The Yoga, Yoga Book

By Kommandant Kitten

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs."

Carl Sagan

"Not only are the sheep being fleeced but, they are being slaughtered from time to time."

Praise of Nirrti

"Unreality has become a mark of our times."

Kommadant Kitten


 Yoga is rubbish. We have Yoga here that has been taught to all, and sundry persons in the United States. Yoga claims to promote health as well as spiritual wellbeing. True, Yoga tells us to always, question Yoga. Always, true. Where does Yoga really come from? What is the Ideology of Yoga? Is Yoga a Religion? Is Yoga a Philosophy? Can Yoga make you psychic? Nevertheless, what do all these teachings mean? Are all these practices, or systems compatible? What are these chakras, or spiritual centers? Do we really have a "Tree of Life" inside us? Are there "Other Worlds" I can explore with Yoga? Can Yoga heal people? What are the "Virtues" of Yoga? Is Yoga safe? Can Yoga make you crazy? Can Yoga make you lose interest in life? Can Yoga kill you? What is the purpose of Yoga? What about Yogic Saints like Gandhi? Do Yogic Mantras mean anything? Why is Idolatry important in Yoga?

 The teachings of Buddhism about 2,500 years ago are basically Yoga too. Note that the Bodhi Fig Tree is the "Fig Tree" cursed by Jesus in the Bible. "And when He saw a fig tree in the way, He came to it, and found nothing thereon, but leaves only, and said unto it, "Let no fruit on thee henceforward for ever." And presently the fig tree withered away. Matthew 21:19" "Late Autumn trees without fruit, twice dead, pulled up by the roots. Jude 1:12"

 The Bodhi Tree can be around but, there can be no fruit in a barbaric land. All Buddhist teachings say so. No matter how good you are barbarians are all around you. That destroys your practice, and brings evil karma to them. That is why Buddhism is fruitless in this Country. It only takes one barbarian in the whole land to do that.

 There are several forms of Yoga. Bhakti Yoga is devotional merging with the "Object of Devotion." Karma Yoga is total identification with one's Work, and circumstances. Jnana Yoga is Yogic Sophistry. Hatha Yoga is the Practice of Yamas, Niyamas, Asanas, and Pranayama as a preparation for Tantra (Laya) Yoga, or Raja Yoga. Much of what is being mentioned here is regarding Tantric Yoga.

 Karma Yoga is an enslaving Sophistry partly based on the "Mahabharata," and the teachings of Witches, and Priests. "Snakeskin" a.k.a. Krishna can not train you to do any task rightly. No work ethic can come out of this nonsense. Because, Krishna Hates them. Because, they are Foolish.

 Bkakti Yoga requires one to merge with something that is not human, and that could kill you. Krishna is not human. Also, Krishna is malevolent. All the Shri Vidya Yoga requires Krishna as the Godhood. Other Yoga Systems have Krishna too. Do you know what Self Immolation is? Do you know what suicide is?

 Yoga comes from the Aphorisms (Sutras) of Patanjali. There are also, some references about Yoga in Vedic literature. In addition, Shankara mentions some in his commentaries on the Brahma Sutra, and the Upanisads. There are hundreds of Tantric Scriptures, the oldest dating from the Middle Ages, and maybe earlier.

 All of this is a product of Hellenism. "Man is the measure of all things." Because, "the Age of Man" was always paramount in Hellenism. Remember, Alexander the Great conquered India, and brought Hellenism there. Hellenism is surprisingly misogynist. Also, women are not highly regarded in any "Yogic Religion".

 Yoga is entirely man centered. Despite any references to any Deity, or Deities. Yoga is Godless. Yoga has no Virtues. Yoga is in fact the Worst of Vices. It is all Mithraic Gnosticism. This is at least 3,400 years old.

 You will learn nothing about Lord Mithra, or very little. The Goddess Maya is important in any Yogic System. The God Krishna is completely misunderstood in the West. The God Hari is almost, unknown. The Goddess Kali is totally unknown in the West. The Teachings of the Gurus is questionable at best for Westerners. But, if you are going to die right away. There ain't no time to learn much anyway.

There is nothing life-affirming in Yoga. The Lost Kitten has found no evidence that any Yogic practice has added a single day to anybody's life. These are nothing but, the teachings of Witches and Priests.

Yoga is not a Religion. It is a divisive device. Yoga is an Ideology. Religion brings people together socially, and involves them in Society. Yoga is opposed to this.

Yoga is not a philosophy. Since, Philosophy is about loving Knowledge, or Wisdom. Yoga is nothing but, Learned Ignorance comprised of Lies, and Sophistry.

There is a man. He is in his Yoga. He believes he is really God. He can see all the Cosmos revolving around him. He is lost in solipsism. He has the philosophy of a drunkard. Who experiences the same thing while drinking. Yet, everyone knows he is just drunk.

Everybody that does regular Yoga practice will experience some kind of psychic event. Many may come to believe they have some kind of psychic power. Regardless of whether, or not this psychic power is real people will act on it. The consequences of these actions may not be good.

Yogic Mantras are nonsense. No one in the World knows exactly what they mean. When Mantras are done with any form of Visualization, and Empathy they are basically Magic Spells.

Yoga involves the practice of Idolatry. This involves spiritual merging, or union with their Idol. People doing this will become bewitched, and deluded believing that this Idol is indeed God.

"7Saying to a stock, Thou art my father; and to a stone, Thou hast brought me forth: for they have turned their back unto me, and not their face..." Jeremiah 2:7

Understand a Christian Cross, Bible, Saint, or a Statue of the Virgin Mary for that matter is a "Religious Support" not an Idol. No Christian believes any of these things are God.

The ideology of Yoga is Death Worship.

The purpose of Yoga is to kill you. Yoga in India is a means of preparing to die. In India Yoga is always, done later in life. You have just learned a big secret the Health Cult does not want you to ever know.

Is this really good stuff that the people are being stuffed with in all these Yoga Centers either here, or abroad? Obviously, not.

You can learn all the secrets of cationic schizophrenia. You can become like an autistic child. This maybe, irreversible by the way.

As people get more involved with their Yogic Practices they become "Diabolically Ignorant" of everything else. They drop out of Society.

The chief impetus is the concept you can opt out of Creation. You can attain a state called "Moksha," or "Nirvana" which is "Soul Death." If your soul is dead, you will no longer experience an endless cycle of birth, and death (Samsara). Hence, you will no longer experience suffering. There is a process of unbirthing. A philosophy of solipsism. This is the "Logic of Infinite Regression." Really bad sophistry.

You can get the "Living Larva of Damnation" that comes from "Infinitely Inward Turning Mind." That is also known as "Malignant Narcissism". That will make you a hit in any mental hospital. That is if they will take you. Because, they probably won't. Here is how it can happen.

You are psychically contacted in your Yoga meditation by "Yuga" who knows everything you need to know about the "Yoga of the Ages." You can get Yuga to get you that Yoga. This is Yoga without any compromise. Then Yuga will get you more Yoga to get more Yuga contact with you. Pretty soon Yuga will get you to have be Yuga to get more of the "Yoga of the Ages" to really be Yoga itself. Now, you are not around any more once, you are Yoga itself are you?. Because, Yuga is Yoga and Yoga is Yuga. Now, Yuga has to look at what was your drivers license to figure out who you were in order to act like you. But, Yuga can not exactly figure things out like you could because, Yuga is still a "Larva." Where you are at is not good. But, it might be Hell, or something like it. Yuga will try to pull it off. Chances are Yuga will be caught doing something really stupid like eating flies, and dog turds for breakfast. Yuga is very Evil, but Yuga is not very smart. Yuga is still "playing." "Playing" refers to Yuga learning how to exist in reality. People like this never get very big. So, there is this awesomely big maggot running on two legs thinking that they are God. Usually, they don't last long, thank Goodness for that! It is very hard to get people back from this. Once you go into "Infinite Regression into the Point." You get the "Point." You are the "Point". This a "Mathematical Point" without any dimensions. It is an "Axiomatic Point" that establishes your existence hence, your singularity. So you are, and are not. If Yuga gets the "Point," but Yuga still can not get "Your Point." Moreover, if you don't have "Your Point" you are dead. This happens in India all the time.

 The "Big Girl" narrated a lot of this "Yuga" story to illustrate exactly how this can happen to a "spiritual person." Isn't it nice to have a dialog with Auschwitz to find out about the "Competition's" ways of imprisoning, and destroying people? Yoga has killed a lot of people hasn't it? Not to mention all those religious Wars. The solution to this is always "Camp." "Camp" will save them. "Auschwitz Girl" (Juno) is always, out there helping people.

 The "Big Girl" has another story about Auschwitz for you. There was a man that is living two lives. In one life he has an excellent practice of Buddha Dharma. In another life he must live in a Barbaric Land. He died, and entered the Bardo: an Intermediate State before the next Life. He came to me to be free because, he sinned against me. He killed one of my cats during a Buddhist Three Year Retreat. He was released by me to go on to his next Rebirth in the Animal Realm as a Cat. He had to take it. Because, he died terribly from AIDS. He caught that disease before he went into that Retreat. He could of been a genuine Lama but, he broke those rules. That is an extreme standard that no one can meet. With the help of the Guru they can. But, not in a Barbaric Land!

 Did you know you are being stuffed with Foreign Gods, or possibly Devils if go to any of these Yoga places? That one of these Foreign Gods might suck your brains out, and then turn you into a agent for Its' manifestation on Earth? Can you say "demon possession?"

 Yoga has everything you need. If you want to go crazy. Yoga will definitely take you there.

 If you want Foreign Gods, and Foreign Devils. You can get the Hindu version of Lilith (Kali) if you want Her. But, maybe you shouldn't. Since, you are not a Hindu. These Deities probably, won't like you. You see Yoga is Tribal. Yoga is also, very Provincial. Each one of these different groups of people have different Yogic Systems. The Yogic Saints (Gurus) are constantly at War with each other. Then the Students of these Gurus fight each other, always. These Wars frequently become violent. Sometimes, people are even killed. There is no Real Peace with Yoga. Chances are you can not join any of the tribes that have this stuff anyway. You can try going "Native." But, maybe you shouldn't. Because, you can not understand their Secret Folkways. Since, they will never tell you anything about them.

Now, we have to understand something about Mahatma Gandhi. Do you understand, what "Mahatma" means? Do you know what an Indian Nationalist is? Did you know that all Gandhi's stuff came out of Vaishnavism, and Jainism that are unique to India? Can anything from Gandhi be here? Never! Because, we are Barbarians to them.

You have to learn Yoga from a Guru. That is an Enlightened, or nearly Enlightened Being. At any given time there are very few Real Gurus in the World. Out of these few Gurus very few of Them actually, Teach. Even if you do manage to find a Real Guru. You have no way of knowing whether or, not They will be your Guru. Then you will have to form a relationship that lasts for years even decades before there is trust between Student, and Teacher.

 The "Lost Kitten" learned Yoga just like that. The "Lost Kitten" has only been doing Yoga for over forty years. So the "Lost Kitten" just happens to know a few things about Yoga.

 The "Lost Kitten" received teachings about Tibetan Yoga from the Dali Lama himself. The "Lost Kitten" was a Karma Kagyu Buddhist Monk for many years.

 The "Lost Kitten" got his Hatha Yoga from a Minor Avatar of Vishnu. The "Lost Kitten" is qualified to teach all forms of Yoga.

This is the Goddess Tanith. You are not to meditate like this. The statue is not an Idol. It is a religious support. It means the Goddess Tanith is with us.

  Politically the "Lost Kitten" is a Socialist. People have Political Life. Most Yogis are apolitical. The "Lost Kitten" believes people must have "Social Rights." That people are entitled to a "Social Life." Yoga is against that.

 Examples of entities that have "Social Life" are a Corporation, a Marriage, a Church, and a Family that are in need of both forms of protection under the Constitution of the United States of America. Otherwise, people can be subject to "Social Death." "Society" actually, has no Rights." The United States Supreme Court even said so. Therefore, social entities are subject to the giving, or withholding of "permission." We live in a "Permissive Society." No one in America is protected from these forms of abuse. In such cases, "Individual Rights" are practically useless because, you do not have "Social Rights." This makes the American system genocidal.

 The "Lost Kitten" is now a Christian. Once, you know the "Truth of Yoga," you might want to be a Christian too.

 Then we have to explain about Christianity for grown ups. There isn't anything in the "New Testament" that isn't in the "Old Testament" (Torah). If you are a Jew don't worry about it. Just be a Jew. Islam is considered to be in the same Camp too. But, moving right along. One view is that Jesus Christ of Nazareth died on the Cross for the Sin of Creating Man. According to Christian Canon: Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary, taught for many years the Remission of Sins, was Crucified, Died on the Cross, Rose from the Dead, and ascended into Heaven because, everybody knows God can do that. Jesus as God had to die completely to make that Atonement real. Otherwise, God would be a Devil because, He was responsible for Creating the Possibility of sin in the first place. As a result the World was Reformed along Evolutionary lines as God withdrew from Creation. Man was no longer Man in God's Image as a result of the Fall of Man. Man's primacy over Creation was revoked as a result of the Reformation of the World by God. The Laws of Nature replaced the previous Laws of God, and Man. Then God as the Holy Spirit has to Remanifest, and Reform everything according to the new paradigm over a considerable period of time. That is to not disturb the Stasis too much.

 God has to make sense to you somehow. The norms, and values of your Universe shouldn't be too crazy. These are what are called "normal values" that you can actually, you can do easily. You are the person who must live with God; not somebody else. Examine everything carefully, and make sure it is good for you. Don't accept something just because, other people maybe, your enemies say it is true. How come people can still be with Jesus even though His Body is no longer here? If Jesus is God, then God can know you now even from way back then because, He is God. Jesus does not give out Daemons. That way Satan can't fool us. You can not have Jesus inside you. Because, Jesus is Lord.

 Part of God's Administration, we will call them the "Cats" is still intact. Thus, the Universe is up for grabs. This explains the Primordial War between the Cat, and the Mouse (Mitra), also called the Devil, and His Angels (Messengers).

 Jesus Christ of Nazareth is Militant. Jesus Christ of Nazareth was never a Pacifist. Peace on Earth. Goodwill toward men. Only happen within Jesus Christ of Nazareth's Camp. That Camp is Christianity. The Jews, and Islam are considered to be in this Camp. If you are not in Camp you are Damned. The message in the "Bible" is quite clear. Forgiveness just like in a Military Camp is a Direct Order. We have a higher calling. We are Called to Duty. If you are on patrol. You don't want to be killed, or harmed by your own troops. That is why disagreements are settled quickly in Camp. That is immediately.

 As "Camp" is manifesting the previous Creation is disappearing. In "Camp" matter can not be either created, or destroyed. Yet, at times, and in some places plain evidence of Creation exists, briefly. Let us say, there was a place where there were dinosaur along with plainly human foot prints in slate rock. Many people have seen them.  Some authorities said, they were genuine. Then later, there were only dinosaur footprints. Therefore, an Administrative oversight has be corrected. As a result the Mice are losing Their Magic. They are not going to be reborn. Persephone has closed the Gates of Rebirth. Enjoy life while you have it. "Life is good."

 Some people think that Yoga will regenerate them. It won't. This is because, Yoga has Deities that are associated with Death (Yama). Do you understand that? These Deities are extraordinarily deceptive. Understand, that "deception" need not be a lie exactly. Although, you have the appearance of truth but, this truth serves some other purpose than what you believe it to be.

This is because, there is only "One Real Deity." That Deity is Mitra. You have to make the "Contract" with Him in order to get your Miter (Cap). This Miter is your "Head Chakra." Once you have your head gear Mitra will be your Friend. However, with a Friend like this you don't need any enemies. Because, Mitra is Satan. This is the Great Secret of Yoga.

Mitra a.k.a. Satan has many Servitors. These are Demons sometimes called Asuras. that is what you are going to get. Because, you are unclean. You don't claim any Hindu Caste. That makes you less than an Untouchable. One of them is called "Krishna" who is like the character "Snake Skin" in the movie "The Fugitive Kind." Some people in India believe that "Krishna," "Hari," or "Rama" are different Devil Gods. They are always, trying create a land where they can live that is little inferior to Their Native Hell. Since, they all have devilish forms that is what they always, are Devils. You are a devil. What do you expect? You can have them if you want them, but, maybe you shouldn't. Regardless, these Devil Gods are still in Satan's service. Some say that Krishna is Christ. I will tell you Krishna is the Anti Christ to be blunt about it. As a of matter of fact a Westerner will only get a Klepoth that is nothing but, a rotten shell stuffed nothing but, Cosmic Filth. You can have God like this as your demon lover but, maybe you shouldn't. Another, Servitor of Satan is Ganesh who spins a deadly web of Tantric Sophistry. Now, some people claim that these Devil Gods are "good" in India. Maybe, they are but, they are really always, bad here. That is because, they hate Civilization. If you are Jewish, Mitra can even get you Haman because, Mitra is the God of Haman. You can get a parasitic Light that feeds on you from Mitra too. If you like World Ending stuff Mitra can get you Kalkin, or Kalki that will end your time in this World for sure once, the World of the Anti Christ begins to happen in you. Mitra will get you Manu as your "Thinker" if you let Him. Then you can have the "Laws of Manu" right there for you, always.  Mitra can also, get you something like Miriam. Hell, you can even get something like God. The False Miriam so you can have "Rebellion," and "Bitterness" in you all the time you are alive on this Planet. That is a Real Scarlet Women (the Bloody One).

 You realize that the Administration has to respond to this challenge. This Administrative oversight: "Yoga" needs to be corrected in order for "Camp" to be here properly. Maya has to be ordained. This is to get rid of Krishna. Krishna has become Molech. Worse, as Molech Krishna is a Sovereign King. This Kingdom is expanding.

 So people may believe they are getting benefits from their Yoga practice. It may appear to other people that this is indeed the case as well. Because, these Deities want to propagate themselves here in the United States of America. Understand, that these Deities are basically Alien. They are also, very Evil. Once you have fallen into Their trap. There is one thing you are going to do. You are going to die. That is it, period.

 Understand, most of this tomfoolery benefits certain people, only. It only benefits those people that know the Secrets. Those are the "Secrets of Control." You don't control this Yoga you have. That means other people can use Yoga to control you. They do not live in the United States of America, and never will. Many of these people hate Americans. Do you understand what that means?

 Now, you have to understand the Chakras. Also, the subtle metaphysical body that their doctrines teach you. Because, this idiocy is not real until you make it real. It is all basically lies, and sophistry. That being the case it can still hurt you.

 Understand, that these Centers make up a "Yogic Tree of Life". It is a "Harvester". This Tree feeds on you. It is a parasite that devours your merit. While It gives you nothing in return, but suffering. This to help you get busy with dying. The "Fruit of this Tree of Life" is there for Satan to eat. Therefore, It is a "Tree of Life" of sorts.

 There are "Other Worlds" you can go to with Yoga. But, maybe you shouldn't. Because, these are "Worlds of Pure Damnation." There you will get "Realizations" about God that are not True. You will believe you are getting "Real Knowledge" (Gnosis). That is really interesting "Knowledge" because, it totally programs ("Brain Washes") you. Now, you can form a "Cult".

 You know you are in Hell when you can see Visible Signs of Damnation. This is why you will find Yoga Meditation being done at graveyards, cremation grounds, and even garbage dumps. In otherwise a "Landscape of Visible Damnation." When they go to Hell in the afterlife they will know they are really there.

  You shall not engage in any spiritual Practice that requires a Snake (Kundalini, Shiva, Shakti, Shakta, Shaitan, Sammael, Levithan, Diabolus) remember the Fall of Adam.

 There is a man. His name is Charlie Christ. He is the half brother of Jesus Christ. Now, we are not going to go into all that. But, Kommandant Kitten just wants you to know that. Of course, he believes he really is. Sometimes, he is half man, and half woman. In Yoga there is a Sophistry that taught him that he had a Shakta (Inner Man) who is God that is in Union, or in Yoga with a Shakta (Inner Woman) God's Consort. His psychiatrist knows this man is insane. He is in a mental hospital getting treatment for schizophrenia. Charlie Christ is getting his "meds" adjusted. Charlie Christ is not his real name. He worked very hard to get this. Actually, in India they do not teach this discipline to girls. It is an all male fraternity. All the people that do this Yoga are men. They can follow in the footsteps of Charlie Christ. Here is the quiz. Is there any reason why we should allow this Yoga to be in our Country?

 There is another problem with this Kundalini Yoga. Because, they have Shaitan. Shaitan is called Iblis sometimes. If you are a Moslem you know what this is. This not a blessing! They have to wish evil on somebody in order for Shaitan to come to life in them. It works by inhibiting good thoughts. Causing people to have distorted views on what is good. That brings about misfortune for everyone. Shaitan harms Love. If you are ever attacked like this. You have bring up you cat against it instantly. That is Alastor the Cat before it can attack your blood.

 If you have the full "Armor of God": the Helmet of Salvation; the Breast Plate of Righteousness; the Sword of the Word of God; the Belt of Truth; the Shield of Faith; the Sandals of Peace just like a Roman Tribune. That was the kind of rank that the Apostle Paul had. That will help.

 There is one other thing you can do to correct that Administrative Oversight: Glycon. And, by the power vested in Kommandant Kitten, the Goddess Cath, Goddess Persephone, Asklepius, and Alexander of Abonoteichus. Glycon is Nehushtan! King James Version "Holy Bible" Numbers 21: 6-9.

 In the "Philosophy of Catharsis" we ask Questions. After all, if you are engaging in Yoga you are supposed to question everything. We should not accept anything on Faith unless, it is proven to be Good. Therefore, we should always, suspect the worst regarding any Religion, Philosophy, Ideology, or Spiritual Practice. Since, none of these are perfect, and have a certain degree of falsehood in them. All these things are assumed to be Sophistry to some degree, or other. We should always, consider the consequences of any action based on these things.

 The first question asked by every girl, or boy is "why?" Why is this important? Why are you teaching me this? Likewise, questions starting with who, what, where, when, and how. All this has to do with thinking. How do people think? This is something you need to know. That is how to think. Why do people think? Thinking appears to be a social activity. Our thoughts seem to be about people. Our thoughts reflect our degree of socialization. Your individuality; your ego is your point of reference. You understand: who you are; where you are at, and what you are doing at any given time in the present, past, and future.

We are always, meditating. You don't need to be taught to meditate. That is mere Sophistry. Meditation is natural in people.

That the so-called "Spiritual Path" I have been elaborating on in this work is filled with pitfalls, snares, and traps of the worst sort. Yet, one is not allowed to suspect that you are however, slowly heading right away from the Sun, and its warmth on a trajectory, which will carry you into the cold, and darkness of utmost space. Finally, into the orbit of several Dark Stars in the Auschwitz System. For there is a certain glamor, and romance that induces one to traverse the Path. Later, comes a feeling of tremendous embarrassment one has that keeps you from leaving it. By the time the glamor fades one has unfortunately grown older, perhaps wiser, and enlightened to the degree that one finds oneself a fool.

But, what if madness is true? That what you are really experiencing is real!

Then it is time to welcome you to the Under World. That is not always, the Realm of the Dead. We go to visit the August Goddess Persephone. So our World has gotten different since, you don't have to go to Hades. Persephone is walking, and moving among us. "Life is good."

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