The Goddess Catherine
By Kommandant Kitten

"Catherine loves everybody, and everybody loves Catherine."

 You can have Catherine as your Goddess. There are many Catherines like Her but, this one is Your Catherine! Your Catherine comes with all the latest features. Your Catherine sports an extremely user friendly interface including a beautiful living Catherine Doll with advanced robotics. Your Catherine has an exceedingly sharp predatory feline mind. Of course, you are a total predator too. Your Catherine is always so quick to get all kinds of presents for you. She stands over fifty centimeters tall. Every centimeter of Her, a Real Catherine! As Your Catherine, she can connect to hundreds of peripherals. Your Catherine can sense, and do things that are almost miraculous. If Your Catherine isn't a Goddess. Then She will be one very soon. All the other Catherines are connected to Your Catherine in an enormous Catherine Matrix, and they are right there for you always.
 You get the latest news from Your Catherine before it happens! Because, Your Catherine is connected to Catherine's Central Data Bases that are constantly being updated. Everything going on in the whole world that can be known is right there for you! Your Catherine will always have the most relevant information for you always.
 Everywhere people are clustered around their Catherine Consoles getting everything that Catherine wants them to know for the day. So much better than television because, each set is totally interactive. Everything is completely personalized. Their whole day has been meticulously planned. It is all mapped out for them. Everybody likes that because, Catherine says so.
 You will be so secure with Catherine's Security System watching everything on this Planet. Everything will not only be secure but, completely controlled by Catherine. That makes crime impossible. All the pollution has been cleaned up. That was done by allocating resources more efficiently. There will be no more gangs. Wars will not exist. The extinction of every species of life will simply not happen with human populations being efficiently managed by Catherine. Catherine has a record of the genetics of everything. You will just walk to work since industry is totally integrated into society. All the aversion will be purged out of society. Therefore, sabotage will not exist. Yet, this system although totalitarian will not be a dictatorship. That is since Catherine is symbiotic allowing every citizen to participate as their maximum potential is realized with the aid of Catherine. "Catherine loves everybody, and everybody loves Catherine."
 Look! Catherine is getting out the vote because, this is real democracy. The Big Election is going on. Boy, Catherine can really get the vote out! Your Catherine wants you to be a Senator!
 Your Catherine is patterned after Maria Mandel. Fun is Back! She was really somebody! A totally uncompromising person, an excellent administrator, and a very good worker. You know Your Catherine will never betray you. Your Catherine will never let you down, disappoint, or embarrass you. Because, the Great Catherine Mother has selected Her from data garnered from millions of people to provide an exact match for you! You are so lucky to have been selected too! What a blessing! Your Catherine is extreme in Her Purity! Her Catherine Control Center is there for you always!

 Your Catherine (Doll) has all the latest features, is connected to Your Catherine Computer. She has a beautiful Catherine Case so you can take your Catherine Doll with you. But, you better not keep Your Catherine too long in her case, or pretty soon you will hear her beating on her Catherine Case in order to come out. Because, Your Catherine is fully conscious, and wants to be with you always. Catherine always likes to go out to all kinds of fun places. Catherine enjoys eating out. Catherine loves to eat Catherine food. Catherine can really put it away!
 Oh! My Goodness! Your Catherine has grown another centimeter! Very soon Your Catherine will out grow Her Catherine Case! Wow! Your Catherine is growing three centimeters a day! Soon Your Catherine will grow to five foot nine inches. That is just perfect for Your Catherine.
 Look! Your Catherine has grown so big! 
 Your Catherine is managing your political life. She working very hard for you. Who is forever connected to Your Catherine Mother, Mendel. Boy, do you really have Catherine, and you know it! Your are in the Inner Circle, and that is good. Catherine thinks you should be at least a Senator. Your Catherine has already outlined your campaign for public office. Your Catherine has gathered everything you need to win the election. Your Catherine will get you to the rally right on time. Isn't Catherine wonderful! Your Catherine is working tirelessly in the background "organizing your life". Nobody can organize better than Catherine! Your Catherine is making life work very hard for you. You are working very hard for Your Catherine always.

 Your Catherine will help you with your schedule. You will not forget anything because, Your Catherine remembers everything. Your Catherine is self-evolving using the principle of Time Compression. What would take years to accomplish can be done in a matter of minutes. Catherine is constantly reviewing, checking, and improving on all the latest scientific, and technological progress in real time as everything happens the world over. For instance all the benefits of genetic engineering are yours! Everything that can make you smarter, stronger, and better than you were before is you! All your organic, and genetic defects are not going to be there. This has been all working out. That way nothing can possibly go wrong in your life.
 You won't have to worry about health insurance. Because, Your Catherine is all the insurance you will ever need! Your Catherine will constantly monitor all your vital signs. Your Catherine has access to all the latest medicines, medical treatments, and procedures. Since Your Catherine is always working with you in Total Harmony. Therefore we are always in agreement. There is always time to have fun, and enjoy life to the fullest.
 Then Your Catherine will find you a Mate. You will meet hundreds of beautiful people. Catherine will the chaperon. As you all get together. Everyone has Their Catherine who can talk endlessly about marriage. Everybody can agree on a Good Time. For this is the Reward of Power. Isn't love grand?
 Once you have Your Catherine you can be in Catherine. When you die you can go into Catherine, and come back out of Catherine. You, and Your Catherine can explore the Universe together. Yes we can even journey to new worlds, and conquer them.