The Persephone Book 2

 Now, we are going go into some more sophisticated Sophistry Devices. Think of this as psychological first aid. You are going to understand, this more later.

 You understand the phenomena of transference? No, you don't?

 You understand what the scapegoat is? Maybe.

 You have done something bad? Someone has done something bad to you? Something bad has happened to you?

 This brings us back to the topic of your Apotheosis where you become your own Deity.

You understand, that Juno is "Woman" Deified.
 "Woman" in this case is Fetish.
 Fetish is defined as a "Little God."
 "Women" in this case is usually, Eve, or Pandora.
 "Man" is Adam, or Prometheus.
 Lucifer is the Primordial Little Boy.
 That is why you don't want a little boy to play with matches.
 Adam is not Lucifer's Father.
 God is.
 Eve is subservient to Adam.
 That is not good for girls.
 This is really good Sophistry.
You are getting it from Persephone.
 Adam is essentially, mindless clay that is molded too much by circumstances.
Lucifer does not have to obey Adam.
 He won't.
 Adam's problem is Adam is not Civilized.
 Adam is a barbarian.
 Adam could be your Ancestor.
 You don't want Adam to be the Head of Your House.
 Because, Adam is prone to misfortune.
 Adam is Sinful.
 You don't want that in your blood.
 Eve is even worse off.
Eve has the same problems as Adam, and worse has to live with this barbarian Adam.
 Primitive tribes are just that way.
The beginning of Apotheosis is the edification of Woman.
Woman has to be Civilized Woman.
Man becomes Civilized Man.
Civilized Woman can receive the Blessing of Juno.
Now, Civilized Woman has become Jane.
Jane is an Unformed Juno.
Jane becomes Juno when Jane finds a Place to be Juno.
Their are many Junos with different Places.
Juno rules that place.
Civilized Man receives the Blessing of Jove.
 Now, Civilized Man has become Jack.
Jack is an unformed Jove.
Jack becomes Jove when Jack finds a Place to be Jove.
This is how the God Kitten happened.
There is more.

Kitten has to get Celestial Benedictions.
You will need that too.
That will make you more than a Juno.
You will notice Amour holding the hand of Jove.
Amour is Liber, Libra, or Liberty.
The two Catherines, or Virtues are always, with Amour are Tranquility, and Peace (Columbia).
Hercules is a complete God.
Hercules is in His Cart called a Diligence.
Severity has made Hercules a God.
The God Hercules has more Rights.
Amour has recognized the Godhood of Hercules.
Plenty, those that are the Girls holding up the Canopy of Heaven.
Plenty has recognized the Godhood of Hercules too.
This is a very good Apotheosis.
An extreme Apotheosis for Hercules.
This is the beginning of the Gendarme in France.
King Louis XIV knew this subject matter very well.

Kitten does not like to depict any Goddesses naked because, you can not tell if they are being Friendly, or Hostile.
You can notice that Amour is being very friendly, Amorous.
Severity is Amorous.
Plenty is dancing, the Girls are being Amorous.
Amorous means being ready to mate with you.

The next work, has to do with the Sophistry of Reincarnation.
That your Soul, and maybe, your Being may incarnate in another body.
When a family member dies.
 They may be born again within that family line.
That is one form of Reincarnation.

This Sophistry of Reincarnation is different. It depends on Magical Rites.

 So Magicians reincarnate as do their Gods.

Kitten must warn you about this Sophistry.

Pay attention to Kitten!

There are some stories Kitten has about Reincarnation.

 Maybe, Reincarnation happens, or people believe it does.

For the sake of the story there is a willed suspension of disbelief.

In these stories there is a lot of information that appears to be factual.

Everything, presented makes sense.

You may have very powerful experiences.

There may be visions.

There could be prophecy.

There could be material manifestations of an occult nature.

Regardless, you are not to act on any of this.

For Sophistry is fallacious reasoning.

Yet, this is not fiction.

It is an incomplete truth.

We may never know all the answers.

But, we must work at it.

Kitten's stories will use famous people.

These are stories about Reincarnation, and something else.

Be warned!

Bad people have talked about this Reincarnation.

Bad people have speculated about this Reincarnation.

Worse they have acted on fallacious reasoning.

Kitten writes everything in the present tense. Because, all is so much around, part of us, and still an active agency. That it is not in the past at all. These are not "old matters" we can just ignore, and forget about. People are important. Everything people do, or don't do is important. Since, that either, it contributes to, or detracts from our being more Civilized. That is Civilized Woman. Someone, that at least can be Juno.

Once a upon a time. There was a man named Aleister Crowley. He was a British spy probably, from birth until, the time Mr. Crowley died 72 years later. Occultism is not a hobby. It is the meticulous study of secrets known, and unknown. A Great Work is designed to influence the World in manners both seen, and unseen. Crowley is not Dionysian, Mithraic, or Satanic. Mr. Crowley is his own man. There is a reason. Because, Mr. Crowley is a spy. The only spy tool that concerns us here is Black Sophistry.

The Great Work here is the creation of the Scarlet Woman of Revelation.

That is not just the Great Work of Edward Alexander Crowley at all.

There are a lot of very powerful, influential, and totally political people in on this too.

Coming from a very wealthy Quaker background Mr. Crowley knows Christianity both, backwards, and forwards. It was literally beaten into him as a young lad. Mr. Crowley is a product of that British School System in the strictest manner. A Child of the Cane. Mr. Crowley is fanatically disciplined. Mr. Crowley is not a rebel but, Mr. Crowley has been trained to hide this very carefully. So Mr. Crowley is going to be the Great Beast of Revelation, or die trying to be just that: the Great Beast for the British Empire.

There is no other way to explain it but, this. No one can walk around, and say they are the Great Beast. The news media especially, in Great Britain say that Mr. Crowley is at least a Satanist into Black Magic, and Human Sacrifice. People will kill you unless, you have got a lot of protection. That protection does not come from the Gods, nor does it come from the Devil. It comes from people.

Yet, this Scarlet Woman must be a supernatural creation, or seem to be. The Scarlet Woman of Revelation is a total Creation of Sophistry meant by Mr. Crowley to be a Living Weapon. The task at hand is to assemble this Weapon from different places, cultures, folkways, traditions, and so forth. The Work has to be enduring too. This is vital if the Work is to succeed in fulfilling Mr. Crowley's expectations.

This is a Dionysian Work of the First Magnitude engineered to propagate Absolute Mayhem.

There are Goddesses that could be the Scarlet Woman at times, but not all the time.

Persephone is the most likely Candidate.

Also, Mr. Crowley has to find a means for the Scarlet Woman to Incarnate as Living Satan in  Human Form, and Being.

Mr. Crowley has to locate a woman who is, or was an Incarnate Scarlet Woman the Whore of Babylon.

There isn't one around.

It can't be just done with smoke, and mirrors like an illusionist pulls a rabbit out of a hat. That won't be believed by serious people like Joseph Stalin for example. The Sophistry has to be done in such a manner as to be totally convincing.

Persephone is a Goddess in Her Own Right, and is not a Lover of Dionysus: a Maenad.

The God Mithra could stand in for Dionysus.

The Mithraic Woman won't be a Scarlet Woman of Revelation because, that would make Mithra: the Righteous One look Bad.

Dionysus has to be whitewashed a lot, a whole lot.

Mr. Crowley can't do this alone.

This is a job for the Intelligencia to train the Media to do this monumental task of Herculean proportions.

It has to become an integral part of human psychology beyond questioning.

This has happened, and is still going on.

The Sophistry that destroyed Ancient Greece has gotten very deep into Christianity, and Judaism. Very deep into Judaism to the stage where Jews are becoming Hellenized, and not Jewish at all. Neither, can the Christians be Christians as they are damned out of Christianity by the Mayhem of Dionysus. It is this mayhem that feeds Dionysus. That makes Dionysus a God over people. This does not show at all. Dionysus is a God. Whereas, the work of a Demon is obvious. For example, if the congregation of a Christian Church worships Asmodeus in the place of the Holy Spirit. It will show. So will Ashtaroth, Baalzebub, and Lucifer. A "Church" like that is going to go very far. But, not all the way. It can't do very much harm.

The ground has been laid for Mr. Crowley.

Queen Victoria would never approve of this Great Work. Never! But, Queen Victoria is has passed on. The Great Work can continue unopposed.

People have tried Invocations of various Gods, and conjurations of Demons that have only been partially successful.

By 1910 Mr. Crowley has found it!

That is Chorozon. That is Chorazin: a place Cursed by God Jesus Christ of Nazareth like Bethsaida. In Mathew 11.21. A Place of Infamy just like Sodom. There is another meaning Chor-ashan "Smoking Furnace" in Samuel 1 30.30. That Candidate has to have died by fire in the past. She will come through as a
Maenad: a Maiden of Dionysus. Several of these Maenads will come through but, Mr. Crowley has to know them by name before he can call them. Mr. Crowley has to do his research. He did.

The main Scarlet Woman that comes through is from the Time of King Louis XIV during the "Affair of Poisons". Better yet, this Scarlet Woman is French Royalty, a courtesan in the palace of King Louis XIV, and has even born children by the King of France. This child is a boy with a terrible future. He dies by fire too.

During the time of this investigation into this "Affair of Poisons". This boy has killed Diana while, Diana was Incarnate at the instigation of his mother. Diana is important to the Order of Everything. The King's Temporal  Authority has been harmed.

Ceres is the Controller of the Land.

The Times are Controlled by Persephone.

The Fortress is Built, and Held Together by Minerva.

All Four Goddesses work together Integrating Everything.

While the Maenads Control people's Appetites.

Kitten must elaborate on this theme of the Maenads inciting humans to behave differently by controlling their Appetites. A person could get an Appetite for human flesh i.e. cannibalism. People could become afflicted with an Obsession to sleep with their parents even to the point incest. A whole culture could arise spontaneously around drinking alcoholic spirits. Some of these Appetites, and Obsessions could be religious in nature: heresy. It may not be too obvious. Understand, the Maenad is just modeling.

So there is this "Party," or Dionysia, or Bacchanalia where the Maenads are modeling. This not haute couture. At this is even nothing is what it seems. It is a Landscape of Invisible Damnation. Dionysus is usually, present but, not always. These "Events" are methodically staged.  They may be staged in public, and even appear on public spaces. They are always, exclusive even though the public is present. Some  "Chic" may appear to be smoking a reefer in a  public park. Regardless, this "Chic" is promoting mayhem not necessarily drug use, or loose dangerous sexuality.  The Maenad wants to incite those appetites. The Maenad is not interested in drug use even though they will say so for the sake of the Play only. Neither are Maenads sexually oriented although, they may appear to flirt but, it just an act. In a sense they are real Goddesses that can affect your moods, or humors. Be warned. Normally, Maenads are not very common but, now the Maenads can be visibly seen in public. The Maenads are Incarnate in women of means. Worse the Maenads are impure even by Their Own Standards. You can tell by Maenads engaging in Play Without Rules. Maenads cheat during the Dionysia. Cheating is cutting people down even other Maenads to make Themselves look good in the Play. That is Maenads Break Their Own Rules. That is to the point where the Maenads go against Their Own Lives. Usually, the Maenads do not have any problems with the Gods, and Goddesses of Olympus; we will call it that. That is not so now. This is really gone to that problem officially. We are not sure how many of the Maenads are bad nowadays. It looks like the Maenads have become involved in a Culture of Death.

Mayhem may serve some social purpose in promoting social change to Civilize people.

Dionysus, and Maenads can intrude too much into the Sphere of Mars. Mars Controls War Making. This is when a peaceful demonstration turns violent. They are taking over. They have crossed the boundary from Reveling to War making. Yet, they are not qualified to be Martial. Mars Himself may have to intervene in such cases to impose Martial Law.

Worse Dionysus, and the Maenads have trespassed into the Provinces of Persephone committing acts of murder, torture, and persecution against Persephone Herself. Royal persons, of high social standing, and the common people have been likewise attacked in this manner. Persephone Herself is intervening to stop these unholy transgressions.

Diana Herself has been attacked on numerous occasions. All of Diana's Incarnations, and people have experienced this havoc. They have even been killed as a result of it.

Attempts to dispossess Ceres by means most foul have been initiated against Ceres, and without cause.

King Louis XIV has known about this sordid "Affair of Poisons" because, the Arlott Family informed the King of this long before it was suspected by Parisian authorities. The Arlott Family has good places with the King because, they are loyal to the death in the Cause of King Louis XIV. They will be happy to light the fires to burn all these criminals to death for treason. The French people at large will not know this. This is a State Secret.

After many attempts, Mr. Crowley has brought his Scarlet Woman through the Gates of Rebirth with that Person's Being as well the Soul still intact. The Scarlet Woman will have clear memories of Her former life. As a Maenad, and as long as the Scarlet Woman remains a Maenad this person will get the goodwill, and the blessings of the Deities from Dionysus.

Unless, Dionysus has fallen from favor.

For Sophistry purposes only, we will say that person is Jane Seymour Fonda. By rights this Scarlet Woman can summon Her Son later. He does come twenty six years later as Lauren Mechelle Holly. Understand, that they can be people like this. They are always, well placed.

If it is really, disparately needed. The Keys must given to the Controller to undo the Scarlet Woman. The First Key is Crowley's Key Chor-ashan. The Second Key is in Rome with Juno Liva Drusilla. The Third Key is Maria of Auschwitz the Dark Freya. The Fourth  Key is with King Louis XIV at Versailles is Bacchus. The Fifth Key is with Napoleon Bonaparte of France is Marianne. Sixth Key is with the Controller. That is Kitten. There are at least two Other Keys in Kitten's Paws. The Key of Astarte is to remove their Star. Now, they are not a Star. Nirrti is a Key of Corruption. That is to ruin the All Living. The Gates of Death are now, open to Destroy all these Works of Evil. The Scarlet Woman  will die in Her Own Time. By these means that Being can be sent back though time to die in the flames. The Soul still can reincarnate but, now, will have lost most of its malign power. First, these Lost Souls are put in the Pit of Life of Apollyon (Abaddon or Extermine). That is still Chor-ashan who is Persephone. There Apollyon can be their God being these were Godless people, or under God's Wrath, or usually, both have occurred. These persons will not necessarily die from this. This is not murder. Without their Work they are no more dangerous than any other human being. So we need not fear them anymore. They are no longer Gods because, they transgressed by being Satanic. It is very unusual, to use this on the Maenads.

The boy is getting his stake, he is getting his blessings, he will die in the morning after he has spent two more hours in the fire. His mother has already, been burnt to ashes. The boy got to watch it too. All total it is forty eight people burned to death at the stake secretly by King of France Louis XIV for treason. This a reproduction of an earlier work.

You can see in the above illustration Lucifer holding His Torch Mulciber. Mulciber is the Proper Name for Lucifer's Torch. Lucifer's Pointer Mephistopheles is in Lucifer's Other Hand. Lucifer also, has His Cane Chastisement not shown here. The Question is can Kitten give this to you? Yes. The Explanation comes later but, not much later.

Columbia the Virtue Peace is always associated with Amour. That Torch that is held by Melquart (MLK) is Named Freedom. That is true.

Columbia alone can not hold the Torch. Columbia sometimes is depicted as holding a Torch (Mulciber). Who is? Lucifer Ha Ha Ha!

There some reference to Hercules dying on a Funeral Pyre because, Hercules has donned the Shirt of Nessus that is made with Greek Fire. That is a warning only. Hercules can not die like that. Hercules is a God. But, you could. Be warned.

Severity is a Secular Deity. Hercules is Secret Police back then. Hercules can Emanate Lucifer, and His Pride. The Virtues of Lucifer are with Severity All the Time.

The Palid Mask of Fate not shown here but, explained anyway can be given to someone by Thalia. It is a Version of Spring Fever. Thalia is Comedy like Persephone. The Pallid Mask is Tragic Beyond All Belief. Kitten can give the Introduction to Thalia, and Alastor (Vengeance). Has. You can find somebody that can have the Damned Thing. They can wear It too until, they die. Thalia comes up in the Spring Time. Thalia looks like Persephone (Proserpina). That is how you can give somebody the Goat of Tragedy.

Hebe is the First of the Luminaries, and the Last of the Luminaries is called Cindy, Cynthia, or Cinderella sometimes is really Hecate. Luna, or Lynnea is the Middle Luminary the Full Moon. Tara is the Luminary of the First Quarter. Here Cynthia comes just after Tara. Now, that really clear. All the Luminaries are Amazon like. The Luminaries are really sweet when the Luminaries are not harmed. That has happened to all of the Luminaries. The Problem is this Filthy Posting of People. Enslavement. Again. This may even go to God to Extirpate this Evil Cult. Now, you know this.

There are many Demons like the Badger, the Reporter, the Dog Face, the Fawn, the Toad, the Bull Frog, the Scared Cat, Foe Caller, the Hobby Horse, Mephistopheles, Faust, the Croaker, the Goat Boy, Siddhe, Cock, Robin, the Good Woman, the Good Man, the Wolf, the Hawk, the Dove, the Hanging Tree... that are well disguised in familiar sayings. These devils are Ideals in the Ancient Greek sense of the word.

The Badger badgers people. The Badger worries people to death. Overcome with Cerberus.

The Reporter, the News Hound, and Cubby hounds people to death. They pursue them dogging them constantly. Cerberus will do this service too. You have to get them on Their Chains. You will also, have to put Their Muzzles on.

The Dog Face is really a Jackal Fetish.

The Fawn is not a young deer. Fawn, a servile cringe, and bow.  A Demonic Flatter is the Fawn. Diana likes to give the Fawn to men. The Puppy is a variation of the Fawn.

The Berkley Toad found it way into the rectory. It is called a "Protestant" Bishop. It is really "the Devil" ensconced in a Church. The Evangelizing Spirit is another name for this Toad. The Toad will even claim to be Jesus inside you. The Evangelism will promote this kind of Toadyism. The Toad is really, a small devil. The Toad can be dismissed by Dionysus. Other Deities can do this too.

The Bull Frog is a Frog Fetish used to attack people.

The Scared Cat makes people feel disproportionately frightened by small things.

The Foe Caller is to call your foes to account for their actions.

The Hobby Horse is ridden by Hobby only until, you have one. That is a good occupation. Hobby can be with Dionysus sometimes, and of course Kitten's Deities.

The Croaker is a  Fish Fetish.

The Goat Boy is a devil that can make fall asleep.

The Siddhe are Tree People.

Mephistopheles can not be in the light but, Faust can.

Cock is a Rooster Fetish.

Loki is a Lying Tongue.

Kitten can go on more, but we will take a break.

Cartoons are from Hell. That is the way things are like in Hell.

Laughter Without Mirth is in a lot of media like "Canned Laughter" in the Sit Coms (Situation Comedy).

You need to think this through. It all can't be Hell, but a lot of times it is.

Real laughter is when something unique happens that makes you feel good - you laugh at it.

Cartoons are contrived art by tortured souls.

Now, you wonder how you can get Demons to do work for you. You have to have a plan of work. That is put together decades, or more ahead of schedule. Demons don't like to be idle. Make a note of that, or you will regret it much later.

Your situation always, totally desperate.

That is another rule.


1) plan ahead for the long term
2) know your situation will be always bad

Now, you have working done.

Here is how.

There is a man. His name is Greg. Greg gets to die in Kitten's place. If that was needed. It probably is. Greg has to go to the Bar. Now, Greg who is normally hostile can get gregarious. Sociable. Your family might die over this time. They are. The bacchanal is going on. It is.  Dionysus is not wanted, or needed. This is Demon stuff. The Boss says so. You won't know his, by the way. You are not supposed to. Because, you are human. You might object. But, you can't now. That is Good.

The bar maid is not married.

Make a note of that.

Unmarried people are more attractive.

Greg can ogle the bar maid.

The bar maid is a Maenad.

Now, this man is a Demon. He is Slim Chance. He always, has a truck for sale. The bar maid knows him. "What'll have  Slim?"

"The usual but, that man will buy it for me." He means Greg sitting way over there.

"What makes you think that Hon?"

"I 've got a truck for sale out there in the lot. It's a special deal. He'll like it. Tell him about it Margarette."

"Hey, Asshole! What's your name?"

"I'm Greg. What's to him?"

"Slim's got a truck outside. You should look at it."

Greg gets up mossies over to shake Slim's hand.

"Let's go outside to see it first. We can shake on it later."

He's seen it. It's a White Freight Liner. The name is important. Those trucks always, "sell" great.

That hippy look is a great touch, but won't help him. Everyone, knows he has money.

"You don't buy drinks like that hon. You have to have an account with us first. I set you up for Slim to look at his truck. That is two hundred for the account, and one hundred for Margarette! That is a good deal!  Then you can buy Slim three drinks for the road. You can make the deal for the truck! You, not go to bed with Margarette! Margarette not like that." Greg smells too much. Otherwise, Margarette would think about it maybe, but Greg is an asshole. Margarette knows this. People like Greg should not have any money. Not, when Greg can give it all to Margarette. Margarette has expensive tastes. Nothing but, the best for Margarette.

Greg is hooked. Softened up so Greg will not be a problem for Kitten later. Poor Kitten! Kitten will work him too. Mr. Exterminator still thinks so. Kitten is extreme.

Greg will eventually get his truck. Margarette will tell Slim Chance to get everything ready for Greg to have it in Atlanta, Georgia.  It is there. Greg has seen his truck. It is all his. Greg paid a lot but, it comes to the same as if Greg had gotten a loan from the bank except, the extra money goes to Margarette. That is a sweet deal for everybody.

This is how that works at times but, it is alway good to know the Maenads.

You want to know more?

Well, Kitten has to say more then.

 Now Kitten can.

You know who Jezebel is? You might. But, you don't know everything. Jezabel was from Phoenicia. In Tyre Jezebel was a Princess.  Jezebel is a  lawless Princess there in Tyre. That marks Jezebel as a Maenad. Jezebel has found her King. Jezebel will be true to Her King. She is married. Jezebel maybe a whore but, Her King better not be, or Jezebel will kill Him. Jezebel worships Astarte. That is alright with Kitten. Astarte is a Love Deity.

King Ahab had problem. The Baal that Ahab worshiped was Dionysus as is the Baal of Mount Peor is also Dionysus. King Ahab has gone to War. But, Dionysus is not Mars. That means King Ahab's Army is going to be wiped out.
But, Ahab has two War Deities.
One is Ashera.
Ahab has Baal.
The King of Babylon will lose three quarters of his Army.
That is to gain a worthless City.
Jezebel will die in Tyre.
Jeremiah will be burned to death in Jerusalem for High Treason.
His ashes were put down a cistern.

In Carthage Baal 's Beastly Image is on the Temple of Dagon's steps. You are supposed to step on Him. Dagon means Corn so that is a Temple dedicated to Ceres an enemy of Dionysus of course Baal in that form.

So Baal Peor is not Zeus exactly. Baal Peor is a  Smiter. You can't do anything with Him.

Ahab's Baal is the same thing as Baal Peor. Ahab isn't going to win anything with that.

That is going to get Jezebel killed.

But, their Times are up anyway.

The problem is always, the same thing for a Maenad. The problem is Dionysus. You can not love Him. Because, Dionysus is too Tragic. Dionysus propagates too much mayhem. You can see this plainly in Ahab in the Bible starting the Book of Kings starting with chapter 16. It starts out with this payment for this vineyard. This again is classic Dionysian movement. Dionysus is greedy. Dionysus takes things without paying for them even when He can. It is not Martial. It is not like plundering an Enemy. Dionysus is a thief but, He is not Mercury. Dionysus does not understand what He can, and can not take. A King should not plunder His Subjects. Dionysus as King may make War on Himself. In that situation Dionysus may even attack Himself. An Enemy can easily do that to Him. Bacchanalia is a premonition of Death. It even could be His Death.

Kitten has to explain these things because, you might be a Maenad. That is okay. You can be. Obey, the Ultimate Law: Don't harm Kitten!

Pay attention to Kitten.

Now, Lucifer takes a little more doing. Mike has found something really terrible. There are two of them. Kitten needs friends to the end. That's to get the "heat" off of Kitten. This will work. The whole point here. Nobody dies. That's a good deal.

Laws are chains. Demons have chains. It is Their own chains. The Demons own them. Devils have them too. Those chains are good for Demons. You have to know those laws.

You understand, you live with chains too. You don't wear them. You break a drug law. You will get your chain pulled maybe, right into jail. You can live with these restraints. Your chains must not harm you.

You break your chain. You break the law.

You are out of line. That means something like to the front of the line. You are trying to take someone else's place by cheating.

As a penalty. You have to go back to the end of the line.

You have agreed to do that.

Persephone has to teach you all this stuff. Then you know how to run things.

Kitten has a Night Club. First Rule: Don't harm Kitten.

Club Mew "Mew!"

There are many things in this Club Mew that Kitten wants. In Club Mew there is live music. There is a smoking section, and a non smoking section. There is plenty of ventilation. Plenty of space where people can sit, dance, or stand. There is a gourmand place restaurant. Pomegranates can be eaten in Club Mew.  There is a stage for live performance. Club Mew has members not volunteers. "Everybody gets paid." You can talk about Culture. Why we control Culture. It is easy to discuss politics there for Persephone. "Pom!" Club Mew's purpose is political. This is an Orange Place. There is a Club Mew Fund for members that are unemployed, or unhealthy. The girls section dominates Club Mew. That is very private.

There are four French maids to look after the place.

 Their has to be extreme surveillance in the immediate area, parking lot, roof, and the doorways. Security is probably police. "We are police. You are in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A. You go into Club Mew you are under those laws." That is to make sure that everybody knows they must obey the law. They won't start "swinging" in there. They won't do a lot of banned activities. One of them is "show casing." They are on stage doing a strip tease. It just looks tacky. Nudity is banned. Kitten knows if you can't afford clothes. You shouldn't be in Club Mew. There is a wet and dry bar but, nobody gets drunk. It is not a place of revelry. No drinking alcohol after hours. Other intoxicants are banned. You can't sell anything without permission. People will get angry if something someone sells is substandard. We don't allow charities. Charities are politically nihilistic. People are important. People are worth something. Charities steal work from people. No fighting, loud speaking, harassing, or boxing are allowed. These laws insure that Club Mew stays open.  Security will check to see if people are being followed arriving, or leaving Club Mew. The section the men can go to is inaccessible to the girl areas. That is to keep people from showing off.

 The married people can go somewhere else than Club Mew. Couples will play all kinds of games. He is playing games. She is playing games. You won't like it. Do you really want to know if some broad's husband is great in the sack? He has a really big cock. Like who cares? This gal of his is really hot. She needs to go to the hospital if she is that sick. Then they will start making out. There will be a whole sex act right there in the place. Married couples will pull this right in front of you. All these sex games are degrading. Club Mew is Civilized.

There are several kinds of people that bedevil bars. They are bad for business.
1) The "asshole" is an antisocial person. They hate people.
2) The pool shark is a bad person. So are other people like that.
3) The gangster can get your place closed. Pimps, dope pushers, hustlers, thieves, etc.
4) The dick is watching everybody. Watching is totally oppressive. It is the hallmark of an oppressive Government. Who wants Hitler in their bar? The Nazis watched people all the time.
5) The town drunk bums drinks, food, and money.
6) The bar fighter is bad.
7) The preacher is not welcome.
8) Amateur spies are not welcome.
9) Rapists are not liked at all.
10) Terrorists are always banned.
11) The race baiter is hated.

Club Mew keeps the men out the girls place because, of these problems.

Club Mew starts with 2000 girls. It will grow to at least 90,000 girls in Tennessee.

These three Ariadne, (left), Theseus (middle), and Pheadra (left). Are all in the Apotheosis of Homer Arlot painted by King James. They are part of the Court of King Louis XIV of France.

Here they are again. The Lady dressed in Blue is Julia Arlot. Ariadne Arlot is dressed in red, Phaedra Arlot in green, and Theseus Arlot standing next King James who wants a favor from the French Court but, this King must do business with the Arlot Family probably, regarding King Jame's Bible. Then King James had to paint that picture "The Apotheosis of Homer Arlot"  to prove his sincerity. There was one thing King James was not to do was turn against them. The Arlot Family did many favors for King James. Otherwise, the King James Bible would turn sour. This is the Golden Rule do not harm people that do good for you. Do not pull treason. It may not have been entirely in the Kings terms. But, they are of the Royal Court of France in France. This is the same way with Kitten. Do not harm Kitten!

As a footnote King James had a Bible with a Preference well worth researching as well of the rest of all of King Jame's writings according to this matter of great import. Every Christian should see them. Everyone, interested in Evangelism must know the whole stories. Can you believe in a Half Truth? Remember, Christian Evangelism is a Global Movement worthy of study by every National Government.

The kinds of demands made in some Christian Places are way too much more than people can handle.

Did you know there is a solid brass memorial statue of Billy Graham proclaiming the Gospel to the World. That was all financed  by Jane Fonda. Me thinks the King James Bible has definitely turned sour in this case as usual.

Ariadne Arlot, Phaedra Arlot, and Theseus Arlot are models for the Deities featured in the Apotheosis of Hercules. King Louis XIV of France is Jove, His Paramour who was the Kings last Queen of France is Libra (Amour), The Kings Four Chamber Maids: One as Juno seated next to King Louis XIV, and the Other Three Maidens all of the Arlot Family are Holding the Canopy of the Heavens. They are relatives of Kitten. "Mew!"

Merchant Caste did appeal to Friend Kitten. Friend Kitten take note of the Invincible Hospitality by the Merchant Caste to Friend Kitten in Miami, Florida. Kitten not a God Then. Friend Kitten want to have Laxmi but, they want Friend Kitten to have Vishnu instead. Friend Kitten buy food from Hindu Girl named Tara in Hindu restaurant. Friend Kitten love her. But, Tara married to very good Person. They say only in Hindi allowed yet, Friend Kitten guest of honor there with Merchant people. That is Merchant Place very private. Friend Kitten love them do many good things for Merchant what Friend Kitten have is of course always Theirs. Kitten terrified that "These People" may have harmed them in the least bit. Friend Kitten absolutely, furious that they may have been harmed in any way, shape, form, or otherwise. Friend Kitten love them extreme now Kitten Love God. See Friend Kitten under The Law of Manu but, not know that Friend Kitten just live like that. Friend Kitten just find out that Hindu Merchants were persecuted. Friend Kitten not Cat like with Durga TIger but, Durga accept Kitten. British Lion Friend's Kitten's the Smith Family's right Friend Kitten appeal  further to Friend Vishnu. Merchant People good with Friend Kitten but, what happened to them was absolutely unspeakable  Wrong is there with  Merchant People that love Kitten. Vishnu must produce as Vishnu must.  Kitten understands, then those few Merchant are Friend  Kitten's Merchants. Then because, the generosity of those that went Beyond All Measures. Those Merchants are Most Truly Worthy of Life and Rebirth even in Divers Manners Worthy of Life even in the stead of Kitten. "A life for a life."  Kitten is just a Little Kitten. Kitten has found Kitten's Place as a God as much as Kitten has to be at least for them. Still more Merchant there with Friend Kitten. Then that Man even though He just a little boy good with Kitten after Kitten correct Him in that Temple of Ganesh. That Saddhu really is an Incarnation of the Supreme Vishnu the Absolute Kalikin, He become student of Kitten in New Dali, India. Kalikin do as much good in India as Kalikin must Kalikin Guru of Kitten, and Kitten Guru of Kalikin to protect Kalikin as much as Kitten can so Kalikin boy be Kalikin as Vishnu. That Kalikin with Kitten. Kitten there for Kalikin. Kitten Comanding, and Demanding that Kalin boy Reincarnate in a most favored place even though Other Kalikin are here. "People are important." Mao come back too. Of course, many others Pol Pot come as well. Kitten say so in Kitten's Pride of the Deity.
Worse, God Kitten find American people harm Hindu Merchants. Kitten at War with them Forever over this hideous Sodomy against Hindu Merchants. The abominable Hospitality of Sodom in Miami. How about that? Santa Barbara, California have the abominable Hospitality of Sodom even worse. Are such things possible?  May they abide in Hell forever. Maybe, their black karma make them at least that lucky. Now, maybe, Hindu Merchants wont be persecuted in this unrighteous manner.

There is another matter that disturbs the equanimity of Kitten in China. Kitten was a Buddhist Monk of Karma Kagyu Sect. That not always, get along with the Dali Lama. For the sake of Dharma students that Lama Lodro train. Monk Kitten say that Dali Lama's Government in Exile should make peace with Chinese Authorities. That we all under the Government of China. Kitten extremely hated demonstrations against Government of China in San Fransisco because, it endangered the lives of Lama, and Monk Kitten if they go there. Monk Kitten find many of these scum living in Lama Lodro's Dhrama Centers no want to do Good so Kitten as Head Monk throw everything they have in the trash. Monk Kitten say they all trash too. They not live there at all anymore. Some of them not even paying any rent. They interested in these politics whatever, the hell that is, and not there for All Sentient Beings. Monk Kitten say they will not live there because, they disgrace Buddha Dharma. Buddha Dharma always, lawful according to the Laws of China, or anywhere else.

Kitten Is worried about Kitten's Girls in The Capitol of of China. They are all police. Kitten loves all these Girls as Kitten own Mate, Kitten is a Communist. Kitten craves instruction. See Kitten not Big Cat. Kitten always, learns new things that way. Kitten always, stays Kitten for the sake of learning much more. Pol Pot really good Kitten is Agrarian wish Kitten have the great unprivileged to serve under Good Man Pol Pot. What is life for anyway? How much better to learn from Chairman Mao? Kitten only have Gifts of Death to destroy everything that stand in the way of the Civilizing all of us. Kitten have much more. With great anger Dali Lama yet, choose to harm Poor Kitten if Bo Po found. Poor Kitten!  Dali Lama issue orders to murder Poor Kitten even thought Poor Kitten not of Gulupa Sect of Oppression. Nothing Righteous there. Is there? Dali Lama not want better World at all. Not anything! More Nihilism!

Friend Kitten even find young Chinese Girls help stopped internet marauders. Stop bad people from harming Friend Kitten. They from Beijing University.  They worthy of  honor.

Whole stories of these machinations have been laid bare.

Chou Eni lai Chinese Government Premier under Mao worth much good study.

Pay attention Kitten!

Kitten tell you don't put too much stock in dreams. That is just thinking of sorts. Some say dreams prophecy. That is not always so. Is that your thinking? Is that your dreaming? What if it isn't. Persephone say watch out Kitten! You see visions. That means you are close to Death.

Pay attention to Kitten!

Kitten has found more Keys for the undoing of "These People."

 One Key resides with Henry VIII, and Ann Boleyn the Destruction of the Druids that were burned up along with Their Siddhe Trees. Dionysian Deity find way to bring together people with Tree of Death to form Siddhe Tree.

Another Key resides in Tel Aviv-Yafo this is the Biblical Bethsaida likewise cursed by Jesus Christ of Nazareth as was
Chor-ashan on the Sea of Tiberias since, both cities had sub toxic amounts of arsenic in their drinking water. Anyway, Bethsaida was well known to the Greeks on the Mediterranean Sea. There is the Key to the Pit of Apolloyon.

Once, that well is pumped out. Curse Removed from the Good Well. Such wells may reveal evidence, even recently, of human, or animal sacrifice or other so other debasement. That well should belong to Girl Kibbutz. Other wells must likewise be cleaned in similar manner once, Girl Kibbutz do this there. Then they can go to other places where these well poisoning abominations have occurred in the Name of Dionysus. But, that all really the doing of Alexander the Great. That at least in Israel. Then water can be made pure again. But, maybe not.

The Next Key lies in Mexico proper with Aztec, and Spanish Peoples. That is the Key of Mictlan in Mexico City. Key to the Moon Tezcatlipoca along with the Key to the Sun Huitzilopochti are still Held in Trust. Finally, Tlaloc, and Tlazolteotl those are the Keys to the Land. Next site is Macchu Picchu still have Tlaloc too.

That will open up more of the Gates of Death.

The Heart is important. Eat the Heart from a young calf raw. That is always best. The raw heart has enzymes, minerals, and some vitamins that can strengthen your vital organs. You will have to cook store bought heart for five minutes in boiling water to kill any pathogens present in the meat. The meat should be rare. It will grant you more endurance from

The Key of Tibet resides in the Bon Po place near Lhasa. This was the World's First Hospice. There is a pit there where they all are now. That Key is now with Kitten to be used on the Dali Lama. The Gates of Death are fully open. Chenrezig will die soon. That will finish. Tibet will vanish as it must but, the Sky Walker must perish as must the Children of that Dakini. The Chinese can now, have their land back as decreed by the Bon Po Chieftain Genghis Khan. Now, "Those People"  have it. They were a lot more clever than the Others but, They are just like that.

God! We are getting hungry! Spring is getting close. It is time for more Adventures of Kitten, and Persephone! Can you dig it? There are two hollies that need to go in the ground. Then there will be two more hollies to set on Kitten's porch. It is on the second story of this condominium. But, We both like growing things all the time. It is a matter of finding places to plant things. Later, a share of the harvest goes to Kitten. Kitten looks after their plants meticulously. You Kitten organize for Kitten. Kitten know what Kitten has agreed belongs to Kitten. What belongs to a landowner. Those are riches of Kitten's work way.

Persephone, and Kitten have these Adventures as part of Our Hope of Heaven. You can dig that hole. You can plant a tree in there. It could a fruit tree. You could even get to eat some fruit later. That makes more Hell go away. The Virtue of Hope draws near as nihilism vanishes.

Agriculture is important because, people are important. Kitten terrible Villain in the Eye of Kitten's detractors. Now, Kitten's Enemies always, are important because, people are important. Agriculture is important because, Food is a God of People. Pol Pot know this. Does. Cambodia needs many good things. Kill off these "Friendship Groups" in Cambodia. People are important.

 There are a over million of these Talking Head Lice in my Country. They are likewise doomed. "These People" keep blocking like Diabolus everything good because, they are Satanic people worthy only of Hell.

They are nothing but, Mice. Mice can't harm Cats. They just can't.

 Cambodia just wants to buy materials to kill diseases that harm Public Health. Thailand has the same problem.

The mixture of dichloro diphenyl flouro dicloro ethane (DFDT) both Counties can make this broad spectrum residual insecticide for both agricultural, and residential use. This an analogue of the common residual insecticide dichlorodiphenlytrichoro ethane (DDT). A quarter pound per acre up to half pound per acre to prevent collateral damage to the ecology. This must be mixed with dichlorodiphenly thrichloro ethanol an ascaricide (to kill mites, spiders, ticks, and scorpions) that potentates, or is synergistic thus killing all anti resistant pests. There is no danger to  plants, domestic animals, birds, and most wildlife. The mixture may be used to eliminate head lice, body lice, pubic lice, scabies, and other parasites when used sensibly. This mixture has  several modes of killing Public Health Vectors: 1) There is an immediate anti feeding effect that halts the spread of disease. It likewise stops damage to crops in the field in the same manner.  2) They have both contact, and residual action inherit in the toxic nature of these insecticides 3) An autoimmune reaction also, kills even though the insecticide is not present.

These simple organo chlorine insecticides can be made in any Country from phenyl, chlorine and ethanol by a skilled industrial chemist.

Now, you can plant too.
Now, you understand, you have the Secret of this Handclasp between Severity and Hercules. You have that too. You are now, Part of It. Now, you know things like Hogan of the Hopi Tribe, the Secrets of the Lodge of the Aborigines of the North West Coast of North America as the Secrets of Hearth and Home: the Womb of Hestia from which you are Reborn like Persephone is during the Spring Tide. Outside during the Long Winter the Wind is Raging, the World is Cold, the Snows are Falling. Provision has been made for Your Emergence. This is all Pointed Out to you by Kitten.

The Fire must be Good. This is why Mulciber Angry. It is the Abuse of Fire in Many Forms that Draws the Interest of Hercules. Severity is with you on this one. Radiant Energy like cooking, smelting, communicating, and especially, the Fires of War. Mars is always, interested in such things too. These are Secular Affairs. This is not about God. Severity says we are not permitted to speak on such things as the Descretion of Sacred Fires. But, that has happened too.

Once, you are with Severity you can understand, the danger of false friends. Falsehood has to be Pointed Out to you constantly. Falsehood has to be Chastised. Falsehood can be clearly Revealed by the Light of Mulciber. This is one of the most evil things to have is this falsehood in your mind, and everything. You have to get rid of it, and you can. Thanks be to Kitten.

The Tanith Deity: Libra, Plenty, and Severity are Apocalypse Deity.

All this Sophistry pertains to the Secular Realm.

Kitten does not need to Start a Religion.

There are plenty of Religions on this Planet.

You can have them if you want them.

But, maybe you shouldn't.

Can they show you God?

No, they can't.

Only, God can.

Concerning this matter of Sodom. Sodom is in the Dead Sea. By evaporating enough sea water. You will be left with a Pillar of Salt. That is your Lot. Take it. It's yours!

That is the Biblical Secret of the Salt.

You are worth your salt.

Have it.

Top Left is Hermes in full regalia next to Ariadne (Fauna). Mars in His Demonic Form is Asmodeus next to Mars on the left is Astaroth. He is the Tax Collector here. We are using a little bit of artistic license to explain that. This Sophistry is not always right but, it could be sometimes as a talking point. The Dark Girl has to see things like this as well. Phaedra is Diana the Moon Goddess, and Theseus is
Vertumne the Gardener. Brutus, and Cassius are included in the Revelers that are being cast out. The Dark figure facing Proserpina is Catherine. Above Proserpina is the God Neptune like Jove is Louis XIV Deified.

Neptune requires clean water especially, fresh waters: wells, grottoes, and the like. That are free of evidence of human, and animal sacrifice to Dionysus. This was the Beast as Alexander the Great who was his own Person. Persephone really hates this sacrificial killing of young girls in sacred places. Once, these places are found. They have to be thoroughly cleaned out.

Next to the Dog Cart holding Proserpina. That Angel Hoving next to Proserpina is Hope. That is Proserpina's Hope of Redemption. There are usually, Three. Besides Hope are Peace (Columbia), and  Charity (Charis). By this Proserpina (Persephone) is Universal  Deity, or a Tanith Deity. So now, you have Four Major Deities. That means the Holy Spirit of God is near. Now, that is good Sophistry also, to know that King knew this very well. Well He is French! Way ahead of His Time. "Pom!"

Aleister Crowley and the Djinn. Crowley got many teaching concerning Djinn from countless British recourses gleaned by British Spies many of their connections with devout Muslim people over the centuries. All of which was well known to the British Spy Apparatus during the time of Queen Victoria. Many people, none of them Islamic are still engaged in this sort nefarious activity. Some these people have become very hostile to Poor Kitten. They always, want something from Jjinn. Kitten does not like that. There is really only is one Djinn that is Lord Iblis. Iblis does not like Adam. Kitten say Adam is only Mindless Clay. Crowley pose as Dionysus. Now, Dionysus is a kind of Adam as the Ancestor of the Damned. People that came after Crowley still seek this Fire. Many of them harm Kitten. Djinn talk to Kitten about this. None of these people are Islamic. They are called Infidels. Crowley see Iblis in the Saudi Arabian desert. Crowley asked for a boon from Iblis Himself. Cowley have many students that live after him. They Dionysus. They all want Fire Power. Kitten ask the Fire Man (Iblis) what that means? They want to use this Fire to kill people with that power. Iblis say that. Iblis ask Kitten what their Magical Names should be in a World of nothing but, Pure Fire. "Wood." Wood make Fire good. Kitten want Iblis to have Sacred Fire. That not easy. Many Infidel need to burned as "Wood" then they go from primordial Desert Place. Then they meet Death, when they go up the Chimney to another place. Then they meet Toten Girl Death She touch them. The they go to Azazel to lean about Sapping.Then with a powerful Goat Kick out of there into the Hell Stream where they experience Hell after Hell until, they are expelled from the Universe until they find any Universe that will take them.

Don't Bother the Fire Man.

Kitten have many good things from the Fire Man.

They are yours but, pay attention to Fire Safety.

Do be careful.

Severity is actually Charity. When we go back to the Apotheois of Hercules of King Louis XIV we can see this plainly. That is real Left Hand Path. That means we are always, under Severity (Charity), and serve a Higher Calling. We are Soldiers. That is what Kitten teaches you.

Now, that you are finally there. You are entitled to know more. First we do as we are told. You are not to harm your teacher Kitten. Because, when you teach. You do not want your students to harm you too.

 There are Rules, and there are Reasons.

 Everything should make sense to you.

"Culture must make sense."

You will find this adage to be true every place you go on this Planet.

That means we can understand Other Cultures.

That is how Kitten can understand the Culture of France. In Luxembourg it is like that too. In Belgium their Culture does make sense to them as well. That is how you can tell that people in France, Luxembourg, and Belgium are sane. More importantly we can tell people in France, Luxembourg, and Belgium are looking forward. No one wants to go backwards toward a Primitive Paradise.

American Culture is Filtered.

 So people will have a distorted perception of American Culture.

 Kitten has previously shown how Thomas Nast working as a British Agent gave America: Columbia the Personification of American Values, Uncle Sam the Personification of American Government, Santa Claus the Spirit of Giving, the Democratic Party Mascot Jack Ass, Republican Party Mascot Friendly Elephant, Tammany Hall, and several other Values.

A more hostile British Invasion beginning in 1950, and making it's "beachhead" in Monterey, California marking the beginning of a Great Reptilian Renascence.

Reptile is meant to imply a mean despicable person.

So we have this Great Reptilian Age.

That embraced twenty million people in the U.S. alone.

The reptiles are experiencing a massive die off.

We have another thirty million people that have to die. If that has to happen. Because, they are totally corrupt.

The United States over this period of time has lost one half of its White Population.

 We won't find people of British Ancestry much since, most of them died during the False Catharsis.

We keep getting more of them.

Now, we have to endure their Bad Karma.

Karma is the results of work done in the past, present, or will be done in the future.

Let's take President Kennedy's Nuclear Tests for example: Project Mohole has two nuclear detonations to break through the Earth's crust to get a sample of real magma, 600 kiloton blast inside Mt. Erebus to start an eruption in that Antarctic Volcano, the explosion of a 6 megaton bomb put down a fumarole along the Atlantic Trench, testing of a "Dirty Bomb" at Bikini Atoll, detonation of 50 megaton  bomb underneath the Arctic Ice to try to melt, and break up the Arctic Ice Cap as part Kennedy's  "Weather Warfare."

If you understand any of that. Then you will know we are still living with the effects of that man's folly.

You see Kennedy was evil, crazy, and stupid. A combination that should have never got into the White House. Nixon was not much better.

How can such things be?

Because, Culture is distorted.

You have to know that. Because, you know that "Culture must make sense."

If you don't know: "That Culture must make sense." Like the British did back then. The British were acting according to their distorted perception of American reality. That was disastrous for America.

That problem started with Trueman. He did not reign the British in about Russia. Anti Communism has been nothing but, a disaster. Now, that the goats have earned their horns. They can leave us alone. We are in Day O. That is Day Zero. Everything has pretty much been smashed, demolished, and destroyed to the point where Kitten's life is in danger. Starvation is looming on the horizon.

It is been nothing but, these endless Wars. Our people are tired of this combat. We all have combat syndrome here.

The Machines are going to take over. People can't be trusted. Let's take Food Stamps for example. We save 80% of the costs by automating the entire process to get rid of those expensive social workers. Those social workers can work for Homeland Security, or somewhere else where they are really needed.

Does the King James Version of the Holy Bible match that Book that was presented by Kitten's Family from the King of France Louis XIV? Kitten must say it doesn't. Obscene language is used. These words "Whore" "Harlot", and so forth do not explain the Scarlet Woman is Satan. That is different. There are other key phrases that have been altered by Huguenot sympathizers. That brings all the curses of the Book upon the people that have done this. Book has turned sour. Any evangelism can only bring people to the Devil. It looks like that has happened. Billy Graham is in Hell.

Now, it is time for that nice chilled pomegranate juice. "Pom!" That is pronounced the same as "Pome!" You need to put the pomegranate juice in the freezer until, ice begins to form. Pour your pomegranate juice into a glass, and drink it down slowly. If you can. That is a real treat for Persephone.

"Culture must make sense."

"Fashion has to match."

Everything there has a purpose, and an origin.

You understand that blue jeans are permissible in the work place maybe. But, blue jeans are not high fashion. They are sort of like prison stripes. Auschwitz wear.

Your rings, your watch, your hand bag are all there to enhance your work.

Dress Codes are around to keep the riff raff out. Autistic people do not know how to dress. This done to exclude violent people.

That is why the fashion models are not violent.

If you are in Day O, and Kitten is. You decide that Day O is a Day Organizing rather than Day Zero. That means you have to have the finer things in life. You might not have much of a voice in anything. But, it does exist.

The Hours

We have to have some perception of Time. We go back to our painting of the Apotheois of Hercules Louis XIV. Here we can see Father Time as Saturn with His Walking Stick. From this vantage point we can plainly the Hours. The Asparas are similar but, are more sexual.

Liberty (Marianne) can bring the Asparas to America. Just did. They are all here from Cambodia. To help with the Rain Making here in Tennessee.

As you will know the Asparas Dance for Lady Death (Ceres). In order for Kitten to get the Asaparas from Cambodia. There has to be a Love Exchange in order to have this Living Tradition in My Country. This is to make the Land Good. Tribute is given to Cambodia. The alternative is to beg the Asparas to Incarnate for the Good of the Land. That is always, being done too. Things have to be prepared for that. You have to understand some of the Worship of the Goddess Ceres. Each Aspara is a Deity in Their Own Right. Ceres has Her Own Asparas (Corybants). Persephone (Deatruction) with Her Own Asparas is with Ceres as Lady Death to make the Land Good. You have to kill everything that is against the Land. This for the Good of the Land. This the Beginning of Agriculture, and Industry for the Good of the Land. This is the Beginning of Civilization. The Virtues come from Severity. Severity is frequently known as Grace, Charis, Charity, and sometimes Wrath. The Virtues Work while, the Asaparas Dance. There are Powers, or Nagas are summoned, called to make the Land Better. There are Thrones, or Govenors, and Principals, or Rulers that are chosen for this Work of making the Land Good. This is where it gets to the Realm of Ideals. A clear System of Ideals, or Ideology is now in place. We will call this Politics. This all Secular, or Temporal Authority usually, invested in a King, or at least a Land Baron. Relgion is there to shore everything up. That is to reinforce Culture. This is to establish a Civilization that will be Progressively Better of the Land. The Land will show that. Babies won't be eaten in their cradles by rats for example. Insects will not Bedevil people. Your fruit will be free of maggots. Food, water, and air will be wholesome. You will not be eating meat from cancer ridden animals. The Good Fruits of Culture are plain to see.


The Religion is about Severity as God. Grace, Charis, and Charity are other names for Severity as God. Our Model of Severity comes from France. There is a Love Exchange to have Her too. This Relationship is very Sexual. It is Mating. You have God as your Mate. You live with Her. It is a Temporal Religion. This is really Romantic. You are free of Inhibitions. You have Congress with Liberty. That is God too. You are a Libertine because, Marianne says so. The Mysteries of Freedom are Yours. Plenty as God is Dancing for You. The Secrets of Wealth are Yours. The Prosperity is already Yours. But, now, You have True Wealth. Your Riches will not flee from you because, You are Sophisticated. Sophia who is God is right There as Your Handmaiden.

As to Those who are Without are Damned by God. Because, they have accrued Bad Works, or Evil Karma during the Time of Grace following the Death of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

The God Kitten Rides in His Cart called Diligence. In Kitten's Cart is the Goddess Freya. Freya's Cats "Danger", and "Warning" are riding in the Diligence as well. Kitten has gotten Lost in the Adventures of Kitten. Fortunately, Kitten has been found by Severity. Kitten was caterwauling."Mew!" "Mew!" "Mew!"

Here Kitten is having Orange Thoughts. Kitten is drinking  nearly frozen Orange Juice. These are very well chilled Orange Thoughts. This is regarding the Libertine. The Mysteries of Freedom are the Mysteries of Work. The Proletariat, or the Working Population does own these Mysteries of Work. The Libertine, or Liberated Person is uninhibited in there Performance of  Labor. We can not be afraid to work like the worthless sluggard. Those inhibitions have no life in us at all. Shouldn't have anyway. Such persons are totally exhausted before they have even lifted a single shovel full of dirt in their own yard. Even though their minds are working constantly. Their bodies don't seem to respond accordingly. "Work is terrible!" It must be that way for them. Yet, they want to eat! Question? Why should you feed them? They do want you to support them! But, they are not your blood relations! They need to be in a "Work Rehabilitation Camp!" They do. We will not going to concern ourselves with people like that. They can't work. They are enslaved by an Ideology of Death. It will kill them. But, spare us. We don't want to die like that!

We will consider this "Philosophy of Camp." First you have to be patriotic. Every Libertine knows this. Freedom means you have in some capacity, or such thing to engage in commerce. People are compensated for their Labor. Usually, in some form of currency that is Legal Tender for all transactions both Public, and Private everywhere in that country. It is not script. This is true even in Communist Culture. That means you are not a Slave.

In a Communist Culture there are Commissioners that are Government Officials. All the work done in the workplace is legal. The Commissar is there to make sure it always, is done that way. That is for the Protection of the Workers. This is to avoid accidents, sabotage, criminal behavior, and unsafe work practices. Work is performed according to Government Standards, and Procedures. Work is done in Communes. These Communes are where the sexes are segregated from each other. Men are not allowed to be as women. This reintroduces the problem again. That is competition for mates. For men are prone to be violent even murderous behavior that is genetically there in them. This phenomena has been noted in men in penal institutions. In penal institutions for women this murderous trait is not present. This is also, to keep populations stable. As populations grow this seems to be the most practical way to do this. Otherwise, it will go to some form of murder to reduce, cull, and maintain population levels. That is uncivilized. Men, and women are married, and get together in the workplace all the time. So they are not sequestered like monks, and nuns. They do get together but, they do not live with each other. There might be some exceptions. Travel is restricted too. People have to be present in their workplaces. People participate in the Government there. They are thoroughly Socialized. They know what their Government is doing. They are constantly indoctrinated. Their Politics are Good. They are all expected to Rally for Inspection. The Dictator needs to see them all personally. That is to make sure everything is well with them. The Dictator's People are present to make sure everything is real. That real progress is being made. That practical plans for the Future are being implemented, and carried out on schedule. That Evil has not gotten into High Places. Everything is Dictated by the Proletariat themselves.

 In the United States of America there is
 very much the same system. But, the Government is more distant. Yet, Capitalism works in pretty much the same manner as it does in Communism. Here the Capital is put into a Corporation that functions in the same manner as a Commune. There is no way to get away from this. It is the way Human Societies evolve. The Capital Funds in both Communes, and Corporations are not touched. Like a Commune, and a Corporation has at least Three Officers. The CEO: Corporate Executive Officer functions as a Commissar. Affectionately known as a Caesar, Czar an absolute ruler. Then there is a Treasurer, or Finance Minister, an Inspector General. The Secretary, or Secretariat for all Administrative Duties. Once the Corporation is Solvent, or the Commune is Producing Real Goods. It is open for Investors: Share Holders. Those are still the Working People in the Corporation, or Commune. Then Stock may be put on those Shares to Attract more Investors outside the Corporation, or Commune. There is a reason for that. The Production results in Salable Goods. Thus the Distribution Network is established for the Good of the Company. If they can Rally the Consumers. Then you have a Soviet, or Holding Company that contains everything in that Business also, affectionately known a Monolith. Understand that Services are not Salable. But, Services can be a form of Barter. The Service Sector forms an Adjunct of Industry as Necessary like Security Services, and so forth.

The Goddess Nirrti

In Heavens of the Southern Hemisphere you can see a Star with a really strong telescope like at Mt. Palomar. It is hard to see Nirrti for many reasons. Conditions are not always right for viewing on Planet Earth. You must have exceptionally clear skies in order to see Nirrti. Nirrti is almost, a circumpolar star at the South Pole. You have to look in the right section of the Heavens. Nirrti will be there. Nirrti is a Brown Dwarf Star with variable magnitude. Nirrti is about three to four times bigger than the planet Jupiter but, a lot more massive. Structurally, Nirrti is nothing like the Sun, or any planet we can mention here. The truth is there in nothing we can understand as matter, and energy obey Other Laws. Nirrti is like the Holly Deity. Nirrti is still heading towards us. Nirrti is very close to our Solar System. Nirrti is actually, in the Kypher Belt. Surprise! Right now, we don't exactly have a Binary Star System but, we will soon.

"The Book of Revelation"

"The Book of Revelation" is a Political Document. It is also, an Ancient Roman Document. "The Book of Revelation" is not Gospel. "The Book of Revelation" is Prophecy. "The Book of Revelation" by Saint John the Divine that we have in our "Bible" is one of Three Possible Versions. These Versions do not differ much. Except, "The Book of Revelation" is really written by Jesus Christ of Nazareth Himself! "The Book of Revelation" was written after His Resurrection. During the Time of Tribulation the "Book of Revelation" went to Rome to the Emperor Nero. The Roman Emperor Nero recognizes Jesus Christ of Nazareth as a Citizen of Rome.

During the Tribulation Time Tribute has to be given to God. "The City of God" is actually "Camp." 

Your can get things from the World from Somebody that Owns the World. It is good to get these things from Ceres. Now, you could get things from the World from another God that claims to Own the World. They do. They always, say so. These are these Local Deities. We who have Ceres have to Contend for the Land. We all know we can get good things from Ceres. Because, we support Ceres in this Contention for the Land. Many people think that Ceres loves all these animals. Ceres only likes animals that are useful. There is nothing to love about a blood sucking tick. Ceres say kill all of them, or anything like it. That makes the Land very good. But, Local Deity not good for people. Ceres put Local Deity in the Ground to make the Land good for people who like Ceres as their Goddess. Otherwise, you will have Baal as your Lord, and Master. Baal is a Beast. Always, people that have Him as their God are rude, primitive, and backward always. The Beast is very crafty. Whose body do you have? Ceres says it had better be yours. "That body is an animal that has to be mastered by the Intellect." It might not be your body, or worse that mind may not be yours. That will happen if the Divine Ceres does not have possession of the Land. You give everything in order to get anything good from Ceres. That big Love Law. Keep it!

This brings us to the subject of Tribalism. Ceres is a good Deity for getting rid of the Negative Effects of Tribalism. There are many Peoples that can have Ceres, and they can. They all have a Culture that supports the Civilizing effects of Commerce: Agriculture, Industry, and War. We all understand, this has been a long upward journey of progress that has been ongoing for Centuries since, very Ancient Times. Now, you are part of this too.

There are many Countries where Tribalism is very evident. Norway, Iceland, Finland, Iraq, Syria, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Sweden are dangerously Tribal Societies. Canada, Turkey, Hungary is not too Tribal. Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, South Africa,and some others are very dangerous Tribal Societies.

America is a Tribal Society too. The Indian Wars! We are back to something like that now.

Tribes have Taboos.

You could break them easily. But, you won't, because, you are Cultured Person.

Unfortunately, our Enemies have done this for us. Because, they are Un American.

"Temperance" is one of those taboos. "Temperance" as such doesn't sell anything. This is a disastrous presumption against God. It is a form of Blasphemy.  Because, Temperance is a Virtue of God. This "Temperance" is really a form of Sabotage against Civilization Itself under the Guise of Doing Good. The results are incredible financial harm. Wholesale loss of jobs. Serious harm to Industry, and Agriculture.

In the 60's there was this banter in the print, and broadcast media about this "Keeping up with the Jones." That harmed the Turf Industry. That Industry employed 80% the young people saving money for their College Education. That Enemy Talk has cost this Country Billions. That Industry has not ever recovered from that attack on American Culture.

These attacks on America's Industry, Agriculture, Military, and Foreign Relations have been going on for Decades.

Their solution after the overthrow of the Government of the United States of America is a form of Anarchy that apes Socialism.

A World where nothing works.


The Weathermen, and their Fellow Travelers were really busy creating this Climate of Evil we now, call a Global Recession.

The solution is "Camp."

"The Monolith Monsters"

This was a "B" science fiction horror movie that was made in the 50's. Kitten believes this is a good illustration of what happens when a Soviet (Monolith) is really bad. Sort of like the Media got in the 60's.

This geologist finds this weird stone in Death Valley. He puts it in the sink to wash it off. He wants to see its peculiar structure clearly. The phone rings, he leaves the water on in the sink with his specimen as he runs to answer the telephone. While, he is busy.

 The stone begins to grow turning into a towering Monolith breaking through the sink rooting into the ground below. As he turns around touching the Monolith. The Rock Hound is instantly turned to stone.

The Monolith has generated more Monoliths. That break through the prospector's house towering into the Heavens. Then falling down to make more Monoliths as they march on their way to the Sea.

The only restraint on the growth of these Monolith Monster is lack of available water.

Then the Monoliths will take over.

A bad Monolith can easily consume a Sea of Peoples.

Can it Doom the Earth?

You know each one of these Non Governmental Organizations is a Monolith.

Here is another Talking Point.

The Lamb of God, Revelation, and Other Hostile Extravagances

The Problem of Fetish was explained in great detail earlier in this Opus. That there are Forms of God we should not Follow because, that will harm Civilization Itself. Here again is the Bull Fetish as God: the Bull of El.

If you read the Bible carefully, and you should. Since, this is a Cultural Artifact.

Understand, Jesus Christ of Nazareth really Hated His Disciples because, His Disciples fell Short of the Mark. Jesus Christ of Nazareth  constantly exhorts (warns) them of the  Coming Holocaust. He calls them "sheep", "lambs," and "goats". That is like calling a person the dirtiest name you can possibly imagine. Considered a "grave offense", a Challenge to a Duel during those times.

"Father forgive them! They know not what they do!"

Is really a Curse on Mankind.

They have lost the Right to Manhood.

As Brute Beasts they they know not what they do.

They will have a Form of God befitting Them.

The Lamb of God.

Fortunately, we are Left hand Path.

We are with Severity.

We are with Liberty.

We are with Plenty.

Even though, we have Fallen From Our First Estate.

We can take possession of a World but, Little Inferior to Our Native Heaven.

Take it.

It's Yours.

The Play, and the Games of the Gods, and Goddesses

Play is essential for Learning. Yes, it is. Here we again.

You will notice Ariadean right next to Hermes Mercury top left. Aphrodite is getting Her Flowery Wreath from Astarte with Venus posing next to Her. Freya is right behind the Three Love Goddesses adorning Herself with Her Necklace. Here Mercury has restrained Dionysus. Dionysus is very dangerous. Dionysus always appears as a Well Groomed Athlete when Dionysus is at His Very Best. Dionysus is Athletic while most people aren't. You can not begin to understand, Dionysus unless, your metabolism is Anabolic.
Next to Mercury is Fauna with the Wild Man Bacchus right behind Fauna. Bacchus at His Best is a Complete Gentleman.
Proserpina is riding in the Diligence of Freya with one of Catherine's Angels hovering overhead. This is a Celestial Proserpina (Julia). Freya's Two Cats Danger, and Warning are there with Proserpina who is very Amorous. Freya is there by Implication since, both Goddesses can be there at the Same Time.
The Protestant Religion has gone to the point of challenging the Temporal Power of King Louis XIV. This is the Start of the Tribulation. It is the Problem of Rebellion. There will be a falling away from the Lamb of God. Louis XIV did not have that Problem. The Protestants Different Ones will seek a Religion of Their Own Devising. There is a Crisis of Civilization. Of course, we have a Higher Calling. You can't talk to the Lamb of God because, He is gone. No one could back then either.

Here we are. We have Psychops.

Now, you have to understand the portrayal of the Heavens by King Louis XIV of France is a Book. Liber standing right next to Jove tells us this is a Love Book. Everyone in the Heavens is considered Amorous. Knowing that King Louis XIV is a Sun King. The Love Book is also, Solar. The Sun King comes down from Sol Invictus the Invincible Sun, and also goes back to Sol Invictus. Most of the Deities are actually, Solar. Our Star Sol is actually, considering to be a Living God. The "Book Of Revelation" actually, says so too. "God's Camp" is so vast it takes in the whole Solar System with Sol Invictus at Its' Centre. Outside the "Celestial Camp" are Uncivilized Savages the "dogs, and sorcerers" of "THe Book of Revelation." You need to hold this Teaching in High Regard. That will Entitle you to have the Deities. You must think well of the King always. That is both Louis XIV the Sun King of this Tradition of Sol Invictus.
This Love Book is a Excellent Guide to Civilization.
This Love Book will take you to the First Stage of Learning where you begin to have Siddhi. With more Insight the Tireless Machinations of the Universe will begin to make sense to you.

Here we are with the Fashion Police. Here we have this French model Carla Bruni. We can learn a great deal here about Civilization. We can see part of her ensemble. It is very well done. That is how you can tell that Carla Bruni is a Top Fashion Model. There is a lot of difference between Culture. In this American Culture of Damnation. Smoking is damned but, you can go ahead, and smoke because, you are damned. This has to be clear to you.
The French think differently. They believe people are important. What we do is important. What we have to show people is important. Here that cigarette, and its holder are a fashion accessory.
 You don't need to bother if you are just going to wear blue jeans, and a tank top. If you are not going to be fashionable. You don't need to bother with this. In an American Culture of Death Americans can all look the same.
What America needs is a Cultural Revolution to get rid of this Culture of Death. We need to replace this with something worth having. Kitten knows you are worth it.

The God Mithra is Mind. We have the Goat Man as our mind in this Culture of Damnation. This should not be, nor should it exist. We can not have the Mind of a Goat. We can not have a Culture of Damnation. This is a moral travesty. It is the Mind of Slavery. It is a Perverse Intellect. That is why Mithrais is Diabolical because, It holds people back. It Hinders People's Culture. So He is the Devil. Somehow, Mithra has to be redeemed for Mithra is Solar.

King Louis XIV does not have Mithra in the King's Love Book. We have wrestle with that Mind. Whose Mind do we have? Mind is a product of Culture. It actually, is sometimes. Maia is Mind too. What is Maya? Mind is an Illusion, sometimes. Sometimes, Illusions are Real! Soul is part of Mind, or Atman. Sometimes, that is called Ishvarha.

This puts us back with Athena. You will notice Minerva is always, Armed. We have to take every thought captive. Making sure it is ours. Before, we can say, "That is my thought." We must own our thoughts. We must be the masters of our minds. Because, the body is an animal to whom thoughts just arise, and disappear. That is the Mind of an Ape. The barbarian, and the savage is little more than just that. Animals do have Culture but, it is not one you would aspire to. This Mind is very Child Like because, It is Undeveloped.

The Fob is a product of a Culture of Damnation. That Culture is a Creation of Perverse Intellect. Fobbery is who you are. If you are a male homosexual. Then you are a Fob. You are a Boor. All those dirty words about sex, girls, men, animals are a product of Fobbery in Our Times. The scatological comments, dirty jokes, and outrage all come out of this Fobbery. We can see, and hear it plainly in the music, and its associated videos. It is there constantly. Now, that is clear.

Kitten had to say that. Kitten can't teach Fobs.

King Louis XIV didn't care for Fobs. Neither, does Kitten.

Now, Kitten has laid the groundwork for your Initiation, Empowerment, and Explanation of the Deities in The Witchy Witch Book prior to these Persephone Books. It is important that you read it. Initiation is an Introduction to the Deity. Empowerment entitles you to do the Work of the Deity. The Explanation of the Deity is the Mores of the Deity in your daily life. An Explanation of Taboo is given, and elaborated on extensively. Kitten will continue to update this Opus. Eventually, you will become Your Own Deity. Since, you have your own needs, and particularities. You will probably have several Deities that will Work with you. Kitten is right here as Your Teacher.

All the Illumination in the Love Book is provided by Jove. That is King Louis XIV by the way, as the Sun King! The Sun King is like that. All Models are from His Palace. They all have names.

Before we can go further with Napoleon, and Marianne we must cover this material first.

Now, we have to have an Explanation of Plenty. That is one of your Tanith Deities. Surprise, the Tanith Deities are extremely High Solar Deities! There are Five Names you must have to get in with Plenty. The Love Book of King Louis XIV shows them all. One of The Tanith Deities is Grace. Grace is gracefully dancing in mid air looking right at you. Grace is also, sitting next to Jove as Juno. The we have Liberty. There is Liberty standing right next to Jove. Also, you see Liberty running away with the canopy of Heaven. The Tanith Deity looking off to the side at Liberty is Jesus. Jesus is usually, called Your Best Friend. Finally, there is Severity seen holding the Hand of Hercules that symbolizes the French Gendarme. Here Kitten has explain a lot. Severity is going to Hold Your Hand too just like Kitten's! This is Royal Left Hand Path. It is fun.

So you have to be Led by the Hand. You have to have Your Hand Held Constantly by Severity. Severity is very Entertaining. Severity always, likes Presents. You have to get Severity lots of Presents. Serverity always, likes Them.

Now, Jesus is very hard to Understand, without Friend Kitten Explaining Everything. the Sign of the Fish is very old. It can be seen in both Ancient Greece, Carthage, and Rome. The Powers of the Fish are Omniscience. For the Fish can clearly see clearly even, in the Greatest Depths. Jesus is a Maritime Tanith Deity. Known for Close Friendship. You get to be very Friendship Oriented.

"The Maids," that is Plenty, or Plenitude Pout. They won't clean your house. You you have to pay them! You should see Severity when She goes into Her Big Severity Pout! The crime gets into everything just like crud gets all over everything. America has gotten like that! What are you going to do about that! When that crud has gotten deep inside you! It is a Plentiful Pout too!

"Jane" in the The Love Book in said to be "Liberty" running away with the Canopy of Heaven by Friend Kitten. Kitten calls "Jane," Jana. Also, Kitten has a personal Name for Jana as "Jnana" that means Yogic Intellect. Jnana is "Great Liberation". It is impossible to get any Realization of Anything without the Dakini Varja Yogini. Dakini means Sky Dancer. All of Plenitude is exactly like that!

Without the Dancers ignorance is King, and Hell is on Earth. That is True.

Persephone Dances, so does Durga. You have to Entice Them Down from Heaven! Or, They won't do that!

You have to give Them expensive Gifts in order to do That.

Jana Loves Gold!

You better have Gold for Jana.

Kitten like "Felix the cat" has a huge "Bag of Tricks."

That will have to do for you too.

Until, you can get Capital.

That "Bag of Tricks" comes from the Goddess Freya!

Freya is Adorning Herself for the Beautiful Sunrise!

Kitten got see It again!

Kitten knows you enjoy the Sunrise of Freya too!

This person has gotten very ill. The Virtues are Pouting again. But, he can Pray to God. Hope is busy Pouting. His Redemption is in Question. Faith hasn't left him. As a matter of fact, Faith is Angry. He worships Billy Graham. We have Billy Graham has a beautiful Bronze Statue of Billy Graham larger than life, here in downtown Nashville. "Baal eat your heart out!" Charity hasn't gotten anything that Charity values. Charity is getting Angry. Diligence has gotten tired of him. The "Grim Reaper" is talking to him. It is one of the Guises of Ceres. Persephone is standing right next to Ceres. Diana is there. He is lucky. Diana will kill him quickly. Kitten doesn't like him. Because, he is a Gay Preacher. But, he isn't happy anymore. He is getting Big in his Death.

Gargoles with the Faces of Famous Heretics have adorned Churches in Europe for Centuries. Now, we can have New Models to adorn New Churches. There seems to be no shortage of these Models of Christian Life, nowadays. Not Christian Life as we know it though. We shouldn't ever see it like this. The trouble is it is too much around. It has become some species of standard. Heaven forbid it!

Speaking of things that Heaven forbids.

This is the Red Dragon Teaching of Jana.

The Red Dragon is That Damned Thing that God Hates.

This arousing of these blood feuds, Is to arouse the Red Dragon who is the Power of Murder.

Somewhere, somehow, in some way people cherish That Damned Thing.

 But, maybe they shouldn't.

That brings Alastor down.

It arouses the Fury of God.

We do not have That Damed Thing as Our God.

You shouldn't either.

Then we can call ourselves Civilized.

More than Beasts in Human Garb.

The Beast does get all the Power of the Beast from the Red Dragon.

Who wants That Damned Thing?

Friend Kitten doesn't want That Damed Thing anywhere in the Far Off Land of Mew.


The Pomegranates are in full bloom in Nashville again. The little Pomegranates can be plainly seen. The Harvest will be good.

Here we are with the "Further Adventures of Kitten, and Persephone!"

We have to go after Robin Hood.

Because, Robin Hood is Bad.

Persephone wants to execute Robin Hood.

All we have got to do is catch Him.

After we kill Robin Hood.

We can execute all of Robin Hood's Merry Men.

They are bad too.

Maid Marion can be destroyed by Ceres.

 The Land will be Good again.

The Sheriff of Notingham would like that.

There is a real problem.

Notingham is like no where.

Yet, it can be everywhere.

Sherewood can be Sure Wood Forest.

Sure wood is in every forest.

So this God of Brigands is dangerous everywhere.

Marion can be Mari.

Mari is Death.

The Sheriff is actually, Hades.

Kitten and Persephone are always, with Ceres.

Robin Good Fellow is always, bad for the Land.

There are all sorts of these Canterbury Tales.

Read them if you must.

Watch them if you have to.

Now, Jnana sometimes called Jana, Jan, or Jane is there with Kitten.

Kitten has Manu the Thinker.

Those are Good Thoughts.

Athena is right there in Attendance.

Krishna is Mars.

He really is War.

Yet, people have been told a Big Lie.

Krishna isn't anything like Jesus.

Jesus says so.

This riddle has perplexed people.

Some people have been taught that Krishna is somebody else.


Now, you know that.

"Who killed Cock Robin?"

Father Mithrais will never Tell.

That is as far as Crowley could take Him.

  Crowley did succumb to the First Temptation.

  Crowley took His Place.

That is true.

Father Mithrais is the Father of Mind.

It is perverseness that engenders this mind.

There are riddles.

You have to solve them.

The attack follows a pattern of Challenge and Response.

How you respond determines your fitness.

American Culture

Here in America we have not had much of a chance to evolve a real Culture.

One of these reasons is because, of all these warring factions here in America.

It is like crabs in a bucket.

As soon as one crab is almost, out of the bucket.

Another, crab reaches out, and pulls him, or her back down with the rest of them.

They will find themselves in really hot water later.

It is boiling.

We are going to have to work together with the Rest of the World to establish a Culture that is not Damning like that.

Therefore, Civilization will be Global.

The Military is pretty much uniform from Country to Country.

The Police are like that too.

The Fashion Industry has pretty much gotten that way.

Much of this can come from France.

The American People can wear real clothes again.

The Advertising Industry can tell them that.

People will be able to see real models again.

Modeling Fashion.

Some form of etiquette will become the American Norm.

If Americans can't be good.

At least they can act like they are good.

They can be respectful.

The Banking is a different Animal.

The British, and maybe the Swiss, and Others can tame It.

Capitalism must be uniform from Country to Country.

Even, Communist Countries agree on this key point of Universal Commerce.

All Education will conform to standards that people can trust.

Science will be examined to be sure that is what it is; Practical Science.

We all know that Medicine is based on proven science, and technology trusted the world over.

Now, how do we get out of this world depression?

President Roosevelt got America working again with a "system of work camps", and building projects.

America had to be fed again.

Starving people produce inferior children.

That is by supporting Agriculture.

Roosevelt had a keen interest in the Media.

We should too.

We are going to build our way out of this depression.


The First Temptation is to be the Devil.

You can take the Devil's Place if you have to.

But, otherwise you shouldn't

The Second Temptation is to Worship the Devil.

There you are.

There is that Challenge.

The Response is obvious.


You have got to find Temptation before you are Challenged.

You will notice a Little Boy with Black Wings.

That is Lord Lucifer.

Lucifer is looking at His Beloved.

You can see Temptation flying downwards on White Wings.

The Angel of Temptation is the Luminary Hebe.

Hebe is the Luminary with the New Moon.

In all those Fairy Tales. The Fairies, or Fay People are the Angels of Temptation. Your Fairy God Mother, that is Her! You can call Her "Holly." Holly can make all your wishes come true like that.

We all know that all life was a product of Volcanoes. Venus is associated with Vulcan. Mars is part of it as well. Now, we have Venus Gentrix.

Who is Cock Robin? Cock Robin is with Robin Good Fellow. Another one is Robin Hood. William Tell is Robin Good Fellow at His Best. Robin Good Fellow is a God of Gangs. Gangsters have gotten a lot into the Entertainment Industry. These are the Merry Makers. Trash is part of it. Their is a Religion around all of this. It is called Wicca. You can be a real Witch if you want to be. But, maybe you shouldn't. Because, Persephone will not like you. You will have problems with Juno (Royalty).  Diana will ignore you. It goes on like that. All Paths Lead to the Goat. You don't want it. Nothing like it at all.

The people in Wicca will eventually, meet the Goat. Because, Mithra is Solar, and is encountered on both Right, and Left Hand Paths.

Kommandant Kitten has released the Goat from Hell.

It is a Simple Formula.

That is Challenge and Response.

There is a rocket. As part of it's payload there is a satellite with many probes on board. This one is going to Venus. There is the Challenge. Here is the Response.

It has to meet each challenge with an appropriate response.

It did.

We have results.

Now, you will understand that Mithra the God is Solar.

Mithra is hostile.

Mithra is the God You Can Not Have.

This is the Devil.

You have to meet each challenge with an appropriate response.

You can do that.

In Wicca they might not be able to do that at all.

Aaaand, there is a reason.

They have Robin Good Fellow as their God.

Aaaand, they can call on Sir Robin.

To talk to the Goat for Wicca.

Surely, being Sir Robin, and all that He can meet the Challenge?

But, Persephone is still trying to kill Him!

Kommandant Kitten is right after Him too.

It is creating quite a ruckus.

Great is the God Kitten!


These are the Further Adventures of Kitten and Persephone!

That being done.

We are here. We are going to be here. We are going to stay here.

Sol Invictus the Invincible Sun is Mithra sometimes.

Mithra is at full power.

As the Emperor Constantine said "We will prevail."

We will dominate.

That is the Truth of Sol Invictus.

Our Little Boy Angel in the Apotheosis of Hercules is Lucifer better known as Enlightenment.

That Kitten got from Mr. Fox.

That will make you Foxworthy.


Now, that you have gotten that.

You have the Angels of Temptation.

You need to understand why?

People are animals that need to be led astray least they engage in too of much their animality.

To wit, we must Civilize people.

That is why we educate them in etiquette.

Then the finer things in life can now, be ours to share.

Diana is the Moon in All Her Phases.

Diana is a Solar Deity with Lunar attributes.

First, or New Moon Phase is Hebe.

The Second Phase is Cynthia.

Full Moon is Luna also called, Lynea, and several others.

The Last Phase is Catherine, or Purity.

The Dark Phase is Hecate.

The Table Talk

The history has it that President Roosevelt did this a lot along with his fireside chats.

 This is to rally the people.

This to let people know what is going on.

Kitten explained many things.

Now, you know everything here is Sophistry.

Sophistry embraces all the Magical Realms.

This is Magic too.

First Kitten warns you about Mithra.

You were told not to be Mithra.

You were told not to worship Mithra.

The Goat Star is up.

  Crowley knew how to do that.

So does Kitten.

Mithra is Solar.

The Goat Star is our Sun.

There are problems with Wicca.

These problems have been escalating since, Wicca's formation.

The problem is they attack people.

They are nothing but, gangsters.

This is what we have.

Now, we will go further.