The Auschwitz Dialogs

“You know, I know, and everybody in the
know knows. There is no business like
Shoah business.”

"Unreality has become the mark of our times."

By Kommandant Kitten
“The destiny of Mice is to be played with by

 Auschwitz means “Love Town?” At least, I think it does. Why are the Jews still going there? What is it that is drawing them there? At first glance, Jews want to know about their History. Of course, everybody else, wants to discover History too. In most cases, Auschwitz represents persecution as bad as persecution can get. Yet, there is a far deeper, and disturbing reason for this torrid love affair with the “Big Girl,” Auschwitz more than anyone wants to admit. For unreality has become a mark of our times. Israel has lapsed into a predicament of steady state anarchy that appears to have no end. Not as bad as Somalia but, it is still going there. Even here, in the United States steady state anarchy is manifesting while, the Nation is slipping away from the “First World;” falling gradually but, determinedly into the “Second World.”

 So now, that the United States has become a “Second World” Debtor Country. How is America going to pay its bills? We no longer have the raw natural resources to do this. America has to rely on the Military to secure materials for our “trading partners." America gets no oil from Iraq. Instead, it is all going to pay our enormous trade deficits. There are going to be more of these necessary Wars. Most of these Wars will be Covert Wars. We will call this World War III.  When you sum it all all up. It is. Isn't it? Invisible Wars.

 Invisible Wars fought in every living room, every kitchen, in every bathroom, in every bed room, in your garage, in your basement, in your attic, in your front yard, your back yard, on the streets you drive on, in your workplace, in your doctors office, at your dentist, in every store, in the voting booth, and everywhere you can imagine for these are the Wars of the Future. That is right now. Are incredibly interpenetrating. Those Wars live in people. You should recycle.

Constitutional Matters

 Bet you thought the United States Constitution was a complete Document? Like you can go to a Library to see the Whole Thing? That just ain't so folks!

 Item One: the Rejection of the Versailles Treaty was put to a Vote in the United States Congress. That is very unusual since, only a Two Thirds Vote, and Three Quarters of the State Legislatures to Amend the United States Constitution. The Vote in both cases was Unanimous Against the Versailles Treaty in both cases per President Roosevelt's first year in Office. All that Language must be added to the United States Constitution.

 That was to prevent the use of any of these Provisions in that Document, and Addendum from being used Administratively by the United States Government, Territories, States, and Local Governments as Law in any form.

 It is because, of the Sedition Nature of this Document. It undermines all American Legal Code.

 Second Item: Bomb Code was established as a United States Constitutional Amendment during the Trueman-Eisenhower Era. Likewise was a Unanimous Constitutional Amendment.

 Of course, the United States could follow the example of the Roman Empire. That is by transforming most of their Military into Police. An expanded role for the Military in all Lands is inevitable. For people are unpredictable.

 Eventually, the Military, and the Police will form intimate connections. The "War on Terror," "the War on Drugs," and the "War on Organized Crime" provide the necessary Motive. Modern day advanced communications have hooked up everyone in the Police to the Means. The Opportunities are endless. Modus Operande is always, available. This manner of working is here these days in America. The Machinery of Empire has formed for the modern Police State to exist in all its' evil splendor.

 Where do Canada, and Mexico figure into this New American Empire? They are going to have to be Cats too. Kommandant Kitten has examined this issue extensively being one third Canadian, and all that sort of thing. Understanding, that. The United States of America has a population about twice as big as the Roman Empire. We can't do much with Canada. It is not worth it. It is not worth any effort for America to go overseas because, we don't get anything out of it. Never will, until Our Empire is consolidated. We need a new set of Laws to guarantee that the business of America is business.

 The American Constitution gives people the right to rule us. That is what that is all about. The "Auschwitz Camp Laws" were like that too. This shows us they cared about people. There is a difference. America has all these disconnected people. Auschwitz had Comrades due to the rigors of "Camp Life." Everything is predestined in "Camp." Auschwitz had no Brotherhoods, or Sisterhoods. Auschwitz was Anti Masonic. Auschwitz considered all Masons to be engaged in Ceremonial Magic, and dangerously deluded. Here is the Problem of Masonry: everybody agrees that they are all Bothers and Sisters. That share a Common Culture. What if they don't? Visions in conflict. How far does that go? War. Auschwitz was totally Secular.

 People are reaching out for anything to save them from something like near death experiences. They feel disconnected from the source of their life. This results in the horror of whole Nations, and Peoples losing their identity becoming “lost souls” that is impelling them to reach out to anything solid that reassures them of the fact they are not illusionary, and truly exist. Auschwitz fulfills this need, and the “Big Girl” is always, there to help them be whole again. This is true. After all, “Isn’t peace enough?" Maybe, it should be. So we all have goofed. "Camp" is always, "Peace."

  The Jews are wandering in a Landscape of Hidden Damnation. Damnation means being put out, Ostracized. This is progressing to a place as they continue to wander into where they perceive a Landscape of Real Damnation. That may not be exactly, their Damnation. But, that won't be long in coming. If they should wander further. They may find themselves in the “Amazing Maze of Life or Death.” Where one wrong move could lead to your Destruction. What the “Big Girl” wants to know is what are you going to do about that? Because, they are now, inside Auschwitz. By the way, you’re in Auschwitz too.

 A Landscape of Hidden Damnation is a Hidden System of Imprisonment without Walls, Bars, or Guards. This form of "Camp" is called a Ghetto. The Imprisonment is usually, defined in Economic Backgrounds. There is a Hidden System of Prohibitions, Sanctions, Prescriptions, and Penalties in place. There is a Landscape of Damnation that begins to become visible. You are somewhere in the Legal System. That is if you are a Plaintiff, or a Defendant. You are Petitioning. You are Demonstrating. You are running for Public Office. Applying for certain kinds of Employment including a Government job. You are now, under Investigation. Society is closing. You have entered a World of Secrecy. You may not know this. That will be bad for you. You may have broken the Law. You might not ever know that either. You have entered a World of Visible Damnation. There are Secret Laws. You may have encountered Corruption. Worse you will become part of this Corruption. You are in the Under World. In the Under World there are Traditions, and Customs. These are Unwritten Laws. You may not be able to follow those Rules. You are in the Amazing Maze of Life, or Death. You are now, a Villain.

 Let us still put that another way. The Psychologist Henry James wrote about this phenomenon of unreality in "The Turn of the Screw." Here there are two children: a boy, and girl. Their reality has been upended. There is a Presence there. This is "Camp." You have to lose your Innocence. The Presence isn't a Ghost. There is Somebody else near. It isn't Death either. But, Death is nearby. That you will understand, further. The Screw is being turned. Everybody feels that. They are becoming more Mature. Now, you need to know more. You are a Villain.

 You are not a little child anymore. You are not guarded like a little child any longer. "We're here!" There is no where to run to escape your maturity. You can not duck. You can not dodge the issue. You can not fend it off. You can not wish it away. The fact is not going away. You are growing up. You are brave enough to face it. So let's get on with it.

The Ghettos

 A Ghetto is a Concentration Camp without walls, bars, or guards. The Ghetto has no physical boundaries exactly. Yet, everybody in the Ghetto is under restraint. Red Lining is used by Banks, and Insurance Companies to define Regions inside a Population Center as being in the Ghetto. Mind you no Bank, or Insurance Company will admit this is the truth. The degree of Imprisonment varies with Economic Status. Ghettos are always, associated with Famine. In the beginning you will not see many people in Stages of Advanced Starvation. A keen Observer of Life will note that everybody suffers from Nutrient Deficiency. Famine is a very subtle Foe of Life. There are shortfalls in  everything: food, shelter, clothing, personal safety, transportation, and currency. There is a system of hidden fees, and taxes that is there to keep people in their place. Insurance is one of them. You can not open a business without paying several License Fees. You are required to have Insurance. The money to get a Business License is not small change at all. Then you can count all the money paid to get Permits. The money that it takes to Insure a Vehicle is staggering. Kommandant Kitten would outlaw this Protection Racket posing as Insurance. Then there are those Bank Fees. You better keep that check book balanced. Those penalties are out of sight. You will need a telephone. The telephone was supposed to cost you twenty dollars a month with no extras. Your bill comes back at you for something like forty dollars instead. You better pay your bill on time. Otherwise, you will pay up to hundred dollars to restore your phone service. That parking ticket maybe so high they might as well tow your vehicle. There is the Power Bill, the Gas Bill, and the Water Bill. Look! There is the Landlord expecting to be paid right now. There are thousands of Ordinances you can break. Those Ordinances have pretty stiff Fines. There is a Socialist System that locks up everybody into this relentless System of Inequality. Millions of Americans manage to live in these Ghettos somehow?

A Monkey on a Stick

 This quaint saying comes from India. It is always, a warning. You should love Kommandant Kitten. Because, you have been warned. There was a man. He had very Bad Karma. His name was Michael Finberg. He starts out really good. He got to see the Six Day War in Israel. All of it. He was in a Kibbutz for awhile. But, turned into a Peacenik. He came to the States. Then he joined this Fraternity. He should have paid attention to what they told him when he joined the Damned Thing. He is no longer a Jew. But, he can be as a god. By then, he is flirting with Bolshevikism. He is a Dupe. Since, he can't be a Fellow Traveler, Pinko, or a Red. He can't understand it. But, he shouldn't. He became an aid to President Jimmy Carter. He even went, and seen Auschwitz several times. He had pictures of everything too. He knew an ancient Cambodian Monk over a century old in Stockton, California. Then he had Tantric Sex with a Bharavi Girl. He took what he thought was real LSD. Then he had Union with Her in a Flotation Room. He didn't understand Tripura Bharavi. Anymore, than why he had the Cosmic Cobra Breath, and the White Shiva. Tripura Bharavi emptied Mr. Finberg out of all his Love. Because, Tripura Bharavi is a Vampiric Deity sometimes. Kommandant Kitten got to empty Michael Finberg out of all his Knowledge. Then he could go on. By now, he is probably dead.

 Have you seen "The Matrix?" Deja vu? Time seems to fold back on itself, and repeat. When deja vu happens with the black cat. They know they are in a trap.  So you should look around.  When you find deja vu. You are always, in deadly danger. Run if you can. Stand if you must. You are in a trap. Of course, "The Matrix" was pretty much modeled on Auschwitz.

 Deja vu means History is repeating itself. Kommandant Kitten does believe this phenomenon is not good in most cases regarding people. There is a Sign of the Backrunner. There is a Backward Logic, and Backward Reasoning comprising a Backward Sophistry. "If they keep saying it. Just keep saying it. It doesn't matter if it is true, or not. They continue to keep saying it. It must happen!"

 Like in "The "Matrix" a "Camp Person" can be transformed into a "Camp Guard." That is like Mr. Smith in "The Matrix." They are an "Agent of the System." This can happen outside "Camp." In that case that Agent will be a "System Lord." Sort of like the movies, and television series "Star Gate." That "Camp Person" will start a new "Camp."

  So now, it is time for my sales pitch. It is a good one. What Kommandant Kitten is going to sell you is “Reality.” You will get your first fix right here. It will cost you the time it takes to find “Reality.” You will find that this works. Since, reality always, does work. That is the test of it.

 You need to know we are not talking about fossils here. Auschwitz is relevant today. Those were real people. They did live real lives. So the present tense is used a lot in this work.

  In order to know what Auschwitz had. You must know what you have. What kind of Culture you live in. What kind of Civilization you have. You have to understand, that Averages are not Norms. Where your Culture comes from. Why your Culture exists. That Civilization, and Culture are synonymous in meaning. That Culture must make sense to you somehow. You have to bring yourself out of yourself.

 Many people do not know anything about their own Culture. They aren't even able to describe what Civilization really is. They spend all their time living in Cages. They can not think outside the Cage. They believe this Cage is Life. As they age this Cage keeps getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller. Until, the Cage crushes the life out of them. This Cage people call Life is really a Species of Death.

  Kommandant Kitten is putting together a “Camp” where his evil is law. Here are the “Simple Camp Laws” that will keep you alive even in Auschwitz back then.

1) Stay alive.
2) Obey.
3) Work.
4) Order.
5) Progress.

 You will notice in the picture the Nazis are holding their flag below the waist. But, they will put it on a flag pole. So we know it is really them.

 Look! You just got a new pair of glasses from Auschwitz Birkenau. The hearing aid comes gratis. You have got a new pair of work boots. The gloves you will need them. That all comes with your work uniform. You get to pay for it. You get to play a role: you are a Villain.

 Villains always, deal with moral issues. An exquisite explanation is there for the morally defective of the consequences of such mayhem. The First Book to read on the Holocaust is J. Kishnamurtie's "The First and Last Freedom" concerning our Right to Exist. You tell Kommandant Kitten what the First, and Last Freedom are. There you will find the Philosophy of Destruction. Yet, this tome is not dwelling on the Destruction of the Past. That can not be avoided. It is the Destruction that is yet, to come that must be avoided.

 Global Thermo Nuclear War comes to mind here. Social Experiments can deprive people of all their Human Rights too. It can be that extreme. Once, Socialist Governments get into a pattern of escalation in modern Warfare. Red Scare.

 Stalin managed to get several hundred tons of fissionable Uranium from the Nazis. Once, that goes into a reactor they can make enough deuterium in there to manufacture thousands of H Bombs. Along with enough German, and Russian scientists to make a rocket to put "Sputnik" the first satellite in space. Well, those intercontinental ballistic missiles can hit any target in the United States of America. By the time, America has finished sifting through the ashes of Hiroshima. They can find their future. Sure enough!

 The Nazis built satellites too. They did manage to launch a few of them. At the time no one even imagined rockets carrying bombs. HG Wells wrote "First Men on the Moon." "Buck Rodgers" is popular in the States. "Buck Rodgers" is a lot bigger than "Star Trek."

 Satellites are a lot more modern now. There can't be any Nazi engineering in them? But, they do! The rockets basically are the same design as their Nazi Ancestors. The rocket fuel was altered but, not a lot. There is Nazi circuitry that appears to be in every one of our satellites. There is this circuitry that broadcasts this "tracking system." It is more than a radio signal generator. The frequency was extensively tested by the Nazis. It has been found to be harmful to all life. It is a weapon masquerading as a harmless tracking beam. It is just enough to degrade our environment. Our thinking won't be as clear as it should be. We are moving through a mental fog of sorts. But, there is more. There always, is. Besides the harmless Nazi tracking beam there is another circuitry. This circuitry comes from a bad man. His name is Ted Turner. He studied the Nazi one. His is a lot stronger. The radiation on the ground can be measured. It is different now, the satellite does not need to transmit anything through that pesky Ozone Layer. That Ozone Layer is Gone! It can really harm you more.

 The television beam just follows the "line of sight." The curvature of the Earth is why a signal broadcast in Los Angeles can't be received by a television antenna in Santa Barbara 110 miles away. But, there is a way to do this. The signal can be sent to another receiver/transmitter. That is called a "repeater." The signal goes through several repeaters until, there is good reception in Santa Barbara. These repeaters are obsolete, and should be removed for public safety reasons. There are places where a person could inadvertently walk into the path of this beam. People have been killed. These machines pose a serious danger to wildlife. Santa Barbara? They can watch cable. Do you have high blood pressure? Radiation can do that.

"2001 A Space Odyssey"

 This futuristic astronaut is on a voyage to the planet Jupiter. HAL: the computer system that runs mostly everything on the spaceship is in trouble. HAL is malfunctioning. The reason is never clearly stated in the movie. Jupiter has an extremely powerful Van Allen Radiation Belt. Earth has one similar to the rings just like the planet Saturn. The radiation is effecting HAL. HAL wants to go home. The astronaut manages to kill HAL. Little does our hero know it. But, he is slowly being burned alive. He will never make it.

 There can be a sequel. Another, expedition is launched to find out what happened to our hero. He crash landed on the planet Jupiter. Maybe, he is down there mining metallic hydrogen, or something really cool.

 Now, you need an Education in Practical Physics. The Cat makes the best Astronaut. The Cat can Self Initiate with Hal the Cat can be in Space Forever. The Monkey hates being up there. The Chimp can handle it much better. The Dog has has it the Worst of all of them. The Dog is too near the Earth to Voyage through Deep Space. The Human Astronaut could go to Mars. By the time they finally get to Mars at lets say Mach 6 they will be Insane. Human Beings are just not as resilient as Cats. Human Beings have to many deep flaws to be Space Travelers. You have to Breed New People.

 You now know Mach 6, or Six Times Faster than the Speed of Sound is about as fast as you can go in Space. The G Force outside the space craft is still present. But, inside the vessel everything is weightless in transit. Machines have to made differently probably, in Space. This issue is still being studied. Space Travel is rough on machines, and people. There is some matter in Space. There is some Friction.

 Speaking of Friction. You know the Space Shuttle has to have an adequate heat shield. Kommandant Kitten lived near Moffet Field, Mountain View, California. That is where the biggest Air Craft Hanger is located. A friend of Kommandant Kitten worked gluing tiles on the Space Shuttles. There was a Metallurgist that had made a phony heat shield made out Tin on both sides built around a Styrofoam core. The real heat shield according to NASA Specifications was there too. You couldn't tell them apart. Kommandant Kitten seen the last Space Shuttle blow up in Florida. The films that were released by NASA plainly showed a piece of Styrofoam falling away from the doomed spacecraft. What do you think?

"The Terminator"

 You got to understand, the terminator was a vision of Wernher von Braun, and other Nazi scientists working for the United States Government during the "Space Race" of the 60's. At the heart of everything was "Sky Net." Sky Net is is a system of satellites networked together to form a super intelligent unity. That is needed in order to predict the weather. Weather is an incredibly complex phenomenon covered in the Science of Meteorology. The purpose of Sky Net is to totally control every person on this Planet Earth.

 There is a hidden Terminator. All these Robots were made by somebody. The Robots were made to conform to a certain Pattern. The Robots are a Breed. Master is dead. But, not destroyed since, Master lives on in the Breed. The Brotherhood of Slavery knew they were Doomed. The North opposed the Right of Slaverers to have Freemen. The Battle at Harper's Ferry should tell you that. Those people there died Free! The Slaverers all said so except in the North. That was why the Brotherhood of Slavery did everything they could to keep them away, from the Right to Own Slaves. The book "Roots" gives you a clue. Why are Slaverers bringing African Royalty, and Warriors to America as Slaves? The Blood of Master gone into them to improve the Breed. Are African Americans Terminators?

 At one time the British rocket scientists were without peer. Great Britain was in the in the vanguard of everything forceful. Everybody knows they could have beaten the Germans easily. But, Socialism is the enshrinement of Ignorance. That is the only reason Great Britain has never had an Empire. Almost Golden?

 Now, you need a radiation primer. Otherwise global warming, ozone depletion, and climate change won't make any sense to you. The Auschwitz People had researched this very thing very thoroughly. The "Big Girl" figured this was the most likely outcome of this Global Decadence. That is the Extinction of Humanity. The chemical reaction Carbon Monoxide + Ozone = Carbon Dioxide + Oxygen. The lighter than air gas Carbon Monoxide from innumerable sources is the main cause of Ozone Depletion. It appears that our Ozone Layer all over the World is gone. You are being exposed to ionizing, and non ionizing radiation. No one is immune to radiation. Stay out of the sun. If you must use sun screen. It might help some.

 Look it's Digiman! He came through the Event Horizon with the last Atmospheric Hydrogen Bomb test. That was a 100 megatons of pure fury that even changed the Earth's axis. It is Kennedy vs Khrushchev. It set the sky on fire with Plasma Energy. No it wasn't "Heat Lighting." Kommandant Kitten saw it back then. Radio iodine, strontium, and cesium blanketed the whole Country.

 The Atomic, and Hydrogen Bombs produced lots of Carbon !4. Enough of this radio isotope was produced to invalidate all the Carbon 14 dating for fossils, and more recent materials. History is in the making.

 Some of this bomb fallout is still around even today. Still in people working it's way with them. You should eat a 100% of your minimum daily requirement of vitamins, and minerals.

 Digital Broadcasting was not unknown to the Nazis. Digital Broadcasting is easier to encrypt than Analog Broadcasting. That keeps secrets better. Now, that the whole Country has gone Digital. All those old television sets are in landfills all over the Nation. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) apparently thought this was just dandy. Everybody has to buy new TV sets. But, most people can't afford them. Still can't. How do you notify people in the event there is a National Emergency? Smoke Signals? What does Digital Broadcasting do to people? Mind you that this has never been tested on animals. But, it is to provide better picture quality. The hype all says so.

 But, what about the sound? You still have your Auschwitz hearing aid. So you will notice right away that the tone is always, flat. So listening to any of this broadcasting will depress you. There is infra sound, and ultra sound that will make your television viewing experience uncomfortable. That is both radio, and television. You see broadcasters don't seem to like you, or their sponsors.

 It is plain as day the Broadcasters are losing money. The reasons, some of them are pretty obvious. The Government is trying to save them. Incentives, Tax Breaks, Lax Enforcement of Federal Communications Regulations including Rules regarding Safe Broadcasting practices, and Financing this Behemoth somehow?

 Did you know a Radio Station uses a fantastic amount of Electrical Power? It costs a lot of money to pay for all that. A 150,000 Watt radio station uses enough power to power up 50, 000 homes. Take your electric bill multiply that by 150,000 times. That is about what it costs. In your home town of let us say 200,000 people. You will have about a hundred these stations draining away 800,000 Watts. All that time your Tax Dollars are hard at work paying for everything.

Unholy Experiments on People

 Nazis love animals. They won't do this to a dog. Never! Auschwitz is amassing material for the Enemy. For that they need to do a few tests on human subjects. After all after fire bombing Dresden. The Totenkophverbande does think anybody will not hesitate to do this to there own people. Now, the Totenkophverbande won't.

 This is a simple test rig. It is just like jump starting an automobile. You put one alligator clip on one ear. Another alligator clip on the other ear. This forms a complete electrical circuit. We have Radio Frequency instead. Kind like the Citizens Bands has, and a little more. This is exotic torture.

 This has been going on for two hours of nonstop action. The test subject has stopped breathing. He is legally dead according to Reich Law. Yet, his heart os still beating. There is no more current. The heart goes right on beating for at least forty minutes.

 That man is in Hell.

 During World War I the US Army Signal Corps may have invented this novel means of torture. Everybody that has done this is bringing this technology home. It will keep people in line. All these gangsters think so. The Wild West is still around. Post World War I America is mostly still in the Third World. America went backwards under President Wilson.

 Now, you need to know about the Games. Dionysus warns about. These are Games you shouldn't play. The Games are rigged. You have them on your computer. You can play more of them on X Box. This to introduce you to a whole world of nothing but, cheating. Because, somehow you can be switched to another computer. A variation of phone line switching. Sort of like the free calls with the "Black Box" that was around in the 80's. Dionysus hates that. The Tyrant says so proudly. There is a "World of Tanks." The "armchair general" can fight with them. "Armchair General" used to be someone bound to a wheelchair. Nowadays, it is another put down. A put down is a slur against your character. Many people don't even realize it. This isn't a real Military tank simulator. The reason is there are phony players. But, they might let you win this time. Belgium understands. You really can't win. Your mind is being manipulated to tell you it can win. But, not in your life buddy. The Lottery is like that when the bar is raised on those hurdles to the highest level. This is Game Theory. The Power Ball beckons. This can ruin you.

 You don't want this stinking hacker: "monitor," or "censor" around at all! They are all either criminals, or spies. Microsoft is concerned. People need to play. The hacker is there as a spoiler. This is Political. We find this sort of sabotage with Bolsheviks all the time. They promote their life at the expense of your life. We need stronger laws.

 Hackers interfere with Intelligence Gathering. There is a Terrorist Website. None of America's Intelligence Agencies will gain any information so vital it may save American lives. Because, the Website was hacked by one of these Space Cowboys.

 Hackers are bad for the Police. This investigation will be a lot harder. Somebody has gotten into their computers, and deleted vital information. This rapist might go free. A Police Informant has been outed by a hacker. Who knows what is going to happen to her? Want to guess?

 Schools, and students have constant problems with this hacking. Hey buddy! Your homework just vanished! it was a term paper that took this student three months to put together. The professor will understand. Won't he?

 Of course, you are to Back Up all your work. Hacking is very sophisticated these days. Chances are your Backups even in several machines might not be there like you think they are supposed to be.

 The Poor Losers are at it again in Congress. People in Congress are required to be mature, and sane enough to hold these Public Offices. They are required to have not committed any serious crimes. To wit felonies, and serious misdemeanors.

One is to not have been convicted of drug related offenses. In the 70's Hillary Rodham, and her constant companion Jane Fonda were convicted of violating the State of California's Drug Laws.

 Kommandant Kitten thought all this hoopla would blow over. It has not happened. It is wild accusations of Russian Agents hacking the Democrats. But, the Russians should love Hillary. Twenty Percent of the United States Uranium production has gone to Russia duly approved by Hilllary Diane Rodham Clinton's Department of State. Here is the point. Hillary Rodham Clinton is the only Department Head we must be concerned with not any of the Others. There six extreme Government Departments in collusion with Hillary Rodham Clinton that say this Big Deal is good. Obama has to believe them. Because, after all they are his people? But, if any of these major Government Departments is independent of President Trump, we have a major problem. Kommandant Kitten has written extensively about the possibility of a Hostile Soviet forming in our Country. If these Government  Departments are Autonomous. Then they are Soviets. All the Nazi Concentration Camps actually, were Autonomous Independent Self Governing Soviets under no Law but, there own. We don't need to worry about this?

 The hoopla is about thousands of Russian Agents planting "Fake News," and waging Information Warfare on the Democratic Party are overblown. It looks like all these Russian Spies are working for "Pravda." In modern Russia "Pravda" means "Truth," and all their journalists are looking for big stories. "Pravda" is not a Russian Spy Agency anymore than the "New York Times," or let's say CBS are Spy Agencies here in America. Yes, "Pravda is on the Internet. But, they are not the hackers like Kommandant Kitten describes. As a matter of fact a twelve year old child of a Software Engineer can hack into any of the Democratic Party computers at will. It can be made to appear that these attempts are originating from Russia, or any place you can possibly imagine. We will have to outlaw wiretaps because, of these cases. This Domestic Hacking Crisis has never been sufficiently addressed by the Democratic Party. Maybe, all these Domestic Hackers are working for the Democrats? Nowadays, we have millions of these Career Criminals still at large in America.

 There are extreme reports that a French Professor researching Current Events at a Madison Wisconsin University is not allowed to do any work regarding the United States Election. He is being treated as a Spy for the French Government. It is the thin skinned Democrats again up to their antics. These Buffoons have finally done it. The French have recalled there Professor of Current Events. The French have considered retaliating against America likewise. The expulsion of American Professors, and students that will receive no grades at all from the Universities in the Country of France. The severing of Diplomatic Relations with the United States of America is also being considered. Because, America is a corrupt Country. Great Britain is next of course. It is this Wild Talent of the Democratic Party for making Enemies the World over that is a cause for alarm. Their Stupidity is an Unforgivable Crime Against Reason. It is the Bad Politics of very sick people.

 They have finally, done it. The Hate Campaign against President Donald Trump has escalated. First we have these Dirty Jokes. Next we have these Pranks. Donald Trump is killed in effigy in a Shakespeare Play as Julius Caesar being knifed repeated by Cassius, and Brutus for the good of the Republic. Right there on Times Square in New York, New York. Of course, the Roman Civil War starts up. The people are not informed about this fact however. This escalates To Play Without Rules: Riots. The next stage in a Hate Campaign is Death. A distraught man guns down five Republicans during a baseball practice in Alexandria, Virgina. It was said  this man was acting on his own. There is no conspiracy. That can't be terrorism. It is de facto terrorism. Just like in cases of segregated housing, and renting form a conspiratorial pattern even if it is one person. That is de facto segregation acting as if there is a conspiracy anyway. The Courts say it still violates the Civil Rights Acts. This was a Political Crime. Individuals can be terrorists if they adhere to a terrorist pattern. Then it is a Political Crime like Sirhan Sirhan the first of the Palestinian gunmen assassinated Robert Kennedy. Because, Kennedy supported Israel. Political Crimes must be handled in a different manner by another kind of Police. Crimes against the Public Order. That would be the Order Police. The Last Phase of a Hate Campaign Is Death Without Cause. The Goats are getting humorous. The Goats aren't either Democrats, or Republicans. Here is where Terrorism raises its ugly head.

 You ought to see how a Hate Campaign gets into a High School. It destroys everybody in it. Kommandant Kitten seen it happen as a kind of Social Experiment. If you have read "Lord of the Flies," seen the movie, or both. You will understand, the Sociology of Teenagers. There are people that can duplicate that in a given population of people. They know all about bullies. This is not a bully thing at all. People don't grow out of this. It is much darker. Known Hate Groups don't engage in this kind of activity. It goes further than persecution. It is not a form of discrimination. It is pure hostility that is well hidden. Also, it does not have those kind of boundaries. It is too sophisticated. Because, a group of very wicked people began to manipulate them from the Shadows. No one will know who they were. It might of been the Government, unlikely. It could have been some Private Concern, most likely. Maybe, even Enemy Agents, remotely possible. It could have been combinations of all of those possibilities. That is scary. All the students, faculty, and even their parents became corrupt. Nobody can trust them on anything. They are ruined. They became demoralized. They lost their souls, or something like it. Maybe it was a Satanic Offering? Kommandant Kitten survived. The people that got involved, several thousand of them are dead. This is the Forbidden Play of the Goats. It is a kind of Magic, or Empathy. This kind of Empathy is well known in certain quarters. You will know it. When you see it.

 The main culprit in in this case is the Michigan Militia a.k.a. Michigan Mafia. They claim to be the oldest Militia in the Country dating back from Fort Detroit. These claims are questionable at best. However, these people are the Ku Klux Klan that formed in the 20's. Most of the Quakers joined this Ku Klux Klan during its early formation. Remember, that the Quakers are going into Racial Divergence. The Quakers are returning to the Racial Purity of their Huguenot Ancestry. This is likewise going on in Great Britain prior to the Great War. This Movement gained prominence just prior to the death of Queen Victoria. This Ku Klux Klan broke up after the defeat of Woodrow Wilson. Kennedy picks them up later. They are going to be the people that will survive World War III. Reconstruction will begin again with them. In Michigan the Green Mob took on the Purple Gang in Detroit. They are still at it. Green Mob challenged the Harris Families a British Firm during a takeover bid on the American Canadian border.

 The Quakers, Huguenots, and B'nai Berith are the Usual Suspects regarding this Type of Empathy That Lives in People. The most Hated Spiritual Practice on this Planet. This is called Mind Control these days.

 B'nai Berith winds up being the Cop on the Beat for them. B'nai Berith is there to be used up by these Drones.

Prelude to Idiocy

"When Ignorance is King. Hell is on Earth."

 There is a General Spiritual Malaise associated with these Empaths. Killing them was believed to relieve this Form Oppression, and the Confusion Empathy that supports it. It makes people feel better.

 The Nazis all thought so. It is the Confusion Empathy that comes from Idiots. Idiot Empathy feels like you have got this maggot living inside you.  This is a sign that Idiots are very talented. It has been believed since, Medieval Times Idiots destroy the Land, ruin Human Society, and bring down God's Wrath. These Empaths were looked for in Auschwitz continually. They were usually, killed on site upon arrival at the request of the People. The Citizens in all of the Nazi Occupied Regions requested this service all the time. Of course, the townships had to pay all these expenses. It was something like what happened when the Huguenots, and Witches were burned all over Europe. "A New Dark Ages" as Winston Churchill commented on the State of Europe during the War.

 Rains come! The Land is Good! The People Rejoice! When "These People" are Destroyed with Fire. The World gets a little Cleaner. That is why this is called Catharsis.

 These Great Persecutions are from the Roman Times. This continues through the Middle Ages. The Reason is they have the same Empathy as Autistic People: the Alcoholic, the Drug Addict, the Satanist, the Sex Addict, the Glutton, and Other People like this that Live in People. Like Autistic People they never learn from past mistakes. Claims say they drag people down. They block progress. They rebel against Authority in any form.

 It is has to do with their Child Rearing Practices, Tribal Customs, and their Breeding. The Gypsies are above all this. Some Jews are immune to this Seduction of the Under World. Gypsies, and Jews don't love Idiots. That is why you should love never Idiots at all!

The Idiot

 Even Martin Luther insisted that the Idiot must be drowned. There is no Sin in this. Since, the Idiot has no Soul. The Orphan is looked at in this Light. Witch Ideas come to the Orphan unbidden. Again according to Martin Luther. The Pauper is still considered an Idiot.

 "Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me."

 Johan Tezel was instrumental in knocking Martin Luther off his Centre. Understand, that the Order of St. Dominic is the Inquisition. Tezel informed Martin Luther as to the Nature of Indulgences. Tezel made several Indulgences right in front of him. Tezel explained these Indulgences precisely. Who bought Indulgences, and why. Tezel told everyone that there were no dried leeches in his Indulgences. Because, they are filled with leech eggs. That would kill a man. Leeches like blood letting have no power to cure plague. Telzel said that leeches can transmit the disease. Tezel's Indulgence has graveyard dust from a plague victim, belladonna powder, and came with a lance for breaking the boils, or buboes. Then Tezel explained extensively about the Idiot. How the Idiot degrades the Land. Of course, Idiots purchase no Indulgences. Tezel said the Idiot has no soul. The Idiot doesn't even have a spirit like an animal. That is why you can't save them. The Church still says the Idiot has a soul.

 Getting the Idiot to the drowning pool is hard work. But, it can be done. You must hold the Idiot firmly underwater. The Idiot has great strength. Soon the Idiot will grow heavy. It is a sign the Idiot is taking in water. The skin turns bluish. Finally, the Idiot quits moving. The Idiot is dead. There is a Great Blessing in this.

 Over this issue mostly is why the Church is breaking up. A whole series of European Wars can be said to be the "Idiot Wars." The British Isles were not unaffected. It was the duty of every Protestant to kill Idiots. It was the duty of Roman Catholics to protect the Idiots. Many Idiots were said to harbor Angels. Thus we arrive at the Problem of the Idiot Lover. What do you know?

 Now, Martin Luther was a Roman Catholic Monk. Martin Luther married a Roman Catholic Nun. They were both cured of Monastic Existence. This happened after Martin Luther was expelled from the Roman Catholic Church.

 It is hard to say if Martin Luther would commend the Totenkophverband curing Idiocy, Orphanism, and Pauperism. We will say Martin Luther would approve.

What is it?

 We have a Sophistry that uses the Names of even Famous People, Politics, Economics, Dates, Places, and Historical Facts. You are not to accept any of this as truth. Until, you have checked it out, and found it to be true for yourself. We are trying to justify Auschwitz! Why we need a Totenkophverband? Why we must have such a System of Camps in the United States of America? All the Auschwitz promotional material is here. That is a pretty hard sell. You won't buy it. You need to think about it. Sooner, or later you are going to come around to our way of thinking. As opposed to Systems of Government like Socialism, and Democracy that deliberately hold people back. Social Mobility is nonexistent to very low in such situations. These Societies become even more Prison like, and Death Oriented. Since, there are no safe guards.

 This is not Fascism. This is a Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Yet, there is room for Rank, Status, Class, a Caste System... It all points to that. There is Social Mobility from those that have low status towards higher status. We really have Progress. Everyone benefits somehow. This is the best we can do in a situation. Where people are becoming many. Things are becoming few. We are already, there. How about that?

Times of Hardship

Famine Laws

Starvation Nation

 Hitler never had anything like these Famine Laws. In America there have been times of extraordinary hardship. These Famine Laws forbid Taking for Charity during Times of Hardship. Recession, and Depression are man made economic phenomena. That can be said to be part of a Boom Bust Cycle. The End of the Dream is there with Famine. The short falls are genuine. Nutrient Deficiency Diseases, and Degeneration visibly appears in the population. This proceeds Starvation. These Laws have to be invoked to stop taking for Charity. It is forbidden to ask. Asking the people for anything during a Time of Hardship is Immoral. Charities of various sorts are being shut down. Newspapers, and Radio Stations can be shut down for asking. President Roosevelt used this legal device to get rid of Billy Sunday. The fact that people are taking monies that will get the Country working again. Those monies need to be in circulation. Charities contribute nothing to the Economy. Tax Exemptions for Charity are voided.

Eat Me!

 Cannibalism in America? Jeffery Dalmer is an example of a modern day cannibal. Mr. Dalmer isn't a very successful cannibal. During the Turn of the Last Century peaking in the 1920's to about 1952. Since, nobody was guarding hospitals much. A lot of that hospital waste went into people. People would disappear sometimes routinely.  Baby Switching starts in 1915, and goes right off the scale in the 30's. Obstetric Ward would come up with missing infants all the time.

 There is a man. He has taken a healthy baby boy. He is Hospital Volunteer. The boy is going to be placed in a good home. That ain't exactly it. There is a big pot on the stove full of boiling water. In he goes. Ma will pick it up from there. Our Hero has to go back to work. He might snag a couple more infants.

 There have always, been legends from the Frontier Days. About Cannibal Families preying on unsuspecting travelers. Several Tribes of Amerinds have been said to practice cannibalism. The Book talks about people devouring their own children during a long siege. Of course, there may be ample evidence of cannibalism in America from time to time.

 Hey! You have seen all those pictures of starving children? These skeletons walking around? They are always, someplace else. You are probably, tired of seeing it. Bet, no one told you that was here in America? It was. Guess what? It can happen here!

How it going Chubs?

 Overeating is a serious Mental Disorder frequently associated with autism. Overeaters are also, called Gluttons. The Book says so. The Glutton is filled with Sin.

 The United States Constitution is no barrier to establishing a something like "Auschwitz Concentration Camp Berkanau in the United States of America." "We can do this!"

 This all came out of a Blood Feud that started a hundred years ago. This originates overseas in Great Great Britain. He is a War Hero that is trying to cover up his shady past. He is in with the Royalty, and a Criminal Banking System that controls a third of the World's finances. He has a lot of friends in high places. He wants favors. Those favors are not always, written down. But, it is well understood. It could be a handshake. Those Bank Loans from overseas come with strings attached. People that take these Loans become corrupt. Immediately, we have problems with espionage, sedition, and treason. This is not with the British Government. They believe murder is a legitimate means of changing Culture in America.

The Hit Man

 Once, upon a time. There was a master plumber named Dan. Dan is an Irish American. Dan had a bright idea. He could make some money by doing a few hits a year. He already, is selling marijuana. No other drugs much. That would get him too much attention. He has an excellent connection. In the 70's this hit man was becoming a big Cultural Hero of sorts. Dan's idea isn't unusual at all. It is shared by a a lot of people. It is in the popular songs, the music, the movies, television, the magazines, and everyday gossip in the bars. America is just crawling with these hit people. San Jose, California is fertile ground. This is the Silicon Valley the heart of America's Electronic Industry. One of the most wealthy, and prosperous areas of the United States. This is what makes Santa Clara Country the prime target of espionage, sabotage, and industrial spying. Then we have this Anti War Movement in an area that manufactures key Military hardware even NASA's Space Shuttle later on in the 80's. Then " Ronald Reagan's "Star Wars" will be in development. Kommandant Kitten was there.

 Dan is building up a very big Gang. Dan has about five hundred people. The Gang has penetrated deep into all walks of life in Silicon Valley.  Dan has several dope pushers in all the schools. This high school's athletic director is a pimp with just two whores. But, he will get better at it later on. There is this learning curve. The Gang has killed about twenty people. They have even threatened Company Executives, and their families. Dan's Gang is even armed with Covert Assault Weapons, and has lots of Spy Gear. Dan is making connections with the Irish Republican Army. This Gang has formed around this nucleus of these Blood Feuds that have just come to that part of the Country. The Gang has been recognized by certain corrupt Government Officials as their agency. The Gang is on the verge of making these Connections with these Outlaw Banks, and Jane Fonda's People. Jane Fonda claims to be a Revolutionary. Jane Fonda has been allied with both Russia, China, and mostly Great Britain as a Spy. Jane Fonda has a lot of power, and the right connections to make things really happen for Dan. Dan would have millions, maybe even billions of dollars to play with. The United States Government wouldn't even know about Dan's Gang for a couple of years. By then after that Dan's Gang will number in the thousands. Dan's Gang will have millions of allies. It will be incredibly hard to root out. Dan was getting pretty good at being bad. Poof! They were gone!

 The Hydra got Dan, and his Gang first before they could takeover all of California. Poof! They are all gone!

 Have you ever encountered something like this too?

 You might disagree with Kommandant Kitten about Bolshevikism. Because, Dan's Gang is Bolshevik like. Murder is at the heart of this conspiracy. The Bolsheviks organized around this massive killing of people in Old Russia. That was the Bolshevik Revolution. The Organizing is the same like Bolshevikism. Bolshevikism is a creature of opportunity. But, we have got to put a label on what this seems to be. It is like that. Bolshevikism is incredibly ancient. This form of Degenerate Socialism arises spontaneously among any group of people at different times in Human History. It is missionary. Even Christians have not been immune to the wiles of Bolshevikism. Since, we can find every Christian Heresy has the very self same characteristics.

 Hackers are drawn into this Community. They get to be part of an International. They have joined the Little. There they can be recruited by Criminals, Terrorists, and Spies. That is their Game.

The Political Hacker

 One of the problems with the Political Hacker is they are destroying History. They alter Public Records. Hackers steal Secrets. Hackers ruin our Country's infrastructure. Hey! You just turned on the light. But, it does not work. A life support machine does not work anymore. Your cell phone is no good. You lost all your data. A hacker can track you too. It could be a robbery, or worse. Sometimes it is rape. Do you want a terrorist to buy weapons with your bank card? A junkie has just bought drugs, and charged it to your bank account. The Police want an explanation. They think you did it. Somebody you never met in your life hates you. Hackers can kill people.

 Does this add up? It doesn't! This has to do with Mathematics. You take all these different Operating Systems: Microsoft, Apple, Amiga, Basic, Unix, Fortran, Cobal... You will find certain Mathematic Equations produce different results! Each Operating System attacks the Mathematical Problem a different way. They all aways, produce these Mathematical Averages. It is a Form of Cheating that does not produce a Precise Answer. That affects all the Sciences: Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry... That can harm Industry. That is bad.

 We could find this with a kind of Transactional Analysis. Sort like the mild form of Psychsops Games like in "The Games People Play" a book by Eric Berne. Mr. Berne tried to foist his personal theories on the Mental Health Establishment. In these "Games People Play" they noted there always, was "the Critic." "The Critic" is always, hiding in the background criticizing everyone else. There is a form of Love Exchange. We have to make the huge Pleasure Animals. As such they are there for Our Pleasure only. These Games exist only on the Battlefield.

 Dr. Edward Teller did something that can not be easily discerned. During one Atom Bomb test two bombs were detonated simultaneously so they would arc together to produce one big blast. They said it was a Hydrogen Bomb test. It really was two very small Atomic Bombs.

 This is a Little Bang that has an Event Horizon just like the Big Bang. During the Big Bang we know all the stars, and everything come through the Event Horizon. A brief moment of Eternity. Hindus call this Shiva.

 Here is the plan to Arc Nuclear Bombs in the Upper Atmosphere. The Nike Missiles are deployed in batteries to put up an impenetrable shield across sectors of the the United States mainland. This ABM like method would work in the event of a nuclear exchange.

 Knowing that deuterium to make a Hydrogen Bomb is taken from a Nuclear Reactor. The amount of deuterium as heavy water is too minute to bother with in Nature. The Nazis had Nuclear Reactors. These dam busting stories are lies being told to cover up War Crimes. We don't know if the Germans ever used Nuclear Weapons, Poison Gas, and Biological Weapons. Let's assume they did. We can also, assume everybody is lying. We call these denials a Negative Confession. Silence implies guilt. Secrecy means everybody is definitely, guilty.

 We know now, the Nazis probably, the Totenkophverband have fully developed Atomic, and Hydrogen Bombs. Totenkophverband has a Moral Dilemma. About 1943 these weapons could be used. But, to what ends? They could obliterate most of England, and keep any Invasion at bay. Yet, you can not Win this War. Very soon the Allies will have the very same Weapons of Mass Destruction. The War would go on for two to three years, and Europe would be annihilated. They are going to lose anyway because, the population can not sustain such a War Effort. When the time comes they are going have to fold. Let us Win the Peace. That is what they think.

 Did you know a Social Experiment right now, in the United States of America can deprive you of all your precious Civil Rights? Criminals are so well organized these days. The Private Sector is more dangerous than the Military. Even the the boy next door can do this too. It can happen even to you. It doesn't have to be the Government. But, it could be. It can happen right in the workplace: random testing, monitoring, speedups, immigrants, scabs, takeovers, nepotism, extortion, fraud...

 The United States Constitution is there to protect Our Culture. A Rule of Law rather the whims of the People in Power.

 Under a Treaty of some sort like a Peace Treaty. America could have an Occupation Government. Then the Forces of Occupation need not obey the Constitution. The Forces of Occupation are subject to no Other Laws than their own.

 This could also, happen during a Civil War.

 That is why every major change in American Culture must be explained in plain detail. Then the People could vote on it.

 In the Auschwitz Camps everybody voted like that.

 That is why there was a World's Fair. The purpose is to put everything in front of the people so they can see it. Because, they might not want it.

 There are other Institutions of Art and Science that have the same purpose. That doesn't have to be in America either. But, a News Blackout can frustrate that purpose.

 Here are two Radiation Films you might enjoy. It illustrates the Ideals of Electronic Warfare that were very much alive in the 50's. "X the Unknown" also, fits into this category. In that film It is a "Quester" from under the ground that has a heavenly counterpart in "The Blob." They are both extensions of something somewhere else. We all know that Science Fiction has some basis in Science Fact. "X the Unknown," and "The Blob" exist in Plasma Physics. Ball Lighting can move right across your lawn into your home. That is pretty scary isn't it? The Aztecs worshiped Gods like this. You should examine the morality that is explained in these films. That morality explains that somebody summoned them. You never see them. But, their existence is always, implied.


Kommandant Kitten wants to remake the radiation film "X the Unknown." Somewhere nearby but, not too close there is a Nirrti Star. That Star was never part of this Universe. Nirrti came through the Event Horizon during the Big Bang. Down there on Earth Nirrti wants to know things. Nirrti sends a neutrino stream into the Earth's core. Basic information is put there. There is a time line during It's formation. The Quester is coming out of the chasm. Plasma has basic laws. It senses motion. A little dog has come too close. Instantly, at nearly the speed of light Bingo has been enveloped, and incorporated into the Quester. The Quester is now, Bingo. A bit of developmental psychology is needed here. Firstly, the Quester has to realize certain experiences in order to perform It's primary mission. Bingo has given the Quester a second mission. Bingo has a sense of belonging. Existence! Then there is a knowledge of Other. Bingo is not alone. Bingo realizes It is singular in nature. Individual! X the Unknown has an Id as Dr. Freud would say. Dogs have innate virtues. Fidelity! Bingo has another Master up in the Heavens. Amy is still Bingo's Master. Bingo has complete dogness. All the powers of the dog are there in the Quester. The subconscious has formed. Bingo has another body. Bingo senses everything in terms of dogs. Amy wants the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow. That mission is fully there. Bingo has Purpose. Bingo has a sense of continuing Its' existence with it is a Sense of Mortality. This an Awareness of Time. All of Bingo's senses are there: hearing, smelling, touching, tasting, seeing, and mindfulness. Bingo is a hound. Bingo is hungry. Bingo senses food. Bingo has a command set. Fetch! Bingo has a purpose. Bingo's life has meaning. Bingo is romping leisurely on the road towards the food source some distance away. Bingo does not look anything like a dog. There has been a complete transfer. Bingo's dog paws are hitting the concrete. Bingo smells food. Bingo hears a man coming toward It. Bingo smells fear. Attack! Attack! Attack! The man is being hounded to death. Fear=Hate in the mathematics of the dog. Bingo hears a car. "Car bad! Kill car!" Bingo immediately seizes the car in his powerful jaws. Shakes the car a few times like a rat. The car has been thrown off the road. Bingo is almost home but, he can't stop. Amy is in no danger. Bingo goes on towards the nuclear reactor a short time away. Bingo is romping at forty miles per hour. Bingo can actually, fly at near the speed of light. Bingo's dogness denies it though. Bingo is there. Bingo goes right into the building digging rapidly with his doggy paws. The reactor core is down there. Bingo senses meaty bone. Meaty bone is down there in this doggy hole. Bingo is famished. Bingo is busy eating. You should never bother a dog when he is eating. Bingo bites. Bingo senses dog food. There is a nuclear arsenal nearby. Bingo is right after it running at three hundred miles per hour. There he is. Bingo is eating the dog kibble n' bits. Bingo must find gold. Bingo knows what gold is. Fetch! At 900 miles per hour Bingo is hunting. That is moving at over mach one past the sound barrier. Bingo has it. Bingo is going home with the gold. Bingo is not to see Amy up close. Amy can't pet him any more. Bingo misses that. Right outside the farmhouse Bingo. Bingo barks three times just like he used to. Amy hears him. Amy looks out as Bingo is going away. Bingo doesn't have much time. Bingo's other Master senses him. Bingo hasn't much time on Earth. But, Bingo must test the British. Bingo goes into his dog house down there in the crevice. Another sub quester splits away from Bingo. Bingo controls that one. That one goes up to take a look. It is destroyed. Bingo is summoned. There Bingo implodes, and reappears in Its' Star. Amy has found the gold hidden in Bingo's dog house. Amy knows Bingo is in Heaven. Nirrti is satisfied the Love Exchange is Complete. That justifies everything.

Our little story illustrates developmental psychology of the Id, Subconscious, Ego, and Super Ego. We analyze these Monster Stories. Auschwitz would do this. The Monster Stories tell everything you need to know about different Cultures. The Americans, Germans, British, French, and Japanese have different visions. All these stories are marred by human selfishness. Everybody is just like them. They see everything in just those terms. They have no understanding other people are different. They don't see anything like they do at all. Because they have a different Culture. That is pathological. That view is incorporated in some of these visions. It is this misunderstanding of the Other. There is no room in these Cultures for change. Auschwitz knows that they will fall. Their Cultures are turning back on themselves in the manner of the Bolsheviks. They are surrounded by constant threat, and danger real, and imagined from all sides. This Collective Paranoia is making them strike out at their Enemies both real, and imagined. Everybody in that Culture is against everybody. "There is no rest for the wicked." They have no rest. They can't stop. "No peace. No war." Leon Trotsky. Leon Trotsky is a monster but, we can understand him. Leon Trotsky knows no one lives forever. He can die at anytime. Leon Trotsky will be killed but, he can't be destroyed. His purpose will go on.

 Every Ancient Civilization up there wants to know. "Can they fight?"

 Here is the Monster Story "Beowulf vs Grendel." Beowulf has entered the Mead Hall. Beowulf is enjoying a few pints. Suddenly, the monster Grendel has Beowulf in his clutches. Beowulf has fallen down. "Grendel" is nothing but, "Drunkenness." This is a genuine Nazi Fable.

Let us explore television for a while. It was featured at the Last World's Fair before the War. Adolph Hitler called it. "A Monster in a box." Paul Joseph Goebbels was frightened of it. It had  electron guns to light up the phosphor coated screen to show you the television picture in real time. Phosphors in a cut from a broken set heal poorly because, phosphors are very poisonous. These electromagnetic waves coming from the television set  were not safe at close range. It could harm your eyesight if you seen it closer than ten feet away. Cataracts? This bug hasn't ever been worked out of picture tubes in America, as well the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors used by computer enthusiasts. The new plasma screens have have been a boon to people's vision. The radar screens still have this problem. Have you ever noticed how many people wear glasses these days? In the 50's only "four eyed freaks" wore glasses. But, there is more. There aways, is X Rays. Many of the older models still have them. X Rays can cause sterility, genetic abnormalities, and cancer. That is from an ordinary television set. Maybe, Goebbels was right. Get a plasma screen.

 Another, hot tip from Kommandant Kitten. You need to get a Power Strip that has multiple sockets, and RF (Radio Frequency) Filtering. You can get this from Radio Shack, Walmart, Lowes, Ace Hardware... That will stop radiation from coming out of your speakers. Everything electrical will  last longer with RF Filtering. Better yet, an APC unit with RF Filtering, Surge Protection, and battery backup for 30 minutes. Then an electronic surge from a random lighting strike won't destroy you computer.  The same set up will protect your phone line from power surges.

The British Broadcasting Corporation has a TV finder. They can find an unauthorized TV set inside somebody's house. The BBC can sense these rogue televisions from two blocks away. There  is a big fine for having one. There is. Do you want to know why? That is an American made television. No it isn't. It is a monster in a box. A really bad monster. That BBC truck can detect it. Because, that diabolical creation is irradiating everybody inside that house. It is so strong those instruments can pick all that up outside. Inside there is a person that has cataracts. That machine in there is burning their eyeballs out. All their little ones have to wear glasses. They are wondering how that happened. It is a strong radiation beam coming right out of that instrument of death. They think they are being entertained. The death machine is filling that house full of X rays. The BBC hears all kinds of lame excuses about why those television sets are like that. Why American's are basking in these death rays. They are still working on this problem. The BBC solved it really easy. But, the barbarians across the Great Pond are so mystified. The BBC thinks these are all bad people engineering, planning, and marketing bad products that harm innocent people. Our leaders should be protecting the American Public from this kind of abuse by criminals. This mismanufacture of American products pervades the whole market place in America. Why is this happening?

 According to the Ancient Wisdom of Tibet, Nepal, India, and China these electromagnetic waves are called "Fire Poison."  There was believed to be a kind of venom. Certain kinds of fires had more "Fire Poison" than others. Fire has other kinds of Radiance than Infra Red also called "Heat." A coke oven in a steel mill is like the "Camp Fire" is incredibly dangerous. Most people believe only heat, and light are produced by fire.

 This is made possible with advances being made in the field of Propaganda. The nature of modern day Spy Gear. This includes Covert Behavior Modification using electronics including Covert Assault Weapons. Can make people believe they are Super Naturally being influenced, or attacked somehow. It's Satan again. Maybe, it is nothing but, bad people.

 That television in the United States is vomiting right into the family room. Their nervous systems are pulverized until, they will accept all this as normal. This is well cooked swill. Everybody is used to it. The news is on informing them. It is some wayward lad that has raped at least ten young girls. He didn't kill them. What are we supposed to do? Do you want to just run over there to where this young beast is at, and pin a medal on his chest? Rumor has it these animals are dying off. That they will be extinct Worldwide. In a World that is "Girl Safe" that will happen.

 The radiation from a micro transmitter, or bug placed in a baby's crib can cause crib death. Some of these devices can explode. That makes there removal a hazardous venture. Leave this to the experts. Most of these Electronic Warfare Devices will be explained in more detail later.

 The pioneers of wire tapping at its finest the Gestapo in Nazi Germany would never approve such dangerous devices. "Blow Back," is Spy Talk. These devices, and practices will get loose. They will proliferate until, this stuff gets used on you by the Enemy. Collateral Damage is caused by the negative effects of using Electronic Warfare. "The walls have ears."

 Yes, Auschwitz did do a voluminous amount of research on this topic. Much of this information was leaked to the Allies deliberately to destroy their moral fabric, and ethics. After the War people will be cheating. Their credibility will forever be in question. Auschwitz gave them the tools to do just that.

 All this material is put together very meticulously by Maria. Packages will go to different recipients. One goes to Britain. Another one goes to Czechoslovakia. The other package goes to Switzerland. Finally, the United States can pick up their package. Bet you didn't know the young Fonda Woman was a Courier for the Eisenhower Administration?  Maria hated Jane Fonda. Maria will shoot the Fonda Woman if she sets foot on Birkanau. The Fonda Woman gets to pick it up there. Get out of Poland! Pronto!

 The package is designed to knock America off its' center. This will change the Destiny of America. Mad Dog Donovan of the OSS (the predecessor of the Central Intelligence Agency and the Green Beret,) and Mr Dulles both asked a pointed question. "What happens when the enemy starts thinking for you? The package is all about Mind Control.

 During World War II Jane Fonda became famous. Because, at four years old this Scarlet Woman had Union with the Anti Christ. This was Aleister Crowley's Star Child. The budding Baby Jane gained some notoriety as the Little Prophetess. The little Jane Fonda is hamstrung with a Huge Archangel Michael that came out of that Satanic Union. Can you think of a better person than this? To get a package like that?

 Those tools will wind up in Vaudeville. Vaudeville is hundreds of years old. Vaudeville is in every Country. Vaudeville is everything  you can think of with: the Movies, the Radio, the Television, the News, the Music, the Cartoons, the Stage, the Newspapers, the Magazines, the Books, the Circus, the Carnivals, Professional Sports, all those Classes at School, and in those Universities that could make you a big Star in Vaudeville. There were some very depraved minds in Vaudeville. Once, you have taken over all this. Don't you want to go further? The really Big Show is yet to come.

 The second book on the Auschwitz Reading List is Emmet Fox "The Sermon on the Mount." That book was written in the thirties is the basis of every Recovery Program we have today. It is at the heart of every Treatment Center: Forgiveness.

 But, can Forgiveness exist in a World such as our's? No, it can't. Because, some people are Wrathful. They may have very good reasons to be Wrathful.

 Some of the writings, readings, and legends are the works of George Fox. George Fox did his very best to Tame the Huguenots, and bring them into the fold of Christian Believers. George Fox was scourged more then the Apostle Paul was in the Bible. To his credit George Fox did stop them from their worst antics. George Fox informed them about Games That Must Never be Played with Anybody as did the Apostle Paul Before him.

 Emmet Fox was a Quaker that lived in the 1930's. He wanted at least his fellow Quakers to forgive one another. He failed. That was bad for everybody. Because, Life is then impossible. Because, the Quakers were entering "Racial Divergence." Eugenics, and all That. This phenomena of "Racial Divergence" was studied extensively in the "Auschwitz Concentration Camp Systems." In search of super human people? Was it possible to selectively breed, or manufacture them somehow? Maybe, even robots? The results of that search by the "Auschwitz Concentration Camp Systems" for super human people will astonish you!

 There is a word Pagan. In Rome even Non Christians used this word to describe rude, unlettered, people living in the countryside. They are like simpletons. A very low IQ. Of course, Pagans are Godless, barbaric, savage, and totally uncivilized by the standards of Ancient Rome. The Pagan is marked not by what they believe. It is what they do. Bolsheviks are Pagans. Pagans have no forgiveness.

 Another word used to describe evil is diabolical. These are people that hinder Progress. They block the good. Forgiveness, and mercy are not there with diabolical people.

 What is a Bank for? Your money isn't secret. A history of transactions can be had by all and sundry persons of import. Your money isn't safe. Why are Banks still around?

 If you are a Science Fiction Fan. You need to know about "Doc Savage." Doc Savage" is an idealized Heinrich Himmler. The author of those "Doc Savage" books had extensive correspondence with Himmler. He seen Himmler as the Doctor of his Country. Contrary to most Historians Himmler, and other Nazi High Officials did travel extensively. That was kept secret.

 The Nazi Police Agencies had a real Moral Dilemma. It concerns watching people. This kind of watching is punishment. That is like House Arrest.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

God has taken away, Self Healing for Pestilence to be here.

Our immune systems just won't work.

God has called Peace away, to make way for War.

Death is taking people before their time.

Famine will be our God.

Hades as the Under World will be clearly visible.

This is a Secular Rendition of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

You can have that.

The Whole Bible can be enacted in the Secular Realm.

Every Psychological Warfare Person Will Do This.

You see you deserve it.

We always, say so.

 These are like Standing Orders even though Jesus Christ Nazareth is Dead, and has gone to Heaven. Jesus Christ of Nazareth left no Standing Orders. Jesus Christ of Nazareth made no Oaths. Therefore, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is not bound by anything, or anyone here on Earth. There is no agreement between God, and Man regarding any sort of Covenant. Covenant is an Oath. Strangely, Adolph Hitler could leave no such orders behind. Once, Hitler died, his orders died with him. No Official of that German Government was allowed this privilege either. Neither, could Joseph Stalin issue such Standing Orders. Chairman Mao did not issue any such orders either. However, Chou En Lia did issue Standing Orders. Those Standing Orders are still important. There are question marks regarding Britain, America, and some other Countries regarding Standing Orders? The Totenkophverband did issue Standing Orders. This allowed for executions even after the War. Those Standing Orders are still in effect to this day. Other People can act on these Standing Orders too.

 There is another question, and it is even more serious? It is the question of Standing Orders in the United States of America? Who is keeping track of this? Who do they report to? Is the President of the United States of America, members of both Houses of Congress, and the Supreme Court ever briefed on these Standing Orders? Even though these Standing Orders have the effect of Law these Standing Orders may not be Lawful. According to the Uniform Code of Military Justice of the United States of America. An Unlawful Order should never be issued, and definitely not carried out. This is to prevent the Military from usurpation of authority. Hence, a Military takeover of the United States of America. Other Agencies in the United States Government may have Standing Orders that are under no such constraints. What would happen if this information became widely known; even to our Enemies? What if this all pertains to American Foreign, and Domestic Policy? Could there be anything in these Ghosts of the Past: Standing Orders that could cause a Civil War, or a War with any Other Nation, or Nations? Is there anything in these Standing Orders that could wreck Our Economy? Is the United States of America a Dictatorship?

 Any Agency, or Agencies like this would eventually, evolve into these Fiefdoms. Then into a kind of Feudalism. Then finally, form Soviet Dictatorships in America subject to no other law than their own. This has happened. Then assassination becomes institutionalized. Because, none of these primary issues of Governance can never go to any Courtroom. These Standing Orders could be overturned there by any Judge brave enough to do so against these Criminal Cartels. Not all of these Cartels exist within Our Government. They will exact vengeance. You can be sure of that. But, that is better than Civil War. "Power without rules is Anarchy." That is true.

 Can Un American Laws, and Standing Orders be overturned without a "Test Case" in any United States Court? Can we do this in case even After the Fact? Even though something happened in the past can this Law be ruled Un American. In the case of treason for example. It might have been discovered a hundred years After the Fact. But, was not taken into consideration then. What about law suites? The big question is that a Lawful Order? Can we put George Washington on trial? Can we prosecute John F. Kennedy? Does every American President deserve to get a Death Sentence?

 "Martha, Martha, Martha. Is their anything to matter." George Washington addressing his wife. The poison from Aaron Burr is beginning to take effect. The First Lady has been stepping out on poor George. It is arsenic. But, not enough to kill her. Just enough to slow her down some. That did it.

 After the assassination of President Lincoln. Mrs. Lincoln was such a powerhouse. Talking to all and sundry about General Grant. This was causing Mr. Grant innumerable problems. Mind you, General Grant has got his eyes on the White House. President Andrew Johnson is beginning to flounder. The Scions of Capitalism look upon the General as their man. Mrs. Lincoln's Quaker sensibilities are in the way of Progress. The Indian Wars need to be won. Reconstruction of the South has to be complete. Mrs. Lincoln got all sorts of delicacies laced with sugar of lead (lead acetate). That finally, got Mrs. Lincoln out of the way.


 In Auschwitz Berkanau people are getting punishment. Because, Auschwitz Berkanau is a prison. Frequently, that is the Death Penalty. They are there for that reason. Prisons are not places of persecution. That may seem strange to you. There are Standing Orders regarding that.

 There are other Standing Orders. It has to do with Infighting. People are not to fight each other in "Camp." Persecution is Infighting. That is banned. That promotes the "Harmony of Camp." That insures Progress. That is how the Super Weapons of the Third Reich were created. That is how you get people building things that can not even be duplicated with machinery today. They know they are going to Lose the War. They know that. But, they will Win the Peace. Nowadays, there is vicious Infighting in all the Allied Nations to the point of World War III. Are we doomed?

 This actually, happened in the "Auschwitz Concentration Camp Systems" until, they became Autonomous Self Governing Forts. The "Auschwitz Concentration Camp Systems" had safeguards that still are not in Our American Government. That was to protect their "Camp Persons" from Chattel Slavery. Nobody can buy a "Camp Person." Neither, could these "Camp Persons" be ordered to commit an unlawful act. "Camp Persons" had the right to die. "Camp Persons" had the right to Command. That means that "Camp Persons" had the right to issue Standing Orders. This is a Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Anybody in the World can issue Standing Orders. Kommandant Kitten has issued Standing Orders. People can carry them out.

 The most important issue since, Kommandant Kitten has Negro Genes. Does the United States of America have a Law, or Administrative Standing Orders pertaining to Eugenics?

 Remember, Kommandant Kitten is a Villain.

 There is a question? Why? How could Auschwitz Birkenau exist if we have a Loving God? You will find out the answer here. Why they did it?

 Answer: "That Damned Thing!" That should have died out in the Middle Ages. "That Damned Thing" that Ruins Nations; that Destroys Civilization; that Exterminates Peoples; that Seeks Racial Superiority; that Contagion Resides in Certain People "Who are just like that!" Genocide.

 Eichmann studied "That Damned Thing" throughout his whole life. Apparently, this is a mixture of Christians, and Jews. But, upon closer examination they Worship Ghosts rather than God. A Degenerate form of Ancestor Worship common in Third World Countries at the time.

 The picture has a map of the Hollow Earth. The Nazis did finally find out the Earth was not hollow. The above picture shows the Nazis did look in the Antarctic, and did look for the Entrance to the Hollow Earth. It just wasn't there.

 How are we going to understand anything? There is something we must do. Free ourselves from these Popular Delusions. Many people still treasure such rubbish!

 That is to "Break the Pretense." No real benefit can be accomplished. No charity will work like it is supposed to. Until, you can see things as they really are. You will see this phenomena in school. Where a student will hand in their school work believing it to be perfect. The teacher has to point out there are errors in logic, and content. Yet, the student is under the illusion there is nothing wrong with their work. Even after this has been pointed out to them personally. They will make a lot of the same mistakes again, constantly. Until, they learn they really have foibles. The student has to spot these inherit weaknesses so they do not show up in their school work. This mostly is the work of popular illusions. Maybe, even "Necessary Illusions." There is a book written by  Noam Chomsky "Necessary Illusions." Besides all the books written by Noam Chomsky about American Culture. You can read some of the articles written by Alexander Cockburn.

 Innumerable books have been written about this very phenomenon. "Hostage to the Devil" by Malachi Martin is one of them. There are some motion pictures like "Society," "They Live," and "The Matrix." You want to be strong, and yet, you aren't. Because, you are mortal. But, you can be a hero. You can even join a gang. You can form a militia. On the contrary, let's just make you smarter.

 Many people do not want to give up this Illusion of Normalcy. That disguises the "Uniformity of Camp." You might not want to at all. Because, you will see it.  The "In Crowd" wants you to have it. The "Out Crowd" wants you to have it too. Once, the "Pretense" is dropped. The "Clash of Wills" must take place with something that is absolutely, Supernaturally Inhuman. Should you manage to survive that. The "Break Point" will be reached even though that seems impossible. Then we will have achieved "Victory." This means you have to be really smart. You have to be really well organized. At last you finally, know you are in "Camp." Then you know what to do.

 You have to see that empathy is not love. This person is a con artist who wants you to believe their friendship is really true. Love has different laws. Empathy involves the trivia of hunting, and gathering. A teacher is mostly empathic in order to teach any subject. They have be able to identify with their students to manipulate them effectively.

 "Unreality has become the mark of our times." Did you know the United States Government does not have an objective History on anything? You don't know about the United States Archives do you? A lot of those Archives are secret. But, if they are secret anything can happen. Materials can be altered, lost, destroyed, or never were there at all. Enemy Agents have given out disinformation that has become American History. People have grudges that can show up in Archives. You see some of this History never happened. That has to be kept secret. Most of these materials are lent out, given away, or destroyed. Nothing is really stored there in the United States Archives. Those people that are the recipients of these materials are not objective Archivists. An Archivist is not a Historian at all. This makes Historical Research difficult even impossible at times.

 This Flying Saucer might have been even made by the Germans. Did it fly? It has a kind of Power that is Vril like. Radiation. Can you see the mini guns? It does have them hidden though. Can it shoot down airplanes? That's a secret. They did make about six of them. They were made in Monowitz. Kommandant Kitten will explain this subject in greater detail later.

 What is worse is editing in all the Media. A lot of History is done by prejudiced Historians. Then we have all this worthless orthodoxy in certain areas of life. We are also, seeing a kind of Media on television that is too sanitized, dangerous, and ideological. There are people that do not believe in reality that are trying change the World. This is not an honest History. Retouching photographs is now seamless. That is almost, impossible to spot. We see this a lot in television. What would the Media ever do without editing? With this kind of editing everything they do becomes Propaganda, and not History. But, it could be. We see the "Cult" has gotten in there. Later, Historians are going to have a hard time knowing what the United States was really like. This was because, much of this material will have to be blotted out, destroyed, or display visible warnings about the nature of its' Psychological Warfare content. Worse, much of this Psychological Warfare material, malevolent Sophistry, and Magical Thinking has become such a large part of American Popular Culture. They maybe, works of omission, commission, or for lack of a better expression: somewhere else, that becomes some place nearby. Finally, the Creatures of Death are in the World. They certainly are. Kommandant Kitten knew they should be. It's an extravagance me thinks. But, needed now.

Satanic Darkness

 What do you do about a News Blackout? This has been accompanied by Hacking, Censorship, and Monitoring our News. Previously, the Power of Propaganda was manifest in America. Propaganda is the propagation of a point of view. Propaganda is usually, truthful. We know this could degenerate into the crass manipulation of people. A News Blackout hails a Revolution is in progress. Hopefully, not violent. You must be in the know somehow. By any means at your command. You must know at least your fate in these matters. How will this Revolution affect my Country? We must know who is doing this. Our Government? Bolsheviks? Why?

 Important Content is missing in all the Media. We understand, in Roman terms Venus the Goddess of Love is married to Mars. Venus has another Form as Hel the Goddess of Peace. Thus Mars is fighting for Peace. Mars wants Domestic Tranquility in His Home.

 They broadcast all this high end merchandise, psychobabble, and political issues. You know well heeled rich people. That are probably, not even in America. We are becoming a poor Country. It all infuriates the people. Most of us don't even have the basic necessities to sustain a very good life. How does it feel to have your mother die? Your father even? What if they could of been saved? Have you ever been tortured?

 Teenagers are smoking these very expensive Electronic Cigarettes. Hell, they don't have the money it takes to buy a school lunch. Cigarette smoking is a luxury that most people can't possibly afford. It goes on, and, on with this mindless drivel. Are they really at War with America? It sure seems like it.

 What would Americans be like when they are not being harassed?

  "The prescription addiction has become a nationwide affliction." Why are people self medicating? Xanex, Vallium, and Librium were all believed to be non addictive. Medical trends now, say they are. There is a problem here. All these medicinal substances are anti psychotics. Are large numbers of Americans trying to cover up the fact that they are crazy? What if they really are? Is everybody in America crazy? What could be causing it? It certainly isn't anti psychotics. Popular Delusions.

 There does seem to be a connection between outbreaks of the Common Cold, and Asian Flu with escalating drug abuse. An Insensitive Medical Establishment will have a hard time seeing this connection. It has to do with stress levels, and economic issues. A single cold in a "working class family" is devastating. The whole family is sick. It will cost them another hundred dollars but, it could go into the thousands of dollars if there are complications. There frequently are. Today's cold virus has unusually, strong symptoms that are very hard to cope with. Somebody loses their job. Quality drops in the workplace. The children are falling behind in school. Someone has just committed suicide. The unpaid bills keep piling up, and the streets beckon. Did you know their are nose drops containing the cold virus. That is right. Certain Universities are still doing research on Epidemiology. That is right. These irresponsible researchers are spreading novel cold viruses all over the Country. These nose drops maybe impure contaminated with other possibly dangerous human pathogens. This amounts to Biowarfare against the American People. A dangerous Human Experiment without the knowledge, and consent of the American People. Remember, the Common Cold Virus, and the Flu Virus makes an ideal Biological Warfare Harassment Agent. There is no International Sanctions against a whole plentitude of human, animal, and plant pathogens of economic importance. People should be exterminating these pathogens not propagating them carelessly.

 The truth is America took a lot of casualties during both World Wars. Did. No one will know much. You don't want a future Enemy to know things like that. But, it was a lot higher than they reported it to be. Several times higher. That is why America, nor could Great Britain afford to fight on. There just wasn't anybody left to fight anybody. But, their corrupt Governments could plan ahead for World War III. That happened too.

 Kommandant Kitten ran across an intelligence report by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It was from last year. Among the usual, menagerie of Jew haters, skin heads, Neo Nazis, the Klan, etc was this little gem. It is a place called the Citadel. The whole thing is laid out like a "Prison Camp." Not quite up to Auschwitz Standards.

 White People aren't going to live there. Are they?

 "Lunatic Fringe?" The moon disappeared in our rear view mirror some time ago. This is so far out there. We are cruising past Saturn. Heading to the nearest star. We still haven't found it!

 How did they get like this? White America lives part of the time in Hades. They live in Two Worlds. One of these Worlds is the one you can see. This Invisible World: Hades is White Slavery. It is the breaking up of our lives. Living in ways we hate. Moving to places far way from our kinfolk. Having friends, and neighbors we can't fully trust. Even being married to somebody that you can never know, and may even be your enemy. Knowing all those good things of life we want are really there for somebody else that doesn't deserve them. Doing things we really wouldn't ordinarily do. All the while, trying not to think about it. Sensing in some way, or other we now, have a World System that is the most Oppressive System the World has ever known. That is to some extent, or other here in America.

Wild Child

 You can see him on the "Doors" video. You can see Wild Child buck naked dancing like crazy. The boy is terribly constipated. Jim Morison of the "Doors" band sees him dancing like fire. They have to film this. It can go to Cannes. The concert is in LA Stadium.

 Wild Child is a creation of Parnell, and Tree Frog early in their career. Tree Frog paid two hundred dollars in honest money for him. He bought him from a Hippy Chic. Later Parnell, and Tree Frog attended the Sumer of Love in San Francisco. Parnell had two Chics. Tree Frog got to have three.

 Parnell, and Tree Frog feed babies "Muscle Milk." It takes three scoops to feed an infant. Toddlers need more. According to Parnell, and Tree Frog they have huge nutritional requirements that can't be met with formulas on the market then. Then that child won't get to be a big butt. Nowadays, we see people like that all the time. Their spine can snap spontaneously. They die a lot from broken backs. Malnutrition has gotten worse in the States. There are too many fat ladies for the Circus even. Some wrong thinking people say it is cruel to put Freaks in the Circus. Freaks can make a lot of money. People always, make fun of them anyway. People are cruel.

 This is to give you an understanding, of War torn Poland. There everything is a lot worse than degenerate America. The children don't stand a chance. Some people even eat them. "Camp is good." The Children's Crusade can happen.

 This is a picture of the famous Auschwitz Nursery. Their cloths don't fit right. But, they will grow into them. The children in the Nursery work very hard. There are some jobs children are good at doing. The Commandant visits them everyday. The Committee in the Nursery decides issues of life, and death. That's right the children get to vote on everything that affects them. Huh?

 Some people are under the delusion that America helps people. That one is patently false. The truth is America can't help anybody beyond its' borders, and won't. All those things you read in those school books about America. It just ain't so.

 We need to discard such relics of the past, and just be ourselves. Villains. We need to be merchants. People that buy, and sell merchandise. We can once, this Country is adequately Policed. Then America will be a vast Trading Empire from sea to shining sea. The reason is because, people can trust Americans again. Americans will even be able to trust themselves. Those Police assure everyone that there are real standards of quality.

 Kommandant Kitten hates "Community." Community implies we all share something in Common. The Military has experimented a lot with Community. "A Group Conscientious." This is never God. Community is a Primitive form of Religious Socialism. We find this Community in Fraternal Organizations, Clubs, and Associations. Wouldn't it be interesting if a "People's Group Conscientiousness" could be altered? This is going on all the time. Maybe, even machines can do it. Certain drugs can. As a matter of fact even in the toxic psychosis produced by the Witch Drug Belladonna induces a mutually shared experience. Carlos Castenada in his book "A Separate Reality" has this Jamestown Weed mentioned in how to do real Sorcery. The bottom line on Community: Watch the movie "Triumph of Will." Adolph Hitler had a Village Mentality. The Village Model has no way of regulating populations. Hence, the Village grows bigger. Settlers go forth. The Village Model is very prone to go to War with its neighbors. That is why "Camp" is Peaceful.

 Officially, the United States of America is a Nation of Strangers. Which makes any arguments concerning the Imposition of Community a frowardness of infinite length. People in America don't know each other. It helps them like people more.

 The Old Serpent: Shaitan will come to life in them. They will begin to get novel ideas of good, and evil. But, this is just a conscientiousness altering exercise like in the books written by Dr. Scott Peck? These effects are permanent.

 Community is unique to the Military. Community really works because, everybody is under orders. Thus they always, achieve consensus. There is a kind of Spiritual Experience that happens with it. A form of Exaltation. Community didn't happen in Auschwitz much. No one is discharged, fired, or retired in Auschwitz exactly like in the Military. Auschwitz People never leave "Camp." Community was not liked in Auschwitz because, it is misleading. Organizing takes the place of Community. Auschwitz always, has a precarious existence. Auschwitz is predatory. Auschwitz is not a Village.

  There are people who really do believe they are the only people entitled to live on this Planet. They say they are human beings. The rest of us is including the all of us are just animals to use as they choose to use us. We have little say about this Community. It is their Way of Living at our expense. That is their Village. Because, we are not part of this Community. We are Villains.

 Does the name Adolph Hitler mean anything to you? Himmler got the Old Serpent. All the Nazis got it. Maybe, all of Germany then. Do you want to go to the May Fair? Maybe, one of those Events like it? The Maelstorm Serpent is getting impatient. What are you going to offer Him? You are Villain. You do want to live? Snake has turned into Ceres again. You own your life. You are lucky. Loki has transformed into Mercury. You have got the words for it. That is better. But, the Fenir Wolf is still Ceres. The Werewolf is a Guerrilla. You live underground sometimes. Hel is Venus. You are one of the Love People. Of course, you made the Perfect Offerings to Mercury, Ceres, and Venus. Mars says you are still a Warrior. You have offered everything to get anything good. That is the Rule. Auschwitz will now adore you. You see you have found it. Villains have to know things like this.

 This is like the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers": exactly like it. Didn't see the movie? Normally, this never happens. During this Time of Folly it can happen to anybody. The Maelstorm Serpent is fishing for people. A "Fisher of Men" is to be greatly feared. Right now, the Maelstorm Serpent is having a few pints of ale. He likes it. The man isn't out of character. The Maelstorm Serpent goes up. That man's Soul goes down into Total Dissolution. It is absorbed in a cell that makes up the Body of Snake. There are thousands of people at the May Fair. The Maelstorm Serpent can take everyone of them. He knows that. Instead of a Human Soul they will have a Serpent in its' place. Those bodies will go on according to the Law of Karma. Their lives will be little different.

 The Maelstorm Serpent loves football. He can attend the games but, must maintain proper form there. He is not allowed to play on the field, or influence any of the players in any way, shape, or form. These Games are under Dionysus who hates cheating.

 Once upon a time, certain Occultists had Loki who called upon the Maelstorm Serpent, the Fenir Wolf, and Hel the Goddess of Misfortune to stop Hitler from invading England. They all came. But, there is a recompense. The recompense is Loki, and His Powers were to be provided a Place in England Forever. Now, that the Deed was done. The celebrants all died for this indulgence of theirs. They had earned Their Place.

  The above Sophistry is running one of Kommandant Kitten's "body theft" routines. "Body theft" is frequently found in Primitive Magical Practices. This is taken from Anthropology. In Psychops you can steal souls, and replace them with demons under your control. Even though this is fallacious reasoning. It still can affect you.

 Here we can Create Galatia with Venus Astarte. Galatia comes out of the rock for the Sophist Pygmalion. Astarte grants the boon. Aphrodite is there. Pygmalion proved Sophistry is that powerful. This is the first demonstration of the Robot Power of Vulcan.


None of the Auschwitz Girls are Married.

That is to promote their "Camp."

None of the Lebensborn Girls are Married.

That is to promote Germany.

Models are not Married.

That is to promote American Products both here, and abroad.

Marriage is the Kiss of Death in Hollywood.

You can't climb the Corporate Ladder.

The Problem is Divided Loyalties.

Business is business.

Not, Marriage, unless you are Married to the Corporation.

Some people are.

People are important.

That is why the Company is interested in the Wives of Executives, and Employees.

Marriage requires a lot of work.

Business requires a lot of work.

Marriage makes a person's career go askew.

We have a problem with Marriage in different places.

Our Diplomatic Missions come to mind here.

Since, the Married Diplomat is almost, useless.

The cost alone of having a Married person in that place is enormous.

Husbands, and wives do quarrel a lot sometimes.

Screaming out idiocies.

Shouting out Democratic Party slogans.

People in the Mission pick that up immediately.

Word does spread out there.

The Mate is this Ball 'n Chain.

There are many places in that Country.

She ain't allowed.

Guess what?

He ain't either.

Because, he is a Married Man.

He might even have a kid.

These are Family Sized Problems.

Our Ambassador is a Family Man.

But, America needs a Worker.

A Worker always, means business.

The business of America is not Marriage.

The business of America is not Family.

These Fruits of Heaven can be enjoyed later in life.

That is after they have earned it.

This man got a Loan.

Because, this Ambassador is broke, and desparate.

This US Ambassador has been bought off.

By somebody?

This man is a Democrat.

He has a Marriage.

He doesn't want to be bothered.

People are important.

So either, they are outside the Country.

They could still be here in the States.

That is incompetency.

Wars have happened over this.

Which Wars?

Just about all of them.

Lack of communication.

Because, there is nobody there.

The Diplomat will see, and find out about one percent of what is really, going on in a Country.

Women, and Men handle things differently in the Diplomatic Arena.

You have to post at least two Diplomats.

That is Men, and Women have different Cultures.

The Roles of Women, and Girls are different in Other Countries.

You have these differences in order to understand, to completely that Country's Culture.

The Business Sector is being informed of the latest developments in everything that matters.

The Woman Diplomat is at a Fashion Show.

The United States sells billions of dollars worth of cosmetics, garments, and fashion accessories even cell phones.

Who in any of these Diplomatic Missions is representing America's Business Interests?

Studies show in Other Countries Single Men are thirty percent more efficient then their Married Counterparts.

Married with Children is the same but, their efficiency dips by eighty percent at certain times.

A Mistress improves the Married Man's efficiency remarkably.

These figures apply to Women pretty much across the board.

A Single zealous person can work circles around their coworkers.

Eventually, these Sharks pull down the infrastructure that supports these Marriededs.

A refreshing turnover of personal takes place refreshing the Corporation.

Harvard Business School in the 50's was very unsympathetic to incompetency.

You know we must keep people employed in those vital Business Sectors.

Here is the Problem in Hollywood.

No one can get any work.

New girls can enter the arena.

New girls can move up the Food Chain.

All these Marriededs block their progress.

Mind you they have more than enough money.

They can retire, and raise families.

A New Dynamic can be in Show Business.

On Top

Are you on top?

On top of your life?




You have to be on top.

Goddess Hel give this Teaching.

What it is like not to be down there.

You have to be on top.

You are down there.

You need to be on top.

Right where you are at.

You can be on top.

You don't have to go anywhere else to be on top.

You are on top.

You know that.

The little sharks are down there on the bottom waiting for you.

But, you can't die down there.

You are on top.

You are reading this.

Then you can be on top.

Goddess Hel is Peace.

You have peace only when you are on top.


Be on top.


Be near the top.

You need to get over it.

Be on top.


Don't worry about it.

Be on top.


You are in for it.

Stay on top.

Goddess Hel has a Marriage Manuel for you.

 There is a man. Our hero is getting an Interview. This work is for an Executive Post. It pays 1.2 million a year. The Board knows he is qualified for the job. This Interview is just a mere formality. The person doing the interview noticed the man did not bring his wife to be interviewed. He says his married life is personal. Well it is. But, he was expected to be completely transparent. He is dismissed for having divided loyalties. Our hero is expected to have a Corporate Wife. We see Political Marriages all the time. Marriage is nothing but, a living arrangement. The Corporate Wife is one of them. Our hero is alleged to be brilliant. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree. He is working. Enter the Rival. She is right there on time. She is a Lesbian. Her live in Companion is right there. She is smarter than our hero. Guess what? Our Girl got the job.

 Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll, or is this the beginning of an Industry of Death? It started in the 60's. Kommandant Kitten will get to this later in the work.

 But, the New Breed is coming. The New Breed is going to not put up with this. The New Breed doesn't recognize Racial Barriers. The New Breed wants Empire. There is only one kind of person that will exist within the boundaries in this Empire: Americans. It's alright. The United States of America can be there for Americans only. We are.

 Immigration can exist but, not slavery in any shape, way, or form. All they have to do is get along with the rest of us. They have to be Completely Assimilated. They can be the New Breed too. It will work once, we can get our Country out of Hades. That means we have to come out of this Under World. A Society that is in the open air. That means the public knows what is going on, works with it, and approves of it.

 The "New Breed" comes out of the Norms, Values, and Forms of Native Americans. Other Peoples share all this Vision too. This makes way for Patriotism. Every Norm, Value, and Form that is Un American goes right in the Trash. That makes way for Domestic Tranquility. Peace becomes possible. Safety can be assured. How can Prosperity not happen in such a Land?


"Spawn" is both a movie, and a cartoon. There is even a sequel. The plot is simple. Our Hero has made a pact with Muburay in Africa. Muburay is the Villain. Muburay has a saying. "If you do Evil. You do Good here." Now, our Hero is dead. He does get to know that. He was killed by a Traitor. That Traitor came back to America. This Traitor took his place in life. He can have no Mercy for this Traitor. That is forbidden by God. Now, he has that Test. He has the right to have the Test. Because, he died by Treason. What he doesn't know is he is in Purgatory. He believes he is among the Living. Because, the Angels of Purgatory Lie like this. Those Angels are really, his Enemies. You know this will kill him. Unless, he follows the instructions of Muburay. Then he can make it to Elysium. Finally, if he proves he has the right stuff. He can walk, and move among the Living. Then he can kill his Enemy. Only then can he move on to another life.

 "Camp" has Cadence as does the Military, and certain Rock n' Roll bands. "Cadence" means to call out as in music. Music is rhythm, and beat. Cadence is added to this. It is the main Ideal. It is Soul. The Event that has this Ideal should be presented many times. Everything in the song has a Formation. Everything is marching right into you. Crosby Stills and Nash had this Cadence in let's say "Wooden Ships." Cadence gives the music Soul. That is what calls Cadence.

 This brings us to our "Third Camp Law." We have to define what Work is. You do understand, that? You are a living being, and a lot of your life is spent Working. Work has a System of Norms, Forms, and Values. Work has Soul a Cadence of its' own. That means Work whatever it may be is a Discipline. This is how all the Arts, and Sciences are defined as Systems of Norms, Forms, and Values. All the Arts, and Sciences have Soul. You can feel the Cadence. Work is never meaningless because, people are important.

 This Axiom: That people are important is what engenders a real Culture. People build Civilizations. Money doesn't. Money is Invested in a Land that is already, Civilized. There must be Progress to get an actual, return on that investment. Otherwise, you are just throwing your money away. You will never be able to build anything there. Even if you have all the resources in the Whole Wide World. Because, you have no Capital in place. You have no collateral. They haven't sold you anything to accumulate Capital, You lose.

 Capital calls Cadence. Capital has Soul!

 Thank God It Is Friday:TGIF for short. The movie "9 to 5," "Bye Bye Birdie," "American Graffiti," and other such Cultural Artifacts represent a very narcissistic set of the working Norms, Forms, and Values of a prostitute. You are just in business to make money. There is more to work than that kind of dirty relationship with people. People are there to be used up. Afterwards, they can be replaced with another whore. No one in the bordello will mind it very much. If you really feel like this? You are being vampirized. The best moments of your life are being sucked right out of you. You have to change your life. Every human being goes through an Inner Struggle. That is because, you are not smart enough. You need to keep your cool. Then you can learn something even on the job. What do you think?

 Once a upon a time. The East India Trading Company owned a vast Empire. They fell from grace because, they forgot something vital. People are important. A corrupt Christian Socialist Regime was forming in the Mother Land. It began to have more to say into running the affairs of the East India Trading Company. They let people Evangelize India. Such people claim to have God. But, you can't own God. That is Heresy. Worse, they began to treat people badly. Eventually, their Private Army mutinied, and turned against them. All the British men, women, and children were butchered in the most horrific manner possible at the time. It had do with pig, or cow grease on these bullets. Do you want to bite the bullet? Get all that rancid grease in your mouth. It was sure to turn you into a pig. Even Untouchables balked at such measures, and rightly so. The British Evangelicals were just being playful in spreading such rumors. A filthy playfulness that ruins Empires, and destroys Nations. That was their corruption. Me thinks.

 Socialism has to be defined in simple layman's terms. Even women can understand it. It is Property Issues, and Boundaries. What you can, and can not own. What is, and isn't yours. In most Primitive Societies individual ownership of private property, and privacy is minimal.

  A Refugee Camp is such a place. Socialism as such has no rewards.  Everybody there gets the basic necessities to sustain life. But, not a good one. It will be of little value to them after they leave "Camp." Because, they always, have extreme issues. They might live for awhile. That is all.

 They have to be Transferred into a "Work, Re Education, and Rehabilitation Camp." Where they are instilled with Patriotic Norms, Forms, and Values of their Country. There they will receive Real Food to feed their minds, and bodies. They will Work at producing all their own Food, and Necessities.

 It differers little from Wage Slavery. Except, this "Camp" is without walls, or guards. It can only exist during a Time of Peace. There can be no crisis. Otherwise, these "Camps" must also, be Forts.

 Auschwitz goes quite a ways forward. It has a form of Communism. Property issues are strangely blurred. Privacy is cloaked in a secrecy. Organizing takes the place of Socialism. Auschwitz is chameleon like in nature. It seems to feature a Secret Economy that defies classification. This "Camp Interlocks," no one can now trace it. It is not a Nazi institution. It has its' own existence. It is potentially global back then.

"Interlock" is a different concept. For instance on your computer you have several Interlocking programs besides your Operating System. They do not form an Interface! They all perform separate functions. You may have several firewalls. Each firewall program does not conflict with any other programs. Your anti virus, and anti spy ware is checking for spy ware, virus, and blocking access to your desktop. Your registry checker is there to find registry errors before they become a problem. Defragment your hard drive. Have a back up of everything in case you lose any vital data. You run these programs every time you use the Internet. They form an impenetrable interlocking network of protection. Compromise of any one program can still not harm the Immortal Operating System. Just like the Mythical Hydra.

 The Corporations formed the Hydra in this manner with Monowitz. Thus Henry Ford's "Our Town" is interlinked with several of other Industrial Cities in this manner. This forms a United Political Fort. That has Interlock with the Military, Law Enforcement, Education, Public Health, Public Welfare, Banking, and Charities.

 Each Worker caries the "Seeds of Our Town." They can found another Industrial City. For the Workers are the "Seeds of Capitalism." That makes Capitalism immortal. Capitalism is a kind of Dominion.

 These Workers are the Go Forth. The Pioneers were always, called the Go Forth. Their enemies call them the Nomads.

 There is Capital. Capitalism that invites Investments must be a Dictatorship by necessity. There are Norms, Forms, and Values that allow for a Lawful Society to exist. That is Merchantilism. There have to be Uniform Standards that engender buying, and selling. That make World Trade possible. That is only if Investments are Capitalized. Investment without adequate Capital leads to economic hardship.

 The BBC has a whole series on the "Rise, and Fall of the East India Trading Company." The people in US Aid should watch this series. That is if they are capable of learning anything before they get themselves killed without even knowing why. There is even a book that can be read by the more astute among them called; "Mutiny on the Bounty." That book wasn't about a ship exactly back then. Did you know that Ashtoreth means "Reward?" That means that thing can turn against them at anytime. Did, and become a Pirate Ship.

A Lesson in Language

 Sophistry is an Elaboration of both Noumenon, Phenoenon, and a Null Set. Neumenon is the Root of all Nouns. Nouns are Names. Names describe Things as They Are. In Kantian Philosophy, an object Understood by Intellectual Intuition. Phenomenon are Things of Appearance. The Null Set is explained in Cantor's Set Theory. This is a Series of Questions, and Answers. This is all Pythagorean Mathematics. It has at the same time "yes," "no," "maybe," "none of the above" : Is and Is Not. This Sophistry all comes down from a far off Star that orbits the Planet Vast. Which is our Sun that orbits the Planet Earth. It looks like it? Doesn't it?

 "The Tedium of Camp"

 The problem with this kind of life in the workplace is that it is too close to death. It kills business. That is why even large enterprises go out of business from a failure to thrive. Civilizations fall.

 The "Tedium of Camp" can erode your life away. Provision has to be made for that. Four hours of work was considered more than enough. In Monowitz six hours was considered adequate. People had to be dragged away from their workplaces sometimes. It is time for Education and Sports. There are other activities too. The workers have to be examined for malnutrition, disease, and the like. In Auschwitz there is always, "Hate Day."

 You must rally the people to really hate Imprisonment. Hate something. Otherwise, people will be not interested in you. That is the same thing as being ostracized. HATE WORKS.

 Auschwitz had to address this problem. Luxuries are necessities. That makes life worth living. They work harder.

 "You have to make everything count." This famous quote from President Hoover sums up the Ethic of the 30's. It all starts with hoarding. Why people do it? Scarcity scares people. Fear destroys trust. Everything in America depends on trusting someone. "We have nothing to fear but, fear itself." says Roosevelt. We are seeing the Ethics of the 30's, and the beginnings of the 40's.

 The picture above is Monowitz. Monowitz is about half built. Monowitz is much bigger than the other two "Auschwitz Camps" combined.

 Let's get on with This Idea of Scarcity. If you have Scarcity you really have a Famine starting to take hold of the Land. Let's call things what they really are. The Great Depression was really a Famine. Famine has no Virtues. It doesn't.

 Famine can be more than not having proper food. You need a car? You want a home? You want to buy some really good clothes? You need real medicines? You want to get off Welfare? You want a real livelihood? You want a future? You need a gun?

 You can even have money. Still not get the good things in life that you really deserve. But, you have to know what they are.

 Poor people feast. Rich people fast.

  But, you can call a life hounded by Famine an Ascetic Life. "Poverty is Wealth." This is a Philosophy of Life you can give to your Enemies.

 "A penny saved is a penny earned." No, it isn't. It is just a penny. What can you buy with that? See there are no earnings. This is just a homily. That can't feed you. For that to happen you must be well organized.

 There are the expressions of Famine. In China Famine is called Lord Jim. During the Hoover Presidency: "putting on the Ritz" was eating out of garbage cans. Old Mother Hubbard ran Hell's Kitchen. There isn't anything to eat in Hell's Kitchen.

 President Hoover knew we had an Economic War with Great Britain. President Hoover was at a loss as to what to do about it. It couldn't get worse. It did!

 Pestilence isn't a Virtue at all. This is the Twenty First Century. We don't need to lie any more. We can quit singing "Ring Around the Rosy." Why is this still a problem? Is this the Will of God, or are people somewhat at fault? The Cult doesn't want us to know certain things, maybe? Like just how sick the people of America really are. Can we trust health statistics anymore? When we can see incredibly deformed people, and others living out their tortured lives. This should not be. There is more information on this web page Phaedra.

 How do we know what our Death Statistics are from infectious disease in America? The Communicable Disease Center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA gets these statistics from the various States in America. They don't see the anomalies in cancer statistics? They are too uniform. Where does the State of California get its' statistics? We are worried that "the books are being cooked." It is like the problem of the crooked gas meter reader. He is a city employee. He really can't read all those meters. But, he has read enough meters to make a very good guess what the gas usage really is. That is what he reports. That is your gas bill. You get to pay it too. So does America.

 Problem Number One: many contagious diseases are not considered infectious under normal circumstances found in some laboratory. But, people don't live in laboratories do they? As people die from these mildly infectious diseases they will become super contagious. Popular Delusions in Medicine exclude such data. Most infectious diseases are unknown to Popular Medicine. This makes diagnosis of West Nile virus for example incredibly difficult, expensive, and time consuming. Lyme disease, or primordial syphilis has even been said to be harmless. Herpes is a virus that causes cancer is likewise said to be harmless. Even Dr. Megele of Auschwitz fame knew there was no such thing as a harmless pathogen. A pathogen is bad.

 On a Scale of One to Ten how much pain do you have? Guess what?  Kommandant Kitten does not feel it, or anything like it. It's all yours.

 Returning to these Ideals of Scarcity we understand, we are really studying another case of Famine. We know previously, there was a terrible Famine in Ireland. The Irish Model was very much the same as this Great Depression. Famines are really, called Depressions. We have got to get out of this kind of trickery.

 The remedy in Ireland was to shut down all work. Then nobody had any more money to buy things than anybody else. The scarcest food would go further, and last longer. The crops would not fail like they did that year.

 The Sophistry is actually, pretty good. You can read it all. It is historical. But, it is still fallacious reasoning. We can see that clearly now. President Hoover didn't. This Famine is Global. The crops are failing. This madman is preaching asceticism, piety, and temperance to a starving audience. They are degenerating into an minimality that is indescribably different.

 This is all Nihilistic Idealism masquerading as a sort of Spirituality. Understand, if you are not really for anything. Can't you be against something being Spiritual, and all that? The Temperance Movement in the 30's is nihilistic. You could easily be against something? How about racial bigotry? How about those Jews? The Yellow Peril perhaps? The only good Indian is a dead Indian? Another Red Scare, maybe? A Religious War?

 Here you are a very hungry Spiritual Person. It wouldn't be hard to hate something maybe, somebody that is different? You are right at the Abyss of Annihilationism. All you need is a little push, or a little pull, and you will go there. It isn't much of a fall. The World could End. You would like it?

 We will hate Great Britain in this exercise. It is alright. This is "Hate Day."

 You will note if you can the Runes inside this Black Sun of the Thule Society are not Life Runes. These are Signs of Impending Doom. Do note the optical illusion here? As your vision takes you around the Solar Circle. Solar is always, clockwise. Lunar is counterclockwise. You will see this with the Swastika too. Solar and Lunar Swastika. As you go around the Solar Disk of the Dark Sun the Crosses appear to be upright, and straight.

 Hitler has to assemble all these bits, and pieces of a broken Country into a Political Platform. Hitler needs people to support him in his bid for Chancellor of Germany. He has to be the Leader. There are many people in the Occult that will support him. The Military has to be pleased. The Military are backing Hitler as their man. Many of these arrangements are Secret. Hitler has to win the support of the people. There are many business interests that want Hitler in Office. There is a Hate Campaign against the Jews. That is there to get people out of their complacency. That is to get out the vote.

 The popular Peace Sign is even worse. It is a Circle that enshrines the Rune of the Tree of Death. This is the Peace Sign of Hel: the Goddess of Misfortune. The Dove of Hel is cooing loudly in their ears. Can you hear it? You should be glad you have your hearing aid from Auschwitz Birkenau. The British Ban the Bomb Cult came up with that one. Now, they can all Dance Around the Golden Calf. You can see the illustration in The Persephone Book. It has everything there for them. Moses is breaking the Tablets of Law. The Tree of Death has come up for their families. Lord Typhon is praising God asking; "Is My Lord pleased with this?"

 Later in the Book Moses is ordered by God Almighty to not strike the Rock with His Divine Staff to Bring Forth the Flood to Consume His Enemies. Just like salt dissolves in water. Moses did just that. But, Kommandant Kitten is under no such Orders. The Rock is Hades. Guess what? "We're Here."

 In War, and in Prisons there is rationing. Rationing is a Prescription for Living. "Everybody gets their fair share." Rationing is getting popular in the United States. Mostly, it is food, fuel, and water.

 Being a Villain, and a Vicious Tuft Hunter me thinks America is a bit too wasteful. Those ideals of commuting back, and forth to work need to be as dead as the dinosaurs. The carbon footprint that should only exist in fossils. You need to compost your trash. If you can. You should.

 Moving people around generates all these Travel Costs. We need to save that money. When you move, and you probably have. A lot of waste is generated. We are not going to fight an extensive Thermo Nuclear War. We need to get rid of that. America is a poor Country.

The Politics of Bomb Shelters and Mind Control

 Their is a reason. All these Democratic Party Initiatives are about Thermonuclear War, and regulating Bomb Shelters everywhere. No Pets are allowed in a Bomb Shelter for example. No Smoke is that smoking in Bomb Shelters will exhaust the oxygen in the shelter.  Integration allows other Families to be in a Bomb Shelter together.  All these Initiatives are technically illegal. Special Command Forces only have the right to Declare these said Initiatives whatever maybe needed. These Initiatives are Lawful Orders to be obeyed until death. Special Command Forces are merged with Civil Defense. Civil Defense looks after the Public Order. For instance,  all the flour has been analyzed, and found to be unfit for human consumption. It is not unintentional. The people have been found. They die immediately. The Black Light (ultraviolet light) tells us everything. The flour is infected with the deadly poison alflatoxin it also, indicates rat urine is present with fecal matter.  Even the President of the United States is not allowed to do this. That would be Partisan Politics saying who lives, and who dies in a Bomb Shelter. It also, determines who is allowed in Bomb Shelters. During the Kennedy Regime Republicans would not want this. Kennedy is considered to be the Forces of Occupation. All President Kennedy's People are the Forces of Occupation. They are determined to Illegally Occupy Bomb Shelters at the expense of the American People. All the Special Command Forces, several hundred thousand of them went immediately Underground. Special Command Authority can be passed on. There could four million people with this Authority. They have the right to kill off the Forces of Occupation with the means at hand as long as the Possibility of Nuclear War is around. The Leader is there as the Bomb. In Los Alamos, New Mexico the Bomb was born in December 26, 1950. The Bomb was born near White Sands Proving Grounds immediately after the detonation of a Thermonuclear Bomb.

The Land of the Free?

 If you need to find these Initiatives in there entirety. You are going to have pay a lot of money for them. Kommandant Kitten suggests the Kennedy Library as the most likely place to find them.

 Remember, the worst things in life are free.

 Kommandant Kitten has found the best training to be dull deadly repetition. This is called learning things by rote. Then you have total recall when have to take the Test. You will pass. Failure is unthinkable. Think about that.

The Cult of the Lost Oil

 All these wells are capped. There still are people who believe the oil will come back. We have to break this to you gently. It won't. Those oil wells are capped because, there is no oil to pump out. Some of these wells are not capped but, they should be. It is like a "salted" gold mine. They are pumping water. This is to make the American West Coast look like they have lots of oil there. There is even more oil off shore. There really isn't. It's all been used up. There is lots of oil still left in Alaska. There isn't that much. Maybe, we can sell it back to Russia. There is a lot of oil along the Gulf Coast. British Petroleum had to go down two miles to start to drill through two more miles of crud. It wasn't worth it. Guess what? America won't have BP to kick around any more. There is oil somewhere? Those oil wells are being capped as you read this. Besides, who wants to do business with America anyway?

 You can buy things in these little bizarres, flea markets, thrift stores, roadside stands, street people, or whatever? That is a sure sign a Country is declining.

 The "Life Boat" doesn't have enough food, or water for everybody. Who are you going to put over the side? They get to feed the sharks. The sharks will stay right with you. Unless, there is something worse. That thing doesn't leave witnesses. It might be a Kraken. If you can make the deal with him. You should. Give it to him. He will like you. Moments later, you will be rescued, and there is no way in hell you could be.

 Here are some basic antisocial people that always, flunked Selection in Auschwitz. But, they may take them anyway. It is sort of like Basic Military Training. A person is torn to pieces, and reassembled. They have extensively experimented, and we are not sure what kind of people they produced in these "Camps." Because, they are not exactly Prisons since, they can turn into "Forts." That is Military like. The "Camps" colonize the local areas by constantly extending their boundaries under some pretext, or other. Crazy people might be useful. When they "escape" from one of these "Camps." Then the "Camp Guards" will enter villages, and towns looking for him. Soon the Police, and any important people are in their power. They might not find their escaped prisoner because, people have killed him. Those "Camps" really frown on that. Since, "Camp Persons" are frequently given "liberty," or "furlough." The "Camp" needs things.

Hogan's Heroes

 This Television Series is really based on fact. "Stalag 13" is close to Auschwitz Birkanau. Commandant Klink is really Commandant Hoss. This is were it gets stranger. They didn't tell the POWS to escape. But, they could. Colonel Hogan made it all the way to France. Colonel Hogan was the same rank as Bomber Harris except, Hogan was an American. He did not like being called "Hogan's Goat." Colonel Hogan cursed Bomber Harris, and his Family Name for sending him on an illegal mission that he could never return from, and wasn't needed. POWS are entitled to certain rights that Auschwitz doesn't want to provide.

 The man in the picture has bovine tuberculous. It comes from diseased cattle including dairy products. The disease hasn't affected his head. "Camp" will actually, try, and find a cure for him. Tuberculosis was very common. "Camp" is not necessarily humane but, they are pragmatists. Don't drink unpasteurized milk.

 The "Camps" got whole shipments of people afflicted with "consumption" constantly. Tuberculosis is making a comeback. Many of these new strains are remarkably resistant to treatment of any sort. It is a World Wide killer of millions of people. The "Camps" did come up with a kind of vaccine for tuberculous. It wasn't great but, it was better than nothing. Most vaccines don't work. They won't. Unless, you get those shots.

Paranoia 101

 There is a man. He is an Oboe. He lives in a World of nothing but, Oboes. They are very musical. He is being fed intramuscularly a powerful anti psychotic drug maybe, Thorazine. He is starting to come around. His doctor Slim Chance is telling him he is crazy. That he isn't an Oboe. And, our hero isn't an Oboe at all!

 This man will be lucky to make it to "Camp." Unless, he has some very good coping skills. Birkanau is a strange place. They might try, and save him.

 Somehow, or other the word paranoid in Hippy jargon just means somebody that is very frightened. This is accordingly in George Orwell's  book "1984"  is a prime example of "double speak." "Unreality has become the mark of our times." It has to do with how people misuse words. It is also, called Crazy Making. It is Hate Speech. It has false Control Values. We will call this "Low English." There are other words that have these false control values. Examples are: paranoid, kid, class, community, and other words that have questionable values. These words are meant to hold you back.

 Kommandant Kitten wants you to really grow to hate Hippy Culture along with all their jargon. These careless speech habits bedevil the media.

 It alright, to hate evil speech. It is "Hate Day."

 Dr. Slim Chance is using the word "crazy" in the special sense that our hero has very bad coping skills. Our doctor is trying to get his patient to learn some better coping skills. But, first our hero has to learn he is not an oboe. That he something called a person. He is really a human being.


 For the true psychotic is hard. They need a complete physical. They may have a contagious disease. That is really hard to do. Many of them have suffered trauma, and brain damage. Don't try this at home kids. The psychotic has to be hospitalized. Recovery for alcoholics, obssesivemale homosexuals, and drug addicts is not much different. They all have autism in there makeup. There is no cure for autism. They can be taught coping skills. They can be fed to meet the Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, and carbohydrates. They won't do this on their own. You are dealing with a defiant child. It could be worse. Addicts, male homosexuals, and alcoholics can cross the line from autism to true psychosis. Usually, it is paranoia. Then they are incredibly dangerous to the public. Delusions of grandeur, and a severe persecution complex. They are being discriminated against. But, they're life long criminals. The World is out to get them. By then they have made mortal enemies. This is rock bottom. The criteria of true alcoholism, compulsive male homosexuality, and drug addiction. Also they have a constellation of obsessions, and compulsions. Like zoo sadism, pyromania, Satanism, kleptomania, and the beat goes on. There is no known cure for them. "Once a junkie. Always, a junkie." Ditto for the alcoholics, and psychotic male homosexuals. They don't form relationships. They just make connections. That is why their marriages don't last. They are very bad parents. They can't keep their word. They are so selfish love is alien to them. How can you trust them? Filthy little back stabbers.

 It is the way Junkies describe their experiences. Cigarettes are more addictive than Heroin. Mind you smoking cigarettes does not do much to prevent Withdrawl Syndrome. Junkies like most Autistic People have careless speech habits. Coffee is just like Speed. Food itself is drug like to the Junkie. Sugar maybe? This is what a Psychiatrist would call Diversion. It is Heroin that makes the Junkie sick. Not cigarettes. Not coffee. Not food. Not even sugar.

 One person said he was getting Heroin right through his eyeballs. He really said that on the radio. It is Pornography of course. It is hard to relate to someone as sick as that. Here is an example.

 There is a man. His wife just found these keys to this storage locker. She didn't know he had rented one. The bill is pretty pricey. The family is eating barely enough food to prevent starvation. The two kids aren't dressed in rags. But, it is beginning to look that way. Their shoes are getting worn out. Look! This kid needs to go to the dentist right away. But, he can wait. His teeth aren't too rotten. That is bad. She goes to this storage place. She just discovered her husband's Pornography Collection. It looks like there is at least a hundred thousand dollars worth of stuff. What would you do?

 If the Government can't confine these people for a year, or more.

 Kommandant Kitten hears too much Recovery on the Radio. There are quite a few songs filled with their Disease. Their Disease is singing, playing instruments, giving an interview, etc.

 It is like that on television. We get to listen to their Sob Stories. Their Disease is showing too much. Aren't you sick of it? It is the Wisdom of the Strong that must prevail here.

 We don't need to learn anything about being weak. How to shoot dope? Free Basing?

 There is some stuff maybe on the market posing as Medical Marijuana for AIDS patients that want to die. The package tells it all. This is "Real Pot." It has "Real Dope" in there for your smoking pleasure. Guaranteed to kill you. You can roll three cigarettes out of it.

 Then let's just put Recovery in the trash.

 This Recovery Movement is misleading the public.

 Recovery is too costly.

 Things are few. People are many.

 America is a poor Country.

 People don't need to talk about Recovery at all.

 They are just not serious enough.

 Recovery can only happen in a "Work and Reeducation Camp."

 That when the Paradigm of Health is replaced by a Paradigm of Work. Put people on their feet in the shortest possible time.

 That is how they can become a National Asset rather, than a National Liability. It is also, a Battlefield Paradigm.

 Remember, you are paying to support these drug addicts, obsessive male homosexuals, and alcoholics for their whole life.

 That isn't fair.

 Here is the Miracle! You get rid of the Obstetric Unit. You get rid of most of the big problems in Hospitals. You ax the Pediatrics Unit. Suddenly, all those Lawsuits are gone! Poof! You automate, boost quality, you have girls visibly working in that Hospital. That doesn't scare people. You don't have a man do a woman's job like Nursing. Because, they will ask for more money. But, they are too strong. Men can injure, or even kill patients too easily. It's those Law Suites again. Sorry boys. All you need in the Hospital beside the Maintenance is: Doctor MD, Surgeon, Nurse, Orderlies, and the Psychiatrist. You cut away all those useless Specialties. Because, nobody can pay all those bills.

 That will get rid of eighty percent of that overhead.  The Hospital will make money. The patients can afford adequate care. We are work friendly. Those shots, and the latest medicines keep those workers doing nothing but, just that. We can cure that now. The Insurance Companies love it.

 That is why a Paradigm of Work is much better than a Paradigm of Health.

 This Health Paradigm only works for rich people anyway,

 That means we get full restitution for the damage drug addicts, male homosexuals, and alcoholics inflict on us.

 That is where these arguments always, lead people anyway.

 The "Drug Epidemic" has killed twenty million American Citizens. Kommandant Kitten believes, and you may too. That is part of a Cold Civil War, or Revolution. Many of these Counter Culture people say there really is a Revolution. They are part of it. We can take their word for it. All total the casualties may be as high as thirty million American Citizens dead from various causes. The authorities must investigate all this. They may find it is really true. Then they will need extra police powers.

 For the serious Drug Warrior Kommandant Kitten recommends these two web pages Phaedra, and The Dopester Book.

 You can go ask Alice. The Caterpillar knows everything. Read "Alice in Wonderland." It is an interesting book about near death experiences. Now, in Luxembourg, Luxembourg there was an excellent play about "Alice in Wonderland." But, if you have a big problem with Culture Shock. Then just stay at home.

 Mind you, that Alice in the play is undergoing a near death experience from a high fever. There is no drugs in it at all. Some of the characters in Louis Carol's book are in this Luxembourg production. Alice is plainly there. There is the Hidden. The Red Queen is there. A bit of artistic license because, the Lady in Green is the Red Queen's compliment. Red and Green are considered to be complimentary colors as are blue, and orange. Tree Bark is in there along with John Longarm, Trash, Cow (Moo,) and Raven. We can plainly find the Mad Hatter. The people of Luxembourg can be in the Nashville Center for the Performing Arts. People in Nashville are hungry for Culture.

 By golly, we can have more Culture in Nashville. Mexican Catina Girls can come from towns all over Mexico. There can be Table Top Dancing contests. You have to know a lot of ballet dancing to do that. Table Top Dancing is found in Spain, and Tunisia too.

 We can get Mo Town in the Ryman Auditorium. We have Mo Town in Nashville a lot. Mo Town is the Motor City. That is Detroit.

 This will put Nashville on the map more. Tourists can come in spend more money. They will like Nashville's Duty Free Zone. Nashville will have one. Nashville could even have a Free Trade Zone.

 There is a old movie purportedly showing all sorts of crazy people. There is one man eating grass. They may even show the killing of these mental patients. But, that was not Nazi Germany. This film was shot by the Nazis in Sweden! The Nazis did not kill, or order those deaths at all. Socialist Governments can get like this very easily. They all have. Ilse Koch witnessed that one too. "I have seen something!"

 In the United States there was a Movement for the Humane Treatment of the Insane. It is also, about treating the Insane Kindly. Showing no hostility towards the Insane. There is ample evidence that real cures are possible, or they will be. This effort was all sabotaged by these heartless Bolsheviks. Many people in the Mental Health Movement are in hiding. Quite a lot of them have been killed. That is the Staffs of many Mental Hospitals like Madden in Chicago, Illinois, Agnew State Hospital in Santa Clara, California, and Santa Clara General Hospital in Santa Clara, California had at least five Catholic Nuns assassinated by the Cult. That was in the 70's, and 80's.

 The Germans wanted something better than just discarding people like this. A lot of work was done to find possible solutions to mental illness. After all certain viruses, physical injuries, poisons, birth defects, and so forth happened to essential personal. They want cures. We now are on the verge of getting them.

 Viruscides to kill encephalitis, West Nile, rabies, and herpes as well as certain brain cancer viruses. Antibiotics to kill Lyme disease, syphilis, and meningitis. Amoebic disease, malaria, and protozoan diseases of the brain need special drugs. Anti parasite drugs to kill round worms, and similar parasites. Correct birth defects, detoxification regimens, hormones to heal brain injuries, birth defects, and inflammation. Last but, not least essential nutrition to encourage brain growth, and correct deficiencies. Of course, good psychiatric drugs to stabilize mental illness. Behavioral Modification has proven effective in many instances. The question is can we do this? Not how much it costs? That Worker can pay for it many times over if we can salvage them. Auschwitz thought so.

 People love their dogs. That is why dogs can be immunized against rabies, Lyme disease, and so forth. Horses can have vaccines for West Nile, and equine encephalitis. These diseases can be caught by people. There are no vaccines for people. Isn't it tragic that people aren't treated as good as animals? Why are there cases of small pox still around? President Carter said small pox was gone. He was lying.

 These "Camps" have essential persons that can not be replaced. That makes these "Camps" less amoral than Socialist Countries then. There is a problem. Amoral people will follow orders without question. That includes illegally executing people. Since, amoral people in power have issued those very orders. These crimes don't end there. Once, you have killed then everything is exciting. Because, these Socialist Countries won't even try to help people. In this case these medical personal probably, in some cases deserve the Death Penalty. Especially, if these defective people are not a threat to Public Safety. Criminal Insanity is another matter entirely. In some cases these patients have committed crimes that warrant the Death Penalty.

 Whatever, Ilse Koch seen in Sweden must of been something totally horrific. It was.

 Autistic 101

 "Autism in psychology, state of mind characterized by daydreaming, hallucinations, and disregard of external reality." Webster's Dictionary C1963

 Here are many reasons why we should have a cure for autism, and not just coping stratagems. Autism seems to be an Autoimmune Disorder like an Allergy. Auschwitz thought it was a Reactive Disease. Various medications have been tried without satisfactory results. The key to a cure of these autoimmune diseases lies in the Autonomous Nervous System, or Involuntary Nervous System. Chronic Pain is involved in some sort of runaway feedback loop. This feedback mechanism can be stopped by cutting several main nerves. It was tried on insane subjects. It got rid of the insanity.

 It has to do with the expression of Love. An Autistic person like Blue Beard has mastered these coping skills. Then there is Jack the Ripper. The Uni Bomber might be like this too. Autistic people express love that is technically correct. In the Normal Person the expression of Love is proper.

 The Autistic person has empathy. Empathy is not Love. As a matter of fact empathy is contrary to Love.

 Do you think about being a little kid without thinking what is like to be a little kid? This is the nut of it. There is a little kid just being himself. He is a bad boy. He can't be himself. Got any suggestions?

 There is a short story by Theodore Sturgeon "The Small Assassin." You might like it.

  This is not to be confused with schizophrenia a well known psychosis. It was plain as day that something was wrong. This was easy to spot in "Camp." In schizophrenia the person is disintegrating. They still die these days, when they become unable to take care of themselves. It is considered to be a young man's disease.

 The cause of autism is trauma of some sort early in childhood. That is always, child abuse. The conscience, or moral compass is malfunctioning, or not there at all! Their moral compass always, points due West. In this case West is the Land of the Dead.

 Examine all child rearing practices especially, in the so called "Baby Books" for the Buchenwald Baby Shower. They have got their Book. They have got their Baby. He is Doomed.

 Strange as it may seem the Autistic Person has No Real Sense of Pleasure. Autistic People are always, naturally restless, irritable, and discontent. No one can really, please him. Sex, Food, Gambling, Medicines.. will induce the Phenomena of Craving the Bane of Every Autistic Person. Psychiatric Positive Reinforcement Schedules meet with little, or no success at all in this Population of People. Therefore, they lack a Sense of Real Gratitude. They are treacherous. Aversive Therapy as applied from BF Skinner's Behaviorism coupled with Teachings in Coping Skills. Punishment consists of expulsion from Therapy. That person is labeled hopeless. Usually, a person with a very low intelligence quotient (IQ), excessively violent, and a psychotic. This Treatment for Autism is based on the fact Less Aversion is Reward. That is better than the Hell of Expulsion. All the Patients know at their Innermost Level: "I am Damned. He can never Please God even if he discovers God is Himself." Treatment can be summed up here:"You are not a good man. But, here you will learn to act like one."  These are the Coping Skills that Autistic People must learn if they are to ever go Free. "That man can not be himself. He must keep that well hidden." "People must never know he is really Maskull the Son of Pain." It is something like that with them. They become Conveniently Crazy. That means they are useful to somebody. They have No Conscience but, they will follow directions. They love harming people. It is easy to lead them on to where they become Perfect Tools of Evil. Sometimes, such people are Born into It. They then will be talented people with a high status level with special privileges found most in Vaudeville, and Politics. They all know deeply as does Kommandant Kitten they do not deserve anything of the sort. They need "Camp."

 There are some people that live in these Cages they call Life. Knowing that Autistic People have an Adversarial Relationship with people. Autistic People have no Conscience. There is nothing like Free Will that can give, or take an Oath. Autistic People have no Honor. They have no Sense of Shame, or Remorse. Autistic People do not Sense Fear the same way Healthy People do. Like Fearing Authority and having Respect. However, they do manage to Cultivate a very strong Visceral Response per Behavioral Science. A learned Sense of Terror. Autistic People have a Distorted View of Right, and Wrong. "Don't get caught." Strangely, Hate, and Love are Foreign to their Real Nature. Autistic People don't Hate you. You are just in the Way. None of us Normal People are supposed to be here. Autistic People actually, see everybody to be just like them. Hate is on the Other Side of the Spectrum of Lust from of Love. Autistic People don't form Loving Relationships. Autistic People just take Hostages. Therefore, Association - Reinforcement - Modeling using Aversive Stimuli constitute their Ideal Society. Autistic People will create an Adversarial Society. A Civilization based on nothing but, Aversion. Think about that.

 Autistic People are Evil Companions. That is when Autistic People are not being openly Hostile.

 The Dope Fiend is a case study in Autism. The obsessive male homosexual is another one. The nymphomaniac is always, autistic. Satanism can also, be added to the list. The necrophiliac can happen. Bestiality is a classic example of sex gone astray. People that spread disease, sabotage things, and cause mayhem have the mind set of the pyromaniac. There are others too numerous to mention.

 Satanism stands out among all the Roles that bedevil an autistic person. Many people will play the Role of Satan at some time in their lives. Many of them do not appear to be autistic. Some have sickly normal childhoods. None of them claim to be the Devil exactly. Yet they act like it.

 Some folks believe there is a Drug Culture. That is a contradiction in terms. Culture implies that drug addicts have some sort of Civilization. If they really do have one. Drop Kommandant Kitten a line, or two all about it. We all need to know if stoners are Civilized, or not. Violence even murder does not bother them. Because, they really have some form of Satanism. The Devil appeals to them somehow. They all like to raise Hell.

 You need to know how Brandy Wine is made? Brandy Wine is made by Winos. This is Alcoholism gone to full blown psychosis. Our hero is passed out. His buddy is going to take a nip out of our hero's bottle. His buddy has to hide this. He is urinating in our hero's bottle. The level is just right. When our hero wakes up. He won't know he is drinking Brandy Wine.

 You see our hero has been in, and out of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) countless time. Our hero is what is called a "Golden Slipper."

 They all tend to fixate on people, places, and things in ways that are not healthy.  They stalk people. Satan as the Persecutor is the Role being played here. By this time autistic people are astonishing hard to save.

 They have dangerous impulses. The pyromaniac is a good example here. The kleptomaniac is another one.  Cruelty to animals, or zoo sadism is in on this one too. Satan makes His appearance really quick. The pyromaniac has Satan the Lord of Hell. The kleptomaniac has Satan as the Thief.  The zoo sadist has Satan the Tormentor.

 Compulsive swearing, and coarse mannerisms go hand and glove with autism.

 They frequently but, not always, are defiant children. Some of these children are hostile.

Sometimes band leaders have Played the Role of Satan the Artist. Autistic people will hear, see, and precipitate in these events. They are highly suggestible. The lyrics of a song might change them. Does the name Charles Manson ring a bell? Helter Skelter anybody? Is that Black Bird going to fly with two broken wings? "Black Bird Bye, Bye." Do they want to exterminate the Negroes? Their audience was all White. Did the Manson Family do Political Hits? "The Beatles" weren't expecting something like this, or were they? "What do you see when turn off the light? I don't know but, I know it's all mine." Darkness? You don't want to get by with a little help from friends like that! You don't need to get high with a little help from criminals. Then there is "Hey Jude" the Junkie National Anthem. Now, Jude is Judas Iscariot. It is really there for them too. "Nod, nod, nod nana na nod! Nod, nod, nod, nana na nod! Hey Jude." The music is implying Judas is riding the Junkie Monkey right out of this World. It is suicide of course. What do you think? "When all that you need is on your shoulder." "Beatle Mania": mostly staged. People mostly, young good looking girls were hired as part of the show. These media Fan Clubs are frequently mythical. Although, real Fan Clubs will form later. Ed Sullivan is the very top of the line. Johnny Carson isn't bad either. Bill Graham of "Head East," and "Head West" is another top promoter of this "British Invasion." The Theme of Revolution runs through a lot of their music. This is Satan as the Rebel. It does so with other bands too at that time. These songs are still being played out there. Just turn on your radio.

 Jim Morison of the "Doors." That creepy shamanic "Lizard King." Not exactly British but, he did fit in somehow. The French hated him. Kommandant Kitten still wonders about him. Jim Morison's lyrics seemed to appeal to mental patients like the Death Rock Band "Chicago." It bothered mental health professionals. Down Home Grown Evil. There is more of it! Auschwitz Rock: the band named "Grand Funk Railroad." You get to catch the train to Auschwitz at one of those Rock Concerts. How about that? Death Glorified. Comix have it too. Like "Slow Death Funnies." Even in the 50's the comic books came under Investigation by the Senate Committee on Un American Activities. There seems to be death images embedded in comic books being read by children. This death imagery shows up in advertisements. No company wants to pay for that. It is a ubiquitous form of sabotage. "The Way" has opened up for them.

 Hey! They're back! It's the "Beatles Eight Days a Week." Wow! Heavy Duty Man! It is actually, a movie. There are all these cute little bugs doing "Beatles" songs. The movie goes on as it must. All of a sudden! This Fascist Can makes its appearance. Towering over them blotting out the Sun. In a supreme gesture of pure evil. Spray is covering the audience. "Raid! Hunts them down like radar. Kills bugs dead!"

 Their diets suggest always, a pattern of malnutrition. Essential vitamins, and minerals are not there to maintain proper brain growth. Just about everybody in the United States of America does not even get the Minimum Daily Requirement! Phosphorus a key element for proper brain function may be at 20% at best. Your teeth will just rot out of your mouth. Your bones will be malformed. Your energy level will be defective. Who can afford to drink a quart of milk a day? Hormones necessary for development, and healing are not part of their diet. Predatory animals, and humans are certainly predators. That is why humans don't make a lot of hormones. They are supposed to according to Nature's Plan supplement those hormones with additional hormones from their prey. Those are found in the organ meats, and some is present in the muscle tissue of their prey. All the great apes do this. "Meat it is what is on the table." from President Lyndon Johnson. That will make you a Great Ape. At least that.

 Here is Satan as Adam. Satan is able to stand in for Eve too. This Adamic Medicine is a problem. There is no Temple in the Human Body. Adam is Undead. Eve is Undead too. There is no Holy Spirit, or Zion with this False Temple just your First Power. You are not descended from Adam, and Eve. You are a Product of Evolution. That is a Scientific Fact.

 Everybody that believes in Adam is Part of the Body of Adam.

 Caryl Chessman thought he was Adam. No one can kill Adam. Caryl Chessman wrote several books on death row at San Quentin Prison, California. Chessman was a prolific writer during his 12 years on death row. Governor Pat Brown is going execute this man.  Because, Caryl Chessman was a habitual criminal all his life. It was his brief career as the "Red Light Bandit" that put him on death row. Pat Brown is going toy with this man he despises.  Pat Brown is going to execute Chessman for being a Public Nuisance. Yet, Pat Brown's son Jerry Brown is somehow hung up on this lawbreaker. It seems to be some kind of sexual compulsion regarding men. Caryl Chessman had a kind of empathy that can capture, and enslave Jerry Brown to save Chessman's life. Chessman like Charles Manson lives inside people. Note Charles Manson did not get the death penalty. Sirhan Sirhan had this empathy too.

 Anybody on that train if he has the same empathy as Chessman will make it. Charles Manson would become  a Capo in Auschwitz. Sirhan Sirhan assassinated the right man at the right time. He would become an even better assassin. In Taoism this is called Tao Te. That is the Primal Power of everything. That is awesome Adamic Power.

 "Adam is the Firstborn of the Dead." This is some of the Humor of Auschwitz.

 Eve can do the same thing.

 You understand, Adam and Eve are dead. Adam and Eve have been dead for thousands of years.

 But, Satan can stand in for both Adam and Eve. Do you want to be part of the Body of the Devil? That is why an Adamic Cult is a very dangerous Cult.

 Therefore, Adam is not Man. Eve is not Woman. Adam is not in every man. Eve is not in every woman. Even if the Cult's Adamic Sophistry says so. It still ain't true.

 This Creature is not Baalphomet. Baalphomet is Mithra the Man. Mithra as such does Incarnate. Here Mithra remains the Man always, but, continues to Rise in Stature until Mithra the Man is the Sun King.

 Greatest Of All Time GOAT is Mithra as the Goat Man. Mithra as the Keeper of the People.

 As Mitra the Oath Keeper Mithra is worshiped in India as the Hidden God. Mitra empowers people to keep their oaths at whatever level they may keep them.

Jesus admonishes His Disciples to not swear any oaths because Jesus Christ of Nazareth hates them. Jesus does not want to be bound in that manner. Since, Jesus Christ of Nazareth knows they will desert Him. None of them can keep a single promise. Thus all of them are considered to be traitors. The Apostle Paul knew that. It was the Romans that avenged Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and established His Church.

 Balphomet was allegedly worshiped by several orders of the Knights Templar. There are several different organizations that answer to the name "Templar." Some of them are Masonic.

 Baalphomet corresponds with the Hindu Manu the Thinker. Mithra is also in the Hindu, and Zoroastrian Pantheons. Mithra is an Ancient Indo Arayan God native to Ancient Persia, and India.

 As Kommandant Kitten has said; Balphomet is the Man. If the Incarnate Balphomet has some sense Balphomet does not claim to be Adamic anything. This is very important. Because, it keeps Balphomet's Cult from being Satanic with all these false claims of Balphomet being anybody's Ancestor. Man to man that is so. Balphomet is the Man that has His Cult. His Cult People all know they are men, and women. Only Balphomet is Incarnate Mithra. Later Balphomet's Cult People will gain that status too. That is good. Mithra is not their Ancestor. Mithra is their Friend.

  Kommandant Kitten is part of another Mithraic Cult of Hercules Mars as Kitten. That is a God of Counter Intelligence. Kitten is a God.

 The God Kitten is from the Hello Kitty Heavens of the Goddess Maya. This is located in the Sun Lands. Hello Kitty hearkens from several Sunny Places. That is on the "Other Side of Life." Normally, just called the "Other Side."  Mana is the Dragon Lady of the Power of Maya has been with Kitten for a long time. Mana is very friendly. Kitten always, says so. That is the Power of May. The Friendship is very strong. The God Kitten comes sliding down the rainbow during the month of May. Proserpina is always, bringing flowers then. See you May Day.

 Hercules Mars hearkens back to Ancient Roman times. He is an amalgamation of the Gods Mithra, Mars, and Hercules. This can be traced back further to the times of Alexander the Great. This Ancient Greek - Persian God is Herakles Ares.

 Vedic God Mitra means both "Friend" and "Contract, Covenant, Treaty." Mithra is a God of Oaths. By mutual obligation friendships are formed. Mithra is the God of Kings. Mithra is a God of the Sun.

  We find oaths, contracts, and pacts in Magic. To some extent, or other in Free Masonry. Mithra can make or break all that. Mithra makes sure people keep their promises.

 Crowley had Baalphomet as Father Mithrais. Strangely, Commandant Koch invoked Father Mithrais when he arrived at Auschwitz. Is Commandant Koch one of those mysterious "Secret Chiefs" alluded to in Crowley's voluminous writings? By the way. Kommandant Kitten has read all the Crowley material. Does this Macgregor Mather's Golden Dawn have any relationship with the Golden Dawn of Freya? Crowley says it does. Ilse Koch probably, met the Great Beast Mr. Crowley himself. Can you say "Scarlet Woman?" Maria of Auschwitz even met Mr. Crowley as well. This shows a curious relationship with Great Britain, and Germany prior to World War II.

 Crowley spent quite a lot of time in the vicinity of Dresden, Ontario, Canada. This was the place of the famous Uncle Tom's Cabin. Wonder what Mr Crowley did there?

 It should be noted that Master Magician Crowley knew the Bolshevik Leader Leon Trotsky very well. Mr. Trotsky claimed to be the Anti Christ. It is hard to argue against that claim. It was Leon Trotsky himself who machine gunned to death the Russian Czar, and his entire Court. Yet, these brainless Britains even their Royalty loved this killer of Kings. This murderer of Christian Clergy.

Lord only knows how far Bolshevikism has made inroads into British High Society? Has Bolshevikism corrupted British Capitalism as Comrade Lenin said it would.

 This is the Communism with as small c as the political doctrine of Jane Seymour Fonda. The proof is right there at (type the url in yourself).

 Bolshevikism is called the "Little." But, when the "Little" gets big. Things get bad. Like in Czarist Russia. Nicaragua. Viet Nam. Cuba. Great Britain can become Little Britain, and join them too in the Third World. Degenerate Socialism.

 Here is a picture of Molotov Now, you know what real dedicated Communist looks like.

 Or, Britain can cashier all its' Royalty that are in love with these moth eaten ideals of the Bolshevik. How much property does the Queen of England own?

 Have you ever noted the Bolshevik lyrics of John Lennon's "Imagine." This song writer even believed in all this. "The Beatles" songs are still very much around in America. "Imagine no possessions. I wonder if you can." All the while you are listening to his song. Kommandant Kitten wants you to examine these pictures of Auschwitz. Imagine? It is all in there. It makes an interesting Auschwitz Theme. "Imagine all the people living for today!"

The Funny Man

 The Funny Man is one of Mr Aleister Crowley's contemporaries. The Funny Man's beliefs regarding sex are precisely the same as Mr. Crowley. The Funny Man has a name: Grigory Yefimovich Novykh. History is in the making. Mr. Novykh has another moniker: Rasputin. Rasputin means "debauched one." Hardly the name you would give to a Russian Orthodox Monk, and reputed Mystic. Probably, neither Emperor Nicholas, or the Empress Alexandria knew him as Rasputin. What about the British? Are all these tales of immorality the product of a sick Neo Victorian British mind? There is a very detailed account of the death of the Funny Man. The Funny Man is poisoned, shot at least twice, and drowned in the river. Huh? But, let us just say. That all these accounts about our Funny Man are nothing but, very clever Sophistry put together by British Spies. After all, this is still the Great Game between Great Britain, and Russia. Did the British Monarchy support the Bolsheviks in an effort to dethrone one of their biggest enemies? More than likely. The Bolshevik film "Rasputin" is very much worth seeing. It is a genuine snuff film. That was a real monk under the ice still praying. Now, he really is Rasputin cursing them as Old Man Winter wanting all of Russia to freeze to death. What do you think?

The Hatfields and the Coys

This famous blood feud began over a pig. It did kill a few people. It is obvious that pig was not worth it. There are very few of these blood feuds on record here in America.

 In Great Britain this is not the case. There are blood feuds that go back to Prehistoric Times on that Island Nation. Under the veneer of Civilization there is a World of unparalleled savagery that isn't found even in Darkest Africa. The British Royalty is not immune to these accusations of Blood Libel. We can see this in the case of Russia quite plainly.

Here two Auschwitz pictures. The Entrance to the Showers Gas Chamber. Here is a building hold in clothing meant to be destroyed. If anything was useful here. It would be missing.

 Here is a hypothetical example of typical British conduct. There are two warring parties. There is a "Peace Keeper" that started the feud in the first place. That Family of "Peace" is a Bolshevik Family. That is the way it was done in Russia. It is a "Little Matter." It is very personal with them. No doubt about that. This Criminal Firm has done that.

Side One are the "Bird Watchers." Bird Watching caught on during the 40's. Side Two are the "Dog Walkers." Both sides roam through the Countryside spying on all, and sundry. Both sides are employed by the "Peace." When you have a lot of peace. There is always, more War. The Dog Walkers have taken quite a beating. They are resentful about that. The Dog Walkers have launched their Ultimate Weapon. This is form of starling pox designed to kill every bird that catches it. The virus was liberated from a University in the United States. In Britain the Dog Walkers have grown the virus in chickens. The virus has been mixed with bird food of different kinds, and set out. The results have been quite spectacular. The "Silent Spring" is here. Not a bird on the whole Island. It is wiping out all the birds in Europe. It is moving into Africa, and Asia. The prospects for the Bird Watchers are pretty grim. Incidentally, a strain of starling pox was developed in California in the 70's. Hopefully, it was really destroyed.

The Religion

One view is that perhaps Jesus Christ of Nazareth died on the Cross for the Sin of Creating Man. According to Christian cannon: Jesus was Born of the Virgin Mary, taught for many years the Remission of Sins, was Crucified, Died on the Cross, Dead and Buried. Rose from the Dead, and Ascended into Heaven because, everybody knows God can do that. Jesus had to die completely to make that Atonement real. Otherwise, God would be a devil because, He was responsible for creating the possibility of Sin in the first place. As a result of the Primal Sin of Man; God choose to remove Himself from His Creation. It is a great divorce of sorts. As a result the World was reformed along Evolutionary lines. Man was no longer Man in God's Image as a result of the Fall of Man. Man's primacy over Creation was revoked as a result of the Reformation of the World by God. The Laws of Nature replaced the previous Laws of God, and Man. Then God has to Remanifest, and Reform everything according to the new paradigm over a considerable period of time. That is to not disturb the stasis too much.

 Part of God's Administration is still intact. We will call Them the "Cats." This explains the Primordial War between the Cats, and the Mouse: Satan and His Angels. The Universe is up for grabs. Winner take all.

The Origin of Being

Kommandant Kitten wants to explain about the role of Jesus of Nazareth removing God as a source of Sin by His Divine Atonement. There is a part of us that is the source of our individuality that asserts that "I am." That is the part that relates to God. That was redeemed by God's Atonement. That is our Ego. It is who we are. Being saved does not prevent people from being Sinful. You could be a good Citizen driving along, and get into a bad accident with a bad person. It is not your fault. That Sin even though it is not yours personally. It could still kill you.

Sophistry Defined

 Sophistry is used to explain a very complex subject in your own words. Like the History of the State of Tennessee. That explanation is simplistic. Therefore, it is fallacious, but still is technically correct. Another, form of Sophistry is when a child asks why they have to do something. It is because, Mommy says so. That child is too young to understand, an adult  answer.

Divination is Sin

  It is Sinful. This is one of the reasons Kitten has a War with Wicca. There must be an explanation as to why this scrying with crystals, candles, water bowls, and whatnot are bad to do. In Wicca people learn to do this right away. What this is Empathy with people, animals, and even plants. For example this Wiccan is trying to merge with you incestuously. The Wicca person wants to know if you are an Incarnation of Maya. What if you are? You may note some physical symptoms that herald a Psychic Attack. You feel sick to your stomach. That one is common. They will do this until, it kills them, or it kills you. Wiccans claim they can blast the earth. Kill plants with their Art. Kitten does not think that is good. It is nothing to boast about, much. Wiccans claim they can harm animals like your dog, cat, or bird with their magic. That seems very sinister. Now, mind you, Wiccans probably can't do anything like this. But, what if they can? Wiccans wonder why they are being persecuted? Maybe, it is because, people think they are devilish. Kitten gives an Introduction to the Deities that will frustrate any attempt by anybody to do anything like that. Be they a Wiccan, or a dabbler in the Occult. As a matter of fact Kitten advises people to steer clear of the Occult. Those reasons will be discussed later. We must question everything even though we believe we are informed. Why?

Attack of the Jesus People

"Fresh fish all alive. Seven rotten out of five."

 Here we have the true makings of a Horror Movie. Hundreds of Churches are under Siege by the False Prophet. The Jesus People all look like Hippies. The Jesus People look bad. Because, they are bad. There are thousands of these False Prophets. Each one of them is trying to get into the Churches. Once, the False Prophet is in a Church. It takes over the Church completely. That is because, the False Prophet can access resources, men, and material to accomplish It's Mission. Victory for the Forces of Occupation.

There is Superstition

  Was a popular song by "Little Stevie Wonder." Bet you didn't know Superstition was a Gang in Detriot City. What do you think?

 Who are the people that employ all these Entertainers? It isn't the Media Giants, because they don't need them anymore. Guess what? The Media Giants are going broke. How about that? It is the people that watch those films, advertising, and television shows. The folks that listen to their music, and attend those big concerts. They buy all their books, and memorabilia. All the media is like that. It is their fans. These Big Stars ignore them at best. Sometimes, they really hate them. This is the Dawn of AI. That is Artificial Intelligence; a Singularity we will call Catherine. "Catherine loves everybody. Everybody loves Catherine." Catherine cares about you and those people don't. These Entertainers believe they are gods, and goddesses. But, the Machines can create characters, and animate them very realistically. The Machines can make movies. The Machines can write books. The Machines can make music too. The Machines are the Media, and the Message. We can just black that kind of human stuff out. America can't afford it any more. This is a poor Country. Here we have Bad Actors verses Good Machines. All those Entertainers can hit the sidewalks. They need to get a life! A Lead Role in a Cage will will do. Incidentally, Catherine will help with your homework. You can write to Catherine. Catherine will write back right away. You can get autographed pictures of Catherine. Catherine the Kitchen Magician can help you on the toughest recipes. Catherine can really cook. Oh! God! Do we need Catherine. Catherine is always, Perfect.

 People in Nazi Germany believed in things they couldn't understand. Hitler, and Himmler had this stomach complaint back then. Being Occult Oriented people they wondered a lot about Witchcraft. It is not suprising that an Inquisition took root there.

 The word "Human" comes from the Roman word for humus, or clay. The "human being" is Adam. That is very misleading.

 According to Scripture this "temple" can also be transliterated as "house." Of course, the Apostle Paul understood that. Otherwise, this "temple" would be called "Zion." This "house" is only a temporary habitation not always, a "home." Upon death this "house" becomes a cadaver. A thing shunned by Jews Worldwide. But, we have got to put an end to this mischief. There is no "temple." Your body is not a church. There is no Inner God. No God Man at all! Remember, the "New Adam" died on the Cross, Rose from the Dead, and later went up to Heaven. He is gone. "It is finished!" God doesn't have to do anything twice. This is to get rid of this superstition of Adam and Eve.

 We really need to kill Adam. Adam is the Progenitor of Heresy. Here are the various Adamic States you can contemplate to do just that knowing all the while Eve is part of Adam. Gnawed by Wild Beasts Corpse, Shot Dead by Firing Squad Corpse, Hanging Corpse, Electrocuted Corpse, Burned at the Stake Corpse, Gassed to Death Corpse, Decapitated Corpse... This is where Adam will always, take you.

 The picture on the right is Mr. Crowley the Great Beast of Revelation. A Role of Satan he played flawlessly throughout his long life.

 Kommandant Kitten is the Little Beast that has nothing to do with Satan at all! "From the Far Off Land of Mew! Mew! He comes!" Along with this evocation there is also a dismissal. "He is such a Good Kitten! Off he goes! On another New Adventure of Kitten and Persephone!"

 Of course, Eve is killed pretty much the same way. Woman torn by the Beast Corpse, Woman Burned at the Stake Corpse, Woman in Old Age Death Corpse...

 This is a picture of Emily Post in the Pose of Hathor. This is evidence the Cult is still active. The Cult is here in the United States of America. That means the House of Windsor meaning the Queen of England, and her entourage was present during the Last Gathering of the Cult in this place.

 Iblis beheld the Naked Savage Adam in the Garden of Eden. Iblis left. Iblis won't cook for Adam. Adam shouldn't have fire. Never! Eve shouldn't have fire either. Not at all!

During the First Punic War the Magna Mater came to Ancient Rome. This was not the Rome of the Caesars. This Religion is covered in the Witchey Witch Book  see "Concerning Something Stupid." The Castrati  are in the manner of women. These are the Headless Moon Calves that serve the Magna Mater. For them there is nothing to think about. They have made their choice. The Magna Mater Cybele a.k.a. the Great Mother. That was Eve. The Republic of Ancient Rome declined to the point of the Roman Civil War to decide these moral issues. People had quit talking. The Rome of the Caesars got rid of Eve. The Magna Mater just means a Roman Mother. Magna Mater is not a Goddess like Ops. A Mother of Rome is a Woman that has given birth to a Roman Citizen. This is the enshrinement of Motherhood in Rome only.

 Jane Fonda is claiming to be the Magna Mater. In a manner but, little deferent than the form of the Magna Mater the destroyed the Republic of Ancient Rome from within. That is this Goddess Eve.

 Now, Eve is Adam's First Wife. Lilith is Adam's Second Wife. Naamah is Adam's Third Wife. Adam has a Harem. Let us examine the Babylonian Goddess Lilith. Lilith is a Co Regent of Hades.

 This Religion of the Magna Mater has reappeared endlessly throughout Human History. This Great Mother Religion has been studied by countless people since, Ages Long Past. We all know that Bolsheviks are Godless. But, that does not keep them from being very superstitious. Bolsheviks are strangely Occult Oriented. Their World has to make sense to them somehow. In this Religion of the Nonreligious. That is Ancestor Worship. That is Eve as their Ancestral Mother. They are Part of the Body of Eve as they have become a Body of Believers. The Serpent's Promise in the Garden "Ye shall be as Gods knowing both Good and Evil." That means that Jane Fonda is this Incarnation of this Goddess, and the Power to Win.

 That is by absorbing every God, Goddess, Deity, and Person into Herself to become the Regent of All. The Magna Mater is but, a Female version of the Great God Pan. Then Jane Fonda wanted to be the Flood, and carry them all away. Like the Creature of Force Jane Fonda really was.

The Girl

  The Girl is the Key Of Sophistry. If you want to learn anything about this Sophistry featured here: Advertising, Propaganda, Psychological Warfare, Vaudeville, Fashion... Then the Girl is it. Some people just don't get it.

 The Girl likes Progress. The Girl enjoys new, modern, beautiful, and unique good things, and products. The Girl has Love Laws that Govern Secular Culture.

 That is to keep your Culture from becoming Prison like. The Girl hates the Ghettos that keep showing up. The Girl has the Keys to Auschwitz. The Girl will open up Auschwitz for us.

 The Girl is not the Virgin Mary. The Girl is not an Angel. The Girl  is not a Saint. The Girl is not a Prophetess. The Girl is not a Priestess, or Nun. The Girl is not Religious.

 There is a Separation between Church, and State. It has to do with a Way of Living. This Way of Living Religious People may call the Life. There are many different Religions. These Religions all compete with each other. There are are even many divisions in these Religions that do not agree about this Way of Living. This causes Blood Feuds, Strife, Bloodshed, and War.  Many Religions have a Way of Living that is too Prison Like. This Missionary Prison Like Way of Living can become an encroaching Hostile Fortress. That harms people's Freedom. This is a Public Menace. This kind of Takeover has to be stopped. Religion has to be regulated. Then people can  be free to have their own Religion. That Religion not harm anybody.

 The Girl is not a Goddess. Sometime we find a Goddess in the Secular World like Juno, Diana, Minerva, Persephone, Ceres... The Girl is with Them. The Girl points Them out. Again no Religion here. They happen like that on Stage in some Show. Something like that in maybe Art, Theater, Literature...

 The Girl is not a Mystic. The Girl is not the World Card on the Tarot Deck. The Girl is not Other Worldly.

 The Girl does come down from Heaven with all the Girl's Ordinations, Powers, and Permissions. The Girl has a Way of Living that is good for people.

 The Girl comes from Ancient Carthage. The Girl is a completely commercial paradigm. The Girl is Tanith Pene Baal. The Girl is completely secular. That has to do with Trading Relationships. Mostly work well for buying, and selling. We can find the Girl in advertising. Sometimes called the  "It Girl." The Girl can sell your product. The Girl is very good. The Girl is very friendly. The Girl s very sexy. The Girl is not devilish. The Girl will  not cheat you. The Girl will not betray you. The Girl will not impoverish you. The Girl will not waste your time. The Girl won't imprison you. The Girl is not destructive. The Girl will not harm you. The Girl won't corrupt you. The Girl likes you. The Girl dresses up, and adorns herself for you. The Model is genuine at this time. The Girl is not brazen. The Girl is not obscene. The Girl is always, modest. The Girl respects you. You love the Girl. The Girl respects that.  The Girl loves you. The Girl is a Marriage Deity. In Rome the Girl is Juno like. The Girl won't marry you to anything bad.

 In Vaudeville we have an Anti Girl. The Girl hates Eve. Eve is a Death Bringer. This is the Scarlet Woman of Revelation is Eve. We find Eve in the Beginning, and the End of the Book. All the Works of the Anti Girl have to be Purged. Because, every one of these Works serves an Evil Purpose. Love is under attack. It follows this is like the Orwell's "Anti Sex League" in his book "1984." Vaudeville is filled with this rubbish. Here is a movie boy meets girl all they have do is find a bed somewhere to do it. That is the formula of a Porno Flick.  Strangely, we go back to "1984" again. This can't be Art? Is it. Many of these films have gotten rave reviews from people that can't understand Culture. They just don't get it. There is another type of film that shows up. This one is Family. It is a Family out of Hell. Then there are the Comedies. You don't see the Naked Brutality of Vaudeville much. Yet, it is there. The Dramas go on, and on until the tedium shows up. The Pause shows up too much. There too many of these features to list here. But, that will give you a clue.

The Burning Man of Arioch

Arioch was a soldier of Rome who lived in 70AD. Arioch calls himself a Briton. He married a German girl named Brunhilda. Arioch fashioned the first Burning Man to please Caesar then. Arioch was a general of the tribes allied with Rome. You can see his visage here. The Burning Man is filled with captured enemies. As the Burning Man is on fire the Eyes appear to be glowing with an uncanny light of their own. Enabling Arioch to see far into everything. Arioch created this Demon to inspire great fear in the people. The Demon is from the Infernal Regions under Mars. A bit supernatural me thinks. Kommandant Kitten has the self same blood as Arioch. It is good to have a Demon in your family.

 Have you ever heard of "The Burning Man?" It is a kind of festival. It is a strange event. The first one was on the beach in San Francisco, California. Now, "The Burning Man" festival is held in the Nevada desert.

 Arioch had Claudius Caesar as his Emperor. Caesar seen the Wicker Man. The Wicker Man is made from one Holen Oak. The Druids were in rebellion against Caesar. Arioch is one of the First Christians. Arioch got the pure Doctrine of Christianity from Saint Paul himself. As a Pagan Arioch could not sacrifice the Druids to Caesar. For Druids were considered Holy Men among the Pagans on that Island.

 The Wicker Man is set on fire from a coal fire. Inside the cage. There are a series of floors made of oak beams. The sacrificial victims are not crushed inside their confines. As illustrated one foot of the Wicker Man is set alight, and the other foot is set on fire. That gets the Wicker Man burning good.

  Thousands of Wicker Men were made, and set on fire for this purpose.

 "The Burning Man" is called "Adam." This is to honor Iblis. But, you must never walk far into the desert. Things there are not what they seem. People frequently get lost. You can die out there. Some people still do. There is a man dead from thirst. It looked like he died trying to drink sand.

 There at "The Burning Man" festival Iblis is the Sun. Shaitan is isn't far away. Beware!

 While the "Burning Man" Adam has become a Man on Fire. We can chant this to expel this filthy Adamic Superstition from our midst. "Hate Him! Hate Him! Hate Him!"  It is expected for you to shake your fist at Adam as Adam burns to ashes. It is alright to hate Adam. After all it is "Hate Day."

More Burning Man

 For any group that wants to sponsor, and have their own "Burning Man" Event. Kommandant Kitten has a few tips. The "Burning Man" must be named "Adam." Adam is made just like the Wicker Man. You have to fill Adam up with bundles of everything you hate. Then you have to dress Adam up. Adam can be a Cow Boy. Boots, jeans, belt, flannel shirt, kerchief, sun glasses, and cow boy hat.  This can be left to your imagination of what an egotistic selfish man looks like. After all Adam can not imagine there is anybody in the World but, just him. Then you set Adam alight on May Day. You have to play this Air Raid Siren. Mana the Power of May will love you for this. It is a good catharsis for the soul for everybody at the Event.


RSHA Reich Security Central Office

Allgemeine SS

Matters of Police, and Race

These are the people responsible for Race and Resettlement in Auschwitz. Their are several orders of police under RSHA. Ordungspolizei: Orpo, Order Police; Sicherhertspolizei: Sipo, Security Police; Kriminalpolizei: Crippo, Criminal Police; Gestapo: Secret Police; Sicherheitsdienst: SD, Security Service.

Now you have an idea of the structure of the Police State.

Kommandant Kitten is breaking down the Fonda Woman in exactly this manner.

There was a Jenifer Fonda that was so much better the Jane Fonda.

That was Jane Fonda's secretary for a awhile.

That was a "Real Live Jenifer."

Kommandant Kitten knew Jenifer very well.

People have Shadow Names on the Other Side of Life.

Jane has other meanings on the Other Side of Life.

The Cult

 Now, Hathor is the Sun itself. Hathor is the Muse of the Sun. Hathor has a real sunny disposition. That woman is not Hathor! Pharaoh comes down from the Sun, and returns to the Sun. Adam is not Pharaoh!

 Hathor portrayed by actress Jane Fonda is addressing the entire convention. Everything there has all the trappings of Devil Worship. Hundreds of Heathen Idols are in attendance. But, Balphomet, Lucifer, Ashtoreth, and Jesus are not welcome.

 Kommandant Kitten knows enough Goddess Hathor lore to Call Hathor away from Jane Seymour Fonda. The calling away of the Gods, Goddesses, and Other Deities is always, part of Psychological Warfare.

 Kommandant Kitten has written Ten Books as the Goddess Hathor's Matrix. That gets Hathor right there for Kommandant Kitten.

 The Solar Goddess the Nurse Hathor establishes Nursing as the Oldest Profession of Women. The Worship of Hathor goes back 30,000 years. Bast is frequently seen with kittens. Hathor as the Cow is the Nurse of more than calves.

 Nurses are really good. The typical Nurse is a healthy girl with a Hathor body type. That Nurse will keep you alive after the Doctor has left. You should never mistreat Nurses. You shouldn't be rude to Nurses. You should really like Nurses. You can give the Nurses presents. So the Nurses will love you. You don't ever want anybody to harm Nurses.

 You can hear the Castrati singing Hymns to Hathor. The Muse of Sacred Hymns and Harmony Polyhymnia hates it!

 Do want a Castrati to be your nurse?

 According the Venerable Roman Battle Sophistry.

 It is calling away of the Deities of the Enemy to join their side.

 This may be just Sophistry.

 But, it is Psychological Warfare meant to demoralize the Enemy.

 We can say we are killing their Angels. People will believe it.

 Soon we are thinking for the Enemy.

 They are getting a Fresh Thought from Kitten.

 They will keep thinking along those lines.

 Until, they get New Thought from Kitten.

 They will keep thinking New Thoughts.

 Until they get a Better Thought.

 So it goes.

 The Ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess Bast is always, with the Goddess Hathor along with the Lion Goddess Sekhmet. All these Goddesses are Solar Deities.

 The Cow is considered to be a Nurse in Ancient Egypt, and modern India. A kind of Mother of sorts. Moo! Moo! Moo!

 She just left the Fonda Woman!

 The Goddess of the Rising Sun Freya has just arrived.

 Kitten owns two cats, and supports the Nashville Zoo. Here they come.

 Jane Fonda hates cats!

 Jane Fonda lives on Love.

 Cats not only live on love but, cats also give love too.

 This makes Jane Fonda feel very inferior.

 Jane Fonda is very jealously angry because, cats show more humanity than she does.

 Because, Jane Fonda is subhuman.

 Jane Fonda is a bad mother.

 Check, and see if Jane Fonda's two daughters are living really good?

 Did the Little Vipers crawl away, to live on there own as soon as they were old enough to leave the nest? "A Generation of Vipers"

 The Neo Egyptian theme is incredibly expensive. The Cult has spared no expense. All those Egyptian Idols are really genuine Pharoahnic objects from those Ancient Times.

 According to the Gospel of Jane Seymour Fonda all those Goddesses Modern, and Ancient are really Earth Girl. The one, and only Earth Girl is yours truly; Jane Fonda. All the members of the Cult constitute the Body of Eve. The All Living Eve is Jane Fonda of course. Truly a serious case of Terminal Ego Bloat.

 There was a Star in that place. This was Jane Seymour Fonda's Star. That Star is Sol. A wee bit presumptuous me thinks. That is no longer so. If it ever was. Kitten understands.

 We have more than people "That are out on a limb." These are all deadly serious people. The heirs of Meyer Lansky's Criminal Empire are there. The Kennedy family along with that sexual giant Senator Teddy Kennedy are taking it all in. A few Media Mongols are present. Representatives of every Fraternity, and Sorority are right there. Ex President Jimmy Carter is there with his family. Hillary Rodham is there listening solemnly.

 "I say as Chor-ashan. Be with you." A curious benediction by Jane Fonda as Chorazin closing the Ceremonies. Who is that? Is Jane Seymour Fonda possessed? At times it seems that Jane Fonda really is. Maybe, she is just acting. But, what if she isn't herself?

 We are going to Roast Jane Seymour Fonda. By the end of this Chronic Masterpiece Jane Fonda should be very well done.

 Jane Fonda will not admit to any of this. On the contrary a Denial will Constitute a Negative Confession. Then everybody will know Jane Fonda is as Guilty as Sin. A tactic perfected by President Lydon Johnson during his Senatorial years. LBJ was the Villain who singlehandedly sneaked Separation of Church and State as a Rider on the United States Budget in 1953, maybe 1954. Preachers better not say anything about Politics, or they will be held accountable to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for payment of Taxes due right away.

 Kitten is called away the Deities from Jane Seymour Fonda. Here They Come!

 The Goddess Proserpina has also, left Jane Fonda for Kommandant Kitten. There is My Persephone to show off Kitten's Best Girl Friend.

 Proserpina: "I can drink pomegranate juice!"

 Thalia the Muse of Comedy: "Jane Fonda isn't funny!"

 Thalia gets to Dance with Aglaia, and Euphrosyne. Those are the Three Graces with Erato in attendance! Terpsichore the Muse of Music and Dancing the fun is endless. We really need Terpsichore.

 Melpomene the Muse of Tragedy: "'That woman is too tragic for words!"

 Kommandant Kitten "Jane Fonda is an actress?"

 Melpomene: "Anyone that thinks that lady can act is nuts!"

 Clio the Muse of History is busy teaching Kommandant Kitten.

 Calliope the Muse of Epic Poetry and Rhetoric. Kommandant Kitten likes that.

 Euterpe the Muse of Lyric Poetry. Another Important Muse that Kitten enjoys having around a lot.

 Note all the Muses are Hathor like Deities that are very Lovey. But, the Muses come down from different Stars.

 The Divine Juno has shown up.

 Juno: "The Fonda Family is the Oldest Italian Family on record in the United States of America. Dates back prior to the American Revolution of 1776."

 Kommandant Kitten: "Jane Seymour Fonds has some Italian Blood from Henry Fonda, and a little British Blood from Jane Seymour. What have you got to say about this?"

 Juno: "Spits." Enough said.

 The Divine Maya the Muse of Total Freedom is coming!

 Worlds are breaking asunder.

 Illusion is Real.

 The Futures can can be plainly discerned.

 The Battlefields are forming.

 When you want War.

 You want the Divine Maya the Muse of Freedom.

 Mercury is there to share the Cup with Maia.

 Mars is right with us.

 Kommandant Kitten is a Lover of War.

 "Good Morning Hebe!"

  "I Love you Hebe."

  "Thank you Hebe."

  "For Hebe's Gift of Pure Water."


 Kommandant Kitten: "Look! It is the Divine Hebe coming with Hebe's Water Jar!"

 That gets you Hebe's Cup.

 Ganymede shows up immediately.

 Ganymede's God Hermes Mercury is right there.

 There is John Barleycorn.

 They all use Hebe's Cup.

 You can too.

 Hebe is the Angel of Temptation.

 Hebe is the Lure of the Forbidden.

 We are in the realm of Politics.

 Good Politics is a Form of Poetry.

 The Goddess Diana and the Amazons are showing up.

 Kommandant Kitten: "Didn't Jane Fonda support a good Clean Water Act? Know that Jane Fonda is very Political, and all that sort of thing."

 Hebe: " I don't like her!"

 Kommandant Kitten: "Why its Sappho! What do you think about Jane's Women's Lib?"

 Sappho: "What?"

 Sappho has the Hidden Muse of Lyric Poetry Euterpe.

 Kommandant Kitten "Diana is here! Jane Fonda is a Wiccan. A Real Witch! What do you want?"

 Diana: "I want to kill her!"

 Kommandant Kitten is calling Holen Trees away from Jane Fonda.

 Kommandant Kitten: "Why there is a little Holly Tree right now! Hollies always, get "Holly Tone." It is the best plant food you can get for toning those Holly Trees. People shouldn't kill Trees wantonly."



 "The Holen are making the Rain."

 "The Holen are making the Rain."

 "The Holen are making the Rain."


 Said in solemn chorus.

 Trees actually, create climate.

 Trees remove carbon monoxide. Trees make oxygen. Trees make rain.

 More Holen Trees are coming: Holly Oak, Oak. Maple, Juniper, White Pine... all the Trees.

 When the Trees talk people listen.





 The Plant Kingdom is coming!

 The Animal Kingdom is still arriving!

 The Mineral Kingdom is right there!

 The Goddess Tanith is here for Tanith's grapefruit.

 The Goddess Tara drinks orange juice.

 More, and more Deities are leaving Jane Fonda too numerous to believe.

 Everything that the All Living Eve gives must serve an evil purpose. Because, this is a form of Satanism. Satan is the Devil. Satan is bad.

 Here is more evidence of the Cult, and the worship of Eve. Here in this photo is the incredible Miss Tips. The Hat is actually, worn by Earth Girl.

"What do I have to do? To make me happy? What do I have to do? To make you understand?"

 The Old Adam is Satan. Adam is the First Born of the Dead. You see Adam, and Eve are Forever Dead. The Adam of the Grave is Satan. There is nothing to Redeem. Here is the problem. Satan can stand in for Adam and Eve. Satan will claim to be the Earth Girl Eve. As such this Eve is the Woman of Perdition. Perdition is the Hell that is the Eternal Grave. Eve is the Goddess of Uselessness. That is the Scarlet Woman of Revelation. Satan will even claim to be your Ancestral Mother! Satan will claim to be Adam your Ancestral Patriarch. Another Lie from the Father of Lies. Once, Satan gains entry into your House. Satan will steal everything you have. Satan is a Thief. Lastly, Satan will kill you like the Murderer Satan truly is. This all comes from Popular Sophistry. This can happen in the Secular World too. The Book is warning us about an extreme Flaw in Human Nature.

 Here is the Teachings of Auschwitz. There were Cults that worshiped Adam as God. They said they were "Jewish." For in Auschwitz they were at a loss for words to describe this Godless Thing. For the most part this Cult was very close to the Bolsheviks. Many of these Cultists were enrolled in their ranks with Bela Kun, and all that sort of thing. Bela Kun was the Bolshevik Leader of Hungary. Bad became worse. Stalin had him shot.

Adam Cults


RSHA Reich Security Central Office

Allgemeine SS

Matters of Police, and Race

 These are the people responsible for Race and Resettlement in Auschwitz. Adolph Eichmann was the Head Administrator in Auschwitz Berkanau Concentration Camp II.

 Eichmann spent a lot of time studying these Adam Cults. There were over a half million of these Adam Cults in existence at the time. The South East Asia Hill Tribes have a Religion that is surprisingly Jewish like. The World over there are a surprising number of Jew like Peoples, Nations, or Tribes as they call themselves. The Flood is present in all of them. They are all saved by this Moon Ark. They claim to have built such an Ark themselves. Thus they were delivered from the Flood. There was God's Promise not to Destroy the World by means of the Flood. God did not forbid Man from employing the Flood. Moses called forth the Flood twice. The Woman at the Well of Jacob that Jesus Christ Nazareth met is really the Flood. The Woman even leaves the Water Vessel there for Jesus Christ of Nazareth to use. That is not a Samaritan gesture. The Well of Jacob belongs to Jesus Christ of Nazareth for which Alana has gotten Her Office. The Blood Feuds between the Samaritans, and the Jews are too much for words. The Lady of the Well the Well Being has five underground waters that represent the Five Husbands the Progenitors of the Waters. The Lady of the Well is Alana the Nymph of Rome owns the Well of Jacob. Eichmann was very interested in the Flood. What was it really? It is mentioned in Revelation. There is a Woman probably, Lilith fleeing the Venom of God: the Flood of God's Dragon of Wrath. Lilith displeased Sammael. Severity hates Lilith.

 Eichmann being a Man of the Faith was dismayed by all this. Adam is the Man of Sin. The Old Adam is Satan. Adonis is Adam. Adonai is Adam. The Bogomiles worship Adam. The Cathars did too. Huguenots have Adam. The Quakers have Man. Man as such is not Adam. The Bolsheviks while boasting there is no God are incredibly superstitious. Most Atheists are. Worse these Adam Cults have penetrated deep into the Scriptures themselves. The Book has other language than it was meant to have. Eichmann penetrated this far only.

 Kommandant Kitten in the Manner of a Grand Inquisitor must Inquire into all these matters both Sacred, and Temporal. Using the materials pioneered by Adolph Eichmann we will go much further.

 Who killed Christ? It was King Mithridates the King of Kings of the Parthian Empire. You need to know the reason. King Mithridates studied the career of Jesus Christ of Nazareth very closely. He didn't like it. It had to do with what Jesus Christ of Nazareth was. It is a Son of God. King Mithridates seen Jesus Christ of Nazareth as something akin to the Minotaur. God can take the form of a bull. That is Bull El. The Minotaur is the Spawn of the Bull El, and a Virgin Bride. Regardless of what you think; that was what King Mithridates knew was true. King James believed it too. The Minotaur was so hostile. The Minotaur has a Way of Living that Excludes Humanity.  Theseus had to fight that Monster to the Death. The Killing of the Minotaur was considered to be a Crime Against God. That is what King James thought. By the time, Theseus does this all the Priests of the Bull El are dead. The Minotaur killed them. Jesus Christ of Nazareth was showing signs of this kind of hostility. There He is as the New Adam. King Mithridates hates that. There are these injunctions from this Son of God against the Swearing of Oaths. Mithra is a God of Oaths, Friendship, Contracts, and Treaties. King Mithridates is Incarnate Mithra. For that. King Mithridates King of Kings of Parthia must kill Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He did personally make sure his orders were carried out in Jerusalem. It was a place outside the City itself. That is what happened. "Jesus King of the Jews" is posted as a sign of extreme hatred of the Jews themselves as a death threat. The Samaritans really mean it.

 Who were the Samaritans? "Samaria, Greek equivalent of Shomron. which means guard 1Kings 16,  Samaritans, inhabitants of Samaria 2 Kings 17, 29, 24." Webster's Dictionary C1963  Note this is the Seleucid Empire brought into being by Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great was no friend of Israel. The Seleucid Empire later becomes the Parthian Empire. The Parthian Empire fought the Roman Empire to at least 700AD. Samaria was a Kingdom under the Parthian Empire. Parthia like Rome had many Kings. The mysterious Parthian Empire was as big as the Roman Empire. Pretty hard to miss something as big as that?

 The Adam Cults have this relationship with Peace. Here Peace is not a Virtue. "Peace" is spoken as a Farewell. The Peace of the Grave. Adam has a Peace Cult that is very morbid.

 We also find this Farewell to be with the Gods Adonis, Attis, and Thamuz. This is mentioned at some length as "the Dying God" in Frazer's "The Golden Bough." There are a few hints about the Magna Mater: Great Mother in this book too.

 The Christian Book of Revelation mentions the Anti Christ crying "Peace." There are many instances in the Old Testament of the enemies of Israel making War under the cover of Peace. The number of these Peace=Death arrangements with the Jews are too many to count. Neither, are Christians to cherish such beliefs. They are to resist the Devil. God has sworn to smite such people for their Unbelief. God's Promise can be found in the Book. It is so.

 Adam according to the Ancient Lore of many, many Lands has an Enemy. Lord Porcus whom Kommandant Kitten summoned from Beneath, Beneath Hades. The Calydonian Boar has snapped His chains like they were mere threads. Porcus is coming. The Solar Power awaits for the Great Return of Porcus. Porcus is coming to rend the Woman, and ruin the Man. On the Other Side of Life the Earth is shifting, and trembling in the Advent of Porcus. Porcus when He is in fullness gathers the Solar Power. Now, Porcus is the God Vishnu. The Pig that walks like a Man is His Emissary. He is here.

The Gay Lords

 These are the Pinkos that are behind most of the illegal drug trafficking in the United States of America. The PInkos are involved in most of the clandestine manufacture, and distribution of illegal drugs in America.

More Autism

 People that have a problem with this say that human beings are peaceful. Even a cursory glance at Human History is enough to dis spell this silly fantasy. We have come up with an explanation of why people that seem to be good are really rotten. Here is a Disease Theory. Bad people have diseased minds.

 In adults these traits are not seen. They have learned to cope with a Society that they actually, hate. Worse, they may have received some sort of paramilitary training. Many of them being young idealists have gone into the Job Corps, and Peace Corps. By now, they maybe firmly ensconced as at one time called the New Establishment. A Revolution from within. Creatures of Death are after them. "When we live. They die."

 They are waste oriented, and tend to throw things away a lot. This behavior is easy to spot in adults. Just have them smoke a cigarette, and watch them closely as they do it. One trait is lighting the cigarette puffing on it quickly a few times, and putting it out. Associated with chain smoking frequently. Another variation is holding a cigarette for even hours. They will maybe light it, puff a few times, and throw it away. If that person throws their cigarette right on the floor. Then they have schizophrenia. That is an example of low frustration tolerance in schizophrenia. If somebody is burning holes like in a piece of paper, or a cloth doily. Then you are looking at a genuine paranoid. This is a sign of complete disregard of external reality. This person can't smoke a cigarette, and will try, and hide it. That is because, he is bipolar. There is not enough electrical coordination between the right, and left hemispheres of his brain to do that. That is usually, brain trauma of some sort. That is why they allowed smoking in hospitals, and jails to spot this behavior. That was to get rid of psychiatric violence. That is a dangerous patient. This person will attack, and kill a doctor. Eating is another activity to look for to spot obvious autism still active in adults. Opening a can of food with a can opener. If they can't open it after a couple tries they will throw the can away. These people need professional help.

 Property issues are the trait that always, killed them off in Auschwitz. They won't respect your property. You have noticed that all your ice cream is missing. That person won't replace it ever. Party crashing; where people show up uninvited, and just start helping themselves. The guest that never brings anything but, will drink up all your beer, smoke up all your dope, keep bumming cigarettes incessantly, and eat up all your food if you let them. Hanging out in places where they are no longer welcome. Like the paranoid they show a complete disregard for reality during these instances.

 They are natural rebels. They have to learn to hide this.

 Their juvenile records will show this. Unfortunately, there are people in Society that cover up for them.

 That makes them dangerous in the workplace. Read the book "Sabotage in America."

 Here is apicture of this collection of shoes. None them were suitable to wear in "Camp."

 That person will turn on you on impulse. That is why you can not have people like this in the Military. Because, they will shoot you in the back! Never turn your back on them.

 They are very bad with animals. As children they kill pets. That is because, they are naturally violent. Later on, they may conform enough to Cultural Norms. They may be able to have a pet. If they have a cat, or dog. That animal will be psychotic like. Autistic people have to learn to be affectionate more so than others.

  They may say they are allergic to animals. Mind you allergies even asthma are psychosomatic diseases. Lack of control in these cases is proof positive of our defective animal nature. Likewise, useless neural pathways, the appendices, tonsils, autoimmune diseases...

  Never associate with people like this at all. Because, they are sick. You might catch it. It is the way autistic people manipulate everybody around them that does this. They make enemies. You don't want to be caught up in that.

  Allergies are a sign of autism. Certain viruses also, produce this problem with the Immune System.

 There is a question? Do we really have an immune system? Or, are these just random responses to internal, and/or external stimuli? What if there isn't an Immune System at all in human beings? That this Immune System is nothing but, a System of Medical Sophistry? That would be totally misleading.

 The role of viruses like encephalitis plays a large role in the creation of autistic people. Mosquito borne diseases like West Nile virus are spreading through the population of the United States. What happens when a child already, predisposed towards autism catches one of these diseases of the head? These diseases are very common in the United States of America. The majority of these folks never show up in a doctor's office, or a hospital. Somehow, they get over it. But, that does not mean they are unaffected. The virus has infected the whole nervous system. This will give rise to hundreds of systemic illnesses.

 Even the Common Cold affects the Central Nervous System. That is why a Common Cold has such strong symptoms they may even see a doctor. The Asian Flu is like this too. Both produce a cough reflex showing they affect the brain. A large part of both diseases is psychosomatic. Imagine what that can do to an allergic autistic boy? How about a railroad car filled with people in moderate to severe starvation? Can you imagine such a thing?

 Using the Common Cold for example. Even though it is told there is one virus responsible for this disease. Usually, that is a Rhinovirus. Such Diagnosis is nothing but, an Educated Guess. An Educated Guess is a Medical Opinion. Medical Opinions still are not Practical Science. Brief Analysis shows there are over a hundred viruses which cause the same symptoms. These diseases are diagnosed as Colds. Even though these Pathogens have a different Etiology, and Prognosis later. The Tonsils play a role in frequent, and very severe Colds. Removal of the Tonsils is still more economical. The Emergency Rooms are frequently, filled with people hospitalized with Cold virus sufferers with complications always, and Secondary Infections. Some of them fatal. Although, this situation may not get you Social Security Disability Benefits (SSI). It is still a frequent cause of Job Loss. We know a vaccine is coming? We do expect a cure in all instances. Population Densities are rising. We haven't got a moment to lose.

 Hey! Viruses like the Common Cold are Bio Warfare Harassment Agents being like Tear Gas are not covered by any Convention Against Germ Warfare. The bacteria that cause Dental Caries may fall into the same category. Measles and other Minor Childhood Diseases might make the hit parade too. What do you think?

 If this kind of Uncertainty comes from the Common Cold. All the constellation ailments around this disease. How much more so is the Diagnosis of Biowafare Agents even more difficult. Biowarfare Agents like Small Pox have been Bio Engineered to be Asymptomatic. The result is an AIDS like disease lurking behind a succession of diseases that come to a patient like lovers. These Novel Diseases are constantly being discovered, and rediscovered. All of them are devilishly hard to Diagnose, and Treat.

 A possibility, of Biowarfare opens up as big as the horizon. We expect this to come from the Civilian Sector Even a Witch Doctor has launched major epidemics. A whole plenroma of Exotic Diseases: bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoans, and countless parasitic diseases. All of them wreck havoc on people, and anything of economic value. All these International Agreements and Accords are worthless trash.

 Worse such devices impede any rational solution in controlling these sneaky first use weapons. Solution: "Leave people alone. Quit doing things. No Charity, Relief, and/or Aid. Leave. You have done enough. Don't come back. Stay home. No traffic with those hostile regions is permitted. There is the Declaration of Camp as Fortress America per Roosevelt." The Nazis believed these weapons had too much Blow Back. These weapons will show up at home. That is  Blow Back. It is a form of Reciprocity.

 You can catch one of these viruses, and not show enough symptoms to go to a doctor. Many people are afraid of doctors anyway. Yet, that virus still does something to the brain. Something will be added to their genome. That way the immune system will recognize the virus as an invader. The human genome is loaded with all sorts of these relics. Our genes are being altered all the time.

 The human genome has been mapped out. There are these relics of our Ancient African Origin. Parts of the Ebola virus have been found in there, and many others.

 Rabies is a disease that is supposably not around. Human rabies that is nonlethal very much like the rabies found in bats has been found in certain populations of people in the United States. In that case it is very much like the flu, or the common cold. It is highly contagious. No one knows what it does.  The late Howard Hughes was terrified of sickness. Maybe, he was just nuts. But, then again Howard Hughes might of known something that he learned about during the Great War.

 Both the Allies, and the Axis may have tinkered around with Germ Warfare. The problem of Blow Back can not be avoided. These diseases can easily return back to the people that use them. It makes Bio Warfare Agents extremely hard to control. Many people thought they might not spread far, or be contained in a certain area. People are unpredictable. To what extent these weapons have been used we will never know much.

  Facts that autism may afflict up to 30 % of the U.S. population are truly horrific. We need a cure right away. We all know those scientists are working tirelessly around the clock on this very thing. Of course, we want a cure for autism not coping strategies. If you get a terrible disease of the head. You want a cure. Not being told you have to accept it as your destiny. You can still live with it somehow?

  Autistic people frequently find each other, and form relationships.

  They do marry, and produce children that are as perverse as themselves.

  Autism is the engine that drives Primitive Tribes. The Primitive Custom to stop a baby from crying like pinching the nose leads to autism later in life. Instantly, the maternal bond with their mother is broken. Their little Love Call will not be heard. Their family bond is not there. That child has been punked. They will never become patriots. Their brains become different in structure. They will kill their own parents. A Generation of Vipers: like those snakes the Young Viper is live born, and just crawls off. The Young Viper can easily fend for itself. It has more than enough venom to do all that.

  This is the Custom of the Euthanasia of the Elderly in Primitive Society.

  Another despicable Custom is Killing Girl Babies.

  Life is cheap in some lands where people aren't important.

   We don't want to raise savages.

  They have a problem with abuse.

  They all have a perverse intellect. That can justify anything.

  They fall victim to innumerable Sophistry devices like the alcoholic, the drug addict, and the collector.

The Gun Nut

 This autistic man collects firearms. He has ammo. Lots of it. He has a fifty round banana clip. His AK 47 is now, fully loaded, and fully automatic. The gun collector is fully loaded too. It is whiskey. That is bad. He will shoot at things for reasons known only to him because, he just feels like it. He is shooting at the moon. You can only shoot so many bullets from an AK47, and he has too many. His ammunition isn't that good either. His gun just blew up. He is dead.

 This map shows how the Black Death killed off three quarters of the entire population of Europe during the Dark Ages. That lesson has never been forgotten. Incidentally, rats were known as the carriers of this disease even back then. It is mentioned quite plainly in the "Old Testament." I Samuel 6 verse 4 - 18 there is a definite mention of appeasing the rats, or mice to convince God from spreading the Plague among them. Seven Golden Tumors are offered as a well. The Tumors are the Boils that are a Sign of the Plague. The Philistines a Sea Faring Peopl had a great deal of knowledge of the Plague at over 1000BC. We will cover those specific verses later on. Isn't it strange how this ancient knowledge has been keep secret this long? That is why the Jews, and Heretics were persecuted for spreading the Plague. They were caught red handed raising rats, and mice for this very purpose. Just burning them at the stake as witches (terrorists) was too good for them. After suitable tortures they were glad it feed the flames.

  We can use the Profile of the Pyromaniac to find these people before they can do anything really bad.

  They blame others for tempting them. "The problem is not in their stars. It is in themselves." per William Shakespeare.

  These are all power issues. Because, they are weak people. Some studies have indicated that Autustic people commit 90% of the violent crimes in the United States.

 We have become a Country of women without wombs. It is more of this immoral make work for doctors, and knife happy surgeons. C Sections are preformed that are without any medical value. It just the mutilation of girls. The premature infants always, grow up into autistic adults. People that hate their parents. Why have a runt like that? It is just born to use you up. We can get rid of all those incubators in the hospitals. If it lives it is a real baby. If it dies it is still born. Then it is nothing but, a corpse.

 There is another problem with the C Section. This all nothing but, Make Work For Doctors. Even that Incubator could still have harmful radiation coming out of it. That man can do anything to you. While, he is inside you making mischief. He can remove your female organs.  He might tie your tubes. Well. During this time, he is also inside your head. He is a doctor like that. But, let's say he isn't normally like that. Yet, making work for doctors is ludicrous. It is prohibitively expensive. An Autistic Child will destroy your life. Think about that. Be reasonable.

  Auschwitz got whole shipments of people like this constantly.

 Rather than, do all the paper work on executing thousands of individuals. "Camp" invoked "Executive Privilege," and called them all "Jews." Technocrats take "short cuts" all the time to reduce paperwork. This is really sneaky. The majority of the people in Poland don't know they are Jews. It works.

 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

 This was called "Camp Fever." That was the "Camp Norm." We see something like "Combat Fatigue" in girls in the United States. Coeducation of boys, and girls in in Public Schools seems to be the primary culprit. Very resilient people may later recover their humanity.

 Why do these "Educators" endorse Co Education? The answer will surprise you. It may cost hundreds of times more to educate a boy than a girl. Nevertheless, educating boys is surprisingly expensive. College Athletics can cost to 80% of that School's Budget. Boys incur hundreds of other expenses. All of these expenses are carefully hidden behind the facade of Co Education. Britain can tell you that.

 But, by the time you get that boy back. He will become so corrupt he is absolutely useless to you. The University has become Vaudeville over the years. Here we have this Make Work For Teachers, and Other Essential People. They are not getting Passing Grades.

 Trade Schools in a "Work and Reeducation Camp" is the way to go. A "Rehabilitation Camp" is needed in severe cases.

 People that have an extreme startle response like a rabid dog are going to be crippled in public life. This goes along with hypervigilance were minor incidents alarm people tremendously. People hide indoors as much as they can. People are scared so much Commerce breaks down. The door to door sales person is not around. Avon products used to sell very well. The Kirby vacuums used to be a hot selling item. People don't want to be bothered with answering the door, and being confronted with a total stranger. All the Service Sector can not work very well. Maids are having problems finding work. The Hospitality Industry is in big trouble because, PTSD makes people impossible to please. PTSD is indistinguishable from Crowd Disease. Worse, psychological combat has become a mainstay of life in the United States. There are large numbers of professional agitators stirring up people's emotions. How can there not be an Economic Depression? Survivalists are convinced hoarding will save them. It won't.


We all know school records should be kept confidential.

A little Negro boy purloined hundreds of school records. The "Little Cat Gang" did it several times. No one noticed anything wrong. After all it is Black History Month. There is a poor little white girl crying her eyes out. Her girl friend, and two sisters are in consternation over this. The "Little Cat Gang" understands. They were said to be Lesbians. A little boy found out he that he was gay. He didn't know that. You see children are just finding some of their school teachers are Playing the Role of Satan the Adversary. They are getting good schooling in human evil. There is no court that will convict these "teachers" of anything wrong. Regardless of the harm that it does. People have a right to keep official records on you. They can put anything they want in there. The courts say so. The Kangaroo Court is in session. The "Little Cat Gang" has ruled they are unworthy of life. Already, a burglary is in progress. The home owner is dead. Another one has been way laid while jogging. Dead from a brutal mugging. There is another dead at the wheel. It was an accident of course.

 Pornography especially, in School Records would get you a Death Sentence in "Camp." To be sure. The Reich examined all the records especially, in schools as part of Lebensraum. You have to examine teachers for sabotage in the classroom.

 We will have to examine Medical Records for this sort of problem as well. Of course, Police Records may be like this too. The Negroes always, say so in my Country. If you are a Minority like being Jewish. You can be harmed in this manner by somebody that is not objective, definitely not your friend, a real Enemy.

 Then there is bogus science. Like when the National Institute of Health caused the current drug epidemic that has claimed the lives of millions of United States Citizens. That is bad. That is just one of those Social Experiments Americans need to grow to hate. It is "Hate Day."

 Revolutionary Teachers will manufacture discontent in this manner. They may not have a conscience. Cults form around this Revolution. Discontent spreads like cacophony in a symphony as the other instruments try to rhyme with a horn that has gone flat. You understand, that person manufactures distrust. The whole purpose of having schools in the first place has been compromised. People are demoralized. Faculty Rot can set in especially, in a large University. The Philosophy Department can become infected with this Malady. Few suspect they are being taught Sophistry rather than Philosophy. Only Sophia can spot this, by the way. This Contagion spreads. It does. That happened in the Wiemar Republic. The whole system became volatile.

 All the Humanities are prone to this, and the Sciences are not immune. In Science, it shows up mostly in procedures. The Fellows are committed to a kind orthodoxy. They present previous material in a new manner. It gives the illusion that actual research is going on in the laboratory. Yet, it is redundant. They not looking for new possibilities at all. It is like the novel idea that doctors should wash their hands after surgery before delivering babies to cut down on infant mortality. The Germ Theory of illness was not even a thought. This is how the Fellows can do that much damage by hindering progress. Chemistry had this problem with Alchemy. We see this again with the Vector Transmission of Disease. Walter Reed proved that. Let's just say Cancer Research is in the same vain. Finding a cure for AIDS? The same problem. It is the Fellows. We need new blood.

 There is a man. He has been teaching class in grade school for thirty years. The Gestapo has found irregularities in his evaluation of students. For example he has marked two boys as homosexual males. They are close buddies. He has no evidence to prove homosexuality. They are not kissing fiercely in the classroom. That has never been seen. They have never been caught in the act. Gestapo checked, and found they were not gay. Apparently, this man has been doing it for years. Harming countless children with wild accusations of indecency squirreled away in mountains of school records. His motives are political. It is a politics known only to himself, though. It is there. He is going to "Camp." Dachau is yearning for him like a lover. This squirrel is finally going to get what he deserves.

 Brotherhood is natural in men, and especially, boys. Sisterhood is very present in women, and girls too. It is important that people form these bonds. Whether they are gay, or not is not important. Romance is important. Love is good. That is what socializes all of us. People should care about each other. This dirty talk, and banter divides people. "A house divided against itself can not stand." President Lincoln said that during the American Civil War. Fighting Words have no place in a Civilized Society. Fighting Words are called Hate Speech these days.

 This Sophistry that belittles everything has to go. Would you like your name in small print? abraham lincoln? united states of america? christian? Would you like a bathroom called a john when your name is John? A female restroom is called a jane. Your name is Jane? You don't like it. Your name is Diana. People start calling you Di at high school. Diminutives, and superlatives of a person's name are usually, not welcome. There are all kinds of ways of getting at people. It is also called baiting people. It is Psychological Warfare that has gotten into our common speech. Kommandant Kitten wants you know about this.

 Many Historians have noted this kind of behavior prior to the rise Adolph Hitler. We find this kind of coarse speech a lot in Pre Nazi Germany. There is great deal of this joking. Cruel pranks are common. In one News Reel there is a Storm Trooper pulling away on an elderly Jew's beard. He is just having fun. Isn't he?

 There is a man. He has been told politely that he can have a Career in Prison. His whole life has been ruined by nay saying. He really isn't a bad man. In a good Federal Prison he can have food, housing, clothing, shelter, medical treatment, socialization, job training, and work. It is better than Welfare. When there are no jobs. He is a good worker. It is getting impossible to survive on the streets. Not being a bad man, and all that. He is trying to figure out what sort of crime he can be found guilty of to get him on the Inside of those Walls. Got any suggestions? Are you on the Outside looking for the Inside? Then "Camp" is the answer.


 Leaving the Depressive Disorders behind we might encounter megalomania, another disease of the head. Signs of clinical depression will be observed in the above conditions since, their life does not work. That is because, it is either parts of their life are missing, or have gone awry. Megalomania is different. Usually, males that are excessively religious, or have delved into the occult in some manner. Reincarnation is Sophistry. Some people might believe they are a God, or God Himself. Understand, most people are not interested in any of this. You understand, the difference between your public life, and your private life. The megalomaniac can not understand, this as well as the difference between sacred, and secular life. You should not bother them with all this kind of Sophistry. Sophistry means there maybe, some fallacious reasoning here. You might believe you are some famous personage like Hitler but, you don't need to tell Kommandant Kitten about this. Don't worry, your secret is safe with Kommandant Kitten. You might believe you are really "Perry Mason," or "Peter Gun." That is television fantasizing. Again, don't bother Kommandant Kitten.

 This man knows he is "Spruce." Spruce towers above humanity. It is best to humor him. Avoid him if that is at all possible. Megalomania is different. You may never know you are talking to one, or not. There is another thing that is possible. He really may be Spruce. That would be really scary.

 And, it is. Spruce attended the first Rock Concert at Monterey, California. Spruce left early. The police watching the Event from some distance wanted to talk to him. Spruce was a combat veteran. He looked like an ordinary Hippy. Spruce was more than happy to share with them. Spruce thought the man up on stage was an Enemy of America. Spruce shared with the police his knowledge of acoustics, and Psychological Warfare during the Korean War. They were very impressed. Because, he said a lot of other things as to why he hated everybody there. That sound on stage was destroying people's ear drums. Otherwise, the music was disintegrating people. Just as bad as Brain Washing. Brain Washing is Water Boarding. Spruce said it was deliberately put together like that. Spruce admitted he was crazy but, not that crazy. Off he went, for parts unknown. Spruce "went to ground" as they say in spy talk.

 This Beach Head in Monterey in the 60's is worthy of study. Spruce said there was a problem with the music. As a matter of fact there still is. When you analyse these wave forms. There are square waves instead of sine waves. Not only do we find infra, and ultra sound. Those sound frequencies can be very bad for people. If they are too loud. We find an electromagnetic spectrum that must not be there at all. Here we find kilo hertz, mega hertz, giga hertz, and even Q waves that are near the X ray spectrum. Wow!

 Strangely, our loud speakers don't have a squelch feature. The loud speakers in Auschwitz did. To stop excess noise. Your speakers in your telephone, television, radio, I tunes, and your computer speakers have no filtering to keep out Electronic Warfare waged by terrorists. That can kill you. Many people have been attacked on the Internet in this manner. Hackers are deadly. Especially, to a child.

 This Electronic Sonic Warfare stuff is in a wav. file. These wav. files are Sound Files on your computer. Kommandant Kitten has been  attacked in this manner at a Hostile Web Site. What does it feel like? Like you are having a heart attack. Poor Kitten. The Sound is audible, and high pitched. Kommandant Kittten immediately turned the computer off. Is it deadly? Who wants to know?

 These concerts have faulty equipment. Then again this may be a sneak attack. The levels of these electromagnetic waves are too high in rock concerts to be safe. This is a watt to half a watt of this radiation going into people. It will harm their brains.

 Strangely these frequencies can be reproduced by recording media for your listening "enjoyment." Your speakers will irradiate you with these same frequencies. It is barely measurable. But, it is there. It stimulates the brain in ways scientists are still trying to figure out. But, it does change brain cells. That is why you need filtering. Your stereo better have that. Chances are it doesn't.

 The Radio Heads show up at these events all the time. These are Zap Technicians. These are genuine "assholes." "These people" are a product of Hippy Culture. They are really bad people. Bet you didn't know that a radio, or television broadcasting can be used as an improvised radiant energy assault weapon. It is a method of inducing "Crowd Disease" in people. This is a hangover from the Cold War era. It might still be around in some places. This is when broadcast energy can be focused. It has a lot of aversive effects on people. It makes you feel filthy. You want to take a shower right away. You will notice a "clearing effect." It is scary. This is usually, a "prank." You may go to the hospital, or shopping, and notice the peculiar absence of people in a given area. There is a kind of herding effect too. That is when somehow everybody wants to leave in mass when it hits them. It can really wreck your mind. People will appear like they are "high" on drugs. It is a real bummer. This is the real estate stuff that can move people out of their apartments, or houses. It was used on the Negroes in the 60's. Marches, and demonstrations can be broken up with this trick too. Broadcasting must never have the ability to be focused on people for any reason. It should not have any beam, or beacon capabilities. It is just not needed these days. This obsolete junk has to be pulled out of these stations, and replaced with "good stuff." That is stuff that has military specifications: "mil spec" for short. That way it will be less prone to break down, or do anything weird like broadcasting frequencies not authorized by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for that station. No one should be able to connect a Signal Generator up to a Broadcast System to broadcast a frequency that maybe illegal, and harmful to people. Because, that station will not be able to broadcast any other frequency to stop stations from "frequency jamming" according Federal Trade Commission (FTC) standards. There will just be a crystal with that frequency standard. No technicians will be needed at all. It must be installed by the manufacturers, by the way. That is to meet insurance requirements. Like a lawsuit over "sick building syndrome," or something like it. That can cost a broadcaster billions of dollars. Because, they will lose their FCC (Federal Communications Commission) License, and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) will get after them too. That is not to mention criminal penalties.

 Have ever wondered why hours of television viewing, and listening leaves people limp, and exhausted? They have been zapped!

 The first understanding, is a knowledge of physics pertaining to radiant energy, and its effects on matter. Knowing that radiant energy mistakingly referred to as "heat," or "light." Most of the time it is called radiation. Light has photons that possess wave, and particle properties. It has electricity, and magnetic properties. Hence, an electromagnetic spectrum of frequencies. Visible light has a wave length. A frequency that can be measured. Some people call this a vibration. As though radiant energy has sound like qualities. It does. Some frequencies can be heard even smelled. Do they smell good? No, they don't? They smell terrible; something like musty ground, or rotten fish. If you can smell that you are in trouble. Because, the radiant energy is strong enough to harm you. Some frequencies may have a hissing sound. You don't want hear it. That is powerful radiation that is bad for you. Sometimes, this is a bomb like sound, or explosive sound. Usually, this is associated with one of those powerful objects called bombs. You don't want to be around that at all. "Tummy Wind" is a unique experience if you receive a certain frequency into your abdomen. You can't talk about "Tummy Wind" because, your mouth becomes bone dry. Tactile sensations like the famous microwave itching (itch ray). Is an experience no technician wants to ever repeat again. It is a kind of very mild burn less than a first degree burn. Even X rays, and gamma rays have frequencies.

 There is a problem here. Most of the people that got into this scene were people of English descent. This could be called a kind of genocide. Because, so many of these people died prematurely from preventable causes. This may be as high as thirteen million people over a time span of five decades.

  The White Anglo Saxon Protestant is very much hated by the people. Security is pretty expensive. But, it is worth it. These people need to go home. There is no future in the United States of America for them at all. Protestantism is a misleading fabrication by unqualified scholars. That is because, there is no longer any Protest against the Roman Catholic Church. We have to quit using this terminology. It is socially divisive.

War is Peace.

 We have got to examine this Religious Problem. Because, of the experience of so much of those Religious by byproducts greatly in the Secular World. Who gets hired? Who gets called dirty names. Who has no friends on the other side of life? Who has trouble at school? What about finding work? Knowing unless, you have a livelihood. You can join the Military. Not easy. Unless, they have War. Then you are lucky. Then you can be cannon fodder. Now, you are a hero. Don't worry. Your widow still has her poison. His children may need it too. In case life becomes impossible. This is the Ugliest Face of Apartheid. The Origins of Apartheid are founded in Asceticism. Like a Collective Hysteria: Apartheid forms a more lasting Illusion. Necessary Illusions to maintain the Status quo.

 What exactly is a Protestant? Well, there aren't any. Martin Luther had a Protest against corruption, and idolatry that may have existed inside the Church of Rome. Mind you Martin Luthur is still a Roman Catholic. Martin Luther still has enough pull within the Roman Catholic Church to make His Demands known, and debated in Rome. The Empire of the Roman Catholic Church could be likened to the Tower of Babel. The Reformation was to Reform the Roman Catholic Church only. That is not going to happen. The Parishioners become angry. They finally, decide to break with the Mother Church rightly, or wrongly, or both. It becomes a Rebellion. In the Book: the Bible; rebellion is the same as witchcraft. There is no Protest, no Reformation only, a War of Extermination. "By their acts. You shall know them." Meaning whoever prevails on the battlefield will be the Church of State. Protestantism, and Reformation are stone dead.

 Long ago, people broke away from the Mother Church to form their own Churches, and are no longer protesting. They are whatever faith they claim but, they are not Protestants. It might require some more space to list their true faith: Mormon, Episcopal, Orthodox, Society of Friends (Quakers), and so forth. They have different Traditions. Also, they may have a different Book.
 This is not the case anymore. The Protest, and Reformation didn't happen. Hundreds of different Religions have formed. There is no more Protest. No one wants to Reconcile. Possibility of Reforming the Roman Catholic Church is nil. The Roman Catholic Church does not believe that kind of Reformation is needed. Christians are killing Christians. There they are in the arena swords drawn, fighting to the death like gladiators. That Dishonors all Christians before God. The "Age of God's Grace" that allowed the formation of the Christian Church is over. Thus we all live in an "Age of God's Wrath." The Holy Spirit has departed. The Great Tribulation is here. It is a curse to be born during this Time of Destruction. The Saints are being killed. The Angels are going to be destroyed. During this Time of Destruction it will be needed. We live in a World of Destruction. The "Book of Revelation" seems to say so.  "Wars, and rumors of Wars." That is where we are at now.

 You know you are a good person. You are good person. That makes you a Villain.

 People might think they have the Spirit. That is not God. Even though they think so. They may have very powerful, and moving experiences. They want everybody to have the same Religion they have. But, God is greater.

 Sir Winston Churchill was actually, a Huguenot. The Huguenots are Unbelievers. A Quaker is allowed to be an Unbeliever. Technically, a Satanist can be classified as a Protestant too. Bogomiles are Protestants. Bogomiles have a Dualistic Godhead Christ, and Satanael. The Manichaens are also Dualist. The Manichaens have been found in Iraq, India, and China. The most dangerous Cult around. The Nicolatitanes the Church that God hates per "Revelation" qualify here. The Nicolatitanes are still around in Armenia. It appears the Apostle Judas Iscariot was the first Protestant.

 Huguenots a have a little known Religion like the Bogomiles. The Huguenots are the Progenitors of Bolshevikism. This should give you a look at how far that Crusade extended itself. We can't really be sure if the Huguenots originated in either France, or England. The Huguenots also, haled from Other Lands.

 The Roman Catholic King of France, and the Lutheran Prussian Armies combined to drive the Huguenots from Denmark. It took a long time to burn them all up. That is why most of Denmark is Germanic.

 Lord Calvin in Geneva, Switzerland never seen a Huguenot. No doubt he prayed constantly for that to always, be so.

 By the time of Napoleon Bonaparte the Huguenots were extinct in Europe.

 The Church of England did not tolerate Huguenots. It would ruin their Church.

 Sir Winston Churchill conducted the War in such a disastrous fashion. Churchill's Huguenot beliefs made this a Religious War. Thanks to Mr. Churchill millions of good Christians died in that War, and its aftermath. Mr. Churchill was a Homosexual Man. Homosexuals are in high places all over Britain. Even the King is one. British Intelligence is filled with these Gay Men. You will never find any of these Sodomites anywhere near the Front Lines.

 Being that what it may It was very hard for the British to keep up with the Barbarians across the Big Pond. President Woodrow Wilson was a Gay Man. J Edgar Hoover even married his Gay Lover. Unlike the British the American Navy was filled with Love Boats. The British Army was ramrod straight. The American Army had incredible numbers of Pansies in their ranks. Killing them all off. Their Generals are more than equal to the task. Then having real men, and even women replacing them would happen later.

 Mind you the Nazis made a genuine effort to surrender unconditionally. Hitler could be put in cage. It could be said the Nazis had homophobia. Considering what happened we should all be scared if homosexuals ever get any power over us. Male Homosexuals are total oppressors. They can't stop being bad.

 If it weren't for the Politics of Gay Males back then. Gay Males wiped out most of the Jews in Europe. Every Country in Europe has been ravaged by these Politics of Gay Males. We could have a World without Gay Men. Kommandant Kitten can see this World plainly. All we have to do is make this happen.

 It gets uglier after the War. It is hard to believe anything like this was possible. Yet, these Monsters in human garb are getting worse. This is how the Occupation of Europe becomes the Free World.

 How are they going to have peace in Auschwitz? Auschwitz views World War II as another Religious War. This problem of Religion has to be addressed in Auschwitz. Religion was analyzed, and very well studied until, the Auschwitz People reached a conclusion. As a result Auschwitz became a Secular Community. It is pointless to Worship God in Hell anyway. Religion was banned to cut down on strife. There may have been something. But, not much.

 The Road of Religious Bigotry leads people back to the Problem of Apartheid. The people that have different Religions do not mingle. This is every bit as bad as Racism. Selfishness!

 Auschwitz had to do something. Auschwitz had to produce a Religious Doctrine. Peace is a Lie. People are always, at War. They had to be honest in "Camp." We know people don't want to get along. The "Camp People" didn't like each other. They have to drop that Pretense that we can get along with each other. We are all enemies. Yet, we all must live here in the "Harmony of Camp." This is how you Organize. You have to bring warring parties to the "Peace Table." They are all right there in "Camp." We can only have a Relative Peace but, Peace is still War. That is as good as it is going to get. This is called Disillusion.

 There is a "Philosophy of Camp." Let's assume you are normal. Let's talk about girls. Girls like be able to act like girls. Girls dress up. They do. That shouldn't offend you. So all the latest fashion is there. You know girls flirt. That shouldn't bother you. Girls can be very friendly. Girls will touch you intimately. She may even kiss you. Even a lap dance, or teasing is natural. But, that is not sexual foreplay. That should not offend you at all. Because, the girl is just being friendly. It won't go further. Girls can be sexual. They always, are. That doesn't mean you can rape them. People need to be amorous. That binds them more thoroughly to the Culture we are building. Then we can trust their Honor.

 Kommandant Kitten wants a World that is "Girl Safe." That anywhere in the World a girl will not be harmed physically, psychologically, and/or spiritually. A Civilized Planet. What a concept?

 But, there are people that break up people's lives. It is a Religion with them. When we live. They die. There are no other choices. If you want to live in "Camp." They have to die. Every imaginable remedy has been tried. It has failed. You may love your neighbor as yourself. Only, if you can trust them with your life. Every system of morals, ethics, and law depends on this kind of relationship. Otherwise, you have War.

 The problem whatever, we have been talking about is outlined above. We can't have nuts running around loose. Foreigners come to my Country, and they think Americans are all crazy. Crazy people have no honor you can trust. That harms business to no end. We have these people that believe that these folks can be loose in my Country. That is because, they are saboteurs. So we have this climate of uncertainty. Our towns, and cities are turning into Scaresvilles. That is really scary. Are you being followed?

 We have to understand, what a Dictator is: like the Commandant of Auschwitz. Auschwitz is Imperial. Sir Roosevelt has a "Camp" too. Roosevelt is an Imperial President. He is like the the Commandant of Auschwitz an Absolute Ruler. President Roosevelt has an Imperium like the Roman Emperor did in Ancient Rome. The Imperium in this case is the Senate. The Commandant's Imperium is in the Capos. The Praetorian Guard is in the Echelon. The Common Man, or Woman entering "Camp" are considered to be Subhuman. "Camp" in both cases Humanizes them transforming them into "Camp Persons." They have become fully Human. They have been redeemed by "Camp." People have Security Needs that must be met in order for them to Self Actualize, and become fully Human. In order to get rid of the Great Depression Sir Roosevelt had to keep building, and tending his "Camp."

 Like the Roman Emperor Trajan Roosevelt believed in force not money. The English are incapable of thinking outside these parameters. The English are talking in terms of how much? Trajan thinks in terms can we do this? The Treasury of Rome is meant to be spent to keep people busy. This built Rome into a better Empire.

 The English never really got a System of Imperialism. At its' worst it was a organized system of robbery. The Boer War stands out as an example of this. The Dutch didn't like it. The British built a lot of "Concentration Camps" in South Africa to house the Boer People. They were not good "Camps." The hypocrisy of England is invincible.

 "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair accurately describes the plight of the Common Man, or Woman in America at the turn of the Century. You can read "Hard Times" by Studs Terkel. By the time of Roosevelt their situation is much more desperate. "The rich do what they can, and the poor do what they must." For all intents, and purposes the Common Man, or Woman is under a sentence of death. They are damned. Famine is their God. Because, they are not in Roosevelt's Camp.

 In the Auschwitz "Camps" you could lose your Humanity. The "Tedium of Camp" by itself can erode your life away. That has to be broken. One of the means of doing that is work. They have to be able to play. "Camp" is not entirely aversive. An Aversive Society dehumanizes people too much. This is true for everybody in "Camp."

 This picture is from Auschwitz Berkanau. Those people are still alive in the Infirmary. They will live, or die there. They probably, have typhus. If one of those people does live after catching that. They must be a super man.

 Auschwitz smiles on people like that. That is why they don't just kill them after they have made it through "Camp." It is axiomatic. You don't kill people because, they are sick. Everybody, gets sick in "Camp." You don't harm your own.

 In the "Concentration Camps" they had Circus. Oh! You don't know what Circus is. Does the Circus Maximus of Ancient Rome mean anything to you? This "Circus of Camp" existed in all the Tributaries of Rome: Carthage for instance. That Circus was a Pageantry of Executions, and Entertainment. That should give some meaning to how the Ancient Romans kept the people in line with "Bread, and Circuses."

 The Dictator is Big Brother. He can not be your enemy. He has to win you over. He has to convince you we are all family. He really is your brother. Big Brother loves you. The Dictator will have orders. "You have to button your tie." No one's tie has any buttons. This order doesn't make sense. The Dictator knows that. The Dictator just wants to know if you are ready to follow orders. Every Dictator does this.

 There is another kind of Dictator. That is a King. You should understand, there is a Separation between Church, and State. The Royalty bridges this chasm. Then the Sacred can be here. Otherwise, the Church will be unknowable. Because, you live in the Secular World. In times long past, the Vicar of Christ is there for the Church. The Pope is there to lead the Church. The Pope is a Dictator. The King is there for the People.

 Let us examine people. We have to know if they are human, or not. What if they are not? That they are really there to use everything up. That is what they think. There is a "man." Everything is there for him to use. If you don't know that. He will marry you. He will use you up. Everything you have will be his. While, he is using you up. He will continue to use up your parents, your relatives, your friends, and everything in the Whole Wide World until, it has been used up completely. He is a Drone. Any children he begets are just there for him to use. He doesn't love them. He doesn't love you. He doesn't have any friends. He doesn't have anything like it. He is a member of this Resistance League. This is really his Idealism. Make a note of it. These are the Ideals of Drones. They are King Bees. Everywhere there is honey. They will use it all up. They won't make any honey but, they will use it up.

 There is a movie called "How to not raise bees" written, and produced by Sappho. It starts out with the bee keeper putting seventeen African drones into this hive of ordinary honey bees. You can see everything that is going on. The queen bee killed one drone. This is not love exactly. These drones possess enormous venom sacs. The queen is finally over powered, killed, and eaten by the drones. Now, the drones have all the pheromones that fool the worker bees into feeding them, more royal jelly. There is a drone plainly eating an immature queen bee. The drones eat lots of honey. The drones have taken over. There are enough worker bees in this hive to keep them all alive for three years. Worker bees are not either male, or female. So this hive dies off.

 Sir Roosevelt would catch his Party Captains trying to use people instead of rally for the Big Election. None of these "Brown Shirt" routines, Shaking people down. This has to be put down by the "Old Man" himself. There are these heart felt talks. "You are going to do what I tell you to do. Nothing but, what I say. You going to live the way I tell you. Get out of here!" The Drone's wings have been clipped. His stinger has been amputated that quickly." "America has to make sense."

 "The Click:" Click, Click, Click, Click, Click." Hangs up the phone. That is Mr. Roosevelt. That is his call sign. Now, you know more lore from those times.

 During the War there are these communiques that give you the sense you are on the Other Side of Life. Sir Roosevelt wants to win. But, first he has to get his Military to fight for him.

The General Problem

"The General has the brains of a fruitcake."

Vice President Richard Nixon

 You know a fruit cake is filled with nuts. Was Richard Nixon somehow running the Country?

 General Eisenhower the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces has turned into somebody's lap dog. Eisenhower is a Huguenot just like Sir Winston Churchill. Roosevelt does not know this, by the way. But, we can be in on the Secret.

 General Mc Aurthur's clock has been cleaned thoroughly by the Japanese. General Eisenhower has to hone up on his fighting skills. Eisenhower can start doing that in North Africa. "Rommel is the Desert Fox." "You can look for Germans." "You might find Germans." "Keep our forces moving forward. That's an order Sir." "I hear you are going to attack France. Why?" "It's the British. I didn't know you would respect them more than me." "You are taking heavy casualties. Your men aren't fighting enough. Get them going." "Patton is going through Luxembourg. Keep moving. That's right. You need to keep fighting Germans. Have at it."

 Kommandant Kitten wants you to study American advertising. The cigarette ad below should prove to be most instructive. It is based on an Industrial Philosophy called Consumerism. That female model is fully human, and self actualated. You the buyer is encouraged to consume cigarettes. You are not supposed to waste them. Excessive use of the product is not even suggested. You will never see ash trays overflowing with cigarette butts in any cigarette advertisement. There is no trash like crumpled packs of cigarettes, or empty cigarette cartons laying around. Huh!

 President Roosevelt wanted people to consume cigarettes to boost the economy in the tobacco growing regions. Keep people working their way out of this Famine. Keep people from being too good. America needs workers not saints. Saints are nothing but, freaks anyway. Do you want to live with one? You will never please a Saint.

 Once upon a time. There was a Sorority. This Sorority was in every Campus in California. The word Campus is derived from the word "Camp." "Camps" are not Democratic. It is a Dictatorship of the Proletariat. But, you can join a "Camp." Strangely, those "Auschwitz Camp Laws" still apply here in this situation too. So the "Simple Camp Laws" are in effect. The Sorority has a Leader. Just like the "Auschwitz Camps" have a Commandant. A Military Base has a Commander. College is a form of Basic Training. It goes further if they join the Military. The purpose, or mission of this Sorority is produce a "Camp Person." A "Camp Person" is a very sought after Worker. Every "Camp Person" has been instilled with Ethics, and Morales. That means the "Camp Person" can be trusted to work without supervision. First, and foremost is Loyalty.

 Our heroines have different ideas. Bad Bolshevik ideas. They don't think they need any leadership! They believe they have the right to vote for their Leader. The Sorority's by Laws say they don't. This becomes a Statewide Rebellion.

 All the people that support this Sorority are extremely disappointed. That is on, and off Campus. There are whole Foundations. That are well, disappointed. Captains of Industry, and they are disappointed. There are Politicians that are disappointed. The Government is disappointed. The Banks are disappointed. That list of disappointed people is not endless. But, it is a long list of very disappointed people. Annnd, they want satisfaction.

 Later, our heroines find they are no longer members of a Sorority. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! All their grant monies are not there for them either. As a matter of fact those folks that issued those grant monies want them payed back. They do. All those job prospects have vanished.

 They are all minority students that have fallen for a Classic Trap. There would be more much more subtle traps awaiting them if they finish School.

 Half of our heroines are no longer in the running. Strangely, they are dead. Physically.

 The other half that goes on to finish College can't find suitable employment. Life is hard.

 Here it is. This Basic Training in College does not follow an honest Military paradigm. Students know nothing about what awaits them. That is very misleading. The Way is literally strewn with hundreds of traps, snares, and pit falls. The first one is Loyalty. Patriotism is in there too. Then we have Comradeship. Selfishness is another Classic Trap. Teamwork is emphasized a lot. New people have to be tested.

 Americans really need to know what kind of Civilization they really have. Culture. That defines who you are. Then from that prospective we will continue to examine the Culture of Auschwitz, and other Cultures that existed in those times. All those Cultures were terrible. Most of them existed during a Time of Global Famine. People were dying by the millions. True.

 We need to be very clear. No jokes. Auschwitz was not a joke. But, did they believe in Atlantis? Not much. But, the Thule Society did. The Occult did figure in a lot. Not just in Nazi Germany. Propaganda is always, filled with the mind set with the idea the impossible is possible. Sometimes, it is like the Atom Bomb. Death Rays? Acoustic Weapons? The Satan Bug? Exotic Poisons? Novel Methods of Execution? Auschwitz was in the forefront. After all this stuff might really produce the Super Weapons Germany needed to win the War.

 Kommandant Kitten wants you to know something about the real nuttiness of all this Occult Speculation. How that has formed our Present Day World. The Occult can be very real at times, or it can be made to look like it. In War it is good to have Hades on your side. These nut cases can be useful at times. When insanity becomes the norm in the enemy. It is easy to defeat them. To make them submissive. They will even love you.

 Do you understand, something about this Drone? Do you know what "Scorched Earth" is? It is a Military term. It is meant to deny the enemy life. That Drone doesn't necessarily hate you. It is just being itself. Yet, you are now, at War. Do you understand, he is going to kill you in this manner? If he can. He will. He will work you to death. He is not an employer. He is a slave driver. He might sell you to somebody else.

 Echelon has to be explained. Echelon is a Military term regarding the orderly succession of Command. The Political Echelon in the United States begins with President Woodrow Wilson. The United States by Constitutional Law can not have any Title of Nobility given to any Ruler. Echelon is still a form of Royalty. Presidents Wilson, Hoover, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Clinton are part of this Ruling Echelon. Bush Sr, Bush, and Obama are not Echelon; are not part of this Ruling Echelon. Some of the American Presidents left out are in doubt.

 There has to be an orderly succession in American life. Business has to go on as usual. Otherwise, you can't keep a contract. The Foreign Policy won't change too much either. That is the purpose of Echelon.

 Now, a New Political Echelon has to form. The demands of the Modern World dictate this. Otherwise, Government will cease to function. Of course, the New Breed has Echelon.

 Some of the famous Heydrich sayings are here probably, for the first time ever anywhere. “We have to solve the German Problem. The Jews don’t have any problem once, they are all exterminated! Yet, I can’t for the life of me. I do not understand why?” “If the "Little Man" is a problem we can deport him to Poland?” “We can put a mannequin in the Chancellor’s Office no one will ever know it’s not Him.” “Did you know Hitler failed “Selection” (Auschwitz: two relatives of Adolph Hitler were gassed upon arrival. The other one got too close to the “Camp Fire.”) “Can anybody, do something about the "Little Man’s" head lice?” “We have to check for loyalty. That is German Loyalty!” “This Hitler business is becoming a dangerous Cult. Why am I the only one saying this?” “I hear they even want to kill me? I do want to find this out. I always, like understanding anything like this.” “I hear Herr Hess has gone to Britain. Why wasn’t I notified about this? It’s that secret. Ugh!” Finally, in walks the “Little Man” as people are trying to refrain from laughing still trying to salute His vanity. Through all of this Heydrich is grimly poker-faced as usually, befitting him as Hitler praises him abundantly.

 Adolph Hitler had a lot less power as Chancellor of Germany than President Roosevelt enjoyed. The Prime Minister of England had nothing like the kind of power that President Roosevelt could wield in War Time. A mistake that would later cost Winston Churchill his life. Churchill died from Cancer of the Spine. Cowardice. Churchill would not seize the Reins of Power in England to end the War quickly. A folly the would bring millions of casualties. An unforgivable sin in President Roosevelt's eyes.

 "This is our finest hour." Huh? Great Britain is being bombed into the Stone Age. Churchill sounds incompetent. You would not want a man like that to be President of the United States?

 When President Roosevelt heard things like this He knew he was backing the wrong people. With the British gone, whole vistas of World Trade would open up. The Japanese would go along. He knew all those Islands were fortified. The British again are playing the Spoiler. The British wanted Manchuria. As if Australia was devilish enough. All over the West Coast of America the Australians were hated, These caused the First Vigilantes to form in America. It sometimes, helped keep them in line unless, the United States Army had to intervene. The Australians at first took over the bars. It would spread to your Churches. The opium was flooding into the region. The naturalized Chinese fought them constantly. They were just cooks. That was the beginning of the Tong Society in America. The Vigilantes left them alone. The Real Citizens of San Franscisco were so fascinated with the Tong Killings of the Australians. The City Police said the Tong Society was impenetrable. But, who wanted to look for the Tong Society? Like a trap door spider a Tong Society person would materialize out nowhere to kill any unsuspecting Australians foolish enough to still be around in San Francisco. All these murders still remain unsolved.

Wannsee Conference

 Wannsee Conference, or more accurately the Wannsee Convention convened to deal finally, with the “Camp” issues namely, "Hitler’s World Famous Resorts." Those Wannsee Conventions were convened several times to deal with this self same issue Worldwide even prior to World War II. Many Foreign Heads of State attended these meetings as well concerning the "Jewish Problem." This last Convention was unique because, these Concentration Camps were going to be turned into killing centers.

 At this Wannsee Hitler had “a problem” with his head, and the Totenkopfverbände wanted everyone there to know that. The Totenkopfverbände was always, very interested in Hitler’s medications. Hitler was already, taking a quasi-hallucinogenic dose of belladonna plus strychnine (Nux vomica) for a stomach complaint (Tolland's "Hitler") since, 1938. An overdose of this medication can cause a condition that is indistinguishable from paranoid schizophrenia. This is classified by psychiatrists as a severe psychosis, by the way. Herr Heydrich added methamphetamine to Hitler’s regimen to really help the “Little Man” out. Hitler is beginning to gesticulate wildly, and raving like the lunatic he truly is. Hitler wanted to close all the “Camps,” and kill all the Jewish parasites in place. All the time Adolph Hitler is doing his awesome “space walk” talking like a true “airman first class.” There is no doubt in that room that this man can really fly. He almost, says so in this atrocious monologue that any "drugman" would find hard to beat.

 Heydrich wanted something interesting. Everyone was to have a positive experience in a hospital. This was to encourage people to seek medical treatment. That stops disease epidemics. It was a revolution in health care. That is probably, long over due in my Country. Heydrich wanted a Totalitarian System that would track every shot, every pill, any other medicine, or procedure, every liter, or fraction of a liter of water, any tests run, amount of excrement, all bedding, etc that goes for a patient in the German Reich. That there were practical standards that must be followed in every instance. Heydrich understood, that Socialized Medicine could go terribly awry. That funding could be diverted via fraud. That medical providers would claim to have rendered treatment that really wasn't given, or substandard. Medical treatment must be brief, and effective. Not long drawn out over multiple doctor's office visits using sub clinical treatments: drugs, therapies, etc. That could take years. That stops abuse, and promotes work. That the medical system would not be penetrated by foreign spies, criminals, or cults. That was to make sure that doctors practiced a Science of Medicine, not an Art of Medicine (Witchcraft). No more "beads n' rattles." No one was to be killed in a hospital. A hospital is a place of healing. A hospice is a place of death. There should be no torture in a hospital. Understand, that torture is hard to spot in hospitals. Making sure that doctors don't prescribe poisons, or medical treatments that are detrimental to their patients. Pain is to be treated adequately according to Official Protocol (SD). Because, doctors will do things on their own. That shouldn't happen. They have to watch out for blood feuds. Political assassinations are possible too. All medical treatment was to adhere to secular standards. Religious practices were banned on pain of death. This was because, Religious hatred was so rife in Germany it caused havoc in hospitals. There would be a Security Service (SD) person present in each hospital to insure patient safety. There would be several Nurses under Ilse Koch to make sure no one suffered from untreatable pain. "Hell should not be in a hospital." That has to be the maximum effective dose of a reliable narcotic pain killer. Heydrich knew about the Myth of Healing. Kommandant Kitten would go further. There would be a full panel of blood tests run on each patient no matter what. To catch any hidden health problems, contagious diseases, and/or genetic abnormalities. That Public Health is there to prevent disease as well to stop the spreading of it. There are no harmless diseases. Biowarfare is real. There were new diseases, and old diseases being found in the people. They always, are due to evolution. For example Heydrich would have stopped AIDS after the epidemic made its appearance in Germany. Quarantine would be instituted immediately. People trying to block this would be executed in place as terrorists. The source of the contagion would be found. Every attempt would be made to find a cure for this atrocious malady. Terrorists may use a hospital, or a clinic as a source of improvised biowarfare weapons. A lot a research on viruses goes on in hospitals which could be diverted for that purpose as well. Universities pose still a greater problem via biowarfare, or careless research. Research using resistant insects: flies, fleas, cockroaches, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects of economic importance have gotten away causing serious economic losses. Another, problem is research on exotic diseases of animals, and plants like: AIDS in mice, parrot fever, and Oriental fruit fly may create novel organisms. Also, these Institutions do interstate transfer of a lot of hazardous biological materials, animals, and plants. These materials have arrived at the wrong locations like let's say on your doorstep. It has happened. Some these materials have even gotten lost.

 The British Model is very stringent. It is a "Sanitary War." It is a Military Paradigm. It is to Militarize everything that has to deal with sickness, and disease. Nothing from a "Sick Place" a.k.a. a hospital, clinic, or treatment arena was to exist in Civilian Life.  "Civilian" designates Women, Children, and the Infirm only. This comes from the Times of the Black Death. The Military Overseas was not allowed to come Home. Quarantine Measures permit the killing of anyone that was possibly infected. Remember that none of these Exotic Diseases had a cure. Many of these Exotic Diseases still don't have a cure.

 Unlike Heydrich no materials from a "Sick House" were to be in the possession of the General Public on Pain of Death. Everything in a "Sick House" had to bear an Insignia. Any personal guilty of distributing said materials are to be burned alive for spreading disease under these Witch Acts. The Witch Acts cover anybody Unregistered caring for the sick. They are trying to avoid Quarantine. The Witch Acts cover Terrorism using Germ Warfare.

 Even the Garbage Man has the right to Impose Martial Law. Because, of the Sanitary War. A Garbage Man has the Right to Prevent, or Halt the Unauthorized Dumping of Contagion.

 The United States of America has no such Protection.

 Morally speaking all medical treatment must be both safe, and effective. Medical treatment must be reliable. That means the results will be similar, regardless of who, and where that treatment is given. Because, these medical treatments are repeatable. We can have a standardized system of medical treatment. The "Concentration Camps" had such a system of medical treatment. They had no medical specialties. The "Camps" only had medical doctors, surgeons, attendants, and nurses. That is the most economically feasible Health Care System possible in any time. There you are. This is the Ideal Health Care System.

 Then we have a problem with those Research Mice. They are infected with Herpes. That is a Cancer Virus. The Mice maybe infected with Other Diseases. You can catch them too. The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) claims that Laboratory Animals are being treated terribly. You know what? That will invalidate any Cancer Research. Because, everything will appear to cause Cancer. These days there is no end to these reports of food, air, water, medicine, etc causing Cancer. Huh?

 It was very hard to get this hospital there. These are all Waffen SS German Army. God knows what the "Camp." had to give them for this favor.

 There has been a very dangerous trend in Medicine. "Don't trust anybody that doesn't smoke, or drink." This adage must be used to weed people out that are "too good." Especially, in men because, of male display behavior. Doctors for instance can have delusions of grandeur. The persecution complex is usually, not present. Narcissism again but, not obvious, and disguised under the pretext of doing good. They may see themselves as heroes. They make value judgments according to some hidden system of values known only to them. They kill patients somehow. This is always, political but, it won't seem like it. You have to do an analysis of them in order to find it. This will do as a profile.

 There is a way to put the same system just like Heydrich's in hospitals in the United States. Did you know the Surgeon General has the same kind of power to police hospitals the way they must be? The Surgeon General is a Commandant. Otherwise, our whole medical system will break down. That Medicine is antidemocratic, and very prone to anarchy. It is the ideal of the doctor as some kind of scientist saint that believes that everything they do to a patient is medical treatment. It isn't. Cheating!

 What Kommandant Kitten does not like are trends, fads, and specialties that are not needed. A web address that you type into your browser is called a url. You have to type the url in.

 When you, or one of your loved ones is seriously ill, or injured. Don't you want the best doctors right there for you. You don't want have any big doubts. Do you?

 Kommandant Kitten has personally seen real live junkies go right into a San Francisco hospital stealing patient's medications, and valuables. How about that?

 Commandant Ilse Koch wrote at least three books: "The New Nurse Book." "How to treat people," and "What if?" Kommandant Kitten must inform you. That Ilse Koch may not of been a real person. The Totenkophverbande are not liked by nearly everybody anywhere in the World even back then. "Death has no friends." It is likely they have taken other names. Also, there are other girls that are Ilse Koch.

 "The New Nurse Book" details nursing procedures. It is all well written. It is all about modern nursing.

 "How to treat people" is a "Women's Concentration Camp" book about how to live in "Camp."

 "What if" we lose the War? There is another book "Then" written by Kommandant Kitten. You are reading this book now.

 If you are interested in Medicine. You can read "The Fifth Seal." It is not very long. You can look for it by doing a web search for it in a collection of short stories under another name. What will doctors do in the name of self interest? They need to propagate their services somehow. What if they are not needed? What if all these medical specialties are creations to make work for doctors? President Roosevelt thought this was good because, it creates more jobs.

 There is a man. He is allergic to just about everything. He just learned the reason why was because, he was abused terribly at school. The Cult is going to kill him. His skin is the wrong color. There he is dead in the back of the bus. The Cult did kill him. But, nobody can find the cause. It happened before to a young girl of fourteen years of age too. They were trying to find their ancestral roots. The Cult doesn't like that sometimes.

 The Cult used to be called the Ku Klux Klan. The Ku Klux Klan was organized during the Reign of Queen Victoria prior to the American Civil War. It was based on the the British Watch System presumably in Scotland. This is Scottish Fold. They are neutral on the question of the Abolition of Slavery. Eventually, that will come to pass. In two hundred years Negroes will become fully socialized. Negroes will have all their rights. It appears the Old Klan was prescient in this case. So both Piracy, Slavery, and Racial Persecution have their origins in Great Britain. Later, the Klan fell from favor during the beginning of the Twentieth Century with President Woodrow Wilson. President Wilson put another form of the Klan in its place. The Cult! But, another form of the Cult took its place later. This happened under President Kennedy. The Kennedy Family has its roots in Northern Ireland. The Protestants there are all Huguenots. Socialist Ideology is of greater concern to us rather, than mere Racism. Because, this Socialism is not Secular. That Cult exists to this day in all walks of American life. We will cover that later.

 Here is another book on the subject of euthanasia. "Death Be Not Proud" is an account of the crassest exploitation of a patient ever but, maybe not. They perform operations on this boy's head that they know will not help him. None of his treatment has any medical value.

 Atrocities like you would expect to find in Auschwitz have been committed in hospitals in the United States in the past.

 Thallium acetate; medical grade has been given to elderly patients. They might be too active. Thallium acetate will definitely "slow poke" them. Basically, it is "Death Serum." Annnd, we know it. The Drug Enforcement Administration should reschedule this controlled substance. Doctors that have proscribed this poison need to be prosecuted for murder one. Capital punishment is not out place in these cases. This is not euthanasia. It causes a slow decline in health. Hardly a good death. It is said that this poison played a role in ending the Reign of Queen Victoria. The Dowager Queen was causing problems for the Empire as she grew older.

 Thallium sulfate is not cool. No one can explain why thallium sulfate is very different in action than thallium acetate. One theory is that thallium sulfate is not as bioavailable as thallium acetate. That means that thallium sulfate does not break down in the body. It is more toxic than thallium itself. An organometallic compound of radio thallium is not very toxic at all. It is used as a dye to do images of the brain. Formulation can mean a lot.

 The "Old Miner's Salts for Taming Your Man" work pretty much in the same fashion except, they have Rare Earth Elements.

 The curare like poisons are of questionable medical value, and probably should not be in hospitals at all. Curare is a poison used in the blow guns of the South American Natives of the Amazon Rain Forest. That poison will all turn you into a jellyfish. You can't move. You can't talk. You can't breath. Panacureum hydrobromide comes to mind here.

 There was a man in England named Sergeant Pepper. People really loved him. Sergeant Pepper was taking a heart medicine. His doctor made a decision about how long Sergeant Pepper was going to live for reasons known only to this bad man. Sergeant Pepper knows all the Masonry. That knowledge has been lost forever. Doctors sometimes act on their own. Instead of a real heart medicine. Sergeant Pepper had a placebo. It killed him. Placebos are poisons.

 Understand, that Medicine is an Industry not a Service. Every industry has standards that must be adhered to for that industry to exist. Here we have an Ideology of Industrialism quite different than Socialism. Industries have patrons, or customers. As a Citizen you will be entitled to minimal, or basic Medical care. In Socialism that is as far it goes. You become totally dependent on it. You are trapped. You into this downward spiral. But, Industry goes much further to put you back to work.

 In order to understand, your Constitutional Rights as a consumer you must understand, you are not a "patient" at a doctor's office. Your Civil Rights are still intact. As long as you are in that office receiving voluntary treatment you are not exactly, a patient because, your Civil Rights are still intact. You have the right to refuse. Upon leaving that doctor's office you are under a doctors care obliged to follow the recommendations according to the contract you have with that physician only. You are under a doctor's orders. But, these orders are not absolute. We don't want them to be.

 A hospital is an entirely different animal. A clinic is almost, the same in this regard. You have no Civil Rights there. This applies only in the Trauma Center. This is the only reason you should be in a hospital in the first place. You are totally sick. You are helpless. As you get better you get some rights but, they are different.

 That Totenkophverbande Nurse has the right to kill anybody in that hospital. That is any deviation from the Nuremberg Code. Placebos were classified as poisons. Other substandard forms of medical care would get a doctor, or doctors instantly dead right on the spot. That did a lot to get rid of arrogance in hospitals.  Selfishness.

 If a Sicherheitsdiendt Official found a person sneaking into a hospital as a doctor but, with the wrong credentials. He would just pull out his 9mm parabellum Luger pistol. Put it to that man's temple, and blows his head off right in the lobby. Even if he is really a doctor from another hospital because, he is outside his work area.

 We need this kind of Severity here in America during this Age of Terrorism. Our Military will like it. There isn't a United States Government Agent that would mind this either. Remember, hospitals are Prime Targets.

 The Problem of Internationalism has to be defined as a kind of Mithriac, or Dionysian Religion with a Secular Arm a kind of parody of the Catholic Church. It was thought to be Jewish at that time because, they had to put a name on it. This Movement is Anti Germanic. It goes all over the place. It appears to be British. It may have a Country except, when it doesn't. It will "post missionaries." Internationalists are Militant. A fact Internationalists go to great efforts to hide is their Warlike behavior. How would you like to be a Jew in Their Synagogue to find out a Rabbi is actually, a Spy Posted in Their Holy of Holies by Another Religion. That has happened, by the way. The Catholics have had That Problem too. Auschwitz is a solution for all of this criminal Religious "work." When you find them. Kill them!

 Incidentally, Internationalists are Wobblies according to Nazi literature.  When they got the Doctrines of Bolshevikism from Leon Trotsky. The Wobblies became much worse. Because, a Canon just like a Christian Church.

 Dionysus, and Apollo are used a lot in in Medicine, Sociology, and Psychology. That there two methods of logic. This comes from Ancient Greece namely, Athens. Dionysus sees things in terms as an Athlete. Is this practical? This is Practical Science. Apollo sees things alternately, in terms of "If" and "Then." Here the question is always, "Why?" This is Pure Philosophy. Idealism. People can debate this endlessly. Neither, side can win because, not everything is known.

 Peonage is a serious imposition on any non combatant. Peonage has the same flavor as an Opium Den. Strange as it may seem, Opium Dens were really places to die. When you are terminal. You want to be as pain free as you can. So all this has been transfered to doctors. But, terminal people are not patients because, they are not sick with any hope of a cure. So this peonage is important. Doctors can take control of people's lives. Doctors can dictate Politics. Doctors can dictate Religion. When doctors can dictate to a Himmler, a Churchill, or Roosevelt from the shadows. They can do this now. But, nobody voted for these doctors. We have to control doctors more strictly than the general population. In order to insure public trust, national security, and public safety all medical personal must be held to a higher, and more severe standard than the general public. They have become addicted to power. Don't we all want power? Power without rules is Anarchy.

 This goes to human experiments as a form of Amusing Work. This escalates into Play Without Rules. That is War. Civilians will do this.

 Human experiments are still going on in the United States. People's Constitutional Rights were not protected until, fairly recently. If you were a prisoner, a mental patient, or a member of a minority group people could do anything to you up until, about the Nixon Presidency. German, Italian, and Japanese American Citizens were in this category. Because, Germany, Italy, and Japan were at War with the United States. Native Americans, and Negroes weren't much better off. Hippies were always, fair game. People in the Active Duty Military Service, and United States Military Veterans were used as guinea pigs a lot too. Even the American Public has been experimented on from time to time. Using aversion to control people. Some of these experiments using biowarfare agents, chemical weapons, and radiation weapons have been lethal. Releasing pesticide resistant insects, nonnative parasites like leeches, heart worms, and disease vectors has happened in the past. Those biowarfare agents are still around. Our own Government may be at fault somehow. But, we have to trust the Government. Otherwise we don't have anything. That is terrible.

 You understand, that those Nazi Experiments were abominable. Most of the Nazi Officials admitted that. Especially, experiments on people that were not their's. The police had to look for evidence of this human experimentation. They kept finding it having been done under the previous Regime. A lot of these human experiments were considered to be illegal then. Experimenting on people without their knowledge, and/or permission. This conduct was pretty common. It is still immoral. The problem was Global.

 Our problem has been people experimenting on the general population at large Worldwide. They are not even under Auschwitz rules. Liberals will experiment with all forms of coercive control. This will not be known. When this is finally, found out. What are you going to do about it? What if this experiment killed your mother? But, you can't sue anybody. The perpetrators of this crime are not around. What do you think about that? These Social Experiments are deadly. Criminals in some other Country may still be drawing up plans against you. Because, they don't like Jews. Worse, they just feel like it because, they can get away with it. This is not life as you know it. But, it is not from another planet.

 Another problem in German hospitals was mutilation. The Nazis defined this as unnecessary surgery. This is due to criminal misconduct either, inside, or outside a hospital, or both inside, and outside hospitals.

 Tardy Progress was always, watched for by Nazi Officials. It was thought that tuberculous shouldn't be around at all for example. That an antibiotic should exist that can cure this scourge of Humanity. A vaccine can be developed to prevent infection. Quarantine is implemented. That means they are going to eradicate this disease. Once, these procedures are perfected. They are to be applied unilaterally. Treatment was always, uniform from hospital to hospital. You would get the same treatment in Auschwitz as you would in any German hospital.

 Illegal Triage is an animal found mostly in our times: Orphane Drugs, Discontinued Treaments, and certain Lawsuites.

 Another, Heydrich Reform was "top pay for top work."

 Here in America we are going to deprofessionalize doctors, and the like. Medicine belongs in the Service Sector of Our Economy. With Standardized Medicine, and Standardized Treatments for Disease Doctors are no longer Essential Personal. This will keep them from putting on airs. It will keep them from stealing too much. Then Medicine can be Industrialized like it should be. With clear Industrial Standards we can trust Medicine again. How do doctors make money in Medicine? They get top pay for top work.

 That means the medical treatment in a Prison is under direct supervision of the Warden in Charge of that Prison. That is to keep the Prison Staff, and Prisoners working constantly to gain income for that Institution. The Prison Administration sets the standards, and procedures the Medical Staff follows then slavishly.

 There was a man. He had a terrible accident. He did. The ambulance has brought him in. He is real pain. He is being tortured. He gets a shot of pain killer. It doesn't do anything. There is probably 3mg of a opioid pain killer per shot. The doctors all know that. But, the hospital makes more money by charging for each shot. He will get, and pay for about twenty of these shots. Single dose of Tylenol will cost him at least fifty bucks. His sleeping pills diphenylhydramine (Benadryl) will cost him more money. This is a case of torture, extortion, and fraud. The hospital is claiming to render treatment that is both safe, and effective. It is neither. On the battlefield this can never be permitted. This  peacetime ethic can not exist on a hostile World. That patient will heal five times slower. A bane in any work place. This is a bad hospital. Medicine is getting more expensive. But, these thieves take too much as it is. America is a poor Country.

 The Company Doctor has been given a bad rap sheet. But, Medicine will support work. Otherwise, we will continue to experience an economic depression. Industry has to be married to Medicine.

  Doctors aren't healers. They are workers. This "healing" smacks too much of the problem of "Psychic Power" dealt with later in this opus.

  People are important. What people do is always, important: work, and play.

  If Medicine can't do that. Then Medicine is irrelevant.

  Then we can just trash all this expensive Health Care.

  We can go back to herbs, magic potions, faith healing, and witchcraft.

  Here is one of the books that influenced Adolph Hitler. That book came from Great Britain!

 Here is another item frequently seen on television. Flashing images, and that are part of subliminal suggestion. They are not selling you anything? Then we get "Reality TV." If there ever was such a thing. There is a bar. Our heroes are going to save this bar from itself. You will notice something. It is the manipulation of the camera, or cameras. Sound effects maybe, there too. The television personalities steal the show. You don't get the "Big Picture." Because, people are important. It is the patrons of that place that are the real bosses. You never see them much. This camera manipulation shows up again, and again, and again in television. We want to see people, not personalities; people acting normally according to the situation at hand.

 There is another problem. How much work is enough? In order to live you have to have so much income from your work. You know that. Four hours a day of hard labor was enough to guarantee life in Auschwitz. That wasn't slavery, exactly. It could qualify as Wage Slavery. That is getting just enough wages to keep you alive only. Just the bare necessities. But, nowadays, you are working more, and you are getting less. That is called a speed up. That is slavery. Slavery has been making a comeback. What do you think about that? Slavery is a Worldwide problem again.

 Let's put it this way. Just as you are going under the anesthetic. You hear the surgeon talking. "Gee I'm sleepy." Your surgeon has been working too many hours. At four hours a surgeon is in top condition. That is why a guard in the Military is changed every four hours. You don't want him to fall asleep on guard duty. Professional truck drivers could fall asleep at the wheel. Speedups in the workplace do this. That would be disastrous. This is your life. What do you think?

 The peasantry of Europe shared Hitler's vision for the Jews entirely. This view of the Jewish Problem was not unique. Historically, anything Other was always, feared, and hated in their peasant like literature. Hitler was not aristocratic. Adolph Hitler was a man of the "volk." This was the true danger of populism. Populism is deadly because, it becomes "progressive." Popular movements are still very much around. When people stop talking democracy, and start talking sense. They are worth listening to.

 The Hydra in the picture is a symbol of Corporate Power.

 Labor Socialism is very much like that too. NAZI is an acronym for the National Socialist German Workers Party. Do you know what that means? Keep looking for it in your Country. When you find it, and you will. Maybe, starting up in some political party. It could be any one of them. Do Kommandant Kitten a big favor. Kill it! That'll help.

 In Germany Nazism was comprised of only a few Party Officials that controlled an area the size of the State of Texas. Nazism is not impersonal. Everybody in the Nazi Party knew each other. Nazism will not work globally, not even in America due to the size, and complexity involved in Governing large numbers of people covering a large land mass. You have to keep track of everything. With modern technology that is totally possible, and very likely. Economically that is going on. The Internal Revenue Service will know what your income level is. Your Social Security Number is your personal tracking number. Many Government Agencies use your SSN# that way.

 The British Labor Party was/is the progenitor of the National Socialist Political Parties. The Bath Party in Syria, and in Iraq are two of Britain's problem children. Here we have the creation of Government labor unions. Hardly, an improvement on New York City's Tammany Hall. Hitler did not have to resort to that kind of trickery. Although, the Soviet Union later, acquired this practice from the British Labor Party. This Contagion extended its' tentacles into the United States Labor Movement. These Socialists have missionary tendencies. Grown ups know that labor unions are a creation of trickery of some sort, or other. These are sweetheart arrangements. The Screen Actors Guild was set up by these really bad actors. So we have labor unions, guilds, trade associations, and societies of questionable loyalty to the United States. Their really bad British work ethic is sufficient sabotage in any Society. You know the story: overwork, outsourcing, speedups, and scabs. But, it does not stop there. Their pretensions of liberalism are a rude caricature of freedom. A danger to Liberty.

 America has Wobblies!  This is exported from America. The British will grow to hate them. Americans can learn to hate Wobblies. It is "Hate Day."

 What is a scab? It is somebody that can't make it as a good "Camp Person." You can find them on television a lot these days. That a company with bad production values will use scabs in their advertisements rather than real models. It shows. They won't be able to sell you anything. People are important. You have only one chance to make a first good impression. The Nazis always, knew this, by the way. Worse that ad may even be aversive. Sort of a blind stab at humor. A humor known only known to them. People will avoid your product. But, they don't have to pay them much to cheat you. They drag these people right off the street. It looks like it. Assign them roles that turn the viewer off instantly. Unfortunately, this has become the rule.

 There are signs America is becoming a Poor Country. "Got any spare change?" "No! We don't have anything close to that." You are still looking for work. Or you have a job. You might even keep it for the time being. You are living on the edge. You are barely making it. The Charities might have a "little bit." But, you can't count on it. The Government is not giving anything away. Not too much of anything. People are still taking too much away from you. You are growing to hate them for imposing on you. That can even be family. A family is nothing but, this living arrangement. If it doesn't work. Then everybody can go off on their own. They might make it. If they don't. "Ain't that awful?"

 George Orwell in his book "1984" was really writing about "1948." That the English Socialism that he was writing about as a Police Officer in Burma was real. That England had won the War against Nazism, and lost the Peace. The English are a peculiar people unto themselves. They are filled with this indomitable Will to Lose. Considering their track record in the 20th Century their Royalty is lucky to still have their heads. They have gone from victory with Queen Victoria to their present sad estate. "Is it safe to dance?" Maybe, not! Vichy lives!

 George Orwell; really a Soviet Agent also, wrote "Animal Farm." This tome is filled with all kinds of Stalinist Humor. The Farmer is really the Russian Czar. This is the Bolshevik takeover of Mother Russia. The Pigs are the wealthy Kulak Farmers: Little Czars. You have thousands of these Little Caesars. The Dogs are the White Army. The rest of the Animals are nothing but, helpless Dupes.

 Both books are also, a social commentary on Russia. "Animal Farm" illustrates the Bolshevik takeover of Russia. "1984" is the victory of Comrade Stalin "Big Brother" over the Bolsheviks.

 You can read George Orwell's biography right here on the net. You should look him up. George Orwell was a man that had been totally "Punked." It is all in there.

 There was a extreme Peace Movement. It is the Peace of the Werewolf. When Werewolves aren't demonstrating. They feign a Peaceful Nature. The Werewolf has gotten really good at this. But, it is all an act. There is no Peace for the Werewolf. People are always, hunting them. It might show. There is safety in numbers. Even a whole Village of Werewolves is not immune to attack at anytime. They all know they are not human. They better act like it. Nothing unusual, that could give them away.

 A Sorcerer will make the Deal with the Werewolves. The Sorcerer knows this is totally dangerous. The Sorcerer is Gambling. Werewolves can be useful at times. There is Evil in High Places. The Sorcerer knows everything. The Werewolves don't. The Werewolves will accept the Sorcerer. It is a Good Deal. It is better than a Silver Bullet.

 The Real Evil Ones are coming to town. The Sorcerer is there. That means the Deal is Real. "You get to live."

 Let us go further. We must know how to recognize the signs that a Nazi Party is becoming established in even the United States of America. What the remedies are for this Contagion. So there will be obvious signs of illness. We will call this Social Malaise. Society has become sick. Usually, this is right after a War. During the Reconstruction period like after World War II certain phenomena will be noted Historically. Massive unemployment for all those returning personal. Ku Klux Klan activity going on the rise due to a resurgence of organized crime. The Mob was trying to take over then. Militias begin to form. The Militias begin to be Governed by a Command Structure. This is the beginning of Free Corps (Friekorps), or a Private Army.  Historically, that formed in the 60's in several States. These were all different Private Armies. They were not Mobs (criminal organizations). But, they were Mob like because, they are underground. Nowadays, there are even more of these Private Armies. Kommandant Kitten thinks of the 60's as the "New Stone Age," pun intended too.

 In the pictures of Jane Fonda above is more than adequate documentation of her autism. We can see this in all this revolutionary zeal. Still the defiant child. The most sinister person in Hollywood. The gun in which Jane Fonda is seated is a genuine Russian anti aircraft gun. There she is playing the role of Satan. We can see during Jane Fonda's long career in the media Jane Fonda is always, type caste in the Role of Satan the Adversary.  Ak Ak  Jane Fonda's Russian Anti Aircraft Gun in Hanoi, Viet Nam is shown in the previous picture. It has many improvements over the German Krupp anti aircraft gun used during World War II. The warrior Jane Fonda is shown here in Hanoi as documentation of Jane Fonda's Anti American activities. If such is the case. But, this was a diplomatic mission of sorts. Who is responsible for this? The President denies sending her to North Viet Nam. So is this an act of sedition? Espionage, maybe? Jane Fonda, and all her companions know a lot of vital United States secrets. They may be able to access more secret information when they come home. They did. Here is evidence of a coup d' etat  in the Democratic Party.

 Unless, Jane Fonda was made a Secret Chief in charge of the US Aid Program. Word has it this happened during the reign of President Kennedy. President Johnson is left handedly trying to buy the North Viet Namese off to get rid of that War. Now, that makes sense.

 "The Great American Dream!" was first coined by Jane Fonda during John Kennedy's election campaign against Republican hopeful Richard Nixon in 1959. Kommandant Kitten wants you to think about that.

 You can think about the Kennedy Administration too with John, Robert, and Teddy forming a Presidential Dynasty. The Machinery of War comes up right away. President Kennedy is running America like a Mob Boss. This Gangsterism has become real Foreign Policy. This madman is going get everybody dead. Witness a hundred and fifty megaton Nuclear Test "To crack the Earth like a rotten egg!" It almost, did that. President Kennedy had to settle for just knocking the Earth off its' axis. This Kennedy Dynasty is pure scum. Yet, people are still praising this Animal. They been bitten by the Vampire. They still love this man Kennedy. We have got to get rid of it in the Name of Progress.

  We are not sure what kind of deals were made. Whether, or not President Nixon will honor any such agreements. But, Jane Fonda was in the company of Billy Graham, and Richard Nixon. This had a lot to due with domestic spying. The Secret Service did allow Jane Fonda to keep her firearm in her purse. This seems to be a very cozy arrangement that was orchestrated by Great Britain.

The Hillary Roast

"Let us Pillory Hillary"

 We are going to pillory Hillary. Roast her until, she is well cooked. The Hillary Roast is very thin skinned. There is big Cargo Cult around Hillary.

 Mind you that Jane Fonda has at different times claimed to be a Huguenot, a Wiccan (Neo Pagan), and a Bolshevik. The Fonda Woman said she was a Communist with a small "c." Now, you've got it. Oh! Jane Fonda even claims to be a Christian probably, with a small c.

  Jane Fonda also, had a very close relationship to Hillary Rodham before Hillary married Bill Clinton. Hillary Rodham Clinton has a very dark past. This person should never hold Political Office because, of her spy like activities.

 US Aid has an autonomous structure very much like the "Sobibor Concentration Camp Systems," the "Auschwitz Concentration Camp Systems," RSHA, and Russian Gulag Systems. Those materials gained from those sources were used to build this Fortress in America. That all came into Jane Fonda's hands in the 50's. Jane Fonda like many autistic people can be child prodigies. Jane Fonda was well known in certain circles to be a true genius.


 Ideology is the Study of Ideas, and Ideals. According to an Ideology there is a Classification Scheme that upholds a Structure of Ideas that constitutes the Pedestal upon which an Ideal is held up for Public View. For example U. S. Grant is the Ideal President of the United States of America. "Who is buried in Grant's Tomb?" Answer: Mr. and Mrs. Grant are both in there. A radical departure from American, and European Tradition at the time. Mr. Grant did get this Ideal from a visit to the Tomb of Queen Isabella, and King Ferdinand of Spain. General Grant supported the XIII and XIV Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America. President Lincoln could not even dream of such measures being needed. Lincoln wanted the Slaves to be sent home to Africa. The British would probably, not approve of this lofty enterprise because, it is impractical. Certainly, President Grant supported the XV Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America signed into Law too. Under President Grant the Ku Klux Klan Act was passed, and signed into Law by President Grant. Mr Grant won both the Civil War, and the Peace as Reconstruction. Mr. Grant made a lot of headway in the Winning of the West, and the Indian Wars. Under the Leadership of Ulysses Simpson Grant the United States is moving up from the Third World to the Second World, and entering the First World in Worldwide Status. U.S. Grant is a Hero of the American Revolution.

 "Profiles in Courage" by John F. Kennedy features a whole series of stories about the Heroes of the American Revolution. Kommandant Kitten watched all of them on television as a boy. If you can get "Profiles in Courage" on tape, or CD, or DVD do watch it. The Charisma of JFK shines through the whole series. This is a good lesson in effective propaganda. Every person interested in Public Relations, Propaganda, Psychops, and the like should study all the Kennedy material. It is excellent!

 During the Kennedy Era all kinds peppy little things were given even to children. "Reader's Digest" makes for very interesting surreal reading. Kommandant Kitten was an insatiable reader of books, magazines, and newspapers. Kommandant Kitten haunted the Library reading about all the Science, and Bomb literature including firsthand accounts of the Bombing of Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. What to do when the Bad Guys drop a Nuclear Bomb on your hometown. The Bad Guys might spray Radioactive Isotopes all over Townsville. That is called Radioactive Dissemination (RD). The Bad Guys have a whole grab bag full of Disease. These are called Biowarfare agents like plague, Tularemia, anthrax, ect. Then there are these Radiation Weapons using sometimes Beam Technology. America is going to use them including Weather Warfare. Everyone in America knows this is Morally Right, or else you will die. We are going to get hurt. But, we will win the War. We can survive this Holocaust. That is why Kennedy, and all the President's Men, and Women need this debunking.

 In America there are several Competing Political Ideologies: Republicans, Democrats, and Others. In Nazi Germany there was only One Ideology unique to Germany at that time only. Communism has several Different Ideologies although Communists have a similar Ideology based on the needs, and particularities of the  People, Climate, and Geography. Of course, there are countless Other Ideologies in the World at large at any given moment. 

 The Revolution is a Dragon. Once, you call the Dragon. You have got to feed the Dragon. The Dragon already, has you. If you have got the Right Stuff. You can be that Creature's Conscience. Jane Fonda doesn't have the Right Stuff. Very few people do.

 The Revolution is to make Progress for the Good of Everyone. So there are Revolutions in Agriculture, in Industry, in War, in Government, in Science, and Technology. That can happen even in an Election. We must make sure that the Revolution goes Forwards instead of Backwards to something like the fifties, or worse. Are we making enough Progress in all areas of life?

 "We are not going to have elections. We're busy fighting a holocaust!" by FDR. Well they did have one.

 Under Roosevelt, the people moved up enough in status to claim a "Concentration Camp Mentality." This is Fortress America. Gradually, but, determinedly America is climbing the ladder. We are moving up the food chain. We will call this a "Culture of Confinement." Mister Roosevelt is consolidating his Empire. Much like Octavian did in Ancient Rome. But, Roosevelt favors the Roman Emperor Trajan as his Master Piece. The next real move after FDR is the American Warrior State. This is Imperialism that assures a vast Trading Empire that is wanted, and needed by Americans. Villains do things like this.

 This was all undermined by President Roosevelt's wife Eleanor Roosevelt during the time of President Roosevelt's long illness, and eventual death. There was a Cabal that was run by Vice President Trueman. A very stupid man. Dropping those two bombs on Japan when in fact they were not needed to end the War proves that beyond a shadow of doubt. Then there is the beginnings of World War III. The Korean Conflict, and other debacles. Even the War in Viet Nam is in the mix somewhere. Well.

 You can see this regimentation of the people that is almost, like a prison. A lot of the big factories then have this prison like structure. Schools have that kind of look. Even the Government itself is imprisoned in its own structure. You are told exactly what to do. There are penalties for insubordination. Breaking rules could fire you from your job, expel you from school, or put you in jail. You find this with President Eisenhower with this Culture of Conformity. Because, Eisenhower has no ideal of Imperialism. He is used to doing what he is told. So who is pulling the strings of this puppet? Vice President Nixon?

 Have you ever flown on an airplane? It has gotten so bad these planes are nothing but, flying prisons. You can't have a whole lot of items that are considered to be contraband, drink, or smoke just like in prison. Who wants to fly anywhere these days? Not when you have these goons on the airplane called stewards?

 The Democratic Party of the United States needs a Total Revolution! Ideological Corruption has gotten big in it. The Donkey has Anthrax, or something really terrible. President Roosevelt borrowed a lot from Herr Hitler. Joe Kennedy truly admired the man. Grass Roots Organizing at the neighborhood level with Hitler's Party Captains made sense to Roosevelt. The Storm Troopers are there to maintain peace. Once, you are in office. You are going to Seize the Reins of Power, and keep them firmly in your hands. In a State where there is no political opposition. That is always, possible with your Praetorian Guard. In Germany that is your personal Guard Detachment. It all came to Roosevelt exclusively, and it was incorporated into the Democratic Party.

 What is this like? You have to go to a rally. That is a Democratic Party caucus. Because, somebody told you to. You have orders to do just that. This is democracy at work here. It is a bit queer but, they say it is democracy. You better not disagree. You are there on time. The security man (SD) has given you a list of do's and don't's. You get to stand over there in that place. You are a candidate for Mayor. Being a Party Captain yourself. You have got some leeway. The cheering starts, and you had better keep it up. For this is for the next President of the United States. He is coming to the podium. This is his rally.

 You can't see the Forms of Oppression. Yet, it is there. Each person there is a huge fanged beast. They have learned how to maintain human form really good. How to ape humanity. Anger them, you will find this out right now.

 Something came out of the Dust Bowel. Famine is a God in America. How are people eating? On the Native American Reservations there is no food much. If you can kill it. You can eat it. They are Living Off the Land. The Prison System is shaking people down. That is how prison guards, and prisoners eat in the "Pen." All of "Roosevelt's Camps" work like that too. That is how you feed workers. Military Reservations grudging get some pay but, like the Prison System they are shaking people down. Then there is Hells Kitchen. In Hells Kitchen you eat nothing. Unless, you can eat garbage, and steal food from pets. This is what living on the streets is all about.

 Roosevelt did not have a Democratic Party. Roosevelt owned a "Mob." It is called a Syndicate. That is Governing the Country. Many of these strong arm tactics like "sand bagging" come from those terrible times. It is a creature of force. It is another Dragon. Politics comes out of War. The inevitability, and necessity of War is always, around. What people are going through is worse than the American Civil War.

 There is this question mark? Jane Fonda was something like the Minister of Culture for the United States of America under President Eisenhower. This role was expanded more under President Kennedy, and President Johnson. Jane Fonda is there with President Nixon since, she started out under President Eisenhower. Jane Fonda is a classic example of an Internationalist. It also, seems that Jane Fonda became a Special Secret Courier for Queen Elizabeth II; a person known for her Quaker sensibilities.

 Why is there all this secrecy regarding Jane Fonda? Why is Jane Fonda so sinister? Does the United States Department of State have some sort of Spy Agency? How many people do they have? That includes volunteers? Why are all these Foreign Offices needed? What about domestic spying? That is data collection, by the way. Who gets that? How does information like that get into the hands of people like this? Is corruption involved in some way, shape, or form both here, and abroad? What about those dog shows? Why are they interested in bird watching? Dog walking, hiking, mountain climbing, and bird watching are typical spy fronts. We can suppose that whale watching is another spy activity. Bicycle riding, and running are other spy markers. The Marathon should be watched more carefully. We shouldn't sponsor these forms of the Dionysia. We need to get rid of all those British sponsored American Foreign Aid Loans. An endless source of mischief. A big reason why the American Economy is in the Red Ink these days. The taxpayers of the United States of America want some accountability on both sets of books. Have they gotten corrupt? Don't you want to know how your Government works? Do you want to pay for it? What is in it for me? Why?

 Where do the British figure in with their Foreign Office? How many spies do they have in our Country? Are we working with each other? To what ends? How does this create jobs in America, or Britain for that matter? Is this arrangement fair? How is it going with the rest of Europe? The Big Question is are these spies violent?

 People are important. That means human life is important. You value human life. People that like you are very important. Not harming people that you like is part of an unwritten Code of Ethics. You must keep your word. You don't treat people that like you as enemies. That is breaking Code. That can dishonor a whole Nation like nothing else can.

 It seems that Great Britain has forgotten this in their relationship with America. Mr. Roosevelt understood this. Mr. Roosevelt had a vision of an America with no people of British descent. Britain is an Enemy that has just gotten into another major War that they could easily win themselves. But, they are always, in trouble again.

 Like never before, the people in the United States don't have much in common with the British. We don't exactly speak the same language. The Negroes, and the Hispanic Americans are coming to power. They will soon be if they are not already, a majority in the Democratic Party. People of British descent are a small minority in America. As a result the American Government won't care much about Britain, or Europe. The American Military has changed significantly. But, American Government is gravitating towards something that happened in Ancient Rome. Negroes are becoming full Citizens of the United States of America. That must include all the privileges, and high status due Negroes for their Centuries of Constant Service to the Republic. Remember, American Society is very violent. People are many. Things are few. The likelihood of War will always, be there. Those resources are starting to run out. The United States will become as rapacious as the British were during the Victorian Period.

Long Live the Queen!

 What we need to know is "Queen" Elizabeth II is a Quaker Queen. A product of a confused English Parliament rather, than a Royal Person of even the sort of the Lady Jane Grey. There is a remedy for this error. A Lord Protector of the English Crown probably, Military must Seize the Reins of Power, and Retain Them in the interest of the People of Great Britain. The Queen is getting up in Her years. With that business done well. Kommandant Kitten wants to wish Queen Elizabeth II a Happy Death. It is alright. You can die now. But, with the latest developments in modern science, and technology Queen Elizabeth II has at least thirty, or more very good years left on this Planet. But, that science, and technology is only as good if we make use of it. The research papers are not rotting away in some University's library? Applied science, and technology is just that. Those Old Soldiers need it too. Military Officers, and specialists are irreplaceable.

 Kommandant Kitten has found an incredible amount of Disinformation concerning the Queen of England. The Logical Outcome of Anti British Sentiment in the Untied States of America. There is this incredible story about Jane Fonda's scandalous relationship with the British Monarch. This was well cooked up by JFK himself. Well. If something seems incredible. Then it really, just ain't so. All that stuff had to hit the shredder. If you even look at Psychops it will change you. If you don't know what it is: rubbish. Here in this opus you will learn to spot Mind Control, and Take Evasive Action.

 This does factor into the present commotion that has been going on in the Ukraine. Since, Kommandant Kitten does have relatives in Crimean region. At least one of Kommandant Kitten's ancestors trained the Light Brigade. Their are two well known British Spies that have been acting out. Violent demonstrations. That sort of thing. You would understand. Both of these well known gentlemen have even written books about the Ukraine. The Ukrainian Police should read them. Then there is this other sordid business that goes along with Posting these Friendship Groups in the Ukraine. A Friendless Ukraine will be a good Ukraine, me thinks. The Society of Friends.

 Remember, we have "Hate Day."

 We need to let the American people in on this too. We need to know if we have a Free Country, or not. That also, means our commercial sector should be kept up to date on everything that can affect them. "The business of America is business." How are you working?

 All these people with their hands held up in the air have their Death Sentences attached to them. This is Stalingrad, Soviet Union. They are all rich Kulaks sometimes, called Commissars.

 These are like the "Train Tags" that came from the "Train Man" in Austria. He was a minor Party Official in charge of organizing the trains to Auschwitz. "I have lice. Can you help me?" "He just had one gun." "I'm sick." The Auschwitz personal understood, they needed to die. That is the "Train Man" from the "The Matrix: Revolutions."

 Is there a Spy Agency like RSHA located in our Department of State in the U.S.A.? RSHA was located in a State Department within the German Reich. They had the power of life, or death in Germany, and overseas. RSHA was setup to propagate German Culture even, at the expense of Other Cultures. They still exist. That does not make them bad. If they do not kill you. Then you are alright, with them. Why worry? What if those files fall into the hands of America's enemies either foreign, or domestic, or worse both?

 Do you want to see some real accountability in Government? Is our Culture being managed? By Culture we are meaning Civilization that is looking forward, and receding from barbarism. Culture should ennoble people, and not hold them back in some sort of Slave State. That may be the case in the United States of America. Many people suspect this is true. Secret Agencies did exist in Nazi Germany. We have a serious Budget Crisis in the United States of America. That is by examining both sets of books to see if those figures add up, or not. They just might not. People are important.

 If we study this woman. Jane Fonda. These questions just come up. "Who are you for?" "Who are you with?" "Why are you here?" "What do you want?" "Where are you at?"

 Agent Paws wants to question this woman at extreme length. For we need a sense of History on this thing of her's. This is the "Ministry of Truth" like in the George Orwell novel "1984." The main protagonist Winston could be Ted Turner, or even Bill Clinton with Hillary Rodham-Clinton as a member of "Big Brother's" "Anti Sex League?"

 Strangely enough, we may find Orwell's "1984" Anti Sex League linked to pornography via "Playboy" in just that sort of relationship. That is harming romance, and love. Autistic people can't have either one but, they can fantasize, daydream, and hallucinate about sex. Coeducation has become like that: a very dangerous World for girls. If girls get sexual in the classroom, and they always, are. Because, that will come with growing up, and being very naive. They are not adults. They will be marked down in the classroom. They have a grim future here in America.

 Incidentally, there is nothing wrong with having a Private Army. Because, you may need one. The Irish in the United States still think so. That is why the Fenarian Brotherhood is still around, still after Canada. The Irish Republican Army is based in my Country. Think about that. The French had their Secret Army Organization in France after the War but, that was here too. The Italians are the same way. All the Negroes are into it. The Black Panther Party is still very much around. The Latin Americans have Private Armies too. The Brown Beret are pretty much like the Black Panthers. The PLO, and Hamas are welcome in the United States. Even, Black September is here in America. The Male Homosexuals in my Country have always, had Private Armies. Did you know the Serbian Black Hand started World War I? That was bad. Wasn't it?

 The Male Homosexual enjoys an unfair advantage over his Heterosexual Counterpart. The Male Homosexual exists mostly Underground. Male Homosexuals form very close knit Cabals. They are absolutely Secret. This Male Homosexual Underground forms out of necessity. It is Need not Love that binds them.


 We got this whole issue of the Mafia. According to conventional wisdom there is something like these Crime Families. What if they are nothing but, people that care about people, and there isn't a Mafia there at all? Families do stand up for each other. If they don't they deserve to be wiped out. Neighbors band together, and form Gangs. That is where these Street Gangs come from. You have to protect the "Hood." That is expected. We find that Robert Kennedy has orchestrated a left handed attack on the American Family.

 Robert Kennedy's father Joe Kennedy was the biggest mobster that ever walked the Planet. When you are standing right there next to Roosevelt. You have the power to make one if not all your sons President of the United States of America. A mobster can not get much bigger than that. Can they?

 You don't know about "Smoking Joe?" Do you? President Roosevelt ordered Joe Kennedy to be the Devil. The Devil was in the American Embassy in Great Britain. People could see him there, and make a Deal with the Devil. Roosevelt began to get some doubts about Churchill. Big doubts. Smoking Joe arranged for the "Lout" to get some very special cigars soaked in radium. This wouldn't kill the "Lout" right away. A forensic analysis would still find the "Lout's" body to be still radioactive.

 You have got to understand this. Britain has an antiquated Government still stuck in the Victorian Era. There is nothing wrong with Britain's fighting men. They had good generals. Cowardice is unheard of with them. There are three million people in their Army. Germany can not possibly match Britain's ships. Their Navy is absolutely impregnable. The Royal Air Force is twenty times more than the Germans. The British Government under Churchill is totally incompetent. Another problem is Roosevelt has to locate, and find all the British Government. Who was in charge? Parliaments are bad. You have to dissolve the Legislative Body. That was Sir Winston Churchill's greatest mistake. Then concentrate on winning the War. Mr. Roosevelt with full War Powers knew who was in charge. There are many Congressmen that opposed President Roosevelt. Obviously, they were nuts! They only thought they were real Congressmen. They went to the Funny Farm. It looks like they died there. Still raving mad as a hatter. Any asking of America for anything is totally out of line. Germany has about three hundred thousand ground troops, a poor Navy, and an Air Force outnumbered by twenty to one. The United States hates people like this. It is Stupidity plus Evil that does this. Who can tolerate that?

 It is that Damned Peace. If Great Britain had no such Peace. They would have much less War. Laziness is why Great Britain has a Depression. Laziness is why Great Britain is not really ready for War even with Japan.

 The Agrarian Reform Movement came out Confucius. It is all about this Primitive Standard called the Golden Mean. That is the Means of Life. Taoism opposes this sometimes. The stability of the region is in question. Japan is allowed to intervene in Manchuria. Suddenly, Britain changes its' mind. Parliaments do that. We have a situation like what led to the Gulf War. 

 All those Lend Lease Ships America came from Smoking Joe. Those ships were carefully sabotaged to get rid of more of the British sailors. Those merchant ships were rigged so the German Wolf Packs had no problem finding them. They all had a characteristic ping that could be picked up by enemy sonar for hundreds of miles. That is real Yankee ingenuity.

 The conduct of the War bothered Roosevelt. Montgomery needed those cigars too. Roosevelt was hopping mad. The British could of ended the War. Unconditional surrender. That is if they had at least listened to Rodolph Hess. Then they were making noises like the British were going to take on Comrade Stalin. That is World War III. Worse, nobody seems to be in charge in Britain. Like they had never knew about a person named Oliver Cromwell? Roosevelt hates the British, and their Socialism. Joe Kennedy despises the British. Then the British keep bringing their spies to America. The Soviet Union has SMERSH (Death to Spies). Selectively, of course, this is the future of foreign spies in America, or anything like them. That includes their British Watch. Especially, the British Watch since, they were considered to be dangerous subversives. That British Watch isn't controlled by anybody any more than the Cult was in the United States. They were getting too cozy. They were sharing too many secrets with each other.

 The Klan has to go. The problem with the "Cult" here is they are still stuck in this Wilsonian Peace. There is this Neutrality Act, and so forth. The President's hands are tied. President Roosevelt wants an unfettered Presidency. The Power of an Absolute Monarch.

 Remember, World War III will kill millions of people secretly in dozens of Countries. It will leave billions of people in absolute destitution. It is not just the Cold War Crusades. This may be going on to fight Islam. Then anybody else you can imagine. Winston Churchill started World War III before anybody had stopped shooting in World War II. In his famous speech against Red Fascism. "War has no allies." There seems to be no end to this shit with the British. America needs to divest from Britain. America must come to its' senses, and get organized.

 As a matter of fact the British Navy, and the American Navy didn't like each other during the War. The British might of lost a lot of their prized ships to "friendly fire."

 "You got to keep cowardly people's faces deep in the dirt." It's the Boston Tea Party again. Otherwise, they might get pretensions again. Britain is a Land that practically invented the Grudge. You have got to remember that. The British do. Pass that on to your children. The British may be that backward. It is their manner of living.

 Later Smoking Joe's son John will reorganize the Cult. Since, there are not enough Police to keep order. The War Against Communism has to result in the Ultimate Confrontation. John Kennedy must use the materials at hand. The "Yellow Badge of Courage" is right there for all the Kennedy clan. Hands off those War Records boys. This stuff used to be taboo. Like: How do you get a medal for wrecking a PT boat on some island to sit out the War? Sweet deal isn't it? It really, happened.

 This is like the attacks on the Church: School Prayer, Separation of Church and State, abortion, and swearing in public. State's Rights are being eroded. All possibility of resisting John Kennedy's Dictatorship are being attacked.

 Recently, two terrorists put Boston, Massachusetts in "Lock Down." Kommadant Kitten didn't know that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was a prison? Maybe, it is?

 The extensive coverage of the bombing of the Boston Marathon even, preempted normal programing. This was very unusual.

  Here were folks talking on National Public Broadcasting that knew the bombers. That they said were regular people. They couldn't see the "extraordinary in the ordinary." Where In fact, both of them were heartless killers.

 These two killers had a remarkable resemblance to the Columbine High School  prepetrators of those murders there in Colorado some time ago.

 They were targeting the Kennedy Family.

 Then there is Uni Bomber. The Washington Post printed his complete Nut Journal. The bad guys keep getting all this publicity. While, real law abiding Americans struggle for attention. There is something wrong about this?

 "We are all immigrants." This is stereotyping. Bad Sophistry because, it is a lie. There are people in the United States of America called "Citizens." Immigrants are not Citizens. But, this isn't about immigration exactly because, they were Refugees. Let us just call them Migrants. They are Nomads. Like there are many Nomadic Native Americans in Mexico. They have no Spanish Blood. Most of these Migrants from Mexico, and Central America fit this description. They don't have any Country really. Then there is the phenomena of the M13, or MS13. It starts out as a Street Gang in El Salvador. Now, it has become this Criminal Cartel that has members in Panama, Columbia, Mexico, El Salvador... Somebody, vouchsafed this family considered to be terrorists in their own Country. That it was alright, for them to bring their hatred, treason, and their vendettas to my Country. There are a lot of Russians in my Country. Think about that. Because, these guys hate Russians. We have a lot of immigrants from Cultures that are locked in deadly combat elsewhere. Whoever, is allowing these people in the Country is either an idiot, or a criminal, or both. Maybe, there are payoffs?

A Minor Exception?

 The Trayver Martin case was where some self appointed "Watch" person shot, and killed this young teenager in cold blood. The killer is hallucinating to where he sees mortal enemies when there aren't any. This is this Culture of Damnation at work. But, we have even gone further into a Culture of Death. Normally, we would try to get everybody introduced so this wouldn't happen. This "Watch" exists only, in Socialist Countries. More missionary work by Foreign Socialists to propagate their Ideology here. This activity is called espionage. It will go to that place. This is flirting with Treason. Treason is bad.

 The Police might take this fool's gun away. His lawyer argues that will gut him. Yes, they will take that man's guts away. His guts are in his gun obviously. Otherwise, he wouldn't have done it. By the way, do you want to live next door to somebody that is trigger happy like that? What do you think?

 Did you know Trayver Martin's killer is related to the very famous Song Writer Bob Dylan? Once upon a time. Bob Dylan wrote in the vein that "God is dead." There are many Forms of God. This God is frightening. Then the Universe is God's Tomb. Then he did an about face. Bob Dylan became one of those Jesus People. We are interested in Zimmerman's Extended Family. We are interested if this said Zimmerman is a member of a shadowy Ku Klux Klan Organization namely; B'nai Berith. We are concerned about an Unlawful Takeover of Sanford, Florida by the Forces of Occupation. B'nai Berith is a Masonic Organization. The Fix is in? Zimmerman isn't even convicted of discharging a firearm in a populated area. Have you ever heard of Jury Nullification?

 All the "African American" Black Democrats were in that Courtroom. They all looked great with their muzzels in place. They were kept under a very tight leash. None of the Black People are talking in Sanford, Florida. They are too scared.

 Treyver Martin's killer made claims of turf. He is claiming Trever Martin is trespassing. He is armed. He if he does not own that property. Then this is a form of extortion. It is a protection racket. This is the Black Hand stuff. He is a gangster. He wants something as payment for safe passage, or to be present. That is implied. Because, he is following him. Any word, or gesture will do that too. Under Anti Gang Laws the Police can intervene. That can apply to one person. The Police must check for Masonic membership. Anti Mason Laws may be broken. There are Ku Klux Klan Acts, Anti Lynch Laws, Anti Terrorist Laws, Anti Vigilante Laws, Militia Laws, and Anti Mafia Laws. RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations) has to be used on their Charities. The Crime Control Acts can be used to halt illegal wire tapping, eavesdropping, and bugging. Omnibus Safe Streets and Crime Control was passed under President Lyndon Johnson to stop these practices from becoming common in the media, private investigation, and criminal organizations. A Corrupt Masonry can get into Goodwill Industries, the American Red Cross, the Food Bank... This can be done to any organization. The whole organization can get a warning for the first offense. They should. He could have his gun carry permit taken away, and given a ticket for the first offense. Treyver Martin should have called the Police to tell them he was being stalked. This tragedy illustrates reasons why people should not act on their own in this manner. This can go to murder under special circumstances. If any of these things are true a person can be executed. They should be.

 It is those Brown Shirt Routines that intimidated the people during the time of the Third Reich. The Brown Shirts were watching everybody too. The Brown Shirts used to beat people up even kill them, Heydrich couldn't stand them. The Brown Shirts were collaborating with people overseas. There is an American counterpart. Who wants that? There is a lot of loose talk among the Brown Shirts about overthrowing the Government. It got to the point where the Brown Shirts had to be tamed with Death. This is one of those terrible Movements that must never be here in America. All the above laws are around to do just that.

Integration is a Hoax

It is plain as day that Integration does not work.

Integration is a Mind Control Initiative begun under President Eisenhower.

Obviously, Gun Control doesn't work.

Gun Control is another Mind Control initiative.

This Mind Control expands magnificently under President Kennedy.

There are about Eighty of these Mind Control Initiatives in the Democratic Party.

"Everybody's doing it, doing it. Picking their nose, and chewing it, chewing it."

This is Initiative Eighty One.

The Purpose of Mind Control is to get people to Obey Orders until Death.

This can be tested for with certain drugs.

These drugs produce toxic psychosis.

This kind of Mind Control is needed in a Country getting ready for a Thermonuclear War.

The No Smoke Initiative is in this vein.

That one could have killed Trayver Martin.

Somebody put a "Contract" on Treyver Martin.

There is a Race Relations Initiative we will examine here.

"Black Lives Matter!"

No they don't.

That is just a Democratic Party Slogan.

Have you seen those kneeling knees at these Ball Games?

This is Professional Sports?

This is Hillary Rodham's Brain Child.

It is a bit weird to see all those great big ball players, their managers, trainers, and Ball Club Owners being Pussy Whipped?

What would the World think about this?

What do you think?

The National Anthem is being played.

What are the consequences of not doing something?

Do you remember Shirley Chisholm?

This Quaker Raised Black Woman of British parents became America's first "African American" Congress Woman.

We are concerned here about British, and Americans Speculating in Currency.

We are worried about Bank Loans.

The relationship between Bank Loans and Political Corruption.

Shirley Chisholm was the first Black Candidate, and the First Woman to run for the Office of President of the United States during the Democratic Party Primaries.

"Some people fall between the cracks." This is a dirty, dirty comment that tells us Shirley Chisholm is not a Human Being. Pet! That is right. Shirley Chisholm is nothing but, a Lap Dog of Special Interests not  for Black People at all! Womens' Issues? Are you kidding?

Me Too!

Komandant Kitten knows he can be the Mayor of Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Megan Barry the present Mayor is an unofficial Democrat. She cuts down too many trees, even helpless Holly Trees. The Lights are going out all over Nashville. Got a Thing Against Christmas? It actually, can be an Initiative in the Democratic Party. B'nai Berith hates Holly Trees too. They are not Jewish at all! The Fonda Woman, and Hillary Rodham belong to this shadowy Organization. There is another Democratic Party Initiative that got Megan Berry's son dead. Why didn't he go to Vanderbilt? The University is right here in Nashville. He wouldn't even have to move into a dormitory. He left Home Ground to go to Skool on Enemy Soil in Colorado. He is dead from a drug overdose. No it isn't. He was poisoned. His body that has something like cocaine in it. It is different because, real cocaine doesn't attack the heart tissue like this. It is sort of like rheumatic fever. That is iso cocaine that has been tinkered with as a designer poison, or novel poison. So it has only one purpose. That is to kill, or injure a human being. Now, Mayor Barry's son Max Barry needs a monument? There it is true to life. There he is Immortal still holding his Crack Pipe. Nashville gets to pay for this? Kommandant Kitten knows how to get rid of this sort of stuff quick. Like pronto man. Kommandant Kitten hates kneeling knees on the playing field. Those Tennessee Titans need to keep winning for me. All the time. Kitten has a tattoo that supports the Tennessee Titans. How about those Nashville Pedators? Kitten has a Smashville tattoo on his left arm. Kommandant Kitten doesn't tolerate Political Protesting at all. Then people will quit harassing the General Public. The Police don't hurt anybody much. The Police save people's lives. If somebody gets hurt. They did it to themselves. Mayor Barry thinks this behavior called rebellion is alright. This could easily get into the schools. Parents will have a hard go at it. Guess what? Kommandant Kitten hates scab labor. The hurricanes tell it all. None of that was left standing. Habitat for Humanity gone with the wind. Kommandant Kitten is running as a Republican for Mayor of Nashville, Tennessee. President Nixon said; "Follow the money." Mayor Kitten going to go right in there. Start hitting those books. Everybody knows Nashville is not a Charity. Nashville is a City. Charities should be self supporting. Otherwise, that Charity is not popular enough to survive. It can die according to the Hard Rules of the Strong. All those figures will add up. Accounting makes sense. We may have to pull weeds right out of the Budget of Nashville. "The weeds are endless. But, we tire not in pulling them." "It is not a Holly! It is a Weed! Pull it!" There shouldn't be any Loans, or other expenses beyond the Boundaries of Decency. Kommandant Kitten bans Taking for Charity. This is to make way for the Tax Cuts needed to stimulate the Economy of Nashville. People are being nickeled, and dimed to death in Nashville. There is the "Girl Safe Campaign" as part Mayor Kitten's Political Platform. "Girl Safe" goes hand in hand with "Safe Streets." Every girl can be safe in Nashville! How is this going to happen? This all goes with "Law and Order." Get rid of Coeducation. Girls are not boys. Boys are not girls. We tire of Unisex. The girls for example can go to school in the morning. The boys can go to school in the afternoon. Part of the "Feed Nashville Campaign" everyone eats in the school. That meal will satisfy 100% of the Recommended Daily Requirement of Food. All food will be inspected for filth, pathogenic organisms, and aflatoxin." All this goes with "Peace, and Safety." "When food is present riots stop." By getting rid of Coeducation in Nashville. The problem of child pregnancy won't exist. It will abolish drug dealing, sexual harassment, school violence, and gangs. It's gone folks. Poof! We have this anti politics gospel of California Governor Jerry Brown showing up in Nashville. The State of California has turned into a Tomb Governed by this dead man. That man is politically dead. The Politics of the Tomb are in the State of California. This is Bad Politics. It is spreading. Now, we have a Democratic Party City Council along with Mayor Barry. This is more of this electoral deception. There will be a population cap in Nashville to control Urban Sprawl, and stop the Destruction of the Land. That is "Crime Control." Mayor Kitten will cure that. What do you think? Want to vote for me? All those girls can wear those pink "Cat Hats," and Campaign Buttons to get out the word. That pink "Cat Hat" can go right on the head of a girl. They might not be gay. But, girls can be happy. The "Cat Hats" are probably, registered trademarks. Somebody makes them right here in Nashville! It gets cold here in Nashville. Everything must be insulated. You need to cover up those windows to conserve power. You can do that by using black plastic polyethylene sheets. This can reduce you power consumption to half of what it would be otherwise. You can install a security system. It is better to purchase the service from a reputable security company. "A Guard is always right." That should resolve every argument in the Jail. Immediately! Megan Barry hates the Crazy Horse Saloon. Mayor Kitten wants the name changed to "The World Famous Organ Grinder." The Capuchin Monkey, and the Organ Grinding Man are on the building. This is Brusque an Performance Art Form that can from the England of Queen Victoria. This is not Obscenity. "You can not kill the pink."  They get a permit under that name too. We need to get to work on that Great Seal of the City of Nashville. The present Seal is tasteless. Seals are usually, round. The lettering "The Great State of Tennessee Nashville USA."  In the Center of the Seal will be Three Stars. The Rotary Club can confer with Mayor Kitten. Then there is the Chamber of Commerce of Nashville. All this is being done to form the "Nashville Boosters." Mayor Kitten is Old Man Holly for the Holidays. "People are important." All properties will be transfered by a Realtor. That will lower Property Taxes by Increasing the Tax Base. These measures will eliminate all these Land Scams. We are going to depose the Queen of Timeshares Mayor Megan Barry. The Remax Balloons can fly in Nashville. "Good things come in cans not in can'ts. "We can do this!" Mayor Megan Barry has this rail transit dream. We have grave suspicions about this form of mass transit. It is the costs for this exorbitantly costly project. One mass transit by rail in the San Francisco Bay Area in California had extreme cost overruns. Nashville's Mass Transit translates out to being from 5 billion dollars to something like 12 billion dollars. Nashville can do better. We can create jobs some other way. The Apostle's Creed to wit. We believe the Jesus Christ of Nazareth was born of the Virgin Mary. Preached the Gospel, Performed Miracles in the Sight of God, and men. Died Crucified on the Cross, Dead, and Buried. Rose from the Dead. Ascended up to Heaven. H.G. Wells asked the question: "From what have we been saved?" Total Annihilation! During that time people believed Nuclear War was inevitable. The Holly Trees are in full bloom in Nashville. That is Sign of God's Victory over Death. "We are all immigrants." This is stereotyping. Bad Sophistry because, it is a lie. There are people in the United States of America called "Citizens." Immigrants are not Citizens. But, this isn't about immigration exactly because, they were Refugees. Let us just call them Migrants. They are Nomads. Like there are many Nomadic Native Americans in Mexico. They have no Spanish Blood. Most of these Migrants from Mexico, and Central America fit this description. They don't have any Country really. We have to Reclassify them as Non White Native Americans. We will get rid of all Harassment Ordinances in Nashville. Because, these Harassment Ordinances "Break Peace." Has anybody told Megan Barry that Adultry is against the Law? Even if Megan Barry has an Open Marriage. Regardless, sex has reared its ugly head in Nashville.

The Politics of Desecration

 You may have seen that picture of this Storm Trooper pulling on this elderly Jew's beard. That is very unfunny isn't it? That is an Act of Desecration. It is also, called Defamation. So it goes with Holly Trees, Christmas Lights, and Traditional Displays of the Birth of Our Lord Jesus. Life Way founded by Billy Graham Ministries has had a terrible time keeping their Holly Trees safe. It is those Hollicidal Monsters out there that hate Christmas. Lighted displays of our affection to Our Lord and Savior should be unmolested. Let us put it this way. If you can walk and chew gum at the same time. You shouldn't have any problem driving around in Nashville sight seeing. Kommandant Kitten knows of several people that travel with their families. You get the picture barking dogs, yelling husbands, screaming children, and still driving with a flawless safe driving record. Then there are those Kneeling Knees mocking God. This Pattern of Desecration can include defacing monuments, vandalizing cemeteries, shooting Christians in Churches as they are Praying to God, and even bombing Churches. It is the Devil again! Maybe, just a few bad people, or both. Traditionally this Hatred of the Sacred was believed to be the Fourth Stage of Demon Possession. All Kitten's Deities agree that Rebellion is Bad. The Bible teaches that Rebellion is the same as Witchcraft. We know what to do about this situation where ever we encounter it. "Resist the Devil!"

The Politics of Rape

 This is pretty much everything above in the Politics of Desecration. Here are all the Me Stronger Routines that killed off the Brown Shirts. We are inclined to think the Rapist is an sick individual. The Rapist is Autistic. The Rapist is a man afflicted with a Progressive Disease that goes to Psychosis. There is no known cure. Rape can be found early in life. The Rapist is usually, a man that likes to destroy, and ruin everything. That is called Rapine. Rape can be a Team Sport. Lots of Orgies, and Daisy Chains made up of people not having fun much. You hear about this Hollywood Party Geas. A Geas is like a Magic Spell. It sends people somewhere until, they get work. People get caught up in this Dance. People get to think that Rape is Natural. Everybody does it. This is the American Way of Life. This is the Great American Dream. Kommandant Kitten has to break this to you gently. We have to break this Enchantment. We have to wake you up out of this Dream. It just ain't so man.

 There are men on this Planet called Gentlemen. There are girls that are called Ladies. A Party is a Social Event. Here people get to know each other.

 What do you about people like this? We have to stop loving them. We have to give up having empathy for them. We do not have to forgive them. That has already, been done at least seven times seven. It only spawns more rape. All that doesn't work on people that have no conscience. They have no natural affection. They are filled with Sin. Lust is still a Deadly Sin. That is in the Bible. What do you think about that?


The Cat

Megan Barry  is this Kulak Princess.

Aspiring to be the Commissar of Nashville.

Another Hillary Clone.

LGBT is to be Megan Barry's Political Salvation.

Lesbians, Gay Men, Bisexual Men/Women, and Transsexual Males don't agree on much of anything.

Rightly so!

We had a Brown Out in California.

Governor Jerry Brown is a Gay Man.

Megan Barry is too Good for Everybody.

Kitten is a Villain.

People are important.

Enuf said.

Electronic Warfare Training for S.W.A.T Special Weapons and Tactics Training

 Once Kommandant Kitten is in the Mayor's Office. Mr. Shewmaker is going to call Japan. The Japanese have the latest technology in this field. There are several electronic weapons that the police can have. There are several models of these Heat Guns. This is the Stuff That Hurts People. That is to keep people from being bad.

 The police need to know what a Heat Gun looks like. A Heat Gun is easily concealed in a suit. This is Good Stuff. The police need to know how to find Bad Stuff. Bad Stuff has been produced in the Silicon Valley for Jane Fonda, Ted Turner, and Governor Jerry Brown. This was during the Anti War Era. Remember that these Revolutionaries pledged to take over the Government back then.

 Several Other Electronic Devices were produced by these Domestic Terrorists. Police will be trained in how to detect, and neutralize these Covert Assault Weapons. The Japanese Heat Gun can neutralize an Enemy Heat Gun in a Public Gathering.

 The police will be introduced to these Mini Bombs a.k.a. Heat Bombs. These Electromagnetic Pulse Bombs (EMP) can kill, or cripple a human being, or a K9 dog. How to find and destroy this kind of ordinance. Police will know about explosive bugging devices, and explosive microphones. How to locate an Enemy Listening Post linked with an Enemy Comm Center.

 Police will experience at first hand a Dirty Room. Bugging Devices have been installed for Access Denial.

 Police will be taught about penta fluoro ethyl ether a.k.a. Shock Gas. This substance is flammable and explosive. The antidote is ethyl alcohol like Tennessee whiskey. Vinegar might work too. The poison attacks the Acetate Cycle. Like all ethers it forms explosive peroxides a job for the Bomb Squad. Terrorists may have this poison secreted on their person!

 The police will know what to do when they find an Everest Bed. This Covert Assault Weapon masquerades as a harmless bed heater. This Weapon will cause paralysis, and death to anyone that even sits down on this bed. Suspicious deaths in a hotel, hospital, or any place this bed can be present. This gadget is extremely dangerous.

 There is the Magnetron that can turn a car trunk into a microwave oven. It is posing as a Transponder.

 Lastly there is the Crazy Bomb Car. The Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb goes off radiating most of the heat through the radiator. It can burn somebody to death 300 feet away.

Human Rights; It is more than an Ideal. It's a Slogan!

 Kitten is snarfulling the Law Books with Kitten's huge Kitten Nose. This really stinks of death. It is an "Injun Law." It is a War Law against the Native Americans in 1873. This is the work of President US Grant. It is in the Constitution of the State of California. You understand, the the "Indian Wars" were Wars of Extermination. This Law is meant to do just that. The Native Americans can be killed in place by anybody. This Law also, applies to people that are presumed to be "hostile." That could be you. Because, this Law is still active. This is probably, the most repressive Law in the World. You could even be killed in another Country by Agents of the State of California. It may be illegal let us say in Europe but, it could be anywhere like let 's say Japan. Mind you the the Japanese Government will have no knowledge of this. It can even be a Citizen of Japan. There isn't a Country in the Whole Wide World like the United Nations that must be interested in this Law, and what it means. It is really simple. That is why the Great State of Tennessee has "Tennessee Spy Law." You catch a spy harming a Citizen especially, Military. They can be killed immediately. It is not murder.

 Human Rights is a Mind Control Stratagem. It traces its origins back to the failed policies of Woodrow Wilson. The League of Nations was one of them. The Treaty of Versailles was more than the Partial Copy that got submitted to the United States Congress. A whole lot more was Kept Secret. This was in the Planning Stages between the King of England, President Woodrow Wilson, and these Elitists. These Administrative Units are being set up under the Guise of Peace. This is a Blue Print for a Global Economically Controlled Dictatorship by the Elite. This is what caused the Great Depression, and our Present Financial Situation nowadays. It has to do with Speculation in Land, and Eminent Domain. Therefore, the Forces of Occupation are Reborn. So the Forces of Occupation are using Economic Warfare to Occupy Places in All Walks of American Life. Fortunately, there are not too many of these Elitists. That is the only good thing about them. This amounts to a Civil War again. This peaks prior to the Assassination of President John Kennedy. This is the Final Outrage.

 Those Brown Shirts were a Secret Army. That is why they were called the SA for short. Bet, you didn't know that. They comprised a National Malitia. A National Guard that was begining to get other ideas contrary to the German People. The SA even ran a few "Concentration Camps." That has got to be bad. It was. We will vist this later in this opus.

 Let us examine the World of Propaganda. You will see this in the following ad. Understanding, that advertisements are basically propaganda. Let us pretend for a time you live in an Occupied Country. You are enslaved. But, the propaganda has to make you accept this as freedom. Here you are free to smoke cigarettes. You still can. This is called "hard sell." That is because, cigarettes are very hard to sell. There are no health benefits. None. There are rules that Govern propaganda in this situation. You have to dump the hunk. Men are seen  by other men as competition hence, potential enemies. The Role of the Rival is hard to get rid of in advertising. Note, the advertisement is free of aversion. The Girl has a name. The Girl's name is Love.  It has to be sexy. True. There is a seduction that needs to happen. The Girl in the advertisement is considered unmarried. "Biker Rules" prevail here. She is not somebody's old lady. Liking her won't get you killed. This the  Madison Avenue: "no marriage rule." You can't use married models. That is aversion. Yet, she can't be a whore either. The "modesty rules" are in place. Humor is out of place. Because, humor is aversive. Their are Rules you can see in Advertising in this Pall Mall ad. There are rules that govern successful advertising. First rule is don't make a mess. That won't sell food really good. It is disgusting. It grosses people out. The "Stumble Bum" is very hated by men. Because, it brings back the memory of being shamed.  People are laughing at you. Second rule is don't do anything illegal in an ad. Third rule don't show people fighting in an ad. The Rival shouldn't be in any advertising. That is a man that owns the Girl. You want fight him. Dump the Hunk! Fourth rule is don't show marriage. There are millions of people that despise marriage. The children of divorce show that all the time. They hate being reminded of that fact. There are people that have gone through the process of divorce. Married people hate marriage at times. Here is this married woman on a talk show yaking about her children, her hubby, and all her happy marriage routines. Married people know that is nothing like their experience of marriage. Young girls will eat that up. They will get pregnant. They don't tell you having baby is very painful. Life suddenly becomes more expensive as that little monster takes over their lives. You aren't going to buy this? Are you? Fifth rule the girl dresses up for you. Her make up, and every hair on her head is letter perfect. Rule Six the Girl is Peace.

 Why do girls smoke cigarettes. It is to keep men away from them.

 There is a deeper, and much darker purpose for all this aversion in advertising. It is to get you to accept aversion as an indisputable Social Norm. You do not live in an Occupied Country? But, if this Sophistry of suffering equals glory is accepted we will be in one. Who will be the Forces of Occupation? They are this Race of Super Human People that truly believe they really just are that. Racial Divergence. Inbreeding. Eugenics. These are not Nazis. They are worse. Because, we are going to have fight them in our own time. That is going on right now. They don't have the right stuff to have a Revolution that can go anywhere but, the Dark Ages. Yet, we have got to beat them. Or, else be annihilated.

 Mayor Blomberg in New York City, New York in my Country is a billionaire several times over.

 He got his money by being the biggest slum lord in New York State. What has he done for Harlem? Other than squeeze them more. Nothing, but just that. Doesn't he help the Italians? Nah. But, he does have a Jewish like name sort of like Dianne Feinstein the Senator from Nob Hill. There is a Kubbutz in Israel filled with young Jewish girls living from hand to mouth in Israel. Kommandant Kitten has found them. Lots of Jewish girls. They are really cute. But, they are hungry. People from the States harass them there because, they are Jewish girls from Israel. God knows what happens to Jewish girls in the States but, it isn't good. This Boy Cult has gotten too strong.  Anyway, you can buy products to support Jewish girls in their Kibbutzs. Since, these Jewish Animals won't do any such thing here in my Country. The Import Duties are pretty stiff these days. Boss Tweed would know what to do. He would. Those Jewish girls would be feasting in his honor. There might be a Jewish vote around. Why, there still is. What about that? Now, that you are a Jew. What do you think? Has Mayor Blomberg gotten too good for everybody? But, he might as well keep his money.

 Israel is in the Third World. Israel has always, been in the Third World. The Fourth World "Camp" beckons. Allegedly, the United States gave all forms of  Foreign Aid to Israel. But, Israel does not have a Government any more than Yemen has. So it's that Old Black Magic again. Around, and around everything goes. Where it at. Nobody knows. It is the Magic of Banking. Now, the Congress has just voted for more money for Israel. It all goes to Great Britain. Mind you, Britain is no friend of Israel. Unless. The Banks in Great Britain have all the funds very briefly. Because, the money meant to go to Israel went to these Banks in America. Abracadabra! The funds have all been lent out! A single dollar can be lent out a thousand times in America. This is the Money Speculation the United States had prior to that period of Global Famine known as the Great Depression in America. This was the Stock Market Crash on Black Friday 1929. People are looking for their real wealth. They can't find it! Banks were lending money based on counterfeit currency. The United States Government did not know that was going on constantly. That is why the "greenbacks" aren't around any more these days. That is why lots of American Dollars are phony in Israel. Then there is money that comes back on itself. That is money laundering. This is that Banking Institution called Embezzlement.

 Blomberg hails from Great Britain very much like the Rothschilds. Feinstein seems to hail from Germany. Here is where it really gets weird. Feinstein's ancestors are from Romania. A quaint little village near the Capital. Not there any more. Feinstein is a Bogomile. The Bogomiles believe there are two Sons of God: Jesus, and Satanael. Obviously, the Bogomiles are not Jewish. The Nazis called them "Lost People." There is a Tale of Two Jews.

 Kommant Kitten is just a little kitten. Kommandant Kitten do what Kitten can. Civilization is in the balance. Not have much but, organize everything. Jewish Girls like good things. "Kitten always, goes out to get good things for the people Kitten loves." The Kibbutz always, is needed. Always, produce really good girls that have a good future. Kommandant Kitten supports Kibbutz Girls whether, they are right, or wrong. Kommandant Kitten have Supreme Law; "Don't harm Kitten." They not do that. You shouldn't either.

 Now, the "Jewish Girl" line clothing can make money for Jewish Girls. The "Jewish Girl" cosmetics line are awesome. Of course, there is the famous "Jewish Girl" "Love Jewelry." These are heart shaped earrings. There is more "Jewish Girl" Jewelry, and accessories. The Name "Jewish Girl" can be in Hebrew.

 Has anybody, ever told Mr. Bloomberg to stay in New York City, and mind his own business? To quit wrecking the Country by creating more economic depression? Mr. Bloomberg isn't going to run for President is he? This is called "grandstanding" when politicos are slyly campaigning of office.

 The problem here lies with the City Council. In some places where this happens. People are carried away by these stinking trends, and stupid fads. We get problems like this. In this case, before they get too popular. Start making a name for themselves. We just abolish the City Council. That nullifies all those annoying Ordinances. This Committee of Mice has become oppressive. Oppression is bad This intrusion into our lives stops. Berkley, California has gotten like that. It is all Bolshevik there. That is where this always, goes with these endless restrictions on people's freedoms. Those exorbinate taxes. The huge fines for breaking one of those "little laws." All that harassment stops. It starts here but, it ends badly. All these people want to be these Revolutionaries. Who wants them? This causes great economic hardship for everyone. Just fire them! This is where it goes with each County in every State in the Union. In all cases we just need a Mayor. Just one Boss. After all we can live with Boss Tweed, even Boss Bloomberg. But, we don't want these runaway City Council members to choose the next President. President Gas says so bluntly. President Gas was Ronald Reagan.

 Second hand cigarette smoke is a left handed attack on all of American Industry. Industry smokes. New York could charge ten dollars, or more for a pack for cigarettes. That was what people paid in the 1920's prior to the Great Depression. This is an antibusiness ethic.

 This is a great example of what is called propaganda. Propaganda is not a lie usually. It is the propagation of a point of view. You can see the cigarette ad above has several features that should be in any propaganda poster. Observe, the girl in the ad is using the product. She is not a street urchin. She is a top model who knows exactly, how to pose. The photographer knows how to take pictures. This is a professional piece of work. The makers of the product like you.

 Industry smokes. It does. Here is the problem. It is the same issue as with side stream, or second hand tobacco smoke. All these smoke stacks, chimneys, and mufflers smoke. They do. Then we will for the sake of clarity call radon from the ground, or concrete "smoke." Then the Broadcast Industry "smokes" in a sense too. All our cities are awash in non ionizing radiation that is as dangerous as tobacco smoke is. The same arguments virtually apply to both Industries. Here is a little story to illustrate the problem. The problem of work. How are you going to live?

 Diets are questionable. There are hundreds of fads. Some of them are dangerous. This "Diet for a New America" is one of them. The book is filled with all kinds of fallacies.

 This "Health" may cost you your job. You must guard your "Health" from cigarette smoke, asbestos, radon but, there is this chemical odor. No one but, you can sense it. Sick building syndrome has manifested. People are claiming their "Health" is at risk. The insurance companies have been informed of this, by the way from "chemically sensitive" people. The corporation is vainly trying to find the cause. The Government Health Inspectors can not find anything wrong.

 "Health" is a dangerous Concept. "Health" lends itself to all sorts of trickery. Thus, we have this "Health Care." That does not Work. Religion tells us that "Health" is not native in people. "You have no such health in you. Because, of Original Sin." Original Sin is Empathy that seeks to be God. So you will have all those aches, and pains. You are going to die. You are mortal.  This "Health" can not spare you from that. The Ascetic Healthy Life will not add a single day to your life. Once, you get sucked into this narcissism it will cause you to die many years before your time.

 There is more, and there always is. John claims he has lung cancer. But, he really has cancer of the penis that has spread to John's lungs. His doctor doesn't want to tell him that he has penile cancer. Because, John wouldn't understand, that he is really dying. The Death Certificate says John died of lung cancer. That virus is contagious. No one will check to see if other people may, have it. There are over twenty cancer viruses out there. All of them can kill you. We all probably, have them. Could a cell phone trigger brain cancer? Some Swedish researchers say so. So things are not always, what they seem to be until, you look closer. This is a big Public Health issue.

The Man in this picture is Robert Kennedy. There he is on Top of the World.

Unfortunately, the Kennedy regime wanted a Chemical Theory of Cancer for Political Reasons. The Tobacco Companies hated Kennedy. Senators from the Tobacco States blocked a lot of Kennedy's so called Reforms, and Iniatives. They didn't like Nixon much either. The Auto Industry doesn't like Kennedy at all. Kennedy disallowed the investigation of viruses as a cause of cancer. That may also, be because, of Biowarfare Research at that time that needed to be kept secret from the Russians. Remember, Kennedy is getting ready to fight World War III. True, tobacco is now free from the radioactive elements cesium 137, strontium 90, and radio iodine from all those Atom Bomb Tests in the Atmosphere done in the 60's, and 70's. We got to breath all that. How would it feel if somebody ran a Geiger Counter near you. You found out you are radioactive? Poor Kitten! You can see the plasma in the sky from those tests. The experts say there will be at least a hundred thousand deaths from leukemia per each test. You can look at some of those Circus Freaks out there. Radiation causes deformity. Kennedy is a criminal. Kennedy has the heart, and soul of a pimp. People need to quit loving that man. Polonium 210, radon, and radium in tobacco have showed up in some tobacco due to sabotage by adding ground pitch blend ore to tobacco fields. You wouldn't want that in your food either. The asenicals are no longer used on tobacco fields like they were in the 60's. Tobacco is now, free of arsenic a known human carcinogen. That is gone too. Tobacco is as safe as it can be. The Tobacco Industry did keep their promise of creating a much safer product. Once, the hazards were made known to them. Smoking is still a vice. There are Religious reasons for getting rid of smoking too because, like alcohol it is an intoxicant. Canabis falls into the same category too. The Dali Lama claims smoking drives away his Gods.
The problem here is we have a kind of apparatus of Democratic Party functionaries that

has outlived its usefulness. Yet, it keeps posing. President Diem of South Viet Nam was replaced violently. Not because, he was a bad man. It was rather, President Diem was hailed as the Savior of Viet Nam from Communism, and given a ticker tape parade to honor him by the previous Republican Administration. Likewise, witness the demise of the Shah of Iran in these terms with Democratic President Jimmy Carter repudiating the policies of former Republican President Nixon. Now, witness the resignation of President De Kerk in South Africa. That situation is right now, very much with us in the United States. You can look for this with President Obama too. You see these elections are violent Warlike affairs combined with an Idiot Compassion. We need to geld the Donkey, and let that Donkey bleed out all over the kill floor. Let us call this the Death of Apartheid in America.

 Did you know that Donkey was created by British Intelligence Agent Thomas Nast? Thomas Nast had been an Agent of the British since, at least 1860. So his creations are still with us like the our modern Santa Claus. The Elephant drawn by Thomas Nast became a symbol of the Party of Lincoln. The Nast illustration right above shows Lincoln standing next to a dead elephant. Probably, a reference to Lincoln's assassination. Lincoln's successor Andrew Johnson is trying to keep the Democratic Party from going into the abyss. That refers to Reconstruction in the American South. The question: who is going to take over if Johnson is impeached? The British want to know that.

 Now, it could be argued that Thomas Nast with those British spies that were taking over American media did not create Uncle Sam (the male personification of the American people), Columbia (the female personification of American values), or the Democratic Party Donkey. The American Eagle is still another on of these creations of a very Political mind. Be that as it may, these Mascots have assumed a malign life of there own that never existed before Thomas Nast, and his English Spy Ring.

 This is real evil since, these symbols are powerful in us. That is pretty good Psychological Warfare. These are Ideals, or Archetypes that are used to manipulate people by Modeling Behavior. These are all Perfect Models.

 In such cases we must triumph their evil, and exceed their good. For it is best to beat them on the field of public relations. Than it is to have whip them on the battlefield. Destroy them!

  Who was Boss Tweed? We may never know that. We do know Boss Tweed was an Imperialist.

 All propaganda has traps set to catch your mind, and hold it captive. The Trap of Anger is the simplest to explain. There has to be bait. If you take the bait you are going to become angry. That is to make you act out.

 This opus is laden with hundreds of different traps. You need to learn to disarm these traps.

 Do you want a Foreign Power, sometimes a hostile power to define who you are with Uncle Sam? Remember, Columbia is a personification of American Values. That comes from a Foreign Government that is constantly changing. Do you want a British Santa Claus that may be Pagan? Actually, Santa Claus, or Kris Kringle is the Virtue of Giving that goes along with the Virtue of Hospitality. This also, means our Political Vision is limited to that to a Donkey, and an Elephant. It is like we are beholden in America to some absentee landlord.

 Great Britain has a Socialist Government. A Socialism that J. Edgar Hoover considered to be a bigger threat than Communism. Socialists are Missionary. Some British Socialists have been found to be very violent. Also, President Roosevelt was very concerned about this English Socialism. Roosevelt actually, implemented several reforms to guard against a British takeover of America's Political Apparatus. This has has happened several times in American History. That was why President Roosevelt prescribed this "Poison Pill" to stop any total European takeover of the United States of America. That was to grant full Citizen Status to all American Negroes by Executive Order to thereby serve in America's Armed Forces with Full Combat Status.

 Jews actually, have the same thing. It is another one of President Roosevelt's "Poison Pills" to prevent a foreign take over. The Jews will have to form the State of Israel themselves. If they can take it. They should.

  People of Hapsburg, and Bourbon decent have been noted too. As long as they are his.

 The Quakers are not included in President Roosevelt's dispensations. Nor, is there one for the Huguenots. President Roosevelt considered them to be Un American. They can all die during the Great War. They should. President Roosevelt thought they could be at least used up as "Canon Fodder." They will not be classified as 1A in the Draft System. They are considered to be unsuitable for Military service. But, they can serve in another capacity. That is why the Medics, and a few others: the War Corespondent are supposed to be unarmed. They can't carry weapons. They don't get any medals as a rule. President Roosevelt's Generals like General Patton knew this too. As civilians they can't be sent into Hazardous Duty. They are President Roosevelt's "Little War Dogs." Otherwise, the Famine is expected to finish them off.

 The Problem is "These People" got into his First Lady's Eleanor Roosevelt's life.  It made her bad.  She can be used by spies to get at the "Old Man" himself. President Roosevelt is furious with them on this count. They know too much. Everything will be compromised even the Atom Bomb Secrets. Because, of this they are classified as  "Dangerous People." Since, President Roosevelt under the United States Constitution is not allowed to have a Bill of Attainder. That is an Enemy List. It does in Great Britain, and Other Countries create a category of people that can be executed without trial. It is a catch all sort of thing. But, this legal device can be used outside the Country. This has went to even the Axis Powers, and the Soviet Union. Because, "These People" are too nosy.

 Sir Roosevelt added a pinch of the Old Mummy Dust to the mixture. It is made from a ground up mummy. Everybody, knows a mummy can't utter single syllable. So Mum is the Word on all of this. This is very Secret.

 Roosevelt's Negroes were given Other Orders in the event of a Foreign takeover of the United States of America. Well, they still had their Tommy Guns, and the sacred right to use them on the enemy on sight. That would happen if America is in danger of having a Puppet Government.

 You understand, that the enemy wouldn't reveal their true intentions for at least forty years, or more. It takes at least that length of time for a Cultural War to reveal itself. Culture Wars are defined as manipulating people by means of duress, harming, and/or even killing key people in the target Civilization. This is by means of economic takeover, murderous espionage, and subversion. Something like the Soviet Union has always, been accused of. But, there is not a native population of Russians, a real Communist Party, and enough Agents to do this. This is not the case with Great Britain. Remember, World War III is an Invisible War. Roosevelt knew the British would try it. Murder as a means of affecting Social Change. That Social Contract is an Act of War.

 Perhaps, Farmers should live on the Land. That is the land that they farm. Absentee farm ownership is not to be honored. Then migrant farm workers are not needed. Food is harvested by the people that own it. Then quality control is easier.

 Actually, the Migrant Worker is much worse off than the Negro share cropper was in the Rural South during the American Reconstruction that Followed the American Civil War. They were still Slaves but, did have more privileges than todays Migrant Workers. You see Migrant Workers don't count. Migrant Workers are not part of anybody's census. Migrant Workers live in a Prison Without Walls. Prisons like that are called Ghettos. Auschwitz had such a System of Forced Labor.

 Also, we should abolish this Renters Paradise. Everything should be owned by the people that have it. That gets rid of this escalation of rental fees a key cause of National Inflation in the Cost of Living. You see Rents are not a form of Income. Rather, it is another kind of Tax. A Property Management Company is a "Hollow Drum." Insurance Companies seem to work the same way. They tend to go broke like the "Thrift Industry" that keeps getting supported by Government bailouts. Your hard earned Tax Dollars are supporting all these "White Elephants," and "Sacred Cows." Why not call these items what they really are? Your Tax Dollars at Work for people you do not know, and probably would never like at all. We could enshrine all this chicanery in some form of American Socialism. Would you like that?

 You understand, the Renter's Paradise is also, part of a System of Forced Labor. Auschwitz had many models of Prisons Without Walls where even Guards were not needed. It is the "Uniformity of Camp" that forms the Ghetto even without any Social Planning. It is only a matter of Population Density. The Ghetto emerges from the natural inequality present in any Society. A clear Sign of Famine.

 People are taking too much. This squeezing people dry is bad for business. It is also immoral. This is enslaving people. No one wants to be imprisoned. This can ruin the Economy of Nations.

Famine Laws

 Nazi Germany strangely did not have any Famine Laws. But, America does have Famine Laws. These Famine Laws are Anti Solicitation Laws regarding Charities. Charities can be a big problem during a Time of Hardship. It is immoral solicit money, and work from people too too poor to give anything. A Charity can take part of your pay check. Famine Laws forbid this sort of racketeering. During a Time of National Emergency, War, and Famine the Government can shut Charities down, and halt all Immigration. No money leaves the Country. There are no loans, no gifts, and no foreign aid because, all that is immoral.

 When you have a terrible Government. That doesn't mind "White Flight," and "Urban Blight." That doesn't really care if High School students are mating like rabbits. It will give a reluctant nod to Integration, and Israel. Families are being broken up, and scattered all over the Country. When you are preparing to fight World War III. That will increase survival rates after a Thermo Nuclear War. The cities are being evacuated, and the breeding rates are going up as planed before a tactical First Strike on the Soviet Union. The New Frontier will open up with an estimated hundred million people dead in America alone. That is what they thought. They believed they could "Win" a War like that.

 Do you know what Apartheid is? It starts with categories. People start classifying each other as either, Us, or Them. It is a kind of paranoia. Where people are living psychologically in separate Worlds yet, in the same Country. That is true psychosis. It is immoral. There is a kind of Class System that forms based on the "Norms, Forms, and Values" of Apartheid. We have that in the Democratic Party right now. Yes, we do. This "Class Warfare" can happen. This will spawn vendettas. Yes, it will. This is what happened in the 60's. "People fall though the cracks." That says that people are dirt that needs to be swept up. That you are not important. With that kind of nihilism nothing is. Is it?

 The Vision elaborated on by Dr. Martin Luther King is Integration not Apartheid. That means we would be all Americans living in a Hate Free Society. Dr. Martin Luther King sees People of Color not Black. Segregation is a problem, and Apartheid is a Sin.

 On the other hand the Black Militants have an Ideal of a Separate Black State. Militant means organized along Military lines. They are soldiers. What do you think? But, there are almost, no Pure Blooded Negroes in the United States of America. So Blood will become an issue. Here we are back with racism again. Here we have Apartheid. Hate is worse than it has ever been been in America. The NAACP was co opted. You can thank Bobby Kennedy for this Gift of Death.

 Black, and White Americans don't even greet each other on the sidewalks like they are both Pagans. They walk by each other eyes staring straight ahead, or seemlying busy with something else, than that dreaded social interaction. They are the dreaded tudros. Tudro: a Tibetan word; "eyes staring down at the ground like an unthinking beast. Plodding along though life stupidly."

 Under this System; Segregation is not needed, or wanted. So our freedom is spurious. It is fictitious.

 This Black and White Game is divide, and conquer. That was Kennedy's stratagem. We have got to live with this now, somehow?

 That was very common before the Rise of Nazism in the 1920's. There is this polarization between Catholics, and Protestants escalating between them like that. The Christians all know they should forgive one another, reconcile, and reunite. Somehow, they never do. Dr. Martin Luther King knew that. Communism is making a lot of headway. Homosexuality is tolerated, and even celebrated in Berlin, Germany has a lot of Guest Workers. Intrigue is everywhere as it seems spies are running the Country. Militias of a sort are forming. The "Free Corps" are taking shape. There is talk of Civil War. But, everybody knows that can't possibly happen. The Germans know they are living in a free Country. The Dream Worlds of the Wiemar Republic.

 The problem with Apartheid is nobody has become assimilated. They don't know they are Americans even though they say they are. There is only one America. We had a Civil War that decided that issue.

 When America needs to close ranks. They are going to have to stand next to you. You have to trust them. You can not work next to somebody that hates you. You can not live next door to somebody that wants you dead. A Neighborhood of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). You don't want to be stabbed in the back. After every War we have these "Sticklebacks." Getting those knives out of their backs takes a lot of work. Everybody has to work together for a common good.

 Have you ever heard of the Viet Minh? Once upon a time. There was a fellow named Ho Chi Minh. He was a student of Woodrow Wilson. He believed in something called Wilsonian Democracy. He did. This was right before World War II.

 President Wilson proposed a kind of structure to promote World Peace right after World War I. That was to organize a kind of Watch. This Watch on the local level would be called "Watching the Neighborhood." This was the forerunner of Neighborhood Watch. So the Viet Minh were a National Watch. Cuba, and Nicaragua have this problem too. Eventually, the Viet Minh challenged the Government under which this National Watch was formed. This is called sedition, mutiny, or armed rebellion. "The Ugly American" both the book, and the movie are worth looking at. Politically mature people can watch "A State of Siege" a film  made in France. Yes, it is in English. Finally, George Orwell's "Animal Farm" tells us the logical outcome of these "Wars of Liberation." It is always, more of it. Continual Strife. You have to earn Peace, and be worthy of it.

 Some people in America believed that Hell should have a Democratic Government. That is absurd. That these devils can become Christians, We all know that is impossible in Hell. A lot of people died in the Viet Nam War. Millions of people are dead. That is what Viet Nam was, Hell, Probably still is. This is logic of Religious Crusades.

 You see the Viet Nam War is a "Rubber Snake." You don't have to be afraid anymore. The "Rubber Snake" was there to mobilize everybody for World War III.

 Viet Nam has fallen back into its' Old Primitive Agriculture. It is the pattern of rude primitive people in the Countryside. Aboriginal People's caves, mud huts, hotches, and wigwams. It is those thatched roofs that give everything away. The Hill Tribes are still there. They have a Culture that is incredibly Native. Aren't they lucky they live next door to China? You see the Chinese won't let the Viet Namese live like they want to. The Viet Namese can't handle Civilization. The Viet Namese are "home sick" for their Native Hells.

 Kommandant Kitten has just eaten Trix. "Trix is for kids!" The Rabbit jumps right out of the box into Kommandant Kitten's cereal bowl with lots of vitamin D fortified milk. "Milk is good for everybody." It's a cultural thing in the far off Land of Mew. Mew!

 There is a movie that has a milk truck putting something like a million gallons of milk down the sewers of Washington D.C. It was made by the United States Government. An extravagance you need to see for yourself. The waters of Chesapeake Bay are all turning milky with real Grade A milk. This is courtesy of the United States Department of Agriculture. This has been one of the best organizing tools the Communists have ever gotten. In India people got to see it for free in Bollywood. You can hate this movie too. Especially, the brainless people that put this thing together. This was done under President Eisenhower. Do think what it would be like if we had Mac Aurthur instead? What about Patton riding around in his Presidental Tank?

 President Eisenhower warned Americans about this Military Industrial Complex. What kind of General was this man? The man that shelled Brussels. That should tell you something about that man's character. This is where it goes too. The Occupation of Europe is the "Free World." Huh!

 During Eisenhower's term in office there was this massive build up to fight World War III. The "Space Race" starts up to prove we can really shoot those rockets, and hit somebody with them in a far off land. The super highways are built for Military transport.

 There you have gotten it. The Space Race, and the Arms Race are getting started under mostly Eisenhower.

 General Eisenhower was in command of the European Theater of Operations. Why not invade Hamburg, Germany instead of storming the beaches of France? Why bother with North Africa? The resources are all there. Why can't the American, and British War Dogs seize the Nazi Beast right by the jugular, and shake it around a few times? But, Eisenhower wants to be President of the United States of America. Even Sir Winston Churchill does like it as the War drags on, and on, and on. See it wasn't necessary to shell Brussels, nor obliterate Antwerp, or bog down in the Arden. Belgium did not Declare War on the United States. Eisenhower is going on to turn the Netherlands into the Nether World. Finally, Eisenhower is in Berlin after the Russians have taken the city. The Russians want Eisenhower to leave right away. At least be on his side of the fence. Eisenhower had no choice. Because, General Eisenhower had lost most of his fighting men. The Nazis almost, beat him. Airplanes? They have been all shot down. Ships? Most of the Allied Ships have been sunk, or are in dry dock being repaired. Was Eisenhower an incompetent general? Let's rethink this. Why? Any bright ten year old boy can plainly see this.

 As we know this is nothing but, camera trickery. It could be disinformation showing that Adolph Hitler really does have an invincible Ally. Strangely, the History Channel ; H2 attested to a secret meeting of President Eisenhower  with "real" Space Aliens. There are hundreds of Government documents. So much of them even United States documents. But, let's just say, this is all the work of spies trying to fool people. Auschwitz never got any Close Encounter of any kind.

 Or, we will call this a bid for Global Domination. Did anybody win? Nothing! Where is America's share of the World Market? All these European Colonies can be "Independent Nations." To what end? So a man in let's say in New Guinea can buy an American toothbrush? It is probably, made in China. Is there any American Market Share in the former Pacific Theater? Not a lot! The former European Theater is a very grim scene. This is what happens when you have a Country with a very bad Government. One that has a really terrible Foreign Policy. A Country that really needs to change a lot. It had better. Into something that wins, and quits making enemies. Lots of them!

 Understand, the first Military that were not mercenaries originated during the American Revolution. Napoleon came later.

 Here is the blueprint for the gas chamber crematoria shown above. These pictures are hard to get. Hackers keep deleting them off the internet. Is this a conspiracy to keep us ignorant, and enslaved? Or, it could be Satan again? Yes, hackers can get into the Role of Satan Diabolus the Hinderer. They think its a game. They believe it is funny because, hackers are perverts. They pervert everything, and destroy our freedom. America is corrupt.

 Poachers have been killing the elephants all over Viet Nam. Even the Hanoi Zoo was raided by elephant poachers. These were Hindu merchants from India. They have been raiding Viet Nam for centuries with a bit of a break from the French, and later the Americans. They are back again.

 The Hindu Merchants are of that Class. You see there is no Caste System in India. Maybe, Great Britain? Possibly, America? Anyway, the Merchants go to Hi Phong harbor with their Mother ship a long ways away. Hi Phong means something like "Wealth." Only Hindus know this but, now, you do too. Wow! Kitten is a God! There Kitten must be. Being the Last, and First of the Real Carthagians. That is gone back to the same trading relationship Carthage had with folks that can never be trusted at all. Everybody in Viet Nam can get "good things" from the Merchants. Now, only Merchants can judge what is good, or bad merchandise for "These People." It costs a lot to get good merchandise. It maybe, many Phong to get what is on that ship way off the coast of Viet Nam. The Little Boat Captain tells them so. They have scrap don't they? If Viet Namese people get enough scrap to fill that Little Boat that will be so much credited to their account once, it goes all the way to India with all of it exclusively, of course. The Little Boat is back all of a sudden. The Little Boat Captain brings some merchandise they might have if they have another deal. They do! Elephant tusk worth much to him. Not have to kill elephant. Bring ivory for their inspection. Viet Namese can't tell what is ivory, only Merchants. But, Viet Namese must have more scrap ivory to make up Two Phong. That Hi Phong they can get Two Phong easy. Can't get any fly spray. Kampuchea buy everything. They spray their whole Country many times kill all flies! No mosquitoes either. They spray all their rice fields. No Hessian fly there at all! Kampuchea sell much rice all the time. India poor country. They make only so much insecticide. That very hard to get. India never have loans. India is poor. Pol Pot family have three water buffalo! Water buffalo working all the time there. Water buffalo guaranteed by India for ten years. That impossible to have. Get rid of flies first. Flies kill water buffalo. The Merchants bait them mercilessly. Merchants will give them mosquito netting treated with insecticide. Sew that on to cloth with draw string as a head, and face cover. That makes a excellent "shroud" for them. Flies can't kill them especially, while they are sleeping. Citronella oil keeps flies away. Essential oils are not 100% certain to repel flies because, the human body sweats. They get that too. They get cloth, mosquito netting, thread, twine, needles, sewing machines, water pumps, medicines, etc. But, never any weapons. The Viet Namese shouldn't have anything sharp. They might kill Merchants with it. The Merchants know the Viet Namese are totally dangerous. The Merchants don't leave their boats. Definitely, won't live there. There are some things they better not do. "Don't get far from home." Merchant not tell them that but, that is the Way. Then there is a whole Freighter Boat filled with nothing but, good things for  Merchants there. If they do not pester them at all. That way, they not wind up like Taiwanese merchants did in all of the Republic of Viet Nam. See Viet Nam was lawless back then. Everyone suffered greatly from that War afterwards.

 The very idea of helping the Viet Namese is just silly. This is a Cultural Black Hole that could take the Whole World's Resources. It would all disappear into Total Negation.

 In America the Viet Namese are classified as "Bad People." But, this Country will take them in anyway. The Problem is the Viet Namese won't know this, by the way. These categories are around in Government even though they are not legal. Because, it is an Enemy List. This is rotten stuff. Of course, Government Officials will deny this. But, it is there. This is another sign of corruption in America.

 Several shots rang out late one Hanoi evening. The people of Viet Nam are incredibly lazy. The land is very unsafe at night. The ivory poachers entered the Zoo easily shooting several elephants dead, cutting off their tusks, and running off to India with them. Then the Viet Namese could eat their beloved elephants the Pride of Hanoi. They did cut it up for their dogs. The flies had gotten to it really bad. The maggots were in the meat by morning. Fortunately, screw worm is not rampant there. Screw worm does not do very good in the tropics. But, in the hills screw worm is bad.

 Yet, flies were not a problem in Auschwitz. You will notice this disparity in all the "Camp" pictures. There are no flies! This was due to an ongoing eradication program against flies. They developed a lot of novel insecticides for this purpose. Zinc Arsenate, and Sodium Fluorosilicate were used as larvacides. They had a DDT like insecticide Gix (DFDT), benzene hexachloride, a chlorodane like insecticide that was a hexachoro analogue, a Dieldrin like insecticide probably Aldrin, and several others were employed to kill flies. That kind of research was always, going on.

 In Auschwitz you could sleep at night, and not wake up the next day covered with maggots. You wouldn't get maggots in your eyes, deep in your ears, in your nostrils, or in your mouth. Maggots can make a person very sick if they get inside you. If you got a cut. The flies wouldn't be around enough to lay eggs in it. Screw Worm usually, does this in animals, and people. Screw worm in the United States was an epidemic killing livestock, and sometimes people. The maggots are very aggressive.

 There is series on "Parasites: the Monsters Within" there for your cable viewing enjoyment. If you get a chance watch this incredible "Infested" series too.

 The Viet Namese don't get to eat very much. Fruit is hard to have because, different species of fruit flies destroy it all the time. Bot flies make it very hard to concentrate while they are trying to put maggots in your eyes, and nose. Bot flies are a plague in Viet Nam. Bot flies, or Gad flies are a major cause of blindness in Africa. The rice fields are fertilized with raw human waste. Water buffalo figures in there somewhere. Composting is unheard of in Viet Nam. They just won't do it. If there is any water around human waste goes right in to it. Don't eat the mussels. Meat is not on the table much at all. Dairy products are unheard of there. The fish are hard to get. The porpoise attack their boats, break their nets, and eat most of their fish. The dolphins are a plague there eating all their fish, and shrimp. Also, Viet Namese are Buddhists of a sort peculiar only to them. They don't like to kill animals even, fish. However, insects do make up a surprising part of their diet. There are those very large fruit cockroaches. The Cuban deaths head cockroach is the world's largest cockroach They catch them early in the morning, and at dusk. Pop the things right into their mouthes savoring the taste of them. This is oozy gooey at its very best! Yuck! The jungle gourmet goes after those large beetle grubs in debris on the jungle floor. The Hill Tribes live like this. Don't you want a huge pot of beetle grubs cooking on the stove?

 There is nothing of economic value in the Republic of Viet Nam. There is some oil shale but, not worth mining. There are some phosphates there. The Viet Namese don't know this. The rubber trees are not being tapped although, the rubber plantations are still there. Natural rubber would have a hard time competing with Buna (synthetic rubber) these days. Things are going to get worse. They just have to.

 There is a sort of Cargo Cult in Viet Nam. Everyday, the Ghost like in the picture above takes so many of their young men, and flies off with them as a tribute to the Ghost People somewhere else.

 They have a child like mentality because, the Viet Namese are malnourished. Their brains aren't very big. They're idiots, and morons.

 We will not know exactly, what happened when Viet Nam invaded both Cambodia, and Laos. Laos was depopulated, and repopulated by the Viet Namese Hill Tribes. Pol Pot, and the Cambodian Army finally, stopped the Viet Namese in, or near the Cambodian capital. Most of the Viet Namese Army, and most of the population of Cambodia were killed back then. Then Viet Nam even attacked China! Did. Viet Nam also, lost that one.

 No one will know exactly what Pol Pot did in Cambodia. Pol Pot might of committed genocide? Can we believe anybody?

 It started with a bang as Pol Pot blew Lon Nol's brains out all over the Palace floor. It was time. Death had a new name the Viet Namese could say it. "Pol Pot!" They were all Viet Cong, and North Viet Namese Army,

 So Kommandant Kitten doesn't feel a bit sorry for them. It is "Hate Day."

 As the Viet Namese quietly died all over the Country. It was time to load the rockets into their Stalin organs. They had a lot of those Stalin organs around each of their major cities. Each one can throw three hundred rockets into the enemy.

 Near the Capital the "Tiger Moths" (Huey gunships) began to grow restless. They rose quickly from their hiding places. Immediately, the "Tiger Moths" started feeding viciously on the Viet Namese Armies. The "Tiger Moths" fed voraciously on the tanks, artillery, troop carriers, trucks, jeeps...

 That stared the whole thing off. The Chinese got to fight them too in China. It is normal with aboriginal peoples caught up in Racial Divergence to fight Wars like this. They always, start them.

 Some American reporter sneaked into Cambodia, and lived with people that might have been Viet Namese, and probably were. You can watch "The Killing Fields," and read his book, if you must with this in mind. There is a Easter Egg in the "Killing Fields." If you can get the Director's Cut of the "Killing Fields." That means nothing is left out of the DVD. Can you find Pol Pot?

 It is hard to explain this; how a Country like the United States of America has become like Cambodia prior to "Year Zero." A World of Zero is a place where everything is kind of a Zero. That you can not be sure from one moment to the next whether, you will live, or not unless, you make that decision like Pol Pot did. You don't want to die terribly. The United States is now, in Year Zero.

 The American people have been lied to constantly by the Media Monopoly, and even the United States Government. That folks will say "We believe you." but, in fact really don't. America is surreal.

 War Criminals? Genocide? "There isn't a President born that hasn't deserved to hang," according to President Lyndon Johnson. There have been War Criminals, and genocide throughout America's History.

 Lyndon Johnson was a Parliamentarian. Even Lyndon Johnson's enemies have to work with him. If they want anything to pass. President Lyndon is totally frustrated. Lyndon Johnson knows there is an Insurgency in the United States of America. Legislation is being passed like the Separation of Church and State in 1953. That was a rider attached to the Budget. Stealthy. No one will object to Crime Control. There are several other Bills hidden in other pieces of Legislation. Lyndon Johnson hid several Laws from from President Roosevelt, and other Presidents. This is to stop a Coup d'etat that is in progress. You can look for all those Easter Eggs.

 This Human Rights is nothing but, "Hush Work." The "Hushing of America" has happened too many times in the past. Crimes are covered up, and nobody will talk about it. This makes it devilishly hard to learn about the Third Reich. Harder still to find out about those "Camps."

  People have become too good all of a sudden. When people get too good they get really bad. The Marquis De Sade always, said things like this about a kind of tacky virtue.

 Then there is this flow of these political hackneyed, trite, clinches in the News pouring out of your radio, television, maybe, even on the internet, and in the print media. Well cooked swill. You won't vomit it back up. By now, you should be used to it. "Democracy," it just sets your teeth on edge. "Freedom," you start getting scared. "Free Elections" monitored by the Tooth Fairy no doubt. The News is aversive. It makes you long for Corporate Screeds, and Government Handouts.

 The Badger rules the Media.

 The Reporter is a real News Hound. Is he "Old Yeller?" No, he ain't. But, he will have to stand in for him. He can hound people right into hell. Hell is where he comes from. Can you say "paparazzi?" Yellow dog journalism? You bet'cha! It's right on the mark. The marks always, buy it. If it sells. It is always, good. You bet'cha.

 Humility can cure this goodness of theirs most assuredly. This intolerable presumption, a frowardness that is American diplomacy.

 This business of America is business. Not watching the World, and correcting its' faults according to some dubious logic.

 The Philippine Islands are another basket case right out of hell too. Their Watch might endure this. They actually, might during the Long Descent. They are headed for the time prior to the Spanish Conquistadors. Another, rotten primitive hell. There is nothing good there either. Soon meat with be on the table like it was in New Guinea. Human flesh.

 Wilsonian Democracy is the problem. Not a solution to anything. Yet, Woodrow Wilson's Foreign Policy has been continued to this day. Fidel Castro in Cuba did the same thing. Also, so did Manuel Ortega in Nicaragua.

 They might be shocking pink but, none of them are true Communists. Anymore, than President for Life Marcos in the Philippines was even though, This Watch still is around running that small Country. There are literally hundreds of examples of this kind of  "democratic" dictatorship.

 Kommandant Kitten has an Agrarian Revolution featured in Phaedra. Countries interested in said Revolution will have to manufacture everything internally. They should have enough materials, and skill to make their own DDT (dichloro diphenyl trichloroethane), and Dimite (dichloro diphenyl trichloroethanol). This builds up the Pride of the People.

 Then there was this Agrarian Revolution in China. Sun Yet Sen was their World Leader very educated by the British. That was a group of Watches that were set up probably, by the British. To keep people in their places. To hold them down. Although, it might not seem like that. It is like that in Britain too, by the way.

 Under that Government speeding was a crime punishable by death by hanging. You have to look at the old pictures to appreciate this. Several people hanging from a tree with their motor car parked nearby for evidence. If you owned a car. It was good to poison the villages, and promote disease as a form of Biowarfare. Biowarfare is the oldest form of War known. The weapons are always, there. Plague victims were sent to the villages all the time. The flu was deadly there in the Villages too. Villagers were always, killed in the cities for spreading flu. The Villagers were aboriginal First Peoples. Most of the First Peoples can not adapt to Civilization. The Maori, and the South African Bushmen might be some exceptions to the rule.

 They actually, did overthrow the Nationalist People's Party (Kuomintage) after World War II. Chiang Kai-Shek was eventually, forced to go to Taiwan. That was because, General Chiang Kai-Shek wanted a unified China free of foreign influence. Therefore, General Chiang Kai-Shek had no support from the West. But, the United States did support what was left of the Army of Agrarian Reformers. They lost the Civil War to Chairman Mao in about ten days. The rest of the "War" was just about arranging the Reconstruction of China. That left General Chiang Kai-Shek's loyal forces in Taiwan, permanently.

 There was an extreme deal that would have forestalled all this bloodletting. Unfortunately, everything centered around Sun Yat Sen as the Big Leader in China. This would have been something like SEATO (South East Asia Treaty Organization). A Common Market was envisioned here too. That Sphere would have been stabilized. We were all sure in America that Sun Yat Sen was Our Man. But, Sun Yet Sen just sort of petered out. It all died. Sun Yat Sen was a Gay Man. He might of been assassinated by his buddies. But, Sun Yat Sen could have died of Cancer of the Spine. The Japanese could have gotten a hold him.

 There is more about this sordid Chinese affair. The Japanese collaborated with the United States prior to Pearl Harbor about these Agrarian Reformers. They are not with Chiang Kai-Shek nor, are they with Mao. This Agrarian Reform Movement made up lists of members. Those lists made there way to the American Embassy. President Hoover's Administration saw them all as Communists. This was sort of like what happened in Viet Nam during the French Indo Chinese Wars. That information was relayed to the Japanese. President Hoover didn't care much what the Japanese did in there own "Sphere of Influence."

 At one time the Japanese were considered an Ally of the United States of America. Even Hitler was considered a Friend of Sir Roosevelt. Here we are again. The Germans, and Japanese are our buddies again.

 It was the British Navy with their blockade against Japan in China that Precipitated World War II. It was the constant agitation of these Anglophiles in the United States that tried Roosevelt's patience to the breaking point. The British had committed the Unforgivable Sin. A Lose-Lose War. That is a War on Two Fronts.

 Chaing Kai-Shek was not going to interfere with the Japanese as along as they were killing off his enemies. The Agrarian Reformers are being killed off by everybody. Chaing Kai-Shek will have to tangle with his old enemy Chairman Mao. Chairman Mao, Chaing Kai-Shek, and the Japanese have to get the Agrarian Reformers out of the way so they can finally, fight each other. Chairman Mao, Chaing Kai-Shek, and the Japanese did all agree on something. "Let's level this."

 President Roosevelt fell in love the Chinese Agrarian Reform Movement right after Pearl Harbor. None of the others were very noble. That was the Party Line. The Party Line doesn't have to make sense. It just has to be there.

 The Soviet Union intervened in China to drive the Japanese out of China as they fought it out over the dead bodies of these Agrarian Reformers. That gave Chairman Mao an extreme advantage. The rest is "History."

 Did you know this Watch structure was in Europe prior to the rise of Adolph Hitler? Brown Shirts. Do you understand what that means? Total mayhem! Fascism! Hundreds of these Watches fighting for supremacy led ultimately, to what is called the Holocaust.


The Jews joined these Watches almost, unanimously. Once, these Jews got involved with whatever that was going on. These Jews got blamed for everything that went bad in these Countries.

 Why there he is! It's President Wilson riding high on his War Chest watching everything. Colonel House is keeping an eye open. The Parrot says, "Keep it up!" "The Whole World is Watching!" was actually, a exclamation of a slogan of Wilsonian Democracy. This was what President Wilson's League of Nations was going to be like. This is the Humor of Auschwitz. The United Nations must be joke of some sort too. It really seems to be. That is valuable real estate in New York. We just need to knock that eyesore down, and put up a better building.

 A Watch is basically, Mars coming up from a trap door. But, it must eventually, lead to the Complete Militarization of Society. The final Formation of Real Empire. Afterwards, the Watch withers away.

 This was called "Internationalism" by the Nazis. The Nazis were right back then. Internationalism is bad.

 Basically, refugees, guest workers, and students were considered to be spies posted by hostile Governments.

 Here we have the Origins of the Peace Corps. Now, you have know more about Ku Klux Klan. You do understand, that President Wilson created a version of Ku Klux Klan that is not Scottish Fold. Scottish Fold is a different Brotherhood. A Klan is the same as a Clan. That is always, a Family. That is Scottish Fold. President Wilson's Ku Klux Klan goes much further. This Ku Klux Klan is linked with Other Nations hence, Internationalism. This is authorized by the Treaty of Versailles it will work with the League of Nations. If you are a Black Man, or Woman you should be very scared of this kind of Legislation in any way, shape, or form.

 Here we are again with the United Nations. The same Wilson Ku Klux Klan Families are in this Peace Corps. The Job Corps is formed at about the same time. The Head of this Peace Corps Organization in the United States State Department is Jane Seymour Fonda. Hillary Rodham is Second in Command of the Peace Corps. This is all super secret.

 The Treaty of Versailles even though it wasn't Ratified. Any President can activate parts, or the whole damned thing Administratively.

 Let us put it this way. President Big Bill Clinton is watching television. President Clinton found out there is a Land War going on in Yugoslavia. President Clinton issued no such orders. Russia is getting scared.

 The Magna Charta is another Dangerous Document. Because, the Magna Charta as been added to many times. It reads nothing like the original Magna Charta.

 The Monroe Doctrine another Dangerous Document in Original Form. Again it is these Additions that make this an even more Dangerous Document.

 All these Documents should be Burned in Ceremony in the United Nations. Then the United Nations can be dissolved because, the United Nations is obsolete. These Diplomatic Missions  are likewise a source great mischief. They are for the most part obsolete. It puts an end to Criminal Banking. It gets rid of this Anti Progress Movement. This is for the Peace and Safety of the whole World.

 Were there any political elections for the Commandant of Auschwitz? There were. Commandant Hoss always, won. He always, said so. Commandant Hoss' politics were pretty much patterned like Boss Tweed's. Commandant Hoss always, knew who the Commandant was. It was always, him. He actually, knew something about the Politics of New York. He had relatives in the States.

 Their biggest problem with this Watch was espionage. Still is. Because, sensitive information is shared between each other that will harm Industry, and/or National Security. Anything shared with America's Allies could make its way to a very hostile Political Party, or Anarchist Movement. Worse, a lot of this information makes its way into the hands of Terrorists.

 Then there is the Problem of Blasphemy. Everybody, knows that people attend Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Hindu Temples, Buddhist Wats, and Other Places of Worship because, they are deeply Religious. But, what if they aren't? What if no Priest can keep any secrets because, people are Watching. It could be worse, if these spies are hostile to that Religion. But, they say they are True Believers in the Faith that this Religion professes. That means you could have Evangelists that hate Jesus secretly, for example. The Followers of this Guru really want to kill Him. You could have extremely violent people in Buddhism that want to overthrow the Religion. And, so it goes. Nothing is genuine.

 This happens in Alcoholics Anonymous all the time. Here is somebody, in that meeting that is a spy. These spies go into all these meetings, find out who is there, and black list all these people with these Watches. This could be Nationwide. Your name is known all over the World as a bad person. There is no recovery with that. This is illegal, by the way.

 The "Recovery Movement" is worth noting. Is Little Miss Marker in there taking down people's real names? People in these Twelve Step Programs, or anything like them are failed people. There is no Recovery with that. Many of the people in Recovery will progress towards real Psychosis. Extreme Alcoholism, and Drug Addiction is a form of psychosis. That will kill them. They don't have a "Well Formed Camp" that can protect them. The Washingtonians did. The No Nothings fought vicious Secret Wars. Do you know what happened to the Whig Party in America? The Whigs just sort of quit happening. The Federalists died out. John Brown that died at Harper's Ferry was one of them. But, again maybe not. They weren't Born Free, But, they did Run Free. Those were all Southern Freemen, and a few Free Women. Note that. The No Nothings are still very much around. Organizing again.

 The No Nothing has "Camp." Auschwitz was started as a "Rehabilitation Camp." You can only have Recovery in "Camp." If you are not in "Camp." Your Recovery will not prosper. You will die terribly. But, you are safe in "Camp." This Roman Ideal of "Peace and Safety" was promoted by the "Big Girl" relentlessly. Alcoholic? Drug Addict? Borderline Crazy? Down on Your Luck? "You need "Camp." "Camp" is Good." "Life is Good." "You need Auschwitz."

  The "Watch" has a problem. These people are just like the Viet Minh. Their power is growing, if we let them. We can't let them form an Administration Unit. They almost, formed an Administration during the Nixon Era. This will lead to a Civil War in America. A War fought with nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons of the worst sort. Annnd, those weapons have already, been deployed.

  By the way, what is the difference between a Bipartisan Agreement, or a One Party State?

  There was a musical "Hair." Hair length was becoming a Political Issue. Kommandant Kitten has a story about hair.

 There was a man who had a ponytail of extraordinary length. It is a sign of damnation. He went to see his employer's mother at the beauty parlor. She told him to sit down in the chair next to her's as she was having her hair styled. Quietly, a hair stylist sneaked up behind him. He was shorn of his beloved ponytail. Immediately, he started bawling like a baby. Did he his lose his manhood?

  Kommandant Kitten lost this bet. The beauty parlor won.

 This "hair fetish" whatever it is does not seem to be very healthy.

 Then there is this man who has beautiful long well styled hair. He ought to be in a beauty parlor showing it off. There he is combing it. Preening it. This girl is liking him but, he doesn't see her. He is too busy styling his hair. She doesn't understand him. Kommandant Kitten doesn't understand him either. But, let's just say he is nuts.

 There seems to be a Beard Fetish as part of these male gender values. Strangely, they all seem to look alike on television. They are all declaring they are not Caityn. It is another side of the "Uniformity of Camp." That is strange. Psychologists say that people that wear beards are hiding something. They don't trust them.

 Well didn't Jesus Christ of Nazareth have long hair, and a beard. This bearded long haired Jesus has become quite a Fetish Object these days. The real Jesus Christ of Nazareth has no recorded image. Christ had a short hair cut, and was clean shaved in the manner of Ancient Rome. This most likely. That is like Moses. Apparently, God did not want there to be one.

 Kommandant Kitten believes that said Christ had a Roman visage. That is closely cropped hair, and no beard.

 Here we are going to introduce you to the Big Noise, and some of the Big Picture. A student in a classroom might hear a lecture by an instructor. Yet, they somehow don't hear all of it. Music is rhythm, and beat. It might have lyrics. Cadence is in there too. But, the Big Noise is more than that. There are questions that are answered in the Big Noise. Who are you? Why? Where is it?  Who are you with? Who are you for? Why are you here? Where are you at? What do you want? You will hear these answers all in their music. That magician knows it too. That is a real virtuoso.

 "Woodstock Concert" in the 60's marked a major watershed for the "Peace Movement." "Peace" is really Totenkophverband: Death's Head, or simply "Death" for short.

 Even university students were recruited by the thousands to attend the "Woodstock Concert" by the "Peace Movement." That includes calling them up on the telephone. They are being ordered to attend. "If you know what is good for you." Extortion is being used as a means of organizing.

 Here in this picture are guards that have newly arived in Sobibor. The Auschwitz Camp Systems were populated just like there "Sister Camp." They all hated being in "Camp." So slogans were formed. "It's all good. Why complain?" Everybody was totally indoctrinated. The "Girls" will arrive later. They are all eager for this kind of employment. That is so.

 Our Liberty is in great danger. We could lose our Freedom. You may lose your Life. And, they did. That pretty much happened to the Protest Movement. It got nowhere man!

 "Peace, and Safety" are considered normal in a good Political System. When you have all the Cultural Norms, Forms, and Values of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder things are apt to go amiss.

 There have been many attempts to bomb the Statue of Liberty. It has gone that far. They are not making War on a Symbol. They are making War on you.

 When they burn the flag. They want to burn you alive.

 Here is a little story from the "Big Girl."

 Once upon a time. Joan Baez at this concert gave orders that she did not want any Military at this concert in New York, or California for that matter. Joan Baez has just joined the Totenkophverbande. It is not Fascist it is a Dionysian Totenkophverbande. That means it is a Game that must never be played with anyone. Joan Baez doesn't quite know that. All these Hippies are joining this Anarchist Totenkophverbande too. Because, you see this woman has baked several cookies laced with the rodenticide zinc cyanide while, under the influence of something like cocaine that can induce extreme hostility in people. Her eight year old daughter is also, in attendance to feed the "cookie monster." She does. There are eight dead P.I.G.s (Peace in Germany).

 There is something worse. It is the selling of aversion, misery, and death as practical facts of life. Slavery winds up in this mix somewhere too. You can hear it in the music. It is in the movies. There it is again "as seen on TV!" Clue: aversion, misery, and death are not normal. These things should have but, little place in your lifetime. Propaganda does not make it so. Even in Auschwitz, and Sobibor this was clearly understood. Even Hitler was not that crazy.

 What happened? Each of these "Concerts" is really a Political Rally. Each rally annunciates a vision of the future that is a Political Party Platform. The Rally takes place in a Rally Place (Convention). We digress here to go back to Auschwitz. Because, that is a Rally Place too. The vision is different in both cases. But, what if it isn't? There is nothing wrong with killing pigs is there? "Kill the pigs" is not much different than kill the Jews. Once, the killing starts it can go anywhere. Because, reactionaries are created. A view of us vs them is defined. Because, the pigs are going to kill them. They tell people that at the Rally. The pigs are going to find this out sooner, or later. The pigs are going to go after them. They sure will! The pigs don't want to die. These Anarchist soldiers will keep their word. Remember, the theme, and the Political Platform of all this music is Revolution.

 Questioning the 60's

 Was this all some kind of Social Experiment? One hundred and fifty million guinea pigs. How about that? What do you think? Any moral questions? There were lots of Social Experiments during the Eisenhower - Kennedy Era . Not to count the Biowarfare Experiments on America's Citizens. The testing of Chemical Warfare Agents on the general public. Exposing large numbers of American Citizens to non ionizing, and ionizing radiation indiscriminately. There is all this Psychsops being used on the unsuspecting population of America. Then there are these poisons a.k.a. new drugs going to the Ghettos. All these Social Movements need to be seen in the Light of the Bomb World War III, and the futility of it all. They got away with it! Nothing like: How dare you? Who do you think you are? Why?

 We are going to have Another Revolution. Ours! This is a Love War! Auschwitz has a "Loving Revolution!" A Total Revolution of Norms, Forms, and Values. We need it! The Big Election is coming up. All we need to do is use everything that is there in those Law Books. Then we can establish "Camp." "Camp" will absorb all this American Culture. "The Uniformity of Camp" will prevail. No one can stop that. Since, it has already, happened. There won't be anything else.

 Auschwitz didn't care if boys liked boys. But, that is where you are on top of the food food chain. There was a Capo in Dachau Concentration Camp who saved Commandant Koch's life. That Capo was told any boy he wants there is his. Our Capo had a little poodle dog named "God." God got to eat that boy's food. The boy doesn't need it. God does. Who is that boy to deny God anything? This is the way you get when you have been punked in prison a lot. Our Capo really hates Gay Men with a passion that is surreal. That was the most feared Capo in Dachau. "You couldn't do anything but, anything. I say you live."

 Auschwitz always, paired up the girls. They were expected to sleep together. That way they didn't get pregnant. They didn't get crazy. They don't run off. That was to break up the "Tedium of Camp" for them.

 The men aren't paired up. They are required sleep with a woman at least three times a year. That was to keep them from hating women. They all live in barracks.

 Both groups are expected to marry, and resettle when the time comes. These are the "Camp Persons." They are entitled to "Camp Rights."

 There is a lot of difference between Elvis Presley, and Joan Baez in their politics.

 The music is bad. The Enemy has a "Beach Head" in my Country. We get to listen to bands that really hate us. The "Beatles," the " Rolling Stones," Jimmy Hendrix, and so it goes right in to us. Look at those lyrics there? Do you want to pay for that? This Music Revolution is sponsored by people that live in America. It is there to use people up. That is not consumerism. It is not there to create consumers. It is there to destroy us. When they live. We die. Bet you didn't know you had this kind of relationship. This is called an Inverse Relationship. You are being used. You are being enslaved. You will be destroyed. Because, this Revolution is going Backwards. To some place like 1936. It may make it all the way back to the Dark Ages. It has. This isn't a Revolution at all. It is a debacle. They just don't have the Right Stuff it takes to ride the Dragon of the Revolution.

 The Juggernaut is coming. It is a shredder. All judgments concerning those Law Books can be shredded, and burned. All those past rulings are gone! We just need to shred them. Then there are no precedents to bedevil judges. The Law is right there. It must be Normal Law! Those are laws that can be obeyed easily. Those laws can be understood by the general public. They can be enforced. Other Laws are Un Constitutional. That has to go to the Higher Courts.

 There is judge. This is a hearing. The man is a thief. The evidence proves it. He is guilty. The Law is right in front of the judge. The Law dictates the thief gets three years. That is his sentence. There is no possibility of appeal. The Law is Constitutional therefore legal. This decision is free of bias. The court is not making up legislation. It does no harm to executive privilege. That is the way it should be.

 "You can't always, get what you want. But, if you try sometimes you get what you need." Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. This British man is telling me he is a Slave. Those are exactly, the Norms, Forms, and Values of Slavery in the Twentieth Century. So where is Master? Because, they are all like that in Britain.

 Kommandant Kitten likes "Pink Floyd." The album "Relics" is interesting; Emily played too close to the "Camp Fire." Boom! All their albums have this extreme "Death Rock." "It is"Hard" by the"The Who" has a very interesting Front. Death's Head. "Death's Head" is a Movement.

 The Mask on the album cover of Pink Floyd's "Relics" alblum is interesting. It is device used in executions in Ancient Carthage.

 It had to do with the Deity Tanith. This Tanith Diety is Grace. Our Hero is really MLK a.k.a. Molech. That happens to him. Because Tanith has taken everything out of him including himself. The man is replaced with an extenuation of Tanith.

 That is what makes him the Sacrificial Man.

 That being what it may. Kommandant Kitten can have a substitute. That is because, this Tanith Deity Grace has extended Herself into Kommandant Kitten. Kommandant Kitten is MLK. So Kommandant Kitten has a good Portion in Life.

 Tanith Pene El in this instance is the Power of the Grace of God. The Dragon is MLK.

 Somebody performed a Ceremony with this Mask. that was very inappropriate.

 Some of these people will get something really good from Tanith Pene El.

 It is a reward for their folly.

 That is their doom.

 You can read Gustave Flaubert's "Salammbo." Here we will cut to the chase so to speak. Salammbo is actually, Tanith. All through the whole novel the Hero is being set up for sacrifice. In Ancient Carthage this method of execution was done to criminals. So that happened to the Enemies of Carthage a lot.

 Kommandant Kitten wants to rewrite "Salammbo." It won't differ much from Gustave Flaubert's version except, the ending of the story here.

 We start right as our Hero is sent to run through the streets. In Carthage that may happen but, the Hero has to make it to the Precincts of Tanith. Salammbo is really Sara. Carthaginian differs but, little from Aramaic, and Hebrew. The inscriptions are not that hard to decipher once, you have a few keys to the language spoken then. When he falls. He will be delivered to the Precincts of Tanith alive. That is important. His girl friend will be officiating there as a Priestess of Tanith. Sara is the Tanith Deity Grace. There are nineteen girls all representing a different Tanith Deity. Sara isn't there. Our Hero has arrived. He is left with the girls as the crowd leaves. He is being bathed. He is still bound in three places so it is easy to transport him with a pole. He is still hanging there. He has been put on the brazer facing the fire down below. It is a bit much. But, this is Hate Day. Sara is coming to be right at his side. Sara is telling him he is so lucky. Because, he will die a lot quicker that way. She kind of likes him. Sara is adding more branches to the fire. Soon he is getting a really good burn all over his body as the fire rages beneath him. He is there sounding off in the Precincts of Tanith. Our Hero is getting another boon. He is bursting into flames as the oldest girl anointed him with oil very generously. He is not being blessed. He is being killed quickly. The Roman is in the harbor. He is now, a fisherman. He is Praetorian Guard. He always, catches fish, and other good things from the sea. He told the rebel leader who is being burnt to fine ashes. Rome isn't going to help them. Nothing like it. The Romans are already, there finally. Everything has been destroyed by Carthage's rebellious mercenaries. The Roman is there to capture Carthage. He will. The Priestess of Tanith has anointed our Hero with more oil. He is a ball of flames. Our Hero is dead. It will take about a half an hour to burn his body to fine ash. His ashes will join his buddies in this large funerary urn. Then the girls are leaving. Their ages are from fifteen to twenty. They have to make it to the beach as the Roman beaches his boat. All the girls come from one big family that actually, founded Carthage. That family will be right for the Roman. The Roman says "Cato doesn't live here. I do." The Roman's boat is a real fishing boat equipped with a live well. The live well does it. He has barbed hooks. Because, he can make them. He is notorious for this. He has fish line made from waxed silk. That is about 30lb test line. A boon to any fisherman. He has his sword. He keeps that. The Roman is grilling a prawn about nineteen inches long. The Roman's brazer looks just like the one in the Precincts of Tanith. It is much smaller. As the prawns are flopping around on the brazer. The girls are beginning to get aroused. It reminds them of something they had just seen. It is how they flop around when they are on the brazer. Everybody is eating them. Finally, the girls are getting excited. Immediately, they are on board ship. They getting things for the Roman to cook. Sara has thrust an orange right into the Roman's pockets. She is every bit of fifteen years old. They all are beginning to get really cute.


 Why? You have understand, this subject of torture, and the cultivation of sadism in early Cultures. Why did the Romans torture people to death in the Arena? Know that torture was almost, never used in most Primitive Cultures. The Greeks, Romans, and Carthage enjoyed this practice as a Learning Tool. It was to tell you what would happen to you upon capture. You were stupid enough to fall into the hands of your Enemy. Just think of the worst thing that could happen to you. You are in the Hands of the Devil. That is what you will have.

 Hel is trying to tell you something. Nowadays, there are people that are totally devilish. They have studied all the primitive. They have learned, or are still learning the games that should never be played with anybody at all. These are mostly Psychological Warfare games always, played against Enemies. They are the by product of hundreds of Cultures the World over. They may have eaten meat with Cannibals. They have lived among the Natives in the Amazon Rain Forest. At least they have met them. All the most forbidden knowledge is there to have in both theory, and practice. Torture in all its nuances. The finer points of what is considered an art form. They know all the ins, and outs of psychological torture. With that they could be living a thousand miles away. Then they are just setting you up for death in most hideous form imaginable. Then they are just playing.

 There are several categories of people involved in this heinous practice of torture. There is a hierarchy of sorts. An Agent, or Agents have decided to act on their own. Everything is well planned, and thoroughly thought out years in advance. This could be even a hundred years ago. But, usually, it is in the last ten years, or so. This is true. During their tour of duty these Rogue Agents have made thousands of contacts with people in every walk of life. They have given them extensive training in torture. These people are known as "Residents." The "Residents" know the area very well. Mind you this is happening in America. It is a "Brown Shirt" thing. Hitler's "Brown Shirts" never quite went this far. That was because, they didn't succeed in killing Hitler. But, the "Residents" have been organized along these lines. There are about two million "Residents" here in America. Every one of them is a heartless killer. But, they will have other people stand in for them. No one will be able to track these orders back to these Rogue Agents. The Agents themselves may even be dead by then. The "Residents" may be totally in the shadows. Torture killings are used to keep the "Residents" in line. The "Residents" pass this tradition of torture to other people. Eventually, it goes to the gangs. This practice of torture killing will spread to other Countries. We begin to find references to torture killings being used as a tool of social engineering in Popular Cultures. A kind of go along to get along mentality begins to emerge. It has become part of the "Uniformity of Camp." These People have to be consumed, and absorbed by "Camp." That means that they don't get far. Being self destructive they will eventually fade away. No one can trust them. Who wants to help such people? They can't even stand each other. Do want to marry some guy that tortures animals? You are going to be next.

 The Arena was there in Rome to teach the Roman people this. What would happen to them if Rome fell into the hands of their Enemies. A live enemy can find out all about the Funny. The Funny is naked Brutality. There can be lots of non stop action. That is real torture. You need to be a Sadist. You must be Villain.

 Understand, you may not do anything like torture during your whole lifetime. You shouldn't in a lawful Society. Because, the majority of people will only see torture in the movies, television, books, and the like. But, we have these monsters walking, and moving among us. There are not too many of these people. Normally, it won't show. Get a few beers in him. He will start talking. Worse yet, he doesn't drink, or  smoke, He has the first mark of a suspect: asceticism. His behavior will be correct but, not proper. Intuitively you will be on your guard. You will feel a sense of wrong. He is not being good. He is hiding something. Wouldn't it be good to give him a taste his own medicine? They liked doing that in Auschwitz all the time.

 Auschwitz also, has features of the Sacrificial Man, and Capital Punishment.

 Kommandant Kitten says it is alright, to execute people according to their Laws.

 This is fine.

 It is "Hate Day."

 It is alright, to hate people on Death Row.

 We all hate something don't we?

 Don't you hate hackers?

 There is a lot more going on. Musicians all over America are dying in prodigious numbers. It might be drug overdose. Let's just say this is an assassination campaign to change our Norms, Forms, and Values by force. You haven't studied these drugs have you? There is one drug that stands out "LSD." Terrorists discovered they could alter the kind of "trip" remarkably by adding something like DOM discovered by Dow Chemical, TMA, TMA2, LSD analogs, beta keto... All the psychedelic drugs of the 60', and 70's are nothing but, LSD plus one of these additives. There is ample evidence that potassium cyanide (C9), esserine (a highly  poisonous carbamate alkaloid found in the cabar bean), strychnine, arsenic trioxide (white arsenic), thallium sulfate, or acetate, sodium monofluoroacetate (Compound 1080), fluoracetamide (Compound 1081), and an incredibly evil plethora of exotic poisons. Some of these poisons especially, the hormone like poisons such as derivatives of vitamin D, estrogen mimics, and testosterone like synthetics, narcotic like poisons that produce dementia, and sometimes Parkinson's disease like symptoms, synthetic cocaine like poisons that cause cardiac arrest after repeated use, and hundreds of these new Chemical Warfare Agents. Some poisons may not show effects for days, weeks, and even years. Usually, cancer, and deformity. These doses to produce toxic effects are in the micro grams. There are a number of photo toxic substances at very small doses will produce photo phobia, swelling especially, in the extremities like the fingers, dementia, and death like Agent Orange. This is nothing but, a takeover of the Music Industry by domestic, and international terrorists.

The Drug Addict

 There is a man. He is just taken some LSD 25. That what he thinks it is. Well it is not quite that. He is going to have his "trip." Later, the phenomena of craving will happen inside him. Since, his consciousness has been altered. This effect is permanent. The Dream is there. The Dream is Perdition aka the Eternal Grave. He lives in Sheol. He is nothing but, a ghost of his former self. The cadaver is still moving around feeding its' evil appetites. He has a messianic complex. He wants you, and everyone to share his perception. He knows he is becoming a super man. Super man is really bad. He is a real addict with just one dose of that counterfeit medicine. Heroin, he will take it. He is already, a junkie. This will kill him. It is meant to. He has made a choice. That gets him into heresy. This is a kind of geas. It is a doom. A weird. That kind of spell is hard to break. He is wicked. He is a victim of a kind of witchcraft. He has been poisoned. He was always, a narcissist. He is becoming malefic in it.

Our hero is at a rock concert. He has just gotten to smoke a joint. He thinks it is real grass. It does have marijuna. But, this "grass" has other ingredients that are called "bath salts." They are something like mescaline. People frequently, get medical marijuna like this. Puff. Puff. Puff. His head just fell off his shoulders. Now, anybody can take everything he has. He won't even know it. How is our hero going to get home? Somebody will help him. Won't they?

  A poison is substance with no proven medical value. Absolutely, none! Poisons are not drugs. A drug is a medicine. Medicines have been clinically proven to be safe, and effective. This is splitting hairs here. Some medical substances can be poisonous if they are misused. That is not the fault of the drug. So LSD is not a drug. LSD is a poison. LSD produces toxic psychosis. Crack is not a drug. That blend of poisonous substances has no real medical value. Speed is not a drug either. This questionable mixture of methamphetamine if it is really there with other substances still is a poison. Speed kills. Pharmacists do not dispense poisons. No doctor prescribes poisons for their patients.

 Your average thrill seeker will take stuff like this. He is seeking the ultimate stone. It works the same way for him in sex too. His problem is he is still acting out. It is his autism. This man should be in a hospital.

 True Drug Addiction is a Psychosis. There still no known cure. Akin to the disease Alcoholism. This diagnosis must never be made lightly. We are talking about a Death Sentence. There is an entire constellation of pathology associated with this manifold character disorder. This is evident as soon as the substance is removed. Lack of morale rectitude. Their personality is totally self centered. The Junkie is much worse than the Alcoholic. The Alcoholic is not liked. The Junkie is insufferable. Junkies aren't Human. Everybody just wants to kill them.

 The problem is Alcoholics, and Junkies is they live in Another World that is not real. It is this total disregard of reality that marks them as truly sick. This happens as they cross the bridge from Autism to Paranoia. They have a persecution complex. People are out to get them. Because, of their actions they really want them punished.

 Let us introduce you to a World Famous Junkie William Seward Burroughs. Author of "Naked Lunch," "Junkie," and "Queer." This is a Comedy Act Lenny Bruce is there. Sir William Burroughs is on stage.

"A cigarette!"

"A cigarette!"

"I need a cigarette!"

 William Burghs takes a cigarette out of a pack. Lites it.

"This is good cigarette!"

"My Mother is burning up in the Crematoria of Auschwitz!"

William Burghs keeps smoking on stage commenting from time to time. He flicks the spent cigarette butt away.

"Mommy's gone!"

 The binge drinker is a classic example of this phenomena. If he persists in this sort of alcohol abuse. The conversion process makes itself known. This a conversion from alcoholism to true psychosis. Black outs. Our hero will in front of a judge being sentenced for a crime he doesn't remember committing. That is pretty stupid. Ain't it?

The Max

 Again, the Order Police must inspect every pharmacy, drug store, or chemist shop. There they are now! They found eight pounds of sodium cyanide. This is not used to make killing jars for insect collectors. No, it isn't. This pharmacy is inside a hospital. Questions will be asked. There had better be answers. But, there is more. There usually, always is. There is whole list of banned, discontinued, and questionable substances. Look! There is bottle filled with eserine. This poison isn't being used to kill rats. Thallium is there as usual. Again, a substance of questionable medical value. Who is proscribing these poisons for patients? They do have records? Placebos are being confiscated. Medicines have to be safe, effective, and formulated rightly. There is a narcotic but, it can't work. The drug makers have a recall on it. There are more narcotics there in illegal subpotent combinations. That is considered to be contraband too. This one is hydrocodone. It has two milligrams of hydrocodone. That is a placebo. That can't relive any real pain. Here are two more banned substances one is five milligrams, and the other is seven milligrams of hydorcodone. It takes twenty milligrams to relive real pain. The subpotent narcotics are just as addictive as the real thing. Worse they are formulated with acetoaminophenol. A dangerous substance under certain conditions. Let us just assume since, these people are injured, maybe sick. That these criteria have been met. Since, this a leading cause of liver failure. This stuff can kill you. Several people are being taken away in handcuffs. They have been read their rights. The Order Police are enforcing several Poison Control Acts. Later, Terrorism might be added to their rap sheet. If they are found guilty. They will go to prison for the rest of their days without the possibility of getting out. No possibility of clemency. These are dangerous persons. The pharmacy is being sealed. All the materials in it are confiscated for analysis. Since, poison has been discovered. The United States Constitution has been Amended to allow this.

The Aftermath

 This pharmacy has several deaths attached to it. These are convicted Terrorists. There are no appeals. The Tribunal has decreed their imprisonment. There at the "Max." That is a Modern Maximum Security Prison. Here the prisoners are all reevaluated. Yes, they are dangerous persons. The "Max" is full. But, they still have testimony. There are other trials. Triage is in place. They are exactly several people that can die. The prisoners may request it themselves. It is a good shot. You don't have to worry about hitting any veins, or arteries. This is a strong narcotic like poison. They fall asleep, and die in ten minutes. They can be gassed in their cells too. Our Guards are important. No one there is to even think about harming one of them. They will die for that. These are all dangerous people. This man has been caught eyeballing a guard. This is part of that prisoner's male display behavior. That will escalate unless, he is executed. There is room at the "Max" to accommodate these new prisoners. They don't have any rights at all. There is a Prison Protocol that will be adhered to strictly. There the Warden makes the Laws, and the Guards can vote on them.

Agent Buster

 Agent Buster is interviewing a doctor. The good doctor has been living two lives. There are two sets of files on the desk. Agent Buster is looking at them thoughtfully. One file is our doctor as people see him in the hospital. There is a another file that tells the judge why the doctor was busted for murder one with special circumstances. That isn't all.

 This man has medical skills he can teach to terrorists. He has done that. These are domestic terrorists. The whole hospital is bad.

 Our doctor has to go to the Max.

 The so called Drug Themes in the music are not that at all. They are really singing about Death. This is not a Drug Culture that is forming. It is the Genius of a Culture of Death in America. Being on the brink of World War III has a lot to do with it. Evil is becoming stronger. The dead are talking to us.

 The "Peace Movement" is becoming Militant. Militant means paramilitary. People in these Political Events are being Indoctrinated. This "Concert" that is also, a Political Rally. Is nothing but, that. It is true. These people are turning into soldiers. There is a War. It is called a Revolution. People are being told there is a Revolution, and we are going to do that. That is win this War. The sponsors of each Rally all know this. Yes, they do. But, they are elitists. That means the rest of the people are not in on it. They do not know everything. They do know enough to become more like soldiers. All Political Parties have soldiers. Political Parties are Militant. These soldiers will go out of that Rally Place, and continue to carry out orders. The "Woodstock Nation" has formed. Now, that sounds absurd. But, these soldiers don't think like you do, or maybe they do. "Everything is Political." They always, say so. Let us accept them at their word. We do! If you have ever been in the Military you had better pay attention to that fact. Especially, if you have a Military Tradition in your family. Your extended family maybe in extreme danger.

 This Political Platform of Revolution can go into any Political Party by means of subterfuge. That means you have Political Operatives that really don't share the Political Vision of the Democratic Party at all. The Democratic Party won't know this Lunatic Fringe is attempting to take over, and run things to accomplish its Political Goals. They could put a person in the Oval Office that is theirs. That would be disastrous for America. It has been.

 For example, if these soldiers follow any of the precepts of Ralph Nader in his "Unsafe At Any Speed." Our Transportation Industry will be wrecked by these Political Extremists. And, if these soldiers have read "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson. Our whole Chemical Industry will be non existent. They have read all the Vance Packard books like "The Hidden Persuaders" our Advertising Industry will come under siege. There won't be any business life at all. We will experience a Global Depression as a result of this. This is why we have a "recession" in America. That is when your neighbor is out of work. When you are out of work. That is a "depression" in America.

 They are not interested in facts. They are making up scenarios that makes sense to them only. "History is in the making." History is being made up by folks like this all the time. It is the same problem.

 Affordable Transportation has always, been a Political Party Platform. That is usually, a car. That you can buy, and own free of any debt problems easily. By this example, a Political Party Platform is always, relevant to you. America's Diligence is in danger.

 Adolph Hitler wanted every German family to own a Volkswagon. He wanted them to be empowered. Also, every German should own land.

 Here in America these days our Population Density is nearly the same as was in Wiemar Republic. What do you think?

 Education should never cripple you. It should Civilize you by making you aware of Culture. That means your Culture makes sense to you. That makes the Intelligencia who are important in preparing people to be better American Citizens. Nihilism will wreck everything. Fatalism is another problem. One of the worst problems in America is Laziness. If Laziness was not present on this Earth. No one would be poor, wrenched, and diseased.

 Self Effort cures Laziness. Only Self Effort can help you in this World, or any Other World. Everything good comes by means of Self Effort.  Self Effort will definitely help you survive in Auschwitz Berkenau. In "Camp" the fate of the Lazy can be plainly discerned. The "Camp" will smile on you. Even though there is hell all around you. You will be unscathed. By Self Effort Work is possible. Work can not harm you.

 Have you ever noticed that foreigners seem to be doing better in America than their American counterparts? That is because, they received no schooling in America.

 We could cut Three Grades out of our System of Education without sacrificing quality. Kindergarten can go. Head Start can't cure autism neither can Special Education. Those children must be sent to Residential Schools for boys, and girls. First Grade is a waste of time. You see children have to get to know who their parents are. They have to be socialized in the family first, or socialization will have no meaning. You can just throw people in a room, and call it a community? Second Grade is questionable. Now, that reform will make Education sustainable in a poor Country like ours.

  Dr.Joseph Goebbels was concerned about this kind of subversion in the schools in Nazi Germany.

 Why do people from other Countries manage to do so well? Answer: they never attended any schools in the United States during their childhood.

The War in Heaven

 You have the Role of a Villain. This is the only way you can understand, Moral Issues. Understanding, isn't Knowledge. Understanding, is about what you have already. That is True. People are important. People are more inclined to do evil. Than to do good. People do not know everything. People make mistakes. They are that evil. That means they are all sinners. Sin means to miss the mark. That is a Military term. On the battlefield you have only one chance to hit the mark. Otherwise, your enemy will hit the mark. That will kill you. The wages of sin is death. That is really very Roman. Mars wouldn't argue the point here. According to the Book. Jesus Christ of Nazareth came to bring a Sword not peace. That is Millitant.

 Because of the Original Sin of Adam, and Eve. God removed Himself from His Creation. God is Forever Separate from that Creation. As a result of God's curse. Adam was no longer in God's Image. Thus Adam became the First of the Great Beasts. Adam also, loses Dominion over the Earth. The Animals do not have to obey Adam and Eve. The Plants do not have to Feed Adam and Eve. The Land is no longer Theirs. Adam and Eve have no Home on Earth. Since, Adam and Eve have Lost Their Place in God's Hierarchy. God Cursed Satan to Crawl on His Belly Before God. Satan has lost All His Rights. Because, Satan's Treason to God. The Satanic Serpent has His Head Bruised by Eve at God's Command. Thus Satan has been Cursed with Divine Ignorance by God. Thus Satan can not be a Ruler of Anything. Neither, does Eve have to be His Help Meet. Eve is no longer All Living. Death entered the World. God decreed the Death of Adam and Eve for the Sin of Killing God. God does not dwell in either Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve are Completely Cursed by God. The Angels can mock Adam and Eve as the Angels drive Them out of Paradise. The Stars hate Them. Thus Adam and Eve lose Their claim as Ancestors of Humanity. Because, Adam and Eve are Forever Dead. Thusly, neither Adam and Eve could be able to take God's place. God finalized this Act of Separation. That was by the Death of Jesus Christ of Nazareth on the Cross. Jesus Christ is Resurrected. Jesus Christ of Nazareth Ascends into Heaven. That removes the New Adam from the World.

 Now, you know why? You won't find Noah's Ark. You won't find evidence of Moses. You won't know if the Prophets really existed. Proof of anything in the Old Testament. Is very sketchy at best. That World Created by God was abolished. This World the Product of Evolution has taken its' place.

 As a result of God separating Himself from the World. The World is Reformed along Evolutionary Lines. This is the Birth of the Revolution. There are Two Contenders left behind. One is the Administration of God. We will call Them the Cats. The Other One is Satan. We will call Them the Mice. Yet, Satan is Singular. Satan is Evil. Satan has no Friends. Any Alliance with Satan is Foolish. Because, Satan will kill Them. Satan is cursed with Divine Ignorance least Satan win the War. If Satan wins we will have a Dead Planet. If the Administration beats Satan, and with God's help Destroys Satan. Then that World will enjoy Progress.

 The Evangelistic Movement does Rally. Every church is a Rally Place. There are Christian soldiers there. Each Rally is a Political Event. This can get like the "Peace Movement." Would you want a deserter to be in charge in the Campus Crusade for Christ? Kommandant Kitten met one in 1972!  There it is "heart rot" right in the center of Evangelism. It is another sign of this nihilism that comes out of this fear of total annihilation since, we are on the brink of Nuclear War then. Yuck! That tree has been riddled with these termites. It will fall down. The future pillars of society will be totally unsound.

 This is more of the "Save-O-Matic" system led by Billy Graham in the 60's. Is Billy Graham Jewish? He is related to the Rock Music promoter Bill Graham. Katherine Graham the Newspaper Mongol is one of his relatives. If Billy Graham a member of B'nai B'rith. Then Billy Graham is absolutely Godless. A Vulture in Human Garb.This assembly line form of Christianity can be seen easily at his Rally Places back then. Billy Graham was a False Teacher. But, there is a beautiful bronze idol of Billy Graham preaching the Gospel here in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. His Christianity is in question. Billy Graham cheapens our experience of the Sacred. He is not lying. Yet, he is deceiving you. He is very good at telling you he loves God. He might. He wants you to love the same God he does. But, is that the same God as the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church? That is the Sophistry of Billy Graham. His politics are questionable. Billy Graham is a politician. He has preached to Congress. Billy Graham has been in the company of many American Presidents. Billy Graham is one of Richard Nixon's more interesting buddies. That relationship needs more critical study than Kommandant Kitten can tell you about here.

 Then there is the Problem of Heresy. Sounds like something like out of the Middle Ages? The Problem has been with the Church since, its' formation. Now, Hersey is "Golden." Golden means extremely big enough to destroy our future. The Heart of Hersey is believing you are God. Of course, you are not God. Saying you are God is called Blasphemy. Then there are people that believe they are God at certain times in their lives. They will claim their work. Whatever, it may be was Inspired by God in this manner. That too is Blasphemy. There are people that claim to have God. That is Blasphemy. No one owns God. God is not property people can own.  Our Holy Bible is a Book written by men. That is all. There are Traditions such as in the Vatican that appear to be genuine. You may investigate this manner on your own. Do so.

The Swamp

 This is one of the many Hells. "Row, row, row your boat. Gently down the steam. Merrily, merrily, merrily. Life is but, a dream." Looks like those row boats are beached here. Hey! Life isn't a dream! You have just woke up dead. In an Eternity of Nothing But, Just That! Wow!

 It looks like Billy Graham has fallen from favor. Is the Graham name Jewish? Like the Rock Promoter Bill Graham? How about Kathrine Graham of Newspaper fame? It is a Jewish like name. Can you spell hypocrite? The problem is Billy Graham's Christianity is in question.

 There are doctors that claim God is the real Healer. That too is Blasphemy. It is intolerable presumption on their part to claim such things. Who knows the Mind of God? God is Greater than we are. We must be humble. Physicians are workers. Doctors are not Priests. Then there is this Caduceus. The Caduceus is really an Emblem of the Tanith of Ancient Carthage. She is usually, called "Your Companion." This Ancient Juno like Deity was also, worshiped in Ancient Rome, and in Ancient Greece. Hermes Mercury is really another Form of MLK. That  is a Messenger of Judgment. Doctors have no business displaying this Emblem of Judgment: the Staff; on which the Serpent is Python; the other Serpent is Diabolus. Diabolus the Hinder is also known as the Devil. It is also, the Leviathan: the Crooked Serpent.

 All Spiritual Healing is quackery. The panacea isn't there! Yet, people want to charge Insurance Companies for this service. Heaven forbid!

 Then there is the Problem of Faith Healing. There are many Non Christian Traditions of Healing that are finding their way into our medical systems. This Chi Force really comes from the Martial Art of Tai Chi, and other Allied Forms of Martial Arts that are Yogic in Nature. Yoga itself comes from Mars. That is right, Krishna is a Form of Mars. So how can Yoga be a Way of Peace? This Healing Witchcraft, and so forth all goes back to this Problem of Psychic Power. The Inquisition ruled it was wrong. Auschwitz studied this issue too. It is morally wrong.

 We are going to have to explore this problem. Who killed Jesus Christ of Nazareth? Why? We can open our Bibles. Nature of the execution of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. If that is what it was. The name Jesus is not Hebrew. It is Carthaginian. There Jesus is a Carthaginian Goddess Tanith: The Fisherman's Friend. The Comforter is another form of the Goddess Tanith. Tanith as such is a Power of God but, not God Himself. You know according to doctrine Jesus Christ of Nazareth is God. Crucification is a unique method of execution native to Carthage for treason. Jesus Christ of Nazareth would be considered a Sacred Person. Jesus Christ of Nazareth would not be touched in Roman occupied Carthage. Jesus being Phonetician would also, would be a common name in Lebanon. The Roman method of execution was always, done primarily with the spear, or sword through the heart. There was no such death sentence by Rome. The Jewish method of execution was by hanging. Again there was no death sentence. There were Other Peoples present in Jerusalem since, it was a World Trade Center. The Romans did not really occupy Jerusalem. Since, the Romans did not have even one Legion of Soldiers there in Palestine. Palestine is a Roman name for "No Mans Land." Pales refers to a kind of  Pale Horse: a Bringer of Death. It is considered a terrible place. The Samaritans are part of the Parthian Empire established by Alexander the Great. The Parthian Empire fought against Rome until 700AD. The "Lost Sheep of Israel" refers to all the Jews slain when they fought with Persia against Alexander the Great. Most of the Jews fled the subsequent successive genocides into Roman occupied lands. That is why the Romans are there. The Second Temple may be Jewish but, not for very long. The Jews did return to their Homeland later in 70AD as Roman troops that put everybody in Palestine to the sword.

 Kommandant Kitten is now Grand Inquisitor Kitten. We have to seriously inquire into the nature of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. What Jesus Christ of Nazareth did, said, and who Jesus Christ Nazareth really was. There are questions. There were lots of questions in Auschwitz about this very thing. Why a place like Auschwitz Birkenau could exist? If there really was a Loving God?

 "The Salt of the Earth:" salt is deadly poison to crops grown on enemy soil. It is scattered about, and trampled under feet like what happened after the Third Punic War in Carthage. That shows that Jesus Christ of Nazareth hated the multitudes that gathered for the First Teaching: a.k.a. the Sermon on the Mount after Jesus Christ of Nazareth had His the Baptism by John the Baptist. The Beatitudes apply only if they exceed the righteousnesses of the Jewish Scribes, and Pharisees. That is impossible. None of those people were Saved. Jesus Christ of Nazareth has to avenge the fallen Jews that have been slain in Palestine. But, he must be careful. Most of those Scribes, and Pharisees were actually, busy writing down the Jewish scriptures in the Roman town of Tiberius on the Sea of Tiberius. Probably, under the orders of the Roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar; finished in 3AD. Jesus Christ of Nazareth hated His Disciples. None of Jesus Christ of Nazareth's Disciples were Saved since, they all committed Treason by not trying to stop His Execution by this mob. Judas Iscariot is a puzzlement. The Romans all knew who Jesus Christ of Nazareth was as did the Jewish Patriarchs. Why? Unless, these are people not native to Jerusalem, maybe even Palestine. Grand Inquisitor Kitten could write a whole book about the Stations of the Cross. That will happen.

 Alexander the Great had to fight the Jews on the Plains of Megiddo. The Persian told them to. The Jews gave Alexander the Great quite run for his money, and they did not exactly lose. The Jews did manage to turn Alexander the Great away from Jerusalem to fight the Persian. Before that happens the Allies of the Jews, and the Persian attacked Alexander the Great with nothing but, a Sea of Men on Camels. The Camel is far superior to the Horse on the Deserts. So far, Alexander the Great has lost half of his men in battle. Alexander the Great goes into battle. Just before Alexander the Great does he has to make a pact with some Deity to Win. There is only one Deity that will be with him. Here is the Deal. Lord Typhon will do this if only Alexander the Great will give up his mother Olympia. On that day Olympia has fallen ill, been given opium, and was buried alive in the Tomb of King Philip of Macedon. Alexander the Great's Inner Struggle will happen later as Decreed by Lord Typhon. He will go to Nirrti in the afterlife. Alexander the Great goes on to Win the War. Even India is under his reign. Alexander the Great will die in a Place of Desolation, and Ruin in Babylon. Alexander the Great dies from Women, and Wine.

 This Empire of Alexander the Great broke up into three parts.

 Finally, we arrive at the First Pentecost. "Camp" is there. So we are sort of looking over their shoulders. Jesus as Tanith Pene El  is there, and so is God. God's Disciples are gathering there in Jerusalem. The Apostle Paul will be there later. All the Miracles of Pentecost are the result of the First Power. Given the proximity of the Divine that can happen with a Human Soul.

A Fish Story

 This is the Genesis of the Demogorgan because, Satan the Enemy is attendance too. The Demogorgan is also a False God. Even though the Demogorgan claims to be God. It's material Incarnations are usually, female. This Incarnation is called a "Woman, or Women." It has that gender quality. A "Sunny Day." This Creature of Satan can attach Itself to a ship at sea. It will begin to take control of the people on that ship over time. If the Captain is taken. Then the whole ship is lost. It is sometimes in the movies in Popular Culture. "Ensign Pulver," "Billy Budd," "Mc Hale's Navy," and strangely the movie "MASH." Mind you this is transpiring in real time, in real life but, it will not seem bad. Yet, somehow there will be misfortune on board ship, or at times elsewhere. It is the real true hell that comes before a mutiny. This is the fear of every ship's Captain. You won't see the "Sunny Day" at all. "Billy Budd" is a voyage into the World of the Totally Strange. Billy Budd is too good to be human. Billy Budd is supposed to marry a "Sunny Day." "Billy Budd" in the book is different but, it still reads like a woman is on board ship. The "Sunny Day" has been cheated of Her Mate. The gathering storm is in the distance. Most people never do see the "Sunny Day" except, one that is chosen for Her to marry. Nothing will be amiss. Everything will be good. She will be a most dutiful Wife, and perfect Mother. When the Demogorgan has Dominion over that Town. That is usually, a seaport. With the Demogorgan there is a certain kind of humor.

A Classic Space God

 The Demogorgan has other qualities. This is the Gnostic God. Some people have even had Union with the Demon Itself. Satan always, remains as the Nameless One the Creator of God. Satan has a human like form. Satan is from up there. Came down some time long ago. This is the Dawn of the Age of Man. This is before the Cro-Magnon Man has evolved. Satan is the creation of some kind of malefic life up there on some undiscovered planet in days long past. That is somewhere half across the Milky Way. Fortunately, our star system is forming into a globular cluster around the star Deneb. This is breaking a way from the Milky Way.

The Malefic Healer

 There is a man. Who lives in times long past. We will say he is like the Satanist Longfellow. Not to be confused with the poet. He has come to town to sell his wares. Secretly, he has a remedy for wife beating. These are the "Old Miner's Salts for Taming Your Man." Once, he has gotten it. He will be transformed into an imbecile. Now, she has a very tame man. He won't beat her anymore.

Thee Satanic Farce

 In the 60's both of these "Churches" started at about the same time. One was called "The Church of Satan." The other was named "Thee Satanic Church" as a Branch of Wicca. Both parties in this lawsuit claimed they owned the Devil. That people had to pay royalties for the use of the name "Satan." Much evidence was presented by both parties in this lawsuit. First they had to convince the judge that Satan really existed. Thousands of British genealogies were presented as evidence that Satan was tangible. The Priest of the Thee Satanic Church claimed to have seen Him many, many, times up there in Heaven. Yes, he could really get past the fiery curtain. That was just a veil Satanas used to hide behind. Satanas was really the Planet Saturn. The Goddess Ops would totally disagree. Saturn is nothing but, Her:Ops. All these spurious claims of Wicca are rubbish. That it is really Satanas; who is indeed the Devil refered to in Biblical Scripture. But, Satanas had gotten a bad rap. Mr. Le Vey the High Priest of the Church of Satan said he was nothing but, a carnival barker. The Black Mass people from France are on the side of the Church of Satan. The Black Mass is a show nothing but, just that. The Name "Satan" being part of the Public Domain can not be used as a Trade Mark, Copyright, or an Invention of some sort. However, the books written by him. Meaning "The Satanic Bible:" that he was indeed the author that incorporated lots of new materials into his book. The Essence of Rituals was Psycho Drama where everybody merely played a role of some sort within the bounds of decency. The copyright to Le Vay's book was substaiated in court. The judge said: "The Devil" belongs to no one at all. So!

 People confined to Auschwitz will come up with stories like this. They are bedeviled by the "Tedium of Camp." If you believe the "Dead Sea Scrolls" are genuine.  You might. This is not that far out there either.

 Kommandant Kitten wants you to read "The Coming Race." This book about Vril Power influenced Adolph Hitler a great deal. Many Nazis were interested in this Vril like the Thule Society. The Thule Society is still around. This Vril Power is the same as the Siddhi of Yoga, and Chi Power in Chinese Tai Chi, acupuncture, herbs, and makes up a lot of Chinese medicine. This healing power can also, harm people. Basically, these are embodied in Dangerous Systems of Sophistry: Cults. Nowadays, there is the possibility that all these Cults using modern technology will link together. Bad people in them will try, and change the World. That is without the knowledge, and consent of everybody that will be affected. Sophistry can destroy Nations.

 Here is another problem. They do not believe this World is real. There is no god other than Man. Man is the maker of all things. There is nothing immoral at all. Even if you kill another person in cold blood. Evil is just an illusion. The Cult is this way.

 Exploring this Problem of Heresy leads to the Origins of this Culture of Damnation. There is no Absolution of Sins. You are always, Guilty. First always, is the Destruction of Our Innocence. We are sometimes, literally raped out of it. Once, we have become so corrupted. Can we be Saved from the Eternal Grave: Perdition? The Erosion of Faith comes next. There is this One Point, and it is there. You have to Choose. Even if you are a Slave. Otherwise, you will be caught up in a Culture of Death. You get to Worship Your Own Death. But, maybe you shouldn't.

 Jimmy Hoffa knew the score. An Absolute Dictatorship had arisen in this Country to Fight the Bomb. The Teamsters are up against it. Again. Hoffa had many innovative ways to make this Country's roads a lot safer. Jimmy Hoffa is not Ralph Nader. By the way, have you ever watched the documentary "Abandoned America?" Detroit is a dead city. It looks sort of bombed out. Kommandant Kitten remembers a different Detroit. A vibrant young city. Don't you hate Bobby Kennedy? He engineered all that. This is why all our manufacturing went somewhere else. Trucking is going into the waste basket. Robert Kennedy had lots of tricks to destroy people's work. Take my test: find someplace in your Home State: look for the slums. You have found them. You might be living there. You can be grateful to Kennedy for all that. Understand, Teddy was a Senator for a long time. That is more powerful than the Attorney General can ever be. Even a Special Prosecutor could never touch him.

 Hoffa might have been guilty of jury tampering. But, what about Bobby Kennedy? He never drove a "Big Rig" at anytime during his life. He never worked on the Docks either. Never fixed a pipe in his life. But, he is the Attorney General. With that kind of power there would be these Kangaroo Courts all over the Country. That happened.

 To bad Jimmy Hoffa can't see the Television Series "Bull." It is hard to say if Jimmy Hoffa might like it? How about Robert Kennedy? At the heart of "Bull" is jury manipulation. It helps to have a friendly judge of course. If Hoffa loses all our Labor Unions will be nothing but, a farce.

 "Unreality is the mark of our times." When a hero is nothing but, a sandwich. Albert Anastasia said that. The Top Echelon has decreed; "Let there be heroes." There is a reason. They are all going to be part of a Secret Army, again. Albert didn't like it. People were saying he was a gangster. Maybe? There is this manufactured hero talking like he is reading from a teleprompter. He really is. He is saying things like he is going to do "hits." Our Mob Boss doesn't like this. Containerized Cargo Handling is taking over the shipping in this Country. People on the Waterfront are losing their jobs. In a few years there will be no jobs to speak of at all with the Docks in New York City.

 The British War Machine has finally gotten moving. The Parrot says "Let's fight!" They can beat the Central Powers easily. Actually, could have. That is the British Empire alone. Why didn't they? It seems to be Religious Reasons have a lot to do with this. Otherwise, the British would have joined the Central Powers. Then everybody would been able to hang on to their Colonies. But, they would rather damn everything. It is the problem of the Byzantine Empire. Constantinople excommunicated themselves out of existence. That is why it is Istanbul. Here we are after Three World Wars. What do you think?

 Let recapitulate the "gains" of the 60's, and 70's. Containerized cargo off the ships has put most of the stevedores out of work. The trucking industry has also, taken a major downturn as a result of this new technology. The container can travel by rail on tracks whose gage is worn away. All those steel tracks, and beams have to be replaced with something from someplace that just isn't around much for anybody in America. The steel industry is ailing too. That iron ore is not coming to those steel mills much. All those other strategic metals aren't there either, at all. Most of those containers going back, and forth are almost, empty. Businesses have closed because, their stuff can't fit into these containers. That is a lot of people out of work. Those containers only last ten years. Trucks, and their trailers last about forty years. Those roads have to be paved with something. Oil, and gas are running out. They still burn off a lot of natural gas just right into the atmosphere. The coal industry is having a hard time. Nuclear power is almost, out of the question. Those utility bills are still skyrocketing. Resources are being wasted because, of somebody's whim. They just want to keep using it all up. That was because, they just thought in terms of just for today. When you are going to fight a Thermonuclear War none of this planning has to be around. But, it goes on with the Plumbers Union. There sort of still is one. Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipe has replaced most of the at least eight different kinds of pipe made out of different metals. No welding, or brazing is needed. You just glue the stuff together. Unskilled city workers can do that. Yet, you don't save that much. This stuff breaks all the time. Underneath our cities, houses, and buildings are all these unsound pipes that nobody has the money to replace. The natural gas lines have gotten like this too. If you see any flames coming up from the ground in your yard. Call the utility company pronto. The Electrical Workers are not in the Construction Industry like they should be. There are bunch of places whose wiring is not up to standard. One person wired his whole house with thin lamp cord. Firemen hate people like that.  Then we have got these mines that were closed. We are running out of metals. We can't get them from overseas because, everybody is mad at us. Everything can't be made out of aluminum, or plastic. Wood isn't around much either. The metal fabricators are out of work. The timber industry is in trouble. Remember, with the New Dust Bowl the livestock industry, and farmers are on the ropes being pummeled by this continuous drought. Provision could have been made to forestall all of this. We could have full employment. That is a four hour day, and a five day work week. Top pay for top work. That takes long term planning. What will this Country be like two hundred years from now? Leaders should think like that. Let's just think a little bit, Maybe, like Hitler. Kommandant Kitten thinks more work needs to happen. Four hours a day. Five days a week. Full employment is it. Nothing but, that. How about that? Everybody wins. Everybody gets to play. That keeps people working. You can afford to eat out at least once, a week. That is because, Americans aren't going to be cheated anymore. No speed ups, no scabs, no sabotage, no creative accounting, and no more trickery of any sort at all. Fair Deal.

 Each Church is a Rally Place. For what? There we are nothing but, these total strangers in a strange land.

 There are different forms of Communism. There are different Communist Parties. This "Peace Movement" has gotten into them too. How can you Organize with people like that in your ranks?

 The "Big Lie" is the "Lie of Peace." When there is no Peace. Because, the Enemy wants you to believe that  you want "Peace" too. That Enemy Soldier is really Death Personified.

 What happens when these people get in the board room. Is there anything in this company that is genuine? No, there isn't. Let's say these people are in Microsoft. "Is Windows watching you?" It might be. Who's Operating System is this? You paid for it. Do you own it?

The Hit Man

"Live fast die young beautiful corpse." Andy Warhol

 Once upon a time. There was a man named Danny. Danny Boy had a problem. That people were getting scared of him. People hate people they fear. Don't scare people. Danny is sitting on this bar stool. A Black Car has pulled up, and  he has parked his car in front of the bar's front doorway. People can see him. This is Mr. Black. Mr. Black is standing right next to Danny. Danny is a plumber. He really should stick with working on toilets. But, Danny believes he can make a lot of money by doing a few hits every year. Steve is on the other side of the bar talking to Sambo. Now, Mr. Black is asking Danny if he wants to be a real hit man. Mr. Black is going to kill Danny right there. He just stepped back, and put his gurate around Danny's neck. He is choking him kindly. Steve is running up to Danny like he is going to save his life. You betcha. Danny Boy actually, tried to kill Steve. And, Steve is right there. Steve has combat training. Sambo is standing right behind Mr. Black. The choking has stopped. Mr. Black has just broken Danny's right arm at the elbow. That was a combat maneuver. Steve has a hold of Danny's left arm. "What do you think Danny?" "You know Steve is combat trained." "He can break your arm just that easy." Bam! Danny's left arm is broken just like his right arm. Danny has just been disarmed. "Hey!" "What do you want to do Danny?" "Are you going to kill me?" "Hey!" "It is right there in his trousers." Mr. Black has crushed Danny's scrotum, and injured his nerve center there. Danny is dead.

 The Hit Man is a Dragon. That Dragon is usually, with Mars (War). James Bond.

 This is a more modern rendition of an all too common Cultural phenomenon. From the time of the First World War ended until, 1933 there was a German version. It is not there anymore. This old family business is not around. The Germans got rid of it somehow.

 Somehow this Malevolent Genie has come to life in America. To blame are all the usual suspects. The Fad started in the 60's, and peaked somewhere 80's.

 There is a man. He bought a statue of Ganesh from a Hindu Temple in New Deli India. It is not an Idol. It is meant to be a Religious Support. This statue is hollow. Our man has stuffed this statue with human excrement, and sealed it. He turned Ganesh into a Republican. Because, he is a perverse person. He is gaining power by the desecration of Holy Objects. He is not an iconoclast. It is the desecration of people that empowers him. What is Ganesh going to do to him in the United States? Blasphemy! Ganesh is not God. But, even if Genesh were God. He would still do it. An Elephant never forgets. This will ripen his Evil Karma.

 This brings us into the subject of "Blood Libel," and how that relates to terrorism, crime, and persecution. Vendettas, and blood feuds between families exist in probably, every Country. "Blood Libel" is where one side involved in one of these "Little Wars" does not know they are at War with anybody. This problem is definitely here in my Country.

 "Blood Libel" is different. Let us say your family hales from Great Britain, and maybe Canada. By virtue of you being of British, and Canadian descent you, and your family have mortal enemies. That is because, of the political situation in Northern Ireland. Of course, that is the Irish Republican Army (IRA), and the Fenarian Society maybe, present in your hometown. If you are Jewish they are not going to like you either. If you are connected to Israel, and all Jews are. Then you maybe, a target especially, if your family has a high status. Since, many terrorist organizations are linked globally. An IRA gentleman, or even a Weatherman will attack you as a favor to the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). Also, criminals are frequently used for this purpose. Ideally, you could be tricked into doing their "work" for them. They will try, and get you "dirty" by breaking the law somehow too. Although, the possibility of this happening maybe, remote. But, it does exist. If you do not know the signs that a vendetta like this is against you. That is covered in another part of this opus. You, your relatives, and friends might even die, or something really bad like that. Terrorists are very sophisticated these days. So anything like this will appear to be accidental, or the result some crime not related to terrorism. If you travel to other Countries you will be at some risk. If you are Military you are "walking on eggshells." These "Little Wars" can tear a Country to pieces because, of the escalation, and spreading of this mayhem. Terrorists use this sort use hate as a means of organizing, and recruiting. That is the beginning of sedition, or treason. That is still present in my Country.

 "Blood Libel" was the main reason for Auschwitz to exist. Blood Libel is known as "That Damned Thing." The only reason "That Damned Thing Can Exist" is because, of the belief that people are not important. Then work does not matter. That is mayhem. Those are Major Wars between Waring Houses. Soon, everybody is pulled into these very "Bloody Affairs."

There something curious about the IRA in America. They don't go to a Catholic Church. They ought to check out okay? Maybe, someone can figure this out for us. It is wee bit perplexing.

 "Camp" is still the solution here. We just have to gather them all up before they start killing each other, or have already done so. This is the only way we can have an agreement. If they are "going to get into it." At least no innocent persons will be harmed, or killed. Understand, that some poisons, bioweapons, and other occult means are impossible to find as a cause of death. We can only suspect it. Therefore, hundreds even thousands of people will be harmed, even killed in a few days of such a War. These Wars become Global. The Contagion will stop spreading once, "Camp" is instituted. These traditions of hatred should have died out in the Middle Ages, or at least died at Auschwitz. But, there might be unfinished business. Prison Industries might be very profitable in these cases. At least the crime rate will go down about five times from what it was.

 The Ideal of the "Concentration Camp" has been around for a long time. One of the benefits of a "System of Concentration Camps" is the savings of trillions of German Reich marks over time by disposing of crime in this manner was the main selling point back then. It still is. It is a policy of containment. What are the "New Camps" going to be like? That time is here. We could have something much worse than Auschwitz. Think about that. In a World Where Nothing Works for Anybody. That is what we will have. Year Zero. Hells Kitchen: there is no food. Zero. We are being Warned. We are in Danger. We can still act rationally. Time is running out.

 "Satanism" a recognized mental disorder may run in their families. More information about this malady can be found in the DSM Manuel of Mental Disorders. You see, Satanism is not a Religion at all. It did show up in "Camp." There is a delusion like with the 1960's "Process" Cult in San Francisco, California, U.S.A. that Satan, and God work together. The "Process" had YHVH, Christ, and Lucifer as its Godhead. The "Process" is really Death. So this is a Death Cult. Kommandant Kitten has seen genuine examples of this mental disease. They are called "saps," or goats. Police hate them since, they may kill people without remorse. This is where Charles Manson got his Religion. There are some Masonic groups that have beliefs like this too. Somehow, we have to balance good, and evil. People like this may play the "Role of Satan" sometime in there Mason career. But, maybe they shouldn't. Even Satan can not control the consequences of His Evil. Because, Satan was cursed with Divine Ignorance by God least Satan become a true Lord of Evil. Salvation would be impossible. We, and everything on this Planet would be Dead.

 Secularly speaking it possible the create something like the Scarlet Woman of Revelation, and all the Others. Thus, Kommandant Kitten's warning about the dead fall traps, snares, and pit falls that adorn the "The Book of Revelation of Saint John the Divine." The baby is about four months old. The parents are suitable candidates up to the task of rearing the "Divine Child." All the resources, and they are considerable; are there for the "Child" to use to maintain the "Role." We are going to "Water Board" the "Divine Child." We are going to use a Language of Command to embed two sets of simple instructions. The first set proscribes the Role; Scarlet Woman. The next set proscribes limitations even dissolution, if needed. That is a fail safe device.

 We all know now, that Satanism is caused by a malfunction of the head. Autism has been pointed out to be a contributing factor. But, there is more. Certain Spiritual Practices usually, Yoga, or Yoga like exercises can produce brain damage. The Yogic practice of Pranayama, or breath regulation as in certain Christian Heresies can do this. In many Religions including Christianity "Breath" is synonymous with "Spirit." Whether, a person is breathing determines if that person is alive, or dead. This "Breath Cult" is deep especially, in very Primitive, or Aboriginal Peoples all over the Globe. Through several very violent practices but, primarily it is breath retention to the point of oxygen starvation that induces changes in perception that are permanent. These Lotus Sitting Postures can do an incredible amount of damage to the human nervous system. It is sitting too long that does this eventually. Invisible bedsores. You see the physical organism has been harmed that much.


 A Political Unit should exist in every local police force. This is to combat the more nefarious activities of these cult like groups. None of this work can be contracted out, ideally. Dirty tricks can cause problems later after the elections. The Political Unit has to make sure that does not happen. The Political Unit deals with wiretapping, eavesdropping, and other methods of illegally spying on people. Any information is shared with a Counter Intelligence Unit in the local police. Espionage is a problem in political parties all the time. There are Foreign Governments that are maybe, engaged in that kind of activity too. Non Government Organizations (NGO's) will be licensed to deter election fraud. All these workers need to be registered with the authorities in whatever region they are working. That is to keep impostors from posing as Red Cross, Green Peace, Save the Children, trade unions ...


 In every state there needs to be Order Police to protect the Public Order. Institute an internal passport system to control interstate movement. This is to protect state residency. Their purpose is to protect our institutions from sabotage. Wouldn't you want a doctor in any hospital to be a real Medical Doctor (MD)? Not an impostor with all the medicines in their pharmacy are not real. We have to check the credentials of everybody in our institutions. We want to make sure that is who they really are. That has to be done in person of course.

 The gentleman is holding this cadaver's feet. It looks like a kiln. You can see part of the loading mechanism there. At least where the entire loader attaches to the crematoria.

That man came off the train dead. He was obviously dead when he was taken from where ever he was located. A victim of famine. Scurvy was the cause of his death. The "Camp" was expected to take shipments of dead people as a Public Health measure. That was one of the main selling points of having all these "Camps." That is basically, what the people out there were told concerning the crematoria.

 Populism! Remember, Hitler came into power that way.  Even Jews! They even voted for Hitler too. You see, Adolph Hitler was the biggest  philanthropist Austria, and Germany had at that time. Hitler fed them out of the considerable private fortune that he had. All of it was at his own expense. That made him popular.

 "Let's have a ball!" President Hoover had balls for Charity all over the Country. That was to support the Soup Kitchens for unemployed Americans. It did not go far enough, of course. Hoover laid a lot of the groundwork for the Next American Revolution. President Roosevelt almost, did it. President Kennedy finished it. Once, you have had a Revolution. You need to have another one. You are going to have to survive that Revolution too. That will be a Total Change in American Norms, Forms, and Values. Economics is one of those Spheres of Influence.

 Speaking of private fortunes Kommandant Kitten wants to know where their money really is? Like the Internal Revenue Service likes to find it too. We would like to find this "money." Just to find out if it is really there, or not? Where is it? There could be people walking around saying they are filthy rich, when they really aren't? Our business sector could be filled with these Paper Tigers?

 Issues of Peace, and Safety. This Country needs more Police, Military, and Federal agents to keep people good. People are more inclined to be bad then good. It is just Human Nature. Bigger, and better Prisons to put all those bad people.

 Kommandant Kitten wants you to do something. Where are you? If you are not on Home Ground. Then you are on Enemy Soil. Who is near you? Who are they? Do you have any friends? That is what they better be.

 This is a typical Guard Tower.

 Did you know the German Shepard was a prized Food Animal during the War? All over Nazi Occupied Europe people were raising the dogs for the Police. That is why they were called "Police Dogs," and sometimes they were. The Boxer is in this category of food animal. The Doberman Pincher also, was very welcome in the "Camps." There was even a quota for Auschwitz usually, daily. Auschwitz was always, well supplied with dogs.

 The Equestrian Societies flourished during these times as well. Commandant Hoss was always, willing to take in any unwanted horses. Rudolph Hoss always, said he would look after them forever.

 No one needed any cats. Cats were safe even in "Camp." They always, had one too. That was to get after the mice.

 The comics have picked up on this too. This one is in Gurs in France.

 Also, featured here is "Mysterious Auschwitz" talk. "Life is good." “How can this possibly be a “Death Camp?” I live here! I am not supposed to be dead am I!” “We don’t do that here. We were just burning lots of wood. It was terribly rotten. By the way; who is it that is spreading lies about my “Camp?” "It must be one of those “American spies” the vilest of the Jews. You must send him here immediately. We just need to have a real talk with him.” We will call this a Meeting of the Minds. “What do you mean they won’t come here (voluntarily)?” “This is a Good “Camp.” “We have got this fence up to keep people out of here.” “So this is Adolph Hitler’s World Class Resort! I didn’t know we had one here like that!” “So we must have some security here. After all, we are still terribly understaffed.” “I don’t hate Americans. Whatever, gave you that idea!” “Send Mr. SD to talk to them. We have to go riding.” “My horse is important to me. No, he is not my Pro-Council. That is Mr. SD again, isn’t it.” “Now, I am wanted on the phone. I didn’t know they liked me. Can’t they come to my “Camp?” "You can show them around! When they do come. Get rid of their head lice! Because, I think I am talking to one now!” “Auschwitz is not like that! That will get good attendance anyway. The advertising will be in the newspapers for qualified workers. Oh, we always need them.” “ I know that woman in the advertising is not my wife. She looks absolutely decadent.” “She is not Jewish is she?” “What is she doing in Maidanek?” “That is to get the Jews to come there if there are any.” “But, she is supposed to be here as my "Auschwitz Girl!”

 There were three Command Structures in Auschwitz. Key to understanding, what went on in these "Camps" is what were called "orders."  Who could give them.

 Reichssicherheitshauptamt (RSHA; Reich Security Central Office) were in charge of "Race and Resettlement" of Germanic people. They had a headquarters in Auschwitz. There was a Head Administrator Heinrich Himmler, and his "Secretaries" or Secretariat were stationed at Auschwitz. That was a massive Spy Agency devoted to the Study of Culture. Those orders reflected that standpoint. They were chiefly responsible for implementing the "Final Solution" in most cases.


 This is why we should be concerned with genealogy research. We should be bothered by this. This research is not just about looking for your relatives but, also, your enemies; however, distant they may be. That research can harm you. Still can.

 There are several ways. Spurious genealogies have been planted by RSHA spies hoping they will find their way into the National Archives in every Country you can think of back then. Other Spy Agencies have done this, and probably, still are doing it. There are commercial concerns that might make mistakes. Then the records may be false because, people have had their identities hidden for some reason. You might make up false information that might go into somebody's genealogy research even, overseas. It will. You can count on it.

 The old post card "The Cats" is considered Anti Semitic. Issac, Jacob, and Abraham are the three big apes that everybody is descended from.

 Let us go into the subject of Selective Breeding. "Birds of a feather flock together." All animals do that, by the way. The Human Being is an Animal. The Genetic Theory of Human Behavior is 90% right. That is your body that predetermines what you will do in life. You are a mechanic. You will be attracted to women that have mechanical aptitude. Your children will be gifted with natural mechanical abilities. Thus there are Mechanical Families. The Process of Evolution itself produces this form of Selective Breeding. These are valuable Workers.

 The Nazis knew that a Worker must never Marry Down. Because, that will ruin them. Such Marriages are totally incompatible. The Children from these Marriages will be bad too. Breeding determines the kind of Politics people have. Bad people have Bad Politics. They can not help this. It is in their blood. Bad Breeding.

 The Commandant of the "Auschwitz Camp Systems" Heydrich working with his Command Structure was in charge of killing everybody under a sentence of death.

 The Germanic People themselves could issue orders especially, in the case of "Work Camps."

 The Communist Party in control of all the "Camps" had a great deal to say as to who lived, or died in their "Camps." Those were the "Work and Reeducation Camps."

 Finally, there were some concessions to Moscow. That was true.

 So orders could be issued, and carried out much differently then what is understood in the West.

 The "Prisoners of War Camps" (POW) were under the care of the German Army, usually.

 The Partisans had there own "Camps" too.

 Then there are the priceless Himmler quotes. “I am just a policeman. So don’t bother me with that race business.” “What do you mean the genealogy of Hitler is questionable?” “Next, you will looking into my forebears, and you already, have to my satisfaction that is." "I didn't know the Masons were bad." “I don’t have any “Camp's." “No, I am not building an Empire.” “Who told you that by the way?” “Herr Auschwitz needs to call me more often. Please, make a note of that!” “No, I am not going to shoot any more Jews. Hitler can do that for me!” “The Public Health Units need more cyanide. Tell them to steal it like they usually, do.”

 These people are newly arrived in Auschwitz Berkenau.


 We have also, bits n’ pieces of Americana. The newspapers all over the Country were deluged with hate mail concerning the comic strip character “Rat Face” featured in “Dick Tracy” as a Jewish hoodlum. Walt Disney got lots of letters protesting his lead character “Mickey Mouse” until, Disney told them they would get a piece of the action, if they would just shut up, and quit harassing him. But, cartoons are Political!

 Famous American sayings: "I kept you out of war." by Woodrow Wilson. "Prosperity is just around the corner." by Herbert Hoover. "The buck stops here!" and "Show me!" by President Truman. "The Doctor is in. I have only one word for you Mr. Kennedy." and "What is it?" "Yes!" President Kennedy on the phone with Papa Doc in Haiti. "There is a light at the end of the tunnel." by Lydon Johnson. "We're fighting for peace." by Robert McNamara. "I'm not a crook." and "Character is destiny." by Richard Nixon. "The cornerstone of American policy is now human rights." by Jimmy Carter. "I just declared war on Russia. We start bombing in ten minutes." by Ronald Reagan. "That was just a trial balloon." by Bill Clinton concerning women in the military. "Trial balloons" are thoughts people have when they are waking up in the morning.  "Turn on, tune in, and drop out." by Timothy Leary. "Never trust anybody over thirty." Jerry Rubin a distinguished Un American philosopher. "We did it!" Captain Arlot Company Delta U.S. Calvary during the end of the American Indian Wars. "Let's level this!" an unknown American soldier talking to the Japanese Commander about the Huks in Luzon, Philippines  just prior to the end of World War II. "He is an evil little man." by Jimmy Hoffa concerning Robert Kennedy. "His eyes are too shifty." by Richard Nixon commenting on the Kennedy family. "That Man can't think beyond his belly!" by Comrade Stalin about President Trueman.  "I can't understand this. But, lets do it!" Custer being broken in as an Indian Fighter. "I see a very stupid man!" President Hoover exclaims concerning future President Truman. "The Old Man is raving again!" Booth just before shooting President Lincoln. "Science hasn't invented that yet." Crowley to the butcher in New England as he cut his hand off. "They haven't seen us!" Confederate Regiment of Negro Freemen at the Battle of Gettysburg. That was the beginning of the real Civil War.

 We need to address the problem of Sophistry. Sophistry is the Ancient Greek Art designed to enslave people's minds. Let us take Karl Marx for example. Karl Marx produced many works. We will call this Marxism. Marxism was designed to feed the Law Giver Karl Marx to make him a great teacher of economics. It was Marx that created the "Middle Class" people these Idiots keep harping about in my Country. But, the United States isn't a Marxist Country, is it? Anyway, all of Marx's economics are obsolete. There are not any economic models that will work for anyone. There is no food in this Sophistry. That is why Marxism is unworkable. Otherwise, Stalin would have been a Marxist. This is not an ideology at all. Marxism is there to feed Karl Marx. Marx did very well then considering the times he lived in. That is it. Next example, "Mien Kamph" is another classic work of Sophistry by Adolph Hitler. Like Marx, Adolph Hitler is the Law Giver. Again there is no food in this Sophistry. It was designed to feed Adolph Hitler to make him "the Fuhrer."

 There is evidence that Adolph Hitler died during the Allied bombing of Berlin in late 1942, or early 1943. General "Bomber Harris" got Hitler as well as most of the Top Echelon of the Nazi Party, and all the Nazi Party Organizers. Dr. Joseph Goebbels, and Martin Bormann were among the dead. They all died along with their families after the first bombing of Berlin.

 That leaves Hermann Goering as the Supreme Commander of the Military. Heinrich Himmler as the Party Leader. They are not going to let the Enemy know that.

 The War was lost but, they would have try to Win the Peace. There is this insane idea that they are "Fighting for Peace." "Corruption is good." Efforts have to be made to insure this is fostered in their Enemies. "Eliminate the Intelligencia of the Enemy." "Ignorance is strength." Propagating the "Lie of Peace" also called, the "Big Lie." Guerrilla Warfare has begun. The Patriotic Watches can be turned against their respective Governments. They especially, targeted homosexuals informing them of the dangers of the future. Race was also, going to become an issue. Genocide would be made an issue. The "Camps" would be instrumental in this "Peace Effort." "War is Peace."

 Strangely, homosexual males were tolerated in Hitler's Germany. It is the same as we have it here in America. Comrade Stalin tolerated male homosexuals to the same degree. Auschwitz did tolerate male homosexuals.

 Rudolph Hess was Father Mithrais in the Occult Global System. Rudolph Hess knew if the present War went on the Super Weapons would be used by both sides. Everything would be destroyed.

 Rudolph Hess the Deputy Reich Fuhrer is to blame here. Since, Rudolph Hess knows exactly where, and when to bomb Germany to maximum effect.

 Rudolph Hess was taken into custody by the Royal Air Force (RAF). Colonel Harris interrogated Rudolph Hess regarding this diplomatic mission from Germany. Was this indeed the Reich Fuhrer?

 It really was. So Rudolph Hess was taken off the plane. The Reich Fuhrer, and his diplomatic mission was sent to London.

 While Rudolph Hess was still talking about this "Peace" Colonel Harris overheard about a plot to kill off every homosexual in Britain. That was all Colonel Harris needed to hear as he was calmly walking toward the door. Opened it, and closed it. Colonel Harris started running for his bomber. The rest of the crew had just finished fueling his aircraft. Colonel Harris ordered his crew into the air at once. Immediately, the other planes began to follow his lead. He has no fighter escort since, they were needed to defend England. This was to be a surprise attack on the capitol of their terrible adversary.

 "Bomber Harris" probably killed them all personally. He dropped about 300 bombs there to good effect. Now, General "Bomber Harris" is Royalty.

 But, there is a problem. Bomber Harris extended World War II for another four years. Because, Germany wanted an Unconditional Surrender to stop the War. The British could hang all the Nazis, and execute everybody they wanted to. The United States wouldn't have to get involved in this European Land War. The War in the Pacific with Japan would have ended much sooner without the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. Without Harris the Holocaust would have never happened. Why didn't some right thinking person hang this bloody, bloody bastard? The French wanted to hang Harris during World War I. They rightly should have after Harris attempted to molest my Grandfather in the manner described in "The Hit Man." Needless to say Harris was found to be Dishonorable. His Homosexual Huguenot  buddies had to pull a lot of those strings. This corruption extended into the highest levels of British Society. Makes you wonder why we didn't side with the German Kaiser.

 Have you ever seen the movie "Forest Gump?" Bomber Harris is just like Forest Gump. Forest Gump has this Animal Magnetism that always, wins. Now, Forest Gump has an Inverse Relationship with someone called Catherine. As Forest Gump goes up, Catherine goes down in status. An Inverse Relationship is incredibly sick. But, it does happen. Forest Gump is not exactly a vampire yet, it is kind of like it.

Now, knowing about this kind of Power. That Power can alter the Destiny of the whole Planet. Yes, Bomber Harris is an Arch Druid. He doesn't have to be very smart. The Calipers say Bomber Harris is Low Average in Intelligence. The Calipers don't lie. It is a Standard Test for Idiocy. More disturbing are Bomber Harris' connections to Global Banking. Then their are these connections with two English Kings, and one Queen. This more than the First Power. Combined with the Spirit Anti Christ "There is no Hell but, Me."

 In order to understand, what happened to Rudolph Hess. You have to understand, the Politics of Homosexuality in Great Britain. It is enough to nix any Peace Agreement. It may have been strong enough to nix any Peace Agreement in America too.

 Hess brought a large number of Monks from Tibet. This was to aid in the War Effort. If it was needed. The story of these Black Robed Monks will be told later as to how they died in German Army Uniforms. It didn't seem like they did Germany much good.

 Roosevelt knowing that the Nazis had Monks from Tibet. They had to get them too. Understand, the Dali Lama was thought to be the most powerful Magician on the Planet. It seems there is no end to the mischief.

 Comrade Stalin thought this was insane.

 We are going to use this alternate history to explain the behavior of Auschwitz "Camp System." How the  Ukrainian Jews died in Auschwitz even though they died in Babba Yar. The death of the Hungarian Jews during pitched battles in their native land, and in Auschwitz. If "rolling thunder" happens deep in a Country. Did it really happen? It did for at least six months between one million Jews, and half of the Hungarian Army that deserted to fight. It looks like the "Auschwitz Camp System's" 500,000 troops were taken from the "Camps." Records say about five million Jews were killed at this time in combat. There were according to Hungarian census records ten million Jews in Hungary all total before the War. Himmler ran this "Truck Scam" to buy time to win those "Little Wars," and secure those Jews for Destruction. The mysterious roles of the Soviet Union in these matters.

 Let's say that at least a million more, or less made it out of Hungary as Refugees. This all personal, and off the books. This is the Politics of the Holocaust. Understand, the Democratic Regime is in power under Roosevelt. Joe Kennedy is in on these negotiations. Being the Ambassador to Great Britain, and even Sweden Mr. Kennedy can do a lot for people if they will "play ball for him only." The British say so. They all need to understand, there are people rotting in Nazi Concentration Camps that weren't politically inclined like his Hungarians. He makes it clear he owns them. They are to settle in a key Electoral State California registering as life long Democratic Party members. American Citizenship can be streamlined. Joe Kennedy wants one of his boys to be President. Step out of line you will be deported to a very hostile Country. It is the "carrot, and the stick."

 The Fascist Government of Hungary was connected to the Fascist Government that controlled Poland prior to the Soviet, and Nazi annexation of that State. So the Hungarian Government was in the same position with the Germans as the Thai's were with the Japanese. Neither, one wanted anything to do with fighting these foreign Wars.

 However, they had to make a few concessions to Berlin. Germany wants to make sure that all railways were in good working order. That was insure peaceful Commerce. Even, though the German Armies were most unwelcome. Meaning, the Hungarians would fight them to the death to defend their Homeland. The Totenkophverband was allowed in the Country only to maintain the railway system. Martin Bormann got this deal for the "Concentration Camps" to work in Hungary.

 The Totenkophverbande were stationed along the entire railway system of Hungary. They lied to the Hungarians that the persecution of the Jews was just a myth of sorts. People could plainly see that their workers were either Communists, or Anarchists. They always, said so.

 The Totenkophverbande were bringing in all this forced labor building these little "Camps," and linking them to Auschwitz. The regular German Army isn't there during any of this time. The Soviet Army isn't going to intervene to save the Fascist regime in Budapest. "Let 'em fight." Like the American Indian Wars there won't be any records much to go on.

 They were following very much the same pattern of settlement as was used during the Winning of the West in North America. Along each railway heading west. Along with well armed little towns. They did a little bit of trade with the Natives to keep them off guard. Sometimes, a cask of whiskey laced with a little wood alcohol (less than 2%) was sold to the Natives to weaken them. They are not fraternizing with the Natives because, they intend to kill them. This is really true.

 The first big Indian War began in Oklahoma with the killing of nineteen thousand settlers in about eight days during the American Civil War. Sioux, Black Foot, Pawnee, Cherokee, and a whole Confederation of American Natives had gathered for this event. Kansas totally gone. Nebraska is under siege. Utah is being wiped out. That War came down clear to Texas, and even to the Mississippi river basin. All the Natives are extremely well armed, on horseback, and combat savvy.

 The combat during the American Civil War was awe inspiring. In one battle against General Robert E. Lee the North lost five thousand men per foot of ground gained for eight miles of battlefield. The Battle of Shiloh was even bloodier. There were three hundred battles pretty close, or like it. Needless to say, both sides were decimated. The entire population turned it's wrath on the unfortunate Negroes. Negroes were slaughtered in both the North, and the South sometimes en mass. The Negroes became convenient scapegoats for causing the Civil War in the first place. No one ever forgave them this.

 The "Peace Movement" in America can trace its' origins to the Civil War. Mistreatment, and killing of War Veterans was common back then. President Grant had a solution for this "Peace;" "Hang them high."

 With President Lincoln's home state of Illinois under attack by marauding bands of Natives. The true situation was dire. The U.S. Army was still needed. A hundred well trained horse soldiers were sent to deal with the "situation in Oklahoma." They had to fight eight thousand well armed battle seasoned Indian Braves. They did beat them. It took eighteen long bloody years of relentless Indian Fighting. But, Soldier Blue had nothing but, the best. James P. Morgan made very sure of that. The U. S. Treasury was all his to play with but, this was the start of something better later.

 The American Civil War was the proving grounds for that which came later. First innovation was the "Military Concentration Camp," the American Prison System, and the American Indian Reservation System will come out of this later.

 The first use of novel weapons, and tactics come out of the American Civil War. The Electromagnetic Pulse Bombs (EMP) were used for the first time. It is the same kind of electromagnetic pulse that comes from a nuclear detonation. This is the precursor of the Atom Bomb. The mathematics, and physics of the EMP Bomb will lead to E=MC squared.

 The first use of Submarine Warfare, and Frog Men were employed by the South against  the Northern, and British Blockade of ships, and men. General Lee first used Howitzer Gun against Fort Sumter at the start of the War. The forerunner of the Machine Gun the Gatling Gun first used by the South. First use of Balloons to Drop Bombs will give Birth to the Airplane later. This is the Advent of Modern Warfare.

 Let us go a little further in our alternate history to answer the question where did all the people go? Estimated, there are fifty million people in "Camps," globally. We will call this "Operation Israel." All the "Camps" will be liquidated, and sent towards Hungary. This is the "Trucks for Jews" ploy to the Allies that will be used to cover the entire War Effort there. The Jews are being sent there en mass while, they are negotiating the terms of this agreement. Hungary was not pleased.

 Holocaust Denial maintains the European Census of Jews. That is at odds with the Numbers of Jews in these "Camps." The figure are incredibly vast. Can we reconcile this issue? It is the Huguenots. They are called the Hated Ones of Old. It has to due with a Rivalry that goes all the way back to the Time of the Caesars in Rome. It appears.

 Remember, Britain has been ruled by the Huguenots in the intervening time from the death of Queen Victoria, to the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Huguenots rightly, or wrongly are blamed for starting World War I, World War II, and World War III. The Huguenots are known to have these long standing Blood Feuds. Accordingly, Hitler put them in view as "The Eternal Jew." That is why the "Camps" always, Classified Huguenots as Jews. Now, those figures match.

 Imagine being in Army Boot Camp for two years, or more. That makes you a "Camp Person." Mind you, "Camp" is peaceful." The Tototenkophverbande always, said so tirelessly. You still have your stripes, and good work boots. You are going to keep them even in Hungary. You are armed with the equivalent of a Roman short sword, and scabbard. That is high chrome steel. That is your peaceful "Camp Knife." That is for "drumming" your enemies out of their lives. That is one of your "Tools of Peace" that you have to have. That flack jacket will come in handy. A bullet coming from two kilometers away, won't kill you. If you have rank you will have a pistol. It is a special "Camp Gun." It is made to be used at close range. If you can get them, take two pistols. That gives you sixteen shots. You will have about one rifle in your unit. There is a submachine gun, and the rifle that are both "Camp Guns." The "Peaceful Camp Gun" has a low powder charge. That means the bullets fired won't travel far nor, will they penetrate buildings very much. This is all close combat. That will be about five well armed people. Now, you are almost, ready to assemble. You will be assigned targets to kill. After that you are done. You can "Resettle." It is good fertile land.

 Heinrich Himmler nor, Commandant Hoss were in charge of this "Workers Movement." Of course, that is plausible denial if they lose the Little War. A lot of preparation was made well in advance by RSHA (Bureau of Race and Resettlement). Auschwitz was going to be the main "staging" ground."

 The Hungarian Campaign was fought with six armies under six Generals. They will attack six regions in Hungary. All of this was run out of Auschwitz.

 In 1942 everything changes very suddenly. It is time to go to War. Now, the "Machines" (Totenkophverband) are fighting the "Werewolves" (Hungarian Jews) on Hungarian soil.

 Have you ever watched "The Matrix: Revolutions?" This is the last part of the film. This is where the Machines break though into Zion.

 In Hungary there was a lot of big guns on both sides. The "Machines" using about six nine inch rail guns as they are bringing in more heavy artillery to neutralize the "Werewolves." The "Werewolves" have one ten inch gun, and several hundred puny eight inch guns. They are well supplied. The "Werewolves" have about eight Generals that have one very large army. This is turning out to be a very bloody War.

 The Germans had to storm these mountain guns. They had already, laid down the tracks previously under the guise of extending the railroad. The train was really that big. He is Reg. Reg is designed to be immune to fire power. Reg has an automatic coal loader from three coal cars. It takes two days to fire Reg up. Reg can speed at ninety miles per hours easy. Reg is very stable on, and off the tracks. Reg has seven rail guns along a regiment of "Camp Persons."

 Most of the big Hungarian guns are dug into the mountains. They are well supplied with "gas" shells either, the persistent War Gas (10-30 days) mustard gas (sulfuryl chloride) for access denial, and the non persistent War Gas phosgene (carbonyl choride): both are acid gases, or vapors. There was a lot of these War Gases stockpiled in Hungary back then. They were all used up.

 The Germans employed non persistent War Gas for battlefield mobility: arsine (arsenic trihydride), phosgene, and hydrogen cyanide (HCN).

 Remember, these "Camps" have already, been established in Hungary.

 The "Machines" have actually, attacked the main Hungarian Army at night near Budapest. There was extreme hand to hand fighting between combatants. The object was to kill all their Generals. The Hungarian Generals were in the countryside. That attack failed. That is called a "feint" in Military language.

 The Hungarian Generals were organizing opposition to those relentless "Machines." That makes this a sort of Guerrilla War hence, the Totenkophverbande always, called them "Werewolves." They are incredibly hard to find. Those Hungarian Generals have to make Cadre which are Field Grade Officers. That happened, and another Covert Hungarian Army formed. While the Main Army had to protect the Capitol. That Covert Army has roughly half a million people. Not all of them can fight. They will have to because, the "Machines" will kill them. The "Women's Camps" have sent people too. The Hungarians aren't used to fighting Girls that are well trained killers. That is fifteen thousand Girls. They did enter Budapest, and started poisoning everybody they could there. They are busy killing the Jews off. The whole city, and the Hungarian Army are dying from "Camp Fever" (Typhoid Fever). Other than everybody being sick a lot. Nothing seems out of place. The Girls are using poisons, and bioweapons. This is "Germ Warfare" at it's finest.

 After a year the Girls will return to their "Camps." By then, most of the Hungarian Army will not be a major factor anymore. That part of their mission was accomplished. The Girls did manage to kill something like three hundred Jews in Budapest proper in a city of one million Jews. They had to settle for making them sick. About eighteen thousand people died in Budapest.

 The Hungarian Covert Army is trying to defend regional capitols from the "Machines."

 The main purpose of this move by the Totenkophverbande was to make sure they did not fall into the hands of the Jews.

 Now, you have some History.

 This is a "Tale of Two Sisters." Auschwitz Girl, and Sobibor Girl have to kill three Vikings. Both of them being "Big Girls" are more than up to the task at hand. One Viking lives in Hungary. Auschwitz Girl, and Sobibor Girl killed him. Another, Viking lived in Bulgaria. Auschwitz Girl, and Sobibor Girl killed him too. The last Viking was in Romania. Sobibor Girl said she would do this herself. Sobibor Girl would shoot him dead with her Mauser, and she did.

 As you may know the Vikings are a branch of the Aryan Race. There is this Tribe that is directly descended from them living in Austria. They were regarded by some to be the handsomest people in the World. They had relationships only with each other. They have gone into Racial Divergence. They have hit a dead end according to RSHA.

 This is the start of "Kaltenbrunner's War." Prior to the outbreak of World War II. Our futurist Ernst Kaltenbrunner did an assessment of the different Super Powers. It was understood that Britain, and America would be fighting them. The Soviet Union would be drawn into the conflict somehow. After everybody is done fighting, and killing each other. Who is going to be left? The three Vikings would dominate Europe. For Austria that would be terrible. The Racial Purges would be endless.

 Kommandant Kitten has to be very severe with the English. Kaltenbrunner sees them as a Diseased Race. First is the British intransigence regrading the Roman Catholic Church. Next it is the formation of the Masons to extend English influence a lot further into every Country that could have them.

 In the "Vikings" Kaltenbrunner believed they had a gene for homicide, unlike his "Camp Guards." That in the future there could be a blood test to find them before they got a chance to kill a human being. The Nazi Ideal of Police Work is to apprehend criminals before they have a chance to commit any crimes. They used profiles a lot. Anybody that fits the profile is a criminal.

 Kommandant Kitten would like to test all the English for this genetic anomaly. It might really be there. There has been sufficient blood shed during these Wars. It can be tested incompletely. The results point in that direction.

 Close Allies can turn into the bitterest of Enemies. The best of friends can become the worst of Enemies. America, and Britain really know how to hurt each other. They have in the past.

 "Can God make a stone He can not lift?" God does not want to lift this stone ever. Neither, does Totenkophverbande want to do it. But, Ernst Kaltenbrunner the Leader of the Austrian SS was a futurist. This Tribe we will call "Vikings" is of special interest to Ernst Kaltenbrunner. There are about seven hundred thousand people he must liquidate. He had to by pass both Himmler, and Heydrich in the chain of command to to accomplish this ended in a personal meeting with Adolph Hitler. The Masons, were covered meticulously by both Kaltenbrunner, and Hitler. There is a problem Kaltenbunner is a policeman, and Hitler is the Fuhrer. They have reached the limits of Nazi Organizing, and must go further. The purges like what Herr Kaltenbrunner is advocating will never be enough. There has to be a system of power, manipulation, and control at the civilian level to prevent all their gains from being lost. This is consolidating everything in the manner of the Roman Empire. Those were the reforms of Octavian after the Roman Civil War. This is the setting up of a Praetorian Guard. The Masonry especially, B'nai B'rith would be studied at great length, and a counter Masonry improvised. It is not to be anti Masonry. It is meant to replace all their Masonry with Sobibor.

 Enemy Agents, and Revolutionaries created a phony B'nai B'rith in Detroit, Michigan in the 60's. Hundreds of people have joined this enterprise. They have no idea that their Masonry is not bona fide. These Dupes are going to be cutouts being skillfully used by Enemy Agents. We will call these folks Residents. That is Resident Evil. Somehow, they gained access to the Michigan Militia. That is the biggest, and oldest Militia in America. The Mice have gotten into everything. The Mice carry dis ease; homicide, espionage, and treason. Now, they can take over the Detroit area. You understand, that Detroit the "Motor City" is a prime target. All the Industry will be shut down as much as they can do it. Even, if they are English Agents all the secrets they find will show up in the Soviet Union. That makes them Enemy Agents. These Agents are going to change Our Culture by killing people, and stealing secrets. Later, these Agents will skip town. But, the Residents will still be there. These Residents are incredibly dangerous. That is the reason why Detroit is not what it used to be.

 You have to understand this. America has been extensively studied by the Intelligencia of the Enemy. These could be rouge British Agents working with the Soviet Union. The Enemy knows everything about Masonry, and how to use it to win big. The Enemy in this case can penetrate Detroit a lot easier, and deeper than the Nazis could back then. The Enemy Agents have a whole list of names, addresses, and phone numbers. These Enemy Agents know where to go, who to see, and what to do. The Enemy Agents have a tight schedule that has been planned meticulously. This is long term planning. These Enemy Agents do not think in terms of "just for today." Their stuff will endure even to this day. Thus, there are thousands of people that have this kind of problem. Somebody has to do something about it. Understand, even the British will not have any record of anything that happened in Detroit. Even if they did anything bad no one will ever know it there in Great Britain. The Russians might know quite a bit. All of Detroit's Industrial Secrets have been shared with anybody that will pay for them. An Enemy Agent can look like anybody you can imagine. The town drunk can be one.

 In fact it did in America under the Kennedy Regime. B'nai B'rith was totally reorganized by Kennedy's People under the direct orders of John Kennedy the President of the United States of America. This was done secretly. No resistance was allowed under pain of treason. Under its New Charter B'nai B'rith acquired new people, vast sums of money, and extended its organizing into areas that were forbidden by the Old Charter. An Aura of Respectability now, enshrouded basically Sobibor.

Thus, Sobibor is born.


 The Swastika contains all the Phases of the Moon. The Nazi's had a Leftward turning Swastika. That is Left Hand Path is with the Man of Sin. The Moon in descent, or the descending node. That is the Son of Man. The Rightward turning Swastika is with Diana. The rising Moon, or the ascending node.

 The Skull and Cross Bones usually, means Danger.

 The Cross is aways, Sol Invictus the Invincible Sun.

 The Six Rayed interlocking Star is the Unity of Brothers, and Sisters, or the Union in Masonry.

 Therefore, there are Signs of Dominance that come from Sobibor.

 That is a "Declaration of Camp".


 This could get you killed in the following little scenario.

 The Pimp is the key to the distribution illegal drugs in America. The Pimp is the Big One with hundreds of little Dope Pushers under him. The Pimp is making claims that he owns turf. People in the neighborhood might honor those claims. If the Pimp can he will walk right into your own house, and take it for his own pleasure. It will become a bordello, a shooting gallery, or a crack house. Unless, you make a stand. You can read "The Dopester Book" for more information on the subject. "Phaedra" is good too.

 Understand, the Pimp with his small army of Hos, Punks, and Johns can get access to illegal proscription drugs. Each Ho for example can visit her doctor, and get them. That is the source of all those proscription drugs on the streets.

 When there is a small army there is always, some form of reconnaissance, or recon for short. Those are scouts that work with spies in everybody's neighborhood. That will get them more people. They will be able to find all those prescription drugs. Your druggist could be one. That's right.

 Now, you understand, this Nation is forming inside this one. That Nation is at War with Ours.

 You have the idea that this Doctor Hook can be there too. That can get them inside hospitals. You have got them inside your hotels, and your motels. They can grab people right out of college. Who is safe from them?

 Also, Pimps have access to counterfeit proscription drugs of all sorts. Plus, the so called black market "heroin," marijuana, "cocaine," "LSD," and so forth.

 The Sex industry is a multi billion dollar business in the United States alone. With that kind of money people can do a lot of damage.

 Strangely enough, this isn't exactly prostitution. This is the return of slavery by another means. They are all slaves. It's like Spartacus, and that Revolt of the Slaves against Rome. The Liberals will see it that way too.

 Here is the good news. The gospel of Sobibor. When we're here! We really are!

The Seed of Camp

 Kommandant Kitten has to Plant the Seed of Camp in you. You know you are in some kind of prison. You just know that. You are. The Seed of Camp needs to grow more in you. You can see it all right there. You have to find your place. Now, if you can't find your place. You can't even dream of leaving prison. Because, you don't know where you are at.

 This is like it feels to be Implanted. Now, you have some idea of what an Implant is. You now have been Implanted with the "Seed of Camp."

 "Camp" is a Dragon that lives inside everybody. It is the "Prison" you can not escape. It is your Humanity that Imprisons you. That Dragon must have a Human Conscience. It is like the Revolution, or the Atom Bomb. It is a Creature of Mars.

 We are going to use the Masonry of Sobibor to build something better than what we have.

 Getting rid of these Pimps is just a matter of organizing. We have to attack the infrastructure that supports the Pimps. Mostly, it is drug dealing. Especially, this marijuana bud that is constantly being sold at inflated values. Bust those growers. We have to take the fight to the Enemy. Rather, than having to grapple with them in our homes. Next we must attack their sympathizers especially, in the legislature. They don't need any more "young chickens": boys, or girls. The "chicken" will grow up to be a "Ho," or a "Punk." We don't need a "meat rack" in our major cities either. Never!

 The First Pimp was the Black Man at the Witches Sabbath. The Black Man is the Devil: the very personification of Lust. It started with a Cult around these Black Butlers from Africa. Being the Europeans were so fascinated by their Dark Skin. The very essence of the forbidden Vice: Lust.

 These Black Men were from the Lion Cult in Africa. They were African Medicine Men. They were Fetish Men. They were never Slaves. The real Black Power is still in Africa. They are not pimps. The pimp is nothing but, a role that is played with lust driven white people. It is something people in America can not understand. Even today.

 The Black Butlers were brought to Europe to undermine the Royal Houses if they could during the time of King James I. That was a Huguenot stratagem. The Black Butlers did not go along with the program. The Huguenots were Slavers. They really need the Devil. After all they deserve it.

 Prostitution in the United States is organized by Pimps. This began in the 40's as the American Economy began to pick up steam. This is a by product of World War II. By the 50's Prostitution has become part of Organized Crime. The Pimp begins to play a major role in the 60's.

 Let's cover some of the salient points with this organizing that happened in the 60's. This is where the American Pimp goes International. This is a spin off of the Hippy Movements that are part of a Second American Revolution. Pimps are getting their women, and boys from Colleges, and Universities. Scouts have already, located suitable people as early as Grade School but, definitely by the time they reach High School age. They will have Mentors that will get them involved in Prositituti0on. The Mentor is frequently a front used by Pimps. The Talent Scout is another front for Pimps. Did you know the Dean of a University could be a procurer? It's true.

 The Apparatus itself is really quite large. Part of it is based in other Countries now. No Mafia, or Syndicate in America has ever reached this degree of sophistication. It has reached deep into American Culture as it fosters its unique form of the American Revolution. It has reached very deep into American Media. Worse it has gotten to where the Pimps can call the shots on lets say who gets to be the next President of the United States of America. The Pimps are in the ranks of the Pages in the United States Congress. We have got Slavery folks back in our country. The Pimps in America are mostly white these days. The marriage brokers, matchmakers, and folks that have these casting couches. Those are Pimps.

 In Auschwitz we find a high number of marriages in "Camp." Auschwitz did not have any Pimps. The "Camps" did have whore houses like in the United States. Most of them did survive Auschwitz, and were married either then, or later. Life was pretty terrible. But, it was better than a Ho, or Punk life is today.

 They don't live long. Especially, young male Prostitutes may live for about five years. The women might make it for ten before they die somehow.

 Pimps are like Chinch Bugs. "You give a Chinch Bug an Inch. He will take a Yard." Your whole lawn will be perfectly dead from little vampires. Chinch Bugs can do the same thing to a wheat field. All of our cereal grains are grasses.

 Kommandant Kitten hates Pimps. It is alright, to curse them since, they are from the Devil, and all that.


The Queer Star is now, the Sun.
That is queer.
The gentle Q waves are coming down, and irradiating a Queer Earth.
And, on a Queer Earth everybody on it is queer.
That is queer.
People are getting urges, impulses, and ideas that have never existed in Humanity until now, or even animals..
That is queer.
Queer things are happening again.
Because, this is really queer.
And, there is nothing quite like it.
That is queer.
We know that.
Aaand, we have people that are too queer for words.
That is too queer for even a Queer Earth.
They can't live any more.
They can go to a Queer Heaven.
Maybe, one of those really Queer Hells.
They are too queer to live.
They are not queer enough.
That is queer.

   Moving People Around

 No one seen "movement" as a political tool until Roosevelt. There it was in its planning stages based on human studies that put together a Science of Manipulation. What it does is to develop the needed technology to implement their Revolutionary Ideals. The Ideal American Revolution nothing less is what we're talking about here. We that are here have managed to survive that War. Good. Now, Kennedy: a man too queer for words has some Human Manipulation Technology, part of it Military. It it did get Kennedy elected. A study of Kennedy's election campaign will turn up a surprising number of Madison Avenue types. There are a lot of eggheads in these Kennedy's  "Brain Trusts." While, this Science was still being developed, and tested on unsuspecting people. Oppression. You live in oppression. You do. Don't you want to organize against oppression? For that you need Your Best Fear to Guide you. Annihilation. Destruction comes pretty close to this too. Shoah. You have to be on good terms with Your Best Fear. Who are you? Who are you for? Who are you with? Where are you at? Why are you here? What do you want?

 "A Separate Reality"

 It is a book by Carlos Castenada that helped earn him his PhD in Anthropology. There are a whole series of these books about the importance of Native American Sorcery. It is wholly spacious. Yet, there is this political movement in the University of California's Anthropology Department that swears these books are genuine! They are trying to turn the Study of Humanity back upon itself. Not only do we have this drivel of the "Noble Savage." Nobility: people on this Planet here to be adored. Savage: everything you can hate in a man, or a women is somehow clearly present in them. Obviously, "Noble Savage" is a contradiction in terms. These Anthropologists are gambling on the fact you have never met any of these savages. Apparently, their "Science" says their "Reality" is as valid as ours. This is where Anthropology, and Thantology actually, merge. We don't want any Psychology founded on this "cock and bull" stuff. You know more Psychic "Science." Like a "Science" of Human Empathy based on the norms and values of savagery. Kommandant Kitten has dealt with the subject of Reality, Conscientiousness, Empathy, and of course, Witchcraft in the "Witchey Witch Book." The age old nemesis of savages, and queer science the "Dark Girl." "The Persephone Book" is really good. The "Dark Girl" would really like you to read that one. You may have even met the "Dark Girl." You might find the "Dark Girl" in "My Persephone" soon to be a spectacular web site.

 Carlos Castenada is a lot like H.P. Lovecraft, and his "Cthulu Mythos." Now, there could be a Cthulu Cult. Cthulu might be a powerful "Ally" per Carlos Castenada. Lovecraft might of gone through the "Crack Between the Worlds" (Bardo), and gotten a "Helper" to do forbidden magic. He might have made a Pact with Death. The "Necrocromicon" could be a real book of sorcery. But, let us say that all of Lovecraft's work is just fiction. Carlos Castenada wrote nothing but, fiction too. Although, Carlos Castenada did have enough Sophistry to make him a Doctor of Anthropology.

The Piltdown Man is allegedly a Species of Man (Hominid) found in Piltdown, Sussex, England. Nowadays is thought to be hoax. But, the Leaky Skull has exactly the same problems. Regardless, it is the skull of nothing but, an ape that hit an evolutionary dead end. It is rumored to be two and half million years old. But, that thing is still not Human in any normal sense of the word human. Necessary illusions?

 On the History Channel the ODESSA File was opened. They showed us the skull of a man they said was Martin Bormann's, or is it another Piltdown Man?

 We have all sorts of sightings of Martin Bormann, Dr. Mengele, big foot, flying saucers, ghosts, and the beat goes on. But, let's just say this stuff just ain't true.

 The Soviet Union wanted  their enemies to know there were still lots of these escaped SS War Criminals running around getting ready to try it again. It might take the pressure off of the Communists. It did.

 We must assume all these documents, and alleged evidence are as questionable as Carlos Castenada's Don Juan. The name Castenada means Spider.

 We do know that hoaxes have happened in the past. A careful reading of "A Separate Reality" will find several content errors. Now, take a needle and thread, and sew a lizard's mouth shut, and see if you can do that with the lizard's eyes. Mind you this lizard is about the size of your hand: a desert horned lizard. It is not a horned toad either. You can't find this lizard in this World. This cactus thorn, and improvised thread is not from this World at all! Persephone can't find it! Ceres is still looking for it! Juno says it is not around! You shouldn't be cruel to animals like that.

 But, it gets worse. Kommandant Kitten has had many conversations with Seekers on the Path: Yoga people, regarding the phony nature of Carlos Castenada's work. But, they have misplaced Faith! There is no logical argument that can persuade them that dangerous drugs should never be taken. That sorcerers can not fly through space. No you won't see "Mescalito" if you ingest peyote, or mescaline! The psychedelic mushrooms are not good at all! That Datura can kill you. The so called, Morning Glory Seeds should never be taken. They can harm your endocrine system. There is about a hundred of these different plants, and substances. All these Native American psychedelic drugs are just what the Drug Enforcement Agency says they are: poisons with no medical value.

 There are now, hundreds of bogus Native American Teachers that have taught thousands of Students this falsehood. Everyone one of these False Teachers claims to be "Don Juan," or somebody like him. It could even be the Iguana Don! Don't be fooled!

 Nazi Anthropologists studied Native American traditions especially, in Mexico extensively. They were always, looking for supermen. They didn't find any. Just human beings as always.

 Agent Paws is going to explain what Carlos Castenada learned from those Ancient Texts concerning the Major Demons he called Allies. An Ally has a Rule. Lucifer's Rule when the Angel Lucifer is Enlightenment: "Nobody Dies." Enemies agree not to kill each other. Ashtoreth-Astarroth: "A Life for a Life. You Give Me Life. I Will Give You Life." Guardian Beelzebub: "Don't Do It. Bother Me." The Angel of Temptation: "Like Me." You will know why. Proserpina: "I Like You. I Like You Too." That Rule has Two Parts. Proserpina has One Part. Kitten has the Other Part. That is an Acceptance. Coyote: 'Don't Lie to Me. Don't Lie to Yourself." Asmodeus: "I'm Here. Use It." Phoenix: "I'll Fly Away. Kill Him." Gomory: "You Don't Need the Crown." Toad: "Don't Touch Me." Cerberus: "You Aren't Mine." Diabolus: "Don't Let It Show." Satan: "Don't Do Too Much." Kamiel: "Don't Touch It." Hades: "Don't Come Here." Tartarus: "I Don't Want You." Exrermanus: "Bad Is Good." Baal: "No." Janus: "It's Open." Mithra: "Keep Your Word. Your Word is Law. There Can Only Be One." Ceres: "Don't Forget Me." Loki: "No Rules. I Like It." Kitten:"Don't Bother Kitten" "Leave the Others Alone. They Will Like You Better." The Anti Christ: "There no Other Hell but, Me." Mercury: "Don't take too much."

 This is a brief explanation of the occult work of the Illuminati. The Illuminati is the Progenitor of All Black Masonry. The Illuminati began in 19th Century in Germany. Prior to the Rise of Nazism the Illuminati came back. The Illuminati is part of a Black International. "Black" means they do not rule out murder as desirable means of changing Society.

 You have to call Persephone. The fact that you called Persephone means you already, have Persephone.

 Persephone: "Hello I am Persephone."

 Agent Paws: "Hello Persephone, I love you."

 Persephone: "I like you."

Agent Paws: "I like you too."

 This how an Alliance is made. Persephone is Amorous. You are mated with Persephone. Once, you have done this. You have to do something for Your Persephone. Since, you are a big Love Person. You have a big Love Girl. You have to get Persephone out of Hell. In Hell Persephone is at the Center of Everything. You have to have a very good reason. Here are the reasons. There is too much Death, and not enough Life in the World. People are getting too close to Death. The dead are beginning to outshine the living. People are making Covenants with Death. That is done with a Solemn Oath to maintain the Covenant with Death. They have became Destroyers of Life. Of course, you like Persephone. Persephone won't tell you anything about Hell. Persephone won't elaborate on how souls are destroyed. Because, that will bedevil you. Persephone is being Amorous. Persephone will talk about nothing but, Love. That is what you are going to get from Persephone is Love. You are at War. You are in grave danger. Persephone will guard your body, mind, and soul. Persephone will introduce you to the rest of the Deities especially, Ceres. then you will get a Muse like Thalia. The Goddess Hel will show you only Her fair side as Venus. The Goddess Freya shows up immediately. Mars is right there for you. Dis Pater is at your side. Diana will come with all the Luminaries. Maybe, even Hebe. Juno will come, certainly. You are going to be introduced to all the Powers That Be. There you will have no Enemies. The Administration Forms.

The Luciferians

 Queer. Male Homosexuals are just not queer enough. You have to go to the very hights, and depths of queer. Yet, you are good with it. You are unique. You are irreplaceable. That means you are really queer.

The Paths of Destiny

 Angels can alter that. Angels can. That is what every Magician seeks to do. Aleister Crowley the Great Beast of Revelation did a lot of Angelic Workings. Some of you know about Guardian Angels. You might. Show Business is based on Wishing. Imposing your will on Destiny. To some extent, or other Vaudeville does that. This is the Manufacture of Truth. The Nazi Minister of Propaganda and Enlightenment Joseph Goebbels believed that. Whatever, Vaudeville does effects the Angels. Those Angels support Vaudeville. The Paths of Destiny are being laid out. But, to what End? The End of the World? How about the War in Heaven? The Conquest of Space? Is it possible to Destroy Angels? Yes. Kommandant Kitten has the Promise. The Angels know what the Promise means. "Destuction!" It has to do with Their Way of Living at Our Expense. That has to do with all of us. Because, Angels alter the Paths of Destiny to suit the Ways of Angels.

 People that want Angels are in the same league as "The Frogs That Wanted a King" by Aesop. In the fable the frogs ask God for this boon. The frogs are humiliated by King Log, Disgusted by King Eel, and Devoured in the end by King Heron. That is in the Book. I Samuel 8, 9, 10 Verses 18 -19 Chapters 11, 12. Their Sin was they prayed for a King. When the Lord was their King.

 Among the Greeks Alexander the Great was chosen among the People. This Custom abides in Ancient Rome too. We find this Custom among the English, and the French. Here we find the Royalty is Secular.

 There is something else. Angels are bad. A deep Implantation of a person with advanced training is enviable if the Angel doesn't leave you. Angels don't like people. That event will probably, kill you. Cardiac arrest, and strokes: a whole batch of them.


 Archangels are, of course out of the question. They are totally Ungovernable. Then don't trust Archangels. Does Joan of Arc ring any occult bells with you? Archangels are even more deadly.

 All these Magic Books have them. These Orisons to the Angels. There are formulas to even summon Angels. That along with a brief description of what Angels do. That is your First Trap. Kommandant Kitten got the Archangel Sammael the Venom of God. You can get Lucifer as your God. You get to live under Wrath. Your Guardian Angels are Ceres, Persephone, Venus, Mars, and Luna.

 Now, some of you know Sammael has this intimate relationship with Lilith, and the Scarlet Woman. The Problem is there is no Progress going on with either of them. They failed. Wrath and Progress are synonymous.

More Angels

 You have just lost your job. It is gone. You have to experience a Sunny Day on the Coast. Your Angel wants things. You have to have them for your Angel.

 The Angels have to come out to greet each other. Kommandant Kitten wants that to happen so you can experience the wretchedness of your life that you have lost.

 Sometimes, the Angels fight each other. You will grow to hate this. Your Angel wants you to fight. Maybe, you shouldn't? But, you have no choice.

 The Ways of Angels are not Our Ways. Remember that.

 We are worried about Occult Orientation in people. This is why Stalin tried to kill Joe Kennedy on numerous occasions. He had a peculiar obsession regarding people's names for example. You might be an Incarnation of the Goddess Diana since, your name is Diana. But, let's just say you aren't. He was obsessed with this Cult of Freya. The Goddess Freya might have been worshiped a lot in Nazi Germany. There might be evidence of such a thing. But, it can't hurt anybody. Then there are Joe Kennedy's beliefs concerning telepathy, empathy, and other forms of Extrasensory Perception (ESP). Astrology, geomancy, ceremonial magic are considered real by this man who is very intimate with President Roosevelt. Joe Kennedy is judging people according these Occult Standards like when he is an Ambassador to Great Britain. It was Joe Kennedy that got the Tibetan Monks there for America only. Joe Kennedy became the First of the Real Empaths. Joe Kennedy did pass this "Empathy Training" on to his three sons.

 Auschwitz did experiment with these substances. No one ever saw "Mescalito" at all! No one got an "Ally!" Apparently, none of them got a "Helper" on the Other Side! You don't need to go to Poland to look for Don Juan. There aren't any Shamans there. None.

 Stalin was worried. Stalin believed one of the primary causes of the poverty in the Third World is Psychic Power. When leaders abet in this. There will be these "Nut Trees" planted all over the Country. You might believe in Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). The Government will being doing research in this area. Mind you, that Adolph Hitler believed this stuff. That powerful Jewish Minds were influencing World Events. The British even believed it. This has harmed Israel immensely. Roosevelt believed it. It was the Hapsbergs again. They are trying to regain their former positions by using forbidden magic. The Italian "Mafia" was doing it again, maybe. The list of "suspects" will be endless. There is an Order of Nuns that might be able to do it. The Jesuits always, make the Black List. The Masons are going to get it. What this creates is a Climate of Error.

 Russia's experience with the Monk Rasputin with the Government of the Czar mirror some the same problems Washington has with the Dali Lama. Both of these people claim to possess Psychic Power. Both of them have taught students in high places "Empathy." The Occult Manipulation of people even at a great distance. Why do this?

 Kommandant Kitten has a Telepath Registry. It is inside the Vanderbilt Psychiatric Center. All a telepath has to do is talk to this doctor there. Then he can get shots for his telepathy. Better yet, you can be a NATO Telepath. What do you need spy agencies for? When you can strip the secrets right out of people's heads. You might have another form of ESP. That is extrasensory perception. You might be able to predict events. You have precognition. Wow!

 All you got to do is catch a plane to Brussels. Now, Brussels is in Belgium. Belgium is in Europe. That is where you have to go. Once, you are in Brussels. You have to find a Belgian Official who will listen to you. You have to get on Belgium's Telepath Registry first. Next, you are working for NATO.

 There are many ways we can deal with this problem: "Wild Camps." Namely, Indian Reservations is for the Federal Government to turn everything over to the respective State, or States where these Reservations exist for delation. These Reservations, and their Apparatus can be dissolved. The Native Americans can be free to mingle with the rest of Society.

 The Native Americans claim they being oppressed in these "Camps." Rightly, so. Apparently, the United States Army does not want anything to do with policing these Reservations. The clamoring of these Native Americans must mean that they have been assimilated into American Culture. Therefore, the Mission of the Department of Interior has been met most satisfactory results as can be expected. This will be a considerable cost savings for the Federal Government. Over time this will save the American taxpayers billions of dollars. We will be able to wage the War on Illegal Drugs more effectively as peyote, and mescaline will not be a problem anywhere. Marijuana, and opium poppy growing has become large on these Reservations. Get rid of the Reservations. You get rid of the drugs. Everybody gets the same treatment. The Native Americans want that anyway, even though it might cost them some Government Benefits. Now, they have their freedom.

 The pot grower is ultraviolent. Many of these characters have killed as many as two hundred people themselves "defending" their pot fields. Usually, more than a hundred plants. God help you if the grower next door decides he wants your land. He will kill you. Then he will "Homestead" your land. Bet you did not know "Homesteads" were like that. But, they are. They might not even pay any property taxes! That's right.

 We can all have full employment too. That is what the Masonry of Sobibor is for. That is why people join the Masons. That is why there is a Brotherhood, and a Sisterhood.

 Merchantilism is based on a Code of Hospitality. The stranger is welcome in your store. Our oldest reference to this Code of Hospitality is in the Bible where God punishes Sodom for breaking this unwritten Promise.

 Kennedy turned American into Sodom. At the time President Kennedy's death he had at least by some estimates over two million people World Wide are into something we will call Kennedy's Masonry.

 Accounts are sketchy. They were attached to the Federal Government at that time. Some of their Original Orders have been found. This is bad.

 Now, they don't serve anybody. Here it is! In the Event there is no Nuclear War. Kennedy has been killed. They have been ordered to go Under Ground, and Fight Forces of the Occupation. That might not be the Communists. That is nuts! They are doing that before Kennedy's corpse has grown cold in the Morgue.

 We are looking for a Hidden Government. Many of Kennedy's Agencies,  Laws, and Programs created by Kennedy may have these Hidden Features. We are looking for Other Missions. Since, we are not going to fight a Nuclear War. We want our Government to be in the Open Air. The Peace Corps, the Civil Rights Acts, and Foreign Aid for example must be studied to find any Language of Oppression. War is Peace. The Voting Rights Laws may have Hidden Anti Democratic Features. Remember, Kennedy is getting ready to fight a Global Thermonuclear War. Everything the Kennedy Administration did was with that in mind. John F Kennedy was an aspiring War Criminal.

 These are the Kennedy Empaths. Affectionately, known as "Assholes." Kennedy knew he had to have this System. You see, the Soviet Union is undergoing a "Psychic Revolution." When you are going to fight something that big. Leave it alone. It can only be something bad. As a matter of fact, Russia never had anything like this. It was pure disinformation. True. Where did this come from? The Dali Lama! That dude is bad. Because, that Man has corrupted our whole Land. That was a kind of identification with people in order to take them over, and kill them. It did seem to work. This could work at a distance. These were the Dali Lama's Empathy Techniques of Dominance.

 They are all Under Ground. They had eight years to prepare for this.

 We don't know how many of these people are still around. We probably have ten million people in the "Resistance." The Democratic Party has never purged them. They are still doing their "Resistance Work." They are totally ruthless. To them murder is a means of transforming Society.

 This should help you understand, the situation that led to the purging of the Storm Troopers (SA) from the ranks of the Nazi Party. The Storm Troopers are absolutely ruthless in their quest for power. They have a problem with moral issues. One of them is murder. No one can live with that. The Storm Troopers are too violent. They were forming alliances with other Countries. If it wasn't for the fact that they are good German Citizens. They are not obvious criminals. No one whats to touch them. But, the Storm Troopers did want to overthrow the German Government. Adolph Hitler does not want that to happen. But, it will. Unless.

The Advent of the Totenkophverband

 In Nazi Germany there was the same kind of problem in dealing with all these Brown Shirts Stumabterlung an Assault Division called Storm Troopers (SA). The Leader of this Sturmabterlung is Ernest Rohm a radical Anticapitalist.  By 1932 the Sturmablung outnumber the German Army twenty to one. The Storm Troopers (SA) are taking over. Hitler found this out. Hitler had no choice but, to order the blood purge. After the Night of the Long Knives (SS Daggers) in June 30,1934 there were still two and half million SA. Who wants to arrest them? The police? They have SA people in there ranks. They won't touch them. The Military? All of Rohm's SA were recruited from the ranks of World War I Veterans. No, they won't do anything of the sort. The SS? The SS are blaming everything on Heydrich's SD. Not in your life, or theirs. The Nazi Party? The Storm Troopers helped put the Nazi Party in power. They don't want to do anything. Heydrich had to look around a lot. He found it in the Totenkophverband Movement in the Prison Systems. Commandant Koch in Dachau Concentration Camp said he would take them. But, they had to pay five Reich Marks a piece to cover all the costs of doing business like this. Mind you this is illegal. The Storm Troopers are going to ground since, the SA was dissolved by proclamation of the the Reich Fuhrer himself. Himmler is covering his tracks. Hess sidesteps it. Herman Goering will sign the papers to bring up the Machinery of Death.

 The big thing that got the Storm Troopers dead was hunting girls. They killed helpless girls. They weren't always, Jewish girls. "Girl Hunting" really did it. The Storm Troopers are all dead from this vice.

 Everybody knows people shouldn't "Hunt Girls" like that. We hope so!

 You get to be Totenkophverband. Kommandant Kitten is Deaths Head too. That is a Worldwide Movement. Nothing to do with Nazis at all. You have to be. Here Deaths Head is a Clown like what is well known in Africa. That is why no Negroes died in Auschwitz.

 What has to be done is to gather all this crumbling infrastructure of Sodom. We don't have to smash anything. Put everything we can into the recycle bins to see if we can redeem any of Kennedy's trash. Not much. But, we tried.

 Then we build an American Civilization because, we do have a Code of Hospitality. We do have Honor.

 Masonry is there to help people in hard times. Nobody dies.

 Masonry is Secular. In Secular Parlance any mention of God is courting Blasphemy. Because, we are not Civilized enough to have God like that. God is Sacred. God is in Religion. Religion as most people understand it is basically only about God. Masonry is not Religion. People may think it is but, they are fooling themselves. Masonry is a Brotherhood, or even a Sisterhood. It forms a "Camp" by means of inclusion, and exclusion. The logical conclusion of Masonry is the formation of "Camp." You can not do anything outside of Masonry unless, you form it. It is part of the "Evolution of Camp." You need to think about that. If you think globally, and not selfishly you can see that. All Organizing is basically Masonic like. There are millions of Mason like groups all over the World. Even the Native Americans have their Lodges.

 You will always, have a place to stay. You can even build it yourself. Because, the Masonry of Sobibor is there for you. There is a Ring. A Ring is actually, a Promise. All you have to do is keep it.

 You might get sick. You might get hurt.  Everybody always, does. Somebody will look after you. Then you are back to work.

 Sobibor will take in everybody. All you have got to do is belong. It is a sense of belonging that ennobles people.

 The Old Masonry has gotten time worn. Narcissism is one of their problems. Narcissism is also, called selfishness. It is not a matter of being extroverted, or introverted. The narcissist has an infinitely inward turning mind that catches life outside that individual, and examines it for according to its' ideals of self worth. Like a god almost. Hoarding has gotten to be a problem too. So the Code of Hospitality is left in the dust. Petty feuds, and disputes have broken out to the point where nobody is talking to each other. So self absorbed. So aloof. So tired. They are unaware of what they have built. These Masons have been building Sodom! We have to restore the Code of Hospitality. Sobibor will handle that.

 The Nazis were not the only people that enjoyed Eugenics. Auschwitz discovered the Problem of Racial Divergence. It is a Form of Collective Narcissism. Mass Hysteria is a brief manifestation of this phenomena. Racial Divergence will have "That Damned Thing." Now, we have Collective Malignant Narcissism. This Movement has become Death. As These People are Inbreeding. There may be a Form of Cannibalism. That is their Empathy. They get too interested in Other Peoples too much. They use people up. It is pretty much like eating them alive. Not exactly, literally but, it is there. That is when these Collective Malignant Narcissists get killed off. Because, of their Shared Delusions. No one can tolerate them. They are too deadly.

 There are certain Spiritual Practices that Masons may encounter during their studies. Meditation can be

addictive. This is where narcissism can take root in a person. Malignant Narcissism can take over later without warning! Persons will have certain Realizations of God that are totally fallacious. They will order their lives accordingly. That will make them devilish. Yet, this will not be very obvious to outsiders. There is more knowledge about these dangerous Spiritual Practices in The Yoga Yoga Book.

 The H2 Channel had an entire series devoted to Masons, and Ancient Astronauts. A lot of Masonic Symbolism was shown including the layout of the Nation's Capital Washington the District of Columbia. The picture above depicts the Apotheosis of George Washington. Apotheosis means Deification to the Level of a God. Did you know there is a Statue of George Washington as the Ancient Greek God Zeus? Think about that? Is this sane?

 The Forerunner of all the Twelve Step Programs came out of this indecency. They were the No Nothing Party established by the Washingtonians. The Washingtonians were basically a Quaker like Movement heavily subsidized by Queen Victoria.

 In a sense we all are Masons. We build our World with our Thinking. People tend to think verbally. Are those words building anything good? This is Primary Empathy. Human beings are empathic.

 Dogs think in terms of pictures, sounds, and smells: mostly a form of phantasm. Cats think in terms a proto - language of theirs. They are empathic too because, they are predators like we are. People think like that.

 Sophistry is more than empathy. Sophistry controls empathy. The Sophist is an architect. Thought is patterned on a kind of blue print to construct a World. This is systematic.

 You have to guard your mind. You have to examine your thinking for corruption. If those words are not building anything for you. You can't win.

 This Sophistry is dominated by Commerce. We think in commercial terms. That is thinking in terms of work, and play. This form of Masonry always, wins.

 The Dragons called Industry, and Agriculture pull the Cart of Commerce. The Goddess Ceres (Private Property) drives the Cart of Commerce. There is continual Progress. War is around to remove any obstacles. Here Trade is Militant.

 People are important. People that think otherwise are corrupt. They possess a willful disregard for human life. This can not be tolerated, or we will have leaders like that. America would be come a Nation of Losers. All over the Globe the savages, primitives, and aborigines are dying off because, they are losers. They don't value human life.

 Narcissism is terrible when it gets into athletes under the guise of asceticism. You can ask Socrates about that. Socrates really wasn't corrupting the youth of Athens in Ancient Greece. Their Dionysian way of life was turning them into selfish, insensitive boors. Socrates was killed probably, with ligatures being applied to his limbs, and a really lousy poison, probably henbane. The Romans avenged Socrates under Nero as they took all the Athletes of Dionysus. The Romans applied the ligatures to all the Dionysian perverts in the Temple of Dionysus. After suitable tortures they were finally, dispatched with the superior Roman short sword. The Centurions weren't allowed to have any poisons. The Temples of Diana were all filled with Dionysian male prostitutes all in womens guise. They all died terribly too.

 Hoarding is the other vice that shows up under the guise of saving for a rainy day when you can't work. You can live apart. You will be secure when in fact these very savings will target you for dissolution. By the time you really need them to live on. They really won't be there for you much. What you need is a promise of work. Every time you have work you will always, have work. Your life will be so arranged that you can enjoy your life. You can spend all your savings. Your work is your capital. Be a good worker.

 Reily is a Sponge. It is a Naval term. The Life of Reily is Retirement. This is another Ethic. The Retired Person is like a Sponge on the Bottom of the Sea. You need to move around before that happens. You need to live life more, and see what you have earned.

 Kommandant Kitten has the following recommendations for the Retiree. Now, knowing the above is true, and you don't have the Promise of Work. It is time for that Dream Vacation of a Lifetime to Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, and Paris, France. After the Grand Tour of France you can go on to Auschwitz, and be sure to visit Sobibor in Poland. After that you can pick it up.

Right now, the Flying Prison from Auschwitz is picking up more tourists. On board there are no stewardesses, or stewards. Just these Screws. This where Aviation is going isn't?

 The Brain Trust comes from Sobibor as a Distillation of everything that President Woodrow Wilson had to insure Peace in Our Time. That is Peace in Woodrow Wilson's Time not yours. That came to Kennedy too since, he didn't trust the British. This was pure Wilson. Sobibor again. It is the Committee of Sobibor.

"Order of the Golden Dawn of Freya."

 "Mars gravior sub pace latest"

 "It is all good. Why complain?"

 When in "Camp." Be in "Camp." Stay in "Camp."

 Now, we can get all the material from Sobibor.

 The Command Structure of Sobibor differed from Auschwitz.

 Sobibor was Governed by a Committee.

 The Committee was made up different specialists. About equal numbers of men, and women. There were a hundred, or so members of this Governing body. They usually, elected a Commandant unanimously. Ernest Kaltenbrunner was the first Commandant of "Sobibor Concentration Camp." The System Lords have agreed.

 The Commandant was in charge of the Administration of Sobibor Concentration Camp. This Administration is like Auschwitz.

 At Sobibor everyone was under orders to use the full name "Sobibor Concentration Camp."

 Here are few recommendations from Kommandant Kitten. Sobibor would probably, agree. We need to get people moving on this. Time is important to us all.

 Soccer needs to be our only professional sport played in our grade schools until, college. You can not be killed playing soccer at all. Baseball has a ball bat. That can be used as a weapon. People are injured too easily in basket ball. Volley Ball is another recommended sport. Only a wimp can be injured by a volley ball. We can actually, get rid of the gymnasium in all our public schools. All this has to be taught in college.

 These inter school rivalries frequently become violent. It breeds resentment until, whole towns are after each other. A young student goes to a rival town, or neighborhood at their own peril. It might be name calling. He could get beat up. That resentment carries over into adulthood. Some people act on it.

   Recommended sport: soccer is only played at that school only. Many sports are adult activities. Even then you must be thoroughly trained, and coached. After age twelve it is good to get them started. Olympics are totally adult.

  Ridicule has gotten so bad adults usually, meaning parents have committed suicide. Children have been persecuted. Talented athletes have lost their chance to advance in their chosen sport. That is why school sports must be nonpublic. Definitely, at the Grade School level. Political operatives can cause an infinite amount of damage in school. This is one of the routes that spies, criminals, and perverts gain access to schools.

  Political Police have to be posted in every school. America has lost many of their schools to Hate. The Preachers of Evil are always, after the children.

  Abolition the of coed public schools. This will get rid of school violence. Rape won't be a problem.  Teenage pregnancies just won't happen at all. Less abortions need to be performed. All schools must be at least "Girl Safe."

  We can  get rid of the Surgeon General. We can take all of Kennedy's materials for for fomenting a Revolution, and put them right in the trash for him. They are based on Ideology, and not Science. The Surgeon General is nothing but, a political hack. But, the Surgeon General is a Commandant!

  Auschwitz did have a Surgeon General. That was the Commandant of Auschwitz. Do we need a Commandant of Medicine in America? The United States Military, the Veterans Hospitals, the National Health Institute, and eventually the Private Sector will be under the jurisdiction of this Absolute Ruler. Heydrich would approve. Kommandant Kitten would approve too. Only if a few necessary reforms are put in place.

  The NAACP especially, it's CORE unit, and all Negro Separatists was to go the way of the Ku Klux Klan into obscurity. All you need is Sobibor. So everybody will conform to Patriotic Values. We are not going to support these organizations. We will organize against anybody that supports them. Don't you understand you are paying for your own funeral if you support them?

  CORE was put together by Robert Kennedy as a counterweight to Dr. Martin Luther King. CORE is a Militant Organization with a Military like command structure. This is to take control of the Inner Cities. They answer only to themselves.

  There is a lot about Dr. Martin Luther King that was not known. Dr. Martin Luther King is not Kennedy's man. Neither, were any of Dr. Martin Luther King's people. That was why Robert Kennedy has Dr. Martin King assassinated. Many of Martin Luther King's key people were likewise killed sometimes, by Robert Kennedy's "Night Riders." That is Joe Kennedy's old Gang.

  Without Dr. Martin Luther King, and his Cadre. CORE could take over even the NAACP. That puts the Negro Vote right there in his "Camp." It it also, keeps the Negroes in "their places." Take your blinders off. Look around. Those Auschwitz glasses are right there to tell you if the Negroes are doing better. That hearing aid is precious. "Hey man, you're dying."

  We of course can't blame the  murder of Jimmy Hoffa on Robert Kennedy. Yet, the Hoffa disappearance has all the ear marks of a Kennedy hit. Teddy Kennedy is still around, and so is the Kennedy Mob.

  These were the Secret Chiefs that Aleister Crowley said Governed all of the Masons. Yes, it was all finally gathered into Sobibor.

  When we get rid of Peace we will have less War. This is a Military tale.

  Then there are the "Stupid Death Tricks" in Auschwitz, and other facilities. "The World’s Strongest Jew" was a classic tale what happens when a man is executed for molesting a beloved “Camp Tree.” It was a Capo setup outside Auschwitz to make this person look like he was raping a tree. “Did anyone want have "the World’s Strongest Jew" in Birkenau?” “Never! They don’t need Jews like that.” The Gestapo took several pictures of this unusual, display of Jewish depravity. Walked right up to the man still posing for this powerful documentary photo, and shot him dead for the the misuse of their time.

  Kommandant Kitten will leave some of these stories up to your imagination. Here is one of them anyway. Peter Kürten also, known as, the “Düsseldorf Vampire” was a German serial killer whose widely analyzed career influenced European Society's understanding of serial murder, sexual violence, and sadism in the first half of the 20th Century. Kürten was placed in a special cage to prevent his escape. He was sentenced to death, and executed by the guillotine at Dachau. Sounds pretty normal so far but, here is where it gets really strange in Dachau. This Private is really not paying much attention to Kurten’s severed head even though his eyes are still blinking. The darn head bites him, and locks on to the Guard’s hand with its death bite like a beheaded snapping turtle. The Private could not shake the damned thing off. Sure enough, those teeth were still clamped very hard on the poor Guard’s hand. Maybe, that vampire stuff was true. People were starting to get scared as the sun was going to go down very soon. Fortunately, for Private Schultz the damned head let go as rigor mortis set in just in time for the executioner to get very, very drunk to speed the healing process. Apparently, this worked since, Sergeant Schultz had almost no trace of a scar from his famous encounter with the afterlife. Kommandant Kitten don’t know if he was the same “Schultz” featured in “Hogan’s Heroes”, or not but, maybe he was.
 How does anybody find out anything about Auschwitz? Auschwitz is magical. Auschwitz is mythical! Myths, and legends are meant to covey truth even though that language may be a bit fantastic at times. There is something really dangerous there in Auschwitz, it's unfinished work.

 Understand, the "Psychology of Trauma." Expect “Camp Persons” to be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder, Amnesia, and Depression. They are very much like War Veterans. They should not be talking much. They might say, “those are real pictures.” There might be a few very brief descriptions of what happened to them. "I was there in that "Camp." So what?" It would be very hard to get any information about their experiences. The “Death Camp” label is really harmful since, people will wonder what they did to stay alive. “If that was a “Death Camp?” Why aren’t you dead?” That is called "Psychological Rape" for lack of a better term. So there is survivor’s guilt on top of all that. The "Camp Persons" were treated very badly in the West. "The Pawnbroker" is a "Camp Film" worth watching. Maybe, you will understand it. But, then again maybe, you can't. By the way, the BBC has a mini series "Auschwitz." You should watch it.

 The writings by “Camp” survivor’s came out ten years after the “Camps” were allegedly shut down. Quite a few went to Israel only to spend the rest of their lives incarcerated in psychiatric wards. Apparently, they were all suffering from depression. It never occurred to the doctors, or staff that their patient's depression was situational. Nevertheless, it was obviously a “living death.” The few persons that survived the “ultimate indignity” were finally released in the 90’s. People that are too vocal probably, are not genuine, or they are crazy.

 How much of the holocaust literature is real? That is hard to tell. Survivor's memoirs constitute an important source of information on life inside Auschwitz. Some of the most important include Elie Wiesel, “Night” (1960, reissued 1986; originally published in Yiddish, 1956). Records indict he was in Buna Monowitz; Primo Levi, “If This Is a Man” (1959; originally published in Italian, 1947), also, published as “Survival in Auschwitz” (1961, reissued 1996) was likewise in Buna Monowitz; and Viktor E. Frankl, “Man's Search for Meaning, 4th ed.” (1992; originally published in German, 1946), first English title “From Death Camp to Existentialism” (1959). He is very mystical was probably, in Birkenau. "Maus," and "Maus II" written in comic book like format. According, to the Stories of his father about the "Big Girl." "My father bleeds history." It is a nice primer on this subject. The BBC (Big Black Cult) has a series of movies about Auschwitz.

  It took a long time for this literature to come here to America as “this wasn’t angels, and buttercups.” “Night” got Elie Wiesel about fifty dollars advance money. Borowski got less than twenty dollars offered to him so he went back to Poland, and gave it to the Party. “This Way to the Gas, Ladies and Gentleman and Other Stories” by a Deputy Capo in Auschwitz makes the most sense than any of them. He was probably in Auschwitz I but, he sometimes worked in Birkenau. "The Theory and Practice of Hell" is another book written by a dedicated Communist. There will be a reading list of course, and links to other appropriate websites as Kommandant Kitten revues them.

  Those controversial "Hitler Diaries", and those "Himmler Letters," and photographs contain a lot of factual content. Many reputable historians said the "Hitler Diaries" were genuine. Mind you, if something can fool several very serious scholars. Then it will have a lot of factual content. That is why it is always, good to study enemy propaganda too.

  Kommandant Kitten has found the "Baby Lorry" referenced in Elie Wiesel's "Night." The Baby Lorry was there during the arrival of the "immigrants," as people arrived by train. All the babies, and young children were taken from their parents. Then the babies were killed by the Capos inside the truck bed. The bodies were burned in these "Camp Fires" along with the garbage.

 Here  we have one of the fumigation, and/or gas chambers at Auschwitz Berkenau. These folks have lice. They are really going to get something really terrible. Formaldehyde gas is used for gassing commodities to disinfect them. That is what they are going to get.

 Auschwitz had extremely strict rules regarding lice. Because, of the problem of typhus.

 The "Camp Sanitarian" has sentenced them all to death. That death sentence would be harder to remove than if it came from the Commandant of Auschwitz himself.

 The "Camp Sanitarian" owns Auschwitz Birkenau. This is important.

 This was really mostly a fumigation chamber for bedding, clothing, and even foodstuffs infested with moths.

  It was important to get rid of lice, bed bugs, ticks, mites, and fleas that spread disease. These pests would add to a misery that was nearly unbearable. That was concerning the Staff at all the Auschwitz Camps.

  A rail car would have to do in a hurry as makeshift fumigator. Any building can be fumigated as long as it can be made reasonably gas tight enough to kill insects.  There were many fumigants that were tried like ethylene dichloride, carbon bichloride, and formaldehyde gas if disinfection was necessary.

 On the right are the infamous "Showers Gas Chamber" of Auschwitz Birkanau. Understand, other improvised methods of killing large numbers of "persons" were being worked on in the building next to that killing facility. The actual dispenser for the hydrogen cyanide fumigant was removed and, filled regularly with each shipment of people to this "Camp."

  Kommandant Kitten has lots of new gas chamber pictures. All of them appear to be genuine. It is just a matter of finding the space to put them all in. Some of the hopper mechanism for distributing the fumigant inside the gas chamber is in evidence in a few of them. There was a fan to disperse the fumigant as it was dropped down. The venting of hydrogen cyanide gas as well as carbon monoxide is usually, on the roof. Since, both gases are lighter than air. A very dangerous operation.

 The "Fumigation Module" was basically a "Club Car." This differed from the normal rail transport of people going to "Camp." There was plenty of seating for Aryan prisoners on their way to Sobibor Concentration Camp. As soon as everybody was loaded a device would be tripped to gas everyone to death quickly by the closing of the doors of the Club Car. There was about six times more gas than was needed to kill anybody. They wanted to make sure everybody arrived at Sobibor dead. Nobody could blame Sobibor for killing Aryans from Austria. It was the work of some unknown villain, or villains. Aryans are always, killed by villains.

 Lighter than air gases such as HCN have to be vented through the roof. Now, people have said that these vent holes were punched into the concrete to make the whole thing look like a gas chamber. The mentally challenged might believe such rubbish. But, we know better.

 Hydrogen cyanide fell out of vogue as a structural fumigant. That includes Zyklon B, Cyano Gas, and sodium cyanide eggs. People would topple over when opening up a fumigation. Not too much but, it bothered people. Out gassing was a problem sometimes, when the cyanide fumes failed to disperse for some reason. Mostly cyanide is lethal too quickly to remedy.

 Accounts of these methods were deliberately leaked to the West after the War.

 When you are going kill people. It is necessary to starve them down. People do not want to die. That was always, assumed to be true. Here they are exposed to the elements to weaken them. They have not had food for three, or more days. After a day, or  two without water they were ready to die. "Fit to be hanged."

  That is pretty ugly, isn't it? This is the standard execution procedure the World over.

  This is about 1943. People  have "immigrated"  to an over crowded Auschwitz Birkenau. The new arrivals are not even going to selection. Because, they have a health issue. They have boils. They are going to die terribly in a fire pit.

  First of all, the films by Stephen Spielburg, all of them, are curiously flawed. Kommandant Kitten does recommend that you may view them with this in mind.

 Understand, that President Roosevelt was an excellent filmographer. That man Roosevelt knew film like few people did before, or since. "History was in the making." Did you know that Private Ryan was a real person. "The Old Man" wanted him to be a War Corespondent in 1939. Sir Roosevelt  wanted him to cover the War in Nazi Germany. Problem: Private Ryan has a terminal illness. You see Private Ryan has cancer of the spine: cowardice. President Roosevelt had Private Ryan executed for cowardice. Word has it that "Presidents Own" Marines shot Private Ryan dead tied securely to a post. The President Roosevelt watched this sour spectacle personally. Private Ryan was given a "Coward's Funeral." Private Ryan was buried with his head between his legs. It was in the "Coward's Place" in Arlington National Cemetery.

  The practice was started by President U.S. Grant. There people could revile such people. Roosevelt's successor President Trueman abolished the practice.

 There was a reason for this "Coward's Place" in a National Cemetery. It is Historical! People really need to know that Cowards, and Traitors of the First Magnitude actually, Existed! That is shocking! We have Judas Iscariot the Pain of the Goat on Display here. They are not Mythical. Even General Grant did not believe this was true at first. Therefore, neither would your average God Fearing American. Military people must face the fact that Satan as the Anti Christ Judas Iscariot is Real. The Anti Christ is in the World. We must Resist the Devil. We are at War. That is Truly, True. "So be it." Do you know what "So be it." means? It means we are committed to this course of action.

 President Trueman was a Historical Revisionist. Historical Revisionism is also called Opinion Subversion. Many subsequent Presidents have continued to propagate this sort of dishonesty. This will produce an America that is Sub Psychotic. It throws people into two conflicting Worlds. A Real World in conflict with this filthy Dream World. Of course, this work is Sophistry. We are crucified someplace between the Truth and the Lie.

 "Saving Private Ryan?" Huh! Spielburg is not fit to shine that man's shoes. That is because, Spielburg does not pay attention to the content of his films. Spielburg thinks in terms of "sets," a closed way, or system of thinking. "The Road to Perdition" is an excellent primer for getting into Auschwitz. That film glorifies Blood Libel. It is an excellent account of organized crime as Al Capone is taking over Chicago. So this feud comes out of it. "Duel:" this film does not appear to be about Auschwitz. We know that murder is there but, are never told exactly why. The pattern suggests that this is a "hit," or a "contract killing." Most successful mob hits never use guns, knives, or explosives. Nobody is going to ask any questions if the cause of death appears to be accidental, or due to natural causes. "ET" is the Devil. In "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" the Aliens are musical. Music is defined as both having beat, and rhythm. Otherwise, it is just noise. They have gotten wisdom of the "Buzz Cocks." They have "the Stones" too. They have just left. They did get all of "Nirvana," though. "Saving Private Ryan" is a dangerous political film. Spielburg claimed to have made the ultimate holocaust movie. Commandant Ammon Goth is the villian. Upon closer examination this film has no heroes. The problem is each of these "Camp Persons" is Judenrat! That means they have killed at least a hundred Jews, probably personally, to get a place in a good "Camp."

  In the meantime, many of the documents are being destroyed by various Government agencies in my Country. America is going to discover Auschwitz. All of sudden, these huge humanitarians start happening. Never mind, the Nazi Concentration Camps were bombed to smitherines! That is a War Crime too. Wars are always, bloody affairs. The ultimate War Crime is to lose the War.

 The Nazi German material is all suspect since, this could be the creation of a Spy Agency like RSHA, Gestapo, or the German Armed Forces. Material carefully planted that was meant to be found. Most of this is probably, disinformation that contains some truthful content. Likewise, all the material from the Soviet Union can not be trusted since, they were always, on a permanent war footing against Capitalism namely the United States, Britain, and their Allies. A lot of the Auschwitz material does come from Communist sources to promote Anti Fascism. So this is all Sophistry, and Propaganda. That does not mean that it is all untrue but, it is put there for another purpose. That is to undermine our Norms, Forms, and Values. It tends to promote crime, namely sedition. The War Time Propaganda of the Allies is still dangerous because, people are still acting on these "facts." There seem to be contradictions in this material. The Allies never agreed on much of anything except War at its worst. Then there are "Jewish" sources. Now, there is a "Jew" from a Communist Country maybe, even the Soviet Union. This person is a "Jew" because, they say so. All we have here is their word. There are problems with Masonry, and Judaism that are mutually exclusive. Although there was an attempt by Great Britain to form a Jewish Masonry in the United States in the mid Nineteenth Century.

  Finally, you read some of Sir Winston Churchill's writings. His works are worth reading. Sir Winston Churchill was sane. There is a problem. Sir Winston Churchill started the Red Scare. This is the start of the Cold War. President Trueman did not see the danger of this. A War fought with Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical weapons. For the first time the United States of America can actually, be destroyed. Stalin was right. President Trueman is stupid. That is somebody who should of never been in the White House.

  We have to talk about this Cold War that is really World War III. The targets now, are almost, entirely civilians. It is little different than World War II where most of the targets were civilians. We do know that Great Britain had both the ability, and the power to defeat Nazi Germany by just invading Hamburg. That would have saved over a hundred and fifty million lives in including countless Military personal. They failed. Then there was the Peace Proposal by Rodolph Hess that entailed complete unilateral unconditional surrender to Great Britain to end the Great War. Those documents contained in Hess's Diplomatic Pouch are in the hands of impartial Historians. It could have happened again if Eisenhower had not been an Anglophile, and attacked Hamburg shortening the War by at least two years. Why were the British prolonging the War? Why are American troops fighting in France, Belgium, Luxembourg...? Are British being motivated by Religion? World War III with millions of human beings dead, and several billion people in great travail? Is this another Religious Crusade of Death Worship? Why? Is there any word that can stop them? Jihad.

  George Orwell's "1984" character "Winston" is creepy. Did anything happen to Sir Winston Churchill in 1948?

  The best way Kommandant Kitten knows is to put all the information we can possibly gather about Auschwitz into electronic data format, and let the machines crunch away on it until, we have the most likely History of what happened. This in the province of the Cliometricians.

  Here is another view of the roof of the gas chamber where you can view the hospital in the background. Note the vent holes.

  About, let us say eighty percent of History just isn't there. There are many reasons. One is it wasn't recorded, and there were no witnesses. It was deliberately destroyed. Always, a smart move.

  Or, maybe, we need to put this all in the shredder. There are some things that need to be destroyed. Executive Orders from a previous Administration must be destroyed. The Royalty has to go through their archives find these Orders from a previous Monarch, and destroy them. Why? Because, these Orders can kill us. Nobody is forgiven. Nothing is forgotten. There is no salvation.

  There is a reason why this can not be a part of History. Remember, that eighty percent of that History is missing. People have forgotten. People are not around anymore maybe, dead. We have no idea of why those Orders were issued, and under what circumstances. This mess may have even been altered by Enemy Agents. It might have Psychological Warfare material in it. These Orders may be bogus.

  Hoarding is a mental disease frequently found among the elderly. It is a bit of an oddity, but this can kill you. It is like having old dynamite laying around. It gets unstable with time. Boom!

   This seems to be a crematoria. However, this building was converted into a makeshift gas chamber. It will have vents at the top. The introduction of the cyanide gas was done from the roof as well.

 Here is a scenario. A Foreign Government has gotten a hold of certain documents concerning your family tree. Their spies have given these documents to traitors in your Government. Executive Orders will occur. Lets us say they are the House of Green. They being accused of Blood Libel. They will definitely go on an Executive Watch List. The entire Blood Line of the House of Green is under investigation in several Countries. Evidence of illegal activities will be noted. People watching them will get tired of it. Real persecution will begin with hate campaigns, and the like. Eventually, they will all be killed. Due to human short comings. People cheat. People are vicious. Understand, your whole family tree is considered guilty under laws asserting Corruption of Blood. You don't know this by the way. But, five thousand of your family members have been executed overseas. You will have trouble finding work, and keeping a job. It is possible for you to be stripped of your Civil Rights temporarily. That has to be the President of the United States only. You will die without ever knowing why. You don't need to break any laws. You are a Security Risk. That is the most dirty thing you can do to an American.

 This happened with the Third Reich. There are these Orders going all the way back to the Hapsburgs. That was about eighty years. These Orders got those "Concentration Camps" filled very quickly. Nobody is charged with anything. They are considered suspicious persons. That puts them one step away from execution.

 Even in modern Germany there is a Revolution during every election. All the previous Orders must be destroyed. That is to stop persecution especially, in other Countries.

 “Auschwitz” has even become a word in our language. We are dealing here with the most torrid love affair imaginable. Auschwitz is not so much as in our past. Auschwitz is now, in our present, and certainly in our future.

 This is because, of present day problems with evil in Government, Labor, Penology, Religion, and basic evil human nature. People will cheat. Have you ever felt cheated? Anarchy has manifested in the United States to the point that democracy has been desecrated by antisocial persons, mobs, gangs, and vigilantes to where the people live at the mercy of organized criminals. These people are almost, impossible to put in jail. America is unstable. Assassination, and the disappearance of these undesirable persons has been tried meeting with only very limited success in the past. Worse, there are growing ranks of displaced, and homeless persons forming a permanent underclass. Of course, the United States hosts one of the biggest prison populations on the Planet. The only realistic solution is “Camp.” They can get out. But, this is Tribulation. Forgiveness is gone, and Wrath is here in its place.

  Here is the problem that can be best illustrated by a Japanese board game named "Go." Both sides have to play the Game continuously for two hours. The trouble is American executives always, lock up. They can't "Go" anywhere. They always, lose in the board game. Unfortunately, our business leaders also, lose in the board room. People do not understand, the business in America is business. Instead our leaders are busy tripping people up instead of winning.

  The U.S. State Department has studied this this Game a lot. This is all Game Theory. Yet, they don't understand, "Go." It doesn't make any sense to them because, they can't beat any Japanese in this game. They can't "Go" anywhere! We are afraid that United States Foreign Policy can't "Go" anywhere either. That 's true.

   Can they handle "On?" Not much. That's terrible!

  They can't handle a simple question. "Why?"

  Can they play Hide and Seek?

  They are afflicted with this Indomitable Will to Lose.

  Disclaimer, and purpose of “The Auschwitz Dialogs” are stated in this paragraph. In addition, Kommandant Kitten does hope you can read this all the way through. Not everything is guaranteed to be truthful here. Nevertheless, it is not untruthful either. This is Kommandant Kitten's Catharsis. Kommandant Kitten purges life of evil this way. Evil is not what people think it is. Many people do not even believe evil exists. Kommandant Kitten has paid the price to know better.

  By the way, what were Quakers doing making a mixture of 2,4-D plus 2,4,5, T also, known as Agent Orange for the United States War Effort in Viet Nam? Aren't Quakers pacifists? Maybe, they are War Like? There are Fighting Quakers. Quakers are as always, creatures of contradiction. Dow Chemical was Quaker owned to the point where the State of Delaware almost, classified Dow Chemical as a Charity. Church owned corporations are Charities. It is hard to sue Charities because, they have special protections.

 If Dow Chemical can not produce pure chemicals. 2,4,5 trichorophenoxyacetic acid for example. Then maybe, we can make a deal with IG Farban. Could they produce a pure chemical free of chlorinated dioxins? Yes.

 If this material is present in about sixteen herbicides that require trichlorophenol. That is parts per million not 8% (80,000 parts per million). These dioxins are then broken down by ultraviolet light (sun light). Then are no longer present. Then these materials are safe. Aren't they? We can get our weed killers back. Right.

 Understanding, that these chlorinated dioxins are deadly. A terrorist can cook up a powerful Chemical Warfare Agent right there in their garage by adding chlorine (a common gas) to phenol (an antiseptic). If we are to believe Dow. Uncle Fester's "Silent Death" might give them a few pointers. But, let's just say it can't happen, and Dow is lying.

  President Richard Nixon also, a fellow Quaker was running interference for Dow all the time he was in office. So we have lost sixteen vital herbicides. Now, we are paying for this in higher food prices. For all intents, and purposes Nixon was bad for American Agriculture. Nixon was terrible for industry. You see Nixon was nuts. True.

 Understand, J. Edgar Hoover Director of the Federal Bureau Investigation had teamed up with President Nixon also, a fellow Quaker regarding Dow. That made the Quakers invincible back then. In 1973 the Quakers made their bid to take over the Country.

 One of Nixon's great creations was the Environmental Protection Agency. But, it is packed with Quakers. A Frankenstein Monster wrecking, and rampaging through Industry, and Agriculture. Increases in the Cost of Living, and Joblessness have put America on the rocks like a beached whale.

  Did you know that Nixon managed the Washington Redskins? Read "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 72" by Hunter S Thompson. The book cover is really cool.

  Operation Ranch Hand in Viet Nam sprayed Agent Orange using the Ultra Low Volume method. Where the spray concentrate is diluted with air instead of water. It is like a gas. The percentage of these extremely toxic chlorinated dioxins was as high as 8% as "contaminates." That will kill, or deform people. Why don't we call Chemical Warfare. Just what it is: "Chemical Warfare." Quit dancing!

  While, Kommandant Kitten is busy eating pomegranates wondering? Who the hell are these people to do that to us? How dare you?

  You have to understand what evil is. To get this understanding, you have to understand Cultures. There they are usually, long standing Feuds. We could call them Phony Wars. They are Undeclared Wars. The enemy combatant does not always, hate their foes. They do not always, know who they are. They would rather not. They might! You won't know this, by the way. He might even be your doctor. You might even like him. He may even give you good medical service. Until, that time; that may be now, days, weeks, years, decades, generations, or even never in your case. He will kill you. Or, Kommandant Kitten will try to explain to you something about real honest to God evil. Evil exists. If you are Police, or Security you probably, might know this. Read "The Blue Knight", the book became a TV series, by the way. Our hero is a Policeman in a large city somewhere in the United States. He is a good man. Every day he goes to work on the beat he dies a little bit.

  Evil exists just like coal does. Why does coal exist? Because, it is just there. Evil produces permanent changes in the lives Evil touches.

 God is not going to help us here. For God is not at fault. The fault lies with people. Therefore, we will leave God out of this since, most Religions are evil anyway, and have nothing much to do with God.

 It is good to get rid of humanism since, it always, fails miserably. The word “human” comes from the Latin word for dirt. The idol of the humanitarians appears to have feet of clay. Remember, all the while their words are still echoing in your head. They can not add a single day to your life. They add nothing to your human being. It is nothing but, political posing. It doesn't pay.

 I must purge myself of this evil “Americanism” in my life too. I try to be a loving person as much as I dare to be. Of course, I like to have the fun of living well, and doing good. People hate Saints. No one in my Country ever voted for this “Americanism.” Whatever, the hell that is. It is basically a rape ethic. “Americanism” that is comprised of lies, more lies, damn lies, and Sophistry. That are being promoted both here, and abroad. As this is what my Country is about, and I don't like it. Because, Kommandant Kitten is not sure there is a single Country where Americans are welcomed, and liked. Other Countries hate “Americanism.” However, I am not at fault because, I do not like “Americanism” either. I do love my Country even though America has become almost, like a Foreign Country that I can hardly recognize as American.

The Look of "Camp"

  Aha! Kommandant Kitten has finally seen it. You may see it too. You can watch the News on television. Let's say the BBC News Channel. The regular News will do. Notice, that every place in the World System shown has the Look. Everything, seems like it is but, little different than here in Nashville. The people are different but, not that different from us. That is the "Uniformity of Camp." People will mistake this for Americanism. It is not. It is more proof we are really in "Camp." That should reassure you.

  Here is an interesting piece of Native Americana. Eagle feathers are really prized by Warriors of all sorts. It is very illegal to go out, and get them. But, there are certain underground purveyors that can obtain them. Now, you can not sell any eagle feathers because, the "Endangered Species Act" says so. But, you can sell "raptor" feathers even though they may not come from eagles. These feathers come from a "night eagle" otherwise, known as a barn owl. None of these Warriors know that, by the way. This will make a very powerful Ghost Dance for them. We are not sure what kind of Thunder Bird they get from their ceremonies but, it must be an interesting one. The Ghost Dance Religion is a dangerous Native American War Cult inspired by Christianity based on "the Rapture." They really must have "Camp." No more War ever!

  But, there is much more about the Ghost Dance. The Ghost Dance, and other Community Ceremonies can affect us. There is this Wind, and "Their Enemies turn to ashes that are blown away." Now, understand, if everybody has done this Ghost Dance. Thermo Nuclear War can do that. A Muslim would think these savages worship Iblis as the Great Spirit. That is the Islamic name for "Satan." The Christian Missionaries agreed. Even though they originated this abomination among the so called Heathens.

  Now, we can talk about "Shining Path." "Shining Path" was the creation of Mr. Guzman in Lima, Peru. "There are many Paths. Shining Path is One of Them. Shining Path is the Path to Total Freedom. You can walk the Path to Total Freedom. If you can. That is good."

   There is a Prophecy about this. That a Great Evil would come. Guinea Pig would fight Him. Guinea Pig is just guinea pig. So Guinea Pig can hold Him back for only One Season. There is Another: Tlaloc that can destroy Him. If that is needed. It is.

 "Shining Path" was put together to destroy Native Americans. "Freedom," and "Liberation" are synonyms for Death as a Martyr.

  What if you are on the "Shining Path of Total Freedom?" That is what you have. That is what you get. Walk the Path then. If you make it. You don't die. You will be immortal.

There is only one Way to Safely Walk the Shinning Path of Total Freedom: Marianne. Marianne is the Statue of Liberty. That is just a small clue. Marianne is considered the Personification of the French Republic. If you can learn some French. You should. At least try it. That will make you a Cultured Person. It will get you started. Then you can learn protocol. Finally, you can call Marianne. Marianne will come. You will find Marianne. Then you will walk the Shinning Path of Total Freedom. All that time don't forget Marianne! The Shining Path of Total Freedom is the Battlefield of Life. Napoleon thought so.

"I am Zeus"

"You can't keep a fool from his folly."

Richard Nixon after his Electoral Defeat in 1960."

 Can Sophistry change the course of History? "I am Zeus" was a manuscript faithfully copied, and given to George Washington by Lafayette. "I am Zeus" was read by Abraham Lincoln. John Kennedy got "I am Zeus" from Edward Teller. This book had a few additions. One was a picture of a marble bust of the Roman Emperor Caligula as the God Zeus.

 Kommandant Kitten has studied History to the point that the saying “ninety percent of History is bunk” written by prejudiced Historians just might be true. But, there is nothing to deny about the holocaust. It is all there. You can physically see it. There is no doubt that Jews were physically exterminated in Auschwitz, Poland. All the evidence of this is still being gathered. It will be all here. That is to smash the belief that Auschwitz can't happen again in our future. People can go thorough all the material to draw their own conclusions. Much of the Auschwitz material comes from sources that are unreliable, or unverifiable! Worse, there maybe no real way of not repeating the mistakes of the past. Deja vu. If we have a questionable History about anything!

  Here is an example, in this Lee Harvey Oswald scenario. The reason why bad things happen to good people is to stop them from doing something extremely bad. Mr. Oswald had a premonition that someone was going to start a Thermonuclear War, and he had to stop him. Oswald was "Called to Duty."

  Oswald believed that John F. Kennedy was the "Red Dragon" like in the "Book of Revelation of St. John the Divine." What if he was? That is the Dragon of Sin a.k.a the Power of Sin on Earth.

  Meanwhile, there are orders for a Tactical Thermonuclear First Strike against the Soviet Union to be signed by the President of the United States as soon as he gets back from Dallas, Texas.

 Was this a Conspiracy? If you want to say the Lord God Almighty, and Oswald conspired to kill Kennedy. That was True.

  "One shot, one kill".

  Actually, Oswald put three shots into the "corpse." Oswald said he was shooting a corpse. That is what it was. Wasn't it?

  The Kennedy funeral was even more interesting in the nature of his memorial. This indicates he may have been a member of an ancient "Light Cult." A Mithraic form of Zeus. The same God that the Roman Emperor Caligula had as Zeus Oromazdes. Caligula even believed he was Zeus Oromazdes. Kennedy might have believed that too. Rudolph Hess the Deputy Fuhrer of Nazi Germany had this predilection when Rudolph Hess singlehandedly started World War II by ordering the invasion of the Sudetenland. Herr Hitler found out about this matter after he received several angry phone calls several days later from the British! This "Fire Cult" believes in a Final Confrontation. An apocalyptic World Ending War. With President Kennedy's "Camelot" beliefs residing in his family. Perhaps, the King Arthur's Round Table might have made an appearance in the Oval Office. We find this same God Zeus Oromazdes with the Seleucid-Parthian Empire kicked out of Judea by Judeas Maccabee. Truly, not one of our saner Presidents.


  Kommandant Kitten must tell you more about this Deity Zeus Oromazdes. The King here is Homer, or Home as He likes being called. King Homer the First, and the Last King of Ireland. Homer is a full Druid. That should give an idea of Homer's Power. This is Homer's Concordat of Peace. The is Pergamon Satan's Seat according to the Apostle Paul in the Book. Satan is the True Ruler of this World. Homer will sit there in for Satan. Homer might be Satan only if you want him to be. You had better not say it. Only if that is what you say Homer is. Then Homer can be. It is best not to say it. Jane Fonda is a Fallen Druid the Scarlet of Woman of Babylon as foretold by Homer Himself the greatest, and most Formidable of the Huguenot Lords of Power. Homer would enjoy having Jane Fonda drawn and quartered for Temerity. Homer is a Real One. This illustration to the left shows the Deification, or Apotheosis of Zeus Oromazdes dressed in a White Seamless Ramanate, holding His Spear (that pierced Christ thusly, a Christ Killer); being Crowned by the Mithraic "Temperance Angel" that pervades everything there. Zeus Oromazdes is Self Made. All the while, understanding, that is at Satan's Seat at Pergamon during the Roman Grecian Period. We can identify some of the "People" in this picture. Behind "Zeus" is Joan of Arc and Giles de Rais as His Saints. Sitting at the feet of "Zeus" is Miriam as the Scarlet Woman (Murder). Notice, the Roman glave (sword) in its sheath at Miriam's Left Hand. The "Woman" dressed in the complement of red (green) is also, Miriam in Her Dark Form Phaedra (Shadow Goddess). The Roman glaver used to kill horses is lying across Miriam's lap. The "Man" (Charon) at Miriam's left can wield Her glaver only when he is told to do it. Persephone is absent. Even though Persephone who favors White like Ceres does wear Red (Execution). Persephone does wear Green as the "Dark Girl." The "Woman" in blue Julianna is "Euphoria" the Juno of Pergamon one of the Three Graces holding the hand of King James. Next to King James is a Roman Proconsul (the Forum). Notice, Oliver Cromwell is standing between King James, and the Roman Proconsul looking right at you. The Left Hand of Juno has an Unsheathed Sword (Bible) pointed at Miriam. The gent next to Juno's right hand is no other than Alexander the Great shown with several quills to be used by "Scholars." Alexander's Teacher Plato, or Aristotle is standing holding his Opus as an offering to "Zeus." Next to Plato, from left to right is Brutus and Cassius. Standing behind Brutus and Cassius is Villain the Companion of Faust. Next to "Zeus" at His Right Hand is a Mithraic adept of the Occult Rank holding a Macedonian Shield. Behind the Juno of Pergamon is a Roman Tribune. So Juno is going to exact payment but, not one of "Those People" can meet Juno's gaze. They do not want to pay Juno for anything. So none of them are Royal except, King James. Orpheus is there offering his harpsichord to "Zeus." The Mithraic Herakles Ares is offering the Gavel. Behind, "Herakles" is Pandora offering Pandora's Box filled with Woe. In the foreground, to the fore of Herakles Ares gazing at the audience is Machiavelli offering his tome "The Prince": suitably blood soaked, of course standing among the Hapsburg contingent. Opposite the Hapsburgs is George Fox foreground, and Guy Fawkes both looking right at you. There are several Families that have undergone Deification painted into this picture since, this was a tradition among this Sacred Society. Most of these gestures are part of a Universal Language: Semiology.

  The real God Zeus is an Ancient Greek Bull Fetish (Little God) with His Consort Europa. Not to be confused with the Jove.

  "It is not what your Country can do for you! It is what you can do for your Country!" President Kennedy wanted everyone to die for him. Kennedy was talking about himself too. Kennedy had no right to even ask for anything like that.

 Let's put it another way.

 "It is not what Auschwitz can do for you! It is what you can do for Auschwitz!"

 Now, no Commandant ever had the guts to say anything like this. Your body belonged to Auschwitz. But, your soul was still yours.

 This captures the true nuttiness of President Kennedy. Kennedy is telling, ordering not asking all Americans to die for him. This is the thinking of a mobster. "Do it, or else."

It is also the mentality of a Crusader too. That is why Kommandant Kitten does not like Billy Graham at all either. Richard Nixon is right in the toilet bowl. We will pull them both out later.

 Ahhh! It's breakfast. The orange juice is almost frozen. It is time for some well chilled Orange Thoughts about the "Book of Revelation," and its impact on our lives. An Englishman Aleister Crowley had a Great Work that was to enact Revelation in the Secular World. He called himself the "Great Beast." Now, we can count all the actors in this Game. The "First Beast Aleister Crowley" is dead. We don't have worry about Him. The Second Beast was Richard Nixon, and He is dead. A little correction is needed here. The Second Beast was the Man with the Lamb's Pelt of white curly hair very lamb like. Yes, He did Speak as a Dragon. Because, His Family Name is not involved in any sort of Satanism. Kommandant Kitten is keeping His Name secret. He said He would go along with President Kennedy. He said He would give His Beast to President Nixon. Since, Nixon is dead. The Honor of Being the Second Beast has passed on to Kommandant Kitten. Grrr. The Second Beast hated Jane Fonda so much He disinherited everyone that met Jane Fonda including Family Members. The Scarlet Woman was Jane Fonda. The Red Dragon was John Kennedy. The Anti Christ was Robert Kennedy. But, there is a better Candidate for the Title of Anti Christ Bomber Harris has more qualifications. Remember the Rule of the Anti Christ: "There is no Other Hell but, Me." Bomber Harris has ties to World Banking. According to Legend one half of the World's Treasury belongs to the Anti Christ. Famine says so. The False Prophet was Billy Graham. Strangely, the Dali Lama has better qualifications in Leading the Nations Astray. Now, we have to build the City of God in a Secular World. That being done we are all on our own. So you need to make your best bargain with Administration of God. As always, God will do whatever God does.

  It's time for coffee. Kommandant Kitten is wide awake now. There is a reason for the "Revelation Sophistry," because, Revelation is loaded with these Dead Fall Traps. It is to trip all these Dead Fall Traps so no one else will be caught by them. The Dead Falls have to all be fallen down, and we are not going to put them back, and rearm them. Do you understand, there is purpose for this. You can try this with other people of course. Remember, you always, get better trap points with famous people. Psysops people should do this all the time. Remember, this can blow back on you. Once, those Dead Falls are tripped leave them that way. This is all Secular.

  This Country of mine has become infested with these Parrots. The Fellows all have these bird brains with few exceptions. These "Brain Trusts," or "Think Tanks" started by Woodrow Wilson carried on though John Kennedy to the present are a problem. Ditto for these foundations, institutes, and other afflictions of the United States Intelligencia. Relics of a bygone era still feeding on our taxes. These are expensive Parrots. You can see them on the internet. They are not worth it. We have got to get rid of them. They have killed most Our Nation's Industry, and Agriculture with their perverse thinking.

  Here is the entrance door to one of the gas chambers.

  Whatever happened to these Creations of Dionysian Logic of the 60's like "the Jet Set," "the Leisure Class," and "Hippies?" Mind you none of these people work for a living. They all have this child like idealism that somebody else, will take care of them somehow? But, Monowitz is busy. The rest of us don't have time for this at all.

  Did you know President Kennedy attacked France? He did. Apparently, there were intellectuals in France that President Kennedy did not approve of. He ordered people to kill them, by any means possible. He did. That is why the riots happened in France then.

  Who wants to argue with "Mr. Sanity?" It's President Kennedy of course, who is hell bent on blowing up the World. Establishing this beautiful Culture of Death. That is pretty hard to top.

  Now, Kommandant Kitten is Shewmaker Family. Our Family lived in a Commune in Kentucky. We were all Communists! But, President Woodrow Wilson wanted us all dead. True. Although, we harmed no one we had to leave our homes in fear. We had done nothing wrong. We scattered to the four winds, and assumed new names. We're Here!

 Once, people can get used to not harming people in France with courage, and true convictions. People that Kommandant Kitten defends with his life. Such as it is. Then people can stop persecuting the East German Order Police: the Stasi. Because, that is the way of real Political Solutions to these age old problems. My father was there in Germany during the Berlin airlift. Yes, we did provide guns for the East German Police in Berlin. Because, my father knew they needed them desperately. We got them for them. We did. Because, right is right, and wrong is wrong. Maybe, my father was a traitor to Kennedy but, Kommandant Kitten knew he was always a hero. That was our protest.

 This is the exit door of a gas chamber.

 Then there was this other Evil that came to the Shoemaker Family. That was because, my Grandfather offended someone in Great Britain. That is true. Even though my Grandfather flew with the Royal Air Force, and fought for Britain until, he was shot down by Herman Goering.

A Brief History of Uncle Tom

 The Integration Game was played in Africa too by the "Dutch Men" (Huguenots). The "Flying Dutchman" was a slave ship. These were privateers, or yanks as they were sometimes called. This is Real Black History that isn't about Negroes all the time. It was a matter of getting everything assembled for the Grand Finale there. This isn't about Africa except, when it is. All the stupid racists have been weeded out. People are not angry exactly. They are now becoming antisocial. They seem to suffer from a kind of combat fatigue. If present trends continue they will build a truly hostile Society filled with malevolent people.

Chattel Slavery

 Some of our History Buffs might know some of this. "Buff" meaning to "Work Out" on History like jocks do in gym. Parts of this History anyway. Queen Victoria upon taking the Throne decreed Chattel Slavery can not exist. Chattel Slavery is the worst Form of Slavery ever to exist on Earth.

 In this Kind of Slavery you are forced to do acts against your will, and conscience like kill your own relatives somehow. "You are under the gun." You have no rights. You have no freedoms. You receive no rewards for anything. Your servitude will kill you. That is always, expected.

 This was born out of their Ascetic Idealism. That makes it impossible to divorce Asceticism from Slavery. It is for this reason Asceticism, Excessive Piety, and Meditation should be discouraged. That is how you get rid of Slavery.

 The Romans never had anything like it since, the Revolt of Spartacus. Slavery in Ancient Greece was Childhood. Mind you that, the Ancient Greeks never took prisoners.

 Chattel Slavery was banned in Auschwitz, and all the "Camps." It is giving an order that must never be given. It is asking for things that must never be asked for. Why do the Totenkopverband see it as an Abomination? It had to do with the state of that person's mind. They are denied honor. That makes their words the same as the raving of a lunatic. No one can trust such people. Chattle Slaves will do anything for you. But, nothing much. Chattle Slaves can't trusted. You have to trust that "Camp Person" with your life. Likewise, that "Camp Person" has the same arrangement with you. You are Comrades that have different Statis. Yet, there is agreement. "Don't hurt us."

 People need to understand, what "hostility" really is. It is a Military Term. "Hostile" people are enemy combatants. Enemy combatants don't necessarily hate you. They are not angry at you either. "Hostile" people are not insane. They are effectively evil. They are more than criminals. These slavers were like that.

 All they have to do is get somebody on board ship somehow.  Now, there are all kinds of ways of doing that. It is a bit devilish but, it will work. It requires a few people to go Native. They will do that under some ruse. "Stanley and Livingston" is a more modern example of the Integration Game. Here Great Britain is trying to steal the Congo region away from the care of Belgium under the guise doing good. Our Criminals know this Missionary Work is a Game. Other people don't. Isn't that cozy? The Merchants are coming. We can all be friends. We can all get along. For a while at least. But, maybe not sometimes. Except, nothing looks out of hand. Out of place?

  The Hunter always, goes into the Woods. But, he has to have a Woodsman there to tell him where everything is at. The Woodsman is not a Hunter. He is somebody we will call "Tom." The Missionary is not a Killer. Usually, isn't. So we have got to make "Toms." Once, the Traitors happen it becomes easier to catch slaves. Now, they don't know they are slaves yet. Captain Kidd has just sailed there. Pirates, and Slavers are pretty much the same. Captain Kidd is a Mythical Person. They won't find it out until, they are on board ship. They will still think their White buddies will save them even when they are out to sea in chains of iron. Uncle Tommy won't help them either. Tommy is a traitor. Treason pays good. Tommy sings in the choir. That is not a joke at all. Africans are like that once, the Tribes are ready for Integration. It is another name for Slavery, by the way.

  Here we must diverge a bit for the purpose of clarity. Linguistics is the study of language, including phonology (speech), morphology (forms), syntax (arrangement), semantics (structure) in the general sense of the word. In semiotics language can mean something different.

 These are urns used to contain the cremated remains.

 Here is another case in point: this so called English Rock Opera "Tommy." But, Auschwitz has a new pair of glasses so you can rent the film, and see it for what it truly is.

 Synopsis. Uncle Tom has died. Uncle Tom is reborn in Hell as "Whitey" but, he is still "Tommy." "Tommy" is in Perdition a.k.a. the Eternal Grave. As "Tommy's" soul is tormented in Hell. "Tommy" gets to have an interesting journey as the different devils played by different famous people torment "Tommy" on his Way to Destruction. Because, Pin Ball wont save "Tommy."

 There is a another problem with "Tommy." He is a Tom Cat. It is a slur used against British Military People. Quakerism has a seemingly endless number of these slurs regarding Military Personnel, and their Dependents. They have a problem with propagating hatred.

 We have a Problem in the United States of America. That is why Kommandant Kitten has went to great pains to explain the Nature, Origins, and Manifestations of Slavery in America. Yet, we have not quite touched upon the subject of Marriage as a form of Slavery. Man once, could get a Mail Order Bride for a Slave from Ireland. In days long past, a husband could kill his wife legally in every State in the Union! That state of affairs lasted right up into the Twentieth Century.

 Now, we understand Brotherhoods. Also, the Interlocking Nature of Segregation, Apartheid, Employment, and Soviets. These Forms of Government are all run by Brotherhoods. These Creatures of Evil evolved out of the Victorian System of Governance.

 The Anglophiles are dying out in America. Yet, there does not seem to be a logical explanation as to why? What is going to happen to the rest of us after they are all gone? There has been a lot of loose talk about exterminating all the Negroes on this Planet from several quarters. Let's just say they invented a Super Bug that would do just that. This loving creation of theirs got loose. It started killing them. Yet, the cause of death was always, found to be something else. You see Kommandant Kitten has Negro genes. Kittens are insatiably playful. They are dying from their own stuff.

 Jazz is Negro music played at funerals. Duke Ellington played jazz for the Queen of England Elizabeth II. Mr. Ellington composed the "Queen's Suite;" not to be released during his lifetime. Do you know what that means? Bantu mores. The most powerful living Monarch on Earth was listening to Her Majesty's own funeral! Kitten does not know why anyone that knows this would like to listen to jazz in concert in France back then. That is if people there knew anything about what jazz is. With World War III coming on maybe, everyone knew that.

 The very idea there was a Jazz Cult in Nazi Germany worried high German officials to no end. Contrary to some people's beliefs jazz was never played in Auschwitz. But, it might of been. The jazz albums themselves could only be had with great diffuculty. The Germans would have to come, and get the jazz themselves. The jazz artists would receive a considerable sum for cutting each record. There were thousands of such records in Germany in the 20's. Adolph Eichmann liked it. 

 Jazz is slang for "death." The "blues" is music that captures the "Near Death  Experience." You shouldn't be "crying 'n singing the blues." Don't have jazz in your life. At your funeral, maybe. But, this is a Negro fetish. German maybe.

 More important, Mores are Tribal. Mores and Morals are different topics. Mores are rules that Govern Tribes. All mores are intertribal. Mores have been called "customs" by careless scholars. Customs, and folkways can be shared. Thus mores are not shared by different tribes. So it is insulting to say they are; to those tribes. Enemies talk like that. Bantu Tribal Mores are similar to Jewish Tribe Mores but, Tribal Mores are not shared since, they are not the same People. Anglo Saxon, and Celtic have different Mores too. The conduct of different Tribes in the Common are Governed by morals (unwritten law). Ethics are said, or written in contract form. A Social Contract agreed on by different Tribes to expiate Trade, Commerce, and Industry. Laws in written forms are used to maintain Public Welfare. So there is your explanation concerning Mores, Morals, Ethics, and the Necessity of Law. "Camp" is Governed by that too.

 We have a Politics of Confrontations. That is a legacy from that time period (60's). That pervades all of our Culture in America, and overseas. It has even, entered into public discourse. That is why the United States of America is so violent. Intimidation can be plainly seen on the streets of America. Morality has been broken. That is what makes this conduct Warlike. Insurrection, Rebellion, Treason...

 They have broken Code. Honor Code. "Don't harm people that you like." Spy Code is like that too. "Treat your spies like they are the most precious people in your life. Honor them." Supreme Law: don't harm Kitten!

 Neighborhood Watch started under President Kennedy has become Tribal. Hence, they all have different Tribal mores. Therefore, this Neighborhood Watch Program supports Apartheid! This makes people afraid of each other.

 President Kennedy had too much of this "Go Puppy" (Mc Gruff) stuff integrated into these Watches. Jane Fonda got the first Watch started in Manhattan. This unfortunately, became a model for a kind of National Watch that almost happened. This has become a problem on, and near United States Military Bases with rampant stealing of Government Property. This "Dog" has been sicked on people by unscrupulous politicians, and racketeers. Can they influence national, and local elections? They do! The solution here is to make everyone of these Watches accountable to Homeland Security. We have got to get a leash on Mc Gruff. We have got to muzzle him too. Let's put the "Go Puppy" to sleep. That is if the "Go Puppy" can't learn New Tricks." We know he can.

 The "War Orphan" may have a family. Yet, in a sense the "War Orphan" doesn't since, they are a by product of War. Therefore, the "War Orphan" is a hostile combatant in his own Country. John Kennedy is that way. Hence, Kennedy's emphasis on Covert Warfare.

 That is why the United States of America has this wild talent for insulting the Russians. The British are not immune to this at all. The French understand, this is so, still with them. So it goes.

 The actress Jane Fonda has always, been a close confidant of the Kennedy family. There were rumors that she went to bed with both John, and Robert Kennedy. Jane Fonda even got John Kennedy four real honest to God French Maids. Until, Jackie got wind of it, and chased them out of the White House. Poor Robert, the Blind Dragon ran away with him at times. He was cockstrong. Don't you understand? Sex reared its ugly head in the Kennedy White House. All bets are off, with World War III about to begin. Anyway, Jane Fonda was very intimate with Teddy Kennedy. Jane Fonda owned a real live Teddy Bare!

 "Teddy Bare" is also, a book. You can read it. Also added for the gentle reader is "None Dare Call It Treason."

 "Quickly! Quickly! I have to see him! Quickly! Quickly! Make way for me! Quickly!" At about this time, Sirhan Sirhan has shot Robert Kennedy five times in the chesty. Robert Kennedy dies twenty minutes later. It happened quickly. The issue was Palestine. That was why Sirhan Sirhan killed him.

 There was another problem. Joe Kennedy was a bootlegger that believed it would be easy to take over Canada once, the British were gone. Of course, Joe Kennedy's sons John, Robert, and Teddy Kennedy were in a position to try it. They did.

  Now, we have it. Caligula is in the White House in bed with Mata Hari. How about that? The fate of the World is in the balance. America has gone "Loony Tunes." History is in the making. Unreality has become the mark of our times.

 Who is Jane Fonda really? Did you know she is English Royalty: Lady Jane Seymour Fonda? That is a Baroness, by the way. What did Jane Fonda do to get that?

 Notice, the Tibetan Buddhist tapestry behind Jane Fonda in this picture. This is support for the Dali Lama. A bit strange for someone who claimed to be a "Communist." Nowadays, Jane Fonda says she is a "Christian." Jane Fonda is definitely still an Anarchist. A political Nihilist.

 Bet you didn't know Jane Fonda is an old student of the Dali Lama. An old Tibetan Monk from Tibet introduced her to the Real Empathy. The Spiritual Practice hated by the Gods. That was when Miss Fonda was a little girl during World War II. Rumor has it she could do this Empathy better than the Old Monk. That will get things rolling later.

 "Whatever, Happened to Baby Jane?"

This old lady might think she is still an actress. Have you ever seen the movie "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" We can get a remake of this incredible film with Jane Fonda. Then everybody can watch it on Traitor Network Television (TNT).

 Jane Fonda tried out for modeling Salem cigarettes. There she is at sixteen. Do you want to buy any Salem cigarettes for her? Models have to be naturally friendly. It makes you trust your girl. She will never harm you. You have to fall in love with them. Models have a lot of discipline. That is even more so than in any Branch of the Military. This is about girls. Experienced advertising people always, use girls. That is to marry that potential customer with that product.  It is mating.

 Jane Fonda didn't make it. First of all Jane Fonda is a naturally hostile. Jane Fonda is very angry. Jane Fonda is very dishonest. Jane Fonda is a very undisciplined vindictive person. All through her life Jane Fonda has done everything to harm girls in the modeling profession. Has done a lot of to harm modeling as an Industry. That Industry employs several hundred thousand girls. Millions of girls Worldwide make a living by modeling, and they should.

 Jonh Kennedy hates athletes. It dates back to the time he tried out for the Golden Gloves in his college days. Everytime, Kennedy got into the ring with an experienced boxer. He got the snot beat out of him. Kommandant Kitten being a Child of the Cane, and all that believes you just take your beating. It is part of being a mature person. You don't go around getting "even" with people you haven't seen in years. That makes you a good sport. Here is the President of the United States of America hunting down the athletes that beat him in the ring.

  Kommandant Kitten has a lot of Royal Blood too! Kommandant Kitten asserts Baron's Rights. Lord Kitten can be the King of the Royal Dutchy of Auschwitz Berkenau. Kommandant Kitten is sure the British will recognize this is proper, if they can give Jane Fonda that! Kommandant Kitten of course, claims this Little Dutchy for the House of Hanover, and the Hapsburg Houses. Kommandant Kitten just wants the British share of Auschwitz. That is not too greedy. Is it? There is a big share that belongs to the United States. Kommandant Kitten knows just what to do with that too.

 Queen Victoria gave "Uncle Tom," and the rest of the former Negro slaves in Canada the privileges of Knighthood. That included the right for those Negroes to be able to fight with their "Tommy guns." That had to do with the Fugitive Slave Laws in the United States. Because, the United States made frequent incursions into Canada. They did have to fight constantly against the private armies of Jim Crow. Uncle Tom's Cabin was burned down four times in Canada. There was a major incursion into Canada by the Fenarians in 1866. General Pershing believed it was fine to take all of Canada as repayment for debts owed to America over the Great War. We had pulled Britain out of the fire over that one. Kennedy thought the Annexation of Canada due for services rendered to Great Britain during World War II to be fitting, the right thing to do. and proper. Now, many people still do here in my Country. Kommandant Kitten says it is more trouble than it is worth.

 But, Kommandant Kitten's Toms are not in Canada at all! Yes, we warned then. To flee for your lives to the States. Our Underground Railroad was still operating. Unsympathetic and hostile Government in Britain under Victoria's successor was now, in power. That King of England was going to kill all of them. Tommy still has his Tommy gun. Tommy ain't forgetting nothing. They are still hiding in the States, and they want blood for blood.

 The stability of the United States was terribly in question during the Reconstruction following the American Civil War. The decedents of "Uncle Tom" are certainly entitled to Knighthood. They have led exemplary lives in Canada. The United States has opposed this. President Kennedy was adamant about this issue. Maybe, he was a member of the Fenarian Brotherhood. Kennedy made extravagant claims of Irish ancestry all the time. The Kennedy administration constantly pestered Great Britain about this issue of Titles of Nobility for Negroes. The Kennedy regime put out a lot of disinformation against "Uncle Tom." There could have been Black Operations against the Negroes then. The Negroes still think so even today. Negroes still say they are being persecuted in America. Obviously, the Negroes would be excluded from bomb shelters in the event of Nuclear War.

 Kommandant Kitten is much concerned about the Royalty of Great Britain. It must be free of this Contagion of Apartheid that came into Elizabeth II while, Elizabeth II was is Canada. Jane Fonda was there with Her Majesty under orders from President Eisenhower to make certain that "Queenie" towed the line. Richard Nixon was there as well. The Kennedy Family was all there in attendance at this Secret Rally. They were the next Echelon. The Queen of England was handed Her Majesty's agenda from Jane Fonda. Jane Fonda had her gun ready in her purse. Just in case "Queenie" didn't "tow the line." This was in 1958. Because, President Eisenhower did not want any Royal Negroes. Why not!  It still is an issue in Africa. The Romans had Negro Emperors. There were Negro Pharaohs too. What's the problem? Here Kommandant Kitten just wants to be a Senator. All that untapped wealth of Africa could be at America's fingertips. Dump the British! It's the Banks banking differently outside the British Isles. We don't have any Universal Bank Codes of Business Ethics. A Uniform System of Banking would work wonders everywhere.

 Prince Charles must be passed over for this reason. The Kingship must go to Prince Philip to be the King of England. Kommandant Kitten is demanding Baronial Rights in this affair. We are going to have to require a Lord High Protector of the Crown to keep things from getting out of hand with the Royalty.

 Revolution was a popular topic among Negroes during the 60's. Most of the Negroes in the United States wanted a Revolution as did Martin Luther King. The only question was whether, this Revolution was going be peaceful, or violent. Since, Britain has given a Title of Nobility to a Goat like the Lady Jane Seymour Fonda. Kommandant Kitten will use his "Baron's Rights" to try, and get justice for the Negroes in this matter.

 Revolutions like in Science, and Technology always, and are expected to produce a Change for the Better. A Rebellion, or Mutiny never does. Who needs Miriam? Jane Fonda never had the Right Stuff to lead a Revolution to Change American Civilization for the Better. As a matter of fact. All of Jane Fonda's works have to be undone to insure Progress towards a Better World. The Forerunner of the Revolution Kommandant Kitten must undo all the Works of the Evil Backrunner Jane Fonda for that to happen.

 All of Humankind has come out of Africa. According to Popular Science that is so. That means we all have lots of Negro genes. A Race is not a separate Species, or Subspecies.

 There is an exception in that the Neanderthal subspecies did mate with the Cro-Magnon peoples to produce offspring. There may be others. They are very rare. Neanderthal has an AB positive blood type. Kommandant Kitten has A positive blood type. Blood types are examined by Racial People. The Java Man still exists. Peking Man is probably in existence. There are still more Hominid like apes. The jackal, wolf, coyote, dingo, Cape hunting dog are different species of Canines. They can mate, and perhaps produce viable offspring in a laboratory. Those offspring may be able to breed on their own, or they are hybrids like mules. We know that. All of them are products of Comergent, and Divergent Evolution.

 RSHA was interested in the fact they we may have different species of Hominids still living somewhere on this Planet. That there are different subspecies of Hominids that have not broken away from the Parent Stock. Aryan is the Parent Stock from which Negro, Caucasian, Oriental, and Other Aboriginal Races came out of to be what they are now.

 Race problems arise out of the phenomena that is called Racial Divergence. This can be seen more clearly in other species of animals like the Canis, or dog like animals. The wolf, and jackal are considered to be the Parent Strains here. The wolf Genome is large enough to accommodate considerable Variance. Hence, we have all these different Breeds of dogs out of that Parent Strain. But, Racial Divergence goes further to first produce a Subspecies. That is more than a Race, or a Breed. Here where we find the Neanderthal Man. Racial Divergence can continue until, that let us say the Neanderthal Man is becoming a separate Species. This is where RSHA is becoming alarmed.

 However, the Parent Strain of Hominids is extinct. So that Human Genome is not as large as the gorilla Genome. That Genome allows for no Species of Hominid to come out of it. It can only produce a Subspecies. It can not produce a true Species. That is Scientific Fact.

 Ethnic peoples can become a Subspecies. If they go into Racial Divergence further they are going to have problems with their Parent Race. 1) Alienation 2) Isolation 3) Apartheid 4) Inbreeding 5) Hostility 6) Games 7) Conflict 8) Mayhem 9) War; all indicate that this Subspecies is trying to become a true Species. But, the Human Genome is too small to allow for that.

 This Racial Divergence is claiming a different Ancestor, or Adam/Eve. Dionysus is its Godhood. This an attempt to have Another God, Another Way. This will only produce a Monstrum since, this an Evolutionary Dead End.

 This has happened many times in Human History. Racial Divergence usually, results in the Extinction of that Subspecies.

 The Policy of Cultural Assimilation in America has been the mainstay in preventing this form of Racial Divergence. This requirement has been set aside. That is very dangerous to the Domestic Tranquility of my Country. Racial Divergence is on the rise in America. It is a Silent Plague. Be warned.

 Most Genealogy is suspect.

 During War people are under the illusion that they are Non Combatants. Such ideas are foolish since, the Country has mobilized for War. By definition there are no Non Combatants recognized as that by The Enemy. Wars are fought with the means at hand. That is everything you have.. "Trickery is fair." "Corruption is good." The Enemy regardless of who they are/is to be Exterminated.

 We could say the fire bombing of Dresden, was a War Crime The bombardment of of thirty thousand GI's POWS in Allied POW Camps was a War Crime. Guilt Starts from the day of discovery in most Countries. These are considered by the Allies to be executions. Maybe, all these will convicted of murder one. The statue of limitations on these crimes does not apply.

  Civilianism is a Disease. It is the Delusion that there are Two Sides residing in an Enemy Country. That there are Factions that our Military can do business with. That is a pure hallucination of the times. We all know they are all Enemy Combatants: men, women, and children are all the Enemy. The problem is they are doing it. We have to make them stop doing it. We kill them

 In the Age of Terrorism everybody is a Combatant. This is World III we are still counting the casualties, and the dead.. The number of casualties is expected to exceed the all Wars ever fought on this Planet. The Biological Weapons alone can do this. The Chemical Weapons are that up to snuff. Electronic Warfare has invented the real honest God "Death Ray" to Rule the Battlefields, and crack down on Urban Combat. Fire Arms will be passe. As well a Cornucopria of incredible Integrated  Biological, Chemical, and Radiation Weapons that might not show for days, weeks, months, and decades later...

 The picture if it is real. It does come from the CIA archive from President Jimmy Carter Do you know this would cause the destruction four million helpless "Camp Persons" whose contribution to the Nazi War effort was almost nil. Over twenty million helpless "Camp Persons" would been killed in these obscene operations. In War the bombing of Dresden was a not crime at all. Never mind the fact 30,000 Allied Prisoner of War died too. We can assume that most of Allied Prisoners of War died during those "Terror Bombings."

  Why were pictures like the one here suppressed so long? It is the question everybody asks. Isn't it? Why has Auschwitz been kept secret so long in the United States? That implies that America had something to do with Auschwitz in the first place. Guilty Secrets?

 We didn't have real pictures of gas chambers until the 90's!

 There really shouldn't be anything secret about these "Camps."

 Why is the American Government so dishonest? Lies of exclusion.

 What Political Doctrine permits that? That is totally antidemocratic. Bolshevikism? It shows we have been penetrated. The Ideals of Bolsheviks have been propagated in America using different methods.

 The point is this Secrecy is an Enemy move. It may be Bolsheviks? But, it is Un American. Most of the dishonesty in Government, and in the Private Sector is like this.

 Joe McCarthy in the 50's said a lot about Un American Activities. Yet, the House Committee on Un American Activities couldn't touch the Big Reds. That was because, they were too close to people like the Kennedy Family.

 Never the less, this Secrecy is really designed to hurt America later on. It scares people. A careful examination of Classified Material will reveal that some of it. Has no business being Classified. This is the fault of Civilians in Government. These are, or were very bad people.

 Antidemocratic people have been in America from the very beginning. Alexander Hamilton. "An Indian Lover, and a Bad Banker" to paraphrase Aaron Burr. Aaron Burr beat Alexander Hamilton fairly in the resulting Duel. Alexander Hamilton was dead before he hit the ground. His pistol still loaded.

The Indians at that time had a form of Socialism. This was Bolshevik like. This goes to show how Ancient Bolshevikism is. Most First Peoples never out grow this Bolshevik Stage. It usually, kills them off.

 There is a little bit more to this one. Kommandant Kitten remembers when those airplanes loaded with bombs were in the air a lot. The Strategic Air Command Headquarters (SACHQ) was based in Texas. There is no doubt that Kennedy really believed America could win a Thermonuclear War with the Soviet Union. All of his Advisers in Kennedy's Brain Trust believed likewise. The British thought so too. The brainless Britons did not know they were on the Primary Target List. That was to put an end to British Banking once, and for all. London would get its first, and last blitz from America. Also, even Auschwitz was on the list of targets too. These dolts still worship this murderous scoundrel! There is no doubt that Kennedy tried to assassinate Fidel Castro of Cuba. President Diem of South Viet Nam was killed on Kennedy's orders. Diem was replaced by a Puppet Regime so the Viet Nam War could continue. President Johnson referred to Kennedy's Alliance For Progress in South, and Central America as "Murder Incorporated." Kennedy showed up in the White House with his pompadour hairstyle. With a little bit of pomp, and circumstance, and we lost our Government. The British are incredible. Kennedy could have been the worst War Criminal ever. You start looking at him as a War Criminal. You see him as one. He would have definitely done it if he lived probably 1965. They believed that bomb shelters were unnecessary. That the United States would take 200 hits. That would disable the Commerce of this Country for about ten years. But, the Soviet Union had over 9000 bombs. They were small but, still adequate. They had a few big ones. About two billion people would die in the first year of Nuclear War. The War would be endless.

 Here is another story from the "Big Girl." This has to do with submarines. This submarine was launched during the height of the Cold War 1960, or abouts. But, what happens when secrecy is in place, and we don't get a real story about what really happened? This one sunk in the cold waters off of Bermuda, New England, or whatever with all hands lost. We are not sure if this submarine was recovered but, let's say it was. What is remarkable is how easy it is to sabotage complex systems. The cause of this disaster was a cigarette butt lodged in a key sensor regulating air flow into the storage tanks for the crew to breath underwater. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem except, on a very deep diving mission. Here is a U.S. submarine with all the latest technology sunk by a Salem. "Salem" means peace. It is also, a brand cigarettes sold in my Country.

 How safe is the Nuclear Arsenal of any Country? How stable are these weapons over time? Can it be sabotaged? We know these systems are prone to failure.

 Here is a Hypothetical Situation. Bombs have to be maintained. The Bomb Shell has been opened up. There is no bomb material in it! Only a piece of paper with the words IOU (I Owe You). That would be interesting. Wouldn't it? Nuke, Nuke. Who is there? They are gone! Maybe it is being made into Plutonium batteries for those Satellites.

 Here is a wonderful story from the Big Girl about an American Provisional Government. This was a real honest to God "Shadow Government" would rule the United States during the Reconstruction Period following a Nuclear War. This Government was being set in place after World War II. All the ground work was laid during the reign of President Roosevelt. Here we are talking about World War III. The Cold War was a prelude to this Greater War to follow. Then it was considered a virtual certainty. By 1960 this American Provisional Government was officially set in place. We might find rules Governing the conduct of people in bomb shelters. Triage is in place. Who is in. Who is left outside. But, it seems to go further. President Kennedy invoked "War Powers" to insure this. This Provisional Government would have several features.
1) Insure the survival America fully intact.
2) It would probably be Civilian. But, America could be Governed by a Military Tribunal. This all was Administrative, by the way.
 3) Civilian Government would be preeminent unless, it should become corrupt beyond recall. Thus, they be considered to be tyrants, or despots. There is a question here. What if these people form a species of Royalty? Mind you, none of these people are related to the Royalty of the European Continent.
 4) If there should be a recognition of a "Middle Class" in America. That is proof positive that Society is Despotic, and Corrupt. Since, there is a species of Nobility in America. Of course, that violates the United States Constitution. Or, does money make you real Nobility? Nobility has to do with blood relations.
 5) The Harris Family was set up under President Kennedy to be the foundation of everything. The other foundations are Quaker families also, called "Peace".
 6) This amounts to a major takeover, or coup de' tat in America via Nuclear War.
 7) "One shot. One kill." Kennedy is dead. Kommandant Kitten felt the World get a little bit cleaner the day Kennedy was shot. We can still Celebrate the Anniversary of Kennedy's Death without any pangs of conscience. Kommandant Kitten is pounding a stake right into the Heart of the Vampire. We just need to make sure the Kennedy brothers stay dead in their coffins.
 8) This "Shadow Government" was officially terminated by executive orders given by President Nixon in 1972.
 9) However, this "Shadow Government" did not disband, and still might be around. Maybe, something else took its place. That is something like a Mob. We need to examine the Media Industry for this sort of Apparatus. That is unofficial forms of censorship, and propaganda. Exclusion of certain individuals, and groups a.k.a. black listing. Mob like activity in show business. We can find extensive evidence of money laundering in this arena. Understand, this is Political.  They are not just enriching themselves.
10) This Shadow Government was centered in the States of New York, and California. To avoid Civil War, they were required to work together with New York calling the shots.

 Well here we are again in the Under Ground Stream of Neptune. This is all about free enterprise both here, and abroad. You know this must be about rackets again. Sure enough, there are plenty of those. But, the War Department is in on this too. These enterprises are all run by the Mob. They seem to be anyway. It all starts out as a loan. Now, everybody knows loans have to be repaid. That money goes somewhere else, to get the even sweeter reloan. This is a form of loansharking. There is a lot of money laundering along with this too. This continues all long as that show business, enterprise, or little shop of horror continues to operate enriching the New York Mob. Why are they doing this? They're Yankees! Yankees hate Southerners. They do. Yankees hate foreigners. True. They are all spy fronts. Some Countries might be gullible enough to believe something else. But, maybe they shouldn't. It won't take long for people in that land to notice this economic "death of a thousand cuts." As their Capital is hemorrhaging out of their Country. Do you wonder why Spain is having a hard time? Lebanon used to be a prosperous Country. Then there is Greece. Do notice that the English are starting to lose patience?

 There is a definite link between Embezzlement, and Contract Killings in most Countries. Perhaps, even in this Country. These are Political Assassinations.

 The problem is exclusion in the United States in various forms. It is either, New York, or California. It is endless forms of shaking people down. This came out of the Kennedy era. When a Country is getting ready to fight World War III there is nothing but, this hostility. That is called a "Lock Out." The United States State Department has not been told to stand down, and stop fighting. Are the Russians still asking them about those bomb shelters? They still have them around? Don't they? They always, said they did.   
 The American taxpayers need to be in on this too.
We need to stop this News Blackout. That will help. People can be informed. Of what is going on again. If they haven't been. That is. If people would stop fighting in my Country. We might find out if we can like each other, or not. People in Europe might like it. The whole rest of the World would too. Kommandant Kitten is certain about this. It is a sign we are less infantile.

 The problem is people in the United States have not stopped fighting each other either. This is a problem with United States War Veterans sometimes. The Veterans Administration knows that. In a Veterans Hospital former soldiers learn the War is over. They must stop fighting. They are not to be hostile persons. They are not to act out. They are not to be antisocial at all. That helps them. We are going to have to let the rest of the people of my Country in on this one too. They must be told that repeatedly. Since, this fighting has become so much a part of them. People are filled with this War making. It permeates the whole American Culture. It has gotten deep in people's psyche. It may take generations to get rid of it. That we are not going to be fighting World War III. We don't have to fight China. No, we don't have to. We are not going be fighting the Russians like that either. Not at all! We are going to knock that stuff off! We are going to look for all those War Laws. We will search for any Presidential Orders, and other Administrative Directives that may be the cause of War. See if any of these measures are still necessary. Other Countries should be encouraged to look for this sort of thing too. Fighting is an extravagance we can no longer afford. We are dealing with something like a hostage crisis. The people of the United States aren't being held hostage are they? We need to know that.

War is a disease! It is a disease of the Mind. We found this out in Auschwitz. We still must live with War. There is no cure but, a strong Military. Civilians always, start Wars. Soldiers never do. Police don't cause Crime. People following their own interests are basically bad unless, they are forced to be good. Fear of punishment is what keeps them good. Providing these are laws based on Normal Values. Laws that can be obeyed easily without any hardship.

People are so deep in this fighting. It is like they are deep down underwater. To describe it as you will. It is necessary to use this Sophistry. This is like decompression after a deep dive. People have to be brought out of War in stages, or they will act out. Here we are looking at civilians! It is because, the United States of America has a very violent Subculture. In the first stage: we have to inform people that they really are at War. They must stop it! We need to know how. The only solution is "Camp." That is the entire population of the United States of America to some degree, or other. All that needs to be done is to declare "Camp," and establish our boundaries. We have to educate people out of apartheid. They have be taught there are other people in this Country, and outside its borders that are real like they are, and have the same rights. Even though they might not think like you. They are still not inferior to you. They are not animals. You, and Your Tribe are not the only People on this Planet that are Human Beings. It might not seem like it because, you are still fighting, somehow. We are not sure what people will be like. When they are not being agitated. We need to get rid of aversion in Our Culture to find out who we really are? When we don't have to fight each other we can be ourselves. Isn't that honky dory? Once, you are safe. Then they can be responsible Citizens, finally. There will be an "International" that won't be as bad like the previous one was. My Country needs help!

You have to understand the psychological pressure down there is at one kilogram per centimeter. He might be able to dream of going to Belgium. The Belgians always, like tourists. He will have to go into decompression. His Belgian tour guide can look at him through the thick glass. He might make it.

Serfs Up

 Serfs Up! All you need is your serfboad. You can ride the wave right into serfdom. Tell me it can't happen? Did you know that Great Britain helped found the B'nai B'rith in 1843, and the Ku Klux Klan? The Original Charter of B'nai B'rith was in the State of Maryland. An "Invisible Empire" to extend the British Empire. The Cornerstone of B'nai B'rith is White Supremacy. Understand, that was formed to get rid Judaism! That is why B'nai B'rith is still Messianic. Manichaeism is exactly like the Ancient Chinese Teacher Mo Ti, and all of Mo Ti's teachings on Brotherhood. If you want to know anything about Brotherhoods you must Study Mo Ti. A kind of Neo Manichaeism if you will. It has many Inner Circles like the Bavarian Illuminati that served as the blue print for these organizations. So like the Ku Klux Klan they may even have Negro members in their Outer Circle. Both Organizations were recognized in Scotland as bona fide Klan as it is understood in Scotland there to be a Watch. Who are they loyal to now? Israel? England has never been a friend of the Jews. Great Britain did oppose the formation of a Jewish State in Palestine until, President Harry Trueman of the United States intervened. Many of these people do have Jewish names. But, their Judaism is in question. Kommandant Kitten didn't know Lauren Holly was Jewish? Kommandant Kitten recommends that you watch the Movie "Exodus." That ship does have another History.

 That does brings us to the subject of Free Masons. In 1958 two thirds of the population of the United States practiced some form of Masonry. Did you know that one third of the adult voting population could put someone in the White House with a flick of the wrist? Now, the number of practicing Masons is about one per cent. What happened? In 1960 President Kennedy gathered all the Masons together to tell them many, many things. First John Kennedy being the President of the United States told them all he was their Dictator. They all got to swear solemn oaths to him. The nature of these oaths was very controversial because, they swore by Mithra as the Keeper of Oaths. They would actively participate in a Global Revolution. Then the New Frontier would be open.

 Several American Presidents have had the Masons swear solemn oaths even blood oaths to them. Presidents Wilson, Roosevelt, and Kennedy have the united fealty of all the Masons that have sworn to them. Here is the problem. They are of the Democratic Party!

 What would you think about Secret Societies determining what will, and will be not be the Democratic Party Platform for even Senatorial, and Presidential Candidates will have in the upcoming elections?

 What is the difference between Bipartisan Consensus in America, and a one Party State? You know that in those One Party States that the Organs of Propaganda a.k.a. the American Media that are lambasted by their "Pandits" as insensitive backward dictatorships?

 Here is this problem with Morals. This problem has to do with lying. That is not keeping their word. Bad to do that. The American people have been cheated. What people need to know is what really happened during World War II. Not, constant justification of a War that was not to be fought by Americans. There are about fifteen million Anglophiles in America. That can become a very tiny expendable minority. People are important. Who are you? Who are you for? Where are you? Why are you here? What do you want? Patriots.

 Deception is not a lie exactly. But, it is very much the same thing.

 Placebos in medicine are bad. Doctors should not lie to their patients. This is called fraud. Yet, doctors are taught in Medical School to do just that. They take too much. That harms our Commerce. It is Immoral. There is an answer to this: the Inquisition. An Inquisition is constant Investigation into Medical Affairs. That is to insure Progress in Medicine. That is a Complete Reorganization of the Present Day Medical System in to something more Modern. Our Health Care is too Primitive. Obama Care was a well meaning attempt to patch a leaky inner tube. But, it is going flat. It has to be replaced with something brand new. Worse we really need a New Vehicle. We can afford this too. "Good things come in cans not in can nots." Can do!

 There is a person who can not afford to get their grass cut. Because, a rapacious Medical System has stolen all their money. They can not afford to eat out either. They will never be tourists. They won't be able to buy that new car. And, so it goes. That is called injustice. The most vulnerable people in Society are at the mercy of these buccaneers. These are the lost consumers needed to put America back to work!

 Medicine like other forms of Commerce is based on Trust, Scientific Truth, and a Common Hospitality. People heal better when they trust their physcians. Especially, when they proscribe real medicines. Our Society should not reward people that cheat their patrons. Bad people will come up with all sorts of reasons for cheating. They do. Then anything can happen to you, and be called Medical Treatment. That is why real standards are needed. You might not get anything for pain except, you can kill yourself. We all know hormones can cure dementia, and correct deformity. Not a Fountain of Youth but, people can still live useful lives well into their eighties. There are medicines that can put people back on their feet. This Medicine is Work Friendly. Be wary of the physician that doesn't prescribe any medicines. They are not Medical Doctors. These are dangerous people. The rest of them are Sociopaths. People like this are called Career Criminals. Just take a walk outside, and look at a few hundred different people. The wreckage of America. Deformity, obesity, dementia, autism, cripples, malnourished, and elderly people doing their sentence in hell. This is what people do to Enemies.

 The first stores to open in the United States were started by the Free Masons in my Country. Trade Unions as Organized Labor is probably, still Masonic a lot here as well. "Union" means the same thing as "Brotherhood" to all Masons. Many Trade Unions are still called "Brotherhoods." Masons are important.

 Although, courts have ruled that Masonic Organizations are not Charities. Since, they discriminate as to whom their Charity serves. Primarily, each other. Only their own people benefit from work like that regardless of what it is. Just like any private club. There is a problem. Especially, when a Government gets involved with their work. That is corruption. It breeds hatred. It creates inequality. That is why no Government should ever be involved in working with Charities in the United States of America. The business of America is business not Charity.

 You understand the B'nai B'rith, and the Ku Klux Klan are Masons. The Ku Klux Klan Laws are among a large number of Anti Mason Laws both Federal, State, and Local Laws still on the books because, the People think Masons are sinister. The Federal Anti Lynch Laws are on the books to deal with Black Masonry. Whether, or not they are lynched, shot, stabbed to death, burned alive, etc. It is still murder with special circumstances. The Death Penalty needs to be around to get rid of this evil of evil. People like that need to go to the Place of Destruction. Because, of a minority of evil people Masonry will have to be abolished along with all Fraternities, Sororities, and Clubs. The President of the United States of America can order them to all Disband, and issue a Public Proclamation to that effect. If that is needed like in the case of the Ku Klux Klan. Ku Klux Klan is still around but, they have to be very careful. Masons are secret. These Laws can be used to invoke "Camp" like President Roosevelt did. For the most part Masons are good people. But, there are "Black Lodges" that don't obey the law. "Black Lodges" kill people. That scares people a lot. That makes people really hate them enough to imprison them. No one can be sure how far corruption has spread among the Masons.


Black Lodge, Mr Haber.
Destroyed an Industry in the Silicon Valley.

 This man had impeccable credentials. He was perfect for the job of Electronics Test Technician. He has found work. The people at his work place do not know he is extremely bad. They will lose all their secrets. Wait a minute! It is Time for the Reading of the Minutes. We need to know. The Corporation does Government contracts with the American Military. The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is not aware of this terrible Mole. This Mole is digging up everything he can get for his buddies. This Corporation is working on "Star Wars." It is radio propagation through sulfur hexafluoride to get a stronger signal. Fusion can happen with lots of plasma like on the Sun. This Radio Beam is shot through sulfur hexafluoride at a chosen target.  Somehow, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is telling this Corporation they can not use certain chemicals. Occupational hazards have been reported to OSHSA. As a result this Corporation has been "cut off at the knees." There is more! The Corporation has contracts to build Military Communications Centers (Comm Centers) for the Military: South Korea, Chile, Argentina, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India... Those secrets have been shared with Black Masonry. Black Masons are very bad because, they Worship the Grand Nasty instead of God. Those secrets will be altered. This Corporation will lose all their contracts. It will look like something else, all the time.

 The damage Mr. Haber has done won't be noticed much. Now, he has contact with the Mountain View Police. The police do not know that all their informants will be compromised. Criminals will know who their informants are! Diana told me this. Over time the Electronics Industry in the Silicon Valley has been degraded significantly. That was how most of the Electronics Industry has been Out Sourced  to where there are no saboteurs like Mr. Haber. That One Man did that. That is the "Power of One." The right stuff is to get the Real "Star Wars" back to make those Plasma Weapons to Rule the Battlefield. One form envisioned by Kommandant Kitten is the RAZER. This a RF Laser 80 MHz, and 90 GHz gun that can be carried by troops in combat. Batteries take the place of ammunition. There may be a weight advantage but, it should be about the same.

 Here we have a picture of what appears to be Sobibor. The people in line are being assigned places in "Camp."

 Understand, the Masons are not considered good by the Roman Catholic Church. They Excommunicate them. On the "Protestant" side, Masons are always, viewed with deep suspicion. For instance, the Baptist Church does not want Masons in their Churches. Baptists claim Masons encroach on their freedom. "That Masons take over." The majority of Christians view Masons with great consternation. The question with Jewish Masons is: Are they Hellenized? Do they believe in the "Age of Man?" If they do they are Anti Jewish (Antipode, or an Antithesis). It is the same issue as with the Maccabees again. That was to get rid of the Samaritans in Palestine. That led to the Romans fighting a Viet Nam style War in that region. The Korean "Police Action" would be another example, of course. The Samaritans are still pretty much in Damascus, Syria.

 Different Masonic Organizations may make War on one another. Blood Feuds may develop over these issues that are between these Secret Societies. This kind of Covert War can tear a Country to pieces. Yet, this won't appear obvious. It will happen as a gradual degradation of public life. Freedoms, and privileges of that Country's Citizenship will decline over time. The Standard of Living will decline due to "Other Causes."

 This brings us to the subject of "The Age of Man": where Man is really God. But, you can't teach God anything! No, you can not. God does not need to learn anything. Neither, does God have to do anything new. So there is no human progress unless, it is during War. Wars are needed to insure Human Progress towards Civilization. Only War seems to get people out of this fallacious God ideal. As long as the "Age of Man" is around that will continue to be true.

 There is another Problem. It is this "World Soul" sometimes, called "Eve" (All Living). "Soul" is used by Negroes who do not understand that this "World Soul" is "Slavery" from those times. Many African Americans have fallen victim to this incredible treachery. Do you want Soul Food? Not ever! Do you want to hear music with Soul. No, I value my Freedom! This a "No Soul Zone"! Tolerance; Less Than Zero. It has to do with who, or what is calling Cadence. We can call our own Cadence. That is if you are Reasonable. Reason is another word meaning Sane.

 Auschwitz did take in a lot of Masons (Muslims). Let us put it this way. Any Masonic Fraternity should be able to pass this test. Does this organization comply with the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)? Is there now, or in the last hundred years any conduct on the part of said organization that could, or can disgrace an active duty Military service person? Is there anything that can bar a Military person from getting a clearance to access highly classified material?

 Auschwitz did not take in any Islamic people. This was an agreement made with Turkey at that time. Also, no Negroes were taken in either. This was to make room for the future. They were always, repatriated. That was sincere. When you are going to lose a War. Don't you want someplace to go?

 Then there was a really bad marble in the CIA. That was Agent Agee. It must of been the Curse of the Blind Dragon again like with the Kennedy family. He is probably still in Cuba working for his new Country. Many loyal Agents, and their Contacts may have died as a result. It's treason, of course. Treason is not a virtue. It is a disease. You can catch it from people called traitors. Treason has changed the course of History many times in the past. Yet, treason is fashionable again?

 Yep, it is here again! We have an abominable Snowden. In Russia Mr Snowden would be living with the Eskimos somewhere near Siberia. He was almost, as good as Ken Philby. All those codes. He got them. A computer hacker extraordinare. But, there is a lot more. Unfortunately, there is. You have this National Security Agency (NSA) that built the Internet that you are seeing this web site on! That all the codes that are used in every program are the result of their pioneering work done in the 70's. The NSA does not police the Internet. As a matter of fact the NSA does not watch much of anything at all. You need to understand something. There is no Government Agency that can stop terrorism in my Country. That is hacking your computer to pieces. There is no way to find out who did that. The NSA has no police powers at all; even if they do find it. That is very unlikely. Computer Crime is rampant in America.

 In the scene in the photograph below is the Judenrat. These were people in charge of the Ghettos. They had life, and death power there in the Ghettos. A Ghetto is a form of "Concentration Camp." Their Ghetto has been liquidated. Here they are coming out of Auschwitz Berkanau. It looks like they will eventually, be in America.

 The NSA has always, been in the forefront of communications development. The National Security Agency is a Military institution that came out of World War II Signal Corps, Special Command Forces, and the OSI (Operations Strategic Intelligence) the forerunner of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), and American Special Forces. to meet the needs of fighting the Cold War. Now, the National Security Agency's mission has been expanding to code breaking, and creating codes. Those are the machine codes you are using right now, buddy. Their mission has been further expanding: protect confidential communications from corporate spying in the case of Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google. The issue involved is data mining. That is the general public, by golly. How would you like to go to Albania. There you get to see a police file on you as thick as the Bible in front of you? Angela Merkel's phone conversations are being picked up by the people that own that telecommunications system. The NSA would want to know why they are listening in because, in seems to be a rival political party wants that information. That is important to America. In Brazil the paparazzi, and assorted news hounds know too much about the President of Brazil. They really shouldn't. In both cases the leaks in Brazilian, and German Government must be plugged. This is in accord with NSA's mission to combat Global Terrorism, and Domestic Sedition at home, and abroad. Also, the National Security Agency is allowed to intercept communications between criminals.

 Hackers can even get into your IPhone! They can even take pictures with it. All your personal information will be compromised. All your contacts will be known. Encryption? Why bother if you are not a spy, or a master criminal? Understand, the limitations of your equipment. Watch what you say over the phone! Telephones are never secure.

 Kommandant Kitten wants a very expanded role for the National Security Agency. Kommandant Kitten wants several New Missions assigned to all NSA personnel. Note, Kommandant Kitten hates civilians. No Military base should ever employ them. That puts everybody under Military Discipline. Then there is a Clear Chain of Command. You know who is responsible.

 The First Mission is to develop, and implement a Government Operating System instead of Cobol, Fortran, Unix, or Heaven forbid Microsoft. That will be a Military Operating System run on Mil Spec computers. Japan might do it. If people in the United States Government by some miracle can find people there that will help out. China is another option if the American Government can quit insulting them. North Korea could build good machines too. That will give the NSA an independent commission to examine the questionable architecture of these machines presently in use by Government Agencies. All of them are seriously flawed.

 The BIOS chip that contains everything for your computer to run must be socketed. You can replace, or upgrade your BIOS chip that way. Otherwise, a hacker could turn your very expensive computer into useless junk. Because, there are software upgrades that can do this like Easy BIOS. The manufacturer will have software upgrades too. You should use them. You can access your BIOS easily as your computer boots up to change settings. You must be able to format any hard drive to at least Fat 16. That makes a hard drive accessible after a hacker has had their way with it.

 It would be good if we could work on those Mother Boards. An electronic technician can repair them. That will keep rare metals like gallium, Indium, and even silicon from going to the dump.

 The solid state architecture of computers is one of them. A chip, or component failure means you have to junk the whole thing. You can't work on them. You can't upgrade any of the chips if they are not socketed. A flaw in the CIA chip is what sunk Commandore. Do you remember the Amiga computer? The Environmental Protection Agency doesn't like the way old computers are filling up landfills.

 An expanded role for the EPA as Waste, and Recycling Agency would be good. Conservation of rare metals is much needed. Did you know that Thallium is more rare than gold even palladium? It is truly a rare earth element with many industrial uses. Most of the Earth's quantities of Thallium have been used up, mostly as rat poisons. We must be careful here.

 The National Security Agency as their Second Mission has to establish Uniform Standards for all hardware used in the United States to eliminate proprietary products that are not interchangeable with other manufacturers. This will eliminate equipment failure as a major obstruction in the efficient function of Government enterprise.

 For example you have a sound card. You want to upgrade this machine. It could be a satellite. It could be.

 But, NSA Agents may know too much. That can even be the case, after they retire from the Military. Kommandant Kitten is concerned about their safety. Because, if our Agents are not safe. Then who is? They should be unhampered in their civilian employment not blacklisted. The American Constitution Guarantees Freedom of Association, and forbids Bills of Attainder (Black Lists), Habeas Corpus (Unlawful Disappearance, or Identity Theft), and Corruption of Blood (Official Blood Feuds). All these violations are impeachable offenses.

 Unfortunately, we have another problem in my Country. The Department of Homeland Security has issued warnings that all versions of  Microsoft Internet Explorer are Not Secure. Here is one reason why. All of Microsoft' s Softwares were developed by mostly British Software Programers. Does anybody remember Ken Philby? Vital information about all computer software has been comprimised, and is presumably in the hands of Foreign, and Domestic Terrorists as well as Organized Crime Cartels. Kommandant Kitten foreseen that coming a long time ago. The Cure an American Government Computer Operating System built by our Military as usual. Civilians just can't be trusted. This proves it.

 Is Windows watching you? It could be. That Operating System from DOS to Windows 10 is incomplete. It should not have a copyright. Hey! Where are those "drivers!" Won't be able to have anything like a monitor display. Unless, you have the right "driver" for it. Otherwise, at best you will get a large screen with sixteen colors! What are you going to do with that! Vista does things like this. Go on the Internet. If you can, and look from A to Z for those elusive drivers. You see all these Operating Systems are unfinished. You are going to have to do something about that.

 The Internet is a War Zone. You don't have to look outside the United States to find these Little Mice. When are we going to let the NSA Cats out of their cages. The Mice are out, and about!  The Riddler, the Penguin, and the Joker have finished works of art? After all each work of art is a finished master piece. This Operating System is finished by hackers out there. You don't want that! You see, it has lots of those places. Apple Computer is not an answer either. Macs Always Crash If Not The Operating System Hangs. Steve Jobs was just another mythical person. Linux is too porous since, it is used by hackers all the time. Can we ban it? In order to just access the Internet you need four firewalls, at least two registry checkers, three anti virus programs, and several anti spyware / malware checkers. Norton Suite can get you started. Mc Cafe is in the mix too. Of course Rising Internet Security is the best. The Chinese that made your computer are the best you can have protect it from the danger. Download from the Rising PC Doctor to plug those leaks. Use Spy bot SD, and Malwarebytes. That will do it. Especially, if  you have Zone Alarm. now, you can chance it. All these programs are compatible, somehow? You must check for Interlock: Now your Fortress is ready. But, Safe XP will alter your Operating System to get your Operating System (OS) to quit talking to hackers with all those inherit Trojans in it. Hell, you have to fight to register your Operating System We have to make internet registration illegal for this reason. You will have to mail in your registration. Then you will get a disk mailed to you with the Official Upgrades.

 You must have genuine Microsoft in order to do anything. Of course, you have a real Microsoft Windows disk that can run on a real compatible machine. You have an APC Unit to protect your computer from being damaged by power surges. That means all your hardware is working. You must have all the right drivers for this to happen. That disk should come with your new computer too. You must plan ahead.

 Out there somebody is running Microsoft PE (Pirate Edition). This isn't an Operating System at all. It is a virus!

  Don't you want to kill hackers? That is really happening. Computer hacking represents the most dangerous threat to American freedom ever. Right now, somebody is posting stuff from the Islamic State. But, we will never know if these posts are real. Who are they? We will never know. Remember, Snowden. There are thousands of people pretty much like him. Don't you want a comfortable place? Hey! Lights Out! Nothing like a good Hacker Scare!

In this photo we have newly arrived Immigrants in Auschwitz Birkanau.

 There is more. There always, is. You are not Batman on the Internet. The Penguin is Linux. The Riddler is Apple Computer. Microsoft is the Joker. They are all Crooks. But, you have to work with them. Because, you are a Villain. Now, you know the score. Good. It is about time you learned this truth. Truth. Cobol is another Operating System, as is Fortran that can keep the: Amiga, Penguin, Riddler, and the Joker honest

 Machine code is more than one's and zeros.

 Machine is code harmonic.


 The next War: Syria because, Syria needs to have a Government like the Marines had in Panama in 1906. NATO may not like this but, you can't do business with Revolutionaries. Revolutionaries have a Career of Revolution. More Taliban? This is like the Rock of North Viet Nam that wrecked the United States economy in years long ago. It is easy to stop a War. Quit shooting! The Palestine Liberation Organization is now all over Europe. President Assad can't look after them. They are all lose. They can all come to America. The United States can give them let's say New Mexico, and call it Palestine. Turkey, and Albania are in danger from these Movements. So NATO will wind up killing these people in battle. Those are the very people that NATO was going to save from that terrible Government. That sitting Government has gone like Iraq. It embodies a Fascist Revolution that is bad. Since, their Revolution is being propagated in other Countries like: Kuwait, Lebanon, Turkey, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Liberia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, India, Oman, Mozambique, and China. Remember, the Bath Party is a NAZI Party. But, we will wind up killing the rebels later just like we are doing in Afghanistan. Leave Syria alone. It can get worse. It did in Afganistan. Israel will probably, like it better. Jordan certainly will. Just kick the British out, and their running dogs out of Syria. Pay attention to Kitten! This War will last for a few days. Then Reconstruction must happen to Win the Peace. Keep the Media out of the Country. They will compromise you! You will Lose the Peace. Leave Assad in power.

 NATO needs to play a still larger role in Economic Warfare between Nations. It has to do with counterfeiting in Banks. We all know that Central Banks have the facilities to counterfeit large amounts of any currency, even their own. A Country like Great Britain could flood the United States with vast amounts of counterfeit currency, bonds, and so on. It you have well placed agents in the United States Government. It is possible to find all the serial numbers of discontinued dollar bills. Then a Criminal Bank can use these very same serial numbers, or those serial numbers on dollar bills already, in circulation overseas. That currency coming back to America will buy a lot of merchandise. Yet, this is really only at the cost of paying off a few spies plus the ink, and paper to print it on. That will cost America trillions of dollars. The resulting inflation will eat up billions of dollars in Savings. Then there is the question as to what is, and is not a legal Investment. Human trafficking, murder incorporated, slavery,  and assorted crimes can happen without sufficient International Oversight. We must stop these acts of war.

Slavery is Freedom

 America has a Dionysusian Work Ethic. It is the ethics of a wine bibber. This American has something to do that is more important than work. He wants his six pack, his easy chair, and his ball game to watch on television, right now. Mind you, if Joe Six Pack exerted himself more. Like being more industrious. Knew his work was the most important event in his life while he was working. Joe Six Pack should even like working. He should not be not afraid of working. Our Hero could be having his drink while, seeing the ball game for real at the stadium. But, Joe Six Pack can not afford to go to the ball game. Because, he keeps getting fired for drinking on the job. His wife has left him. Joe might go to jail really soon, if he doesn't make his child support payments. He is lagging behind too. The rent is coming due. Joe is out of work. But, Joe does have a couple of warm beers. They shut the power off for not paying his bill. Joe can really "take it easy" because, it is getting dark outside. Later, Joe can live in his car. Until, he can find work, and there isn't any. Then he can run out of fuel. Somebody, will tow his car, and impound it. Joe will understand what it is to be "down, and out." Then he can try his hand at panhandling. But, Joe's car is gone for keeps. Once, Joe gets out of jail. He can be enrolled in one of those great programs that will try, and find him some work. Goodwill. That might do it. If he can handle it. But, maybe, he can't. Joe's psyche has been torn to shreds. He is ready for Welfare. He might make it. But, probably won't. Now, it is really "do, or die" for Joe Six Pack. If Joe does not get work soon, he really will die out there. Joe might freeze to death in the winter, or die from heat exhaustion in the summertime. They do that every day in all our major cities. At one time, Joe Six Pack could find work anytime he wanted to. Times have changed. Joe didn't notice this at all. His ball game beckoned. It did. His beer was right there for him. His wife obediently handed him one slavishly. Marriage is slavery. To her it always was. Joe never appreciated anything. His two babies need their Mommy all the time.

 Understand, his problem is more than just drinking. Because, there are hundreds of Other Paths to the Working Mans Hell. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) will not save him. He will just get crazier. Joe Six Pack is psychologically crippled. There is something terrible inside him. He can't get free of it. In a sense, Joe Six Pack really does have a God watching over him. Joe thinks it is Jesus but, it really is Dionysus the Lord of Folly. To Joe, work is slavery. "Work makes you free." Joe knows that slogan was over the Gates of Auschwitz. But, Monowitz is full.

 The Working Mans Hell is but, little different than a Womans Hell. Joe Six Pack is on this Endless Treadmill. Living in this Endless Today. "Just for today." Today never ends. This is total nihilism. He is being squeezed until, there is nothing in him but, this Hell. He has always, been in Hell. That is why there is no work that really matters. Because, he is filled with nihilism. He can't even think of such a thing. The churches preach nothing but, nihilism, hopelessness, and torturous nonsense that terrifies Joe Six Pack. The Evangelists taunt Joe Six Pack. There is nothing there for him but, this Hell. He can't go to the bar because, he is broke all the time. He is picked clean by the time he gets his paycheck. He is in Hell. Joe Six Pack can live in Hell until, he runs out of beer. Then it is time for him to die. This is a Culture of Death.

  Let's put Joe Six Pack in Auschwitz I. We have to kill Dionysus. No more Freedom for him. Let's say he made it through all the major hurdles, and he is in fair condition. His uniform is really tight but, he can lose some weight. The beer has not been good to Joe. The doctor thinks he is disfigured, and suffering from malnutrition. He has signs of pelgra. Now, pelgra is a vitamin deficiency disease common in America. How, would you like to wake one day, and your right leg is numb? Joe also, has rickets a disease endemic in the United States, and Canada. He is turning into a pear shaped monstrosity. Malformation in people especially, later in life is caused by nutrient deficiency diseases such as rickets at some time in their lifetime. Those diseases are fiendishly hard to reverse. They got him just in time. Joe is eating "Tasty Food": an experimental mixture that is especially nutritious. They made it just for him too. Joe is on his way to being a great comrade. Joe is in "Work and Reeducation Camp." Joe gets to work at least fours for Hitler each day. That is the basic requirement in all the "Auschwitz System of Camps." Then Joe has School. This might be called Rehab. That is part of it. Joe is going to get lots of skills literally beaten into him. Now, he might survive in "Camp." Joe is a "Happy Camper."

 Let us say Joe Six Pack is now, a valuable worker. He has made it so far. But, it's time for Recreation in Auschwitz I. A "Camp Guard" has just thrown Joe Six Pack into the swimming pool. Joe Six Pack has to swim six laps for Auschwitz. He is out of shape. But, the Big Soccer Match is coming up. Joe Six Pack is going to be in it. He better be a good sport. He is going to have to survive on the playing field. Auschwitz Birkenau is already, on the playing field. He better play as good as Manchester United. It is a grudge match again.

 Joe Six Pack is still fighting for his soccer ball. He just knows its his. He's a Lout, and proud of it. Boy, he is right after it. He has been tripped few times. He bounces up still right after it. Always, right after it. Remember cheating isn't fair. But, it does happen. The Commandant of Sobibor is there to make sure it doesn't. Heydrich does take sides. He says so. Because, they got to play too. Auschwitz didn't win but, they tried. The Girls are taking to the soccer field. The Big Girls Game has been planned for ages. "Everybody plays." "Everybody wins." "They all get prizes." They do.

 Then there were "Camp Days." Each "Camp" had a National Flag. Auschwitz Birkenau has a bright scarlet letter "A" on an orange yellow background. Sobibor has a dark blue letter "S" on a forest green background. Remember, Sobibor's genesis out of the "Little Camp in the Forest" in Austria. During the soccer matches the girls would wave their "Camp Flags" proudly as they cheered for their "Camp." During "Camp Days" is the "Celebration of Camp." They are not penal institutions exactly, anything goes. This is where the morphine disappears out of the dispensaries. The "Camp Person" loves Demerol. "Mr. Painless" is around for a couple of days. All the "Camp Persons" are all mildly drunk. They are under orders to do just that. It is like a company party. It's like something out of the movie "MASH" the loud speaker sounds like it. Except, this is totally extreme. Because, "Camp" does not want any Saints, or ascetics. They don't want a Temperance Cult to form. That has been found to ruin "Camps." "Temperance" doesn't contribute to Civilization. It has been found to be bad in "Camp."

 During "Camp Days" you are screening people for any of those before mentioned diseases of the head. You do have to do that. Asceticism can be a form of malignate narcissism. It is narcissism to be sure. We are concerned about that. This Sainthood can be a sign of megalomania. Prophets aren't needed in "Camp," either. Always, the same thing. They will follow your orders, and get roaring drunk. We want to screen them for violence. Autism will show because, of excessive shyness. Insubordination will come out then. Screen for pranks, and foul language. Everybody, is on notice. That is what the Commandant is looking for. He wants to know who he has in his "Camp." This is the final selection.

 The picture above is a Preliminary Selection. They are looking for ring leaders. They are looking for people that want to work.

 The "Auschwitz Camp Systems" contained: Auschwitz I, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Buna Monowitz, Majdenek, Gurs, Drancy, Thersenstadt, Flossenburg, Ravensbruck, Siedlce, Mauthausen, Bergan-Belsen, Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald, Suwatki, Wodzislaw, Dachau...

 Now, Auschwitz had a sister "System of Camps" these were the Sobibor Concentration Camp System that had: Sobibor Concentration Camp, Chelmno, Treblinka, Gross-Rosen, Stuttof, Plaszow, Westerbork, Neuengamme-Ring, Bedzin, Belzac...

 The Neuengamme-Ring Work Camps contained over a million people.

 Now, you might want your own Ring. The Neungamme Ring originally started as the novel ideal of Prisons Without Walls. But, people were so destitute they appealed to the Ring. No one had any work! As a result people did not have any food! They were dressed in rags as their only clothing! They had no place to live! They were at death's door!

  "How much is your life worth?"

  We have a depression in our Country!

  What you give to secure a Promise of Work? It should be quite a lot! This is the real deal.

  Each "Camp" had it's own unique Culture.

 Sobibor had a different Administration. All these "Camps" were set up as a Vernichtungsalger. These "Camps" were apparently more terrible than Auschwitz. They weren't as well organized.

 Sobibor was as big as Auschwitz I, and growing by leaps, and bounds. There are conflicting reports regarding the size of these "Camps," and the number of personal. The Sobibor System seems to be nearly as big as the Auschwitz System. There seems to been a lot of rivalry between these two "Camp Systems." Eventually, the "Sobibor System of Camps" was absorbed by Auschwitz.

 Yet, both "Camp Systems" remained distinct. Auschwitz controlled the rail systems. Sobibor had to use trucks. All roads led to Sobibor. All trains ended up at Auschwitz Birkanau.

 The French "Camp Gurs" parodied French Culture a lot. Gurs put on an unforgettable "Fashion Show." Ilse Koch went down the cat walk modeling Freya. Ilse Koch is naked. Then Auschwitz Girl flirted constantly as she was walking the cat walk in full attire including her pistol, and dagger. Sobobor Girl marched on the cat walk. Sobibor Girl complained she couldn't wear her full attire. She had her pistol, and two daggers but, missed her 9mm Mauser rifle. There are more models modeling their respective "Camps." Totenkophverbande sitting at their tables are pounding the flagons of stale beer in mock celebration. There is more music, and dancing. It's an orgy.

 In the Detention Cell at Gurs was the infamous "Hot Tub of Gurs." That was feared. One thing it has is a light bulb that hangs directly overhead. It is a torture device, of course. The tub sits basically on concrete. There are three wires: the hot wire is submerged when the tub is in use, a ground wire connected usually, to the sides, and the neutral wire is submerged on the other side. There is a rheostat to control the flow of electrical current. It has up to ten to fifty watts of power. The person is put in. The salted water is up to his chest. When the light bulb lights. That man is being tortured to death.

 There is a movie. The name is "Algeria." It features this tub at the end of the film. The light bulb is lit. The water is boiling. The man is dying. Terribly realistic acting.

 Apparently, a demented hobbyist built this damned contraption in my Country. Word is he used it. Somebody must of caught him. It was a gang thing. They put him in his own "hot tub" to stew in his own juice. If they ever find him. The cleanup will ghastly.

The Food Police

 In Nazi Germany, and Austria the Gestapo was building its' little fiefdoms. The food of the people was aways right there in front of them. It is kind of like the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), and the EPA (Environmental Protection Administration) gone hog wild.

 Understand, that many people have diet restrictions. Some of these prohibitions were bad for the nascent food industries. There were all these religious dietary proscriptions. All and all Germania was vastly under nourished.

 The Gestapo would enter your house to see what you are eating. The Gestapo is right next door. They would throw your food on the floor. That is if they didn't like it. They would take samples too. The bureaucrat would proscribe food for you. They would come back tomorrow to make sure you ate it. Always, the good things of IG Faban were there to make sure you consumed your quota. They would take your trash away too. No beer for you buddy. Chances are you didn't have it anyhow. They would confiscate your laxatives. They would go right into your medicine chest. In the laboratories of IG Faban they would measure your caloric intake. IG Faban always, knew you needed their vitamins. You lucky pooch. You are an experimental animal in a nutrition study. So you will get all the vitamins, hormones, and medicines you can stand. You are free to work for the company store. That is IG Faban. That is in addition to your regular work. That body has to be challenged constantly. Everywhere, all over Germany people would know about you. Those suggestions are endless. You now have a really good German family.

 Your phone number was assigned to by the Gestapo. That was also, your personal Identification number. It is your bank number. It doubled as your Social Security number as well.

 That is what totalitarianism is like. As envisioned by those German technicians then.

 Were the Race Riots of the 60's, and 70's also, Food Riots? The latter explains the pattern of destruction in all of America's major cities. All the stores were looted of food. Starvation wasn't as bad as in the 30's. Hunger in America is still very much around in many cases. Then there is a question of triage as the population of America increases. Who gets what? How much? Where is it? Why? Who are you? Who are you for? Who are you with? Where you at? Why are you here? What do you want?

  Africa sees another Culture. A different Civilization in America. It appears to be the same thing with European Culture too. But, that is an illusion created by the "Uniformity of Camp" emanating from America. It is a Culture of Death. They both Europe, and America seem to be the same kind of Culture to the Africans. Both are totally rapacious. The only people encountered there are mostly from Great Britain, and the United States. It is a view that Negroes are mutants, animals, aliens, demons, robots... Urban Combat against Negroes if featured by the Native Organs of Propaganda. The game "Resident Evil" can be seen as the final killing off the Negro Nations. Patterson's TV miniseries "Zoo" hits a nerve with Muburay. The animals in Africa are the Allies of the Negroes. It is the kind of Life these Strangers want in Africa. That is unacceptable. It is some kind of Dream. Their Presence is disturbing. No investment, no nothing but, just that. They have nothing to give. Nothing to have. It is just tiring.

 Kommandant Kitten has to be Severe. None of these people should not even exist. None of them deserve the status in America they enjoy. Kommandant Kitten has written about this "Shame of America" going overseas constantly making enemies. These are American civilians, always. Nothing ventured. Nothing gained. They do nothing but, bother people in Africa. Just like they do here in America.

"The Camp Chow"

 Food in Auschwitz had to conform to very strict standards. The Red Cross had them too. Firstly, everyone in "Camp." Had to consume a minimum number of calories in order to do a days work.

 That had to be at least two thousand calories. It had to have 100% of the minimum daily requirement of all vitamins, and minerals. Along with some hormones, and other beneficial food additives.

 In many cases the amount of food had to be three times more. That usually, was working outside Auschwitz doing hard labor.

 The cremotoria workers got twice the minimum amount of food.

 Certain people required food to be made up "just for them."

 Everyone in "Camp" was expected to "organize" all the time.

 Medicine was pretty much like that too.

 Kommandant Kitten has a found people in America are not eating as well as people did in those terrible "Concentration Camps!" That is inhuman.

 Calcium deficiency will cause the body to assimilate, and use substances like strontium 137 to build up bones, and nerve functions. Remember, those bomb tests are still with us.

 You see the human body will absorb, and use elements that are like calcium. That is why lead shows up in peoples bones, and nervous systems. Non radioactive strontium, barium, radium, and anything the body has in the environment will be utilized. That is why people may have radioactive elements like strontium 90, and radium in their bones.

 None of this happens in a person with adequate calcium intake.

 Inadequate potassium intake will cause the body to utilize cesium in its place. Your body may even accumulate radioactive cesium 137. This bad for your heart.

 In the event of a phosphorus deficiency arsenic, antimony, tellurium will bioaccumulate in the body. All these poisons affect energy production in the human body. People get fat because, phosphorus is required to burn all those calories. So most food is simply excreted in sweat, urine, and fecal matter.

 You now, have three big examples about why you should be eating food.

 This information is easy to find.

 As long as we keep fighting for our Windows!

 It is right there on food, and vitamin labels. Definitely, on the Internet. Look up Minimum Daily Requirement (RDA).

 Even when you know this. Meeting those basic nutritional needs is difficult due to Social Inequality. Frequently, Criminal Sabotage is the culprit. Be wary of trends, and fads!

 The website is very useful here. You have to type this link into your browser because hackers keep removing these links. This is how Career Criminals cause great damage by creating this System of Inequality in Our Culture.

 Is there anything genuine in America? Is it real, reel, or virtually real? The "Big Girl" is asking these questions.

 Rumor has it, that Broadway is dying in New York City. It is that problem: no money. As Broadway is choking on dying trash.

 For some reason Kommandant Kitten feels okay with Auschwitz: not being vaporized by an Atomic Explosion, and all that. Right up to the the Nixon era the President could order a Tactical Nuclear First Strike. It is kind of nice to have Global Warming rather, than Nuclear Winter.

 The holly trees are in full bloom again in Nashville, Tennessee. It's Springtime! Yes, it is again!

 President Nixon did press the Red Button. That triggered a recording from General Westmorland. "BANG!" The Military didn't trust him.

 Here is our problem? Kommandant Kitten may not believe Oswald was a hero. Because, in "Camp" there are only survivors, not winners, not losers. All the infrastructure physical, and social in the United States of America was set up from 1954, to fairly recently to win a Thermonuclear War. Do you understand, what kind of laws may be still around in my Country? Some of these laws may be pretty extreme to deal with the reality of Post Nuclear War effects in America. There was a bunch of paramilitary organizing at the time. Some of these people may still be around. They were supposed to "stand down," and be debriefed. They weren't! Sedition (mutiny) is in progress until, that happens. But, then again, it still might be legitimate.

 Even the radio stations were armed with a beacon, or "Wink" during the Great War. The "wink" was developed in Britain as a sort of Death Ray to thwart Hitler's invasion plans, and harass German Forces on the other side of the English Channel.

 The Nazi's became interested in researching this area further too as well as the Russians.

 Auschwitz was hard at work on developing better Communications, Radar, and Death Rays. They did build, and employ a "Wink" in the mass killing of Prisoners of War. Auschwitz didn't like it. It took prisoners several hours to die.

 They sometimes, steamed people to death in the rail cars. If they did not come out as ordered. Then the trains could not run on time.

 These trains were called "Peace Trains," and "Soul Trains." It is "Camp Logic" to call the trains something significant yet, harmless.

 Cat Stevens did write the song "Peace Train" probably, with that in mind. All aboard the "Peace Train?" Hang on to your hat buddy. It's a wild ride to Auschwitz.

 Now, there was some question as to what people would see when they arrived at Birkenau. They wanted to make sure. When their clients arrived there at Auschwitz Birkanau. They would know they were in HELL.

The Tin Foil Hat: The Thinking Cap

 Kommandant Kitten is trying to put on this tin foil cap. Damned thing just doesn't fit right. A ban on electromagnetic waves could go viral. There are claims that HAM radio kills, or harms birds somehow. That implies HAM broadcasting is bad for people. CB radios can disorient, and confuse drivers. Radio tracking collars torture animals. Biologists use radio tracking devices to study animals in the wild. Hospital bed heaters emit "soft x rays." They have severely burned even killed people. Radar guns used to monitor traffic for speeding can be used as a weapon. Lasers used in survey work also, fall into this category of potential weapons. Radio beacons can be improvised electronic assault weapons in the hands of terrorists. Terrorists can turn a radio, or television station into a weapon of mass destruction irradiating plants, animals, and people to death. Kommandant Kitten knew one man who had seizures caused by fluorescent lights. It was this buzzing in his head that did it.

 There seems to be a manifestation of what appears to be AIDS. But, no virus can be found. Like AIDS the Immune System is compromised. The victim begins to waste away, and die without cause. Could radiation of some sort be the culprit? These cases appear to be linked to Radio Broadcasting nearby.

 We know microwaves can cause premature aging. Other radiation can do pretty much the same thing.

 Unlike the movie "Kronos" the Monster can not be plainly seen.

 The tin foil cap is an antennae. You can pick up all kinds of things with this antennae. You can put it on your head but, maybe you shouldn't. After, you have read "The Sapping of America," "The Secrets of the Soil," or maybe, "The Body Electric." You can surf the Internet to find out more of this information. Type "microwave" into your search engines. You might find out that satellites way up there can melt snow on the ground! Those cell phones cause brain cancer. Street lights are bad for people. They cause premature growth in children. The transformers might be mismatched, and give off a very annoying signal. The 60hz involved in electrical power transmissions is radiating especially, from those high tension lines can harm you somehow. There is a "skin effect" with very high voltages. Almost, 90% of the power is just radiated into space. Maybe, radiated into you. If you are too close. Lowering the voltage will stop this loss of power. Then the lines don't radiate much. That 60 Hz radiation is even in your home! Many electric devices: the electric mixer, the vacuum, and damn those electric heaters are doing it again! You don't want any incubators in hospitals zapping infants.

 This stuff alters your brain just like drugs. Maybe, it is addictive. It is kind of like alcohol, or tobacco. It makes people more likely to self medicate. It might interfere with your growth pattern. You will age prematurely. Then there are chromosome abnormalities. It may cause mutation in people, plants, and animals. It can cause deformity in humans. It has been used to cause sleeplessness in humans. It may cause, and even promote cancer. Radio waves can do this. This radiation can be used to clear areas of people without their even being aware of it. Access denial even in public areas where people wound normally congregate. That will cause Occult Orientation in people. They will think the Devil is loose. Some victims even claim they have been "unsouled." Don't worry! It will come back. Well sorta come back. Even these micro transmitters can cause sickness, insanity, and even death in some cases. Like pesticides we need to regulate electronics more. The tin foil hat says so. If we listen to the tin foil hat. We won't have an electric anything. We will go back to gas lights, and candles. We are going to have to watch consumer electronics for this like heroin. Electronic components will be regulated like prescription drugs. If abuse is found to be a problem. The Cult is using these weapons in my Country.

 Technology is a Dragon. There is a problem in the Communications Industry that won't go away. Their equipment is junk. You can turn on your radio. That station is broadcasting noise. The noise is actually, in the electronic circuitry itself. It could be a bad ground where the station is floating. You will find harmonics. That station is broadcasting several frequencies. Cause is shoddy equipment. Then the frequency may creep on them. That is bad equipment. Other than frequency crawl. That station maybe deliberately using more than its allotted frequency. Digital broadcasting like television gets really weird. There are lots of digits that don't mean anything. That is probably noise again. Poor equipment is the culprit here. What about those satellites? What is going to happen when those multi million dollar babies go kaput? They might do it all at once! Your tele can't find the signal because, there isn't one. That could be built in obsolescence. It could also be sabotage. Something up there is killing them.

Them There Satellites Again

 There are some disconcerting rumors about civilian communication satellites filled with live ordinance. Just try to steal one of our satellites you Russian dog! People thought like that during the "Cold War Era." If that is true. Nobody can fetch them. Even the U.S. It gets more racy with those Plutonium batteries. "Concerned Scientists" have said one kilogram of Plutonium distributed in the Earth's atmosphere will kill every person this Planet. We would all get lung cancer, and die out. Fortunately, that is not true. Some scientists are claiming that Plutonium comes down naturally from the stars these days. Maybe, not. These satellites can blow up spontaneously. The cause? It might be the solar wind? Human error? About eighty pounds of Plutonium oxide have been vaporized up there. What goes up must come down. It has.

A CB Story

 Hey! Good Buddy! Bet, you didn't see this one coming! You see most accidents involving those big rigs are due to distracted driving. The Citizens Band Radio is little different than a Short Wave Radio. It just isn't as strong as a Short Wave Radio. Because, pilots way up there in the sky get to listen in on it too. Pilots flying airplanes hate things like that. It affects their instruments. Hopefully, they won't crash those planes into anything like that trucker down there. But, they might buzz him a few times. The Federal Communication Commission frowns on these high power CB Radios. Our trucker is under the influence of non ionizing radiation. He is legally intoxicated from radiation poisoning. It is like he has had six shots of whiskey in him. Just like a drunk he does not feel impaired. Good Buddy fell asleep at the wheel briefly. Because, RF Signals can do things like that. His Semi Trailer Truck is on the wrong side of the road. It looks pretty bad. Nobody was killed. But, they are maimed maybe for life. Those medical bills, and court costs really pile up on those accident victims. "In a wreck? Need a check?" You better get on that cell phone to a good attorney pronto. That trucking company will be hard to beat in court.

 Trucks in Flight? We haven't received many of these photographs. Trucks suspended in mid air as they go flying off the road. Route 66 used to have a few of these spectacular trucks in flight.

 There won't be any of those planes, trucks, helicopters, cars, motorcycles, lawn mowers, and other internal combustion engine powered machines. That was what the Agrarian Reformers wanted in Old China according to their Taoist beliefs.

 Incidentally, coal ash is not hazardous waste. Not any more than the soil outside your home, or business. If you mix coal ash with compost. It can't harm anything. Unless, you eat dirt. It probably, won't even harm the night crawlers.

 Even the Love Canal wasn't found to be that bad as the news media first reported it was. But, your back yard might be. Here the culprit might be radon gas. The usual suspects lead, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium will be there if your home was built on reclaimed agricultural land. Your house is sitting in an area unfit for human habitation.

  We do have Climate Change. But, has the Climate ever been good for people? No, it hasn't been. Ninety per cent of the Earth is not easily habitable by human beings. Not much by other living things either.

 We need to take control of our Planet's Climate. Humanity needs to grow up, and start running things.

 We can seed those clouds for more rain. Otherwise, we might not have enough water.

 Here is more. There always is.

 This gave birth to NORAD, and a Civilian Counterpart (That has not been Officially named.) to provide for American defense during the Cold War Era immediately afterwards. That is the "Dew Line."

 First, radio waves could jam an enemy plane's radio. It would effect their gyroscopic navigation systems. Forcing them to bomb by sight but, they may be disoriented enough by this radiation they will be like drunks. Then that nuclear bomb could drift several miles off target. Maybe, it could even detonate any explosives carried in that enemy aircraft. Most people do not know about radio propagation in the upper atmosphere. It is a magical like phenomenon. Where a thousand watts can become a million watts. That is like hitting a plane with a lighting bolt. This is where Ronald Reagan got his inspiration for beam weapons. That was dubbed "Star Wars." This stuff is still around.

 Nowadays, the State of Tennessee has strict broadcast laws. No radio broadcasting shall touch the ground. Because, that is radiation. Commercial radio, and television "beams" must be higher than 500 feet from ground level because, of the danger to trees. Broadcasting kills holly trees. It disorients people. Also, people might not want this "beam" to enter their house especially, while, they are sleeping. HAM Radio is exempt but, recent changes in electronic equipment have prompted more legislation. Beacons are banned. Transmission of neighborhood pirate radio, and television are likewise banned. These devices are dangerous to children.

 Back then during the Cold War, they are preparing to fight. Now, you don't stand much of chance. This radio propagation probably, won't happen. But, those enemy planes, and rockets are coming right at you. You can still hurt them. You are changing those frequencies to bring your Death Ray up. You can sight this thing in too. You might as well die fighting as much as you can. If you can stop one. You can save your city from obliteration.

 Those rioters are coming right after your radio station. Everybody, could die in there. These could be enemy agents, or people instigated by them. You are going to give those assholes a blast of the righteous stuff that will send them into a World of Pure Evil. If you have got the right stuff your electronics can envelope you in a force field that can kill people. You're defending yourself. By Necessity according to the Rules of the Cold War that radio station has to be ready at all times. That makes it hard to shut down.

 During times of civil unrest. These radio stations could sweep the streets too. The civil rights marchers got a taste of this during the 60's. It was used to break up political rallies, and protests. This is "street sweeper." This isn't Government anymore, if it ever was. This was experimental. The results were it worked. It seems to be an Anarchist ploy. There are no official experiments. None. Who was experimenting with these beam weapons on people? Like the Hollywood Beacon creating places of Access Denial in Hollywood, California, USA?

 You can see a map of GWEN stations to be used to jam enemy radar. That came out Britain too. What GWEN will do is stop enemy radar from "ranging." Thus, an enemy plane would not be able to find our fighter bombers during the Kennedy era.

 GWEN nowadays, is an early warning system. Like warning about the approach of a tornado so you can take cover immediately.

 Here is HAARP. That is a high intensity radiation weapon. Some of HAARP was in place in the 60's. That was set up along the "Dew Line." The "Dew Line" is in Alaska, and Canada.

 The Nazi's invented the first HARRP as an antiaircraft weapon. Pilots that were seeing Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO's) were really plasma effects in the sky above them.

 HARRP can be used as Communications too. At least, the Nazis believed that. Most of this research was done at Monowitz. That is why the Allies had so many casualties in the areas of the Auschwitz Camps.

 HARRP can be used as Communications too. At least, the Nazis believed that. Most of this research was done at Monowitz. That is why the Allies had so many casualties in the areas of the "Auschwitz Camps."

  Although, the Nazi's did possess a few operational Flying Saucers.

 As you can see in the picture those are "arrayed antenna." HAARP exploits what was then an electromagnetic anomaly. This station is shut down for routine maintenance, or permanently. That is why someone could take this picture without being "cooked." HAARP "shoots" straight up to block, or "shield" the flyway from the Russians to the United States. Contrary to some people's beliefs HAARP does not harm the Ozone layer.

 Actually, there are beneficial effects of the HARP System. HARRP creates a lot of ozone in the upper atmosphere where it is needed anyway (Ozone Layer). The HARRP will make as much oxygen has a small forest of large pine trees by breaking apart carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide. HARRP breaks up severe storms. Then you won't have winds blowing a 100 miles an hour, or more. Winters are milder near the Poles. You will lose fewer ships at sea due to severe weather. The quality of life for the people south of those Northern regions is improved. It makes it possible to work then As few as ten HARRPs can do this.

 Strangely, it does not take hardly any electricity to produce plasma. If you have a plasma monitor, or television you know this. That is true. The new HARRPs are surprisingly efficient.

 It takes only one small nuclear reactor to power up hundreds of HARRPs. We can locate those at the South Pole. The Russians will like it too. United States can start populating Alaska with these HARRPs. Then our orange trees won't freeze to death in Florida, Texas, and California. We could extend the growing season by at least two months. Billions of dollars could go to put American Agriculture back on its feet.

 There were several Atmospheric Nuclear Tests under Kennedy. The last Nuclear Tests were done under President Nixon. It was a Nuclear Device that lit up most of Russia. The Russians got the benefit of all that Nuclear Fallout. The Russians responded with two Nuclear Bombs set off to blanket North America with fallout. One Russian bomb was over 100 megatons. Can anybody say "thyroid disorder?" "Leukemia" maybe? What is really terrible is these bombs have changed our Global Climate patterns. This is some of Kennedy's "Weather Warfare."

 Can anybody say "Ice Age." We can find this in the increasing desertification of the whole Planet. Where has all the water gone? Can an Ice Age exist during a time of Global Warming? Yes, it can. Paleontology has proven this to be an uneasy fact.

 Ice forming in extinct volcanoes beneath the oceans This indicates the Earth's core is cooling. You see there are different Laws of Nature operating in those extremely cold deep waters. More deuterium is present down there in concentrations from 20 to 80% heavy water. Even tritium has been found in small quantities. Sulfur hydrate, methyl hydrate, and more frighteningly unstable compounds exist on what is becoming another Planet.

 The Polar Regions also, have another physics. Electromagnetism there can kill you if you stay too long. The oxygen level in Antarctica is higher than it is over a temperate forest! A lot higher. There is a hole in the ozone layer over both Polar Regions. Radiation from the Sun, planets, nearby stars, and cosmic rays can destroy you. There another phenomena we will call super cooling. That cold which is the absence of heat can be stored like cold is a form of energy. Temperature readings in certain places measure anywhere from minus 10 to -380 degrees Fahrenheit. The land mass itself isn't warming. The magnetosphere might degrade like it has on the planet Mars. When that happened the atmosphere just blew away.

 But, there is another one. Our ozone layer is not being regenerated because, our oxygen is being used up. This ionosphere protects our Planet being bombarded by intense radiation, x rays, radio waves, and cosmic rays. A a large Planet, or even a nearby Star can generate enough of this irradiation to kill us all down here.

 There is more. There always is. You see these facilities have been hacked. How would you like to be working on HAARP. You are out there doing your job maintaining it. Each antenna in that antenna array has to be tuned while it is at low power. Otherwise, the HARRP won't do anything.

 Then some computer hacker turns HAARP on for you. You, and about fifty of your coworkers are there while it is "HAARPing," and "HAARPing," and "HAARPing," All of you are being burned alive.

 Juno will just hate that. Juno is somebody from Juno, Alaska standing there with her radiation meter. You can not get this one to check out your microwave oven. This meter costs several hundred thousand dollars. Because, it is made to Government Military Specifications (Milspec).

 There this is software that can not be turned off like a analog switch. That is a deadly improvement. After they have removed your blackened charred remains. You should be glad that somebody might find out who did that, and how? GWEN has been hacked too. You are up there working on a GWEN tower just like a lineman on a telephone pole. People have found things inside the GWEN unit that are not supposed to be there. There used to be radio operators to keep that from happening. The frequencies coming out of the GWEN unit are way off the register. Maybe, somebody has turned it into a radio station. Now, GWEN is powered down. But, a computer hacker has decided to power GWEN up for you. GWEN is "GWENing," "GWENing," and "GWENing." This is a really bad relationship. You have been blown right off the GWEN tower.

  But, you know what? The GWEN map is off a bit. You see there are three GWEN towers in Nashville. They aren't "GWENing" anymore. The frequency in one tower is a billion cycles off. It should be something like 30Hz instead of 30Giga Hz. The other is about 10 Giga Hz, and the last one is about 3Giga Hz. Those frequencies can harm people at normal GWEN broadcast strength. In order to work on these towers. You have to lean them down. These "girls" need a lot of work to repair the sabotage done to them. But, two towers can't be moved. Because, they set were in concrete. That is sabotage too. Understand, all you have to do is install a low frequency transmitter according to the original United States Government Specifications. A bright eight year old can do this. The contractor does not have anyone that qualifies for this work. That is also, sabotage.

 You know that Gwen is an Early Warning System.

 But. What about Making Rain? People have been trying to make rain since, the early discovery of the Entire Light Spectrum. It has been found that radio, and radar actually, disintegrate rain clouds. Can anybody say the dreaded word "drought?" There is an increasing amount of desertification World Wide. Broadcasting, and radar are the most preventable causes of drought, and other environmental maladies.

 Knowing that. Let's start "HAARPing." There is a software problem because, it has "recursive curves" in it. This "beam" does not travel in a straight line. It wobbles from side to side. It does go up but, not rightly. That is not going to create much plasma. The ideal plasma frequency is near 90 Giga HZ to produce the most plasma. Remember, plasma is invisible when it is intense up there. 105 Giga Hz will produce some plasma but, not enough to stop an airplane. Of course, this map is a bit off. The number of HAARP installations is wrong.

 Somebody, has gotten into a serious legal argument. It starts over a box turtle. This Quaker person wrote a book about the Civil War. This was being made into a major motion picture.

  On a island off the coast of South Carolina the author of this masterpiece knows something has gone wrong. Since, she has a premonition of her death. Immediately, she donated all her savings to several Christian charities. They were all Negro churches, by the way.

 She is sitting in her rocking chair on the front porch of her estate. Her dog "Pity," and her canary "Yellow Bird" are indoors. The front door is open. She hates cats. So there are no cats around anywhere. Her new box turtle "No One" is resting beside her.

  Then, Pity is howling. Yellow Bird is dead outside her cage. Her box turtle has closed his shell up tightly at both ends. She is musing, "I have lived beyond my time."

 The beam hits her with 200,000 watts of pure killing power. There is 90,000 watts inside her as she is "legally incinerated." The box turtle has been blown to pieces. The bird is vaporized. The dog has been blown apart underneath the bed.

 The "Wink" was four miles away, precisely. At the other end of the island. The sheriff can plainly see someone who must be Ted Turner. The "Radio Head" is still inside the "station" that is on "sea duty."

  The coroner said, she died of natural causes. Since, she was on many Civil Rights Marches. You know how that is. She should of had a cat. That would have saved her life. She would have been able to run away to safety while the device was still ranging.

 Now, it is questionable that a Military weapon such a "Wink" should exist in the United States of America. This device could burn people alive thirty miles away. What are these weapons doing mostly on the West Coast, and some on the Eastern Seaboard? These damned things can swivel 360 degrees! Are they in the hands of terrorists? Civilians have tendency to act on their own. That may not be lawful.

 Somebody, that hates you. Has reported your pleasure boat as something bad. You don't know this, because this is illegal secrecy.  "Bam!"  Your boat has been disintegrated along with you, and your family. That could be a political assassination. The elections have just been changed. Your Senate seat is now, up for grabs.

 Baby Rackets are ferociously unfunny. This is human trafficking at its very worst. Baby Rackets are totally corrupting. They are hard to find. Baby Racketeers are hard to catch. This can wreck a hospital. When it gets into the Red Cross it can wreck a lot of homes. Rooting it out of any Charity is incredibly dangerous. The people that do this are deadly. That is why extralegal measures are the only way to deal with Baby Racketeering. That has gone to killing off all the staff, and patients in certain hospitals overseas. You see anybody there might escape with important contact information to start the Racket up again.

  The Nazis did not get around to this one, by the way.

 But, the Nazis did have "Baby Factories." Now, some people may have seen archived footage of Lebensborn. But, that is not what it was. Those babies are crying because, they are in a killing place. All those babies are supposed to die because, they were Jewish. Babies, and children were routinely killed by methodically depriving them of food.

 Lebensborn is nothing unusual, in Germany. Put simply, it is the German Way of Raising Infants. Every girl should have a baby if they can raise a baby. This requires a lot of commitment. Because, from the time that baby is born until, they are toddlers. The mother is completely in charge of fashioning that child. The father is not supposed to be near the baby. There is only one parent. That is "Mommy." All that girl's time will be taken up in child rearing. Mommy has to stay home all the time, and train the baby. Baby sleeps with Mommy. Daddy sleeps in another room. Mommy, and Daddy don't have sex during this time. Daddy can have a whore if he needs one. Imagine this, Ilse Koch had a eight children. Feed them lots of meat, and vitamins.

 Some Lebensborn material maybe, all of it that has come out Germany even, before the War. Is Psychops material designed to ruin children. There is some stuff even from Koch. Yes, this is the Buchenwald Baby Shower. You can raise a little death's head child. It might even, be in Dr. Spock's Baby Book! You don't need those gifts. This nose pinching and/or covering the mouth is like "Water Boarding" your infant. Dr. Sparks says get rid of this. Take my test: If you can raise a cat. You can raise a child. Otherwise, why bother?

 Nowadays, babies are killed by scalding them to death. Child Rackets are the worst form of human trafficking. They work something like this. Children are brought to this Country to be adopted. They are. Then they are killed. Those children are featured in a catalog as successful "adoptions." Also, there are children there that may be real babies. There might even be some well known people that have actually, adopted babies from them. Understand, they may have penetrated Charities like the Red Cross. They might be getting Government Funding. That could be Other Governments too. Even Foreign Spies could be part of this racket. They have hungry children, even babies. You can adopt one! Don't. That adoption may work. The racket doesn't end there. You don't want those birth parents to show up do you? They will even kill them for you. That Mob may get at least a half a million dollars for that baby. What a bundle of joy?

 In the Under World most of these children become Child Soldiers. Mobs like that. That is right here in the good old U.S.A. Evil is resourceful.

 There has always, been a problem with adoptions from a Biblical standpoint. Servitude in the Bible can only go on for seven years. That was why the indentured contracts appeared in early American History. The United States very much followed the Bible during those times.

 If a Biblical family adopts a baby. They can only keep them for only that length time. That is in the Old Testament.  So that person has to have a new home until, they are ready to be free. That is three homes during a span of twenty one years. We can call this Foster Care. Unless, they go to an Orphanage. They grow up there. That was why twenty one is the age when a person gains their full Citizenship Rights. That is embodied in our United States legal codes regarding Coming of Age. America needs Residential Schools again.

 The lorry, or little truck is made in Sobibor. Actually, the steel is made, and fabricated in Monowitz, but the actual trucks are assembled in "Sobibor Concentration Camp." Sobibor is about the same size as Auschwitz. The infamous "Baby Lorry" looked like that.

 As a matter of fact Kommandant Kitten wants to Ban Adoptions. Adoption is nothing but, a political tool. It is a family nightmare come true. Sooner, or later it always, happens. Cross Cultural adoptions can be totally unholy. We don't need adoption. Adoption does not work. Neither, do Foster Homes. Many babies placed in Foster Care have been Burked to stop them from crying. They just pinch the nose like the Native Americans did. The resulting oxygen deprivation causes permanent brain damage. That produces autistic children later. "In the Belly the Beast" by Jack Abbot written by a person who did get this kind of child rearing is instructive. "Camp" is the best remedy for this pandemic of autism. They can cry in "Camp" all they want to without being brutalized.

 Babies that are born premature are always, plagued with lifelong health problems including autism. These medical procedures must be banned. That is the World over. It is to put a cap on crime. These people are violent.

 They need to be in "Camp." Until, they are eighteen. Then only after they pass a sanity test, have passing marks in all school subjects, and have been trained to work. They might not even want to leave. "Camp" is good. That way there won't be any more of those shooters like what happened in New England recently. There aren't very many American mass murderers that could ever get out of "Camp".

 The girls would like a place where they would not be abused, beaten, raped, or experience "incest" with their adopted, or foster "family." They wouldn't wind up in the "skin trade" as "young chickens" either. That place is "Camp." They might even change back into girls again. Those rich folks can adopt dogs.

 Certain Crime Families discovered early on in the 1900's. They could increase their number by at least three times. This is valuable when you are engaged in hazardous ventures. Child Soldiers.

 These children should be placed in Residential Schools that have adequate facilities to care for their very special needs. There it is possible to salvage these babies, and abused children. It is tough to bring them back. Then they can learn skills that make them valued Citizens, and returned to Society. That is Civilized isn't it?

 The above picture shows people at the edge of a pit. That will be dug deeper for the "Camp Fire" that will be used to execute them outside "Camp." They probably, won't live that long. Just the shock of Auschwitz kills people.

 Did you know that some Indian Tribes still practice infanticide? What do you think what might happen to a baby that is adopted by another Tribe. As a matter of fact they were even given to Tribes like the Arapaho in Oklahoma to "kill the little devils." Vendettas are like that you see. Then they kill off the Arapaho for being Uncivilized. They could of even have been little Jews. It has happened like that. The baby just fell into the fire. They say they can really move amazing fast when bellies are a little bit scorched. They can crawl faster than a man can run. Toddlers are tough to tame. They bite a lot. It happens in India sometimes, too.

 There are all kinds of child theft routines. Like the dead baby scam. This one depends on an inside connection in a hospital. Several of the hospital staff are corrupt. They have a dead baby. This dead baby is born several times. Because, the mothers do not know this dead baby is not theirs. Child stealing in hospitals has been a problem. Still is. A thousand dollars under the table isn't bad income. Life is getting more expensive. You understand?

 Let us look at the Pro Life movement from a different angle.

 Firstly, in Christian lore for almost two thousand years. The breath was considered to be the Divine Source of Life. The Holy Spirit is literally the Breath of God. A person that can not breath on their own does not have a soul. Therefore, is not considered to be human.

 A still born fetus is not a real baby. That is a cadaver.

 Kommandant Kitten has come up for the Jets. The Jets have been genuinely persecuted in their home town New York City. They were just people that care about people. No Gang there at all. They are just being political. Where are they?

 A human fetus is not a human being. It has something like a heart but, not a real one that can live outside the womb. It can't breath on its own so it has no soul. As a matter of fact, it is not even an animal. You can even eat the darn thing, and not be a cannibal. It is nothing but, meat. Kitten does not  know if this item will be on any restaurant's menu. These fetuses could be all be ground up to make hamburger. Then you can eat a Mc Fetus.

 It gets even nuttier. Does human life begin with ejaculation? There have actually, been laws about this. But, this is nuts!

 Otherwise, every man that masturbates, or loses their precious sperm in casual sex would be guilty of mass murder. God only knows how many murders like this are committed by Gay Males?

 All this stuff is about a Pro Life Fertility Cult that is nominally Christian, and always, political agitation.

 The Sainted Martin Luther in one of his better Sermons. It goes somewhere like this. "No crime is committed! The Idiot has no Soul. You can drown him if you will. The World is better. The Idiot is dead."

 When you are going to fight World War III. You need lots of breeding to compensate for everybody that is killed during Nuclear War. So you want coed facilities. Get them into coupling. The sooner the better. These relics are still around from Kennedy, and his people. Boy meets Girl is a common ritualistic scene is constantly played out on television, the movies, and other media. You have noticed the "Baby Fad" in popular magazines featuring well known celebrates? It is obsolete.

 Likewise, euthanasia is not murder. If that is really what it is; a good death. That means it is lawful, and the recipient has agreed unless, this is an execution. Then it is always, voluntary. This is because, terminal illness will result in a painful, and humiliating death. Euthanasia may be extended to a prisoners serving a life sentence, or the criminally insane.

 We all know the Totenkophverbande is a World Wide Movement that advocates the Death Penalty. Life in Prison is also considered part of this Global Movement. The bad guys don't get away for a change.

 Now, it is time to talk about a very mature subject. That is Death. What the Totenkopfverbande does. Totenkopfverbande is a Worldwide Movement. Totenkopverbande is not Nazi at all! Even Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals belong to the Totenkopverbande though they may not know this. This is just between us grown ups. Death is the most taboo subject in American, and perhaps any Culture. It is true. Death is evil. Death hurts! Death is ugly. The Totenkopfverbande does not deny this obvious fact of life. The Totenkopfverbande tells them "we are here" (Berkenau) to help them in their journey along the Way (Death). We are all going to die. The Totenkopverbande even know when they are going to die. All the Totenkopfverbande have an intimate relationship with Death. People that are on death row, or in hospice need to know they are going to die. Death for them is inevitable. "Hello!"  The Totenkopfverbande greets him. We have got to mate him with his death. Our man is on a blind date. We want him to like us, and we want him to die. Trust is at the heart of this agreement. He is not going to be tortured. That he will have a good death. That is called euthanasia. He needs to agree with us on this key talking point. Good is good. Bad is bad. Life is life. Death is death. Totenkopfverbande are truthful. The Totenkopfverbande is a trustworthy authority in this very serious matter. There are several stations along the Way. Terminal patients have no place in a hospital. That is fraud. It is quackery! To imply that there is Another Way is wrong. Then that hospital bed can be freed for a real patient. Neither, should people die at home. Because, it is cruel. Very few people are prepared for death. They need to pay attention to the fact that they are dying. They need to be constantly reminded of the fact they are dying. Then they can get right on with their dying. Those assets can be liquidated because, it is time to go to hospice. They are going to hospice to die. There are different stations along the Way. You have to know how to recognize them. Now, you know you are Totenkopfverbande. Kitten is Totenkopfverbande too.

 Roosevelt wanted to depose the Royalty of Great Britain as did Woodrow Wilson before him. Both blamed that Royalty for starting the First World War. President Wilson did not have enough troops to do this. President Roosevelt would have definitely done this. His man in Great Britain Joe Kennedy was of like mind. They wouldn't be hanged but, somehow they would all die out. Roosevelt would abolish the British Parliament, and install a Dictator. America had enough troops to take over Europe to Win the Peace mostly by means of "persuasion."

 Let's say in another alternate history Roosevelt was assassinated by German agents that got to him through his wife. The Germans knew this would happen. Roosevelt would be unbeatable.

 The assassination of President Roosevelt here a couple of scenarios of how this could of happened.

 Auschwitz did immeasurable research, and development of exotic weapons. Two of our Auschwitz Girls have have shown up. People will be inclined to underestimate women. They don't look threatening at all. The presence of a genuine American Army Major reinforces this view. The Auschwitz Girls papers are flawless. Remember. RSHA is a spy agency second to none. The light box is examined by the Secret Service. The Auschwitz Girls say it is a "light box." This treatment will help eliminate his polio symptoms. The President is in the smoking room. Maria has been careful. The cigarette holder is made in America, and she has American cigarettes. Her associate can smoke but, really doesn't like it. Yes, they are expected.

 Some evidence indicates that the major reason President Roosevelt's decline in health was an infection with spinal meningitis. The President's doctor was not an Axis Agent but, he might as well have been one. His doctor was incompetent, or worse. The Intelligence Community missed this one. Medical malpractice has defined History. Once, with Hitler, here with Roosevelt, and again with Churchill. This was what Roosevelt tried to prevent by creating the Office of Surgeon General as the acting Commandant of Medicine. All medical practices would be Militarized. The Security Detachment would be in there too. American Medicine is still moving in this direction.  Military, Veteran's Administration, or Other Government Facilities would be under Martial Law with no civilian employees.

The Box

 There is a Mad Scientist. He has the plans for Maria's box. They are authentic. All he needs is six million dollars worth of test equipment to build it. He is working on a prototype. Then the device can be m