The Dolphin Book
A Whale of a Story
by Kommandant Kitten

 There is an Idealism around these creatures. That just ain't so! Because, Cetaceans are Wild Animals. A Professional Trainer can get them to do tricks. So can a Polar Bear. Don't you want to stick your head in a Killer Whale's jaws? An Experienced Trainer tried that at San Diego Sea World. Guess what? Shamoo the Killer Whale bit her head off.

 I am going to tell you things here that the Environmentalist Cult does not want you to know about Cetaceans. The first thing you must know is that all these animals are very dangerous to human beings. As a matter of fact they think they are human beings, and that we are dangerous intruders trespassing in their World. They are predators. They are extremely intelligent. They don't think we are really good. They don't. And, you better understand that. You might like to eat fish. They do not like the fact we are poaching in their sea. Not all whales eat fish. They don't. But, they do eat something that people kill. Do you understand, they hate you.

 In the water that dolphin can easily kill you. That is why you should never be alone. No dolphin ever is either. None of the Cetaceans are loners. Chances they won't kill you. It is the first thing they think of but, it is the last thing they will do. They are not clowns. They definitely are not there for your entertainment. That dolphin out there is not "Flipper." Anymore than a grizzly bear is a "Yogi Bear" cartoon character. That is a Wild Animal that nobody can control completely. That animal might be wounded. The dolphin might be sick. An animal that is not in its' right mind.

 Did you know that whales get crabs in their heads? They actually, do. Some of those larvae, and other organisms enter the Cetacean through those omnipresent wounds. From there they can enter the vital organs. The targets in Cetaceans are the central nervous system, brain, muscles, and the digestive system. Other organs maybe attacked. Cetacean Pathology is poorly understood at best by a handful people on this Planet. Like most animals life is hard, and death is easy.

 Whales get these incredible parasites that no one wants to ever see. Besides crabs eating their brains out. There is the World's largest Annelid. It is bright blue. Aboard a even a modern whaling boat. There they push the parasites, sometimes the whole carcass overboard. There the Unknown is deadly. There is a Celphlalopod that is what scientists think it is. Squids, octopus, and things like that sort of. It somehow gets in, and takes control of the hapless whale. The parasite steers, and guides the animal to further proliferate itself in the seas. There are those barnacles (Cirrepede) on whales that parasitise the muscles, and blood supply of the whale. The barnacles show little of the vast internal destruction of the creature beneath its flesh. Sort of like Stage 4 Cancer in a human being.

 Whales have sonar. Sound is more powerful in water than in air. You don't want to ever be in the water with them. They can disable or even kill you with it. Most of the time they will not use it like that, but they can. I hope you understand that. Let the pros take the chances. Leave them alone.

 If you are in a small boat remember you are in their world, not yours. I hope you understand, that they have rules. You better not break them either. Or you will die. They have territory that they think belongs to them only. They will definitely go after anyone that endangers their young.

 Imagine for a moment that you are boating along. Suddenly you realize that you hit something. It is a baby killer whale. Then something has just hit your boat like a freight train. Your boat has just capsized. Now, you are dead in the water. By the way this has really happened quite a few times. Most people have never lived to talk about it. That is about one or two people on Earth that has ever survived a genuine Orca attack. And, they don't leave witnesses even in a nearby boat. Remember, they are extremely intelligent. We can say the same thing for gray whales, dolphins, and pilot whales. Leave the "whale watching" to the pros or stay on shore, and watch them there. When you see whales, leave them alone. Stay away from them always. Better yet, never be out on the sea with them. Understand, they know what firearms look like. So don't show them anything that looks like gun in your boat.

 Unless, you happen to be a whaler. When you are hunting them they have the right to hunt you. There are several good reasons why people will hunt whales. One reason it is a sport among many native peoples. Whales provide meat for people's tables. Whale oil is still a prized commodity that has many uses.

 Whales do an enormous amount of damage to the world's fisheries. People are being forced to make hard decisions as to whether they want the whales to still be around, or fish to eat. Unfortunately, we can't have both. Well, I happen to like fish on my table rather than whales in the water. You can't have much aquaculture with any whales around. Whales consume enormous amounts of krill and plankton that is the basis of any fishery. Non fish eating whales still do extreme damage to the ocean's fisheries. They destroy a lot life on the bottom of the sea because, they root around a lot down there. They actually, cultivate the seas for their own purposes.

 So we are at odds with them always. The whales all know that by the way. People are beginning wage war against whales. They have to. There really isn't anybody that can do much to stop that now.

 At one time in the 60's people wanted zero population growth in the United States of America. We would have a Country with about forty-five million people by now. That means plenty of room for whales as well as other living things. Then the counterfeit counter culture started up with all its big social issues. Suddenly, here came the immigrants as well as a flood of refugees from all over the World. When people are uprooted they always, have more children. That added significantly to the population burden that we all must bear by the way. Understand, no one voted for this. It was just dictated. Also, there was the "sexual revolution." We forgot something really important. It is called Civilization. We needed secure boundaries back then. Then there was a hideous boondoggle regarding the threat of Worldwide Communism. Anarchy has always, been the biggest threat to our Country. Hell it has only killed three U. S. Presidents, and started two World Wars. The wanton killing of most our wildlife as well the pollution of every bit of our land is the result of anarchy. This Spirit of Lawlessness is still here in this Country. I don't believe we can do anything for the whales, or anything else until. we are more Civilized.

 I eat lots of fish. My cats like fish too. I hate mice. I don't like Mouse People (Anarchists). I hate the Mouse Cult. I despise all their propaganda moves regarding the environment. This whale thing of theirs is one of them.

 So my money is going to be bet on the giant squid because, the whales are to losing everything. That big squid does not hardly eat any fish. They don't bother people hardly at all. Believe it or not the giant squid, giant octopus, and giant cuttlefish are extremely intelligent. Most people will never see them alive, or dead. Except, for the baby giant cuttlefish also known as "Sea Kittens." Because Mouse People (Anarchists) are so terrible with animals I am not going to tell you where to find them. Anymore, than I tell anybody where to find box turtles where I am at. They are just that way. Especially, with their wanton killing, and their pranks.

 Kommandant Kitten has an old Roman remedy for these sea pests. We are going to have to be Pirates. About three quarters of a gram of the red oxide of mercury will kill a dolphin. We need to rid the seas of them. That is really what needs to happen. People need to eat. People have to have a living. Fishing is not just a sport.

 This is how you can make a real "Flipper." There is nothing quite like it. It happens in Florida all the time. The dolphins are all around you.  You have to prebait them like rodents. That way, they will take the bait without suspicion. These are sea mice. All you have to do is feed them one fish every 30 to 60 minutes. Just like the Emperor Tiberius Caesar  did. He did that to increase the fisheries of Rome. After the second, or third fresh fish without poison. The dolphin pod will be ready to be slain. Understand, that each dolphin eats over a ton of prize fish every month. Now, present them with their first bait. Just one fish only. Otherwise, the alpha male will eat all your bait. You must feed him one fish, and wait one hour. Within that time, that dolphin will show definite signs of distress. He will have "that look" that says he has been thoroughly medicated. He will swim off . Give the next dolphin his fish. Wait an hour, and repeat this process until, the entire pod of dolphins has been vanquished. That is good. You have it.

 Whales require more of the red oxide of mercury. It will vanquish them too. This is more economical, and certain than the barbaric practice of shooting them.

 Let's say your whale will not take the bait. You may use thallium mixed with lead to form bullets. Regrettably, then you must shoot them. If you wound them. They  will still die nonetheless.

 Shoot an electromagnetic transmitter 90 Ghz into the animal to kill the whale by exhaustion. That is thought to be quite humane.

 Dolphins can catch typhoid fever. They die from it too just like whales, and seals do. So there is some virtue in this Salmonella family of bacteria. The cash strapped Pirate can use this as a last resort.

 That is what is happening on the high seas.