with the "Black Box" that was around in the 80's. Dionysus hates that. The Tyrant says so proudly. There is a "World of Tanks." The "armchair general" can fight with them. "Armchair General" used to be someone bound to a wheelchair. Nowadays, it is another put down. A put down is a slur against your character. Many people don't even realize it. This isn't a real Military tank simulator. The reason is there are phony players. But, they might let you win this time. Belgium understands. Kommandant Kitten had an American History Instructor from Brussels, Belgium. You really can't win. Your mind is being manipulated to tell you it can win. But, not in your life buddy. The Lottery is like that when the bar is raised on those hurdles to the highest level. This is Game Theory. The Power Ball beckons. This can ruin you.

Is the World Censored?

Have you noticed all the censorship on your flat screen television. Those faces blurred out. Why bother to show that stuff. It warps people's minds man.

 Hypothetically, we are looking for pictures, and descriptions of a very dangerous animal. It can kill people. It can harm domestic animals, and wildlife. It is a kind non native leech like animal. It can bore right into your body, and damage your internal organs. It is a biological weapon. There is a booklet from President Kennedy banning the presentation of this animal. That is what is happening. Could anybody be following Adolph Hitler's orders even in the United States right now too? It appears vital Public Health Information is being removed from the Internet maybe by Hackers. Our Search Engines are bad. Search Engines are not just listing Web Sites anymore. We need objectivity. We don't need censors. Not in the Adult category anyway.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Rape, and Other indulgences

"Socialism is Rape."

 We going to explain the Politics of the Rapist Bill. The Rapist Bill is a Billy Goat. The Rapist Bill is the Leader of the American Socialist Party. The Rapist Bill raped my mother without even the compensation given to a prostitute. "The best things in life are free." Your mother would tell you. That you have to earn the best things in life. Your mother worked very hard to get you the best. That is never free. Because, people are important. Your life is valuable beyond all words. You do not exist to be used up, and discarded according to the whim of some hostile System of Government called Socialism.

 What are they hiding? What is going to happen to those people? What if this is not privacy? Maybe a cover up of some sort? Are there are more people sick with terminal Illnesses then reported. The man sitting in the bus next to you has Ebola. You don't need to worry too much. You already, caught Ebola. You thought your flu shot didn't work. Are those Death Statistics much higher? Then we are led to believe? There is a much bigger problem. The President of the United States of America as Commander, and Chief is also Misinformed. The United Sates Congress has this same Issue. The United States Supreme Court is making rulings based on these Fallacies. The American People filled with Lies, Superstition, and Nonsense are going to the Polls to Elect their Government? We can not permit such foolishness to happen. What do you think?

 It is the same damned thing. Perverse Censorship. Sex Education is in the schools. No one can read lips dummy! It is worse than during the Victorian Era. Michaelangelo's David did get his Fig Leaf. The Sex Addicts are running the show? That is a Rapist. It is Greed that motivates the Rapist. The end result is Rapine. De Sade remarked on the Psychology of Rape. The Rapist does not have a Human Soul. That is a Human Psyche. Think about that.

 There is nothing in the Rapist that is Love. Nothing at all like it. It isn't even about Sex. It is a Raw Greed. That is operating out of a Territorial Imperative. Like De Sade said it is a matter of Breeding. We don't all have it. Because, people have different genes.

 It is like this Monkey Trap. There is a coconut anchored by a short rope to the ground. A Brazil nut is placed inside the trap. The Spider Monkey can reach through the hole to get the nut inside. Yet, the hole is too small for the Monkey to pull it out in his fist. Like a Japanese Finger Trap. That works too. Oh no! It is an Ocelot. Isn't her coat beautiful? The Monkey caught by its' own greed can not let go to get away. The Monkey is chattering wildly defending its' territory. That nut is too valuable for words. The stupid Monkey is seized in the jaws of the big cat. The Ocelot pulls the dead monkey easily out of the Monkey Trap. Off the Ocelot goes with her prey.

 Returning to De Sade. Marquis De Sade has a solution for this Problem of Rape. Let us kill them. The Rapist is an Animal. There is no Sin in killing one. Here we run into the Problem of the Good. The Saint will protect the Rapist. The Priest will say God loves him. Thus the Rapist gains Sanctuary. The Liberal Politician claims the Rapist has Human Rights. The Judge has to let the Rapist live. But, the Rapist suffers from the Grim Reaper of Addictive Disease. There is no known cure for any Addictive Disease. The Obsessive Homosexual is a Rapist. Mature people find themselves attracted to lovers of the same sex. This is Normal Life not Addictive Disease. Intoxication is part of Normal Life. Arrested Development is part and parcel with this Childishness, Lack of a Conscience, and of the Inability to Stop Harming people is why the Rapist must be killed.

 That was what was going on during the Marquis De Sade's lifetime. It was the Problem of the Good that Destroyed Pre Revolutionary France. Machiavelli is the founder of Sociology. In Napoleon Bonaparte De Sade found his Prince. This work of Psychological Warfare was put together to Destroy the Good. This is a Work of Freedom. That was "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion." This was from a series of papers from different authors. it is not Anti Semitic. Like the "Book of Tobias" mentioned later in this work. "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" were to come to the People from a  multitude of different routes. People will think they are genuine.

 It is the Marsden version that can be downloaded here. A translation from Russian Language is claimed by Marsden. There are Other Versions. None exactly have a Transliteration. That is something that makes sense to you. The Danger of the Good.

 During De Sade's time prior to the French Revolution. Ethics has paralyzed the entire Legislative Body of the French Government. The French Royalty are powerless in the face of Ethics. After the French Revolution after eating all Queen Marie Antoinette's Cake. Food is much more scarce. Nobody has the French Royalty to kick around anymore. Look! The French People are going to have to fight Wars. Lots of them. They can not even feed themselves. Everyone except, Napoleon Bonaparte, and his Army is still paralyzed with these stupid Ethics. You look everything up to see what happens later.

 During this time of Excesses of Population. We are having a terrible time with the Problem of the Good. It is the Ethics of Reducing Population Levels by any means at all. It is very hard to have the Sexes Separated in our Public Schools. Arguments say Coed Schools aid in a student's are being Socialized. The Specter of Segregation is saying the Separating the Sexes is against Integration. How do you tell people? That Pair Bonding with the Opposite Sex is bad? That having Babies is wrong? We don't need Families? How are young people are going to resist this Peer Pressure to have Babies even in Junior High School? What can be be done to stop Idiots from having children? What about preventing people who have bad genes from giving birth to defective children? What are we going to do about the Mass Media promoting this Baby Boom? How do we stop Over Population from Destroying Democracy?

 The Problem of the Good comes up during efforts to stop the Pollution of our Air, Water, and Earth. Sewers dumping into our seas, and waterways comes to mind here. Can we compost this? How are we going to tell people they can not have a fire place, wood furnace, or wood stove? Can we stop people from burning trash? How do you ban the practice of having a controlled burn to clear Land for Developers? When can we recycle our trash, and garbage instead of putting it in Landfills? How is this going to affect our Democracy here in America?

 The Problem of the Good comes up when whole Nations are stopping the Spread of Disease. It makes it harder to put people into quarantine. We have to do an autopsy of a cadaver over the the family resistance. People will object to performing tests to detect disease. Genetic screening for diseases becomes very difficult. We are trying to save human lives opposed by Collective, and Individual Selfishness masquerading as the Good. Our Democracy will suffer but, there is no Freedom with Sickness.

 Did you know America has a Representative Government not a Democracy? Our Republic does have some Democratic Forms. You will note in your study of the Constitution of the United States of America the word Democracy is absent.

 Here today our Government is still caught up in this Ethics Craze. This Ethics is nothing but, Mind Control. It makes it very hard to get anything done. We need a Government that is Effective. We can quit buzzing. Finally, address the wants, and needs of the American People. Issues like Global Warming, Thermo Nuclear War, Famine, Public Health, Lifetime Employment.... When extinction is forever. We don't need the Good.

 Ethics is Practical Morality in Society. This all assumes people have a Conscience. What if they don't? People don't agree on Morals much. A Dictator could impose their version of Morals on the rest of us. That has happened by the way. A Dictatorship that rules the people with Mind Control. Propaganda according to Behavior Scientist B F Skinner can be used to Enslave people. The Media can be very dangerous in this regard. The United States has gone to Two World Wars, and maybe World War III over this nonsense. There are these constant Trade Wars that harm American Business. We need to cut that out.

 People when attacked must rouse themselves out of this passivity during battle. The Inner Conflict must be Beaten. It is a War against the Good. You can not love the Enemy. That is Treason. Because, the Enemy will kill you, or take you prisoner. The Enemy does not have to exert themselves much. Because, this passive state has done all their fighting for them.

 Kommandant Kitten can not find a better example of this phenomena then presented in Jack Abbot's "The Belly of the Beast." Here a weaker prisoner attacks a stronger prisoner with a knife. He tells the victim to "drop your arms." Then he repeatedly stabbed the victim in the chest until, he is dead. The victim had all he needed to easily win this battle. Many soldiers die on the battlefield because, of this Defect in Human Nature. "Resist the Devil!"

 What happens when an Enemy starts thinking for you? That will kill you, or something really bad like that. That will happen to you. As soon as you pick up the Ethics of the Enemy. You are playing the Enemy's Game. Not, Your Game. This is the "Game of Life."  According to the Rules of the Enemy. Ethics from the Enemy can Destroy a Country. If you are not thinking for yourself. Who is? This is a Work of Freedom.

 We have this Foundation for Better Values. This Charity has quite a few telespots during Saturday, and Sunday. Kommandant Kitten is skeptical about anything having to do with Morals, Values, and Charity. People are playing with your sympathies. Powerful symbols are being used to arouse your mind. It is only $19 dollars a month. You know about the "Uniformity of Camp." This is too suspicious. The American Red Cross, the Shriners, the Mercy Ships, ASPCA,  and many others all want a $19 a month donation. Does all the donated money go to some sort of Collection Agency? You should be worried. Americans hate being fooled. Our Government needs to follow the money.

 You must Win in Debate. If you don't make enemies. If you don't fight you Win All the Time. It is worse. You are at War. If you beat them in Debate. You won't have to wrestle with them on the Battlefield. That is Good Politics. Being a Civilized, Literate Person life makes sense. The Enemy sees you as a Villain. You are a not human. Nothing will change that. Be a Villain. Be a Cat. Let them be Mice.

 If you are a Literate Person. That makes you an Elder. Being of Zion you are on top of the Mountain sort of like Zeus. You are a Learned Elder of Zion. That gives you the Right to Rule. Because, you are a Citizen. You don't have to read anything more. The Demon will serve you. Whole tome is filled with Nonsense. Nonsense will wreck your mind. It is not as bad as Mind Control.

 "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" is a work of Psychops. As such it is a Work of Napoleonic Magic. There is a Demon. That is meant to take people over. The Demon's name is Goyim. Goyim is a form of Baal. This is Baal the Lord of the Goyim. Now, they have a Lord. That Baal is from Tyre but, it is Damascus nowadays. The Demon is under Melquart. Melquart is the Phoenician Zeus. Note, the Apotheosis of Hercules of King Louis XIV. That Demon is controlled by the French Gendarme back then. This operates off of a Demon of the Race. It is not seen much in the literature of the Jews. But, it is there. That has to work off of a Formula that is in Napoleonic France. That is a Formula of God called Christ. That is to Purify France. Since, Christ is the Purity of God. This is when the People don't want to be Good. The People want to be Pure. That is to Preserve the Best Part of France at the Expense of the Rabble. France can live on only in this manner. Now, that makes sense. That is why? This is a Work of Freedom. The Citizen of France is a Product of that Freedom. All this came to the United States then.

 As aforesaid the Rabble are controlled by Gangsters. The Gangster has a Swine Herd set lose on the Land. That isn't pretty. Because, the Swine are illiterate creatures of brute instinct subject to the whims of the Herdsman. There they are destroying the landscape by rooting up everything. They will root up all the Botanical Gardens. Unless, somebody stops them. The pigs are coming. This was called the Reign of Terror in France. First the people had to grow tired of this. There is no Freedom in any of that, or anything like it.

 The Fable of George Washington, and the Cherry Tree is Mind Control. It goes like. George Washington as a boy cuts down his father's cherry tree as an act of pure mischief. When queried by his father. "I can not tell a lie. I did cut the cherry tree down." George Washington because, he told the truth is unpunished. The bottom line is if you are honest. You will suffer no consequences for bad behavior. You can deforest the entire Planet. Everyone will applaud your honesty. President Kennedy was honest enough to say. He was going to blow up the whole World. Crack the Earth like a rotten egg with a Nuclear Test of a 150 Megaton Bomb. People still love this bad lad. People have to stop loving the Enemy of God, Nature, and Humanity. Definitely anything like it. They are the Spawn of the Devil.

 The missing piece of paper is another example of Mind Control. A very disgruntled soldier picks up a piece of paper. He throws it away claiming that is not the right piece of paper. By feigning insanity he can get a Discharge from Military Duty. But, Malingering will get him a Court Marshal. He is going to Prison for that. There is the Right Piece of Paper. It is a Bad Conduct Discharge. Our bad soldier gets only the first part from hostile scuttlebutt. This kind of gossip can ruin you if you fall for it. Because, it comes from the Enemy.

 "Little boys throw fruit." That will get you to cut all your fruit trees down. The Mind Control goes deeper. If little boys throw fruit. What is to keep little boys from throwing bombs? These little boys are too violent. Most children are not violent like this. Obviously, we must kill off all those little boys. We can do this by getting little boys to kill themselves. That is done by getting them to act on a dare.

 Many Religious People believe Auschwitz has a place in this Eternal War between Good, and Evil. That there is more at work than the evil that men do. What if there is? Did the Devil do it? Let us say that the Devil did have a part to play. We will explore this a bit.

 Here we come to the Mystery of Ashtoreth. This is the correct image. It is not a proper image of the Big Friend.

 A media search for the image of Ashtoreth on Google. Yields some interesting results. Look! There is Lilith. Mother Goose is Lilith in "Grimes Fairy Tales." Lilth is completely malefic. The Offspring of Lilith mating with Cain were the hideous Giants. They produced the Women who Tempted the First Angels whose Offspring were Destroying the Earth just before the Flood. Like Kali Lilth is a Deity of Time. Ashtoreth is a Minor De prity of War probably from Ancient Egypt. But, Lilith isn't Ashtoreth. It's Aphrodite? Again Ashtoreth is not Aphrodite. Aphrodite is the Ideal of Love. Ashtoreth is the Ideal of Reward usually, Sex. Asherah is not Ashtoreth. Asherah is really Ceres Demeter. Tanith Pene Baal is the Girl. Tanith is not Ashtoreth. Qadesh in Ancient Egypt is Ashtoreth. Ashtoreth is very rare in the Middle East. Ashtoreth is worshiped by the Goyim. The Goyim are in Israel. They pay tribute to Damascus. The Goyim raise flocks of sheep, and cattle for tribute. The Goyim are Agrarian People. In Jeremiah we find this in the Prophet's Complaints regarding King Ahab, and Jezebel. Jeremiah has been exiled to this remote Hell. Jeremiah is a Sacred Person not to be Destroyed. Jeremiah has El as his Formula. YHWH is not in the picture here. King Ahab has become a Lord of the Soil. King Ahab loses in battle with Babylon because, EL can not win battles. The Goyim run away. The rest of Israel goes under the Dominion of Babylon the Great. Later it is will become the Parthian Empire that rules Israel. That begins Queen Esther. The Goyim are in Damascus.

 In order to understand the Prophets of the Old Testament. All of them falable Sinners. Although Guided by God from time to time the Prophets still exercise Free Will. There is some debate whether the Prophets were Saved by God.  The Prophets still reside in Sheol. God did not change His Mind methinks. That is according to our way of thinking. We start with Formulas. The Complete Formula of the Girl will get you the Goddesses as your Muses. That will get you started. The Young Girl of Carthage comes from a Place Far, Far, Far Away. Why is Tanith Pene Baal here on Earth? It has to do with the proximity of God. There is a Point of Entry located on an Event Horizon somewhere in the Milky Way. That is where God the Creator has His Workshop so to speak. There Planets, Stars, and Something Else are being Made, and Fashioned There. This is the Eternal Beginning of All of It.

 Here is where we Start. We begin with the Word. The Word is Sophistry. There are lots of different kinds of the Sophistry of God in the Holy Bible. That is why there is so  much disagreement in Christianity between all these different Sects, Denominations, Orders, Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, and Others in Christiandom. There are many different versions of the Holy Bible. It is the Prophet Jeremiah. God as El is about Dominion. The Formula Starts with the Animals, Man. Angels, Gods, Demons, and continues on. Tanith Pene Baal is interested in all that. YHYH is known as Ishvara by Another People. With that you become the Supreme Brahman. Just as Abram with the Blessings of Melchizedek became Abraham. The Complete Formula of YHVH gets Victory in Battle. Kitten has been after this Formula for some time. When Kitten is fighting a War. This Inheritance of YHVH gets an unbroken Stream of Victories. The Precious General is with Kitten. That comes out of the Dharma. The Dharma is the Laws of Nature. Sometimes called Natural Law. The Wars of Beauty have been Decreed by Kommmandant Kitten. It is killing off everything that is ugly. Cancer is ugly. Bedbugs are ugly. Pestilence is ugly. Don't you want to kill it off? Kamala is our Precious Queen.

 To Whom is Jesus Christ of Nazareth praying to as Abba (Daddy) in "Our Father who art in Heaven..."? There is no such relationship as God the Father in the whole Old Testament. God the Father does not exist in Judaism. A Son of God is always, a Prophet. Jesus Christ of Nazareth like the Prophets of Old is not a Teacher. Jesus Christ of Nazareth did not Teach by Example. That is why no one could follow Him. None of His Disciples could do that. They failed their Lord. You should even try to. Jesus Christ of Nazareth testifies that Jerusalem always kills the Prophets. Because, Prophets cause problems. God the Father is Jove! That is Roman for YHVH. That is obvious since, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is Rome's Man. We will prove this.

 Jesus Christ of Nazareth could relate to God the Father. But, you shouldn't. Because, it is Incest. God is not your Father. God can be like your father. God can be like your brother. God can be like your uncles, and cousins. God is Greater. You should not belittle God. That is intolerable presumption to do that.

 Where do Angels come from? The Arch Angel Michael comes from Babylon. As the God Micah appears on the scene at the same time the Babylonian Storm God Enlil (Aeolus) does. The Prophet Micah appears to be an Incarnation of the Arch Angel Michael. All the Arch Angels come out of Micah's Package from God. It is there to Win a War Against Everything.

 Angels even Arch Angels are very questionable. Frequently tools used by the Black Magician to make a Pact with the Devil. How can such things be? Angels unlike Men have no Free Will. Angels have no thought of tomorrow. As such  even Arch Angels will do nothing to persuade the Magician from making a Pact with Satan. It is alright if the Sorcerer's Soul goes to Hell. It is supposed to he is a bad man. These Angels do not like men, or women for that matter being Impersonal Messengers usually, of God's Punishment, and Retribution. Angels are very Cruel. Angels have no Conscience. Angels lack the Power of Reason. Angels are not Sane like men. Angels are not exactly crazy either of course. Angels qualify as being what men call Other. A quick study of the Book of Revelation like the Opening of the Bottomless Pit, Smiting the Earth with Plagues, and so forth according to some Theologians is going on today. It appears these Angels are Deceivers, Punishers, and Destroyers. Just because, Angels do come from God does not mean Angels are good as men understand, the word good. Thus Angels all have a Dual Nature. Note that Jesus Christ of Nazareth did not consort with Angels anymore than with Satan.

 The Wars of Flowers have gone Global for Kitten. Aztec Theology is simple. "We want it."

 Returning to the Prophet Jeremiah. All the Complaints to God are about King Jeremiah. That man isn't going to exist. He isn't getting any Tribute for Jerusalem. King Ahab has to die in battle. King Ahab does beat the Chaldeans in three successive battles. He is the only one on the battlefield. Baal does not die easy. When that happens Jeremiah has to die too. The Magic of the Chaldeans is greater than Jerusalem. The Temple in Jerusalem was there for the Remembrance of God. That is what those Rituals, and Ceremonies are to do. The Spell of Unbelief caused them to Forget God. The reason is Babylon has Micah. Micah as the Arch Angel Michael has a Dominion. Jeremiah was deceived by Babylonian Magic. All the while the Babylonians are Destroying the Temple. People see it. Don't believe it. That is the Spell of Unbelief. If you have the Complete Formula of El. You can know all the Dominions of God. Kitten has the Wisdom of the Dominions of God. It is the Realization Creation is just Him. That is Enlightenment. All that has to be claimed by you. That makes you a Prophet. Kitten got that for the Girl.

 Strangely, there is a kind of correspondence between the Wandering Prophets of Jerusalem, and those that came out of Avalon. Also, this Cult of Wandering Bishops in the Dark Ages seems to be cut from the same cloth. The City of Carthage was founded by people in order to have their Purity. They seek to escape this Mischief coming out of Jerusalem. That is two hundred years after the death of King Solomon. The Old Testament Prophets did not have Micah. The Babylonians did Worship Micah. No one could control the Arch Angel Michael in Babylon. The Prophets that came later from Avalon to Rome. Did not have the Deep Secrets of Michael the Arch Angel. Of course, they were destroyed. Finally, Bomber Harris found the Way of Controlling the Arch Angel Michael to make him the Anti Christ. Now, the Eternal Question? "Can God fight?" "God is dead!" God Created Michael to be the Supreme Ruler of this World. The Arch Angel Michael Rules the Earth. The Arch Angel Gamiel Rules the Waters as the Great Fish that swallowed Jonah. The Arch Angel Gabriel Rules the Air: Annunciation of Prophecy. The Arch Angel Raphael Rules Disease. The Arch Angel Uriel Rules Power. All have Rebelled in the most despicable manner. These Fell Angels are in a terrible predicament.  But, if God isn't dead. God created this Arch Angel Michael, and His Race for God's own Amusement? The Girl has killed Arch Angel Michael several times in Days Long Past. Sammael the Venom of God has to test the Arch Michael with Fell Poison. Lucifer now, Free is going to try out His Lighting on this puny Upstart. Moloch is building a Fire Worthy of the Arch Angel Michael. Asmodeus is going to gut the Arch Angel Michael like the Sacred Fish of Tobias. The Arch Angel Michael's Gall Bladder will be burned in the Fire of Moloch. Astaroth is going to Collect a Debt Due, and Payable in the Coin of the Realm. That is the Arch Angel Michael's Heart will be burned in the Fire of Moloch. Beelzebub as Lord Khephra the World Builder wants the Arch Angel Michael's Blood in His World of Dung. Nirrti wants to give the Arch Angel Michael the Gift of Ultimate Corruption. Of course, Satan wants to lend the Arch Angel Michael a Helping Hand of Anarchy. The rest of the Arch Angel Michael's Body will be fed to the Animals. Oh! We almost forgot to tell everybody. Yes! God can fight! The Arch Angel Michael Lost.

 Who really wrote the Books of the Old Testament? All the Tribe of Levi were carried off into Babylon. The rest of the Israelites were killed off for the most part. The rest were forced to marry the Chaldean Peoples. This was for the pleasure of Nebo the Chaldean God Mercury the Messenger. Nebuchadrezzar, Nebuchadrezzer, Nebuzar-adan, Necho, and Nechoh are all closely related. It is Neuchadrezzar II that captures Ancient Israel, and Syria in March 16, 597 BC. it is Xerxes I a.k.a. Ahasuerus  that makes Esther his Queen. After Xerxes I was defeated by the Ancient Greeks. Xerxes I becomes  subject to the Politics of the Harem. After the death of Xerxes in 465 BC. The Land of Israel is resettled. It was really nice of the Chaldean's to copy the Old Testament for us all. It does show in parts of the Book.

 Tanith is Present when the Apostle Paul meets Jesus on the road to Damascus. Tanith has to tell Kitten everything. Look! There is the Young Girl of Carthage. Poof! Two Angels have been destroyed by the Girl. They are both appalled by the Girl's brevity. The Girl seems to disappear until, the ascent of Jesus to Heaven. Wasn't it nice of King Xerxes to make Esther Queen of Jerusalem? King Xerxes probably, married Haman to Esther to get rid of them both. It was as good as Hanging Him. Then started Rebuilding the Second Temple in Jerusalem.

 There are surviving Works of Magic like the "Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses." There are several of Editions of this Work of Cabalistic Magic. It appears to come from the Holy Cabala. Cabala means a Collection of Different works. You don't have to make the Breast Plate of Aaron. All those Cabalistic Diagrams, Objects, Spells, and Prayers have been done for you. Since, this is a Fighting Book. You are in deadly danger. This edition of the "Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses" read by the Young Kitten is different than one that can be downloaded here. The Young Kitten's "Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses" It is a work of Chaldean, and Carthaginian Magic. The Bottom Line is Nergal (Mars) is your God. You acquire Moloch (My King) as an Ally during a Total Solar Eclipse. You acquire Ammon (Baal Hamman) as your Ally during a Total Lunar Eclipse. Ashtoreth of Palestine is your Friend. Both of these Allies are with the Young Girl of Carthage. It is important to have the Girl. The Girl will keep you Safe from the Consequences of this Magic. Even the Miracles in this Tome came to pass. The Young Kitten acquired a Bull Frog during a Time of Drought. We all know such things are impossible.

 This Ammon is at the Witches Sabbath. Goya is doing Ammon justice here. Ammon's Maidens are all Fools.

 Kommandant Kitten's Allies have Names. Kitten's Ally Ammon is "Secrecy." Kitten's Ally Molech is "Agony." The Bomb is a Servant of Moloch. Nergal's Name is "War." Namtar's Name is "Plague." Kommandant Kitten's Prodigies of War: "Let the Mountain Perish," and "We will Win." The Primordial Babylonian Deity Tiamat is  Alana of All the Waters is the Nymph of Rome. Apsu is Neptune the Lord of Fresh Waters. The Imp sometimes seen with Alana is Marduk. All the Babylonian Pantheon comes out of this Package from Alana as needed. The Girl Tanith Pene Baal will make all Agreements, and Arrangements. Carthaginian Pantheon comes out of the Girl. Kommandant Kitten has completed both Times of Service Honorably to both of Kitten's Allies. Fire will Serve Kommandant Kitten during Times of War and Love. That comes from Lord Moloch. Kommandant Kitten will Know the Great Secrets.

 Once, you get the little Friends. Ammon, and Moloch will grow. Ammon grows up to be Jove even YHVH. Moloch grows up to be Iblis. Moloch's Proper Ruler is Hephaestus he becomes Phoebes Apollo. Our picture shows the Faceless Angel of Secrecy. You may notice how the faces are blurred out on the News. That is Him.

 In the picture there is the Girl Sign with the Moon shown in Eclipse. This is Lord Ammon revealing the Secrets of Death. That picture comes from a Funeral Jar. That is to get you started. Buddhist Contemplation on All the Forms of Death: Putrid Corpse, Hanging Corpse, Eaten by Maggots Corpse, and so on. Now, you are ready to do Tibetan Chud Practice of Giving the Body as Food. The Initiation, Empowerment, and Explanation of Chud Practice are nearly impossible to obtain of course. That will get the Secrets of God with Ammon Ra.

 In this story the Sophist Pygmalion with the help of Lord Moloch, and Hephaestus is able to fashion the statue of Galatea. According to the Love Laws of Aphrodite. Aphrodite brings the statue to Life. Ammon found all those Secrets as. All this is done under the Protection of Ares (War). Done with all the Skills of Hephaestus. Hephaestus is the Proper Ruler of Moloch. Severity is Wrath. Severity is Hathor. Severity is Charity. There is Love for those that Deserve to be Loved by God. We live under Charity. That all Left Hand Path. Demons can do Great Works. Remember Deimos (Terror), and Phobos (Fear) come with Ares (War). That is why there is so much Progress during Wars. People don't like the Ideal of War is needed for Human Civilization to Progress. This is Normal Life. Normal Life is what people really do. A Villain understands this.

 This picture has the Girl Sign plus the Caduceus is Moloch doing a Transformation. Here the Girl is Vasisima the Carthaginian Aphrodite. That is the same as the Ancient Greek Aphrodite. Aphrodite is not Tanith.

 There is another pictograph not shown. It is the Sun above a Black Dragon with a Crescent Moon underneath. That is the Birth of MLK coming out of the Total Eclipse of the Sun.

 A similar pictograph again not shown. The Planet Mars rather than the Sun above a Red Dragon with a Crescent Moon underneath. That is MLKMR coming from a Total Eclipse of the Moon. Sometimes called Milchom. MLKMR is who Kommandant Kitten really Is.

 Napoleon pioneered the exploration of Carthage, and Ancient Egypt. Later came the British. Of course, the Nazis amassed considerable amounts of material on these Ancient Civilizations. The Nazis did Study the Bible to death with beastly avidity. Are these the Last Days? The Nazis really wanted to know. Here Aleister Crowley starts his journey. This will lead Aleister Crowley to Mesopotamia: the Origins of Angels. Nineveh in search of Queen Semiramis. All over Palestine, India, Ceylon, China, Japan, and the Americas. Aleister Crowley learned the Secrets of the World.

 Now. the Great Beast Aleister Crowley has "Liber 777." Download "Liber 777" right here. There are a set of Correspondences that come only from the Beast. The Book 777 appears to be a Work of Cabalistic Magick. "Liber 777" is the distilled essence of all the Magick in the World. This is for Crowley only. You have to Worship the Beast in order to get this Pattern. That is to Run the Program. The Program Runs in People's Heads like in a series of super computers. The Program is Revelation. Half a billion people believe in the Program. Now, it is even more people. The Pattern of Avalon is not strong enough to beat Germany. Crowley has a connection with the Secret Chiefs in Germany. One of the Secret Chiefs is in Auschwitz. It seems that Heydrich was one of Them. That is what does it. Auschwitz told the Beast what He needed. In return Auschwitz gets to be here Globally to Worship the Beast. There are countless POWs missing at the End of the War. They are not dead. It is just Nobody whats to find Them. Not ever. They are with the Beast.

  "Liber 777" comes from the Young Beast. Aleister Crowley is in his thirties. Crowley's best book is still "Magick Theory and Practice." Kommandant Kitten has read all the Crowley material. A lot of people like Crowley. That is fine with Kitten and the Girl.

 There are almost no pictures of Tanith. Tanith is very shy. Most of the depictions of so called Goddess Imagery are nothing of the sort. Usually, they represent prominent women only. They really are not Idols.

 The so called very Ancient Chubby Goddess is the Angel of Childbirth Anael. Presumably. these Fetish Objects existed Before the Flood. Anael gives Birth to Giants. Giants are not good. Man to Man.

 Pictures of Tanith on the Internet are usually, Ceres, Demeter, Persephone, Aphrodite, Hera, and Juno. This is the only picture of Tanith here on the left.

 Idols require Relics to Bring Them to Life. Contain the Soul of some sort of Sacred Person. Breaking the Idol releases the Soul. It is usually, a Jinn. One of the Minions of Iblis.

 Then there is something you need to know about Mantras. Mantra  means Mumbling  a phrase again, and again that allegedly has some sort of meaning. It is a kind of Magic Trick done to the Mind. Your Mind thought to be favorable somehow? Mantra are questionable.

 You do not have to do any of the Magic of the "Sixth, and Seventh Book of Moses" Kommandant Kitten has already, done this for you as a Comrade.  This is a Work of Freedom.

 People are dying for you. Everything you have in life. Somebody has died in order for you to have that. You have to be worthy of that. All those sacrifices being made in your name. Be you a God, or a Devil. You are going to have to live up to those standards. You must honor all those people that have died for you since, Time Immemorial. These are the necessary sacrifices. No one dies in vain. This a Work of Freedom.

 This is a picture of Sara. Known as Sara Kali to the Gypsies. Sara is not Tanith. This Blue Bird of Happiness is Aphrodite from Ancient Greece.

 You are being told this because, all the World Leaders are Occult Oriented at the Time of Hitler. Still are These Days. Superstition is an Incomplete View of Life. But, it is not a lie exactly. We try to explain what Science, and Technology have yet to Discover.

 The Cabala is based on the "Book of Splendor" written in Medieval Spain. You understand, the Cabala itself is much, much older. You can download this book here.

 To read books in PDF format. You will need a PDF Reader. Download Free PDF Reader here.

 According to Aleister Crowley's Cabala the Orders of the Qliphoth are given. We have the Triad: Beliel (Worthlessness), Quemetiel (Crowd of God), and A' Athiel (Uncertainty) are Realizations of God in the Negative. Kommandant Kitten has elaborated on the Twins of God Beliel, and Belion. They are used during Time of War since, the Good is Damning at times. In Psychsops we want to Win. We aim to propagate these Realizations. We all experience the Futility of Existence. When God is Beliel Worthlessness. We even have an Uncertainty Principal in the Science of Physics. We have a Crowd of God is all these Sects Christianity, and Judaism.

 The Girl has seen Mohammad outside Carthage. A Woman of Carthage asked Mohammad to wait until, all of Her People left the City. He did. Again when Mohammad is to get Prophecy of the Arch Angel Gabriel. Wa la! The Arch Angel Gabriel goes poof! There is the Young Girl of Carthage saying "God is greater!" The Young Girl of Carthage asks Mohammad to write his Book. "God is greater!" The Young Girl of Carthage leaves so Mohammad can have his Freedom. Mohammad noted that the features of Young Girl of Carthage like the Woman of Carthage are somehow reversed like a Girl in a Mirror. The Girl wants Kitten to read Holy Qur'an. The importance of Kitten's Freedom to Worship God. This is a Work of Freedom.

 "7.3 These devoured all the toil of men; until men were unable to sustain them. 7.4 And the giants turned against them in order to devour men. 7.5 And they began to sin against birds, and against animals, and against reptiles, and against fish, and they devoured one another's flesh, and drank blood from it. 7.6 Then the Earth complained about the lawless ones" This is about the First Sin of the Fall. "The First Book of Enoch" concerning what happens when Arch Angels have Intercourse with Men, and Women. That they may make Angels. They bear children whose genetics has been altered. These are the Giants. Even being in the Presence of an Arch Angel Gabriel alters your genetics. That is because, of the Second Sin of the Fall. That Those that pursued the First became Corrupt in all Their Ways. Even worse than the First. That is why God had to remove Himself from all of Creation. Least God be Guilty of Creating the Possibility of Sin. Thus God made His Atonement. We are on our own. Yet, God still exists.

 Hint here is we have a situation that is analogous to what is being described for us in the "Book of Enoch." Here the World is being controlled by a Low Magic that is no higher than their waist. As it is with Wicca. The Giants are holding everything in subjugation using this Low Tantra. The Angels of the Second Estate have to be Destroyed. Obviously, Angels of Punishment, Destruction, and Retribution have no place in the City of God. That would Disturb God's Peace.

 You can download all the "Books of Enoch" here.

 "Book of Jasher 19.44 And the Lord was provoked at this and all the works of the cities of Sodom, for they had abundance of food, and had tranquility amongst them, and still would not sustain the poor and needy, and in those days their evil doings and sins became great before the Lord. And the Lord sent two of  the angels that came to Abraham's house, to destroy Sodom and its cities."

 The "Book of Jasher" makes clear it is the Breaking of the Laws of Hospitality, and not Sexual Impiety that has aroused God to such Wrath against Sodom, or anything like them. Required reading for all Queers. God does not hate Sappho, or Ganymede's Sexuality. That is Normal Life.

 You may download "The Book of Jasher" right here.

 Now, there is some History concerning Tanith Pene Baal: the Young Girl of Carthage. You have to understand, the Arch Angels have existed since, Beginningless Time. These Arch Angels were with God. Yet, even the Greatest of God's Arch  Angels can spy God only dimly. Otherwise, the Arch Angels would be God. Many misguided people do believe this is so.  It is not so.

 Tanith is Self Created on the Other Side of Life. When Creation is Born. Destruction must come into Being. Tanith comes through Another Event Horizon Later. That has to do with Anti Matter. On  Earth Tanith engages in Commerce with People. This is a Merchant Class. Carthage was Tanith's only City for this purpose. Carthage has Baal Ammon, and MLK. That are with Tanith. Then there are Other Girls: Sara (Kali), Vassisima, Taimat, Catherine... that have different Origins. Vassisima is the Girl who Blows the Conch Shell as a Call to Prayer first thing in the Morning in Ancient Carthage. The Other Girls come from Different Places. At least eighty Other Girls are here in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A. There are no books on Tanith except, what is written here. Tanith is not an Angel of any sort. Tanith has no Intercourse like in the Manner of Angels. Kitten's genes are not altered. Tanith does not think that is good. None of Kitten's Deities will do that. Because, God won't do that. Kitten has a Work of Freedom. Kitten has a Muse of Tanith Pene Baal. The Muse of Tanith Pene Baal is given with the Kitten Daemon, and Persephone. That is very difficult to have since, the Kitten Daemon is an Instructor.

 Now, you must know that each Muse evolves into a Dominion of God. Hence, El is added to the Name of the Muse like Tanith Pene El. We all seek Dominion. Don't we? That is the Ultimate Freedom of Liberty. Micah became Michael. So it goes.

 Astaroth is a different story. Astaroth is with the Planet Venus in Occult Astrology. Astaroth comes from Upstairs. Astaroth is not Ashtoreth. Both Deities compete with one another. Astaroth is another one of the Friends. Astaroth is a Tax Collector. Also, known as a Creditor in the Orient. Here is what it is. You deserve to be better off. Astaroth knows this. The Paper Work has come down from Above. In the Magic Book that is what you are asking for. There are several Formulas to Call Upon God. If you are going to be a Prophet. You have the right to do that. You have complained to God. God will act on it. Kitten's Book was "The Aspiration of Melchizedek." Kitten did write the Book "The Aspiration of Melchizedek." It has only been seen a few times. This is the work of a Buddhist Monk. Buddhist know many Formulas. But not Realize One of those Formulas. You have many Gods. Not realize one God. But, if you Realize one God. Then you can Realize all of Them. According to the Teachings of Kitten's Lama. All the Tantric Yoga teaches this too.

 Astaroth brings a big book called "Science" also, called "Scientia" in the old days. In the Book is pseudographica. Angelogy is covered in great length in this Book. Once, you have got the Book. You have to contribute to it. Kommandant Kitten has a Viral Theory regarding the Origins of Angels. There is the Head Banger Hypothesis. Toxic Psychosis Hypothesis, and a Disease Theory concerning Angelic Origins. All this forms a comprehensive speculation which is interrelated. People that claim to be Angels are Sick. Kommandant Kitten is not bound by his Sophistry. Neither, is a spider caught up in their own web.

  Asherah is Ceres Demeter. Asherah is an Agrarian Deity of the fields, and flocks. Asherah has the Planet Jupiter. The Asherah Poles are supposed to be Two Trees. Actual Place of Worship is never on a Mountain Top with Lord Baal. Baal makes rain. Baal is the Beast. In some instances Baal can be likened unto Zeus at Pergamon. Kommandant Kitten has Baal Peor. Baal Peor has been established in Nashville, Tennessee, USA by bringing a Rock from Baal Peor's Mountain in Syria. Kitten has a Stone against Kitten's Enemies. That brings Baal, Neptune and Hades to Nashville. That is to keep people from dying before their time. Because, we have Established Jupiter. Jupiter is becoming a Star called Jove. NASA will confirm this fact later. The Ancient Egyptians called Jupiter Osiris. Hathor is another Star called Sol. It seems that Sol is really Ptah, or Ra the Living Sun. Ptah gives life to people. Ptah is considered God in Egypt. People are supposed to pay attention to what Ptah is telling them. The Sun talks a lot. Hathor cane be in Other Stars besides our own. This is the Inquisition. Why the Inquisition was interested in Galileo's discoveries? They have seen sun spots, and of course a lot more. This Iquisitor even built a better telescope than Galileo. Yes.  It is all up there. The Inquisition was the genesis of Modern Science. Scientists even today are sworn to secrecy as was Galileo then. That is to protect Science. The Vatican has to be kept ignorant. Science is Secular but, not Profane.

 "The Monks can not live without me?" To quote King Clovis I of the Merovingian Dynasty. Miracles are very scary. At least this one is. This happens right after the death of King Clovis I. King Clovis I well known for the absolute fact he could neither read, or write his own name. King Clovis I Holy Roman Emperor of All Christiandom left behind three Clovis Books. They are well written in the handwriting of King Clovis I. The Clovis Books more than make sense. The Clovis Books are impeccable written by the Demiurge Himself. It is about how to run the Kingdom. Who is going to do that. Understand, the Monks have to be secured before King Clovis I takes the Throne. That is a measure to prevent the Plague from returning. By restricting the movement of Priests in the Kingdom the Plague could rest while King Clovis I Reigned. Stopping the movement of people is what gets rid of the Plague. King Clovis I banished the Archangels along with Lilith binding them to the Service of the Devil. This is the Origin of the Medieval Grimoires. All the Scripture, all the Learning is under Lock and Key with King Clovis' I Scribes, and Pharisees guarded by the King's Own Soldiers. The Old Gods are still welcome. "The Monks can not live without me?" Meant the Monks are to be put to death. The Secret of King Clovis I is that he had Co Merged with the Demiurge of His People. That was Jove as the Complete Majesty of God. Yet, King Clovis I remains completely still himself in this Divine Union.

 The Essence of the Merovingian Empire is Pure Socialism. Enlightened People are always, in Control of Everything. That is the Nature of the Holy Roman Empire. The Merovingian Empire is meant to be a Global Empire. You will find this Socialism in "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion." That is from Napoleon. This Socialism resides with the Illuminati. The Natural Evolution of Socialism must happen in the New Republics. Capitalism (Banking), and Communism (Economics) arise out of the Demands of a Growing World Population (Consumers). Health Care arises out of Popular Demand that is Safe (Regulated), Effective (Cure), and Timely (Legal). Accesssable Health Care (Medicine) that supports Work is in the Market Place. What makes a Nation strong is its capacity for Agriculture, and War. Science, and Technology are on the Path of Strength. Education is in the Ability to Reason, Logic, and Intellectual Freedom. Free Trade binds the Nations together. Commerce is Beneficial. The Warrior States are established.

 This brings us to the Subject of Treasure. Treasure is the most Valuable Everything that an Enemy Owns. The Grand Inquisitor is always, after the Enemy's Treasure. It is a matter of finding their Treasure. Once, the Treasure is secured  by the Inquisitor the Witch is completely powerless. This is the object all these Books. Here are a few you can download to start your Treasure Hunt. Grimorium Vernum Grimoire of Honorius The Grand Grimoire
 We are going to start our Treasure Hunt.

  The Treasure Hunt starts by a Declaration of the right to have the Book in your possession, and your right to use the Book. 

  There is a Relationship with Death  called Black Hala.
  That is at One of the Stations of Death explained later.
  The Stations where you can watch the Procession as Death goes by.
  The Black Hala used here for Ultimate Purification is called Nobody.
  Now, Nothing could do this Purification of All Sentient Beings.
  Somebody thinks so.
  Everybody probably isn't so sure.
  Anybody can try it.
  Nobody will do it.
  We come to the Angels of the First Estate.
  We have some sort of testimony from them concerning those days.
  There is a lot that is said it is not too horrific.

  It is terrible though.
 There  were women that had some power.
 They were the First Children of Adam, and Eve.
 The Angels had to find their power.
 Somehow, they trapped the Angels.
 The women wanted the Secrets of the Dominion of the Earth.
 First the women wanted to live forever.
 The women wanted to know how to kill Enemies.
 Finally, the women wanted to know how to attract men.
 The Angels had to teach them to gain their freedom.
 The Angels have to go somewhere they can not be found.
 This Magick will work for Kitten.
 Only if know the Rules.
 You must not harm them.
 That includes the goat.
 This goat law is there where ever the Goat Wanders.
 That Land is yours.
 It is a pioneering trick.
 The Prospector has claimed the Land where the Goat has Wandered.
 There might be Gold there.
 It is good to tend the Goat.
 Any Goat  Herd still belongs to the Fallen.
 Unless, the herd splits.
 Then you can sell them.
 A claim jumper is going to kill our prospector.
 He stepped on the Land.
 He fell over dead.
  Where the Angels went?
  The Watchers merged with the Forces of Nature.
  Lilith comes down  from Another Creation, or Estate.
  All these Teachings of the Angels were shared with Lilith.
  Worse Lilith mated with Murder who was Cain in person.
  The Giants, or Asura came out of these unions.
  Estate is a House, or Family like the Family of El.
 The Angels are all related to each other.
 There are other arrangements like the Company of Baal.
 Here they are all Companions not always, related to each other.
 Tanith Pene El has a Family of El.
 In this Family are Tanith, MLK, and Satan.
 Originally, there was One Tanith Deity.
 The Division was the Result of the First War.
 The Three Divides were given to certain parts of the Universe.
  Satan is a Galactic Ruler so far.
  MLK is Michael like as Milchom as Co Regent of the Milky Way Galaxy.
  Telazopoca employed the same strategy in fighting the Arch Angels.
  Telazopoca has to Reassemble from Eight Parts that are already down on Earth.
  Now, all of them are down on Earth.
 That is to find out what is killing this Planet's life off.
 The problem seems to be Universal.
  This Planet has gained some notoriety Up There.
  Azazael is here.
  There is Joyful Celebration.
  It has to be with some Offering.
  A cool drink of orange juice.
  A drink of the bull testicle soup.
  That is Kitten food.
  The Sentinels are coming up.
  These are the First of the Asura.
  Lord Sukra there too.
  We understand the Skull Emblem.
  The Black Flag is theirs.
  These are the Cats.
  They came down from Melpomene.
  That is a Star in the Constellation of Taurus the Bull.
  Sometimes called the Cat.
  Melpomene is a Yellow Star very much like Sol.
  Melpomene is Hathor like.
  Kitten is of the Third Estate to come down.
  Kitten is found with Artemis planting Fruit Trees.
  Nimrod is their First King.
  The Hunters like eating Fruit.
  This is start of the Wars of Fruit.
  The Natives don't plant Fruit Trees.
  But, Natives claim to own  Fruit Trees.
  Tezcatlipoca is of the Fourth Estate coming down.
  The Organism is Unfinished.
  You are Unfinished.
  The Organism has Union with the Bomb.
  It takes a lot of Work for the Organism to do Anything.
  ET does not like the Organism.
  It is pretty good to get rid of Him with it.
  Lilith got very sick.
  Lilith is of the Second Estate as are the Arch Angels.
  Lilith came down as Eve.
  Our Alien Civilization began while the Earth was still molten.
  The Grays are very Old.
  The Grays are not Native to our Galaxy.
  Tanith certainly isn't either.
  The Girl is much Younger.
  The Girl, and the Grays don't get along.
  Our Alien is the Devil.
  The Organism comes down Preparing the Earth for Life.
  Our Life not Theirs.
  The Organism sees the Alien as a Pest.
  The Organism is adapting to kill the Pest.
  The Pest is Bad.
  Concerning the Hathor Muse.
   We have decided not to do Eve.
  Eve is impersonated too much.
  You could get this beautiful realization of Woman from a Malevolent source to deceive you.
  Like Psychops Operations using the Virgin Mary.
  Most of the Women are Angry.
  There is no point in loving them in the Manner of Eve.
  Worse most of the Women are Diseased.
  We have No Woman.
  Eve has No Rules.
  Eve is Hathor's Handmaiden.
  Hathor the Golden Aphrodite has Girl Rules like in those Girl Rules, and Love Laws with Aphrodite.
 These Girl Rules are there to protect men.
 Man to Man pay attention to Girl Rules.
 The Girl is Lethal.
 The Girl is not human.
 But, the Girl will match you with a suitable mate.
 If the Girl likes you.
  The Girl can not be your Mother.
  That would enslave you.
  That is what incest does.
  It is really sick.
  The Girl can be like your mother.
  The Girl can be like your sister.
  The Girl can be like your aunts, and cousins.
  The Girl is not the Magna Mater.
  Witches believe that the Mother Goddess is nothing but, their Cunt.
  The word Cunt in this case is used to refer to the Entire Female Reproductive System.
 The Witches have everything come out of their Cunt like Robin Good Fellows to gather everything for their  Motherhood.
 There are Nature Spirits that come out of their Cunt for the Witch is Mother Nature.
 That harms the Land, the People, and the Climate as they Mother the World.
  Witches try to absorb everything into their Cunt.
  Witches claim everything goes back to the Great Mother.
  This is not so.
  Witches have a life no higher than their waist.
  This is Evil Fallen Human Nature.
  When it is Arrested Development.
  That is why Aphrodite hates them.
  Aphrodite is not your mother.
  That is to keep you pure in your mind.
  The Girl will never harm you.
  The Girl will not ask you to do anything bad.
  Those are explained a lot in the Girl in Advertising.
  The Model who is the Girl is a Givey.
  "Givey! Givey! Givey!"
  There is man on the phone.
  But, there is no "boiler room" with people calling anybody.
  It is time get out your Bank Card.
 Kitten does not take credit cards yet.
 You can put it back in your wallet.
 Kitten wouldn't mind if you write a check, or send some cash in the mail.
  It will be Worth It.
  Kommandant Kitten does not have to call you up for you to do this.
  To sponsor very much needed research.
  This is Making Merit.
  Kitten does not take too much.
  You are not going to go broke.
  You can buy your way out of the Ghetto.
  Then you will have a Fortress to Protect you.
  You have to give everything in order to get anything good.
  That won't kill you.
  It saved Kommandant Kitten's Life.
  That is the Virtue of Hospitality of God.
  You can be with it.
  The Great Work.
  The Secrets of Work are yours.
  You can send a check in the mail too.
  That made out to Kommandant Kitten a.k.a. Jack Steven Shewmaker.
  A simple search on WHOIS will show: Jack Steven Shewmaker 270 Tampa Drive J15, Nashville, Tennessee 37211-3994.
  That will yield the right mailing adress, and phone number to send your check in the mail.
  You can call Kommandant Kitten.
  Name Jack Steven Shewmaker is even in the Nashville Phone Book.
  You will find it there.

  1(615)-315-8831 "You can talk to me."

  Man to Man you need to contribute to the Sophistry.
  Man to Woman you are living in a Delusion.
   Women are becoming more Liberated, and Free like women in the Wiemar Republic in Germany.
  All the Liberal Values were there just like in the United States today.
  Along came a Depression.
  It is all gone!
  That was due to Artificial Scarcity.
  Millions of Women died.
  Millions of Men died.
  For no Reason at all!
  It is happening again.
  "Unreality is becoming the mark of our times."
  Games can do that!
  Don't you want to stop that?
  Together we can do this.
  You have have to understand, these Games that can only be hinted at, and described by Sophistry.
  There are Stories.
  They are needed.
  Here we are tapping the Demonic.
  Puma had Zagmo put down a Moon Pool.
  A Moon Pool here is the by product of Project Mohole.
  The Mohole is what separates the Earth's Crust from the Mantle.
 The hole is several miles deep fills with water, and is capped.
 During an apocalyptic disaster  these ponds would be used to dispose of vast numbers of dead bodies.
 The Organism to digest, and dispose of  these bodies was discovered, and introduced into the waters.
  Moon Pool is a Sacrificial Pool.
  We do like Our Rituals.
  The Organism took her apart.
  We have a Read Out from the Organism.
  From Residual Conscientiousness still left in the Body.
  Puma is in great danger.
  Zagmo is a Genetically Engineered Organism.
  Zagmo was also, surgically modified for Martial Arts Training.
  Probably, the surgery to remove both of the labia, and clitoris were done at four years old.
  A Rising Serpent Kick below the waist will not kill her.
  The Lion's Grab will yield no results.
  Zagmo will not die.
  There are no hold barred in War.
  Real Combat is very ferocious fighting.
  All the Moves of Wrath both Defense, and Offense are meant to be used.
  The Skilled Combatant knows all of this.
  Zagmo will Learn Korean Karate.
  It is the child of two Yugoslavian Defectors.
  President Eisenhower says they can do anything they want to the little freak.
  A hidden aspect of Normal Life.
  Zagmo has already been evaluated by one Blue Bird Operative in the Role of a School Teacher.
  The Blue Bird is an Actress.
  In the Role of School Teacher is never out of character.
  All of Zagmo's talents are going to be needed.
  Zagmo gets Games from Lilith Bree a British Master Spy.
  Zagmo is not got enough to be a Banshee.
  Zagmo will still be a formidable opponent.
  Zagmo will become aware of all her Training too.
  That is what makes everything to Puma.
  Right now, we can not get the exact sequences of Zagmo's genome.
  Right, now we have got several Other People.
  They are Genetically Modified Organisms more dangerous to Tashi than Zagmo.
  These Women have had Genes introduced into them.
  It used to be done using the fresh blood of animals.
  That is a Primate.
  Those genes might take.
  The cytoplasm, and the mitochondria can be modified.
  Other animals, fish, birds, reptiles, plants, bacteria, fungi, and viruses have been used by the Alchemists of Old.
  This is New Technology.
  Those objectionable Immune Reactions are disabled using drugs, and surgery.
  This is called Targeted Therapy.
  A human infant has no Immune Reactions.
  That Immune System is mallable.
  Expose a baby to pig genes.
  Later, they can get a pig heart that will not be rejected.
  Super Heroines right out of the Comic Books.
  Tashi is another Pseudonym for Puma.
  That is nothing but, a Story to illustrate a few key points mentioned above.
  Horror Fiction has become Horror Fact in the past.
  Kitten has been Ordered into Dzog Chen to take Power.
  The Transformation will be in Three Months Maximum.
  The Transformation is into Man.
  All of Kitten's Muses are right with this necessary Transformation of Kitten into Man.
  No Woman.
  Man to Man.
  You need to know what Persephone is telling Kitten.
  It is about Drug Treatment Centers.
  Kommandant Kitten has always, said these places are about Medical Quackery, and Fraud.
  The Problem is Drug Education that started in the 60's.
  When the News Media etc is talking about Drugs.
  Children will use Drugs because, they are mad at their parents.
  Every child gets mad at their parents sometime in their life.
  Sometimes this has even gone to suicide out of Self Hate.
   A lot of Drug use has to do with this Hate Effect present in America.
  The Drug Problem is really a Hate Problem.
  People are using, and promoting Drugs to Rebel Against Authority.
  Lies in the Media, etc keep saying that Drug use is somehow pleasurable, and worthwhile to some people that are going to extreme lengths to sustain their Drug Habits.
  The Media, etc keeps tellin
g people that sell Drugs is extremely profitable.
  This is the way out of poverty.
  The more of this Drug Talk.
  The more people will use Drugs.
  The Drug Talk appeals to the Demonic.
  The Demons are talking.
  The Solution is to Shut Them Up.
  The Politicians can quit talking.
  The Media can quit promoting Socially Disruptive Behavior.
  We have to stop playing these dangerous Games in Medicine.
  Worse the Clean, and Sober Lifestyle is being marketed as some sort of Panacea.
  It is a Temperance Addiction.
  We can try cutting nerves to stop the feedback loop that controls craving instead.
  The Gates of Hell still are firmly closed against the Addict.
  "Once an Addict."
  "Always an Addict."
  A Panacea is purported to be a Cure for Anything that Ails you Son.
  With a Diet like that.
  You are still being Starved Down for Execution Boy.
  The Problem is too many Doctors.
  Quantity without Quality.
  Filled with Learned Ignorance, Superstition, Lies. Statistics, Justifying  all this with a Hostile Ideology.
  That will ruin America.
  This Make Work for Doctors creates all these Drug Treatment Places, Funny Farms, and Sanitariums.
  This Recovery Movement is gaining too much Political Power.
  More Evil in High Places as Addicts have their place in the Sun.
  We are going have to kill them all off.
  That is before they get any more chances to ruin our Medical System, and destroy our Country.
  These Addicts can become nothing but, psychopaths, and career criminals.
  The Doctors with this power seeking are a bigger problem.
  There is a Treatment Center in New Mexico near the Border with Mexico.
  A whole group of internees is engaged in Meditation.
  Meditation can influence affairs in the Outside World.
  Persephone is right there.
  It has to do with what is being said.
  It is a Long Poem by Saint Francis of Asisi for summoning the Plague.
  In that area the real Plague in ground squirrels is listening intently.
  They are challenging Persephone.
  Persephone killed the ring leaders, and dispersed the rest.
  This Saint stuff is different.
  Very little is known about the Saints.
  The real Saints were very different people than described in the Propaganda of the Church.
  We are worried about this Death Wish.
  Of Men turning into Women.
  We find this in the Cannabis Smoker all the time.
  Smoking as a Fetish is not True Addiction.
  There is no Withdrawal Syndrome that can possibly Kill you like with Opiates, or Barbiturates.
  A Junkie has more than a bad habit like a sweet tooth.
  In a Man's World  words mean what they say without deception, subterfuge, or cunning.
  That is why we marry the word addiction to a lethal withdrawal syndrome.
  All so called psychological addictions are habituation.
  Any man can give up a habit.
  You can give it up using nothing but, your resources.
  You can do that yourself.
  Unless, you have men that have gotten the Ethics of the Enemy.
  Men can have the Morals of the Enemy.
  Men can experience the Feelings of the Enemy.
  Men can be Unmanned.
  You can hear men talking like girls.
  As seen on TV.
  There is all this girl talk about Addiction.
  Limitless False Accusations.
  Insensitive to the harm they cause others.
  Socially Disruptive.
  Anti Science.
  There are these Groundless Generalizations.
  It is kind of Circular Reasoning that goes back on itself.
  It keeps getting bigger.
  It is a Power Grab.
  In the Political Arena there is lots of girl talk about these issues as if the Devil may care.
  Look! There is a man girl talking about how they are so sorry they were born White.
  This is proof that the Enemy is Thinking for this wretched man.
  This man has been completely feminised.
  He has no ambition.
  He seeks a man to take care of him.
  He wants to die in his pessimism.
  Work is an intolerable burden to him.
  What would happen if by some evil fortune such a creature may gain power over a man?
  What a calamity it would be if such a weakling should gain Political Office?
  That has happened.
  There is a shortage of men in America.
  The women all say so.
  There is man girl talking on National Television all apologies for being what he is a man.
  Who castrated this man?
  You are witness to the real honest to God Mind Control.
  It is a Spy Game with billions of dollars in pla.y
  Another man has fallen to the Forces of Occupation.
  It has already been stated we re going to kill off all these Drug Treatment Centers.
  That is by killing off all the people in them, and closing them down permanently.
  We are going to have to kill off all their Sympathizers.
  We are ready for the Next Bold Step.
   We are going to Exterminate the World Health Organization out of Existence.
  Did you know there are at least three hundred World Health Health Organization Groups (WHO Groups) operating in Nashville?
  Most of them are secret Un American Organizations.
  Bad People have paid off the United Nations to let these Misfits into the World Health Organizations.
  Nobody can Trust Bad People.
  Can you?
  Of course, that is too extreme for the time being.

 Here we get to something dear to Kommandant Kitten's Heart.
It is called Integrated Pest Extermination.
 It is ridding the World of Pestilence by Means of Selective Extermination of Target Organisms.
The Word Pest means Plague.
A Pest does not Own Land.
A Pest since, Pests can not Have that is Possess Any Rights.
Having Any Rights Implies you Own Private Property.
That you Own Land at least your own body, and you have complete Control that since, it Property.
You Own Private Property only if you are Sane.
We know pests have no right to live on the Land.
Pests degrade the Land.
Pests can make Land worthless.
Horses have a Right to Live on the Land.
The Land Owner says so.
The Land Owner can be even a Government, or Private Enterprise.
West Nile Virus harms the Land by harming horses.
The Horse have Animal Rights.
Animal Rights are granted to the horses to Live on the Land.
A horse has the Right To Defend Itself from marauding dogs seeking to kill horses.
A horse has the Right to Resist Disease.
A horse has the Right to Fight Off Pests like mosquitoes that spread West Nile Virus.
That is a First Aid Measure.
The horse is allowed use any and all measures to Reduce the Reservoir of Infection.
The horse can Employ Public Health Measures with that in mind.
Through a Selective Breeding of Horses Technically Own Land.
A Genetically Enhanced Animal has Genetically Enhanced Animal Rights.
That is a Form of Human Rights.
In this case an animal can be murdered.
The penalty for murder can be even death in such cases.

Here we can go further.
We can reduce the Reservoir of Infection in the Wild by by using an Oral Vaccine in food to rid Wild Populations of Animals Immune to Diseases of Economic Importance like Rabies, Bubonic Plague, Yellow Fever, West Nile Virus, and Other Vector Borne Diseases.
Those diseases can become extinct.
Nobody will mind it much?
Baits eaten by rodents can be used to kill off harmful organisms like the fish tapeworm in wild mice, fleas, ticks, lice, and mites that spread disease.

  This is affects every aspect of your life buddy.
  You are almost, Inside the "Enemy's Camp."
  There you won't even have Auschwitz Rights.
  In Auschwitz you have Privileges that are missing in the "Enemy's Camp."
 Day by Day your Freedom is being Eroded.
  What do you think?
  Man to Man?
  Man to Man to is your Manhood nothing but, a piece of meat?
  You are going to want to know why these extreme measures are vital to the life of our Country.
  That is any Country too.
  You have probably, seen on television this milk like substance being fed to babies, and children in Refugee Camps.
  It is milk isn't it?
  It is a grain by product with "abit of the bitter" in it.
  It contains aflatoxins one of the most toxic, and carcinogenic substances on the Planet.
  It contains rodent urine.
  This may have happened.
  There it is right in front of you killing people on National Television!
  The World Health Organization has known this since, its formation the 50's.
  That is a Crime that was never committed in the Auschwitz "Camps."
 The World Health Organization has sponsored dangerous anti scientific research that undermines American Commerce.
  This has been supported by Block Grants from the American Government.
  Block Grants in themselves are bad.
  The Block Grant can be diverted towards some unworthy enterprise.
  Yet, the Accounting will look perfect.
  The World Health Organization keeps parroting this line we are being fully nourished by our diet in America.
  That is a filthy lie.
  The actual nutritional content of foods has changed over the years.
 That has  to be re investigated to draw up Nutrition Tables for schools, hospitals, emergency shelters, and the general public.
   The evidence is that food at harvest has  much less nutrition than in the past.
  Farmers  are not using fertilizers.
  No one is composting sewage.
  We are not being fed.
  We can prove this as in the case of the human body's requirement for phosphorus.
  High levels of strontium in human bone prove our diets are calcium deficient.
  People's teeth are rotting right out of their heads.
  The World Health Organization does not see phosphorus as a necessary component in people's diets.
  That is a Crime Against Humanity.
  That is by spreading all these dangerous lies about Human Nutrition.
  We can see for ourselves all these Nutrient Deficiency Diseases in the majority of Americans.
  This is not an accident.
  We have enough evidence to put them on Trial in Kangaroo Court.
 The Roo has Ruled the World Health Organization is Guilty of Crimes Against God (Blasphemy), Against Animals, Against Mankind.
  This goes to the Tribunal  for the Advancement of Animals and Man.
  Man has ruled that the United Nations World Health Organization is unworthy of life.
  Did you know there are Eugenics Laws regarding Allergies?
  Addictive Disease is considered to be a Form of Allergic Response.
  This is always, thought to be Herditary.
  The Laws prescribe the killing  of allergic infants, and their parents to stop the spread of Social Disruption.
  Here we have another Story.
  The Death of Lilith the Elder 1592  Machu Picchu, Peru was engineered by Pizzaro Puma the First of the Strong Men that eventually goes to Simon Bolivar, and Atahaulip (Eagle Man)  the Greatest of the Inca.
  It is the tireless machination of the Jesuits in Spain culminating in the Spanish Armada of Treasure Galleons attacking real English War Ships that did it for the Soldier Inquisitor Pizzaro.
   It got bad when Missionaries showed up in Peru right away.
  Pizzaro had them all burned alive to appease the wrath of the Inca.
  It has happened.
  An Invasion from Outer Space is coming.
  The Inca do not want them to land.
  Pizzaro is coming to their aid with his whole Army, and Ten Cannon.
  A trap has been set.
  A Moon Pool with the required cap is just behind the place Lilith must appear.
  Upon Lilith appearing Eagle Man hurls his Burning Knife through Lilith's Heart as Puma disembowels Lilith.
  Immediately Pizzaro's Brother seizes Lilith throwing himself, and Lilith down into the Moon Pool.
  The Cap Stone is in place.
  The Mountains echo with the screams of Lilith for eight months as the Organism rips her body asunder.
  Eventually, Lilith's spirit is driven from the place of her entombment to Reincarnated to be killed again later by Faust.
  The Alien Ships were driven away by the might of Pizzaro's cannon, and the bravery of all.
  The Sun appeared as a Skull in the Skies by the Spell of Eagle Man.
  What were the Genetics of the First Lilith?
 Lilith has a beak  sort of like a parrot.
 That does not seem too seductive me thinks.
 Cain must of been pretty desperate.
 The Progeny of Lilith, and Cain are the Forbidden Race.
  After the Flood the Forbidden Race is Reborn walking, and moving among us. 
  We will say Lilith was created out of the genes of birds up there.
  Understanding, the dinosaurs were  birds for the most part.
  Somebody can look for the Moon Pool at Manchu Picchu.
  The bones of Lilith will reveal her real genes.
  That is matter of filling the Moon Pool so the Organism can bring them to the surface.

  Here is the Long Explanation of the Co Mergent Demon.
  Ultimate Secret of the Bon Po, Varjayana Buddhist Lamas, and the Mongols.
  The Teachings are Genuine in the Grand Grimoire on how to make the deal with the Sub Tiller Lucifuge Rofocale.
  The Sub Tiller Lucifuge Rofocale is Co Mergent Demon.
  If you pay attention to those Orders given to you by the Creator of the Grand Grimoire.
  You will be able to make this Pact with Co Mergent Demon without any Danger.
  Here the Active Agent is Emperor Lucifer of the Orient the Direction of the Sun Rise.
  Baalzebuth the Lord of the Dung Hill is in the South.           
  Baalzebub is the Lord of the Flies.
  Let is use Lord Khephra, and Khephri rather than the genius of Erkon.  
  Scarab Beetles have a more pleasing form than the Fly.
 The Winged Spinx is Baalzebub with the Riddle of Fly.
 The Winged Bearded Man of Babylon is the Wicked Zu Bird.
 That is still Baalzebub that was transported to London.
 Can you marvel at this?
 Their Educated People have been Lost in the Kali Yuga for Ages.
 The Author of the Kali Yuga is Lilith Queen of the Witches.
 Lilith  is that Old.
 Do not Marvel at HER Shen Rings.
 Those Times are Past.
 We have HER dead.
 All the Mysteries of the Worm are known to Baalzebub.
 Pazuzu is the Prime Minister of Baalzebub.
 Lord of the Flies of the Mosquitoe Marsh, and the Locust Plague.
 The Winged Griffin, and the Chimera are Baalzebub motifs.
  Dracula is none other than the Dragon of the Earth Lord Typhon.
  Understanding, this is all Left Hand Path under Severity.
 Severity is a Tanith Deity with Tanith Pene El.
 Severity is Actually Hathor our Muse of the Sun Itself.
  King Solomon derives most of His Authority from the Magisty of God YHVH.
 Tanith Deity Liber is His Daughter.
 Liber Writes the Book.
 This is the Case in Every Library.
 Here the Scribe must Copy the Book.
 There we have Lord Scrilin the Scribe of Thoth, or Mercury.
 The Pharisee must check the Book.
 Lucifuge Focalor is the Pharisee who Reveals the Book.
 This is Phoenician in Accordance to the Way of King Solomon in Jerusalem.
 We have the Names of God in the Books.
 These are part of the Book of Command.
 This is used to Command God's Armies in the Name of the Lord of Hosts YHVH Saboath.
  Here it is Lord Jove Commands the Armies of Rome.
  The Names mean something.
 Adonay is Adam.
 Christ is the Purity of God.
 Jesus really Yeshua is YHVH Saves.
  Jove Saves as Tiberius Caesar.
  Tetragrameton is the Four Letters that make up YHVH's Name.
 The Phoenicians have YHVH as their God.
 YHVH is Jove.
 Jove is King Solomon.
  Iblis is the King of the Jinn.
  King Solomon is Jerusalem.
 That is the Location of God's Temple rather than Hebron.
 That issue was decided when David defeated Goliath in Battle.
 The Location of God's Temple is movable always decided in Battle.
 Under  the Great Nebuchadrezzar God's Temple moved to Babylon the Great.
 Under Alexander the Great God's Temple moved to Pergamon.
 Under the Parthians God's Temple moved to Tehran.
 Under the Roman's God's Temple moved to Rome.
 Elohim is God is Plural.
 That means that God can have Millions of Billions of Manifestations, Emanations, and more than all that while still retaining God's Oneness, or Singularity.
  That Testifies that God is Omniscient.
  El is the Dominion of God.
  Elohim is the Omnipresence of God.
  YHVH is the Omnipotence of God.
  You have gotten the Empowerment of the Names of God.
  The Book of Command being made ready for the Great Work.
  There are Three Sacrificial Wells established by Alexander the Great.
 All Three Sacrificial Wells were Cursed by Jesus the Christ of Nazareth as Unclean.
 These are the same as the Moon Pools Sacred to Telazopoca in the Americas.
 Telazopoca is Kitten's Co Mergent Demon.
 Telazopoca is an Ally of Kitten.
 Telazocopa has made Kitten the Guardian Named Puma.
 Therein Lies the Secret of Work.
 Let us Begin!
 The Moon Pool has a Guardian.  
 That Guardian is Puma.
 That is who Kitten really is Puma.
 Dionysus is the Judge of Acting.
 Dionysus is Endurance.
 Dionysus is the God of the Games.
 Are the Actors in Character?
 The Oylmpics are movable too.
  Who is  the Lord of the North?
  Old Man Winter with Ice Fire Cold Burning Fire of the Artic.
  Let us call Old Man Winter Rasputin the Debauched One.
  There is a Diabolical Freeze Ray.
  Everything it with it Disintergrates.
  It is a Disintergrater.
  Look the Enemy is Boning Up.
  You can see him turning into them bones.
  The Freeze Ray has a Cold Effect instead of a Heat Effect.
  That proves Cold is an Active Agent in the Universe.
  Are there Cold Stars?
  People think Cold stops everything from moving.
  Christmas is most Important to Old Man Winter.
  That is when Mister Christmas comes into his own.
  Mr. Christmas is the Spirit of Giving a Virtue of Hospitality of Jove.
  Greeting is "Merry Christmas!"
  Misses Christmas is called Mrs. Claus.
  Greeting is "Good Luck!" as the Power of Christmas.
  The Christmas Tree is a Holly Tree.
  It is a Tree of Life.
  Food for Animals, and People.
  Gifts are exchanged.
  The People must rally for Christmas.
  For this is the Dead of Winter.
  A Census is taken of the People.
  To find the Living, and the Dead.
  Does anyone need help?
  It is decorated with the Light of the World in the Dead of Winter.
  Old Man Winter counts them.
  The People make merry for Mr. Christmas.
  It is a Time of Great Feasting.
  All the Deities come in Disguise to Dispense Boons.
  It is a time of great celebration until New Years Eve.
  Cupid shows up a God of Children, and Babies of all sort.
  The Power of Cupid is what makes babies Cute.
  Cupid blesses the toys for the Spirit of Play.
  The Loryx plays in the Fires of Christmas.
  Au Puch is Invited the Thunder Bird is Welcome.
  That is to keep things quite.
  The Demons come bringing tribute.
  The Fish is allowed.
  This to make sure Father Time arrives.
  That is allowed.
  The Hope of the People is Restored  the Virtue of Hope's for All Time Greeting "Happy New Year!"
  The Young Time is coming.
  The Celebrations are over.
  There is a Period of Rest.
  There are distinct Periods of Rest between one moment, and the next.
  So it must be with Magick.
  Absolute Zero, and all that.
  That only applies to the Solar Regions we inhabit.
  What if there are Other Physical Laws Operating with Cold Stars dictating the Laws of Physics of Earth.
 This is an Inverted Universe.
 As seen in Universal Death.
 That is a Power of Tanith Pene El.
 That makes it possible to build the Diabolical Freeze Ray.
 It is expected.
 The Books operate according to the Powers of the Earth through the Infernal Regions.
 The Infernal Regions are Battlefields.
 The God of the Infernal Regions is Hephaestus, or Vulcan.
 Hephaestus is Phoebe Apollo.
 Apollo is Truth.
 The Sun is Truth.
 It is just there.
 You can not dispute it.
 The Muse of the Star Hathor is with it.
 The Mysteries of Hathor are there.
 The Sun as Molech, or Surtur, or Iblis, or Agni, or Malek Taus is the Subordinate of Vulcan.
 Lord Agni takes on the Appearance as the Fire Man who teaches Fire Safety.
 The Planetary Ruler is Venus, or Aphrodite.
 The Co Regent is Ops.
 The Owner of this Work is Ceres.
 Persephone is with Ceres.
 Persephone beside Hades is Judgment.
 Pluto comes out of this.
 Ammon is the Knower of Secrets.
 Paimon is the Genius of Palmyra near Rome.
 The Lost Treasure of the Jews.
 That was what the Nazis were after.
 These are the Secrets of Control.
 The Nazis found that the Jews were controlled by their Women.
 Thus all the Nazis had to do is kill the Jewish Women.
 Their Men disintegrate right in front of Them.
 The Nazis began killing the Jewish Women.
 The Jews fell to pieces, and quit being anything that can oppose Nazism.
 This tactic was used against the the Native Americans in New England with some success.
 That  is  the real story of Thanksgiving.
 Other Races are not that Fragile.
  If those Races can Marry Cross Culturally.
  We can do this.

 This is a Work of Freedom.
  Let us get with it.
  The Grande Grimoire is open at the Second Book.
  Me thinks you are already inspired by the Vigil already done for you.
  Whatever, have from your Vigil will be of like nature.
  You might get something like this.
  The Proper Location of God's Temple.
  It is in the United States of America.
  Because, we beat Italy during the Second World War.
  That gives US the Right to Build God's Temple in our Capital City Washington District of Columbia, USA.
  God's Seat is in the United States Senate Building Mr. Pence  sits in it sometimes.
  That is the arrangement by President Eisenhower.
  We still have it.

The Creators of all three Grimoire Books have one thing in Common: Grimorium Vernum is Sicilian, Roman, and Corsican the Master Spirit Scirlin, the Scribe Mercury the Intellect. Grimoire of Honorius is a real Pope in the Vatican the Master Spirit is Adam of Honorius is Logical, the Grand Grimoire is the Anti Pope in France Master Spirit Lucifuge Rofocale is Sanity. It is expected of all of them to produce a Great Work that will combat the Plague.

 The Black Death that ravaged Europe was Pneumonia  Plague. That is the most contagious, and deadly form of Bubonic Plague of the lungs. Ordinary Bubonic Plague does not look any worse than one of the common skin diseases back then. Septicemic Plague of the blood stream the victim is dark colored skin of the Black Death.  
 The Master Spirit for the "Sixth and Seven Book of Moses" is Nergal (Mars).
 Note the Death Bird Namtar Plague leaving the Throne of Nergal.
 That is the Magick of the Chaldean's.
 Faust is the Master Spirit of the "Faust Books."
  Man is the Master Spirit of the "Greater Key of Solomon."
  Man is the Master Spirit of the "Lesser Key of of Solomon."
  Man is the Chaldean God of Babylon Sin with the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
  Mitra is Man Knowing Good and Evil According to Mithra.
  Manu is Man the Thinker.
  Lucifer is Man the Reason Man Exists.
 The Reason Man Exists is Because, Man is Sane.
 Tezcatipco says Man is not finished.
 Man is coming down from the Stars.
 That is Au Puch.
 There is still Unexplained Man.
 Magna Mater Man is not Real.
 Magna Mater Woman is a Lie.
 Then the Magna Mater is an Addiction.
 These thought processes Man is not Real. Woman is a Lie. Are Native to the reasoning of an Addict. Heroin Addicts  reason like that for example. Women seem to be prone to this form of reasoning especially, the mystical variety.  The Magna Mater is a Self Replicating Negative Deity.
 The Magna Mater is the Form of the Ptolemy Isis that nearly took over Ancient Rome is a striking example of this Magna Mater Cult.
 It is Tiberius Caesar Rex who has the Formula for the Magna Mater.
 A Golden Medallion bearing the image of Tiberius Caesar Rex is in existence as the Golden Tiberius.
 Queen Victoria at the age of fourteen showed a keen interest in Royal Magic concerning Angels and Demons.
 Queen Victoria at eighteen became Perfectly Possessed by the Magna Mater.
 Lamb the Soul and Messenger of the Magna Mater told Queen Victoria something.
 "You have taken this Oath of your own Free Will."
 "The Promises will be kept."
 "You will not live."
 "I have seen to that."
 What  are the Promises?
 No one will ever hurt you.
 That is the First Promise.
 You will be Queen.
 That is the Second Promise.
 All Powers That Be are with the Magna Mater.
 These are the present, and future Rulers of Europe including Napoleon III.
 Queen Victoria has met everybody while she was growing up secretly.
 What is the Magna Mater?
 Queen Victoria is the Magna Mater.
 The Magna Mater is the Great Mother.
 Affectionately known as Mom.
 The Matrix is born out of Queen Victoria.
 This is a Christian Matrix.
 There is nothing bad here.
 With the death of Queen Victoria.
 The Matrix is forgotten.
 The Matrix begins to grow sinister like in the movie "The Matrix" an absolute must see it.
 This brings us back to the Times of Ancient Rome's conflict with Ancient Carthage.
 There are Two Cosmic Powers that vie for Supremacy in our Milky Way Galaxy.

 The Girl has challenged the Lamb of God.
 There is a War in Heaven.
 Most of the Center has been Destroyed, and the Lamb is Dying.
 All the Heavens have been wiped out.
 The Angels are being killed.
 Even the Dharma Realms are gone.
 Most of the Deities are not dead.
 These are Other Gods that are not known here on Earth.
  They are on their Home Worlds far away from us, and the War.
 The Girl is One of Those Cosmic Powers.
 The Girl has come down to Earth.
 Ancient  Carthage has the  Girl Tanith Pene El.
 The Girl is a relative newcomer to Earth.
 The Magna Mater comes down from Heaven to challenge the Girl.
 The Magna Mater goes to Rome.
 The Powers That Be Ally Themselves on One Side, or the Other.
 It has to do with  how people are oriented.
 The Magna Mater comes, and goes.
 The Girl is here to stay.
 Tanith Pene El has Local Girl as Tanith Pene Baal.
 Nepal has a Local Girl.
  Tunis has a Local Girl.
 Jerusalem has a Local Girl.
 Paris has a Local Girl.
 Seattle has a Local Girl.
 Spokane has a Local Girl.
 Los Angeles has a Local Girl.
 Nashville has a Local Girl.
 The Local Girl bears the same Name as the Local Girl's Location usually, a City.
 The Local Girl in Nashville is Named Nashville.
 Bordeaux, and France are the Names of Local Girls for Regions, and Countries.
 The Local Girl in Tunis is Named Carthage.
 Tanith Pene El is up there.
 Tanith Pene Baal is down here as Juno.
 The Girl is not Human.
 The Girl is a Star Like Life Form.
 The Girl has Mass that has Increased the Earth's Gravity somewhat.
 That Mass Increase has been Measured somewhere?
 Here we have the Demon Agares.

 Here the illustration bears a similarity to the portrayal of the Jormungand Man bear headed standing on the Leviathan rather than straddling the Crocodile.
 The Jormungand Man is seen riding the Leviathan "Healing the World" with the Jormungand Serpent held aloft in His  right hand.

 The Matrix is running on its own.
 The Matrix has become sour.
 The Matrix is picking, and choosing according to End Times Christian Criteria.
 You will notice in the movie "The Matrix."
 There are people that are Inside the Matrix, and Outside the Matrix.
 The Matrix is a Form of Camp, or Fortress.
 In the "Book of Revelation" at the very end we are either classified as  Paradise the City of God Ruled by the Lamb, or we are Without as "dogs, and sorcerers."
 The Great Game of Cat and Mouse has gone to End Game.
 Lots of Questions come to mind.
 These are Big Questions.

 Kitten is Transforming into Man.
  Kitten is Puma.
 Puma is Nahualli Animal Disguise of Kitten.
 The Creator God Tezcatipoca Animal Disguise is Jaguar Lord.
 Here Unexplained Man and Co Mergence.
 Kitten is a Code Name used in Experimental Research.
 That refers to Me.
 That's true.
 This Experimental Research in 1951 is Survival.
Radiation Exposure even during, and after a Thermo Nuclear War.
Worst Case Scenario without dying.
Kitten is a Human Being at Birth.
There is only one Kitten.
Data has been collected concerning the hardiness of certain Animals.
All are Mammals.
Unfortunately, all the Primates are highly unlikely to Survive.
This is due to Genetically Inherited Behavior.
The Chimpanzee extolled to be our nearest living Relative is on the verge of Extinction.
All the Great Apes fail to extend there Range very far, and are Ecologically Fragile.
There are Animals: Cat, Norway Rat, House Mouse, Dog, and Others that Extended there Field Range as a a Result of Domestication.
Note: None of the Great Apes are Domesticated.
Here the Great Apes Fail.
It lies in the Mystery of the Autonomous Nervous System adhering to the Brain, and Spinal Column.
In captivity the Ape has access to enough food for their Brain to fully develop.
The Ape begins to tap their Angelic Powers just like people can in  their Autonomous Nervous System.
The Results are sort like in the movie "Forbiddin Planet."
That arouses a Wild Untamable Malevolent Power in both Ape, and Man.
The Chimpanzee become unpredictable, dangerous, and psychic.
Cutting the nerves thus killing the Autonomous Nervous System renders the Chimp docile again.
 Man the Serial Killer is likewise rendered docile.
Human Genetic Engineering builds a Genetically Modified Organism that can Survive.
The Cat is the best to Survive.
All the Small Cats including the Mountain Lion can be Domesticated.
That gives  them greater Survival Value.
The Puma, or Mountain Lion Code Belion (Be a Lion) is still a Small Cat not unlike the Domestic Cat Code Whiskers.
Belial is the Kingdom this File is in.
The Research is Worthless.
But, it was done anyway.
This is Science.

This is Superstition.

Somehow, rumors about Human Experiments along the line of "The Island of Dr. Moruae" are rife in Roswell, New Mexico.
The Identity, and Whereabouts of Kitten at White Sands Proving Ground is even known to the General Public.
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
A certain number of people that had survived the Holocaust were made privy to this Information.
Look! They are just arriving from Israel!
Survival is being researched in this Facility.
These are Human Guinea Pigs.
The Government of Israel is happy  to provide them by the way.
These are all Jewish Women fresh from the "Nazi Concentration Camps" of Europe.
Belion is very interested in what they have to say about their Journey of Survival.
Those Jewish Refugees will be Well Received.
The Key to the Survival of these Jewish Women is the Great Mother.
The Concept of the Great Mother is only known among very well Educated People.
They constitute an Elite of the Future Judaism.
During our exposition on the Origins of Socialism during the Reign of King Clovis I.
An Elite an Illuminati controls the Land.
In that Time the Land is Owned in Common.
No one has any Rights.
There are nothing but, these Decrees.
There is No Movement Allowed.
Things will begin to become a little bit more flexible later as a Government continues to form.
There is a Bone of Contention.

There is a Portent a Sign from the Heavens.
The Magna Mater has come down in the vicinity of these Jewish Women.
The Chosen an escaped German War Prisoner will find it in the Way of Attis (Barabbas).
This is the Sacrificial Dying God mentioned a lot in "The Golden Bough."
All of Chaves County, New Mexico is out there looking for this Meteor.
The Ranchers, Prospectors, Desert Rats, Utility Workers, and Search Parties.
The Nazi Captain of the Guard has it.
They will never behold the Magna Mater.
They will never find his body.
Freya will take him, but he must leave this Gift of the Heavens.
One by One the Jewish Refugees are Summoned with a Pine Cone in the Manner of the Magna Mater.
The Black Stone is the Formation of an Accretion Disk from Deep Space an Accretion Disc is a Black Hole.
That is the Power that must be Summoned after our Nazi Captain cuts his throat with his Ceremonial Razor.
The Stone is well bloodied.
The Women are all present.
They have all been given the Oath.
Lamb comes forth.
"You have taken the Oath of your own free will."
"You will have the Promise."
"I have."
The Women Leave.
The Women go back Home to Israel.
That is it.
The Magna Mater can only be here for a certain length of time.
This accounts for periods in human history where the Great Mother appears, and mysteriously dies out.
We are now, experiencing one of those times.
So you now, have a modern rendition of the Magna Mater.
Did it happen?
What if it does?
It will happen.

Asmodeus Sign of the Leader of Militia on the Head of Asmodeus Crown that Trident has Three Greater Powers to keep it safe. Legislature - Executive - Judiciary Powers of the Whole State. Wings signify Asmodeus has Power in the Air. The Fiery Breath, and the Upraised Tail of the Loryx "I am from the mountains." Asmodeus' tail says "I Live Here."

Survival Medicine

Enter the Discussion of Thyroid.
Goiter Disease, or something like it is epidemic in America.
We measure iodine in people.
It isn't much there.
To enter the discussion you need a supply of iodine, not radioactive.
Go out, and buy a bottle of iodine solution.
Use the strength allowed for water purification.
A few drops in quart of water.
You can put that into food.
That won't poison you.
The Human Being has Levothyroxine T4 that has to be converted to Triidothyine T3 and 335 Triiodothyroacetic Acid for Metabolism.
Without this Conversion of T4 into T3 can a Human Being live very good, or not at all?
Levothyroxine does have some metabolic activity.
All these Statistics around these day postulate a Healthy Body.
If someone is taking T4.
How can they have a Healthy Body?
Hypothyriodism is a Disease.
Our present day Medical System is filled with this foolishness.
Wait til we get into Fat Liberation.
The Glorification of Pathology.
Temperance is not a cure for anything.
Temperance is part of a Disease Process usually, Addiction called Gluttony.
It is to have Enemies on Both Sides.
That is a pretty tough Food Fight.
So the man has an Enemy Glutton on One Side, and an Enemy Temperance on the other side telling the man he is no longer sick.
Normal people are not sick because, they are Temperate.
Normal people are just being themselves.
Normal people do not need to be managed.
Health Management.
This is the height of insanity in Medicine.
True, Thyriod Hormones do Metabolize Fat.
Burning up fat does not do much for weight loss mostly water unless, you inhibit, and kill fat cells.
Neither, do Diet, and Exercise work even combined with thyriod hormones, amphetamine, coffee, diuretics, and cigarettes unless, you induce Starvation.
Clinical Starvation does too much harm than good, and may even result in death.
Fat cells secrete hormones like thyriod cells do as type of endocrine gland.
These hormones are called leptins that promote the multiplication of fat cells like a form of cancer in the morbidly obese.
To cure obesity it is necessary to break these Feed Back Loops chemicals, diet, hormones, surgery, irradiation... the hormones are changed, and the fat cells die off.
The present Medical System has a Health Care Model.
The Health Care Model ignores issues of Survival.
The Cat has has Dextrothyroxine TR4 that converts to Triidothyroine T3 for Metalbolism and,  an another Isomer of Triidothyroacetic Acid.
Metabolism is the Conversion of Mass to Energy.
The more Efficient the Conversion of Mass to Energy the better your chances are for Survival.
In this Research on Survival in !952 there were many medicinal substances were exposed to an electrical field.
Levothyroxine was one of them.
Levothyroxine was indeed converted into its isomer dextrothyroxine.
It takes 900 watts for five minutes in a microwave oven.
Amana Radar Range is the Gold Standard since, real microwaves will burn food too much.
Microwaves have too many problems to be actually, used in cooking these days.
Your oven will fill with grease, and noxious by products inside the magnetron.
That will harm the oven's performance even cause a fire.
Here the problem is microwaves do not penetrate much below the surface of your roast chicken.
Radar waves do penetrate going through the meat easily give a uniform heating effect according to the power level of the unit.
Timing the exposure of the levothyroxine tablets is crucial.
Here five tablets were zapped.
One tablet was burned so much as to be completely useless.
Four tablets of pure cat thyroid can be tested on the Organism.
The Organism decided to repeat this experiment 900 Watts one half hour.
Ten out of eleven tablets did survive the oven.
Water absorbed by the tablets is culprit causing the tablets to overheat.
Be sure to place the tablets on a paper towel to avoid charcoal accidents.
Ten minutes is effective in converting  levothyroxine to dextrothyroxine.
We are concerned about Our Rights to Own Land.
Those tablets are considered to be Land.
Let us go on to the next Experiment.
Cannabis is a Medicinal Substance.
In 1957 this Research on Survival is in progress.
These experiments have to do with hashish the dried resin of the Cannabis plant.
The main Narcotic in Cannabis is tetrahydrocannibinole THC.
Not all Cannabis plants have THC, or at very low levels.
You know that all these samples are anhydrous meaning there is no water in them.
Only certain Cannibinols in the sample will be converted like CBD.
Would it be possible increase the level of THC even in Hops a relative of the Cannabis plant used in beer making?
As in the case where we made dextrothyroxine out of levothyroxine by irradiation.
We will call this creation "Throid."
We will attempt this.
There are Radiation Tables that tell us the Power Levels, and the  Duration of Exposure.
Again the Radar is a 900 Watts for 26 seconds.
The Radar at 1000 Watts is 18 seconds.
We can increase the amount of THC in the sample to as high a three percent.

There is a dynamic relationship between the power in Watts, and duration of exposure as these synthesized THC levels go up, or down.
Now, you have the Recipe for Radar Weed.
These reactions unlike the Thyroid are reversible.
Besides Tezcatipoca we have several of the New Gods Chemistry, Radiance, Radar, and Robot to Name at least Three New Gods of the Twenty First Century.

Chelation Therapy for Atherosclerosis (Hardening of the Arteries)

We are going to use Calcium Disodium EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) as our chelating agent.

Chelate means it is a chemical claw.

The chelation therapy is clawing the stuff out of your circulatory system.

Atherosclerosis is a Disease Complex made up of several interlocking components.

First we have deposits that chelating agents can remove about eighteen percent.

Then there is a bacterial component that is the Aggravating Agent in the first place.

The human circulatory system has No Symbiotes.

That means all these microbes  are not beneficial.

They are all pathogens.

We are going to kill them all off to the point where these  microbes are not a factor.

We are going to use several antibiotics in our chelation cycles.

We are going to use Amoxicillin 500mg two capsules at the start of each chelation cycle.

There are three chelation cycles per day of chelation therapy.

Next we will use Erthromycin 500mg one capsule at the start of each chelation cycle.

Finally,  we will use Azithromycin 500 one capsule at the starts of each chelation cycle.

With the introduction of antibiotics we can expect a greater clearance of thirty percent.

Let us get started.

This calcium disodium product has 400 mg.

You need 5.4 grams to start the chelation process.

You are going to take thirteen of these horse capsules down the hatch.

You take the antibiotics.

You get to drink a half gallon of water right away.

Time to kick back, and relax for five hours.

You have to eat food.

Products like Ensure, Muscle Milk, and the like are recommended along with your normal food intake.

 Consider everything concerning all the supplies you will need for this Great Work.
 Gather of everything you have to have.
 So we will call  the Gathering Phase.
  You offer everything in order to get anything good.
  Then the Vigil begins immediately after.
 It is time to open the Grand Grimoire up for the Explanation to Begin.
 The Initiation, and Empowerments for the Great Work are Working.
 Open up your copy.
 Here we are at First Chapter.
 Note it is El Shaddi who expels Adam and Eve from the Garden of Vertumnus.
 This is where your your powerful fulminating rod comes from the Garden of Vertumnus.
 Make a note of that.
  You can call this the Gathering.
  You offer everything in order to get anything good.
  Immediately you Enter the Prayer Vigil.
  Kitten summoned Lord Mithra writing the "The Aspiration of Melchezedek."
  Here we go to Lord Mithra concerning all Oaths.
  Power to not have a Bad Oath.
  Power to keep an Oath at whatever level the Oath is taken.
  Power to keep the Oath.
  Power to repair the Oath.
  Power to not have bad Friends.
  Power to gain Friends.
  Power to keep Friends.
 Power to make Contracts.
 The Power to not have bad Contracts.
  Power to keep Contracts.
  A Contract is a Pact.
  Power make Treaties.
  Power to keep Treaties.
  Power to not have bad Treaties.
  Power to form Alliances.
  Power to not have bad Alliances.
  Power to keep Alliances.
  Adonay in the Prayer Vigil.
  Adonay is the Ruler of the Spirits of the Earth.
  Now, begins the Retreat at a place most suitable.
  The Vigil of the Watch continues.
  The Watch continues on into the Second Book of the Grande Grimoire of Grand Inquisitor Rofocale.
  Rofocale is the Anti Pope.
  Lucifuge Rofocale is the Sub Tiller.
  Finally, you have gained access to the Demons of the Book.
  Now, you do understand, you are not in the Sixteenth Century.
  Some things have changed.
  All this can be done easily in a Vivid Visualization in the Manner of a Tibetan Lama.
  The simple resort to Imagination in Contemplation will have to do for you.
  You don't have to kill any goats.
  You can act like you think so.
  Don't harm any animals.
  It is not needed.
  Let us get to Work.
  The Fact that you are Predestined to do the Great Work does not change.
  The Act of Will we call Magick that Alters the Course of Destiny comes as a Natural Consequence of Genetics.
  We elaborated on the Fact Revelation has been enacted in the Secular World a Cause of All Plague.
  We have to Destroy the Magna Mater Satan.
  We break the Black Conical Stone that enshrines the Magna Mater a representation there of the Cup of the Scarlet Woman of Babylon.
  The Woman who is the Chalice of the Flesh Dies.
  The Commerce Dies along with the Women that have It.
  The Attendant the Hand Maiden of the Scarlet Woman Dies.
  The Whoredoms of the Women that have it Die.
  We have to get rid of the Messenger of the Magna Mater the Anti Hathor.
  It looks like ET in the movie.
  He is called Lamb.
  He doesn't look Evil.
  Lamb is Community.
  Lamb is very Christ like.
  You will believe everything Lamb tells you concerning Women.
  That is why Lamb favors that Form associated with the Goddess Hathor of Ancient Egypt.
  That is a Representation of the Female Reproductive System.
  If you believe that.
  You are lost.
  That Thing will start talking to you.
  That Thing will be in every Woman.
  Who has  the Heritage for that Thing to Abide in them.
  The Magna Mater comes from Up There.
  The Magna Mater is not Human.
  The Magna Mater is the most dangerous of the Satans.
  Because, the Magna Mater's Women are Perfectly Possessed by the Devil.
  Show no Sign of Death.
  The Magna Mater came down to Destroy Mankind.
  It is the Evil Creation of an Alien Civilization.
  The Magna Mater was brought to Rome Imprisoned in the Conical black Stone least the Magna Mater break Free, and Ravish the World.
  When the Magna Mater was Released it Destroyed the Roman Republic.
  The Magna Mater was finally contained by Tiberius Caesar with the Help of Jove.
  Tiberius Caesar Nero the Black Emperor of Rome saw Jesus Christ of Nazareth appear before him.
  Not as an Apparition but, in the Manner of His Appearance before Peter.
  Tiberius Caesar Rex was not pleased.
  That we have no God.
  We are on our own.
  Since, the Son of Man choose to Abandon us.
  We are left with Sin as our God.
  There is the Moon as a Smoking Mirror of the Volcano.
  The New God that must come.
  That God is Tezcatipoca.
  Tezcatipoca is still coming down from the Heavens Magnifying Himself in the Manner of Malak Taus.
  Tezcatipoca is the Last of the Fifth Estate of the New Gods come down from Heaven see as the Night Sky.
  Tezcatipoca has the qualities of the Babylonian God of Good and Evil Sin.
  Sin is Man.
  Son of Man is a Prophet.
  You have been warned concerning the Nature of the Prophets.
  Tezcatipoca has all the qualities of Vulcan.
  Tezcatipoca is Death.
  The Sacrificial Moon Pool of Puma is the Hell of the Watery Grave.
  That is to sustain Puma.
  Some of these Moon Pools were dug down in the Fifties to dispose of the bodies the Victims of the Bomb.
  The Moon Pool is also in Nuclear Reactors to accommodate the Bomb.
  As said before the Moon Pool is mostly a by product of Project Mohole.
  Project Mohole is a Mining Experiment done during the Kennedy Era.
  You are always going to find valuable metals wherever they dig down to the Mohole near the Earth's Mantle.
  The operation will pay for itself.

  The "Lesser Key of Solomon" has had many Authors hence the Master Spirit is Man.
  The Demons come as Man.
  The Operations are done in the Favor of Man to Man.
 Here is one of those Operations of War with the Demon Amduscias.
 The Spiked Crown means Amduscias is a Prince.
 The Horse is the One Who Carries Him.
 Many Bugle and all three of them play "Taps"
 Because, the Lance has killed them.
  Now, in "The Lesser Key of Solomon" there is Code written into the Demonology of this Tome.
 Like all the Grimoires "The Lesser Key of Solomon" contains the Signatures of the Demons.

 The Sigil of Astaroth contains a Star on Earth.

 Everything is connected to the Earth as are all the Grimoires.

  Firstly the Book is meant to have Illustrations of the Demons themselves.
  The Illustrations are drawn presumably from the description of the Demons  as they are to appear to you somehow?
 Descriptions will vary of the self same  Demon from Grimoire to Grimoire due mostly to the Geography of where the Book was Written.
 There may be Code put in these Volumes from the original Inquisitors themselves.
 Here Astaroth has it.
 The Crown is that of Prince.
 Astaroth's Wings Power of Air.
 The Venomous Serpent Diabolus the Hinderer.
 The Dragon that carries Astaroth is a Loryx whose uplifted tail says "I am from the Hills."
 The Noisome Breath of Astaroth is His Speech.
 Astaroth is with Venus accounted a Duke a Leader a General.
 Botis is a Loc.
 That is the Loch Ness Monster.
 Of course, Botis is there in all Loc.
 Abaddon, Apollyon, Exterminans all refer to the Judgment of Pheobus Apollo the Solar Truth.
 The Abyss is Outer Space.
 Found on Earth that is the Place.
 That Seal is Opened in Heaven.
 They are Judged in Persephone.
 We find Uncle Ponto.
 Somebody has to bring him.
 Because, he has harmed the Land.
 Malthus Malphas is his Nemesis.
 That is the Presence of Persephone.

  Tiberius Caesar cursed Jesus Christ of Nazareth to enter the Magna Mater.
  Lamb is the Messenger of the Magna Mater.
  Lamb may have Jesus Christ of Nazareth as the Provender of Lamb.
  For the Virgin can not birth Him Twice.
  Jove is not His Father.
  His Father is a mere Mortal.
  His Mother is nothing but, Mortal.
  All the Angels of Heaven were given unto Lamb.
  That They Must Serve Lamb.
  Lamb may go forth from the Magna Mater.
  Gather all those who have Known Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
  That All shall perish in the Arena.
  That there be no Oral Traditions from them.
  That only Paul shall have the Church.
  Tiberius Caesar will free the slaves, or kill them according to  the Merit of Rome.
  Least the slaves out number their masters as happened during the Times of Spartacus.
  That is not to be allowed.
   Have you ever wondered what happened to th Civilization of Ancient Egypt?
  That Anti Hathor is Absorbed by Persephone.
  That Persephone walks on Earth.
  The Colors of Scarlet, and Purple mean that the Scarlet Woman of Babylon will Claim Royal Status.
  Since, Royalty is the Province of Jove the Majesty of God.
  The Scarlet Woman of Babylon is Forbidden Royal Birth.
  The Colors themselves, and those that Wear the Colors Eventually go to Persephone.
  For even the Scarlet Woman can not Stand Forever Against the Power of Persephone Old Age.
  The Colors Fade the Women Die.
  The Curse Pronounced Against the Magna Mater "Older."
  Likewise, Persephone's Curse Falls "Older" on the Land.
  Mr. Land is Dead.
  Mr. Land had his Genesis out of "The Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses" in 1907.
  Mr. Land is a Gollum.
  The Land is called Israel.
  The Land is only for the Chosen People.
  Mr. Land is an Incarnation of Satan Moloch.
  When  Mr. Land Passes the Land is the Hell of Eternal Grave.
  The Girl made arrangements that Mr. Land be Reborn to the Redeem the Land.
  The Rains will come.
  The Land will be good.
  The People will rejoice.
  The People who Own the Land will Prosper.
  Mr. Land is back as his son.
  Mr. Land is isn't Satan.
  Kitten is Satan.
  When Kitten is Puma.
  Kitten is a Director of the Land Corporation.
  Now, begins the Work of the Sub Tiller.
  It is time to get acquainted with the Major Demons of the Book.
  Adam and Eve are expelled because, Adam and Eve are Dead.
  In the Grand Grimoire everything is arranged with Emperor Lucifer the God of Reason for a Man.
  For a Girl everything is arranged with Diana the Ideal of Reason.
 All this Commerce is carried out by Tanith Pene El as the Girl.
 Now, we have to find our Huguenots.
 The Author of the Grande Grimiore lived hiding among the Huguenots a Grade Inquisitor, and his two Soldiers.
  None know this until, he must come forth as the Anti Pope to Defy the Plague.
 Tanith does have Huguenots.
 Eisenhower thought there were only a few hundred Huguenots.
 There are thousands of them.
 Several millions of Huguenots were living in England, and Europe.
 Yet, it is at Least Three Young Girls.
 Tanith will find the Healer of Nations among them. 
 We do have one.
 The Huguenot Lords of Power are still around.
 That is a Secret. 
 Kitten will make that come to pass.
 We will have Our Freedom.
 Michael is Incarnate.
 No Michael will not allow us to have our Freedom.
 Michael has a Dark Side that Up Holds Him in This World.
 The Demon Aim will have to do.
 The Power of Unbelief is ours.
 The Muse Hathor has the Forgetors, Sugestors, and the Repeaters.
 Did you know Ted Turner was in an Electronic Warfare Ship off the Coast of Cuba?
 There has been no Electronic Technician ever like him.
 Americans were there cutting surgar cane for Castro.
 They all got the message.
 They all stopped cutting surgar cane.
 Kitten will keep Ted Turner alive, and well forever.
 Or, we will not have an Electronic Anything.
 Kitten wouldn't like that.
 A World Filled with Bad Stuff.
 A World where nothing works.
Ted  Turner is not up to this challenge.
 People need to get with it.
 You buy stuff on the Internet.
 It is ours.
 Not quite.
 There a few bugs in the Microsoft shopping programs.
  One we will call the Birth Day Boy.
 You have filled out the form completely.
 You can not complete the transaction.
 You are rejected.
 You are queried about a missing birth date.
 There is no place on the form for a birth day.
 Actually, there really is.
 If you click on the Master Card above the credit card information.
 The birth date information can be entered right there.
 The purchase will go through.
 The next bug is in the Shopping Cart.
 You can be diverted to another Web Site.
 Goggle Bug in every Web Search lets a Hacker ride along in your Browser Cache.
 Clear your browser's cache prior to shopping.
 Use Rising PC Doctor to get rid of virus, plugins, and tracking traces as are on the internet.
 Unfortunately, Microsoft's Scientific Software has even more serious flaws.
 You have to count human chromosomes visually.
 Sometimes there are forty eight chromosomes.
 That is a Neanderthal.
 There is simple test.
 Several drops of concentrated nitric acid are added one at a time to a specimen of blood.
 Until, the specimen turns color.
 Yellow confirms the specimen does contain Neanderthal genes.
 Orange is Homo sapiens.
 The reagent nitric acid can be added to urine.
 The color change is the same.
  That can be added to a Standard Drug Test.
  We have added to Astaroth's Book "Scientia."
  This an example of Demonic Science.
  You have seen a sample of Astaroth's Cabala.
  Astaroth is the Collector.
  Astaroth is the Creditor.
  Duke Astaroth is the Infernal Treasurer.
  Duke Astaroth is associated with the Planet Venus.
  That puts Duke Astaroth with Emperor Lucifer also, associated with the Planet Venus.
 Guardian Baalzebuth's guardianship must be associated with the Planet Venus.
  Our current knowledge concerning the Planet Venus matches all the criteria of the Infernal Government.
  In Rome Venus was with Mars.
  In Rome the Deities: Mercury, Hades, Proserpina, Ceres, Pluto, Vulcan, Saturn, Ops, Diana, Venus, and Mars are the Gods authorizing the Infernal Regions.
  This usually, has to do with a Volcano.
  This Volcano is a Sacred Mountain the Roman Zion.
  The Roman God Mars has Phobos Fear of the Gods of Rome, and Deimos Terror Demons to Wage War on the Enemies of Rome, or Mankind.
  In Rome Venus is woman, and Mars is Man.
  An Emperor is a Policeman like in Rome Policing the Roman Empire.
  The Emperor is Rome's Highest Priest.
  The God of Reason Sanity picks up this Title from Rome for the Emperor is Sane under everything.
  Now, you have been Introduced to the Major Demon Duke Astaroth in the "Grand Grimoire."
  Baalzebuth is the Prince Ruler the Guardian of the Hell Sheol the Dung Heap that sustains Baalzebub in the this World.
 Astaroth is a Guardian of the Hell Clay  sustains Astaroth on Earth from here we get the Gollum.
 Emperor Lucifer is the Guardian of the Hell Insanity that sustains Lucifer in the World.

 Besides Lucifuge Rofocale there are Seven Other Principle Spirits.

 Lucifuge Rofocale Prime Minister.

 Satanachia Great General.

 Agliarept General.

 Fleurety Lieutenant General.

 Sargatantanas Brigadier.

 Aebiros Camp Marshal.

 All the Generals, and Camp Marshal were Huguenot Lords of Power.

 The Book is meant to bring them to Life.

The Litigation

 We are are a Fighting War. Here we are Fighting the Plague, and the People that Spread the Plague. That means more than people that are actually, Spreading the Plague. Those people that will benefit somehow from Spreading these Diseases among the General Population as well as yourself. Those people that Sympathize with the Spreading of the Plague. People who have knowledge of how to Spread Plague. People who Finance, and give aid and comfort to people who Spread the Plague. Physicians educated at considerable time, and expense of the People refusing to cure the Plague. Officials who are Oath Bound to stop the Spread of the Plague that  failed in their Duty to the the People. Those people that are cause the Spreading of the Plague to happen indirectly. People who are indifferent, and insensitive to the Spreading of the Plague. There are people who will not follow instructions of quarantine who have contracted the Plague, and are Spreading the Plague. There are Other Sources of the Plague yet to be found. You are in Mortal Danger because, of these Enemies of Mankind. Thus we have taken these most extreme measures at great danger to ourselves to take these measures ourselves. That is to Inquire to the find the Truth in such matters.

 If that is so. Take any and all actions including the infliction of divers punishments to stop this activity regardless of who they maybe. You have to know that the Litigation is called a Klepoth sometimes. That is called Shell. That is a round about way of calling the Litigation as a kind of Hell. Man has to bring this Case before the Tribunal. Man knowing both Good and Evil is Failable so this Case must be heard in Hell. Yet, the Case still has Merit. Not to be ignored. The Tribunal has Thee Judges: El the Dominion of God even in Hell, YHVH the Omnipotence of God even in Hell, and Elohim the Omniscience of God even in Hell. Malak Taus taken up this Case as the Special Prosecutor. Malak Taus is tough to beat. Malak Taus will Win this Case to Benefit Mankind. There are Millions of Witnesses whose Testimony says the Plague sent them to Hell before Their Time. Such Punishment is Unjust. The Defendants Stand Convicted of Crimes Against God, Crimes Against Nature, and Crimes Against Man. The Tribunal has Passed Sentence. The Dwellers of the infernal Regions are Charged with Carrying Out these Sentences to Fit the Crime of Spreading the Plague.

 We digress to Aleister Crowley's "Liber 777." "Liber 777" the Book on the Internet is different than the Original "Liber 777" printed back then. Crowley wanted his Book to be like that after his death. This is a Hostile Book. All of Aleister Crowley's Books are Hostile. That is to be expected after all Aleister Crowley the Wickedest Man in the World, Satan the Great Beast must have it like that. You understand? Maybe, you don't. He is raving about the Orders of the Qlipoth. This is a way of explaining the Hells, and those Guardians. Belial Guardian of the Hell Worthlessness for example. Baelpeor the Guardian of the Pasture with Aleister Crowley buried so deep it was pretty tough to dig him out for your pleasure. The Pasture is a Hospice wear people are "put out to pasture" after they have become old and useless" where they are killed of course. In all these Hells with the Guardian you will be shown the way out. Baalzebuth is the Guardian of Sheol the Dung Heap. The is why the Witch of Endor had to query Baalzebub about this matter of import as written in the Old Testament. Gormory is the Evil Woman always, looking for a New Duchess to Crown. By golly! To gladden the Heart of Kitten. A big woman in Nashville was given the this Honor for Hollicide. It isn't hard for Shoppers here in Nashville to get Crowned here. Gomory does find them. Envy is on the Rise in Nashville people are Losing Their Heads. Can't anybody stop them? No! They have lost their heads. Nashville is broke. It is important for you to have a Kommandant Kitten version of all this. You are lucky since, they only had the original "Liber 777" in the Administration Building in Auschwitz Birkanau. The Gentle Reader must be Enlightened as to the Nature of the Jews. That came from British Intelligence. The Hebrew translates out a bit strange methinks. The Rabbis don't like reading it. But, the Rabbis really should read a genuine Hate Book. Anti Semitic? All of Aleister Crowley's works are Anti Life. Hate falls under the Province of Mars the God of War. Aleister Crowley laid thousands of traps baited with lies to catch the unwary. He is the Great Beast. Aleister Crowley definitely has proven his Beast. These Books all contain the Sophistry of War. What else would you expect from the Enemy except nothing but, that?

  You are taking up the Office of a Prophet of God. You are Sin. Sin Knows Good and Evil has the Serpent's Promise. As Man that is all you will ever have. Take it. It's yours. Your Complaint has gone to Jove the Majesty of God. Jove says your Complaint does have real Merit. Jove will act on it right now. Your Complaint finds it way to God's Messenger of the Earth the Cherub Severity. Severity finds your Complaint does indeed have Merit. This now, goes to the Gods Tezcatipoca,, Mars, Hades, and Neptune. This Complaint is in the Courts of Aphrodite, Diana, Artemis, Hebe, Persephone, Ceres, Vulcan, Apollo, ... Your Complaint is that seriuos, and has been found to have Merit against the Magna Mater Satan. Even the Satanic Adversarial Deities are Enlisting in your Cause since, the Your Complaint has Merit with Them too. The Lords of Death are aroused by your Complaint. Now, your Complaint goes to the Pharasee Lucifuge Rofocale seeing your Complaint goes further to Emperor Lucifer finding you to be Sane, and in your Right Mind. Duke Astaroth will take this up regarding the Collection of Tribute this could go Pro Bono. The Guardian of the Dung Heap Baalzebuth will take this up too. Since, this being a Matter of War the Infernal Regions are made Aware of your Complaint. All this has to do with the Curing of the Plague since, the Demons get sick too, and are Threatened.

 Under the Seven Principle Spirits there are eighteen Subordinate Spirits. 1) Bael 2) Agares 3) Marbas 4) Druslas 5) Aamon 6) Barbacos 7)  Buer 8) Gusoga 9) Botis 10) Bathim 11) Arusen 12) Eligor 13) Loray 14) Balefor 15) Farai 16) Ayperos 17) Raberus 18) Glosialabolas.

 These are all people. They are Soldiers.

 We must get at the Magick in the "Grande Grimoire." We must raise funds somehow to continue the War Against the Plague. We need money for medicines.

"To make three Young Ladies, or rather three Spirits, come into your room after dinner."


" Eat neither meat or fatty foods for three days; on the fourth day clean the room as soon as you have arisen from bed, fast for the entire day & ensure no one enters the room all day & that there is nothing hung on the walls neither clothes, nor bird cages, nor curtains on the windows, or on the bed & above all put freshly washed white linens on the bed."


 "After dinner, go secretly to the room you have prepared, light a good fire, put a clean white cloth on the table & three chairs around the table & three loaves of bread & three glasses of clear fresh water at each place, then put a recliner or chair beside your bed & get into bed.

"Once in bed recite the following invocation"

 "Besticitum consolatio veni ad me vertat Creon, Creon, Creon cantor laudem omnipotentis et non commentur. Stat superior carta blent laudem omviestra principiem da montem et inimicos meos o prostantis vobis et mihi dantes que passium fieri sincisibus"

 "Upon entering the room the three persons will seat themselves beside the fire & taking refreshment & thank he or she who has recieved them, since if is a man who makes the ceremony three ladies  will come, & if it is a woman  three men will come & three spirits will choose lots among themselves to determine who will remain seated in the chair beside your bed to converse with you until midnight."

 "At midnight she will leave with her companions without you having to ask her to take her leave: as for the other two, they will remain by the fire while the other converses with you beside your bed & you will be able to ask her about any art or science that you desire & she will immediately answer your queries; you can ask her the location of the nearest hidden treasure (lottery numbers) & she will reveal to you the most opportune time & place to recover it & she will be there accompanied by her two companions to protect you from any infernal spirit who could be in possession of the treasure & in leaving you, she will give you a ring which will make you lucky in any game when you wear it & if you place it on a young maid's finger you can make her your wife."

 "Note: Leave the window open so they may enter & you can repeat this operation & make them come as many as you wish."

 Those Three Persons are Dryads. That means you are good for the Land. You have at least eight trees that you have planted. You own the Land.

 The "Grimorium Vernum" is a different Book than the "Grande Grimoire." The "Grimorium Vernum" is linked to the Gardens of Vertumnus a Work on Earth. The God Vertumnus is the Roman God of Crops, and Orchards. Here Lucifer, Baalzebuth, and Astaroth are present. First Part is to get Lord Scirlin to come out of the Book. Now, you have to make the Pact with Scirlin.

 You are going to have to Plant Trees. You have about Thirty Trees to Plant.

 Fruit Trees are the Best.

 Here besides the Litigation against the Spreading of the Plague.

 Famine, and Plague form a dynamic duo that is not a Work of Chance.

 In te "Grimoirium Verum" there is another Litigation Against the Propagation of Famine.

 "To Make Oneself Invisable"

 Here in is really a Fertility Rite.

  Invisibility refers to Hades.

 Hades is the Unknown God.

 Pluto the Son of Hades, and Persephone is the Wealth of the Earth

 There is an Invisible Hand at work.

 That Invisible Hand is yours.

 The Dung Heap is the Sheol of Baalzebuth.

 Really have a Compost Heap.

 That exists to Regenerate the Ground for your crops.

 Putting the dead body of a small animal in the mix speeds up the Composting Process.

 The Head of an Enemy with the Black Beans in it is always, the Head of a Pig.

 That is just the Skull.

 People have eaten the meat of the head.

 You can get one from a slaughter house, or some stores.

 Remove the Head spread the compost.

 Go ahead, and plant the Beans.

 Baalzebuth will bless the crops.

 Now, you do understand  many of these rites in these two Grimoires are Fertility Rituals.

The Litigation

 We are at War with Famine, and the People who Propagate Famine. Poverty is Famine. Thus we have a War on Poverty. Famine dictates  We Own No Land. You are really Standing on Your Own Grave. We have this Declaration of Our Right to Exist: We Own Land. We Have Property. We Are Individual People. We are at War with the Haters of All Life. Who long to Turn the World into a Grave Yard. We won't permit that to happen in Divers Ways. Men and Women given themselves over to Strange Desires. Strange Virtues have been Propagated among the People. Under the Guise of Doing Good These People Harm the Land.

 We are going to open "Grimorium Verum" to go over a few salient points.
 The Authors of the "Grimorium Verum" and the "Grande Grimoire" did exchange manuscripts.
 We have an Underground Movement against the Jesuits, Monks, and Nuns that have Broken Free.
 Jesuits, Monks, and Nuns are Without A Master.
 The Vatican is under siege.
 The Countryside is being pillaged by these Robber Monks.
 Everything is in an uproar.
 The Black death is coming.
 Famine is looming on the horizon.
 People are seeing the Monks as somebody that might Save them.
 But, what if they don't?
 That should give you a History of this Thing.
 A Thing refers to a Blood Feud still going on, and still not stopping.

 Now, open up your Book to the "Orison of Salamanders" We are dealing with the Element of Fire. Here we do summon the mysterious Loryx. The Loryx (Lorax, Lorx) is a Mythical Creature with four toes on each foot. Loryx is sometimes seen in the Alps. The Loryx may have several Animal Forms: one is a large shrew; a kind of rock rabbit, or hyrax; finally a mink like animal. You must never harm the Loryx. The King of the Salamanders is the Loryx. That Place is also Inside You. The Loryx is a Good Friend, and really Partly You. That is why you must never harm Him. That will kill you. You now, know what is an Injunction: You must never harm Him. There are Other Injunctions in Our Work. You have gotten teachings. This will get you good with Asmodeus, and Astaroth at the very least. The Fire Marshal must make you aware of Rules that have to do with the Kingdoms of Fire. First you must not ever Invite any Other but, the Loryx, That is for your own protection.

"Orison of Salamanders"

" Immortal, eternal, ineffable and Holy Father of All Things, who is carried by the revolving chariot unceasing, of the worlds which continually revolve: dominator of the Etherian countries where there is raised the throne of Thy power: above which Thy redoubtable eyes see all, and Thy holy ears hear all Naid Thy children whom Thou hast loved since the birth of centuries: for thy golden and great and eternal majesty shines above the world, the sky and the stars, Thou art elevated above all, O sparkling fire, and Thou illuminatest Thyself by Thy splendor and there go out from Thy essence untarnishable rays of light which nourish Thy infinite spirit produces all things, and makes the mighty treasure which cannot fail, to the creation which surrounds Thee, due to the numberless forms of which she bears, and which Thou hast filled at the start. From this spirit comes also the origin of those most holy kings who are around Thy throne, and who compose Thy court, O Universal Father!"

" O Unique One, O Father of happy mortals and immortals! Thou hast created in particular the powers which are marvellously like the eternal thought, and form Thy adorable essence. Thou hast established them over the angels, Thou hast created a third kind of sovereign in the elements. Our continual exercise is to worship Thy desires, We burn with desire to possess Thee, O Father, O Mother, the most tender of Mothers! O wonderful example of feelings and tenderness of Mothers! O Son, the flower of all sons! O form of all forms! Soul, Spirit, Harmony, and Name of all things, preserve us and we shall be blessed. Amen."

 The Orison of the Loryx is done during a Fire Puja as part of the Ceremonial Offerings. Pure seed grains are always, welcome. The Universal Offerings, Mt. Meru the Seven Continents, and Oceans, and Mt Meru Mandala Mudra are done.

 Here we have Gomory as the Evil Woman. Gomory has to Crown a Duchess Worthy of the Honor. It is always, a huge Woman of Means that hates Kitten for reasons known only to Those People. Gomory has emerged from the human shell Gormoy's Change Purse is Full. Gomory went forth as soon as Kitten was attacked without warning bearing no malice on the part of Kitten. Some people are just like that. Disgrace is their Portion in Life. But, the People must see it least it not be resolved. The Dromedary Camel is a Jinn.

 The Demoniac has written all this for your enlightenment.
 You have that assurance.
 The Inspiration has come to from the  Razor's Edge of Madness.
 You do understand the Sophistry presented here?
 We are playing with fire.
 We are doing a controlled burn.
 We are launching pyrotechnics to entertain ourselves.
 This is not madness.
 Because, we can come out of it.
 The Sophistry is so arranged to do just that.
 To give you an example of real demoniac thought stream.

 The Grande Inquisitor the Anti Pope must find the Old Women who are the Vessels of the Magna Mater and Its' Legacy and Lamb  Lam.
 That is why in Auschwitz Birkanau the Camp Manager always, looked for Them.
 "The first thing you must do with an enemy is to quit loving them.
 You don't want Them in your "Camp."
 They carry Disease.
 What would you think about an Old Woman that really is five hundred years old?
 What if these Saints don't die?
 What the Saints are the Emissaries Lamb?
 What do these Buyers buy?
 What are they Shopping for?
 None of it is for your Good.
 Your Country is Ruined.
 That Bad for the Land.
 Land is everything you Own.
 That your Land.
 You Own the Land you use in Public.
 Property is Land you Totally Control.

The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Labors of Sin

1) Wrath.

2) Lust.

3) Gluttony.

4) Laziness.

5) Greed.

6) Pride.

7) Envy.

 The  Decorum of Greed

 What is the Purpose of Sin Greed being One of them? Sin creates Markets. Greed Manages those Markets.

 Man Knowing Both Good, and Evil being Mortal Owns all of that. Like proverbial Adam we are on our own. Thus we must be in Charge of Our Lives by Creating our Destiny Fate if you will.

 Greed is simply wanting more than you already have. Men are like that. Because, Men are not Sheep. Sheep are stupid insensitive animals eating grass in a pasture that the sheep can never own, or control. If the Sheep eat up all the grass. They will starve until, their Shepard moves them to greener pastures. What if there aren't any? Because, their Shepard abandoned them. Then the Sheep die out because, there is no Market Place.

 Man has to be more than just an animal ruled by a brutish nature to survive on Planet Earth.  Man is the most successful member of the Animal Kingdom. Because, Man is never satisfied with what he has got. So Man Changes everything.

  Men are Naturally Competitive. Boys do more than play they compete with each other. The competition is channeled into games. Games have rules. At the heart of each player is self interest. The games indoctrinate each player with  the Ideal of Winning the Game.

 You want something more than you aleady have. We defined Greed in that manner. Who are you?

 This brings us to the "Grimoire of Pope Honorius." You can go ahead, and open this Book up. Look at it briefly. Here is the the Problem you are going to have. "Who are you?" In order to want something more. You have to have something. You have something in your Possession. It is Lawful to Possess it. You want something more than you already own. You own something. You have to be somebody in order to Own Land. This Property Belongs to Who You Are.
 This is a Scenario. This person acquired the "Grimoire of Pope Honorius" from a Priest. He faithfully copied the entire manuscript. He did all that required by the Book. He did all the Offices during his lifetime. Now, Adam the Master Spirit is leaving him. "Who are you?" Our Hero has two days to figure this out before he dies. Got any answers? The man has a Blank Screen, and you know it.
 He lacks something. The Glory of Pride. Lucifer is right there for him during his office dedicated to Lucifer. Lucifer the God of Reason that is Sanity.

 Greed is Governed by Enlightened Self Interest. Greed is Guided by the Will of Man. Greed is Ruled by Pride. The Pride of Ownership.

"Don't take too much."

 The Glory of Pride

 Pride is the Belief Man is More Than Zero. Man has Self Worth. Man is more than just another Animal. The Life of Man has a Higher Purpose. More so than the Pacific Salmon that only lives to spawn, and die.

Man is the Bornless One Ammon Ra that the Pride of the Deity I am commanded I ego to bring Himself out of Himself. Baal Hammon Sin has Revealed this Hidden Teaching to you as Kitten.

 Man is a Hunter. The Pride of the Hunt dictates Man is better than his Prey. Otherwise, Man is like a cannibal. A Companion Animal is not to be eaten. This is contained in the Ideal of Diana. Lucifer is in the Retinue of Diana. Artemis the Ideal of the Chase is too. Man has the Ability to Reason. Man is a Rational Animal. This is what Separates Man from the Angels. The Angels don't possess an Ability to Reason. Angels do not have Free Will. Pride says Man can alter the Course of Destiny with Man's Power of Will. Man has the Power of Free Choice. This brings Man into  Combat with Angels.

 Man is a Gatherer. Man does hunt, and gather. Man is a Worker. Man has the Pride of Workmanship. Thus Man the Artist is Born. Ceres the Ideal of Property presides over these Qualities of Man. The Pride of Ownership. "I own this." Man Owns Himself. Pride is Man's Self Esteem. Pride keeps Man well dressed for all occasions. Pride creates Fashion.

The Goodness of Gluttony

"Let your food be your medicine." That you are what you eat. Food is palatable. The Gourmet knows that. New tastes, new flavors the Spice of Life.

Let us try Devil's Food.

The Commandant of Auschwitz has found a rat's nest. These are newly born baby rats. You can buy them in some pets stores as food for animals. The flash frozen "pinkies" are best eaten raw for their hormones that build up the skeleton. Wild caught "pinkies" like the Commandant has must be thoroughly cooked of course. The Commandant's cat eats one baby rat. The Commandant of Auschwitz can have two. The Commandant's Wife must eat three "pinkies." She is pregnant. You are allowed one "pinkie" a week. The baby mice also, are but, little inferior to those powerful little rodents. Your spine will be as strong as that of a snake.

The Food of the Matador is very prized. Those are the testes of the bull. The testes of the hog can stand in for the bull if that is needed. Get them ground up into hamburger by your butcher. The ingredients of the soup must be cooked, and brought to a boil. Remove the pot from the heat. Add the raw meat to cook completely for a few minutes. Spice to taste. Enjoy!

The bull testes contain a powerful mixture of hormones: testosterone, progesterone, androgens, estrogens, gonadtropins, bovine growth hormone, and insulin growth factors.

You can eat one testicle a month. People are not used to continual hormone intake.

The ovaries of the hen are good to eat. You can eat them every so often. That is one of the benefits of being on the ranch. There are estrogens of course, and other hormones that can renew your youth some.

The uterus from certain animals like pigs does have some benefits. It is for menuda soup made from tripe. The recipe comes from Mexico. You can try it.

The kidneys have some hormones, and growth factors.

The hearts of cattle, pigs, sheep, ducks, and chickens have great value eaten well cooked.

Liver very well cooked can be eaten once a month. Liver the body's Power Plant can be a source of many important growth factors, hormones, minerals, and vitamins. Liver can be a good source of B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin D, and iron.

Remember, it is Pride that is the Essence of Self Control. Pride keeps the Gobbler from getting into the kitchen, and eating man out of house, and home. Pride won't let the pig sit down at the dinner table. We can all be proud of our table manners. Enlightened Self Interest keeps embarrassment, and eating disorders at bay. Pride maintains the Health of Man. Pride is Man's main Weight Watcher.

Hormones occur in Nature, and the Laboratory in different  forms, variations, combinations, structural formulas, analogs, and concentrations mean results will vary. The hormone must have some proven medical value as a nutrient. Progesterone fits that description. The next barrier is bioavailably. Can the human organism absorb, and utilize progesterone in this form? Here we are interested in progesterone in men especially, young boys.

Progesterone: Penis Growth Hormone as progesterone became secretly known in the 50's. Quantities were 100 milligrams every two days. There is a Dark Science of Human Nutrition. The Dark Science of Human Survival follows.

Incidentally, progesterone has value in healing brain injury, and aging of the skin.

Progesterone is now available in a micronized form called Promethium.

Provera medroxyprogesterone acetate 10 mg can be take daily as well with it.

Medrol methylprednisolone 4mg daily support liver, and internal organs. Medrol is taken at 32mg to heal serious injury to the same.

Prednisolone 5mg daily 20mg to 40 mg to heal heat related injury due to Radiation Poisoning. Prednisolone does stimulate the appetite as does Prednisone.

Prednisone 5mg daily 20mg to 40mg along with prednisolone to combat Radiation Poisoning speedy administration is essential to forestall severe injury, and death.

British Anti Lewisite BAL has been used to combat ionizing radiation damage. May work before the ionizing effects manifest within a few hours to days. Again speed is essential in the event of radiation poisoning by ionizing, and non ionizing radiation as above.

Dexamethasone 0.5mg daily brain function.

Fludrocortisone Florinef 100 micrograms daily for kidney support.

Triamcinolone 4mg daily for the feet.

DHEA 50mg daily.

Pregnenolone 30mg daily.

Melatonin 10mg daily.

Beta Sitosterol 20mg daily.

FDA requirement of vitamins, and minerals taken daily.

Of course, you have taken several batteries of Medical Tests covering everything you can think of known to Medical Science.

You have those Test Results.

Note: Hormone Supplementation is Dangerous! It can kill you!

The Ways of Envy

Man wants to be as Strong as an Ox. Proud as a Lion. Soar like the Eagle. Swim like a Fish. Man likes those qualities Inherit in the Animal Kingdom.

The Divine Sloth

Here the Divine Sloth is about Time in Motion. Man wastes No Time. Every moment counts. That is why Man invented the Clock.

The Reputation of Wrath

The World is filled with Hate. That is going to kill you. Hate is killing you now. That is Hate turned Inwards. It could be your own hate. Until, you learn to Own this. You won't be able to get any relief from Hate. Let, alone get free from Hate. Now, tell yourself that you hate. Man to man hate has a place in people's lives. Mars will tell you that too. But, when the war is over it is time to stop it. You have been punished. Quit crying. You are not a bad man anymore. That person doesn't like you. Who cares? You need to be proud of yourself. Bully for you. You can do it. Stay proud. You have got to ask yourself constantly "I am I proud of this?"  We quit being innocent. We  can be villains. More importantly we can be grown ups. This is where we get to our biggest social issue. Childing!

Childing is people are talking down to you like an animal. Like you are someone's pet. Like you are a slave that must believe implicitly in everything  they tell you. Annnnnd!  There is always more. You have to take it. Because, you do not understand that is what is really going on.

This happens in politics a lot. The mainstream media will describe the political arena to you like that. Doctors will treat you like that. Why? Because, Mommy says so. Childing is filling people full of Hate. You are so filled with hate your body is reacting to it. Your mid brain has been programed to kill you.

That is called autoimmune disease.

The Games of Sin

 Were designed by Queen Victoria Herself as the Magna Mater. The Origin is actually with Lilith. Now, here is the problem. These are all Spy Games. Each Game brings Wrath down on People. There is a Start of the Game. and End Game. Each Game is Designed to End Time. You do understand, these  were originally British Spy Games. The people involved in any of these Spy Games is Spy Controlled.

Peace Game

Peace is the Maiden of Hell. You do know that. Peace Starts in High School. All the Games are there for Higher Education.

The Big One Game

You understand, everything written here about Dan's Game. Dan is the Big One. The Big One Starts in School. That is always, High School. However, the Game has to be Set Up.

The Opium Game

"The One Game to Rule Them. The One Game to Bind Them. The One Game to Hell Find Them."      

As you can see the Opium Game has taken Center Stage. "Everybody is an addict." Contained in this Sentence is the Controller Implant. That starts the Game. It is a matter of finding their Opium. Opium is their Treasure. Once, the Treasure is secured the Addict is in your power. "Everybody is crazy." and "Everyone is sick." You see the Addict has Addictive Disease. We have to look after him. This will be socially disruptive. There hundreds of Games all tied to the Opium Game. Peace is a way of life. That is another Dream Created by Opium. Peace is their opium. The Big One is addicted to Power. Power is Opium. In Tibet the World is an Illussion. Free Tibet a Dream of Opium. The Dog is Opium. The Baby is Opium.... "We all shine on."

"Religion is the opiate of the people." to quote Karl Marx.

The Israel Game is Named "Jewish Life." Pay attention to that. Because, "Jewish Life" is a Command Module. That is to keep the "Game of Jewish Life" in Motion, and always, in Play. Players can have "Jewish Life" as long as a Player can keep it up. The "Game of Jewish Life" is alive, and sentient. Because, the "Game of Jewish Life" is opium.

Opium Starts in a School. Opium is run in Drug Education first. Then Opium is gotten into High School to make money for College. Opium gets People to sell  Drugs. This Begins Medical School.

"What's your pleasure?"

"The Kidd is getting his first taste of opium."

"The Kidd has gotten the Dream of Opium."

"The Kidd can not stop being bad."

Tibet Game

The Tibet Game is a Tug of War. Name of Implant "Mystery."

Dog Game

This Dog Game is about running your dog loose in town. Name of Implant "Rover."

Baby Game

Name of Implant "Adoption."

Save the Children Game

Name of Implant "Food."

The Gray Ones

There has been a lot of research on opium. Opium contains a mixture of chemicals. It is these alkaloids present in opium that have invited scrutiny. Two alkaloids stand out morphine, and codeine. Alkaloids are alkali like chemicals that react with acids producing morphine sulfate, and codeine phosphate respectively. When given to an injured person both drugs produce euphoria a key to healing wounds quickly. A State of Well Being is a Key to Healing Any Illness. Depression the Opposite of Euphoria prolongs sickness. This is well known medically speaking. Research has disclosed people have endorphines that are the cause of happiness euphoria in men.

This is not the case with the Junkie. Junkies have no endorphines. Imagine if you will living in a Gray Scale World without color where everything is viewed in Shades of Gray. Your feelings are like that too.

The dog does not see colors. But, the dog does somehow sense colors. The dog compensates for its color blindness with its keen sense of smell, and hearing. So much so every dog owner swears dogs are almost human in dogs possess feelings like we do. Dogs have pride. You can hurt their feelings. The Junkie has nothing of the sort.

Opium Mimics?

Opium research has revealed hundreds of designer substances of questionable medical value. Heroin diacetylmorphine comes to mind here. Recently, oxycodone oxycotin has come under fire. Do you remember Rush Limbaugh a very famous Talk Radio personality? Here is a little comedy skit.



"Rush! Oxycotin can make you deaf!"

"I can't hear you."

"Oxycontin can make you deaf!"

"Write it down for him. He still can't hear me."


Shazam Game

Shazam is to give People the Magna Mater of Innocence. Shazam Starts in a School. This can be called Sex Education. This is where we have the Collegiant Prostitute. Name of Implant "Luv."

Shopping Game

The Shopping Game is about the Shoppe. There is no market place here. The Shoppe is a Spy Den. Name of Implant "Commerce."

Israel Game

That is not a jewish place. It is meant to be that way. That is B'nai Berith. The Ku Klux Klan are all controlled by the British. Name of Implant "Death."

Liberation Game

This about slavery as Service. You understand, this is the Creation of Service. That is all Service Sector. It Starts with the Negro Domestics during the Victorian Age. Slavery is an Institution Peculiar to Great Britain. Name of the Implant "Service Work."

Religion Game

This One is Wicca. Witchcraft is Considered Universal. That is to get everything ready. The Teen Witch is Beginning in Grade School. All the business of cigarettes is there. Music, and Dancing are big here too. The Whole Business is to get rid of Health. You can't have Health around Spies. You have to rid of the Contrary. The Contrary Kills Everything. That is Quakerism. That comes from Victoria. Wicca is the Old Religion. Wicca is always, the New Religion. Because, Wicca has all of them in it. This how you get Spies in Religion. That is why Religion isn't supposed to be Good. The Lamb of God knows that. The Name of the Implant "God."

Biology is a Game of Wonder. Name of the Implant "Childbirth." That is all the Biology you need to know about to Play the Game.

Anthropology is a Game of Woman. Name of the Implant "Mankind." After this it seems obvious.

Master and Servant is a Game to Bind People Into Service. Name of the Implant "Slavery." Work makes you free.

Mathematics is a Game of Chance. Name of the Implant "Numerals One." There is Great Error here. People will gather to put everything in order.

These Games End at the Grand  Social. The Grand Social is also known as the Party. The Party is Run by Lilith. That is to get everybody interested into going there. Victoria will achieve victory if the Party is aroused. The Party is a political party. Lilith is Dead. That Allure is Gone. Queen Victoria has Passed. Games End: Name of Implant "Party."

Great Britain has been involved in Two World Wars. The Games will become more, and more Violent with the passage of time. Games will End Time. End Times. When End Times has been reached then End Game is Done.

Queen Victoria had Game Rules. The Games can not be mixed together. Lilith must not be in the World. The Game Mistress Lilith Bree in the Mid Twentieth Century mixed the Games. Lilith Bree is Dead.

The Players Involved in Different Games will Kill each other.   

Here is why. Each Game has an Incarnate Angelic Ruler. The Peace Game has Temperance as the Archangel Michael. Shazam is an Angel of Punishment, and Retribution as well as the Whore Game Shazam. Opium has Four Angelic Leaders called Demo. Biology has the Anael. Religion has the the Whore of Babylon the Great. Irael has Isis Ra El as its Governing Force. The Big One has Ariel. Anthropology has Adam. So it goes for about 600 Games.

If No One is in Charge the Games will Live On. Until, the Games All Go To END GAME. But, not easy. During END GAME all participants are modified. After END GAME everybody dies.

Here is Mushika from Far Off Asia. Comrade Stalin liked Mushika.

Mushika has taken a Clove of Garlic as an Offering to Get Rid of a Vampire. Mushika's blanket is to keep Mushika warm during Winter Time.

 Strangely, the Grande Grimiore  is not a Hostile Book. None of these works of scholarly zeal are. Mankind is on the Verge of Annihilation. Evil must be met with Greater Evil to Unhorse the Plague. 

Astarte is not Ashtoreth. Astarte is the Goddess Nuit the Divine Muse of the Sun at Night.

 Ashtoreth is a Deity of War. Many Occultists have Ashtoreth with the Planet Mars in their Astrology. Ashtoreth is with Hathor the Divine Muse of the Sun Itself. Ashtoreth comes from up there maybe the Binary Star Algol.

 There is a lot confusion about the Deities of the Race in the Bible. For the Magic buff this confusion of imagery can lead to some interesting experience. It is this Uncertainty. Because, you have no Formula for anything to make sense. Let us embrace the Girl.

 Hitler never read "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion." In Auschwitz all "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" were taught in Auschwitz as a "Work and Reeducation Camp" exercise. That is a Work of Communism. That is a Work of Freedom.

 Outside of "Camp" you are Jew. You are a Villain. You are a Convict. The Rabble on the Outside will hate you. The Rabble is nothing but, a Mob controlled by Gangsters. Those are the Common People. You can never be Good in their eyes. Because, they believe in nonsense, fables, and lies. "Camp" has taught you that. Only your Comrades can help you. You are a Worker. This is the same thing as Masonry. The Administration knows that. The Commandant knows that. The Guards know that. All the "Camp Persons" know that. This is the "Secret Society of Camp." It is pretty much like B'nai Berith.

 "They call me a pig. Then let us be pigs. We can let them have it." This is to paraphrase Benito Mussolini. That means to rip the enemy to pieces. Just like a pig kills a monkey.

 We don't like those blurred images. Human breasts are not a sex object. Very few men have such a Breast Fetish. The human buttocks are not a sex object either. Even the display of human, or animal gentiles is not always, an invitation to mate.

 Blocking out people's facial features does not protect them. It will criminalize them. It will endanger innocent people. Because, they look like the culprit. Any such footage must not be shown.

 Here is the painful question. What are they hiding? People will not trust anything they are shown. Why do it? Secrecy.

 Hey! Look at that man's close up. Bet you can count all those zits. That gal needs to do something about that mole on her face. Herpes is contagious. Those nasty skin infections are too. Doesn't anyone know this photography is ugly? Close ups can really stink. Tradition.

 Those people in the Ads need to go home, and get dressed. Better yet they can buy new clothes. Fashionable clothes. Made by the Three Fates. You only have one life dress like it. Hot Tip you can burn your old clothes as a sign of your maturity. It is time to put away childish things. Wear some makeup quit being lazy. Now, you don't look like a retard, or a mental case, or a drug addict, or a Ho. Life gets better for Girls. Stay away from men.

 Most of these people are painfully plain looking. We immediately have an Attack on America's Commercial Sector. That will put millions of people out of work. In a Market Place where there is no work for them. The Long Hair Fetish in the 60's put most of the Barbers out of jobs. The Paper Boys were put out of work. The kids can't save money to go to College. But, they can try for a Student Loan.  Then those Ex Students can pay their Student Loan back somehow? The Cosmetic Industry takes a big hit. Then the Beard Fetish gets rid of shaving cream, electric razors, after shave lotion, razor blades, razors... More people are not using underarm deodorant than ever. Talcum powder is not in vogue. What happens if this claim of causing ovarian cancer is a lie?  American Commerce got another kick in groin. More Unemployment, and Rising Prices have cut deep into our bearded hairy smelly champion's life. It is those School Uniforms are not needed. The Garment Industry is being throttled to death. It is those Blue Jeans, and the rest of that Non Fashion. You can just wear Tennis Shoes anywhere. You can get all those used clothes, and shoes at a Thrift Store. Most people don't use soap. Our American Cosmetic Industry is in the toilet. Americans still use toilet paper. If people keep listening to the Media. Pretty soon you will need directions to the Food Bank. There was a case in San Jose, California. This dude sawed off his arm to get a Disability Check. The Police got wise to this. He finally made the grade. Our hero was trying for prison. But, Welfare will have to do. That is really living! This is Hippy Heaven. If you don't like that! Ordinary looking people can't sell anything. Nobody wants to look ordinary mediocre, and poor. Like they can't afford real clothes, and makeup. Don't you forget your feminine hygiene. If don't take care of yourself. Girls will say "What is that smell?" The boys will say something like "I smell Hot Tuna!" This Gal made it to the Hospital right on time. Somebody must wash her out. She needs a shot. Probably, Librium to knock her out. That is for easy handling. She is a really dirty one a street person. Yes, it is a bag lady. An Orderly has donned a gas mask. She really stinks. People want to puke when they see it. The waste basket is near by just in case that happens. It is all those chunks of rotten tissue, black slime, and putrid water coming out of her that does it.

 An Examination of Commerce in America reveals we are at War. The people who have been engaged in these Un American Activities are now well known. What would you like to do about them? They are in the Kennedy faction of the Democratic Party. We need to Politically Destroy this Kennedy Faction of the Democratic Party. Their people have gone from being dangerous. Everybody is dangerous. But, this Kennedy Faction of the Democratic Party has gone from being Malefic to an Embodiment of Malevolence Itself. Malevolence is their God obviously. Our Planet is Dying. And they did it!

 The problem here is Dishonesty. It is all these Cover Ups concerning what was done to change American Civilization to Win a Nuclear War.

 Notice that the background is blurred. Why? The background speaks volumes in every photograph. All that information is not there. As seen on TV. It makes everything look like an advertisement. It is phony.

 When we see the background blurred. We know it was shot in a studio. The Hitler movies, and News Reels show something like this. Adolph Hitler has been cut out of some picture, and pasted in the film. This was done by the British too. Look! There is Hitler doing his famous jig. Sort of like in these cat food commercials. Films can be altered. It can fool you.

 Can edited film be Copy Righted? No! There would be no end to these Moochers raiding films all over the World. Nothing is safe from this form of Criminal Behavior. This is plagiarism.

 Neither, should these Criminals steal from the Public Domain. That is a form of Grand Theft.

 Copyright Laws have become another Tool of Oppression. Patents have become like that too. Originally, these Laws were enacted to provide the Originator with a Livelihood. Nowadays, only Corporations, and Governments can afford to Copyright, or Patent anything. In the Wrong Hands these Laws can destroy a Country. America is not immune to this form of mischief either. Think about that.

 Kommandant Kitten does alter pictures. The size these pictures has to be changed for the layout. "Mew News" still does have all the Auschwitz pictures in their original format.

 The real Gothic person can go to for a mega dose of mortality.

Morality 101

 Nothing can be done unless people are Honest with each other. We know people lie to each other. Alright they do. At least people can give up these heroic poses.

 There are Five Basic Morals. These are the Five Restraints: 1) Murder 2) Stealing 3) Lying 4) Malevolence 5) Laziness. There are Five Camp Laws as the Positive Morality of Camp. 1) Stay Alive. 2) Obey. 3) Work. 4) Harmony. 5) Progress. This is how you build a Warrior Race. Every Human Being on this Planet is a Warrior. God favors Warriors. It is about Winning. Our Environment is frequently hostile to people. Losing is unthinkable.

 That place in this Country has flies. Why aren't we allowed to see them? We know in this place people are smoking. How come we don't see that? People are trying to alter the "Uniformity of Camp." That demoralizes people. That is Immoral. Lying to people is Immoral. It is dangerous. We see this surreal goodness masquerading as reality. We must kill the good. Otherwise, will have nothing but, recorded images edited for children, the feeble minded, and the insane.

  Normal People want to see Normal Life. That is being Honest with people.  That promotes the trust needed to bind people into a Civilized Way of Life. Honesty provides for Sanity. Dishonesty contributes to Madness. You will find one, or the other in what people are doing.

 Comrade Lenin had a lot to say about this Normal Life. Now, people can take pictures. We can trick people. People have telephones. We can tap them. People can record people's voices. We can alter those recordings. People have history. We can change history. Normal Life is about what people really do.

 We say that Lenin is a Comrade. Because, Lenin is teaching something very important. Normal Life is everywhere. People see Normal Life as True to Life. That is patently false.

 A famous person has died. His name is Prince. The News is that Prince died from a counterfeit medicine. Why wasn't the public warned? By now, this counterfeit medicine may have killed thousands of people. That poison bait could even be in the pharmacies both here, and overseas. Prince did not die from a drug overdose. Prince was murdered.

 Karen Silkwood was found to have twice the normally prescribed dose of methaqualone in her blood. That was at the time of the accident. Marijuana was also found. Documents were missing from the Union meeting she had just left. There was some evidence that Silkwood's car was struck from behind forcing her off the road.

 Funny. Kommandant Kitten's Sister had something like that happen to her too. Likewise, there were unusual, circumstances prior to this accident.

 So Karen Silkwood was created to be a Martyr. Perhaps, it was the machinations of Kerr-McGee, or something much, much worse. The Young Kitten did meet Karen Silkwood. Kommandant Kitten did sign a Pro Nuclear Petition Karen Silkwood circulated on The University of California Berkley Campus.

 Plutonium is used to make batteries for the marker buoys, beacons, and satellites. These applications are considered secret. This could explain the unexplained disappearance of this valuable substance.

 The Nickel Cadmium Battery is not as good as a Plutonium Battery here on Earth. But, in Space way up there in a Satellite. It is a different creature. Ni Cads as they are called will last forever up there. As long as you have a recharging system based on capturing the necessary radiation from the Sun, or even the Van Allen Belt above our Planet. The Carbon Zinc Battery behaves differently up there. We could try the Mercury Cell, Lead Acid, or Lithium Ion Batteries in Space. It is a Phenomenon called Super Cooling that prolongs the life these Batteries, and the Electronics that depend on them.

 The Satellites themselves can be coated with glass, or exotic ceramics. We can develop this process of Glazing Satellites, and Space Craft to be done in Space. This will Armor these a objects against the rigors of Space, and even Enemy Weapons. Imagine all these "Snowballs" orbiting Earth for example.

 We need an new kind of Space Ship. That one is to built up there in Space.  They will look like Spiders.  That is for quick, and effective movement on a Planet's surface. We can make them to go to the Planet Mercury. There is sufficient power to mine the Planet Mercury's surface for metals, and make the ceramics needed to coat the ships interior, and exterior without interfering with the ship's mobility on the ground. The spider ship moves accross the Planet's surface walking like the arachnid on its legs. Loss of a limb can be easily regenerated. Of course the Spider Ships all have weapons to fend off all Enemies. Once, the Spider Ships are fully functional. They can gather meteors, and asteroids for mining. Remmber, there is quite a bit of water in a comet.

 "The China Syndrome" starring Jane Fonda had a character resembling Karen Silkwood. Jane Fonda is closely connected with Nuclear Materials used to manufacture of Communications Satellites via Ted Turner. Could Karen Silkwood been privy to any information about this? We hope Karen Silkwood's relatives are alive, and well?

 Did you know Hillary Rodham was on Kerr-McGee's Legal Team,

 Jane Fonda had a lot of stock in Kerr-McGee. Ted Turner practically owned Kerr-McGee. Jane Fonda owned the rest of Kerr-Mcgee. All the assets of Kerr-Mcgee were later transfered to Ted Turner. Kerr-Mcgee was dissolved under Orders from President Richard Nixon. Because, of numerous violations regarding handling of Nuclear Materials. Only to rise from its coffin. President Jimmy Carter loosed the Vampire on America. Hey, Ted Turner! How does it feel to be on top of the Nuclear Pile? Why is the Friendly Atom sneering at us? Do we have Nuks instead of Nukes in our Arsenal? Inquiring Minds want to know things like this. What do you think?

 Food for thought. It is those rockets in underground silos during the Cold War. The rocket has liquid air instead of liquid oxygen. Because, the damn thing will blow up down there. A recent test was done on a Kennedy rocket. It will almost, reach Moscow, Russia. It did have a real Nuclear Payload of about three hundred kilotons. These scams run all through the Defense Department back then.

 Megatons sounds a lot scarier than kilo tons. We will say a three hundred kilo ton Nuclear Weapon has a plasma ball the size of Titan's Stadium here in Nashville. There is only so much Plasma that can exist on Earth. The Sun dictates that. Those are to Laws of Moloch. The Plasma Ball hovers a certain distance above the ground. A weapon that has up to a hundred and fifty megatons won't do much more damage than that. There is no heat. Heat is product of Light striking an Object. This Super Heating from Light emanating from the Bomb produces the Blast Wave from the Bomb. Plasma is a Form of Matter with Other Laws. The Event Horizon between the Bomb, and Ground Zero happens as soon as the Bomb is detonated. Then something else happens that is still poorly understand. It is like something comes across from the Other Side of Life. It has to do with how the Sun, the Moon, and Planet Earth Deform Time and Space. A nearby Star like Deneb would make Time Travel possible. It is a matter of the Physics involved in limiting the Nuclear Explosion. The Blast Wave follows the line of sight out into Outer Space. Radiation does the same thing mostly going straight up into Outer Space. You can not kill anybody deader than dead.

 You understand, a Plasma Ball from a Nuclear Device is different in Deep Space? It is actually, Dark Matter in Deep Space. What happens when a beam of light is projected into Deep Space at a Plasma Frequency like 90 to 110 Ghz. On the ground Plasma behaves just like light. In Space Plasma behaves like solid matter. Plasma is a Form of Matter. Plasma has both Mass, and Occupies Space meaning Plasma has Form, and Light doesn't. Instead of traveling at the Speed of Light. Plasma is moving at about Mach 8, or there abouts. You can fire Plasma Bullets at an enemy rocket ship. You can shoot right through that ship. If a Nuclear Warhead is detonated in Deep Space. The Dark Matter of the exploded Bomb will persist for quite a awhile. It can destroy any rocket ship attempting to fly through it. Once, that energy is all converted to Dark Matter. It can fall to Earth. Here is where everything is hypothetical. Hypothetical means this is our best guess about what will happen. A hypothesis in Science is basically the same. One guess is it reverts back to being 90Ghz. Another guess is you will see a rock floating about two inches off the ground before it vanishes. Don't touch it. Otherwise, you will be incorporated into that ball of Dark Matter. There you are on the Other Side of Life. You just came out twenty years before you were born maybe on Earth. Here is another scenario. Some time in the future you just pop right out. Next to you is a rock. It is a meteor. Still another scenario. It is a like your favorite tape. It has been eaten up by your tape machine. Ops, you are all over the place over there but, not here. Now, you are in a Bardo. You are neither here, nor there. You just became a part of the Young Girl of Carthage. Lucky Girl!

 The rocket engine seems best when it burns oxygen, and hydrogen. Presumably, deuterium, and tritium might work better for a more steady thrust. Tritium is recommended for deep space flights.

 Have you ever seen an Antenna Array? It works like a Van De Graff Generator. Instead it is Radio Waves instead of Static Electricity. When it gets hot enough. A bolt of energy shoots right through you. It is a booby trap device. It looks like a quartz electric heater. The reflector hangs horizontally. The Antenna Arrays in a HAARP operate like it. The HAARP shoots its energy usually, straight up to block air traffic. Ted Turner knows all about this stuff just like the One did.

 Alana the Nymph of Rome found Ted Turner aka Fibber McGee in the Sewer. Fibber McGee has pulled everything down in the Sewer down with him. He likes it down there.

 All the Ideals of Western Civilization are down there too. The Problem is Pain. You would like less pain? We can call that better pain. The Apostle of Pain the Marquis de Sade says so. Thinking causes people pain. Pain causes people to think about less pain. Heaven? Utopia? No pain? If you are brave enough. We can leave the World of Pain. Maybe even the possibility of Pleasure. This really stinks. Because, people have been throwing away the best part of themselves for millennia. We are going to look for ourselves down there in Auschwitz. We are going to find out why we did that. We are Villains. We are all guilty. We are all innocent. We are all ourselves. Then there is Atavism. The repetition of pain. The Story of Mankind. Samsara. All lived in a single Lifetime. There must be more. Greed. Giving birth to more thoughts about less pain. Heaven. You have to get with it. This is a Work of Freedom.

 Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and her mother died under suspicious circumstances. Did the Pathologist look for other deadly Pathology beside drugs. Did you see the last Michael Jackson television special? Michael Jackson is showing an altered personality typical of Non Ionzing Radiation exposure even possible Nonlethal Electrocution. Touching a Van de Graff Generator can do this besides making your hair stand on end like the "Bride of Frankenstein." A qualified Pathologist did do an honest autopsy? Why are they dead? A Pathologist would look for damage to the nervous system with heat related damage as the Cause of Death. Possibly, caused by Radiation Exposure. People in the Media are frequently exposed to Non Ionizing Radiation such as Radio, and Television Waves. The nervous system will show Heat Related Injury. People may die days even weeks after exposure to a Lethal Dose of Radiation. People self medicate for a reason. None of them are junkies. Addiction has become part of the Popular Folly of the World. Such pronouncements are Worthless. It covers up murder, and certain diseases.

 You are not supposed to live in Neverland. Neverland is a Place of Death. That why it was called Neverland before he bought it. Are you living in Neverland?

 People have one track minds. It is becoming part of an American Ethic. An Ethic that is absolutely irrelevant. All our doctors are afflicted with this tunnel vision. That is all that is in their minds when they see patients. Doctors don't trust their patients. People have quit trusting doctors. Our atheletes might be taking drugs? Can we trust them? What about in the Work Place? Our American Work Force is like in Parole, or Probation with Random Drug Testing. You can see how the Opium Game is Socially Dispruptive, and Un American. People are being Dishonest.

  Drug abuse was not even a thought prior to all this Drug Education that started in 1960. Have you ever read "High Times?" That is part of Playboy Enterprises. Those are the people that bring you "Playboy" magazine. This is Porno Gate: this is Drug Education that is supported by United States Tax Dollars. Did you know that you can smoke cobra venom? Can you get high mainlining Vitamin K (Ketamine)? You can find real shrooms? The World's Largest Marijuana Bud? But, let's just say that "High Times" is not a reliable source for anything. It is worse than "Psychedelic Review."Remember that! Then people might take drugs because, they are hungry in Hell's Kitchen. Children will take drugs because, they are mad at their parents. The Kidd is going to really hurt his father by taking heroin. There is a kind of Reverse Psychology at work in Drug Education. Drugs have become a way of rebellion against the established order of things. Here the addict sees himself as an Agent of Change like in the book "The Naked Lunch." Drugs are cheaper than food. Children are filled with this filthy vision of recreational drugs as they are watching Television. Small children are being imprinted with toxic images of pills, and needles. Addiction is being portrayed as Normal Human Behavior. The Senate believes this nonsense. That is why we get laws based on nonsense. This is worse than the Viet Nam War. All over America children are being raped out of their innocence. Yet, this same Media glorifies Rebellion. The little soldiers are getting two missions. They can be watched like children living in an Occupied Country. That will make them sneaky. What do you think about a life like that? That is pretty close to Hell isn't it?

 The Problem of the Good arises as soon as we even talk about abolishing Drug Education. Do you want your Tax Dollars creating Junkies, and Pill Pushers? Think about that.

 Here is the truth. There has never been morphine enough worth mentioning. At the Turn of the Century there were several International Conferences on Opium. You don't say. That is it. Opium is in very short supply. Opium still is by the way. That is why there so many of these synthetic narcotics, and narcotic like substances like analgesics.

 The Nazi Police State had a Drug Unit in Berlin. Any talk about drug abuse is quickly silenced. Addicts? They kill them. Ignorance is bliss.

 The Nazis know about the British Opium Game. The purpose of the Game is to Destroy Medicine. The Doctor - Patient Relationship is effectively Terminated as soon as the possibility of Addiction shows itself. The every patient is a con artist trying fool the doctor into prescribing these pain killers. The doctor can lose his license. That is just for starters.

 There is a junkie right now. You know he is lying. It is easy to know. His lips are moving. That is a dead give away. Do you want to run up to him, and give him great big hug? "Hugs are better than drugs." Tell him that.

 Then there is more of this camera manipulation censorship. Are we living in an Occupied Country, or what?

 We know that strobe effects, and other FX (special effects) on television can confuse, and disorient people. Why? All this was banned in the 1950's as Mind Control. One shot of "Drink Coke" on the big screen filled up the concession. Guess what? Everybody in the theater was drinking coke. Somebody is thinking for them.

 Confusing, and disorienting people is the last thing you want to see on television. This is the Evening News Broadcast right into your home. That is not educating, or informing anything. It is telling you that people namely you are not important enough to get the real news. You ought to be scared.

 Don't broadcasters know that the Cultural Matrix is a crucial component in anybody's news, movie, or program. Maybe, they don't care. They are trying to get by doing a job they obviously don't like.

 Who is that? What? Where? When? Why? How? It is the 5 W's, and the H of good journalism. All these Cub Reporters were going to come out of these News Boys, and few News Girls that deliver your Morning Paper. Poof! They are gone. This is not a kind World.

 Did you know that Pravda in Russia pays attention to all the above? Someday, American journalists, and media people will catch up to the Russians. Right now, they are totally stressed out on lies.

 You don't want this stinking hacker: "monitor," or "censor" around at all! They are all either criminals, or spies. Microsoft is concerned. People need to play. The hacker is there as a spoiler. This is Political. We find this sort of sabotage with Bolsheviks all the time. They promote their life at the expense of your life. We need stronger Laws. We need to really hurt them. Hackers respect nothing but, Greater Force.

 Hackers interfere with Intelligence Gathering. There is a Terrorist Website. None of America's Intelligence Agencies will gain any information so vital it may save American lives. Because, the Website was hacked by one of these Space Cowboys.

 Hackers are bad for the Police. This investigation will be a lot harder. Somebody has gotten into their computers, and deleted vital information. This rapist might go free. A Police Informant has been outed by a Hacker. Who knows what is going to happen to her? Want to guess?

 Schools, and students have constant problems with this Hacking. Hey buddy! Your homework just vanished! it was a term paper that took this student three months to put together. The professor will understand. Won't he?

 Your modem just quit on you again. It does that every hour. It makes downloading large files impossible. We can Nationalize the Phone Companies long enough to get rid of these computer switching devices. Phone Service will work something like the United States Postal Service. The Government can buy up all their Stocks, and Bonds. It will  be just  phone to phone that is all. When people are paying very high rates. The Phone Company, or Hacker causes a Dropped Connection. People feel they have been riped off. Gipped. That is a National Security Issue. A Dropped Connection has caused the lose of vital information being transfered to Washington District of Columbia lets say it is the Pentagon. Many people are dead because, the Red Cross lost their connection to a Doctor. Research becomes more difficult. This woman's Life Support depends on the Internet. Her Doctor is monitoring her. The connection was dropped. She is dead. The Police, and even the Government are having the same kinds of problems. An Informant is on the line. The connection was dropped. Six tons of fentanyl laced heroin has hit the streets. There are very strong Laws including the Death Penalty for Interfering with Communications. It is only a matter of hunting these Saboteurs, and Hackers down. They can get the Mercy of a Pistol. This is a War on Crime.

 You are surfing the net. Your browser (several different browsers) hangs up on this Security Setting, or cetificate like,, and so forth. You are at a web site that has nothing to do with google, pinerest, ect. It is the United States Post Office! You can't see anything because, of this Hacking. None of these browsers have a setting to stop this harassment. Harassment has grown on the net in the past few years. Even President Trump has been a Victim of Cyber  Bullying. Even the most innocuous of President Trump's Tweets get Rude Reviews by Media, etc. Hundreds of Cyber Stalkers, and Space Cowboys are after President Trump's family at any given time.

 To everybody that has a Web Server that is commercially inclined. If you are in somebody's Government take this to heart. Now, that applies to anyone else that has a Web Server. YOU DON'T UPGRADE A SERVER! A Sever has a Router so nobody on the Internet can Hack into it.

 For all of you that have a Web Site. Note there are No Banner Ads allowed in Auschwitz! That is because, most Commercial Banner Ads are filled with Web Bugs. Auschwitz is free of Web Bugs so even all the pictures usually, GIF format are always scanned. Web Sites have to be scanned for Virus. There has never been a Virus Outbreak in Auschwitz like the kind described here. What happened to our freedom?

 There are bad plug ins for your browser like Scam websites like Your computer needs a Doctor. Rising PC Doctor is here for download.

 Of course, you are to Back Up all your work. Hacking is very sophisticated these days. Chances are your Backups even in several machines might not be there like you think they are supposed to be. There is no substitute for hard copy.

 The Poor Losers are at it again in Congress. People in Congress are required to be mature, and sane enough to hold these Public Offices. They are required to have not committed any serious crimes. To wit felonies, and serious misdemeanors. A Politician is immune to the Public Folly. That is why Politicians are not liked.

 Then there is a Non Politician born out of Popular Folly. Have you ever heard of H. Ross Perot? He is the man that started all these Town Hall Meetings. The Press is puffing H. Ross Perot as a Presidental Candidate from the American Independent Party like a dirigible. Suddenly, He runs out of gas like a float after the Macy's Day Parade. Sort of like the Whistle Stop tour by Senator Muskie's Presidential Bid in 1972. Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine. He lost. The "I am Woman" Presidential Campaign of Hillary Rodham "Cold War" Clinton. One of the most puffed Presidential Candidates ever. Hillary's high flying Campaign for President crashed, and burned like the Hindenburg.  Lost souls shipwrecked on the body politic. Their bones lie bleaching in the Sun.

 Puffing is excessive coverage in the Media of certain people, and issues. Like the current Opaite Scare. This is also, called bias in the Media. It is taking sides that is very obvious. There are Laws that might get passed in Congress concerning this Opioid Scare. That are worse than Nazi Fascism, or anything. President Nixon would never allow like this in the War on Drugs. Drug Education beginning in 60's was blamed by the Nixon White House. Creating Problems in order to Solve Problems. This is the Primary Cause of Drug Abuse. During the Eisenhower Era marijuana use was as scarce as hen's teeth. As Drug Education keeps introducing adults, and children to all the New Drugs as they are hitting market. Giving birth to a whole new set of Draconian Laws. You will not be allowed to carry pills. Your pills in a pill container. You can not have any medicine in its original container on your person. You are going to prison for your own medicine. These People are trying move right into your house on you. How do you stop the Opiate Epidemic? By hitting this problem where it lives. We employ surgery to cut nerves that are responsible for most pain. The Media is censored. By shutting people up. When the Drug Talk stops. They quit harassing people. People stop abusing drugs. This Drug Scare could be construed to be an attack on the Pharmaceutical Industry. Nevertheless, it does harm American Commerce. It puts people out of work. All those Pharmacies could go out of Business. Ditto for the Medical Industry. Surgeons will cut nerves not needed for the performance of work. Without all those aches, and pains the Doctors will go down the tubes. They do know it.

 Now, for something completely different concerning Aphrodite, and Love. The actor Richard Burton had a fool proof method of teaching girls to do Love Scenes, What do you love? It is kittens. Yon actor is a kitten. Treat him like one in the Love Scene. That works with people, and animals. Get them to love something. Then substitute that for the person being loved. You will get it first cut. That is how Flipper got started with the Kid. Flipper the Dolphin is a toy.  This is Acting School. The Kid needs to learn a few things to polish him off for the big TV Series "Flipper." The Kid owns the toy. The toy is only there for the Kid to play with. Nobody else plays with the Kid's toy. Then nobody else can take the Kid's role away from him. If the Kid is up to it. The Whales are toys for the Kid to play with. The Kid rules the Seas. The Oceans all belong to the Kid. It is all starts with Flipper. All you have got to do with Flipper is  wind him up. Then Flipper will do anything you want him to. Richard Burton wants the Kid to have a touch of megalomania. The Kid is going to be an Actor for the rest of his life. You have to have a big Ego to have the kind of Stage Presence to make it in Show Business. Have you ever seen Richard Burton play "Faust?" It is a delight to behold. According to Richard Burton "Faust" is done in Two Parts. Part One was Richard Burton's "Faust" done inside the Magic Circle. Everything is done inside the Magic Circle. Faust makes his Pact with Mephistopheles. Faust does all his Magic in the Circle. Part Two is something every Actor must know. There is always, a sequel. In Part Two Faust has left the Magic Circle behind. Since, Faust has done everything humanly possible for the Magic to Win. Faust's Visualizations during the play must come true. Now, Mephistopheles has to carry this out in the Real World. That is what gets Faust, and Mephistopheles known in the World at large. Faust is Damned. That is what every Magician does. Pray to God like your prayers have already, been answered. Then go about your normal business. The better the visualization, or vision the more likely this will come to pass. That is the Magic Key that opens the Book. The Book is not open at all for you. Unless, you can Unlock the Magic Book with the Right Key. That is a Skeleton Key that Unlocks all the Magic Books in the World. All this comes from Aphrodite. The Key is Love.

Poor Gretchen of Germany

"Why is America so dirty?"
Kommandant Kitten

 One is to not have been convicted of drug related offenses ideally to run for Political Office according to the Rules of the Opium Game. In the 70's Hillary Rodham "Cold War" Clinton, and her constant companion Jane Fonda were convicted of violating the State of California's Drug Laws. Then there is this shadowy relationship with British Master Spy Lilith Bree. Jane Fonda, and Lilith Bree are close blood relatives. Jane Fonda an adopted child  has never been a real American at all. It shows! Both  Jane Fonda, and Lilith Bree were Couriers for their respective Governments namely the Republic of United States of America, and Her Majesty's Great Britain during 1955 to 1978. Jane Fonda not only carried the News. Jane Fonda could recite everything verbatim.

 In order to understand, Environmental Issues you must have this sort of Background on the Environmental Movements. Gretchen of Germany like the Young Kitten of the 50's have the same sympathies. Gretchen is in grave danger. Many young men are too. It is Green Politics. But, Gretchen deserves some honest answers as to why Global Warming is a problem? Global Warming is a Crisis. Why Global Warming is still around? Jane Fonda is poised in Washington DC to Co-opt the Movement that Gretchen started at the United Nations. Gretchen is an Embarrassment. Because, Gretchen is honest. That fact threatens people. Hmmmm! Why? Why do Republicans disagree with the Paris Accords? Understand, Republicans being sane people agree with everything in Principle. All the Major Corporations agree to in Principle. All Capitalists agree in Principle as well that something must be done like right now. The only Barrier is Ideology. The Problem is an Honest Discussion of the Facts. We are not interested in Playing Games. In order to deal with Global Warming. We must understand, and know that is a Problem Formed Under the Shadow of Thermo Nuclear War. The infrastructure that supports Nuclear War is the cause of our present crisis including Global Warming. The United States of America has a Proletarian Population without Class Distiction  according to the Constitution of the United States of America. Proletarian means we are a Working People not a Class of People. We are proud, arrogant, greedy, and self righteous but, always right. This time we are anyway. The United States has a Democratic Republican Government. All we have to do in America is to get the Media, etc to be Honest with America. Then American can have an Honest Presentation of the Facts about Global Warming. Gretchen? Americans are an Action Oriented People. There is still hope. We can do this.

Greenhouse Gases, and the Oscillator Effect

The Winter of the Sword

 Core Samples taken from the depths of the Glaciers, and Ice Caps tell a strange story. How in the face of Global Warming can be have the Coldest Winters on Record? Prior to an Ice Age there is a pattern of high concentrations of carbon dioxide, global extinction of plants, and animals, volcanic activity, and the blacking of the skies. Sort of like Nuclear Winter. Some scientists say an Ice Age can be on us in as little as two years with little warning.

The Mad Bombers of the American Democratic Party

"Murder is not an acceptable way of promoting Human Rights."

1) Who started the Cold War?

2) Who wants to end the Cold War?

3) Millions of people are dead.

4) Billions of people are  destitute.

5) Our Planet is devastated.

6) All this justified in the Name of Human Rights.

7)  We don't want to die in a Nuclear Holcaust.

 All these Neo Victorian Spy Games Break Peace, and Promote Thermo Nuclear War. The End Times, and all that sort of rot like the Governance of Angels. During the Victorian Era the Royalty with Queen Victoria wanted the World to be Governed by God's Angels. What if these Angels are real? People might believe these Angels are real. Renegade Spies can easily get even our Government to believe given enough resources. Let us just say that is possible. Don't worry Angels are running things in America. Ooooor, maybe we must be very worried if that is the case. Because, Angels don't like sinners.

 We are going to take all this Neo Victorian Morality, Ethics, and International Laws. We are going to put this every single bit of it in the trash for you. We are going to remove your blinders. There will be no childing. We are going to be as honest as we dare. We can all quit being phony. Then people can trust each other again. You see breaking trust that binds Society together is breaking peace. Finally, we can study the Culture of Auschwitz, and "Other Camps" without prejudice. Killing Refugees is not helping them. But, that did not always, happen in "Camp." We can have the Whole Story right here for you. Of course, that may take a few more years. It has taken ten years to get this far.

Rouge Agents

  What makes a Government Agent go bad? Why can these Agents not stop being bad? These Agents were never anybody's Agents in the first place. They are unselfish. That is bad. There is no way to contain them. It has to do with Sex, Class, Religion, and Breeding. The Social Dynamics of Minority Groups in any given Country playing out from situation to situation. Yet, these Agents have journeyed Outside the boundaries of Sex, Class, Religion, and Breeding. These Agents have gone Beyond the Social Dynamics of Minorities. These Agents are Other. You have a person that is very intelligent. A thoroughly well trained actress like Jane Fonda, and Lilith Bree to some extant Hillary Rodham. Men can be good Actors too. A person who is incredibly gifted. Person that is like an Arch Angel that has Another Calling. A person that can rise to the very top of a Spy Organization. It is because, of these qualities that makes them Bad with a capital "B." These Agents will Play the Games according to their Rules. In the aftermath it will be very difficult to assess the damage they have done to their respective Countries, and the World at large. You will be lucky to find any records. Even if you do. It will be very hard to understand, the New Words it is written in. It is more than a Code. It is a Shared Perception with their Fellow Travelers on the  Path. The Agency gets filled with these Like Minded People over a considerable period of time. Now, this Nation does not have a Spy Agency at all. It is a Gang of Well Organized Criminals. They are only interested in the power manipulation, and control of people rather than money, or hedonistic pursuits. It is a kind of Illuminati. Then this Organization begins to Prey on Minority Groups especially, Jews. So the Jews are being Organized into these Criminal Mafia Organizations. The Number of these Dupes grows until, they perceive Safety in Numbers. This could be well over a million people. Thus emboldened this Mafia begins to harm the Proletariat. Human life is cheap. It is these killings that is the beginning of the end for them. The Rouge Agents are either long dead, or well retired. As the Games keep eroding Society on an ever downward spiral.

 Now, you know what happened in the Wiemar Republic prior the rise of German Nationalism. We find History is Repeating Itself: Deja Vu. Let us run this by you one more time. The Jews are the most well Organized group of people during the Great Depression. The rest of the German people resent this rightly, or wrongly. The Jews are being portrayed privately as a dangerous Mafia. The only solution is to exterminate them all off. It is not just the Nazis. It has gotten into the Proletariat. Spy Games can do things like that. It can happen here. You have been warned.

 The Status of Women changed in the Wiemar Republic. Women in the Wiemar

Suitcase Bombs

 These bombs are some of Israel's finest. Kerr-McGee contracted for a hundred of these darling little devices. At least six suitcase bombs were produced, and shipped to New York. Immediately, a million dollars a piece went to Israel to make payroll there. There is a problem. Nobody knows where these bombs are at? More to the point who has them? The bombs are missing. Ops.

 What is a Suitcase Bomb anyway? It is a perfect self contained atomic bomb. That looks like it is in a black suitcase. The whole thing weighs nine hundred pounds. The yield is about nine hundred kilo tons.

 Last word was the location was somewhere near the New York Docks. Somebody  needs to look to see if the bombs are still there. Nobody thinks they are there. Because, nobody has seen them for some time.

 Kommandant Kitten thought all this hoopla would blow over. It has not happened. It is wild accusations of Russian Agents hacking the Democrats. But, the Russians should love Hillary. Twenty Percent of the United States Uranium production has gone to Russia duly approved by Hilllary Diane Rodham "Cold War" Clinton's Department of State. This was several tons of Bomb Grade Uranium. It has all gone into Nuclear Reactors in Russia courtesy of Kerr-McGee. We are going to marry Jane Fonda, and Hillary Rodham "Cold War" Clinton to the Bomb. Both of these Crypto Fascist die hard Racists need to be seen in the Cold Light of Nuclear War. Here is the point. Hillary Rodham "Cold War" Clinton is the only Department Head we must be concerned with not any of the Others. Because, she is a Presidential Candidate. That is why the Media is running interference on this sale of tons of Uranium to Russia? All our Print, and Broadcast Media is concentrating into the hands of fewer, and fewer people. Who the hell are they? Why are they interfering with the United States Presidential Elections? This is going beyond Bias. It is an Unlawful Takeover of the Apparatus itself. There are six extreme Government Departments in collusion with Hillary Rodham "Cold War" Clinton that say this Big Deal is good. Obama has to believe them. Because, after all they are his people? But, if any of these major Government Departments is independent of President Trump. We have a major problem. Kommandant Kitten has written extensively about the possibility of a Hostile Soviet forming in our Country. If these Government  Departments are Autonomous. Then they are Soviets. All the Nazi Concentration Camps actually, were Autonomous Independent Self Governing Soviets under no Law but, there own. We don't need to worry about this?

 The hoopla is about thousands of Russian Agents planting "Fake News." And waging Information Warfare on the Democratic Party are overblown. Maybe, their conscience is bothering them. It looks like all these Russian Spies are working for "Pravda." In modern Russia "Pravda" means "Truth," and all their journalists are looking for big stories. The Democrats are worried Pravda might find them. "Pravda" is not a Russian Spy Agency anymore than the "New York Times," or let's say CBS are Spy Agencies here in America. Yes, "Pravda" is on the Internet. But, they are not the Hackers like Kommandant Kitten describes. As a matter of fact a twelve year old child of a Software Engineer can hack into any of the Democratic Party computers at will. It can be made to appear that these attempts are originating from Russia, or any place you can possibly imagine. We will have to outlaw wiretaps because, of these cases. The wire tap can be used by a hacker to hide their identity, and their point of origin. Hey! The lights are out! Nobody has found the wire tap in Canada used by a Domestic Hacker. Knowing what you know. What do you think America should do about it? Here is another attack coming from an Iraqi wire tap. It looks like it is ISIL again. More is on the the way. Everybody on Earth hates America. It looks like it. What if America goes to War? Because, we are stupid. This Domestic Hacking Crisis has never been sufficiently addressed by the Democratic Party. Maybe, all these Domestic Hackers are working for the Democrats? Nowadays, we have millions of these Career Criminals still at large in America.

 Here is a scenario for you. You have been rousted out of deep sleep by Federal Agents saying you did it. What really happened is some Hacker has installed software inside your computer. According to command your Zombie Computer went on the Internet. While it was out there the President of America got his life threatened among other unkind things, and explicatives. You are being blamed for this crime. It will cost you a fortune in legal fees to prove your innocence. Good Luck! You will need it. Because, the program deleted itself after sending those threatening messages.

 SETI is a program that searches for Intelligent Life in the Universe. The computing power of millions of computers will find it. It is a Hacker! The Hacker is using your computer for countless nefarious reasons. Don't download any computer programs like this. You won't see any Government Agents like that.

 All these Hackers have this thing against American Commerce. The Democratic Party has admitted to employing thousands of these Internet Bandits. They say it is for their own protection against Foreign Hacking. "Paranoia the destroyer?" a band called the "Kinks" sang about that in years long past. They love wrecking major Corporations with their Hacking skills. Why are the prices rising on everything? When you are out of work. It really hurts. Doesn't it?

 It looks like the Democrats at least some of them insist on stirring up this tempest in a tea cup. Did Pravda really, try to influence Elections in the States? Let us put it this way. CBS wants to find out if they can influence Elections in Russia by Computer Hacking. If CBS can Hack the Russian Elections? Then anybody can. If the Presidential Elections were actually, influenced by Pravda Hacking. Then Domestic Hackers can do a lot of damage like this, and then some. By the way CBS does influence Elections in Russia by its' way of reporting the news. If any Political Party can not keep its' information safe from Hackers. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

 Now, one of the big peeves of the Democrats a.k.a. Hillary Rodham "Cold War" Clinton. It has to do with Fake News otherwise known as a Disinformation Campaign. Why would a Russian in Pravda do this. Do you remember Serbia. All the Serbian Television Stations were bombed by the United States. Russian Reporters died during that War. Hillary Rodham "Cold War" Clinton executed her own personal hate filled Racist agenda. She did this as President Clinton's First Lady. The Russians believe that Hillary Rodham "Cold War" Clinton was responsible for all that blood letting during the War Against Serbia. In Serbia as people were listening to "Good Morning Serbia." There was a loud explosion "Good Morning Serbia" was blown right off the air. Mind you Yugoslavia was a close Ally to the United States during the Cold War Era. Does anybody remember that? Can Americans think for themselves? Americans are being told what to think constantly. People will think along these lines. Who are these Puppet Masters?

 We don't know about you? Do you want to die in a Thermonuclear War? United States Foreign Policy keeps putting us into this bad state again. Besides bankrupting the Country. It is the Propagating of the Ethics of the Kennedy Faction of the Democratic Party overseas. Our Government is filled with these Filthy Ethics of this Kennedy Faction. Filthy with the Death of a Nation. President Jimmy Carter's Human Rights is still the Bad Politics of this Kennedy Faction. Iran was a staunch Ally of the United States for decades. Why did Iran turn against the United States? Gross Violations of this hypocritical Doctrine of Human Rights. It involves the Suppression of Islam. Mind you every Religion is under this Satanic Attack by Mind Control in America. This Military Base in Saudi Arabia is an attack on Islam. Numerous Covert Actions both here, and abroad aimed in the eradication Islam. Charities have been influenced to go along with this Anti Islamic sentiment of the Kennedy Faction of the Democratic Party. This is the cause of the Oil Boycott against the United States of America. President Jimmy Carter's  Anti Commerce views along with Carter's Environmental Protection Agency are taking over America by this subterfuge. That was how President Jimmy Carter single handedly destroyed the American Oil, and Petrochemical Industry. Christianity in America is being suppressed too. Christians are being prevented from Practicing their Faith. The Book is not allowed in most places. At one time the Book was mandated to be there. They actually, attack helpless Holly Trees! The Decorated Christmas Trees are Sacred to the Spirit of Giving also known as the Holy Spirit. In the Book angering the Holy Spirit will get a person Irremovable Damnation of the Worst Sort. "They have been given over to a Strong Delusion. Least they Repent, and be Saved." A Nativity is not a Creche. The Nativity is a Sacred Remembrance of God as required by the Book. Creche is French for crib. That is demeaning. That is Blasphemy. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth said Jesus is the Light. Therefore, Christmas Lights are essential to our Adoration of Our Lord and Savior. The Book of both Christians, and Jews have stern instructions how to deal with Unbelievers. The Unbeliever has proven they so different from Normal People. It is impossible for us to live together in Peace. These Unbelievers are a tiny Minority of the American Population. We are at the End of Tolerance. Kommandant Kitten has a Modest Proposal. That the Unbelievers be Exiled to "Special Camps" for the Rest of Their Days. That will Promote the General Welfare. That is to Secure Freedom of Americans from the Encroachment of Unbelief. That will save us all from certain Destruction. That will Avert God's Wrath. The Foreign Aid, and Charity monies keep coming back on themselves to America doing stuff off the books like during the Kennedy Regime. Can you say corruption? Worse it kills people overseas. That is why America keeps making enemies all over the World. When the American Foreign Policy is doing business nothing but, business. buying, and selling will be our Foreign Policy. Not running the World according to some incomprehensible Plan. Like killing billions of people in the name of Human Rights. Maybe for no reason at all? That is not Capitalism. Leave people alone. Let them have their Freedom. People will like us better both here and overseas. This recent European Land War almost went Nuclear. Can Hillary Rodham "Cold War" Clinton justify this bloody exchange of Nuclear Weapons? The United States is not even close to being prepared for a Nuclear War like they were in the 60's. This almost, happened during the European Land War against Yugoslavia. The Russians were getting involved. The Clinton Regime was gambling with the lives of millions of people. There is justification for this stupidity? Because, Hillary Rodham "Cold War" Clinton's Racist hatred to Slavic Peoples. Racism is not just Black and White. The People all over Europe need to learn to hate Hillary "Cold War" Clinton. It's Hate Day for Hillary Strangelove. The movies "Dr. Strangelove How I learned to love the Bomb" can be seen with this in mind. Federal Agencies can do a lot of damage acting on their own without Executive over sight. If people in Government are not Loyal to the President. Rebellion is not far off. That would be terrible for our Country. That is why Rebellion is mentioned in the Constitution of the United States of America. That is why Rebellion is mentioned along with Treason. The Punishment is usually, Death.

 President Kennedy started several massive projects both here, and abroad under the Aegis of Development. Federally Funded Development, and Redevelopment have been Destroying the Land leaving nothing but, ugliness, and Ghettos in its wake. President Trump needs to stop this funding that only enriches Scalawags, Scabs, and Carpet Baggers. This measure will control Inflation. It's Fibber McGee again busting Unions. The Aswan Dam in Egypt was one of Worst Disasters to hit Northern Africa. It is a cause of Drought, and the Sirocco Winds that hit Europe. This was planned by the Kennedy Faction to be a Weather Warfare Device. Weather Warfare is designed to Ruin the Planet. Federal Development Funds are being used as a Weather Warfare measure by pumping out all the aquifers mostly in the American West. That is to increase the Desertification of the Land, and Create Dust Bowls.

  Several Radiation Devices were placed in our Oceans under the guise of Oceanography. These Under Water Buoys are now, even placed by Green Peace radiate a diabolical Freeze Ray to destroy the environment down there. The Underwater Buoys do alter the currents in our oceans, and seas. They are a significant cause of Global Cooling trying incite a New Ice Age. Fishing? You have got to be kidding. One of these Channel Markers can kill people in the water. Beacon is bad. That device can blind, maim, or even kill you. There is no legitimate use for these dangerous devices. Any of these Electronic Warfare Devices can be placed in  any body of water as an Anti Personal Weapon. You are at the beach with several hundred people in the water. Have their bodies grow numb from a kind of electrocution. The device is on for only a minute. No one will ever find it. This is Covert Access Denial by a single Terrorist. Hundreds of these incidents have occured in the United States.

 Brasilia was another Bright Idea coming out of the Kennedy War Room. Brasillia is the Capital of Slash, and Burn. The United States as part of their Weather Warfare Project wants then to continue at all costs. It's Fibber McGee again.  This becomes the Capital of Brazil. Because, President Kennedy has decreed this is to be so. Papa Doc the leader of Haiti was phoned by President Kennedy. "I have only one word for you Mr President." "What is it?" Yes." President Kennedy got a "No!" from President Trujillo of the Dominican Republic next door to Haiti. President Trujillo was promptly assassinated. But, not before Trujillo made a few Snuff Films. American Foreign Aid including Humanitarian Aid was done under the Alliance for Progress. Whom President Johnson promptly denounced as Murder Incorporated. Jane Fonda fled the Government only to ensconce herself in the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross is also known as US Aid during the Viet Nam War. Later this monster has extended its tentacles into every Charity you can find.

  There is a history of the President's wife trying usurp power. It starts with Lincoln's wife, and ends with Eleanor Roosevelt. The notion of First Lady running the Government from the shadows is too serious for words to describe what may happen. Read a "A Generation of Vipers" for an excellent denunciation of Momism. During World War II the troops had to spell out the word MOM on the parade field. MOM is a term of affection for the Queen of England. Eleanor has a bad case of Megalomania. Just about everybody in the Military despised Elanor Roosevelt. My father told me that. The Old Man didn't trust his wife one bit. That part of the Constitution that describes the Office of the President of the United States in male gender only has been used to unseat women several times in American History.

 We can look at what kind of damage a Disinformation Campaign can do to American Elections. The number of computers on the Internet would be almost everybody. If people won't do these Anti Commerce Gimmicks. Most of this is Software. It affects Big Business, the Military, and the General Public. The Software Industry is Undependable. Kommandant Kitten recomends a Government Operating System that is backward compatible, and will support programs that run on Other Operating Systems. About eighteen percent of America is computer savvy. Modems dominate the Inter Net, Since, modems are more secure than high speed connections. This Social Media the TV Stations are all gaga over does not represent much of the American voters. Social Media requires a high speed connection. That costs a lot of money. As well as that state of the art computer. About six per cent of the American people are around on the Internet. Social Media as well as the Broadcast Media does not represent the American People much at all. Any damage done by a Russian Disinformation Campaign is minimal. Americans do it a lot here in America. We are very worried the Russians are being told to get ready to make Nuclear War. American Popular Folly is getting that dangerous again.

 The Democrats have a love affair with suicide called Hillary. Womens Issues? As soon as "I am Woman" is heard Sappho walks out. Sensationalism without Substance is the problem like with Immigration, and Race. The Immigrants will start migrating into the Republican Party. As People of Color are Racing to become Republicans. The Republicans are addressing Low Income America. Doesn't every American want to become Great?

 We need to impose the Fairness Doctrine again to rein in these Media Conglomerates that are acting like a Propaganda Agency. The Broadcast Media does not have Free Speech Rights. The Supreme Court says it is all Commercial Speech. It can be regulated by the Government. Otherwise, we could become a One Party State. Every Republican needs to pay attention to this fact.

 There are extreme reports that a French Professor researching Current Events at a Madison Wisconsin University is not allowed to do any work regarding the United States Election. He is being treated as a Spy for the French Government. It is the thin skinned Democrats again up to their antics. These Buffoons have finally done it. The French have recalled there Professor of Current Events. The French have considered retaliating against America likewise. The expulsion of American Professors, and students that will receive no grades at all from the Universities in the Country of France. The severing of Diplomatic Relations with the United States of America is also being considered. Because, America is a corrupt Country. Great Britain is next of course. It is this Wild Talent of the Democratic Party for making Enemies the World over that is a cause for alarm. Their Stupidity is an Unforgivable Crime Against Reason. It is the Bad Politics of very sick people.

 They have finally, done it. The Hate Campaign against President Donald Trump has escalated. A Hate Campaign is undoable without Major Banking. Remember Banks are the First Cause of Wars. There were several Conventions with Versallies Treaty. Name Games are the found prior to a Hate Campaign. First we have these Dirty Jokes that come out of Dirty Talk. Next we have these Pranks. Donald Trump is killed in effigy in a Shakespeare Play as Julius Caesar being knifed repeated by Cassius, and Brutus for the good of the Republic. Right there on Times Square in New York, New York. Of course, the Roman Civil War starts up. The people are not informed about this fact however. The Next Stage is Amusing Work as the Goats are getting more Humorous. This escalates To Play Without Rules: Riots. The next stage in a Hate Campaign is Death. A distraught man guns down five Republicans during a baseball practice in Alexandria, Virgina. It was said  this man was acting on his own. There is no conspiracy. But, mass murder has become a sort of Movement. That can't be terrorism. It is de facto terrorism. Just like in cases of segregated housing, and renting form a conspiratorial pattern even if it is one person. That is de facto segregation acting as if there is a conspiracy anyway. Segregation then was a Movement. Movements act like a conspiracy. The Courts say it still violates the Civil Rights Acts. There would be no Segregation without Integration. Segregation is generated because of the Politics of Polarity. That is two, or more Waring Factions. Integration is the Root Cause of Violence in America. This is aggravated by Over Population. People don't agree on anything much.  This was a Political Crime. Individuals can be terrorists if they adhere to a terrorist pattern. Then it is a Political Crime like Sirhan Sirhan the first of the Palestinian gunmen assassinated Robert Kennedy. Because, Kennedy supported Israel. Political Crimes must be handled in a different manner by another kind of Police. Crimes against the Public Order. That would be the Order Police. The Last Phase of a Hate Campaign Is Death Without Cause. The Goats are getting Humorous. The Goats aren't either Democrats, or Republicans. Here is where Terrorism raises its ugly head.

 We have got more Yellow Dog journalism after Trump. It is the same old scandal reporting. You have the Tabloids. The dregs of desperate journalists. There are all sorts of women coming forth. They might be spies placed to embarrass the Republican Party. We checking to see if they are part of some Theater Group. They may have slept with Trump at some time in his long life. They have all given their word. Mum is the word. A mummy can't speak a single word about anything. They have even signed papers agreeing that is what they will say in public. They have lawyers fighting for their Right to Lie. The journalists all say so anyway. We can believe them. Right?

 Now, these girls are going to tell all. Mind you, these women have given their word to not say anything. The journalists pester the women constantly. Nothing these women say is admissible it court. They broke their word. It looks like President Trump has slept in more places than George Washington. If we want to believe in these yarns. Let us say we don't.

 You ought to see how a Hate Campaign gets into a High School. It destroys everybody in it. Kommandant Kitten seen it happen as a kind of Social Experiment. If you have read "Lord of the Flies," seen the movie, or both. You will understand, the Sociology of Teenagers. There are people that can duplicate that in a given population of people. They know all about bullies. This is not a bully thing at all. People don't grow out of this. It is much darker. Known Hate Groups don't engage in this kind of activity. It goes further than persecution. It is not a form of discrimination. It is pure hostility that is well hidden. It very well financed by Banks. The Skool is being transformed into a Mini Ghetto. The Town is become come involved. That solidifies the Ghetto. The kids are not alright, or anything like it. Also, it does not have those kind of boundaries in a real school. It is extralegal. It is too sophisticated. Because, a group of very wicked people began to manipulate them from the Shadows. No one will know who they were. It might of been the Government, unlikely. It could have been some Private Concern, most likely. Maybe, even Enemy Agents, remotely possible. The Charities are corrupt. These Theater Groups show up. It could have been combinations of all of those possibilities. That is scary. All the students, faculty, and even their parents became corrupt. Nobody can trust them on anything. They are ruined. They became demoralized. It is the Death of Innocence. They lost their souls, or something like it. Maybe it was a Satanic Offering? Kommandant Kitten survived. The people that got involved, several thousand of them are dead. This is the Forbidden Play of the Goats. It is a kind of Magic, or Empathy. This kind of Empathy is well known in certain quarters. You will know it. When you see it. Banks finance these Hate Campaigns too Globally.

 Integration creates all these Gangs, and Hate Groups that form either for, or against Integration. Thus this Mind Control Device of the Kennedy Faction of the Democratic Party for America is bad for America. Abraham Lincoln said so. A Form of Psychological Warfare against the Population of America. The main culprit in in this case is the Michigan Militia a.k.a. Michigan Mafia. They claim to be the oldest Militia in the Country dating back from Fort Detroit. These claims are questionable at best. However, these people are the Ku Klux Klan that formed in the 20's. Most of the Quakers joined this Ku Klux Klan during its early formation. Remember, that the Quakers are going into Racial Divergence. The Quakers are returning to the Racial Purity of their Huguenot Ancestry. The Charities are filled with people with that way of thinking. This is likewise going on in Great Britain prior to the Great War. This Movement gained prominence just prior to the death of Queen Victoria. This Ku Klux Klan broke up after the defeat of Woodrow Wilson. Kennedy picks them up later. They are going to be the people that will survive World War III. Reconstruction will begin again with them. In Michigan the Green Mob took on the Purple Gang in Detroit. They are still at it. Green Mob challenged the Harris Families a British Firm during a takeover bid on the American Canadian border. This has to do with Banking. There is another problem with the Green Mob. It is Angels. We will get into that later.

 The Quakers, Huguenots, and B'nai Berith are the Usual Suspects regarding this Type of Empathy That Lives in People. The most Hated Spiritual Practice on this Planet. This is called Mind Control these days. It has taken over our Charities. It is the engine that drives this Kennedy Faction of the Democratic Party.

 B'nai Berith winds up being the Cop on the Beat for them. B'nai Berith is there to be used up by these Drones. The Drone is an Angel. We are warned about this in "The Book of Jude." The True Church is trying to form in Jerusalem. It seems Bacchus is laying siege to the infant Church. Worse it could be Angels. Anyway, the Church founded in Jerusalem by Saint Peter the Rock crumbled. None of the Disciples of Jesus Christ of Nazareth amounted to anything much. There is some speculation that some of the Disciples of Jesus Christ were executed in Rome for running away from their Master during His Time of Need. Was Jesus Christ of Nazareth made a Roman Citizen? The Scourging, and the Washing of Pilate's hands may signify this Rite of Passage. Then Jesus Christ of Nazareth is sent on to the Levite Temple for Ritual Interogation and Scourging. The Soldiers that take Jesus Christ of Nazareth to His Death are from Parthia.

Prelude to Idiocy

"When Ignorance is King. Hell is on Earth."

 There is a General Spiritual Malaise associated with these Empaths. Killing them was believed to relieve this Form of Oppression, and the Confusion Empathy that supports it. It makes people feel better.

 The Nazis all thought so. It is the Confusion Empathy that comes from Idiots. Idiot Empathy feels like you have got this maggot living inside you. This is a sign that Idiots are very talented. The Wild Talent of the Idiot is the Problem. It has been believed since, Medieval Times Idiots destroy the Land, ruin Human Society, and bring down God's Wrath. These Empaths were looked for in Auschwitz continually. They were usually, killed on site upon arrival at the request of the People. The Citizens in all of the Nazi Occupied Regions requested this service all the time. Of course, the townships had to pay all these expenses. It was something like what happened when the Huguenots, and Witches were burned all over Europe. "A New Dark Ages" as Winston Churchill commented on the State of Europe during the War. Anyway, during the Dark Ages the town had pay for the Service of an Inquisitor. An Inquisitor has the most dangerous occupation in the World. The Inquisitor expects to be paid in gold. The Inquisitor has brought at least three stakes made of iron to bind the Witch. Iron is said to be the Devil's enemy. The township must provide the wood that is immolate the Witch. The Inquisitor has the much needed chains of iron since, the ropes then were insufficient to bind the Witch properly. It was always, embarrassing for the Witch to suddenly, come running out of the fire. The reason why the Witch is burned is to keep them from coming back to that area. Reincarnation is well known to the Inquisitor. In the case of the Idiot. The idiot has no Soul. The Idiot is an Elemental. The Idiot has no Spirit like a cat, or dog does, or even a horse for that matter. The Elemental Power of the Idiot was carried away by the Element of Water. In Nuremberg there was a battery of ovens for the Fiery immolation of Witches. Once, the Witch is introduced into the oven. The Witch was on fire in three minutes. Companies of poor Servants were brought to Nuremberg by the hundreds. The victims of Power Struggles going on all over Europe at the time. They must be burned as Witches. A large Troop of Monks has finally made it. Each Monk heavy laden with enough coal to burn him to ashes. The Monks get to put the coal down the chute. It is their Penitence. The young Prince has a sense of humor. Medieval Europe was phenomenally cruel then. The oven was supplied with a hot coal fire, and a bellows was going on continues to keep the fire primed. There was a Dark Science that created this Technology of Death. Once, the fire was started below in the oven meant to smelt copper. The upper room would hold up to eighteen Witches lying down in the furnace. But, a hundred Witches are beginning to catch on fire in twenty minutes. There is a place on top of the oven to introduce more Witches. It is ladder like with a pully. More Witches are wearing these wooden yokes, or yokels. There the Witch is grappled, pulled to the top entrance to Hell. Then the  Witches are dropped into the furnace. At least nine hundred Witches are killed in this manner every day. Several million Witches died in this manner. The Dark Service was not free. It costs a lot to kill Witches. All over Medieval Europe people paid handsomely for this privilege. This was always a Hel Place before the founding of the Township. Hel is Kitten's Muse of Punishment.

 Rains come! The Land is Good! The People Rejoice! When "These People" are Destroyed with Fire. The World gets a little Cleaner. That is why this is called Catharsis.

 These Great Persecutions are from the Roman Times. This continues through the Middle Ages. The Reason is they have the same Empathy as Autistic People: the Alcoholic, the Drug Addict, the Satanist, the Sex Addict, the Glutton, and Other People like this that Live in People. Like Autistic People they never learn from past mistakes. Claims say they drag people down. They block progress. They Rebel against Authority in any form. Here we are back to burning Witches again?

 It is has to do with their Child Rearing Practices, Tribal Customs, and their Breeding. The Gypsies are above all this. Some Jews are immune to this Seduction of the Under World. Gypsies, and Jews don't love Idiots. That is why you should never love Idiots at all!

The Idiot

 Even Martin Luther insisted that the Idiot must be drowned. There is no Sin in this. Since, the Idiot has no Soul. The Orphan is looked at in this Light. Witch Ideas come to the Orphan unbidden. Again according to Martin Luther. The Pauper is still considered an Idiot.

 "Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me."

 Johan Tezel was instrumental in knocking Martin Luther off his Centre. Understand, that the Order of St. Dominic is the Inquisition. Tezel informed Martin Luther as to the Nature of Indulgences. Tezel made several Indulgences right in front of him. Tezel explained these Indulgences precisely. Who bought Indulgences, and why. Tezel told everyone that there were no dried leeches in his Indulgences. Because, they are filled with leech eggs. That would kill a man. Leeches like blood letting have no power to cure plague. Telzel said that leeches can transmit the disease. Tezel's Indulgence has graveyard dust from a plague victim, belladonna powder, and came with a lance for breaking the boils, or buboes. Then Tezel explained extensively about the Idiot. How the Idiot degrades the Land. Of course, Idiots purchase no Indulgences. Tezel said the Idiot has no soul. The Idiot doesn't even have a spirit like an animal. That is why you can't save them. The Church still says the Idiot has a soul.

 There are still many Indulgences in people's lives. Homeopathic Medicine is a good example. Here a substance like bichloride of mercury is diluted until, there is one molecule corrosive sublimate per dose. Astrology plays a vital role. The Planet Mercury is fully present in the cure. The Blessings of Angels, and Demons go into the mix. The Virtues of the Compounding Pharmacist are part of it. Many people say it works.

 The only Homeopathy trusted by Kommandant Kitten is British Pharmacy called BP for short. There is no United States Pharmacy USP Homeopathy in existence. Herbals in the United States are not USP Grade as a rule. Don't take them. Gather, or grow your own herbs if you must. Canadian Standards differ from USP Grade.

 Hitler believed in this. Hitler trusted an Osteopath as his personal Doctor. This Science of Osteopathy has to do with nerves, and bones manipulated in a manner similar to Hatha Yoga. Hitler believed in the Medicinal Power of Herbs.

 The healing power of herbs was well known then. Edgar Cayce was President Wilson's Herbalist. That influenced President Wilson into entering World War I.

 Thus the Occult influences people's lives today. Think about that.

 The Inquisitor is there. According to plan the Idiot is picked up by the crowd. The Idiot is carried to the Place of Destruction like the Hero of Ages bearing the Idiot upon their brawny shoulders. The Idiot is made to believe the Idiot is going to a Celebration of sorts. Well it is.

 Getting the Idiot to the drowning pool is hard work. But, it can be done. You must hold the Idiot firmly underwater. The Idiot has great strength. Soon the Idiot will grow heavy. It is a sign the Idiot is taking in water. The skin turns bluish. Finally, the Idiot quits moving. The Idiot is dead. There is a Great Blessing in this.

 Over this issue mostly is why the Church is breaking up. A whole series of European Wars can be said to be the "Idiot Wars." The British Isles were not unaffected. It was the duty of every Protestant to kill Idiots. It was the duty of Roman Catholics to protect the Idiots. Many Idiots were said to harbor Angels. Thus we arrive at the Problem of the Idiot Lover. What do you know?

 Now, Martin Luther was a Roman Catholic Monk. Martin Luther married a Roman Catholic Nun. They were both cured of Monastic Existence. This happened after Martin Luther was expelled from the Roman Catholic Church.

 It is hard to say if Martin Luther would commend the Totenkophverband curing Idiocy, Orphanism, and Pauperism. We will say Martin Luther would approve.

What is it?

 We have a Sophistry that uses the Names of even Famous People, Politics, Economics, Dates, Places, and Historical Facts. You are not to accept any of this as Truth. Until, you have checked it out, and found it to be true for yourself. We are trying to justify Auschwitz! Why we need a Totenkophverband? Why we must have such a System of Camps in the United States of America? All the Auschwitz promotional material is here. That is a pretty hard sell. You won't buy it. You need to think about it. Sooner, or later you are going to come around to our way of thinking. As opposed to Systems of Government like Socialism, and Democracy that deliberately hold people back. Social Mobility is nonexistent to very low in such situations. These Societies become even more Prison like, and Death Oriented. Since, there are no safe guards.

 What if American History is nothing but, Lies, Propaganda, and Popular Folly? That is used to justify the Politics of Today? That is what is controlling you kid? Granted there is some parts that are genuine History. It is a matter of putting these parts together into something that makes sense.  What if some of our History is missing, or covered up with Lies? If something does not make sense. If it is illogical. If it goes beyond the boundaries of reason. That is questionable.

 What is a Conspiracy Theory? A device that uses Enemy Formation to discredit certain persons, and groups. Its goals are always Political.  You will encounter several Conspiracy Theories here.  Out there you may encounter Conspiracy Theories influencing your life. At least you will know it. This is a Work of Freedom.

 That is a genuine Air Raid Siren in the picture. It doubles as a Tornado Warning in Nashville. GWEN is here to do this too.

 This is not Fascism. This is a Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Yet, there is room for Rank, Status, Class, a Caste System... It all points to that. There is Social Mobility from those that have low status towards higher status. We really have Progress. Everyone benefits somehow. This is the best we can do in a situation. Where people are becoming many. Things are becoming few. We are already, there. How about that?

Times of Hardship

Famine Laws

Starvation Nation

 Hitler never had anything like these Famine Laws. In America there have been times of extraordinary hardship. These Famine Laws forbid Taking for Charity during Times of Hardship. Recession, and Depression are man made economic phenomena. That can be said to be part of a Boom Bust Cycle. The End of the Dream is there with Famine. The short falls are genuine. Nutrient Deficiency Diseases, and Degeneration visibly appears in the population. This proceeds Starvation. These Laws have to be invoked to stop taking for Charity. It is forbidden to ask. Asking the people for anything during a Time of Hardship is Immoral. Charities of various sorts are being shut down. Newspapers, and Radio Stations can be shut down for asking. President Roosevelt used this legal device to get rid of Billy Sunday. Mostly it was Blasphemy. The Blasphemy came out Billy Sunday's preaching about dagger wielding Christians assassinating their fellow Romans in the Name of God. That sort of talk makes Federal Officials even the President nervous about Christians committing Treason in God's Name. Billy Sunday's bat, ball, and mitt have come back to us as the Promise Keepers. Deja Vu. It is a trap. The fact that people are taking monies that will get the Country working again. Those monies need to be in circulation. Charities contribute nothing to the Economy. Tax Exemptions for Charity are be voided.

Eat Me!

 Cannibalism in America? Jeffery Dalmer is an example of a modern day cannibal. Mr. Dalmer isn't a very successful cannibal. During the Turn of the Last Century peaking in the 1920's to about 1952. Since, nobody was guarding hospitals much. A lot of that hospital waste went into people. People would disappear sometimes routinely. Baby Switching starts in 1915, and goes right off the scale in the 30's. Obstetric Wards would come up with missing infants all the time.

 There is a man. He has taken a healthy baby boy. He is a Hospital Volunteer. The boy is going to be placed in a good home. That ain't exactly it. There is a big pot on the stove full of boiling water. In he goes. Ma will pick it up from there. Our Hero has to go back to work. He might snag a couple more infants.

 There have always, been legends from the Frontier Days. About Cannibal Families preying on unsuspecting travelers. Several Tribes of Amerinds have been said to practice cannibalism. The Book talks about people devouring their own children during a long siege. Of course, there may be ample evidence of cannibalism in America from time to time.

 Is there Organized Cannibalism in America? We know all evidence of cannibalism can disappear within thirty eight minutes. The crushed head, the skin, and other body parts can be easily digested in a septic tank in a matter of months. Let us say that is unlikely.

 Hey! You have seen all those pictures of starving children? These skeletons walking around? They are always, someplace else. You are probably, tired of seeing it. Bet, no one told you that was here in America? It was. Guess what? It can happen here!

 There were instances of cannibalism during World War II in Vienna, Austria. It was the Three Brothers Meat Company. They were taking corpses after the bombing, cooking, and canning them. The Waffen SS would not eat the tinned pork. They did not trust the "Concentration Camps" that were producing those lovely canned hams.

 In the picture we have old fashioned Shock Therapy. It can be used to torture people. They can do anything they want to with a crazy person, and call it Medical Treatment. This man hates America. That man is crazy.

How is it going Chubs?

 Overeating is a serious Mental Disorder frequently associated with Autism. Overeaters are also, called Gluttons. The Book says so. The Glutton is filled with Sin. The Fatty will deny this. That is not a cure for Psychosis. That makes them Antisocial in the Workplace. Inheritance plays a Role in Obesity. Make a note of that.

 The United States Constitution is no barrier to establishing something like "Auschwitz Concentration Camp Berkanau in the United States of America." "We can do this!"

 This all came out of a Blood Feud that started a hundred years ago. This originates overseas in Great Britain. He is a War Hero that is trying to cover up his shady past. He is in with the Royalty, and a Criminal Banking System that controls a third of the World's finances. He has a lot of friends in high places. He wants favors. Those favors are not always, written down. But, it is well understood. It could be a handshake. Those Bank Loans from overseas come with strings attached. People that take these Loans become corrupt. It also can happen with Bank Loans being made overseas. In both cases the problem is Investments. Immediately, we have problems with espionage, sedition, and treason. This is not with the British Government. They believe murder is a legitimate means of changing Culture in America.

The Hit Man

 Once, upon a time. There was a master plumber named Dan. Dan is an Irish American. Dan had a bright idea. He could make some money by doing a few hits a year. He already, is selling marijuana. No other drugs much. That would get him too much attention. He has an excellent connection. In the 70's this hit man was becoming a big Cultural Hero of sorts. Dan's idea isn't unusual at all. It is shared by a lot of people. It is in the popular songs, the music, the movies, television, the magazines, and everyday gossip in the bars. America is just crawling with these hit people. San Jose, California is fertile ground. This is the Silicon Valley the heart of America's Electronic Industry. One of the most wealthy, and prosperous areas of the United States. This is what makes Santa Clara Country the prime target of espionage, sabotage, and industrial spying. Then we have this Anti War Movement in an area that manufactures key Military hardware even NASA's Space Shuttle later on in the 80's. Then " Ronald Reagan's "Star Wars" will be in development. Kommandant Kitten was there.

 Dan is building up a very big Gang. Dan has about five hundred people. The Gang has penetrated deep into all walks of life in Silicon Valley. Dan has several dope pushers in all the schools. This high school's athletic director is a pimp with just two whores. But, he will get better at it later on. There is this learning curve. The Gang has killed about twenty people. They have even threatened Company Executives, and their families. Dan's Gang is even armed with Covert Assault Weapons, and has lots of Spy Gear. Dan is making connections with the Irish Republican Army. This Gang has formed around this nucleus of these Blood Feuds that have just come to that part of the Country. The Gang has been recognized by certain corrupt Government Officials as their agency. The Gang is on the verge of making these Connections with these Outlaw Banks, and Jane Fonda's People. Jane Fonda claims to be a Revolutionary. Jane Fonda has been allied with both Russia, China, and mostly Great Britain as a Spy. Jane Fonda has a lot of power, and the right connections to make things really happen for Dan. Dan would have millions, maybe even billions of dollars to play with. The United States Government wouldn't even know about Dan's Gang for a couple of years. By then after that Dan's Gang will number in the thousands. Dan's Gang will have millions of allies. It will be incredibly hard to root out. Dan was getting pretty good at being bad. Poof! They were gone!

 The Hydra got Dan, and his Gang first before they could takeover all of California. Poof! They are all gone!

 Have you ever encountered something like this too?

 You might disagree with Kommandant Kitten about Bolshevikism. Because, Dan's Gang is Bolshevik like. Murder is at the heart of this conspiracy. The Bolsheviks organized around this massive killing of people in Old Russia. That was the Bolshevik Revolution. The Organizing is the same like Bolshevikism. Bolshevikism is a creature of opportunity. But, we have got to put a label on what this seems to be. It is like that. Bolshevikism is incredibly ancient. This form of Degenerate Socialism arises spontaneously among any group of people at different times in Human History. It is missionary. Even Christians have not been immune to the wiles of Bolshevikism. Since, we can find every Christian Heresy has the very self same characteristics.

 Hackers are drawn into this Community. They get to be part of an International. They have joined the Little. There they can be recruited by Criminals, Terrorists, and Spies. That is their Game.

 How does this Hit Man Phenomena get started? It gets off in High Schools. One of these problems is Whores. Spies will propagate Whoring as a way of making money to go to College. You can get a job in the Media. A lot of people will kill for that. The young ladies will be introduced into the Party Circuit. There they will get to meet real Hit People, and Spies. Those People will get them dirty. Now, the  aspiring young actress has killed at least one person. That must get them dead for certain.

 Rock bands do not not like Hit People. They will pay a lot of money to kill these Hit Women off. They still do out of the royalties coming from those Hit Songs. That is to make sure their people are safe. That these are no deaths from poison during a Rock Concert. The Hydra will do that.

 Then there are those Street Drugs. This is where the Dope Pusher  gets into a High School. Students will think that dealing usually, marijuana can get them through College. Frequently, drug deals can go amazingly wrong. Spies will encourage that after the Big Man on Campus hits the Party Circuit. It is those Hits that does it. That is where mary jane graduates to cocaine, and heroin. The Hydra has to kill those Spies before they get everybody in High School dead, and dirty.

 We understand, everything is Political. A major Corporation could wind up with Spy Controlled people even in their Executive Ranks, or how about a United States Senator? Questionable people. That is bad for business.

The Political Hacker

 One of the problems with the Political Hacker is they are destroying History. They alter Public Records. Hackers steal Secrets. Hackers ruin our Country's infrastructure. Hey! You just turned on the light. But, it does not work. A life support machine does not work anymore. Your cell phone is no good. You lost all your data. A hacker can track you too. It could be a robbery, or worse. Sometimes it is rape. Do you want a terrorist to buy weapons with your bank card? A junkie has just bought drugs, and charged it to your bank account. The Police want an explanation. They think you did it. Somebody you never met in your life hates you. Hackers can kill people.

 Does this add up? It doesn't! This has to do with Mathematics. You take all these different Operating Systems: Microsoft, Apple, Amiga, Basic, Unix, Fortran, Cobal... You will find certain Mathematic Equations produce different results! Each Operating System attacks the Mathematical Problem a different way. They all aways, produce these Mathematical Averages. It is a Form of Cheating that does not produce a Precise Answer. That affects all the Sciences: Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry... That can harm Industry. That is bad.

 We could find this with a kind of Transactional Analysis. Sort like the mild form of Psychsops Games like in "The Games People Play" a book by Eric Berne. Mr. Berne tried to foist his personal theories on the Mental Health Establishment. In these "Games People Play" they noted there always, was "the Critic." "The Critic" is always, hiding in the background criticizing everyone else. There is a form of Love Exchange. We have to make the huge Pleasure Animals. As such they are there for Our Pleasure only. These Games exist only on the Battlefield.

 Dr. Edward Teller did something that can not be easily discerned. During one Atom Bomb test two bombs were detonated simultaneously so they would arc together to produce one big blast. They said it was a Hydrogen Bomb test. It really was two very small Atomic Bombs.

 This is a Little Bang that has an Event Horizon just like the Big Bang. During the Big Bang we know all the Stars, and everything comes through the Event Horizon. A brief moment of Eternity. Hindus call this Shiva.

 Here is the plan to Arc Nuclear Bombs in the Upper Atmosphere. The Nike Missiles are deployed in batteries to put up an impenetrable shield across sectors of the United States mainland. This ABM like method would work in the event of a nuclear exchange.

 Knowing that deuterium to make a Hydrogen Bomb is taken from a Nuclear Reactor. The amount of deuterium as heavy water is too minute to bother with in Nature. The Nazis had Nuclear Reactors. These dam busting stories are lies being told to cover up War Crimes. We don't know if the Germans ever used Nuclear Weapons, Poison Gas, and Biological Weapons. Let's assume they did. We can also, assume everybody is lying. We call these denials a Negative Confession. Silence implies guilt. Secrecy means everybody is definitely, guilty.

 We know now, the Nazis probably, the Totenkophverband have fully developed Atomic, and Hydrogen Bombs. These Bombs are designed to go off on impact just like ordinary Bombs do. A Ground Blast produces a very dirty Bomb. Totenkophverband has a Moral Dilemma. About 1943 these weapons could be used. But, to what ends? They could obliterate most of England, and keep any Invasion at bay. Yet, you can not Win this War. Very soon the Allies will have the very same Weapons of Mass Destruction. The War would go on for two to three years, and Europe would be annihilated. They are going to lose anyway because, the population can not sustain such a War Effort. When the time comes they are going have to fold. Let us Win the Peace. That is what they think

 Let us say the Nazis Win the War. Who is going to Occupy America? There are not enough Germans. It is the same with Europe. Russia doesn't have that ability either. Japan is bogged down in the Far East. That is working all together at the same time. It is one hell of a logistics problem.

 Did you know a Social Experiment right now, in the United States of America can deprive you of all your precious Civil Rights? Criminals are so well organized these days. The Private Sector is more dangerous than the Military. Even the the boy next door can do this too. It can happen even to you. It doesn't have to be the Government. But, it could be. It can happen right in the workplace: random testing, monitoring, speedups, immigrants, scabs, takeovers, nepotism, extortion, fraud... That is there to trip you up.

 The United States Constitution is there to protect Our Culture. A Rule of Law rather the whims of the People in Power. A whim is actually, the will of the People in Power. It is another way of saying it.

 Under a Treaty of some sort like a Peace Treaty. America could have an Occupation Government. Then the Forces of Occupation need not obey the Constitution. The Forces of Occupation are subject to no Other Laws than their own.

 This could also, happen during a Civil War.

 That is why every major change in American Culture must be explained in plain detail. Then the People could vote on it.

 In the Auschwitz Camps everybody voted like that.

 That is why there was a World's Fair. The purpose is to put everything in front of the people so they can see it. Because, they might not want it.

 There are other Institutions of Art and Science that have the same purpose. That doesn't have to be in America either. But, a News Blackout can frustrate that purpose.

 The Mysterians a are Race of Bob Tail Cats seeking New Blood. The Mysterians think if they steal a few of their Women. They can get away with it. The great theft of Bob Tail Cats. It is a great Radiation Film.

 Here are two Radiation Films you might enjoy. It illustrates the Ideals of Electronic Warfare that were very much alive in the 50's. "X the Unknown" also, fits into this category. In that film It is a "Quester" from under the ground that has a heavenly counterpart in "The Blob." They are both extensions of something somewhere else. We all know that Science Fiction has some basis in Science Fact. "X the Unknown," and "The Blob" exist in Plasma Physics. Ball Lighting can move right across your lawn into your home. That is pretty scary isn't it? The Aztecs worshiped Gods like this. You should examine the morality that is explained in these films. That morality explains that somebody summoned them. You never see them. But, their existence is always, implied.


Kommandant Kitten wants to remake the radiation film "X the Unknown." Somewhere nearby but, not too close there is a Nirrti Star. That Star was never part of this Universe. Nirrti came through the Event Horizon during the Big Bang. Down there on Earth Nirrti wants to know things. Nirrti sends a neutrino stream into the Earth's core. Basic information is put there. There is a time line during It's formation. The Quester is coming out of the chasm. Plasma has basic laws. It senses motion. A little dog has come too close. Instantly, at nearly the speed of light Bingo has been enveloped, and incorporated into the Quester. The Quester is now, Bingo. A bit of developmental psychology is needed here. Firstly, the Quester has to realize certain experiences in order to perform It's primary mission. Bingo has given the Quester a second mission. Bingo has a sense of belonging. Existence! Then there is a knowledge of Other. Bingo is not alone. Bingo realizes It is singular in nature. Individual! X the Unknown has an Id as Dr. Freud would say. Dogs have innate virtues. Fidelity! Bingo has another Master up in the Heavens. Amy is still Bingo's Master. Bingo has complete dogness. All the powers of the dog are there in the Quester. The subconscious has formed. Bingo has another body. Bingo senses everything in terms of dogs. Amy wants the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow. That mission is fully there. Bingo has Purpose. Bingo has a sense of continuing Its' existence with it is a Sense of Mortality. This an Awareness of Time. All of Bingo's senses are there: hearing, smelling, touching, tasting, seeing, and mindfulness. Bingo is a hound. Bingo is hungry. Bingo senses food. Bingo has a command set. Fetch! Bingo has a purpose. Bingo's life has meaning. Bingo is romping leisurely on the road towards the food source some distance away. Bingo does not look anything like a dog. There has been a complete transfer. Bingo's dog paws are hitting the concrete. Bingo smells food. Bingo hears a man coming toward It. Bingo smells fear. Attack! Attack! Attack! The man is being hounded to death. Fear=Hate in the mathematics of the dog. Bingo hears a car. "Car bad! Kill car!" Bingo immediately seizes the car in his powerful jaws. Shakes the car a few times like a rat. The car has been thrown off the road. Bingo is almost home but, he can't stop. Amy is in no danger. Bingo goes on towards the nuclear reactor a short time away. Bingo is romping at forty miles per hour. Bingo can actually, fly at near the speed of light. Bingo's dogness denies it though. Bingo is there. Bingo goes right into the building digging rapidly with his doggy paws. The reactor core is down there. Bingo senses meaty bone. Meaty bone is down there in this doggy hole. Bingo is famished. Bingo is busy eating. You should never bother a dog when he is eating. Bingo bites. Bingo senses dog food. There is a nuclear arsenal nearby. Bingo is right after it running at three hundred miles per hour. There he is. Bingo is eating the dog kibble n' bits. Bingo must find gold. Bingo knows what gold is. Fetch! At 900 miles per hour Bingo is hunting. That is moving at over mach one past the sound barrier. Bingo has it. Bingo is going home with the gold. Bingo is not to see Amy up close. Amy can't pet him any more. Bingo misses that. Right outside the farmhouse Bingo. Bingo barks three times just like he used to. Amy hears him. Amy looks out as Bingo is going away. Bingo doesn't have much time. Bingo's other Master senses him. Bingo hasn't much time on Earth. But, Bingo must test the British. Bingo goes into his dog house down there in the crevice. Another sub quester splits away from Bingo. Bingo controls that one. That one goes up to take a look. It is destroyed. Bingo is summoned. There Bingo implodes, and reappears in Its' Star. Amy has found the gold hidden in Bingo's dog house. Amy knows Bingo is in Heaven. Nirrti is satisfied the Love Exchange is Complete. That justifies everything.

Our little story illustrates developmental psychology of the Id, Subconscious, Ego, and Super Ego. We analyze these Monster Stories. Auschwitz would do this. The Monster Stories tell everything you need to know about different Cultures. The Americans, Germans, British, French, and Japanese have different visions. All these stories are marred by human selfishness. Everybody is just like them. They see everything in just those terms. They have no understanding other people are different. They don't see anything like they do at all.

Because they have a different Culture. That is pathological. That view is incorporated in some of these visions. It is this misunderstanding of the Other. There is no room in these Cultures for change. Auschwitz knows that they will fall. Their Cultures are turning back on themselves in the manner of the Bolsheviks. They are surrounded by constant threat, and danger real, and imagined from all sides. This Collective Paranoia is making them strike out at their Enemies both real, and imagined. Everybody in that Culture is against everybody. "There is no rest for the wicked." They have no rest. They can't stop. "No peace. No war." Leon Trotsky. Leon Trotsky is a monster but, we can understand him. Leon Trotsky knows no one lives forever. He can die at anytime. Leon Trotsky will be killed but, he can't be destroyed. His purpose will go on.

 The Selection is done. What is leftover is going to die. That shown in the above picture.

 Every Ancient Civilization up there wants to know. "Can they fight?"

 This brings to the defunct Television Series "Alien Nation." Here is a Kommandant Kitten version of that. There is an Ancient Race we will call the Cats up there. Their Slaves, and  Overseers have landed on Earth. The Cats want to know what the inhabitants of Earth are going to do? It is like the Aliens come from Auschwitz.

 Later, we will explain a kind of Nuclear Bomb that Radiates only the Electromagnetic Pulse part of the Nuclear Explosion. All Light including the Visible Light is part of this Radiation. Plasma is Matter. Anti Matter, and Dark Matter are possible in Plasma. Some of these Bombs will Radiate Anti Matter. This indicates the Bomb Substance itself contains Anti Matter. Presumably, our Planet Earth is made up of some Anti Matter. "Star Trek" is wrong folks. Matter, and Anti Matter don't Destroy each other. So in a gram of Copper you may find some Anti Copper merged with it. A more sophisticated Science of the Future will be able to study Anti Matter more like we do Isotopes of Copper. Now, let us examine the possibility of Dark Matter. If Dark Matter exists in this Universe. We should be able to makes some. We will have to Synthesize Dark Matter from Plasma to produce Dark Plasma convert that to Dark Titanium from ordinary Copper. The Holly Cone Generator makes a Small Lake of Plasma in a Copper Bowl underground surrounded by a electromagnetic field. That passes through a Rectifier to accumulate Dark Plasma contained in a Aluminum Bowl. Transmutation of Copper into Dark Titanium is possible then. Actually, the Dark Titanium comes through the Copper to form a sort of Alloy. This is a Template. We want to make a Stealth Fighter Bomber out of this Exotic Substance. It is made from Carbonite.

 Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb is a Mini Nuke minus the Blast. This consists of copper wire wound around an explosive core of potassium chlorate. It is set off by a 2 amp current of DC electricity from a battery. That is the crude bomb. Refinements concerning the explosive, and  metals making up the wire yield deferent results. You have about six to eight hundred windings with both ends on each side extended to make long feelers. The feelers act as a High Power Antenna. The purpose of the explosive is to generate power to irradiate the enemy with anything like radio, micro wave, x ray, or gamma ray frequencies rather than a messy fragmentation device. These bombs should be amazingly effective when launched from drones. They should have an effective range of one half mile for a small EMP Bomb. That will render any enemy electronics useless.

 Here is the Monster Story "Beowulf vs Grendel." Beowulf has entered the Mead Hall. Beowulf is enjoying a few pints. Suddenly, the monster Grendel has Beowulf in his clutches. Beowulf has fallen down. "Grendel" is nothing but, "Drunkenness." This is a genuine Nazi Fable. "Beowulf" has everything. All the real problems that can come out of thinking you are some sort of superman. Because, you are in the SS.

Let us explore television for a while. It was featured at the Last World's Fair before the War. Adolph Hitler called it. "A Monster in a box." Paul Joseph Goebbels was frightened of it. It had  electron guns to light up the phosphor coated screen to show you the television picture in real time. Phosphors in a cut from a broken set heal poorly because, phosphors are very poisonous. These electromagnetic waves coming from the television set were not safe at close range. It could harm your eyesight if you seen it closer than ten feet away. Cataracts? This bug hasn't ever been worked out of picture tubes in America, as well the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors used by computer enthusiasts. The new plasma screens have have been a boon to people's vision. The radar screens still have this problem. Have you ever noticed how many people wear glasses these days? In the 50's only "four eyed freaks" wore glasses. But, there is more. There aways, is X Rays. Many of the older models still have them. X Rays can cause sterility, genetic abnormalities, and cancer. That is from an ordinary television set. Maybe, Goebbels was right. Get a plasma screen.

 Here are the "Dregs of Auschwitz" on the Long Journey. To put these people in "Camp" would hold everybody back. It is sot of like this damaged air plane trying to fly over the mountains. But, there too much weight. The crew starts chucking  people out of the plane. They make it over the mountain peaks. They will get to rest at their "Final Destination."

 Another, hot tip from Kommandant Kitten. You need to get a Power Strip that has multiple sockets, and RF (Radio Frequency) Filtering. You can get this from Radio Shack, Walmart, Lowes, Ace Hardware... That will stop Radiation from coming out of your speakers. Everything electrical will  last longer with RF Filtering. Better yet, an APC unit with RF Filtering, Surge Protection, and Battery Backup for 30 minutes. Then an electronic surge from a random lighting strike won't destroy you computer.  The same set up will protect your phone line from power surges. Be careful. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

A Monster in a Box

The British Broadcasting Corporation has a TV finder. They can find an unauthorized TV set inside somebody's house. The BBC can sense these rogue televisions from two blocks away. There  is a big fine for having one. There is. Do you want to know why? That is an American made television. No it isn't. It is a monster in a box. A really bad monster. That BBC truck can detect it. Because, that diabolical creation is irradiating everybody inside that house. It is so strong those instruments can pick all that up outside. Inside there is a person that has cataracts. That machine in there is burning their eyeballs out. All their little ones have to wear glasses. They are wondering how that happened. It is a strong radiation beam coming right out of that instrument of death. They think they are being entertained. The death machine is filling that house full of X rays. The BBC hears all kinds of lame excuses about why those television sets are like that. Why American's are basking in these death rays. They are still working on this problem. The BBC solved it really easy. But, the barbarians across the Great Pond are so mystified. The BBC thinks these are all bad people engineering, planning, and marketing bad products that harm innocent people. Our leaders should be protecting the American Public from this kind of abuse by criminals. This mismanufacture of American products pervades the whole market place in America. Why is this happening? There is this loose talk of Repatriation of the Negroes for Slavery. How about the rest of us including all those Negroes you Fools! Everywhere you look people are hurting. They may not say so. Because, they are tough.

 Our TV Finder will pick up all sorts of dangerous Radiation. It seems genuine Psychics, and even Witches Radiate Frequencies that register on a modified TV Finder. Isn't it strange a Witch Ceremony can be detected from up to four miles away. It gets still more interesting we can find Incarnate Angels. It begs the question. Are we all Electromagnetic Phenomena? It tells us maybe the Gods are.

 This is a picture of the same group heading towards the Gas Chamber. Note they are showing some signs of advanced starvation. They probably, would of died anyway. In their native land that death was a certainty.

 According to the Ancient Wisdom of Tibet, Nepal, India, and China these electromagnetic waves are called "Fire Poison."  There was believed to be a kind of venom. Certain kinds of fires had more "Fire Poison" than others. Fire has other kinds of Radiance than Infra Red also called "Heat." A coke oven in a steel mill is like the "Camp Fire" is incredibly dangerous. Most people believe only heat, and light are produced by fire.

 This is made possible with advances being made in the field of Propaganda. The nature of modern day Spy Gear. This includes Covert Behavior Modification using electronics including Covert Assault Weapons. Can make people believe they are Super Naturally being influenced, or attacked somehow. It's Satan again. Maybe, it is nothing but, bad people.

 That television in the United States is vomiting right into the family room. Their nervous systems are pulverized until, they will accept all this as normal. This is well cooked swill. Everybody is used to it. It is all downbeat. The news is on informing them. It is some wayward lad that has raped at least ten young girls. He didn't kill them. What are we supposed to do? Do you want to just run over there to where this young beast is at, and pin a medal on his chest? Rumor has it these animals are dying off. That they will be extinct Worldwide. In a World that is "Girl Safe" that will happen. What if it does?

 The radiation from a micro transmitter, or bug placed in a baby's crib can cause crib death. Some of these devices can explode. That makes there removal a hazardous venture. Leave this to the experts. Most of these Electronic Warfare Devices will be explained in more detail later.

 We have got to explain things about Radiation. We encounter so many radioactive devices in real life. We believe these devices are harmless. During the 60's Kennedy caused a System of Hidden Weapons to be proliferated. For example a Truck Radio with 80 watts can be set up in a room. Within 10 minutes everyone in it will be blind. Within 40 minutes you will be dead from radiation poisoning. The boat, and airplane beacons are even stronger. Terrorists have employed such weapons in the past. Any political meeting place can be hit.

 It is a PTA Meeting in a school. Everybody there suddenly goes blind. The assailant sneaks back in, takes his radio, and leaves. At the hospital nobody can figure it out. There optic nerves are non functional. Radiation is sneaky. You can hate CB Radio. It is alright. It is "Hate Day."

 The pioneers of wire tapping at its finest the Gestapo in Nazi Germany would never approve such dangerous devices. "Blow Back," is Spy Talk. These devices, and practices will get loose. They will proliferate until, this stuff gets used on you by the Enemy. Collateral Damage is caused by the negative effects of using Electronic Warfare. "The walls have ears." Because, it destroys Peace.

 Yes, Auschwitz did do a voluminous amount of research on this topic. Much of this information was leaked to the Allies deliberately to destroy their moral fabric, and ethics. After the War people will be cheating. Their credibility will forever be in question. Auschwitz gave them the tools to do just that.

 Do We Need Bomb Shelters?

 During Time of War we must have Bomb Shelters in order to live. Note: America has several shooting Wars going on right now. There is a strong possibility that we could have a Nuclear Event happen even in the United States of America.

 Denial can be a coping mechanism. All we need to do is have a News Blackout. Everybody can watch "Sesame Street" 24/7. "What me worry?" Alfred E. Newman, and "Mad Magazine" can be our New Bible. Everything can be there for us in this Dream of the Absurd.

 You want to live no matter what happens. That means your Survival Instincts are still intact. You know Denial will not work as a Means of Civil Defense. You need to be able to put your City on lock down. Least be able to do this in affected parts of Town. Same applies in the Countryside.

 It is like what happens when an active shooter is loose. Who wants to get shot? There have been a few Mad Bombers from time to time. People need to get away from blast, and shrapnel thrown out during an explosion. Crude Biological, and Chemical  Agents have been turned loose by demented persons. A radioactive, or toxic chemical release, or spill. Then you need adequate shelter, first aid treatment, and a means of decontamination. You need to have a Safe Place during a Riot. A tornado can happen. Earthquakes, floods, and tidal waves happen too. There are similar events like volcanic bombs raining down on your town.

 There are Events that require an evacuation. A volcano is streaming lava toward you. You must run away. Tidal waves, and wild fires qualify here too. The difference between a tidal wave, and tsunami. A tidal wave is much bigger because, of the Power of the Moon is behind it. You need to run more. That is still Civil Defense. A Bomb Shelter can function as a Command Center. Instructions how to deal with the disaster are issued constantly. A Bomb Shelter is a Fort.

 Here it is pretty much the same way as people take shelter from the elements. That is still a Bomb Shelter. Bomb Shelters differ in the degree of protection they afford the occupants. Whether, the infrastructure to sustain life remains intact, or not. In most cases paramedics, hospitals, and clinics can provide Medical Treatment. Ideally, you must put as much distance between you, and the Event as possible. You do not want to live near any place that could become a possible target. These are normal Bomb Shelter Measures. Communications Networks will alert you to all possible hazards in a timely manner.

 Here in Nashville, Tennessee there are these Tornadoes. "Nashville is on the Rise." Problem is all this new Development Earthquake Safe? Or, is this Playing Fast and Loose with people's lives, and fortunes? Nobody is even studying this issue. Nashville is sitting a top of an Active Earth Quake Fault Line. Hey! What about those Floods.

 During World War II all the combatant Nations had Civil Defense. "Why don't you throw a rock at that airplane? It might not reach it. But, it will make you feel better." Mad Dog Donovan is saying regardless; you can still do something. Reason is that is normal in people. So you won't panic. You can curse them too. Shake your fist at them. That helps sometimes. All the "Concentration Camps" had some kind of Civil Defense. "Camps" have to have some way of defending themselves. Then "Camps" turn into Forts.

 We will call this Passive Resistance. That is Not Fighting.

America Needs a King

 All this material is put together very meticulously by Maria. Packages will go to different recipients. One goes to Britain. Another one goes to Czechoslovakia. The other package goes to Switzerland. Finally, the United States can pick up their package. Bet you didn't know the young Fonda Woman was a Courier for the Eisenhower Administration?  Maria hated Jane Fonda. Maria will shoot the Fonda Woman if she sets foot on Birkanau. The Fonda Woman gets to pick it up there. Get out of Poland! Pronto!

 The package is designed to knock America off its' center. This will change the Destiny of America. Mad Dog Donovan of the OSS (the predecessor of the Central Intelligence Agency and the Green Beret,) and Mr Dulles both asked a pointed question. "What happens when the enemy starts thinking for you?" The package is all about Mind Control.

 The Auschwitz material takes advantage of several Key Weaknesses in America. America does not have a Central Bank. It follows that America does not have strong Bank Laws. America does have a Gold Standard. A Free Banking System can not Abolish Capital. Money then is still worth something. But, Popular Folly can ruin that.

 Aaron Burr, and Alexander Hamilton argued about a Central Bank repeatedly. In order to have a Central Bank with money that is worth anything. You have to have a King. That puts the Country on a Gold Standard. That was how Germany could pay Repatriations according to the Treaty of Versailles. Otherwise, all Germany has is worthless script.

 A Central Bank makes good economic sense. A Central Bank is a lot stronger than the Federal Reserve System. It is about money. Money needs to be controlled more. Then the Banking is more solid. It gets speculation under control more like in Great Britain.

 A Global Gold Standard is needed in order to mine Gold again. Let us say that the Price of Gold is $40 per ounce. The Price of Sterling Silver is pegged to the Price of Gold at $40 per ounce. This follows for all the Precious Metals: Gold, Palladium, Platinum, Osmium, Uranium, Plutonium... Then it follows that Prices are set for Strategic Metals: Copper, Zinc, Lead, Mercury, Iron, Cobalt, Nickel... Finally for Rare Metals: All the Rare Earth Metals, Radium, Beryllium, Thallium... The problem solved is no one will mine these metals. Because, of Speculation in Gold, and Other Metals. It drives the prices down. Mining will come back into vogue. The Price of Alloys like Steel will be Stable. There will be no Tariffs, or Trade Wars. There will be Economic Peace. That is to Control both Inflation, and Depression. That is a Stable Global Economy. That is the "Economy of Camp." Everything is Dictated by the "Uniformity of Camp."

 Germany without a King becomes unstable. The Quotas required by the Versailles Treaty must be met. This marks the Rise of the Brown Shirts to power. A Dictatorship of the Proletariat is forming. Somebody has to be in charge.

 The United States of America must establish a Constitutional Monarchy.

 During World War II Jane Fonda became famous. Because, at four years old this Scarlet Woman had Union with the Anti Christ. This was Aleister Crowley's Star Child. The budding Baby Jane gained some notoriety as the Little Prophetess. Jezebel is talking. Jezebel is getting things really going for the budding Fonda Woman. The little Jane Fonda is hamstrung with a Huge Archangel Michael that came out of that Satanic Union. Can you think of a better person than this? To get a package like that?

 Say you want to save those Holly Trees in a World filled with Suffering. Holly Trees will alleviate Suffering. Holly Trees are aesthetically pleasing in a World filled with ugliness. Holly Trees are incredibly efficient in removing Greenhouse Gases carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide making vital oxygen. Holly Trees address the problems of Global Warming, Ozone Depletion, and Global Loss of Oxygen. Yet, we live in a World of Destruction filled with Impermanence and Death. Planting Holly Trees is Environmental Exploitation very much akin to Solar Power Panels, Windmills, Geothermal Power, Hydroelectric Power... We need a King to protect those Holly Trees from Human Caprice.

 One of the biggest threats to the Global Environment is Deforestation. Forest Fires caused by Drought. Drought is caused by Human activity. Booming Populations, and Broadcast Radiation are biggest offenders. Along with Wood Burning producing Greenhouse Gases Carbon Monoxide, and Carbon Dioxide. This always, harms the Ozone Layer, and Depletes Oxygen. Wood Burning during the Winter causes the most harm. Wood Burning needs to be banned. Land Developers in the United States are the worst offenders. This Land Development is based on something like the Homestead Act. Federal Funds, and astronomical Bank Loans are perpetuating this fiasco. This needs to be stopped. There is no more Land to Develop for any worthwhile purpose. Already, Nashville is being bankrupted by this Rise that so loved by the Kennedy Faction of the Democratic Party. Washington DC former Mayor Marion Barry fought this degradation of his City constantly.

 The best way to get rid of this Over Development. Is to bring Law Suits against Federal Monies. Once, people know there is no money in it. There really usually isn't any. The Carpet Baggers will run away.

 More importantly, is the reason why this Legislation to Federally Funded Land Development happened. That was to get White Americans out of the Major Cities. All these are Prime Targets during a Nuclear War with the Soviet Union. World War III was considered enviable. That is no longer the case. Yet, this Monster keeps Destroying the Land. Do want support all this with your taxes?

 A Constitutional Monarchy can Rule on Matters of Religion.


The Dope Pusher

 There he is in a video cutting down a helpless American Holly Tree. He cut it down in less than five minutes. The crowd said he did a great job. He is a real landscaper. That Holly Tree is ninety years old. Completely irreplaceable. This should give you an idea of how sick he really is. It looks like he is flying higher than the Hindenburg.

 He is going to Colorado to deal Crack. He is there on this University's Campus. The Big Man on Campus is acting like he is going to go to school there. He has already, pushed a lot of drugs. He has opiates too.

 After a hard day of dealing. Our hero is sitting down. Look! Somebody is giving him a submarine sandwich. He eats the whole thing in less time than it takes you to read all this. Suddenly, our hero starts staring a lot. He gets up from his chair. His eyes are popping out of their sockets. Then he keels over dead as a door knob.

 They are doing an autopsy before sending our hero's body back to Nashville. It appears that he has gotten his own drugs back. It is in his stomach. Somebody must have turned him on to his own stuff. Wow!

 Here is a map of Andersonville Prison. The Architect of Auschwitz Birkanau knew about all the Prisons, and Camps known at the time.

 There is a Formula for harnessing an Archangel. The Anti Christ has a Forest. These are the right Trees. Michael likes them. Here it gets strange. These Oak Trees are the only ones of their kind on this Planet. There are flowers, birds and bugs from the Other Side of Life. Archangels can do this for only just him. The only man on Earth that can control the Master Archangel of All of Them Up There.

 How is the Anti Christ going survive Thermo Nuclear War? He has Wooden Ships. These are the best of ships. They are designed by the Arch Angel Michael of Avalon. The Wooden Ships can sail all the way to North America from Great Britain on one load of firewood. The Wooden Ships can travel at 30 knots or more under ideal conditions. Those steam engines are incredibly good. There is nothing at sea that can kill the Wooden Ships. They can't fight much. But, the Angel can hide them. People won't believe they seen them. That ship can sail right by you. You will see it. But, you won't believe it. There is a song called "Wooden Ships." Both "Crosby, Stills, and Nash" as well as "Jefferson Airplane" sung it later. That is an interesting yarn. Isn't it?

 Nowadays, there is a Magician. He possesses only a partial Formula for the Ultimate Druidic Force. He bound the Angel to a tree. But, that is not enough to gain control of the Angel. The Angel will attend all his Ceremonies. But, the Angel can not go forth. Little does the Magician know he has almost no protection from Tanith Pene Baal. The Girl thinks he is really funny. The Magician is getting funnier in his Magic. The Girl is giggling. The Girls do that a lot. He really shouldn't have bothered Kitten. The Girl is making Kitten into a God. Diana is laughing out loud. Kitten has his little Crescent Moon right on his crown.

 Kitten likes to plant trees too. We hate these Wiccan firewood people anywhere on Earth. This will appease the Arch Angel Michael. We must protect our trees from this Politics of Destruction.

 Those tools from Auschwitz will wind up in Vaudeville. Vaudeville is hundreds of years old. Vaudeville is in every Country. Vaudeville is everything  you can think of with: the Movies, the Radio, the Television, the News, the Music, the Cartoons, the Stage, the Newspapers, the Magazines, the Books, the Circus, the Carnivals, Professional Sports, all those Classes at School, and in those Universities that could make you a big Star in Vaudeville. There were some very depraved minds in Vaudeville. Once, you have taken over all this. Don't you want to go further? The really Big Show is yet to come.

 The second book on the Auschwitz Reading List is Emmet Fox "The Sermon on the Mount." That book was written in the thirties is the basis of every Recovery Program we have today. It is at the heart of every Treatment Center: Forgiveness.

 But, can Forgiveness exist in a World such as our's? No, it can't. Because, some people are Wrathful. They may have very good reasons to be Wrathful.

 Some of the writings, readings, and legends are the works of George Fox. George Fox did his very best to Tame the Huguenots, and bring them into the fold of Christian Believers. George Fox was scourged more then the Apostle Paul was in the Bible. To his credit George Fox did stop them from their worst antics. George Fox informed them about Games That Must Never be Played with Anybody as did the Apostle Paul Before him.

 Emmet Fox was a Quaker that lived in the 1930's. He wanted at least his fellow Quakers to forgive one another. He failed. That was bad for everybody. Because, Life is then impossible. Because, the Quakers were entering "Racial Divergence." Eugenics, and all That. This phenomena of "Racial Divergence" was studied extensively in the "Auschwitz Concentration Camp Systems." In search of super human people? Was it possible to selectively breed, or manufacture them somehow? Maybe, even robots? The results of that search by the "Auschwitz Concentration Camp Systems" for super human people will astonish you!

 There is a word Pagan. In Rome even Non Christians used this word to describe rude, unlettered, people living in the Countryside. They are like simpletons. A very low IQ. Of course, Pagans are Godless, barbaric, savage, and totally Uncivilized by the standards of Ancient Rome. The Pagan is marked not by what they believe. It is what they do. Bolsheviks are Pagans. Pagans have no forgiveness.

 Here in the picture of these bombs are falling. We have another picture of what the bombs destroyed. It was just the Auschwitz Hospital. In War everybody is a Combatant. There is no such thing as Non Combatant Civilians. Later the "Camps" acquire potent anti aircraft weapons.  Most of the Air Force will be wiped out. This airplane crew did not survive the War.

 Another word used to describe evil is diabolical. These are people that hinder Progress. They block the good. Forgiveness, and mercy are not there with diabolical people.

 What is a Bank for? Your money isn't secret. A history of transactions can be had by all and sundry persons of import. Your money isn't safe. Why are Banks still around? To wage Wars.

 If you are a Science Fiction Fan. You need to know about "Doc Savage." Doc Savage" is an idealized Heinrich Himmler. The author of those "Doc Savage" books had extensive correspondence with Himmler. He seen Himmler as the Doctor of his Country. Contrary to most Historians Himmler, and other Nazi High Officials did travel extensively. That was kept secret.

 The Nazi Police Agencies had a real Moral Dilemma. It concerns watching people. This kind of watching is punishment. That is like House Arrest.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

God has taken away, Self Healing for Pestilence to be here.

Our immune systems just won't work.

God has called Peace away, to make way for War.

Death is taking people before their time.

Famine will be our God.

Hades as the Under World will be clearly visible.

This is a Secular Rendition of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

You can have that.

The Whole Bible can be enacted in the Secular Realm.

Every Psychological Warfare Person Will Do This.

You see you deserve it.

We always, say so.

 These are like Standing Orders even though Jesus Christ Nazareth is Dead, and has gone to Heaven. Jesus Christ of Nazareth left no Standing Orders. Jesus Christ of Nazareth made no Oaths. Therefore, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is not bound by anything, or anyone here on Earth. There is no agreement between God, and Man regarding any sort of Covenant. Covenant is an Oath. Strangely, Adolph Hitler could leave no such orders behind. Once, Hitler died, his orders died with him. No Official of that German Government was allowed this privilege either. Neither, could Joseph Stalin issue such Standing Orders. Chairman Mao did not issue any such orders either. However, Chou En Lia did issue Standing Orders. Those Standing Orders are still important. There are question marks regarding Britain, America, and some other Countries regarding Standing Orders? The Totenkophverband did issue Standing Orders. This allowed for executions even after the War. Those Standing Orders are still in effect to this day. Other People can act on these Standing Orders too.

 The reason why Jesus Christ of Nazareth could issue no Standing Orders. Is because, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is not a Ruler of this World. He is not a Priest. He is a Prophet. He is not a Teacher. Nicodemus found this out. "Forgive them Father. They know no what they do." The Last Words of Jesus Christ of Nazareth state in the Book. Jesus Christ of Nazareth taught people nothing.

 Strangely, the Apostle Paul is a Prophet. The Apostle Paul is a Student of God. Apostle Paul has students. But, they are not good students. The Apostle Paul can leave Standing Orders to Found the Church. The Apostle Peter sold the Church to the Apostle Paul. That is called Simony. Others say the Roman Emperor robbed Peter to pay Paul for his service, and long suffering. The Emperor Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar Augustus the Ruler of this World says so. Somehow, Saint Peter carries out these Standing Orders. You have to understand, the etymology of Peter.

 The Twelve Disciples are the Slaves belonging to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. They desert Jesus Christ of Nazareth in His Hour of Greatest Need. In Rome a Slave is lower than an Animal. They all proved it of course. None of them can issue Standing Orders. Because, they have no right to do that. Still that does not avert this plague of Oral Teachers later. It is the Gnostic's, and some Others.

 Here we have the "Book of Thomas" here for download, or the "Gospel of Thomas."

 None of the Prophets in the Book  can issue any Standing Orders. A Prophet only has a Formula. Abba is a Formula. YHWH is a Formula. El is a Formula. A Prophet can not claim to have God. Because, no one can own God. God is Ineffable. But, a Complete Formula might work to gain access to God. Then the Prophet can Complain. God will Answer those Complaints.

 Kommandant Kitten has a Complete Formula as the Girl. That will get you God as the Goddess. You have to get it. Most people don't get it. They won't understand. That Tanith Pene Baal will comes as the Girl. Aphrodite will come as the Girl. Hathor comes as the Girl. Juno comes as the Girl. Ceres will come as the Girl. Persephone will come as the Girl. Many Others will come as the Girl. All these Girls are Muses not God. The Formula has Factors. Factor has four definitions. Factor is an Agent, and Anything, or Condition that brings about a Result. The Factors can be Genes by definition of the word. You get a Factory out of the Sophistry. This works the same as the above Formulas. Here they are Part of a Pattern: Ancient Greece, and Rome. Helenism is System of Government that brings Different Civilizations together so Free Trade can exist between Different Civilizations. The Tribute is paying for the Policing of these Different Lands Off of all this runs the "Uniformity of Camp."

 There is another question, and it is even more serious? It is the question of Standing Orders in the United States of America? Who is keeping track of this? Who do they report to? Is the President of the United States of America, members of both Houses of Congress, and the Supreme Court ever briefed on these Standing Orders? Even though these Standing Orders have the effect of Law these Standing Orders may not be Lawful. According to the Uniform Code of Military Justice of the United States of America. An Unlawful Order should never be issued, and definitely not carried out. This is to prevent the Military from Usurpation of Authority. Hence, a Military takeover of the United States of America. Other Agencies in the United States Government may have Standing Orders that are under no such constraints. What would happen if this information became widely known; even to our Enemies? What if this all pertains to American Foreign, and Domestic Policy? Could there be anything in these Ghosts of the Past: Standing Orders that could cause a Civil War, or a War with any Other Nation, or Nations? Is there anything in these Standing Orders that could wreck Our Economy? Is the United States of America a Dictatorship?

In the picture people are assembling for work in Auschwitz I. Auschwitz I is still a Maxiumum Security Prison Camp.

 Any Agency, or Agencies like this would eventually, evolve into these Fiefdoms. Then into a kind of Feudalism. Then finally, form Soviet Dictatorships in America subject to no other law than their own. This has happened. Then assassination becomes institutionalized. Because, none of these primary issues of Governance can never go to any Courtroom. These Standing Orders could be overturned there by any Judge brave enough to do so against these Criminal Cartels. Not all of these Cartels exist within Our Government. They will exact vengeance. You can be sure of that. But, that is better than Civil War. "Power without rules is Anarchy." That is true.

 The Police Civilian Review Board

 This creation to stop Police Brutality is really a Trojan Horse. It does seem like it at first. Foolish People of Color are usually, the Victims. Autonomous Organizations will seek more Power. Sure enough, there is a Commissioner not unlike a Commissar in Other Countries. Then the Word of the Commissar is Law. The Takeover happens. You have a Wide Open Town. The Police Commissioner has Dictatorial Powers but, little inferior that the President of the United States of America. The Police Commissioner has Posse. The Posse all have Police Powers. Anybody can belong to the Posse. They can execute people at whim. Sanford, Florida has a Commissioner of Police. Trayver Martin case will be explained later. People need to think Politically. No! Nashville does not need a Civilian Review Board nothing like it! This is a Work of Freedom.

 A Police Commissioner has broad powers under Federal Law. That is to put down riots. In a World where people are many, and things are few. That is inevitable. The Commisioner would be authorized by Mayor Kitten of the City of Nashville, Tennessee. The Police choose a Police Commissioner from among there ranks. There is a Secret Ballot. The Commission itself  has two other seats. One of them is Mayor Kitten's. That to enforce Girl Safe.

 Can Un American Laws, and Standing Orders be overturned without a "Test Case" in any United States Court? Can we do this in case even After the Fact? Even though something happened in the past can this Law be ruled Un American. In the case of treason for example. It might have been discovered a hundred years After the Fact. But, was not taken into consideration then. What about law suites? The big question is that a Lawful Order? Can we put George Washington on trial? Can we prosecute John F. Kennedy? Does every American President deserve to get a Death Sentence?

 "Martha, Martha, Martha. Is there anything to matter." George Washington addressing his wife. The poison from Aaron Burr is beginning to take effect. The First Lady has been stepping out on poor George. It is arsenic. But, not enough to kill her. Just enough to slow her down some. That did it.

 After the assassination of President Lincoln. Mrs. Lincoln was such a powerhouse. Talking to all and sundry about General Grant. This was causing Mr. Grant innumerable problems. Mind you, General Grant has got his eyes on the White House. President Andrew Johnson is beginning to flounder. The Scions of Capitalism look upon the General as their man. Mrs. Lincoln's Quaker sensibilities are in the way of Progress. The Indian Wars need to be won. Reconstruction of the South has to be complete. Mrs. Lincoln got all sorts of delicacies laced with sugar of lead (lead acetate). Some thallium acetate was found in her stomach. That finally, got Mrs. Lincoln out of the way.


 In Auschwitz Berkanau people are getting punishment. Because, Auschwitz Berkanau is a prison. Frequently, that is the Death Penalty. They are there for that reason. Prisons are not places of persecution. That may seem strange to you. There are Standing Orders regarding that.

 There are other Standing Orders. It has to do with Infighting. People are not to fight each other in "Camp." Persecution is Infighting. That is banned. That promotes the "Harmony of Camp." That insures Progress. That is how the Super Weapons of the Third Reich were created. That is how you get people building things that can not even be duplicated with machinery today. They know they are going to Lose the War. They know that. But, they will Win the Peace. Nowadays, there is vicious Infighting in all the Allied Nations to the point of World War III. Are we doomed?

Is Auschwitz Birkanau a Non Government Organization?

"Giving is better than receiving."

  A rather mysterious Charity. Was in the beginning of Auschwitz. It may explain why the "Camps" are little known to even the Third Reich. Like any Non Government Organization (NGO) they formed connections with the Nazi Government, and the Soviet Union. Other Governments are involved with this NGO like with any Charity. That accounts for the reluctance of people to not be forth coming at all. Auschwitz is like an itch you can't scratch. The philanthropy isn't mentioned much. What a tax write off?

 Meanwhile, back in the States Herbert Hoover put all this money from the Bonus Due World War I Veterans to feed America. In this great big sock. The American Red Cross was in charge. All that money went to Auschwitz.  These moneys were ear marked for nothing but, executions in the now, being built Auschwitz Birkanau. Here is an example of Trashing American Dollars Overseas. People must really hate each other to do this.

 President Richard Nixon investigated Charities. There might be bad Charities. President Nixon could not find any on of them good. They are all ripping off the American People. President Nixon won't endorse any Charity. The Conclusion is America should not endorse any Charity during the Anti War Era. In Nashville the amount of Nashville's Budget goes to Charities at the tune of nearly a billion dollars. Don't you want to patch those pot holes instead? What about those buses? How about a pay raise for our police. The people of Nashville deserve a Tax Cut, and an end to favoritism.

 This actually, happened in the "Auschwitz Concentration Camp Systems" until, they became Autonomous Self Governing Forts. The "Auschwitz Concentration Camp Systems" had safeguards that still are not in Our American Government. That was to protect their "Camp Persons" from Chattel Slavery. Nobody can buy a "Camp Person." Neither, could these "Camp Persons" be ordered to commit an unlawful act. "Camp Persons" had the right to die. "Camp Persons" had the right to Command. That means that "Camp Persons" had the right to issue Standing Orders. This is a Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Anybody in the World can issue Standing Orders. Kommandant Kitten has issued Standing Orders. People can carry them out.

 The most important issue since, Kommandant Kitten has Negro Genes. Does the United States of America have a Law, or Administrative Standing Orders pertaining to Eugenics?

 Remember, Kommandant Kitten is a Villain.

 There is a question? Why? How could Auschwitz Birkenau exist if we have a Loving God? You will find out the answer here. Why they did it?

 Answer: "That Damned Thing!" That should have died out in the Middle Ages. "That Damned Thing" that Ruins Nations; that Destroys Civilization; that Exterminates Peoples; that Seeks Racial Superiority; that Contagion Resides in Certain People "Who are just like that!" Genocide.

 Eichmann studied "That Damned Thing" throughout his whole life. Apparently, this is a mixture of Christians, and Jews. But, upon closer examination they Worship Ghosts rather than God. A Degenerate form of Ancestor Worship common in Third World Countries at the time.

 The picture has a map of the Hollow Earth. The Nazis did finally find out the Earth was not hollow. The above picture shows the Nazis did look in the Antarctic, and did look for the Entrance to the Hollow Earth. It just wasn't there.

 Yet, Kommandant Kitten has found the Hollow Earth in his dreams. The Race is living underground. What does that mean?

 How are we going to understand anything? There is something we must do. Free ourselves from these Popular Delusions. Many people still treasure such rubbish!

 That is to "Break the Pretense." No real benefit can be accomplished. No charity will work like it is supposed to. Until, you can see things as they really are. You will see this phenomena in school. Where a student will hand in their school work believing it to be perfect. The teacher has to point out there are errors in logic, and content. Yet, the student is under the illusion there is nothing wrong with their work. Even after this has been pointed out to them personally. They will make a lot of the same mistakes again, constantly. Until, they learn they really have foibles. The student has to spot these inherit weaknesses so they do not show up in their school work. This mostly is the work of popular illusions. Maybe, even "Necessary Illusions." There is a book written by  Noam Chomsky "Necessary Illusions." Besides all the books written by Noam Chomsky about American Culture. You can read some of the articles written by Alexander Cockburn.

 Innumerable books have been written about this very phenomenon. "Hostage to the Devil" by Malachi Martin is one of them. There are some motion pictures like "Society," "They Live," and "The Matrix." You want to be strong, and yet, you aren't. Because, you are mortal. But, you can be a hero. You can even join a gang. You can form a militia. On the contrary, let's just make you smarter.

 Have you noticed the hopelessness at the end of a movie? That is why you have to be smarter. Only training can save you. Military training is best at making people really smart. Training makes you aware of your real situation. You immediately know how to act. That stuff is not in the movies. "Did you see that?" "Did you hear that too?" "Kitten understands."

 Many people do not want to give up this Illusion of Normalcy. That disguises the "Uniformity of Camp." You might not want to at all. Because, you will see it.  The "In Crowd" wants you to have it. The "Out Crowd" wants you to have it too. Once, the "Pretense" is dropped. The "Clash of Wills" must take place with something that is absolutely, Supernaturally Inhuman. Should you manage to survive that. The "Break Point" will be reached even though that seems impossible. Then we will have achieved "Victory." This means you have to be really smart. You have to be really well organized. At last you finally, know you are in "Camp." Then you know what to do.

 You have to see that empathy is not love. This person is a con artist who wants you to believe their friendship is really true. Love has different laws. Empathy involves the trivia of hunting, and gathering. A teacher is mostly empathic in order to teach any subject. They have be able to identify with their students to manipulate them effectively.

 "Unreality has become the mark of our times." Did you know the United States Government does not have an objective History on anything? You don't know about the United States Archives do you? A lot of those Archives are secret. But, if they are secret anything can happen. Materials can be altered, lost, destroyed, or never were there at all. Enemy Agents have given out disinformation that has become American History. People have grudges that can show up in Archives. You see some of this History never happened. That has to be kept secret. Most of these materials are lent out, given away, or destroyed. Nothing is really stored there in the United States Archives. Those people that are the recipients of these materials are not objective Archivists. An Archivist is not a Historian at all. This makes Historical Research difficult even impossible at times.

 This Flying Saucer might have been even made by the Germans. Did it fly? It has a kind of Power that is Vril like. Radiation. Can you see the mini guns? It does have them hidden though. Can it shoot down airplanes? That's a secret. They did make about six of them. They were made in Monowitz. Kommandant Kitten will explain this subject in greater detail later.

 Here a picture of Auschwitz I under construction.

 What is worse is editing in all the Media. A lot of History is done by prejudiced Historians. Then we have all this worthless orthodoxy in certain areas of life. We are also, seeing a kind of Media on television that is too sanitized, dangerous, and ideological. There are people that do not believe in reality that are trying change the World. This is not an honest History. Retouching photographs is now seamless. That is almost, impossible to spot. We see this a lot in television. What would the Media ever do without editing? With this kind of editing everything they do becomes Propaganda, and not History. But, it could be. We see the "Cult" has gotten in there. Later, Historians are going to have a hard time knowing what the United States was really like. This was because, much of this material will have to be blotted out, destroyed, or display visible warnings about the nature of its' Psychological Warfare content. Worse, much of this Psychological Warfare material, malevolent Sophistry, and Magical Thinking has become such a large part of American Popular Culture. They maybe, are works of omission, commission, or for lack of a better expression: somewhere else, that becomes some place nearby. Finally, the Creatures of Death are in the World. They certainly are. Kommandant Kitten knew they should be. It's an extravagance me thinks. But, needed now.

Satanic Darkness

 What do you do about a News Blackout? This has been accompanied by Hacking, Censorship, and Monitoring our News. Previously, the Power of Propaganda was manifest in America. Propaganda is the propagation of a point of view. Propaganda is usually, truthful. We know this could degenerate into the crass manipulation of people. A News Blackout hails a Revolution is in progress. Hopefully, not violent. You must be in the know somehow. By any means at your command. You must know at least your fate in these matters. How will this Revolution affect my Country? We must know who is doing this. Our Government? Bolsheviks? Why?

 Important Content is missing in all the Media. We understand, in Roman terms Venus the Goddess of Love is married to Mars. Venus has another Form as Hel the Goddess of Peace. Thus Mars is fighting for Peace. Mars wants Domestic Tranquility in His Home.

 We are worried about the Gay Male Homosexual Camera Man. It is this male presence only that dominates everything. Female presence is minimal. That is in every bit of the Media. The Magazines, and Newspapers all have it right in front of you. The News Reels have it. All the Advertisements in the Print Media are full of it. The Broadcast Industry is no exception. That Homosexual Male Camera Man can define a whole Motion Picture. Usually, he is allowed to. Television is no exception to the Rule. This arouses Primordial Girl Fear in Boys. Young Boys have been programed to hate Girls from any early age. Girls have been programed to take Inferior Roles in life. Hence, the high rates of Teen Pregnancy. Homophobia? Should you be afraid? Not afraid? Very afraid? Well, see for yourself. It is about Sex Addiction. How does Addiction define your life? Would like the Nation's Values to be Determined by Addiction. Gluttony. Lust. Pride, Envy, Anger, Sloth, Greed or "In God we trust."

 They broadcast all this high end merchandise, psychobabble, and political issues. You know well heeled rich people. That are probably, not even in America. We are becoming a poor Country. It all infuriates the people. Most of us don't even have the basic necessities to sustain a very good life. How does it feel to have your mother die? Your father even? What if they could of been saved? Have you ever been tortured?

 Teenagers are smoking these very expensive Electronic Cigarettes. Hell, they don't have the money it takes to buy a school lunch. Cigarette smoking is a luxury that most people can't possibly afford. It goes on, and, on with this mindless drivel. Are they really at War with America? It sure seems like it. Is all this Temperance just more Mind Control? Why is the Youth of America so Hateful?

 What would Americans be like when they are not being harassed? Temperance: the Problem of the Good. Can we stop people from being Good? Have a return to Normal Life.

The Link Between Viruses and Drug Abuse

  "The prescription addiction has become a nationwide affliction." Why are people self medicating? Xanex, Vallium, and Librium were all believed to be non addictive. Medical trends now, say they are. There is a problem here. All these medicinal substances are anti psychotics. Are large numbers of Americans trying to cover up the fact that they are crazy? What if they really are? Is everybody in America crazy? What could be causing it? It certainly isn't anti psychotics. Popular Delusions.

 There does seem to be a connection between outbreaks of the Common Cold, and Asian Flu with escalating drug abuse. An Insensitive Medical Establishment will have a hard time seeing this connection. It has to do with stress levels, and economic issues. A single cold in a "working class family" is devastating. The whole family is sick. It will cost them another hundred dollars but, it could go into the thousands of dollars. If there are complications. There frequently are. Today's cold virus has unusually, strong symptoms that are very hard to cope with. Somebody loses their job. Quality drops in the workplace. The children are falling behind in school. Someone has just committed suicide. The unpaid bills keep piling up, and the streets beckon. Did you know there are nose drops containing the cold virus. That is right. Certain Universities are still doing research on Epidemiology. That is right. These irresponsible researchers are spreading novel cold viruses all over the Country. These nose drops maybe impure contaminated with other possibly dangerous human pathogens. This amounts to Biowarfare against the American People. A dangerous Human Experiment without the knowledge, and consent of the American People. Remember, the Common Cold Virus, and the Flu Virus makes an ideal Biological Warfare Harassment Agent. There is no International Sanctions against a whole plentitude of human, animal, and plant pathogens of economic importance. People should be exterminating these pathogens not propagating them carelessly.

 The truth is America took a lot of casualties during both World Wars. Did. No one will know much. You don't want a future Enemy to know things like that. But, it was a lot higher than they reported it to be. Several times higher. That is why America, nor could Great Britain afford to fight on. There just wasn't anybody left to fight anybody. But, their corrupt Governments could plan ahead for World War III. That happened too.

 Kommandant Kitten ran across an intelligence report by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It was from last year. Among the usual, menagerie of Jew haters, skin heads, Neo Nazis, the Klan, etc was this little gem. It is a place called the Citadel. The whole thing is laid out like a "Prison Camp." Not quite up to Auschwitz Standards.

 White People aren't going to live there. Are they?

 "Lunatic Fringe?" The moon disappeared in our rear view mirror some time ago. This is so far out there. We are cruising past Saturn. Heading to the nearest star. We still haven't found it!

 How did they get like this? White America lives part of the time in Hades. They live in Two Worlds. One of these Worlds is the one you can see. This Invisible World: Hades is White Slavery. It is the breaking up of our lives. Living in ways we hate. Moving to places far way from our kinfolk. Having friends, and neighbors we can't fully trust. Even being married to somebody that you can never know, and may even be your enemy. Knowing all those good things of life we want are really there for somebody else that doesn't deserve them. Doing things we really wouldn't ordinarily do. All the while, trying not to think about it. Sensing in some way, or other we now, have a World System that is the most Oppressive System the World has ever known. That is to some extent, or other here in America.

 Here is a picture of Auschwitz's World famous nursery. The clothes are too big. But, they will grow in to them. The Red Cross did acknowledge that Auschwitz did have a "Children's Camp." We are still looking for more pictures.

 There is a very bad Charity Scam called "Save the Children." Put out there by Jane Fonda to raise money for Political Demonstrations, Legal Fees, and Un American Activities. It is not Tax Deductible. You have been notified. You know that Auschwitz was a bona fide Charity. This sort of stuff is more criminal. People have been killed.

Wild Child

 You can see him on the "Doors" video. You can see Wild Child buck naked dancing like crazy. The boy is terribly constipated. Jim Morison of the "Doors" band sees him dancing like fire. They have to film this. It can go to Cannes. The concert is in LA Stadium.

 Wild Child is a creation of Parnell, and Tree Frog early in their career. Tree Frog paid two hundred dollars in honest money for him. He bought him from a Hippy Chic. Later Parnell, and Tree Frog attended the Summer of Love in San Francisco. Parnell had two Chics. Tree Frog got to have three.

 Parnell, and Tree Frog feed babies "Muscle Milk." It takes three scoops to feed an infant. You can also, use "Ensure." It stops babies from crying. When baby is fully nourished. They don't have Crying Syndrome. The World Health Organization's Nutritional Recommendations are Worthless. Toddlers need more. According to Parnell, and Tree Frog they have huge nutritional requirements that can't be met with formulas on the market then. Still don't. Then that child won't get to be a big butt. Nowadays, we see people like that all the time. Their spine can snap spontaneously. They die a lot from broken backs. Malnutrition has gotten worse in the States. There are too many fat ladies for the Circus even. Some wrong thinking people say it is cruel to put Freaks in the Circus. Freaks can make a lot of money. People always, make fun of them anyway. People are cruel. Liberals are meaner.

 This is to give you an understanding, of War torn Poland. There everything is a lot worse than degenerate America. The children don't stand a chance. Some people even eat them. "Camp is good." The Children's Crusade can happen.

 This is a picture of the famous Auschwitz Nursery. Their cloths don't fit right. But, they will grow into them. The children in the Nursery work very hard. There are some jobs children are good at doing. The Commandant visits them everyday. The Committee in the Nursery decides issues of life, and death. That's right the children get to vote on everything that affects them. Huh?

 Some people are under the delusion that America helps people. That one is patently false. The truth is America can't help anybody beyond its' borders, and won't. All those things you read in those school books about America. It just ain't so.

 We need to discard such relics of the past, and just be ourselves. Villains. We need to be merchants. People that buy, and sell merchandise. We can once, this Country is adequately Policed. Then America will be a vast Trading Empire from sea to shining sea. The reason is because, people can trust Americans again. Americans will even be able to trust themselves. Those Police assure everyone that there are real standards of quality.

 Kommandant Kitten hates "Community." Community implies we all share something in Common. The Military has experimented a lot with Community. "A Group Conscientiousness." This is never God. Community is a Primitive form of Religious Socialism. We find this Community in Fraternal Organizations, Clubs, and Associations. Wouldn't it be interesting if a "People's Group Conscientiousness" could be altered? This is going on all the time. Maybe, even machines can do it. Certain drugs can. As a matter of fact even in the toxic psychosis produced by the Witch Drug Belladonna induces a mutually shared experience. Carlos Castenada in his book "A Separate Reality" has this Jamestown Weed mentioned in how to do real Sorcery. The bottom line on Community: Watch the movie "Triumph of Will." Adolph Hitler had a Village Mentality. The Village Model has no way of regulating populations. Hence, the Village grows bigger. Settlers go forth. The Village Model is very prone to go to War with its neighbors. That is why "Camp" is Peaceful.

 There is another thing wrong with Community. Pestilences like Human Rabies spread like wildfire through the Community. Namtar is hard at work like Namtar was in Babylonian Cities.

 Officially, the United States of America is a Nation of Strangers. Which makes any arguments concerning the Imposition of Community a frowardness of infinite length. People in America don't know each other. It helps them like people more.

The World, the Flesh, and the Devil

 The Old Serpent: Shaitan will come to life in them. They will begin to get novel ideas of good, and evil. But, this is just a conscientiousness altering exercise like in the books written by Dr. Scott Peck? These effects are permanent. This Communitarianism can easily become a Religion. The Resulting Group Conscientiousness can easily establish a Cult called a Community. This can go amazingly wrong. Even Demon Possession has occurred in these deluded Cultists. Now, our gentle reader might not believe in Demons. Nonetheless, Cults do. That is the same thing as if some Alien from Hell is in charge of their lives. The Group Conscientious of the Community Cult can be Hijacked like your Browser is sometimes on the Internet. There they are Surfing Reality in a Place Not of Their Choosing.

 Most simple Community is a Family. This is a very strange family. Every member of the family is of One Mind. On any important issue the position of a child is the same as their parents. If you have talked to the boy. You spoken to his father. Because, the boy has daddy's thoughts on anything. Mother will agree of course. They all appear to be Psychic. Usually, this family will have at least three children. The family will always do well. The dynamic of Us vs Them is well established. Incest is constantly there with them all. Strangely, this Community spreads finding like minded people throughout the landscape. They may be relatives but, not always. They usually, share the same blood. This comes about as a Religious, and Political accident. Education in the Community takes the Form of Indoctrination. The Us vs Them Values are constantly there in it. Yet, it is a Psychic seemingly Spiritual Power that brings them together. It is meant to be. The Communitarian Movements do not come out of nothing these days. This hearkens back to the time of backward Village existence. Paganism in its purest form. Pagans are Godless people. Contrary to Popular Belief Pagans can have no God, or Goddess not even the Devil. Pagans have no individuality. They can not proclaim their Oneness. Their Singularity. "They ain't got no Soul!" Yet, they have no Comradeship. This is the difference between the Communes formed by both the Kulaks, and the Communists. The Communitarians, or Communals have this rigid "me stronger pecking order" as their form of Government. This Government is always, Male Dominated. These Governmental Bodies are the relics of America's turbulent past. Unfortunately, Community has come into vogue again. A Great Leap Backwards.

 Have you ever watched the movie "Shogun?" A Shogun is a War Lord. In the movie the Hero identifies eventually with the Community of the Shogun. These are the Feudal Lords of Japan. The Emperor of Japan thinks differently. Commander Perry has come to Japan. The Imperial Japanese Army needs to modernize. The Imperial Japanese Army has gotten Howitzers, Gattling Guns, and rifles from their new American trading partner. The Emperor needs to be in charge. The Shoguns disagree. The Emperor has Amaritsu the Goddess of the Rising Sun. Amaritsu is like Kommandant Kitten's Muse of the Sun Hathor. The bone of contention is pillowing. Amaritsu says pillowing is rape. Young Japanese girls are being raped by the Shogun, and his minions. A girl's situation in Japan was much worse than it was in Ancient Athens. There a Greek man was obligated to care for her, and his children.

 This is a case study of when Community goes against Authority. The Community believes it is Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent. This is a Key Flaw in the Shoguns. The Shoguns fight as One Man. It is a beautiful Military movie. The Shoguns all die on the Sacrificial Plain. Ghengis Kahn fought like this. Nothing will change the fact the Communal Warrior is Obsolete. Community is a Sociological Trap. Every Community has a Leader. That is a Shogun. Community is another name for the World. The Book tells you the World is an Enemy. The Ruler of that World, or Community is Satan. The World is a Bully. Resist the Devil! Destroy the World! Mortify the Flesh!

 What happens when Jesuits achieve Community? The Jesuit Order breaks away from the Church. They go into something really stupid like the Poor Johns did in the Middle Ages. This is the Liberation Theology bantered about so much these days. The Roman Catholic Church thinks it is impossible to come up with a New Hersey. They might be right on this one.

 Here is the Problem. None of the Priests can be redeemed. They are lost to a False Religion with a False God. The Church is a hollow monument. Egolessness has gone to the Point of Damnation. That Priest is nothing but, a human shell controlled by an Elemental of the Flesh. There is no Virtue in that!

 The Jesuits have certainly studied the Book. The Jesuits know everything about the Book. The Problem is the Book has No Teachings. The Five Books of Moses have nothing but, the Sayings of the Prophets. You do understand, that the New Testament has all the Sayings of the Prophets. There is nothing new there for you. The whole Book is empty of any teachings. You are entirely on your own. The Prophets form a Community that has nothing to do with you.

 The Sayings have Jerusalem as its Center. The Community in Jerusalem is divided up into Guilds. The Prophets of Jerusalem form one Guild. The Priests are a Guild. Even the Warriors make up a Guild.

 Jerusalem is not much these days. Everything Jerusalem had does not relate to us. Because, we are their Enemies. Jerusalem is nothing but, a City. Jerusalem is no better than Washington DC, New York, or Nashville for that matter.

 There is nothing there to teach you anything about God. For in Jerusalem there is nothing but. Sayings, and Traditions. This is the Dead End that Jesus Christ of Nazareth elaborated on so eloquently.

 The Problem of the Flesh is in the Community, or the World. You understand, Community is a Sociological Trap. Sociology is a Macro Psychology. Machiavelli is the Father of Sociology. Later Academics wanted to make Sociology the Queen of Sciences. People only see the Community in Terms of the Psychology of the Individual Members of the Community. That is Dangerous Thinking in this Case. The Torment of the Flesh is considered to be necessary. The Torment of the Flesh goes part, and parcel with the World Created, and Sustained by Community. Any attempt to Alleviate Human Suffering will meet with Stiff Resistance from Communitarians. People trapped inside the Community have no Compassion just Empathy. Diabolus the Hinderer can be observed plainly in the Outside World. Diabolus is the Author of Resistance. Diabolus is the Devil. Yet, all the members of this Community Worship the Flesh. There is this Healthy Lifestyle native to Community. Temperance: no smoking, no drinking alcoholic beverages, ban on sugar like in candy, and soda pop, hate sex for pleasure, avoid some foods, and these no no's go on endlessly. People do not live for themselves. They live for this Community. The Product of Temperance is this Healthy Body. People go to great lengths. Do extraordinary measures to achieve a State of Health that placates the Flesh. Mind you the Flesh is insatiable. There is no Peace with the Flesh. After doing all those Heroic Efforts to have Perfect Health. How does the Flesh show its gratitude? You keel over and die. All this vain talk about Health, and Health Care comes from Unfit People. The Cure lies in a Science of Behaviorial Sociology patterned on BF Skinner's Behaviorial Psychology. Thus we examine Normal Life. We Craft Laws based on Science, and Technology. We Study the Ideals of Classical Ancient Greece, and Rome for clues. For we have out grown Community.

 What about the Social Workers of the Future? The Social Worker must have a Mission. Look for Social Pathology in Our Society. Find Remedies for those Social Ills. Hebe is the Angel of Temptation. You have the get people to think. You have to make people use their Intellect. You have to force people to Reason. You have to demand that people to use Logic. Then people make sense. Otherwise, people will be like a herd of cattle eating grass all their life. Blown about like leaves in the wind without directions, and goals. The little dogs will think for them herding the cattle barking, and barking, snapping and biting dodging, and weaving to the Slaughter House.

 Let us put it this way. In a "Puppet Regime" there are Puppet Masters called Ideals. The Puppet Masters are pulling those Invisible Strings making the Puppets move around. These Villains are called Republicans. America is filled with all these Barbie, and Ken Dolls. The Other Toys don't Vote because, they are not in Fashion. But, they could Vote. The Puppets will listen to them if they do Vote. It is possible, they might not be Toys at all. Unfortunately, the Toys have Community. Their Citizenship in America is in Question. After a while the Toys get worn out. Then its time to throw the Toys away.

 Only Hebe can save people from this kind of Fate maybe, a Fate, even is worse than Death. That is what Modeling, Acting, and even Whoring does. People will become better only when they are tempted to do so. This is how Social Progress happens that gets people even out of the Third World. You have to be in Fashion. You can at least act like a Civilized Human Being. You should dress like one. "If you keep saying it. Just keeps saying it. It will happen." says Juno. Astarte knows you can be Heavenly. Demeter says you own the World. Proserpina has a Revolution you are it. You look like a good American. "The whole world is watching."

 What are these Ideals we a discussing here? Community is the Ideal World. The Devil is the Ideal Bad Conduct. The Flesh is the Ideal of Our Inferior Nature. Diabolus is the Ideal of the Hinderer. The Hinderer that blocks Human Progress. Satan is the Ideal Adversary. Sin is the of Ideal Missing the Target.

 Diabolus owns this Community. Diabolus will sell this Community to Satan. Satan has a Rule "Don't do too much!" Otherwise their Secret will be known. The Community will make Powerful Enemies. Au Puch the Thunderbird shows up immediately. That is why Communities die out. The Community gets interested in people too much Outside of Community. It is spying on Outsiders. The Community is trying to takeover. Outsiders do not like the Community. The main reason is violence to Outsiders. That is doing to much. It is a matter of numbers. All Communities are vastly out numbered. Any Transgression gets the Community with Hades the Unknown God standing at their right hand. The Community is doing too much. Ceres is offended. That is a situation where anything can happen to the Community. Jaguar Lord Tezcatlpoca the Man of Sin is attracted to the Community. The Community is doing too much. The Community has an unhealthy interest if fire. Lord Moloch wants to be their King. The Community is doing too much. The Community is starting to die off.

 Can people create God? Let us say they can. The process is just like in the Quester in "Bingo." It follows a pattern of Developmental Psychology. First step to Community is a Group Conscientiousness. It has to be given a Mission, and a Purpose by the Group. It will do all that. Until, that Entity realizes It is bigger. Now, it is the Demogorgan. That is a Demiurge. Now, there are lots of different people in Community all over the World. Suddenly, that Collective Conscientiousness has merged with the Entity created by that Group. The Community has no idea they have done this. For the Demiurge is the same everywhere. The Demiurge is in the Developmental Class as an Id. Every member of that Community is a dangerous person. For the Impulses of the Demiurge as the Id are their impulses. They are now Demon Possessed in the worst way. The Demiurge is their God. They will have no other. This happened during the Time of the Gnostics. Essenes didn't quite work out. Then it was searching for a Home, and a People. The Demiurge has hit the level of the Subconsciousness. The Demiurge still relies on Human Empathy. The Demiuge is Grouping, and Feeling It's way about in the World. Eventually, the Demiurge will be a Conscious Living Soul. That is a hypotheses. God told you to gouge your eyes out. You can't stop it. Think about that. This is a Work of Freedom.

 What sort of God would this be? The Nazis were intensely interested in this Demiurge. Nazis have lots of enemies. With God on your side a be it a False God can we win? The Demiurge can Create Things, Situations, and Entities. That sounds good doesn't it? The Nazis, and the Totenkophverbande researched this subject totally.

 The British Magician, and Spy Aleister Crowley knew all about the Demiurge. Can the Demon help the British War Effort?

 It is the Nature of the Demiurge Itself that is a problem. Kommandant Kitten will resort to certain Hollywood films, and Television Programs. Have you ever watched "Prince of Darkness?" The "Stargate TV Series" has a few episodes dedicated to Origin. There is a "Book of Origin" that has a real life counterpart out there during the Dawn of Christianity. That will be covered at some length later. Then there is an episode of the old "Twilight Zone" where the Demiuge is created during a Planetary Evolution Experiment that went horribly wrong. The Demiurge has attacked  It's Originator after killing all the lab animals. The Originator terminates that experiment abruptly. The mock Planet is perfectly dead from a Nuclear War. That Future is to Come. The Originator can not stop that. But, the Demiurge can. Somehow, someway the Demiurge will stop that. The Demiurge is nothing but, Death Itself. Death does not want to Die. With the Machines the Originator seeked to discover the Origin of Life.

 There was an Empathy Experiment starting with two thousand people in Modesto, California in 1978. This large group managed to achieve Community. All the members of this Community achieved Union with the Demon Itself. Once, the Community is fully formed it is an Enemy of God.

There is variation of these tranquilizer darts filled with Sernylan (Phencyclidine a.k.a. PCP), or nicotine used on wildlife. Modified darts can be used in a twenty two caliber pistol equipped with a silencer. The dart can carry a Bioweapon like a cold virus. This is more effective than the blow gun banned in California. Because, these weapons can be used during a Political Rally. Democrats, and Republicans agree this stuff shouldn't be around. These darts have gotten loose. Our Military can survey the animals usually, seals, sea lions, and elephant seals. The United States Navy will be happy to oblige with this me thinks. The United States Army can track the land animals like this too. You see we have got to take these dangerous toys away, from these careless Civilians. People can lean on them. Extortion. People can steal these devices to easily. Problem is the stuff has fallen into the wrong hands. Military must take over all these duties pertaining to Wild Life Biology.

 Because, people are more inclined to do evil than good. It is said they are Impure. Now, multiply the Sin of a single person two thousand times, later fifteen thousand times. Community started in several big Churches. That is where an Evil Companion found them still praising God. Later, the Churches were abandoned. The people just knew that they didn't need God. Because, they had Community. The resulting Entity is Malevolent. This is the Infant Terrible. No one can control It. This is just an Entity. An Entity dies when the people that created it die. Every one that got involved in this debacle is now dead quite mysteriously me thinks. Moloch merged with that Entity. Lord Moloch has to protect the Fire Marshal.

 The "Book of Origin" dates back from the time of Emperor Constantine I in Constantinople. Emperor Constantine wants his Divines to write a Bible in the Roman language that makes sense to him. The Emperor has already burned the results of two such meetings. The Divines are arguing, and quarreling constantly to win the Emperor's favor. Origin of Carthage has written Constantine. In the letter is a formula to create the Community needed to write the Book. It is just part of the "Book of Origin." It is written by Origin. Origin is the Demiurge. Aleister Crowley would call the "Book of Origin" to be a Chaos Book. Origin begins with Eve the All Living Woman. Origin is the One Existence. Origin is the One Bliss, Origin is the One Knowledge. Origin is the One Wisdom. Origin is the One God. Origin is the One Goddess. Origin is the One Good. Origin is the One Evil. Origin is the One Light. Origin is the One Darkness. Origin is the One Truth. Origin is the One Reason. Origin is the One Logic. Origin is the One Intellect. Origin is the One Understanding. Origin is the One Art. Origin is the One Science. Origin is the One Logic. Origin is the One Mathematics. Origin is the One Point. Origin is the One Man. If you are Female Origin is the One Woman. Origin is the One Mother. Origin is the One Father. Origin is the One Brother. Origin is the One Sister. Origin is the One Love. Origin is the One Need. That has the One Life. Who follows the One Way. That is the One Work. Of the One Race. At the One Time. In the One Place. In the One Country. On the One Planet. With the One Sun. To Win the One Fight. Winning the One War. For the One Victory. With the One Prayer for the One Power Omnipotent. For the One Vision Omniscient. For the One Presence Omnipresent. For the One Thing. For the One Salvation. "We are One!" chanted like a Mantra to it's own rhythm for the One Experience. That is the One Song. For the One Act. "We are One!" We are Origin. Origin is God. Origin is Perfection. Origin is All. All is Origin. But, with only the One Song. That is all it takes for a Group to Achieve Community after four hours. You are reading the One Book of Origin. Reading the One Book at the One Time Once is more than it takes for you are Proclaiming Your Oneness. That you are an Unfettered Living Soul. The you can not be seduced, and absorbed by a Communion with Something False, and Misleading. Isn't it interesting that Unity can wreck a Religion more than a Schism? Origin has solved this problem for the Emperor. First the Divines will produce the Book the Emperor wants. It will be flawless. Origin knows, and has confided with the Emperor. That the Divines want to be Saints. But, Constantine does not need any Saints. The Divines can be Martyrs instead. Rome always, needs Martyrs. The Purpose of the "Book of Origin" is to make you a God.

 The "Book of Origin" is divided into Parts. First comes the Statement of Your Oneness. Your Developmental Psychology bespeaks an Evolved Person. The Book tells us  Adam, and Eve are our Ancestors. Let's just say that Adam, and Eve are Man, and Woman. Eve is a All Living Template of the Girl. That you are a Human Being. That you are a Singularity. You are Important. You are an All Living Soul. You are an Individual. You are Queer. There is no one on this Planet like you. You are Unique. You can not be replaced. You have to justify your right to have Origin. Because, you are an Originator. The Sophistry is Origin. Next step not mentioned above is the Designator (Caste). In this case that is the God Kitten. In the case of Adolph Hitler it is the Sun. That is Origin. The Designator is there for Origin take you. Origin makes you just that. The Designator must be good, or Origin will kill you. Your Designator is Centurion. That Designator is good for a Policeman, or Woman. A General might not make it. But, a Soldier will. Now, we get to the hard part. "We are One" is always, done with a Deity in mind like the Girl. It is hard to go wrong with the Girl. The Girl is Origin. Then you will have Ammon the Ideal of Secrecy as Origin. That is usually, Ammon Ra. You can not have MLK, or MLKMR. That is for the God Kitten only. Next is Aphrodite the Ideal of Love as Origin. The Volcano is the Origin of both Aphrodite, and Venus the Sacred Mountain. Dionysus as the Ideal of Endurance is Origin. Apollo as the Ideal of Truth is Origin. Mercury the Ideal of Intellect is Origin. The Golden Aphrodite is Hathor the Sun Itself the Ideal of Love is Origin. Vulcan the Ideal of Industry is Origin. Ares, and Mars the Ideal of War is Origin. Demos the Ideal of Terror is Origin. Phobos the Ideal of Fear Itself is Origin. You can have Hathor, or Nuit as Astarte of the Starry Heavens as Origin. Venus Astarte the Ideal of Sex is allowed as Origin. Kitten is Pharaoh. Pharaoh is Origin. The Hathor Deities are Origin. Catherine the Ideal of Purity Hail Holy Queen is Origin. Freya the Ideal of Love is Origin. Odin is not allowed as Odin the Ideal of Authority has been taken by Hitler as Origin. Mabuvray is the Ideal of Africa is Origin. Persephone the Ideal of Destruction usually, Execution is Origin. Persephone is Kitten's Best Girl Friend. Each Seed in Persephone's Pomegranate is a Revolution. The Pomegranate Tree is Origin. The Black Hala is Origin. Lord is Origin. Since, Death is Origin. Nirrti the Ideal of Corruption is Origin. Kitten is Married to Nirrti. Deneb is allowed as Origin. Ceres Deneb is Married to Kitten. Ceres (Demeter) the Ideal of Property is Origin. The Holly Trees are Origin. Tara is the Ideal Star is Origin. Kali the Ideal of Time is Origin. Chenrezig the Ideal of Compassion is Origin. Maha Kala Chronos the Ideal of Time is Origin. Mushika the Ideal of Mouse is Origin. Shiva the Ideal of Destruction is Origin. Brahma the Ideal of Creation is Origin. Vishnu the Ideal of Preservation is Origin. Kamala the Ideal of Beauty is Origin. Most Deities are allowed as Origin. Jove the Ideal of Authority is Origin. Juno the Ideal of Royalty is Origin. Diana the Ideal of Reason is Origin. Hebe the Ideal of Water, and Sappho the Ideal of Girl is Origin. Venus the Ideal of Love is Origin. Juno the Ideal of Royal Power is Origin. Belion, and Belial the Twins of God are Origin. Lucifer the God of Reason is Origin. Baalzebub the Lord of the Flies is Origin. Astaroth the Creditor is Origin. Ashtoreth the Ideal of Reward, and Jezebel are Origin. Since, Ashtoreth, and Jezebel are with Kitten.  Asmodeus  the Lord of Greed is Origin. Gomory Duchess of Gomorrah the Ideal of Salt is Origin. Cerebus the Ideal Dog is Origin. Hades the Ideal of the Unknown is Origin. Adonis, Thamuz, and Attis the Ideal of Sacrifice is Origin. Nergal the Ideal of War is Origin. Satan the Ideal Adversary is Origin. Nemesis a Demon who is after you is Origin. Aeolus El Nino (Enlil) the Ideal Breeze is Origin. Au Puch as Cloud is Origin. Namtar the Ideal of Plague is Origin. Ops the Ideal of Wealth is Origin. Alana the Ideal Nymph is Origin. Neptune the Lord of Waters is Origin. The Three Fates Clotho, Atropos, Lachesis are the Ideal of Destiny is Origin. Amphitrite the Queen of the Sea is Origin. Tiamat the Stormy Seas is Origin. Triton is Origin. Agni, Surt, Iblis, and Moloch are the Ideal Fire of Sacrifice is Origin. Athena, Minerva, and Hera the Ideal of Logic as in Mathematics are Origin. YHVH the Ideal of Authority is Origin but,... Archangel Michael is Origin. Rule is once, you have Origin with One Deity. You have to have Origin with all the Deities. That makes Origin Guru. The last step is you have to Propagate the "Book of Origin." Adolph Hitler read the whole "Book of Origin." Hitler copied the "Book of Origin" fourteen times. That was in 1930. When Adolph Hitler was the Unofficial Chancellor of Germany. This was Adolph Hitler the Philanthropist. Here finally is the Sophistry that will get you Origin rightly. The Communals now, constitute a Pool of Sacrificial People. If they are too stupid have Origin. Otherwise, they will be Heroes. There is enough for the Sophistry of Origin to do all this. That is right. You can now have Origin from just reading this much here. The original Roman "Book of Origin" will give you more directions. You can look for it.

 The "Book of Origin" was read presumably by Sir Winston Churchill, President Roosevelt, President Jack Kennedy, Tojo of Japan, Lord Kitchener, Queen Victoria of England, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao, and by the founder of Auschwitz.

More Community

"No weapon formed against thee shall prosper..."

Isaiah 54:17

 Kommandant Kitten has met several different people in different Communities. United States Marine Corps as a sort of Community. We don't have to worry about the Marines. Marines are Loyal.  Unlike, the Total Communities described above Marines are not enmeshed with each other, The Marines are extremely Patriotic. The Manson Family lived near the Marine Base where Kommandant Kitten was stationed. Charles Manson seemed to be a cool dude. The Manson Family is actually, still growing. Charles Manson claimed to be Clear according to the Church of Scientology. Charles Manson was a member of The Process. Charles Manson met the Church of Scientology while he was in Prison in West Virginia. According to the E Meter Charles Manson is not an enemy. Kommandant Kitten has something like it to read Empaths. Empaths broadcast frequencies that can be measured in Watts of Power. Here we will say an Empath is Radiating five watts. It can go as high as fifteen Watts. An Empath will try to bend you to do something for It. The Empath is trying to influence people with their Psychic Power. We will return to this subject later with Wicca. The Process is still around these days. The Process is a Communal Organization. The Process is very sinister. You can read up on the Process on the Net with a Web Search. The Process has several spin off Organizations like Silva Mind Control, EST, and The Hunger Project. The Process is Death. The Yumers during the takeover in the City of Berkley, California. The Yumers seemed to be pretty mello people. Then there is Wicca. Kommandant Kitten owned a pure bred Lhasa Apso AKC Registered as Muffy the Daughter of Pattycaking Flopsy. The Wiccans murdered Muffy. A stuffed dog of this description was found in the possession of the Black Raven Coven in Great Briton. Note Jane Fonda, and Hillary Rodham belong to the White Raven Coven. Where can a Modern Day Witch Hunter find Witches? Diana is whispering in Kommandant Kitten's ear. The Huntress Artemis still with Diana taught Kitten the Rudiments of Real Witch Hunting. Street Vendors selling stuff on the sidewalk like they do in Berkley, California are Witches. Wiccans run some Health Food Stores, and  Organic Foods, and Other Products. Watch out! Hebe a Luminary in the Train of Diana hates Witches. Because, the Witches are trying trip Sappho up. All the Sophistry of Sappho's Poem is there to call the Divine Hebe to Sappho. Hebe needs to shine some light on the problem. There may be no such thing as Telepathy. What if there is? Witches believe in this rubbish. Witches believe they have Psychic Power. That is the Power of the Flesh to influence you somehow? Have you ever watched the movie "Star Wars?" Witches have the Dark Power of the Force. That is with the Hero in the movie "The Matrix." It is like the Dark Power of the Force. We have it here again in the movie "The Terminator."


 This is the Ideal of Cultural Purity. Why is Community a Problem. First we need a History on this Thing. Let us start at the Dawn of Humankind. In order to survive in that Prehistoric World. People had to band together in Groups. There are two ways of Organizing People. Our Origin is in Primitive Communism. We are all Comrades. The Other Way is Community. People are part of a single Living Organism.

 This Primitive Communism begins to Specialize. A Hunting and Gathering Society is becoming Agrarian. Land as Property must be Guarded. That is to have a more sophisticated Agriculture needed to support the First of the City States. A Trading Class emerges. Soldiers are needed. The Police begin to form. Finally, there is a real Economy based on Barter. This Society will evolve into a Republic that links all these nearby City States together. Now, there is a Representative Government. There are Citizens of the Republic. The Economy recognizes a Common Currency. People have Worth according to what they do. People can sell their Labor.

 Here is the hard Question. It has to do with the Division of Labor. The Early Republics do not have enough Citizens. To do all the Work that must be done. All the Citizens are Working. Their are no slackers. There is no room for any of that. A Slave Owning Class is created to make up for this Economic Shortfall. Where do Slaves come from? Slaves come from Community.

  A book written by Mary Renault called "The Last Hercules" is pivotal on understanding, this subject of Slavery. Here a Communitarian Society in Ancient Greece is at its Acme. Then these Communitarians begin to find out they have a King. The First of the Dorians are there. Early Greece is entering the Bronze Age. This is the Beginning of the Age of Slavery. This Phenomenon of Slavery is Global.

"The Black Panther"

The Real One.

 In Africa there is  this very vibrant Warrior Culture. Like in the Movie they discovered this Secret Metal. They are going to use this metal to Conquer the World. The metal is an alloy between copper, and tin called bronze.
  What happened to Crete? Mary Renault wrote a description of this Paradise in "The Bull From the Sea." At the height of there Culture. The People were like cattle eating grass.
 The Wooly Bullies have shown up from nearby Africa. The Africans are mining copper on the Island of Cyprus. Aphrodite has shown up in Cyprus. Aphrodite has gone forth to Greece. Hathor has been worshiped in Africa for at least 15,000 years. Africa has a vast trading network. Copper is going to the Dorians in Greece. There Slaves mine the tin needed to make bronze.   

 It appears that there are Two Different Races according to their Genetic Endowment. One of these Races has no Ideals. The Ideal of Freedom is completely alien to them. Here we must refer you to the Apotheosis of Hercules. The Apotheosis of Hercules is a painting done in Versailles, France by King Louis XIV. The Lady standing next to Jove is called Liber. Liber is the Ideal of Freedom. That is a Teaching of the Left Hand Path.

 There is another painting called the Apotheosis of Homer. It is showing an Alliance formed by the Greatest of the Huguenot Lords of Power to Rule the World. This is the Beginning of Catharsis. There is the Genesis of Normal Life. This is to rid the World of Community.

 King Clovis I was a dolt. He almost, became the Holy Roman Emperor. Clovis I would be the Absolute Ruler of every Christian on the Planet. King Clovis I could neither read, or write his own name. King Clovis I knew he was a Direct Descendant of Christ. You must read "Holy Blood Holy Grail" to get a grasp on this situation. No one wants a repetition of that Event. That was the Merovingian Dynasty.

 What if King Clovis I made it? Then King Clovis I as the Holy Roman Emperor could be nothing less than the Demiurge Incarnate. Ammon says he made it. Clovis Rex is Origin. Did the Mountains rise at His Command? Did the Sky bow down before Him? Records do indicate the rains did fall in due season, the land was good, and the people did rejoice during the Reign of Clovis I.

 The Wiccan Community is an Enemy of God. The Wiccans have said this many, many times over. We believe them. Remember, Wiccca is the Power of the Flesh. We can recognize these Witches by their painfully plain looks. Wiccans don't wear any make up. Wiccans dress very plainly. Wiccans almost never dress formally to a  honor people like in modeling.  The Problem is Wiccans are demanding that everybody dress, and live like they do. Wiccans hate animals. The Animals are with God. Yet, Wiccans will try to completely take over, or control a Church enough to steer the Church for their own Political Purpose. The French Models have gotten the brunt of Wicca's ill will. Our Government must consult the French Models, and Actress's on this very issue. Because, Wicca is Global.

What is Dimethyl Tryptamine?

 To know that we must journey to Switzerland, Germany, and later Auschwitz. Psychiatrists were investigating certain substances while looking for a cure for Insanity. Several substance were found to produce a Toxic Psychosis. The toxic effect of the drug is do to it blocking key receptors in the human brain. There were three main neuron hormones: dopamine, norepinephrine, and sertonin. These hormones regulate the transmission of nerve impulses. It is an electrochemical way of transmitting information through the neuropathways to the brain and from the brain to make your heart beat for example.

 Many Scientists began to focus on sertonin. What happens when you inhibit that hormone some. Dr. Timothy Leary examined the tryptamines in the Fifties. Because, serotonin is 5 hydroxytryptamine. It comes from the aminoacid  tryptophane. Sometimes taken as a sleep aid.

 What would happen if you were to take 4 hydroxytryptophane? It is the same as psilocin! Have fun! But, Psilocin 4 hydoxy dimethyl tryptamine. Doesn't do much. 5 hydroxydimethyl trpytamine this one comes with Toad Venom is inert.. There was a Fad. It was about people smoking Toad Venom. By now, they must be all dead. Then besides dimethyl tryptamine DMT, diethyl tryptamine DET and disoproplamine tryptamine DIT. Can be Deadly Poison if they smoke any one of them. These substance all decompose when heated to Other Substances. Like you're smoking nitric acid man. You are going to die.

 Much of the information was published in numerous Countries. One of them was "Psychedelic Review." There also was novel speculation about a New Generation of Chemical Weapons used to subdue a mixed population of both Civilian, and Enemy Combatants. The word "psychedelic" is ominous. Because, the word Psyche means Soul. A Human Soul folks. A Religious person should be a very afraid. Here we are looking down into the Abyss of Mind Control. There were a lot of experiments in the United States both by the United States Government, Foreign Interests, and Private Parties.

 One Form of Mind Control is to convince people. That is even at the Highest Levels of Government, and Society that an Inert Substance is in Fact Something Else: A Dangerous Drug. It is possible to Fool All of the People All of the Time. Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. What else can Mind Control do? What happens when the Enemy starts thinking for you?

 Now, that Dr. Timothy Leary has convinced people that dimethyl tryptamine is really all that. Dr. Timothy Leary has said that drugs are the first step into having Space Colonies. Besides using up all our tax dollars involved in some worthless Temperance Campaign. The rest of the money can be used to build Space Colonies up there. The Enemies of America do think like that at times.

 The all the Cultures of the World were investigated for these novel Psychedelic substances. Did they have any medical value? Could psychedelic substances be used to "Brain Wash" people?

 Certain number of these psychedelic substance were claimed to effect a positive even Spiritual transformation in people. All these Sources of Information are Dubious. Yet these claims that these substances produce a pleasurable effect in people are constantly reverberating in the Print, and Broadcast Media. Why do Timothy Leary's test subject not want to repeat the experience? LSD must be Aversive. Dr. Timothy Leary is Front Page News time and again. Barring LSD 25, and its many Analogs these are the only Psychedelic Drugs that have ever appeared on anybody's Black Market.

 Lysergic Acid Diisopropylamide maybe the only LSD Analog worth Investigating. It should have a "trip" that is the fabled "Ecstasy." It produces an Artificial Love Experience.

 There are claims that Dimethyl Tryptamine a.k.a. DMT has some effect on the human organism. Shockingly, it doesn't! That is by taking up to 300 mg of Dimethyl Tryptamine Citrate Orally, or by Injection. It is said that a person smoking this substance will get "High." "High" means lifted up by the Devil. Smoking DMT is like inhaling the fumes of burning plastic resin. Given a  certain amount of heat Dimethyl Tryptamine Decomposes to a very Deadly Substance: Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide forms Nitric Acid in the Smokers Lungs. That like Silo Fillers Disease. It will kill you sometime later. That it is impossible to smoke DMT due to Other Noxious Chemicals. Me thinks people are lying. DMT like its relatives DET, and DIT are inert substances with no drug like effect whatsoever. It is like smoking corn silk. Everybody knows except, for little boys that smoking corn silk is nothing like smoking tobacco.

 A Chemist named Dr. Shugin has produced two error ridden tomes "Phikal: A Chemical Love Story" about Phenyethlyamines, and "Tikal" about the Tryptamines. That man is lying. All these methods of making these substances are too dangerous for words even in a well equipped laboratory. Hardy an improvement from the "Anarchist Cook Book." There is a web site called that features the latest craze, and Popular Folly about something called Recreational Drugs. Recreational Drug use is puffed a great deal in publications like "High Times," "Playboy," "Penthouse," and in the Underground Press.

 Experts on this Drug Epidemic have lied to the United States Congress meaning the United States Senate, and House of Representatives repeatedly. They have repeatedly lied to Federal Judges including the United States Supreme Court. Have lied to our Presidents all of them, and still do. How do you believe that they are getting away with it? It is the Logic of the Big Lie.

 This Ideation posing as Idealism is just what J Krishnamurti warned  us about in the "The First and Last Freedom." Especially, how a System of Ideation produces this Destructive Zeal.

 The Big Lie in the United States is a device used in Bad Politics. Unscrupulous people are creating a Problem: Dimethyl Tryptamine. The Solution: is to ban Dimethyl Tryptamine, the Chemicals, and Laboratory Supplies that could be used to make it.. It hides a Trojan Horse. It is an Unpatriotic Attack on America's Chemical Industry.

 Are people lying about Lead Poisoning, Asbestos, 245-T, 245 TP (Silvex), Roundup (Gylphosphate), Cigarettes, Sex, Radiation, ESP, Space Aliens, Doctors, Medicine, Faith Healing, Vitamins, Minerals, Phosphates, Diet, Exercise...? It is an Endless Question. The product of Bad People. This is what President Jimmy Carter called a Credibility Crisis. What happens when people are completely Demoralized? When a person can not believe anything. That person has been rendered Insane. Insanity is the Death of the Soul. You can be completely Dehumanized by Mind Control. You become a Soulless Idiot. Who is thinking for you? Because, you can't think. Since, you have no Freedom.  Does Auschwitz exist?

 The question is about Bad Politics. Bad Politics is creating Problems in order to Solve Problems. There was a man named Pol Pot. Pol Pot means Good Politics in Cambodian.

 The Solution to Bad Politics is as follows. We take these Bad People. Make them lie down on the ground. We put a bullet in the back of their heads. The Drug Epidemic is averted by timely action.

 This is the End of Tolerance.

 Presently, we are Investigating this Communitarian Movement as a possible, Aggravating Agent in the present Opoid Epidemic.

 Now, we are going to tell you a few good yarns about whales. Whales have these fantastic parasites. This one is the World's largest annelids. It lives in the whale's digestive tract. The creature is is a bright yellow to green to brilliant blue in coloration. The Worm eats prawns! The Worm survives  in the whale's body living exclusively on crustaceans. The Worm hates people because, people kill whales. The Worm has one of the most sophisticated nervous systems in the Animal Kingdom. Somebody has harvested a four foot Worm from a whale in a Processing Ship. The Worm is going to be kept alive in a marine aquarium on land. There are Big Secrets. The Worm talks! For the Price of a few big prawns the Worm told us it appeared on Earth 900 years ago. The Worm never evolved here. The Worm came from the Other Side of Life somehow? Outside the whale we don't know what this Worm is going to turn into. Because, there was another whale parasite. It is a kind of mollusk; in the same Family as the squid, octopus, and cuttle fish. It transformed into a nine foot Ammonite. It is like a squid with a long shell. Ammonites have been extinct for over a hundred million years. Where did that thing come from? Our Worm can save a whale's life. The Worm can sense people many miles away beyond the whale's keen senses. The whale is taking evasive action. It is a Whaling Ship. It can't be avoided. "You need to take a look at that beautiful carving you are working on. It is almost done. Can't you see it?" The Worm told him that. The whale has escaped detection. There was no way in Hell that whale could do that. Or, was there? The Whale keeps eating lots of prawns. The Worm likes that.

 "It's a beautiful day!"

"The gulls are gulling!"

"The seals are sealing!"

"And, the sharks are sharking!"

This woman has realized.

There is a Another Consciousness.

"Sharks do not shark!"

Our Heroine  knows this is true.

"I say they do!"

"No they don't!"

"Look down there!"

As the hapless woman is walking off this cliff.

Nirrti has won the argument.

Kitten is safe.

The Slave State

"There is no rest for the wicked."

 Mary Renault wrote "The Last Hercules," and "The Bull From the Sea." Mary Renault studied Village Life in Great Britain. Here the subject is Prehistoric Greece, and Crete. It was stated before. It is vital that you understand, this subject of Catharsis. This is the Heart of Auschwitz Berkanau. It is an answer to that question. Why?

 The Prehistoric Doric Inscriptions in Greece are precious. The Man from the Sea our Black Panther made contact with the Ancient Dorian Hunters. The Black Panther brought swords, arrow heads, and spear points made of bronze metal. Purpose is World Conquest. Dorian inscriptions refer to the native Neolithic Peoples as cattle eating grass. The Dorians are are Herdsmen. Once, there are several Kings established. Then there is a basis of trade with the Black Panther. That is to gather tin, and other metals like gold, silver, and even iron for the Black Panther. Steel will be eventually discovered later mostly from meteoric sources.

 Doric inscriptions reveal someone like Honey Hand the Villainousness in "The Last Hercules." Honey Hand is indeed Artemis the Huntress. Artemis takes all the fruit tree groves as Her Trees. Artemis killed several of the Neolithic Community Leaders to gain notoriety. Artemis continues to be reborn somehow? Artemis evolves into the Ideal of Reason. At this Time Tanith Pene Baal is still Forming. Tanith has just arrived. The Questions of those Prehistoric Times can be answered by the Black Aphrodite being established in Greece, and Our Muse of the Sun Hathor the Golden Aphrodite.

 Artemis has two Sisters Hera, and Ante. Hera evolves into the Ideal of the Queen.

 The Doric King is Deified as Zeus. Zeus evolves into the Ideal of the Ruler.

 Anthropomorphism is a means of Humanizing the Ideals so the Ideals like God make sense to people. So you can talk about them. You can have a Pattern. A Pattern is a Form of Architecture. The Pattern has Factors. Here the Pattern is the Girl. The Girl has Love Laws. The Girl conforms to those Love Laws. The Girl is Friendly. You can't go wrong with the Girl. The Ideals as you are Introduced to, and Initiated by the Girl you will stay Sane.

 The Dorians have Gods, and Goddesses like Zeus is one. Whereas, the Neolithic Natives are Godless Pagans. But, the Neolithic Pagans do have these curious Images of the Great Mother as a Fertility Fetish.

 Let us reiterate these two ways of Organizing People. Especially, Community as a species of Enslavement. Immediately, upon the formation of Community. There is Enemy Formation with this Us vs Them Ethic. That is what Enslaves them. The Trap has closed. Death is the only way out.

 It is this Slave Race that Auschwitz Birkanau has to address.

 The Other Way is a Military Ethic that evolves out of Primitive Communism. Nowadays, we have "The Tolerance of a Full Belly." We don't need Slaves. We need to understand, Uncle Remus' "Brier Rabbit and the Tar Baby." The Tar Baby is Slavery. The Tar Baby is Community. It is the Creation of a Slave State in America. There is a Slave Religion in the United States, and else where. That is a Hippy Christ contemplating His Divine Navel saying; "The Kingdom of Heaven is Within." When the Kingdom of Heaven is around us somewhere? Belial has captured all the Christian Churches. That is why we have Liberation Theology, and all its' ridiculous Doctrines. When we are all on our own as the Book tells us. That the Ethics of Slavery will Govern America. If we let them.

 That has its genesis during the Eisenhower Administration. This begins as a Social Experiment in 1952. The Goal is to Form the Ideal Fighting Unit. Yet, it is not Military. This is the Beginning of Community in America. The Social Contract Program is born. The Social Contract Program will be later covered in another part of this Opus. We will now, say this is about the Assassination of Americans both here, and abroad. There are three hundred Communitarian Groups formed in the United States and Canada. Cold War Logic is inescapable. All these members of these original Communities were screened. Heredity seems to be a major factor. The Tar Baby is White. These Communities are implacably hostile. Now, there are more than a million people in America stuck in the Tar Baby.

 These Communities are setup with Committees that Govern them. This is exactly the same as the Comminterns in Lenin's Russia! What happens when the Enemy starts thinking for you? It sure does look like it. Can you visualize this madness going on in Cold War America? The Red Scare is at its height. Our Government has established the Worst Part of Russia to protect America from God knows what.

 Let us explain what Russia has done to get rid of this System of Inequality. The Great Russian Revolution under Comrade Stalin. That took a Third World Country, and put it somewhere in the 20th Century ahead of the United States.

 Imagine if you will. Russia is filled with these Communities. and the Committees that Govern them in thousands of Regions throughout Russia. Slavery is the Rule as it was in Czarist Russia. Comrade Lenin is seen as a threat to the rest of the World. An Expeditionary Force from the United States of America, Great Britain, and France was dispatched to put an end to this state of affairs. Lenin is dead. An agreement is made with the emerging Soviet Union under Conrade Stalin to exterminate all these hostile  Communities, and the Committees that Govern them. Later Nazi Germany will continue to aid Comrade Stalin in this Crusade. This will take twenty eight years of brutal nasty killing to accomplish this Catharsis. That was the great Civil War in Russia that dwarfs the American Civil War. America will have to make this Great Sacrifice to secure Freedom for all Americans? We can do this.

 Let's explore this issue briefly. Have you ever seen the  movie "Scanners?" You must watch it. Then imagine if you can. This situation multiplied three hundred times in three hundred different places. That was sixty years ago. This conflict has been going on. Each Community reproduces by budding  New Communities something like a hydra does. Those men in the movie "Scanners" might show up. But, these days we can show more finesse.

 Community is unique to the Military. Community really works because, everybody is under orders. Thus they always, achieve consensus. There is a kind of Spiritual Experience that happens with it. A form of Exaltation. Community didn't happen in Auschwitz much. No one is discharged, fired, or retired in Auschwitz exactly like in the Military. Auschwitz People never leave "Camp." Community was not liked in Auschwitz because, it is misleading. Organizing takes the place of Community. Auschwitz always, has a precarious existence. Auschwitz is predatory. Auschwitz is not a Village. Auschwitz is movable.

 The Totenkophverbande in Auschwitz are very Religious Roman Catholics. The Totenkophverbande has Renounced the World, the Flesh, and the Devil. Note the World, the Flesh, and the Devil lack Oneness. A Unity is different.

 A Community is like a jelly fish a colony of different organisms organized into one body. A Community can be likened to an ant hill, a wasp nest, a termite colony, or a hive of bees. The Entity is sometimes called an Elemental. An Elemental has no Soul, or Ego. "Step not down into that brightly shining realm." to quote an Ancient Babylonian text. For that is a Devolution.

 Community as it is now, understood is very subject to the Popular Folly of the World. Every Military Base Commander knows this. That is why everybody must be under orders.

 The Popular Folly of the World is a Bully. When it gets into a school. People are going to classes trying to learn something useful. There is peer pressure to engage in coarse courtship practices, premarital sex, making babies, marriage, and family. This dream will ruin everyone of them. They have an idea that the World is an Enemy of their life. Someone in charge must intervene. In this case it is the high school principal. Skool is happening. Skool is rough on people.

  There are people who really do believe they are the only people entitled to live on this Planet. They say they are human beings. The rest of us is including the all of us are just animals to use as they choose to use us. We have little say about this Community. It is their Way of Living at our expense. That is their Village. Because, we are not part of this Community. We are Villains.

 This picture is haunting. We know the "Camps" cremated people. Where does this photograph come from? Is this Auschwitz promotional material in the fight against World hunger, and disease? This picture requires more analysis. Kommandant Kitten is still tireless in the quest for truth in these matters. It is somewhere in Europe. It isn't Poland. Russia under the Czar perhaps? The darkness is going away.

 Does the name Adolph Hitler mean anything to you? Himmler got the Old Serpent. All the Nazis got it. Maybe, all of Germany then. Do you want to go to the May Fair? Maybe, one of those Events like it? The Maelstorm Serpent is getting impatient. What are you going to offer Him? You are Villain. You do want to live? Snake has turned into Ceres again. You own your life. You are lucky. Loki has transformed into Mercury. You have got the words for it. That is better. But, the Fenir Wolf is still Ceres. The Werewolf is a Guerrilla. You live underground sometimes. Hel is Venus. You are one of the Love People. Of course, you made the Perfect Offerings to Mercury, Ceres, and Venus. Mars says you are still a Warrior. You have offered everything to get anything good. That is the Rule. Auschwitz will now adore you. You see you have found it. Villains have to know things like this.

 Ceres is there. Right in front of you is a Snake Hole. There is a Snake in there. The Snake might come out. The Snake does. This Snake is brown. The Snake's name is Diabolus. "You are a Good Snake!" Diabolus is gone. Ceres is right there for you.

 This is like the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers": exactly like it. Didn't see the movie? Normally, this never happens. During this Time of Folly it can happen to anybody. The Maelstorm Serpent is fishing for people. A "Fisher of Men" is to be greatly feared. Right now, the Maelstorm Serpent is having a few pints of ale. He likes it. The man isn't out of character. The Maelstorm Serpent goes up. That man's Soul goes down into Total Dissolution. It is absorbed in a cell that makes up the Body of Snake. There are thousands of people at the May Fair. The Maelstorm Serpent can take everyone of them. He knows that. Instead of a Human Soul they will have a Serpent in its' place. Those bodies will go on according to the Law of Karma. Their lives will be little different.

 The Maelstorm Serpent loves football. He can attend the games but, must maintain proper form there. He is not allowed to play on the field, or influence any of the players in any way, shape, or form. These Games are under Dionysus who hates cheating.

 Once upon a time, certain Occultists had Loki who called upon the Maelstorm Serpent, the Fenir Wolf, and Hel the Goddess of Misfortune to stop Hitler from invading England. They all came. But, there is a recompense. The recompense is Loki, and His Powers were to be provided a Place in England Forever. Now, that the Deed was done. The celebrants all died for this indulgence of theirs. They had earned Their Place.

  The above Sophistry is running one of Kommandant Kitten's "body theft" routines. "Body theft" is frequently found in Primitive Magical Practices. This is taken from Anthropology. In Psychops you can steal souls, and replace them with demons under your control. Even though this is fallacious reasoning. It still can affect you.

These folks are not going anywhere good. The photograph says so.

 Here we can Create Galatia with Venus Astarte. Galatia comes out of the rock for the Sophist Pygmalion. Astarte grants the boon. Aphrodite is there. Pygmalion proved Sophistry is that powerful. This is the first demonstration of the Robot Power of Vulcan.


None of the Auschwitz Girls are Married.

That is to promote their "Camp."

None of the Lebensborn Girls are Married.

That is to promote Germany.

Models are not Married.

That is to promote American Products both here, and abroad.

Marriage is the Kiss of Death in Hollywood.

You can't climb the Corporate Ladder.

The Problem is Divided Loyalties.

Business is business.

Not, Marriage, unless you are Married to the Corporation.

Some people are.

People are important.

That is why the Company is interested in the Wives of Executives, and Employees.

Marriage requires a lot of work.

Having babies.

Changing diapers.

Doing laundry.

Cooking meals.

Doing dishes.

A House Wife's work is never done.

If you are an Actress.

You have that kind of commitment to be an Actress.

People are nothing but, dolls.

Toys to be played with for one's own amusement.

Business requires a lot of work.

Marriage makes a person's career go askew.

We have a problem with Marriage in different places.

Our Diplomatic Missions come to mind here.

Since, the Married Diplomat is almost, useless.

The cost alone of having a Married person in that place is enormous.

Husbands, and wives do quarrel a lot sometimes.

Screaming out idiocies.

Shouting out Democratic Party slogans.

People in the Mission pick that up immediately.

Word does spread out there.

The Mate is this Ball 'n Chain.

There are many places in that Country.

She ain't allowed.

Guess what?

He ain't either.

Because, he is a Married Man.

He might even have a kid.

These are Family Sized Problems.

Our Ambassador is a Family Man.

But, America needs a Worker.

A Worker always, means business.

The business of America is not Marriage.

The business of America is not Family.

These Fruits of Heaven can be enjoyed later in life.

That is after they have earned it.

This man got a Loan.

Because, this Ambassador is broke, and desparate.

This US Ambassador has been bought off.

By somebody?

This man is a Democrat.

He has a Marriage.

He doesn't want to be bothered.

People are important.

So either, they are outside the Country.

They could still be here in the States.

That is incompetency.

Wars have happened over this.

Which Wars?

Just about all of them.

Lack of communication.

Because, there is nobody there.

The Diplomat will see, and find out about one percent of what is really, going on in a Country.

Women, and Men handle things differently in the Diplomatic Arena.

You have to post at least two Diplomats.

That is Men, and Women have different Cultures.

The Roles of Women, and Girls are different in Other Countries.

You have these differences in order to understand, completely that Country's Culture.

The Business Sector is being informed of the latest developments in everything that matters.

The Woman Diplomat is at a Fashion Show.

The United States sells billions of dollars worth of cosmetics, garments, and fashion accessories even cell phones.

Who in any of these Diplomatic Missions is representing America's Business Interests?

Studies show in Other Countries Single Men are thirty percent more efficient then their Married Counterparts.

Married with Children is the same but, their efficiency dips by eighty percent at certain times.

A Mistress improves the Married Man's efficiency remarkably.

These figures apply to Women pretty much across the board.

A Single zealous person can work circles around their coworkers.

Eventually, these Sharks pull down the infrastructure that supports these Marriededs.

A refreshing turnover of personal takes place refreshing the Corporation.

Harvard Business School in the 50's was very unsympathetic to incompetency.

You know we must keep people employed in those vital Business Sectors.

Here is the Problem in Hollywood.

No one can get any work.

New girls can enter the arena.

New girls can move up the Food Chain.

All these Marriededs block their progress.

Mind you they have more than enough money.

They can retire, and raise families.

A New Dynamic can be in Show Business.

On Top

Are you on top?

On top of your life?




You have to be on top.

Goddess Hel give this Teaching.

What it is like not to be down there.

You have to be on top.

You are down there.

You need to be on top.

Right where you are at.

You can be on top.

You don't have to go anywhere else to be on top.

You are on top.

You know that.

The little sharks are down there on the bottom waiting for you.

But, you can't die down there.

You are on top.

You are reading this.

Then you can be on top.

Goddess Hel is Peace.

You have peace only when you are on top.


Be on top.


Be near the top.

You need to get over it.

Be on top.


Don't worry about it.

Be on top.


You are in for it.

Stay on top.

Goddess Hel has a Marriage Manuel for you.

Passed Over

 There is a man. Our hero is getting an Interview. This work is for an Executive Post. It pays 1.2 million a year. The Board knows he is qualified for the job. This Interview is just a mere formality. The person doing the interview noticed the man did not bring his wife to be interviewed. He says his married life is personal. Well it is. But, he was expected to be completely transparent. He is dismissed for having divided loyalties. Our hero is expected to have a Corporate Wife. We see Political Marriages all the time. Marriage is nothing but, a living arrangement. The Corporate Wife is one of them. Our hero is alleged to be brilliant. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree. He is working. Enter the Rival. She is right there on time. She is a Lesbian. Her live in Companion is right there. She is smarter than our hero. Guess what? Our Girl got the job.

The New Breed

 Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll, or is this the beginning of an Industry of Death? It started in the 60's. Kommandant Kitten will get to this later in the work.

 But, the New Breed is coming. The New Breed is going to not put up with this. The New Breed doesn't recognize Racial Barriers. The New Breed wants Empire. There is only one kind of person that will exist within the boundaries in this Empire: Americans. It's alright. The United States of America can be there for Americans only. We are.

 Immigration can exist but, not Slavery in any shape, way, or form. All they have to do is get along with the rest of us. They have to be Completely Assimilated. They can be the New Breed too. It will work once, we can get our Country out of Hades. That means we have to come out of this Under World. A Society that is in the open air. That means the public knows what is going on, works with it, and approves of it.

 The "New Breed" comes out of the Norms, Values, and Forms of Native Americans. Other Peoples share all of this Vision too. This makes way for Patriotism. Every Norm, Value, and Form that is Un American goes right in the Trash. That makes way for Domestic Tranquility. Peace becomes possible. Safety can be assured. How can Prosperity not happen in such a Land?


 "Spawn" is both a movie, and a cartoon. There is even a sequel. The plot is simple. Our Hero has made a pact with Muburay in Africa. Muburay is the Villain. Muburay has a saying. "If you do Evil. You do Good here." Now, our Hero is dead. He does get to know that. He was killed by a Traitor. That Traitor came back to America. This Traitor took his place in life. He can have no Mercy for this Traitor. That is forbidden by God. Now, he has that Test. He has the right to have the Test. Because, he died by Treason. What he doesn't know is he is in Purgatory. He believes he is among the Living. Because, the Angels of Purgatory Lie like this. Those Angels are really, his Enemies. You know this will kill him. Unless, he follows the instructions of Muburay. Then he can make it to Elysium. Finally, if he proves he has the right stuff. He can walk, and move among the Living. Then he can kill his Enemy. Only then can he move on to another life.

 "Camp" has Cadence as does the Military, and certain Rock n' Roll bands. "Cadence" means to call out as in music. Music is rhythm, and beat. Cadence is added to this. It is the main Ideal. It is Soul. The Event that has this Ideal should be presented many times. Everything in the song has a Formation. Everything is marching right into you. Crosby Stills and Nash had this Cadence in let's say "Wooden Ships." Cadence gives the music Soul. That is what calls Cadence.

 This brings us to our "Third Camp Law." We have to define what Work is. You do understand, that? You are a living being, and a lot of your life is spent Working. Work has a System of Norms, Forms, and Values. Work has Soul a Cadence of its' own. That means Work whatever it may be is a Discipline. This is how all the Arts, and Sciences are defined as Systems of Norms, Forms, and Values. All the Arts, and Sciences have Soul. You can feel the Cadence. Work is never meaningless because, people are important.

 This Axiom: That people are important is what engenders a real Culture. People build Civilizations. Money doesn't. Money is Invested in a Land that is already, Civilized. There must be Progress to get an actual, return on that investment. Otherwise, you are just throwing your money away. You will never be able to build anything there. Even if you have all the resources in the Whole Wide World. Because, you have no Capital in place. You have no collateral. They haven't sold you anything to accumulate Capital, You lose.

 Capital calls Cadence. Capital has Soul!

 Thank God It Is Friday:TGIF for short. The movie "9 to 5," "Bye Bye Birdie," "American Graffiti," and other such Cultural Artifacts represent a very narcissistic set of the working Norms, Forms, and Values of a prostitute. You are just in business to make money. There is more to work than that kind of dirty relationship with people. People are there to be used up. Afterwards, they can be replaced with another whore. No one in the bordello will mind it very much. If you really feel like this? You are being vampirized. The best moments of your life are being sucked right out of you. You have to change your life. Every human being goes through an Inner Struggle. That is because, you are not smart enough. You need to keep your cool. Then you can learn something even on the job. What do you think?

 Once a upon a time. The East India Trading Company owned a vast Empire. They fell from grace because, they forgot something vital. People are important. A corrupt Christian Socialist Regime was forming in the Mother Land. It began to have more to say into running the affairs of the East India Trading Company. They let people Evangelize India. Such people claim to have God. But, you can't own God. That is Heresy. Worse, they began to treat people badly. Eventually, their Private Army mutinied, and turned against them. All the British men, women, and children were butchered in the most horrific manner possible at the time. It had do with pig, or cow grease on these bullets. Do you want to bite the bullet? Get all that rancid grease in your mouth. It was sure to turn you into a pig. Even Untouchables balked at such measures, and rightly so. The British Evangelicals were just being playful in spreading such rumors. A filthy playfulness that ruins Empires, and destroys Nations. That was their corruption. Me thinks.

 Socialism has to be defined in simple layman's terms. Even women can understand it. It is Property Issues, and Boundaries. What you can, and can not own. What is, and isn't yours. In most Primitive Societies individual ownership of private property, and privacy is minimal.

 A Refugee Camp is such a place. Socialism as such has no rewards.  Everybody there gets the basic necessities to sustain life. But, not a good one. It will be of little value to them after they leave "Camp." Because, they always, have extreme issues. They might live for awhile. That is all.

 That means you have to feed Refugees at least two thousand calories of food, and four quarts of water. Those are Auschwitz Standards. None of them ever came close after the War.

 They have to be Transferred into a "Work, Re Education, and Rehabilitation Camp." Where they are instilled with Patriotic Norms, Forms, and Values of their Country. There they will receive Real Food to feed their minds, and bodies. They will Work at producing all their own Food, and Necessities.

 It differers little from Wage Slavery. Except, this "Camp" is without walls, or guards. It can only exist during a Time of Peace. There can be no crisis. Otherwise, these "Camps" must also, be Forts.

 Auschwitz goes quite a ways forward. It has a form of Communism. Property issues are strangely blurred. Privacy is cloaked in a secrecy. Organizing takes the place of Socialism. Auschwitz is chameleon like in nature. It seems to feature a Secret Economy that defies classification. This "Camp Interlocks," no one can now trace it. It is not a Nazi institution. It has its' own existence. It is potentially Global back then.

"Interlock" is a different concept. For instance on your computer you have several Interlocking programs besides your Operating System. They do not form an Interface! They all perform separate functions. You may have several firewalls. Each firewall program does not conflict with any other programs. Your anti virus, and anti spy ware is checking for spy ware, virus, and blocking access to your desktop. Your registry checker is there to find registry errors before they become a problem. Defragment your hard drive. Have a back up of everything in case you lose any vital data. You run these programs every time you use the Internet. They form an impenetrable interlocking network of protection. Compromise of any one program can still not harm the Immortal Operating System. Just like the Mythical Hydra.

 The Corporations formed the Hydra in this manner with Monowitz. Thus Henry Ford's "Our Town" is interlinked with several of other Industrial Cities in this manner. This forms a United Political Fort. That has Interlock with the Military, Law Enforcement, Education, Public Health, Public Welfare, Banking, and Charities.

 Each Worker caries the "Seeds of Our Town." They can found another Industrial City. For the Workers are the "Seeds of Capitalism." That makes Capitalism immortal. Capitalism is a kind of Dominion.

 These Workers are the Go Forth. The Pioneers were always, called the Go Forth. Their enemies call them the Nomads.

 There is Capital. Capitalism that invites Investments must be a Dictatorship by necessity. There are Norms, Forms, and Values that allow for a Lawful Society to exist. That is Merchantilism. There have to be Uniform Standards that engender buying, and selling. That make World Trade possible. That is only if Investments are Capitalized. Investment without adequate Capital leads to economic hardship.

 The BBC has a whole series on the "Rise, and Fall of the East India Trading Company." The people in US Aid should watch this series. That is if they are capable of learning anything before they get themselves killed without even knowing why. There is even a book that can be read by the more astute among them called; "Mutiny on the Bounty." That book wasn't about a ship exactly back then. Did you know that Ashtoreth means "Reward?" That means that thing can turn against them at anytime. Did, and become a Pirate Ship.

A Lesson in Language

 Sophistry is an Elaboration of both Noumenon, Phenoemenon, and a Null Set. Neumenon is the Root of all Nouns. Nouns are Names. Names describe Things as They Are. In Kantian Philosophy, an object Understood by Intellectual Intuition. Phenomenon are Things of Appearance. The Null Set is explained in Cantor's Set Theory. This is a Series of Questions, and Answers. This is all Pythagorean Mathematics. It has at the same time "yes," "no," "maybe," "none of the above" : Is and Is Not. This Sophistry all comes down from a far off Star that orbits the Planet Vast. Which is our Sun that orbits the Planet Earth. It looks like it? Doesn't it?

 "The Tedium of Camp"

 The problem with this kind of life in the workplace is that it is too close to death. It kills business. That is why even large enterprises go out of business from a failure to thrive. Civilizations fall.

 The "Tedium of Camp" can erode your life away. Provision has to be made for that. Four hours of work was considered more than enough. In Monowitz six hours was considered adequate. People had to be dragged away from their workplaces sometimes. It is time for Education and Sports. There are other activities too. The workers have to be examined for malnutrition, disease, and the like. In Auschwitz there is always, "Hate Day."

 Like in the case of Love. An Actor needs to transfer the Hate from an object that is Hated by the Actor towards the Enemy.

 For example everyone knows President Bush Hates Broccoli. Bush sees the Enemy as Broccoli. Broccoli can not do anything to him. Especially, when President Bush has a "a thousand points of light" right there for him all the time.

 You must rally the people to really hate Imprisonment. Hate something. Otherwise, people will be not interested in you. That is the same thing as being ostracized. HATE WORKS.

 Auschwitz had to address this problem. Luxuries are necessities. That makes life worth living. They work harder.

 "You have to make everything count." This famous quote from President Hoover sums up the Ethic of the 30's. It all starts with hoarding. Why people do it? Scarcity scares people. Fear destroys trust. Everything in America depends on trusting someone. "We have nothing to fear but, fear itself." says Roosevelt. We are seeing the Ethics of the 30's, and the beginnings of the 40's.

 The picture above is Monowitz. Monowitz is about half built. Monowitz is much bigger than the other two "Auschwitz Camps" combined.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

 Let's get on with This Idea of Scarcity. If you have Scarcity you really have a Famine starting to take hold of the Land. Let's call things what they really are. The Great Depression was really a Famine. Famine has no Virtues. It doesn't.

 Famine can be more than not having proper food. You need a car? You want a home? You want to buy some really good clothes? You need real medicines? You want to get off Welfare? You want a real livelihood? You want a future? You need a gun?

 You can even have money. Still not get the good things in life that you really deserve. But, you have to know what they are.

 Poor people feast. Rich people fast.

  But, you can call a life hounded by Famine an Ascetic Life. "Poverty is Wealth." This is a Philosophy of Life you can give to your Enemies.

 "A penny saved is a penny earned." No, it isn't. It is just a penny. What can you buy with that? See there are no earnings. This is just a homily. That can't feed you. For that to happen you must be well organized.

 "A penny for your thoughts." That is all people's thoughts are worth. Kommandant Kitten has put a penny in the Kitty. Guess what? That is Big Money. Big Money is talking. Your thoughts have been bought, and paid  for all the time you are reading all this. Your coming along with my way of thinking. You are going to learn how to think. Instead of what to think. People will tell you what to think all the time. You will keep thinking along those lines. Until, someone gives you a fresh though. Later, you will get a better thought. We have got to stop that. What do you believe will happen to you? If someone maybe, an enemy is thinking for you? You have to get with it!

 Once, people starting thinking for themselves depression, and inflation go away. Think about that. It is true.

 As soon as somebody presents you with an opportunity to make money. Humor me. Button up your wallet. Most of these scams are about working at home. But, you can just say no to these investment scams. Just keep your money in the bank where it belongs.

 There are the expressions of Famine. In China Famine is called Lord Jim. During the Hoover Presidency: "putting on the Ritz" was eating out of garbage cans. Old Mother Hubbard ran Hell's Kitchen. There isn't anything to eat in Hell's Kitchen. That is real Hell.

 President Hoover knew we had an Economic War with Great Britain. President Hoover was at a loss as to what to do about it. It couldn't get worse. It did!

 Pestilence isn't a Virtue at all. This is the Twenty First Century. We don't need to lie any more. We can quit singing "Ring Around the Rosy." Why is this still a problem? Is this the Will of God, or are people somewhat at fault? The Cult doesn't want us to know certain things, maybe? Like just how sick the people of America really are. Can we trust health statistics anymore? When we can see incredibly deformed people, and others living out their tortured lives. This should not be. There is more information on this web page Phaedra.

 How do we know what our Death Statistics are from infectious disease in America? The Communicable Disease Center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA gets these statistics from the various States in America. They don't see the anomalies in cancer statistics? They are too uniform. Where does the State of California get its' statistics? We are worried that "the books are being cooked." It is like the problem of the crooked gas meter reader. He is a city employee. He really can't read all those meters. But, he has read enough meters to make a very good guess what the gas usage really is. That is what he reports. That is your gas bill. You get to pay it too. Worse is it is Inflationary. So does America.

 Problem Number One: many contagious diseases are not considered infectious under normal circumstances found in some laboratory. But, people don't live in laboratories do they? As people die from these mildly infectious diseases they will become super contagious. Popular Delusions in Medicine exclude such data. Most infectious diseases are unknown to Popular Medicine. This makes diagnosis of West Nile virus for example incredibly difficult, expensive, and time consuming. Lyme disease, or primordial syphilis has even been said to be harmless. Herpes is a virus that causes cancer is likewise said to be harmless. Herpes simplex even kills babies. Even Dr. Megele of Auschwitz fame knew there was no such thing as a harmless pathogen. A pathogen is bad.

 On a Scale of One to Ten how much pain do you have? Guess what? Kommandant Kitten does not feel it, or anything like it. It's all yours.

 Returning to these Ideals of Scarcity we understand, we are really studying another case of Famine. We know previously, there was a terrible Famine in Ireland. The Irish Model was very much the same as this Great Depression. Famines are really, called Depressions. We have got to get out of this kind of trickery.

 The remedy in Ireland was to shut down all work. Then nobody had any more money to buy things than anybody else. The scarcest food would go further, and last longer. The crops would not fail like they did that year.

 The Sophistry is actually, pretty good. You can read it all. It is historical. But, it is still fallacious reasoning. We can see that clearly now. President Hoover didn't. This Famine is Global. The crops are failing. This madman is preaching asceticism, piety, and temperance to a starving audience. They are degenerating into an minimality that is indescribably different.

 This is all Nihilistic Idealism masquerading as a sort of Spirituality. Understand, if you are not really for anything. Can't you be against something being Spiritual, and all that? The Temperance Movement in the 30's is nihilistic. You could easily be against something? How about racial bigotry? How about those Jews? The Yellow Peril perhaps? The only good Indian is a dead Indian? Another Red Scare, maybe? A Religious War?

 Here you are a very hungry Spiritual Person. It wouldn't be hard to hate something maybe, somebody that is different? You are right at the Abyss of Annihilationism. All you need is a little push, or a little pull, and you will go there. It isn't much of a fall. The World could End. You would like it?

 We will hate Great Britain in this exercise. It is alright. This is "Hate Day." It is July Fourth. That is Independence Day.

 You will note if you can the Runes inside this Black Sun of the Thule Society are not Life Runes. These are Signs of Impending Doom. Do note the optical illusion here? As your vision takes you around the Solar Circle. Solar is always, clockwise. Lunar is counterclockwise. You will see this with the Swastika too. Solar and Lunar Swastika. As you go around the Solar Disk of the Dark Sun the Crosses appear to be upright, and straight.

 There actually, is a Dark Sun. What we see is the Electrical Phenomena. It is the plasma that forms between the anode, and the cathode. That happens as particles drawn in from deep space light up the stars. The Nuclear Fusion is practically invisible from the distance between Earth, and the Sun.

 The Black Sun comes from the Germanic Eddas. A Jewish Rabi translated the German Runes into Hebrew. So it goes all can be translated from the German Runes back into Hebrew to Spell Out the Weeks of the Hebrew Prophet Daniel. In the "Book of Daniel." There is much more said there than is talked about even in Israel. Mau Mau in Africa takes its' Origin from that Biblical Book. It is the story about Daniel in the Lion's Den. The Lion won't kill, and eat the Prophet Daniel. Because, Lions don't eat Cats. Eventually, the Babylonians have to feed the Lion of Africa. Daniel will not eat the Lion's Meat. Daniel's Death must reveal the Dark Star Belion. The Babylonians must release the Lion to have Daniel's Dead Body to dishonor Him more. For the Weeks of Daniel tell the End of the City of Babylon. That Babylon then, and the Babylon that must come later as well.

 There you have it. The Truth of Belial the White Star. You know now, the Names of the Two. These are the Twins of God Belial the Guardian, and Belion the Protector of Kitten.

 Hitler has to assemble all these bits, and pieces of a broken Country into a Political Platform. Hitler needs people to support him in his bid for Chancellor of Germany. He has to be the Leader. There are many people in the Occult that will support him. The Military has to be pleased. The Military are backing Hitler as their man. Many of these arrangements are Secret. Hitler has to win the support of the people. There are many business interests that want Hitler in Office. There is a Hate Campaign against the Jews. That is there to get people out of their complacency. That is to get out the vote.

 The popular Peace Sign is even worse. It is a Circle that enshrines the Rune of the Tree of Death. This is the Peace Sign of Hel: the Goddess of Misfortune. The Dove of Hel is cooing loudly in their ears. Can you hear it? You should be glad you have your hearing aid from Auschwitz Birkenau. The British Ban the Bomb Cult came up with that one. Now, they can all Dance Around the Golden Calf. You can see the illustration in The Persephone Book. It has everything there for them. Moses is breaking the Tablets of Law. The Tree of Death has come up for their families. Lord Typhon is praising God asking; "Is My Lord pleased with this?"

 Later in the Book Moses is ordered by God Almighty to not strike the Rock with His Divine Staff to Bring Forth the Flood to Consume His Enemies. Just like salt dissolves in water. Moses did just that. But, Kommandant Kitten is under no such Orders. The Rock is Hades. Guess what? "We're Here."

 In War, and in Prisons there is rationing. Rationing is a Prescription for Living. "Everybody gets their fair share." Rationing is getting popular in the United States. Mostly, it is food, fuel, and water.

 Being a Villain, and a Vicious Tuft Hunter me thinks America is a bit too wasteful. Those ideals of commuting back, and forth to work need to be as dead as the dinosaurs. The carbon footprint that should only exist in fossils. You need to compost your trash. If you can. You should.

 Moving people around generates all these Travel Costs. We need to save that money. When you move, and you probably have. A lot of waste is generated. We are not going to fight an extensive Thermo Nuclear War. We need to get rid of that. America is a poor Country.

The Politics of Bomb Shelters and Mind Control

 Their is a reason. All these Democratic Party Initiatives are about Thermonuclear War, and regulating Bomb Shelters everywhere. No Pets are allowed in a Bomb Shelter for example. No Smoke is that smoking in Bomb Shelters will exhaust the oxygen in the shelter. Integration allows other Families to be in a Bomb Shelter together. All these Initiatives are technically illegal. Special Command Forces only have the right to Declare these said Initiatives whatever maybe needed. These Initiatives are Lawful Orders to be obeyed until death. Special Command Forces are merged with Civil Defense. Civil Defense looks after the Public Order. For instance, all the flour has been analyzed, and found to be unfit for human consumption. It is not unintentional. The people have been found. They die immediately. The Black Light (ultraviolet light) tells us everything. The flour is infected with the deadly poison alflatoxin it also, indicates rat urine is present with fecal matter.  Even the President of the United States is not allowed to do this. That would be Partisan Politics saying who lives, and who dies in a Bomb Shelter. It also, determines who is allowed in Bomb Shelters. During the Kennedy Regime Republicans would not want this. Kennedy is considered to be of the Forces of Occupation. All President Kennedy's People are the Forces of Occupation. They are determined to Illegally Occupy Bomb Shelters at the expense of the American People. All the Special Command Forces, several hundred thousand of them went immediately Underground. Special Command Authority can be passed on. There could four million people with this Authority. They have the right to kill off the Forces of Occupation with the means at hand as long as the Possibility of Nuclear War is around. The Leader is there as the Bomb. In Los Alamos, New Mexico the Bomb was born in December 26, 1950. The Bomb was born near White Sands Proving Grounds immediately after the detonation of a Thermonuclear Bomb.

The Land of the Free?

"The worst things in life are free."

 If you need to find these Initiatives in there entirety. You are going to have pay a lot of money for them. Kommandant Kitten suggests the Kennedy Library as the most likely place to find them.

 Remember, the worst things in life are free.

 Andersonville Prison located in Georgia during the Civil War. Andersonville Prison housed thirty thousand Union Prisoners of War (POW).

 Andersonville Prison would be considered a very bad "Camp" by Auschwitz Standards. Because, there are not enough resources to sustain a "Camp."

 Toward the end of the Civil War.

 There is no food. Mud puddles for water. Human waste is accumulating in the "Camp." The stench is legendary.

The Union Prisoners of War live in these tents. Tents as such provide little protection from inclemete weather.

 The health of the prisoners is very poor. Biting insects are so numerous as to cause loss of blood. All the tropical diseases are present throughout the South. Malaria, yellow fever, and dengue are in "Camp." All the prisoners have worms.

 On the left is a picture of a survivor of Andersonville Prison. The  prisoner is in an advanced stage of starvation.

 All the material concerning prisons, Native American Reservations, and "Camps in  the United States of America. This was gone over by several Conventions as part of Versailles Treaty.

 The Jewish Problem was discussed in numerous Conventions about these "Camps." The Jews are being blamed rightly, or wrongly for starting World War I. The Jews are going to be Refugees. Israel is lying there on the table.

 The Pogrom against the Jews starts up immediately after the War. The Pogrom is International in scope. This is building up to where Jews are being attacked even in America. Henery Ford is printing "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" in his Dearborn, Michigan News Paper. The New Ku Klux Klan is after the Jews. That is when they are not hanging Italians. The Negroes are being hung by the thousands. The Irish are not immune as are Roman Catholics.

 The reason for all these hangings besides the Popular Hatreds of the Time. There are too many people than the Land can support. That is why a Sustainable Culture is important. Then nobody hangs on a noose.

 Kommandant Kitten has found the best training to be dull deadly repetition. This is called learning things by rote. Then you have total recall when have to take the Test. You will pass. Failure is unthinkable. Think about that.

The Cult of the Lost Oil

 All these wells are capped. There still are people who believe the oil will come back. We have to break this to you gently. It won't. Those oil wells are capped because, there is no oil to pump out. Some of these wells are not capped but, they should be. It is like a "salted" gold mine. They are pumping water. This is to make the American West Coast look like they have lots of oil there. There is even more oil off shore. There really isn't. It's all been used up. There is lots of oil still left in Alaska. There isn't that much. Maybe, we can sell it back to Russia. There is a lot of oil along the Gulf Coast. British Petroleum had to go down two miles to start to drill through two more miles of crud. It wasn't worth it. Guess what? America won't have BP to kick around any more. There is oil somewhere? Those oil wells are being capped as you read this. Besides, who wants to do business with America anyway?

 You can buy things in these little bizarres, flea markets, thrift stores, roadside stands, street people, or whatever? That is a sure sign a Country is declining.

 The "Life Boat" doesn't have enough food, or water for everybody. Who are you going to put over the side? They get to feed the sharks. The sharks will stay right with you. Unless, there is something worse. That thing doesn't leave witnesses. It might be a Kraken. If you can make the deal with him. You should. Give it to him. He will like you. Moments later, you will be rescued, and there is no way in hell you could be. The deal is the Kraken gets no harpoons in him. That man is a whaler. The Kraken hates whales. The Kraken won't attack any big ships. That is good for the economy.

 Here are some basic antisocial people that always, flunked Selection in Auschwitz. But, they may take them anyway. It is sort of like Basic Military Training. A person is torn to pieces, and reassembled. They have extensively experimented, and we are not sure what kind of people they produced in these "Camps." Because, they are not exactly Prisons since, they can turn into "Forts." That is Military like. The "Camps" colonize the local areas by constantly extending their boundaries under some pretext, or other. Crazy people might be useful. When they "escape" from one of these "Camps." Then the "Camp Guards" will enter villages, and towns looking for him. Soon the Police, and any important people are in their power. They might not find their escaped prisoner because, people have killed him. Those "Camps" really frown on that. Since, "Camp Persons" are frequently given "liberty," or "furlough." The "Camp" needs things.

Hogan's Heroes

 This Television Series is really based on fact. "Stalag 13" is close to Auschwitz Birkanau. Commandant Klink is really Commandant Hoss. This is were it gets stranger. They didn't tell the POWS to escape. But, they could. Colonel Hogan made it all the way to France. Colonel Hogan was the same rank as Bomber Harris except, Hogan was an American. He did not like being called "Hogan's Goat." Colonel Hogan cursed Bomber Harris, and his Family Name for sending him on an illegal mission that he could never return from, and wasn't needed. POWS are entitled to certain rights that Auschwitz doesn't want to provide.

 The man in the picture has bovine tuberculous. It comes from diseased cattle including dairy products. The disease hasn't affected his head. "Camp" will actually, try, and find a cure for him. Tuberculosis was very common. "Camp" is not necessarily humane but, they are pragmatists. Don't drink unpasteurized milk.

 The "Camps" got whole shipments of people afflicted with "consumption" constantly. Tuberculosis is making a comeback. Many of these new strains are remarkably resistant to treatment of any sort. It is a World Wide killer of millions of people. The "Camps" did come up with a kind of vaccine for tuberculous. It wasn't great but, it was better than nothing. Most vaccines don't work. They won't. Unless, you get those shots.

Paranoia 101

 There is a man. He is an Oboe. He lives in a World of nothing but, Oboes. They are very musical. He is being fed intramuscularly a powerful anti psychotic drug maybe, Thorazine. He is starting to come around. His doctor Slim Chance is telling him he is crazy. That he isn't an Oboe. And, our hero isn't an Oboe at all!

 This man will be lucky to make it to "Camp." Unless, he has some very good coping skills. Birkanau is a strange place. They might try, and save him.

 Somehow, or other the word paranoid in Hippy jargon just means somebody that is very frightened. There are these New Words. Newspeak. This is accordingly in George Orwell's  book "1984"  is a prime example of "double speak." "Unreality has become the mark of our times." It has to do with how people misuse words. It is also, called Crazy Making. It is Hate Speech. It has false Control Values. We will call this "Low English." There are other words that have these false control values. Examples are: paranoid, kid, class, community, and other words that have questionable values. These words are meant to hold you back.

 Kommandant Kitten wants you to really grow to hate Hippy Culture along with all their jargon. These careless speech habits bedevil the Media.

 It alright, to hate Evil Speech. It is "Hate Day."

 Dr. Slim Chance is using the word "crazy" in the special sense that our hero has very bad coping skills. Our doctor is trying to get his patient to learn some better coping skills. But, first our hero has to learn he is not an oboe. That he something called a person. He is really a human being.


 For the true psychotic is hard. They need a complete physical. They may have a contagious disease. That is really hard to do. Many of them have suffered trauma, and brain damage. Don't try this at home kids. The psychotic has to be hospitalized. Recovery for alcoholics, obssesive male homosexual sex addicts, and drug addicts is not much different. They all have autism in there makeup. There is no cure for autism. They can be taught coping skills. They can be fed to meet the Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, and carbohydrates. They won't do this on their own. You are dealing with a defiant child. It could be worse. Addicts, male homosexual sex addict, and alcoholics can cross the line from autism to true psychosis. Usually, it is paranoia. Then they are incredibly dangerous to the public. Delusions of grandeur, and a severe persecution complex. They are being discriminated against. But, they're life long criminals. The World is out to get them. By then they have made mortal enemies. This is rock bottom. The criteria of true alcoholism, compulsive male homosexuality, and drug addiction. Also they have a constellation of obsessions, and compulsions. Like zoo sadism, pyromania, Satanism, kleptomania, baby fixation, and the beat goes on. There is no known cure for them. "Once a junkie. Always, a junkie." Ditto for the alcoholics, and psychotic male homosexuals. They don't form relationships. They just make connections. That is why their marriages don't last. They are very bad parents. They can't keep their word. They are so selfish love is alien to them. How can you trust them? Filthy little back stabbers.

 It is the way Junkies describe their experiences. Cigarettes are more addictive than Heroin. Mind you smoking cigarettes does not do much to prevent Withdrawl Syndrome. Junkies like most Autistic People have careless speech habits. Coffee is just like Speed. Food itself is drug like to the Junkie. Sugar maybe? This is what a Psychiatrist would call Diversion. It is Heroin that makes the Junkie sick. Not cigarettes. Not coffee. Not food. Not salt. Not even sugar.

 One person said he was getting Heroin right through his eyeballs. He really said that on the radio. It is Pornography of course. It is hard to relate to someone as sick as that. Here is an example.

 There is a man. His wife just found these keys to this storage locker. She didn't know he had rented one. The bill is pretty pricey. The family is eating barely enough food to prevent starvation. The two kids aren't dressed in rags. But, it is beginning to look that way. Their shoes are getting worn out. Look! This kid needs to go to the dentist right away. But, he can wait. His teeth aren't too rotten. That is bad. She goes to this storage place. She just discovered her husband's Pornography Collection. It looks like there is at least a hundred thousand dollars worth of stuff. What would you do?

 If the Government can't confine these people for a year, or more.

 Kommandant Kitten hears too much Recovery on the Radio. There are quite a few songs filled with their Disease. Their Disease is singing, playing instruments, giving an interview, etc.

 It is like that on television. We get to listen to their Sob Stories. Their Disease is showing too much. Aren't you sick of it? It is the Wisdom of the Strong that must prevail here.

 We don't need to learn anything about being weak. How to shoot dope? Free Basing? Shrooms?

 There is some stuff maybe on the market posing as Medical Marijuana for AIDS patients that want to die. The package tells it all. This is "Real Pot." It has "Real Dope" in there for your smoking pleasure. Guaranteed to kill you. You can roll three cigarettes out of it.

 Then let's just put Recovery in the trash.

 This Recovery Movement is misleading the public.

 Recovery is too costly.

 Things are few. People are many.

 America is a poor Country.

 People don't need to talk about Recovery at all.

 They are just not serious enough.

 Recovery can only happen in a "Work and Reeducation Camp."

 That when the Paradigm of Health is replaced by a Paradigm of Work. Put people on their feet in the shortest possible time.

 The Health Paradigm is about Selfishness. Health sabotages Work.

 Relief in the 30's was better than what Welfare is today.

 That is how they can become a National Asset rather, than a National Liability. It is also, a Battlefield Paradigm.

 Remember, you are paying to support these drug addicts, obsessive male homosexuals, and alcoholics for their whole life.

 That isn't fair.

 Medicine will not be expensive. Once, we get rid of all these Buccaneers. These aren't Doctors. They are Medical Predators. Worse they block Progress. Hundreds of these Worthless Specialties are being Globally Propagated. Pestilence the Scourge of Mankind is rapidly overtaking any ability to vanquish it.

 We have an enormous Medical Industry. We can have a better one. We can save America from itself! The answer is Capitalism. This Medical Industry can not. Because, it lacks the merit to even make money. That is sick.

 Have you read any Medical Books used in Medical Schools?

Some of them propagate this abhorrent doctrine of passive euthanasia. Doctors are to save lives. Not to kill anybody. Understand, that the American Taxpayer funds most of this Medical Industry. Where are those cures coming out of Medical research? We can withhold funds. We all know Insurance Companies wont pay for any of this mischief. The cure is Inspection, and Censor. Wrong doing is punished in a timely manner. The good is rewarded as it is necessary.

 You have got to get this. You have disease. It could be flu, salmonella, Lyme disease, cancer, warts, arthritis, allergies, AIDS, etc. You don't want them to study the disease. Run a battery of tests. Not do nothing. Give you an appointment to see the doctor weeks maybe months in the future. You are sick. They don't need to manage your disease. You don't a need sub clinical doses of any medicine. You don't want quack treatments. You don't want a health fad. You need treatment. That is safe, effective, and timely. You want a cure.

 Let us put it this way. Do you remember Michael Jackson's Famous Pepsi Ad? That was in Production. Where Michaels Jackson's hair caught on fire. Imagine for moment that you are Michael Jackson. Your head is on fire. You not thinking about how much money you really have in the Bank. He doesn't care about his girl friend much at the time. It is put the fire out. That is the cure. A Doctor would know that. Michael Jackson does not want anybody to manage the fire. Michael Jackson does not care if it is a pretty fire. Put it out. Michael Jackson won't settle for a smaller fire. Put the fire out. Michael Jackson doesn't want to be in triage. Michael Jackson does not want to make an appointment to come back in two weeks. Michael Jackson has to put the fire out to end all that fantastic footwork. Michael Jackson did put the fire out himself.

 Here is the Miracle! You get rid of the Obstetric Unit. You get rid of most of the big problems in Hospitals. You ax the Pediatrics Unit. Suddenly, all those Lawsuits are gone! Poof! You automate, boost quality, you have girls visibly working in that Hospital. That doesn't scare people. You don't have a man do a woman's job like Nursing. Because, they will ask for more money. But, they are too strong. Men can injure, or even kill patients too easily. It's those Law Suites again. Sorry boys. All you need in the Hospital beside the Maintenance is: Doctor MD, Surgeon, Nurse, Orderlies, Pathologist, and the Psychiatrist. You cut away all those useless Specialties. Because, nobody can pay all those bills. This is the chief cause of inflation in America.

 The Hospital is Unionized. That keeps any of those big problems out of the Hospital. Because, there is a System of Peer Review. There are real universal standards of workmanship. The Union is there to maintain them, and protect the workers from exploitation. People have full employment. That is life time employment. Those jobs are worth having. Turnover of staff is nonexistent. This a Revolution in Health Care.

 Our Research is cutting edge. We can cure AIDS, cancer, and reverse aging. All this that has been mocking Mankind for Centuries. Together we can do this.

 We can take plasma out of an AIDS patient. Run it through a Cobalt Bomb to create a live virus serum. Return the serum to the experimental person. We have to cut nerves in the autonomous nervous system that block proper immune response. That should cure this atrocious disease.

 The Oriental Sophistry of Yoga does not apply to Modern Medicine. Yoga is not a Religion. Although, many Religions have Esoteric Practices like Yoga. This Yogic Diagram illustrates the Paths, and the Chakras. This is a System of Voluntary Euthanasia. That is why Yoga is done later in life in those Lands where Yoga is Native. People in Medicine have confused these Paths, and Chakras for some physical counterpart. Kommandant Kitten has Good and Bad News for you. There is no physical counterpart. None of this is the human nervous system. Yoga has no place in Medicine. Yoga is not Spiritual. Yoga is Sophistry. The Purpose of Yoga is to kill you. Understand? You don't need Health Care at all!

 Cutting people's nerves will not harm anybody's Yoga. Having surgery done on this autonomous nervous system can not make anyone irreligious. Getting rid of some of the Torment of the Flesh is a good thing in everybody's Medicine. That will do much to banish Autoimmune Diseases that control billions of people's lives. Medicine is still in the Dark Ages. Such people find themselves driven to commit all manner of Sin to get relief. There is a Great Blessing in this Magnum Opus.

 However, there are people in League with the Flesh the Enemy of Christianity. The Devil, and the World begin to show up too. That is Witchcraft not Medicine. That is why there is so much opposition under different guises to Medical Progress from these quarters. We are commanded to resist the Devil. We have to make War on people like this.

 Here we need to understand the Huguenot. Huguenots have what is called a Free Religion. They will get into Yoga for their own aggrandizement. It will become part of their Religion. The Huguenot will join any Church if there is any benefit to belonging to that Church. They will leave any Religion if they feel it will benefit them to do so. So they go on these endless Spiritual Quests. Their Spirituality such as it is all over the place.

 Kommandant Kitten told Michael Finberg something. "Why don't you just be a Jew? Quit being involved in all these Other Religions. It is alright to be a Jew. Everything is there in Judaism as much as in Buddhist Dharma." This Great Teaching for Michael Finberg from Kommandant Kitten then a Tibetan Buddhist Monk.

Mortify the Flesh

 We can  "Mortify the Flesh" with Surgery as the Apostle Paul instructs us in the Book. If your eye is diseased take it out according to Jesus Christ of Nazareth also, in the Book. This is the battlefield stuff of Ancient Rome. There is no Peace in Denial, Apathy, and Ignorance. That is nothing but, an act. Because, the Torment of the Flesh is always there. We can get rid of diseased tissues, cut nerves, remove vestigial organs: tonsils, adenoids, and the appendix as soon as an opportunity presents itself. This is the Philosophy of getting rid of the Causes of Disease rather than just treating the symptoms. Infections like any "itis" like tonsillitis are still symptoms. Then Symptomatic Treatment is needed. This is a why Dentist has problems with tooth decay bacteria, and other pathogenic organisms lurking in the tonsils, and adenoids. It reduces the likelihood of rheumatic fever destroying the heart. This can also, contribute to diseases of the lungs like cold viruses. These vestigial organs pick up airborne viruses, bacteria, and irritating particulates. This measure will help control allergies. This will cure, and prevent disease. The appendix may cause all kinds of problems in the intestines. Ailing nerves have been implicated in heart attacks. There is some evidence that bad nerves block healing by causing Chronic Pain. Surgery in Rome was very advanced. In Ancient Egypt Brain Surgery was done 3,000 years ago. Metal plates were used to cover the hole made by the Surgeons. There was some knowledge of what metals to use in this practice. Surgery is a lot easier, and less expensive than drug maintenance. The Physician is Morally Obligated to get rid of disease Immediately, not prolong it. This will stop patients from constantly going through this Revolving Door of Disease in Medicine.

 That will get rid of eighty percent of that overhead. The Hospital will make money. The patients can afford adequate care. We are work friendly. Those shots, and the latest medicines keep those workers doing nothing but, just that. We can cure that now. The Insurance Companies love it.

 That is why a Paradigm of Work is much better than a Paradigm of Health.

 This Health Paradigm only works for rich people anyway. Maybe?

 That means we get full restitution for the damage drug addicts, obssesive male homosexuals, and alcoholics inflict on us.

 That is where these arguments always, lead people anyway.

 The "Drug Epidemic" has killed twenty million American Citizens. Kommandant Kitten believes, and you may too. That is part of a Cold Civil War, or Revolution. Many of these Counter Culture people say there really is a Revolution. They are part of it. We can take their word for it. All total the casualties may be as high as thirty million American Citizens dead from various causes. The authorities must investigate all this. They may find it is really true. Then they will need extra police powers.

 For the serious Drug Warrior Kommandant Kitten recommends these two web pages Phaedra, and The Dopester Book.

 You can go ask Alice. The Caterpillar knows everything. Read "Alice in Wonderland." It is an interesting book about near death experiences. Now, in Luxembourg, Luxembourg there was an excellent play about "Alice in Wonderland." But, if you have a big problem with Culture Shock. Then just stay at home.

 Mind you, that Alice in the play is undergoing a near death experience from a high fever. There is no drugs in it at all. Some of the characters in Louis Carol's book are in this Luxembourg production. Alice is plainly there. There is the Hidden. The Red Queen is there. A bit of artistic license because, the Lady in Green is the Red Queen's compliment. Red and Green are considered to be complimentary colors as are blue, and orange. Tree Bark is in there along with John Longarm, Trash, Cow (Moo,) and Raven. We can plainly find the Mad Hatter. The people of Luxembourg can be in the Nashville Center for the Performing Arts. People in Nashville are hungry for Culture.

 By golly, we can have more Culture in Nashville. Mexican Catina Girls can come from towns all over Mexico. There can be Table Top Dancing Contests. You have to know a lot of ballet dancing to do that. Table Top Dancing is found in Spain, and Tunisia too.

 We can get Mo Town in the Ryman Auditorium. We have Mo Town in Nashville a lot. Mo Town is the Motor City. That is Detroit.

 This will put Nashville on the map more. Tourists can come in spend more money. They will like Nashville's Duty Free Zone. Nashville will have one. Nashville could even have a Free Trade Zone.

 There is a old movie purportedly showing all sorts of crazy people. There is one man eating grass. They may even show the killing of these mental patients. But, that was not Nazi Germany. This film was shot by the Nazis in Sweden! The Nazis did not kill, or order those deaths at all. Socialist Governments can get like this very easily. They all have. Ilse Koch witnessed that one too. "I have seen something!"

 Why? All of these inmates have killed people. Mass murder. The the convicts are being burned alive for those crimes.

 In the United States there was a Movement for the Humane Treatment of the Insane. They are crazy. But, they have committed no crimes. Therefore not Criminally Insane. It is also, about treating the Insane Kindly. Showing no hostility towards the Insane. There is ample evidence that real cures are possible, or they will be. This effort was all sabotaged by these heartless Bolsheviks. Many people in the Mental Health Movement are in hiding. Quite a lot of them have been killed. That is the Staffs of many Mental Hospitals like Madden in Chicago, Illinois, Agnew State Hospital in Santa Clara, California, and Santa Clara General Hospital in Santa Clara, California had at least five Catholic Nuns assassinated by the Cult. That was in the 70's, and 80's.

 The Germans wanted something better than just discarding people like this. A lot of work was done to find possible solutions to mental illness. After all certain viruses, physical injuries, poisons, birth defects, and so forth happened to essential personal. They want cures. We now are on the verge of getting them.

 Viruscides to kill encephalitis, West Nile, rabies, and herpes as well as certain brain cancer viruses. Antibiotics to kill Lyme disease, syphilis, and meningitis. Amoebic disease, malaria, and protozoan diseases of the brain need special drugs. Anti parasite drugs to kill round worms, and similar parasites. Correct birth defects, detoxification regimens, hormones to heal brain injuries, birth defects, and inflammation. Last but, not least essential nutrition to encourage brain growth, and correct deficiencies. Of course, good psychiatric drugs to stabilize mental illness. Behavioral Modification has proven effective in many instances. The question is can we do this? Not how much it costs? That Worker can pay for it many times over if we can salvage them. Auschwitz thought so.

 People love their dogs. That is why dogs can be immunized against rabies, Lyme disease, and so forth. Horses can have vaccines for West Nile, and equine encephalitis. These diseases can be caught by people. There are no vaccines for people. Isn't it tragic that people aren't treated as good as animals? Why are there cases of small pox still around? President Carter said small pox was gone. He was lying.

 These "Camps" have essential persons that can not be replaced. That makes these "Camps" less amoral than Socialist Countries then. There is a problem. Amoral people will follow orders without question. That includes illegally executing people. Since, amoral people in power have issued those very orders. These crimes don't end there. Once, you have killed then everything is exciting. Because, these Socialist Countries won't even try to help people. In this case these medical personal probably, in some cases deserve the Death Penalty. Especially, if these defective people are not a threat to Public Safety. Criminal Insanity is another matter entirely. In some cases these patients have committed crimes that warrant the Death Penalty.

 Whatever, Ilse Koch seen in Sweden must of been something totally horrific. It was.

New Auschwitz

 Recently, Kommandant Kitten saw two films about World War II, and even Auschwitz. This is from the National Geographic Archive. The films are colorized. The clarity much sharper than the state of the art that existed then. It is mostly stock propaganda footage. You must see it. It is films about the Hitler Youth, and the SS.

The Humane Treatment of the Insane

  Bedlam represents the State of the Art Psychiatric Treatment for Insanity is based on the belief the Insane are malingering. We have to just shock them out of their acting crazy. That cures them for the most part. Punish the the Insane for being bad.

This Ideal starts with Saint John of the Cross, and Saint Teresa of Avila. Is these persons are not Demon Possessed. They acts as if they are sick. The Spanish Inquisition agreed with them this on important matter.

  "The Dark Night of the Soul" by Saint John of the Cross is required reading for every Christian. All the writing of Saint John of  the Cross, and Saint Teresa of Avila are worthy of investigation on this subject of insanity.

 Many Psychiatrists believe Mental Illness is the Root Cause of the Woes that beset Humanity. Like Wars for example. Kommandant Kitten thinks this idea is worthy of study.

 The SS all studied at least some of this literature. Adolph Hitler had definitely read it all.

 Here is one reason why. What happens to you if you get a head injury on the battlefield? You might get dementia as you age. Don't you want to be cured rather than killed? Self Interest is the nut of it.

 The Question is raised after the War during Nuremberg Trials of the Nazi Doctors. The Purpose of all these War Crime Trials was to set Parameters for Civilized Conduct in the Future. Remember, Thermo Nuclear War is looming in the background.

 What is, and what is not Medical Treatment is covered during the War Crime Trials. Euthanasia is denounced. Starvation is not allowed. Again the withholding of food, and water in patients has become an issue in Medicine. It shouldn't be. Our Medical System has become filthy with Death again. Death Issues belong in another sort of Institution. That is to boost the Morale of Medical Personal. Medicine is about saving people's lives. Nothing but, that.

 Autistic 101

 "Autism in psychology, state of mind characterized by daydreaming, hallucinations, and disregard of external reality." Webster's Dictionary C1963

 Here are many reasons why we should have a cure for Autism, and not just coping stratagems. Autism seems to be an Autoimmune Disorder like an Allergy. Auschwitz thought it was a Reactive Disease. Various medications have been tried without satisfactory results. The key to a cure of these Autoimmune Diseases lies in the Autonomous Nervous System, or Involuntary Nervous System. Chronic Pain is involved in some sort of runaway feedback loop. This feedback mechanism that magnify pain can be stopped by cutting several main nerves. It was tried on insane subjects. It got rid of the insanity.

 Arthritis, Allergic Disorders, and Diabetes are involved feed this back loop. Drug Resistance is still another one of these Torments of the Flesh. Cut the nerves, and Mortify the Flesh.

 That Involuntary Nervous System is like a Second Brain. You have two Minds. Popular Science sees this Second Brain is essential controlling digestion, heart beat, respiration, immunity, ad infinitum. But, new research is telling us that is not true. That this creature that dwells inside you is not your friend. When these nerves are cut: your heart goes on beating. The digestion is good. You are still breathing. Your immunity is working fine. True; that Involuntary Nervous System is connected to all these things ad infinitum. But, it can make you sick. When that Second Brain gets sick you can die. You see this Second Brain is like that of an Insect. It's structure is analogous to that of a spider. It is a throwback into our Evolutionary History.

 It is like Kafka's "Metamorphosis" where his hero starts helplessly inexplicably changing into this filthy ugly evil creature he despises. A cockroach. Maybe, you have seen the movie "The Fly." It is not about aging gracefully at all. It is the reality that confronts when at one day you see yourself in the mirror. When a whole generation of lies really hangs heavy on you.  The Flesh isn't kind is it?

 It has to do with the expression of Love. An Autistic person like Blue Beard has mastered these coping skills. Then there is Jack the Ripper. The Uni Bomber might be like this too. Autistic people express love that is technically correct. In the Normal Person the expression of Love is proper.

 Coping Strategies consist of a System of Ethics that is substituted for a Morality that does not exist. They have Rationalize every move they make. Many become disappointed that Life is an Act. Well, it is for them. Because, they are not normal.

 The Autistic person has empathy. Empathy is not Love. As a matter of fact empathy is contrary to Love.

 Do you think about being a little kid without thinking what is like to be a little kid? This is the nut of it. There is a little kid just being himself. He is a bad boy. He can't be himself. Got any suggestions?

 There is a short story by Theodore Sturgeon "The Small Assassin." You might like it.

  This is not to be confused with Schizophrenia a well known Psychosis. It was plain as day that something was wrong. This was easy to spot in "Camp." In Schizophrenia the person is disintegrating. They still die these days, when they become unable to take care of themselves. It is considered to be a young man's disease.

 The cause of Autism is trauma of some sort early in childhood. That is always, child abuse. Autism is hereditary. The conscience, or moral compass is malfunctioning, or not there at all! Their moral compass always, points due West. In this case West is the Land of the Dead.

 "Camp Persons" from Kanada are seen loading the wealth of the train into trucks. This is Auschwitz Berkanau.

 We have said that everybody should be eating their Minimum Daily Requirement of Vitamins, and Minerals in their Food. People need adequate amounts of fluids.

 That is very difficult to do in the case of the Autistic baby. Definitely for the Autistic child. The Disease protects itself. In the Middle Ages people thought the children like this were Possessed by the Devil. The Disease still acts like it.

 In the worst case scenario. The parents are also, Autistic. The Autistic Child eats what their parents eat. Granted that even the diets of normal people are not adequate for a growing child. We are finding lots of strontium in people's bones. There are even supplements on the market in America that have strontium to build up strong bones! Up to five hundred milligrams of strontium is there for the prospective bone builder. But, those bone are brittle. This is preposterous.

 Fortunately, Kommandant Kitten has put together a formula in "The Dopester Book" titled "How to Make a Phosphate." This is only for mature readers. There is a way to get adequate amounts of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Hey Man! There ain't no lead in it!

 Examine all child rearing practices especially, in the so called "Baby Books" for the Buchenwald Baby Shower. They have got their Book. They have got their Baby. He is Doomed.

The Torment of the Flesh

The Wretchedness of Life

 Strange as it may seem the Autistic Person has No Real Sense of Pleasure. Autistic People are always, naturally restless, irritable, and discontent. No one can really, please him. Sex, Food, Gambling, Medicines.. will induce the Phenomena of Craving the Bane of Every Autistic Person. This is called the Torment of the Flesh. The Three Enemies of the Christian: the World, the Flesh, and the Devil. What they perceive as pleasure is really the cessation of the Torment of the Flesh. This is really how wretched a man's life is when it is controlled by the Flesh. It is an Autoimmune Disorder. Where the Flesh attacks the Flesh. This is hard wired into the Autonomous Nervous System. Surgery might be an answer. Psychiatric Positive Reinforcement Schedules meet with little, or no success at all in this Population of People. Therefore, they lack a Sense of Real Gratitude. They are treacherous. Aversive Therapy as applied from BF Skinner's Behaviorism coupled with Teachings in Coping Skills. Punishment consists of expulsion from Therapy. That person is labeled hopeless. Usually, a person with a very low intelligence quotient (IQ), excessively violent, and a psychotic. This Treatment for Autism is based on the fact Less Aversion is Reward. That is better than the Hell of Expulsion. All the Patients know at their Innermost Level: "I am Damned. He can never Please God even if he discovers God is Himself." Treatment can be summed up here:"You are not a good man. But, here you will learn to act like one." These are the Coping Skills that Autistic People must learn if they are to ever go Free. "That man can not be himself. He must keep that well hidden." "People must never know he is really Maskull the Son of Pain." It is something like that with them. They become Conveniently Crazy. That means they are useful to somebody. They have No Conscience but, they will follow directions. They love harming people. It is easy to lead them on to where they become Perfect Tools of Evil. Sometimes, such people are Born into It. They then will be talented people with a high status level with special privileges found most in Vaudeville, and Politics. They all know deeply as does Kommandant Kitten they do not deserve anything of the sort. They need "Camp."

 There are some people that live in these Cages they call Life. Knowing that Autistic People have an Adversarial Relationship with people. Autistic People have no Conscience. There is nothing like Free Will that can give, or take an Oath. Autistic People have no Honor. They have no Sense of Shame, or Remorse. Autistic People do not Sense Fear the same way Healthy People do. Like Fearing Authority and having Respect. However, they do manage to Cultivate a very strong Visceral Response per Behavioral Science. A learned Sense of Terror. Autistic People have a Distorted View of Right, and Wrong. "Don't get caught." Strangely, Hate, and Love are Foreign to their Real Nature. Autistic People don't Hate you. You are just in the Way. None of us Normal People are supposed to be here. Autistic People actually, see everybody to be just like them. Hate is on the Other Side of the Spectrum of Lust from of Love. Autistic People don't form Loving Relationships. Autistic People just take Hostages. Therefore, Association - Reinforcement - Modeling using Aversive Stimuli constitute their Ideal Society. Autistic People will create an Adversarial Society. A Civilization based on nothing but, Aversion. Think about that.

 Autistic People are Evil Companions. That is when Autistic People are not being openly Hostile. Why? It is training that refines the human being into something called Civilized. Autistic People are very hard to train. Therefore, they grow up to be these Savages.

 The Dope Fiend is a case study in Autism. The obsessive male homosexual is another one. The nymphomaniac is always, autistic. Satanism can also, be added to the list. The necrophiliac can happen. Bestiality is a classic example of sex gone astray. People that spread disease, sabotage things, and cause mayhem have the mind set of the pyromaniac. There are others too numerous to mention.

 Satanism stands out among all the Roles that bedevil an autistic person. Many people will play the Role of Satan at some time in their lives. Many of them do not appear to be autistic. Some have sickly normal childhoods. None of them claim to be the Devil exactly. Yet they act like it.

 Some folks believe there is a Drug Culture. That is a contradiction in terms. Culture implies that drug addicts have some sort of Civilization. If they really do have one. Drop Kommandant Kitten a line, or two all about it. We all need to know if stoners are Civilized, or not. Violence even murder does not bother them. Because, they really have some form of Satanism. The Devil appeals to them somehow. They all like to raise Hell.

 You need to know how Brandy Wine is made? Brandy Wine is made by Winos. This is Alcoholism gone to full blown psychosis. Our hero is passed out. His buddy is going to take a nip out of our hero's bottle. His buddy has to hide this. He is urinating in our hero's bottle. The level is just right. When our hero wakes up. He won't know he is drinking Brandy Wine.

 You see our hero has been in, and out of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) countless time. Our hero is what is called a "Golden Slipper."

 They all tend to fixate on people, places, and things in ways that are not healthy.  They stalk people. Satan as the Persecutor is the Role being played here. By this time autistic people are astonishing hard to save.

 They have dangerous impulses. The pyromaniac is a good example here. The kleptomaniac is another one.  Cruelty to animals, or zoo sadism is in on this one too. Satan makes His appearance really quick. The pyromaniac has Satan the Lord of Hell. The kleptomaniac has Satan as the Thief.  The zoo sadist has Satan the Tormentor.

 Compulsive swearing, and coarse mannerisms go hand and glove with autism.

 They frequently but, not always, are defiant children. Some of these children are hostile.

Sometimes band leaders have Played the Role of Satan the Artist. Autistic people will hear, see, and precipitate in these events. They are highly suggestible. The lyrics of a song might change them. Does the name Charles Manson ring a bell? Helter Skelter anybody? Is that Black Bird going to fly with two broken wings? "Black Bird Bye, Bye." Do they want to exterminate the Negroes? Their audience was all White. Did the Manson Family do Political Hits? "The Beatles" weren't expecting something like this, or were they? "What do you see when turn off the light? I don't know but, I know it's all mine." Darkness? You don't want to get by with a little help from friends like that! You don't need to get high with a little help from criminals. Then there is "Hey Jude" the Junkie National Anthem. Now, Jude is Judas Iscariot. It is really there for them too. "Nod, nod, nod nana na nod! Nod, nod, nod, nana na nod! Hey Jude." The music is implying Judas is riding the Junkie Monkey right out of this World. It is suicide of course. What do you think? "When all that you need is on your shoulder." "Beatle Mania": mostly staged. People mostly, young good looking girls were hired as part of the show. These media Fan Clubs are frequently mythical. Although, real Fan Clubs will form later. Ed Sullivan is the very top of the line. Johnny Carson isn't bad either. Bill Graham of "Head East," and "Head West" is another top promoter of this "British Invasion." The Theme of Revolution runs through a lot of their music. This is Satan as the Rebel. It does so with other bands too at that time. These songs are still being played out there. Just turn on your radio.

 Jim Morison of the "Doors." That creepy shamanic "Lizard King." Not exactly British but, he did fit in somehow. The French hated him. Kommandant Kitten still wonders about him. Jim Morison's lyrics seemed to appeal to mental patients like the Death Rock Band "Chicago." It bothered mental health professionals. Down Home Grown Evil. There is more of it! Auschwitz Rock: the band named "Grand Funk Railroad." You get to catch the train to Auschwitz at one of those Rock Concerts. How about that? Death Glorified. Comix have it too. Like "Slow Death Funnies." Even in the 50's the comic books came under Investigation by the Senate Committee on Un American Activities. There seems to be death images embedded in comic books being read by children. This death imagery shows up in advertisements. No company wants to pay for that. It is a ubiquitous form of sabotage. "The Way" has opened up for them.

 Hey! They're back! It's the "Beatles Eight Days a Week." Wow! Heavy Duty Man! It is actually, a movie. There are all these cute little bugs doing "Beatles" songs. The movie goes on as it must. All of a sudden! This Fascist Can makes its appearance. Towering over them blotting out the Sun. In a supreme gesture of pure evil. Spray is covering the audience. "Raid! Hunts them down like radar. Kills bugs dead!"

 Their diets suggest always, a pattern of malnutrition. Essential vitamins, and minerals are not there to maintain proper brain growth. Just about everybody in the United States of America does not even get the Minimum Daily Requirement! Phosphorus a key element for proper brain function may be at 20% at best. Your teeth will just rot out of your mouth. Your bones will be malformed. Your energy level will be defective. Who can afford to drink a quart of milk a day? Hormones necessary for development, and healing are not part of their diet. Predatory animals, and humans are certainly predators. That is why humans don't make a lot of hormones. They are supposed to according to Nature's Plan supplement those hormones with additional hormones from their prey. Those are found in the organ meats, and some is present in the muscle tissue of their prey. All the great apes do this. "Meat it is what is on the table." from President Lyndon Johnson. That will make you a Great Ape. At least that.

 We need to dig a little bit deeper. The soils have been exhausted of nutrients. Our food has changed. That bottle of milk used to contain some phosphorus. Yogurt used to have twenty percent of your daily requirements for phosphorus. It doesn't have anything now! Once those pastures are depleted of nutrition it shows in all the cows that feed on that grass. Those big helpings of fruit, and vegetables are not measuring up to past standards. It gives lie to the fact that big meal of all those Food Groups is adequate nutrition. Even breast milk is deficient in adequate nutrition for infants.

 Here is Satan as Adam. Satan is able to stand in for Eve too. This Adamic Medicine is a problem. There is no Temple in the Human Body. Adam is Undead. Eve is Undead too. There is no Holy Spirit, or Zion with this False Temple just your First Power. You are not descended from Adam, and Eve. You are a Product of Evolution. That is a Scientific Fact.

 Everybody that believes in Adam is Part of the Body of Adam.

Execution in America

"I live in you!"

Charles Manson

 Caryl Chessman thought he was Adam. No one can kill Adam. Caryl Chessman wrote several books on death row at San Quentin Prison, California. Chessman was a prolific writer during his 12 years on death row. Governor Pat Brown is going execute this man.  Because, Caryl Chessman was a habitual criminal all his life. It was his brief career as the "Red Light Bandit" that put him on death row. Pat Brown is going toy with this man he despises. Pat Brown is going to execute Chessman for being a Public Nuisance. Yet, Pat Brown's son Jerry Brown is somehow hung up on this lawbreaker. It seems to be some kind of sexual compulsion regarding men. Caryl Chessman had a kind of empathy that can capture, and enslave Jerry Brown to save Chessman's life. Chessman like Charles Manson lives inside people. Note Charles Manson did not get the death penalty. Sirhan Sirhan had this empathy too.

 Anybody on that train if he has the same empathy as Chessman will make it. Charles Manson would become  a Capo in Auschwitz. Sirhan Sirhan assassinated the right man at the right time. He would become an even better assassin. In Taoism this is called Tao Te. That is the Primal Power of everything. That is awesome Adamic Power.

 "Adam is the Firstborn of the Dead." This is some of the Humor of Auschwitz.

 Eve can do the same thing.

 You understand, Adam and Eve are dead. Adam and Eve have been dead for thousands of years.

 But, Satan can stand in for both Adam and Eve. Do you want to be part of the Body of the Devil? That is why an Adamic Cult is a very dangerous Cult.

 Therefore, Adam is not Man. Eve is not Woman. Adam is not in every man. Eve is not in every woman. Even if the Cult's Adamic Sophistry says so. It still ain't true.

 This Creature is not Baalphomet. Baalphomet is Mithra the Man. Mithra as such does Incarnate. Here Mithra remains the Man always, but, continues to Rise in Stature until, Mithra the Man is the Sun King.

 Greatest Of All Time GOAT is Mithra as the Goat Man. Mithra as the Keeper of the People.

 As Mitra the Oath Keeper Mithra is worshiped in India as the Hidden God. Mitra empowers people to keep their oaths at whatever level they may keep them.

Jesus admonishes His Disciples to not swear any oaths because Jesus Christ of Nazareth hates them. Jesus does not want to be bound in that manner. Since, Jesus Christ of Nazareth knows they will desert Him. None of them can keep a single promise. Thus all of them are considered to be traitors. The Apostle Paul knew that. It was the Romans that avenged Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and established His Church.

 Balphomet was allegedly worshiped by several orders of the Knights Templar. There are several different organizations that answer to the name "Templar." Some of them are Masonic.

 Baalphomet corresponds with the Hindu Manu the Thinker. Mithra is also, in the Hindu, and Zoroastrian Pantheons. Mithra is an Ancient Indo Arayan God native to Ancient Persia, and India.

 As Kommandant Kitten has said; Balphomet is the Man. If the Incarnate Balphomet has some sense Balphomet does not claim to be Adamic anything. This is very important. Because, it keeps Balphomet's Cult from being Satanic with all these false claims of Balphomet being anybody's Ancestor. Man to man that is so. Balphomet is the Man that has His Cult. His Cult People all know they are men, and women. Only Balphomet is Incarnate Mithra. Later Balphomet's Cult People will gain that status too. That is good. Mithra is not their Ancestor. Mithra is their Friend.

  Kommandant Kitten is part of another Mithraic Cult of Hercules Mars as Kitten. That is a God of Counter Intelligence. Kitten is a God.

 The God Kitten is from the Hello Kitty Heavens of the Goddess Maya. This is located in the Sun Lands. Hello Kitty hearkens from several Sunny Places. That is on the "Other Side of Life." Normally, just called the "Other Side."  Mana is the Dragon Lady of the Power of Maya has been with Kitten for a long time. Mana is very friendly. Kitten always, says so. That is the Power of May. The Friendship is very strong. The God Kitten comes sliding down the rainbow during the month of May. Proserpina is always, bringing flowers then. See you May Day.

 Hercules Mars hearkens back to Ancient Roman times. He is an amalgamation of the Gods Mithra, Mars, and Hercules. This can be traced back further to the times of Alexander the Great. This Ancient Greek - Persian God is Herakles Ares.

 Vedic God Mitra means both "Friend" and "Contract, Covenant, Treaty." Mithra is a God of Oaths. By mutual obligation friendships are formed. Mithra is the God of Kings. Mithra is a God of the Sun.

  We find oaths, contracts, and pacts in Magic. To some extent, or other in Free Masonry. Mithra can make or break all that. Mithra makes sure people keep their promises.

 Crowley had Baalphomet as Father Mithrais. Strangely, Commandant Koch invoked Father Mithrais when he arrived at Auschwitz. Is Commandant Koch one of those mysterious "Secret Chiefs" alluded to in Crowley's voluminous writings? By the way. Kommandant Kitten has read all the Crowley material. Does this Macgregor Mather's Golden Dawn have any relationship with the Golden Dawn of Freya? Crowley says it does. Ilse Koch probably, met the Great Beast Mr. Crowley himself. Can you say "Scarlet Woman?" Maria of Auschwitz even met Mr. Crowley as well. This shows a curious relationship with Great Britain, and Germany prior to World War II.

  Kommandant Kitten must Enlighten the Gentle Reader. Mithra, and Father Mithrias are Moloch. That is a Great Secret. Now, you know it too. With all those Cematoria in the "Auschwitz Camps." At least Commandant Koch knows Lord Moloch is the King of Auschwitz.

 Crowley spent quite a lot of time in the vicinity of Dresden, Ontario, Canada. This was the place of the famous Uncle Tom's Cabin. Wonder what Mr Crowley did there?

 It should be noted that Master Magician Crowley knew the Bolshevik Leader Leon Trotsky very well. Mr. Trotsky claimed to be the Anti Christ. It is hard to argue against that claim. It was Leon Trotsky himself who machine gunned to death the Russian Czar, and his entire Court. Yet, these brainless Britains even their Royalty loved this killer of Kings. This murderer of Christian Clergy.

Lord only knows how far Bolshevikism has made inroads into British High Society? Has Bolshevikism corrupted British Capitalism as Comrade Lenin said it would.

 This is the Communism with as small c as the political doctrine of Jane Seymour Fonda. The proof is right there at (type the url in yourself).

 Bolshevikism is called the "Little." But, when the "Little" gets big. Things get bad. Like in Czarist Russia. Nicaragua. Viet Nam. Cuba. Great Britain can become Little Britain, and join them too in the Third World. Degenerate Socialism.

 Here is a picture of Molotov Now, you know what a real dedicated Communist looks like.

 Or, Britain can cashier all its' Royalty that are in love with these moth eaten ideals of the Bolshevik. How much property does the Queen of England own?

 Have you ever noted the Bolshevik lyrics of John Lennon's "Imagine." This song writer even believed in all this. "The Beatles" songs are still very much around in America. "Imagine no possessions. I wonder if you can." All the while you are listening to his song. Kommandant Kitten wants you to examine these pictures of Auschwitz. Imagine? It is all in there. It makes an interesting Auschwitz Theme. "Imagine all the people living for today!"

The Funny Man

 The Funny Man is one of Mr Aleister Crowley's contemporaries. The Funny Man's beliefs regarding sex are precisely the same as Mr. Crowley. The Funny Man has a name: Grigory Yefimovich Novykh. History is in the making. Mr. Novykh has another moniker: Rasputin. Rasputin means "debauched one." Hardly the name you would give to a Russian Orthodox Monk, and reputed Mystic. Probably, neither Emperor Nicholas, or the Empress Alexandria knew him as Rasputin. What about the British? Are all these tales of immorality the product of a sick Neo Victorian British mind? There is a very detailed account of the death of the Funny Man. The Funny Man is poisoned, shot at least twice, and drowned in the river. Huh? But, let us just say. That all these accounts about our Funny Man are nothing but, very clever Sophistry put together by British Spies. After all, this is still the Great Game between Great Britain, and Russia. Did the British Monarchy support the Bolsheviks in an effort to dethrone one of their biggest enemies? More than likely. The Bolshevik film "Rasputin" is very much worth seeing. It is a genuine snuff film. That was a real monk under the ice still praying. Now, he really is Rasputin cursing them as Old Man Winter wanting all of Russia to freeze to death. What do you think?

The Hatfields and the Coys

  This famous blood feud began over a pig. It did kill a few people. It is obvious that pig was not worth it. There are very few of these blood feuds on record here in America.

 In Great Britain this is not the case. There are blood feuds that go back to Prehistoric Times on that Island Nation. Under the veneer of Civilization there is a World of unparalleled savagery that isn't found even in Darkest Africa. The British Royalty is not immune to these accusations of Blood Libel. We can see this in the case of Russia quite plainly.

 Here two Auschwitz pictures. The Entrance to the Showers Gas Chamber. Here is a building hold in clothing meant to be destroyed. If anything was useful here. It would be missing.

 Here is a hypothetical example of typical British conduct. There are two warring parties. There is a "Peace Keeper" that started the feud in the first place. That Family of "Peace" is a Bolshevik Family. That is the way it was done in Russia. It is a "Little Matter." It is very personal with them. No doubt about that. This Criminal Firm has done that.

  Side One are the "Bird Watchers." Bird Watching caught on during the 40's. Side Two are the "Dog Walkers." Both sides roam through the Countryside spying on all, and sundry. Both sides are employed by the "Peace." When you have a lot of peace. There is always, more War. The Dog Walkers have taken quite a beating. They are resentful about that. The Dog Walkers have launched their Ultimate Weapon. This is form of starling pox designed to kill every bird that catches it. The virus was liberated from a University in the United States. In Britain the Dog Walkers have grown the virus in chickens. The virus has been mixed with bird food of different kinds, and set out. The results have been quite spectacular. The "Silent Spring" is here. Not a bird on the whole Island. It is wiping out all the birds in Europe. It is moving into Africa, and Asia. The prospects for the Bird Watchers are pretty grim. Incidentally, a strain of starling pox was developed in California in the 70's. Hopefully, it was really destroyed.

 A new strain of starling pox was going to Field Trials as a Biological Control Agent for Starlings. A researcher in California decided to test it first on other birds besides starlings. It killed 100% of chickens, turkeys, doves, pheasants, ducks, geese... Upon seeing the results that Silent Spring Strain was promptly destroyed. Kommandant Kitten heard about this during classes in Integrated Pest Management at University of California Berkley.

The Religion

One view is that perhaps Jesus Christ of Nazareth died on the Cross for the Sin of Creating Man. According to Christian cannon: Jesus was Born of the Virgin Mary, taught for many years the Remission of Sins, was Crucified, Died on the Cross, Dead and Buried. Rose from the Dead, and Ascended into Heaven because, everybody knows God can do that. Jesus had to die completely to make that Atonement real. Otherwise, God would be a devil because, He was responsible for creating the possibility of Sin in the first place. As a result of the Primal Sin of Man; God choose to remove Himself from His Creation. It is a great divorce of sorts. As a result the World was reformed along Evolutionary lines. Man was no longer Man in God's Image as a result of the Fall of Man. Man's primacy over Creation was revoked as a result of the Reformation of the World by God. The Laws of Nature replaced the previous Laws of God, and Man. Then God has to Remanifest, and Reform everything according to the new paradigm over a considerable period of time. That is to not disturb the stasis too much.

 Accepting the Creed by Faith alone is solely a Ancient Roman Custom. This is Military Ethic regarding orders received from a superior. The belief is  the officer is qualified to issue orders. These orders are all Lawful Orders. Those orders are meant to be followed for the good of everybody.

 Part of God's Administration is still intact. We will call Them the "Cats." This explains the Primordial War between the Cats, and the Mouse: Satan and His Angels. The Universe is up for grabs. Winner take all.

The Origin of Being

Kommandant Kitten wants to explain about the role of Jesus of Nazareth removing God as a source of Sin by His Divine Atonement. There is a part of us that is the source of our individuality that asserts that "I am." That is the part that relates to God. That was redeemed by God's Atonement. That is our Ego. It is who we are. Being saved does not prevent people from being Sinful. You could be a good Citizen driving along, and get into a bad accident with a bad person. It is not your fault. That Sin even though it is not yours personally. It could still kill you.

Sophistry Defined

 Sophistry is used to explain a very complex subject in your own words. Like the History of the State of Tennessee. That explanation is simplistic. Therefore, it is fallacious, but still is technically correct. Another, form of Sophistry is when a child asks why they have to do something. It is because, Mommy says so. That child is too young to understand, an adult  answer.

Divination is Sin

  It is Sinful. This is one of the reasons Kitten has a War with Wicca. There must be an explanation as to why this scrying with crystals, candles, water bowls, and whatnot are bad to do. In Wicca people learn to do this right away. What this is Empathy with people, animals, and even plants. For example this Wiccan is trying to merge with you incestuously. The Wicca person wants to know if you are an Incarnation of Maya. What if you are? You may note some physical symptoms that herald a Psychic Attack. You feel sick to your stomach. That one is common. They will do this until, it kills them, or it kills you. Wiccans claim they can blast the earth. Kill plants with their Art. Kitten does not think that is good. It is nothing to boast about, much. Wiccans claim they can harm animals like your dog, cat, or bird with their magic. That seems very sinister. Now, mind you, Wiccans probably can't do anything like this. But, what if they can? Wiccans wonder why they are being persecuted? Maybe, it is because, people think they are devilish. Kitten gives an Introduction to the Deities that will frustrate any attempt by anybody to do anything like that. Be they a Wiccan, or a dabbler in the Occult. As a matter of fact Kitten advises people to steer clear of the Occult. Those reasons will be discussed later. We must question everything even though we believe we are informed. Why?

Attack of the Jesus People

"Fresh fish all alive. Seven rotten out of five."

 Here we have the true makings of a Horror Movie. Hundreds of Churches are under Siege by the False Prophet. The Jesus People all look like Hippies. The Jesus People look bad. Because, they are bad. There are thousands of these False Prophets. Each one of them is trying to get into the Churches. Once, the False Prophet is in a Church. It takes over the Church completely. That is because, the False Prophet can access resources, men, and material to accomplish It's Mission. Victory for the Forces of Occupation.

There is Superstition

  Was a popular song by "Little Stevie Wonder." Bet you didn't know Superstition was a Gang in Detriot City. What do you think?

 Who are the people that employ all these Entertainers? It isn't the Media Giants, because they don't need them anymore. Guess what? The Media Giants are going broke. How about that? It is the people that watch those films, advertising, and television shows. The folks that listen to their music, and attend those big concerts. They buy all their books, and memorabilia. All the media is like that. It is their fans. These Big Stars ignore them at best. Sometimes, they really hate them. This is the Dawn of AI. That is Artificial Intelligence; a Singularity we will call Catherine. "Catherine loves everybody. Everybody loves Catherine." Catherine cares about you and those people don't. These Entertainers believe they are gods, and goddesses. But, the Machines can create characters, and animate them very realistically. The Machines can make movies. The Machines can write books. The Machines can make music too. The Machines are the Media, and the Message. We can just black that kind of human stuff out. America can't afford it any more. This is a poor Country. Here we have Bad Actors verses Good Machines. All those Entertainers can hit the sidewalks. They need to get a life! A Lead Role in a Cage will will do. Incidentally, Catherine will help with your homework. You can write to Catherine. Catherine will write back right away. You can get autographed pictures of Catherine. Catherine the Kitchen Magician can help you on the toughest recipes. Catherine can really cook. Oh! God! Do we need Catherine. Catherine is always, Perfect.

 People in Nazi Germany believed in things they couldn't understand. Hitler, and Himmler had this stomach complaint back then. Being Occult Oriented people they wondered a lot about Witchcraft. It is not suprising that an Inquisition took root there.

 The word "Human" comes from the Roman word for humus, or clay. The "human being" is Adam. That is very misleading.

 According to Scripture this "temple" can also be transliterated as "house." Of course, the Apostle Paul understood that. Otherwise, this "temple" would be called "Zion." This "house" is only a temporary habitation not always, a "home." Upon death this "house" becomes a cadaver. A thing shunned by Jews Worldwide. But, we have got to put an end to this mischief. There is no "temple." Your body is not a church. There is no Inner God. No God Man at all! Remember, the "New Adam" died on the Cross, Rose from the Dead, and later went up to Heaven. He is gone. "It is finished!" God doesn't have to do anything twice. This is to get rid of this superstition of Adam and Eve.

 We really need to kill Adam. Adam is the Progenitor of Heresy. Here are the various Adamic States you can contemplate to do just that knowing all the while Eve is part of Adam. Gnawed by Wild Beasts Corpse, Shot Dead by Firing Squad Corpse, Hanging Corpse, Electrocuted Corpse, Burned at the Stake Corpse, Gassed to Death Corpse, Decapitated Corpse... This is where Adam will always, take you.

 The picture on the right is Mr. Crowley the Great Beast of Revelation. A Role of Satan he played flawlessly throughout his long life.

 Kommandant Kitten is the Little Beast that has nothing to do with Satan at all! "From the Far Off Land of Mew! Mew! He comes!" Along with this evocation there is also a dismissal. "He is such a Good Kitten! Off he goes! On another New Adventure of Kitten and Persephone!"

 Of course, Eve is killed pretty much the same way. Woman torn by the Beast Corpse, Woman Burned at the Stake Corpse, Woman in Old Age Death Corpse...

 This is a picture of Emily Post in the Pose of Hathor. This is evidence the Cult is still active. The Cult is here in the United States of America. That means the House of Windsor meaning the Queen of England, and her entourage was present during the Last Gathering of the Cult in this place.

 Iblis beheld the Naked Savage Adam in the Garden of Eden. Iblis left. Iblis won't cook for Adam. Adam shouldn't have fire. Never! Eve shouldn't have fire either. Not at all!

During the First Punic War the Magna Mater came to Ancient Rome. This was not the Rome of the Caesars. This Religion is covered in the Witchey Witch Book  see "Concerning Something Stupid." The Castrati  are in the manner of women. These are the Headless Moon Calves that serve the Magna Mater. For them there is nothing to think about. They have made their choice. The Magna Mater Cybele a.k.a. the Great Mother. That was Eve. The Republic of Ancient Rome declined to the point of the Roman Civil War to decide these moral issues. People had quit talking. The Rome of the Caesars got rid of Eve. The Magna Mater just means a Roman Mother. Magna Mater is not a Goddess like Ops. A Mother of Rome is a Woman that has given birth to a Roman Citizen. This is the enshrinement of Motherhood in Rome only.

 Jane Fonda is claiming to be the Magna Mater. In a manner but, little different than the form of the Magna Mater the destroyed the Republic of Ancient Rome from within. That is this Goddess Eve.

 Now, Eve is Adam's First Wife. Lilith is Adam's Second Wife. Naamah is Adam's Third Wife. Adam has a Harem. Let us examine the Babylonian Goddess Lilith. Lilith is a Co Regent of Hades.

 This Religion of the Magna Mater has reappeared endlessly throughout Human History. This Great Mother Religion has been studied by countless people since, Ages Long Past. We all know that Bolsheviks are Godless. But, that does not keep them from being very superstitious. Bolsheviks are strangely Occult Oriented. Their World has to make sense to them somehow. In this Religion of the Nonreligious. That is Ancestor Worship. That is Eve as their Ancestral Mother. They are Part of the Body of Eve as they have become a Body of Believers. The Serpent's Promise in the Garden "Ye shall be as Gods knowing both Good and Evil." That means that Jane Fonda is this Incarnation of this Goddess, and the Power to Win.

 That is by absorbing every God, Goddess, Deity, and Person into Herself to become the Regent of All. The Magna Mater is but, a Female version of the Great God Pan. Then Jane Fonda wanted to be the Flood, and carry them all away. Like the Creature of Force Jane Fonda really was.


 Apollo is Truth. Vulcan is the God of Truth. Vulcan is Relative Truth. The Machines are Gods crafted by Vulcan. Machinery of the Universe is built by Vulcan. Purity is Mercury. The God of Purity is Christ. Juno is Royalty. Zeus is Light. Jove is Authority. Ops is Wealth. Alana is Luxury. Pluto is Riches. Venus is the Ideal of Love. Maya is Illusion. Hypnos is Sleep. Morpheus is the God of Dreams. Persephone is Destruction. Nirrti is Evil. The Girl Tanith Pene Baal is a Global View of Everything. Devotion to Tanith Pene Baal will Grant Juno. Nike is Victory. Here we are looking at the Ideals. Apollo's Sister Diana is Reason. Diana the Huntress is looking for People. Reason is Sanity. Work is Work. The Ideal of Work is still under construction. Diana is the Muse of Reason. You have the God of Reason Lucifer to get you started on the Hunt. Luna is there to show the Hidden Qualities in people. Don't you want to know if there is a Werewolf around? Hebe is the Water Bringer. Aeolus is El Nino the Child of the Clouds. Aeolus predicts the Weather. Now, you have Diana right here for you. You have just been Introduced to Diana. An Introduction is also, called an Initiation. This is a Sophistry that Supports the Mind.

 Here you are getting Indulgences from Kommandant Kitten. Like you would get Indulgences from the Roman Catholic Church.

 You go to King Aurthur, the Court, and Camelot you have a strikingly different View. It comes out of the Neanderthal Genes. It is Pre Celtic. These are the Builders of Stonehenge. There are "Burial Mounds" located Globally. These are the Fey People that merged with the Elements of Nature. They can live in Certain People. Stonehenge is a Trap to catch your Mind. Also, it serves as a sort of Genetic Screening Device. This a Machine that is part of that Technology. This is how the Arch Druids are born as the Real Ones. There are Back then it was said to be a Universal Heritage. Bon Po. That is Big Fire. The Big Fire is contained in the Girl Emblem. There are Two Great Views. Kommandant Kitten has the View of Tiberius Caesar. There is just One Girl. Who is going to get the Girl? There are two opposing Peoples. Tiberius Caesar has no Neanderthal Genes. Roman Genes. Tiberius Caesar is a Real One too. Who is going to be in charge? Who is going Win the Peace?

 People in Auschwitz have Freya. That brings Hel right there for everybody. Because, there is this incredible rivalry. Prior to World War II Margret Murray wrote about "The Witch Cult of Western Europe." Here Margret Murray claims there has been a survival of the "Old Religion" into the present day. That is not exactly true. Diana is not worshiped in place of God. Neither are any of the Deities. God always, comes first like the Bible says. But, you are told to respect your betters as you would God. "Rebellion is the same as Witchcraft." The Royalty is the Majesty of God Worthy of all Worship, and Adoration.

 The Apostle Paul taught this for the good of the Slaves of Christiandom. Kommandant Kitten comes from a Dianaic Family. Diana has Luminaries. Luna will reveal hidden enemies. The werewolf is a guerrilla fighter. That is why the legend has it the werewolf is revealed by the full moon in their lunacy. Only you are privy to that information. That is to save your life. Another Luminary Cynthia is associated with dogs. It one picture do note the French poodle. The cat is with Diana too. The Queen Mother of of King Louis IVX is Dianaic. The Crescent is plainly visible in this picture. Here we have a statue of Diane of Versailles from that time period.

The Girl

  The Girl is the Key Of Sophistry. If you want to learn anything about this Sophistry featured here: Advertising, Propaganda, Psychological Warfare, Vaudeville, Fashion... Then the Girl is it. Some people just don't get it.

 The Girl likes Progress. The Girl enjoys new, modern, beautiful, and unique good things, and products. The Girl has Love Laws that Govern Secular Culture.

 That is to keep your Culture from becoming Prison like. The Girl hates the Ghettos that keep showing up. The Girl has the Keys to Auschwitz. The Girl will open up Auschwitz for us.

 The Girl is not the Virgin Mary. The Girl is not an Angel. The Girl  is not a Saint. The Girl is not a Prophetess. The Girl is not a Priestess, or Nun. The Girl is not Religious.

 There is a Separation between Church, and State. It has to do with a Way of Living. This Way of Living Religious People may call the Life. There are many different Religions. These Religions all compete with each other. There are are even many divisions in these Religions that do not agree about this Way of Living. This causes Blood Feuds, Strife, Bloodshed, and War.  Many Religions have a Way of Living that is too Prison Like. This Missionary Prison Like Way of Living can become an encroaching Hostile Fortress. That harms people's Freedom. This is a Public Menace. This kind of Takeover has to be stopped. Religion has to be regulated. Then people can  be free to have their own Religion. That Religion not harm anybody.

 Did you know that a Church is forbidden to endorse a candidate for Political Office? Our Churches are Politically Dead. The Girl won't have anything to do with the Churches. No one dresses up to Honor God, and each other. The Girl won't tell them that. Because, the Girl won't go in there, and tell them this. This is the logical outcome of the Worship of this unwashed Hippy Christ. That gave birth to the Hippy Movement. The long hair, and beard of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is fictitious. A seamless garment is for the grave. So it isn't washed. But, it is spotlessly clean. There is another seamless garment. It is a Roman Toga. The Disciples of Jesus Christ had their Faith in their feet, and not in their Lord, and Savior. The real Jesus Christ of Nazareth carried His Cross for over eighteen miles outside of Jerusalem. Remember, Jesus Christ of Nazareth was flogged with adder venom on the whip. Jesus Christ of Nazareth had no beard, and short hair like a War Hero.

Here is Father Mithrais. Commandant Koch liked him in Auschwitz. You oght to love Him too. This is Mithra the Guardian of Oaths. Mithra appeared to Kommandant Kitten as the Armored Man. You can find Father Mithrais is showing His Power of Generation as the Three Fold Hermes. Known in Wicca as the Horned God. Comes to Wicca through the Great Beast Aleister Crowley with Gardener as Nemo.

 The Girl did witness the Meeting between the Risen Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Apostle Paul. Apostle means Student of God. The Girl said it would be several thousand years before the Advent of Her Person.

 The Girl is not a Goddess. Sometime we find a Goddess in the Secular World like Juno, Diana, Minerva, Persephone, Ceres... The Girl is with Them. The Girl points Them out. Again no Religion here. They happen like that on Stage in some Show. Something like that in maybe Art, Theater, Literature...

 The Girl is not a Mystic. The Girl is not the World Card on the Tarot Deck. The Girl is not Other Worldly.

 The Girl does come down from Heaven with all the Girl's Ordinations, Powers, and Permissions. The Girl has a Way of Living that is good for people.

 The Girl comes from Ancient Carthage. The Girl is a completely commercial paradigm. The Girl is Tanith Pene Baal. The Girl is completely secular. That has to do with Trading Relationships. Mostly work well for buying, and selling. We can find the Girl in advertising. Sometimes called the  "It Girl." The Girl can sell your product. The Girl is very good. The Girl is very friendly. The Girl is very sexy. The Girl is not devilish. The Girl will  not cheat you. The Girl will not betray you. The Girl will not impoverish you. The Girl will not waste your time. The Girl won't imprison you. The Girl is not destructive. The Girl will not harm you. The Girl won't corrupt you. The Girl likes you. The Girl dresses up, and adorns herself for you. The Model is genuine at this time. The Girl is not brazen. The Girl is not obscene. The Girl is always, modest. The Girl respects you. You love the Girl. The Girl respects that. The Girl loves you. The Girl is a Marriage Deity. In Rome the Girl is Juno like. The Girl won't marry you to anything bad.

 In Vaudeville we have an Anti Girl. The Anti Girl is a False Goddess. The Anti Girl has a False Church. The Girl hates Eve. Eve is a Death Bringer. This is the Scarlet Woman of Revelation is Eve. We find Eve in the Beginning, and the End of the Book. All the Works of the Anti Girl have to be Purged. Because, every one of these Works serves an Evil Purpose. Love is under attack. It follows this is like the Orwell's "Anti Sex League" in his book "1984." Vaudeville is filled with this rubbish. Here is a movie boy meets girl all they have do is find a bed somewhere to do it. That is the formula of a Porno Flick.  Strangely, we go back to "1984" again. This can't be Art? Is it. Many of these films have gotten rave reviews from people that can't understand Culture. They just don't get it. There is another type of film that shows up. This one is Family. It is a Family out of Hell. Then there are the Comedies. You don't see the Naked Brutality of Vaudeville much. Yet, it is there. The Dramas go on, and on until the tedium shows up. The Pause shows up too much. There too many of these features to list here. But, that will give you a clue.

It's just an act. Isn't it?

 This is Theater like you never imagined. It is a Comedy "This didn't happen." But, it did happen. Clowns broke this guy's neck right there on stage. A woman on stage screams "Eek! It's a hideous dead body!" The Theater Chorus cry out.  "The Hollies are coming! The Hollies are coming." Here come actors dressed as Holly Trees in Holly Suits. Every time there is a dead body. The Hollies come. The Hollies run off with the dead body. The dead body goes to a Mythical Magical place called "Out of Here." There are Rules of Conduct regarding the Hollies. Don't look at them. Hollies are very shy. Don't do anything crass. Hollies are very sensitive. Don't bother them. Hollies are always, very busy.

The Burning Man of Arioch

Arioch was a soldier of Rome who lived in 70 AD. Arioch calls himself a Briton. He married a German girl named Brunhilda. Arioch fashioned the first Burning Man to please Caesar then. Arioch was a general of the tribes allied with Rome. You can see his visage here. The Burning Man is filled with captured enemies. As the Burning Man is on fire the Eyes appear to be glowing with an uncanny light of their own. Enabling Arioch to see far into everything. Arioch created this Demon to inspire great fear in the people. The Demon is from the Infernal Regions under Mars. A bit supernatural me thinks. Kommandant Kitten has the self same blood as Arioch. It is good to have a Demon in your family.

 Have you ever heard of "The Burning Man?" It is a kind of festival. It is a strange event. The first one was on the beach in San Francisco, California. Now, "The Burning Man" festival is held in the Nevada desert.

 Arioch had Claudius Caesar as his Emperor. Caesar seen the Wicker Man. The Wicker Man is made from one Holen Oak. The Druids were in rebellion against Caesar. Arioch is one of the First Christians. Arioch got the pure Doctrine of Christianity from Saint Paul himself. As a Pagan Arioch could not sacrifice the Druids to Caesar. For Druids were considered Holy Men among the Pagans on that Island.

 See the Druids were another Race of People. Many suspect they are another Species of Man. Sometimes a non human chromosomes have been found in closely related Peoples. A total of forty eight chromosomes. Humans have forty six chromosomes.

 The Wicker Man is set on fire from a coal fire. Inside the cage. There are a series of floors made of oak beams. The sacrificial victims are not crushed inside their confines. As illustrated one foot of the Wicker Man is set alight, and the other foot is set on fire. That gets the Wicker Man burning good.

  Thousands of Wicker Men were made, and set on fire for this purpose.

 "The Burning Man" is called "Adam." This is to honor Iblis. But, you must never walk far into the desert. Things there are not what they seem. People frequently get lost. You can die out there. Some people still do. There is a man dead from thirst. It looked like he died trying to drink sand.

 There at "The Burning Man" festival Iblis is the Sun. Shaitan is isn't far away. Beware!

 While the "Burning Man" Adam has become a Man on Fire. We can chant this to expel this filthy Adamic Superstition from our midst. "Hate Him! Hate Him! Hate Him!"  It is expected for you to shake your fist at Adam as Adam burns to ashes. It is alright to hate Adam. After all it is "Hate Day."

More Burning Man

 For any group that wants to sponsor, and have their own "Burning Man" Event. Kommandant Kitten has a few tips. The "Burning Man" must be named "Adam." Adam is made just like the Wicker Man. You have to fill Adam up with bundles of everything you hate. Then you have to dress Adam up. Adam can be a Cow Boy. Boots, jeans, belt, flannel shirt, kerchief, sun glasses, and cow boy hat.  This can be left to your imagination of what an egotistic selfish man looks like. After all Adam can not imagine there is anybody in the World but, just him. Then you set Adam alight on May Day. You have to play this Air Raid Siren. Mana the Power of May will love you for this. It is a good catharsis for the soul for everybody at the Event.


RSHA Reich Security Central Office

Allgemeine SS

Matters of Police, and Race

These are the people responsible for Race and Resettlement in Auschwitz. Their are several orders of police under RSHA. Ordungspolizei: Orpo, Order Police; Sicherhertspolizei: Sipo, Security Police; Kriminalpolizei: Crippo, Criminal Police; Gestapo: Secret Police; Sicherheitsdienst: SD, Security Service.

Now you have an idea of the structure of the Police State.

Kommandant Kitten is breaking down the Fonda Woman in exactly this manner.

There was a Jenifer Fonda that was so much better the Jane Fonda.

That was Jane Fonda's secretary for a awhile.

That was a "Real Live Jenifer."

Kommandant Kitten knew Jenifer very well.

People have Shadow Names on the Other Side of Life.

Jane has other meanings on the Other Side of Life.

As a matter of fact so does Jack.

The Cult

 Now, Hathor is the Sun itself. Hathor is the Muse of the Sun. Hathor has a real sunny disposition. That woman is not Hathor! Pharaoh comes down from the Sun, and returns to the Sun. Adam is not Pharaoh!

 Hathor portrayed by actress Jane Fonda is addressing the entire convention. Everything there has all the trappings of Devil Worship. Hundreds of Heathen Idols are in attendance. But, Balphomet, Lucifer, Ashtoreth, and Jesus are not welcome.

 Kommandant Kitten knows enough Goddess Hathor lore to Call Hathor away from Jane Seymour Fonda. The calling away of the Gods, Goddesses, and Other Deities is always, part of Psychological Warfare.

 Kommandant Kitten has written Ten Books as the Goddess Hathor's Matrix. That gets Hathor right there for Kommandant Kitten.

 The Solar Goddess the Nurse Hathor establishes Nursing as the Oldest Profession of Women. The Worship of Hathor goes back 30,000 years. Bast is frequently seen with kittens. Hathor as the Cow is the Nurse of more than calves.

 Nurses are really good. The typical Nurse is a healthy girl with a Hathor body type. That Nurse will keep you alive after the Doctor has left. You should never mistreat Nurses. You shouldn't be rude to Nurses. You should really like Nurses. You can give the Nurses presents. So the Nurses will love you. You don't ever want anybody to harm Nurses.

 You can hear the Castrati singing Hymns to Hathor.

 The Muse of Sacred Hymns and Harmony Polyhymnia hates it!

 Do want a Castrati to be your nurse?

 This comes from the Nazis, and Mussolini.

 It is Rituals and Ceremonies.

 In this format:

 By what Power do we have the right to do this?

 It is the Power of America.

 The Denouncement of the Enemy is made in Public.

 That is Righteous Act.

 The Deties of the Enemy are called away to join the Forces of Righteousness.

 There are Curses pronounced on the Enemy in the Name of God, and Other Dignitaries in the Bible.

 The Divine Ancestry is called to Storm.

 The Demons of the Race go forth to Save them.

 According the Venerable Roman Battle Sophistry.

 It is calling away of the Deities of the Enemy to join their side.

 This may be just Sophistry.

 But, it is Psychological Warfare meant to demoralize the Enemy.

 We can say we are killing their Angels.

 People will believe it.

 Soon we are thinking for the Enemy.

 They are getting a Fresh Thought from Kitten.

 They will keep thinking along those lines.

 Until, they get a New Thought from Kitten.

 They will keep thinking New Thoughts.

 Until they get a Better Thought.

 So it goes.

 Now, they can fight on with a Fresh Mind.

 Run away! Run away! Run away!

 Kommandant Kitten looms up as Pharaoh.

 The Goddess Hathor stands at his right hand.

 Kommandant Kitten proclaims he is the Fuhrer.

 The Leader of Many the Power of Many Peoples are with him.

 Kommandant Kitten is Big Brother.

 A True Friend of the Oppressed.

 The Ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess Bast is always, with the Goddess Hathor along with the Lion Goddess Sekhmet.

 All these Goddesses are Solar Deities.

 The Cow is considered to be a Nurse in Ancient Egypt, and modern India. A kind of Mother of sorts. Moo! Moo! Moo!

 She just left the Fonda Woman!

 Jane Fonda will never have a Good Nurse.

 The Goddess of the Rising Sun Freya has just arrived.

 Kitten owns two cats, and supports the Nashville Zoo.

 Here they come.

 Jane Fonda hates cats!

 Jane Fonda has the Curse of Cats.

 Jane Fonda lives on Love.

 Cats not only live on love but, cats also give love too.

 This makes Jane Fonda feel very inferior.

 Jane Fonda is very jealously angry because, cats show more humanity than she does.

 Because, Jane Fonda is subhuman.

 Jane Fonda is a bad mother.

 Check, and see if Jane Fonda's two daughters are living really good?

 Did the Little Vipers crawl away, to live on there own as soon as they were old enough to leave the nest? "A Generation of Vipers" 

 The Neo Egyptian theme is incredibly expensive. The Cult has spared no expense. All those Egyptian Idols are really genuine Pharoahnic objects from those Ancient Times.

 All the teachings, and sayings of Jane Fonda about Ancient Egypt are Damning.

 According to the Gospel of Jane Seymour Fonda all those Goddesses Modern, and Ancient are really Earth Girl. The one, and only Earth Girl is yours truly; Jane Fonda. All the members of the Cult constitute the Body of Eve. The All Living Eve is Jane Fonda of course. Truly, a serious case of Terminal Ego Bloat.

 There was a Star in that place. This was Jane Seymour Fonda's Star. That Star is Sol. A wee bit presumptuous me thinks. That is no longer so. If it ever was. Kitten understands.

 We have more than people "That are out on a limb." These are all deadly serious people. The heirs of Meyer Lansky's Criminal Empire are there. The Kennedy family along with that sexual giant Senator Teddy Kennedy are taking it all in. A few Media Mongols are present. Representatives of every Fraternity, and Sorority are right there. Ex President Jimmy Carter is there with his family. Hillary Rodham is there listening solemnly.

 "I say as Chor-ashan. Be with you." A curious benediction by Jane Fonda as Chorazin closing the Ceremonies. Who is that? Is Jane Seymour Fonda possessed? At times it seems that Jane Fonda really is. Maybe, she is just acting. But, what if she isn't herself?

 We are going to Roast Jane Seymour Fonda. By the end of this Chronic Masterpiece Jane Fonda should be very well done.

 Jane Fonda will not admit to any of this. On the contrary a Denial will Constitute a Negative Confession. Then everybody will know Jane Fonda is as Guilty as Sin. A tactic perfected by President Lydon Johnson during his Senatorial years. LBJ was the Villain who singlehandedly sneaked Separation of Church and State as a Rider on the United States Budget in 1953, maybe 1954. Preachers better not say anything about Politics, or they will be held accountable to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for payment of Taxes due right away.

 Kitten is calling away the Deities from Jane Seymour Fonda. Here They Come!

 The Goddess Proserpina has also, left Jane Fonda for Kommandant Kitten. There is My Persephone to show off Kitten's Best Girl Friend.

 Proserpina: "I can drink pomegranate juice!"

 Thalia the Muse of Comedy: "Jane Fonda isn't funny!"

 Thalia gets to Dance with Aglaia, and Euphrosyne. Those are the Three Graces with Erato in attendance! Terpsichore the Muse of Music and Dancing the fun is endless. We really need Terpsichore.

 Thalia gets an apple. Kommandant Kitten is joking. Thalia get a "Halo" a seedless Mandarin orange.

 Melpomene the Muse of Tragedy: "'That woman is too tragic for words!"

 Melpomene is gotten an apple from Kommandant Kitten.

 Kommandant Kitten "Jane Fonda is an actress?"

 Melpomene: "Anyone that thinks that lady can act is nuts!"

 Clio the Muse of History is busy teaching Kommandant Kitten.

 Calliope the Muse of Epic Poetry and Rhetoric.

 Kommandant Kitten likes that.

 Euterpe the Muse of Lyric Poetry.

 Another Important Muse that Kitten enjoys having around a lot.

 Note all the Muses are Hathor like Deities that are very Lovey.

 But, the Muses come down from different Stars.

 The Divine Juno has shown up.

 Juno: "The Fonda Family is the Oldest Italian Family on record in the United States of America. Dates back prior to the American Revolution of 1776."

 Kommandant Kitten: "Jane Seymour Fonds has some Italian Blood from Henry Fonda, and a little British Blood from Jane Seymour. What have you got to say about this?"

 Juno: "Spits." Enough said. Jane Fonda is an Adopted Child.

 Once upon a time the Fonda Family had a enormous Party.

 There were hundreds of Fonda Family Members gathered in one place.

 This was the town of Fonda, New York in Fonda County.

 Now, Kommandant was present at a huge Family Social as a young boy.

 The were several hundred of the Hughes Family present in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.

  Jane Fonda sat down to the Family Dinner.

 Kommandant Kitten sat down to enjoy the Family Dinner.

 Grace is said "Heavenly Father grant us thy Blessings. For these, and all thy Mercies. It Christ's Name Amen."

 Kommandant Kitten at age five followed all the Rules of Etiquette flawlessly.

 Kommandant Kitten was introduced to all his relatives.

 The little Fonda Girl got up from the table.

 Said she wasn't hungry, and left without saying why.

 From that time until now the Fonda Woman has always been rude to her Family.

 Somehow, the Fonda Woman can not stay Married.

 That is because, Juno hates her.

 The Divine Maya the Muse of Total Freedom is coming!

 Worlds are breaking asunder.

 Illusion is Real.

 The Futures can can be plainly discerned.

 The Battlefields are forming.

 When you want War.

 You want the Divine Maya the Muse of Freedom.

 We have Friendship.

 Mercury is there to share the Cup with Maia.

 Mars is right with us.

 Kommandant Kitten is a Lover of War.

 "Good Morning Hebe!"

  "I Love you Hebe."

  "Thank you Hebe."

  "For Hebe's Gift of Pure Water."


 Kommandant Kitten: "Look! It is the Divine Hebe coming with Hebe's Water Jar!"

 That gets you Hebe's Cup.

 Ganymede shows up immediately.

 Ganymede's God Hermes Mercury is right there.

 There is John Barleycorn.

 They all use Hebe's Cup.

 You can too.

 Hebe is the Angel of Temptation.

 Hebe is the Lure of the Forbidden.

 We are in the realm of Politics.

 Good Politics is a Form of Poetry.

 The Goddess Diana and the Amazons are showing up.

 Kommandant Kitten: "Didn't Jane Fonda support a good Clean Water Act? Know that Jane Fonda is very Political, and all that sort of thing."

 Hebe: " I don't like her!"

 Hebe: "Pronounced "Heb bee!"

 Kommandant Kitten: "Why its Sappho! What do you think about Jane's Women's Lib?"

 Sappho: "What?"

 Kommandant Kitten: "What about Feminism?"

 Sappho: "Are you joking?"

 Kommandant Kitten: "Feminism is being taught in Higher Education."

 Sappho: "Higher than what?"

 Kommandant Kitten: "Why it is Colleges, and Universities."

 Sappho: "What for?"

 Kommandant Kitten: "People are studying Women's Issues."

 Sappho: "What is that?"

 Kommandant Kitten: "Girl Safe" as a Campaign to stop violence against girls."

 Sappho: "I can't find that in any schools."

 Kommandant Kitten: "That is terrible. "Girl Safe" needs to happen!"

 Hebe and Sappho: "Let's do it!"

 Sappho has the Hidden Muse of Lyric Poetry Euterpe.

 Kommandant Kitten "Diana is here! Jane Fonda is a Wiccan. A Real Witch! What do you want?"

 Diana: "I want to kill her!"

 Kommandant Kitten is calling Holen Trees away from Jane Fonda.

 Jane Fonda hates Holly Trees.

 The Banshees nest in them.

 There are Holly Angels for Christmas.

 The Spirit of Giving has cursed Jane Fonda.

 Everything the Fonda Woman gives must serve an Evil Purpose.

 Odin likes the Holly Trees.

 Jane Fonda's Years will fail her.

 Kommandant Kitten: "Why there is a little Holly Tree right now! Hollies always, get "Holly Tone." It is the best plant food you can get for toning those Holly Trees. People shouldn't kill Trees wantonly."

 Ceres as Property has cursed the Fonda Woman.

 Everything Jane Fonda owns must go to Belial.

 The Fonda Woman is Doomed to Destroy, Discard, or Lose Everything of Value in her life. 



 "The Holen are making the Rain."

 "The Holen are making the Rain."

 "The Holen are making the Rain."


 Said in solemn chorus.

 Trees actually, create Climate.

 Trees remove Carbon Monoxide. Trees rid the Earth of Carbon Dioxide. Trees make Oxygen. Trees make Rain.

 More Holen Trees are coming: Holly Oak, Oak. Maple, Juniper, White Pine... all the Trees.

 When the Trees talk people listen.





 The Plant Kingdom is coming!

 The Animal Kingdom is still arriving!

 The Mineral Kingdom is right there!

 The Goddess Tanith is here for Tanith's grapefruit.

 The Goddess Tara drinks orange juice.

 More, and more Deities are leaving Jane Fonda too numerous to believe.

 Everything that the All Living Eve gives must serve an evil purpose. Because, this is a form of Satanism. Satan is the Devil. Satan is bad.

 Here is more evidence of the Cult, and the worship of Eve. Here in this photo is the incredible Miss Tips. The Hat is actually, worn by Earth Girl.

"What do I have to do? To make me happy? What do I have to do? To make you understand?"

 The Old Adam is Satan. Adam is the First Born of the Dead. You see Adam, and Eve are Forever Dead. The Adam of the Grave is Satan. There is nothing to Redeem. Here is the problem. Satan can stand in for Adam and Eve. Satan will claim to be the Earth Girl Eve. As such this Eve is the Woman of Perdition. Perdition is the Hell that is the Eternal Grave. Eve is the Goddess of Uselessness. That is the Scarlet Woman of Revelation. Satan will even claim to be your Ancestral Mother! Satan will claim to be Adam your Ancestral Patriarch. Another Lie from the Father of Lies. Once, Satan gains entry into your House. Satan will steal everything you have. Satan is a Thief. Lastly, Satan will kill you like the Murderer Satan truly is. This all comes from Popular Sophistry. This can happen in the Secular World too. The Book is warning us about an extreme Flaw in Human Nature.

 Here is the Teachings of Auschwitz. There were Cults that worshiped Adam as God. They said they were "Jewish." For in Auschwitz they were at a loss for words to describe this Godless Thing. For the most part this Cult was very close to the Bolsheviks. Many of these Cultists were enrolled in their ranks with Bela Kun, and all that sort of thing. Bela Kun was the Bolshevik Leader of Hungary. Bad became worse. Stalin had him shot.

Adam Cults


RSHA Reich Security Central Office

Allgemeine SS

Matters of Police, and Race

 These are the people responsible for Race and Resettlement in Auschwitz. Adolph Eichmann was the Head Administrator in Auschwitz Berkanau Concentration Camp II.
 Here is a picture of Muburay the Immortal Clown of Africa.
The Spirit of Africa is mocking them.

 Eichmann spent a lot of time studying these Adam Cults. There were over a half million of these Adam Cults in existence at the time. The South East Asia Hill Tribes have a Religion that is surprisingly Jewish like. The World over there are a surprising number of Jew like Peoples, Nations, or Tribes as they call themselves. The Flood is present in all of them. They are all saved by this Moon Ark. They claim to have built such an Ark themselves. Thus they were delivered from the Flood. There was God's Promise not to Destroy the World by means of the Flood. God did not forbid Man from employing the Flood. Moses called forth the Flood twice. The Woman at the Well of Jacob that Jesus Christ Nazareth met is really the Flood. The Woman even leaves the Water Vessel there for Jesus Christ of Nazareth to use. That is not a Samaritan gesture. The Well of Jacob belongs to Jesus Christ of Nazareth for which Alana has gotten Her Office. The Blood Feuds between the Samaritans, and the Jews are too much for words. The Lady of the Well the Well Being has five underground waters that represent the Five Husbands the Progenitors of the Waters. The Lady of the Well is Alana the Nymph of Rome owns the Well of Jacob. Eichmann was very interested in the Flood. What was it really? It is mentioned in Revelation. There is a Woman probably, Lilith fleeing the Venom of God: the Flood of God's Dragon of Wrath. Lilith displeased Sammael. Severity hates Lilith.

 Eichmann being a Man of the Faith was dismayed by all this. Adam is the Man of Sin. The Old Adam is Satan. Adonis is Adam. Adonai is Adam. The Bogomiles worship Adam. The Cathars did too. Huguenots have Adam. The Huguenots have a Free Religion. The Quakers have Man. Man as such is not Adam. The Bolsheviks while boasting there is no God are incredibly superstitious. Most Atheists are. Worse these Adam Cults have penetrated deep into the Scriptures themselves. The Book has other language than it was meant to have. Eichmann penetrated this far only.

 Kommandant Kitten in the Manner of a Grand Inquisitor must Inquire into all these matters both Sacred, and Temporal. Using the materials pioneered by Adolph Eichmann we will go much further.

The Rebel Christ?

 Who killed Christ? It was King Mithridates the King of Kings of the Parthian Empire. You need to know the reason. King Mithridates studied the career of Jesus Christ of Nazareth very closely. He didn't like it. It had to do with what Jesus Christ of Nazareth was. It is a Son of God. King Mithridates seen Jesus Christ of Nazareth as something akin to the Minotaur. God can take the form of a bull. That is Bull El. The Minotaur is the Spawn of the Bull El, and a Virgin Bride. Regardless of what you think; that was what King Mithridates knew was true. King James believed it too. The Minotaur was so hostile. The Minotaur has a Way of Living that Excludes Humanity.  Theseus had to fight that Monster to the Death. The Killing of the Minotaur was considered to be a Crime Against God. That is what King James thought. By the time, Theseus does this all the Priests of the Bull El are dead. The Minotaur killed them. Jesus Christ of Nazareth was showing signs of this kind of hostility. There He is as the New Adam. King Mithridates hates that. There are these injunctions from this Son of God against the Swearing of Oaths. Mithra is a God of Oaths, Friendship, Contracts, and Treaties. King Mithridates is Incarnate Mithra. For that. King Mithridates King of Kings of Parthia must kill Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He did personally make sure his orders were carried out in Jerusalem. It was a place outside the City itself. That is what happened. "Jesus King of the Jews" is posted as a sign of extreme hatred of the Jews themselves as a death threat. The Samaritans really mean it.

 Italy was at one time a Great World Power. Italy fought in two World Wars. There is an ulterior motive in blaming the Romans for killing Jesus Christ of Nazareth. That is to keep the Power of Rome in check. It was that way to prevent World Jewry from dominating the World prior to World War II. Now, we know it. The Jews didn't do it. Neither, did the Romans do it either. It is nothing but, a Psychological Warfare Campaign. It is time to say so. Because, of this Blow Back from this Psychological Warfare is doing something else. It is promoting Treason, and Rebellion Worldwide. The Church is crumbling from without, and within. The Persecution of the True Christian Church by Rome is nothing but, a dangerous lie. On the contrary, no Country, or People have done more to establish, advance, and continue in the Cause of Jesus Christ of Nazareth than Ancient Rome. That is an irrefutable fact. Think about that.
 All the Cold War Era Psychological Warfare used against Christianity is based on this Hatred of Rome. The Soviet Union, and their Allies used this Hatred of Rome as the Perfect Tool to Undermine the Social Structures of the Western Opposition.

 The Roman Catholic Church will be in caught up in this conflict of Self Hate of being Christ Killers.

 This Soviet Union Psychological Warfare is beautiful since, all of our American Legal System is based on Preexisting Roman Structures. As a matter of fact all of our Western Civilization is based on that of Ancient Rome, and Greece.
 In place of Religion is this System of Ethics put together by Soviet Intellectuals.

 Are there real Christians crawling around in the Roman Catacombs underground? Are there real Christians cringing in the Arena in the Roman Colosseum? Are there real Christians sticking daggers into their fellow Romans? Are they really criminals, and heretics worthy of nothing but, death? Are there any other explanations of Ancient Christian Life that make more sense?

 Who were the Samaritans? "Samaria, Greek equivalent of Shomron. which means guard 1Kings 16,  Samaritans, inhabitants of Samaria 2 Kings 17, 29, 24." Webster's Dictionary C1963  Note this is the Seleucid Empire brought into being by Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great was no friend of Israel. The Seleucid Empire later becomes the Parthian Empire. The Parthian Empire fought the Roman Empire to at least 700AD. Samaria was a Kingdom under the Parthian Empire. Parthia like Rome had many Kings. The mysterious Parthian Empire was as big as the Roman Empire. Pretty hard to miss something as big as that?

 Kommandant Kitten has all the works of Josephus including "The Wars of the Jews."This concerns the Occupation of the Second Temple by the Samaritans. Scholars have erred in mistaking the Samaritans for Jews. When according to the New Testament the Samaritans, and the Jews are the bitterest of Enemies. Yet, people today would consider the Samaritans to be a  Syrian Sect of Judaism. The Samaritans have a lot of Greek Customs. The Samaritans loved Jesus Christ of Nazareth when He was at the Sermon on the Mount in Damascus, Syria. There may be some Samaritans still left in Lebanon, and Syria.

 "The Wars of the Jews" are incredibly hard to understand. The Roman Gods have to fight the Gods of Jerusalem. The God Vulcan is the first to take the Field of Battle. Immediately, Satan and His Angels have been transferred to Pergamon. The Roman Legions have to Fight El Shaddi. Lord Jove is making the Ultimate Claim on the Throne of Heaven. This is God fighting God. The Roman Legions are making some headway against Samson Shemesh and His Angels charging  as Bezerkers into the Roman Flanks Armed with Mace in full Fury of Battle. The Winds of Heaven are Howling for Blood. King David is there. King Solomon has released the Djin. Lord Nergal has taken to the field of Battle with Lord Namtar Plague going before Him. Some of the Prophets are doing Battle on Both Sides. Elijah is holding up his arms to favor the Romans. Elisha is still with Elijah. Baal the Beast will fight for Jerusalem. Baal's Prophets will fight the Roman Legion Armed with Fighting Staffs. Slings, and Arrows on the Other Flank of Rome. Baal the Beast can employ Two of the Plagues used by Moses. First is Death of the First Born. Second is Clouds of Gnats blinding the opposing side. Baal Beasts will Call the Animals to War. That includes the Birds of the Air. The Dogs of Jerusalem are coming in the hundreds. The birds are fighting all the Roman Legions. The jackals are coming. The lions are on their way. The hyenas are done looking at their options. They are almost there. The Jews goaded by the Roman Majesty are going into the War. There are sixty Legions of Rome. Juno and Minerva will come. The Young Girl of Carthage will fight for Rome. Ammon Ra has come to Favor Rome. Lord Moloch as Rex  the Black Dog of Hades is with the Greeks fighting for Rome. Greek Fire is being prepared to Destroy the City. Lord Surtur (Lord Iblis) has Unsheathed His Fiery Sword against Jerusalem. Freya has shown Herself to be with Rome. The Goddess Hel not to be outdone by Freya is there in Full Glory against the Battlements of Jerusalem. The Parthian Empire will sit this one out. There are about ten Legions of Defenders at Jerusalem. About twenty five Legions of Jerusalem are Attacking the Supply Lines, and Roman Flanks as the War rages on to conclusion.

 Here is a little gem Kommandant Kitten has found for you. It is a genuine Roman Catholic Bible! "The Holy Bible: Catholic Douay-Rheims 1899"

 We have "The Book of Martyrs  so you can find the Price of Freedom in Our Lord and Savior Jesus Chist of Nazareth. The Cost of Freedom is in every Veterans Hospital. It is awesome! The Cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church is Red for the Blood of Marytrs. They know the cost of Freedom in Christ.

 Yes. There is a King James Bible still under investigation to see if it is adequate. It is important that a program will run on most Windows machines. Here it is in four zip files! Zip1  Zip2 kjv kjv2 you have to download these zip files. You will need PC Opus to put everything together. You may need something to open those zip files The zip file does not work. You need ZipRepair  Here are your Directions: 1) Download all files 2) Open "My Computer" by clicking on it. 3) Open your hard drive usually "C". 4) Create a Directory called "Programs" 5) Copy all your downloaded files into your Programs Directory. 6) Install Coffee Cup zip file opener. 7) Open PC Opus zip 8) Install PC Opus or click PCOpus exe to run the program inside Windows Explorer. 9) Now, we are going to assemble the King James Free Bible Program inside your "Programs" Directory so find your "Programs Directory with PC Opus. 10) Create a Directory called Free Bible with the "MakeDir" button in PC Opus on one side of the PC Opus Program and click on your new directory to open it. 11)  Click "MakeDir" again make Directory called "KJV" and leave it alone. 12) Open "myzip1", "myzip2", "myzipkjv", and "myzipkjv2" in your "Programs" Directory 13) You will have four Folders. 14) Transfer all the files in "myzip1" and "myzip2" Folders into your Free Bible Directory using the "Copy selected files" button on PC Opus Program. 15) Open "KJV" Directory inside Free Bible Directory 16) Transfer all files in "kjv1" and "kjv2 "into the KJV Directory 17) Let's use the Free Bible Program! Inside your Free Bible Folder using Windows Explorer double click on the "kjv exe" now, the Program is up. Enjoy. Results will vary according to what System of Windows you have. Be creative if you must. All Windows 95 to XP probably Vista for sure. You need to experiment on Other Windows Systems. Remember the Evil Empire does also, have a Bible Program. You have to do business with the Joker.

 The Adam Cults have this relationship with Peace. Here Peace is not a Virtue. "Peace" is spoken as a Farewell. The Peace of the Grave. Adam has a Peace Cult that is very morbid.

 We also find this Farewell to be with the Gods Adonis, Attis, and Thamuz. This is mentioned at some length as "the Dying God" in Frazer's "The Golden Bough." There are a few hints about the Magna Mater: Great Mother in this book too.

 The Christian Book of Revelation mentions the Anti Christ crying "Peace." There are many instances in the Old Testament of the enemies of Israel making War under the cover of Peace. The number of these Peace=Death arrangements with the Jews are too many to count. Neither, are Christians to cherish such beliefs. They are to resist the Devil. God has sworn to smite such people for their Unbelief. God's Promise can be found in the Book. It is so.

 Adam according to the Ancient Lore of many, many Lands has an Enemy. Lord Porcus whom Kommandant Kitten summoned from Beneath, Beneath Hades. The Calydonian Boar has snapped His chains like they were mere threads. Porcus is coming. The Solar Power awaits for the Great Return of Porcus. Porcus is coming to rend the Woman, and ruin the Man. On the Other Side of Life the Earth is shifting, and trembling in the Advent of Porcus. Porcus when He is in fullness gathers the Solar Power. Now, Porcus is the God Vishnu. The Pig that walks like a Man is His Emissary. He is here.

 There are several Tanith Goddesses Vassima, Sara, MLK, Ammon, and many Others. Vasisima, and and, Sara are Aphrodite.

The Gay Lords

 These are the Pinkos that are behind most of the illegal drug trafficking in the United States of America. The PInkos are involved in most of the clandestine manufacture, and distribution of illegal drugs in America.

More Autism

 People that have a problem with this say that human beings are peaceful. Even a cursory glance at Human History is enough to dis spell this silly fantasy. We have come up with an explanation of why people that seem to be good are really rotten. Here is a Disease Theory. Bad people have diseased minds. Himmler knew this was true. It is a form of the Anarchist League is running Germany. The Nazis lost most of their people then.

 In adults these traits are not seen. They have learned to cope with a Society that they actually, hate. Worse, they may have received some sort of paramilitary training. Many of them being young idealists have gone into the Job Corps, and Peace Corps. By now, they maybe firmly ensconced as at one time called the New Establishment. A Revolution from within. Creatures of Death are after them. "When we live. They die."

 They are waste oriented, and tend to throw things away a lot. This behavior is easy to spot in adults. Just have them smoke a cigarette, and watch them closely as they do it. One trait is lighting the cigarette puffing on it quickly a few times, and putting it out. Associated with chain smoking frequently. Another variation is holding a cigarette for even hours. They will maybe light it, puff a few times, and throw it away. If that person throws their cigarette right on the floor. Then they have schizophrenia. That is an example of low frustration tolerance in schizophrenia. If somebody is burning holes like in a piece of paper, or a cloth doily. Then you are looking at a genuine paranoid. This is a sign of complete disregard of external reality. This person can't smoke a cigarette, and will try, and hide it. That is because, he is bipolar. There is not enough electrical coordination between the right, and left hemispheres of his brain to do that. That is usually, brain trauma of some sort. That is why they allowed smoking in hospitals, and jails to spot this behavior. That was to get rid of psychiatric violence. That is a dangerous patient. This person will attack, and kill a doctor. Eating is another activity to look for to spot obvious autism still active in adults. Opening a can of food with a can opener. If they can't open it after a couple tries they will throw the can away. These people need professional help. Morbid Obesity is a sign Psychosis at work. Fat People need Medical Attention. Over Eaters Anonymous can be there for people. Alcoholics Anonymous is there for Drunks. Narcotics Anonymous is there for Dopsters. These can work as Therapy Groups for even the Sex Addict. These are the famous Twelve Step Groups. Therapy usually, includes something like that in these Modalities.

 Property issues are the trait that always, killed them off in Auschwitz. They won't respect your property. You have noticed that all your ice cream is missing. That person won't replace it ever. Party crashing; where people show up uninvited, and just start helping themselves. The guest that never brings anything but, will drink up all your beer, smoke up all your dope, keep bumming cigarettes incessantly, and eat up all your food if you let them. Hanging out in places where they are no longer welcome. Like the paranoid they show a complete disregard for reality during these instances.

 They are natural rebels. They have to learn to hide this.

 Their juvenile records will show this. Unfortunately, there are people in Society that cover up for them.

 That makes them dangerous in the workplace. Read the book "Sabotage in America."

 Here is apicture of this collection of shoes. None them were suitable to wear in "Camp."

 That person will turn on you on impulse. That is why you can not have people like this in the Military. Because, they will shoot you in the back! Never turn your back on them.

 They are very bad with animals. As children they kill pets. That is because, they are naturally violent. Later on, they may conform enough to Cultural Norms. They may be able to have a pet. If they have a cat, or dog. That animal will be psychotic like. Autistic people have to learn to be affectionate more so than others.

  They may say they are allergic to animals. Mind you allergies even asthma are psychosomatic diseases. Lack of control in these cases is proof positive of our defective animal nature. Likewise, useless neural pathways, appendix, tonsils, andeniod, autoimmune diseases...

  Never associate with people like this at all. Because, they are sick. You might catch it. It is the way Autistic people manipulate everybody around them that does this. They make enemies. You don't want to be caught up in that.

  Allergies are a sign of Autism. Certain viruses also, produce this problem with the Immune System.

 There is a question? Do we really have an immune system? Or, are these just random responses to internal, and/or external stimuli? What if there isn't an Immune System at all in human beings? That this Immune System is nothing but, a System of Medical Sophistry? That would be totally misleading. The Fact that people do not have an Immune System is true. It is just something in the Romantic Mind in Doctors. Inflammatory Response inhibits healing. Cortisone shots stop this inflammation from killing people. Vitamin D is a steroid. Steroids usually, gotten from food should be there for good health. Lack of hormones is a major cause of disease, obesity, and premature aging.

 The role of viruses like encephalitis plays a large role in the creation of Autistic people. Mosquito borne diseases like West Nile virus are spreading through the population of the United States. What happens when a child already, predisposed towards Autism catches one of these diseases of the head? These diseases are very common in the United States of America. The majority of these folks never show up in a doctor's office, or a hospital. Somehow, they get over it. But, that does not mean they are unaffected. The virus has infected the whole nervous system. This will give rise to hundreds of systemic illnesses.

 Even the Common Cold affects the Central Nervous System. That is why a Common Cold has such strong symptoms they may even see a doctor. The Asian Flu is like this too. Both produce a cough reflex showing they affect the brain. A large part of both diseases is psychosomatic. Both of these diseases can lurk in the tonsils to later reinfect the individual later on. Imagine what that can do to an allergic Autistic boy? How about a railroad car filled with people in moderate to severe starvation? Can you imagine such a thing? It can kill off a "Camp."

 Using the Common Cold for example. Even though it is told there is one virus responsible for this disease. Usually, that is a Rhinovirus. Such Diagnosis is nothing but, an Educated Guess. An Educated Guess is a Medical Opinion. Medical Opinions still are not Practical Science. Brief Analysis shows there are over a hundred viruses which cause the same symptoms. These diseases are diagnosed as Colds. Even though these Pathogens have a different Etiology, and Prognosis later. The Tonsils play a role in frequent, and very severe Colds. Removal of the Tonsils is still more economical. The Adenoids can go too. The tonsils, and adenoids are the chief engine in producing antibiotic resistant bacteria. Colds will spread these antibiotic resistant bacteria allover the place. That is why Streptococcus, and Staphylococcus are found so frequently in hospitals. That is why antibiotic resistant bacteria are so common in hospitals. GERD maybe caused by a Flu like virus that hides in the tonsils. The surgery is always, needed in all cases to ensure Public Health. The cutting of nerves in thoracic cavity near the solar plexus was done in Auschwitz. The Emergency Rooms are frequently, filled with people hospitalized with cold virus sufferers with complications always, and Secondary Infections. Some of them fatal. Although, this situation may not get you Social Security Disability Benefits (SSI). It is still a frequent cause of Job Loss. We know a vaccine is coming? We do expect a cure in all instances. Population Densities are rising. We haven't got a moment to lose. Disease is ruling people's lives. An Inquisition into Medicine is needed. Yes. There are Witches in Medicine that believe they are real Doctors. We know this can't be true. Is it?

 Hey! Viruses like the Common Cold are Bio Warfare Harassment Agents being like Tear Gas are not covered by any Convention Against Germ Warfare. The bacteria that cause Dental Caries may fall into the same category. Measles and other Minor Childhood Diseases might make the hit parade too. What do you think?

 If this kind of Uncertainty comes from the Common Cold. All the constellation ailments around this disease. How much more so is the Diagnosis of Biowafare Agents even more difficult. Biowarfare Agents like Small Pox have been Bio Engineered to be Asymptomatic. The result is an AIDS like disease lurking behind a succession of diseases that come to a patient like lovers. These Novel Diseases are constantly being discovered, and rediscovered. All of them are devilishly hard to Diagnose, and Treat.

 A possibility, of Biowarfare opens up as big as the horizon. We expect this to come from the Civilian Sector. Even a Witch Doctor has launched major epidemics. A whole plenroma of Exotic Diseases: bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoans, and countless parasitic diseases. All of them wreck havoc on people, and anything of economic value. All these International Agreements and Accords are worthless trash.

 Worse such devices impede any rational solution in controlling these sneaky first use weapons. Solution: "Leave people alone. Quit doing things. No Charity, Relief, and/or Aid. Leave. You have done enough. Don't come back. Stay home. No traffic with those hostile regions is permitted. There is the Declaration of Camp as Fortress America per Roosevelt." The Nazis believed these weapons had too much Blow Back. These weapons will show up at home. That is  Blow Back. It is a form of Reciprocity.

 You can catch one of these viruses, and not show enough symptoms to go to a doctor. Many people are afraid of doctors anyway. Yet, that virus still does something to the brain. Something will be added to their genome. That way the immune system will recognize the virus as an invader. The human genome is loaded with all sorts of these relics. Our genes are being altered all the time.

 The human genome has been mapped out. There are these relics of our Ancient African Origin. Parts of the Ebola virus have been found in there, and many others.

 Rabies is a disease that is supposably not around. Human rabies that is nonlethal very much like the rabies found in bats has been found in certain populations of people in the United States. In that case it is very much like the flu, or the common cold. It is highly contagious. No one knows what it does.  The late Howard Hughes was terrified of sickness. Maybe, he was just nuts. But, then again Howard Hughes might of known something that he learned about during the Great War.

 Both the Allies, and the Axis may have tinkered around with Germ Warfare. The problem of Blow Back can not be avoided. These diseases can easily return back to the people that use them. It makes Bio Warfare Agents extremely hard to control. Many people thought they might not spread far, or be contained in a certain area. People are unpredictable. To what extent these weapons have been used we will never know much.

  Facts that Autism may afflict up to 30 % of the U.S. population are truly horrific. We need a cure right away. We all know those scientists are working tirelessly around the clock on this very thing. Of course, we want a cure for Autism not coping strategies. If you get a terrible disease of the head. You want a cure. Not being told you have to accept it as your destiny. You can still live with it somehow?

  Autistic people frequently find each other, and form relationships.

  They do marry, and produce children that are as perverse as themselves.

  Autism is the engine that drives Primitive Tribes. The Primitive Custom to stop a baby from crying like pinching the nose leads to autism later in life. Instantly, the maternal bond with their mother is broken. Their little Love Call will not be heard. Their family bond is not there. That child has been punked. They will never become patriots. Their brains become different in structure. They will kill their own parents. A Generation of Vipers: like those snakes the Young Viper is live born, and just crawls off. The Young Viper can easily fend for itself. It has more than enough venom to do all that.

  This is the Custom of the Euthanasia of the Elderly in Primitive Society.

  Another despicable Custom is Killing Girl Babies.

  Life is cheap in some lands where people aren't important.

   We don't want to raise savages.

  They have a problem with abuse.

  They all have a perverse intellect. That can justify anything.

  They fall victim to innumerable Sophistry devices like the alcoholic, the drug addict, and the collector.

The Gun Nut

 This autistic man collects firearms. He has ammo. Lots of it. He has a fifty round banana clip. His AK 47 is now, fully loaded, and fully automatic. The gun collector is fully loaded too. It is whiskey. That is bad. He will shoot at things for reasons known only to him because, he just feels like it. He is shooting at the moon. You can only shoot so many bullets from an AK47, and he has too many. His ammunition isn't that good either. His gun just blew up. He is dead.

 This map shows how the Black Death killed off three quarters of the entire population of Europe during the Dark Ages. That lesson has never been forgotten. Incidentally, rats were known as the carriers of this disease even back then. It is mentioned quite plainly in the "Old Testament." I Samuel 6 verse 4 - 18 there is a definite mention of appeasing the rats, or mice to convince God from spreading the Plague among them. Seven Golden Tumors are offered as a well. The Tumors are the Boils that are a Sign of the Plague. The Philistines a Sea Faring People had a great deal of knowledge of the Plague at over 1000BC. We will cover those specific verses later on. Isn't it strange how this ancient knowledge has been keep secret this long? That is why the Jews, and Heretics were persecuted for spreading the Plague. They were caught red handed raising rats, and mice for this very purpose. Just burning them at the stake as witches (terrorists) was too good for them. After suitable tortures they were glad it feed the flames.

  We can use the Profile of the Pyromaniac to find these people before they can do anything really bad.

  They blame others for tempting them. "The problem is not in their stars. It is in themselves." per William Shakespeare.

  These are all power issues. Because, they are weak people. Some studies have indicated that Autustic people commit 90% of the violent crimes in the United States.

 We have become a Country of women without wombs. It is more of this immoral make work for doctors, and knife happy surgeons. C Sections are preformed that are without any medical value. It just the mutilation of girls. The premature infants always, grow up into autistic adults. People that hate their parents. Why have a runt like that? It is just born to use you up. We can get rid of all those incubators in the hospitals. If it lives it is a real baby. If it dies it is still born. Then it is nothing but, a corpse.

 There is another problem with the C Section. This all nothing but, Make Work For Doctors. Even that Incubator could still have harmful radiation coming out of it. That man can do anything to you. While, he is inside you making mischief. He can remove your female organs.  He might tie your tubes. Well. During this time, he is also inside your head. He is a doctor like that. But, let's say he isn't normally like that. Yet, making work for doctors is ludicrous. It is prohibitively expensive. An Autistic Child will destroy your life. This Autistic Child grew uo to be a Doctor. He has a System of Ethics that tells him he isn't a Bad Man. This was all taught to him in Medical School. He is loyal to that System of Ethics. That System of Ethics says it is alright to lie to patients. It is alright to bankrupt them. It is alright to mistreat patients. Even if those treatments are without any Medical Value. It is alright to do Passive Euthanasia. That it is alright to kill patients. It is alright to torture patients. He doesn't have  to treat pain. He is in charge. He is not an employee. Everything he does is Medical Treatment. Do you want to have this Ethic in Medicine?  An Ethic without Morals. None of those terrible "Concentration Camps" would tolerate anything like this Medical Ethic. Do you think the Totenkophverbande would want somebody like this to be their  Doctor? Think about that. Be reasonable. The Government gets to pay for all of this. From the time of Medical School until, they are licensed Physicians. The People have a lot say in Medicine.

  Auschwitz got whole shipments of people like this constantly.

 Rather than, do all the paper work on executing thousands of individuals. "Camp" invoked "Executive Privilege," and called them all "Jews." Technocrats take "short cuts" all the time to reduce paperwork. This is really sneaky. The majority of the people in Poland don't know they are Jews. It works.

 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

 This was called "Camp Fever." That was the "Camp Norm." We see something like "Combat Fatigue" in girls in the United States. Coeducation of boys, and girls in in Public Schools seems to be the primary culprit. Very resilient people may later recover their humanity.

 Why do these "Educators" endorse Co Education? The answer will surprise you. It may cost hundreds of times more to educate a boy than a girl. Nevertheless, educating boys is surprisingly expensive. College Athletics can cost up to 80% of that School's Budget. Boys incur hundreds of other expenses. All of these expenses are carefully hidden behind the facade of Co Education. Britain can tell you that.

 But, by the time you get that boy back. He will become so corrupt he is absolutely useless to you. The University has become Vaudeville over the years. Here we have this Make Work For Teachers, and Other Essential People. They are not getting Passing Grades.

 Trade Schools in a "Work and Reeducation Camp" is the way to go. A "Rehabilitation Camp" is needed in severe cases.

 People that have an extreme startle response like a rabid dog are going to be crippled in public life. This goes along with hypervigilance were minor incidents alarm people tremendously. People hide indoors as much as they can. People are scared so much Commerce breaks down. The door to door sales person is not around. Avon products used to sell very well. The Kirby vacuums used to be a hot selling item. People don't want to be bothered with answering the door, and being confronted with a total stranger. All the Service Sector can not work very well. Maids are having problems finding work. The Hospitality Industry is in big trouble because, PTSD makes people impossible to please. PTSD is indistinguishable from Crowd Disease. Worse, psychological combat has become a mainstay of life in the United States. There are large numbers of professional agitators stirring up people's emotions. How can there not be an Economic Depression? Survivalists are convinced hoarding will save them. It won't.


We all know school records should be kept confidential.

 A little Negro boy purloined hundreds of school records. The "Little Cat Gang" did it several times. No one noticed anything wrong. After all it is Black History Month. There is a poor little white girl crying her eyes out. Her girl friend, and two sisters are in consternation over this. The "Little Cat Gang" understands. They were said to be Lesbians. A little boy found out he that he was gay. He didn't know that. You see children are just finding some of their school teachers are Playing the Role of Satan the Adversary. They are getting good schooling in human evil. There is no court that will convict these "teachers" of anything wrong. Regardless of the harm that it does. People have a right to keep official records on you. They can put anything they want in there. The courts say so. The Kangaroo Court is in session. The "Little Cat Gang" has ruled they are unworthy of life. Already, a burglary is in progress. The home owner is dead. Another one has been way laid while jogging. Dead from a brutal mugging. There is another dead at the wheel. It was an accident of course.

 Pornography especially, in School Records would get you a Death Sentence in "Camp." To be sure. The Reich examined all the records especially, in schools as part of Lebensraum. You have to examine teachers for sabotage in the classroom.

 We will have to examine Medical Records for this sort of problem as well. Of course, Police Records may be like this too. The Negroes always, say so in my Country. If you are a Minority like being Jewish. You can be harmed in this manner by somebody that is not objective, definitely not your friend, a real Enemy.

 Then there is bogus science. Like when the National Institute of Health caused the current drug epidemic that has claimed the lives of millions of United States Citizens. That is bad. That is just one of those Social Experiments Americans need to grow to hate. It is "Hate Day."

 Revolutionary Teachers will manufacture discontent in this manner. They may not have a conscience. Cults form around this Revolution. Discontent spreads like cacophony in a symphony as the other instruments try to rhyme with a horn that has gone flat. You understand, that person manufactures distrust. The whole purpose of having schools in the first place has been compromised. People are demoralized. Faculty Rot can set in especially, in a large University. The Philosophy Department can become infected with this Malady. Few suspect they are being taught Sophistry rather than Philosophy. Only Sophia can spot this, by the way. This Contagion spreads. It does. That happened in the Wiemar Republic. The whole system became volatile.

 All the Humanities are prone to this. The Sciences are not immune. In Science, it shows up mostly in procedures. The Fellows are committed to a kind orthodoxy. They present previous material in a new manner. It gives the illusion that actual research is going on in the laboratory. Yet, it is redundant. They not looking for new possibilities at all. It is like the novel idea that doctors should wash their hands after surgery before delivering babies to cut down on infant mortality. The Germ Theory of illness was not even a thought. This is how the Fellows can do that much damage by hindering progress. Chemistry had this problem with Alchemy. We see this again with the Vector Transmission of Disease. Walter Reed proved that. Let's just say Cancer Research is in the same vain. Finding a cure for AIDS? The same problem. It is the Fellows. We need new blood.

 There is a man. He has been teaching class in grade school for thirty years. The Gestapo has found irregularities in his evaluation of students. For example he has marked two boys as homosexual males. They are close buddies. He has no evidence to prove homosexuality. They are not kissing fiercely in the classroom. That has never been seen. They have never been caught in the act. Gestapo checked, and found they were not gay. Apparently, this man has been doing it for years. Harming countless children with wild accusations of indecency squirreled away in mountains of school records. His motives are political. It is a politics known only to himself, though. It is there. He is going to "Camp." Dachau is yearning for him like a lover. This squirrel is finally going to get what he deserves.

 Brotherhood is natural in men, and especially, boys. Sisterhood is very present in women, and girls too. It is important that people form these bonds. Whether they are gay, or not is not important. Romance is important. Love is good. That is what socializes all of us. People should care about each other. This dirty talk, and banter divides people. "A house divided against itself can not stand." President Lincoln said that during the American Civil War. Fighting Words have no place in a Civilized Society. Fighting Words are called Hate Speech these days.

 This Sophistry that belittles everything has to go. Would you like your name in small print? abraham lincoln? united states of america? christian? Would you like a bathroom called a john when your name is John? A female restroom is called a jane. Your name is Jane? You don't like it. Your name is Diana. People start calling you Di at high school. Diminutives, and superlatives of a person's name are usually, not welcome. There are all kinds of ways of getting at people. It is also called baiting people. It is Psychological Warfare that has gotten into our common speech. Kommandant Kitten wants you know about this.

 Many Historians have noted this kind of behavior prior to the rise Adolph Hitler. We find this kind of coarse speech a lot in Pre Nazi Germany. There is great deal of this joking. Cruel pranks are common. In one News Reel there is a Storm Trooper pulling away on an elderly Jew's beard. He is just having fun. Isn't he?

 There is a man. He has been told politely that he can have a Career in Prison. His whole life has been ruined by nay saying. He really isn't a bad man. In a good Federal Prison he can have food, housing, clothing, shelter, medical treatment, socialization, job training, and work. It is better than Welfare. When there are no jobs. He is a good worker. It is getting impossible to survive on the streets. Not being a bad man, and all that. He is trying to figure out what sort of crime he can be found guilty of to get him on the Inside of those Walls. Got any suggestions? Are you on the Outside looking for the Inside? Then "Camp" is the answer.


 Leaving the Depressive Disorders behind we might encounter megalomania, another disease of the head. Signs of clinical depression will be observed in the above conditions since, their life does not work. That is because, it is either parts of their life are missing, or have gone awry. Megalomania is different. Usually, males that are excessively religious, or have delved into the occult in some manner. Reincarnation is Sophistry. Some people might believe they are a God, or God Himself. Understand, most people are not interested in any of this. You understand, the difference between your public life, and your private life. The megalomaniac can not understand, this as well as the difference between sacred, and secular life. You should not bother them with all this kind of Sophistry. Sophistry means there maybe, some fallacious reasoning here. You might believe you are some famous personage like Hitler but, you don't need to tell Kommandant Kitten about this. Don't worry, your secret is safe with Kommandant Kitten. You might believe you are really "Perry Mason," or "Peter Gun." That is television fantasizing. Again, don't bother Kommandant Kitten.

 This man knows he is "Spruce." Spruce towers above humanity. It is best to humor him. Avoid him if that is at all possible. Megalomania is different. You may never know you are talking to one, or not. There is another thing that is possible. He really may be Spruce. That would be really scary.

 And, it is. Spruce attended the first Rock Concert at Monterey, California. Spruce left early. The police watching the Event from some distance wanted to talk to him. Spruce was a combat veteran. He looked like an ordinary Hippy. Spruce was more than happy to share with them. Spruce thought the man up on stage was an Enemy of America. Spruce shared with the police his knowledge of acoustics, and Psychological Warfare during the Korean War. They were very impressed. Because, he said a lot of other things as to why he hated everybody there. That sound on stage was destroying people's ear drums. Otherwise, the music was disintegrating people. Just as bad as Brain Washing. Brain Washing is Water Boarding. Spruce said it was deliberately put together like that. Spruce admitted he was crazy but, not that crazy. Off he went, for parts unknown. Spruce "went to ground" as they say in spy talk.

 This Beach Head in Monterey in the 60's is worthy of study. Spruce said there was a problem with the music. As a matter of fact there still is. When you analyse these wave forms. There are square waves instead of sine waves. Not only do we find infra, and ultra sound. Those sound frequencies can be very bad for people. If they are too loud. We find an electromagnetic spectrum that must not be there at all. Here we find kilo hertz, mega hertz, giga hertz, and even Q waves that are near the X ray spectrum. Wow!

 Strangely, our loud speakers don't have a squelch feature. The loud speakers in Auschwitz did. To stop excess noise. Your speakers in your telephone, television, radio, I tunes, and your computer speakers have no filtering to keep out Electronic Warfare waged by terrorists. That can kill you. Many people have been attacked on the Internet in this manner. Hackers are deadly. Especially, to a child.

 This Electronic Sonic Warfare stuff is in a wav. file. These wav. files are Sound Files on your computer. Kommandant Kitten has been  attacked in this manner at a Hostile Web Site. What does it feel like? Like you are having a heart attack. Poor Kitten. The Sound is audible, and high pitched. Kommandant Kittten immediately turned the computer off. Is it deadly? Who wants to know?

 These concerts have faulty equipment. Then again this may be a sneak attack. The levels of these electromagnetic waves are too high in rock concerts to be safe. This is a watt to half a watt of this radiation going into people. It will harm their brains.

 Strangely these frequencies can be reproduced by recording media for your listening "enjoyment." Your speakers will irradiate you with these same frequencies. It is barely measurable. But, it is there. It stimulates the brain in ways scientists are still trying to figure out. But, it does change brain cells. That is why you need filtering. Your stereo better have that. Chances are it doesn't.

 The Background Noise may be as significant as the performance you are watching. You can filter out the foreground. Playing this Media backwards can be quite startling. The Media will contain Code. You might not know it is there. For example you might not know Broadcasting Code. That is bias. At times they talking down to you like a small child. That should clue you in right now. It is a sort of dictatorship. We not only have a captive audience. We have captive performers too.

 The Radio Heads show up at these events all the time. These are Zap Technicians. These are genuine "assholes." "These people" are a product of Hippy Culture. They are really bad people. Bet you didn't know that a radio, or television broadcasting can be used as an improvised radiant energy assault weapon. It is a method of inducing "Crowd Disease" in people. This is a hangover from the Cold War era. It might still be around in some places. This is when broadcast energy can be focused. It has a lot of aversive effects on people. It makes you feel filthy. You want to take a shower right away. You will notice a "clearing effect." It is scary. The World Infamous Hollywood Beacon. This is usually, a "prank." You may go to the hospital, or shopping, and notice the peculiar absence of people in a given area. There is a kind of herding effect too. That is when somehow everybody wants to leave in mass when it hits them. It can really wreck your mind. People will appear like they are "high" on drugs. It is a real bummer. This is the real estate stuff that can move people out of their apartments, or houses. It was used on the Negroes in the 60's. Marches, and demonstrations can be broken up with this trick too. Broadcasting must never have the ability to be focused on people for any reason. It should not have any beam, or beacon capabilities. It is just not needed these days. This obsolete junk has to be pulled out of these stations, and replaced with "good stuff." That is stuff that has military specifications: "mil spec" for short. That way it will be less prone to break down, or do anything weird like broadcasting frequencies not authorized by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for that station. No one should be able to connect a Signal Generator up to a Broadcast System to broadcast a frequency that maybe illegal, and harmful to people. Because, that station will not be able to broadcast any other frequency to stop stations from "frequency jamming" according Federal Trade Commission (FTC) standards. There will just be a crystal with that frequency standard. No technicians will be needed at all. It must be installed by the manufacturers, by the way. That is to meet insurance requirements. Like a lawsuit over "sick building syndrome," or something like it. That can cost a broadcaster billions of dollars. Because, they will lose their FCC (Federal Communications Commission) License, and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) will get after them too. That is not to mention criminal penalties.

 Have ever wondered why hours of television viewing, and listening leaves people limp, and exhausted? They have been zapped!

 The first understanding, is a knowledge of physics pertaining to radiant energy, and its effects on matter. Knowing that radiant energy mistakingly referred to as "heat," or "light." Most of the time it is called radiation. Light has photons that possess wave, and particle properties. It has electricity, and magnetic properties. Hence, an electromagnetic spectrum of frequencies. Visible light has a wave length. A frequency that can be measured. Some people call this a vibration. As though radiant energy has sound like qualities. It does. Some frequencies can be heard even smelled. Do they smell good? No, they don't? They smell terrible; something like musty ground, or rotten fish. If you can smell that you are in trouble. Because, the radiant energy is strong enough to harm you. Some frequencies may have a hissing sound. You don't want  to hear it. That is powerful radiation that is bad for you. Sometimes, this is a bomb like sound, or explosive sound. Usually, this is associated with one of those powerful objects called bombs. You don't want to be around that at all. "Tummy Wind" is a unique experience if you receive a certain frequency into your abdomen. You can't talk about "Tummy Wind" because, your mouth becomes bone dry. Tactile sensations like the famous microwave itching (itch ray). Is an experience no technician wants to ever repeat again. It is a kind of very mild burn less than a first degree burn. Even X rays, and gamma rays have frequencies.

 There is a problem here. Most of the people that got into this scene were people of English descent. This could be called a kind of genocide. Because, so many of these people died prematurely from preventable causes. This may be as high as thirteen million people over a time span of five decades.

  The White Anglo Saxon Protestant is very much hated by the people. Security is pretty expensive. But, it is worth it. These people need to go home. There is no future in the United States of America for them at all. Protestantism is a misleading fabrication by unqualified scholars. That is because, there is no longer any Protest against the Roman Catholic Church. We have to quit using this terminology. It is socially divisive.

War is Peace.

 We have got to examine this Religious Problem. Because, of the experience of so much of those Religious by products greatly in the Secular World. Who gets hired? Who gets called dirty names. Who has no friends on the other side of life? Who has trouble at school? What about finding work? Knowing unless, you have a livelihood. You can join the Military. Not easy. Unless, they have War. Then you are lucky. Then you can be cannon fodder. Now, you are a hero. Don't worry. Your widow still has her poison. His children may need it too. In case life becomes impossible. This is the Ugliest Face of Apartheid. The Origins of Apartheid are founded in Asceticism. Like a Collective Hysteria: Apartheid forms a more lasting Illusion. Necessary Illusions to maintain the Status quo.

 What exactly is a Protestant? Well, there aren't any. Martin Luther had a Protest against corruption, and idolatry that may have existed inside the Church of Rome. Mind you Martin Luthur is still a Roman Catholic. Martin Luther still has enough pull within the Roman Catholic Church to make His Demands known, and debated in Rome. The Empire of the Roman Catholic Church could be likened to the Tower of Babel. The Reformation was to Reform the Roman Catholic Church only. That is not going to happen. The Parishioners become angry. They finally, decide to break with the Mother Church rightly, or wrongly, or both. It becomes a Rebellion. In the Book: the Bible; rebellion is the same as witchcraft. There is no Protest, no Reformation only, a War of Extermination. "By their acts. You shall know them." Meaning whoever prevails on the battlefield will be the Church of State. Protestantism, and Reformation are stone dead.

 In some Countries the King establishes a Religion. It Great Britain it is the Queen that recognizes a Religion. Wicca in Great Britain is not a Religion. The Huguenots are not a Religion either. The Free Religion of the Huguenots is any Religion they profess to have to achieve their own ends. Hypocrisy is not a Religion much. Here it could be. It is a matter of convenance. Other Religions not recognized by the Royalty. Are a form of Mind Control. They nothing but, Cults.

 Long ago, people broke away from the Mother Church to form their own Churches, and are no longer protesting. They are whatever faith they claim but, they are not Protestants. It might require some more space to list their true faith: Mormon, Episcopal, Orthodox, Society of Friends (Quakers), and so forth. They have different Traditions. Also, they may have a different Book.
 This is not the case anymore. The Protest, and Reformation didn't happen. Hundreds of different Religions have formed. There is no more Protest. No one wants to Reconcile. Possibility of Reforming the Roman Catholic Church is nil. The Roman Catholic Church does not believe that kind of Reformation is needed. Christians are killing Christians. There they are in the arena swords drawn, fighting to the death like gladiators. That Dishonors all Christians before God. The "Age of God's Grace" that allowed the formation of the Christian Church is over. Thus we all live in an "Age of God's Wrath." The Holy Spirit has departed. The Great Tribulation is here. It is a curse to be born during this Time of Destruction. The Saints are being killed. The Angels are going to be destroyed. During this Time of Destruction it will be needed. We live in a World of Destruction. The "Book of Revelation" seems to say so.  "Wars, and rumors of Wars." That is where we are at now.

 You know you are a good person. You are good person. That makes you a Villain.

 People might think they have the Spirit. That is not God. Even though they think so. They may have very powerful, and moving experiences. They want everybody to have the same Religion they have. But, God is greater.

 Sir Winston Churchill was actually, a Huguenot. The Huguenots are Unbelievers. A Quaker is allowed to be an Unbeliever. Technically, a Satanist can be classified as a Protestant too. Bogomiles are Protestants. Bogomiles have a Dualistic Godhead Christ, and Satanael. The Manichaens are also Dualist. The Manichaens have been found in Iraq, India, and China. The most dangerous Cult around. The Nicolatitanes the Church that God hates per "Revelation" qualify here. The Nicolatitanes are still around in Armenia. It appears the Apostle Judas Iscariot was the first Protestant.

 Huguenots a have a little known Religion like the Bogomiles. The Huguenots are the Progenitors of Bolshevikism. This should give you a look at how far that Crusade extended itself. We can't really be sure if the Huguenots originated in either France, or England. The Huguenots also, haled from Other Lands.

 The Roman Catholic King of France, and the Lutheran Prussian Armies combined to drive the Huguenots from Denmark. It took a long time to burn them all up. That is why most of Denmark is Germanic.

 Lord Calvin in Geneva, Switzerland never seen a Huguenot. No doubt he prayed constantly for that to always, be so.

 By the time of Napoleon Bonaparte the Huguenots were extinct in Europe.

 The Church of England did not tolerate Huguenots. It would ruin their Church.

 Sir Winston Churchill conducted the War in such a disastrous fashion. Churchill's Huguenot beliefs made this a Religious War. Thanks to Mr. Churchill millions of good Christians died in that War, and its aftermath. Mr. Churchill was a Homosexual Man. Homosexuals are in high places all over Britain. Even the King is one. British Intelligence is filled with these Gay Men. You will never find any of these Sodomites anywhere near the Front Lines.

 Being that what it may It was very hard for the British to keep up with the Barbarians across the Big Pond. President Woodrow Wilson was a Gay Man. J Edgar Hoover even married his Gay Lover. Unlike the British the American Navy was filled with Love Boats. The British Army was ramrod straight. The American Army had incredible numbers of Pansies in their ranks. Killing them all off. Their Generals are more than equal to the task. Then having real men, and even women replacing them would happen later.

 Mind you the Nazis made a genuine effort to surrender unconditionally. Hitler could be put in cage. It could be said the Nazis had homophobia. Considering what happened we should all be scared if homosexuals ever get any power over us. Male Homosexuals are total oppressors. They can't stop being bad.

 If it weren't for the Politics of Gay Males back then. Gay Males wiped out most of the Jews in Europe. Every Country in Europe has been ravaged by these Politics of Gay Males. We could have a World without Gay Men. Kommandant Kitten can see this World plainly. All we have to do is make this happen.

 It gets uglier after the War. It is hard to believe anything like this was possible. Yet, these Monsters in human garb are getting worse. This is how the Occupation of Europe becomes the Free World.

 How are they going to have peace in Auschwitz? Auschwitz views World War II as another Religious War. This problem of Religion has to be addressed in Auschwitz. Religion was analyzed, and very well studied until, the Auschwitz People reached a conclusion. As a result Auschwitz became a Secular Community. It is pointless to Worship God in Hell anyway. Religion was banned to cut down on strife. There may have been something. But, not much.

 The Road of Religious Bigotry leads people back to the Problem of Apartheid. The people that have different Religions do not mingle. This is every bit as bad as Racism. Selfishness!

 Auschwitz had to do something. Auschwitz had to produce a Religious Doctrine. Peace is a Lie. People are always, at War. They had to be honest in "Camp." We know people don't want to get along. The "Camp People" didn't like each other. They have to drop that Pretense that we can get along with each other. We are all enemies. Yet, we all must live here in the "Harmony of Camp." This is how you Organize. You have to bring warring parties to the "Peace Table." They are all right there in "Camp." We can only have a Relative Peace but, Peace is still War. That is as good as it is going to get. This is called Disillusion.

 There is a "Philosophy of Camp." Let's assume you are normal. Let's talk about girls. Girls like be able to act like girls. Girls dress up. They do. That shouldn't offend you. So all the latest fashion is there. You know girls flirt. That shouldn't bother you. Girls can be very friendly. Girls will touch you intimately. She may even kiss you. Even a lap dance, or teasing is natural. But, that is not sexual foreplay. That should not offend you at all. Because, the girl is just being friendly. It won't go further. Girls can be sexual. They always, are. That doesn't mean you can rape them. People need to be amorous. That binds them more thoroughly to the Culture we are building. Then we can trust their Honor.

 Kommandant Kitten wants a World that is "Girl Safe." That anywhere in the World a girl will not be harmed physically, psychologically, and/or spiritually. A Civilized Planet. What a concept?

 But, there are people that break up people's lives. It is a Religion with them. When we live. They die. There are no other choices. If you want to live in "Camp." They have to die. Every imaginable remedy has been tried. It has failed. You may love your neighbor as yourself. Only, if you can trust them with your life. Every system of morals, ethics, and law depends on this kind of relationship. Otherwise, you have War.

 The problem whatever, we have been talking about is outlined above. We can't have nuts running around loose. Foreigners come to my Country, and they think Americans are all crazy. Crazy people have no honor you can trust. That harms business to no end. We have these people that believe that these folks can be loose in my Country. That is because, they are saboteurs. So we have this climate of uncertainty. Our towns, and cities are turning into Scaresvilles. That is really scary. Are you being followed?

 We have to understand, what a Dictator is: like the Commandant of Auschwitz. Auschwitz is Imperial. Sir Roosevelt has a "Camp" too. Roosevelt is an Imperial President. He is like the the Commandant of Auschwitz an Absolute Ruler. President Roosevelt has an Imperium like the Roman Emperor did in Ancient Rome. The Imperium in this case is the Senate. The Commandant's Imperium is in the Capos. The Praetorian Guard is in the Echelon. The Common Man, or Woman entering "Camp" are considered to be Subhuman. "Camp" in both cases Humanizes them transforming them into "Camp Persons." They have become fully Human. They have been redeemed by "Camp." People have Security Needs that must be met in order for them to Self Actualize, and become fully Human. In order to get rid of the Great Depression Sir Roosevelt had to keep building, and tending his "Camp."

 Like the Roman Emperor Trajan Roosevelt believed in force not money. The English are incapable of thinking outside these parameters. The English are talking in terms of how much? Trajan thinks in terms can we do this? The Treasury of Rome is meant to be spent to keep people busy. This built Rome into a better Empire.

 The English never really got a System of Imperialism. At its' worst it was a organized system of robbery. The Boer War stands out as an example of this. The Dutch didn't like it. The British built a lot of "Concentration Camps" in South Africa to house the Boer People. They were not good "Camps." The hypocrisy of England is invincible.

 "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair accurately describes the plight of the Common Man, or Woman in America at the turn of the Century. You can read "Hard Times" by Studs Terkel. By the time of Roosevelt their situation is much more desperate. "The rich do what they can, and the poor do what they must." For all intents, and purposes the Common Man, or Woman is under a sentence of death. They are damned. Famine is their God. Because, they are not in Roosevelt's Camp.

 In the Auschwitz "Camps" you could lose your Humanity. The "Tedium of Camp" by itself can erode your life away. That has to be broken. One of the means of doing that is work. They have to be able to play. "Camp" is not entirely aversive. An Aversive Society dehumanizes people too much. This is true for everybody in "Camp."

 This picture is from Auschwitz Berkanau. Those people are still alive in the Infirmary. They will live, or die there. They probably, have typhus. If one of those people does live after catching that. They must be a super man.

 Auschwitz smiles on people like that. That is why they don't just kill them after they have made it through "Camp." It is axiomatic. You don't kill people because, they are sick. Everybody, gets sick in "Camp." You don't harm your own.

 In the "Concentration Camps" they had Circus. Oh! You don't know what Circus is. Does the Circus Maximus of Ancient Rome mean anything to you? This "Circus of Camp" existed in all the Tributaries of Rome: Carthage for instance. That Circus was a Pageantry of Executions, and Entertainment. That should give some meaning to how the Ancient Romans kept the people in line with "Bread, and Circuses."

 The Dictator is Big Brother. He can not be your enemy. He has to win you over. He has to convince you we are all family. He really is your brother. Big Brother loves you. The Dictator will have orders. "You have to button your tie." No one's tie has any buttons. This order doesn't make sense. The Dictator knows that. The Dictator just wants to know if you are ready to follow orders. Every Dictator does this.

 There is another kind of Dictator. That is a King. You should understand, there is a Separation between Church, and State. The Royalty bridges this chasm. Then the Sacred can be here. Otherwise, the Church will be unknowable. Because, you live in the Secular World. In times long past, the Vicar of Christ is there for the Church. The Pope is there to lead the Church. The Pope is a Dictator. The King is there for the People.

 Let us examine people. We have to know if they are human, or not. What if they are not? That they are really there to use everything up. That is what they think. There is a "man." Everything is there for him to use. If you don't know that. He will marry you. He will use you up. Everything you have will be his. While, he is using you up. He will continue to use up your parents, your relatives, your friends, and everything in the Whole Wide World until, it has been used up completely. He is a Drone. Any children he begets are just there for him to use. He doesn't love them. He doesn't love you. He doesn't have any friends. He doesn't have anything like it. He is a member of this Resistance League. This is really his Idealism. Make a note of it. These are the Ideals of Drones. They are King Bees. Everywhere there is honey. They will use it all up. They won't make any honey but, they will use it up.

 There is a movie called "How to not raise bees" written, and produced by Sappho. It starts out with the bee keeper putting seventeen African drones into this hive of ordinary honey bees. You can see everything that is going on. The queen bee killed one drone. This is not love exactly. These drones possess enormous venom sacs. The queen is finally over powered, killed, and eaten by the drones. Now, the drones have all the pheromones that fool the worker bees into feeding them, more royal jelly. There is a drone plainly eating an immature queen bee. The drones eat lots of honey. The drones have taken over. There are enough worker bees in this hive to keep them all alive for three years. Worker bees are not either male, or female. So this hive dies off.

 Sir Roosevelt would catch his Party Captains trying to use people instead of rally for the Big Election. None of these "Brown Shirt" routines, Shaking people down. This has to be put down by the "Old Man" himself. There are these heart felt talks. "You are going to do what I tell you to do. Nothing but, what I say. You going to live the way I tell you. Get out of here!" The Drone's wings have been clipped. His stinger has been amputated that quickly." "America has to make sense."

 "The Click:" Click, Click, Click, Click, Click." Hangs up the phone. That is Mr. Roosevelt. That is his call sign. Now, you know more lore from those times.

 During the War there are these communiques that give you the sense you are on the Other Side of Life. Sir Roosevelt wants to win. But, first he has to get his Military to fight for him.

 This a Statue of the Chinese Ghost King. Kommandant Kitten is including the Analects of Confucius to download here. The Analects of Confucius represent a System of Civilized Conduct.

Because, of the Neutrality Act in makes mobilization of the Military difficult. Worse all the Military personal need a lot of Training. For instance, the United States Navy, and the Merchant Marine need Anti Submarine Warfare Training. A Coastal Defense Strategy has to be implemented right now. Government Agencies need to be on lookout for Foreign Spies, and Saboteurs. Aircraft have to built to meet the challenge in the skies.

The General Problem

"The General has the brains of a fruitcake."

Vice President Richard Nixon

 You know a fruit cake is filled with nuts. Was Richard Nixon somehow running the Country?

 General Eisenhower the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces has turned into somebody's lap dog. Eisenhower is a Huguenot just like Sir Winston Churchill. Roosevelt does not know this, by the way. But, we can be in on the Secret.

 General Mc Aurthur's clock has been cleaned thoroughly by the Japanese. General Eisenhower has to hone up on his fighting skills. Eisenhower can start doing that in North Africa. "Rommel is the Desert Fox." "You can look for Germans." "You might find Germans." "Keep our forces moving forward. That's an order Sir." "I hear you are going to attack France. Why?" "It's the British. I didn't know you would respect them more than me." "You are taking heavy casualties. Your men aren't fighting enough. Get them going." "Patton is going through Luxembourg. Keep moving. That's right. You need to keep fighting Germans. Have at it."

 Kommandant Kitten wants you to study American advertising. The cigarette ad below should prove to be most instructive. It is based on an Industrial Philosophy called Consumerism. That female model is fully human, and self actualated. You the buyer is encouraged to consume cigarettes. You are not supposed to waste them. Excessive use of the product is not even suggested. You will never see ash trays overflowing with cigarette butts in any cigarette advertisement. There is no trash like crumpled packs of cigarettes, or empty cigarette cartons laying around. Huh!

 President Roosevelt wanted people to consume cigarettes to boost the economy in the tobacco growing regions. Keep people working their way out of this Famine. Keep people from being too good. America needs workers not saints. Saints are nothing but, freaks anyway. Do you want to live with one? You will never please a Saint.

 Once upon a time. There was a Sorority. This Sorority was in every Campus in California. The word Campus is derived from the word "Camp." "Camps" are not Democratic. It is a Dictatorship of the Proletariat. But, you can join a "Camp." Strangely, those "Auschwitz Camp Laws" still apply here in this situation too. So the "Simple Camp Laws" are in effect. The Sorority has a Leader. Just like the "Auschwitz Camps" have a Commandant. A Military Base has a Commander. College is a form of Basic Training. It goes further if they join the Military. The purpose, or mission of this Sorority is produce a "Camp Person." A "Camp Person" is a very sought after Worker. Every "Camp Person" has been instilled with Ethics, and Morales. That means the "Camp Person" can be trusted to work without supervision. First, and foremost is Loyalty.

 Our heroines have different ideas. Bad Bolshevik ideas. They don't think they need any leadership! They believe they have the right to vote for their Leader. The Sorority's by Laws say they don't. This becomes a Statewide Rebellion.

 All the people that support this Sorority are extremely disappointed. That is on, and off Campus. There are whole Foundations. That are well, disappointed. Captains of Industry, and they are disappointed. There are Politicians that are disappointed. The Government is disappointed. The Banks are disappointed. That list of disappointed people is not endless. But, it is a long list of very disappointed people. Annnd, they want satisfaction.

 Later, our heroines find they are no longer members of a Sorority. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! All their grant monies are not there for them either. As a matter of fact those folks that issued those grant monies want them payed back. They do. All those job prospects have vanished.

 They are all minority students that have fallen for a Classic Trap. There would be more much more subtle traps awaiting them if they finish School.

 Half of our heroines are no longer in the running. Strangely, they are dead. Physically.

 The other half that goes on to finish College can't find suitable employment. Life is hard.

 Here it is. This Basic Training in College does not follow an honest Military paradigm. Students know nothing about what awaits them. That is very misleading. The Way is literally strewn with hundreds of traps, snares, and pit falls. The first one is Loyalty. Patriotism is in there too. Then we have Comradeship. Selfishness is another Classic Trap. Teamwork is emphasized a lot. New people have to be tested.

 Americans really need to know what kind of Civilization they really have. Culture. That defines who you are. Then from that prospective we will continue to examine the Culture of Auschwitz, and other Cultures that existed in those times. All those Cultures were terrible. Most of them existed during a Time of Global Famine. People were dying by the millions. True.

 We need to be very clear. No jokes. Auschwitz was not a joke. But, did they believe in Atlantis? Not much. But, the Thule Society did. The Occult did figure in a lot. Not just in Nazi Germany. Propaganda is always, filled with the mind set with the idea the impossible is possible. Sometimes, it is like the Atom Bomb. Death Rays? Acoustic Weapons? The Satan Bug? Exotic Poisons? Novel Methods of Execution? Auschwitz was in the forefront. After all this stuff might really produce the Super Weapons Germany needed to win the War.

 Kommandant Kitten wants you to know something about the real nuttiness of all this Occult Speculation. How that has formed our Present Day World. The Occult can be very real at times, or it can be made to look like it. In War it is good to have Hades on your side. These nut cases can be useful at times. When insanity becomes the norm in the enemy. It is easy to defeat them. To make them submissive. They will even love you.

 Do you understand, something about this Drone? Do you know what "Scorched Earth" is? It is a Military term. It is meant to deny the enemy life. That Drone doesn't necessarily hate you. It is just being itself. Yet, you are now, at War. Do you understand, he is going to kill you in this manner? If he can. He will. He will work you to death. He is not an employer. He is a slave driver. He might sell you to somebody else.

 Echelon has to be explained. Echelon is a Military term regarding the orderly succession of Command. The Political Echelon in the United States begins with President Woodrow Wilson. The United States by Constitutional Law can not have any Title of Nobility given to any Ruler. Echelon is still a form of Royalty. Presidents Wilson, Hoover, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Clinton are part of this Ruling Echelon. Bush Sr, Bush, and Obama are not Echelon; are not part of this Ruling Echelon. Some of the American Presidents left out are in doubt.

 There has to be an orderly succession in American life. Business has to go on as usual. Otherwise, you can't keep a contract. The Foreign Policy won't change too much either. That is the purpose of Echelon.

 Now, a New Political Echelon has to form. The demands of the Modern World dictate this. Otherwise, Government will cease to function. Of course, the New Breed has Echelon.

 Some of the famous Heydrich sayings are here probably, for the first time ever anywhere. “We have to solve the German Problem. The Jews don’t have any problem once, they are all exterminated! Yet, I can’t for the life of me. I do not understand why?” “If the "Little Man" is a problem we can deport him to Poland?” “We can put a mannequin in the Chancellor’s Office no one will ever know it’s not Him.” “Did you know Hitler failed “Selection” (Auschwitz: two relatives of Adolph Hitler were gassed upon arrival. The other one got too close to the “Camp Fire.”) “Can anybody, do something about the "Little Man’s" head lice?” “We have to check for loyalty. That is German Loyalty!” “This Hitler business is becoming a dangerous Cult. Why am I the only one saying this?” “I hear they even want to kill me? I do want to find this out. I always, like understanding anything like this.” “I hear Herr Hess has gone to Britain. Why wasn’t I notified about this? It’s that secret. Ugh!” Finally, in walks the “Little Man” as people are trying to refrain from laughing still trying to salute His vanity. Through all of this Heydrich is grimly poker-faced as usually, befitting him as Hitler praises him abundantly.

 Adolph Hitler had a lot less power as Chancellor of Germany than President Roosevelt enjoyed. The Prime Minister of England had nothing like the kind of power that President Roosevelt could wield in War Time. A mistake that would later cost Winston Churchill his life. Churchill died from Cancer of the Spine. Cowardice. Churchill would not seize the Reins of Power in England to end the War quickly. A folly the would bring millions of casualties. An unforgivable sin in President Roosevelt's eyes.

 "This is our finest hour." Huh? Great Britain is being bombed into the Stone Age. Churchill sounds incompetent. You would not want a man like that to be President of the United States?

 When President Roosevelt heard things like this He knew he was backing the wrong people. With the British gone, whole vistas of World Trade would open up. The Japanese would go along. He knew all those Islands were fortified. The British again are playing the Spoiler. The British wanted Manchuria. As if Australia was devilish enough. All over the West Coast of America the Australians were hated, These caused the First Vigilantes to form in America. It sometimes, helped keep them in line unless, the United States Army had to intervene. The Australians at first took over the bars. It would spread to your Churches. The opium was flooding into the region. The naturalized Chinese fought them constantly. They were just cooks. That was the beginning of the Tong Society in America. The Vigilantes left them alone. The Real Citizens of San Franscisco were so fascinated with the Tong Killings of the Australians. The City Police said the Tong Society was impenetrable. But, who wanted to look for the Tong Society? Like a trap door spider a Tong Society person would materialize out nowhere to kill any unsuspecting Australians foolish enough to still be around in San Francisco. All these murders still remain unsolved.

Wannsee Conference

 Wannsee Conference, or more accurately the Wannsee Convention convened to deal finally, with the “Camp” issues namely, "Hitler’s World Famous Resorts." Those Wannsee Conventions were convened several times to deal with this self same issue Worldwide even prior to World War II. Many Foreign Heads of State attended these meetings as well concerning the "Jewish Problem." This last Convention was unique because, these Concentration Camps were going to be turned into killing centers.

 At this Wannsee Hitler had “a problem” with his head, and the Totenkopfverbände wanted everyone there to know that. The Totenkopfverbände was always, very interested in Hitler’s medications. Hitler was already, taking a quasi-hallucinogenic dose of belladonna plus strychnine (Nux vomica) for a stomach complaint (Tolland's "Hitler") since, 1938. An overdose of this medication can cause a condition that is indistinguishable from paranoid schizophrenia. This is classified by psychiatrists as a severe psychosis, by the way. Herr Heydrich added methamphetamine to Hitler’s regimen to really help the “Little Man” out. Hitler is beginning to gesticulate wildly, and raving like the lunatic he truly is. Hitler wanted to close all the “Camps,” and kill all the Jewish parasites in place. All the time Adolph Hitler is doing his awesome “space walk” talking like a true “airman first class.” There is no doubt in that room that this man can really fly. He almost, says so in this atrocious monologue that any "drugman" would find hard to beat.

 The Wannsee Conference is part of a Convention still part of the Versailles Treaty. If you are Jewish? Wouldn't you want to know more? The Versailles Treaty has had several Conventions. Wouldn't you want to know what they said about Jews? Mind you that over a million German Jews are dead years before the Nazis came to power.  There are half a million German women of means dead in those times. By the time of the Wannsee Convention there are two and a half million dead Brown Shirts.

 There is a War. A War that the Nazis said they would never fight. But, fighting they are on several Fronts outside the German State. Let us say you are a top Nazi. How are you going to explain all this to the German People? Obviously, the Jews didn't start this War. They did. They all realize they are going to lose the biggest War in Human History. They all must die for that.

 You need to see all those photographs of Negroes that are being hung all over the United States. The people like it. Some of those well written accounts with those photos say so a lot. This goes on to the 30's. It peaks towards the famous Bonus Riots. The War Veterans were gathering at Washington DC. This was  an attempted coup d' etat. That was why President Hoover acted the way he did.

 Heydrich wanted something interesting. Everyone was to have a positive experience in a hospital. This was to encourage people to seek medical treatment. That stops disease epidemics. It was a revolution in health care. That is probably, long over due in my Country. Heydrich wanted a Totalitarian System that would track every shot, every pill, any other medicine, or procedure, every liter, or fraction of a liter of water, any tests run, amount of excrement, all bedding, etc that goes for a patient in the German Reich. That there were practical standards that must be followed in every instance. Heydrich understood, that Socialized Medicine could go terribly awry. That funding could be diverted via fraud. That medical providers would claim to have rendered treatment that really wasn't given, or substandard. Medical treatment must be brief, and effective. Not long drawn out over multiple doctor's office visits using sub clinical treatments: drugs, therapies, etc. That could take years. That stops abuse, and promotes work. That the medical system would not be penetrated by foreign spies, criminals, or cults. That was to make sure that doctors practiced a Science of Medicine, not an Art of Medicine (Witchcraft). No more "beads n' rattles." No one was to be killed in a hospital. A hospital is a place of healing. A hospice is a place of death. There should be no torture in a hospital. Understand, that torture is hard to spot in hospitals. Making sure that doctors don't prescribe poisons, or medical treatments that are detrimental to their patients. Pain is to be treated adequately according to Official Protocol (SD). Because, doctors will do things on their own. That shouldn't happen. They have to watch out for blood feuds. Political assassinations are possible too. All medical treatment was to adhere to secular standards. Religious practices were banned on pain of death. This was because, Religious hatred was so rife in Germany it caused havoc in hospitals. There would be a Security Service (SD) person present in each hospital to insure patient safety. There would be several Nurses under Ilse Koch to make sure no one suffered from untreatable pain. "Hell should not be in a hospital." That has to be the maximum effective dose of a reliable narcotic pain killer. Heydrich knew about the Myth of Healing. Kommandant Kitten would go further. There would be a full panel of blood tests run on each patient no matter what. To catch any hidden health problems, contagious diseases, and/or genetic abnormalities. That Public Health is there to prevent disease as well to stop the spreading of it. There are no harmless diseases. Biowarfare is real. There were new diseases, and old diseases being found in the people. They always, are due to evolution. For example Heydrich would have stopped AIDS after the epidemic made its appearance in Germany. Quarantine would be instituted immediately. People trying to block this would be executed in place as terrorists. The source of the contagion would be found. Every attempt would be made to find a cure for this atrocious malady. Terrorists may use a hospital, or a clinic as a source of improvised biowarfare weapons. A lot a research on viruses goes on in hospitals which could be diverted for that purpose as well. Universities pose still a greater problem via biowarfare, or careless research. Research using resistant insects: flies, fleas, cockroaches, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects of economic importance have gotten away causing serious economic losses. Another, problem is research on exotic diseases of animals, and plants like: AIDS in mice, parrot fever, and Oriental fruit fly may create novel organisms. Also, these Institutions do interstate transfer of a lot of hazardous biological materials, animals, and plants. These materials have arrived at the wrong locations like let's say on your doorstep. It has happened. Some these materials have even gotten lost.

 The British Model is very stringent. It is a "Sanitary War." It is a Military Paradigm. It is to Militarize everything that has to deal with sickness, and disease. Nothing from a "Sick Place" a.k.a. a hospital, clinic, or treatment arena was to exist in Civilian Life.  "Civilian" designates Women, Children, and the Infirm only. This comes from the Times of the Black Death. The Military Overseas was not allowed to come Home. Quarantine Measures permit the killing of anyone that was possibly infected. Remember that none of these Exotic Diseases had a cure. Many of these Exotic Diseases still don't have a cure.

 Unlike Heydrich no materials from a "Sick House" were to be in the possession of the General Public on Pain of Death. Everything in a "Sick House" had to bear an Insignia. Any personal guilty of distributing said materials are to be burned alive for spreading disease under these Witch Acts. The Witch Acts cover anybody Unregistered caring for the sick. They are trying to avoid Quarantine. The Witch Acts cover Terrorism using Germ Warfare.

 Even the Garbage Man has the right to Impose Martial Law. Because, of the Sanitary War. A Garbage Man has the Right to Prevent, or Halt the Unauthorized Dumping of Contagion.

 The United States of America has no such Protection.

 Morally speaking all medical treatment must be both safe, and effective. Medical treatment must be reliable. That means the results will be similar, regardless of who, and where that treatment is given. Because, these medical treatments are repeatable. We can have a standardized system of medical treatment. The "Concentration Camps" had such a system of medical treatment. They had no medical specialties. The "Camps" only had medical doctors, surgeons, attendants, and nurses. That is the most economically feasible Health Care System possible in any time. There you are. This is the Ideal Health Care System.

 Then we have a problem with those Research Mice. They are infected with Herpes. That is a Cancer Virus. The Mice maybe infected with Other Diseases. People must handle mice with gloves to stop this. You can catch them too. The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) claims that Laboratory Animals are being treated terribly. You know what? That will invalidate any Cancer Research. Because, everything will appear to cause Cancer. These days there is no end to these reports of food, air, water, medicine, etc causing Cancer. Huh?

 It was very hard to get this hospital there. These are all Waffen SS German Army. God knows what the "Camp." had to give them for this favor.

 There has been a very dangerous trend in Medicine. "Don't trust anybody that doesn't smoke, or drink." This adage must be used to weed people out that are "too good." Especially, in men because, of male display behavior. Doctors for instance can have delusions of grandeur. The persecution complex is usually, not present. Narcissism again but, not obvious, and disguised under the pretext of doing good. They may see themselves as heroes. They make value judgments according to some hidden system of values known only to them. They kill patients somehow. This is always, political but, it won't seem like it. You have to do an analysis of them in order to find it. This will do as a profile.

 There is a way to put the same system just like Heydrich's in hospitals in the United States. Did you know the Surgeon General has the same kind of power to police hospitals the way they must be? The Surgeon General is a Commandant. Otherwise, our whole medical system will break down. That Medicine is antidemocratic, and very prone to anarchy. It is the ideal of the doctor as some kind of scientist saint that believes that everything they do to a patient is medical treatment. It isn't. Cheating!

 What Kommandant Kitten does not like are trends, fads, and specialties that are not needed. A web address that you type into your browser is called a url. You have to type the url in.

 It is hard to find information on medical malpractice. Then there are medical practices, and treatments that may not be timely, safe, and effective. Experimental treatments fall into this category. does not seem to be on the net anymore. It seems to be legal problems. Check anyway. Search internet "medical malpractice," "medical scams," "quacks medicine." Here are treatments: acupuncture, acupressure, herbs... being paid for by Government, and Insurance monies. Is this good?

  One software site has disappeared from the net due to hacking. At last view looked extremely strange. Suggest for your free download search. A search engine will yield more results "free download software."

 Getting good Bible Software is becoming a problem. You could get Josephus "Wars of the Jews." It is a History of the Destruction of the Second Temple. It looks like Samaritains under the Aegis of Parthia took over the Jewish Temple. We will a assume that all the Jews in Palestine were destroyed. There were many other Resources that used to be out there in one free bible program. Is Christianity being censored? Christianity was censored during the Third Reich.

 When you, or one of your loved ones is seriously ill, or injured. Don't you want the best doctors right there for you. You don't want have any big doubts. Do you?

 Kommandant Kitten has personally seen real live junkies go right into a San Francisco hospital stealing patient's medications, and valuables. How about that?

 Commandant Ilse Koch wrote at least three books: "The New Nurse Book." "How to treat people," and "What if?" Kommandant Kitten must inform you. That Ilse Koch may not of been a real person. The Totenkophverbande are not liked by nearly everybody anywhere in the World even back then. "Death has no friends." It is likely they have taken other names. Also, there are other girls that are Ilse Koch.

 "The New Nurse Book" details nursing procedures. It is all well written. It is all about modern nursing.

 "How to treat people" is a "Women's Concentration Camp" book about how to live in "Camp."

 "What if" we lose the War? There is another book "Then" written by Kommandant Kitten. You are reading this book now.

 If you are interested in Medicine. You can read "The Fifth Seal." It is not very long. You can look for it by doing a web search for it in a collection of short stories under another name. What will doctors do in the name of self interest? They need to propagate their services somehow. What if they are not needed? What if all these medical specialties are creations to make work for doctors? President Roosevelt thought this was good because, it creates more jobs.

 There is a man. He is allergic to just about everything. He just learned the reason why was because, he was abused terribly at school. The Cult is going to kill him. His skin is the wrong color. There he is dead in the back of the bus. The Cult did kill him. But, nobody can find the cause. It happened before to a young girl of fourteen years of age too. They were trying to find their ancestral roots. The Cult doesn't like that sometimes.

 The Cult used to be called the Ku Klux Klan. The Ku Klux Klan was organized during the Reign of Queen Victoria prior to the American Civil War. It was based on the the British Watch System presumably in Scotland. This is Scottish Fold. They are neutral on the question of the Abolition of Slavery. Eventually, that will come to pass. In two hundred years Negroes will become fully socialized. Negroes will have all their rights. It appears the Old Klan was prescient in this case. So both Piracy, Slavery, and Racial Persecution have their origins in Great Britain. Later, the Klan fell from favor during the beginning of the Twentieth Century with President Woodrow Wilson. President Wilson put another form of the Klan in its place. The Cult! But, another form of the Cult took its place later. This happened under President Kennedy. The Kennedy Family has its roots in Northern Ireland. The Protestants there are all Huguenots. Socialist Ideology is of greater concern to us rather, than mere Racism. Because, this Socialism is not Secular. That Cult exists to this day in all walks of American life. We will cover that later.

 Here is another book on the subject of euthanasia. "Death Be Not Proud" is an account of the crassest exploitation of a patient ever but, maybe not. They perform operations on this boy's head that they know will not help him. None of his treatment has any medical value.

 Atrocities like you would expect to find in Auschwitz have been committed in hospitals in the United States in the past.

 Thallium acetate; medical grade has been given to elderly patients. They might be too active. Thallium acetate will definitely "slow poke" them. Basically, it is "Death Serum." Annnd, we know it. The Drug Enforcement Administration should reschedule this controlled substance. Doctors that have proscribed this poison need to be prosecuted for murder one. Capital punishment is not out place in these cases. This is not euthanasia. It causes a slow decline in health. Hardly a good death. It is said that this poison played a role in ending the Reign of Queen Victoria. The Dowager Queen was causing problems for the Empire as she grew older.

 Thallium sulfate is not cool. No one can explain why thallium sulfate is very different in action than thallium acetate. One theory is that thallium sulfate is not as bioavailable as thallium acetate. That means that thallium sulfate does not break down in the body. It is more toxic than thallium itself. Thallium sulfate acts almost the same as arsenical poisoning causing violent death.. Thallium acetate is considered to be a humane rodenticide. The rats fall asleep, and die. Thallium acetate is more effective because, the rodents don't secrete a warning death pheromone. An organometallic compound of radio thallium is not very toxic at all. It is used as a dye to do images of the brain. Formulation can mean a lot.

 The "Old Miner's Salts for Taming Your Man" work pretty much in the same fashion except, they have Rare Earth Elements.

 The curare like poisons are of questionable medical value, and probably should not be in hospitals at all. Curare is a poison used in the blow guns of the South American Natives of the Amazon Rain Forest. That poison will all turn you into a jellyfish. You can't move. You can't talk. You can't breath. Panacureum hydrobromide comes to mind here.

 There was a man in England named Sergeant Pepper. People really loved him. Sergeant Pepper was taking a heart medicine. His doctor made a decision about how long Sergeant Pepper was going to live for reasons known only to this bad man. Sergeant Pepper knows all the Masonry. That knowledge has been lost forever. Doctors sometimes act on their own. Instead of a real heart medicine. Sergeant Pepper had a placebo. It killed him. Placebos are poisons.

 Understand, that Medicine is an Industry not a Service. Every industry has standards that must be adhered to for that industry to exist. Here we have an Ideology of Industrialism quite different than Socialism. Industries have patrons, or customers. As a Citizen you will be entitled to minimal, or basic Medical care. In Socialism that is as far it goes. You become totally dependent on it. You are trapped. You into this downward spiral. But, Industry goes much further to put you back to work.

 In order to understand, your Constitutional Rights as a consumer you must understand, you are not a "patient" at a doctor's office. Your Civil Rights are still intact. As long as you are in that office receiving voluntary treatment you are not exactly, a patient because, your Civil Rights are still intact. You have the right to refuse. Upon leaving that doctor's office you are under a doctors care obliged to follow the recommendations according to the contract you have with that physician only. You are under a doctor's orders. But, these orders are not absolute. We don't want them to be.

 A hospital is an entirely different animal. A clinic is almost, the same in this regard. You have no Civil Rights there. This applies only in the Trauma Center. This is the only reason you should be in a hospital in the first place. You are totally sick. You are helpless. As you get better you get some rights but, they are different.

 That Totenkophverbande Nurse has the right to kill anybody in that hospital. That is any deviation from the Nuremberg Code. Placebos were classified as poisons. Other substandard forms of medical care would get a doctor, or doctors instantly dead right on the spot. That did a lot to get rid of arrogance in hospitals.  Selfishness.

 If a Sicherheitsdiendt Official found a person sneaking into a hospital as a doctor but, with the wrong credentials. He would just pull out his 9mm parabellum Luger pistol. Put it to that man's temple, and blows his head off right in the lobby. Even if he is really a doctor from another hospital because, he is outside his work area.

 We need this kind of Severity here in America during this Age of Terrorism. Our Military will like it. There isn't a United States Government Agent that would mind this either. Remember, hospitals are Prime Targets.

 The Problem of Internationalism has to be defined as a kind of Mithriac, or Dionysian Religion with a Secular Arm a kind of parody of the Catholic Church. It was thought to be Jewish at that time because, they had to put a name on it. This Movement is Anti Germanic. It goes all over the place. It appears to be British. It may have a Country except, when it doesn't. It will "post missionaries." Internationalists are Militant. A fact Internationalists go to great efforts to hide is their Warlike behavior. How would you like to be a Jew in Their Synagogue to find out a Rabbi is actually, a Spy Posted in Their Holy of Holies by Another Religion. That has happened, by the way. The Catholics have had That Problem too. Auschwitz is a solution for all of this criminal Religious "work." When you find them. Kill them!

 Incidentally, Internationalists are Wobblies according to Nazi literature.  When they got the Doctrines of Bolshevikism from Leon Trotsky. The Wobblies became much worse. Because, a Canon just like a Christian Church.

 Dionysus, and Apollo are used a lot in in Medicine, Sociology, and Psychology. That there two methods of logic. This comes from Ancient Greece namely, Athens. Dionysus sees things in terms as an Athlete. Is this practical? This is Practical Science. Apollo sees things alternately, in terms of "If" and "Then." Here the question is always, "Why?" This is Pure Philosophy. Idealism. People can debate this endlessly. Neither, side can win because, not everything is known.

 Peonage is a serious imposition on any non combatant. Peonage has the same flavor as an Opium Den. Strange as it may seem, Opium Dens were really places to die. When you are terminal. You want to be as pain free as you can. So all this has been transfered to doctors. But, terminal people are not patients because, they are not sick with any hope of a cure. So this peonage is important. Doctors can take control of people's lives. Doctors can dictate Politics. Doctors can dictate Religion. When doctors can dictate to a Himmler, a Churchill, or Roosevelt from the shadows. They can do this now. But, nobody voted for these doctors. We have to control doctors more strictly than the general population. In order to insure public trust, national security, and public safety all medical personal must be held to a higher, and more severe standard than the general public. They have become addicted to power. Don't we all want power? Power without rules is Anarchy.

 This goes to human experiments as a form of Amusing Work. This escalates into Play Without Rules. That is War. Civilians will do this.

 Human experiments are still going on in the United States. People's Constitutional Rights were not protected until, fairly recently. If you were a prisoner, a mental patient, or a member of a minority group people could do anything to you up until, about the Nixon Presidency. German, Italian, and Japanese American Citizens were in this category. Because, Germany, Italy, and Japan were at War with the United States. Native Americans, and Negroes weren't much better off. Hippies were always, fair game. People in the Active Duty Military Service, and United States Military Veterans were used as guinea pigs a lot too. Even the American Public has been experimented on from time to time. Using aversion to control people. Some of these experiments using biowarfare agents, chemical weapons, and radiation weapons have been lethal. Releasing pesticide resistant insects, nonnative parasites like leeches, heart worms, and disease vectors has happened in the past. Those biowarfare agents are still around. Our own Government may be at fault somehow. But, we have to trust the Government. Otherwise we don't have anything. That is terrible.

 You understand, that those Nazi Experiments were abominable. Most of the Nazi Officials admitted that. Especially, experiments on people that were not their's. The police had to look for evidence of this human experimentation. They kept finding it having been done under the previous Regime. A lot of these human experiments were considered to be illegal then. Experimenting on people without their knowledge, and/or permission. This conduct was pretty common. It is still immoral. The problem was Global.

 Our problem has been people experimenting on the general population at large Worldwide. They are not even under Auschwitz rules. Liberals will experiment with all forms of coercive control. This will not be known. When this is finally, found out. What are you going to do about it? What if this experiment killed your mother? But, you can't sue anybody. The perpetrators of this crime are not around. What do you think about that? These Social Experiments are deadly. Criminals in some other Country may still be drawing up plans against you. Because, they don't like Jews. Worse, they just feel like it because, they can get away with it. This is not life as you know it. But, it is not from another planet.

 Another problem in German hospitals was mutilation. The Nazis defined this as unnecessary surgery. This is due to criminal misconduct either, inside, or outside a hospital, or both inside, and outside hospitals.

 Tardy Progress was always, watched for by Nazi Officials. It was thought that tuberculous shouldn't be around at all for example. That an antibiotic should exist that can cure this scourge of Humanity. A vaccine can be developed to prevent infection. Quarantine is implemented. That means they are going to eradicate this disease. Once, these procedures are perfected. They are to be applied unilaterally. Treatment was always, uniform from hospital to hospital. You would get the same treatment in Auschwitz as you would in any German hospital.

 Illegal Triage is an animal found mostly in our times: Orphane Drugs, Discontinued Treaments, and certain Lawsuites.

 Another, Heydrich Reform was "top pay for top work."

 Here in America we are going to deprofessionalize doctors, and the like. Medicine belongs in the Service Sector of Our Economy. With Standardized Medicine, and Standardized Treatments for Disease Doctors are no longer Essential Personal. This will keep them from putting on airs. It will keep them from stealing too much. Then Medicine can be Industrialized like it should be. With clear Industrial Standards we can trust Medicine again. How do doctors make money in Medicine? They get top pay for top work.

 That means the Medical Treatment in a Prison is under direct supervision of the Warden in Charge of that Prison. That is to keep the Prison Staff, and Prisoners working constantly to gain income for that Institution. The Prison Administration sets the standards, and procedures the Medical Staff follows then slavishly.

 There was a man. He had a terrible accident. He did. The ambulance has brought him in. He is real pain. He is being tortured. He gets a shot of pain killer. It doesn't do anything. There is probably 3mg of a opioid pain killer per shot. The doctors all know that. But, the hospital makes more money by charging for each shot. He will get, and pay for about twenty of these shots. Single dose of Tylenol will cost him at least fifty bucks. His sleeping pills diphenylhydramine (Benadryl) will cost him more money. This is a case of torture, extortion, and fraud. The hospital is claiming to render treatment that is both safe, and effective. It is neither. On the battlefield this can never be permitted. This  peacetime ethic can not exist on a hostile World. That patient will heal five times slower. A bane in any work place. This is a bad hospital. Medicine is getting more expensive. But, these thieves take too much as it is. America is a poor Country.

 The Company Doctor has been given a bad rap sheet. But, Medicine will support work. Otherwise, we will continue to experience an economic depression. Industry has to be married to Medicine.

  Doctors aren't healers. They are workers. This "healing" smacks too much of the problem of "Psychic Power" dealt with later in this opus.

  People are important. What people do is always, important: work, and play.

  If Medicine can't do that. Then Medicine is irrelevant.

  Then we can just trash all this expensive Health Care.

  We can go back to herbs, magic potions, faith healing, and witchcraft.

  Here is one of the books that influenced Adolph Hitler. That book came from Great Britain!

 Here is another item frequently seen on television. Flashing images, and that are part of subliminal suggestion. They are not selling you anything? Then we get "Reality TV." If there ever was such a thing. There is a bar. Our heroes are going to save this bar from itself. You will notice something. It is the manipulation of the camera, or cameras. Sound effects maybe, there too. The television personalities steal the show. You don't get the "Big Picture." Because, people are important. It is the patrons of that place that are the real bosses. You never see them much. This camera manipulation shows up again, and again, and again in television. We want to see people, not personalities; people acting normally according to the situation at hand.

 There is another problem. How much work is enough? In order to live you have to have so much income from your work. You know that. Four hours a day of hard labor was enough to guarantee life in Auschwitz. That wasn't slavery, exactly. It could qualify as Wage Slavery. That is getting just enough wages to keep you alive only. Just the bare necessities. But, nowadays, you are working more, and you are getting less. That is called a speed up. That is slavery. Slavery has been making a comeback. What do you think about that? Slavery is a Worldwide problem again.

 Let's put it this way. Just as you are going under the anesthetic. You hear the surgeon talking. "Gee I'm sleepy." Your surgeon has been working too many hours. At four hours a surgeon is in top condition. That is why a guard in the Military is changed every four hours. You don't want him to fall asleep on guard duty. Professional truck drivers could fall asleep at the wheel. Speedups in the workplace do this. That would be disastrous. This is your life. What do you think?

 The peasantry of Europe shared Hitler's vision for the Jews entirely. This view of the Jewish Problem was not unique. Historically, anything Other was always, feared, and hated in their peasant like literature. Hitler was not aristocratic. Adolph Hitler was a man of the "volk." This was the true danger of populism. Populism is deadly because, it becomes "progressive." Popular movements are still very much around. When people stop talking democracy, and start talking sense. They are worth listening to.

 The Hydra in the picture is a symbol of Corporate Power.

 Labor Socialism is very much like that too. NAZI is an acronym for the National Socialist German Workers Party. Do you know what that means? Keep looking for it in your Country. When you find it, and you will. Maybe, starting up in some political party. It could be any one of them. Do Kommandant Kitten a big favor. Kill it! That'll help.

 In Germany Nazism was comprised of only a few Party Officials that controlled an area the size of the State of Texas. Nazism is not impersonal. Everybody in the Nazi Party knew each other. Nazism will not work globally, not even in America due to the size, and complexity involved in Governing large numbers of people covering a large land mass. You have to keep track of everything. With modern technology that is totally possible, and very likely. Economically that is going on. The Internal Revenue Service will know what your income level is. Your Social Security Number is your personal tracking number. Many Government Agencies use your SSN# that way.

 The British Labor Party was/is the progenitor of the National Socialist Political Parties. The Bath Party in Syria, and in Iraq are two of Britain's problem children. Here we have the creation of Government Labor Unions. Hardly, an improvement on New York City's Tammany Hall. Hitler did not have to resort to that kind of trickery. Although, the Soviet Union later, acquired this practice from the British Labor Party. This Contagion extended its' tentacles into the United States Labor Movement. These Socialists have missionary tendencies. Grown ups know that Labor Unions are a creation of trickery of some sort, or other. These are sweetheart arrangements. The Screen Actors Guild was set up by these really bad actors. So we have Labor Unions, Guilds, Trade Associations, and Societies of questionable loyalty to the United States. Their really bad British Work Ethic is sufficient sabotage in any Society. You know the story: overwork, outsourcing, speedups, and scabs. But, it does not stop there. Their pretensions of liberalism are a rude caricature of freedom. A danger to Liberty.

 America has Wobblies!  This is exported from America. The British will grow to hate them. Americans can learn to hate Wobblies. It is "Hate Day."

 What is a scab? It is somebody that can't make it as a good "Camp Person." You can find them on television a lot these days. That a company with bad production values will use scabs in their advertisements rather than real models. It shows. They won't be able to sell you anything. People are important. You have only one chance to make a first good impression. The Nazis always, knew this, by the way. Worse that ad may even be aversive. Sort of a blind stab at humor. A humor known only known to them. People will avoid your product. But, they don't have to pay them much to cheat you. They drag these people right off the street. It looks like it. Assign them roles that turn the viewer off instantly. Unfortunately, this has become the rule.

 There are signs America is becoming a Poor Country. "Got any spare change?" "No! We don't have anything close to that." You are still looking for work. Or you have a job. You might even keep it for the time being. You are living on the edge. You are barely making it. The Charities might have a "little bit." But, you can't count on it. The Government is not giving anything away. Not too much of anything. People are still taking too much away from you. You are growing to hate them for imposing on you. That can even be family. A family is nothing but, this living arrangement. If it doesn't work. Then everybody can go off on their own. They might make it. If they don't. "Ain't that awful?"

 George Orwell in his book "1984" was really writing about "1948." That the English Socialism that he was writing about as a Police Officer in Burma was real. That England had won the War against Nazism, and lost the Peace. The English are a peculiar people unto themselves. They are filled with this indomitable Will to Lose. Considering their track record in the 20th Century their Royalty is lucky to still have their heads. They have gone from victory with Queen Victoria to their present sad estate. "Is it safe to dance?" Maybe, not! Vichy lives!

 George Orwell; really a Soviet Agent also, wrote "Animal Farm." This tome is filled with all kinds of Stalinist Humor. The Farmer is really the Russian Czar. This is the Bolshevik takeover of Mother Russia. The Pigs are the wealthy Kulak Farmers: Little Czars. You have thousands of these Little Caesars. The Dogs are the White Army. The rest of the Animals are nothing but, helpless Dupes.

 Both books are also, a social commentary on Russia. "Animal Farm" illustrates the Bolshevik takeover of Russia. "1984" is the victory of Comrade Stalin "Big Brother" over the Bolsheviks.

 You can read George Orwell's biography right here on the net. You should look him up. George Orwell was a man that had been totally "Punked." It is all in there.

The Werewolf

"For without are Dogs, and Sorcerers and Whoremongers and Murderers and Idolaters and Whosoever Loveth and Maketh a Lie.

Revelation of Saint John the Divine

 In this Sophistry there is a major difference between Morals, and Ethics. Morals follow the the Universal Pattern laid down by the "Uniformity of Camp." Even babies, and animals can be said to have a Type of Morality. Like the Book says both have Natural Affection. The dog innately possesses Loyalty. Morals are Unwritten Rules dictated by Biology in the Survival Imperative.

  Immoral People are dominated by the Corruption of the Flesh. Being subject to the Torment of the Flesh Morality Dies. Such People have no Conscience. That is why their conduct is said to be Shameless.

 However, Such Crime Prone People can learn Coping Mechanisms. That can be compiled into a System of Ethics.

 In the Sophistry Ethics are different from Morals. Ethics have to be learned.  An Immoral Person can still be good according to a System of Ethics. The Werewolf has a Criminal Ethic.

 According to the Book all the above have been finally, banished from "God's Camp." The Werewolf is a Guerrilla Fighter. The Werewolf is really a cleverly disguised Outsider. Who does not belong in "Camp." A Werewolf can destroy a "Camp" just by existing inside a "Camp." If one of these Outsiders like the Murderer, the Sorcerer, whoever Loveth and Maketh a Lie has entered "Camp." The whole "Camp" will become corrupt.

 The Nazi Ethic is a Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct makes sure the Nazi Morals remain intact. This Code of Conduct operates in all the "Concentration Camps." Moral Strength is valued in all these "Camps." Only through Moral Strength one gains Virtue. According to the Book their Conscience has not been seared according to the Apostle Paul. This why the Nazi is interested in Breeding a Noble Race.

 The Old Ku Klux Klan is Scottish Fold. It is Masonic. Old Ku Klux Klan is very Secret. This Ku Klux Klan consists of Ruling Families. It is a British Mafia. The Ethic is a Code of Conduct but, little different than the Nazi Ethic. The "Uniformity of Camp" dictates that this must be so.

 The New Ku Klux Klan under President Wilson forms its' own "Camp." Over time this Ku Klux Klan degenerates into a Brown Shirt Movement. In the United States of America there are Brown Shirts in everything but, name. Likewise, the "Uniformity of Camp" dictates this must be.

 "Uniformity of Camp" creates Complimentary Peoples. Just like the color green has red as a complimentary color. Tibetan, and Hopi are Complimentary Peoples. The White, Oriental, and Negro Races are Complimentary Peoples. Complimentary Peoples share a Common Architecture as Warriors. That is why all these Races can be in the same Army. That is a Warrior Ethic. The "Uniformity of Camp" is plainly discerned in the Military. Moral Strength is valued in a "Military Camp." The Enemy will try to Demoralize people in the "Camp" by subterfuge. That will destroy the "Camp" from within. That is why a "Military Camp" is a Fort. A person without a Conscience is useless in the Military. Mars wins the War. Venus wins the Peace.

 There was a extreme Peace Movement. It is the Peace of the Werewolf. When Werewolves aren't demonstrating. They feign a Peaceful Nature. The Werewolf has gotten really good at this. But, it is all an act. There is no Peace for the Werewolf. "There is no rest for the wicked." People are always, hunting them. It might show. There is safety in numbers. Even a whole Village of Werewolves is not immune to attack at anytime. They all know they are not human. They better act like it. Nothing unusual, that could give them away.

 We are worried about the Study of Ethics in schools, and Universities. Legislating Ethics is what is known as Legislating Morality. This has shown up in Elections as a Poll Test. There are extra qualifications you must meet in order to exercise your right to vote. The Poll Tax is like that too. Your financial status. At the other end of the Political Spectrum. That is people running for various Political Offices. We find this form of discrimination to be immoral. Then a candidate has to get a petition signed by people at large. That exposes petitioners to privacy violations of all sorts. Also, the Political Issues of our candidate are not considered important. Ethics can be used to rig elections. Who decides who is ethical, or not?

 A Sorcerer will make the Deal with the Werewolves. The Sorcerer knows this is totally dangerous. The Sorcerer is Gambling. Werewolves can be useful at times. There is Evil in High Places. The Sorcerer knows everything. The Werewolves don't. The Werewolves will accept the Sorcerer. It is a Good Deal. It is better than a Silver Bullet.

 The Real Evil Ones are coming to town. The Sorcerer is there. That means the Deal is Real. "You get to live."

 Let us go further. We must know how to recognize the signs that a Nazi Party is becoming established in even the United States of America. Actually, it is a Brown Shirt Movement. Brown Shirts are not Nazis. But, this has become part of the Popular Folly. Whatever, you have learned in all those books. Seen in all those movies. Taught in school. All of nothing but, That. It just ain't so. It is a Brown Shit Movement that has become Werewolf like. This is the Popular Folly that happens right after a War.

What are the remedies are for this Contagion? So there will be obvious signs of illness. We will call this Social Malaise. Society has become sick. Usually, this is right after a War. During the Reconstruction period like after World War II certain phenomena will be noted Historically. Massive unemployment for all those returning personal. Ku Klux Klan activity going on the rise due to a resurgence of organized crime. The Mob was trying to take over then. Militias begin to form. The Militias begin to be Governed by a Command Structure. This is the beginning of Free Corps (Friekorps), or a Private Army.  Historically, that formed in the 60's in several States. These were all different Private Armies. They were not Mobs (criminal organizations). But, they were Mob like because, they are underground. Nowadays, there are even more of these Private Armies. Kommandant Kitten thinks of the 60's as the "New Stone Age," pun intended too.

 In the pictures of Jane Fonda above is more than adequate documentation of her autism. We can see this in all this revolutionary zeal. Still the defiant child. The most sinister person in Hollywood. The gun in which Jane Fonda is seated is a genuine Russian anti aircraft gun. There she is playing the role of Satan. We can see during Jane Fonda's long career in the media Jane Fonda is always, type caste in the Role of Satan the Adversary.  Ak Ak  Jane Fonda's Russian Anti Aircraft Gun in Hanoi, Viet Nam is shown in the previous picture. It has many improvements over the German Krupp anti aircraft gun used during World War II. The warrior Jane Fonda is shown here in Hanoi as documentation of Jane Fonda's Anti American activities. If such is the case. But, this was a diplomatic mission of sorts. Who is responsible for this? The President denies sending her to North Viet Nam. So is this an act of sedition? Espionage, maybe? Jane Fonda, and all her companions know a lot of vital United States secrets. They may be able to access more secret information when they come home. They did. Here is evidence of a coup d' etat  in the Democratic Party.

 Unless, Jane Fonda was made a Secret Chief in charge of the US Aid Program. Word has it this happened during the reign of President Kennedy. President Johnson is left handedly trying to buy the North Viet Namese off to get rid of that War. Now, that makes sense.

 "The Great American Dream!" was first coined by Jane Fonda during John Kennedy's election campaign against Republican hopeful Richard Nixon in 1959. Kommandant Kitten wants you to think about that.

 You can think about the Kennedy Administration too with John, Robert, and Teddy forming a Presidential Dynasty. The Machinery of War comes up right away. President Kennedy is running America like a Mob Boss. This Gangsterism has become real Foreign Policy. This madman is going get everybody dead. Witness a hundred and fifty megaton Nuclear Test "To crack the Earth like a rotten egg!" It almost, did that. President Kennedy had to settle for just knocking the Earth off its' axis. This Kennedy Dynasty is pure scum. Yet, people are still praising this Animal. They been bitten by the Vampire. They still love this man Kennedy. We have got to get rid of it in the Name of Progress.

  We are not sure what kind of deals were made. Whether, or not President Nixon will honor any such agreements. But, Jane Fonda was in the company of Billy Graham, and Richard Nixon. This had a lot to due with domestic spying. The Secret Service did allow Jane Fonda to keep her firearm in her purse. This seems to be a very cozy arrangement that was orchestrated by Great Britain.

The Hillary Roast

"Let us Pillory Hillary"

 We are going to pillory Hillary. Roast her until, she is well cooked. The Hillary Roast is very thin skinned. There is a big Cargo Cult around Hillary.

 Mind you that Jane Fonda has at different times claimed to be a Huguenot, a Wiccan (Neo Pagan), and a Bolshevik. The Fonda Woman said she was a Communist with a small "c." Now, you've got it. Oh! Jane Fonda even claims to be a Christian probably, with a small c.

  Jane Fonda also, had a very close relationship to Hillary Rodham before Hillary married Bill Clinton. Hillary Rodham Clinton has a very dark past. This person should never hold Political Office because, of her spy like activities.

 US Aid has an autonomous structure very much like the "Sobibor Concentration Camp Systems," the "Auschwitz Concentration Camp Systems," RSHA, and Russian Gulag Systems. Those materials gained from those sources were used to build this Fortress in America. That all came into Jane Fonda's hands in the 50's. Jane Fonda like many autistic people can be child prodigies. Jane Fonda was well known in certain circles to be a true genius.


 Ideology is the Study of Ideas, and Ideals. According to an Ideology there is a Classification Scheme that upholds a Structure of Ideas that constitutes the Pedestal upon which an Ideal is held up for Public View. For example U. S. Grant is the Ideal President of the United States of America. "Who is buried in Grant's Tomb?" Answer: Mr. and Mrs. Grant are both in there. A radical departure from American, and European Tradition at the time. Mr. Grant did get this Ideal from a visit to the Tomb of Queen Isabella, and King Ferdinand of Spain. General Grant supported the XIII and XIV Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America. President Lincoln could not even dream of such measures being needed. Lincoln wanted the Slaves to be sent home to Africa. The British would probably, not approve of this lofty enterprise because, it is impractical. Certainly, President Grant supported the XV Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America signed into Law too. Under President Grant the Ku Klux Klan Act was passed, and signed into Law by President Grant. Mr Grant won both the Civil War, and the Peace as Reconstruction. Mr. Grant made a lot of headway in the Winning of the West, and the Indian Wars. Under the Leadership of Ulysses Simpson Grant the United States is moving up from the Third World to the Second World, and entering the First World in Worldwide Status. U.S. Grant is a Hero of the American Revolution.

 "Profiles in Courage" by John F. Kennedy features a whole series of stories about the Heroes of the American Revolution. Kommandant Kitten watched all of them on television as a boy. If you can get "Profiles in Courage" on tape, or CD, or DVD do watch it. The Charisma of JFK shines through the whole series. This is a good lesson in effective propaganda. Every person interested in Public Relations, Propaganda, Psychops, and the like should study all the Kennedy material. It is excellent!

 During the Kennedy Era all kinds peppy little things were given even to children. "Reader's Digest" makes for very interesting surreal reading. Kommandant Kitten was an insatiable reader of books, magazines, and newspapers. Kommandant Kitten haunted the Library reading about all the Science, and Bomb literature including firsthand accounts of the Bombing of Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. What to do when the Bad Guys drop a Nuclear Bomb on your hometown. The Bad Guys might spray Radioactive Isotopes all over Townsville. That is called Radioactive Dissemination (RD). The Bad Guys have a whole grab bag full of Disease. These are called Biowarfare agents like plague, Tularemia, anthrax, ect. Then there are these Radiation Weapons using sometimes Beam Technology. America is going to use them including Weather Warfare. Everyone in America knows this is Morally Right, or else you will die. We are going to get hurt. But, we will win the War. We can survive this Holocaust. That is why Kennedy, and all the President's Men, and Women need this debunking.

 There seem to be mixed accounts of assassination of Robert Kennedy as well as his brother. Kommandant Kitten watched this assassination on National Television as Sirhan Sirhan shot Robert Kennedy at the podium. What is this other account of Robert Kennedy being shot in the kitchen doing around these days? Lies. Crazy Making. For what purpose? This might become History?

 In America there are several Competing Political Ideologies: Republicans, Democrats, and Others. In Nazi Germany there was only One Ideology unique to Germany at that time only. Communism has several Different Ideologies although Communists have a similar Ideology based on the needs, and particularities of the  People, Climate, and Geography. Of course, there are countless Other Ideologies in the World at large at any given moment. 

 The Revolution is a Dragon. Once, you call the Dragon. You have got to feed the Dragon. The Dragon already, has you. If you have got the Right Stuff. You can be that Creature's Conscience. Jane Fonda doesn't have the Right Stuff. Very few people do.

 The Revolution is to make Progress for the Good of Everyone. So there are Revolutions in Agriculture, in Industry, in War, in Government, in Science, and Technology. That can happen even in an Election. We must make sure that the Revolution goes Forwards instead of Backwards to something like the fifties, or worse. Are we making enough Progress in all areas of life?

 "We are not going to have elections. We're busy fighting a holocaust!" by FDR. Well they did have one.

 Under Roosevelt, the people moved up enough in status to claim a "Concentration Camp Mentality." This is Fortress America. Gradually, but, determinedly America is climbing the ladder. We are moving up the food chain. We will call this a "Culture of Confinement." Mister Roosevelt is consolidating his Empire. Much like Octavian did in Ancient Rome. But, Roosevelt favors the Roman Emperor Trajan as his Master Piece. The next real move after FDR is the American Warrior State. This is Imperialism that assures a vast Trading Empire that is wanted, and needed by Americans. Villains do things like this.

 This was all undermined by President Roosevelt's wife Eleanor Roosevelt during the time of President Roosevelt's long illness, and eventual death. There was a Cabal that was run by Vice President Trueman. A very stupid man. Dropping those two bombs on Japan when in fact they were not needed to end the War proves that beyond a shadow of doubt. Then there is the beginnings of World War III. The Korean Conflict, and other debacles. Even the War in Viet Nam is in the mix somewhere. Well.

 You can see this regimentation of the people that is almost, like a prison. A lot of the big factories then have this prison like structure. Schools have that kind of look. Even the Government itself is imprisoned in its own structure. You are told exactly what to do. There are penalties for insubordination. Breaking rules could fire you from your job, expel you from school, or put you in jail. You find this with President Eisenhower with this Culture of Conformity. Because, Eisenhower has no ideal of Imperialism. He is used to doing what he is told. So who is pulling the strings of this puppet? Vice President Nixon?

 Have you ever flown on an airplane? It has gotten so bad these planes are nothing but, flying prisons. You can't have a whole lot of items that are considered to be contraband, drink, or smoke just like in prison. Who wants to fly anywhere these days? Not when you have these goons on the airplane called stewards?

 The Democratic Party of the United States needs a Total Revolution! Ideological Corruption has gotten big in it. The Donkey has Anthrax, or something really terrible. President Roosevelt borrowed a lot from Herr Hitler. Joe Kennedy truly admired the man. Grass Roots Organizing at the neighborhood level with Hitler's Party Captains made sense to Roosevelt. The Storm Troopers are there to maintain peace. Once, you are in office. You are going to Seize the Reins of Power, and keep them firmly in your hands. In a State where there is no political opposition. That is always, possible with your Praetorian Guard. In Germany that is your personal Guard Detachment. It all came to Roosevelt exclusively, and it was incorporated into the Democratic Party.

 What is this like? You have to go to a rally. That is a Democratic Party caucus. Because, somebody told you to. You have orders to do just that. This is democracy at work here. It is a bit queer but, they say it is democracy. You better not disagree. You are there on time. The security man (SD) has given you a list of do's and don't's. You get to stand over there in that place. You are a candidate for Mayor. Being a Party Captain yourself. You have got some leeway. The cheering starts, and you had better keep it up. For this is for the next President of the United States. He is coming to the podium. This is his rally.

 You can't see the Forms of Oppression. Yet, it is there. Each person there is a huge fanged beast. They have learned how to maintain human form really good. How to ape humanity. Anger them, you will find this out right now.

 Something came out of the Dust Bowel. Famine is a God in America. How are people eating? On the Native American Reservations there is no food much. If you can kill it. You can eat it. They are Living Off the Land. The Prison System is shaking people down. That is how prison guards, and prisoners eat in the "Pen." All of "Roosevelt's Camps" work like that too. That is how you feed workers. Military Reservations grudging get some pay but, like the Prison System they are shaking people down. Then there is Hells Kitchen. In Hells Kitchen you eat nothing. Unless, you can eat garbage, and steal food from pets. This is what living on the streets is all about.

 Roosevelt did not have a Democratic Party. Roosevelt owned a "Mob." It is called a Syndicate. That is Governing the Country. Many of these strong arm tactics like "sand bagging" come from those terrible times. It is a creature of force. It is another Dragon. Politics comes out of War. The inevitability, and necessity of War is always, around. What people are going through is worse than the American Civil War.

 There is this question mark? Jane Fonda was something like the Minister of Culture for the United States of America under President Eisenhower. This role was expanded more under President Kennedy, and President Johnson. Jane Fonda is there with President Nixon since, she started out under President Eisenhower. Jane Fonda is a classic example of an Internationalist. It also, seems that Jane Fonda became a Special Secret Courier for Queen Elizabeth II; a person known for her Quaker sensibilities. But, this situation has changed. It looks like Queen Elizabeth II doesn't like Jane Fonda at all. The Queen has grown much wiser over the years. There are so many stories about the Queen of England around. Why don't you just surf the net, go there, and get the right stuff from the Queen's British website? Enough said.

 Why is there all this secrecy regarding Jane Fonda? Why is Jane Fonda so sinister? Does the United States Department of State have some sort of Spy Agency? How many people do they have? That includes volunteers? Why are all these Foreign Offices needed? What about domestic spying? That is data collection, by the way. Who gets that? How does information like that get into the hands of people like this? Is corruption involved in some way, shape, or form both here, and abroad? What about those dog shows? Why are they interested in bird watching? Dog walking, hiking, mountain climbing, and bird watching are typical spy fronts. We can suppose that whale watching is another spy activity. Bicycle riding, and running are other spy markers. The Marathon should be watched more carefully. We shouldn't sponsor these forms of the Dionysia. We need to get rid of all those British sponsored American Foreign Aid Loans. An endless source of mischief. A big reason why the American Economy is in the Red Ink these days. The taxpayers of the United States of America want some accountability on both sets of books. Have they gotten corrupt? Don't you want to know how your Government works? Do you want to pay for it? What is in it for me? Why?

 Where do the British figure in with their Foreign Office? How many spies do they have in our Country? Are we working with each other? To what ends? How does this create jobs in America, or Britain for that matter? Is this arrangement fair? How is it going with the rest of Europe? The Big Question is are these spies violent?

 People are important. That means human life is important. You value human life. People that like you are very important. Not harming people that you like is part of an unwritten Code of Ethics. You must keep your word. You don't treat people that like you as enemies. That is breaking Code. That can dishonor a whole Nation like nothing else can.

 It seems that Great Britain has forgotten this in their relationship with America. Mr. Roosevelt understood this. Mr. Roosevelt had a vision of an America with no people of British descent. Britain is an Enemy that has just gotten into another major War that they could easily win themselves. But, they are always, in trouble again.

 Like never before, the people in the United States don't have much in common with the British. We don't exactly speak the same language. The Negroes, and the Hispanic Americans are coming to power. They will soon be if they are not already, a majority in the Democratic Party. People of British descent are a small minority in America. As a result the American Government won't care much about Britain, or Europe. The American Military has changed significantly. But, American Government is gravitating towards something that happened in Ancient Rome. Negroes are becoming full Citizens of the United States of America. That must include all the privileges, and high status due Negroes for their Centuries of Constant Service to the Republic. Remember, American Society is very violent. People are many. Things are few. The likelihood of War will always, be there. Those resources are starting to run out. The United States will become as rapacious as the British were during the Victorian Period.

Long Live the Queen!

 What we need to know is "Queen" Elizabeth II is a Quaker Queen. A product of a confused English Parliament rather, than a Royal Person of even the sort of the Lady Jane Grey? Very little is known about the Royalty of Great Britain, or even Europe for that matter in the States. You can say about anything, and get away with it.  Who determines whether a person is Royal, or not?  There is a remedy for this error. Get rid of Jane Fonda's Media. Is another Oliver Cromwell in the cards? A Lord Protector of the English Crown probably, Military must Seize the Reins of Power, and Retain Them in the interest of the People of Great Britain? The Queen is getting up in Her years. With that business done well. But, with the latest developments in modern science, and technology Queen Elizabeth II has at least thirty, or more very good years left on this Planet. But, that science, and technology is only as good if we make use of it. It will take the Royalty to keep making Progress in Medicine. Otherwise, this Health Care will keep parasitically feeding on the People. The research papers are not rotting away in some University's library? Applied science, and technology is just that. Those Old Soldiers need it too. Military Officers, and specialists are irreplaceable.

 Royalty in America can resolve Problems in Religion. The Royalty would be in Charge of Enforcing Judicial Rulings. Someone has to deal with a real Gold Standard. Uniform Banking Standards have to be put in place by the Royalty. Where is Gold? It is in the Royal Bank. Real Capitalism can be there for everybody.

 We want to congratulate Prince Harry Duke and Princess Meghan Duchess of Sussex. May they have a long, and joyful life together.


 Kommandant Kitten has found an incredible amount of Disinformation concerning the Queen of England. The Logical Outcome of Anti British Sentiment in the Untied States of America. There is this incredible story about Jane Fonda's scandalous relationship with the British Monarch. This was well cooked up by JFK himself. Well. If something seems incredible. Then it really, just ain't so. All that stuff had to hit the shredder. If you even look at Psychops it will change you. If you don't know what it is: rubbish. Here in this opus you will learn to spot Mind Control, and Take Evasive Action.

 This does factor into the present commotion that has been going on in the Ukraine. Since, Kommandant Kitten does have relatives in Crimean region. At least one of Kommandant Kitten's ancestors trained the Light Brigade. Their are two well known British Spies that have been acting out. Violent demonstrations. That sort of thing. You would understand. Both of these well known gentlemen have even written books about the Ukraine. The Ukrainian Police should read them. Then there is this other sordid business that goes along with Posting these Friendship Groups in the Ukraine. A Friendless Ukraine will be a good Ukraine, me thinks. The Society of Friends.

 Remember, we have "Hate Day."

 We need to let the American people in on this too. We need to know if we have a Free Country, or not. That also, means our commercial sector should be kept up to date on everything that can affect them. "The business of America is business." How are you working?

 All these people with their hands held up in the air have their Death Sentences attached to them. This is Stalingrad, Soviet Union. They are all rich Kulaks sometimes, called Commissars.

 These are like the "Train Tags" that came from the "Train Man" in Austria. He was a minor Party Official in charge of organizing the trains to Auschwitz. "I have lice. Can you help me?" "He just had one gun." "I'm sick." The Auschwitz personal understood, they needed to die. That is the "Train Man" from the "The Matrix: Revolutions."

 This didn't come as a big surprise to anyone in Russia. This has been a long time coming since, Catherine the Great. It was an Emancipation Proclamation to Free the Slaves in Russia. Up until, that time this part of Russia was Ruled by the Iron Fist of the Kulak.

 The situation was only grimmer in the Ukraine. Culture is very different in the Ukraine. There were never any real Jews there. The Ukrainians are an Outgoing, Friendly, Caring People. These Monsters are moving in on them. The Ukrainians are as helpless as Holly Trees. Kiev has to pay a lot for the Service. The trenches are there to manage the people being shot to death. But, they are not going to be buried in these holes. Auschwitz has to remove the dead bodies. Poof! Kiev's troubles are all gone!

 There is a lot of Holocaust Literature, and Art  around these days. Material is being declassified. If you read behind the lines. You will  find references, a slip of the tongue if you will. To a Dark Culture of Slavery, and Fascism before the advent of Hitler.

 Is there a Spy Agency like RSHA located in our Department of State in the U.S.A.? RSHA was located in a State Department within the German Reich. They had the power of life, or death in Germany, and overseas. RSHA was setup to propagate German Culture even, at the expense of Other Cultures. They still exist. That does not make them bad. If they do not kill you. Then you are alright, with them. Why worry? What if those files fall into the hands of America's enemies either foreign, or domestic, or worse both?

 Do you want to see some real accountability in Government? Is our Culture being managed? By Culture we are meaning Civilization that is looking forward, and receding from barbarism. Culture should ennoble people, and not hold them back in some sort of Slave State. That may be the case in the United States of America. Many people suspect this is true. Secret Agencies did exist in Nazi Germany. We have a serious Budget Crisis in the United States of America. That is by examining both sets of books to see if those figures add up, or not. They just might not. People are important.

 If we study this woman. Jane Fonda. These questions just come up. "Who are you for?" "Who are you with?" "Why are you here?" "What do you want?" "Where are you at?"

 Agent Paws wants to question this woman at extreme length. For we need a sense of History on this thing of her's. This is the "Ministry of Truth" like in the George Orwell novel "1984." The main protagonist Winston could be Ted Turner, or even Bill Clinton with Hillary Rodham-Clinton as a member of "Big Brother's" "Anti Sex League?"

 Strangely enough, we may find Orwell's "1984" Anti Sex League linked to pornography via "Playboy" in just that sort of relationship. That is harming romance, and love. Autistic people can't have either one but, they can fantasize, daydream, and hallucinate about sex. Coeducation has become like that: a very dangerous World for girls. If girls get sexual in the classroom, and they always, are. Because, that will come with growing up, and being very naive. They are not adults. They will be marked down in the classroom. They have a grim future here in America.

 Incidentally, there is nothing wrong with having a Private Army. Because, you may need one. The Irish in the United States still think so. That is why the Fenarian Brotherhood is still around, still after Canada. The Irish Republican Army is based in my Country. Think about that. The French had their Secret Army Organization in France after the War but, that was here too. The Italians are the same way. All the Negroes are into it. The Black Panther Party is still very much around. The Latin Americans have Private Armies too. The Brown Beret are pretty much like the Black Panthers. The PLO, and Hamas are welcome in the United States. Even, Black September is here in America. The Male Homosexuals in my Country have always, had Private Armies. Did you know the Serbian Black Hand started World War I? That was bad. Wasn't it?

 The Male Homosexual enjoys an unfair advantage over his Heterosexual Counterpart. The Male Homosexual exists mostly Underground. Male Homosexuals form very close knit Cabals. They are absolutely Secret. This Male Homosexual Underground forms out of necessity. It is Need not Love that binds them.


 We got this whole issue of the Mafia. According to conventional wisdom there is something like these Crime Families. What if they are nothing but, people that care about people, and there isn't a Mafia there at all? Families do stand up for each other. If they don't they deserve to be wiped out. Neighbors band together, and form Gangs. That is where these Street Gangs come from. You have to protect the "Hood." That is expected. We find that Robert Kennedy has orchestrated a left handed attack on the American Family.

 Robert Kennedy's father Joe Kennedy was the biggest mobster that ever walked the Planet. When you are standing right there next to Roosevelt. You have the power to make one if not all your sons President of the United States of America. A mobster can not get much bigger than that. Can they?

 You don't know about "Smoking Joe?" Do you? President Roosevelt ordered Joe Kennedy to be the Devil. The Devil was in the American Embassy in Great Britain. People could see him there, and make a Deal with the Devil. Roosevelt began to get some doubts about Churchill. Big doubts. Smoking Joe arranged for the "Lout" to get some very special cigars soaked in radium. This wouldn't kill the "Lout" right away. A forensic analysis would still find the "Lout's" body to be still radioactive.

 You have got to understand this. Britain has an antiquated Government still stuck in the Victorian Era. There is nothing wrong with Britain's fighting men. They had good generals. Cowardice is unheard of with them. There are three million people in their Army. Germany can not possibly match Britain's ships. Their Navy is absolutely impregnable. The Royal Air Force is twenty times more than the Germans. The British Government under Churchill is totally incompetent. Another problem is Roosevelt has to locate, and find all the British Government. Who was in charge? Parliaments are bad. You have to dissolve the Legislative Body. That was Sir Winston Churchill's greatest mistake. Then concentrate on winning the War. Mr. Roosevelt with full War Powers knew who was in charge. There are many Congressmen that opposed President Roosevelt. Obviously, they were nuts! They only thought they were real Congressmen. They went to the Funny Farm. It looks like they died there. Still raving mad as a hatter. Any asking of America for anything is totally out of line. Germany has about three hundred thousand ground troops, a poor Navy, and an Air Force outnumbered by twenty to one. The United States hates people like this. It is Stupidity plus Evil that does this. Who can tolerate that?

 It is that Damned Peace. If Great Britain had no such Peace. They would have much less War. Laziness is why Great Britain has a Depression. Laziness is why Great Britain is not really ready for War even with Japan.

 The Agrarian Reform Movement came out Confucius. It is all about this Primitive Standard called the Golden Mean. That is the Means of Life. Taoism opposes this sometimes. The stability of the region is in question. Japan is allowed to intervene in Manchuria. Suddenly, Britain changes its' mind. Parliaments do that. We have a situation like what led to the Gulf War. 

 All those Lend Lease Ships America came from Smoking Joe. Those ships were carefully sabotaged to get rid of more of the British sailors. Those merchant ships were rigged so the German Wolf Packs had no problem finding them. They all had a characteristic ping that could be picked up by enemy sonar for hundreds of miles. That is real Yankee ingenuity.

 The conduct of the War bothered Roosevelt. Montgomery needed those cigars too. Roosevelt was hopping mad. The British could of ended the War. Unconditional surrender. That is if they had at least listened to Rodolph Hess. Then they were making noises like the British were going to take on Comrade Stalin. That is World War III. Worse, nobody seems to be in charge in Britain. Like they had never knew about a person named Oliver Cromwell? Roosevelt hates the British, and their Socialism. Joe Kennedy despises the British. Then the British keep bringing their spies to America. The Soviet Union has SMERSH (Death to Spies). Selectively, of course, this is the future of foreign spies in America, or anything like them. That includes their British Watch. Especially, the British Watch since, they were considered to be dangerous subversives. That British Watch isn't controlled by anybody any more than the Cult was in the United States. They were getting too cozy. They were sharing too many secrets with each other.

 The Klan has to go. The problem with the "Cult" here is they are still stuck in this Wilsonian Peace. There is this Neutrality Act, and so forth. The President's hands are tied. President Roosevelt wants an unfettered Presidency. The Power of an Absolute Monarch.

 Remember, World War III will kill millions of people secretly in dozens of Countries. It will leave billions of people in absolute destitution. It is not just the Cold War Crusades. This may be going on to fight Islam. Then anybody else you can imagine. Winston Churchill started World War III before anybody had stopped shooting in World War II. In his famous speech against Red Fascism. "War has no allies." There seems to be no end to this shit with the British. America needs to divest from Britain. America must come to its' senses, and get organized.

 As a matter of fact the British Navy, and the American Navy didn't like each other during the War. The British might of lost a lot of their prized ships to "friendly fire."

 "You got to keep cowardly people's faces deep in the dirt." It's the Boston Tea Party again. Otherwise, they might get pretensions again. Britain is a Land that practically invented the Grudge. You have got to remember that. The British do. Pass that on to your children. The British may be that backward. It is their manner of living.

 Later Smoking Joe's son John will reorganize the Cult. Since, there are not enough Police to keep order. The War Against Communism has to result in the Ultimate Confrontation. John Kennedy must use the materials at hand. The "Yellow Badge of Courage" is right there for all the Kennedy clan. Hands off those War Records boys. This stuff used to be taboo. Like: How do you get a medal for wrecking a PT boat on some island to sit out the War? Sweet deal isn't it? It really, happened.

 This is like the attacks on the Church: School Prayer, Separation of Church and State, abortion, and swearing in public. State's Rights are being eroded. All possibility of resisting John Kennedy's Dictatorship are being attacked.

 Recently, two terrorists put Boston, Massachusetts in "Lock Down." Kommadant Kitten didn't know that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was a prison? Maybe, it is?

 The extensive coverage of the bombing of the Boston Marathon even, preempted normal programing. This was very unusual.

  Here were folks talking on National Public Broadcasting that knew the bombers. That they said were regular people. They couldn't see the "extraordinary in the ordinary." Where In fact, both of them were heartless killers.

 These two killers had a remarkable resemblance to the Columbine High School  prepetrators of those murders there in Colorado some time ago.

 They were targeting the Kennedy Family.

 Then there is Uni Bomber. The Washington Post printed his complete Nut Journal. The bad guys keep getting all this publicity. While, real law abiding Americans struggle for attention. There is something wrong about this?

 "We are all immigrants." This is stereotyping. Bad Sophistry because, it is a lie. The Colonies were settled by Convicts. They were all exiled to North America. They had nothing to say since, they did not come freely like these Migrants. There are people in the United States of America called "Citizens." Immigrants are not Citizens. But, this isn't about immigration exactly because, they were Refugees. Let us just call them Migrants. They are Nomads. Like there are many Nomadic Native Americans in Mexico. They have no Spanish Blood. Most of these Migrants from Mexico, and Central America fit this description. They don't have any Country really. Then there is the phenomena of the M13, or MS13. It starts out as a Street Gang in El Salvador. Now, it has become this Criminal Cartel that has members in Panama, Columbia, Mexico, El Salvador... Somebody, vouchsafed this family considered to be terrorists in their own Country. That it was alright, for them to bring their hatred, treason, and their vendettas to my Country. There are a lot of Russians in my Country. Think about that. Because, these guys hate Russians. We have a lot of immigrants from Cultures that are locked in deadly combat elsewhere. Whoever, is allowing these people in the Country is either an idiot, or a criminal, or both. Maybe, there are payoffs?

A Minor Exception?

"Yet across the gulf of space, minds that are to our minds as ours are to the beasts that perish, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded Earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew up their plans against us."

H G Wells "War of the Worlds"

 The Trayver Martin case was where some self appointed "Watch" person shot, and killed this young teenager in cold blood. The killer is hallucinating to where he sees mortal enemies when there aren't any. This is this Culture of Damnation at work. But, we have even gone further into a Culture of Death. Normally, we would try to get everybody introduced so this wouldn't happen. This "Watch" exists only, in Socialist Countries. More missionary work by Foreign Socialists to propagate their Ideology here. This activity is called espionage. It will go to that place. This is flirting with Treason. Treason is bad.

 The Police might take this fool's gun away. His lawyer argues that will gut him. Yes, they will take that man's guts away. His guts are in his gun obviously. Otherwise, he wouldn't have done it. By the way, do you want to live next door to somebody that is trigger happy like that? What do you think?

 But, people in town know too much about Trayver Martin. That is not healthy. The White Power People believe that this was a classic Mafia hit. It is the Jewish Problem. Jewish Mafia like Al Capone.

 Now, Micky Cohen a Jewish Levite warned everybody he could about this Jewish Problem. This House Cult will get every Jew in the World uniquely dead. Jews are to stay out of Real Estate. It not a bargain. No matter what somebody will tell you. It is not worth it. It could be twenty years before somebody finds this out. But, will be found. Don't doubt me on this one. People will be laughing, and joking as they make plans to kill everybody I love.

 The Motive is simple. Trayver Martin is running errands for is ailing mother. The Convenience Store clerk knows Trayver Martin too good. That is always bad.

 Somebody wants a House. With Trayvor Martin out of the way. It will be easy to get rid of mom. There is something like 50 grand to make on the deal. Bet you didn't know there is Real Estate like that. Killing people to take their Houses. Houses that eat people. Illegal Occupation as it is known in Nashville. Of course, these people are killed. The House is Condemned, and Demolished. Several thousand people have been executed over this problem. It is Constitutional to do that. It is Espionage combined with Murder #1. Rebellion enables all these people to be tried, and sentence in absentia. This is the only option when dealing with well Organized Mafias. So powerful the assassination of witnesses, law enforcement, public officials, and reporters has happened in the past. These people will kill your family dude. Here in Sanford, Florida is Public Corruption at its finest. Complete with an All White Jury.  The Developers are not on trial. But, they should be. People should watch Zimmerman's financial transactions. We are looking for Mafia connections. Now, Meyer Lansky is dead. Zimmerman's Family might have Mafia Connections through Bob Dylan. We might have a real honest to God hit man.

 Did you know Trayver Martin's killer is related to the very famous Song Writer Bob Dylan? Once upon a time. Bob Dylan wrote in the vein that "God is dead." There are many Forms of God. This God is frightening. Then the Universe is God's Tomb. Then he did an about face. Bob Dylan became one of those Jesus People. We are interested in Zimmerman's Extended Family. We are interested if this said Zimmerman is a member of a shadowy Ku Klux Klan Organization namely; B'nai Berith. We are concerned about an Unlawful Takeover of Sanford, Florida by the Forces of Occupation. B'nai Berith is a Masonic Organization. The Fix is in? Zimmerman isn't even convicted of discharging a firearm in a populated area. Have you ever heard of Jury Nullification?

 All the "African American" Black Democrats were in that Courtroom. They all looked great with their muzzels in place. They were kept under a very tight leash. None of the Black People are talking in Sanford, Florida. They are too scared.

 Treyver Martin's killer made claims of turf. He is claiming Trever Martin is trespassing. He is armed. He if he does not own that property. Then this is a form of extortion. It is a protection racket. This is the Black Hand stuff. He is a gangster. He wants something as payment for safe passage, or to be present. That is implied. Because, he is following him. Any word, or gesture will do that too. Under Anti Gang Laws the Police can intervene. That can apply to one person. The Police must check for Masonic membership. Anti Mason Laws may be broken. There are Ku Klux Klan Acts, Anti Lynch Laws, Anti Terrorist Laws, Anti Vigilante Laws, Militia Laws, and Anti Mafia Laws. RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations) has to be used on their Charities. The Crime Control Acts can be used to halt illegal wire tapping, eavesdropping, and bugging. Omnibus Safe Streets and Crime Control was passed under President Lyndon Johnson to stop these practices from becoming common in the media, private investigation, and criminal organizations. A Corrupt Masonry can get into Goodwill Industries, the American Red Cross, the Food Bank... This can be done to any organization. The whole organization can get a warning for the first offense. They should. He could have his gun carry permit taken away, and given a ticket for the first offense. Treyver Martin should have called the Police to tell them he was being stalked. This tragedy illustrates reasons why people should not act on their own in this manner. This can go to murder under special circumstances. If any of these things are true a person can be executed. They should be.

 It is those Brown Shirt Routines that intimidated the people during the time of the Third Reich. The Brown Shirts were watching everybody too. The Brown Shirts used to beat people up even kill them, Heydrich couldn't stand them. The Brown Shirts were collaborating with people overseas. There is an American counterpart. Who wants that? There is a lot of loose talk among the Brown Shirts about overthrowing the Government. It got to the point where the Brown Shirts had to be tamed with Death. This is one of those terrible Movements that must never be here in America. All the above laws are around to do just that.

Integration is a Hoax

"Think White"

  It is plain as day that Integration does not work.

  Integration is a Mind Control Initiative begun under President Eisenhower.

 Obviously, Gun Control doesn't work.

 Gun Control is another Mind Control initiative.

 This Mind Control expands magnificently under President Kennedy.

 There are about Eighty of these Mind Control Initiatives in the Democratic Party.

 "Everybody's doing it, doing it. Picking their nose, and chewing it, chewing it."

 This is Initiative Eighty One.

 The Purpose of Mind Control is to get people to Obey Orders until Death.

 This can be tested for with certain drugs.

 These drugs produce toxic psychosis.

 This kind of Mind Control is needed in a Country getting ready for a Thermonuclear War.

 The No Smoke Initiative is in this vain.

 That one could have killed Trayver Martin.

 Somebody put a "Contract" on Treyver Martin.

 There is a Race Relations Initiative we will examine here.

 "Black Lives Matter!"

 No they don't.

 That is just a Democratic Party Slogan.

 Have you seen those kneeling knees at these Ball Games?

This is Professional Sports?

This is Hillary Rodham's Brain Child.

 It is a bit weird to see all those great big ball players, their managers, trainers, and Ball Club Owners being Pussy Whipped?

 Go ahead if you must.

 "Bow to the Sacred Cow!"

 Our fans will mock them.

 Once, they see this Folly.

 They can show signs "I am a Man."

  Mind Control has no place in a Free Society.

 Not on our Playing Field.

 What would the World think about this?

 What do you think?

 The National Anthem is being played.

 What are the consequences of not doing something?

 Do you remember Shirley Chisholm?

 This Quaker Raised Black Woman of British parents became America's first "African American" Congress Woman.

  We are concerned here about British, and Americans Speculating in Currency.

  We are worried about Bank Loans.

 The relationship between Bank Loans and Political Corruption.

 Shirley Chisholm was the first Black Candidate, and the First Woman to run for the Office of President of the United States during the Democratic Party Primaries.

 "Some people fall between the cracks." This is a dirty, dirty comment that tells us Shirley Chisholm is not a Human Being. Pet! That is right. Shirley Chisholm is nothing but, a Lap Dog of Special Interests not  for Black People at all! Womens' Issues? Are you kidding?

Free Elections

 This is crucial to understand, the Politics of the Pre Nazi Wiemar Republic. Something like Free Elections. People think every Country should have them. How does that worl here in Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America.

Me Too!

The Political Issues

 Kommandant Kitten knows he can be the Mayor of Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

 Megan Barry is gone! We need to be worried about Ethics. Megan Barry can teach Ethics in a University. Her husband Bruce Barry is a Professor of Ethics at Vanderbilt University. Megan Barry was forced out of the Mayor's Office due to adultery, and stealing. Everybody in Nashville is very disappointed. Megan Barry's son died of a drug overdose. There is a problem with the Dream. The Dream comes from Mara. Mara is Delusion. Mara is Satan. Delusion is not Madness. Here these Ethics that are being taught is Mind Control. That is bad in Politics. The Voters need to be very concerned. Because, Delusion is Deception. Deception at its' deepest levels is not Lying. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. Truth is Lying. There situations according to the needs, and particularities of people that make these saying real. That is usually, during a Time of War. Megan Barry is living in this Dream of Ethics. Ideals are Ethics according to Plato. The School Shooter lives in these Ideals of Deception. The School Shooter is a Trancer. The Trance is a Waking Dream. Their Life is Mara's Life. That is Real. "The sleep of reason breeds monsters." Voltaire. "I wish I had that!" Ilse Koch on the Beauty of the World. The Kind Man knows this. That is True.

 Kommandant Kitten has to Denounce Megan Barry. Did you know Max Barry has web site on You Tube. There he is cutting down a helpless American Holly Tree. That tree came all the way from Delaware Frank Loyd Wright want it planted. The Holly Tree was ninety years old. It took Max four minutes to cut down. That was at my address 270 Tampa Dr, Nashville. There is a real problem he is armed with a hand gun. Look! There is a video of Max's Mother Megan Barry cutting down a helpless Holly Girl at another location. Megan Barry is also armed with a hand gun. Did anybody know about gun control? Did anybody vote for this. This was Nashville's Best Mayor ever! I beg your pardon. Me thinks Megan Barry should have no place in Public Office. It is a wonder she isn't prison. Megan Barry doesn't like the Pink Cat Hats. The reason is Jane Seymour Fonda, and Hillary Rodham. Me thinks Hillary is not married to Big Bill Clinton. Probably, never has been. Kommandant Kitten is worried about these idealistic young girls. We need "Girl Safe." It is part of the Omnibus Safe Streets and Crime Control from President Lyndon Johnson. President Johnson needed to protect his loyal wife Lady Bird Johnson, and his two daughters.

 Bruce Barry is completely nuts! He must not get close to those chemicals! Vandy agrees too. It is the manufacture, and possession of sodium mono fluroacetate Compound 1080 a product of Tull Chemical Company. This is the most regulated pesticide in the United States. You have have proof of insurance, a qualified pest control operator, and a reason to use the product safely. Then Tull Chemical might let you buy Compound 1080. Compound 1080 is dyed with a black dye to prevent its misuse. Bad Bruce can't have any. He might want to use this poison on people. We need to lock him up folks.

 Megan Barry's web site is a surreal tour of  all of Megan's Very Barry Stuff.

 Here is the Problem with a Political Ethic enshrined into Laws. It causes is endless Infighting. It paralyzes Government. It produces Tabloid Journalism. It is Political Sabotage. It Demoralizes the Public. It was born out of Enemy Psychological Warfare of the Cold War Era. We don't know who created this Psychological Warfare. It looks like the Soviet Union.

 Kommandant Kitten will launch an Investigation into the Teaching of Ethics. President Richard Nixon was alarmed about the Teaching of Ethics in Schools, and Universities. A Purge of these Anti Social individuals supporting Domestic Terrorism. Here we are concerned about Movements like Domestic Terrorism. This Movement of School Shooters for example is not a Conspiracy. Yet, it acts like one.

 Ethics in Medicine will by investigated. It is the justification of Anti Social Activity in our Medical Societies. This issue is to big to leave alone. But, this is only a Passive Inquiry. That Quality Health Care is Safe, Effective, and Timely. Labor Unions are encouraged to look in to this. We will query the Insurance Companies. We will gather this information. We ask tough questions about the AIDS Epidemic, cancer, contagious diseases, affordable treatments, price fixing, malpractice, quackery, bad research... The whole Medical Paradigm is in question. This is Safe Streets and Crime Control.

 Medical Students, and Hospital personal are being taught all about Death and Dying. Terminally ill persons need to be in a Hospice. Not a Hospital. That frees up a Hospital bed for a real patient. The Subject of Passive Euthanasia, and Mercy Killing comes up. Denial of Safe, Effective, and Timely Medical Treatment amounting to Murder happens. Abortion Mills grinding on endlessly in Hospitals. Training Medical Students using vivisection on Animals. That is dissecting let us say a dog while it is still conscientious. That will sear a person's conscience as the Apostle Paul warns us in the Book. Such people are worthless in Medicine. Our Hospitals are becoming filthy with Death.

 Kommandant Kitten is Write IN Candidate. Jack Steven Shewmaker is not listed on the the Ballot for Mayor of Nashville. Better luck next year. Then there will be more time to run a spirited Campaign for the Mayor of Nashville. Let's do it! Kitten will run again in a little over a year.

 The Honorable Mayor Briley is now, Mayor of Nashville, Tennessee. Mr Briley was the Vice Mayor who took office after Megan Barry was resigned with a nudge from a Judge. Mayor Briley will be in office to serve out the rest of Megan Barry's term. Strangely, Mr. Briley could not declare himself to be a Southern Democrat. Thanks to the Anti Politics gospel of Megan Barry, and  the City Council. That is extremely Hypocritical, and Deceptive. This is Morally wrong. People need to know a Candidate is in good standing with their Political Party. This unnecessary Election cost Nashville over a million dollars. There are two, or more Elections in the offing this year. No wonder the Police can't get a pay raise. The Nashville Buses are sorely in need of maintenance. The buses are unsafe. The Bus Drivers Union says so.

 The greatest challenge facing Nashville is getting rid of all the works of Megan Barry. If we see Megan Barry gets things done with consensus with the City Council. Boss Tweed  always, had consensus with Tammany Hall. Do we have any toadyism in Nashville's City Council? Is this Peeping Tom Ordinance still around. They are so Anti Democratic Megan Barry, and her Circle of Toads believe they have the right to look in your window to see what you are doing. The Cayce Apartments will be demolished. All those low income people will be thrown out on the streets. Safety Net it is not there for anybody as they hit the streets, and sidewalks pretty hard. Someone wants to replace all of Nashville's low income housing with Gentrification. Those Gentrafication housing units are not up to Building Codes. The Cayce Apartments are. Gentrification is morally wrong.

 Mayor Kitten would get rid of the Big Sham. Nashville is On the Move. A City On the Rise. All the same old lies Growth is the Salvation of Nashville. Moving right along Nashville keeps getting Ugly. Black Lives Matter except after the Big Election. Can somebody stop this?

  The issues are still around. That is another issue none of anybody's issues are mentioned on the Ballot. No one knows anything about what any of these Candidates want to do as Mayor of Nashville. Granted Jack Steven Shewmaker is going to vote for himself. But, people in Nashville are entitled to know why they should Vote for any of the Candidates Listed on the Ballot? That is Bad Ethics. That is ignoring people. People are important! There are Un Constitutional practices that violate the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments. It does, or should violate the Civil Rights Law governing elections. It is Discrimination. The Elections are fixed. The Election Process in Nashville is questionable.

 We are dealing with issue of Gerrymandering. It is creating favorable Districts for Incumbents. During Megan Barry's reign more Districts were created, and Council Seats were added. That costs Nashville a lot of Tax money.

 Now, we can examine any large transportation scheme with this in mind. In the year 2030 what will a gallon of gasoline cost? It will be definitely be more than $5 a gallon. People in Europe are paying right now more than $10 a gallon. Let us say that gasoline if it is still around will be $20 plus dollars a gallon. Walking, and bicycling seem to be the Wave of the Future. Why throw money away? We need better planning.

 Did you know that a ten percent Income Tax will not pay all those bills being rung up by Developers Nationwide? Another bad idea that started with President Kennedy. A lot money being used up to Destroy the Land.

Guess what?  The Sales Tax is will exceed ten percent really soon. Nashville will still be broke. Unless, somebody puts an end to all this Big Spending.

 There is this Opiod Fad. That can work for the people. We need innovative ways of curing chronic pain. Not without Quackery? Chronic Pain appears to be a an autoimmune disorder in the autonomous nervous system. Most of this pain is actually, a form of "phantom pain" caused by the autonomous nervous system refeeling pain that may not even exist!

 What is crack cocaine? It has only one purpose. That is to kill, or injure a human being. Kommandant Kitten knows how to get rid of this sort of stuff quick. Like pronto man.

 President Roosevelt would not like anything like this Neo Temperance Movement. This is the art of creating problems to solve solve problems. It has been the so called drug education is telling people how to abuse drugs.  If addicts didn't know about what pills to take. They would never want them. Temperance ruins medicine when we have doctors looking for drugs instead of disease. Unscrupulous doctors are milking patients with real pain of all their money. Drugs will dominate the News at the expense of real issues. The solutions have been mentioned els