The Persephone Book 3
"Don't block up the doorways, don't clog up the halls. He who gets hurt is he who has stalled. For the times they are a changing."
Bob Dyan: 1960's Peace, and Love Revolution. What do you think? You do have a mind don't you?

The Apotheosis of Mithra
This is it.

You have to understand, that Mithra can do all of it. Mithra is the One. Although, their are several Mithraic Deities like Zeus Oromazedes.
The Goat Star will be up for several days.
That will happen.
Aaaand, there is Poetry that captures the spirit of everything here.
That word is "Queer."
The Queer Star is now, the Sun.
That is queer.
The gentle Q waves are coming down, and irradiating a Queer Earth.
And, on a Queer Earth everybody on it is queer.
That is queer.
People are getting urges, impulses, and ideas that have never existed in Humanity until now, or even animals..
That is queer.
Queer things are happening again.
Because, this is really queer.
And, there is nothing quite like it.
That is queer.
We know that.
Aaand, we have people that are too queer for words.
That is too queer for even a queer earth.
They can't live any more.
They can go to a queer heaven.
Maybe, one of those really queer hells.
They are too queer to live.
That is queer.
It is Sol again.

Now, we have to explain everything that happened with Mithra, and the Sun.
As you may know by now, Kitten's main Deity is Persephone as the Dark Girl Phaedra.
Once, the Goat Star is up.
Kitten has a perfect Copy of Persephone from Mithra as Persephone.
They are exactly the same.
Mithra will conform exactly to Persephone.
There are some very strict rules regarding Mithra.
Kitten can't teach all of it.
You have to keep your word.
This Solar Work is not liked by Sol most of the time.
Sol is Good.
This is all a Sophistry.
We could call this is a Death Spell.
Let's just call it Sophistry.
Sophistry of Temporal Power.
You might like it.

Now, we must have a Lunar Work with the Moon as the Amorous Diana.
Like Diana in the Apotheosis of Hercules.
There Diana is in the "Love Book" of King Louis XIV.
This is the Dark Girl as a Luminary.
The Dark Girl is called Phaedra even though, this is Diana.
Persephone is the Other Deity that has the Dark Girl Phaedra.
Here there are Two Deities that have One Dark Girl Phaedra.
This is Ops.

As the Moon is rising this Lunar Work is going up too.

We can do this work indefinitely.

A New Adventure of Kitten and Persephone!

Agent Paws: "I'm here."

Phaedra: "Is that you Kitten?"

Agent Paws: "Yes. I didn't know you were Diana?"

Phaedra: "What if I am?"

Agent Paws: "Let's talk about how River Phoenix changed his name to Rock Bottom."

Phaedra: "I still hate him but, he is dead."

Agent Paws: "Thank God!"

Phaedra: "There are several things Phaedra does not like about this man."

Agent Paws: "You can see it clearly in the Hadean Spectrum?"

Agent Paws: "Can you fill us it in on what it is?"

Agent Paws: "Several objectionable points are there in this profile of gay media boys, and the underworld they inhabit."

Phaedra: "Hippy Parents!"

Agent Paws: "They are very bad people. They are part of this Hippy Underground. They seem to be rubbing shoulders with assorted neredowells, bomb throwers, hawkers of questionable merchandise,Wiccans, scam artists, and drug dealers."

Phaedra: "They left the country!"

Agent Paws: "It can't look much worse but, it does."

Phaedra: "They water boarded him as a baby!"

Agent Paws: "That will get him to stop crying. His little "Love Call" will not be heard. That will instantly, sever his maternal connection with his mother. He will be very autistic. Who do we want? Lenny Bruce, or William Burroughs to comment on this phenomena?"

Phaedra: "Lenny Bruce sounds precious but, William Burroughs takes the floor."

"God! I've got have cigarette! I'd sell my mother for a cigarette."
William Burroughs picks a cigarette. Lites it.
"Oh! My mother is burning in the crematoria of Auschwitz."
Puffs on it a few times, and throws it away into the crowd.
"Mommy's not here."

"Rock Bottom is totally amoral."

Agent Paws: "But, he can compensate! He has developed a venomous asceticism. To move people around for him. He is a Vegan too."

Phaedra: "There is more?"

Agent Paws: "Our man is gay."

Phaedra: "Don't you want to go out with him?"

Agent Paws: "Never."

Phaedra: "All these breaks from the media people. Suddenly, this person who can't read, or write has a career in movies, music, and TV. How does a person like this get to know people like that?"

Agent Paws: "What about modeling?"

Phaedra: "None."

Agent Paws: "Then there are those drugs that finally killed him. That is part of this Scene. This is where Rock Bottom connects with the real gay male underground. This underground has changed from the time of William Burroughs. It has gotten more dangerous."

Phaedra: "That is where even Phaedra is telling all girls not to go into those gay bars, and night clubs that are not girl safe. You might meet a genuine punk right out of prison. All these guys are connected."
"The guys might look alright, even, heavenly but, they are not yours. They never will be."

Now, you know this Sophistry of the Amorous Diana is done with the Dark Girl Phaedra.
There is more!
Diana, and  Diana's Luminaries are part of this Sophistry too.
Yes, They are Amorous!
Kitten doesn't know if you know much about Diana?
Chances are you don't?
But, we will have to start somewhere.
This is very hard subject matter.
All these Amorous Girls are Virginal!
You really, have to get them there.
Well you are not going to have sex with the Luminaries?
In most cases you had better not.
Don't spurn them!
You have to give everything in order to get anything good.
That is your guiding rule.
It is the Introduction, or the Initiation.
Diana is very shy.
The rest of the Luminaries are quite different.
Aaaand, Kitten does not know all of the Luminaries.
Kitten will have to keep looking for all those good things.
Getting even this far is impossible.
Diana is up to it.
Diana is hard to understand.
Kitten can see the Luminaries when the Luminaries are Incarnate in human, or animal form.
Kitten won't say too much now, about Diana other than you have been Introduced to Diana.
The Empowerment is there for you to talk to Diana.
Diana might like that.
You would too.
Aaand, as you were Instructed.
You may do the Work of Diana.
The Luminaries are very important to Kitten here.
Kitten will try, and have One.
This Girl is Hebe.

As Kitten mentioned...
"Yes, My Hebe."
Hebe is very close to Kitten.
Hebe is very sweet.
It is just that Hebe is very sweet.
Hebe will say things.
"Really, sweet things."
Hebe is a really sweet Girl.
"She is very good!"
Hebe makes rain.
Kitten makes rain too.
"See water is really important!"
You bet it is.
"We'll make rain."
Hebe waters all the ground on this Planet.
Hebe does.
Rain is one of the ways Hebe does that.
Vertumnus works with Hebe.
Vertumnus is a God of Gardens.
Vertumnus does more.
Kitten is Vertumnus at times.
Kitten uses holly trees to make rain.
"The Holen are making the Rain."
"The Holen are making the Rain."
"The Holen are making the Rain."
Spoken in solemn chorus.
It's been made.
Hebe is incredible!
Hebe does all the water transport on this Planet.
Even, in your body!
It is good to have Hebe oversee all that.
You can't miss the Luminaries.
The Luminaries have this Intoxicating Girlness.
It is a quality that the Luminaries all have.
You immediately fall in Love with Them.
It is very beneficial for you to meet Them.
Everybody wants to roll up their sleeves, and help Hebe transport water.
There is a reason.
Kitten wants you to think about this.
America can be destroyed in a little more than a year by a prolonged drought.
These dry spells cause a lot of damage to America.
Kitten can't cut grass then.
The landscape industry shuts down.
There could be several million people out of work.
With more drought the crops start to die.
There might not be a harvest.
That shortfall has to be made up somehow.
Otherwise, people will starve to death.
People will die from heat exhaustion.
And, it can go on.
We have those fumeroles.
There are all these inactive volcanoes.
Need need to start them back up.
That is with a nuclear bomb.
Teller will like me for doing that.
Volcanoes make rain fall on otherwise very dry land.
Like the dry land we have on the West Coast of the North American Continent.
Fumeroles are underseas volcanoes.
Here the problem is cold water.
We don't want any cold water.
Because, it does not support sea life.
The volcanoes will add more water to our atmosphere.
We are going to need every bit of water we can get.
This World is teeming with life.
It all needs to drink.
We could fight wars over water instead.
That won't help us much.
So we are going to melt the ice caps.
That water is no good for us there.
We need it now.
Your garden isn't going to listen to your excuses.
Every day we delay is another day we are going to have more problems.
We shouldn't.
Hebe is right here.
We have to understand, how to treat the Luminaries with Love, and Reverence.
We are going back to Rock Bottom again.
What we are trying to do is a case study in this kind of perversion.
Rock Bottom is perverse.
He acts like somebody's pet.

Hebe is a Model.

Hebe is a very strong, agile, young girl of about fourteen years old.

Hebe is on the cat walk now.

If you have a pulse?

You do have a heartbeat?

You should love Hebe!

Don't you want to buy those clothes right off of Hebe?

That is after Hebe has changed clothes, of course.

You never would want to do anything that would hurt Hebe.

Rock Bottom hates Hebe.

Rock Bottom is dead.

Hebe likes that.

There are thousands of people in the media industry that are just like him.

Hebe needs media coverage.

Fashion is really important when Hebe is there.

Rock Bottom thinks people will spend all their money on Hebe.

This is the truth that has to be said.

Saving money does not employ anybody.

It is just hoarding.

That won't get this country out of a depression even, a minor one.

Nothing is going to be sold.

Spend all your money on Hebe.

Because, you are worth it.

Hebe is always, worth it.

The job you create might be your own.

Rock Bottom is bad.

Rock Bottom is a very strong role model.

The criminal takeover of our country can be pretty much modeled by him.

Rock Bottom isn't crazy.

And, we aren't either.


Kitten: "When are they going to seed those clouds, and make rain?"

Hebe: "They should be doing it now."

Kitten: "They need a winning attitude!"

Hebe: "Those clouds usually, dissipate, without wetting anything."

Hebe is pushing the rain clouds towards Kitten with Her Cupped Hands.

Kitten: "That's a Good Girl!"

Hebe: "All that water going to waste on top of those high buildings could be used to grow food up there. New York City could practically sustain itself by doing just that."

Kitten: "Hebe has more water tips.!"

Hebe: "Nobody needs any poisonous dyes, or  radio iodine to find pipes. People should know it anyway. The skilled hydrogist can find pipe problems quickly with out resorting to injecting anything into the water mains. Then Homeland Security can gather up all this equipment. Terrorists might spike the water with LSD, or something very terrible like that.
The Travelers Cult

Diana has a little story about Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Why you shouldn't get God mad at you.
There was a group of a thousand Wiccans that decided to Invoke Jesus Christ of Nazareth. They did. They all disappeared. They all reappeared in Jerusalem during the time that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was Preaching nearby. There is a Witch. He has a problem. The people in Jerusalem are nailing him to a cross. The rest of the Witches get to follow him.

Diana: "Let's talk some more."

Kitten: "Don't you like the Wiccans?"

Diana: "I might."

Kitten: "The Wiccans do a lot of good things for Diana?"

Diana: "I can't say they do."

Kitten: "Does Diana like Kitten."

Diana: "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Kitten: "Mew!"

Diana: "That's a Love Call."

Kitten: "It is!"

Hebe: "I am here!"

Kitten: "Yes, My Hebe!"

Hebe: "Hebe hunts for Kitten!"

Kitten: "Well?"

Hebe: "Hebe is your first Luminary!"

Kitten: "Yes, You sure are!"

Hebe: "Hebe is your only Luminary!"

Kitten: "I Love You Hebe!"

Hebe: "That's Her, alright!"

Diana: "Right now all the Luminaries are coming."

Kitten: "The pomegranate trees are in full bloom in Nashville again! The little pomegranates can be plainly seen!"

Hebe: "They are!"

Diana: "The Huntress Diana is the best Diana you can have!"

Kitten: "Yes."

Denebe: " I'm Ceres."

Hebe: "Yes, My Mother!"

Kitten: "That is the Denebian Star System!"

Diana: "That brings up Several Lands into your orbit, Kitten."

Nirrti: "Can I say something.?"

Kitten: "Sure."

Diana: "What are you doing here?"

Nirrti: "I am just being Friendly."

Hebe: "It's time for Kitten to go to Olympus. Severity is right there to take Kitten by the  hand."

Kitten has gone through the gates, and is heading for his pedestal.

Kitten: "That looks really high!"

Severity: "It is."

Kitten: "But, I've got vertigo!"

Severity: "You will have to take it!"

Kitten: "But, I'm scared of heights!"

Severity: "You're on Your Throne!"

Kitten: "Oh! That's not too bad."

Mouse: "Hey."

Kitten: "How are you doing?"

The First Pimp

Kitten: "I don't do that. I work for a living."

Phaedra: "
Don't you want to try it?"

Kitten: "No."

Phaedra: "Don't you want to know where pimps come from?"

Kitten: "The Devil."

Phaedra: "That's correct."

Kitten: "There is more you want to say on the subject?"

Phaedra: "There is a lot to say about all those pimps, have a common origin."

Kitten: "They do?"

Phaedra: "I am going to explain it all."

Kitten: "Oh!"

Phaedra: "Kitten!"

Kitten: "I'm right here!"

Phaedra: "I didn't think you were!"

Kitten: "Really?"

Phaedra: "At the Witches Meeting the Black Man shows up."

Kitten: "He does!"

Phaedra: "This is during the time of King James I."

 Kitten: "Was during the time of King James."

Phaedra: "Is" is the right word."

Kitten: "Why?"

Phaedra: "The Black Man is still around."

Kitten: "Oh!"

Phaedra: "Kitten! Are you paying attention to me?"

Kitten: "Of course!"

Phaedra: "Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Kitten: "Phaedra! What's the problem?"

Phaedra: "I'm right here."

Kitten: "What else?"

Phaedra: "The pimp is the Devil."

Kitten: "Oh!"

Phaedra: "Kitten! Are following this?"

Kitten: "What makes him devilish?"

Phaedra: "He is an Archetype in this Culture of Death."

Kitten: "Ugh!"

Phaedra: " It's a Butler Cult."

Kitten: "The butler did it."

Phaedra: "It started about the time of King James I."

Kitten: "How did that happen?"

Phaedra: "Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Kitten: "Are you losing your mind?"

Phaedra: "Yes."

Kitten: "Go on with your tale."

Phaedra: "I will."

Kitten: "Well?"

Phaedra: "Kitten! Was that you?"

Kitten: "Yes!"

Phaedra: "I caught you."

Kitten: "Thank you, My Grace!"

Phaedra: "I want to eat."

Kitten: "I didn't know I was hungry."


Breakfast is being eaten.

We retire to our toiletry.

Here we are again.

This is all courtly love.

You have really love each other a lot to even get close to this.

With the current rise in autism.

It may have become extinct in the States.

Phaedra: "Lecturing the audience again, Kitten?"

Kitten: "No one knows what we are doing at all."

Phaedra: "King Louis XIV had a picture painted with us in it."

Phaedra; "Do you like cutting the hedges?"

Kitten: "I do it."

Phaedra: "Do you like cutting them up?"

Kitten: "Let's change the subject."

Phaedra: "Pimps again."

Kitten: "Let's hear it all."

Phaedra: "Well?"

Kitten: "I suppose you are relying on my vast store of pimpery. I don't have any."

Phaedra: "Good for you!"

Kitten: "Always!"

Phaedra: "A lot of unscrupulous scoundrels imported a few black butlers from Africa."

Kitten: "These are all black Medicine Men."

Phaedra: "That is so."

Kitten: "They are all Fetish Men."

Phaedra: "Their Fetish is in Africa."

Kitten: "Their Fetish can't help them where they are at."

Phaedra; "There it is, a Lion."

Kitten: "That was the slave trade."

Phaedra: "Actually, it wasn't."

Kitten: "These were the European explorers."

Phaedra: "That is pretty close."

Kitten: "This is darkest Africa?"

Phaedra: "It actually, is."

Kitten: "There is this fascination with dark skinned men."

Phaedra: "It is all over Europe."

Kitten: "The explorers are looking for them. They have heard the tales."

Phaedra: "They have to make the deal with them once, they find them."

Kitten: "This is to disestablish the Royalty."

Phaedra: "These People" want to replace all the butlers with their black men. They are not slaves, by the way."

Kitten: "If he doesn't have his Black Power, his Fetish in Europe. What does he have to keep him from being made a slave?"

Phaedra: "That is the deal they have to make with each black man."

Kitten: "This is Satanism. That will disestablish the Royal Houses that have these butlers."

Phaedra: "That is not all of it. France made a go of it."

Kitten: "England got to have them."

Phaedra: "Oh! Kitten!"

Kitten: "It's the Huguenots!"

Phaedra: "That's all of it."

Kitten:  "What about the Dope Pusher? Isn't he another, American Cultural Hero?"

Phaedra: "He is not my hero."

Kitten: "Isn't he the blameless physician of the streets, and people?"

Phaedra: "That's Bad Medicine."

Kitten: "What if you can't get any?"

Phaedra: "Phaedra is your best medicine. Hebe is here!"

Hebe: "Down it goes right into Phaedra!"

Hebe: "Kitten! Drink the Nectar down for Your Hebe!"

Both: "Thank you, Hebe!"

Hebe: "Every time you drink you have to think of Hebe."

Phaedra: "A Soul can exist in more than one place if It is so inclined. That is a Secret of Royalty!"

Hebe: "Kitten exists in many places at once!"

Kitten: "You can be fed in Heaven if you are there."

Hebe: "That is important!"

Kitten: "Because, you can become immortal!"

Hebe: "That is important to anyone that has any Hope of Heaven!"

Kitten: You have to cultivate the Virtue of Hope."

Diana: " I can't say much."

Kitten: "What should we talk about?"

Diana: "We can talk about Witches."

Kitten: "That would be Dianic Wicca?"

Diana: "Yeah!"

Kitten: "Who is Diana in Dianic Wicca? Is it really you?"

Diana: "Yes!"

Kitten: "They call you, or what?"

Diana: "No, they don't"

Kitten: "How do you figure in to all of this?"

Diana: "Well?"

Kitten: "Do they invoke Diana?"

Diana: "Actually, they don't call me.

Kitten: "Then who shows up?"

Diana: "That is usually, a dead witch."

Kitten: "Is that healthy?"

Diana: "Maybe?"

Kitten: "That could be a dead woman saying they are Diana?"

Diana: "They always, do."

Kitten: "They did worship the Goddess Diana?"

Diana: "They really don't. They call some dead witch."

Kitten: "Kind like the problem I had with Hathor. That person was really a dead magician from these old times. I found that to be an abomination."

Diana:  "This person died. He merged with all his magic. He went to the birthing place. He became Hathor there. There was no one to contend with him. He ensnared women, and got them to go with him to make a pact with Mithra, and Lam so they would get good Birth in the birthing place. This thing takes on all those qualities of all the womb. This sending attacked Kitten! Poor Kitten! Kitten has really been harmed."

Kitten: "I was furious!"

Diana: "You killed it at least a hundred times!"

Kitten: "I had to call in Persephone!"

Diana: "That finally destroyed him."

Diana: "The Dianic Witches got friendly with this false Hathor."

Kitten: "There no telling how much corruption he fomented in them."

Diana: "He changed their reproductive organs!"

Kitten: "But, he hated women!"

Diana: "There is no end to the mischief that he did to them."

Kitten: "He was one of those pests that gets into the Plenum."

Diana: "Plenum sustains everything."

Kitten: "It is kind of an astral world in the Bardo."

Diana: "It is also, the Soil."

Kitten: "People might call it the Earth."

Diana: "That is there!"

Kitten: "All their good qualities that comprise their stock of merit go into it."

Diana: "The Plenum is Agriculture."

Kitten: "After a hard day of mowing those lawns. The God Kitten is here!"

A chorus of laughter greets the God Kitten!

Luminaries have been pulling them out of the Plenum.

The Plenum is getting better.

Diana: "Kitten isn't connected with the Plenum exactly."

Hebe: "Isn't he a real God?"

More laughter even, from the God Kitten.

Kitten: "Diana is real Right Hand Path."

Diana: "At least I might Marry Him!"

Hebe: The Luminaries think She can."

Kitten: "Getting back to Wicca. Schizoid behavior is a problem as it is on Both Paths. It's doing spells, chants, mantras, prayers without regard to external reality until, it is little more than vain repetitions of time worn formulas. It is doing ceremonies, rituals, and the like because, somebody said they would work."

  Diana: "People shouldn't dismiss Diana!"

Hebe: "You don't dismiss Anybody!"

Kitten: "Diana can leave as She chooses. Who am I to say She can't? Why?"

Hebe: "Kitten is trying understand Hebe. Hebe LOVES Kitten!"

Diana: "That is true!"

Kitten: "I LOVE YOU Hebe!"

Hebe: "You want to know about Black Wicca!"

Kitten: "There was a law suite between Thee Church of Satan, and The Church of Satan in San Francisco, California. There was testimony under oath by both parties from hundreds witnesses many of them real Satanists. There were volumes of literature on the subject as evidence. The leader of Thee Satanic Church took the stand, and claimed he had Satannas as his God.
This was a Wiccan Church. Apparantly, all Wiccans have Satannas. As the plaintiff is on the witness stand he is forced to admit that Satannas is not Saturn. That Satannas is in fact the Devil. The defense rested its case, and the judge ruled in favor of The Church of Satan."

Hebe: "Dianic Wicca does still have Satannas!"

Kitten: "That must make it hard for Diana to get a word in edgewise even, in Her Religion of Wicca?"

Saturn: "I am not Satannas! I am most definitely not Satan!"

Diana: "You may have had a problem with Black Wicca!"

Kitten: "In Great Britain the Black Raven Coven was raided. There was a stuffed dog that was found to be the original Mc Gruff mascot of Neighborhood Watch, and all that, sounds sufficiently diabolical for most people. The police thought so. There was sufficient evidence to prove that Mc Gruff was indeed abducted while, he was in Britain from America. Mc Gruff died by murder most foul. Because, these are Satanists, and  they do things like that. That was just one of their Ritual Objects. There were objects found there that were stolen from Kitten. They like killing cats, and dogs but, birds will do. They had one of those. They had quite a collection of trophies from Kitten's ransacked home. Other members of my extended family have endured similar visitations. So members of this Black Raven Coven, and other Covens have sojourned in my country. They like harming famous people, their relatives, friends, and companion animals. They had quite a collection purloined articles as trophies from them as well as every controlled substance you can name. The the "reliable poisons" were found to be with them in great abundance.There was considerable evidence of homicides committed by this Coven."

Persephone: "I hate them!"

Kitten: "I have found out the Name of Another Luminary!"

Diana: "It's Tara!"

Kitten: "She is the Luminary whose phase of the moon comes after Cynthia!"

Hebe: "That is the third Lunar phase!"

Kitten: "Thank you, Hebe!"

Kitten: "Pomona is still another Luminary!"

Diana: "She still is!"

Kitten: "Pomona is the sixth Lunar phase?"

Hebe: "Pomona comes after the Full Moon! That is usually, Diana!"

Kitten: "That is the fourteenth Lunar phase!"

Hecate is the last Lunar Phase.

Diana: "He's got it!"

Diana: "Kitten can not have a Cup."

Hebe: "You are supposed to drink only from Hebe's Cup."

Kitten: "There more of this Water Puja!"

Diana: "Yes!"

Hebe: "Hebe has to clean for you. To clean your house, patio, and garage!"

Hebe: "Hebe has to bath Kitten!"

Diana: "Doesn't Kitten lick his fur!"

Luminaries; "We all have to hold Him!"

Kitten: "Huh!"

Bathing Kitten in Diana's Realm is quite a job!

Everybody knows cats hate water!

Kitten: "But, they do get used to it!"

Diana: "You have got to learn all the Trivia!"

Kitten: "I do?"

Diana: "That is all the Lore of the Hunt!"

Kitten: "Who is going to teach me?"

Luminaries are still bathing Kitten. Each one of the Luminaries are gently cleaning Kitten. Kitten is getting a permanent. A pedicure is being performed. Kitten is finally, perfumed, and decorated. Kitten has a large bow from Diana.

Ceres is there too.

Up there on Olympus Kitten is still on His Throne.

Kitten has Five Paramours.

Phaedra is actually, the Dark Girl of Saturn.

Phaedra is Ops.

Phaedra can discourse endlessly on the Planets.

Now, Phaedra is talking about Venus.

Kitten always, has to lift Her Spirits.

Phaedra is happy.

Hebe is there to bath Kitten!

Everybody has to be bathed by Hebe!

Hebe has to wash Kitten's Throne!

All that water comes back to Nashville as rain to wash the land!

Everything is cleaned by Hebe!

Circe the Young Demeter the Divine Mother is sitting on Kitten's lap in the manner of Courtly Love.

Demeter: "Your penis is rather small."

Kitten: "It will grow My Love."

Demeter: "I will cultivate it!"

Kitten: "Oh!"

Demeter: "Are you here?"

Kitten: "Yes, My Love!"

Demeter: "I come from far away!"

Kitten: "Yes!"

Demeter: "I am Debby!"

Kitten: "You are?"

Debby: "Yes!"

Kitten: "How?"

Debby: "The Denebeian Star System!"

Kitten: "Deneb?"

Debby: "That is the Center of It."

Kitten: "Sol?"

Debby: "That is not me."

Kitten: "What is it?"

Debby: "It is a globular cluster that includes your Star."

Kitten: "That is not the Milky Way?"

Debby: "No it isn't."

Kitten: "You understand that is true."

Debby: "The Mother of  This World knows things like this."

Kitten: "Oh!"

Debby: "What was that?"

Kitten: "The Big Bang!"

Debby: "That is the Universe!"

Ceres: " I have to explain something. Debby is enjoying Herself in the manner of Kore. Kitten has a Korybant on Kitten's lap. Circe the most human like form of Ceres is transforming into Kore the Young Demeter. Kore transforms into the Divine Mother Ceres."

Nirrti: "I am a Princess. This is what I had to say. Kitten wanted to know if there was a real blob like in the movie. The blob is actually, real. It is really neutron star stuff. A neutron star is about half as dense as Sol, and a lot smaller. The stuff itself is very cold. It is boiling up there. None of the stuff is lost into space. It is wholly made of plasma. If it came down to Earth it would be room temperature. Let's say a lump the size of a baseball is down here. You could make a super computer out of the darn stuff if it starts getting smart. You have to keep it from going back to it's star 30 to 300 light years away. It senses motion. It could lay there for two, or three days very still. Holly will try, and take over every star Holly can. Holly will claim that is all Holly Substance, and will get some for Kitten. She will do that! She is known to do that! Holly will even try, and claim My Star. I won't let Her. She gets very super intelligent, and wants everything! She is there! You can't get Her out! You will see Her! Holly is Good!"

Ceres: "There is this astrological discourse that goes on as Love Talk during Courtly Love. The stars are talking of course. So you are seeing stars. You should be having orgasms. This Love Talk goes on for days. I think they should get it. Corey is Demeter."

Kitten: "The Dark Girl has to incarnate many times. Phaedra is in Heaven as a Lover of Kitten. Down there Kitten has asked Phaedra to come out of That Place. Kitten has returned to Kitten's body in Nashville from That Place. So That Place has closed for the time being. Don't bother the Dark Girl down there, and don't bother Kitten."

Kitten: "Ceres is very happy. That is because, the Plenum has been secured. Don't bother the Divine Mother. Ceres is very busy! Kitten is very busy too! Don't bother Kitten!"

Kitten: "Holly are you there?"

Holly: "Yes, Love!"

Kitten: "What is the Neutron Star stuff? You know, the Blob?"

Holly: "That is non reactive plasma."

Kitten: "We could bring some of that down?"

Holly: "But, you wouldn't like it."

Kitten: "What would it do?"

Holly: "It turns into reactive plasma that is immediately converted into energy. Does the equation E= M C squared: mean anything to you?"

Kitten: "That's a bomb."

Holly: "If you took it through enough stages. You could change it into a stable form of plasma."

Kitten: "That is stepping up from absolute zero?"

Holly: "Can step down going the other way. Converting energy into matter. That is plasma."

Kitten: "We could do that with our theoretical Holly Field Generator. With a strong enough magnetic field the plasma can be contained, and kept from going up to the Sun, and coming back down with disastrous results. It is done in an underground chamber. Finally, you have your Lake of Holly."

Holly: "It has a lot of benefits. But, you can't have too much Holly Substance on Earth because, the Holly Substance will return to its' source the Sun the Holly Substance came from."

Kitten: "We could transmute, and produce elements like non radioactive technetium. We could  interface a super computer "Catherine" to interface with the Holly Substance. We all know Holly has a lot to say to everybody here on Earth."

Holly: "I sure do Love."

Kitten: "Thank you Love."

Ceres has to explain things.

Debby: "Debby is the Name that Kitten got from Ceres. That is who She is. Everyone will probably get a different Name from Their Goddess Ceres to establish Their Inner Deity."

Jnana: "I am here."

Debby: "Kitten! Jnana is here!"

Jnana: "You can call me Sophia too."

Kitten: "That is Divine Wisdom as Sophia?"

Jnana: "Yes!"

Debby: "Sophia is right Next to the Throne of the Most High Living God!"

Sophia: "This how Kitten found out about Yoga. As Kitten was Led by the Hand by Severity the Embodiment of Law of the Most High God. Severity is Next to the Throne too. Grace is called the Omnipresence of the Most High. Grace is also, Close to the Throne as well. The Omniscience of the Most High God is the Tanith Deity Jesus. This One: Auschwitz is the Life Deity of the Most High God."

Kitten: "Thank you Sophia!"

Hebe's Coming Out Party

Hebe: "I am here."

Kitten: "Hello! My Hebe! I Love You My Hebe!"

Hebe: "I am Hebe. I just had my Coming Out Party. I can date now."

Kitten: "I Love You Hebe!"

Hebe: "You have to learn how to carry water. The water jug is not that heavy."

Kitten: "It isn't?"

Kitten will carry the water for Hebe. Kitten Loves Hebe!

Love is important to Kitten.

That is true.

Kitten knows many things because, Hebe is teaching Kitten the Lore of the Hunt.

Kitten hates clowns.

Many times in Kitten's life.

Kitten has had a promising career.

Then these clowns show up.

They are really bad people.

They are not clowns exactly.

Kitten wants them to know they are not clowns.

Now, Kitten cuts grass.

If you have ever had people do this to you.

Kitten understands.

Kitten is up on Olympus.

This is the Heaven of Ideals.

In a Ideal World that is where Kitten really is.

Yet, Kitten still has to do work.

Everybody should work.

Winter is coming, and Kitten has to Form a Work Ring.

That is to be able to work all the time.

Once, the Work Ring is so good as to give the Promise to others.

Then Kitten will be a Ring Lord.

The Story Book is here from Freya.

Here Kitten wants to remake "The Monolith Monsters." Another 50's B Movie.

"You shouldn't take any stones out of that old mine." says the Old Miner.

"Do you have a claim?" asks the geologist.

"Yes, I do. I am not going to stop you from going in there. I just have to say that. That's all." The Old Miner is warning him that way because, he is not going into a mine exactly. It is an Entrance to Hades.

The Old Miner wanders off. The Old Miner has a little shack where he lives in Death Valley. Death Valley is the lowest, and one of the driest places on Earth.

The geologist has gone forth into the mine. Sure enough, he has collected one stone. The stone appears to have unusual properties.

Now, he is going home to his place on the edge of the desert.

He has put the stone in the sink, and he is washing the stone off. It is showing off. It is granite, then basalt, then carnelian as it is turning a bright red while it appears to be soaking up the water. It is growing.

The phone rings, and he has left to answer it with the water still running in the big deep sink.

While he is busy talking to another geologist the stone is growing. It is becoming a small monolith.

The geologist is rudely interrupted as the roof of his house is breaking to pieces. He is confronted with the Stone. He has done something really stupid. He touched the Stone.

"I con! I con! I con!"

Translation: "I can't talk." This is a Language of Death.

 He is saying over the phone as he is turning to stone.

The monolith continues to grow as long as there is water.

It will seek the Sea.

It grows so much It falls down. Breaks into pieces, and those shards grow into more monoliths marching towards the ocean. It is tapping the water table draining it dry.

It has reached a small town of a few thousand people. A number of the town's inhabitants have been turned to stone. The monoliths radiate a Stone Wave about on meter distant from them. Still not too bad, but gaining in force, and power.

They can shoot them. They can ram them with a bulldozer. They can try to blow them up with dynamite. But, the monoliths are invincible.

 They grow, fall down, break to pieces, and continue to advance in that manner.

The National Guard is called in by the time the monoliths are 100 meters tall. There are hundreds of monoliths. They are hitting them the with everything they have got.

The monoliths have brought up their Stone Wave that can destroy everything within 18 kilometers. They are still coming, and picking up the pace at more than 2 kilometers a minute. They are witnessing incredible power.

The United States Army, Marines, and Air Force.

The Monoliths have made it to the Salton Sea. The rest crumble to powder, and one monolith comes up out of the deep waters. It is shooting straight up. The earth is convulsing as a great earthquake rocks the land. It has gone straight up into the stratosphere towering above all.

"I am here!" It's voice can be heard all over the globe. It is the Voice of Dis Pater. The Rock God Himself.

They have the Bomb. Even though Dis Pater is Immortal. Dis Pater is a Temporal God. Dis Pater can be stopped but, not destroyed.

The only thing left after the blast is a single stone flying through the the air til it comes to rest back deep in the mine.

There is a moral to the story.

The Old Miner has the Voice of Authority from Mars.

When the Voice of Authority tells you not to do something. Then maybe, you shouldn't.

The Immortal Temporal Gods can still exist without any life on this Planet.

The Immortal Temporal Gods like people in order to have expression in the Reality we all share.

Freya is Goddess of the Rising Sun.

When you first encounter Freya. She is like a Dragon. Both of You have to be tamed, and well trained. It is a kind of Alliance.

The Bomb is a Dragon. Camp is a Dragon. Revolution is a Dragon too.

Kitten claims all Three Dragons.

It is Righteous to do so.

Dragons need a Conscience, or they will be Terrible.

That means Tyrannical

We would live in Tyranny..

They can be permitted to Win only, under certain Rules.

Otherwise, these Dragons will Destroy Everything.

Without these Dragons Everything will Die too.

Kitten is the Bomb, the Revolution, and Camp.

Kitten could give you this Form of Dis Pater.

That Form of Dis pater is not good to have. Mars says so.

All these Deities that Kitten has been expounding on are Temporal Training Deities.

Kitten has done much of the work of Training the Deities so you can have them without fear.

For the most part Religion deals with God only, and has Dogma.

Secular Deities have Authority, and Sophistry.

The Secular, and the Sacred are considered separate, and rightfully so.

"A Separate Reality"

Diana has many things.

The Trivia of the Hunt is in Carlos Castenada's books. It all is logical. It does pass muster that far. There are a lot of problems here, because Hebe can read it too. The Masonry is perfect. Each block has been selected, and put in place. It leads to the inescapable conclusion. But, you have to examine the Masonry. Are they good stones? Is this work enduring? How were they put in place? The Masonry is very good!

 Hebe can find flaws. Kitten has found flaws. This is where Kitten is taking issue. It is morals.

 A lot of this has to do with Primitive Logic. We are working on Civilizing people. We have a conflict. First of all people will drop out of Society regardless of what they are doing, and pick up these practices. Well that is not what we want.

 Do you what to be a Sorcerer?

 Don't you want super powers?

 Do you want a Religion like that?

 The Wiccans may pick that up. These Folkways are almost, the same. Well aren't they? There are other Peoples that may pick this up. The Gypsies might pick this up as theirs? Carlos Castenada's Opus might make it even to India, Japan, and Russia.

 This "Seeing" seems to be like genuine Hunting Lore. You have to "See" in order to find things don't you? Kitten was almost, fooled. Richard De Mille had a book about this very subject. Kitten read it. That book freed Kitten from the clutches of Carlos Castenada's sorcery.

 Carlos Castenada has all the Lore of Coyote: a very deceptive Native American Deity. Coyote is Fenir, by the way. Maybe, you do not want the Fenir Wolf in your life. There He is.

So we go on. Now, you can see like a dog. You can think in phantasm. You can hook into things. Now, you are a real werewolf. You have gotten all of that. You really have Fenir. All this has to come to Western People that are Europeans, only in their terms. You can't have Coyote. So you must have Fenir.

 It is the way Kitten teaches about Krishna. You can not have Krishna because, Krishna is a Hindu God of War. Then you must have Mars. You can not Call the Gods Away from the Hindus. If you are on Loving Terms you will have Mars. Mars is Native to you. Krishna isn't.
Next, is the "Gate of Power." This is the Walking Meditation that is well known in Thailand. We get something like it. It is the Stalking of Prey. That is primordial with everything.

The "Wild Boar" Wand is next. The European equivalent goes back to Ancient Greece. It is the Beginning of the Wild Boar Hunt. The Boar Magic is in this too.

We arrive at the "Crack Between the Worlds." This is Kitten's Specialty. The Tibetan Bardo Teachings are all Kitten's. It is hard to fool Large Kittens. Not when Kitten has Fenir leading the way.

 Persephone is on the Other Side as Miss Giggles. Kitten might have Visions. Not really. They are broken pieces of Sophistry. On the Other Side Persephone is really Hel. They are both United as in Courtly Love. Courtly Love is our equivalent of Hindu Tantra.

 Kitten met Ashtoreth there too. Ashtoreth can not be Kitten's Main Deity because, Lady Ashtoreth is too Demonic. But, Kitten can Entertain Ashtoreth. Did. After the metamorphosis Ashtoreth will become Bellona. Eventually, will be Astarte.

 The God Set came to Kitten as a Gigantic Land Leech with His Mate Hathor. They will transform later. Set will go on to be Mithra.

 Mouse is there too as Kalikin. Kitten has to make the Deal with Kalikin in order to come back. It took along time; meaning several years but, it has been done, and both have the Best.

Mouse come through first.

 Kitten goes on to see God.

 Poor Kitten!

 There is the Lake of Holly below Kitten. Kitten gets to ride His Tortoise out of there. That is Neptune. Down below a Girl asks "Can I come too?" Kittens says "Sure!" Kitten is leaving, and God is laughing as Holly is Coming Down.

 Poor Kitten!

The only orders Kitten gives to all the Deities Kitten meets is go out into the World, and have fun. You can tell me about it. Well, they are.

 These are the Terrible Adventures of Kitten.

As you can see the Bardo is not experienced by a Western Person in Tibetan terms. The Hindu version may come too. And, a Japanese answer may come too. Did. All of them. Now, up on Olympus Holly is sitting on Kitten's lap. That is quite a yarn.

You can see Kitten is being Led by the hand by Severity.

 Does anybody want to go to the Bardo?


You don't!

Before Kitten is the Great Abyss.

 Kitten will cross the Great Abyss by Building Kitten's Bridge of Lies every step along the Way.

 The Gods are looking on in Consternation, and the Wind is Howling.

 Kitten's Lies are stronger than Anything There.

 They have to be.

 Kitten can float too.

 "We all float down here!"

 The Bridge of Lies can sustain Kitten's Great Weight.

Kitten Ton Ton.

 Kitten gathered all the Love Baskets out of the Abyss of Self. There are Eight Love Baskets. They are Good Love Baskets from Ashtoreth. Kitten gets to take the Love Baskets.

 All the Demons come up.

 "Look at My Chains! Go out, and have Fun!"

 Kitten makes the Sign of Chains.

 The Demons won't bother Kitten at all.

 Everything has been Released.
Kitten journeyed across the Bridge of Lies over the Great Abyss to Babylon to meet the Scarlet Woman still riding Tortoise.

 Then through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, and over the Mountains of the Moon with Her.

Then down into the frigid depths of the Seas with Her, and Neptune.

 Poor Kitten!

Kitten finally comes up in Nashville, Tennessee, U.SA.

 Kitten can do all the Crowley Sophistry.

 Yes, Poor Kitten can.


 Kitten is still being Led by the Hand by Severity.

Carlos Castenada did go as far as Coyote on the Other Side. He will be incredibly a Sophistry Man. Carlos Castenada is an Adept as much as he has it. He is dead now, and gone back to Coyote. Kitten can tell people more.

Mr. Lizard the Wizard: "I Con! I Con! I Con!"

 Translation: "I can't talk!"

 It is a Language of Death.

Looks like the lizards can't talk.

"Awk! Awk! Awk!"

 It means "help me" in a Language of Death.

The crows have nothing to say either.

Hebe is a Hunting Deity better than Coyote. There is more Lore. Trivia it is what this Lore is called as well.

You have to know that all the Cultures of the Native Americans are Dying. Those Cultures will do Anything to Stay Alive in "Camp."

They have War.

We have War too.

 Kommandant Kitten says, "When we live they die!"

We are examining all the Other Alternatives but, it keeps going back to that.

The Negroes are going there too. Towards the Primitive, and the Negroes must not enter those Realms.

"Step not down into those Darkly Shining Realms." says Kitten.
The Negroes are going there too. Towards the Primitive, and the Negroes must not enter those Realms.

"Step not down into those Darkly Shining Realms." says Kitten.

"Or you will be Lost Forever."
The Negroes are going there too. Towards the Primitive, and the Negroes must not enter those Realms.

"Step not down into those Darkly Shining Realms." says Kitten.

"Or you will be Lost Forever."

The Happy Fruit is here. The Pomegranates are in Season again. This one Kitten is eating is ripe, and very juicy, and sweet. The Tamarind fruit wasn't bad at all.

The Black Separatists have been forming a kind of Masonry. These are the more sophisticated Negroes as opposed to Gangs. This "Masonry" is networked nationally, and internationally just exactly, like a Ku Klux Klan. There are these Black Brotherhoods in the United States. They managed to connect with Negro Brotherhoods in Africa. Another, kind of Power is happening. That is Tribalism. As we know United States Negroes are an admixture of  Other Races. Like the Ku Klux Klan there are arguments regarding Blood Purity. It has declared President Obama to be "White." If we accept some of the very bloody history of Tribalism in Africa. It won't be long before we find Negroes to be at each other's throats. This long history of Gang violence says this is ongoing right now. This is a natural consequence since, these Negroes do not want be assimilated to become part of a Modern American Culture. What are we going to do with these throwbacks? They are Un American. There was a Civil War hard fought over this very issue of separatism. These separatists have wanted a Separate State, or States to form their Black Nation. This has already, been tried with the Native Americans with the Indian Reservation System. That "Camp System" is being dissolved. Because, Native Americans have "Bad Camps" There is another model that worked much better: Auschwitz! It will be totally autonomous. It will not be under any laws save "Camp Law." They won't have Senator(s), or Congress anything just a Kommandant that is an absolute ruler. A total dictator like so many African countries have today. This is where social unrest always, arrives in Africa.

On a more positive note. Let's talk about Taoism! It is 1:22 PM; Sunday the 18th of October; Year 2014. The President's name is Obama. Sanity Test Passed: You now have the Tao every bit of the Tao. This Tao is very secular. It what people also call "Life." The Old Man says so.

Hindu Caste System

This System was put in place out of Military Necessity. This all came from Mars. They may call Him another Name. Here we can see from a Military Prospective who Krishna really is.

When you are in the Military you are assigned a Place: Military Occupational Specialty. That makes sense.

Question: Why hasn't anybody to my knowledge said anything like this?

This what this Caste System means we have a place, and we can make rank in it.


When we talk about Echelon we are talking about Royalty. We are not sure if there has been a King in this country but, Kitten suspects there has been a King of the United States of America.

The Training Deities

This what you are wanting to know this all the time you have been reading this. So be it.

The Purpose of the Training Deity is to Train Your Mind.

Usually, this is put together in India.

The format is pretty much here too.

The Enemy put together several Training Deities.

The Enemy is Domestic, and Native to my country.

Stalin had prohibitions against this Occult Orientation.

Rightly so.

This can blow back on you.


Ashtoreth is a Demon.
Ashtoreth is associated with the Shadow God Astaroth.
You do understand that?
Their explanation is this is Empathy.
It sort of is.
There is more...
There alway, is.
Now, you know that.
They don't.
Because, it was put together with purloined Hindu writings.
It will take you about 18 months.
You know you are at war.
You have trained until, Ashtoreth is very Present.
Now, you can die.
Now, you don't want to die.
The enemy didn't know that was possible.
Kitten can get you out of that.

Zeus Oromazdes

You can train for five years for Him.
"Zeus" is a Demon.
You know about Caligula.
He was the worst Roman Emperor ever.
This Deity went to the Kennedy family to destroy them.
Because, this Deity is really Father Mithrais.
Kitten has found the antidote.
The Apotheois of Mithra must continue.
That is to Redeem Mithra.
There is a little book purporting to be a work of Grand Masonry.
Kennedy fell for that.
It indeed did come from a Mason.
That Mason is a Martian.
Kennedy is lucky.
He can form his own Free Masonry too!
Kennedy's Masons got busy building Pergamon!
Now, we can have Satan's Seat in Washington D.C.!
They think it is all nothing but, Empathy!
This is psychology!
It is just a Role!
Now, they are in their Roles!
Let us play!
This is based on Military Game Theory.
He has got everything together to be "Zeus" immediately!
He knows he is "Zeus."
The rest is history.


You train for eight years in order to get rid of Him.
Mouse is Annihilation.
He is the Steed of the Gods of India.
Kitten isn't sure about that but, let's just say Mouse is really that!
Somehow, these people believed Mouse is Kalikin!
Actually, Mouse has to find the Forerunner of Kalikin.
Kalikin is the Last Incarnation of Vishnu!
Kitten had to make the Deal to be the Forerunner.
The Forerunner must engage in War against the Backrunner.
The Forerunner wants to have the Best of Everything.
That is to Modernize Civilization.
We must go on to Something Better.
The Evil Backrunner wants to keep everybody mired in Anarchy, Death, and Primitive Culture.
You learn to think in Forward Terms.
The Search goes on for more Forerunners.
That is to Insure Progress.
Then Kalikin Incarnates.
Kalikin has done that.

The Goat

You know the Goat is the Devil.
Other people might not know this.
Then there is the Lure of the Forbidden.
He is Father Mithrais.
 He is Brother Mithrais if you are a Mason.
Again the Antidote is the Apotheois of Mithra.
This is always, presented under the guise of gaining some Secret Knowledge.
This is the Bone of Contention between Kitten, and Wicca.
Satannas; some Others are just Him.
Robin Good Fellow actually, is Him.
So is William Tell.
There is a Rule.
"You must not kill anybody."
Because, Mithra wants to be Redeemed.
What will happen is this person who has Him may kill somebody, or cause the death of somebody.
The One got Mithra like that as the Goat Man.

More Training

Kitten is training you rightly in certain ways.
First you are told this Sophistry.
You will encounter this Sophistry in literature a lot.
Now, you can know It when you see It.
You have to be Led by the Hand by Severity passed so many Traps, Pit Falls, Snares, Booby Traps, Poison Bait... until you can discern the Path. Severity is now, is Charity. Severity is also called: the "Fear of God." Finally, you will find "Freedom". You will get some freedom in your life. You will want more freedom. Then you have to have Liber. You have to read the "Love Book" of King Louis XIV. Knowing you are God fearing, and all that we can go further.

Now, you have Liber. Then you can read, and write. That makes qualified to be a Citizen of the World.

The Right

The Right is a Dragon. You have to be right all the time in order to ride the Dragon.


"No! I am not going to marry him! I am not going to have his baby! I am not pregnate! I hate that movie "Juno!"

Juno has a Dark Girl too. The Dark Juno is the Big Girl. Kitten is lucky. Juno has just jumped on Kitten's large lap. This is really entertaining. Because, the Big Girl gets along well with Persephone, and Ceres. You might find them together. You might.

 You could find the Big Girl talking next to a well with the Well Being Amphitrite. That gets you big favors from Neptune. They may correspond to the Naga King, and the Naga Queen of India, Nepal, and South East Asia.

Juno gets along famously with Diana, and Hebe is always, in attendance. All the Luminaries are with Diana usually, the Luminaries are with Juno as well.

The Dark Moon is made up of many portions that are the Dark Girl. The Dark Girl is always, called "the Girl." Here, She is the Love Girl. "Luv!" That is Her call.

The Dark Girl is the Redeemed Hel. The Dark Girl is being Amorous. Really, Lovey.

Every Deity knows when the Dark Girl is Amorous. She is safe to be around.

Let Her be "Luv."

However, the Big Girl is a Global Juno. She is very dangerous.

There are Other Junos that are concerned.

Rightly, so.

The Dark Girl is doing the Diana business because, people keep hurting Diana.

They have even harmed the Luminaries.

Most of these people have a history of Autism.

This Work is meant to play upon their Key Weaknesses.

They are prone to Visions.

That right thinking folks know are nothing but, Hallucinations.

They do a lot of Day Dreaming.

Rather, than paying attention to Reality.

They have Magical Thinking.

They believe they can make things happen.

If they get into Meditation, or Allied Spiritual practices.

They are then prone to Malignate Narcissism.

The Great Spirit

Now, Friend Kitten has found a discrepancy regarding the Yaksha of a "Sacred Land of the Navajo Tribe."
 There is a problem.
The "Sacred Land" is radioactive!
 Therefore, it is unsuitable for the "Lord of the Soil."
 All the animals are dying there.
Annnd, so!
 By the Power of this Geas the Mountain Lord will find better Lands.
 Now, people will be able to mine that mountain without fear of His Wrath. That is something like a Lighting Bolt.
 Now, He can go into the Hogans with Them.
 They will be ours.
The Dark Girl is right in there already!
The Big Girl is there too!
Zeus is there!
Mithra as the Man is going in there!
The Man has something to say to them.
"You are not Clowns!"
This is the most unfunny thing that can happen to anybody.
There are many Great Spirits.
They are all Secular.

The Hogan

That is a Lodge by the way.
 Lodges go back to Prehistoric Times: Stone Age.
 That is really Old: an Ancient Folkway.
Their are Low Landers, and Highlanders.
The Mountain Tribes vs the Low Land Tribes.
Nomadic way of life spent hunting, and gathering.
Modern Amerind life is a lot different rather, than an Ancient Paradise of Havoc.
It was really tough to live like that.
Cannibals aren't much around in the United States of America.
We hope so.
But, we can go back!
What do you think?


Kitten has been informed there is a terrible outbreak of Head Lice in Canada!
Psychiatrists have thought Meditation was a cure for Autism.
They hoped it made them more Empathic.
The trouble is it did!
They have learned to hack into people's heads like someone can hack into your computer.


Kitten likes to head fight with Bob sometimes.
It's Heads Across the Skies!
This is it!
It is the ultimate Telepathic Confrontation!
Bob is Dionysus.
Bob always, comes out on top.
Bob always, rises to the occasion.
He does.
Bob just Bobbed up Inside the Head of an Enemy Agent.
Bob is right on top of him.
The Controller is in place.


Ben has always, Been There Done That.
There is more of the Redeemed Dionysus.
This Enemy Agent is trying to make a move in the Great Game.
Ben has already, Been There Inside their Heads.
Done That!
They can't do anything!
They have been Slow Poked!
They will be Bull Frogged later.
These guys are going to croak.
It will just come natural.
Because, one of them just died.

Kitten hopes you understand, these Head Fights, or Magical Wars can go on for years.
Who wants to be immersed in all that?
But, "These People" don't want to stop.
It is always, something terrible like this.
Kitten doesn't start these fights.
That is true.

Will Penny

You have got a penny Will will work for you.
Will is Bill sometimes.
The Enemy has Will.
They think it is their True Will.

These are some examples of Psychological Combat.
You may want to know about that.


The Wild Star is up there.
Sol says it is good.
Sol is the Stability of Our Star.
Sol is important.
That is Wild.
The Wild Sun is up there.
That is Wild.
The Wild Sun is Shining Wildly.
That is Wild.
The Wild Light is coming down irradiating everything on a Wild Planet.
Everything on Earth has become Wild.
That is Wild.
Queer is the First Step.
The Next Step is totally Wild.
That is Wild.
There is nothing like this.
Because, there just isn't.
That is Wild.
The Wildness is breaking down all Barriers to Enlightenment.
That is Wild.
The Wild Man is uncaged.
That is Wild.

This poem is dedicated to the Redeemed Bacchus.
This is really Wild.

The Dark Girl has to come down to take a break from all hostilities.
Kitten must refresh the Love Girl.
Juno is on Kitten's lap.
The Love Girl has to get good things from Juno.
Kitten's relationship to the Deities is like Courtly Love.
Diana wants Her Realm back.
The Dark Girl didn't damage anything!
The Dark Girl, or "the Girl" is really Good!
The Dark Girl won't absorb everything.
The Dark Girl is in Love with Kitten!
It is just that the Dark Girl has to be called back.
Kitten is Lonely!
It gets strange.
The Dark Girl doesn't want to tell Kitten everything.
It will make Kitten ill!
This is the Theory and Practice of Hell Everywhere.
Kitten wants the Dark Girl to enlarge Her Dominion.
The the Dark Girl will not be in That Place.
Be with Kitten Forever.

Kitten will not teach all of Courtly Love.
People must be good.
People have to be centered.
People have to be Royal.
At least know how to act like it!
That means you have to support Royalty.
If you have it .
You will get it from Kommandant Kitten.
I'm sorry!
But, there is not another way.
The Huguenots might get it.
That would be a disaster of the First Magnitude.
They will harm Love.
That will Destroy Our Redemption.
This is terrible!
You will be My Person.
That is My Student.
Or, you won't be anybody's.
Treason is not a Virtue.
Courtly Love is not Tantra.
Bacchus is Free.
The Truth of the Libertine is even more terrible.
Liberty is a Tyrant!
The Laws of Liberty are cruel beyond belief!
It's Debby again!
It is Ceres as a Young Nubile Teenage Girl!
We have got to get Dionysus going!
Moving right along!
Young Athletes have to train hard.
We have more games.
Dionysus has been giving Kitten's Enemies Infinite Games to keep them from Knowing anything.
The "Assholes" might get too smart!


You must know more of My Psycological Warfare!
Kitten wants you to.
Don't harm Lindsey Lohan!
Do not hurt Tara Reid!
Don't harm any of Kitten's Stars!
They are under Kitten's protection!
Don't harm Luv!
Luv is Kitten's Lieutenant!
Kitten hates people that play the Name Game.
Kitten wants them dead!
Leave Pome alone!
Or,  Face the Music!
There is no escape!
The Auschwitz Girls say they die!
Kitten has them all in Kitten's Camp!
That is the Enemy of America!
The Dragon is Breathing Fire on Them!
Don't touch them!
Or, they will Face the Wrath of the Cat!
They will not do this!
They will not kill girls!
They will not degrade their lives!
They will do nothing of the kind!
Kitten is infinitely cruel!
If you don't do this you will live!
Otherwise, Kitten knows holding on to vendettas is Treason.
It is Un American!
We have to live!
We didn't choose this!
They did!
Make peace quickly then!
Otherwise, this must happen!
We crave peace!
My Country will be "Girl Safe!"
We are peace loving!
Hate has many favors!
This is Radio Free Hate!
Hate is free!
But, you really have to pay for it!
Sooner or, later!
That is good Psysops!
You are Military!
You are Child of Mars!
A Child of the Cane!
If there ever was one!
Kitten has to walk you through all of this!
You will be mine!
Kitten has found out!
This character showed up!
There he is in his cut off blue jeans!
Hideous foolery!
He wants audience with the King of Brussels!
The Shame of America is right in front the Belgian People!
To queer for words!
That man is insane!
No doubt about that!
Luxembourg has gotten this too!
Can anybody imagine this?
This is terrible!
Monaco has had this experience!
Kitten wants to kill them!
The Shame of America is overseas!
It can't possibly be this!
It is!
Agent Paws says so about it concerning Russia too!
Are they like this in Germany?
They still want to persecute the Stassi!
These people must die for this!
How can we talk about the Third Reich?
We can't!
 This is called "hushing!"
Is all human rights "hush work?"
It might be a kind of "Hideout!"
We are going to have to look for them!
Their Papers had better be in Order!
"American's" (Un Americans) are working on making this Hate happen!
They are these counterculture people constantly filled with hate!
We have to kill them!
They cherish this hate too much for words!
We want to talk first!
But, they hate me!
This no talking of their infinite hatred is their rule.
They must die!
They kill girls!
It is the Way!
Kill them!
Kitten is a villain!
This is pure Psysops!

Now, you have got some idea?
No, you don't.
Each pyschops has to be handcrafted.
You must make all of it your sophistry.
You get to be a villain too.
In s sense you have to rewrite the book here to make it all yours.
That way everything makes sense to you.

Kitten is right up
Kitten doesn't like people.
That are harming Girls.
From the Far Off Land of Mew!
Kitten must come to take them all on!
Kitten does!
Syria knowns this.
We must!
That Cat is Up!
This incredibility happening!
It Must!
These people hate girls!
This is interesting.
What else?
In Israel this is incredibly there.
What happened?
The Cat is Happening.
Bad People are dying!
They should!
In Belgium !
These Assholes are still trying to kill the Royalty off.
Kitten doesn't agree with this Head Fighting of these Tibetan People
They must die for this..
They are Unworthy of  Life.
Many people in my Country have gotten this Contagion.

The Love Baskets of Ashtoreth

The Love Baskets are thrown into your Enemies.
Each one of them can nourish at least six Love Baskets.
Each Love Basket has a Little Character in there.
Dionysus has decreed a whole Day of Play for Kitten.
Ashtoreth has a Game called "War Craft."
Dionysus is the God of Games.
Dionysus is good with Kitten.
People have to Play.
Dionysus approves of this Game: War Craft.
There may be a computer game called War Craft.
That is not it.
This Game is Ashtoreth's.
It is nothing but, Her's.
Ashtoreth is a Devil.
She says so too.
Ashtoreth has a Book: "How to not harm my person."
Kitten helped write it.
The Game has Levels.
You have to win all the time.
Then you can win Ashtoreth.
The Love Baskets are made by Ashtoreth.
Each Love Basket has a Little Character.
They are Cartoon Characters.
The Love Baskets look like picnic baskets.
This the Cartoon Magic of Ashtoreth.
This Love Basket has Mr. Cool in there.
You know the Love Baskets are there to be put inside Enemies.
These are people that will kill you.
This is War Craft.
Mr. Cool can swear like a Rap Star.
Even better.
Because, he is Mr. Cool.
That man now has real character.
Mr. Cool has a mouth piece.
That gets him out of Kitten's way.
This Love Basket has the Bomb.
Boom! Boom! Boom!
I'm a Baby Boomer.
There is an Enemy.
He has just gone off like a bomb.
He just crashed his car in a fit of road rage.
He isn't going to bother Kitten at all.
This Love Basket has Mine.
Mine is in there.
It's mine!
This Enemy knows this is mine.
He just stoled money from a bank.
He has been moved out of the way.
This Love Basket has a Mother in there.
This man is being mothered.
She is whoring his life away.
He is too busy to go after Kitten
This Love Basket has a Baby on board.
Baby is a real child actor.
That man is a child star.
He can sing, and dance on the stage.
It's a rock concert.
He knows he has more talent that the man playing up there.
He just wrestled his guitar away from him.
He smashed it like Jimmy Hendrix.
He can't set it on fire.
The security people have him in handcuffs.
When men have talent like that.
They are not going to hurt Kitten.
This Love Basket has Star Leader.
Star Leader has gotten a Star Base.
That man has a leader.
He will have to follow Her.
He has been led away from Kitten.
The game is played in the Hidden Country.
The one you didn't know existed.
In the War Craft Game it does.
The people there are devils.
They all look human.
But, they are not.
Kitten can't get near Ashtoreth.
Ashtoreth Loves Kitten.
So Ashtoreth does get near Kitten.
This is as good a relationship you can have with a Devil.
Ashtoreth is satan.
That is an adversary.
Kitten can play.
Other people better not.
This is Ashtoreth's Game: War Craft.
Kitten is allowed to play.
Kitten wins all the time.
Ashtoreth cheats for Kitten.
This a real Psychological Combat Game.
The Game runs logically.
It can.
The Game runs illogically.
Sometimes does.
The Game can run alogically.
That can happen too.
This can all happen in the Game only.
This is sophistry.
Love Baskets are expensive.
The Enemy has to pay for them.
Each Love Basket is filled with War Craft.
There are Other Love Baskets.
This Love Basket has Bunny Rabbit.
Bunny Rabbit steals.
Bunny Rabbit hops around  a lot.
Bunny Rabbit must go the Hop every so often.
Mc Donald's will do in a jiffy.
This moves Enemies away from Kitten.

The Tara Interview

"I am Tara."
Green Tara is right there.
"Hi Tara!"
Tara has come to live with Kitten forever.
Tara eats lots of fruit.
Pomona is standing there with Her Fruit Basket.
It is all in there.
All the fruit of every tree is there.
Tara will eat every bit of it.
Hebe is here.
Hebe has Her Cup.
Hebe is an Amazon.
Tara is a Luminary.
Tara is an Amazon.
Bacchus is here.
Strong drink is being poured for Kitten by Bacchus Himself.
It's about this head fighting.
The Tibetans are doing it again.
But, they really shouldn't.
Tara was a prisoner in Tibet.
Kitten: "It wasn't the Chinese?
Tara: "No! It wasn't!"
Here Kitten is Agent Paws again.
Paws: "Aren't you going save the Tibetan People?"
Tara: "No! I won't!"
Paws: "You are not going to help them?"
Tara: "Never! I am not going to do anything for them!"
Paws: "Maybe, their Gods will assist them?"
Tara: "No! They won't!"
Paws: "The Spiritual Meditation angers the Gods?"
Tara: "They hate them!"
Paws: "How do the Chinese put up with them?"
Tara: "They kill them!"
Paws: "I feel like that myself too!"
Diana: "Paws!"
Paws: "Yes?"
 Diana: "Don't talk about your Private Club."
Paws: "You mean the African War Club? It dispels head magic."
Diana: "That is it."
Paws: "It has this large knot for busting the head of an Enemy. It is grown from a single branch of the teak tree. As long as my forearm. A girl can swing it easily. But, not too hard. Brains will spatter everywhere if you do that. You have to get it from Africa."
Diana: "Don't tell them about it."
Paws: "The Chinese might buy them in great quantities."
Hebe: "There aren't too many."
Tara: "Don't go to Tibet!"

The Story of the Rescue of Green Tara
The Short Version.

The Apotheosis of Mithra is still going on.
Mithra has gone from Mithra the Occult, to Mithra the Man, and is now Mithra the Adept, or Magi.
Agent Paws is being sent to rescue Tara right now.
Agent Paws has it all.
Agent paws has the Mithraic Crown.
Agent Paws has the Mithraic Cloak.
Has that too.
Agent Paws has the Mithraic Dagger.
It is the best.
Agent Paws has the Mithraic Footwear.
To walk easily anywhere at any time.
Agent Paws is on a Magic Carpet.
Hutaput, hutaput, put, put put : put, put, put.
Tara is on board.
Hutaput, hutaput, put, put, put: put put, put.
Here we are.
Back home.

Juno: "Paws!"
Paws; "I am right here."
Juno: "You have to pay attention to me."
Paws: "Yes, Love."
Juno: "The Goddess Liber is trapped inside this horrible statue."
Paws: "That is awful."
Juno: "We must rescue Her."
Paws: "The Magic Carpet is ready Love."
Juno: We are going to New York Harbor."
Paws: "Off we go!"
Hutaput, hutaput, hutaput, put, put put: put put put.
The Goddess Liber is climbing on with some regrets.
Liber: "I want go to France."
Everyone is crying.
Persephone: "Don't cry. I will look after everything."
Hutaput, hutaput, hutaput, put, put, put: put, put, put.
Juno "We are in Paris my Love."
The Goddess Liber is getting off the Magic Carpet.
Juno: "We are going to Vienna!"
Paws: "Austria?"
Hutaput, hutaput, hutaput, put, put, put: put, put, put.
The Bomb: "Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!"
Kitten: "That is to bring Him up out of the ground."
Juno: "He is coming up to fight!"
The Enemy: "I am coming."
Juno "That Dragon is coming up out of the of ground of Austria."
Juno: "That is the Dragon of Tibet."
Kitten: "But, He is much more."
Juno: "Dragons seldom fight."
Juno: "Dragons always, live in people."
Juno: "Dragons are only as strong as the people that have them."
Juno: "This Dragon is contending for the Land of Austria."
Kitten: "This Dragon comes from Another Universe."
Kitten: "It doesn't have Our Laws. It only has Its' Own Laws."
Camp: "I will Imprison Him!"
Kitten: "Has Two Dragons Facing that Dragon."
Juno: "You can call on the Revolution but, that Dragon might not fight for you."
Kitten: "I have. The Revolution is here! I am the Forerunner!"
The Dragon of Tibet; "I can still stand."
Kitten: "Pika are you there for me? Expel Him!"
Juno: "The pika have come up for Kitten. They are chirping loudly."
Juno: " Kitten has found something in Vienna that Kitten absolutely detests."
Agent Paws: "It is Another Administration that is against Austria since 1966. Another Government that is not Austrian. It threatens all of Europe. It is allied with this Evil in the United States."
Liber: "France is fighting It too."
Agent Paws: "We must hold our ground."

Agent Paws has found a treasure trove of books. Here is one of them.

"The New Turner Diaries"

I looked outside.
 They are not out there.
 They are coming for me.
I don't even have a gun.
They took all my guns away.
I have to go to this place.
They say I am a bad man.
It is going to be soon.
They are testing the gallows.

"I am Zeus"

You are Zeus.
 That is correct.
This is the Form of Zeus.
You can see it right here from Ancient Rome.
He looks just like you.
Do that!
You can say you are Zeus.
You are more than the President.
You are the King of the Gods.
Who can resist you?
You understand you are not crazy.
Not when you are Zeus!
You are sanity itself.
Who is going to argue with Mr. Sanity?
That is a good question.

"You're Nuts"

You do understand?
Chances are you are not nuts!
You don't understand.
Pay attention to Kitten.


This the second Jane book.
So you are Jane.
You are not nuts.
We can work with that.
You are Jane.
Juno is Jane.

Kitten has to explain Mithra more.
The Mithraic Crown.
Mithraic Cloak.
 Mithraic Dagger.
The Mithraic Shoes.
Have to go to Severity.
Severity returns them to Mithra to continue in the Apotheosis of Mithra.
This is Mithra the Adept.
This is the Work of the Forerunner.
The same prohibitions are still in force.
Don't be Mithra.
Don't Worship Mithra.
Don't Bother Mithra.

Further Explanation of Juno, Ceres, Persephone, and the Love Girl.
Juno is there for Contending for Place, Rank, and Status.
Juno Finds Good Companions.
You should add to Your Juno from people that already, have Juno by getting Benedictions from people that already, have Juno as well as Kitten.
Ceres is there when for Contending for the Land, Property, Industry, and Agriculture.
With Ceres no one can easily Dethrone Juno in a Contest of Authority.
Persephone prevents people from Undermining Ceres in a Contest of Authority.
That is why Ceres, and Proserpina are paired up.
Hence, the Custom of Pairing Up Girls Life Long.
The Love Girl is there to Guard Your Life.
The Love Girl is given only by Kitten.
The Love Girl is a Gift of the Dark Girl.
Tara is there to Protect Your Merit.
Then the Virtues will Cleave to You.
Catherine is given to Protect Your Purity.
Nirrti is given to Protect Your From Corruption.

The Revised Candle Burning Ritual

Beginning with any candle.
It is always, a Sans Candle.
For the Sanitary Purpose.
That candle if it is burning for someone who is mine too.
All the more power to you.
All of Kitten's Deities are coming.
Kitten is a villain.
May you get the best of everything from this Sans Ritual.
He is secured in Camp.
There is no escape.
The Dragon of Auschwitz Birkenau says,
"I will imprison you."
He can not escape the flames.
He is secured in Camp.
The Bomb has decreed in the Name of the Bomb.
A day of radiation for him.
The gentle radiance is filling him up.
He is still secured in Camp.
He can not escape the flames.
The Dragon of the Revolution is breathing fire on him in the Name of Progress.
And, so.

You understand, the Zeus Book?
That book was given to President Kennedy.
His brother Robert Kennedy got read the Little Book too.
This book could only go to two people.
The purpose of this book should be obvious.
It there to set them up to die.

The Apocalypse

The Jane Book is a bit different.
The first Jane book went to somebody like Jane Fonda.
This went to Jane when she was nineteen.
The Jane Book "Juno" came from Great Britain.
Totenkophverbande is a question that must have an answer.
Jane is Death's Head.
Because, it is one of the Powers Jane has as the Scarlet Woman.
This person will have power.
Juno is Royal Power.
Great Britain might grant Jane that.
The Kremlin has learned this.
An Assassin shot Jane in the face with eight grams of HCN at point blank range.
He definitely dropped her.
In a movie theater in Lower Manhattan.
Jane managed to recover the next day in a hospital.
That is impossible!
Jane was meant to be.
Jane is told to write the rest of the book.
Jane did for fifty years.
But, we needed an answer right then.
It was about her fitness to rule as Juno.
We knew right away.
Comrade Stalin knew about Jane at a very early age.
Comrade Stalin wanted to recruit her.
"You should have took the cat Jane!"
Cubby had to die.
Jane's mother died when Jane was thirteen.
She didn't have the right stuff to be Juno.
It starts earlier with the Great Beast  Aleister Crowley.
Does Aleister Crowely really have Seven Heads, and Ten Horns like in the Prophecy of Jesus Christ of Nazareth?
He does.
You have to study the history of the Man carefully to find it.
A Man that knew Psychological Warfare like nobody Great Britain has ever produced before, or since.
The Man that tricked Rodolph Hess into coming to England.
The Man that worked with British Intelligence through two World Wars.
The Man that met Foreign Dignitaries: Tibet, Japan, Germany, Austria...
That is the Man that created the Scarlet Woman of Revelation as Jane in America.
That was to hold America back.
All the Characters of Revelation have been born many times.
None of them were big enough to End the World.
But, Crowley is big enough.
This is the Age of the Atom Bomb.
The Scarlet Woman is born with several Powers.
First Power: The Power of Her Soul.
Second Power: The Power of Whoredom.
Third Power: The Power of Corruption.
Fourth Power: The Power of Death.
Normally, the Scarlet Woman is born, lives, and comes to pass.
She is in the World.
There may be thousands of Scarlet Women.
That doesn't harm anybody much.
She might kill her husband for an inheritance, or something terrible.
But, considering her husband is nothing but, a brute.
It is not a great loss.
It might even be a benefit.
Jane is different.
Jane has a Doom.
  Crowley did that.
Crowley gave instructions.
Jane was never to leave New York City.
Jane was never, ever to set foot in Britain.
This would cause grave misfortune.
Jane was never to meet the Royalty under any circumstances.
There are three things that are a failsafe in the even something goes terribly wrong.
They have to bring Jane through from that time to this time with her soul intact.
Ceres has denied Jane the land.
Ceres is against this from the beginning.
Jane has no right to own anything.
Crowley was looking for the most evil woman he could find.
He spent decades looking for her.
Crowley has hundreds of Cult People, and Foreign Agents looking for the right person.
He did find her in France at the Time of the Sun King Louis XIV.
Jane then was executed for High Treason against the Crown of France at Versailles.
Jane was burned to ashes then.
Her name was blotted out.
Persephone, Father Mithrais, and Tanith got her for Him.
Hebe says this is terrible.
Sappho hates her.
Diana doesn't want her.
Here is the problem.
 Jane's soul is fully formed.
Jane incarnated like a Rinpoche.
Here is the problem.
In Tibet things don't change a lot.
There is not much to learn.
Here is this Woman in a little girl's body.
At age five Jane prophesies as Jezebel.
This is getting known.
The Nazis know it.
The Soviet Union knows it.
But, the British forgot it.
Jane is going to get loose.
Jane wants to run everything.
She didn't even have the right stuff to even be Jane.
A person unworthy of life.
We knew that.
We had to test her anyway.
She failed.
The failsafe has been activated.
That is the end of Jane.
When Jane's Time is there.
That is when all of Jane's Works are Destroyed.
Jane's Daemon is living in people.
That is the Work of Jane.
Here we are with a new Jane Book.
Don't harm Paws.
Even if you can't have him.
But, if you can.
That is best.
Then Paws can do things for you.

About Finances

If you get money.
There is one question Juno always, asks.
"What do you want?"
Kitten entertains the long version.
"Who are you for?"
"Who are you with?"
"Why are you here?"
"Where are you?"
"What do you want?"
Everyone of those questions has to have a right answer before Kitten will touch anything you have to give."
You have to be that finicky too.
Then you will never get into trouble.
Kitten works.
Workers must know everything.


Concentration is the same as Meditation.
 It can take the form of Contemplation.
You need not do any specific exercises in order to concentrate.
You can do that while you are smoking a cigarette.
Tobacco is an aid to Meditation.
 Everybody Meditates.
 If you can Concentrate on your Work while you are Working that is very good.
 When you Concentrate on Playing while you Play that is best.
 Your mind is focused on what you are doing, and experiencing.
There are wrong views concerning Meditation.
 Many people sit for long periods of time doing violence to their minds, and bodies.
 That is perversion of the mind.
 That mind will become selfish.
 That will become addictive.
 This is narcissism.
 They drop out of Society.
 They become bad people.
Because, they are antisocial.
It can go further.
Malignate Narcissism.
That person is a devil.
What do you think?
A person may experience enlightenment during this time while they are sitting in Meditation.
Know that such practices are foolish.
That work, and play are best.
Be socialable.
That is better.
You are political.
You are enlightened.

Now, Kitten has at least Five Dragons.
The Bomb.
The Revolution.
The Forerunner.
The Syndicate.
Now, you know that.
You will be able to use Them too.

The Holy Grail

All of these Cups are patterned after Diana's Cup.
Remember, that.
This is Hebe's Cup.
That is important to know that.
The Cup is filled with Merit.
That is given to God.
After Severity has given the Cup back to Hebe.
Hebe can drink from it.
That Cup is always, replenished with fresh Merit.
That Merit is usually, made by People.
But, it can be made by Animals, Plants, and Other.
Merit can be Inherit in the Ground Its' Self.
The Soul Its' Self does not have Merit save by Self Effort.
That makes Merit.
Work generates Merit.
You do have a Stock of Merit.
Most of the time this Merit can not be used.
Okay, we will look at some variations of the Cup.
The Grail Legends speak of a Cup that was with Christ at the Last Supper.
This is Diabolical.
King Arthur by means of the Cup Ritual could put the Chalice inside People to take their Merit for Himself.
It is a variation of the Loving Cup by the Scarlet Woman.
That Cup goes to Her too.
You don't want that Grail Cup.
Do you?
That will harm you.
It goes to these Tantraic Objects.
These are Dharma Objects.
Pay close attention.
Kitten can use everyone of these Dharma Objects.
There is a Cup, or something like a Cup.
That can be put in People.
Kitten's Deities always, look for these Things.
This "Pitcher," "Vase," "Cup," etc can do a lot of harm.
The "Treasure Vase" can harm the Land.
Ceres doesn't like this at all.
There is a "Treasure Vase" that can harm the Waters.
Neptune doesn't like it.
In Tantraic Buddhism all this is made by Tara.
Kitten has Tara.
They don't.
That is the Dark Ages.
These are weapons used always, used on Enemies.
These are useful Psychological Warfare Devices.
Every Psysops Leader should know how to use them.
These objects may not be inside people.
But, our Sophistry says they are really there inside them.
We need them to know we are enslaving them by this method.
We have the Magic of the Tedium.
We eroding a way their Human Being.
We are stealing their Merit.
They will die soon.
Ceres is running with Her Treasure Chest.
All the Lands of the Enemy are now, belonging to Ceres.
Ceres will do that for Kitten.
This Cup does not belong to Diana.
The Cup belongs to Bacchus.
Bacchus is receiving the Offering from His Corybant.
The Corybant is in the train of Ceres.
John Barleycorn still Lives!

The Chamber Pot

You know what a spittoon looks like?
This is another variation of a Dharma Object.
It is there to take all the Merit out of the person.
It 's in there.
This is done to people Kitten really hates.
The Trash Master will pick it up after it fills up with nectar.

The Eight Auspicious Signs

This to activate the Tantra in people.
There are actually, Eight Signs in there.
They all mean something.
You will see these Signs displayed at Rock Concerts.
Now, you have the Eight Suspicious Signs.
Why are they there.
Once, that Tantra is activated you can put the Dharma objects in.
What's going on?
Well, let's get started.

This is a Sacred Parasol.
It will shield you from the sun.
It can also, be used to darken your life.
It will bring you misfortune.

This the Precious Conch Shell.
That is used to make Sacred Music.
It makes sounds.
This can be turned against you too.
You will hear nothing good.
You won't want to be in a concert.
All the music in the world will be just noise.
The lyrics of poetry will be nonsensical.
You how this can degrade your life.
Pay Attention to Kitten.

The Fish like in other religious art is a Sign of Omniscience.
This will help you see better.
It can be used to blind you to the obvious.
You won't see important visual cues.
You won't be able to visualize clearly.
Your dreams will be unworthy.

This is the Precious Knot.
Gordian Knot was the same thing.
That means the Tapestry is Woven Tight.
Your Tantra is good.
This can be unraveled.
Your Tantra will be bad.

This is the Precious Vase.
You put treasure in there.
It is a variation of the treasure chest.
Normally, it can be put in the ground to Consecrate the Land for Tibet.
Another, Treasure Vase is used to Consecrate the Waters for Tibet.
This should bring rain.
But, that Vase can go sour.
That makes it hard to live on that Land.
The Other Vase will harm the waters somehow.
It may bring drought, and famine.
That is pretty bad.

This is the Precious Banner.
It will bring you fame, and renown.
Big Brother has a problem with it.
What does this Banner say?
Maybe, it could bring you infamy.
No one will recognize your work.

The Lotus gives birth to your Tantra.
You don't have Tantra.
Let's say you do.
You are a seminal person you give birth to things.
You are inventive.
You should be.
That means you can improvise.

The Precious Wheel is the Dharma Itself.
Dharma applies to the Laws of Nature.
As you know Law is also, man made too.
Understand, that well.
You will be law abiding.
This is obvious.
A reversal will break all the Laws there are.
You will become an Anarchist of the worst sort.
Tibetan Dharma is there way of trying to gain power over Nature.
There technology was magical.


Most of the Witches, and Priests of the Old Religion don't understand.
Now, many Dharma Students do not know their Ritual Implements can be turned against them.
 A playful friend could switch things on them.
It is like the roles of the Sword, and Wand are interchanged.
Your Magic Sword is really a Magic Wand.
But, you don't know this.
The purpose of your Ritual Magic will be different.
A Tibetan Lama can do this too.
So can an Ordinary Monk.
There is another problem.
Your Goddess may be bound in service to them.
But, they will try, and get rid of Her.
You are not alone.
They have tried to Banish Jesus all the time.
They don't want anybody in their way.
This is how they can control all the Magic in the World.
They have got another problem.
They have harmed Kitten.
Kitten is Loved by Diana.
Hebe is with Kitten as Kitten's Luminary.
Tara has been called away from Tibet.
Tara is another Luminary.
Mahakala has been called away from Tibet.
The Dharma Protector's are with Kitten.
Point of Contention is the Right Use of Empathy.

The Woman of Tantra

In Tibetan Tantra a woman is used to attain that.
Now, they can just forget about her.
Because, they can clearly have all that.
They took all that out of her.
Here we have the strange faith that Tantric Man is Woman.
This comes out of the Empathy of Samadhi.
Woman is all the Women in the World that ever existed, or will exist.
That is quite a claim?
Kitten has summoned the Woman of Tantra.
Actually, this is where we go.
Ancient India, Nepal, and Pakistan at about the time of the Second Dali Lama.
That is true.
This is the First Flowering of Woman.
During that time are bad places where We have been banished.
These are the real Adepts.
Kommrade Kitten has found a means.
There are Six Tantric Goddesses that are Woman as defined by Kitten.
There is two from Nepal.
These were the first.
Three in Pakistan.
One in India.
That was during that time period.

Head Fighting

This form of Empathy involves Soul Travel.
A really stupid Enemy might try this form of attack.
They possess hundreds of fighting forms the Soul can assume.
It is still stupid.
If you don't fight.
You can't lose.
If you lose you may die.
Or, it may take three, or more years for you to heal.


When Persephone is incarnate, or Otherwise.
Don't take any chances.
The Supernal Flame of Persephone is Incarnate.
It took a lot of work to Redeem Her Out of That Place.
Kitten does not want to go back, and get Proserpina Back Out.
It cost Kitten an infinite amount of Merit to do this.
Proserpina needs to be with Kitten all the time.
Just be Love.


Some teachings say you should identify with your Enemy.
That is not the way to fight.
Remember, the Rules of Engagement.
You are at War.
The Enemy wants to kill you, or something bad like that.
You don't want to die.
You are a Villain.
Trickery is fair.
Ignorance is strength.
War is Peace.
Slavery is Freedom.
Corruption is good.
If the Enemy were anything like you.
They would not be the Enemy.
The Enemy is not Human.
Otherwise, they would be just like us.
The Enemy is always, crazy.
They would not be fighting us if they were sane.
Under force all is fair.
This is play without rules.
Use the people, and resources of the Enemy to destroy the Enemy.
Saints are hard to fight.
 Kill them, or you will lose the Peace.

How To Break Cleanly

Kitten is telling you that Sophistry can be used to enslave you.
Pay attention to Kitten.
All Magic is part of Sophistry.
Tantra, and Sophistry are the same thing.
You understand that?
You don't.
Tantra is comprised of threads called Sutra.
Sutra is a series of sentences strung together in Strings.
Each String is made up of Words.
These Words are made up of Letters.
All this is in a certain Form.
That Form comes from an Ideal.
These Ideals come out of Axioms like in Mathematics.
This is how the system is built up.
You must make sure you are not woven into the Tapestry.
You won't be able to get out of it.
That will get you crazy.
Allow for Plausible Denial.
It is usually, put together by a person that knows what they are talking about.
That is Originator of the Sophistry.
You are going to learn this.

The Dharma Objects

So you can be inventive here.
Any one of these can be your Precious Vase.
You put this inside somebody.
They are not to know this.
There is Pseudo Science.
Astrology, Numerology, and Alchemy are excellent examples.
Here is the Sophistry.
You have to put the Vase near a lot of nerves just below the solar plexus.
The person actually, does this for you.
Ganymede will do this for you.
You don't have Ganymede.
Kitten does!
This is very secret.
This is a Cup Ritual of Ganymede.
You really have got to like Kitten a lot.
Pretend you love Kitten.
You buy a cup, or you have cup now.
The price you pay for the cup.
Is what you have paid to have the Cup of Ganymede.
That is done for.
Now, you are going to have to drink from your cup.
The Cup Ritual of Ganymede is only done once, in a lifetime.
You can practice a little.
Ganymede is Mercury.
When you are Ganymede.
Mercury is God.
Mercury is the Creator of Ganymede.
You understand, it is time to take a drink from the Cup of Ganymede.
You have Ganymede.
Ganymede is either male, or female, not both.
If you are girl.
Ganymede will be Girl.
You got that far.
You are finished.
You don't have to break the cup.
Sometimes, John Barleycorn breaks His Cup when He is done with It.
You know about that now.
This cup goes back to Hebe.
You have to have Hebe.


You will see them in the movies, cartoons, commercials, comic books, magazines, books, games, inter net, videos, and other literature.
 You will hear them too in music, radio, television, and so forth.
They lack the necessary depth to be real characters.
They are two dimensional.
You can become filled up with this unreality.
Perry Mason is not helpful for a student studying for a real law exam.
Matt Dillon can't do anything for you.
The cartoons are even worse than the Television Persona.
Is Huckleberry Hound going to be your doggie daddy?
Popular music offers no solutions to real everyday work.
People are filled with this nonsense.
Think about this.

Now, there is a difference between persona, and characters.
 This advertisement features a character as "woman."
 This is a good way to sell a product that is very, very hard to sell.
 You can trust characters.
 Models are always, trained to portray character.
 She is not two dimensional.
 That is why Fred Flintstone; a cartoon persona is a poor salesman.
 Fred Flintstone should not sell sell cigarettes.
 Cartoons are childish.
 No one that starts smoking wants to appear childish.
 Because, smoking like drinking, driving, voting, and military service are there for adults only.
 Fashion is mostly adult too.
 Here smoking is considered to be fashionable.
Digitally created advertisements with symbols, signs, and words.
Just won't hack it.
They are persona.
Ordinary people that are not models.
They are persona.
That won't sell anything much.
Who wants to be mediocre?
People smoke to be noticed.
You are selling uniqueness.

There are other problems.
 For example the Bensen and Hedges cigarette advertisements featuring the motif of "humor."
 Remember, horror elicits laughter as well.
 Kitten doesn't consider a bent cigarette any more funny than an exploding cigar.
 Humiliation doesn't sell anything at all.
Let's say the ad men are just incompetent, and not saboteurs.
Unless, you study a few more of their ads.
 Like the infamous cancer ad.
A close look at the referee in a ad featuring sports find the word "cancer" clearly on his uniform.
 Bad ad.
 Good cigarette.
 Heads need to roll on this one.
We can find lots of strange things in magazine ads.
Industry needs to look closely at this.
Radio, and television open up bright new vistas of mischief.
The Digital Age is here but, is it better?

"Holly! Are you there?
Holly: "Yes, Agent Paws."
Agent Paws: "Are you really in those flat screens?"
Holly: "Why, I sure am."
Agents Paws: "They are all safe. Right?"
Holly: "Most of the time."
Agent Paws: "Tell us more Holly."
Holly: "The new flat screens are safe. But, some of those old ones will blow up on you."
Agent Paws: "What about those old monitors, and TV sets? You have a good one. It's safe."
Agent Paws: "Can that hurt someone?"
Holly: "It can't kill them. Just gentle irradiation of the face. No permanent injury is likely."
Agent Paws: "What about Sol?"
Holly: "Holly comes down like DC (Direct Current) 90Ghz. We don't allow Ceres to play up there like on Deneb. Deneb has a extreme Holly Arc. There Holly has too much AC (Alternating Current) 90Ghz so there no life is possible. Sol does have a Holly Arc but, not a bad one."
Agent Paws: "I find that very reassuring Holly."
Holly: "Most of the stars in the Denebian Stars System. That is our Globular Cluster. Ceres likes to play with most of them."
Agent Paws: "Ceres! Is that true?"
Ceres: "That is the Music of the Spheres."
Agents Paws: "The idea of Space Aliens living nearby does seem a little bit creepy."
Ceres: "They aren't that far away."
Agent Paws: "How far is that?"
Ceres: "About couple hundred light years away."
Agent Paws: "Nirtti do you have something to say?"
Nirrti : "Glad you asked Agent Paws. Both Ceres, and Holly are up there with me on My Star. You are welcome to stay with me. The physics is very different. Nirrti Star is planet like but, still a real brown dwarf star. That is closer than people think. Sol has a companion. You'll like it."
Agent Paws: "Thank you Nirrti."
Ceres: "Hey."
Agent Paws: "Yes, Love."
Debby: "Aren't you going to let me on your lap?"
Juno: "But, I am siting on on his lap!"
Persephone: "Juno is being political again!"
Juno: "Always!"
Debby: "Kitten is so seminal!"
Nirrti: "You have got to watch watch out for Debby."
Debby: "I am right next to Nirrti, almost."
Tara: "Debby is having those orgasms like always!"
Debby: "I like them."
Phaedra: "Debby is about three years from Sol."
Agent Paws: "I know you are incarnate."
Tara: "I told you that. Phaedra, Ariadne, and Theseus are in France. You are Max. That was your other life."
Mushika: "Have you payed attention to Mushika?"
Agent Paws: "I called you when we were in  Europe."
Mushika: "We are still contending for the World."
Agent Paws: "At least we can still agree on that!"
Mushika: "You are still as hostile as always."
Agents Paws: "I'm working on it."
Mushika: "When are you going to get over that flu bug?"
Tara: " I have got Agent Paws getting bed rest."
Nirrti: "I had to come down. Agent Paws is sick again."
Dionysus: "Agent Paws is getting anabolic!"
Lady Death: "That is why I want know what is going to happen?"
Tara: "Ceres?"
Ceres: "That is me!"
Mushika: "Hey."
Tara: "Are you alright?"
Agent Paws: "I have it."
Debby: "Don't you like me?"
Agent Paws: "I like you."
Debby: "Aren't you going to tell me to get on your lap?"
Phaedra: "I have got to say things first."
Juno: "This the astronomical discourse of those times, and now."
Agent Paws: "King Louis XIV of France owned a six inch optical telescope. He liked it."
Debby: "But, they couldn't see me."
Agent Paws: "We have made some progress since, those times."
Debby: "Not a lot."
Sol: "He is coming back."
Lady Death: "I'm happy!"
Tanith: "I didn't think they would make it."
Agent Paws: "Almost, didn't."
Juno: "Still an Agent of the System!"
Tara: "Well I like Agent Paws."
Mithra: "Well?"
Debby: "I can see you up there."
Nirrti: "Don't go to the South Pole."
Ceres: "Can't they stop it?"
Agent Paws: "It must be those ecologists again?
Nirrti: "There are wildlife biologists too."
Agent Paws: "Are they looking for more biowarfare?"
Debby: "The radiation is very intense."
Nirrt: "They are under the ozone hole."
Mithra: "That figures."
Lady Death: "They are not dead yet are they?"
Mushika: "Hey, they can measure everything! The Russians are too smart."
Tara: "Yes."
Juno: "Debby has these big orgasms, and Debby is in the Southern Hemisphere. Those people are stupid."
Debby: "They never liked Agent Paws."
Juno: "They don't have the right ideas. They are going backwards. It is not really good to get into the primitive."
Debby: "They're dead!"
Mouse: "They were born dead?"
Lady Death: "It's that psychic power."
Agent Paws: "They try it in prisons all the time. They need to be just convicts. They get into that Head Fighting. The guards hate that. They can't get out!"
Juno: "They can't think. That angers everybody. The guards keep looking for it. One prisoner knows he can teach it to everybody. The warden knows it. The warden has found him. The warden is going to kill him."
Agent Paws: "They really think they can move people around with their psychic power, and their skills at it."
Debby: "Can I get on his lap?"
Lady Death: "You can get on but, you have got to be careful! Debby!"
Proserpina: "What about me?"
Nirrti: "I am being really patient."
Debby: "Well?"
Tanith: "Severity didn't know you cared that much."
Lady Death: "Agent Paws can learn to dance."
Tara: "I like dancing!"
Nirrti: "Nirrti dances too!"
Agent Paws: "Alright!"
Juno: "Let's dance!"
Debby: "Mushika is dancing!"
Mithra: "Yes!"
Severity: "The rest are joining us!"
Liber: "It's about time!"
Mithra: "Bully for Kitten!"
Debby: "In the Debeian Star System all the stars orbit each other."

Hey, have you seen the new Calvin Cline advertisements on television? This one was a bit strange. All the time the ad was rolling. There is this music from the Rolling Stones. They lyrics go on with: "I am Monkey Man". The next except from the infamous Rolling Stones lyrics: "all my friend are junkies." This model must be assumed to be a monkey man with lots of junkie friends. If the makers of these blue jeans don't live in a shooting gallery. These folks really need to have real talk with their advertising department. Kitten doesn't know any men that like being called "monkeys." Nobody, Kitten knows likes junkies. This is worse than the Bensen, and Hedges humor ads.
The magazine "Esquire" seems to be getting its advertisements from people living in Big Rock every time the space aliens come down with more copy. Mescalito is another source. It's not the "X Files" of advertising. But, it might have it every so often. They could run this but, this magazine is in serious trouble.

The Secret of Set

In the Land of the Pharaohs

There is a man. He is expected to work in the pyramids. The work will kill him. He knows that. He wants to have children. He will only have them if he lives. That is impossible. He has time to prepare. He will make the deal with the God Set. That is repulsive. He must steel himself for the ordeal. By the river he has dug the pit the length, and breadth of a man. Later, he will be in it. So he knows the deal is fair. He has already, killed a man. He is dead laying in it. That is good. They are coming around to feed. There is his worm. It likes him. He will get ten years of more life from the God Set. The little worm is going into a cut he made for Set to enter him. The Power will be in him in eight months. By then; he will by working for Pharaoh. Pharaoh is good. At the end of his exceptional service he will be free. Then he will have at least two sons. His elder brother will raise them. One of them will have to kill an enemy. Then that one will have the worm. He will work for for Pharaoh. Life goes on..


As know Kitten has Persephone. But, the Proserpinas come. There are several thousand of them. Kitten has to look after all of them. Most of them are with Kitten. They have to be in the Love Place eating Love Food. They have to be tied into their Love Places. They always, want to fight somebody out there. Always, an enemy of Kitten, or Kitten's People. They have. But, they can't live in a dead enemy. So they have to keep getting Love Food to make them stronger. Tara has to feed them Merit Tara finds from many places. Ceres feeds them too. Much of the Love has come out of Kitten. After three days the Proserpina can go out. Winter is a terrible time for the Proserpina. For they love to feed on flower, and fruit essences. Kitten gives them lots of pomegranate juice. It comes out of the big Love Pom bottles.


As you know you have a real Proserpina, or Persephone.
  Neither, Proserpina, or Persephone is part of Kitten.
 Kitten is not an indwelling Deity.
Now, you know that.
You will not be enslaved.
The Kitten Daemon is called Mew.
Mew belongs to Kitten only.
Mew is a Teaching Daemon.
"From the Far off Land of Mew."
"Mew comes!"
Mew is there with Persephone always.
Sometimes, Severity, Liber, Jnana, Grace, Jesus, Juno, Diana, Hebe, Tara, Debby, and others are in attendance too.
You must respectfully dismiss Mew.
"Mew is such a good Kitten!"
"And, off Mew goes!"
"Good bye Kitten!"

Where is it!

It is a demand.
It is not a question.
In China there are all those clay figurines.
They were made for the First Emperor of China.
The man that made it all happen.
Kitten thinks Mao was the Incarnation of the First Emperor of China.
 Mao put everything together like that.
Kitten has called upon all of the First Emperor of China's Creditors.
The Officials are coming too.
They must see it.
Kitten asked, Mao' s permission to have to have them collect Tribute at least due to to China.
We all must get the Tribute that is due us for all our labor.
That is fair isn't it?
All the Merit of Humanity is going into them.
They get it from Tara of course.
The Officials, and the Creditors have the Power to Live for all of us that have ever live, willed, and will live in the Future.
The Man with a Thousand Eyes can see it.
Great wrongs have been done.
At least to the Han.
Another one has come down to kill a bad Sage.
His hands have plunged into the head of a bad Sage to destroy His Bad Teachings.
There are Seven Others to get after those Sages.
They have given up everything to be Good.
Then those Sages get to be the habitations His Seven Devils because, of Teachings more Bad than the Bad Sage that was killed for His Corrupting of the People of China.
We have them in America too.
Worse than that.
If such a thing is possible.
It really is.
Believe it.
If you can.
These Evangelists think they are Gods, or Angels.
Kitten must fight them all to the Death.
The Creditors are coming with all the Power of China, and all the Powers. Kitten can put for them to have as Tribute.
 The Human Beings will be slaughtered in America.
But, they are coming.
They cross the great Waters.
They ride the dragons.
The nuclear fire can not stop them.
The Bomb has decreed that is so.
The go through walls even mountains.
And, now, there is the question that is always, asked.
It has better to be answered.
"Where is it?"


As you know Grace is one of the Tanith Pene El Deities that reside near God.
Kitten has already, taken Liber to Paris France.
Grace is in these Churches.
Grace hates them.
Kitten has to transport Grace to the Vatican.
Hutaput, Huttaput, Put, Put, Put, Put, Put, Put
Grace is getting off there at the Vatican.
Huttaput, Huttaput, Put Put Put, Put, Put,Put
Kitten is back home.
Now, it is time to take Jesus to Lebanon.
That is the Tanith Pene El Deity
Jesus has climbed on board.
Hutaput, Hutaput, Put Put Put, Put, Put, Put
Jesus has gotten off in Lebanon.
Huttaput, Huttaput, Put, Put, Put, Put, Put, Put
Kitten is back home in Nashville.

The Book of Mew

As you know Mew is Kitten's Daemon.
When a person becomes Self Actualized.
They too can have a Daemon.
Mew is really Kitten's Soul.
That is why Proserpina always, accompanies Mew.
That is True.
All of Kitten's Students will become Self Actualized somehow.
"Cats do not eat cats. People do not eat people."
That Rule comes from Alaster the Cat.
Alaster is the Fury of God.
Kitten is Alaster at times.
Alaster worships Alar.
Alar is Tomasina.
That is God in Cat Form.
Alaster comes down to find the Plague.
If there is any there.
There are several points that allow Kitten to act in the Full Power of Alaster.
Kitten is the only one who has ever lived.
That has been done.
This prohibition against cannibalism is in place.
Mew does that.
Mew won't eat you.
You are Mew's Student.
That makes you Mew's Person.
Severity has to lead you by the hand.
Kitten trying to find words to describe this.
What Kitten hates.
Kitten gives Deities to prevent this from happening.
Many people have Self Actualized.
You could get a Daemon from them.
You won't know it at first.
The Signs of Possession will not be seen.
That Self Actualized person will turn you into a center in order to work its' will through you.
Your Soul will perish.
That Daemon will continue to animate your body.
This is called Tulku.
That Daemon may continue to live on.
That Self Actualized person can do this to many people.
That person will try to become a God.
That person can pose as a Saint.
This person now, is a Big One.
The Big One can go further if they have a Family Daemon.
That is a Household God.
 Every Royal House has Protectors.
If the Big One can gain a foothold.
It will try, and take that House over.
It will kill everybody in that House.
This Daemon is turning into something else.
That is no longer a human soul.
It will become an Asura.
Once, that happens that Asura can influence events, and people.
Here is our problem.
We are going to find people like this.
The usual cause is the Misuse of Yoga.
Then there is that Spiritual Practice totally despised by Kitten.
Malevolent Empathy.
Do you understand that?

The Alchemy of Evil

Do you understand, Tara is pretty much at the heart of this work here.
Tara does Incarnate.
You have to do good things for Tara.
This the acknowledgment that Tara is really there, and Tara is really your friend.
The practice of generosity, and hospitality with your friends is extremely important.
You must never harm each other.
It is good to keep oaths.
If you want Refuge with Tara.
You must give Tara Refuge.
That is part one.

Dharma is another name for Law.
You can be Law Giver.
Kitten says so.

As Kitten has Dharma.
 Kitten does.
You do too.

Now, you understand, something about Normal Laws.
Those are Laws you can't break easily.
Do Good.
Don't do Evil.
Be Kind.
As much as you can.
At whatever level you can keep this Honor Code.
Don't harm Kitten.

This is the Moral training need before working with the Sophistry of Alchemy.
There are these Allied Sciences notably, Astrology.
The Eight Auspicious Signs are Alchemical.

The Science of Changing Base Metals into Gold.
Is changing a Commoner into Royalty.
This done with the Philosopher's Stone.
A kind of Masonry.
If you have Royalty.
The Weight of the Gold can be Increased.

When we talk about Golden.
That means it is Big.
In order to understand this more we will digress a bit.
We will examine "The Book Of Revelation."

"The Book of Revelation" given to the Roman Emperor Nero.
The real author is the Resurrected Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
Just go along with the Sophistry here.
A willed suspension of disbelief.
This Book is not Gospel.
It is not Good News.
It is Prophecy.
There will come a time.
Not today.
But, in the far distant future.
The Emperor Rome understands this.
Must draw up plans immediately.
That happened.

Everybody understands, later that there will be times of great wickedness.
Malevolent Empaths will Self Actualize.
They will be as Gods.
You have to stop them.

We put these alchemical objects inside them as they try to enter us.
"The Soul Packs are on him."

The Stars are part of this too.
The Malevolent Empath can influence people, and events even at a great distance.

First Star Algol

The Large Star Astarte.
The Companion is Astaroth.
The Creditor has come down.
You can do that right away.

There are Other Stars.
Deneb for Ceres.
Debby is the Korybant.
That is a nearby Star.
You are Contending for the Land.
The Nirrti Star is Kitten's only.
The Tara Star is running away from us.
It is in the big pin wheel.
The Milky Way.

We can see Three Maidens in the above picture represent All Knowing God (Jana, or Sophia), Omnipresent God (Grace), All Seeing (Jesus) along with Omnipotent, or All Powerful (Severity sometimes Sobriety, and Charity). There is Amor (Liber) with Milk (Milcolm) the Torch is named Freedom, and the Flame is named Purity (Catherine). God Himself is Ineffable therefore, Indescribable. Yet, these Deity are very Secular Manifestations near "God's Throne."
 That is Throne of Jove has Authority from the Most High to Rule Secular World.
You should have Ganymede. That gives you Mercury the God of Ganymede as Mercury the Orator. This will make you a real Pundit. Now, that Mercury introduces you to Mercury as the God of Thieves. You have to know how to Organize. What is, and isn't yours to take for yourself. Everything is in its' proper place. Now, you go on to Hades. There you have Mercury as the Psychopomp the Guide. Finally, you have a Guide through the Hidden Realms. You will know things that are really hidden. Now, you can have knowledge of the Under World. Now, you are ready to meet Hermes Mercury. Hermes Mercury is the Progenitor of Everything. From Hermes Mercury the Progenitor comes Hermes Mercury the Healer at the top left of the above picture. The Lady there is also Hermes Mercury the Healer.

With Hermes Mercury the Progenitor of Everything as the God of Magic. We can tackle a few of those forbidden Magic Books: "Grimorium Verum," and "Grand Grimore." There are fewer points for using these books safely, and effectively as there is in bring down Alastor: the Fury of God to stop the Plague. That requires that forty nine points need to be met. Kitten has already, done that for you. This is only allowed if you are a victim of Blood Libel. You can now do this. We are going to have Scrilin the Scribe. Now, Scrilin is right there for us. There is a Command: "Get moving on this!" You can read the books but, it is all done in the right way. First: It will get rid of the Heraldry of the Enemy. Second: It will remove their Ancestry. Third: It will give you Power. You have at least three good reasons. This is excellent Psychological Warfare.

We are back with Father Scrilin again. This movie: "Phantasm." Here Scrilin is pretty much the Villain. Here is another plot; pun intended. Everybody is really in the Underworld. The people in it are all dead, or dying. Scrilin is gathering souls for His own use there to continue on. That is permitted. Scrilin throws the Ball. Ball goes down deep into the Grave, and takes everything.
Scrilin is definitely moving on this.
Kitten has thrown the Ball.
The dead can be aroused by some people to go after you for instance.
You don't want that.
These are the Evil Dead.
There is a problem.
That is when they go out.
Always, a Magical Prayer does this.
Anyone of the Evil Dead in Perdition can become a Daemon.
Later that Daemon will be able to put themselves into people, and control them.
That is limited to a thousand people who harbor the Contagion.
Cults can form around these Daemons.
If you destroy the body.
That Daemon usually, dies after the body is cremated.
Scrilin has an Assistant.
That is in the "Grand Grimoir."
He is Lucifuge Rofocale.
If you open this book up.
The "Grand Grimoir" has an illustration that will give you clue as to who Lucifuge Rofocale will become later as the Work progresses.
That is Hermes Trimegistus.
Scrilin is then Thoth.
This is an Apotheosis.
That means Scrilin, and Lucifuge Rofocale are here.

Getting back to the elaboration on the said picture: the Apotheosis of Hercules. Let's identify some more of the Gods, and so forth. Right under the Dillegence of Hercules is Asclepius, or the Roman God Asuclapius. Asuclapius' Serpent isn't tame like Glycon. It might even be a viper! Over Asuclapius is Cassius who is wrestling with Proteus, and Brutus is trying to stab Proteus. It will be impossible to beat Proteus. Asuclapius can heal anybody who is wounded with His Viper! The Revelers: those nameless brutes are too indistinct to be seen clearly, but that is what they are are being thrown out of High Heaven. Such is the Judgment of Jove on them all. Previously, Kitten identified the Woman sitting next to Minerva as Ceres. This could also be Penelope. Malcolm is there siting with Ares drinking wine from His Cup. Understand, the Man is the redeemed Astaroth the Creditor, and Delator of Jove. of course, Dis Pater is the Highest Name of Hades the Unknown God.
The Samadhi Realms

Holly has just gathered some of this forbidden Holly Substance. You have seen this movie "The Blob?" This is an example of a Formless God. Whatever, this Blob eats will still be in It. You see the Blob isn't supposed be down here. All the time it is here It has to gather. After, It has grown to a certain size It will go up. It is back Home. Up There there is recreation of that town, and its' people. The Tramp; the first one that got eaten by the Blob. He didn't see the meteor come down this time. Everything will roll on like this never happened. Yet, no one is on Earth! This place does not have a beginning, or an end either. They are all in heaven. They will never die. They are Samadhi Gods.

Now, if you don't have Yoga that will take you there. You will need a Deity. Ceres is here. We can do this. So everything is up there. You're in Townsville. In Townsville nothing changes. But, that is Heaven. It gives us a place where we can go further. We are going to the God Realm. There are a few Deities that know how to do this. Remember, Holly is always, There. Ceres is There too. Diana, and all the Luminaries are There. Proserpina is already, There.

As you have been getting the Initiations, Empowerments, and Explanations from Kitten to have the Deities for some time. Kitten has worked with Proserpina for decades. Fortunate, Kitten has Ceres. That is over forty years. Kitten brought Proserpina across from the Other Side. Then they are very close to Death, and Hades. The Kittens work consisted getting Proserpina away from that to be a Love Goddess. That took that much time. Kitten's Proserpina is called Phaedra. Your Proserpina should have individuated enough by now, to be Your Proserpina for instance. Going further Proserpina will localize. That should be taking place too. Lets say you are in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. That Proserpina will be yours alone. Proserpina in this event will be a Canadian Proserpina. This will happen better if you live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This was originally a French Proserpina. In Paris, France the Proserpina would individualize even better. The process would be much quicker.

The Ceres is an English Ceres. An incredibly Ancient British Ceres. Ceres came to Britain from Ancient Rome. That Ceres is associated with Cereal Grains. That Ceres is actually, Kitten's Family Totem. Getting Ceres to localize in Nashville has been a problem. Ceres is extremely hard to get. Ceres is in Luxembourg, Monaco, and France. That Ceres is always Ceres. The Corybant is still Ceres. Kitten's Debby is still always, Ceres. That is Kitten's Ceres. That Ceres is not easy to get. But, you still might have Ceres. It should be mentioned that Cambodia has Ceres. You can not have Ceres from Cambodia because, Ceres is totally localized there, and very Cambodian.

Juno is even more complex. Juno totally localizes. Juno is universal since, Juno can go to any place where Juno can go. Juno can be unformed. In the sense that Juno doesn't have a definite location, and moves frequently. Juno will win you the favor of Jove.
This comes out of the fact that Kitten has had all the Tanith Deity, and has Plenty for  Life. These Five Deities will act as One. So that Tanith Deity. Kitten has Liber as Kitten's most prominent One. Severity is needed to Walk the Left Hand Path. Severity is with Kitten always, too. Sophia is essential for a person to Self Actualize in the proper manner. Remember, even Idiots can be Self Actualized. You don't want to be stuck on a lower level like that. We see Sophia running off with the Canopy of Darkness. Grace is there as the Comforter. Jesus is called the Fisherman's Friend.  Jesus helps people orient themselves quick since, Jesus is Far Seeing. Not be confused with Jesus Christ of Nazareth who is God.

Nirrti isn't given but, does accompany Kitten. Nirrti, and Kitten are associated together. Nirrti is Kitten's Catherine Person. That means Nirrti is Freya like. Nirrti is monogamous. Nirrti will help people. You will not Self Actualize with Her.

Freya is given as the Sun Light Girl of Austria. Kitten had that Freya from birth. You get Catherine.

Diana is not given. Hebe is given. Tara is strange. You probably shouldn't ask. These works are in progress. Mew! If you must. Never harm Kitten.

Now, you need to know at first Your Deity has a lot of Kitten qualities. That is for your protection. Meaning all the preliminary work has already, been performed by Kitten. Later, Your Deity is completely yours. That point should be approaching for most of you by now.

A Tale Told by Debby for the Good of the Land

You do know that Mew is just Kitten's Mew!
Kitten wants to explain something terrible. It is why Kitten awards people the Deities even for a short time span.
People are Self Actualating.
That could happen at any level.
An Idiot Savant is a Self Actualized Idiot.
They will have a Daemon.
That Idiot can do a lot of damage.
The Idiot Daemon may enter innumerable people usually, in their family, and take control of them.
The Idiot Daemon may actually, become a Family Heirloom.
That is as far as It can go.
Further, up the evolutionary scale.
The more powerful the Daemon becomes.
A Self Actualated Moron will be able to do great deeds of magic in public.
They can influence , and organize unintelligent people to do things they would not ordinarily do for them. Like steal for them because, they are his buddy. They will have uncanny skills.
This extends further until, a very Self Actualized person can control hundreds of people outside their families by means of their Daemon. They will be truly possessed. That will continue even after that person is dead. That Daemon is a Totem. The Totem can take over a whole country even the United States of America. That has happened.
The Charity Drive is there. Several Influential People have been told by occult means they must see Her. There they are. They are giving these Tax Exempt Monies. As a matter of fact, that Tax Exemption is questionable too. It is not a real Church. Its' employees have Tax With Holding that just goes into the pockets of criminals. Although, the Internal Revenue Service does give these employees Tax Refunds on Taxes it never received. It is really money laundering, or something really bad. The Scarlet Woman has gotten them to do Her bidding. There may be thousands of people that don't have any Souls just Her Daemon that acts like that is whoever that is supposed to be.

An Astrological Discourse
by Lady Death

 Cere's claim to being the Divine Mother on Earth are well founded. Aforesaid, Deneb is a Ceres, and a Juno Star. This Solar System orbits Deneb about every million years. Deneb gets very close. Anywhere from four to seven light years away. As you know there are several green blue white stars like Deneb that are even closer. Aren't you lucky. Those Stars have Prominence. Many Stars do have Prominence. Sol doesn't. Sol is not a Variable Star like that. Life is good! During Prominence Stars give off ions. That is why Stars are not Planets, and vice versa. The Denebian Stars give off enormous particle streams of mostly oxygen. That is what you are breathing now. Ceres is the Author of Life, and Death on Earth. Lady Death: is My Star much closer to Earth than Mother Deneb. Also, this Star is the Abode of Persephone. The argument is as follows. None of the oxygen has ever come out your Planet that is free O2. It is unlikely, that any stellar process frees this oxygen from its' inherit compounds. Every chemist knows that oxygen is a very reactive gas. Earth is still receiving oxygen ions from mostly Denebian Stars.
Million years from now, the heavens will look very different. Deneb will be about five years away. There will be two other Denebian Stars even closer. Isn't that cozy? You will even have a Companion Star somewhere in the orbit of what was Jupiter, and Saturn. Actually, Nirrti will be about as far away as Neptune. Nirrti will just toss those useless Planets out of the way. Don't worry Nirrti isn't that radiant. Brown Dwarf Stars usually, don't give off much light. The Big Tara Star is always, in Prominence may be about thirty light years away. A Tara Star is always, blue. The nearby Planets may have life on them. Algol fortunately, will be a little farther away. That Star System does foster life mostly in the sea. Antares is not a Red Giant Star. It is in Prominence. That Star System does have life near it. Hyades will be less easy to see. That Star System does have Cats. They might be on Earth by then. They are hostile. Most life is by the way. You might see them in about eight hundred years. There should be "Cats" here. Milky Way will be clearly seen to be be farther as the Denebian Globular Cluster continues to break away from the Parent Galaxy.

By now, you can see the Heavens Rolling Up Like Scroll. If you look at a Spiral Galaxy in a certain way it resembles a Torah Scroll. According to the Book the Time is Nigh. There is now, coming into being a New Heaven, and a New Earth. You should be able to see It. New physical laws are coming into shape. You can measure that.

Kitten is supposed to eat lots of grain for Ceres. Debby has to keep after Kitten. Poor Kitten is very sick. Tara is right there making sure Kitten consumes lots of fruit for Tara. The Proserpinas are making sure Kitten consumes lots of pomegranates. That is to make Kitten strong. Juno knows Kitten must eat meat. Freya wants Kitten to always, eat milk, cheese, and yogurt for Freya. Diana is there. Hebe is pouring more refreshment into poor Kitten. There is more too.

In America, and maybe elsewhere a lot of the men have these "grab ass" routines. No love talk. Nothing there that hints of  romance. Everything revolves around him. You could go out with them.  But, maybe, you shouldn't. Because, you are not too far away from the Hell Realms. The Occasional Hells could manifest around you somehow. If that happens. You will be powerless. There Famine is your God. Famine is certainly, his God, anyway. You can live day by day just like he does. He lives for the moment like the beast he truly is. Your life is being rationed out for you. You will be hungry for life. You will want the good things that life has to offer terribly.

The Protestants have this Theory of Grace.
 It falls short.
 The Darkness of Ignorance surrounds this Doctrine.
 It is not explained.
 You know Grace is the Comforter.
 Here Kitten must touch this subject of Merit.
 God has an Angel of Merit.
 Merit comes from God just like Grace.
 The Angel of Merit has certain Rules that have to do with God's Work on Earth.
 A Portion of your Merit goes to Grace to Perform the Acts of Grace on this Planet.
 Severity Requires that you Preform Acts of Charity Good Works to make Merit as part of your Penitence.
Severity will give you the Power to do that.
 Here Sobriety, and Temperance work hand in hand.
 This is to Guarantee your Right to Life.
 You can Justify yourself.
 You are expected to be Literate.
 That Merit gives you Citizenship.
 Then you have Freedom.
 You are supposed to Cultivate Love.
 Everything that is said, written, heard, and shown is Romance.
 Then you can at least make Friends.
 You can have Comradeship.
 You can have a Mate.
 You can Marry.
You can have a Family.
 You are a Patriot.
 Jana, Jnana, or Sophia is necessary for you to comprehend Merit.
Otherwise, your Merit will be of no use to you.
People that have no Merit are very close to Death.
 Jesus the Fisherman's Friend keeps you from being Lost at Sea, and away from the Storms.
 You have to know where you are at in relationship to everything else.
The Protestant's Merit goes to Perdition along with them.
It is right in the Grave as their Souls continue to Live according to what Merit they have there.
We can mine these graveyards.
They have Denied God's People Life.
That can be restored.
We can tap this unused Merit.
Tara will do this for us.
The Second Death has been decreed for them.
Now, they shall have it.
They are the Forever Dead.
Hastur showed it to Kitten in a different Way.
They are like Up There in this awful Abode of Lost Souls.
The Lost Souls don't see each other.
They are like living in these apartments.
They have that much.
As long as there is provision they can be there.
If anyone loves them they can still continue to live.
They are not totally damned.
Lord Mithra see them differently.
They are on their own.
Their lives are left to chance.
Now, they are in Hell.
Lord Mithra doesn't have anything to do with them.
Lord Mithra has moved up.
Apotheosis of Mithra is continuing.
Mithra is now, a High King.
He will be recognized in the Lower Heavens soon.
Holly Hathor has still another place.
That is in the Lake of Holly.
That is Solar.
Freya has a place for them
That is in Hel.
The Redeemed Hel Phaedra is liquidating all of these assets.
Phaedra is Love.
Mohammad understood.
This doesn't happen in Islam.
They are spared this Fate.
God is Greater.
God is Ineffable.
Even the Hindus don't get anything like this.
They have the Supreme Brahman.
Even the Communists don't experience this either.
God isn't defined by them.

There is this awful feeling that people are going to get really hurt.