The Witchery Witch Book
By Lama Kitten

"The extraordinary can always be found in the ordinary."

You take Refuge. In the Buddha, the Dharrma, and the Sangha. Buddha mens Y our Mind. The Dharma is the Laws of Nature. Sangha is the Gathering of Good Companions. All these Deities are part of the Sangha as you are too.

All the Offerings have been made for you.

Now, many people think you need witch's robes, magic wands, swords, daggers, and other magical paraphernalia. That is stupid! That you need to do chants, magic spells, mantras, and so forth. No, you don't. For "The extraordinary can always be found in the ordinary".

That is the manifesto of Kommrade Kitten.

Friend Kitten has certain Norms, Forms, and Values that make up a Discipline. A Form is a definite Protocol. Every science is based on proven norms, forms, and values. In science the extraordinary is found in the ordinary. For example an extraordinary antimicrobial, penicillin comes from a very ordinary mold that people find disgusting.

Read, "The Man with the Aura" about the Quaker respectability generator. That is about real Quaker witchcraft. It is a rather exaggerated account of this modern phenomena.

All witchcraft is sophistry combined with empathy. This works better with a Deity like Juno (Royalty), Tanith the Mother of Juno, Freya (Complex Goddess of the Rising Sun), Catherine (Purity), Mithra (A Very Complex God of the Rising Sun) Mithra's Explanation proceeds Mithra's Initiation, and Empowerment. Because, Lord Mithrais is a very dangerous Deity of Righteousness, Cupid (Eros, or Love), Thor (Vulcan: the Artificer), Phoebes Apollo is Vulcan the Artificer of Truth (Machines), Mars (Armor, and the Armory as the Armored Man), Mercury Several God Forms: Ganymede the Cup Bearer, Mercury the Orator, Hermes Mercury the Psychopomp, Hermes Mercury the Progenitor of All, Vulcan the Artificer, Holly with Holly Tree (the Lake of Holly and the Holly Deity a Form of the Goddess Hathor of Egypt), Hathor the Sun Girl the Muse of the Sun , Nirrti (the Earth Star), Maya (Goddess of the Other Side of Life, and the Muse of Freedom), Gwen (the Bones of Woman), Persephone (Proserpine) Goddess of Hidden Love, Thalia (Goddess of New Beginnings, and Muse of Comedy), Melpomene the Muse of Tragedy, Iris (Goddess of Seeing), Ceres (Demeter) and Kore: the Young Demeter, Diana (Artemis): the Warden, Thanatos (Lady Death), Athena (Hera: a Ruler, or Minerva: Goddess of War and Peace). Friend Kitten gives you the necessary Initiation, Empowerment, and Explanation in order for you to have these Deities.


Kitten's Deities are under the same Oath that Kitten swore when Kitten joined the United States Marine Corps. "All have taken this Oath to Defend the United States of America from all Enemies Foreign, or Domestic." This was done to exclude Treason, Rebellion, and Sedition.

Sophistry has to be Organic in order to be effective. The United States Constitution is Organic. The "Book of Revelation by Saint John the Divine" is Organic. This book is Organic.

Sophistry is Romantic.

You h
ave an Existence (Sat) not a "Life" that is usually, a lie. "Life" is subject to human interpretation. That is what we have. That is why a better "Life" does not always, mean a better Existence. This is a good Talking Point.
This is called "splitting hairs with a sharp mind." You have to hone that razor: your mind. Until, you can shave with it.

 You will have all the "Body Theft Routines" pioneered by Kitten as part of your Empowerment for your Deity Work. Then you will be able to do "magic" over great distances. "Body theft," and related magical practices are found in anthropology. Usually, with certain primitive tribes. This is exploiting the Primitive Nature of Man, and Woman.

 Be sure you read everything here. Kitten will update this book constantly. Check back about at least once a month for new material.

Maintain stasis! Predators always, maintain a perennial stasis, or equilibrium with their environment. Order is important. Be there for people. Intelligence is even more important. Know what people want. You must make sure you have "peace and safety." Do not get out of order. Don't act out. That way you will not go crazy. You will never be out of style. Because, people are not tired of you. Don't boor them. Kitten is here as your coach. Kitten is your referee too.

You know most boys are afraid of girls. Because, girls are not boys. This is the primordial fear of the unknown, or the Other. There is a social sophistry that engenders, and maintains this phobia in men. The effects of this sophistry can persist into well into adulthood. In a sense this way of dealing with girls is lifelong in most men. Usually, this is not too obvious. Kitten wants you to grasp the real meaning of this life issue. Because, the theory, and practice of misogyny is based on this common phobia. To wit a hatred of women, and marriage.

Girls have a huge love organ called a labia. Boys don't have one. This is the Mystery of the Lost Labia. Hence, girls are mysterious.

Know the difference between sexual, and sensual systems of perception. As you become more sensual you become more social. You see, antisocial people have a dysfunctional sexual perception of people, and relationships. They are like people that have been sexually abused as children. They may have been somehow. Hostile people are the product of training in early childhood that makes them like that too. They are trained to hide this. This is why sex is considered dirty to them. There is no purity in their life. Because, they have perverse ideal of purity. Such people are impossible to please. But, for everybody else. That is why a television commercial isn't a sex flick. Advertising deals with sensuality. It is not sex per se. It is an invitation to mate. These are the rites of courtship, usually. It is not profane. Profanity involves the degradation of people, and the environment: both. It is this brutality that is somehow comical to them: slapstick. They know it scares girls. That is the Rape Ethic with these Jokes, Pranks, and Tricks. That are somehow, funny only to them. God knows how come. Profanity is the glorification of this bloody rape as a way of life. That can not be tolerated at all.

Now, Davey Crockett didn't make it. "Remember the Alamo!' He is a martyr but, it killed him. Daniel Boone did better. Yet, they are both Mythical Men. "Rugged Individualism" won't work much for you. Men have Brotherhoods. Girls always form Sisterhoods. That means you have to network with people like you. You have to form close relationships. That is comradeship. That makes you more important. People are important. You are important too! You have got to get them to think this way. You need to rally for them. You need to be cheering for them. This what you have got to get them to do. You have got to get them to your first rally.

This is the Advent of Lauren. Lauren is a top model. Lauren is just getting known. Let's say you are Lauren, and you have gotten this far. Now.

Friend Kitten has to warn you more about the defects of Socialism. Everybody is sort of like in a Great Big Day Care Centre. Everything is totally controlled for the toddlers. They they do know this. It's Primal. "I want my Mommy!" "Daddy, where are you?" "I want my candy!" You get something like that. You know, these systems can become enormously sadistic against you.

This is the "Toddler Effect."

 So. You need just the right mixture of Red and Yellow. Orange. Pink is Red diluted with too much White. Pure Red can get Bloody. Be afraid of that. You need Yellow. Red is Authority. That makes things work for you. That Day Care Centre can break down very easy.

 You don't want to be caught in a Government like that because, you'll die. You will certainly get hurt. That is why you don't want to rally for These People.

Pay attention to this too!

 Do not harm people that like you. You can do this unknowingly. If you are not friendly. Friendliness has to be practiced! You have to work at being friendly.

The Monk knows these things. That is why the Monk's Begging Bowl is always full of Good Things. Those are Things you can Eat. Those are Things you can Have. Those are Things you can Spend. That is what the Monk lives for. Organizing.

"Speak for yourself."
That saying is more sophistry. It is filled with fallacious control values.You are really speaking for society. Of course, you have every right to since, you count. People are social. You are not an island unto yourself. That is true psychosis. This sophistry is called "crazy making". Be more sociable. You have to learn that until, you are a real socialite.

Kitten has found a certain Demon to be present in certain people. That is Shaitan! Kitten hates this Demon, and you should too. It appears to be a kind of Serpent Devil also called, Diabolus. It may be hereditary. It may come from some sort of oral tradition among certain bloodlines. They really have to wish evil against somebody in order for Shatan to come to life in them. It works by inhibiting good thoughts. Causing peoilie to have distorted views of what is good. That brings about misfortune for everyone. Shaitan harms Love. If you are ever attacked like this. You have to bring up your cat up against it instantly.

There is a certain kind of Yoga that is involved in the practice of Oriental magic. There is a Sanskrit word "gurate" meaning: "He (the Devil) lifts up." Like when Satan lifted up Jesus, and promised Him the World if He would worship Him. That is in the "New Testament". Hercules lifted Antaeus off the Earth in order to kill him. People that get "high", on drugs die from them.

 Avoid any practice that has to do with some sort of Snake (Kundalini, or Shakti). People say you can get good teachings from a Snake. Friend Kitten knows this is impossible!

The Cat in the picture is Big Ears. That is Alar that has come down from the Hyades. You have to be careful what you ask of Alar. Alar brings presents like cats always, bring. Right there Alar has large hare for you. You must eat it for Alar. Once you eat that hare. You can cook it. You are one of Alar's Cats. That is a Love Exchange. You then are Love Family.
Alar can kill Shaitan There is Shaitan with His Tree. Adam and Eve should have left Shaitan's Tree alone. Shaitan is running away, with Shaitan's Tree. The Fruit there for only Shaitan to eat. Actually, Shaitan is a Dragon of the Sun. Shaitan is dangerous. You must leave Shaitan alone.

Kitten has to tell you a story. It is a good story about a sort of school for intellectually challenged people. They are all idiots. This school is there for boys only. Now, Yoga in India is there for everybody. The ruling Caste says so. Friend Kitten has to digress a little bit to explain why. The idiot is prone to visions which Kitten knows are hallucinations. Idiots see things. The moron will experience the "Divine." Hence, morons are dangerously religious. Therefore, morons are very opinionated. Sort of like the Archie Bunker role in the TV series "All in the Family." What these people need to do when they are not working is to just meditate. This will keep them from bothering the ruling class in India with their moronic religious activity, and their prejudices. Meditation is like medication in this case. Anything that keeps morons out of the way is probably good. Friend Kitten does not teach morons. The real witchcraft is dangerous. That means it can kill you. But, not always right away. Yoga is magical. Yoga is even worse.
 Yoga Man has taught the boys things that seem to have a beneficial effect on his students. One imbecile's Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is to where he is an idiot savant. We will call him "Samadhi Boy." Because, he goes into these trances where he experiences "Divine Bliss." Samadhi Boy is bad.

 He has extreme control over his body functions. Much of his involuntary nervous system is under his control. He is engaging in all sorts of Mouse Play. The boy has to show off regardless of how offensive, and tasteless his actions are. He can protrude his anus about six inches outside his body. He can even "talk" with it!

The problem is this boy has Shaitan. It is full blown in him. Even though he is thirteen years old. His Yoga is extreme. He is what is called a "Bharaivi Yogi" (Terrible One). He has become a Real Mouse. That is a malevolent empath. Some people call them saps (goats). But, you shouldn't find a goat like this on anybody's farm.

This contagion has gotten in to the rest of the boys. Some people may think this is some sort of blessing. It's not! Now, all the boys think they are God. You can't teach "God" anything at all! They have all been "lifted up" (high) by the Devil.

 If somebody displeases Samadhi Boy. He will attack them with his "psychic power." He has an irrational hatred of women. That makes him very dangerous.
You don't have to be a Muslim to hate Shaitan. It's just there! It is instinctive. Cats hate snakes. Cat People do too. When those snakes are like that.

People in the helping professions like social workers might find this once in a while. Hopefully, not. But, at least you will know that this phenomenon really exists. These people need to be institutionalized, and given psychiatric treatment.
Kitten always, has a stone against Shaitan. Kitten is not going to cast that stone but, Kitten can bind Shaitan with that.

Many people keep reptiles. Herpetology is a passion that is almost, religious with some people like the late Raymond Ditmars. He collected snakes from all over the World. He even caught rattlesnakes in New York City's Central Park. His work is still legendary among snake collectors even today. There has been quite a study of snake collecting. Is it diabolical? The Snake being associated with the Devil in the Temptation of Adam has given snakes a bad name. Regardless, of whether this is true, or not it still kills reptiles. Probably, harms snake collectors too.

Friend Kitten has to clue you in regarding the Godly Virtue of Temperance. Temperance is good for you. If you understand it. This is about having Normal Values. Those are values that you can live with easily. If you can read a label. You can know how to have everything in moderation. Girls need to know all the responsibilities, and freedoms that come with their coming of age.

 For example everybody knows that drinking alcoholic beverages is a very adult activity. Health benefits of alcohol are questionable. But, some people find it pleasurable in good company. Nourishing, when taken moderately with meals. So drink something good, if you are going to drink.

In Atlantic City, New Jersey, Reno, Nevada, or even with the lottery if you gamble three hundred dollars. You will lose three hundred dollars. Kitten has found this to be true. So you should have fun doing something else, like seeing the shows. Taking advantage of all the bargains on lodging, meals, entertainment, shopping, and sight seeing that make this ordeal worth it. That way, it doesn't cost you anything to gamble. Here a word of caution is in order.

 Never go to Indian Reservations to gamble. You can not feel good in an institution that hates its patrons. You have no business on an Indian Reservation. That is their "Camp," not yours. You will also, find some other really bad people. Stay away, then.

 Never patronize any place that does not like you. You are on enemy soil.

 Native Americans have their own Culture. Leave it be. Native Americans are different than you. Let them stay that way. Don't fraternize with them. They will like you better.

Smoking is another adult habit. Smoking is a vice but, it not bad enough to be banned. Understand, that every pack of cigarettes, and all the advertising have warnings. It is not healthy to use tobacco regularly. There is plenty of literature on the subject even from the tobacco companies. You can make an informed choice. If you are going to smoke. Use a quality product. Kitten thinks that the Pyramid brand of cheap cigarettes is "the Curse of the Pharaohs".

Smoking is good for business. Because, people that smoke tend to shop a lot. They like to eat out. They also, go to places where they can be sociable. Cigarette smoking is not antisocial.

One of the greatest problems with American tobacco. Has been the adulteration of these products. Menthol is not bad. Avoid the American Spirit brand. It has been found to be high in certain radioactive isotopes. Radon is bad for you. Soils in certain parts of the country have been found to contain polonium 210, radon, radium, and uranium. Atomic Bomb testing may have contributed to this problem. Apparently, Kentucky may have this problem. Those radioactive elements are absorbed, and accumulated by the tobacco plant. Whereas, Virgina tobacco has been tested, and found free of these known carcinogens. You will have to study this subject more. Kitten smokes Winston. You might like them.

Next problem, was the use of large amounts of arsenic based pesticides like lead arsenate. Arsenic has been known to cause cancer for hundreds of years. The use of arsenicals was finally prohibited by 1980. That was when the supplies of arsenic were used up.

 They lied about making cigarettes safer. But, now they are. Kitten doesn't think the Surgeon General cares much about anybody's health at all. Neither, do any of these anti smoking activists. It is nothing but, bloody politics with them.

When you are prescribed medicines by a doctor there is information there to inform you of even the fatal consequences of side effects, or misuse of these products.
This applies to all over the counter medicines (OTC) as well. The Government tests these products for purity. These medicines are safe, and effective according to Government, and Industrial standards. Temperance dictates that if you follow those instructions that come with those medicines the risks are minimal. The medicine might even be good for you. As long as this information is truthful, and most of the time it is.

Even on a can of bug spray there are always, directions on how to use this product safely.

 Likewise, this is true of all commercial products. Understand, the moron may not read those instructions. This being the case most of these products are idiot safe. When those measures fail to get rid of the ants in the pantry. You will have to call the exterminator.
The picture on the right is Persephone from "The Matrix Reloaded." Persephone does favor white even though Persephone is Aphrodite (Venus) as the Dark Girl.

 If people don't understand Her. They never will. They won't recognize love. When it is right there in front of them.

The "Dark Girl" is like that to them.

A lot of times the "Dark Girl" is invisible to them.

They don't have any finesse.

"The girls become fleet of feet."

"A good run is better than a bad stand."

Let's say you can't retreat, or you are home ground.

Then you need to know some verbal foils. When you are fencing the foil is there for you. "Oh!" "Really!" "Huh!" "Can you repeat that?" "What?" "I will think about that." "No, is a complete sentence."  "You don't say?" 'Can you run that by me one more time?" "Why" is usually, the best one.

This is the art of being "difficult."

Obesity has become rampant in America. Swill seems to be the cause of this epidemic. Diet, and exercise are the nostrums prescribed for this condition. Granted, that deep breathing is a considerable benefit for people who don't know how to breath rightly. The introduction of extra oxygen into the physical organism will burn fat stores away. Kitten has observed that diet, and exercise don't do a lot until, the real endocrine issues are addressed.

Those are hormones, and neurotransmitters.

 Endocrine disruption can be a problem too.

 There are many poisons that can do this. One of the worst ones was any salt of thallium.

Soy foods especially, when you are young as well as soy based baby formulas contains estrogenic substances. These can definitely disrupt your endocrine system. Many products for post menopause contain soy derivatives. You can take them if you must.

 They might not promote cancer like Premarin (estradiol). Those are horse hormones from horses. Kind of like you can get porcine insulin from pigs. It is not the best but, it is a partial remedy. There are several forms of human estrogens that need to be replaced along with everything else as you age.

 Depression is definitely an aggravating factor. Obesity maybe, hereditary too. Certain formulas given to fatten babies in hospitals have been implicated as a definite cause of this condition. Fat babies produce fat adults. They do.

 There is a popular belief that chubby infants are healthy babies. Because, they look like angelic little cherubs.  But, maybe they shouldn't. Some products made experimental use of certain hormones allegedly for premature infants. These formulas are probably harmful.

 Gerber is probably the best baby formula. Since, Gerber has had it on the market since, the 1930's. So we know that it is safe.

 It is hard to get rid of fat cells then. It is almost impossible to later in life. Obesity was considered to be a problem in Auschwitz. A bread, and water diet did help SS Guards shed those excess pounds. As soon as those SS Guards went off their diet. They gained all their pounds back in about a month. Their problem was fat cells.

 Adipose tissue is another name that refers to collected fat cells. This is very bad in the breast.

 Fat cells are like, or really are an endocrine gland. These cells are constantly secreting hormones that promote obesity. Kitten believes morbid obesity is a form of cancer. Fat cells are not renewed like blood cells. Fat cells are almost immortal. Fat cells usually, become cancerous sooner, or later. Breast cancer is an excellent example of this. You see fat accumulates numerous poisons, carcinogens, and mutagenic substances. This is stored in people's fat cells. Autopsies have even found this fat in humans to be rancid! It stinks like rancid butter. That happens when unused fat is exposed to oxidation, and free radicals. This is when conglomerations of fats cells have become parasitic.

 The only solution here is to get rid of those fat cells. Extreme diet, and exercise may do this. Like the infamous Coffee, and Cigarette Diet; the real Hollywood Diet. However, this could endanger your health. During this time your fat cells want to live, and multiply instead of feeding you their fat stores. This is not exactly a food storage strategy. If your body is storing food you should not be hungry. These fat cells don't feed you unless, you are starving to death. It has no survival value. Thin people outlive obese people during times of famine. Surgical removal of excess fat like by liposuction works. This is a little bit more than cosmetic treatment.

 The health benefits of fat removal are like quiting smoking a pack, or more cigarettes a day during your lifetime. It will add at least five years, or more to your life. That is by getting rid of six pounds of excess fat cells. Not only does that person look healthy but, they become much more employable. They work more efficiently. Their quality of life is remarkably improved. Understand, the difference between fat cells, and body fat.

 You see there is too much sophistry about fat rather than fat cells. Your body is a product of the haphazard process of evolution. Your body really isn't that smart. This is the Problem of the Flesh as Christians have it. Your body is not always, your friend.

 It is an animal that has to be mastered by the intellect.

Kitten is on a diet. Kitten gets to eat once a day. Poor Kitten! Kitten has to take vitamins, and minerals. But, Kitten looks great.

Don't be a glutton. Eat good food in moderation. Eat the best food you can get.

 Enjoy life.

Driving a motor vehicle marks a person's coming of age. People have to meet the requirements to get a license. They are mature enough to be able to follow all the rules of the road. Of course, they know what to do, if something goes wrong. There is plenty of information be sure, you study enough of it to keep you legal on the road. You want to drive a really good new car. Be sure to shop around a lot.

Spending money generates income even, yours. If you are prudent. Money is supposed to circulate, and percolate through the social strata. Commerce requires spending, not saving. Spending money. During the holidays consumer spending has to keep all those industries alive. Remember, you want to work somewhere really good. Don't support political austerity measures.

One of the most difficult subjects to understand in the light of temperance is sex. There is nothing sinful about sex. Sex is normal in people. Masturbation is not a sin either. It is just something that people may do sometimes. Celibacy is perverse because, it demonizes people by making them conform to an impossible standard. You have to have normal values that you can actually, live with. Sex education is around to inform people about risky sexual behavior. Any mistake here can seriously harm your freedom. You are not going to have a good life, if you don't have freedom.

 Planing relationships is important. Otherwise, people will just take you for granted. You should know a month, or even a year whether you will go to bed with someone, or not. Your partner is not to know this, by the way. That way you maintain your mystique. Let people think you are a virgin. Because, you really are chaste. Chasity is an independent attitude regarding sex, and relationships. That way you will not become a "sex addict."

Friend Kitten has to tell you how a sexual perception of relationships can wreck your life, if you don't grow out of it. You must become sensual like a Cat. You may not become a perfect lady. But, you must be a good animal first. You need to know you are an animal. You have a body, and senses to proclaim your Cat.

Voting is another privilege that is the prerogative of a mature Citizen of America. You are supposed to have some political training in order to vote wisely. By the time, someone is eighteen they should have gotten an education about Citizenship.

For the most part everybody on this Planet is in the same "Camp."

 Regardless, of our differences, and disagreements we are all living basically in a commune together. We have a social reality. Yet, we are not a classless society. You should have a political life. You are part of the system of Government. You have something to say about what happens.

Military service is another coming of age obligation that must be done well. Here people are given extensive training to make them better Citizens.

Higher education in universities is always, desirable. That is part of your growing up.

Owning your own home means you have not only come of age. But, you have class, and status that says you are somebody. That you are a full Citizen.

 Home ownership means you have everything to say about what goes on in America. The people that own the Country run the Country. You can have a house party, and showboat a little bit. You need to start house hunting.

What about marriage? Why marry? You see marriage does not mark you as a coming of age.

Also, you must have a solid foundation to build a house on. Anything else is foolish. So your foundation has to be rock solid.

That is essential for private enterprise to exist. That property rights are firmly enshrined in the United States Constitution.

Because, the Constitution is the foundation document for all our laws here in America. This is where we enter into the social arena. Because, not everything can be shared. Everything you have has to be yours. You legally own property. That includes your own body.

There is a Temperance Cult. The issues appear to be eliminating behaviors that these people consider to be unhealthy, or immoral, or both. They see every girl as a temptress weakening men. They are oppressive. They create artificial shame. They become increasingly Militant. It is a major cause of War. In the guise of promoting public morality they are harming women. It harms Love. That is because, they are Mithriac. This is a false temperance. That is to promote the Age of Man. All their
crusade borders on paranoia. They are almost psychotic. Worse, they are very wicked.

Being that this is part of the Auschwitz Project. How does this Temperance affect Jews?

 Judaism is nothing like Christianity. Ideally, you should conform to all the standards that make up the life of a Jewish Rabbi. If you can keep all the traditional rules that govern a Rabbi's life. If you can. Then do that. But, if you can't. Then you can't but, that does not make you bad.

 Judaism has no Saints like Christianity. As a matter of fact, Jews know that all the Christian Saints were nuts! Rebellion in Judaism is nothing like the way Christians perceive it. It is not treason! It is natural part of growing up. It is called exploratory behavior. Playing is needed because, that is how human beings learn.

 Do you understand, all these Hate Cults come out of Temperance. Temperance is a Tool of the Devil. Definitely that tool is used constantly by foreign spies. Temperance kills Jews. It destroys Judaism from within.

The sophistry, rackets, and trickery that are part, and parcel with worldwide Temperance Movements are far deadlier than alcohol ever has been.

 Temperance provides the fuel for a Holocaust. It is the major reason why Jews died in Auschwitz.

Remember, Hitler did not drink, take drugs, or smoke.

 Hitler went to war with Russia over this issue. Comrade Stalin was right. "Don't trust anyone that doesn't drink, and smoke."

 You have to get rid of those Activists, or Zealots before they kill you. These "Wars" can lead to real kill, or be killed situations. Those people have lawyers in every courtroom, lobbyists in every legislature, and Government office. But, we don't have anything like this!


This brings us into an understanding of something even more terrible. You must know something about Cult behavior that is Yoga based. The Krishna Cults are by far the worst. This is due to the War-like nature of this Deity Krishna. Thus, Krishna is bad for Peace. Krishna has many prohibitions that are designed to create conflicts in any society Krishna is in. Some of these prohibitions make sense from a scientific point of view. This is the Great Mistake. Many Christians, Jews, and Muslims believe they share some Common Ground with Krishna's Cults. They don't. Krishna has "Life Games." A "Life Game" is also known, as a "Goat Game." These Pagan "Life Games" are enormously old. A "Life Game" is designed to give Him Life at your expense. Remember, Krishna hates girls. Krishna wants everything to be His. Krishna wants everybody to believe He is God like the Lord God Almighty in the Religions of the Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Of course, Krishna isn't.

Krishna is allergic to cigarette smoke. He must be since, His devotees claim that "God" can be banished by cigarette smoking near His Temples.
Yogis have a superstitious fear of tobacco because, of the Smoking Witch. This prohibition is actually from the Middle Ages in India. If you are smoking a cigarette near a Temple of Krishna in India you will be killed. At least they will try it. Krishna has thousands of prohibitions that are designed to promote the Life of Krishna. Krishna is not human. True. No human being can possibly keep all His prescriptions for living. They can't. This is to promote racketeering. The Krishna Cults have thousands of rackets. Yoga in India is controlled by these mobs. They will even give people drugs so American Yoga students can have an authentic experience of Divine Bliss. These Krishna Cults will rob you of your money, your possessions, your sanity, and your life if you join them. But, maybe you shouldn't. Given a choice. You better take up smoking.

You have to be organized. Kitten used the word "organize" in the "Auschwitz Dialogs." That means you have to know how to arrange things. To put things in their proper place. What is, or is not yours. What you can, or can not take.
The business of America is business. It is important to identify the market that you will be working in. In order to do that you have to understand marketing. It is important to create a mystique for yourself. A mystique is a playful air, or attitude of mystery, and reverence around something, or someone. Kitten has the Mystique of Kitten. Thus, Kitten is
a God. Kitten is here to be adored. Who doesn't love love? You have to love yourself without being conceited. You have to get people to love you. That is true.

Understand, that slave making is not charity. Many churches don't know that, by the way. But, you know better. It is okay to have slaves. Make sure they are well provided for. They are going to be somebody's slaves. So they might as well be your slaves. You can not own them but, you can still have them. As long as you take care of their basic needs they will always, be yours. Because, they are your subjects.

 That is one of the privileges of being Juno. That is what a real matron does. Matrons run things. You should know you are upper class.

Being upper class you have to build your own proletariat. The proletariat is the working class that works with you. Only their work is valuable. They are the only people that you need to listen to. Only those people can possibly be your equal. The rest are nothing but, parasites, or outcasts. Those people do not have class. Here in the United States of America there are no royal classes hence, royalty. Because, that is prohibited by the United States Constitution. There is no longer a of class of slave owners, or slaves. That to has been abolished by the Thirteenth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. Class sophistry is really about status. That is usually, based on merit. The only problem here is some people do not deserve their status. Sophistry can be used to harm your status.

There isn't a peasant class allowed here in America. There is no such thing as a middle class. The enshrinement of mediocrity is not with us. The ideal of the bourgeoisies is fallacious. As the Christians put it. You are either saved, or damned. There is no middle way. Either, you have class plus the status that is your prerogative, or you don't. You either are somebody, or you are not. Don't fall for the humility trap. Prudence is the true humility. Truly, humble people know their class, and status level. Knowing that is the first stage in finding a better place. Know your place in society, and go after it.

You have to be upwardly mobile. Since, there is one class: Citizens. Class status should improve your class standing.

Some people believe that they can make a deal with the Devil. That is absurd. Even if you could make such an agreement. Satan due to His fallen nature has no control over the consequences of any evil that He does. Since, Satan was cursed with Divine Ignorance by God's Wrath. The Devil is not smart enough to be a Lord over Evil. Evil does not obey Him because, Evil doesn't have to. His Angels (human) have been "given over to a strong delusion least they repent (forgive), and be saved" to insure Justice. The Devil's Angels whom we call the Mice have no control over the future consequences of Their actions. Henceforth, we have the Mouse Problem.

Animal Trap

Now, you are going have to make sacrifices in order to get anything from anybody. You have to build up your merit. The sacrificial offering is a metaphor, more than likely an allegory. The truth is when a book calls for offering a goat. The real sacrificial animal is you. If you sacrifice a dove you will lose your peace. Such books are definitely diabolical. Those books are out there to trap people. Never forget that! Never do any animal sacrifice for that very reason.

But, you can be cruel as part of your coming of age. If you are afraid of an animal. Killing that animal will make you feel better. It will liberate you! Everyday, thousands of animals are dying for you because, you are worth it.

The Religion

One view is that perhaps Jesus Christ of Nazareth died on the Cross for the Sin of Creating Man. According to Christian cannon: Jesus was Born of the Virgin Mary, taught for many years the Remission of Sins, was Crucified, Died on the Cross, Rose from the Dead, and Ascended into Heaven because, everybody knows God can do that. Jesus had to die completely to make that Atonement real. Otherwise, God would be a devil because, He was responsible for creating the possibility of Sin in the first place. As a result of the Primal Sin of Man; God choose to remove Himself from His Creation. It is a great divorce of sorts. As a result the World was reformed along Evolutionary lines. Man was no longer Man in God's Image as a result of the Fall of Man. Man's primacy over Creation was revoked as a result of the Reformation of the World by God. The Laws of Nature replaced the previous Laws of God, and Man. Then God has to Remanifest, and Reform everything according to the new paradigm over a considerable period of time. That is to not disturb the stasis too much.

 What if God comes back as a Teenage Girl? Does God make the same mistakes twice? God probably won't repeat the Father Stuff. That is pretty radical isn't it? Anyway, God is more than mere sophistry. A lot of people hope so. God's new name is Amy, or we could call God: Tanith Pene El.

 God has to make sense to you somehow. The Norms, Forms, and Values that define your Universe shouldn't be too crazy. Your are the person who must live with God; not somebody else. Examine everything carefully, and make sure it is good for you. Don't accept something just because, other people maybe, your enemies say it is true. How come people can still be with Jesus even though His Body is no longer here? If Jesus is God, then Jesus can know you now, even from way back then because, He is God. Jesus does not give out Daemons. That way Satan can't fool us. You can not have Jesus inside you. Because, Jesus is Lord (Adonai).

Let us take the Hindu Deities for instance. All the Goddesses in India act like men! In the Hindu Religion monotheism, and pantheism are synonymous. In pantheism if you realize one Deity, you realize Them All. This is because, of the inherent oneness of everything. Their Religion does not recognize boundaries between God, and Man. There is not a subject object relationship like in Western Religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and what Kitten is teaching you here. It is actually blasphemy. It is the Primordial Sin of Adam. This Oneness Doctrine is deadly to our ability to Reason. It is dangerously irrational. Because, it is anti authoritarian. There is a problem with authority. That makes people like them terribly hard to police. If they don't respect the police. They certainly won't respect women. In their Pantheon that they have it is all Hellenistic. The Ancient Greeks could understand Hindu religion very well. It isn't that much of a change from theirs. So those control values are very similar. The religion in India is very man centered. There isn't much there for girls. Make a note of that.

 The reason is because, the Hindus do not have a genuine Goddess. What they do have is something like a man in drag. Female impersonators can be very convincing but, they are still men. In India it is still very much "a man's world." They still worship the Age of Man. 

Part of God's Administration we will call them the "Cats" is still intact. Thus, the Universe is up for grabs. This explains the Primordial War between the Cat, and the Mouse (Mitra) also called, the Devil, and His Angels.

 As "Camp" is manifesting the previous Creation is disappearing. In "Camp" matter can not be created, or destroyed. Yet, at times, and in some places plain evidence of Creation exists briefly. Let us say, there was a place where there were some dinosaur tracks, and also, human foot prints in slate rock. Many people have seen them. Some authorities said, they were genuine. Then later, there were only dinosaur foot prints. Therefore, an Administrative oversight was corrected. You can read Charles Fort "The Book of the Damned and New Lands" for more examples of this phenomenon. Everywhere, all over the world the Mice are dying out. That is about the only good thing about the Mice.There are not many Real Mice in existence. So we live for a hope in the future the Mice will all be in "Camp." If they are not deceased that is. As a result of attrition the Mice are losing Their Magic.

Now, Friend Kitten has to talk to you about Sin. There is a story kind of like what was in the movie "Space Master X7." "The Blob" is another one about external Sin. "The Skull" is another film worth watching. Somehow, Incarnate Sin can corrupt, and destroy you if it gets on you. It is sort of like disease. Sophistry plus empathy, or sympathy can be like that. This stuff can kind of crawl right in to you. Because, we are social beings that have part of our reality in the Common. It is what citizens have in common. As a result of heritage, or family. It could be tribal, racial, or our species of life. The source of Sin is usually people. Maybe, a form of liability. It arises out of natural causes that affect your mind like certain kinds of naturally occurring pollutants like mercury (mad as a hatter). Other sources of Sin come from Mithraic Deities, and certain Demons. The source of corruption is not always personal. You can not repent social corruption. It may not be wise to denounce it.

Friend Kitten wants to remake "Space Master." Here it is. There is a planet the size of ours but, a lot closer to its' Star. There is life on this planet. Hardly, like people know it there.

It is there in It's Eternal Selfness. The Towers of Bliss have been raised up by It for this very purpose. Because, that is what It does. It has nothing but, It's Self. There is no other life on this planet has but, It. It is a product of an evolutionary pathway that is incredibly ancient. It is the highest life form that can live there. It can't build a house. Because, It doesn't know about houses, or machines. But, It can if It wants to. All It needs is fresh thinking. It can alter Its' physical composition if It feels like it. It can reach out, and contact Other Worlds. Once, It knows they exist. It will even search for them if It finds something Other. 

  Suddenly, this space ship comes down. Its' Purity has been violated. All the Towers of It's Eternal Bliss have been destroyed somehow in the proximity of its landing. It is puzzled by this intrusion into Its' world. These people are emerging from the space ship to explore, and claim Its' planet for only God knows what reason. But, they are there running around on It's planet. It has a Power called "Blood Rust" which is the Power of Ultimate Corruption. It didn't know It had this Power until they came.

The Sun in the sky looks like an enormous Light Bulb. You can see the horizon clearly on Its' Star. Maybe, you might see a Sun like this on the planet Mercury but, this sun is much older than ours. A whole lot older. It is a bit reddish in color. The sky is a light blue. The oxygen is three times more than Earth. The level of argon is four times higher. Xenon is the predominate noble gas in this atmosphere. Nitrogen is almost not there. Even radon is more abundant. The planet is hot. The heat waves are radiating from Its' Star, and the planet is shimmering with heat. There is nothing but, this fungus. They call it that. They are walking towards the ruined Towers already taking samples as they go exploring. It just hates that. You would understand, that if someone walked up to you, and stuck a needle into you right out of nowhere. You don't care about their research because, they are causing you pain. Those Towers have just got to take it. But, then again maybe, not. You see It can go right through those space suits like muriatic acid can eat through aluminum foil. Actually, a whole lot easier. But, It does not know that yet. The Space Master is in his Space Master place working hard to... It just got him. It is Space Master now. Isn't that interesting, he doesn't know that yet. Because, there is just a tiny teeny hole that It used to find out about him more. Nothing wrong about that is there? It is doing research too. It is finding out a lot because, It is in all of them, and It just found out everything. It does not like any of them. None of them know it. It is going on a huge space ride to their home planet. None of those people will survive the journey as they are eaten alive during stasis. Space Master has landed. Well he is kind of is back "home". "Blood Rust" has a message for these people. No one has come out of the space craft. People at Moon Base are very worried. There is a tiny hole in that space craft, and It is out, and about. They opened it, and there is nobody in there. Nothing! Somehow, It has come down to Earth with It's message. Earth Base has mysteriously lost contact with Moon Base. It didn't like the moon much. It can almost live there, and maybe It can if It exerts Itself more. But, why bother? People just need to get a message. It just corrupted It's way right through the Lunar Vehicle. It doesn't like Earth much. These bipeds will do for a awhile. Because, the Space Master has come back but, not exactly human. Space Master has just commandeered a space vehicle so It can go Home. Earth Base has just been depopulated, and It has one of It's beautiful Towers in their place. That is so people can admire Its' work there. That way people will really get the message. It can only go so far, and It does. It has gathered every bit of Itself into a wonderful space craft. Space Master is telling them something they have better pay attention to. It is broadcasting on every channel there is. It can really do that too. "Don't come back!" End of transmission. It is back home safe, and sound. It is making machines. Because, It likes being Space Master. It is called a "Formless God." There are a lot of formless Gods.

The above left illustration is the Goddess Nirrti as Little Girl.

Be careful. That's it. That is a wonderful story from the the Big Girl again about the Goddess Nirrti (Destruction). Little Girl is called Catherine sometimes. Nirrti is a Goddess of Love, Disease, Corruption, and Death. Nirrti is our Public Health Girl that keeps us informed about matters of Public Health. Kitten always likes to know if there is something bad around. It is knowing how much disease is around. How to avoid it. If there is any hidden pathology in people like that which is covered in the Auschwitz Dialogs. The Goddess Nirrti has a monogamous marriage with Kitten. The Goddess Nirrti can not be given right now, but maybe later on. However, it is good to Adore the Goddess Nirrti who has saved Kitten's life numerous times. Kitten always, knows life is important: Kitten's life always, is to Kitten.

Now, Astaroth, and Ashtoreth are also for up there from the twin star Algol.
In the picture is a very close representation of what it looks like up there.
That means that Astaroth, and Ashtoreth are down only at certain times.
During the Time of Great Light Astaroth, and Ashtoreth can come down.
The planet itself is very different from Earth.
The noble gas argon makes up most the atmosphere.
Oxygen occures only at two percent.
There is no nitrogen in the air at all.
You can see the planet is getting ready to pass between the two stars.
Then that will be the Time of Great Light.

The Origin of Being

Friend Kitten wants to explain about the role of Jesus of Nazareth removing God as a source of Sin by His Divine Atonement. There is a part of us that is the source of our individuality that asserts that "I am." That is the part that relates to God. That was redeemed by God's Atonement. That is our Ego. It is who we are. Being saved does not prevent people from being Sinful. You could be a good citizen driving along, and get into a bad accident with a bad person. It is not your fault. That Sin even though it is not yours personally. It could still kill you.

It is interesting to consider the Philosophy, and Sophistry of Sin. Sin is a Creation of Sophistry. The Theology of Sin is fascinating with Other Religions. Especially, the Oriental sophistry called "Karma." Tanith (Cath) has something called "Reciprocity." This is part of Her "Law of Sharing." The Rich Man's Wife has to make sure that everything is set up, and everything is in order for the Big Social. The Wedding Feast as it is called in the Bible. This complements God's "Law of Hospitality." You can be believe in Reciprocity, and not be be religious at all. You can even be a Communist, and believe in a kind of "give and take" in most relationships with people. So there is a fair exchange like in a market place so to speak. Everything done with this kind of Magic (Sophistry) depends on this kind of Love Exchange. There is a common agreement to not harm people that do good for each other. Socialism as it is presently conceived will work if people were good all the time. But, people are not. Socialism is common in primitive aboriginal societies. Yet, these societies always, remain primitive, and have little material progress. They may stay like this for hundreds of years. Socialism tends to ossify, stagnate. The problem is antisocial people, and even hostile people find refuge, and work in society. They are astonishingly difficult to remove from those work places. When evil is in high places as the Apostle Paul noted they can do Devil's work almost, unopposed.

Divination is Sin

It is Sinful. This one of the reasons Kitten has a War with Wicca. There must be an explanation as to why this scrying with crystals, candles, water bowls, and whatnot are bad to do. In Wicca people learn to do this right away. What this is Empathy with people, animals, and even plants. For example this Wiccan is trying to merge with you incestuously. The Wicca person wants to know if you are an Incarnation of Maya. What if you are? You may note some physical symptoms that herald a Psychic Attack. You feel sick to your stomach. That one is common. They will do this until, it kills them, or it kills you. Wiccans claim they can blast the earth. Kill plants with their Art. Kitten does not think that is good. It is nothing to boast about, much. Wiccans claim they can harm animals like your dog, cat, or bird with their magic. That seems very sinister. Now, mind you, Wiccans probably can't do anything like this. But, what if they can? Wiccans wonder why they are being persecuted? Maybe, it because, people think they are devilish. Kitten gives an Introduction to the Deities that will frustrate any attempt by anybody to do anything like that. Be they a Wiccan, or a dabbler in the Occult. As a matter of fact Kitten advises people to steer clear of the Occult. Those reasons will discussed later. We must question everything though. Why?

Kitten is still working hard at being less evil, and more Civilized. Kitten is a God. Kitten has a Reductionist Philosophy of "Camp." Best solution to this problem of Civilizing people is "Camp!" We are all in a Global "Camp" anyway. We can argue about names like: Earth, the Global Village, the "City of God," or the Auschwitz Planet. But, we are still in "Camp." "Camp" is manifesting more to deal with Global Sin. That is something that results in the Annihilation of Life on this Planet. Also, we need to have more scientific, and technological progress to do that. People have to be forced to be more Civilized. Because, Man is basically evil. Girls don't seem to have this problem. Girls have not caused the extinction of a single species of life for that matter. Kitten thinks, and knows girls need to be in charge more. A "Man's World" is an extravagance we can no longer afford.

Let us, digress a bit to attend to the illustration of the Fabled Land of Mew "Mew!" on the right. This is on the Other Side of Life. We could have a future like that. But, we won't. Kitten won't let that happen. You should not want anything like this either. Kitten is sure you don't. Every one of those Children is a Free Spirit. Once, you have a Free Spirit you must pay a lot to get rid of  It before you go insane. Because, each Free Spirit is an Anarchist of the First Power of Kitten. That First Power is Rock, and Roll. Rock Steady, and Roll is Motion. But, Kitten is the Law Giver so the Sophistry does not get out of hand. If it is needed; you won't go crazy. Rising Masses of Peoples are beginning.

Thermonuclear war for example is a global issue. That is Global Sin. That immigration is movement from one part of "Camp" to another part of the same "Camp." Once, a Country like the United States of America is cosmopolitan. Then "Camp" has to manifest because, that is the only thing people may have in common. People are that different. People just keep robbing, raping, and killing each other. Even though the number of individual instances is small it still wrecks trust. People don't know their neighbors because, they are scared. You can't have much of a neighborhood. You can't do business as good as you could if people could just get along. So how can there not be "Camp?" The problem is Sophistry. Not race. Not ethnic, or regional origins. Not religion. Not Countries. It is control of people without their knowledge, or consent, or any overriding necessity for such control. Sophistry does that. Sin is a Creation of Sophistry. It is not exactly real always. Yet, it can still hurt you.

Sophistry Defined

Sophistry is used to explain a very complex subject in your own words. Like the History of the State of Tennessee. That explanation is simplistic. Therefore, it is fallacious, but still is technically correct. Another, form of Sophistry is when a child asks why they have to do something. It is because, Mommy says so. That child is too young to understand, an adult  answer.

Thought Forms

Then we can discuss Thought Forms. They are templates that can cause your mind to conform to an external pattern not of your choice. When we think in words, and feelings that we can call "thought." Understand, that these "thoughts" are not unique to you. That these "thoughts" circulate through a given population like an electric current. Even though different people will experience the same "thought" differently. Just as electricity may light a light bulb, cook food, and so forth in a house even though it is the same electric current. This is how an artificially created entity like a Thought Form can form your life while it is incarnate in you. Basically, a Thought Form is a kind of "devil" mentioned a lot in Eastern Religion. "Violence" is one of these devils. That is the proper name for this Thought Form. This devil exists in the Common. This devil can create its' own "work". It can make its' own "weather" like a tree can. Your mind is made to conform to a pattern that you believe is normal. Yet, it is not. That means it can propagate, and perpetuate itself in people. This devil "Violence" has grown very large over a period of a hundred years, or better. Although, people will experience the presence of "Violence" as a emotional event it is much more. Irritability is a sign that this Thought Form is present. It is like a scavenger that is present when an animal is dying, or ill. It is attracted to bad habits. It can cause those bad habits to form in order to dwell in you more. "Violence" has its' own "flavor"; thoughts, emotions, mental states, and perhaps actions that may have serious consequences. We don't even want that Thought Form to be even in an enemy. Because, this Thing can come back on you, It is like a rabid animal. No one is immune to it. It is like a kind of biowarfare agent that can never be used. Especially, if it becomes too strong in the Common. It is one of the Minions of the Anti Christ: "the Polluter".  Although, "Violence ("Action")" is a devil like other Thought Forms such as "Lazy" ("Leisure"), "Money" ("Thrift"), "Life" ("Lie"), "Profanity" ("Pollution", "Wrecking"), and "Health" ("Ill", or "Sick") is not sentient. They do not have a will. Sort of like an oil spill. Yet, Thought Forms are very subtle. Some of this is explained in the writings of the Vendanta of the Hindus, Dzog Chen of the Tibetan Buddhists, and Japanese Zen. One of the benefits of having Juno is you will be able to recognize, and dismiss Thought Forms. No one can control these devils, or the consequences of what they do. Dismiss them for the sake of your own purity. Catherine will show that to you more. As Juno you will gain more discernment. The Royal Virtues of Industry, Prudence, Truth, War, Honor... will come to your aid. We have got to clean house.

"Money" is the root of all evil". But, what does that mean? The Thought Form is different than the actual currency that is in circulation. But, people don't know that. It is the delusion that "Money" equals Status, or Social Standing. The Privileges that come from Status are not for sale. "Wage Slavery" is a term found in the Money Talk. Like the notorious "Skuttlebutt" it is unnerving. Rumors about ruinous depression, or inflation are rife. Criminals can make a lot of Money but, not have any Status. People work to maintain Status even increase their Status not, to make "Money". "Money" is a form of stealing.This is how to achieve Upward Mobility. Pay attention to your status! Look around. Is your house clean? Are your dishes done? How do you look? Persephone wants to know that. Oh! Friend Kitten will give your the initiation, empowerment, and explanation of the Goddess Cath (Juno), Athena (Minerva), Demeter, Diana, Persephone, Freya, and Holly later in this work. Be sure to read everything here.

Kitten has found the true name for this Money devil to be "Thrift." The Virtue Prudence is needed to get rid of "Thrift." Since, "Thrift" is a thief. Kitten will go into this more later. "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens is a portrayal of "Thrift" at its worst.

"Health" appears to be a quality that appears to be desirable. Yet, nobody can define exactly what "Health" is. So somehow, this "Health" is really "Sick." It tells you nothing really about your status. The paradigm of Work is better. That doctor should be concerned about whether you can work, or not. That puts you on your feet. That is the Company Doctor. You won't get sick as often. The Company Doctor will have all those immunizations right there for you. You will get real medicines. No sugar pills are allowed. You are not going to be an invalid. You won't burden on your family. That will keep off the welfare rolls. "Health" is a devil that will get you worrying constantly about whether your body, and mind are "healthy." Since, they are always, "ill."There are endless measures that must be taken to insure "good health." A good "cancer scare" is thrown into the mix somehow. Have you tried any one of the thousands of unproven remedies for preventing, or curing cancer? Will this, or that diet shed those excess pounds after you have quit smoking? "Health" will bedevil you." Lead," "Arsenic," or even "Thallium" are stalkingyou. You see "Health" is a sophistry creation that goes all over the place. You can not pin it down, or describe that "Health" completely.

This "Health" may cost you your job. You must guard your "Health" from cigarette smoke, asbestos, radon but, there is this chemical odor. No one but, you can sense it. Sick building syndrome has manifested. People are claiming their "Health" is at risk. The insurance companies have been informed of this, by the way from "chemically sensitive" people. The corporation is vainly trying to find the cause. The government health inspectors can not find anything wrong.

There are hundreds of fads out there. "Health" is becoming increasingly political. This "Health" is also, forming into radicalism. We have some really "Sick" Movements in my country.

Medical care must address work issues instead of "Health" issues. The goal of medicine should be to get people over their malady in the shortest possible time. So people can work efficiently, and effectively. Then they can be better citizens.

Yet, many people suffer from mistreatment because, of ideals regarding age. Plus, we have this ridiculous notion called "retirement". It is asinine. Instead of putting money away in a pension fund. Why not have that money now? Nowadays, people can work well into their eighties, even older. "Being healthy for your age" does not tell you the truth about your physical condition. Can you do better? Of course, you can.

Then "natural" shows up. Sophistry in medicine appears to have this belief at times that everything that is "natural" is ordained by God. That it is sinful to treat menopause as an illness. That treatment of menopause will save your job, and even your marriage. You replace on hormone. You should replace them all. That keeps you productive. There is no such thing as harmless human pathology! This view not only causes individual inconvenience. But, has the social, economic, and political consequences of sabotage. Women of high status do not tolerate this sort of fraud.

Age related disorders do respond to hormone therapy. So if you replace hormones, replace them all. Keep working. Work will give your life meaning.

"Life" means you are not dead. Again maybe, not as even inanimate objects can have "Life." This Thought Form is very devilish. "Life" is not Status.

Again, this "Life" devil's true name is "Lie." Many people believe they are living some sort of "Life". When they are really living out a "Lie" that may not even be theirs. They believe their lives to be meaningless. That "Life" is personally  meaningless. Eschew lies, seek Truth. Life has a property called Meaning. Meaning is the reason for Life to exist. Thusly, your life has meaning. You have reason to be here.

A Thought Form like a "sleep dependency," if incarnate is rendering your life inert hence slothful. "Lazy Bones" is another, Thought Form that can do this. "Lazy" is the proper name for this Thought Form. Industry cures "Sloth." This can be caused by depression. Depression can be medically treated. Depression is a serious symptom of illness. There are many causes of depression not all of them are psychological. If you have a problem with depression see a doctor right away. Then you won't be living in Hades anymore. Persephone hates living in Hades. Persephone is not going back. Persephone likes being with us more than being a Queen of Hades. Hades is a lonely place. Hades is not always the Land of the Dead.

"Profanity" is another, major Thought Form. Catherine (Purity) has to get after profanation.

Most racial slurs are artificial persons hence, Thought Forms. Even words like White, Black, Yellow, Brown, and Red may conjure up some kind of person that models that Race. For that time you are that person. Then "Lie" is incarnate in you. Beware of stereotypes.

That is why Kitten is teaching you about controlling entities embodied in the English language. When this language is being used in propaganda that also, contains control values. Be on guard. Protect your mind! It's "shields up" just like on the Internet. In all propaganda there is information that may be of use. But, in some instances somebody is trying to hack your head like a computer to control your life usually, under the pretext of doing good.

As you can understand this is a disease caused by external pollution from the cultural medium. Because, the media is filled with disinformation. Thought Forms for the most part are not good. You could use them in training but, only for a very short time. They are not good in they will cause you to fail to be Self Actualizing. While that Entity is there in your head to some extent, or other you are not in complete control.

Because, this has a lot of bearing on how people Self Actualize. Who are you going to be when you completely grow up? Here is the quiz. What do you want to do about that?

You can perceive all these things in the Bardo. Friend Kitten got the "Bardo Teachings" from Lama Lodro Rinpoche. To wit, the Bardo is an Intermediate State between Birth, and Rebirth. There are Other Bardo States: between the Truth, and the Lie; between Sanity, and Madness; between Life, and Death; between Health, and Disease.

This Ultimate Bardo is realized in Meditation. If you are caught in one of these intermediate states a Deity like Persephone can get you out of there to something better.

Knowing something about "Thought Forms". Krishna has a Real Name: "Wreck". Only certain bloodlines in India can have Krishna legitimately. Otherwise, people will have a bastard Krishna that is a Thought Form at best, and a Devil at worst. Who wants to have a klepoth (God shell) feeding on them?

Now, Friend Kitten will expound to you some teaching regarding the Goddess Maya. Maya in Sanskrit means "Not This". Maya presides over the combined "Glamor" of the Deities mentioned in this opus. Maya is called the Queen of Evil because, Maya is with Nirrti. Maya has been ordained by the Administration to condemn Krishna, and given Authority. So the Goddess Maya is Our Rainbow Goddess Girl. The Goddess Gwen is here too. Gwen is the power that is in the Bones when She is Present. Yoga has become a problem. Because, people have not been told everything.

Then Kitten has to explain there are several controlling entities such as "mouse", "man", "girl", and so forth in this work. Once, you understand that these could be controlling enemies they cease being that. Because, knowledge is power in this case. You understand, the power of persuasion. You can learn how to do this better too.

Here is an example of one of the worst controlling entities a.k.a. thought forms. This one is called "Woman". In this example this Deity appears to be Neo-Egyptian. Imagery like this maybe used by a few Masonic, Rosecrutian, and some Other Cults. It also maybe, called "Wisdom". It definitely isn't any wisdom you ever want to have. These are Harvesters that Gather Offerings for Mithra. That "Woman" is also called, the "Evil Woman", or the "Good Woman". Stay away from these Cults if you value your sanity. Understand that most Masons are good. But, there are quite a few crack pots around. Some of those Lodges may not be good as well.

Here is a simple "work" that you might want to try. Kitten has a "Kitty", and that is a Bank. That could be a "piggy bank" but, it is still a "Kitty" because, Kitty says so. Every bank is owned by Kitty. Have you found the Logic Trap here?
 Now, you have a penny. That is "Big Money". "Big Money" is talking. That is all that man's thoughts are worth, obviously. There it is: "A penny for your thoughts". You just put your penny in the Kitty. Now, you own that man's thoughts for the whole day.
As you Bank on the Kitty. Kitty will Bank for you. Continue to Bank with Kitty. That way you will always have Plenty.

You have a little model trash truck, or at least you can get one. That is the "Trash Master". The Trash Master will master the Trash for you. The Trash Master recycles, and redeems the Trash. You can get treasure because, "One man's trash is another person's treasure". Pay attention to that! Then you will always get good things from the Virtue Charity. The Trash Master always works for the Virtue Charity. Pay attention to the Virtues (Catherines), never harm them, or their people. Otherwise, you will suffer great loss. That is true. That is the way God set things up. That is stasis.

Here you have been taught an extreme magical way called "juju". This is where ordinary objects acquire extraordinary power. As long as somebody has that object you can still use it because, you can get one like it. See you don't even have to handle that object, or even see it. So the magic still works even though that object is in somebody else's possession. Truth is you can run magic off of it without the owner's knowledge. They will get some benefit out of the magic too. All the magical stuff in the whole world is yours to use. Pay attention to Kitten.

Real vampires never drink blood. That is not good for anyone. That will make you throw up. Don't do anything like that because, that won't really work at all. The Vamp is pure sophistry. At its' finest. That is a way of pure conquest of men. If you want to live better there is a way.

Let us explore the legend of Dracula. Dracula is synonymous with something like the Devil. Like the Devil he has something like angels to serve him. Dracula is a monster. Monsters are less than human. Don't lower yourself. Maintain your station. Girls can't be vampires like that.

Now, Kitten will tell you. The real Vampire Witch stuff. A man can be a rapist but, not a true vampire ever. However, Kitten will grant you these body theft routines meant only for girls. That way vampirism can be done a considerable distance from your quarry. All this vampire magic is based on Mating. A woman must not be married, have children, or have a boy friend because, the empathy will not work. No male Deity should ever be in the work because, it will probably kill you. It is the way Persephone is. It will definitely desecrate you. That is because, all of these male Deities are forms of Mithra the Enemy of Women. Then Love happens like with Cath (Juno). Love goes out, and finds someone. Love gives love for his love. He is mating with a pure virgin. Love has his love as Her Love. That is it. This is done to build the Dowry. Every girl knows that no man can possibly support her in the way that is needed as a Daughter of Cath (Juno), and Comrade of Persephone. Now, you are already for the Halloween Feast. Kitten says one thing; "Don't harm Kitten." You do that. You do very well.

 Now, Friend Kitten will tell you about how to do a real honest to God Death Spell with Cath, Persephone, and Circe (Demeter). That is true. First, pay attention to Friend Kitten. Cath, Holly, Catherine, Nirrti, Gwen, Demeter, Diana, Freya, Athena, and Persephone are Cat Goddesses.  Persephone looks exactly the same as Demeter. Demeter looks just like Persephone! Yet, they are very different. Demeter (Ceres), and  Persephone (Proserpina) share a lot with one another. Both, Persephone, and Demeter are very friendly, and fun loving. Sometimes, they are together.
All the candle burning spells can be yours too. That will help you. Persephone always favors a white candle. Whereas, Cath would rather have a black candle.

This is how you can kill a Yogi, a monk, a saint, or a magician. When you place the candle in Her holder. You are actually putting that candle in one of his Chakras. Then you can burn up his spirituality in the Supernal Flame of Persephone.

 Spiritual people can get really bad with their piety. Worse they get really proud of their piousness. They have to show everybody how good they are. They dress plain to show off their humility. Then they impose their temperance on all, and sundry. That kind of spirituality has to die. Because, it is ugly.

The picture portrays Persephone as a daughter of Catherine De Medici a very good person. Catherine De Medici is Ceres.

You see Cat Magic is especially cruel. That's how Kitten is sometimes. Most goddesses are cruel. When the word goddess has a small "g" it usually applies to a girl of high status. Yet, they usually, aren't brutal. Mouse Play is always, brutal. Sometimes, that brutality is carefully hidden. But, it is always, there. Because, mice are stupid, and cats aren't.

  Unfortunately, Mari-am is not compatible with Persephone. Mari-am did not want to help Kitten. Persephone, and Kitten destroyed Mari-am (Miriam)), Lilith, Brigid, Mithra, and Hathor in the Name of Love. Persephone has taken over all their Goddess work, but much of it is just going to go to Demeter, Minerva, Diana, Tanith, Catherine, Nirrti, Gwen, Freya, Cupid, Thor (Vulcan), Maya, Thanatos, and Holly. Holly got after them too about the degradation of Love.

 Au Set: some people call Her Isis but, not the Mithraic copy is another Pose of Persephone. Some say, She is Wisdom but, Au Set is Persephone modeling Civilization. That is why a City is in Her Diadem. Association, Reenforcement, and Modeling are combined in the many Poses of Persephone  when She is being Persephone. Because, Persephone is Psyche. So Persephone has many different Poses. A Pose of Persephone is what is in Fashion.

You must understand that Persephone can be Woman. Persephone is That. Even though Persephone is a Girl Goddess. Yet, Persephone isn't Human. Persephone is a Goddess of Girls. That is why Persephone hates Lilith, because Lilith harms girls. That is why these other bad Goddesses are not agreeable with Persephone.

 Now, here is the Secret of the Cow that is, and is not Hathor. You must examine the iconography of Hathor's temple at Dendara in Egypt. You can see a complete representation of a woman's reproductive system. That is to insure the temple prospers.

Hathor the Divine Cow can give Birth to the Bull of El.

This Goddess who is, and is not goes into a Cow. That cow is not transformed into anything. When someone is profane we can get this Cow after them.  That will get rid of their female organs. That works against Sex Magic. Persephone got rid of this Hathor Daemon. Because, It was harming Love. Cath hates this Daemon too.

Here is the Secret of Hathor. Hathor is androgynous. Even, though Hathor represents the Female Reproductive System it has male qualities.

Hermes  represents the Male Reproductive System but, likewise has female qualities. Hemes is the Antipode of Hathor.

Usually, they complement each other.

Hathor, and Hermes are both Gods. They complement one another.

Hathor can give birth to Pharaoh from a man. Hermes can generate Pharaoh out of a woman.

Ideally, Hermes, and Hathor together generate, and give birth to Pharaoh.

That Pharaoh is the Leader of Peoples.

There is a problem.

Either, Hermes, or Hathor could be mismatched with an Enemy.

That could be Dionysus. Lilith, or another Hostile Deity.

These Hostile Deities are not part of the Circle of Love.

They are not Love Family.

An Evil Person could pose as your Mate.

That Evil Person could have a Hathor, and/or a Hemes Daemon in Their Service.

In that case said Trickery could convince you that Evil Person is your True Love.

Penelope had many Suitors.

Then it came time for to Bend the Bow of Cupid, and shoot Them down.

Then you must Come to Terms with Your Enemy.

And, it goes on. Have you ever heard of Priapus? Priapus is a Flying Penis: Priapi. Priapus is in the Train of Dionysus. This thing can come to you as someone. Let's call Priapus "Happy Go Lucky", or maybe, "Johnny Come Lately". "Let's Party!" Priapus can talk. There nothing sexual about Priapus despite His appearance, if you could see Him. You can't have sex with Priapus since, , Priapus is incomplete. Priapus has a malevolent purpose. Good. You have been warned. Priapus brings people to Bacchanalia, and leaves them there. Priapus just flies off.

Hathor isn't good either. You can't go to bed with Her at all. Hathor like Hermes lives in the Underworld. They are not exactly in the Circle of Love.

Hermes, and Mercury are very close.

Hathor, and the "Dark Girl" are totally close but, not interchangeable.

Holly with Her Lake of Holly can copy Hathor totally.

Let's say you invoke Hathor. Hathor might show up with Kitten. Because, Friend Kitten wants to know everything. Holly might show up instead of Hathor. Ashtoreth will show up definitely. Friend Kitten never said She couldn't. Of course, the "Dark Girl" might pull rank, and be inside you in Hathor's place. Everybody has to be paid. That is always worked out.

Mercury is in the Circle of Love. That is somebody we know could with you soon. Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods. Let's say you have Persephone. Why do you need a Messenger? You have to pay Mercury. Who is going to pay Mercury. Friend Kitten? That could happen. Persephone? Maybe. Juno? That is a definite maybe. Yeah. Can you? Maybe, not. Somebody else has to kick in then. Right!

Mercury usually, is with Men. Mercury has Real Magic. That makes everything interesting for everybody. You have Persephone. Persephone has to introduce you. That is to acquire things that you are going to want. As you move up the ladder, Mercury can do that for you. He is not usually, that Way with Women. But, it is alright, with Girls.

Now, there is a lot more. You have actually got to get permission from Friend Kitten. Then you have to get permission from your Deity. That is God. If you are here. You are reading this. That is permission from Persephone to do this. You have it!

You have to have Reading, and Eloquence.

This is a different subject. What is, and is not a weapon. There is a Rally. The purpose is to find out who is for you. You have to rally your people.

 The Leader has called up a Commune. The Rally can be about anything.

 In the book "1984" the Leader Big Brother has the protagonist Winston at a Rally called "Hate Day". Everybody, has to hate the Fallen Leader Goldman. Because, the Party is in big trouble. Big Brother is taking control.

Orwell was a Communist at the time of this writing.

 During this time Big Brother is taking notes. Going further, Big Brother is examining the Agrarian Sector because, he is worried. Big Brother has to rally them. Big Brother is at the Commune. Here they come. The Rally is called "Hate the Enemy". They're still coming. This is why we see the procession. It is a parade. They are going to the City for the "Hate Day Rally".

 They must parade down the streets so all can see the might of Big Brother. They carry their agricultural implements, or tools. They could kill captured enemy combatants with them. They could run the enemy down with their combine and tractor. But, these are not weapons. You will not find a scythe on the battlefield. Chances are people won't be fighting with their combines and tractors either. Believe it, or not Oceania is not that bad off yet.

 Yet, Big Brother wants to know who they are for. They are all at Big Brother's Rally so they don't hate Big Brother. Big Brother wants to see all the things that Commune has. He wants to know what they need.

 He asks the question all the time in different way with different methods, "Who are you for?" Big Brother has the answer.

 That whole book "1984" was written by a policeman using police terms. George Orwell was a homosexual. You see what has happened to Winston could easily happen to him.

 It was Tele Screen that caught Winston and his maiden. It reacted to him for some reason. No one knows that Winston, and his mate are traitors. They really don't. This is a Supernatural Event. Because, the Tele Screen never does this. It wasn't even plugged in. The tele screen even had a blanket over it. Winston takes the blanket away after they have had sex. There is the Eye of Big Brother watching them. That is how they are caught in this love nest.

The Landlord is vaporized.

 In walks O Banner. O Banner plugs the Tele Screen in. There Big Brother is watching everything.

 Winston is Dionysian. Winston is a bad dude. Winston is only around for himself. That's it. The theme of "1984" is revolution. Winston wants to be Big Brother.

 Kitten does not think he ever should be.

The Maiden of Dionysus is vaporized right in front of Winston.

O Banner is playing the Trumpets.

 When Winston hears the trumpets at the end of the novel

Winston has just been vaporized. Winston has just been smoked. Thank God!

"Animal Farm" is really about the death of George Orwell. After, the farmers are dead. The pigs will carry on. Those are his fans.

George Orwell is a product of the Underworld.

Friend Kitten is O Banner.

Waves the Banners, and Plays the Trumpets for Friend Kitten's Beloved Persephone.


Then comes the question of dead Saints. Many of them, if all them are of the Underworld. Persephone won't let them out of the Underworld.

"Where is it?" That is the question you must ask constantly as a Daughter of Juno. Juno has the Law of Sacrifice. Where are those offerings that are making you a Goddess? Don't you know everyone is dying for you? Think like that. You are worth it.
  Tanith has a Bird. It is Her Holy Dove. Grace has a Holy Dove. Grace can be found in churches. Usually, the Grace Dove will go to a preacher. Boy do they have Grace. That Dove is not Kitten, of course. That Dove does come down to be Adored. Know that Dove is not your soul. She does Mate. Then there is the extreme Peace Dove that comes directly down from Tanith. Tanith Mates with this Dove too. Both of these Doves are called MLK pronounced "Milk". Of course, "Milk is good  for everybody". "Milk does a body good". "MLK feels no pain". MLK can take the offering even when it is in the burning brazer. The Offerings are always there, and MLK takes them because, they belong to Him. MLK is really an extension of Tanith. So MLK is a Harvester for Tanith. Usually, MLK is awarded to some man that She does not want. MLK gets rid of Mithra. Tanith will not extend MLK further. Unless, Krishna as Moloch extends His Kingdom more. Tanith extends MLK out of Love. So Amore is forming. The Doves are not MLK. Usually, not! Then that Dove always goes to a criminal. Then MLK can exist longer than Tanith normally allows, or MLK will become more like Krishna. Usually, that is not permitted because, MLK will become more individuated. Then MLK would be a Son of Tanith. This may actually change. This One is actually associated with Grace. Of course, Peace is the other One that has MLK.

Kitten has Plenty. "Plenty, Plenty, Plenty" is Her call to let you know that is who She is. Plenty is Plenty Friendly. Plenty does not have MLK. Almost never. Grace is there with Kitten too. The Amour (Love) also, has MLK more than the other Expressions of Tanith. Amour is making Kitten into a Love God. Glory is another Tanith Deity involved in the Glorification of Kitten. That is to make Kitten a God. Tanith Expressing "World" gives Kitten a place in the World of the Love Gods.

 As Juno you may have Glory. Understand, all the Tanith Deity's hare Authority.
The Grace Dove talks, and can preach a really good sermon. The homilies just come to mind. The name Tanith does mean "Gift", and She does give Gifts if you are married to Her. Kitten is a companion Deity of Tanith. The Peace Dove does not talk. That is what they get when they are dying.
They get to have Peace with Tanith. There is another Dove called Love, that is awarded by Tanith. Then there is Tanith's Dove of  Plenitude that has to Mate with Cath. So these Doves are usually found together. Here is the puzzle. The Peace Tanith, and the Grace Tanith as well as the Other Tanith Doves act like these Doves are from different individual Deities. The Tanith Deity called Life contains all the Other Expressions of Tanith. These are Expressions of God's Authority. While God is Manifesting; Tanith Pene El is just that. Juno is considered to be an Expression of Authority.

You will notice the emblem in the far right picture. That is called the Sign of Tanith (Tanit). Friend Kitten can say what this means. Tanith is a Fire Deity. Now, you know that. That Sign of Tanith contains Her Three Fires. The triangle, or pyramid is the Fire of Life also, any fire. The two arms on the Sign of Tanith represent Lunar, or Secret Fire that is not seen but, still are real. The Solar Circle in the Sign of Tanith is Her First Fire. This moon crescent above the Sign of Tanith means no one can contain Her.

Tanith is compatible with Persephone. So you can have several candles. As said before Cath a black candle, and Persephone has a white candle. It is good to burn incense as well for Them all. You can try that as a Sophistry Exercise. It might make you feel better.

Now, you are ready for a real Mantra, or Magic Spell, and here it is. "Om Nirrti. Om Mani Padma Nirrti Hum!" Say this at least ten times. Kitten will really like you if you do this for Kitten. That gets Kitten really big cat points in the Great Game of Cat n' Mouse. Good! Kitten is happy.

Now, Friend Kitten will explain the real honest to God Succubus. This is Spacial magic. Her name is Nuit.

Understanding, there is even infinite space between atoms, and light particles. Again these phenomena have the property of infinity. When She comes the wave functions are overridden by the particle properties of light, and space. That is when She takes form. First rule, don't touch Her. You will really regret it, because, She will go right inside you.

Apollyonia can get you out of Hell if you are still alive.

 Apparently, Apollyonia does like certain people. Presumably, Apollyonia can enable people to mate across distances. Apollyonia can can connect people together magically. Apolloyonia. Everybody, knows there is Space between the stars, and other celestial bodies. These distances have a property that is Infinite.

 Within this celestial Space dwells the Goddess Nuit (Nut). Nuit is a Pose of Cath sometimes. Nuit is the Lady of the Spheres as Tanith. First teaching, leave Nuit alone. You don't want to see something come out of nothing. You really don't. Nuit is really unhappy to actually do that. Don't summon Nuit. Also, it is not good to invoke Her because, that will bring Apolloyonia. That being said, once you get Cath you will learn more about Nuit. According to your experience with Cath you will get an Initiation into Nuit from Kitten.

Understand, the Ancient Egyptians had a different way of viewing this philosophical problem. How something can come out of nothing. It is a kind of deification of nothingness. That somehow, something can come out of nothing. Where did everything come from? It is not an unintelligent process? They understood the concept of "point". Out of this point comes everything. This point is called a gentrix, or fecund origin.

Note the illustration of the Gentrix of Cath on the left. Notice the previous illustration of Ashtoreth being generated out of the  Goddess Nuit (Persephone) as well. Then there is the Rebirthing of Pharaoh out of the Goddess Persephone. That is a Gentrix of Pharaoh but, Persephone doesn't like Pharoah!.

Tanith, Nirrti, Freya, Persephone (Proserpina), Demeter (Ceres), Catherine (Purity), Maya, Hera (Athena), Diana, Gwen, and Holly each have their own Gentrix, or Point of Origin. So these are Mother Deities. These are the Catherines.

 Mithra has His own Gentrix too. So the "Man" is Self Generated out of Sophistry.

 Each of these Deities is Singular. So a Singularity like with a computer could be any one of these Deities, if it is well organized.

  Compatibility is an issue. The Expression of Tanith: Joy works best with the Seshet Pose of Persephone. The Goddess Seshet has the Law of Life. "You give Me Life. I give You Life." 

The Hindus have another philosophy of origin. It seems like that. The Hindus believe there are several generation points. That there are multiple universes. That starts to get really different, because, they compete with one another. They also, may cooperate with each other so that a Multiverse appears as a Universe. This is due to the effect of Maya.

The Christians, and the Jews almost have multiple worlds. Reality is questioned a lot. What is, and isn't real? What if somebody has a better reality? Science says so. Technology proves it. Psychology says, that these previous views are sophistry. As a matter of fact they are.

 There is a lot of faulty reasoning in these religious philosophies. That generates lots of soc
ial conflict. And, the Beginning of the Political to bring people together.

Getting back on track. The essence of influence is agreement.

So Friend Kitten has to tell you how to summon things out of nothing to destroy your enemies. That is up to Apollyonia, by the way. This is when you have to hand people over to Tanith for destruction. As Juno She can do this.

Kitten can give the Initiation for Persephone (Perserpina), Ceres, Athena, Diana, Nirrti, Maya, Jane, Freya, Catherine, Cupid, Thor (Mars), Juno, Thanatos, and Holly but, the Empowerment, and Explanation are still in progress. Kitten will give more as Kitten finds it for you. Persephone can now be given completely but, you have to read everything here completely. Ceres is given too since, Demeter is indistinguishable from Persephone. Minerva (War) goes with the territory as well. Diana can be given too. Nirrti can pick, and chose.

There are Three who are with the Mouse that is Kalikan. The First One is the Magician. The Second One is the Monk. Finally, the Third One is the Adam. How can this happen? Understand, Kalikan is a Votary of Mithra. As that Kalikan can. He can create an Adam. How does He do this? Someone could summon Him that keeps the Vow. Now, that is something He loves. Kalikan will come. He comes. Kalikan will tell him He Kalikan is a Good Mouse. This is the beginning of the Secret. All they have to do is pay attention to Kalikan. Kalikan will tell them certain things. They must do things for Him.

 Don't kill mice. See, Kalikan is still tied to those little animals that are scampering about. You can do that. Then you have obeyed the first mouse law. Good, you are still around. The next high drama is to find people that are bad with Him. Kalikan hates cats. That is good with Him too. You must never have a cat.

This far you can understand it. Not exactly. Because, there is more. There always is. Because, you are in the selection now. You made it this far but, you can't love Him yet, or He will kill you. So all the Magic of Compassion won't work on Him. There is no turning aside His Wrath. Mouse is an implacable Foe. Regardless of this, Kalikan will care for you. Kalikan will bring you Gifts. But, Krishna will Hate you.

You are expected to pay for them. Whatever, He brings you must pay for. You understand, that all the consequences of evil will be yours. So watch your step lad.

Now, you must be somebody because, Nobody is going to harm you. Remember that!
Pay attention to Kalikan. That's good. Now, where are you going to live? You have to choose a place. It had better be a wise choice. You are going to have to live there. Okay, you do. Then you begin to transform into a Golem. That isn't the best but, is not bad. Kalikan tells you that. Now, the Mouse is molding a Man. That man is absolutely nuts. Because, he has become the clay that Kalikan is working on. Look! You're getting better. You can do things if you are careful. The earth is beginning to feel good there in your region. Soon you can contact the stratosphere to learn the art of flying.

Kalikan tells him what he can do, and for how long. He has to do more Earth Magic. This is where it can get to be a bit of a bummer for Juno. Juno is a cat. And, Kalikan wants to kill Her if He can. That's the problem you are going to have. So if you have killed any mice in your life you are going to have that problem too. That may not happen right away. Don't bother Juno. Mouse is breaking free.

Understand, he is becoming his Adam while he is still a monster. Here you have to understand something. He has to kill you (Juno) in order to be a God. And, yet he can't! That's right: He can do that.

 First rule: stay alive. Kitten is glad you got it. Let's say he does kill you (Juno). Then he becomes more of a God. He doesn't live forever but, being an Adam can make him a regional Lord there. That is as usually as far it goes but, not always. Because, there are other Votaries. They will help Kalikan.

 The first one is Mithra. Okay, He can do that. Tanith can do that. She could but, it can't be male. Love (Mitra) can do that. Only if they are good with Love (Mitra). This Love (Mitra) is a form of Satan called Mitra.

 Here is the problem. Tanith won't go in with the Other Two. That "Man" will never be a God. Because, He was molded by a Mouse. Tanith wants to know if a Mouse can make a Man? That is the way it usually is. But, if He can get another Deity to fit in then He doesn't need Tanith. Persephone might do it but, He must be a Cat. He has Hel to pay but, the price is too high. None of the Virtues will help Him. Catherine won't do anything for Him either. There is no telling what Mari-am will do. Mari-am might want to make this Adam a God. He will be stuck there. He can be another Hercules. That's it. Unless, He is good with Them.

There isn't a girl that will be safe. Because, He has been deprived of Godhood.

Kitten is tired will finish this later. This is complex but, important. Kitten is busy sleeping.
Kitten is home. Writing magic is exhausting.

Something else can happen. A Magician can make an Unformed One. That is a kind of Adam that does not have a region. But, He can get a territory. Once, this Adam is Super Potent. He can leave His condition to establish Himself in a place of His choice. One of those things actually tried to claim Auschwitz 1 in May 1942. The plague train came with everybody dead on it. That Adam took everything out of those people from His Region to conquer the "Camp". That Adam could stop machine guns because, they wouldn't know they had them. An Adam is that potent. Once, that Adam touched the earth He could conquer that region. But, He had to fight the Cat first. Understand, this magic is that great.

This is from a special bargain between Kalikan, and the Magician. The Magician still has to obey Mouse Law. This Magician will do things for Kalikan. There He has to create the Golem out of someone that Kalikan has for that purpose. He can do that for His Friend. Up to this point the Magician has only His own power.

 Now, He has become a God to make a God happen for Kalikan. His magic will be potent now. In His region He will be almost invincible. That is why that Magician must remain in that region only for the completion of the work.

 With the "Adam" maturing He is almost unconquerable. Any one Deity will not be able to defeat Him at all.

 If They should gain the Monk their combined power is unimaginable. They can be tricked but, not easily. The Monk is a person that lives for Kalikan alone. It is not easy for Him to have One.

One of Kalikan's Saints is an intermediate who has power from Kalikan's Triad.

The most dangerous works this Adam has is He could claim your Ancestry. Understand, that Ancestor will pretend to be your father, or any of your relatives. If you fall for it He contrive your undoing.

There are other things He can do for the people of that region. His Earth Magic can work for them always unless, it is countermanded by a stronger Deity. The rains will come. The crops will prosper. The land will be good.

The process of Deification by the Mouse is as follows. The Mouse frees the Lion. The Lion calls the Man. The Man calls to God (Mitra). The Man dies, and the Mouse begins all over again. "It all begins, and ends with the Mouse."

 Kitten can veto that by not blessing the Man. Then the Man can not be a God; who calls to God (Mitra).

 This was taken from the Rudolph Hess material, and may actually be genuine. The explanation of Kalikan by Kitten is very different because, Rudolph Hess was a Mithraic adept magician of sorts.

Rudolph Hess's racial magic is very pernicious. My material came out of a "War Chest" that supposably belonged to some kind of Mithraic Witch Cult. That was something Kitten found here in Nashville. That material was repatriated to Germania.

 Ever you should run into this work. Kitten is always interested. Kitten being a God, and all that. Kitten just wants to know if there are any God's like that around. Kitten wants to own Auschwitz. Kitten does not want another God like that to take the Big Girl away from Kitten.

The Problem here is Krishna thinks He owns Mouse. That is not True. Because, the God Kitten has captured Mouse. Now, Krishna can not do anything with Mous e. Mouse has become one of the Minions of Kitten. Mouse has been rechristened with a new name "Anarchos". The Power, the Glory, and the Beauty of the True  Anarchy is now, with the God Kitten Forever. Mouse has gone into President Obama. Then we will have four years of a Real President in my country.

"An Elephant never forgets". This applies to an elephant trainer who is under Elephant Law. He must be good with the pachyderms in his care. Then he can be reborn as Ganesh!

Sophistry is the Ancient Greek Art designed to enslave people's minds. Let us take Karl Marx for example. Karl Marx produced many works. We will call this Marxism. Marxism is designed to feed the Law Giver Karl Marx to make him a great teacher of economics. There is no food in this sophistry. That is why Marxism is unworkable. Otherwise, Stalin would have been a Marxist. This is not an ideology at all.

There is a man. We will call him "Acehole". That is his moniker on the Internet. Acehole owns many machines. There are people who are just tending these computers mistakingly believing they are theirs. They're not! They all belong to Acehole. Because, Acehole has an Ace in every machine he can possibly be at. It's hard to beat an Ace. Especially, when there is only one card in play. That card is always his. You have to understand something about Acehole. He is not anybody's friend but, he maybe useful.
You see Acehole has been eaten alive by Mouse. Don't bother Acehole.

Somebody has just picked up Mouse. He was going on the Net, and Mouse got him. Mouse has made another Acehole happen. This is Net Fantasy of course.

There is a man. He is a computer hacker. He has just gone into the kitchen to brew some tea. On the kitchen floor is his computer mouse over six feet long. The cord seems to going from his mouse back to the computer through the kitchen wall. The mouse is rearing up; he can see its' track ball. It is rolling over him...  His mouse just got him. There are more Mouse stories of course later. Keep it up!

Next example, "Mien Kamph" is another, classic work of sophistry. "Mein Kamph" was written to feed the Law Giver Adolph Hitler, and make him the "Fuhrer". Likewise, there is no food in this work either. Only, the authentic German edition meant for Germans is worth having.

Next, Kitten will tell you a story about the Goddess Hel. Kitten went to Planet Hel. The Hel Planet looks just like this one. Poor Kitten is being pursued by Kitten's enemies. They are coming in their enormous fool ships. Here they come. They are coming from the Gentrix of Mithra illustrated on the left.

Meanwhile, Kitten has business with Hel. There She is sitting enthroned inside Her Circle of Women. This is Her Governance of Women. Hel is shining with a glowing unearthly beauty that proclaims that She is the Goddess Venus. That is exactly who She is. But, there She is the Goddess of Retribution. Venus does not marry. Kitten can go home. That business is not quite over but, getting there.

Oh no! A huge fool ship has been caught in the enormous gravitational tug the Sunny Sun. The Sunny Sun is sunning, and sunning, and sunning the huge fool ship. The captain is a fool. The navigator is a fool. The pilot is a fool. They are trying to bring up those heat shields. They don't work because, they have been maintained by fools. Oh well, they're gone.

Another, fool ship is plunging through the thick Earth like atmosphere of Planet Hel. The heat shields are failing. They just burned up.

The last fool ship has crash landed on the Planet's surface. The fools are coming out. They going after the women. They always do. But, first they have got to find Kitten.

 The fools have found the Circle of Women. Hel says Kitten went that way down the crooked path to the Great Temple of Venus.

 At the end of the crooked path the fools find themselves at the rim of a great volcano. There is no lava there but, a yellow road of sulfur paved over a volcanic dome to a hidden temple in the distance. It is time for those fools to hit the road. The surface is not too hot.

 There is living lava deep down. Holly is beginning to stir.

The fools are almost there at the temple entrance. They have not noticed the road is evaporating as Holly is coming to the surface. As a matter of fact the fools have made it to the safety of a ledge right at the Gateway.

 Look! It's Holly!

Holly has just snagged two fools just like that. The rest have gone through the Gate. The fools didn't notice the inscription written in Latin above the Gate. It means; "Abandon all hope all ye who enter here". A fool has just been caught in a man trap. He is not going to find Kitten in Hell but, the rest of the foolish party can keep looking anyway. Hel is good to get rid of madmen. Hel can also get rid of madness. Hel helps in times of misadventure.

In the next story Adventurers usually the Wandering Krishna have discovered the Lost City of the Amazons. An Amazon is basically with some exceptions a representation of girls in any media. That woman in the movie is an Amazon since, that actress playing that part isn't anything like her off stage. Girls in the story books, newspapers, magazines, advertisements, movies, internet sometimes, and songs are all Amazons. If you understand, Amazons you know they can do a lot for you.

 Friend Kitten is spreading the tale. Men frequently find this place of immeasurable quantities of gold, and women who let them have it. When they do get this gold. They really get nasty with it. They will make idols with it, or something really stupid. It is pretty bad. Being somebody who has money. We have done that for them. But, they still hate the Goddess who did this for them. Tanith can do that. Plenty is really Plenty angry.

 They have just opened the city gate looking for gold. The Siren call of gold has gone out all over the world. They are still coming because, gold always gets them.

 Amazons get rid of greedy men. During this time the Adventurers have begun to look for gold separately. Suddenly, one has been caught in a man trap. He sees a skull right in front of him. She becomes everything as he becomes nothing. She will still have to take more prey. She has become less ephemeral. After, she becomes more substantial to the point she can go out, and hunt outside the city.

That trap can get reset. The rest of the hunting party are too busy to be bothered. Soon, they have all been caught in the man traps. More Adventurers are almost there. This happens until all the Amazons are out hunting men in the world.

 The Adventurers have finally discovered the golden image of the Goddess of the Amazons who is Venus. Venus becomes everything, and they all become nothing. Soon Venus can live in the world easily with Her Votaries. Of course, now She does.

Understand, something that Venus is not Hathor. Venus is unique. Venus can be a Love Goddess. Usually, She isn't right now. Venus is not dangerous to women but, She can be deadly to men. Sometimes.

You can see an example of Amazons in film making. All the women in the movie are Amazons. An Amazon can have a fan club where She is everything, and he is nothing.

That is the relationship that a real film actress must maintain with the men in her life on film. The femme fatale is excellent example. In any film if you really want to get gold. Get rid of the guy. Heroes? Don't need them! Hercules doesn't need to be around anymore. Priapus doesn't need to be around either. He's too ugly. You have got to get them to see the girls. Let the Amazons take the show.

To the right is a picture of Mr. Crowley a rather famous magician in the early to the mid Twentieth Century. He was known as the "Great Beast". There He is in His Guru pose. No relation to Kitten who is the Little Beast.

Here is a bunch of little known Crowley lore. It is about Lam. Crowley said Lam is the Devil. Did you know Hollywood made a movie about Him. Lam here is featured as an Extra Terrestrial. Hence, the name of the film "ET". Lam is an extradimensional, and really a form of Mithra: the Spaceman. You don't want have any "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

Kitten being born in Roswell, New Mexico, and all that would know a lot about UFO's, spacemen (NASA), and astrophysics. Of course, Friend Kitten does. How about that?

There are a lot of UFO Cults. Does the name Charles Manson ring a bell with you? These cultists are not always harmless kooks. You might meet them at a Star Trek Convention, or something like it that has to do with Science Fiction, and Fantasy. Lam has been the source of an infinite number of hoaxes. Isn't that something?

Organized Religious Christians (ORC's) are right in saying that Lam is definitely the Devil among themselves. Yet, our ORC's are paralyzed by "Rapture" sophistry. If the World is going to end. Why worry about Lam?   

The Valkyries are different Victories. "There is no substitute for Victory." If you die Victorious then They can take you to Their Paradise. They are all good Virtues. The Victories are always portrayed as armed girls in art work. That is how the Victories differ from the Amazons.

A Hag is really a Living Dagger to put in someone nearby. Kitten has three Hags. Only two Hags can leave the Isle of Man. They are forms of Persephone. That Hag is there to be used by the King of England only. Of course, Juno can use the Hags as well as Kitten. Kitten can host one Hag. Kitten can deploy Her according to the Law of Kitten. If you are good with the Hag. Then you won't be stabbed by an enemy. But, be prudent regarding this teaching. This Hag is reaching up to the Heavens in Armenia is called the "Nail of God".

The Goddess Selkhet is our Dagger Lady another Pose of Persephone. Selkhet has the Law of Life and Death. "You give Selkhet Life, and Selkhet will give your enemies Death."

Understand, this these Goddesses are not anything like in most books. Mithra (Satan) has diabolical copies. Never mix Them up because, They really are just Him. They are not real Goddesses. What you get here is a mixture of what comes out of the Mithraic Mixing Bowl.

 Kitten has different traditions, folkways, and inspirations. Kitten introduces people to Them according to the Law of Kitten since Kitten is a Law Maker. Kitten will not use Sophistry on Kitten's People.

Now, you know why girls, and boys should be separate especially in school? Because, early pair bonding is bad for women. It can ruin their lives. First, girls know almost nothing about the Boy Mysteries. Boys are not girls. For one thing that boy thinks he owns that girl. That is not a healthy relationship. Boys don't know much about rape. Girls don't know much about rape either. They are too young to have really strong boundaries. But, there are signs those boundaries are being broken in a girl. You can tell this by the ways boys act. They will break in, or somehow gain permission to be in their "girl friend's" home. Next, they will go into her room, and steal things. Anything, that a girl has that boy believes he is entitled to. Understand, that our girl doesn't care for him hardly at all. Now, that boy is truly that girl's enemy. This boy is a rapist. He doesn't know it yet. But, that is what he is. He is mouse-like. Just like the mouse in the cartoons, a little prankster, and a gangster. He is prone to vandalism. He will do lots of love graffiti everywhere he can. The heart shape containing the girl's name, plus sign, and boy's name is normal with him. This girl is really embarrassed by this. Because, she didn't choose him. He is one of the boys. They share things together.

 Cupid knows these things happen. Cupid slays the Enemies of Love with Cupid's bow, and arrows. It is not good to be shot by Cupid.

Usually, these girls, and boys always marry. Understand, that wife does not like her husband. Because, he is a lout. She is now completely despoiled. This is not a real marriage at all in the sight of Juno. That is easy to tell since, she will be flirting constantly. Unfortunately, there usually are children that somehow are not exactly her's. Because, they are part of her doom. Eventually, there is usually a divorce. Sometimes, an annulment happens before there are children.

Also, the last thing any employer wants is to have is this"boy  friend" to show up in the work place. This animal not only believes that not only does that girl belong to him. But, worse, he will try, and take over that work place. He thinks he knows more than the boss. Stalkers like this can really ruin your life if, you let them. Of course, your boss, supervisor, or fellow workers should never pull anything like this either. This is always a constant problem in the work place for girls.

Girls like to have fun. Dancing is Performance Art.

You are having a family get together. There is important family business being discussed. Here comes this animal again. Your relatives are not going to like it.

The bad neighbor when he is like that is a serious problem. It is really hard to get rid of these people. This can be really hellish if you are staying with your parents,or relatives.

 Before, you rent, or buy a house get to know who your neighbors are. In an apartment, or condominium try, and find out as much as you can. You don't want to have gangsters living next door to you.

Boys have different ways of coping with life issues. Life can be depressing at times. Depression is an issue in many people's lives. Boys who are violent do not have depression. You have to understand this issue of the violent male. Men who are intellectually challenged have this problem more than others. Thinking in ways that they are not accustomed to actually, causes them distress. Anger is present due to the pain of thinking in these men. Violence is a philosophy with them. Gang leaders tend to be morons. A moron might make it as a high school football hero. But, he will never make it to college football. Besides, being unable to maintain their grade point average to stay in college they also, don't leave the violence of that game on the playing field. Morons are naturally incapable of understanding peace. You can't really get along with people like that.

Then there is this "type A" personality. He could make a decent living in another age but, he is really obsolete.

Never get involved in crusades. There are too many weirdos there. Crusades tend to get very weird. Because, women are not in charge. The Pro Life movement is an example here. Any extremist organization will probably be bad for you.

 But, you must be political. Those politics should be meaningful. Idiocy is not Democracy. We almost have a Low English that is becoming our standard language used in speaking, and writing here in America. This was what every English teacher has always sought to prevent is a debased form of the English language. This Low English consists of slang, acronyms, abbreviations, foreign words, and lots of profanity. This is the real nut driver stuff that makes people crazy.

 We must get rid of this filthy Rape Culture in American males. This is the Shame of America. We don't need any more of these rap stars glorifying rape. The rock stars are even worse. Our society depends on trust. This is corroding it. It is this filthy playfulness. That turns America into a breeding ground of hatred.

Let us look at the Pro Life movement from a different angle.
 Firstly, in Christian lore for almost two thousand years. The breath was considered to be the Divine Source of Life. The Holy Spirit is literally the Breath of God. A person that can not breath on their own does not have a soul. Therefore, is not considered to be human. A still born fetus is not a real baby. That is a cadaver.

A human fetus is not a human being. It has something like a heart but, not a real one that can live outside the womb. It can't breath on its own so it has no soul. As a matter of fact it is not even an animal. You can even eat the darn thing, and not be a cannibal. It is nothing but, meat. Kitten does not  know if this item will be on any restaurant's menu. These fetuses could be all be ground up to make hamburger. Then you can eat a Mc Fetus.

It gets even nuttier. Does human life begin with ejaculation? There have actually been laws about this. But, this is nuts!

Otherwise, every man that masturbates, or loses their precious sperm in casual sex would be guilty of mass murder. God only knows how many murders like this are committed by gay males?

All this stuff is about a Pro Life Fertility Cult that is nominally Christian, and always political agitation.

Likewise, euthanasia is not murder. If that is really what it is; a good death. That means it is lawful, and the recipient has agreed unless, this an execution. Then it is always voluntary. This is because, terminal illness will result in a painful, and humiliating death. Euthanasia may be extended to a prisoners serving a life sentence, or the criminally insane.

Now, it is time to talk about a very mature subject. That is Death. What the Totenkopfverbande does. Totenkopfverbande is a Worldwide Movement. Totenkopverbande is not Nazi at all! Even Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals belong to the Totenkopverbande though they may not know this. This is just between us grown ups. Death is the most taboo subject in American, and perhaps any culture. It is true. Death is evil. The Totenkopfverbande does not deny this obvious fact of life. The Totenkopfverbande tells them "we are here" (Berkenau) to help them in their journey along the Way (Death). We are all going to die. The Totenkopverbande even know when they are going to die. All the Totenkopfverbande have an intimate relationship with Death. People that are on death row, or in hospice need to know they are going to die. Death for them is inevitable. "Hello!"  The Totenkopfverbande greets him. We have got to mate him with his death. Our man is on a blind date. We want him to like us, and we want him to die. Trust is at the heart of this agreement. He is not going to be tortured. That he will have a good death. That is called euthanasia. He needs to agree with us on this key talking point. Good is good. Bad is bad. Life is life. Death is death. Totenkopfverbande are truthful. The Totenkopfverbande is a trustworthy authority in this very serious matter. There are several stations along the Way. Terminal patients have no place in a hospital. That is fraud. It is quackery! To imply that there is Another Way is wrong. Then that hospital bed can be freed for a real patient. Neither, should people die at home. Because, it is cruel. Very few people are prepared for death. They need to pay attention to the fact that they are dying. They need to be constantly reminded of the fact they are dying. Then they can get right on with their dying. Those assets can be liquidated because, it is time to go to hospice. They are going to hospice to die. There are different stations along the Way. You have know how to recognize them. Now, you know you are Totenkopfverbande. Kitten is Totenkopfverbande too.

There is a man. The man is a "Cancer Fighter". He very angry, still fighting the world with his cancer. He is in hospice. He belongs in hospice. People could torture him under the guise of medical treatment. Fortunately, the Totenkopfverbande has secured him. He will suffer no such fate. Also, endless rackets are played on the dying. He will not fall victim to any of those. Dying people get very superstitious. The Totenkopfverbande understand. He is in good hands.

It is normal to be angry when you are dying. The Totenkopfverbande tells him this forthrightly. He is ready for his next "Phase" in hospice: "Bargaining". The Totenkopfverbande has to keep it sexy! That is totally important. Death is painful. Death is scary. Death is bad. Our man is depressed, and terrified. That is why we keep it sexy so he will accept the Services of the Totenkopfverbande.

 Then he is in our hospice. He is our person now. He will see the skull and crossbones emblem displayed plainly on our working clothes. That sexy nurse is not there to mother him. She is there to kill him if that is needed. All the staff are there to do just that.

All through the hospice an atmosphere of love, friendship, and security prevail. Our person knows this is a good place. He has already accepted his death, and he is there to die. But, probably not right away. He may be in hospice for years. When he is alive he lives. When he is dying he dies.

 The average stay in a nursing home is about six months. How they die there God only knows. He could in one of those places in absolute agony for ten days while you are dying. His mind will be aware of nothing but, hell. An eternity of nonstop action (torture). The staff hates screaming. It looks bad in any nursing home. They will find some creative way of shutting him up.

 But, our person is lucky. He is a "person", not a "patient" since, he is terminal. He doesn't need a doctor. That is unethical. Doctors save lives. Our person can not be saved. There is no point in temperance. He is not sick. He is dying.

Getting rid of doctors saves money that would otherwise be wasted. The hospice medical personal will prescribe for him as needed only. The Services will be there for him. He will not be put on the fast track. He will not be murdered. He will not be induced to commit suicide. His stay won't be prolonged for any reason.

Here is the problem. Our person has valuables that can be had at a later date. He does. But, the optimal time of his death will be before that. Heroic measures won't be used because, that is torture. So the Totenkopfverbande will forgo that revenue.

 Hospice is an Industry of Death. Socialism has to be excluded do to abuses in the past. The Totenkopfverbande is Secular, Autonomous, and Impartial. That is to keep people from "playing" in hospice. Our person has been removed from the Common. They have to pay everything to get anything good. This is a good death.

Be on guard against the so called, Anti War Movement. It is always bad. With that kind of people like that in it. War must be some kind of Virtue? Criminals, crazies, and Anarchists of the worst sort are involved in this thing.

Now, they are after NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) again. Kitten is not sure about NATO much. Because, Kitten is still doing extensive research here. According to what Kitten has so far. NATO does pass muster, barely. The verdict is NATO maybe, good for America. U.S. war veterans like NATO. Kitten must agree with them. NATO has been found to be good for girls. So you can have a career there if you want to. Upward social mobility is present. Girls can join the military, and they should. Because, of the extensive training, education benefits, and important social contacts can be had there.

Now, we have to look at the problem of Fascism, and Ultra Nationalism. Likewise, they tend to be Socialist Movements. Therefore, Fascism will work only if the people are good. But, bad people find a place in this system of governance. They do. This is always, the case. There is the formation of an outlaw state. They have a sort of primitive tribal village mentality. A fortress of the worst sort. That sees itself in a constant state of threat, and danger from all quarters. There might be cats out there? There just might be. Thus, we have the problem of terrorism today. The world is filling up with cats.

Friend Kitten has to teach you more about Psychological Warfare. Psychological Warfare Operations are abbreviated: Psychops. First Teaching: You are a Villain. That is because, the Enemy hates you. Second Teaching: You are at War. Because, you are at War. You are a Villain. That is terrible isn't it? It is terrific. Because, there is an Enemy out there that wants to kill you, or something bad like that. Third Teaching: You don't want to die. Now, if you don't want to die. You don't. You have to be a Villain. Because, the Enemy isn't going to listen to Saints. Fourth Teaching: You have to locate people that hate the Enemy, and convince them to fight for you. They all know they can Win because, the Psychsops Leader says so. Fifth Teaching: You are a combatant. You may not be infantry. But, infantry is not bad. These are different combat skills in Not Fighting. Sixth Teaching: Is the Game. The Primary Game is Cat n' Mouse in all its thousands of variations. Who benefits? Where is it? Why? The Seventh Teaching: Debate is War. If you can beat them in Debate. Then you don't have to wrestle with them on the Battlefield. Eighth Teaching: Trickery is fair. It may save your life. It saved Kitten's life, to be sure. Ninth Teaching: Use the weapons, and resources of the Enemy to destroy the Enemy. Tenth Teaching: Corruption is good. You have to cultivate corruption in the Enemy. Eleventh Teaching: Ignorance is strength. Eliminate the Intelligencia of the Enemy. Twelveth Teaching: Don't do business with Traitors. You have to keep your Word. Traitors can do no such thing. You will lose the Peace. Thirteenth Teaching: Be prepared. Remember, you are still a Villain. Fourteenth Teaching: Don't support Revolutionaries. Eventually, they will turn against you. Fifteenth Teaching: Camp is essential. Reconstruction has begun. Sixteenth Teaching: You have Won both the War, and the Peace. Take it. It's yours!

Now, you have lost people haven't you. Probably, dead. Why? You will never know this. Since, we are into Black Operations. In that case Kitten your Pyschsops Leader as the Popular Front will take the blame, of course.

As said previously, Sophistry has to be Organic in order to work at its best. Sophistry is the Ancient Art of Psychological Warfare. It is.

 Now, we use a language of command. We want to get control of the Enemy. That is the whole point of everything. That is true. Next, we have to locate people that Hate the Enemy the same way we do. We have to work together to win the War. That can be done. Because, the psychops people say so. Good. We all understand that. We know it totally. We have a Vision of Ourselves. That is the Administration. We have a Vision for the Enemy. That is Anarchos. That has to be very clear in us. The key to all this is indoctrination. That has to live in us. Does. Therefore, we have an organic view of everything.

Now, Friend Kitten wants you to know something about the Enemy. The enemy combatant is different than you are. But, not that different! They could be very kindly, careful, and loving people. They might be saints. Probably, not. Saints are hard to fight. Because, they are so good.

 But, they are primary targets. Because, when we win the war. We don't want these saints around. You don't want somebody like Martin Luther King around in Africa. You don't want another Gandhi in India. You don't want another Nelson Mandela in South Africa. What we want to do is get these saints to kill themselves. That un saints them. Friend Kitten knows you don't like that idea. You have to shoot a snake in the head. That kills it. Likewise, you have to hit the Enemy in the Head. You can lose the "Peace" which is, really Reconstruction.

We are not Infantry. Yet, we must Fight the Enemy with our Work. We are in "Camp." When in "Camp." Be in "Camp." Stay in "Camp." We tell the Enemy one thing. "We will bury you!"

Right off, before you go into battle against the Enemy. You must kill Luck. In other words, don't leave anything to chance. Chances are Luck isn't going to be there for you ever. Don't gamble!

Kill Mum! Secrecy works against you during wartime. First, you don't get the big picture of what is going on. So a lot of the War is being left up to chance. That will increase casualties. Second, enemy saboteurs can operate more freely. They can do a lot of damage to you in the Homeland. Thirdly, you may not receive advance notice of an immanent enemy attack on your lines. How would you like to be eating your lunch, and enemy paratroopers are at your table? Fourth, criminals form mobs during this time. Criminal organizations may penetrate your ranks. Fifth, Anarchists can organize revolutionary groups. These revolutionaries can infiltrate your ranks. Sixth, treason is harder to find. Mum spawns treason. Seventh, enemy propaganda, psychological warfare, disinformation, and espionage are more effective.

That way your won't be fighting your own people. Because, you will know who they are. You are not going to have any "friendly fire" casualties. You won't be harming your own spies, and informants. You won't be destroying your own infrastructure. You won't kill off your industry.

More importantly, you can control secrecy. Now, you can do real "Black Operations." You can get rid of "do gooders!" The Military does not need any saints. Neither, does the Military need any kind of monastery, or nunnery. Even though, that may seem like that.

The Internet is another area where this could be a problem.

For the most part treat unwanted emails like a phone call.
Make sure you have at least one firewall, one antispyware program, one registry checker. and one antivirus program since, hacking is a terrible problem on the Internet. Kitten use an Interlock System. None of these programs interface with you Operating System. They are like the Heads of the Mythical Hydra. Your Firewalls, Anti Virus Programs, Anti Spy Ware Programs are all compatible with each other. Form an Interlocking System protecting the Immortal Operating System. You will have to try different combination of programs until you find one s that will work with each other, and your Operating System. After every Internet session run your virus checker, anti spy ware program, disk cleaner to remove Internet trash, registry checker, and defreagment your hard drives. You might be surprised at the results.

 The programs themselves will be featured in the "Downloads" section of this web site, or a link to them.

You must carefully examine your security settings.

 Microsoft is very prone to intrusion. That is because, Internet Explorer shares resources with the rest of your system. Kitten actually uninstalled Internet Explorer for that reason. But, you can keep it.

 Use a more secure browser. Have two, or three browsers. Keep trying them out.

That is a browser no connection to your desktop.

Flash can be virus prone, or hackable. Consider disabling Flash.

 Use a registry cleaner regularly every day. If you have a large number of registry errors? You may have been hacked, and may have a virus.

 Run your antivirus every day especially, when you suspect infection.

 Use a Directory Utility like PC Opus to peer into Windows. Know what is in there.

 Use a disk cleaner to clean the trash out of your system daily. Defragment that hard drive regularly. Backup your data.

Have hard copy always. Since, it is useful if you lose your computer.

 Unfortunately, Linux has problems too. Mac can be hacked.

It is this "playfulness" that some people have. This hacking is another manifestation of this Culture of Rape in America. There are people actually, teaching this to university students so they can have no future.

That is like sending people to school to become a burglar.

They have no idea that the missionaries of hate may visit them days, weeks, years, or even decades later.

 Destroying someone's business is almost murder in some cases. People have actually hired hit men to go after people like that.

It has also, gotten extremely political, and God knows where that is going to go.

Hacking is one of the biggest threats to our freedom, by the way. Hacking is not just a problem. It is an obscenity. Everything on the internet relies on trust. When trust is broken, oppression begins.

You have to maintain your mystique on the web. You don't need to be afraid of men, or women. Any public figure knows that fan clubs are very useful.

Friend Kitten has to warn you about a certain hate work. Here are a couple of stories about that.

This girl has gotten Kalkin. She is a Mouse Witch. Some people call a witch like this a "Contrary". That is a Black Magic Queen. Kalkin is a Hindu Deity of Annihilation. Kalkin is feared in India for that reason. She hates someone she has never met in her life. Shaitan has come to life in her. Snake worship, and solar adoration are part of her. For some reason that is unfounded but, she will never know that. Worse, she has even married the Damned Thing. Kalkin is damned even in India. Once in awhile, Kalkin does Incarnate. Then people in India find Him, and kill Him for the following reasons. First, Kalkin is Evil of Evil. Kalikin is the One Who Brings the Plagues. Also, Kalkin is stupid. Kalkin comes in the form of a mouse. He looks just like that. She is really trying to kill somebody with this "Divine Power". At least, cause tremendous misfortune for this person. But, she really shouldn't. Unknown to her Kalkin will take at least one member of her family as payment for His services each time she calls Him. "Blood for blood". She will not be able to reincarnate due to the terrible karmic consequences of her work. She has acquired a devilish playfulness. She can call Him but, she really shouldn't. But, she called Him. Kalkin has given her Shaitan so her Kundalini will be a Leviathan. She can radiate a sort of "energy" so she has a "Presence". She can look very cute, and yet no one will be near her. A kind of allopathy, or negative empathy she can turn on and off. Unfortunately, for her neither, she nor, can Kalikin control the consequences of their negative actions.
Those consequences will continue to manifest days, weeks, months, years, even decades later for her, and her relatives.

Their are Western "Students" of these Eastern Teachers that might play with Kalin the Horse, but maybe they shouldn't. Since they can't even handle Kalikan as Mouse.

She has been awarded her Daemon who is called Mouse Girl. Mouse Girl is an extension of Mithra just like Krishna is. Her Way has Mouse Girl's problem: if She has killed, or caused murder to happen She will lose Her chance to be a Goddess. However, She can become an Eve. That is not too shabby.

 Mouse can make a "Woman" easier than He can make a "Man" a God. Kalikan's Magician like the late Master Aleister Crowley was able to do this from the 20's right up to almost 1950. Mr. Crowley, and people like Him initiated, and empowered several students to have the Scarlet Woman. In order to qualify as an ideal recipient they have be born at the time of the Winter Solstice that marks the Birth of Mitra. Only thing that Kitten can do if they have Failed. Friend Kitten can call Them into the Presence of Mitra for Examination with the Call of Mew. "Mew!"

Who is the Scarlet Woman really? What is the Bloody One? The Scarlet Woman is a Mithriac Deity. A sort of Anti Juno that lives in the "City of the Dead" also known as Babylon. That is the Biblical Babylon of  "Revelation". The Scarlet Woman does not have the Authority to make that come to pass. Only Mithra can do that. Mithra has to build the City of the Dead by Himself. The One can build the City of the Dead because, It is His. He does that by taking men, and making them His. Together, They build the City of the Dead. Yet, there is only Him to be adored by all the dead that give Him Life.

 This is like a Tibetan Thangka. This is a painted representation of a World, or Universe of the Dead. It is not usually said to be that but, it becomes plain that is what that is once, you gain entry into that World. You will notice that even the animals have human eyes. There are other clues that will tell you about this Yogic art form without having to go inside it. Be warned. The Hindus, and other peoples may have these Magical Devices. This is accompanied with Ceremonial Magic (Sophistry).

When the Man dies He becomes a Cherub. Let's call Him "Michael". Many Mithraic qualities are still His. After a time, usually about eight years He changes into a Devil. Understand, many of the Angels are really dead people. The Angels are absorbed into Mithra's Oneness. The Saints are all dead of course. Where as, all the Saints were killed, and became part of the Bloody One. Mind you. The Scarlet Woman could not have Their Status but, She could have Their Merit to build up Her Status in the World. That is what She did.

  An Anti Juno who mirrors many of the qualities of Juno. Yet, Juno is greater because, She has authority from God. The Scarlet Woman can not be a Mother like Juno. The Scarlet Woman is always barren. This is a Mithriac copy of Mari-am that acts like a man. This is how Miriam can spawn Herself.

The Bloody One lives at the expense of women She, if  She can get them into Her Service. Every woman that dies can go into Her Name. That is any Name the Scarlet Woman has while She is physically Incarnate on this Planet (Earth). They all die for Her, and come back as Gifts to sustain Her Life only. All the Articles She has are people who have died for Her somehow.

 Mithra has that too. That is when the Scape Goat overpowers His Creators. They have to worship Mithra the Man. The Scarlet Woman lives only for Him. The Scarlet Woman never has a family. Otherwise, Mithra the Man will kill them unless, they fall down at His feet. Then Mithra will still kill them to add more to His Power.

 She is a Mis Match for every Man. Because, of that She can't be marri
ed. The Scarlet Woman will appear to marry yet, in a sense, She really doesn't. Because, the Scarlet Woman is the Adulteress Incarnate. "A man is nothing but, a loaf of bread." That is all they ever will be to Her according to the Bible. Likewise, the Scarlet Woman could have children. Yet, they are never Her's. She can bear them but, She can not have them. Because, they can never be Her since, they hate their Mother. This Scarlet Woman was destroyed by Persephone.

We had a problem with Lilith. Lilith got into contention with the God Kitten, and several of Her Sister Goddesses especially, Nirrti. The Bird Goddess Lilith got introduced to the Flying Cat of El Alar, and was destroyed instantly. The Flying Cat of El Alar is like the Bull of El. Lilith, and Her Wren died in mid air while traveling by airplane from Chicago to London. Kitten had a hand in that too. Worse, while Lilith was incarnate in this instance got in with Krishna. Lilith did a lot to harm to Her Sisters: Treason. Kitten has been searching to find out if there is somebody incarnate as Lilith that is not that. Until, we can find a suitable incarnation of Lilith; Her Sisters Ceres (Circe), Diana, Athena, Catherine, Freya, Holly, and Persephone will be the Bird Lady in my land. Right now, Juno is the Official Bird Lady. Eventually, all of Lilith's attributes will go to Penelope. The Goddess Penelope says; you can eat chicken, duck, and turkey without feeling guilty.

When Kitten calls a Goddess. Kitten always, makes sure that that is not a Shell. These Shells are always the creation of people. Sometimes, you be contacted by people posing as a Goddess as well. Kitten actually found a "Hathor" that was that. A "Miriam", "Lilith", "Sap Goat", and "Brigid" Persephone destroyed them for Kitten.

 That Hathor Shell was actually pretty old, maybe, hundreds of years old created out of the Blood of Mithra. Therefore, it was Demonic. Many Demons are nothing but, Shells but, not all of them.

 Once, these Shells mature they die. So you do not want a God, or Goddess like that at all. They may take you with Them. Otherwise, you will be left alone until They return again. Friend Kitten has done this many times until the Deity can actually Exist, and go out on Their Own. Don't try understand this one. This Total War stuff not meant for anybody but, Friend Kitten who Walks the Path of Absolute Freedom.

Hathor has to Walk the Path Again until Hathor Incarnates Rightly. Kalikin almost made it. Friend Kitten still mourns the loss of Him in New Delhi, India. But, Three Incarnations of Kalikin are expected by Friend Kitten to Favor Durga.

 Many magicians have created these abominations that frequently outlive their creators. You will find directions in books like the "Lesser Key of Solomon", "Sixth Book of Moses", and "Grimore of Pope Honorous" for example.

 You should also, read Malachi Martin "Hostage to the Devil" for more information of what can happen to you. That is Demon Possession that is very much like Yoga (Union) with a real Goddess. The process of familiarization is pretty much the same. Friend Kitten will teach you the difference. You are lucky!

The Scarlet Woman is a Deity of "the Revolution". A true change from everything. Then the Scarlet Woman can become the True Goddess, She must be. The Status Quo is not perfect. Maybe, you can "carry a picture of Chairman Mao", and you may give "money to Minds That Hate". John Lennon is not my brother. Hari Krishna is not "My Sweet Lord". The revolution that comes out of "The Beatles" is hostile along with the rest of Hippydom. Their music is not Amorous. Elvis Presley noticed that right away. Elvis, Kitten, and even Richard Nixon agreed on this subject back then. The Kinks, the Who, the Rolling Stones, and other British rock bands are likewise, not Amorous. Where is the Amour? Always, ask that. Is this media Loving? Because, Kitten pays attention to lyrics a lot.  It has beliefs. These beliefs are electrifying.This is psychological warfare material at its best. Much of this material appears to be Mithraic with its "peace, pot, and perversion". This is the "Music Motion".  But, it goes deeper like it went into Ethel Rosenberg. Of course, that killed her.

"King Crimson in the Hall of the Mountain King": the lead singer runs around naked on stage saying he is "God". That man believes he is Bacchus. He probably is!

"Be just what you is, and not what you is not. People who do this have the happiest lot." Mr. Lizard Wizard's advice to Tudor the Turtle.

 Pay attention to Kitten!

As for the music. It is now, ours, and always has been.

Little Red Riding Hood is Freya, and not the Scarlet Woman usually. As a matter of fact, the Goddess Freya is Goodness. Definitely, not the Whore of Babylon of Revelation. Kitten will explain this more later.

Music like this can not inspire you. Because, it is Sophistry written by a Thought Master. That is not quite a Law Giver. Since, these people are maybe, too ignorant. Yet, the Sophistry still does feed them. This is song writing at its ugliest. This is not entertainment exactly. It is political indoctrinations.

It is like Great Britain has a War with America. We don't share norms, forms, and values. There is a clash of standards. This is there with the rest of Europe too. But, America should be totally metric! There are problems with a standard currency between our countries. Britain has a Class System. While, the United States of America only has Citizens. In Britain there is a genuine middle class.

 The bourgeois in England have no counterpart in my country. Likewise, the institutions like their Shires really don't exist in America. You have to understand we are more Germanic than we are English. Even though our languages are similar. You can call it "English", if you want to. Our meanings are vastly different. Great Britain has an Official Language while, the United States of America does not have any such thing. We don't like each other.

The conservative Republican Party has the "Tea Party Movement." The liberal Democratic Party is dominated by Negroes, and Latin Americans that are not interested in anything the British have to say. The British have a much more oppressive closed society. While, America is forming its own version of "Camp America". America is closing its' society too. Because of the genuine problem of domestic, and international terrorism. Kitten has actually found genuine IRA (Irish Republican Army), Tamil Tigers, and Weathermen still operating in my country. Be warned! They are all still true to their revolutionary ideologies. Very true. They act accordingly!

 Pay attention to Kitten!

There are ways to deal with this music, or other media issues. Impose a Luxury Tax on this sort of imported music. So we can tax British music. Copy Rights can be rescinded. Trash isn't copy righted. That is a fact. Commercial Speech is not protected under the United Sates Constitution. Remember, all speech in my country is commercial speech since, the United States is a Capitalist country. Therefore, music can be regulated like cigarette advertising. If any of this should be proven to be genuine psychological warfare material the result of real espionage. Then it can be banned.

Pirate music could be anything. The lyrics may not be the same. Ditto, for the internet as well. Be careful. Don't buy bootleg anything.

The Scarlet Woman has Beliefs similar to the Poses of Persephone, or, the Expressions of Tanith.

 J. Krishnamurtti; "First and Last Freedom" noted the first appearance of an unprecedented Evil in the World at large in the 1950's. The first, and last freedom according to this author is the freedom to exist. "Belief" had become Incarnate then. This Chalice that the Scarlet Woman has is not Amour. It is not a True Loving Cup. It is an Anti Amour. It mirrors True Love, and Sacrif
ice. Krishna has an Anti Love like that too. Her Revolution is a Hatred of everything that Is.

The Scarlet Woman like the Evil Woman is something called a "God Shell" (klepoth), and not a real Goddess. Likewise, so is this Mithra (Satan) a "God Shell". A "God Shell" that has something to do with God which is a collection of Thought Forms, and Ideals. They all contain the Ideal of Belief. That is what makes them devilish.

When Deities are abused they become devilish. Look in the Old Testament at what happens to people that transgress against God. The Scarlet Woman comes from the abuse of the Goddess Belief. The problem is although, Persephone has Sister Deities. That does not make Them compatible. Certainly, not Comrades!

 Luckily, Kitten gives the Initiation, Empowerment, and Explanation of Mariam. Mary, Maria, and numerous other names all refer to Mariam. Mariam is very Juno like. Mari-am is still in the bloodlines of many families. Mariam is always loved by Kitten.
"Trickery is fair." Kitten's Beloved Goddess Persephone has been after Mariam for ages. This was not the Virgin Mary. The Assumption of the Virgin Mary Mother God dictates that.
Ops Miriam is gone! Anyway, Persephone will take over then.

Now, that being said, know that Kitten is an Enemy of Mithra because, Mithra has become devilish. So we have another Shadow God, or "God Shell". The Mithra that is in some people's bloodlines is not devilish. People that claim to have Mithra (the Man) illegitimately have a Bastard God. The Masons could have Him like this if they are not careful.

Many Christians have a problem like this too. This Inner God that many Christians believe to be really Jesus is a "God Shell" a klepoth. Such Christ aping monstrosities are not going to save anyone from much of anything! True. They are all Emissaries of Death. That is a fact.

The Holy Spirit is here. The Bible said that Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and God the Holy Spirit can not exist at the same time. So Jesus is Dead.

 Regretfully, Kitten observes, and celebrates the Jewish holidays of Purim, and Hanukkah. These Victories assure Kitten the right to exist today. Kitten is, and is not Jewish. Kitten likes Jews. Kitten celebrates Christmas as a Time of Sharing according to the Ways of Juno. Easter is a Time of Renewal with Ceres, and Persephone also, celebrated by Kitten. Independence Day, and Memorial Day are especially observed, and revered by Kitten. Kitten is not a God of the Dead like Mithra yet, Kitten sees Halloween as a Time of Remembrance of the Blessed Dead usually, Family.

Know that beliefs are not ideals. Ideals are models. However, the concept of Belief is an Ideal. "Pose" refers to status. Beliefs are different. Finally, Kitten wants you to understand Belief is not Truth. Remember, that! Understand, Kitten has an Ideal called "Camp"! "Camp" is achieved through Political Organizing.

Incidentally, Mithra has Roles. The makes Mithra a consummate actor. Those Roles are Real with Him. Mithra is the Friendship Role: the Role of Friend. Of course, Friend Kitten can only have the Role of "the Villain" from Mithra.

People are going to want Him. Because, He is "Their Man." "I never said they couldn't?" This is one of Kitten's favorite sayings. They deserve each other. The Emperor has no cloths even though He may think so: doesn't make it true, and it isn't. We must understand, we can not take these Roles seriously. Fortunately, we can Simulate Them perfectly. The Administration can do that.

Here is another story about a group of people that are performing a "psychic" hate work. Again, they are trying to kill, or harm someone they don't even know. That person has no idea they are doing this at all. Those people now, all have Shaitan. They have all been incorporated into the Demogorgan who has several snakes in Him. They don't know this. But, they do have Him. They are going to have to give the Demon His payment. They don't know that either. The Leviathan (The Crooked Serpent) is going to require their souls. At the very least He will run their lives. This curse will enter into their family blood. It is really bad to have Shaitan (Diabolus).
Now, here's the quiz. Is it worth it?

Here is the problem. Krishna can give Shaitan. Because, Krishna owns Snake. Cath wants to take Krishna's Snake away from Him. Of course, the God Kitten is in with Cath. This is will be hard. But, it is worth it. Snake skin can be in fashion again. Juno's Models can all wear it. Can you imagine Mink? How about Fox?
Persephone can model python along with Juno.
 Then Krishna can walk around naked. He doesn't need to be "Snakeskin" any more. 

How do you get rid of this thing? Kitten always has a stone against Shaitan. Kitten does the Forbidden Rock Magic of Dis Pater against Shaitan to shut Him up. That is a fortress on the Other Side. Then the Gateways begin to open up here in Nashville. Athena (Minerva) comes to defend the Weak. That is a good start. If it is possible all the affected parties must forgive one another. They must all be together for this to happen. Restitution has to be made for any loss. Then they must do a penitence to undo their devilry. Since, that usually doesn't happen.

Kitten has to give these fools over to Nirrti (Destruction) to be their Goddess. Since, they will not accept the ways of Christianity regarding forgiveness being Heathen, and all that. Nirrti gets rid of Kalikin, and keeps the Serpent at bay. Then Kitten calls down the Cat of Heaven (Hastur) to kill Shaitan. Then that person is free from that Devil. It is really hard to take people away from the Mouse.
 That is a pretty interesting Goddess Nirrti story isn't it?

We can talk a little bit more about that stone magic later. How to bring a Deity from a far away place to your region. With the Naga King Kitten can do this, and even raise Zion from the Depths of Neptune out of the Abyss. The Naga King will gather the Stones, and Other Treasures for the God Kitten. If any stones have been misused Kitten will know it.

Regardless of what some male, or female animal might do. Be careful not to lose your love. Do not lower yourself like that. Keep your head.

You may have to talk to the police if the problem with a boy is serious. A private security firm may be helpful.

Be prepared for any eventuality. Less life you leave to chance. The better your life will be. Remember, you are responsible for your own life. You do own it. Secure it as much as you can. Then the Goddess can help you more. That pays Kitten. "Everybody gets paid." according the Law of Kitten.

Every girl has to secure their life as much as they can without being fearful. Never show any weakness in public. You need to look up the word "weak" in the dictionary in order to understand what Kitten is telling you. Don't expect your family to protect you all the time. But, keep those family ties strong. Very few of those male animals will bother a girl in church. That is a mainstream church that you can feel comfortable in. You don't need to tell anybody there about your problem unless, he shows up. Remember, that police officers, military personal, and people that work in security may be members of that congregation. Even, if you are a witch that will keep those boys away from you. Don't talk about God. Don't confess anything. Don't debate there. Stay out of people's way. Let them be whoever they are. You are just there to learn. You actually will learn a lot. "Silence is golden".

In the above cases Catherine (Purity) is involved. Because, these relationship s are not pure. It is not a real marriage. Catherine can give the assent to Persephone, or Juno to act as if she is an unmarried girl without suitor. In that case the empathy will work.

Mind you, Catherine (Purity) is a Handmaiden of Juno. That means that Purity does the Work of Juno.

A widow goes back to her "girl" status with Juno, Demeter, Athena, Diana, Catherine, Freya, Holly, Cath, Gwen, Nirrti, Jane, and Persephone. Since, a "Woman" is always married.

There is another marriage. It is called, a Catherine marriage. It is a marriage of conquest. Here a girl can marry a man prior to his death to get everything he owns. Kitten says that marriage is permitted too. It is found a lot in nursing. It may be in some prison systems, or "Camp" with the Auschwitz Girls. That is true. It is a form of marriage that is recognized in order to build up the girl's dowry.

These marriages are all forms of matrimony. Holy matrimony when the marriage is blessed by God. That means the Marriage, and Love Deities are there blessing the marriage too. You will get many gifts that both of you are expected to pay for later according to the Law of the Hospitality of God. That is why a marriage should always be very formal. Since, it happens only once in a lifetime. Hopefully.

There are some people that "think" they can get gifts from the Land. They have cursed Ceres. Worse, they are freeloading on God. God always hates that! Yet, they are married to the Land. They get to have all the Dark Forms of All the Deities they have Banished in the Name of  God, and Country.

Do you know what can happen? If it is serious. It is all depicted in a painting that was done by King James the First.

 There is more. There always is in a Land Where Anything Can Happen, and It Always Does. That is a Cursed Country.

This Banishment happened to Great Britain right after the Death of Queen Victoria.

Love is a learned value. Although, animals do have some innate affection. It is woefully inadequate for people. Love has to be cultivated, and cherished. Love builds trust that is essential in any human relationship. Without trust society falls to pieces. Therefore, love is socially important. Love is political. Love builds up civilization. That is why love is considered precious because, love is valuable. Love respects boundaries. Girls are not boys. What a girl has stays hers. Enmeshment is totally unhealthy.

Be that as it may, you have to do the required love work. There is nothing foolish, or crazy about love. Love is not dangerous. If you realize who you are, where you are at, and what you are doing. Learning about love is like learning to a drive car. More you practice the better you get with loving. Don't fall asleep at the wheel. You have to understand your limitations. You have pay attention to boundaries. You have to be careful not to transgress. Sophistry is the greatest barrier to love. Hate is very much in our life too. You have to practice feeling in love with everything, everyone, and every time. All the while you have to maintain a practical understanding of what is going on. So the romance is in your life. When you do meet somebody you won't be knocked off your feet. In other words your car won't run off the road, or crash. As a matter of fact this fellow is a jerk. Understand, this little toad isn't going to turn into a prince. No matter how much he is kissed. Don't you know toads are poisonous? You might get warts. Even though you like him he will not change, and you know that. When you have Juno you will be in control even though you are in love. Even though, you are in love you can manipulate them mercilessly if you want to. You can break away cleanly without resorting to hatred. Because, you are above that. Love won't cause you to lower yourself.
That is a really good teaching from Kitten.

The girl's dowry is what a girl must have separate from her spouse. Never have a joint account. Don't do joint ventures either. You can really get hurt that way. Because, men do not earn enough to support a wife, let alone a family. Even so, not one girl can be secure that such an arrangement will continue for a single day. Husbands may die at anytime. At anytime, a husband may become, disabled, and need his wife to support him. Their husband may lose his livelihood. He may have legal problems like lawsuits. He may go to prison. That is why marriages fail because, men are not God. They are just animals. Many men take on a lot more than they can possibly handle. Many of them are still boys. Men are not mature until their thirties maybe, even their forties. It takes them that long to be firmly grounded in their life. That life is the sequence of mental, and physical events that make up the experiences that comprise that person's individual existence. Because, they have to learn how to be responsible. Money may not buy happiness but, you can't enjoy life much without it.

Nobody is going to be able to work things out anymore by happenstance. Life is getting harder. Prepare yourself for it. When there is an economic crunch. You won't be crushed by it. You are going to have to be very ruthless. All the while you have to be honorable so people can trust you.

Do good, don't do evil, and be kind. That is a good honor code that Kitten lives by as much as Kitten can. That is true. Kitten understands that you will receive Initiation, Empowerment, and Explanation of the Deity that are relevant to you. It is your way.

All Love Spells work the same way. Always, there is a Marriage Deity (Juno). The intent is always, to Mate. You can not do anything but, that! Because, you are looking for your True Love. So the Love Spell works like that.
Again never use a male Deity. Since, most male Deities are forms of Mithra who hates women. Because, if you do use Him. Then you will be married to Him forever. Unfortunately, most girls have no idea of who Mithra is. He is sometimes called, the Man. Do you want to be married to somebody that hates you? You see that Deity will be very jealous. You will meet a Mithraic person. If he doesn't harm you then you will have a living arrangement. Because, you are seen by him to be the temptress who made him fail in his calling. Yet, you won't have a marriage even though you supposably are married to him. Understand, that Mithra has big enemies like Jesus Christ. There is a sort of playfulness that will enter into you. That will make you even more enemies. This is really bad karma for you.

The following will keep curses, or a malevolent Deities away from you, and both of your family lines.

Now, you need more of the Magic of the Big Girl. You will notice the Blueberry Girls in the "Auschwitz Dialogs" some of the magic of Kommandant Koch. A true master of the Art of Camp. The blueberry is the fruit of their work. Kommandant Koch is serenading them with the "Blueberry Song". It is all wishing them a happy work. Eating the blueberries is the best way to get the Fruit of Every Work. Be sure to eat them. It will still work now with the blessings of Kommandant Koch. So never say anything bad about him. Touche!

Ilse is a Big Nurse. When you need nurse work done. You can call Ilse Koch. Be good with Her too. Here we have an example of the Goddess Freya. Filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl is another example of the Goddess Freya. So the there is considerable variance in Freya's manifestations. Freya enables women to become their own Deity. Freya does this for Germanic People's only. Gemania can be there with the Negroes. Negroes do not have a Deity of the Race so Freya will take them, or the Cat will.

 A Native American can have a Snake as their physician. Maybe, they deserve one. It has always been that way. Freya is usually, with all of Europe but, the Blessings of Freya can be here in Nashville. Kitten has to be coached by Freya. Freya is a Goddess of Love, Women, Children, and Cats.

It is time to talk more about the Art of Camp. Auschwitz was governed by a Secretariat. Externally, Auschwitz definitely had a Soviet. They have an evolving Comintern internationally.This is one the features of this marriage between the German concentration camps systems, and Soviet Union camps systems; Gulag but, including the Soviet style Communes. Therefore, there is a Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

 A Secretariat is divided into three branches of governance. The Secretariat has Executive, Legislative, and Judicial functions. The Kommandant was there to make sure everybody is working for the Benefit of the Big Girl. Kommandant Koch was not in the German Army. The
TotenkopfverbÀnde that governs Auschwitz are not military. They are not soldiers. They are administrators only. They are not war-like. That is not their mission.

 Hence, Auschwitz is not merely an institution. It is a autonomous government.

 Kommandant Koch is not a warden exactly. Since, Auschwitz is not prison. Auschwitz evolved out of the prison model to the point where the Big Girl in 1940 is several large cities. So government is very complex. It is very much like Ancient Rome. The emperor, or chief executive official is the commandant. There the Secretariat clearly has a Executive Branch. That is understood. The commandant has to keep finding the government, and make sure it is working for the good of "Camp."

 In sense there is a king. That is the Chief Sanitarian. There is a queen that is the Camp Nurse. These people are Politburo. There are other people like them. These people come out of the Cadre. Frequently, they are "Camp Persons".
Once you have Juno you will become a true Law Giver. Every artist is a Law Giver. Advertising is another example of Law Giving. The fashion industry certainly has Law Givers.

More about the Goddess Jane. Jane is an Unformed Anonymous Juno. Jane will claim home later. Jane becomes Her Own Deity by Self Effort alone. Self Effort is what gets you good things in this World, or any other. Goddesses work harder than do ordinary women. That is why Jane is a Goddess. One reason people are miserable, and poverty stricken is because, laziness is in the World. Gaining a Goddess such as Demeter will help your Jane mature quicker but, you will have to work harder. Demeter will give you the capacity to do just that. If you are a secretary. Demeter will be right there working too. Demeter loves to work. Demeter loves learning new things. Demeter has a Regional flair that establishes a Jane as a Juno. By then, Jane will have mastered the Domestic Arts. You will be a better secretary by organizing with other Janes. Pay attention to Kitten. Pay attention to your Existence. That is Jane! Demeter will feed your Jane Deity. You have got be yourself!

  A demagogue is a species of Wild Boor frequently found in politics. They try to use other people's sophistry since they lack the necessary imagination to create their own.

 The Fob believes he is a real Fashion Designer because, he has money. Models need to know this, and never work for a Fob. This teaching is well known in France, by the way. Pay attention to Kitten. Fobs are bad ornaments. Fobs are never fashionable. Sometimes, these Little Toads will go after a model, or even a modeling agency. They are easy to recognize since, they have adapted crudeness as a Fine Art. Fobs have a peasant-like mentality as part of their liberality. Fobs are not loving. Frequently, Fobs work for Others that are even worse.
The Law Giver then usually isn't a Deity.

 Now, it is time to know more about a government system known as Socialism. Government is theft. Money is stealing. Socialism is a system of stealing. That is as far as it goes.

Christian Socialism is perplexed with constant aberrations for that very reason.

Comrade Stalin understood all this.

Money spells work like that as well. Just as a model makes love to the camera. So must you learn to make love to money. First, you can fall in love with George. That will make sure that money with his visage on it is always there for you to have it, and spend it as you will.

There is a man. That man hates Juno. Juno has gold bugs, and the seeds of a golden orange tree. The seed of a golden orange tree is planted in somebody else's bank. An orange tree is usually called a "mutual fund" by the rival bank. The gold bugs are going after the bad man's gold. The orange trees are growing in other people's banks according to the Money Spell of J.P. Morgan. The gold bugs have found the bad man's gold. The orange trees are in blossom. The money is multiplying. More investors (gold bugs) are happening. The stocks are going up. The orange trees are bearing fruit. The gold bugs are multiplying til they are out of control. As the fruit ripens the market keeps climbing. Morgan starts picking the fruit until those rival banks are picked clean. The gold bugs are flying away with their gold. The gold bugs are flying away with their gold. The gold bugs are flying away with their gold.

Next, there is the Little Piggy that is put there in a rival bank. A Little Piggy is also, called a Thrift. Over time, there are several Little Piggies feeding on that rival bank's assets. Look! That bank is broke. How did that happen? The government wants to know. They are going to bail them out to keep all the Little Piggies happy? Won't they?
The first thing to do with an enemy is to get rid of their money. Better yet, turn their money against them. If you can do that you can win.

These days, hopefully not, there is a notorious United States Treasury Bond scam. When these bonds are redeemed back to the United States government they are supposed to be destroyed by the Treasury Department. The Robber Barons of the Gilded Age knew better than to run this con on the government. It would have bankrupted the United States treasury. Bankers don't do that. Because, they will cut their own throats, so to speak.

Here is the set up. Somehow, these expired bonds are not destroyed even though bank records may say so. It is a form of money laundering. Let us say, someone has twenty million dollars worth of these worthless bonds. They get a loan based on the future value of these bonds. This can happen several times if these crooks are really creative. They may even give them to people.

Now, the Internal Revenue Service has shown up. This bank. We will call "Any Bank", since this could be any bank globally. Unfortunately, it really could be "Every Bank". This depends on how many of these bogus bonds are out. That is not only this year either.

 "Any Bank" has two billion dollars in assets. But, they don't! Because, one billion dollars does not exist. Somehow, this discrepancy has to be made up. If they can? Then the government will have to help them out. The government might have to. Somehow?

But, there is more. There always is, in the world of high finance. You could get a "bank note" that entitles you to money that has already been lent on these worthless bonds. You might not know these bonds are trash. But, that is what they must be. Since, the United States Treasury Department has found this out for you. You had better able to answer their questions.

Let's look at bank charges. Banking is an Industry that has to make a profit. Okay, it is. Now, the United States Treasury Department is around. That is watching the Federal Reserve found a net loss of four hundred billion dollars from bank charges. Mind you they just lost the money. This year is half over. There is more to come. Question: Why? They do know the United States is in debt but, there aren't any agents to catch this discrepency. We could pass the hat around in Congress so we have them. That is how you save money. Then it might be just two hundred billion dollars lost that way. If we hire more "spooks". Lots of them. Then our banking system will be profitable for the American people.

Here is another one about how some other country lets say, Great Britain can steal several hundred million dollars from coffers of the City of Nashville. They do it to the City of New York all the time. How can that happen? It is called currency trafficking the grand daddy of money laundering. By changing an exchange rate in London. Let us say by a on penny on the dollar. That doesn't sound like much. But, it is a Value Added Tax that nobody voted for. This one percent of a billion dollars is ten million dollars. This will change daily! One percent of the Gross National Product (GNP) will be  lost. This a one percent tax maybe, levied three times in one year. This will degrade our country remarkably. Can you say "Argentina"? That is where my country is heading.

Another note: about currency trafficking. Most, American currency on the Black Market in other countries is counterfeit. If a deal is too good to be true? It is. Never handle this sort of currency. No matter what. You will be busted for it. The United States Treasury Department is more sophisticated these days. It will probably be reported to them by the people that sell it to you. Likewise, American counterfeiters, and sting artists are always testing the boundaries abroad. Sometimes, they score big but, don't try it!

Friend Kitten has to inform you about the real juju magic called "Capitalism". J.P. Morgan had a system. He did. You get to be the capitalist for awhile. First, you must put all your money in his bank. You did that. That is your capital. Because, of that you are a golden orange. That means you have a bank, and you are a bank. That is what a golden orange is. That is not a Little Piggy, by the way. So far you need to acquire these assets. You can since, you have capital. Remember, your capital never leaves Morgan's bank. If you have enough assets you can live on them the rest of your life. You are the capitalist. These investors will buy these assets for you since, you just capitalized them. You never touch your capital but, because, you are interested in this business venture these investors will show because, Mr Morgan told them to. So capitalism is based on trusting somebody else's word. It will work out for them too. That is real magic. This is how all magic works. You have capital that is called your life. You have this capital in Tanith's Love Bank just like in Ancient Carthage. You get to be Juno. That is Tanith's Golden Orange. You are a bank. This is not a loan. When you find assets you will have investors. So you never lose your life. That is your capital.


The Modeling here has a Theme. Here the Theme is High School. The Girl has a name. The Girl's name is Luv. Luv has graduated has an good paying job here in Real Estate.

To an actress, or a model the camera is like the Eye of God. The camera is important. People out there only know what the camera shows them. Keep it sexy but, not whore-like. You have got to entice people.

Fashion models are fashionable. That means off the runway too. That model is there to sell the whole fashion ensemble. That includes the purse, by the way. "Pursing" is really important. That is why models are outside the store pursing constantly. The purse contains lots of merchandise that is sold in that store too. So there are lots of accessories that are vital for that store's business life, period. Here is a cigarette holder. All the Haute Couture is in there.

In advertising there are models. There the girl has to get people to do something that people would not ordinarily do. Cigarette advertising is a case in point here. It is the hardest commodity there is to sell. If you can get people to do that. You can get people to do anything in the marketplace.

Now, everybody knows cigarettes do not satisfy anybody's basic needs. As matter of fact, smoking is bad for you, maybe. Cigarette companies want to sell cigarettes in order to stay in business. They do.There is no doubt that advertising works for them.

Ideally, that model will smoke two cigarettes a day. They are not going to puff their lives away because, models are very disciplined. That is why they can pose for long periods of time to get just the right picture that shows them, and the product at its very best. True.

The best theme is a fashionable model by herself who is flirting like she is sexually interested with someone off camera. That builds a romantic relationship between he, or she with that product. Models are supposed to maintain their status since, the product derives its status from them. Therefore, smoking will not be seen as a habit of the lower classes (slaves, peasants, or addicts).

Ads should not be pornographic. Because, the presence of human genitalia diverts people away from the product. A model may appear in "Playboy", or "Penthouse" but, that is usually only one time. There is no romance there.

No one wants to put framed pictures of human genitals on their walls.

 Human genitals are considered to be ugly by some people. Keep them covered up. The Cult of Priapus isn't around much except, in the porno movies. When the Blind Dragon is loose Sex rears its' ugly head.

 But, it doesn't sell much, except to a few porno freaks. You probably are not Venus. Venus was usually, not naked either.

All girls are like models, and actresses. They shouldn't look like boys. Don't dress, and look too plain.

 Ragged-muffins, bag ladies, plain Janes, chore girls, farmer's daughters, and hippy chics don't look great on film. They look like somebody that really needs to be on a really strong antidepressant. You don't want that in your portfolio. That look invites abuse from men.

Advertising has "boy cult" in the smoking ads too. The hairless boy is there. That means he is not a Caesar (hairy one). But, he could be a Greek God. This is an Adonis freak. Gay men will buy cigarettes because, they have a boy fetish.

Now, there is the loving couple in the cigarette advertising. This is a model of pair bonding. Somehow, cigarettes will deepen this bond. Nowadays, there are several variations. Boy+Girl Boy+Boy Girl=Girl: of these examples experienced ad people use girls. That is if they know what they are doing. What is advertising about? Mating! Never forget that. That product has to be mated with that customer.

 The kitten, the puppy, and the baby never lie. That is your panel of experts.

Everything in this cigarette ad is attainable. But, there is a problem with this warning regarding "health". Because, it comes out of Apollonian Philosophy which is a cancer of the mind that keeps growing. Since, "Health" is a Thought Form therefore; unattainable.

Psychological Transference is possible with the Kitten, the Puppy, the Baby, and of course Your Model in the above cigarette advertising. So Identification is there. That means this ad will sell cigarettes. That is very hard to do.

Political ads have to break apartheid via Transference again. Is this candidate "sexy", or not?

The United States has a marketing problem. That is usually the business of the State Department. Is their business good for American businesses at home, and abroad? Now, the State Department needs to know it is not the War Department. They are dictating too much to other countries. This is making enemies of America. There are too many "jocks" out there. Male display behavior becomes big instead of diplomacy. In many cases the State Department has usurped the authority of other agencies like the Defense Department. As a matter of choice we can just do away with the State Department, and replace them with the Marines if that is what we are going to have. We can have forts in every country instead of embassies. Did you know there are more girls in the Marines than there are in the State Department?

Everything is basically there. You should have everything you need at hand. Otherwise, don't do this. Make up your mind whether you want to be somebody, or not. If you want to be a Woman you are going to have to learn how to be Civilized. You are going to be a Lady. That is somebody whose behavior is throughly trained, and refined. We can all learn more about that. This is all about Power.

 Make sure you do not offend anybody. Remember, we live in a very Cosmopolitan land. There are all sorts of Peoples out there. We now, have an explosive mixture of Peoples that are at odds with one another. If you already have very serious problems with your neighbors. That is if these people are really bad. Then you will need to move. You can not live next door to enemies. You may forgive them but, they won't. Remember that, or you will be seriously injured, even killed. Your possessions will not be safe. Your relatives will be harmed. Kitten always says; "A good run is better than a bad stand." Every human being is a predator. Do you understand that? You better.

 Now, maybe you think that all women are Goddesses. That is insane! That is blasphemy. After all, not all men are God are they? None. Yet, Kitten knows the Deity is both inside, and outside yourself. You have an inner talent to contact an outside agency that works with your talent. So that the sum of that power is greater than you are. That is why you can do more with a Deity. Sometimes, that Deity has to introduce you to other Deities so you are known to Them. That may even go to God Himself. Eventually, it always does.

 The Goddess hates freeloaders. God is even more severe. You must offer tribute as it is required. You have to offer to the Race. That is your Tribe. The Deities will get the tribute so you can offer it to Them. That is the way of gratitude. Everybody hates ingrates, or parasites. You are going to have to work hard all your life. Choose your work wisely. Find work you really love. "Work makes you free." Poverty enslaves.

Beware of the "no giving game." It is a bad game. Don't be a miser, and never have anything to do with one. There is also, the "no good game" with an antihero. Don't fall for that trap either. Finally, the worst game is the "forgiveness game." There are many variations of this game. "Let's bury the hatchet. Let's make peace." When these people are incapable, or have no intention of doing that.

Now, Kitten teaches you by example. Kitten got the attention of the Goddess Nirrti that presides over Destruction. Nirrti became Kitten's Deity. Kitten was granted his Catherine Person from the Goddess Nirrti since, Kitten Married the Goddess Nirrti. The Catherine Person is a Daemon from the Goddess Nirrti. The Catherine Person is very Monogamous. So you are not going to get a Catherine Person from Her. That was a special Marriage to save Kitten's life. That Marriage is almost never done. It is not good to Marry a Goddess because, that will make a person a sacrificial offering. The Hero is a sacrificial being. Then Kitten had to be introduced to God. Kitten was taught about all Holy Scripture by the Inspiration of God. Then Kitten got more blessings to become part of God's Family. Then Kitten had to be made a God with the help the Deities that can do that. There is a true saying from Tibet. "You realize one Deity, then will you realize Them all. Yet, some people have many Deities, and not realize any one of Them". Kitten is still learning of course since, Kitten is not omniscient yet but, sometimes Kitten can be. That is part of the Mystique of Kitten.

Understand, that once you have a relationship with a Goddess. It may go all the way to some sort of marriage agreement. But, first you are going to have to find out if there is any "chemistry" between you, and your Deity. Then you start by going into Bliss with Persephone. That will become permanent, usually. Yet, your mind will be clear, and you will be able to do everything normally. Later, you will become more efficient, and focused in all your activities. That usually, happens as you spend twenty days of solitude with Persephone. You have to talk to Persephone constantly during this time. Persephone is very much like a teenager. Teenagers tend to take over but, that won't harm you. Because, that is part of the marriage agreement: that is a kind of Yoga (Divine Union). During that time you are becoming a Daughter Deity of Persephone just like Kitten. You may get moments of Ecstatic Union with Persephone. You might not notice much with Juno except, you will intuitively know how to take charge of situations, and understand how things work. These effects may occur right away but, they can be delayed even years later.

Now, Friend Kitten has to inform you about the Comergent Demon, and the After Life. Women do not have a Comergent Demon. The Comergent Demon is born when "Everyman" is born. He is coeval, and coterminous with your soul hence Comergent Demon. Let us say He is Astaroth. There is symbiosis of sorts, an uneasy alliance. The Comergent Demon can be dismissed, but He can not be destroyed. The Goddess Juno, and Persephone did something really Good for Kitten. That was to Ensoul the Comergent Demon, and send Him into His First Lion. That Lion always dies usually, by the Hand of Juno because, He is not a Good Lion yet. But, He will be later. He has to learn all the Ways of the Lion yet, He is still very much like a man. So He has to do that in one Incarnation after Another as a number of Lions. These Lions need not be in my country, by the way. So they always die until the Comergent Demon becomes established as the King of Beasts.
Of course, His Name is "Lion".

Now, you can have a realization of Being Your Own Deity too. All you need to do is pay attention to Kitten. So you must be good with cats. It is best that you have one. Persephone, Ceres, Minerva, Diana, Nirrti, Holly, Catherine, Freya, Gwen, Maya, and Juno like cats, and that is well with Kitten too. One cat should be named "Paws" to honor Kitten. You should also, plant two holly trees, one holly tree of each sex if you can. The holly trees are used by Kitten to make Rain for His Region. Kitten waters the holly trees. Rain Spell: "The Holen are making the Rain! The Holen are making the Rain! The Holen are making the Rain!" (solemn chorus). There you are. Maybe, you can make rain too. That will get you in good with the Holly Deity, and Kitten. Planting a pomegranate tree will make you more popular with Persephone, Athena, Diana, and Ceres. If you want any teaching to be good with you. You must offer to the teacher. Love will do that for you. Don't bother Kitten. That means don't harass Kitten. Then this teaching will work for you. But, right now, Kitten has to coach you. Then the Holen Deity will respect you since God is the Great Teacher here. Don't be profane like vermin. You drink from the cup of rebellion. It may be sweet at first but, always brings great bitterness later. Friend Kitten has some knowledge to aid you in your "Self Actualization". That is a process extolled by innumerable psychologists both ancient, and modern.

Everyone that gets a Deity has to have an: 1) Initiation 2) Empowerment 3) Explanation; since such is the Way of Kitten. So far you at least have an Introduction to the Deities already. They are right there with you.

 Initiation starts right now. You wonder how you can get Juno for that matter? This is because, Kitten says so! Persephone is with you, just like that! Kitten has these Goddesses that have a real Linage of the Race.That means Kitten is descended from Captain John Smith, the House of Hanover with King George III, the House of Hapsburg with Maria Theresa, the Holy Roman Empire with King Charlemagne, and Lord Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar Augustus, and the Goddess Liva Drusilla the Mother of the Caesars.

 That means Kitten is an Ancient Roman Deity of Girls (Juno).

 Kitten says you have Juno just like that!

 In Silence it is given.

 In Silence it is sealed.

 Now, you have recommendation to the Goddess Persephone, Ceres, Athena, Diana, Holly and Holly Tree, Nirrti, Catherine, Freya, Cupid, Thor, Mars, Gwen, Maya, Thanatos, and the Goddess Tanith (Celestial Juno) from your Advocate Kitten.

Persephone: the Dark Girl will examine you to see if you can have Persephone as your Goddess.

 That will get you big gifts from Kitten.

 For this is the Cult of Kitten.

 Kitten is a Love God who follows Cupid.

 But, is always accompanied by Diana, Athena, Persephone, and Ceres.

Tanith is there with the God Kitten too.

Many others.

 Now, you have a Goddess, don't bother Kitten.

 Kitten always, gets His Rewards from the Goddesses. Good!

First, you have to have an Initiation into Persephone, Ceres, Athena, Diana, Holly and Holly Tree, Freya, Cupid, Thor, Mars, Maya, Gwen, Catherine, Nirrti, Thanatos, and Juno.

 Kitten gives you the Linage of the Race in order for you to have that Initiation. "Samurai Jack" is a good introduction to understanding more about the Ways of Kitten regarding this issue.

 You must study up on your own, and Other Peoples. You will pay attention to culture. Then you won't be thinking stereotypes like some dumb brute.

Next, you have to have an Empowerment that can qualify you to do the Practice, or Work of the Deity. Of course, Kommandant Kitten gives you that! By the Authority of Kommandant Kitten these practices are genuine because, Kitten says so. This is"the Voice of Authority" (Mars). That is good with the Deities of Catharsis. Now, you have the Goddess Catherine.

Then you will be working for the Administration of God. You are now a "Holly". Now, you understand you are one of "the Holy". That means you are not to have commerce with the Mouse (Mithra), or His Angels. That is to keep you Pure!

Now, that you have Hera (Athena) also called, Minerva you can give Hastur: the Cat whose Name comes from the Roman Astr (Greek Alaster), that is the Harvester for the Cat. That is to get Tribute for Hastur to get rid of the Plague. The Plague can be hepatitis, cancer, AIDS, rabies, and other diseases that are killing people, plants, and animals. That way everything can have better life.

Now, you can see Seshat (Persephone) in the above illustration. Although, Seshat is a Pleasure Goddess. That is not a cannabis leaf. That is the Palm Frond. That is why Seshat is usually called "Peace". The Expression of the Peace of God (Tanith Pene El) called "Peace" grants Seshat the Administrative Authority to manifest, and act in the Name of Peace. Peace is the Rapture of the Christians. "Peace beyond all understanding." Such is the Grace of Seshat  (Tanith Pene El)acting as an Administrator of God. That is to secure everything for the Joyous Return.

And so, this Initiation from Friend Kitten puts this recommendation in Seshat's "In Basket." Seshat will acts on this as She sees fit.

Finally, you get an Explanation of everything about the Work of Hera (Minerva), Persephone, Ceres, Pomona, Flora, Diana, Holly and Holly Tree, Freya, Catherine, Cupid, Maya, Thor, Mars, Nirrti, Thanatos, and Juno from Kitten at this website, your own research, and Communion with the Deity. Now, Kitten says you are authorized to have Communion with Persephone, Minerva, Demeter, Diana, Holly and Holly Tree, Freya, Catherine, Cupid, Thor, Mars, Maya, Nirrti, Gwen, Thanatos, or Juno. Now, don't bother Kitten.

Juno can have many names Amy, Marcy, Marcia, Stacy, Mandy, Stephanie, Lauren, Kat, Cath, Cathy, Catherine, Kitty, Patricia, Faith, Hope, Prudence, Gail, Sarah, June, Tina, Missy, Melissa, Maria, Herta, Jane, Linda, Laura, Kay, Cory, Kandy, Kathleen, Karen, Janice, Dion...

You are not to do, or say anything bad about the Virgin Mary the Mother of God, or Her people. This is the only prohibition that Kitten has regarding your Initiation. However, there are certain recommendations. Don't harm Kitten. Every student has to be told that by their teacher. Kitten used to think this was not needed but, not now. People are barbaric. Kitten has to have people as they are while we are trying to achieve more Civilization. You are not to harm cats. You are under Cat Law. That is to get you better with Sekhmet, and good with Bast (Cat). Do not harm holly trees. You have Holly Law. Of course, you should obey the law as much as possible. Be a good Citizen.

You must know who you are. What you are doing. Where you are at. Remember, when you have done things. Why, and there are all those questions that pertain to anything that begin with "why". The Question Mark "?" is "Cat". Notice the "tail" here "?" is very catlike. Cat comes out of the question. Cats question everything. Because, cats are predators.

Once Juno is here. Then the Virtue of Freedom begins to manifest. Once Freedom is aroused then we begin to have High Culture. Because, Juno has many Virtues that attend Her. Then the Virtues: Faith, Hope, Charity, Pity, Chasity, Temperance, Honor, Victory... will be with you right now.

Juno is manifesting as Mother Nature (Tera), and also maybe Ceres, or Both. Sometimes, this Juno is called Mother Earth. That is Ceres too. Everybody knows that wild animals, and even our companion animals die. The cats go to Freya. All of them. The rest are tribute for Juno as Mother Nature, and Fauna. Once, you have Juno you will know this better.

Celebrate Your Animal with proper etiquette. That pleases Fauna.

Animals are euthanized all the time here in Nashville. Sometimes, that happens in the Animal Shelter. That is regrettable but, it does happen. There isn't a big market here. No one really wants these animals. Many people can not care for them anyway. Who wants to have a horsey? It will  cost you a small fortune to maintain this show horse. You have got six of them. Those vet bills can be astronomical. It will cost you a bundle to get rid of them too. Or, how would you like to inherit a place that has eighty pit bulls? They are really good fighting dogs. But, dog fighting isn't around much. The pound will charge you forty dollars a piece to get rid of them for you. But, that is if you transport them there. One horse will cost you five thousand dollars to get rid of him. That is a bad show pony. Let's say you have got more animals! Those are the people trying to sell this place.
 How are you going to sell this place?The Title to the property is there, and the Deed is clear. The animals are depreciating the value of the property.

You have to master culture. You have to master sophistry. "Man's best friend" should not be a dog. Dog is God spelled backwards. So is man's best friend the devil? Who is this man whose best friend is a dog? It also, seems to refer to slavery. A slave is man's best friend? Because, there is a kind of Mithraic Dog magic that has to do with the military. This is called Dog Facing. The Dog Face is a man that is trained to act like a good doggie. That will make a very good loyal little soldier for Mithra. They get to fight all these wars for Mithra's Magicians.

You need to watch the movie "Rambo". Rambo is a "War Orphan". Rambo is out of place. Rambo is like a well trained military attack dog. These dogs can never be pets because, they are too dangerous, and must be put down if they have no place. Rambo is a war dog. Even during, later in the movie Rambo's trainer has to show up, and get a leash on Rambo before he goes berserk. The question is: can Rambo be civilized? Are war veterans like Rambo? Hopefully, not!

The Veterans Administration Hospitals do screen people for hostility.
Kitten does not think this dog saying is good. Kitten instructs you to question all such sayings. That is how to become pure.

There is a man. He has changed a lot since he got back from Operation Iraqi Freedom. He killed two enemy combatants. He also, shot, and killed a ten year old boy who was not an enemy combatant. There was not enough grounds to court marshal him. He does get an honorable discharge from the Marines. He is a War Orphan. Mind you, even though he has family in a sense he actually doesn't. He is very hostile but, it doesn't show much. He went to school on the G.I. Bill. He is a rookie cop. He is on the narcotics task force. He has been assigned an agent to work with. She hates him immediately. He later zapped her with some kind of radar as a prank. Of course, she wants him fired.

He is not liked by the office staff. He has got a bad way with women. He plays a lot of games with women. He is very devious.

He has gone out on a drug bust. He has gotten information that a man is abusing Vicodin from a pharmacist assistant. He says his informant is the man's wife. He is covering for his informant. The police are going to act on this information. The judge has signed a search warrant. This is in his neighborhood. He lives in a house down the street. He even knows that man has a key to his door hidden outside. He has picked that up. The police knocked, and rang the door bell. He entered this house alone using the door key. The rest of them heard a single shot, and came in immediately. The suspect is dead from a bullet wound in the chest from the officer's gun. Apparently, the suspect was armed. The Vicodin was legally possessed by the suspect. He had ten extra pills. But, his pharmacist filled this person's prescription, and his doctor said it was alright to do that. Our hero didn't know that. He acted on bad information. Worse, the police department, and a judge acted on this too. Crusades are always bad. That is not law enforcement. That pharmacist assistant had no right to violate that  patient's confidentiality. The head pharmacist is the only person that can do that. First, the pharmacist would not fill that prescription if they thought a patient had a drug problem. His doctor would not renew any proscription that is questionable. That pharmacy fired her for that. Our hero's agent has just found out about this fiasco. She is furious. Now, he is off the force. Finally, he was canned for this. You see this man is not a policeman at all. He is really a crime wave. Who wants a crime wave on the police force? This reptile owns five semiautomatic guns. He is stalking several people. He wants to kill them. He will if he can get away with it. He is genuinely crazy. Maybe, he can be committed, and given psychiatric treatment. That is hard to do. He has found people like himself. He is getting more into sedition. Charles Manson could never go this far but, this man has real potential. Let's hope he doesn't realize it.

But, there is more. Our officer showed up at a picnic. He is a member of this congregation. He tried to bust four boys for smoking. That is a matter best left to their parents. They are good parents. They can correct their children without putting them in jail. He is doing more than scaring them. His agent says he is way out of line. She gets the leash right on him, and pulls him out of there. Because, he is like a Doberman: barking, and barking, snapping, and biting, snapping, and biting, snapping, and biting.

This was a story of classic evil.

Kitten must tell you about the "Medic". Firstly, you don't want a "Medic" in any hospital. "Medics" are around only during time of war. So the "Medic" like the War Orphan is rather hostile. On the battlefield a medic, or hospital corpsman has the power legally of life, or death over people in their care. They retain this battlefield ethic after the war is over. This is the origin of this word "Medic". Medics can be doctors, nurses, and other hospital personal. Usually, they are male. The War Orphan is bad if he gets into the police, or fire department. The Medic in a hospital is just unholy. They kill patients. You understand, that is bad. In the State of Tennessee  people are always watching for these creeps. He might kill you because, he feels like it, and he can do this easily. He might enjoy killing people. Probably, does! Somebody, might be paying him to kill you. Then these animals just show up in hospitals but, they can be already there. Or they may be crusaders of some kind. "These people" wound up in Auschwitz much to the astonishment the Administration. They still do in the "Global Camp". The Medic really believes that his conduct is appropriate. He has abnormal behavior. You can actually spot them if they are around. Because, they are plainly psychotic. They have a kind of rigteousness that sets them apart fron normal people. They act like that. Remember: "the extraordinary is in the ordinary". They may team up with a "pharmacist mate". Kitten will use the Ancient Greek word "pharmakeuein" to denote a terrorist. That is somebody that tampers with medicine, and may even dispense it. Nobody wants to be in the care of a Mad Doctor. There is Mad Science from Mad Scientists busy making Bad Medicine; if they can get away with it.

 Sometimes, they do.

"These people" can also, show up from other countries. They are really around now. How about that?
Friend Kitten wants to give you some idea of what can happen if these people get any real power over people. That hospital can become a Citadel of Evil. The police department can turn into a Crime Wave. This is always where these crusades go.

Now, let us examine the Hippy. The Hippy is Hip meaning "in the know". A Wise Guy. The Hippy acts out in public a lot. They tend to take over a lot like they did at "People's Park" in Berkely, California. Hippies are evil. Many people believe that this is caused by alcohol, and/or drugs. It isn't. The Hippy is naturally hostile. Drugs, and alcohol mask that fact from people. Hippies have "events" rather than genuine "socials", or "parties" where antisocial behavior is normal. There have been people like that down through the ages. They have a
noxious street culture. They are mischievous. They play pranks that can kill people. It is not hard to figure out why these people are persecuted. Hippies are people of any race that are outcasts. Hostile people tend to find each other, marry, and raise hostile children to be good criminals. Most inter-racial marriages are done out of rebellion.
Now, we have to talk about the Kulak. A Kulak is a landowner that hates people. He will shoot you if you trespass. He is a survivalist. Kulaks are served by American Peasants. They have a Pagan Nature. The trouble is the Kulak, and his Peasants show up in the city. That is when things get really interesting.

 Now, we are going to go from people that are hostile to people who are just antisocial. What is anti society? You don't want people like that at anybody's party. Because, they don't know how to behave. Every party is a social get together hence also, called a "social". These people don't like parties. Don't invite them.

Sometimes a party is confused with an event that may not be a party. An "event" like one of those infamous Hollywood "parties" is not really a social. People there may not be sociable, or friendly. That is not a real party.

 Allergies play an important role. People who have had an allergy for a long time from a very young age are prone to antisocial behavior. If they experience an averse reaction in the presence of people. They have phobic responses that can cripple them. So allergies are always serious, and require professional treatment to get rid of them. Later, they may avoid many social contacts even if they are beneficial. This can deepen until they really are antisocial persons.

The allergic response was studied extensively in Auschwitz. What they found was certain nerves could be cauterized freeing patients from any allergic response. This enabled them to work normally. Also, they did not suffer from seemingly unrelated autoimmune diseases later in life. Medicine has made considerable progress since the Auschwitz studies, hasn't it?

Joan Collins pictured to the right is a socialite. Joan Collins is actually sociable. There seems to be a considerable number of antisocial persons in show business. The shows occasionally run the gamut from obviously antisocial to plainly hostile. Like when Mr. Hands places Mr. Hamster in the microwave oven, and turns it on during the "Mr. Bill Show". The problem is that prank is doable. That is a hostile message in a television series that seems to be coming from an antisocial counterculture. Of course, the movie "Animal House" a comedy about college fraternities has overwhelmingly hostile hippy content. It is pranks, and hazing that could harm people that are being propagated. The TV series "Good Times" portrays Negro hippy culture. The Hipster regardless of their race, religion, or national origin is hostile. Then there were the spaghetti western movies starring Clint Eastwood. This brings us to a movie that is very disturbing, and well worth seeing: "The Beguiled". Here, Clint Eastwood's character is remarkably like "Snakeskin" in the "Fugitive Kind". It looks like he actually kills "Little Girl's" box turtle in the movie. Friend Kitten is not sure if being antisocial is a requirement to be in the media business. Here is the quiz. Does being antisocial make you successful? Do you know what a lout is?
Then there is this Congregation Phenomena between antisocial people. So there are these rock bands. That don't  want anybody to get near them. Because, they know all their fans are antisocial, and a few of them are getting really hostile.

Does broadcasting antisocial, or hostile material content benfit advertizing? The advertisers are paying for this, by the way. So are you paying for all this work. It really couldn't except, for a few freaks. It also, has to do with adversion in the media. Blood Lible is being put out there shamelessly. Yet, no one has talked about what that is. It is about creating a society filled with hostile people. No one can trust a society like that. They could actually create a murderous society.

The advertisers have to take charge of the media. The media is supposed to not have a message other than to buy those tampons. Advertising keeps the economy moving. When people buy things, people work. Advertising can civilize people.

You can tell that media people are antisocial folks that are plainly hostile from time to time. You can hear the "Voice of Terror' coming from your radio, television, and its equivalent in the print media. It about scaring people a lot. That breeds hatred. It usually involved losing rights, and/or privileges that people have enjoyed for years. What it could be are anything like money, race, immigration, guns, medicine, supplements,... so forth. It is like Asmodeus is broadcasting once in a while chucking a spear into somebody. Sometimes, it kills people. It has caused suicides. Just when people are just starting to attempt to get along, maybe even trust each other. One of these animals has to put a few racial barbs in their  PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) banter coming out this talking box. Is it any wonder why post traumatic stress disorder is in thirty percent of the population. Broadcasting lies constantly makes people insane. The reason is that acting on such bad information is bad. It makes people delusional. This does n't have to be deliberate, or political.

 Friend Kitten wants to know what the Administration in Auschwitz would have to say about these people being classified as antisocial persons belonging in "Camp". Are these the same kinds of people? Kitten believes that they are! That means hostile Life Games are running.

There are some serious philosophical errors that are causing the creation, and the sustaining of antisocial behavior. Fatalism is the most serious problem in medicine. It is this Cult of Mortality that shouldn't even be in Pathology. These Oriental Values have no place in medicine. This sort of Ideology borders on outright murder. Likewise, Fatalism can cripple a police, or fire department. It is accepting the unacceptable as a model of behavior.

 Asceticism presents the same problem of antisocial behavior that recognizes poverty as a Virtue. Misers are not Saints. Asceticism says something vital is not needed. Whereas, Fatalism says, "why bother"? Of course, the Mice are always scared being such timid creatures. So when these philosophies are applied in law enforcement, fire protection, medicine, and elsewhere in t
he political arena it produces massive degradation of the whole society. This is bad for business. It wrecks the economy. Sophistry of this sort has destroyed nations.
 The Mice should never be permitted to play because, the Mouse is a devilish trickster.

 In Aesop's Fables we find the Mouse in at least three of them. Mind you Aesop was put to death because, of these teachings. One is "The Committee of Mice," and the other is the "Lion and the Mouse." We all  know that mice do not form committees. Except, Mouse People do. Mice in real life are disease carrying rodents that break into our food stores like burglars. Mouse People are criminals like that too. Apparently, the Cat got a hold of Aesop for that very reason because, his sophistry was corrupting the People. Can a mouse really save a lion? Obviously not, unless the Mouse is a Little Devil that can loose the Big Devil Satan as a Devouring Lion. Can a mouse pull a thorn out of a lion's paw? That's absurd! Then again maybe, the mouse is a Little Devil that helps the Big Devil. Of course, the Lion helps the Mouse then too.

Aesop is the Law Giver for that sophistry. That means Aesop can control people that accept his teachings. Aesop is using sophistry on his fellow Greeks. That was why Aesop was killed.

Aesop appears to Kitten to be an Advocate of Mithra. That is bad.

 Kitten always, tells the animals in this sophistry to go home to Greece to be with Aesop back then. Anytime, you find something like that send it back home. Kitten does not tell them to go to hell because, that may not be where they come from.

Now, Friend Kitten tell you about the Instruments of Power. Take note of this. Love yourself, love Kitten, and love the work of Love that is truly okay.

Money spells work like that as well. Just as a model makes love to the camera. So must you learn to make love to money. First, you can fall in love with George. That make sure that money with his visage on it is always, there for you to have it, and spend it as you will.

Kitten has things here that seem pretty crazy. Kitten deliberately put them there like that to make people think more. If they can. That is. For you must learn to master the Sophistry of Culture instead of vice versa. There are not any classes in America only citizens. Status may be different but, you are entitled to equal treatment under the law. The "middle class" is a product of sophistry. Either, you have class, or you don't. You can't be mediocre. Or, you have hit the glass ceiling. People that think they are middle class can only go down. There is no social mobility for them. Eventually, they become outcasts.

  Now, Friend Kitten says we must examine the Quaker Goat. Since, they definitely have one. Quakers can be demonized just like anybody else. So, let's take a look at that issue. Here we will do that. This is how persecution really works. Every witch needs to know that.

Meditation has become a form of escapism. This an abuse of meditation. The purpose of meditation is to train your mind to focus. Regardless of the problem "just meditate" has become a panacea. This can lead to diabolical ignorance, if indulged into too frequently. This happens when we block thought from our minds without knowing why these thoughts are there in the first place. This is why you should practice contemplation. Examine these thoughts, and/or actions in the light of what Persephone says about these matters for you for example. Demeter might have something to say too. Where is the Love? Cath as Amour wants to know that always. You should feel love all the time. All the Deities mentioned here are Love Goddesses. Maintain those Love Levels! Love. Love. Love.

Now, it is time to set up "the Game." It is only by playing games that way people learn best.

Some of these are War Game versions of Cat n' Mouse. Kitten has challenged Mitra to a Duel to the Death on the Plains of Auschwitz!

Kitten wants to know if there is an incarnate God on this Planet. Thus the challenge has to be made.
Everyone knows the God Mitra is the Enemy of girls. The God Kitten had to do something about that. Usually, this is done by Debate. It can go further. It can be a contest. A demonstration of skill, prowess, and daring. Dueling is not permitted anymore. Everybody knows kittens don't fight. Kitten is peaceful. Kitten has the awesome Power of Mew. "Mew"! Kitten crys for help with the Cry of Mew. "Mew"! The Deities of Kitten assemble immediately.

 This can not be like David, and Goliath. That is why the Greeks created the Olympiad. That was to settle disputes between Peoples. Then Mitra can bring His Champions to dispute with Kitten.

Kitten will not go to India because, Mitra has the "hometown advantage" there. Mitra will not come to the States for the same reason. Also, Kitten chose neutral territory. Kitten does not think Auschwitz can be harmed much. So if Mitra, or one of His Servitors like Krishna is Incarnate then that has to happen. Anyway, Kitten has to make provision for that.

There is a man. He studied, and practiced Yoga in India. Somehow, he got Krishna. But, he is an American. American society is filled with violence sometimes. He is not pure. Because, of His warrior nature. Krishna brings out the worst in some people. That means He is like a Man of War.

 He is hunting tigers with his two consorts. He wants a tiger skin for his meditation. That is to prove his power over the God Shiva. Krishna is armed with the discus, or flying chakra. That is one of His weapons. Our man has this discus. It can definitely kill a man in battle. Maybe, it can kill a tiger but, not likely. He is also, armed with a sling with leaden missiles. That can hit with the power of a 30.08 hollow point slug fired from a rifle. That just might work.

The tigress is on the other side of the game park with her cubs. Tigers know things like that. Tigers hate being hunted.

He has done Yogic meditation, and practice until, he is the God Krishna. At least he thinks so. He really does! His consorts have done likewise. Kitten does not believe this practice is healthy.

Now, all the animals are protected in this place where he is hunting. There is a game warden watching him that knows this. The police are coming to handle an armed nut case roaming around in the forest.

Suddenly, Krishna Boy used his sling to kill a Rhesus monkey in the distance. The flying missile went right through her killing her instantly.

The game warden is calling out to him. But, Krishna Boy hurls a missile at him from his sling. It almost hits him. A policeman shoots Krishna Boy dead. One of Krishna Boy's consorts turns to shoot the policeman. She gets shot dead. The last one of Krishna Boy's consorts runs away. Then falling into a pit filled with punji stakes coated with the venom of a Russel's viper. One of the most feared snakes in India. She is dying from snake venom, and the puncture wound she received. The "Wisdom of the East" has mated with the Folly of the West!

You see Krishna isn't cool.

There is a man. He is a Quaker. He has a son. He has work that takes him out of the country. He works for U. S. Aid, and his son is following in his footsteps. They are both in India. His son is interested in Yoga. He has found a Guru. His father believes that Yogi is a faulker: a type of Oriental magician. His father thinks his son might be in danger of losing his faith. Fathers are concerned about things like that. This Quaker has liberal views. Like the Prodigal Son he will return home after he learns his lesson. But, that Yogi has Krishna right there for his son. Most Quakers do not worship the Antichrist. They shouldn't. Because, the Antichrist is really bad. Now, if that boy was Jewish the results would be pretty much the same. That boy believes that Krishna is God. That is not good. It is also, very questionable that Quakers should be warriors. That boy has a warrior Deity in Krishna. He is frightened of his mother as a result of his Yoga. This primordial girl fear has been aggravated since Krishna hates girls. Yoga is traditionally misogynist. He is unknowingly learning a system of Mithraic Gnosticism. Mithra hates women.

The Prodigal Son has returned home. His mother sees a total stranger that she really hates. Sort of like the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". His father thinks his son is a bit eccentric but, he'll come around.
Krishna is definitely in the boy. The boy has his father's pistol. He is crack shot with it. Because, he has just killed his father dead. Krishna is going to do something really good for the lad. Krishna is gone. The boy has a gun in his mouth. He just pulled the trigger.


Krishna is bad for Quakers. Kitten wants you to read "Monkey on a Stick."

Now, Friend Kitten has to introduce you to the "Mahabharata" according to the Goddess Nirrti as explained by Her Consort the Goddess Maya. Contained in this treasure of knowledge is "Bhagavadgita." Actually, this book is written in a kind of code. Usually, human sacrifice is kept secret. There is a good reason since, this book is only there for a Brahman. Krishna is a charioteer. The chariot is really Arjuna's body. So this God is actually, in Arjuna. Arjuna is possessed by the God of his family line. He is like Rambo in a sense but, not as good. Arjuna has killed off all of his family during a blood sacrifice to appease the malefic aspect of Krishna. Here is the quiz. What part of malefic is good?

This "Mahabharata" is used as the basis of Karma Yoga. That is tremendously Bad Sophistry. Because, it is against the Virtue of Industry. The Law of Karma is just more Control Values that are not compatible with Western Values regarding Work.

Here is some food for thought. Krishna is a Sacrificial Being. In ancient times a King was chosen like the Biblical Molech (My King). Krishna is an extension of Mitra (Mithra) who gathers the sacrificial offerings for Him. " often describes the ultimate reality as a personal god, identified with Krishna. However, it also quite frequently refers to the supreme as the immanent spirit, as the transcendent absolute, and finally, as the state of one's own awakened soul. The three of Hindu religious tradition leading to mystic union with God are all described as different aspects of a single way of approach." "Encyclopedia Britannica 2002"

Do you understand what a personal God is? That Krishna lives in people's heads. Krishna is harvesting people for Mithra (Satan). You don't want that do you? Pay attention to Kitten.

Immanuel Kant is a philosopher worthy of study regarding the ethics, and morality of work. In my Country many media people have sapped our work ethic, and the morality of work with their loose talk about "Kant, and rhetoric".

Friend Kitten has to clue you in regarding the Shri Vidya. These are the Ten Great Cosmic Powers, and they are all Mithraic. There is a book called, "The Ten Great Cosmic Powers" you can order from India. Kitten has Contemplated this Ancient Science. Unfortunately, this doctrine is rigged to work against girls. These Goddesses are very much like Our Administration. Mithra can copy anything in His War against the Cats.

Hatha Yoga has been profaned because, there is a  Crane Headed Goddess Bagalamukti by name a.k.a. the Dumb Woman. Tara is the Hungry Woman that is a Vampire like Deity. Dhumavati is the Old Woman.
The Tantra is Dead. This Administrative Oversight has been corrected finally. Ditto for the Buddhist, Jain, Taoist, and Other Systems like those of the Native Americans are now disarmed. You can read about this technology to understand, how all embracing this Sophistry is.

There is a man. His name is Charlie Christ. He is the half brother of Jesus Christ. Now, we are not to go into all that. But, Kitten just wants you to know that. Of course, he really believes he really is. Sometimes, he is half man, and half woman.

 In Yoga there is a Sophistry that taught him that he had a Shakta (Inner Man) who is God that is in Union, or in Yoga with a Shakti (Inner Woman) God's Consort.

 His psychiatrist knows this man is insane. He is in a mental hospital getting treatment for schizophrenia. Charlie Christ is getting his "meds" adjusted. Charlie Christ is not his real name. He worked very hard to get this.
Actually, in India they do not teach this discipline to girls. It is an all male fraternity. All the people that do Yoga in India are men. They can follow in the footsteps of Charlie Christ.

Now, Tanith explained that to Kitten. That boys get to be boys. Girls get to be girls. Of course, Holly is Holly. Now, you expect Kitten to talk sense. Remember this is sophistry. You have to learn to sort things out on your own.
There is a man. He is a doctor. In the Orient there are different ideals about life, and death. Those values are not Western values. Yoga can be a form of euthanasia. Our doctor doesn't know that. He is interested in Yoga. He is Jewish. Now, he didn't know that Rudolph Hess was also, interested in Yoga in 1912. Our Jew was given the same Krishna initiation that Hess got in Vienna, Austria. He thinks he is lucky. He really knows he has God. His mother doesn't know this, by the way. She believes he is some kind of Saint. His mother is very ill. He has just killed her.

Krishna is bad with Jews too.

You should know something about cybernetics too. Searching by excluding the unknown is the most common search method. Searching by excluding the known is the other least known search method. Cats do both.

First, I am Kitten. Kitten knows many, many, many things. Kitten is Fetish. Fetish means "little god" over people. Fetish Man powerful in Africa. Fetish Man powerful here in my Country as Kitten. And, Kitten always, stays Kitten. That Kitten vows to never get so big that Kitten takes over everything. Although, Kitten is a God. Even though some say He is a Fallen God. Kitten is still in the Family of God. Make no mistake about that. Good! Then you have some knowledge concerning the Ways of Kitten. For Kitten is a Minor Time Lord as well as a Minor Avatar of Vishnu. Kitten worked very hard to get Grace from God, and Kitten is an Elder. Believe it, or not Kitten is a Love Deity that accompanies the Goddess of Love Persephone. Kitten doesn't want to fight anybody. "A hero is nothing but, a sandwich." Kitten is skilled in the Martial Art of Not Fighting.

The God Kitten goes out, and gets good things for the people that love Him. The Ancient God Kitten has a Ritual to Call Kitten. "Mew!" That calls Kitten. To Dismiss Kitten after you have called Kitten. "He is such a Good Kitten!" "Until we meet again!" "Goodbye, Kitten! "And, off He goes! "Going on to another New Adventure of Kitten, and Persephone!"

Kitten only trains certain women. They are all femmes. Most men can not have Minerva, Juno, Persephone, Demeter, or Holly. Kitten always, gets good things for the people that Kitten loves. Everybody, knows cats always, bring presents to their mistress. Kitten is rather large. Kitten has a huge squealing rat in his jaws as present to His Mistress. Hera always, likes that. Kitten always, sees these men as mice. It's magic. "There is nothing wrong with killing mice." When they are like that! Because, these saps always, kill women. There are a lot of them sitting in Death Row right now, in different places.

 Now, most people have never known a real live sap. Kitten was almost, killed by these hate crazed saps.
 They are devilish in the way they look at things. They are criminally insane. They have a filthy playfulness. A sap sees a hunting rifle as something to kill somebody with. Kitten does not have one since, Kitten is not into hunting deer, or other game animals for the table. Kitten does not care about shooting anybody right now for the time being. The police are more than adequate. Kitten always obeys the law, and tells everybody to do likewise.
 Kitten see that with Kitten's own two eyes. Kitten just hates them. If that is a man. Then Kitten comes from a long line of pure bred cats.

Kitten has this Name for the benefit of His People only. Kitten is one the Last of the Carthagians. Kitten is the First, and Last of the Great Goths. Kitten is also, known as Kherub Set to His enemies. So don't call Him Set. Even though Kitten is the Cat of Hathor. This Kitten is the Lost Kitten of Auschwitz (Berkenau). "We're here!" Kitten is a Love Deity in the Pantheon of Camp. Kitten is always, in the company of Persephone always. Kitten is a Companion of Juno. Kitten lives in the House of God.
 Goddess Nirrti appears as Little Girl holding Kitten.

 That Camp is under Tanith Pene El who is in the Family of God (El). Tanith is like Juno except Tanith is a Universal Deity while Juno is associated with a certain locality like the Juno of Rome (Tanith Pene Baal). The Juno of Auschwitz is the "Talking Camp" featured as the "Big Girl" in the "Auschwitz Dialogs."

 Persephone is "Auschwitz Girl."
 The head "Administrator, or Executive" is Tanith Pene El that has other Tanith Deity that are Other Administrators that are exactly like Her. Understand, that like the United States "One Nation under God." has a Chief Executive with other executives that derive their authority from the President who is still under God. Tanith of Auschwitz presides over Evil. Other, Tanith Deity like Grace, Fun, Plenty, Glory, Bliss, Ecstasy, Love, World, Peace, Sex, Liberty, Life, Law, Cath, Nirrti, Amy, and Others.

 The Goddess Tanith Pene El owns Expressions similar to the Poses of Persephone. Each one of these Expressions of Tanith, and the Poses of Persephone can be combined with a Goddess like Nirrti. The Goddess Nirrti has Journeys. Not all of them are bad Jouneys. When a Deity is listed as an Expression of Tanith. That means that Deity as in the case of  Nirrti has granted Royal Power, and Goddess Status.

Each of these Expressions of Tanith Pene El has Governors. Therefore, Fun for example has many Governors, and some of them are regional. These Governors are all called Juno. As Tanith Pene El is expressing Herself.

 Tanith Pene Baal as Juno decides what needs to happen.

All these "different" Tanith Deities add to your Juno Deity. Juno will have all these qualities to the degree you realize your own Deity. This adds to the Empowerment of Juno.

Juno becomes Bona Dea: "Good Goddess". Juno is Bona Socia: "Good Society" who is usually called the "Good Neighbor". Juno has the Law of Juno because, Juno is a Deity. Kitten has the Law of Kitten because, Kitten is a God. Hera (Athena), Nirrti, Juno, Holly, Persephone, Ceres, Diana, Maya, Cupid, Thor, Mars, Thanatos (the Dark Girl), and Kitten are in the same Family of God. That is why they usually are together. They usually are unless there is a problem. The problem is never between each other. Even though Juno, Persephone, and Kitten are not always, physically present with each other. They always work together like they always, are that way. Kitten, Holly, Persephone, Demeter, Cupid, Thor, Mars, Gwen, Diana, Maya, Nirrti, Minerva, Thanatos, and Juno  share constantly with each other.
  Persephone can be many different Deities, and still be Persephone. Because, Persephone has different "Poses" like a fashion model. Catherine can look like you if you are pure. Otherwise, Catherine has a Persephone body type.

Juno may have any body type but, Juno favors a Persephone body type. Juno is Royalty itself. The Virtues of Freedom, Victory, Honor, and Others are part of the Royal Court of Juno. Then you can learn the Royal Science from Her. Catherine is the Royal Handmaiden of Juno. Then Kitten gets a Crown. Tanith put the Crown on Kitten. But, the Crown completely covers Kitten. So Kitten is trapped inside that Crown. "Mew! Mew! Mew"! Juno is not sure if Kitten is really King. Because, Kitten does not want to have a Crown like that. Poor Kitten! Long Live King Kitten of Nashville! Hip! Hip! Horah!

Kitten has to run the game. The game is still cat n' mouse. That is how to get information out of difficult people. This is the only way to find out about sap culture here in Nashville, Tennessee. For Kitten is a guardian of sorts to protect the Christian churches from being sapped by the Mouse (Satan). Each House of God needs the protection of the Cat. Kitten makes sure churches can work normally without being bothered by sap culture here in Nashville. Most of the time police are savvy regarding subterfuge since they have a counter intelligence unit that deals with this sort of criminal activity. There are criminals, and even spies stealing churches away from their congregations. About three fairly big churches, and all their property were sold without the knowledge of their members! Money laundering goes on all the time once mobsters gain control of a large church. The tax man always hates that. Church rackets can net several million dollars easily. People have been murdered over this. Other religions have had this happen too.

Kitten is concerned about security guards both government, and private. Because, there are covert means of harming them. That are not well known. Security is important to Kitten. It protects Kitten's life.

Understand, that Kitten has many secrets. There are people here in Nashville that have secrets too. Many people are retired from many government agencies. They want to keep secrets too. Also, there are people that are active duty military as well retired military personal. There are actually personal that have worked for government agencies in other countries. Companies have trade secrets.

 Some people can get into people's heads somehow, supernaturally, and steal their secrets, or make people think they can. That always bothers people. Even though that seems unlikely but, it still bothers them. True.

Kitten recommends that you read "A Generation of Vipers" for more information regarding "mom-ism". "The End of the Dream" by the same author is well worth reading too.

The "Twelve Step Programs" like A.A. are the by-products of Quakerism (see "The Sermon on the Mount"  by Emmet Fox). The Quaker faith is very much like that. If you do some research, and of course, Kitten expects you to. You will find that the Friends have done extremely well. At one time they owned most of the wealth of the entire world. Their's is a true story of "rags to riches" in record time since their founding by George Fox. Kitten is very Foxworthy. You need to stay away from any of these "Meetings". This stuff poses as "Fellowship" too.

Biggest thing you need to know about the Society of Friends is they have an ideology. That is a kind of primitive communism. They also, profess to be extreme pacifists. Temperance is very big with Quakers. They frown on smoking, and drinking. Clean, and sober is just another nostrum.

  There is a problem with this ideology. That is why socialized medicine won't work. Because, it becomes, or is a Little Piggy in the hands of ideologically seditious people.This Friendship is very conditional. What if you catch a venereal disease? You might acquire some other contagious disease. You could be misdiagnosed too.
But now, you have a moral dilemma.

 Somebody, could slap an addict label on you. Even if you smoke just one cigarette a month. Who likes junkies?
The "word" will get around. That will be with you the rest of your life by the way. Later on, you won't be prescribed pain killers even though you need them desperately. Because, addiction is a psychosis. You're nuts! Nobody gives pain killers to somebody that is crazy!

As a matter of fact, doctors don't like treating addicts. There are a lot of "good" people that need medical treatment. Addicts just need to die. It is a waste of their time.

 If you have read "The Dopester Book." Then you will know that a lot of these pills are sub-potent. That will make you look like an extreme drug addict in some cases. Their doctor may be seen as over prescribing these drugs when that is not the problem. Sometimes, counterfeit medicines even show up in hospital pharmacies. God knows what they are.

 All this will go into your medical record that is very much a police record. That could be shared with federal agencies, and other countries. This could find its way into the hands of foreign spies even terrorists. That hospital's data base could be hacked as well.

Then there is the superstitious Adamic medicine that believes the human body is natuarally good, and healthy. But, we are not in God's Image. So we are not natuarally good, and there is no health in us. People do not naturally heal by themselves. There is an important social componet involved in healing. That is why there are doctors around in the first place. The human body is a product of evolution rather than a Divine Creation.
 Many medical conditions are hereditary, or some people might think so. That word will get around too. Of course, these medical records of yours could be shared, or purloined by criminals. Then you can be blackmailed.
 Medical records are not entirely private. Be careful of what you say to a doctor, or anyone else. Never say anything bad about yourself, your relatives, or friends. Otherwise, it will come back to haunt you. That could be decades later.

Unfortunately, American medicine is not entirely based on science nor, is it completely objective. There are fads in medicine around all the time. Medical people all have their own prejudices, Ideology, and politics. These are a dangerous combination in medicine. Most doctors are not open in these matters. The full spectrum of choices is not available to you.

 You understand, you are very vulnerable. Pay attention to that fact. Don't be naive. Yet, you can not be paranoid either. Because, that will mark you too. Let's say you need medication.

Mind you, the drug companies that produce these drugs are going to add their profit margin onto the cost of making them. You might need pain medicine. Narcotics are taxed. Then you have to be monitored constantly. If you have to go to a doctor only to get a prescription. Then this will cost a small fortune especially, if it must have a medical specialist who re-proscribes this medicine constantly. Medical insurance might cover a portion of this but, you still have pay a fee also. That is why half the proscriptions wind up in the waste basket. Somebody has to pay for this if you don't. That is why our medical system is really bad.

Nobody wants to see a doctor. Doctors have to spend all day seeing people that don't want to see them. So everybody has to be patient.

For example a Quaker doctor puts their ideology ahead of the benefit of their patients. That is why Quakers have no place in medicine. Since, they can never be trusted. Ditto any government agency. What veteran of any war wants to be treated by some one that hates them?

Here is the problem. Hospitals all have triage. While you are waiting to get treatment. But, there is a system of priorities. You are not going to be the first person to be seen if at all. That doctor may not treat you as long as there is someone there he says is more important. They have a higher priority. During that time you might die.

Now, even if you get treatment it probably won't be effective. You might be prescribed a very expensive nostrum, or even a placebo. At worst, you could get a medicine that could have really harmful side effects. Unknown to most people, some medicines usually are sub-potent like most narcotics that are prescribed out there. You might go to a compounding pharmacy but, you can't trust them because, they cheat on the ingredients going into your "medication". So it goes, this "ring around the rosy" until your finances are exhausted in the Medicine Wheel game.

Understand, that this might not be deliberate. This ideology is so deeply embedded that it is operating subconsciously.

That above was an example of "Humor in Medicine". The laughter of hyenas can not be plainly heard but, it is there.

 Can police be pacifists? They really can't be. Because, that is paramilitary. A lot of the same argument applies here.

Most of these abuses happen in the private sector. Wrongdoing is very hard to prove. Almost impossible to make a case in court. Jokes can prove to be very costly. Without complete surveillance the public is not ideally safe. Somebody, has to pay for this, Don't they? Ideologies, politics, religion, and personal bigotries can wreck havoc in medicine.

Doctor Quiz wants to know who do you want to be your doctor? Clue; your doctor shouldn't be a moron.

How would you like to be a Negro woman, and have a white male doctor put his hands on you? That is not to mention a white male nurse. Is there a black woman that wants to manhandled that way? What if you are very political? What kind of medical treatment will Jesse Jackson get? Although, the treatment may be very good. It is still going to feel pretty creepy.

Marketing is very important in the medical business. No one will want to go to hospital filled with male nurses. Because, it looks like a prison ward. So that hospital is going to lose money until the public has to bail this failing business out. Clue; any business enterprise should be finacially solvent. You can not have medical personal that are antisocial, or worse hostile to patients. Socialized medicine produces places like that. You are going to pay one way, or another. The best setup is "Camp" like the Company Doctor writ large. What matters to that doctor is not just keeping you alive. It is about getting you working in tip top shape. That is because, you are a valuable asset to the Company. So the "Camp" will look after you. Thus, we must go back to this forbbin subject of "Camp". Understanding, we will have trouble with War until "Camp" happens enough to ensure peace, and prosperity. Wars are not honest. There is always more to it.

The other thing is the quality of doctors is sometimes bad. Some doctors are morons. Understand, that a moron has an intelligence level near that of one of the grandfather animals. To wit: a chimpanzee, a gorilla, or the orangutang. You don't want them to get around anything sharp like a scapel. You don't want them to stick a needle in you either. Or, ask you about your sex life. Anyway, the moron can do all these things. They really shouldn't. All hospital people should be Intelligence Tested at least once a year to weed these bad people out of our medical systems.

Nevertheless, Doctors here in Nashville are allowed to work only eight hours a day. Men have no place in nursing. Kitten likes girls. Male nurses make a hospital look like a prison facility. Men are prone to disease. Women hate being manhandled especially, if they have been traumatized. It might kill them. Why isn't that guy a doctor? There must be something wrong with him. There is a hospital corpsman, and he can go right into medical school with the "GI Bill" for nothing.

Kitten always likes to see nurses well rested the same as doctors here in Nashville. Ditto for the rest of the hospital staff. Nobody should be "asleep at the wheel" in any hospital, or clinic. You wouldn't want your surgeon to fall asleep during surgery. Of course, they must have real wages, and benefits. Maybe, tax incentives. Good people should not be punished.

Know that many if not all of the Greek Myths are likewise corrupt. There is no real teaching about any Goddess there much. Because, all this has Mithra at its' centre. Who was it back then that owns these myths, and for what purpose? That originator was the law giver for that sophistry. That person makes that myth come to life to feed him back then. Most of these myths were manufactured by men. Kitten sent all that back home to purify Kitten's life.
Then those characters come back, and belong to Kitten. You have to claim ownership this way too. You have to own your own mind. That makes you responsible for your actions. Pay attention to Kitten.
The question always hated by sophists. Why? Why should I believe you? Why are you telling me this? Questions like that.

Kitten teaches even girls how to do this too. Then you can write great epics.

There is a difference between Greek, and Roman mythology. Unfortunately, this crucial difference is ignored. Likewise, for Greek, and Roman religion as well.

Also, the translation, and transliteration of these works can vary considerably between women, and men in a blind study where they can not compare notes. Sometimes, the meaning is totally different. Because, men, and women see the Universe differently. They actually, do.

 Understand, that this sophistry could be that. It seems such teachings have a dual purpose. Apparently, these fables teach some form of morality on the surface. We should despise such works as an "Ode to a Flea." There is no such thing as a "flea circus" either. Because, we don't worship pests.

 That is why we must examine even cartoons critically for controlling entities like the Mouse. Cats are not villains. Boys should not play like the mice in cartoons do. Those pranks can really hurt people. When humor hurts you. You know it is not funny. Then it is not humor at all. In a TV series Daniel Boone sticks his musket into a hornet's nest, and hurls it at some hostile Indians. On TV it works but, in real life if a boy tried to do this with a broom handle he would be seriously stung maybe, even to death. That is a bad example. Children will actually try that. That is why the Mouse should never be permitted to play. Always, send these things back home for the sake of your purity.

All "Witchcraft" is Sophistry combined with Empathy. That is true. This is covered in "Planet Catherine". Understand, there is a Theory, and a Science that is far from complete. So results will vary. You are a Daughter, or Son of the Deity. That is a God, or Goddess once you have realized your Deity. "Realization" literally means that your Deity is Real, and you are not crazy. But, you are not God. You are not a Child of God since only, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is God's Child. Although, you are part of the Family of God so you partake of the Qualities of God.

Kitten talks in terms of myth as the Mythical Man. However, myths are not lies. Myth, and legend are ways of conveying truth. So do not take everything literally here. This is all part of my Catharsis.

 Here, Kitten talks about the Common. How all spiritual work, and empathy is done in the Common. The Common is the Creation of Tanith. For instance, you want some money to spend as you please.

 Friend Kitten has to instruct concerning Control Values. There is distinction sometimes between "needs", or "wants".

 The Enemy is more than happy to define all your needs. The Enemy will always, berate you since, everything you want is a terrible extravagance nobody can afford. That will turn you into a Mouse Girl. Then you can be "Little Miss Nobody" that knows men are important, and she isn't. You can be a "Good Little Mouse." But, Cats are not Mice. True.

 Needs address necessary obligations, and bare necessities. Where as, wants refer to wish fulfillment.
Now, let us get back to the fact you want money to spend as you please.  Already, Kitty knows that. Now, Kitty is Juno! Juno has to call Plenty. Then Catherine will get that money for you

Kitten has things here that seem pretty crazy. Kitten deliberately put them there like that to make people think more. If they can. That is. For you must learn to master the Sophistry of Culture instead of vice versa. There are not any classes in America only citizens. Status maybe different but, you are entitled to equal treatment under the law. The "middle class" is a product of sophistry. Either, you have class, or you don't. You can't be mediocre. Or, you have hit the glass ceiling. People that think they are middle class can only go down. There is no social mobility for them.They are helplessly adrift in American society. Eventually, they become outcasts.

Now, Friend Kitten says we must examine the Quaker Goat. Since, they definitely have one. Quakers can be demonized just like anybody else. So, let's take a look at that issue. Here we will do that. This is how persecution really works. Every witch needs to know that.

Meditation has become a form of escapism. This an abuse of meditation. The purpose of meditation is to train your mind to focus. Regardless of the problem "just meditate" has become a panacea. This can lead to diabolical ignorance if indulged into too frequently.

 Quakers have an ideology of temperance to compensate for the fact they are genetically inferior. That genetic defect makes them prone to addictive disease in all its different manifestations. An empathy disorder that makes them obsessive regarding people, places, or things. They are prone to magical thinking that they believe is their spirituality. However, they behave normally is other areas of life.

They somehow believe that everyone is a kind of junkie just like they are. The truth is Friends are freaks. The problem with Quakerism is that it goes beyond Quakers. That is bad.

 Their ideology is Anarchos. They have a sort of tribal anarchist syndicate, or primitive communism that is worldwide. A syndicate that has no formal organization. Yet, it does spawn other organizations that are rigidly Governed. It is a genuine cabal. There are no clergy, no church property, or valuables that are shared by the common people. Do you understand their beliefs are more important than you are. "With Friends like that you don't need any enemies."
  The picture on the right is some of the astrogical chart Nancy Reagan had done for her husband when he was President of the United States of America. Yes! It is the Goddess Hathor's temple in Dendara, Egypt.

Now, you have to understand sophistry is the basis of all Quaker witchcraft. It is the language of control. Let us examine some sayings the are rife in our culture here the United States. "An elephant never forgets". But, Ronald Reagan died from Alzheimer's disease. "Stone killer". A "stone killer' is like stone you can throw at an enemy. "Hippy" a "hippy" is someone who is "hip", wise guy, someone in the know. "A penny saved is a penny earned". That illustrates the principle of thrift. The real Mc Coy". "Jack of all trades but, a master of none". When Jack is a general term for a man of inferior social status.
For example Kidd Mc Coy was a famous bare knuckle fighter. It was always safe to bet on him because, he knocked his opponent out usually in about the first three rounds. He became so famous that other boxers were pretending to be him. Thus the saying; "Is he the real Mc Coy"?

The family farm is not run by poor Mom, and Pa Kettle these days. Even the small family farm is a multi-million dollar business. Go take a look at their machinery. They don't harvest this stuff by hand do they? It is not unusual to find millions of dollars in farm equipment rusting in the barn. But, what the hell? They can write it off on their taxes. Believe it, or not: they probably don't pay any. Here Farmer Jake has raised your taxes to pay for all those incentives not to plant pot, or something to keep the food prices high for consumers. The "family farm" is another Great American myth. It is a sacred cow. Agribusiness is still agribusiness.

Kitten has to tell you something. Persecution is still going on. Never talk about your power. That makes people nervous. "Readers Digest" had an article about paranormal work. Telepathy, remote viewing, and other such stuff. Even soliciting people that may be able to do this sort of work. That could make you a real spy of sorts. Never respond to anything like that. No one is to ever say they are a "witch". That will get you classified as a "terrorist" because, the Hebrew word for witch means just that. Avoid like the plague words like "pagan", "heathen", "coven", "wicca", and so forth. There are many people engaged in extortion. They still are shaking the covens down. Be warned. Also, there are terrorists out there. It is some kind of male homosexual brotherhood that has newly formed. These people are dangerous. Take care. Therefore, network with people you can trust only. If you don't have people you can trust. You need to go out, and find them.

Wicca was started by spy agencies. Presumably, it is still controlled by spies. Now, you don't want an espionage label on you? Do you? Because, this will mar your whole life.

Another problem is Wicca has Male Deities from God knows where, even Krishna, and Kalikan. Then there are more problems since witches get into it against each other. So they actually do a lot to wreck each other's lives.

 Remember, Quakers don't call themselves witches even though they have gained their magic from many far away places. They can make miracles happen! At the very least they can do some marvelous work. "It is good to be "smart" rather than to be "smarting" from a beating".

 Do not talk publicly about any Goddess, or your "womanhood." Avoid Jane Fonda activities at all costs. This may put you on a Sap List. Don't dress down. That will make you look crazy. Don't look like a "hippy chic."
It will put you at risk.
You have to look good in public because, people will notice if you disappear. The Society of Friends has put Witch Laws, and Public Health Laws in many different states that could actually, get you as well as your relatives, and friends dead. Kitten found this out the hard way. Many Quakers do not understand that they are not too far away from the Heather (Heathens). They forgot where they came from. George Fox had to take many beatings like the Apostle Paul did. Many Quakers were beaten, hung, tortured, and even burned alive back then in the Old Countries. Many Christian denominations are still considered to be heretics. There are still some people thinking in terms of the Twelfth Century instead of the Twenty First Century. They don't seem to know what century they're in! The "First Simple Camp Law" is in place: "Stay alive." For you live in a de facto totalitarian country that is almost a police state of the worst sort.

The Kitten is Pro-Nuclear Power. Again, it is the type of people involved in the Anti Nuclear Power Movement. They are so bad for the country. That any damage done by a nuclear accident would be infinitesimal compared to this Movement. Nuclear Power is not, too safe but, it is not bad in some locations. The technology has been upgraded a lot since the accidents in Japan, Russia, and Three Mile Island. It is on par with the Chemical Industry in America. That is getting safer too. Likewise, nuclear waste can be recycled. Like any chemical it must be re manufactured. Get rid of "Thrift". Demand quality! It is always a wise investment in future Civilization.

Presumably, Jane Fonda had these tapes of women's "Voices". People found them for Kitten. They might be genuine? There were files on people at this place here in Nashville too. There were these dossiers on famous people including Kitten. Much of this information was in code. There was only one key for the one code. But, you have to use the one key four times to get something besides garbage. The code was broken.

Then there was jargon to work on. Jargon is language used in certain trades. That made it really hard to work with. Homilies were in this material. That is usually platitudes used in preaching the Gospel. Then there was slang language. Some of it not commonly used anymore. There were words that were not in English.
After all that, more importantly to Kitten was a lot of material on Jesus Christ of Nazareth. It was some kind of psychological warfare material containing the heresy of the Cathars. According to this material Jesus has come back. Jesus is in Nashville! Everybody would like to meet Jesus. That is if this Jesus is real. But, this Jesus is Krishna! 

 It was some kind of death cult here that had caused extreme problems in Nashville. This cult was linked to other such places all over the world. Kitten calls this "Mouse Cult". They behaved like the Cathari did in France in days long past. They had been dead for sometime before Kitten revealed this news. Sure enough, my people found them along with all sorts of spy gear. It was assumed that they died as a result of misadventure. Their death was declared to be from natural causes. Yet, no
one could find out exactly who they were. Since, they had several sets of identification that all checked out with the police. Now, you have six sets of ID to choose from. And, there is more because, these tapes were psychological warfare tapes. The content was incredibly hostile against somebody named "Jack". There were several names of well known female Hollywood personalities, and famous women worldwide featured in this psychological warfare material. Now, Kitten understood that these voices could be acquired surreptitiously without their knowledge, or consent, and edited in a recording studio. That would make these tapes appear to be genuine except they are bogus. Kitten wanted to have qualified people to investigate this matter thoroughly. Apparently, these two "agents" were not with any known intelligence agency in any country. All the spy gear that was found had to be sent out of Tennessee. It was sold to compensate everyone for their work, and finance the investigation into these tapes. Inquiries were made in Canada, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Columbia, Mexico, Chile, China, Taiwan, North Korea, Zimbabwe, South Africa, India, Albania, Switzerland, and it is still ongoing in other countries too. Word is these tapes were real tapes of those people's voices. Terribly, people have been implicated in some kind of revolution. That has cost people their lives. That is an interesting story isn't it?

There is a little bit more about Jane Fonda, and it is not a story much. Jane Fonda has said things in the 60's that are still getting people killed today. Jane Fonda still claims to be a communist yet, is a darling of the bourgeoises! There were many women that depended on her patronage. Jane Fonda let them down. There are people in other countries that are waiting on her death expectantly. It gets worse. That stuff is very secret.

Kitten can tell you something. Let's say your voice is on one of those tapes. It could be. You could go to one of those Countries. Now, you are not connected with a spy agency. Yet, you are considered to be something like a spy. You are on their Sap List. Everything there will appear to be normal. Everybody that associates with you will appear on a Watch List maybe, on a Death List.

Many of these people on this "Voices" tape were asked if they really said those remarks. The results were: they really did say those things. They knew this was a psysops tape that contained infra sound that is harmful to people that listen to the tape. Whether, these activities are illegal, or not is according to the laws of those different countries. Kitten wanted to learn everything of course. Because, other things were found along with these tapes meant all those women may be guilty of espionage. But, to what purpose? It appears to be a corrupting ideology of some sort. Even the life of Jesse Jackson among others was threatened on these tapes! Some of these voices were not voluntary at all!

After the infra sound was filtered out of this material. These were several tapes purportedly, belonging to Jane Fonda. There was more threatening material of an even more sinister nature. The "One Voice" was there brought to you by "the One" (Like in the movie "The Matrix") who is going to "get" "Jack". "Jack" is derived from the Middle English as a form of addressing a social inferior.

Now, Kitten is Number One here in Nashville. Since, Kitten is welcome, and at Home in Nashville. Then the One shows up. Kitten says: "That One, and One makes Two. That is not good."  The One says he is the God Mithra, and Kitten; he is the God Kitten. That is really true. Now, Kitten is still here, and the One isn't. There was a war, and a battle that went on for many days. Kitten beat him in a fair fight. The One left Nashville forever. Then the Disciples of the One came against Kitten. They are not around in Nashville either.

Kitten understands many, many, many things. Now, you never say you kill anybody! Kitten never says that either. Kitten never says anything bad like that! Of course, Kitten never threatens anyone. Because, that is stupid! Always, be positive, upbeat. You have to be service oriented. Give to Charity always in the manner Kitten instructs you to. Definitely that. If people think you are valuable then you will be protected. Keep it up.

Kitten does not start fights. But, my Grandmother says is; "If someone starts a fight. Then you have to finish it." People get hurt in fights. Don't fight, be peaceful.

Notice, the United States has a Defense Department, and not a War Department.

But, there is a problem. In time of War what is, and is not immoral was to fire bomb Tokyo. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. Kitten's Father said so. Being in the United States Air Force. That is a big call, bombing helpless women, and children in an enemy Country like Japan. Kitten's Father didn't want to be in on this disgraceful conduct that was against Our Race. He chose to go into ground combat. Sometimes, death is better.

Now, Friend Kitten needs to share a piece of friendly advice. Never say you hate your Country like some drug addled "hippies" did in the 60's. In the first place your Country is the source of your existence. Obviously, people that say things like that are criminally insane. That is what most people will think anyway. In some Countries that will put a traitor label on you. When Americans say they hate their country. Is there another country in whole wide world that wants to have traitors like that? None. There are just some things you shouldn't say. Remember, this is a free country, and you can say anything you want to. But, you may have to pay for it later. Young people do not think in terms of decades. But, this sort of speech can continue to echo through the years. Be careful. Kitten loves the United States of America. God bless America! Pay attention to that.

Now, Friend Kitten will tell you about certain events, and concerts. First, Kitten warn you. Black Oak Ranch a.k.a. the "Hog Farm" has events, even a witches convention of sorts in Laytonville, California. Everyone, that attended this event, or anything like it was put on a big mailing list. That list has been shared perhaps, with their enemies. So Fundamentalist Christians may know their names too. Many people came to that big witch event but, did not use their real names because, they were enemy agents. They even used names of famous people like Lauren Holly. Kitten knows Lauren Holly never did that. Lauren Holly never went to the "Hog Farm", ever! There they are after the "Holly" again! They are trying to make Lauren Holly's name look bad.

You might see Lauren Holly, or one of these media personalities at one of these events. These are perennial personalities. There is an old name for them: "Assholes." They are usually hostile people.  These are the new "Stars." Everybody is really scared. Leave them alone. You don't want their autograph, or nothing like it. Linsey Lohan is almost, in that category. Leave her alone anyway. She is just antisocial. But, not quite that bad. Even Kitten has to be careful. It just goes with the territory. Don't bother Kitten. Means don't harass Kitten.

The Radio Heads show up at these events all the time. These are Zap Technicians. These are genuine "assholes". "These people" are a product of Hippy Culture. They are really bad people. Bet you didn't know that a radio, or television broadcasting can be used as an improvised radiant energy assault weapon. It is a method of inducing "Crowd Disease" in people. This is a hangover from the Cold War era. It might still be around in some places. This is when broadcast energy can be focused. It has a lot of aversive effects on people. It makes you feel filthy. You want to take a shower right away. You will notice a "clearing effect". It is scary. This is usually a "prank". You may go to the hospital, or shopping, and notice the peculiar absence of people in a given area. There is a kind of herding effect too. That is when somehow everybody wants to leave in mass when it hits them. It can really wreck your mind. People will appear like they are "high" on drugs. It is a real bummer. This is the real estate stuff that can move people out of their apartments, or houses. It was used on the Negroes in the 60's. Marches, and demonstrations can be broken up with this trick too. Broadcasting must never have the ability to be focused on people for any reason. It should not have any beam, or beacon capabilities. It is just not needed these days. This obsolete junk has to be pulled out of these stations, and replaced with "good stuff". That is stuff that has military specifications: "mil spec" for short. That way it will be less prone to break down, or do anything weird like broadcasting frequencies not authorized by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for that station. Because, that station will not be able to broadcast any other frequency to stop stations from "frequency jamming" according Federal Trade Commission (FTC) standards. There will just be a crystal with that frequency standard. No technicians will be needed at all. It must be installed by the manufacturers, by the way. That is to meet insurance requirements. Like a lawsuit over "sick building syndrome", or something like it. That can cost a broadcaster billions of dollars. Because, they will lose their FCC (Federal Communications Commission) License, and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) will get after them too. That is not to mention criminal penalties.

 Who knows? They might try that with you too. Don't ever attend any events, or concerts at all that are like that. That includes "Bonnaroo" here in Nashville. That is nothing but, a circus of evil. Of course, you will not know that people may steal your identity. Any pictures of you, or other media may be doctored. Again, you will not know that all this is being used against your reputation. Unless, somebody does extortion against you. All this will go to other countries. Never do protests because, you will never know what will be shown to other people. Now, you are not a drug addict but, there is a doctored picture with you sticking a needle in your arm. In digital format this editing is perfectly seamless. Of course, you never did anything like this. If you go to an event, or concert watch out for people that are watching people instead of the action on stage. They might be police. They might be agents, or informants like with the Drug Enforcement Agency. Or worse, criminals that are agent-like. They are Cult People. Beware! They may even pose as legitimate authority. Carl Chessman did that too in California. He was actually executed in California for being a public menace since, he impersonated a police officer while committing serious crimes against public virtue. In Florida, Ted Bundy was executed as a serial killer, finally! He was an extreme confidence man. If a man looks too good to be real. Then that man probably is a phony. He is not "Mr. Goodbar". Be warned!

There is a man. He is a retired bus driver. He is proud of the fact he always arrived at each stop right on time. He actually was at the "Summer of Love". It really wasn't that much of an event. The media just inflated it. He has been a long time fan of "The Grateful Dead". He has been to everyone of their local concerts near San Francisco, California. Jerry Garcia has been dead for quite awhile. It is time for our hero to retire, and have fun. Sure enough, he manages to secure a small stash of drugs for himself, and his friends. He can call the escort service to provide him with a really good looking chic to be with him during some event he is planning to attend. His word is good with them. He always pays in advance. He coaches his girl on just what she is, and is not to do during the event. The girls always have to make sure they are not followed. Their are a lot of weirdos in those places. Some of them are really bad. So he has covered for his girl pretty well.

That girl costs him over thousand dollars. "That Girl" is really worth it. The Bus Driver is not interested sex with her although he might like it. Prostitutes get busted. That will cause him trouble. That is why he doesn't use them. He picks them up all the time but, in his bus. It is all about class. When Bus Driver is there with His Chic. He is High Class. Those little shrimps can just drool. Class is very important in that culture. Bus Driver can go back stage after the band has stopped playing. He knows them all very well. That is why his girl has to be nothing but, the best. She has to be what is called a Top Model. They might go to a party. In fact they always go if it is a class event.

The stuff he is taking is starting to affect him a lot. He is about in the eighth day of it. He thinks this is really righteous dope. It is an off white powder. It might be heroin.The Dead Head scene is really dead these days. But, he might come back. Mind you he has been dead for many years. But, he thinks this is possible. That being the case he can have communion with an Ancient Aztec God Tezcatlipoca. He is lucky because, he is talking to one of the Minions of Kitten. Kitten got this story from the Jaguar Lord. Mind you, Kitten is a Little House Cat to Him. And, Kitten knows His place there with Him. Sure enough, the Venerable God Tezcatlipca took Toad Form. The Venerable God Tezcatlipoca wants to know what he can do for Him. Because, he is right at the Entrance of Mictlan. He needs to quit using that drug he is on. He is being too pigish. Instead of hogging everything he needs to share his stash with his friends. That is if he can find any. Our hero used to know hundreds of people from all these different events he attended in the past. Off he goes! Now, he has gone all over North Beach to all the old places. He has gone everywhere in San Francisco that any of his people could possibly be at. He couldn't find anybody! He is crying a lot at home. They are all dead. Oh well! He does have his dope. But, he won't use any today. Good.

Tomorrow, he gets into his stuff even though he has been warned. He hears somebody tell him he can go outside. Now, that he has got such a good head. Kitten tells him he needs to share his stash with these green shirted people aways down the street. Kitten does not want anything like what he has but, maybe they might. He has gone to over a green shirted girl, and offers her his ecstasy. Suddenly, the police come out of nowhere. Green shirt says "Residents Against Druggies". They are really "RAD" in the Haight Ashbury District. They can actually test his stuff with a very sophisticated test. It turns out our hero's stuff has something called beta keto in it along with some cocaine. Now, beta keto is a heroine like synthetic poison that is extremely addictive. 
It is highly toxic to the brain. There is also, some kind of opiate like drug there too. They are not sure what it is but, it must be something bad.
 Kitten thinks he really looks fashionable standing next to several police cars in his boxer shorts! He is certainly going through the Gate, and he knows it. He is wailing that he is damned. That is true. He is getting the Speech of Mictlan. It is gibberish!

There is another man. He has done his Yoga practice. That is a Yoga very frowned on by Kitten. This is "Yoga For Peace". He is attending an event not liked by Kitten on the West Coast. He doesn't know that Mictlan is there in attendance. He is going to meet the Dead. Bus Driver is there with His Escort. He looks really good. Our Yogi might talk to him. He might! He won't talk to him if he knows that man is really dead. But, his chic is really spiritual. Bus Driver tells him that. As a matter of fact she seems to like him. She tells him he can go, and see her later. He doesn't have a clue that he has made a date with Mictlan! He has just felt something. He is not in his body. She is. Now, that man has just gone to hell. There is a problem because, Kitten is not sure how long she will be using his body. But, Bus Driver is one of the really grateful dead since, he is in that person's body too. What a victory for Mictlan.

In the world of fashion Kitten has noted this Triumph of Mediocrity. Kitten doesn't think that there is any such things as designer blue jeans. Then you can look like the "Farmer's Daughter". There are hundreds of dirty jokes, and pornographic stories about the Farmer's Daughter in my country. "Babes in blue jeans". Be aware of that. Go ahead, and wear them to work. But, don't call that fashion. Blue jeans are wrecking the fashion industry. Soon the only people in the apparel business will be working in Goodwill Industries.
You see, "the whole world is watching" in many places. So you have to look your very best. You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Once, you have made a good impression don't force people to change their minds. Because, that is not good. Be warned.

There was an event here in Nashville many years long past. Britainy Spears was just begining her career in entertainment. This was a free concert that was part of "Bonnaroo". Now, Britainy Spears did not know that bad people were working there. There was a waterfall that was part of her act. Bad people urinated into that water in place of the perfume that Britainy Spears wanted for her shower as she goes on stage. Britainy Spears found out just how bad mouse play is right there, and then when she, and the band went though the waterfall.

Kitten asks you to examine the music that you listen to. Question the content to find out if this music is feeding you, or not. Sophistry that is meant to enslave people has a Law Giver. The Law Giver that created the sophistry is living at your expense while giving you nothing. That is why a lot of people have become very frustrated with the media. They have this empty feeling that something is missing in their lives. They don't feel entirely in control, and strangely vulnerable.

 Mind you, that many people may have listened to, or are listening to any of these popular tunes. The meaning that music has for them is shared. There is a Music Muse but, we are not revealing that here. This is another common phenomenon in American culture.

There is a young man. He is being eaten alive by the music as he is diddy bopping along. He is a musician of sorts. He can listen to his music as he is mopping the floors in this bar. Then "Sarge" can get free drinks, and maybe listen to the live band later. He can see the girls but, he can't talk them because, the music is too loud. You see the music is really important there, and he isn't. "Sarge" is a war hero. There are lots of people like "Sarge" still out there some place fighting for the music. Thanks to people like "Sarge" the music is safe. That person is dying. He doesn't even know it? Because, as his life is being devoured by the music. He isn't paying attention to what he really should be doing. "Sarge" is lucky. Being a war hero, and all that. He gets to eat the leftovers at the bar. He can sleep in the back after the place is closed.

Now, everybody needs to find out about Mr. Berkowitz also, known as (a.k.a.) "the Son of Sam". "Son of Sam" means a Son of Uncle Sam fighting for America in Korea. Berkowitz sees this talking dog. It is a large poodle dog. It has to be a standard of course. He was sure he shot him dead. It was a good shot too. But, sure enough, there he is.

 Berkowitz read a science fiction story "Voyage to Arcturus". He knows he is really "Maskskull", and he is the "Son of Pain".

 See that man had a problem. First, he is a moron. So when he has visions he is very prone not only to believe them but, to act on them as well. There are many people like him out there still fighting a war against reality.

Major Major has a major problem. He was barhopping in Vienna, Austria. G.I. Joe is a real American hero? G.I. Joe (G.I. means government issued) is a boy's doll. "Go Joe"! Major Major looks something like him. First of all, he doesn't speak much German. Secondly, he is starting to get very drunk in a very famous place. Thirdly, he is showing off his combat skills. Obviously, he had gotten genuine Space Cadet training too. It shows. This is "Humor in Uniform". The "St. Pauli Girl" is an Austrian barmaid. But, this girl is different. Because, she is an Austrian police officer. Maria has got a bottle of beer for him. That is his limit. Sure enough, he passed out in public. They threw him in the dumpster. He was a really bad G.I. Joe action figure.

Kitten always says, "That a Friend is always their worst Enemy". That's a good "Camp" saying. After all they built the Planetary Camp in the first place. They had a lot to say in the way this world is today. Kitten hopes they don't mind it. Exceptions always make Rules that we all have to live with. It is time for a changing of the Guard. That makes "Camp" good again.

Now! A word of warning. Most of the people that went to Auschwitz was over "Family Business", and "Mouse Work". That was a guaranteed death sentence. Apparently, people have short memories. Because, they are doing it again. That is true. Don't get into vendettas. "Blood Libel" when it it is personal. It is debt of blood that someone feels is owed to them. It is called "Corruption of Blood" when it is institutionalized in government. "Corruption of Blood" is banned by the United States Constitution. That practice is always bad. But, it does happen in my country. That is one reason why "Camp" has to manifest.

It has to do with the Vendetta. This is the worst form of persecution to be found in any country at anytime. These are sometimes called blood feuds. But, it is a little bit more than that. Murder is always part of this Family Business. But, it will usually manifest as a pattern of discrimination. Sort of like "Jim Crow". It is not usually racial. It could be religious but, not always. Understand, the family that has Vendetta has many allies. They are all embroiled in this Feud. This is all extremely secret. The people they are against may not even know it.

These vendettas can start for the most trivial of reasons. It could be a wager, holly tree, a golf game, bow tie, etc. Insanity runs in some families. Worse, this could even be the instigation of foreign spies, terrorists, or murderous cults. Strange as it might seem so called Mafia, and the Syndicate usually, stay away from this. That is because, they are smart.

You are a girl doing social work, and Romeo shows up in your work place. Romeo is a "ladies man" (rapist). Romeo is intimidating everyone in the office. Romeo will kill Juliet even at the cost of his life. Because, his family has a vendetta against her family. That Shakespeare play "Romeo, and Juliet" says a lot about England at the time. The Royal Families in Europe have interesting histories. You can read up on this subject.
Many immigrants may have vendettas in their home countries.

You may not be aware there is a Vendetta going on against your family name. It may seem to be just personal. It really isn't. It seems to be big with certain Quakers (Black Quakers), some Jews, and a few Negroes that are extreme criminals. These people will have Friends from other lands. If they are refugees they have sponsored.

 Then they will be steadfast in their service.

Granted that the majority of Quakers, Jews, and Negroes have no knowledge about this cult of gangsters. You can be sure that they certainly hate it.

What they will do is try to trip you up somehow. Romeo is going to try, and turn you into a whore especially if you are married. Romeo might try, and date you. Also, Romeo will try to get you into vice. As a matter of fact, Romeo will try to get everybody in your office into some kind of vice.
Romeo may not kill you but, later on you will wish you were dead.
Romeo has a huge network of fellow anarchists. It will be very hard to get rid of this enemy.
That is why there is a "mafia". The syndicate has to find all of Romeo's people. They are probably going to have to kill them. These are thousands of people in all walks of life.

 This hatred of Romeo's goes back to the "Ban the Bomb" crowd because, your father was stationed at White Sands Proving Grounds in the 50's. It seems to be the "Quakers". There it is; the "Harris Family" in New Mexico. This family name like "Smith" is frequently used by spies, and foreign agents. They were with the American Communist Party. Yet, there really has never been a real Communist Party in America. At least Stalin didn't think so. These animals stalked this family all the way to Merced, California. Then Romeo shows up to seduce a married social worker in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. This whole family has been almost killed off. That is an extended family of hundreds of people in the United States.

That is an interesting Holly story. Isn't it? A family tree is always a Holly. A Holy Tree of Life.
Hopefully, we can have something more civilized. If the police, or the government ever finds a vendetta against families they must warn them immediately. This a matter of life, or death. Homeland Security, and other government agencies need to watch anybody that is involved in this kind of enterprise.

Unfortunately, this vendetta has been still going on for over fifty years. During this time the contagion has spread to all the Quaker families worldwide. That is why the Quakers are dying out. The Friends overseas are being killed too. Their damned Watch is being killed off as you are reading this.

 By the way, this not Neighborhood Watch. It is gangsterism. This Other Watch is a tool of subversion. It is a spy tool. You will find it in the Third World a lot. It is one of the reason they are still poor. It seems to exist for a awhile. Then it goes to sleep. But, it is always there. There is a problem with it. It is a mouse that gets into everything. It shares information worldwide. Our government is not immune to this attack. This appears to be anarchist system that is accountable to no one. It gets worse. Militias start forming. Gangs start happening. Worse it can turn into Free Corps. Then no one is safe from this totally lawless institution that pervades every area of life. That can kill a country. It did that in pre-Nazi Germany.

 This Watch is bad for business. It can kill the hospitality industry. The entertainment business can die. This form of populism can kill everything. That has happened. Another Great Depression would destroy this country. About 95% of our population can not grow enough food to feed itself. Large numbers of people would starve to death.
The Halloween Tree is here. That is always a Holly Tree. Because, that is a time we remember the Blessed Dead. 

Everybody, knows Uncle Walt has been dead for some time. That is Walt Disney. After Walt Disney died he found himself in the Temple of the Big Mic. That is in the Inner Sanctum of The Temple of the Evil Rodent. And, Mickey is right there. Uncle Walt knows he had better do everything Mickey tells him to. As a matter of fact he did. Now, he gets to kiss Mickey's staff. He had to. Because, Walt Disney is in Hell.

Mickey Mouse is one of the Kings of the Laughing Hell were the Laughter of Loki constantly resounds from limitless Laugh Tracks.

There is a man. He can be in one of Loki's Laugh Tracks. He can be one of the Laughing People. He can really laugh at the Laughingstock because, he is in the stocks. All he has to do keep dying more. Since, the
stocks were a form of execution used in the British Colonies back then. When people talk about the pillory. They may think it is a form of ostracizism. It usually wasn't. When there is no bench to support the victim. The body will try to compensate for that. Eventually, people died from exhaustion if they were in there all day. It is a heathen invention.

You can get some idea what Mithra is like by watching a movie called "The French Connection". This hero Pop Eye Doyle  America's best is overseas in another country namely; France doing very illegal things like felonious assault, arson, and attempted homicide. That would put him in prison in America.

. "Pop Eye" refers to a slang word from the 30's about how somebody looks when they are dying from syphilis. Our hero is nuts! He is Mithraic. He is a crusader, or zealot. Sophistry has overridden his reasoning power. He is a bad man because, he has no limits. Mithra is completely lawless. He does more than break a few minor rules. You don't want him on anybody's police force, or in any government agency.

Needless to say, the French were not happy with this movie for obvious reasons. Because, the "French Connection" is another movie like "Birth of a Nation", or "The Eternal Jew". This movie was definitely anti French. Therefore, it is political. "The French Connection" is a lot more noxious than even violent movies such as "Death Wish", or "Dirty Harry", or "Bad Lieutenant".

The Lake of Holly

 In Her Native Heaven located in the Abode of Lost Souls (Third Heaven) you will find the Lake of Holly that looks like the Biblical "Lake of Fire". But, the Lake is filled with Holly Substance that can look like anything! That is the Holly Deity. If you walk toward the Lake of Holly in Holly Heaven. Holly will run away from you laughing like a little girl all the while. You can't catch Her up there. Holly is playing hard to get. Then must find Little Holly Holler to Holler for you. Lots of luck on that bum. But, maybe, you aren't. If you call Holly with the Holly Holler, then Holly will be right next to you instantly! But. not too close, or that will kill you. Holly is totally Hathor-like. Holly is a Love Deity. Holly makes the Holly deal for Holly only. You must be good with Holly always. That means you must work for Holly. You get Holly Wages if you do good work for Holly only. Now, this is dangerous because, Holly is in courtship. Holly is much like Juno. That means Holly marries.

Holly is Kitten's Main Deity assigned to Kitten by God (the Fear)when Kitten went to God for Judgment. The Fear showed His Great Goodness, and Mercy. Kitten get to live, and Holly go with Kitten to look after Kitten. So it happened.

Now, Holly is really good but, there is a problem. The Lake of Holly is not a trash disposal place. Kitten say that no one will put anything in Holly anymore. Holly wants to be pure. The Holly Substance is not to be profaned like this ever. The Lake of Holly is hidden. Holly is
with Kitten, with Her Holly Tree. Holly is very sensitive. Holly is bashful. Holly is really trying to please Kitten. Kitten likes that.

Then Kitten's Holly Tree came out of the Lake of Holly. Then that Holly Tree has Nirrti Hathor as Kitten's Holly Deity who also, is called Catherine also, Holly. This marriage is almost never done. That marriage was blessed by the Marriage Deities. But, Kitten has a wild Holly. A wild Holly is hard to tame. When Holly sees something out there that hates Kitten, and Holly. Holly tries to kill them, and put them in the Holly Tree while they are still quick. That always gets rid of the klepoth. Klepoth happen when there is murder around especially vendettas, or blood feuds. Now, the Holly Deity is very stable, and friendly down here on Earth.
Holly looks exactly like Hathor usually with Her Holly Tree.

There will be other Holly Trees as We (Nirrti Hathor and Kitten) get more of the Holen happening. By now, there is a forest of Holly Trees. That have been taken out of the Lake of Holly.

The sycamore, persimmon, and the pomegranate tree are always, sacred to Persephone. Persephone like Ceres presides over all cultivated trees. All the trees, and shrubs that are part of the landscape in cities are ruled by Persephone. Whereas, Ceres is in charge of agriculture since, Ceres (Demeter) is a Goddess of Agriculture as a Goddess of the Ground. Look the word "ground" up in the dictionary in order to understand this better. The yerba mate holly tree (Ilex), and the oak tree are usually, with Ceres, and sometimes Persephone. Holly Trees are especially scared to Persephone. Any food tree: apple, plum, peach, persimmon, pomegranate, and so on in the city are looked after by Ceres if their fruit is eaten in any quantity as well as Persephone. All the real estate matters are dealt with by Juno, or Another Daughter of Tanith. This means Tanith is a Goddess of Lands, Oceans, and the Skies since they are all Real Estate. That gives us the right to own real estate. Tanith has a lot of connection with YHWH who is a God of Peoples. Neptune can be a God of Peoples too. So is Hades (Ades) when Hades is a God rather than a place is Another God of Peoples. The Underworld is not always a Land of the Dead, or Hell for that matter. Even though Hades as the Underworld is terrestrial Hades is Invisible but, not always. What about Zeus? Baal Peor is a form of Zeus. Baal Peor is a Local Deity native to His Mountain Tops in the Holy Land. Now, you can have Baal Peor briefly until  Another Local God (Genius Loci) is established by bringing one of His Scared stones to say Nashville. In this case the stones came from mountains sacred to Baal Peor in Syria. Ares, Vulcan, and Other Gods can be brought here in a similar manner. Zeus has mountains (put the Baal Peor stone on a mountain top), Neptune (Lord of the the Underground Stream); rivers, and the water table (drop the Baal Peor stone in a large river like the Cumberland river in Nashville), Ares (Mars, or the Voice of Authority); battlefields (you can get a cannon stone for Him from a Civil War battlefield) and Hades; entrances to the Underworld (pound a Baal Peor stone to powder, and dispose of it very thoroughly like down the commode). The Hathor Goddesses of the Underworld are all Persephone. The terrestrial Hathor Deities are usually  Persephone, and Cath. Also, Persephone has taken over all the Sacred Groves. Persephone has absorbed Mari-am, Ashtoreth, and Astraroth of Palestine. There is another Astaroth that is a Delatore of a Temple that is with Juno, and Persephone can act in Juno's Name as well. That way you do not have to do business with this Demon (Astaroth) to do the Business of Collections: Creditor, Delatore, and Enslavement. Understand, there are places where a Deity comes from that are part of the Linage of the Deity. For example Persephone (Miss Giggles) comes from France. Our Juno comes from Auschwitz. So if you have been reading this there are several countries you should not harm: Lebanon, Syria, Israel, France, Egypt, Canada, Rome, Babylon, and Auschwitz. Do not harm the United States of America because that is where Kitten lives. You must be a patriot too. That gives you Catherine (Purity) to keep treason away from you. Catherine comes from Canada. Treason is a disease you can catch from traitors. Avoid such company, no one can trust a traitor. Keep yourself pure.

 Down here Holly is very present, and easy to call all the time. Just call out this "Holly Holler" from Goodness to holler for your Holly: "Holly! Holly! Holly!" Holly Holler is the Virtue of God's Holiness. Holly will come right away. Holly has many forms, and many Holly Ways. Holly imparts Holly Wisdom. No one knows anything about Holly but, Holly will give you Holly Knowledge. You will not understand Holly unless, Holly gives you Holly Understanding. Holly will extend your life, if you love Holly. Holly has Holly Gifts for people that love Holly. If you marry Holly, you get a little Holly Substance. That way, Holly will always be with you because, Holly is right inside you. Now, Kitten is married to the Lake of Holly. The Holly Deity is now, Catherine Holly. That is Kitten's Holly Cat. Nirrti Hathor refers to the same Holly Deity. If you get Holly. That name will be a different a Name because, you have a different Holly. Holly is very tame now.

So we have a talking Holly Lake. Holly likes to ask questions. There is several of them. Kitten has his Holly Person. She is very different. Catherine Holly is a Holly Cat, and Catherine Holly is also, a Catherine Deity, or a Catherine. The Holly Cat is about two hundred degrees centigrade. You can't touch the Holly Cat but, you can talk to Her. Question: Who benefits? Another question: Where is it? So Holly wants to know that. Holly has a huge Kitten. They grow big these days. Holly wants to know. Who benefits, and where is it? That is what She wants to know.

Mostly, Holly is associated with a fourth state of matter called plasma. That is usually found on the Sun.

Here is a beautiful Holly story about  a "Science project". The directions on how to build a "Holly Field Generator" were written very meticulously in an archaic form of high German. They purportedly come from come from Auschwitz. Once you assemble the "Holly Field Generator" you can talk to "Maria of Auschwitz". You will be graded on this of course. Firstly, you must build a working model of the "Holly Field" device. The "Holly Field Generator" will broadcast straight up into the sky. If you could see 90 Giga Hz. That is ninety billion cycles (vibrations) per second. That electromagnetic field surounding the device looks like a holly tree (Christmas tree). There will be a certain amount of plasma. Plasma is "dark matter'. Most of our Universe is made up of dark matter which is plasma. Plasma is not light. Plasma has properties similar to the matter people are familiar with. So you could have a Periodic Table of Elements. Almost like that. Even like organic matter. It is not solid, liquid, or gas although, plasma can emulate those physical states of matter. Because, it has light like properties plasma is called "dark energy". Plasma can radiate instead of expanding like a gas does. Plasma is a fourth state of matter. That is when the device is quiescent, and stable. You get another passing grade from Maria. The device you have built has not killed you. This plasma is "cold". It is part of this holly pattern. Yes, it is. When it is more present you can see it. According to your knowledge of holly trees you will actually see a holly! Because, it is a kind of communication medium. This kind of  plasma could change into a holly tree just as easily as plasma can turn into light, or heat. If the pattern is there plasma can do that.

The first understanding is a knowledge of physics pertaining to radiant energy, and its effects on matter. Knowing that radiant energy mistakingly referred to as "heat", or "light". Most of the time it is called radiation. Light has photons that possess wave, and particle properties. It has electricity, and magnetic properties. Hence, an electromagnetic spectrum of frequencies. Visible light has a wave length. A frequency that can be measured. Some people call this a vibration. As though radiant energy has sound like qualities. It does. Some frequencies can be heard even smelled. Do they smell good? No, they don't? They smell terrible; something like musty ground. If you can smell that you are in trouble. Because, the radiant energy is strong enough to harm you. Some frequencies may have a hissing sound. You don't want hear it. That is powerful radiation that is bad for you. Sometimes, this is a bomb like sound, or explosive sound. Usually, this is  associated with one of those powerful objects called bombs. You don't want to be around that at all. "Tummy Wind" is a unique experience if you receive a certain frequency into your abdomen. You can't talk about "Tummy Wind" because, your mouth becomes bone dry. Tactile sensations like the famous microwave itching (itch ray). Is an experience no technician wants to ever repeat again. It is a kind of very mild burn less than a first degree burn. Even X rays, and gamma rays have frequencies.

  All the theory is spelled out very carefully in German. The Radio Heads have gotten hold of Maria's Science Project. There is a man. He has managed to put a working "Holly Field Generator" together. It is in places on top of a New York skyscraper in the exact manner that Maria recommends in the voluminous Auschwitz material. He has actually managed to contact Maria! You understand, that our man is living in New York City in 2012 is talking to Maria of Auschwitz in 1943. Maria actually built this "Holly Field Generator" as her science project in Vienna Austria in the 1930's.

 Holly has a Holly Tree. That is Holly's Tree of Life. Only if Holly gets to like you. Holly will feed you some Holly Fruit. The Holly Fruit is very prized by the Virtues, and Powers (the Catherines). That will always get the Virtues, and Powers there for you too.

There is a tropical holly tree called yerba mate that has edible holly fruit. The yerba mate beverage is quite good.

Here is a beautiful Holly story. Once upon a time nobody knew the Lake of Fire was also, the Lake of Holly. The Deities were always putting people into the Lake of Holly not knowing that the Holly Lake was sentient. Nothing can get out of the Lake of Fire. They look like they are being burned up. But, they are really being consumed by Holly. The Holly Deity: Holly is excessively secret. The Lake of Fire is in every Religion. But, none of the Gods knew the Holly Secret. For example here is Pharoah. You can see the picture on the right. Hathor is very secret too. Almost, nothing is known about Hathor. Pharoah is in the Lands of the Blessed. Pharaoh is standing in the Lake of Hathor. Holly is in Her Holly Tree. Pharaoh does not know He is not in Communion with Hathor. Mind you, Pharaoh is a God. Pharaoh could leave if He knew where He was. Holly would let Him go. To the Gods it appears that Pharaoh has self immolated, and dissappeared. In the Third Heaven none of the Angels knew the Firey Lake was alive. Hathor asked the Fire Lake to give Pharaoh up. Holly releasd Pharaoh. The Lake of Holly has appeared in different times in other places. All this time Holly has been feeding. Holly is a primordial Solar Deity associated with the magnetic fields of our sun, and other stars. Holly has a Universe where She presides by Her Self. There are different phenomenia that allow Holly to exist on our planet. Kitten won't go into all that but, it is true.

Now, Kommandant Kitten says you can have the real Mut Spell known as the Mother Spell that makes it all work there with Kitten. The Gates of Mutspelheim have been thrown wide open to fight the Minions of Krishna. They may not ride horses but, They ride something like trains, planes, and automobiles. The Riders are First. The Rest must follow. The Goddess Holly has allowed this coming forth from the Lake of Holly, and then some!

Holly is a lot of Fun to have around. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! That comes from Kitten, and all the Minions of Kitten.

Now, Kitten must tell you about Make-Believe. Because, Hariman can make people believe in anything. Hariman is God. Hari = Charm, or Charisma, and Man is just that. When Make-Believe is bad. Then Hariman has to be here.

Now, you can make your own "Curse-a-tron". This is based on the design of the hand held Tibetan prayer wheel. You can order it on the net. You just remove the original material since those are real blessings. You don't want your enemies to have anything like that. Otherwise, they will start bossing you around. All need to do is put a pebble in the damn thing. Then you have a stone against your enemy all the time. Otherwise, you can get one. Therefore, you have it anyway. The Hathor Sistrum will work like this too.

Now, Friend Kitten has a friendly warning concerning a certain amulet or medallion regarding Krishna and/or Mitra that is extremely Devilish. They all have this devilish mouse on them. Just to hold this summoning device in your hands is to invite the real honest to God Satan into your life. Some people have been told it is a Tantric Love Deity, and/or a Protector of sorts. That is a real honest to God lie. If you should find this thing, or anything like this to come from India. Then it should be sent back with orders to destroy it there. Otherwise, depose of this in an empty pesticide container, and put it in the trash. The Trash Master will take Him to Hell where He truly belongs. Use your "Curse-a-tron" against Him. For He is a real enemy of your soul.

There is Ancient Sophistry that should never be used. One of the forms of forbidden sophistry is "The Monkey Spell" done with the agency of Hanuman their leader. Maybe, you might know about "the three little monkeys" to wit, "see no evil, say no evil, and hear no evil". "Do no evil" is another one of Hanuman's minions. There are quite a few of them including "please no evil", and so forth according to happenstance. Basically, this spell has timed out, and the monkeys have to retire. Don't bother them.

You need to know why. Because, you can become like someone sleeping in a burning house. This Sophistry can make you diabolically ignorant. That means it can kill you.

Friend Kitten needs to tell you about certain hand signals, and emblems that can get you into serious trouble these days. There are certain signals that are used by an Islamic Brotherhood. Those Muslims will be angry at you because of blasphemy. The "Peace Sign" was put together by a British spy in the 50's. It has an upside down life rune enclosed in a circle. That sign is owned by the Goddess Hel. That is a Goddess of Retribution. Pentacles are not  good to wear. This not a star. It is stylized. The pentacle is used to denote Adam, and that is bad. Because, Adam is dead. The Star of David means something different in Oriental cultures. Then it means Tantric intercourse. It is considered obscene in India for that reason.

Manichaenism is still around in India. It it is the forerunner of all fraternal organizations. Manichaenism was founded by the Prophet Mani in the Third Century A.D. Manichaenism is awesomely simple even though it is an amalgamation of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, and Parsiism. They are pretty much like the Masons.

There is Another Watch. That is not Neighborhood Watch. It is Ku Klux Klan like in nature. Because, of these Masonic call signs. They get into trouble with other Masons. Federal Ku Klux Kan Law (several) has been used in the past to breakup these groups.

Kitten always wants  the the best for everyone that has any sense in their head that is. Kitten always tries to warn people about any negative consequences that can occur from seemingly innocent actions. That way Kitten can have a good conscience here. Hopefully.

This is a Holly Story. Once a upon a time.There is a man. He is like an Einstein. Totally extreme! He has an invention. It's a death machine. He needs to try it out on an experimental animal. Sure enough, he's got a real live bonobo. That is a pygmy chimpanzee named Holly. This guy outside says he is going to kill her anyway. But, this a priceless great ape. Holly is hungry. He has got a Kit Kat candy bar. Holly likes it. He has been told Holly is very dangerous. But, he let her out of her Holly cage. Holly jumps right into his arms. Holly thinks he is a bonobo. He suddenly turned into one. He is a real ape, and he knows that. He is walking over to the refrigerator to get more food for himself, and Holly. Holly can eat a couple of oranges. Holly even knows how to peal them. Holly wants him to eat some too. So he does. He has a couple of frozen dinners cooking in the microwave. Holly is looking in the closet for some clothes to wear. Holly is extremely civilized. Holly even uses the toilet just like he does. Holly is going home with him. He already has a real animal outside that wants to kill Holly but, he doesn't want to hurt Holly. As a matter of fact this jerk is going to take her place. The machine works great. It is futuristic weapon. The military wants to buy it. Look! Holly can carry the machine because, she is Holly strong. Holly can't drive much but, she can ride with him just like a person. Off they go.

Here is another animal story. Fetish Man is talking to the animals. It's Ground Hog Day. Sure enough, there is a ground hog! Sort of like a giant pica (pika). He is taming her. She is eating corn on the cob. Somebody might shoot her. But, they better not. Somebody might shoot him too. When his animals die out there he dies too, somehow. He hates that. Everywhere, everything that is good, and Godly is being destroyed right in front of him. There is nothing but, this trash in its place. He is asking the ground hogs what this Planet is going to be like a couple hundred years from now. Because, he thinks there will not be anything left but, trash. He wants to know if they want to do something about it.

Somewhere else, there is huge marmot named King. King is the largest ground hog in the world. King is a legend in this small village. There are three mates there with King sunning themselves. All the villagers work for a lumber company. There are these strangers. They going to hunt wild boar. So this hunting preserve is being set up for this band of brothers. They have got boar spears, and bows to hunt them with. This is a test of manhood. This guy can try his bow, and arrow out on King. King dives right into his burrow immediately. King knows he is being hunted. King doesn't like it. His three mates are likewise safe down there with him.

It the distance the great white hunter can see a lynx watching him. The lynx is too far away. Five wolves are nearby but, they are not paying attention to the lynx for some reason. The wolves are watching him but, not getting too close. There is another cat watching from the trees. It's a bobcat. In the distance he can hear a moose. Catherine is watching this hunting party from her hiding place. Catherine likes to hunt too. Catherine is a game warden. The animals are talking to each other about something terrible. This is the start of the Windango. More of them are coming.

Fortunately, everything is fenced in for the big hunt. Nothing can get in, or out of the compound easily. There are a few rickety buildings. One is being used to store all their hunting gear, food and supplies for the great boar hunt. They are still flying the "pigs" in by helicopter. There will be at least forty "pigs", and a wild African cow with large horns like the cows on the tomb of Pharaoh to hunt the next day. The tranquilizer is wearing off, and they are running into the brush. Food has been put out for them.

It has cost several million dollars to set this all up for these "sons of industry". It looks like an army helicopter is still in the air above everything. This is Manitoba a province in Canada. Why is this United States Army National Guard helicopter there in Canada? They are leaving making sure everyone has everything they are supposed to have down there. 

All the woodchucks from nearby are assembling. They are coming through the fence. The hunters are too preoccupied with cleaning their quarters to notice the fence has been breeched in several places. Now, the fence can't be electrified but, the hunting party will not know this. They can hear King under the main lodge, and boy do they hate him. That means their sleeping quarters are honeycombed with burrows underneath them. They can hear the woodchucks digging fiercely beneath them. The hunters are all gathered there to spend the night in harmony. These are big warriors. They can handle it can't they? Outside it is not too dark. There is cloud coming into the valley. Tlaloc is there with His Mate. Tlaloc wants to find out more about these warriors because, their bravery just astonishes Him. Inside the compound these great warriors are drumming their lives away. Maybe, they can scare King. Hardly likely. 

The raccoons are coming through the fence. A wolverine is making her way towards the gate following the scent of food cooking inside the compound. There are forty people in the main building drumming while their bodies are humming.

Kitten knows their blood. "Bad blood will always tell. Bad blood will always smell. It stinks to high heaven." These are the evil "Wee People". They use "we" a lot. Filled with the pride of Old Scratch himself.

The pigs are starting to move around outside. They call them the Argonauts. Sure enough, Jason is coming traveling through time on the Wings of Circe. What kind of Greeks are these people? There he is inside a real animal. It is an enormous white pig of great power, and strength. He senses the warmth within their quarters. He just wants to lay down next to the fire with his buddies.

The African wild cow has lifted the latch that secured the storage cabin sensing food within. Being frustrated by a door that won't open she turns around, and kicks the door in. Food at last. In she goes. Down go neatly stored boar spears, and hunting bows. Finally, she has found it. While she is eating her fill. In goes Jason, and here come the Argonauts. The pigs are finding things too. Boy the granola sure is good. Our African wild cow is still knocking things off the shelves, and the pigs have broken into the main larder.

The boys next door are still drumming like mad. They know they can do nothing until morning light. Soon they will retire for the evening if they can. Is that a wolverine at the window, or is it a raccoon? They have got wood there. They can put it on the fire. 

Meanwhile, with the woodchucks still hard at work sapping the building. It suddenly shifted a little bit. The boys are not worried much since the building is very sturdy. A central beam is located above them can hold the weight of forty men easily. There are only six woodchucks down underneath them. What can they do?

The fire is good, and it is time to lie down. The hunters have not proven their manhood yet. They are basically prisoners there until each one of them kills their wild pig. It is a test of courage. They have no link with the outside world. There is a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman that can listen to them but, can not talk to them in their glory.

King is still digging, and it is still noisy. The African wild cow is walking around on the porch. The grunting of the pigs can be plainly heard. They are testing the door occasionally. The door is actually barred, but not too strong. It can still resist the pigs. Except. Boom! The door is almost knocked off the hinges. It's her! Doesn't she look great. The men are still bundled up in their cocoons. In runs a pig. In runs a pig. In runs a pig. Look! There's Jason. A young warrior is trying to, and Jason is right between his legs. That boy is in mortal agony. In runs a pig. More of them are coming through the door. Oops! Somebody just got a horn right through him. All of a sudden a pig is busy in a cocoon. Another hunter is getting his leg striped out by the tusks of a boar pig. Several of the hunters are trying for the door. They don't make it. Two of them are trying fight them off with pocket knives. Several of them are brandishing burning sticks to try, and drive them through the doorway. But that only works in the movies. Score: pigs twenty six, cow 1, and hunters 0.

The rest are bolting for the beam. Two of them have been downed by the pigs. The rest of them might even live to fight King, and about a dozen angry woodchucks. If they can stay up in the loft they might make it. Several of them are crawling along the beam towards safety. Whoops! The building shifted again. One of them fell off on to the cow. She knocks him right out of the way. Now, he is in the center of the pigs. The radio is switched off for the night. Sweet dreams. The screams are loud enough to wake the dead but, they're not going to help them.

There are more of them coming down because, the cow hit the center pillar. The building is shifting madly.

All of a sudden a moose is through the gate. It is still about three hours before daylight. Sure enough, about three of them make it. The pigs are nuzzling around looking for food. One of them goes for the stash of weapons next door. He runs right into a wolverine. That's it for him. The other two are running for the gate. One of them makes it through while his buddy slips on the hard snow. A pig is right on him. The leader is running for his life. All the while Jason is right after him. It is a macabre race to the finish. As the last hunter falls prey to Jason. All the hogs are exiting the gate heading for the forest. No one will ever find them. The African wild cow is bounding through the deep snow towards the village. That cow will be a milk cow in somebody's pasture. She is following the scent of a bull.

About tree days later all the hunters are found to be dead. It is bad to cross King. That is why the woodchuck is feared in that area by the Natives.

Friend Kitten is going to tell you about Tantra. You need to look up the Cathari. Those people were really bad. There was connection with Afghanistan, and India. That was the height of the Tantra in the Eleventh Century A. D. What happened to them? They have all been wiped out prior to the coming of the Muslims. That Tantra killed them off.

Now, Friend Kitten is telling you a Great Secret. This terrible Yoga will kill you in a few years. So all the Yoga people could live as long as they could give the Secret Yoga to other people. That is where the Cathari, or the Perfect came from. This Cult may still be around. Be warned.

That is why Kitten always gives them the Holly Oh! That is to fight the Folly Oh! Every time Kitten finds people like that. Kitten has to give them a Holly.

Virtues of the Cat

 Now, you are going to need a cat. Actually, you will get another cat later. The first cats Kitten got was two kitties. That way they are not bored. This is important for Your Catherine. You have to get a kitten. Otherwise, get a cat. You have to rescue your cat. You should be able to have a cat in your residence unless, you're in jail, or something like it. If you can't have a cat. Then you need to move to a place where you can. If you are in "Canp" you need to gain more status to prove you are worthy of a cat.

 You can wash your cat too. That way you will have a hypoallergenic animal. You can also toilet train them. They will go to bathroom in your commode. You can train them to do lots of things. Some cats can even be taught to paint pictures. You should be able to control your cat. Power is like a cat. Kitten expects you to have a cat. Otherwise, you might be a Mouse Boy. Mouse Boys can't train anything.

 This will give you an understanding of Catness. It will teach you Toleration. You will learn Patience. You will learn about Control. You will learn how to integrate your cats with your dog. If you don't have a dog. You will get one later.

There is a man. He just got a litter of wolf cubs. But, a wolf is not a dog. Wolves are a lot more dangerous because, they will challenge their master under certain conditions. You can not be in between two wolves that are mates. You will be attacked. Wolves are very prone to bite people, and other animals like livestock. This man has sold all these pups to different people. All these wolves have mated with compatible dogs. So there are huskies that have some real wolf in them. Huskies are dangerous anyway.

There is another man that thinks a wolf, or at least a wolf dog is a manly animal. They're not! A dog is a lot of trouble to take care of anyway. Certain breeds are more challenging than others. Wolf dogs are not meant to be pets. At least in the emergency ward in some hospitals this is well known. They are especially deadly to small children. Wolf dogs get jealous. They will kill a child if they get the chance to. It's those wolf genes again. Now, there could be small exceptions but, why take the chance? This manly man is not able to prevent his dogs from fighting. He tried to break it up. He has twenty stitches in his arm to prove it. Those dogs are going to go free. There is a national park, and he has just dumped them. Those wolf dogs are not afraid of people. That is bad since several hikers have disappeared after he did that. Here is the quiz. Is that man a murderer?

Before you get an animal know that animal. When you have a child you have a lot more dangerous animal than a wolf.

Here is a man. Look! It's VJ Day (Victory Over Japan)! But he really isn't a man. He is a Mouse like in the cartoons. The Great War isn't really over for him. As a matter of fact the War has finally come home. This is San Diego. San Diego has just turned into Scaresville. If these Mice get their way San Diego will become Satanville. The war is just beginning. The Mice are getting bad in San Diego. They are trying to take over.

This is Barnacle Bill the Sailor visiting the Ship's Captain's home. The Captain is away right now. The Captain's wife can hear someone singing outside.

"I am rough and tough and more than enough.

I am Barnacle Bill the Sailor.

Here I am. Please, let me in.

Here I am. Please, let me.

Here I am. Please, let me in.

I am Barnacle Bill the Sailor."

Then he leaves. He is just trying to get under her skin. She is afraid. Having accomplished that mission for the Mouse. He knows he can get away with anything. Because, the Captain can't do anything. His is getting into a stolen car along with his three pals.

This is where the Mouse Play gets pretty rough. They have ditched the car downtown. It is time to play. They are all Navy frogmen. Underwater demolitions (UDT): they know it all. They like playing pranks. They are genuine war heroes. Nobody is going to touch them. They might find a German out there. They might. They are looking for those Japanese sneaks. As a matter of fact they have gotten many people doing this too. They might find a few war traitors. That is very possible. They are a militia of sorts. They are organizing a "Free Corps".

These four people are Cadre. They have an ideology they call 100% American. Their "Free Corps" has become a real Militia. True they are in the National Guard. That is a real militia recognized by the Constitution of the United States of America. But, the Mice want something more. This is better than vigilante. Much more than Vigilance.

This happened right after World War I too. That was a legacy of the American Civil War. It's the Yankees Again! This goes all the way back to the American Revolutionary War.

Right now, they are going to go "barhopping". They are moving from bar to bar. There is a Jew. They found him to be guilty of "eyeballing" them. "What are you looking at"! He is a sailor too. He was a supply clerk aboard ship. This is class warfare. It is in a sense, a racial war as well. Somebody pulled the chair out from under him. He can fight but, he better not. A Negro can have that girl of his. There he is to escort her out the door. The Negro doesn't have to worry. He has to leave when he is told to. He can even have a beer. But, our Negro will settle for at least double shot of the hard stuff. He likes it. He can have another.

Jew Boy has just gotten punched out. Our Negro is just sitting there enjoying the action. A bar fight has broken out. That Negro is a sailor. He is a hospital corpsman aboard ship. They are fighting for him. She gets to leave with the Negro. That Negro will look after her honor. Off they go! Because, Jew Boy has just been killed right in front of her. The Cadre all have girls.They are all still sitting down. A junkie has run out the back. He did it of course. It's terrible! Look! The Shore Patrol is right there. They don't see anything wrong. There is dead man. That junkie walked right in, and knifed him. That Jewish girl is dead outside. Remember, that could be anybody they don't like. Guess what? They don't like you. That is for the sake of argument.

There won't be any brawls unless the Cadre calls for it. After a brawl there is usually four, or five people dead afterwards. This is a "Celebration of Camp" in the streets. This a "Free Camp" that the "Free Corps" has established in San Diego. Logistics, and Support was happening there during the War. People are there to welcome the Cadre. In spite of the fact that Roosevelt was a dictator, and the United States was almost under Martial Law. It is time to go further. There is going to be a Catharsis for the Mouse. The girls are going to get it. A reign of terror is in place. This will be the new American Revolution. It might go there.

Now, what are you going to do to stop that from happening? Because, right now you are a target. You are going to have to "stay alive". San Diego is not like that now. Neither is Nashville. But, it could go there. 

All the time the Mice were playing in San Diego no one seemed to know what to do. There is rioting. Afterwards, there does not seem to be anything too abnormal. But, there is a general pattern of lawlessness directed at certain people the Cadre wants out of the way. People are being mugged. Women are being raped. People are being killed in bar fights. Bullys are taking over the school yards. The churches are falling into their hands. Blasphemy resounds from the pulpits.

The Mouse is getting stronger. The Korean War has started. The Red Scare is in progress. Who is safe. Our boys are overseas fighting for the Mouse. Thanks to them the Mouse is safe in America. The Mouse is getting bigger. The Atomic Kidd understands that. Under the banner of peace the Mouse is still making war. The Mouse is telling people to "fight for peace". There needs to be more war. War is the way of true progress. The Jungle Wars are starting up. The Desert Wars will happen later. The "Wild Camp" is becoming global.

Here is a another scenario. The Mice getting exceptionally bad in San Diego. It is the worst mutiny ever. Everything looks pretty normal on the streets. The ship's Captain is out to sea on another ship. It has been four months. He is heading for port. Our Captain suspects something is very wrong. There are four thousand mutineers in town. That is bad. He has to get permission to go ashore with every man he can muster. The Admiral agrees with him.

He has just got five ships. He wants them to dock. While this is going on the Admiral is aboard but, he needs to go on a submarine to San Francisco. The mutiny hasn't spread there. 

The Black Captain has twenty thousand souls to work with. He can put eight thousand sailors ashore with no incident. Once, he is docked he is going to immediately to find his wife, and get her out of danger. Actually, someone is going go in his stead. For he he suspects the very worst but, hopes it anin't so.

Sure enough, off he goes with four enlisted people. He gets as far as a block away. Then there is a fiery explosion. The sailors are all milling around in the fashion they normally do when they come off ship. It is only about four hundred. The Black Captain has been watching carefully from the tower. He saw it. Then it is real. He has issued written orders. He knows there are thousands of mutineers. This going to be a hell of tough tussle. The ship is going to explode into action. Four ships have launched landing craft. This going to be like Iwo Jima. That was a bad fight. He has get those people off ship immediately before they get bottled up on ship. Otherwise, it can take days. By then they would be gone! Suddenly, thousands of armed sailors are swarming out of the ship. Crossing the gangplanks, and crawling over the net to shore. They all have shore patrol badges. That makes them police. This is Martial Law at its worst.

There are hundreds of people coming out of the landing craft. Many of them are UDT. They have to neutralize any munitions in the area. They have to take control of all the stored munitions and guns. They are still on base. He suspects his wife is dead. He knows it really. That is why he has to be a trooper now. The base is theirs. They have bring to everyone to mast. That is to make sure they come responsibly. This is going be rough. The ship's guns can follow them. The base is in the hands of the mutineers. A lot of people are dead. 

This is hard fighting. The mutineers were orchestrating a general military uprising. They are fighting hard. The Marines are all dead. Those mutineers are fighting with everything they have got. That is why they tried that assassination move first. They believe they are fighting the Admiral. The Black Captain knows that. He doesn't cry in the presence of the enemy. Half that base is going to die before they can fight their way into town. They are shooting the militiamen down. The resistance has been crushed. They have to fight everybody in  town practically. The Cadre is trying to get away. They are all actually navel officers but, hardly gentlemen. They have lost forty of their people in this engagement. Over five hundred mutineers are counted among the dead. The rest will wish they were with them later.

Our Consuela is in San Francisco. Look! It's Dr. Herta. Maybe, Dr. Herta has remedy for this kind of contagion. It is actually spreading there. More may be found on the East Coast even. President Trueman is in danger. This is called a general mutiny. They have had it a few times in other countries. It is always bad. Anyway, Auschwitz isn't in on this one exactly. Comrade Stalin said there isn't any such thing as Auschwitz. That is news to our Consuela. Auschwitz isn't in fashion yet. But, it will be much later. Mom is the word. But, mutiny is overseas.

The Black Captain is going to put it down with excessive force. In other words they are going to shoot everybody. By now, our Captain does not exist. But, he is very real. Over thirty thousand people are hitting the beaches. Rumors have it that naval gunfire can be heard as far aways Oceanside, California. They have to shoot the cactus. It is bad cactus. Mouse Play is really nasty.

The Mice are fighting fiercely for their Mouse World. This is where It almost takes over. The Captain's men have to kill the Cadre at any cost. But, they are not sure who they are exactly.

The Cadre have a power because, they are very loyal even to their death to what they believe to be their country. So they believe they are perfectly right.

It looks like the USS California has docked. You have got understand that regional loyalties were very big. Hopefully, they still are. Those sailors are absolutely furious. They turning into Cats.

Sailors coming ashore armed with knives, clubs, chains, axes and anything they can get for a general free for all. They are charging into town brutal as they can be. Some them have been aboard ship for almost five years. The ship's brigs have been emptied for this occasion. This is an occasional hell. This is vicious fighting. The streets look normal. Rumors are being spread they are putting down an uprising of Communist sympathizers.

The Cadre must be still there. Maybe they can find them in the bars. The Cadre understand they can not show too much fire power. This will decided in hand to hand street fighting. This is something they are ready for. They have got a lot of street toughs there.

Tijuana, Mexico is being drawn into it. The Mexican army won't come across the border but, that does mean they won't. Mutineers have been taunting them for years. There is nothing but, a rumble there. Thousands of Metizos are dead all over Mexico. It seems to coincide with the rebellion going on in the States. But, anarchy is like that. It is called a popular uprising of the masses.

Our Consuela is making a phone call for the Admiral to Mexico City to find things out. She has issued code words to side with the beleaguered Captain in San Diego. It may not happen but, it could go badly if this New American Revolution is successful. The word is kill them. Then she hangs up. The Communists aren't much for it. But, they are not against it either. Stalin is going to make the call here. As a matter of fact he doesn't. This going to be bloody.

The Captain is going to do stuff but, he can't  do everything. But, he is going to have to. Consuela is going south to take power. If she can she will. By the time she gets there our Captain is dead but, no one is in control. Our Consuela is acting as the Captain's wife. No one knew exactly what she looked like! 

Forty thousand people are fighting in the streets almost house to house. The Mice are getting it but, they are standing strong. The Jews in the area are dead. The Quakers are being killed if the Mice can find them. The Mice are still recruiting more people all over the world. This a worldwide revolt. That explains why North Korea can almost kick General Mac Aurthur right off the Korean peninsula.

There has been fighting in Africa for so long no one can't remember when it has ever stopped. It's just normal there.

The Black Captain is still alive. Again the rumors of his death are premature. He has finally made it back home. Our Countess is still there too. The Black Captain did not know he was married to her. But, his wife had to hide out. Rumors had to be propagated that she died terribly. The Black Captain, and his Non Commissioned Officers (NCO's) are resting while the women are voicing there concerns regarding the possibility of peace. They are all listening intently because, there is a real problem with this deep vein of hatred in America. The Captain has informed his wife about the troubling occurrences during his years aboard ship. The pattern started to emerge during the thirties. Then it started to manifest in 1940. It goes all the way down to the American Revolution. This deep fault is because, these conflicts are post-phoned. There are no Peace Provisions in the American Constitution, nor are there laws mandating a Declaration of Peace. Hence, there is no security, or safety. That is what comes out of all this. Unfortunately, for some reason that is not going to happen. America still needs Peace Laws. We may have to "sunset" wars like Korea, Viet Nam, Panama, and so forth. More importantly, the American Revolution must declared to be over. Hence, America is not going to propagate revolution overseas. That way the charities, evangelists, aid programs, and the American People can be trusted overseas, and abroad. That way Americans will be much safer.

Be that as it may. The Black Captain has to get ready for the next phase of fighting. Our Captain knows the names of the mutineers. It is in the ship's manifest. Our Consuela will share those names with the world. You know how those things go. But, you know the girls have do things too. They want San Diego back. Scaresville is still really scary. Washington is trying to keep a lid on this thing. The mutiny is still spreading. A popular front is happening. Otherwise, the mutineers will take the town. Other ships are involved. But, what about the women. Who wants to marry a traitor? They have to locate the mutineers, and their allies quickly.

Meanwhile, at the San Diego harbor. Davey Jones is piloting the "Little Tug that Can't". There are many boats including military ships who still believe for some strange reason. That still think the tug boat is theirs'. Anyway, the "Little Tug" can't do anything for them right now. The Cadre are on aboard. There is a submarine net that must be cut down. That is why the Cadre are there. This to let in three big ships controlled by the mutineers. That will put about nine thousand people ashore for the fighting. They are coming through. Right now. They are coming ashore. They are not armed. They have to find arms there.

The "Pirate Cult" is coming too. The Pirate Captain is there. He is the Devil Himself. His minions. They are just outside San Diego Harbor. They don't have a tug boat, a warship, or an airliner except when they want one. They are Proteus like in structure. You are not going to find them easily. Each Pirate is a Cult. That City can be had by him if he can get people to go in with him on everything. Now, there are Three Pirates in town. That is bad.

Now, all during the War. They were taking in anything they thought was a "man". Then they all got military training. That was to turn them into "fighting men". These are people that will be out on a crusade for some mysterious reason not understood at all by any of them. They hanker, and yearn for the opportunity to go somewhere to fight, kill hopefully. This is somebody they don't even know. These people they are fighting have never had anything to do with their homeland. This isn't exactly the United States Military. But, it was part of it.

Those Three Pirates were three ship's Captains that arrived in San Diego. They have called the Cadre to mast. They need to become Pirates too. The Pirate Cult is a Mithraic Cult. It is a Masonic-like offshoot. Now, there aren't any Pirate Lodges. There are just Pirates. Each member of the Cadre is learning the Lore of the Pirate that is Mithra of course. The War of Independence is to be done aboard ship. "Captain Kidd" is the bane of Piracy. "Davy Jone's Locker" is the true Pirate's Chest. That is the only thing that is valuable. That is the treasure beneath the waves. The Mutiny on The HMS Bounty produced the first Pirate Ship on the South Seas. They are making the transition from being just a Big One to becoming a Real One. Then they can be the Man. The Man is God.

The Black Captain has to go through every possible option before committing more men. Caesar understood the necessity of converting warriors into policemen. He has to enlist the women as well as the men of San Diego to impose Roman "peace and safety".

Right now, he has eight thousand Shore Patrol on duty. Most of the mutineers can be discharged honorably since their term of service is up. Their discharges will be mailed to them. That can be handled in Washington. Because, most of the servicemen, and women under our Captain need to be discharged effective immediately. That is to be broadcast through the city.

That will leave only people that our Captain can trust. He definitely doesn't want to fight anymore. Therefore, he will not be fighting desperate people. He will be working with people that will follow his orders. That will eliminate, or at least deescalate the conflict. 

There is an unwritten agreement to stand down. All the Pirates are going back aboard one of four ships. They are heading for the Philippines. The Black Captain is going answer to the Admiral.

Understand, this populist-like movement of peoples disappears as quickly as it as it starts. The problem is always, social standing. Why do people go out, and vote for anything? Then there is the problem of social mobility. All these issues can be addressed in the five simple "Camp" Laws: 1) Stay alive 2) Obey 3) Work 4) Order 5) Progress. Then we will have a society worth mentioning. We have get rid of barbarism first.

During this time there is this phenomena of "rising masses." The British are having problems too. This a popular revolt. The contagion has spread to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Mau Mau uprising is happening in Africa. The Quakers are being killed all over the world. The Jews are not fairing much better. India is in the grip of civil war. The Huks are amok in the Philippines. The Panama Canal is in danger. Chinese Civil war is heating up. South East Asia has to be policed by the Japanese Army. Stalin seeing his opportunity is consolidating the Soviet Union's gains. As revolution is sweeping Europe. Americans are being killed everywhere Americans can be killed per his orders. The Soviet Union has the atomic bomb. Britain wants the bomb too. France is clamoring for the big bomb that really settles things. The Swedes are horrified. Finland is in shambles. In Palestine the Jews are dying in great numbers. The Arabs aren't faring much better. Wars of Independence are claiming the lives of the British, and the French in their colonies. They will lose them later of course. The Waffen SS will be fighting in South East Asia. The private armies are waging war throughout the world. Mercenaries are being recruited by different Governments. The global death toll is rising. It may equal World War II, or maybe surpass it. Most of the expatriates are being killed off. The Communist Parties have been slow to form but, they are getting off to a good start. The conditions in South America are abominable. Famine, and disease are ruling in many places.

"Who benefits?" from Comrade Lenin's manifesto.

Let us talk about hatred a lot. That above statements tell a lot about social hatred. Institutionalized hatred. Girls need to learn about misogyny. That is a pathological hatred of women. That comes from girl fear, or gyneophobia. One of the first manifestations is tokenism. Tokenism is a policy, or practice of making only a symbolic effort. Jane Fonda is basically a token. Institutionalized gyneophobia is hardly threatened. Melinda Gates is another token. Neither, is Hillary Rodham-Clinton much of a threat to this pathological infrastructure. "Who benefits" here? Look! There is girl that is going to take that man's place. It's a toddler. He is terrified! The horror of it all. That man is an imbecile. We can replace him with little girl holding a kitten. The battle lines are being drawn. Air resounds with the terrible war cry of Mew! Mew! Mew! The "men" are running out of building for their lives. That 's a little Catherine.

Here is a bit Amerind Humor. Everybody knows "Laughter is the best of medicine." but, that will not heal him much. There is a man. He is a very bad man. Also, he is a very stupid man. He has sneaked into an old nuclear test area in Nevada. How he made it in there is an incredible mystery of evil. He has found it. It is an underground test that made a beautiful cave filled with jewels. He is after cesium. He plans to sell it in the market. The blue carbonate is highly prized by rock collectors. There is four kilos in there. There are good chunks of it in there. He can see it plainly. Strontium is really there in abundance. There is lot of it in there. That is lavender glass, and some of it is green. God it is beautiful! If you could get a robot to go in there. It would be a wonderland of love to show on special film. There is a little rubidium in the volcanic-like glass shinning in a multitude of colors. There is a place our hero believes is an exit hole for the bats to come out. That is just covered with radio-lead that has a blue metallic sheen. He has everything he needs to gather all the samples he can before he is caught by the "radiation police". In he goes. That cave is a very deep cave. So he walks right by the beautiful strontium, past the glossy rubidium, ignoring a treasure trove reddish plutonium nitrite, and there it is. All he has to do is pick it up. But, the cesium carbonate bit him. He is getting disoriented. He kind of feels sick. He has to check everything out. The cesium carbonate is safe in his ruck sack. There is two kilos of it in there. He has just grabbed about four ounces of solid plutonium metal, and that goes into his vest pocket. That is about the size of a small fishing sinker. That is really heavy metal. What the hell is he getting now! It is a crystal of pure plutonium! What a find! Boy, that will really be good in a rock show. That goes into his vest. He has to keep it all separate. That is very important. He is going for the lead but, it is really barium chloride hydrate (tritium oxide). He has got that too. He has to exit out the "bat cave". Off he goes, shinning up the narrow entrance. His face feels hot. His hands are beginning to blister. He is now totally involuntary. His eyes are filming over. His face is skull like. But, he can still climb. He is almost there. But, the opening is too narrow. He is starting to get his rock hammer to make the opening a tiny bit bigger. The bones are glowing. His hand is evaporating. It is amazing how tough he is! By now, his body is mostly gone into the cold dry air. All his samples are unharmed. That is a beautiful Holly story.

People need to understand something about Tanith. Why She is separate. Here is a little story. Once upon a time. There was a roving reporter that somehow got himself into a nuclear facility. Again, it is some kind of Miracle of Evil. But, he is in the reactor room. We will call it that. There is a large pool of water where the reactor core is located. Isn't he lucky. What a scoop. Yes, the reactor is still generating power. No "China Syndrome" there at all. He can be like Karen Silkwood. The water is turning a beautiful shade of blue. The man has just gone for a swim somehow. Because, he has to show off. He has just gotten out covered from head to toe with this beautiful blue radiance. It is the tritium in the water that does this.

Understand, Tanith is in Her World, and you can not go there because, you will be MLK. That will kill you. Somehow, people do gain access like that hostile fool in the story. There are many people like "Rover". Thus, Kitten, and Tanith have extended MLK futher. We have to find out how many people are like this in the World.

 Kitten can not be MLK yet, Kitten has Divine Union with Tanith. This is to extend Her Self in order to help people. Tanith can do that for you too.

Returning to our story. "Rover" is not going to last long since, he went too far out of bounds. He is a bad doggie, so to speak. Now, he is trying to get out of the reactor place. He can but, the security firm can not do anything unless they shut the reactor down. That is what he is trying to do. Then everybody out there won't have any power again. They really don't want to do that. The whole pool is like on fire as more of the tritium is coming to the surface but, the water is not too hot. You can still swim in it. It looks like Rover did that. He is begining to show signs of extreme radiation exposure that is still on going. He is still wet with tritium that is going into his skin. He doesn't show any burns since his skin is physically dead. Yet, he doesn't feel any pain except ,this intolerable hotness. The guard told Rover to go back into the pool again. He will feel better. Rover has just done a belly flop into the reactor vessle from the observation deck. Thus, begins his journey. He is paddlig madly. He is nude. His skin has come off. Rover looks terrible. In a sense, he now has MLK. "MLK feels no pain" as Rover is being absorbed by MLK to escape the Pain of Being. Rover will continue to be absorbed by MLK. Rover is in Communion with the King who is really Tanith some distance below him. Rover knows this by the way. There is nothing quite like it. But, he is trapped. Whatever these Rites of Tanith are: it consists usually of offering enemies of a prominant family, and / or criminals, or Mithraic people as beacons of light usually called the Light of the World. This practice was noted in the writings of Saint Paul who approved of this practice as did the Roman Emperor Nero.

As our Hero is paddling wildly there in the pool. He can not get out of the "water" because, MLK told him to try it. You see, his muscles are dying. But, he can still float in the "water" easily as more tritium, and deuterium are made by the reactor Rover really hated. That security breach has been patched up. Several employees were in on this fiasco. Our Hero is still floating. "Belly Fire" is making his exisance unbearable as he submits to the Mercy of MLK. His intestines are dying. The nervous system is still alive, and his brain has been finally secured by MLK. He takes a deep breath of the watery substance, and down he goes drifting towards His Goddess who is really MLK. His body is disintergrating. That body will never be found as it will exist as only transmutated elements. There is nothing but, a film of our Hero there with the plant security.

Now, here is the quiz. Is there anything there for Tanith Pene El? Kitten has "talked" to Tanith about this, but We are not sure. It seems to belong to another age. But, again We are not sure. It seems, We have to keep these Traditions alive. MLK is a male impersonator. We have a problem that is becoming unprecedented. Another, Deity is trying to take over "Man". This "Man" is not a role by the way. This is a Unitary Deity that is incorporating everything into Its' Oneness. Mithra is a Spy Deity, Hari is a Love Deity, Rama is a Power God, and Krishna is a Warrior God. They are separate from each other but, they are incorporated into the Oneness of Mitra. Pater Mithraris is always a Male Goat. Therefore, Mithraris is a Ruse. Don't fall for it. The Ruse is strange because, people will confuse it with a man. It is not! It is not a sacrificial animal. It is just a ruse. That is what a Sap is. Pay attention to Kitten! Priapus is not a God at all. It is a device of Mithra. Krishna is expanding His Kingdom by means of warfare that is covert in nature. They are coming through, and incarnating in Our World not only in India. At least, Their worshipers think so!  They really do! Thus, they are preparing the Way for Their Advent. If they can catch Mouse. They can have Kalikan back again. That is always bad. If they can get Snake back it will be terrible. Then they will have Shaitan as well. This is in the Realm of Psychological Warfare. Debate is like that too. But, this cold war can heat up. That is when it gets beyond the Boundaries of Kitten. "Mew!" "Mew!" Mew!""

Dying is bad Kitten, and Tanith will lose each other. And, the Amour must begin anew. That being said, We must go futher because, We both Share with Female Deities. Girls have this relationship that is almost not present in anybody but, girls.

Now, Kitten is separate from Tanith but, Tanith likes Kitten. Kitten has done practices including a form of Yoga (Bhakti Yoga) to woo Tanith. It is an Amour (Amor). A lot is being Shared between Tanith, and Kitten. As long as those boundaries are intact. That can can happen. Tanith is an Individual, and Kitten is an Individual too. The Love is there because, Love respects boundaries.

Now, Friend Kitten has some more Holly. Tis the Season to be Jolly (Jovial). Now, we all know that radiation is very bad for people. It can also influence the behavior of men and animals. There are many kinds of wet blankets. This can put out any holiday fire. Understand, there are two kinds of radiation. That includes visible light. There is ionizing radiation that creates free radicals that cause premature aging of the skin like ultraviolet light (UVA and UVB). In moderate amounts UV produces tanning, and vitamin D production for your health. X rays, and Gamma rays may have some benefit in stimulating the endocrine glands. This light like any medicine can be detrimental in great amounts. Non-ionizing radiation like infrared (heat), visible light, radio (megahertz), micro wave, and radar (gigahertz). Television in Very High Frequency (VHF), and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) is special since it doesn't ricochet off of objects and the ionosphere like radar does. Auschwitz had several transmitters at 90 giggle hertz (gigahertz) that had special properties. You could call it super high frequency (SHF). Understand, the transmitter can look like anything but, antennae, or light bulbs are unique to the frequency being broadcast. This is because, light has wave, and particle properties according to what it is. Good. You have learned some very important physics from "Mr. Wizard" (1950's TV show). Now, Kitten has to tell you these things to understand this is not mad science. There is nothing crazy here like a perpetual motion machine which is impossible for lots of reasons.

Friend Kitten has many electromagnetic devices in Kitten's place. Kitten likes them. The heater is going on right now. Kitten's Catherine Machine which is a computer with all the peripherals works fine. That is not to mention Friend Kitten's kitchen. Believe it, or not Kitten likes to cook Kitten's meals. You know how finicky cats are. Friend Kitten likes to eat the very best, smoke the best, and drink the best. That's what Doc told Kitten. Friend Kitten gets plenty of exercise shopping, and eating out in all the best places. You might not find Kitten home. Kitten works too a lot in the landscape business. Kitten loves riding a "lawn crawler" cutting grass, and making money. Kitten always loves learning, and doing new things. This web site will be up in Spanish, and German in due time. Kitten loves to learn new languages. Remember, knowledge, and skill plus the wisdom of its use is powerful. Kitten loves power. Investigating into very obscure subjects is a sure way to secure income. The earlier done the better. Edgar Cayce was said to be an extremely powerful prophet. But, he couldn't get out of bed! Don't be caught sleeping your life away. Right action cures depression. If you need medicine take it as prescribed. It'll help you. Kitten takes medicine too. You are supposed to be having fun. You know you are worth it. 

Friend Kitten is an Anarchist sometimes. It shouldn't of any surprise to some of you. It is time for you to know about Anarchy. Anarchy is a form of governance that is not-governing. Kitten has not-fighting as the most powerful martial art ever. This is how to get your enemies or opponents to beat themselves so you always win. You can read the "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu. Clauwitz has quite alot to teach you if you can read it all. That is taught in war schools all over the States. So what? Now, you have to find that all the war teaching, and training is seeking the Peace Ways. There always should be one. Every soldier has to understand how to survive the damned ordeal. Otherwise, they will die fighting somehow. "Why should I die"? "Fighting for what"? "Why"? That is why you are going to know that. Because, the enemy will tell you something different.

Friend Kitten will explain to you more about the magnificence of Pure Anarchy. Anarchy is not an ideology that anyone can follow easily. Enough with the theology of this Thing.

"Friend Kitten has to educate you more about pathological reasoning contained in general statements that are not true. 1) Everybody is a criminal. 2) Everybody is an addict. 3) Everybody is crazy. This always leads to the conclusion that nobody can be trusted. This leads to social alienation. It will go to the point of people becoming increasingly antisocial. This must engender intra-cine strife that may lead to open warfare. Signs that this is happening manifest as verbal combat a.k.a. hate speech. This may be disguised as jokes. Next this will escalate to pranks, and horse play. Then sabotage happens. Finally, physical fights break out. Like fist fights break out spontaneously. People walk out. Then murder becomes an option. Finally, open mutiny. With anarchy like that enemy agents, and terrorists don't need to do anything".

Friend Kitten has to educate you still more about pathological reasoning contained in general statements that are not true. 1) Everybody is a criminal. 2) Everybody is an addict. 3) Everybody is crazy. This always leads to the conclusion that nobody can be trusted. This leads to social alienation. It will go to the point of people becoming increasingly antisocial. This must engender intra-cine strife that may lead to open warfare. Signs that this is happening manifest as verbal combat a.k.a. hate speech. This may be disguised as jokes. Next,, this will escalate to practical jokes, pranks, and horse play. Then sabotage happens. Finally, physical fights break out. Like fist fights break out spontaneously. People walk out. People quit talking. People start planning something bad. Then murder becomes an option. Finally, open mutiny, or sedition, or rebellion, or insurrection. With anarchy like that enemy agents, and terrorists don't need to do anything. As a matter of fact, they are wasting their time. That is why security must be present to deescalate this sort of behavior to insure peace, and safety. That is to prevent anarchists from attacking, and wrecking our institutions. No one can do business in such a climate of evil. We must make sure the we always have good weather.

Don't touch that! Children engage in exploratory behavior. They must! That is how people learn anything. But, there are hazards. Hopefully, adults know these things. But not always for a variety of reasons. Adults engage in exploratory behavior too.

That is Anarchy 101 quoted above. Now, Friend Kitten will teach you more about the advanced stages of Anarchy. Presume mutiny has different stages before it becomes a revolution.

1) The first form is "rising masses". Rising masses" is the begining of some political movement. This begins with the forming of a militia, or a free corps. Yet, there is no cadre, or officer class. This revolt probably won't make it. Unless, it can make another jump, a quantum leap as you will. Activities are civilian progressively paramilitary tending to some idealized order usually a trans-racial, and pan-racial utopia. This usually is the product of some corrupt bourgeois ideal of democracy. Tianammon Square, China was classic "rising masses". That picture shows something incredibly stupid. Kitten's Deities are interested in why this Mouse Goddess is in China? Mouse Play is really bad. The Polish Solidarity movement is one of the few success stories of note here.

2) The  next stage is what we will call a "free camp". Everybody is in camp freely but, they can not leave camp at all. This revolt has a better chance but, not much of one of taking over. You can join this movement, and never know it. By now, you can see the first of the Big Ones. If you can see that. Then you are going to be a Big One. Now, there is something about Little Ones because, they may want to be Big Ones. But they better not try it! You see "Punch and Judy" are on duty here. Punch! This Little One better talk to Judy. Punch! What he is talking to my wife for? Punch! The Little Ones are not going to get very far because, they are Little Ones. There has to be some way out of this sea of strife. If they can find it the next form happens. The Cuban Revolution 1959 managed to make it to the top. 

3) Here is the beginning of a "well formed camp". This is the first time real order is realized in a Cadre. This is a Revolutionary Ideal that no one understands completely besides the Cadre. This arises out compartmentalization, and specialization within camp. If you are in this Thing you will know it. That means there is a general well formed militia. Ho Chi Minh's Revolution is prime example of an unusual movement that was actually unopposed.

4) Then a "wild camp" is where the Cadre are Big Ones that have a Vision of the Real Democracy. By living according that vision the Little Ones can be kept in place. There is a command structure in place finally. The militia has become a Free Korps. Here the revolt has a chance of succeeding. This is a Time of Private Armies that will usually ally together. There also, maybe antipodes. Any "counter control" may prove to be disastrous for this popular movement. Hungarian Revolution of the 50's.

5) The next stage is a "global camp". This is where the general mutiny happens simultaneous with global rising masses. The New Revolution doesn't have a country yet, but it will find one. This revolt will be extremely hard to get rid of. The Czechoslovakian Revolt in the 60's barely qualifies as a "global camp".

6) The Antipode is made up of people that have analyzed the revolution in terms of Lenin's statement of "Who benefits"? This begins when we have "global camp". People's lives are in danger. That is includes their families. It is a tribal affair. Somehow, this revolution isn't ours. It does not appear that the present arrangement has much to do with us. Our country is scarcely recognizable as anything we believed it was. Yet, we are stuck with this arrangement because, that revolution is really against us. In George Orwell's lingo they know that; "some animals are more equal than others". What kind of beast are you in the "Animal Farm"? You may actually meet "Big Brother". How much of your world is really yours? Where is my place? Julius Caesar after the Roman Civil wars. That is the establishment of the first police state. "Peace and Safety" according to the annals of Rome. Of course, the basis of everything Roman is the Virtue of Honor. This will have characteristics like both Fascism, and Communism. It is criminal in nature at times. George Washington, Stalin, and Hitler all qualify here as antipodes that actually took power, and rule.

Why Do Cats Fight?

We all know that cats fight.

We all know that people fight too.

Why do cats fight?

We should all know why cats fight.

We should all know why people fight too.

Why do cats fight?

There are a lot of reasons why cats fight.

There are a lot of reasons why people fight too.

Why do cats fight?

Cats fight to get mates.

People fight to get mates too.

Why do cats fight?

Cats fight over territory.

People fight over territory too.

Why do cats fight?

Cats fight to gain status.

People fight to gain status too.

Why do cats fight?

Cats fight to defend someone, or something they love.

People fight to defend someone, or something they love too.

Why do cats fight?

Cats fight when they are vulnerable.

People fight when they are vulnerable too.

Why do cats fight?

Cats fight when they are angry.

People fight when they are angry too.

Why do cats fight?

Cats fight when they are threatened.

Cats fight when they are threatened too.

Why do cats fight?

Cats fight when they are provoked.

People fight when they are provoked too.

Why do cats fight?

Cats fight their enemies.

People fight their enemies too.

Why do cats fight?

Cats fight because, they are not mice.

People fight because, they are not mice too.

It is near the end of March 2012. The holly trees are in full bloom and the box turtles are mating. Spring is definitely in the air. Back again in May, 2013. The holly tree are still in full bloom again here in Nashville, Tennessee! It's Spring! It's Persephone!

"I don't know you!" That what you must say to any hostile person while you are in company. Never share anything with a hostile person. Never give any information about yourself to a hostile person. You don't want to be impolite but, you must dismiss that hostile person immediately. You can call the police if you have to. They may claim to know you. Ask if they are a police officer. Still the reply to everything is "I don't know you!" This will save your life. People are playing Little Games against you. They might not know it is a Game. Stupidity, and Evil is a combination totally despised by Kitten. Never be in their presence. Always try, and get away when you can. Don't fight physically. Avoid name calling.

This is when Life Games are going on, and you get to see it. You have just seen something. If you can get out of there! Don't say anything. Don't do anything. But, act natural.

The Liberal Game, or the Web of Philanthropy is something to be aware of as well as those disgusting Money Games. You know what a Trojan Horse is? It is bad to have a Trojan on your computer. It comes as gift. A sort of Love Exchange.

And now, we will get into more of it. Kitten is glad you have endured this far. You might have what it takes to know more. Why?

Once upon a time, there was a King in a far away land named George. And, King George knew something. King George wasn't mad. King George wanted, and even had the finer things in this life because, He wasn't insane like King James before Him. King George had a Bible to guide Him. He even read the darn Thing. It wasn't too bad but, it wasn't great either. King James bankrupted the whole Kingdom because, England didn't have a King then. As result the Royalty in Europe became rather alarmed. That is if there was such a thing, much as Royalty. Back then, there wasn't much of anything to be royal with anyway. But, James topped everybody back then because, James flipped his top, obviously. The Royal Treasury paid out vast sums to write something that had already been written previously. Do you understand that? Have you ever heard of Martin Luther? Sure, you have.

That being said, you may want to know why everything is like this in my country. People aren't mad there a lot, but they do have a history of madness in America. Captain John Smith founded Jamestown since, King Charles said so. Here is a romantic portrayal of that one dressed in all his finest preaching to the naked savagery of the New World. King Charles lost his head because, He could not handle the peasantry there. If you can't be a King, then you can't be anything. Because, if you are Royal then you have to be somebody.

They brought earth worms, honey bees, and friut trees. They gave a lot but, got little. They tried to bring Civilization but, nobody wanted it there.

There might be gold there. Mr. Smith will ask about that. Very discretly of course. The Spaniard's claimed they found lots of that gold. They sent legions of Jews to Mexico. The Spanish Inquisition did that. As long as those Jews could find gold they could live there. They always did. England had Jews there too. Maybe, they could find it because, our Captain couldn't. But, the Jews were too busy organizing the Treasury. They could be pirates though yet, that would be bad for their fellow Jews in Mexico. Jews think globally. They always have. Even Columbus knew things that could be said. And, Columbus being Italian, and that sort of thing got the attention of the Pope. Queen Isabella knew everything the Jusuits told her to know. Isn't that cute?

King George didn't have any Jews to spare but, He did have Highwaymen, and assorted young ruffians leftover from the previous Kingdom. He could send them instead. He did. Lots of them to the New Kingdom. If they could found one that is because, King George was getting tired of hearing about them. There were whole cities filled with Them. Apparently, they haled from some place, or places deep in the Heather, the Moors, the Hills, the Forests, and these Evil Little Towns no one should ever visit. That was one reason England was broke a lot. The Wars of the Roses were still going on being fought with Other People. There was a terrible plague in England called "Treason". The King thought that Treason was native. Treason is a contagious disease spread by people called "Traitors". Former Heads of State sent them overseas as much as possible.

King James believed Witchcraft was rife in England. King Charles was even so crazy he lost his head. He needed to. As a result many of the guilds fled the nation. Some of them like Kitten's ancestors made it to America. Later, they could be found in Georgetown. 

Everything being as it was King George knew there would be rebellion there. He would make a show of it knowing that sooner, or later the former Colonies would come crawling back on Their hands, and knees. Ben Franklan did this by the way. And, so it goes.

Understanding, that These People would change but, little over the course of history should be instructive to you. They would harken back to a time that is nearly prehistoric. They are all reptiles by the way, and very much still with us. The Native Americans tried to match Their Savagery. Of course, they couldn't. They sure tried. These Settlers were not visibly brutal. Since, Their heiritage had instructed them to be civilized in some fashion. They had the Games. The Games are not known beyond Their Ken.

The Intergration Game was Their best Game. Their victims always believed it was real. It was a real Game. That is Thanksgiving for you. Thanksgiving in Massachuetts was an ironical historical event. All the Native American males were invited to a Great Feast Celebrating Life. The Injuns could bring food too. They could all sit around at a big feast. A Pure Model of the Integration Game. Everthing looks like we can all get along. We have much in common. We can all learn from each other. The food is good. No one will get sick. Everyone will be able to go home safely. They all knew that.

When the Natives finally got home. They found all their families were killed by the Settlers. The Settlers now, have more food while the poor bedeviled Natives have nothing to carry them though the Dead of Winter.

The Govenor of the Massachuetts declared a State Holiday to celebrate that event.

King George thought this was pretty scary. Since, they were filled with treason this was not suprizing. It was a wonder that the Northern Colonies were not fighting the Southern Colonies. That would happen later.

The Intergration Game was played in Africa too by the "Dutchmen". The "Flying Dutchman" was a slave ship. These were privateers, or yanks as they were sometimes called. This is Real Black History that isn't about Negroes all the time. It was a matter of getting everything assembled for the Grand Finale there. This isn't about Africa at all eccept, when it is. This is how you weaken the South. Black African Slavery is a Northern Enterprise. A few White Northerners feel guilty about that nowadays. They should because, the Enslavement of the Peoples hasn't stopped. Racism is worse than it ever has been. All the stupid racists have been weeded out. People are not angry exactly. They are now becoming mostly antisocial. They seem to suffer from a kind of combat fatigue. If present trends continue they will build a truely hostile society filled with malevolent people.

People need to understand what "hostility" really is. It is a military term. "Hostile" people are enemy combatants. Enemy combatants don't necessarily hate you. They are not angry at you either. "Hostile" people are definitely not insane. They are effectively evil. They are more than criminals. These slavers were like that. 

All they have got to do is get somebody on board ship somehow. Now, there are all kinds of ways of doing that. It is a bit devilish but, it will work. It requires quite a few people to go Native. They do that under some ruse. "Stanley and Livingston" is a more modern example of the Intergration Game. Our Criminals know this Missionary Work is a Game. Other people don't. Isn't that cozy? We can all be friends. We can all get along. For a while at least. But, maybe not sometimes. Except, nothing looks out of hand.

The Hunter always goes into the Woods. But, he has to have a Woodsman there to tell him where everything is at. Understand, a Woodsman is not a Hunter. The Missionary is not a Killer. Usually, isn't. So we have got to make "Toms". Once, the Traitors happen it becomes easier to catch slaves. Now, they don't know they are slaves yet. They won't find it out until they are on board ship. They will still think their White buddies will save them even when they are out to sea in chains of iron. Uncle Tommy won't help them either. Tommy is a traitor. Treason pays good. Tommy sings in the choir. That's not a joke at all. Africans are like that once the Tribes are ready for Integration. It is another name for Slavery, by the way.

A Brief History of Uncle Tom

Once upon a time, during the Reign of Queen Victoria. Kitten's Great Grandfather was charge with caring out that Queen's orders concerning refugees from American slavery in Canada. He did that to the letter. This is about the so called Underground Railroad. Part of his mission was to integrate these Negroes into Canadian culture. They became part of a guerrilla war against slavery in the United States. This also, was to take revenge on the United States for their numerous attacks on the sovereignty of Canada. Hopefully, this insurgency plus the ongoing American Civil War would destroy America. Then the British could intervene, and take over. All the slaves of the United States were from the Bantu Tribe. Idi Amin Dada was not Bantu in Uganda. There are no Bantu in Uganda. The Bantu are actually dying out in all of Africa. "Life is dark." Comrade Stalin said so. When we live they die.

After the American Civil War during the Reconstruction Kitten's Great Great Grandfather, and one of Kitten's Great Uncles got orders to go to England at their own expense. "Uncle Tom", and his family were to go with him. They were the Negroes featured in "Uncle Tom's Cabin". Apparently, they were genuine. So off they went to see Queen Victoria. Everyone made it. They got audience with the Queen of England. But, my Great Grandfather got a problem. It was an impossible mission, and a bloody one. Mind you, he had already completed an impossible mission flawlessly. He needed more authority to carry out his mission. He needed to be more than a Knight. It would have been good if the Queen had made him a Lord. He deserved those honors. Instead he was insulted. He got to have a "Bloody Seal" to use only as dictated by the Queen. But he is in Canada! That seal: wheat sheaf (Ceres) was cut from carnelian (red stone). To top it all all off: he got to meet Uncle Tom's former Master. Who was just grinning at him. The Habsberg people were laughing at him. "Where is your Lordship?" That broke him as he ran from the palace to get on his ship back to Canada.

But, there was more. There always is. Uncle Tom didn't go with Kitten's Great Grandfather back to Canada. Tom is terrified. The Queen assured Tom he was safe in England. Tom later lost his head in France. Tom's skull was made into an elaborate drinking vessel. Kitten is unsure whether this historical object resides in some English, or Habsberg collection. Skoal anyone?

All said, and done. We must move on to other Black History. This is a story about the State of New York that was settled by slavers, highwaymen, and other criminals from the Old World. These People always form trading colonies that were fortresses. They build with people. They preferred to make alliances with the Natives that were like Them. They always have these Evil Little Towns. There the Natives can get tomahawks, knives, and if they are really good they will get guns. There are the French woodsmen to fight along with their allies. When They are not plundering somebody durring a war. They live by fishing on the Great Lakes, and agriculture. Finally, these little forts, or camps are connected togther with a labryinthine maze of commerce of the worst sort. This is the begining of Mouse Cult in the United States. These are Bad Mice. This Thing will find a Center. This One is on the Great Lakes.

Now, understand These People have a history of criminality. It is a Sacred Tradition with Them. These are the terrible "Quircken". They have quirks. Sometimes, they are called Quakers. The Quirken have been purged many times from the ranks of the Friends. Except, when They are playacting at being Jews. They are not Jewish of course. What are they? They are truely Mice. Mouse can be Their God, and They can be His People.

Let us move in our time capsule to the present. We will find this Satanville still there on the Great Lakes. The people do not appear to be outwardly evil, much. These Country towns are notorious for being evil. They still have an agrarian ethic. Now, primitive agrarian societies like in the Americas tended to be openly brutal. Look up the word rustic, and pagan to understand what Kitten is trying to tell you. There is an archaic survival of traditions, and folkways that are considered too evil to mention. The American farm ethic is bad. This one is worse. It is an evil Country work ethic. These places are like something out horror fiction but, they are real. That is Their best defense. But, the extraordinary can be seen in the ordinary there. 

Nothing looks bad. It is a very attractive little town quite off the beaten path. There are no major highways. There is nothing out of place. There are shops, places of worship, a city hall, a police station, clinic, and a volunteer fire department. There are about three thousand people, and all of them are evil.

The missionaries of hate are showing up in town killing off as much of the population as they can before they have to leave quietly. The rest of the Great State of New York is turning a blind eye in that direction. It has become a place of pilgrimage of sorts.

Now, that we are done with all the fun stuff. It time to get down to business. Micro business is basically what business you are doing presently. Personal trading relationships you have been taught are much more than currency, barter, and favors. You have to have sophistry. Here it is. The business of business is business. That business is an end in itself. That is your economic life. If you are going to have an economic life. Then why not have a good one. That means being part of something bigger than you are. Because, you worth it.

Now, Kitten tells you the right way. "You may not like me. I may not like you. But, we can still do business. Because, we are above all that." Business brings people together. Business socializes them. People become more civilized since they are constrained by business ethics. These are like rules of engagement during war.

In the Great Game: "Camp" has been declared in Nashville. Given the Name "Berkenau" to engender the Fear in the Enemy (New York Sate, and the State of California). This does not apply to Jews, or Quakers. No scapegoating allowed here. Because, that is the Devil's way (Blasphemy). The vendetta is banned as well (Corruption of Blood). Innocent people are not to be harmed.

The perimeter of the camp was declared to be the boundaries of the Great State of Tennessee. That area can be purged. We can not guarantee the safety of anyone outside the boundaries of Berkenau. Berkenau is in place permanently.

The reason why Kitten is in Nashville, and has declared "Camp". Hundreds of residents of the Great State of Tennessee have been killed, and thousands more have been gravely harmed. This was done by agents of California, and mostly New York State. This has been going on for about three generations. These agents are armed with spy gear (Covert Assault Weapons) that can injure, or harm the State of Tennessee.

Boycott has been declared against the Enemy. It is good we do not aid them in any way.

We may attack the Enemy, and destroy their Industry.

We can attack people in these Enemy Lands identified as being hostile to the Great State of Tennessee.

We can enlist the support of Others in this endeavor. They may have this problem too.

We are only defending ourselves. We need to pass more laws regarding this "activity" in other states, and other Countries. This will be a Universal Spy Code. Anti Luddite Laws (Sabotage) that are very strong Universal Laws. We must have a Universal Camp Law in place: Auschwitz.

The Game is to set that all up.

"Business is the lifeblood of any country". So it goes, with Nashville. Other countries like France, Germany, Belgium... make the Great Mistake in trying to trade with the State of California, and New York State because, of state "sap" laws, trade laws, and war laws. Also, guilds, unions, and mobs preclude such trade. This is unique to these two states. Where as, the State of Tennessee has always supported Free Trade. That is Free Trade Zones, and Free Trade Centers (Free Enterprise Zones) free of taxes, duties, and organized labor. Citizens of the Great State of Tennessee enter these places freely for the purpose of trade, and labor.

Understand, that other countries may have different laws.

"Camp", Lebensborn, and Totenkopfverbande are global movements Kitten has found to be good for the Great State of Tennessee.

This is a picture of a beautiful of show that is in Luxembourg. That is a production of Lewis Carol's "Alice in Wonderland". Luxembourg has donated thirty thousand dollars to NYC (New York City) to produce "A Midsummer's Night Dream" by William Shakespeare. That is because, a ballerina from Luxembourg  arranged for this to produce the sets for this show. All they have to do is build the sets. The New York person who has promised to produce this show has sent material to Luxembourg. This set producer has drawn these monies out. All of it has gone into this set producer's pocket, and two of her relatives.
Understand, that these monies would contribute to produce a real show on par with the hit musical "Cats". Kitten wants you to see this show by the way. This will consist of just one scene of the Court of Queen Titania. This show will employ three hundred dancers, and support personal. But, this act of corruption has scuttled over three thousand jobs. Unemployment is NYC runs about 19%. See how terrible the Mice are in NYC?
Nashville would really like something like this with unemployment running anywhere from officially 16% with the Mice to 11% without the Mice. Lewis Carol 's "Alice in Wonderland" could run twenty months easy. "A Midsummer Night's Dream" probably  would do the same thing in Nashville's Performing Arts Center, the Ryman Auditorium, and "Dollywood".
Friend Kitten will give a synopsis of this Play of Lewis Carol's "Alice in Wonderland" for people that are not Royal. To Friend Kitten everything is so obvious. Of course, Friend Kitten wants to go to Luxembourg to see everything. You see there are people worthy of adoration. These people that Friend Kitten adores are called Royalty. They are Friend Kitten's Better's because, they are Royalty. They are not to be harmed in any way, shape, or form. They are Good People. Here I am just a Little Kitten for Their sake. Friend Kitten vows to do what He can. Then there is Monaco! Now, you can gamble away all your savings because, this a good trip. That is a gift for them. You get to meet the Royalty of Monaco because, Friend Kitten wants you to. By now, you should be totally refined, and civilized.
Now, that being said Friend Kitten won't describe the show because, you won't want to see everything. But, you have to go to Luxembourg to have anything worth knowing. So you have to spend all you money in Luxembourg. Because, it is worth it. You will always, earn it back because, you are strong enough to do that. That is Friend Kitten's test for you. Take my test. When you can. Good. Ops! We have to go to Belgium. There is Royalty there in Belgium that are truly worthy of Friend Kitten's adoration. It is good to bow down to Royalty, or courtesy for Royalty. Now, Kitten is a God. But, you see Kitten needs to learn. That is why Kitten has vowed to stay Kitten for the sake of Everyone. Kitten is not too good to bow before the King of Belgium. That is true. Kitten likes protocol. Kitten is good with His President Obama. Friend Kitten even likes him because, President Obama is worthy of Friend Kitten's adoration.
For Culture heals people's Minds. Now, Luxembourg not here. People can go over there to see something Good.
In order to appreciate something like that that you have to have some Royal Blood in you. Remember, you are not Royalty.
Now, all you have got to do. Is just go there. That will heal you.
But, there is more. There is. Here is where it gets ugly. Our ballerina from Luxembourg has only one place where she can dance. She wants to do more. She is not promiscuous, and has no intention of working in the sex industry. She doesn't. Bully for her! She is going back home. She has only stayed for two days in that state. Thank God, she's safe.

The Mice are getting really bad again in Nashville.

Lud is a form of Mithra who was incarnate in Great Britain in the early 19th Century. Lud came from a Village of the Dead. Lud was a progenitor of a political movement called the Luddites. He is like Robin, a another form of Mithra. India has a Goat form of Mithra. This Contagion has gotten common in my country. It is put in people to enslave them to Mitra. Many of these Satan Givers (Tantric Adepts) are still at large. This Foreign Abomination will evolve into Mithra the Man. Luck is an Angel form of Mithra. Luck has to bound with a Lucky Stone (Lucky Charm), and destroyed by the Radiance of Hathor. Trash is still another form of Mithra. So we have to Master Trash. Belial will do that for us. Kitten had to undercut Robin using Dis Pater. That put Robin on unfriendly ground to allow Juno to take over. Friar Puck is destroyed by Neptune Lord of the Underground Stream. The Radiance of Persephone will destroy the Goat. The Twin Goats Comedy and Tragedy are likewise remedied. Rude is another form of Mithra. Rude the Tormentor can be killed with the Radiance of Persephone, and destroyed by the Goddess Nirrti in the Next World. Then we have this evil Jesus Thing inside people. That is Mitra. But, Mitra isn't God. That One can only be judged by God. Of course, Mitra has been. The Radiance of Persephone can destroy Him too.
When Lud died corporeally. Lud could go on. Lud became part of the Oneness of Mithra. The Radiance of Persephone can only partially destroy Lud. Holly will emanate all around Lud, and absorb Lud completely. Of course, this destroys Lud. Mithra the Divine Child is destroyed by the Radiance of Holly. The Hero is consumed by the Radiance of Persephone.

But, there is another problem it is Hero Worship. Someone, may make movies about the Luddites. Kitten is not sure if they already have done this. But, in a sense Hollywood has, again, again, and again. Note, Hollywood does not have a single holly tree in evidence. This really is West Hollywood, nowadays, since they lost a lawsuit against Hollywood, Florida. Because, they were unholly. Where as, Hollywood, Florida has hollies in great abundance. This has been verified by Kitten. If anyone has a genuine holly sighting of a holly tree in West Hollywood? Kitten would like to see a picture of any hollies present in that area. The word "holly" comes from Middle English meaning "holy". The "holly name" actually designates something to do with Royalty.

Then there is the glorification of Trash in "Hollywood". Trash is a God of Music. Rude is a God of Ethics. At least They seem to be together a lot. Trash is very powerful in the Film Industry. Rudeness of the God Rude has been elevated to become a fine art all the media. We know Trash is a God portrayed a lot on television too. Even Public Broadcasting is into this adoration of Trash. Many people in other countries do not know there is a Trash Cult in my country. Even though some Europeans might suspect this is indeed the case. Belial in His Little Trash Master Truck is right after Trash. But, it is hard to keep up with Trash. Trash Worship will soon become a major faith. If present trends continue Trash Worship could be the real religion in my country. Who wants that? How did this come into being?

 Luck is another form of Mithra. Afterwards, the Twins show up on Schedule. That is the Mithraic Deities Comedy and Tragedy. Once They are Dead, and They are. We can use their Masks. The Show must go on! People might think Kitten is joking here.

 Let us hope this the case.

This all comes from "The Real Book". It's a real book written by the Real One. The Big Ones are under the Real One. "The Real Book" explains that a lot for another Real One to happen. The reality of the Real One allows the Big Ones to be real like the Real One. But, only if they are good for the Real One. The Big Ones have many Little Ones under them. The Big One has "The Big Book" written by the First Big One who is now, the Real One. This a real book too. It is mentioned that the Little Ones will want be Big Ones. But, they are bad for the Big One because, they will take the Big One's place. Of course, they don't deserve that status. So the Big One lets the Little Ones all know beyond any argument to the contrary. They better not even think about it. The Little Ones need to stay in their Little Places according to "The Little Book". This is also, a real book written by the Little One.
There are three films worth seeing mentioned here in Kitten's opus. This the nature of the Enemy as the Wandering Krishna. "The Fugitive Kind," "The Beguiled," and "The English Patient." The last one is "Snakeskin" at His finest.

Halloween 2012 is approaching. Kitten has two new black cats. Midnight Black is a small all black kitty. Sir Bobby a born mouser of the first sort. Sir Bobby is an all black bob tailed cat.

The seasons are changing but, maybe they shouldn't. It is time we got rid of winter. Why? Obviously, Friend Kitten can not cut your grass during winter. That puts millions of people out of work. Unemployment is phenomenal during winter time. This costs the United States trillions of dollars annually. Public services are strained to their utmost. We are worrying about an extreme liability. This adds to the nation's deficit. How do we do this? Melt the arctic, and antarctic ice caps. The poles will be at thirty degrees Fahrenheit! According to modern data the seas will rise anywhere from 8 to 30 inches. Now, some people believe that the seas will rise more. Understand, those deserts can absorb a hell of a lot of water. The underground water tables are ridiculously low worldwide. There is a hidden ocean of water bound up in plant, and animal life. That includes those ever increasing numbers of human beings. No ice caps. We can live with that. More water will be in our atmosphere. That will get rid of drought worldwide. How is too simple for words. Darken the snow. It could be darkened with ashes. We could use a dye sprayed from the air. The Russians would really like it. It is those longer growing seasons are needed worldwide. The alternative is global famine. Let's kill winter.

  The Primary Characteristics of antisocial people are, to wit:
1) Shielding
2) Distancing
3)  Cloistering
So when antisocial people form "community". This seems impossible but, it really does happen. We see the phenomena of communes, enclaves, or colonies. Mind you, they are not hostile yet. Something, or anything could happen that can turn them into hostile people. Then they are enemy combatants. These antisocial people are always at risk for that reason. Since, they are polarized. They are always highly political in the greater society. These groups maybe politically naive. They may even tell everyone they have no political persuasion! They are being foolish, and probably also, dangerous. They might turn out to be good. But, such is never the case.
Kitten voted in the general election. Know that Kitten is a political animal.

Here is a beautiful Catherine story. Once upon a time, on Planet Catherine. There were two brothers. They are both coming of age. The Goddess Catherine has decreed Senator Kitten to be the winner of the election by another landslide. President Catherine is standing right next to the Senator from the Great State of Tennessee. All the students in the classroom can see this is true. Since, Catherine never lies. The viewscreen is informing all the young students have come of age. They are going to get their Catherines. Many Catherine Cases have been brought in each carrying a live Catherine. The two brothers aren't going to get a Catherine. Hero will not give up his dog Rex. Mithra will not give up Fido. Fido is his best friend. Ditto for Hero. Now, Fido, and Rex are not allowed in the classroom. They have be confined in their dog places on the school grounds. Hero is worried about Rex. Only, Hero can give Rex food, and water. Both boys have come of age. They are required by Catherine to see the School Nurse about this. Hero has to go right away. Hero does not need to worry about Rex. The girls will look after him. But, right now, they are all busy with their Catherines. Rex can wait. There are a lot of girls there. Those Catherines are so cute! There is Catherine coming right out of her Catherine Case, and jumping into the arms of her person.

Here is a wonderful story from the Big Girl about an American Provisional Government. This was a real honest to God "Shadow Government". That would rule the United States during the reconstruction period following a nuclear war. This government was being set in place after World War II. All the ground work was laid during the reign of President Roosevelt. Here we are talking about World War III. The Cold War was a prelude to this greater war to follow. Then it was considered a virtual certainty.  By 1960 this American Provisional Government was officially set in place. President Kennedy invoked "War Powers" to insure this. This provisional government would have several features.

1) Insure the survival America fully intact.

2) It would probably be civilian. But, America could be governed by a Military Tribunal. This was all administrative, by the way.

3) Civilian government would be preeminent unless, it should become corrupt beyond recall. Thus, they be considered to be tyrants, or despots. There is a question here. What if these people form a species of Royalty? Mind you, none of these people are related to the Royalty of European continent.

4) If there should be a recognition of a "Middle Class" in America. That is proof positive that Society is Despotic, and Corrupt. Since, there is a species of Nobility in America. Of course, that violates the United States Constitution.

5) The Harris Family was set up under  President Kennedy to be the foundation of everything. The other foundations are Quaker families also, called "Peace".

6) This amounts to a major takeover, or coup de' tat in America.

7) "One shot. One kill." Kennedy is dead.

8) This "Shadow Government" was officially terminated by executive orders given by President Nixon in 1972.

9) However, this "Shadow Government" did not disband, and still might be around.

10) This "Shadow Government" was centered in the States of New York, and California. To avoid Civil War they were required to work together with New York calling the shots.

The Unhappy Campers

In New York there was a computer hacker extraordinare. Because, he has a sweetheart arrangement with Microsoft. He likes Windows XP. He has an endless supply of hacker tools. He was also, a private investigator. He might of even  developed "Carnivore." "Carnivore," and other programs like it are used by law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He sells, and repairs computers on the side. He does work for the Mob. This should make the police feel uneasy. They really should. He does a lot of work for for different Lobbiests. He can find out what the legislature is up to at any given time. Our hacker knows lots, and lots of secrets. There are trade secrets. Industrial secrets, and intellectual property. He shared those secrets with his Mob friends. That is why he is so rich.

 He lived in Albany. Albany is the capital of New York state. In case you don't know that. That makes this man especially bad. He is a die hard misogynist. He really hates women. Hacking girls websites, and their machines is something he really cherishes. This can get him in big trouble. But, he has a work around. Because, he has many proteges. They are all minors. The law will be lenient on them. They may never be prosecuted. So he has assigned them all this work of making war on women. So every women is a lesbian, whore, or witch. The National Organization of Women is one of his favorite targets. He is after women in government service, and the military. He is an enemy combatant along with all his proteges. He has even attacked Kommandant Kitten.

What is a whore really? Is a prostitute just somebody that works for a living. Any girl that work
s is a whore like a secretary. Of course, a sales clerk is a prostitute. So are school teachers!
So we have got to understand the full spectrum of the propaganda of the Enemy. What is a witch? Is it a girl that sexually arouses men? A real temptress. What is a lesbian? It is a girl that loves girls more than boys. We have got to inoculate people against this kind of venom.
In Alabama there is a Girls Camp. It is a safe place for girls to play, and learn. This monster attacked their computer network inflicting great damage. He took all the Camp's records. He shared that information with his Mob friends. Also, with certain Un American extremist organizations. That information was altered a lot by him, by the way. He is terrorizing the girls there. Being a master criminal he is almost bullet proof. He has a dangerous political agenda.
The Girls Camp was attacked four times. Once, by him, and rest by his proteges. One of his proteges was caught by the FBI. But, this was this boy's father too. Daddy does not have a job anymore. He did this computer hacking on the job. He had, and used several spyware programs that are illegal to possess. He also, had lots of photos from Club Lez. He had a subscription to A bit unusual for a man that hates women? Not really. Daddy is psychotic! To top it all off, he had lots of kiddy porn on this machine at work too.

Club Lez, and have picture of girls kissing. But, there something really creepy.
There are men in some of those photographs. What are they doing there? They are looking right at those girls. Those are Gay Men. Why are they so interested in those girls? They don't like girls. Although, they might not say so.

Here is a little course in Sexual Dynamics. Girls are not men. Their sexuality, and lifestyle is very different. None of these girls appears to be autistic. Men in this category under go a conversion to paranoid psychosis. Girls don't. That makes Gay Men very dangerous even to Gay Girls. The Gay Man is very much like a Junkie. Don't ever trust them. Gay Men don't love anybody any more than a Junkie does. Gay Men just want to get off. Gay Men like Junkies don't have friends. Gay Men like Junkies just form connections. Women compete with Gay Males in the Sexual Arena. Gay Men will do everything they can to trip women up. Gay Men don't fight fair. That Gay Man looks more handsome from a distance. The further the distance the better looking he gets. Stay away, from Gay Men. Eschew the Company of Gay Men. Gay Men are Evil Companions.  Understand, Gay Women have nothing in common with Gay Men.

What a man! What a Mouse!

Daddy is trying to find out what his sons have done on the internet? He has to explain all this to a judge. The Unhappy Campers found out about one his sons. This case is still ongoing. Remember, his boys have New York Mob connections. This may be RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations) stuff. This is a pair of really bad newsboys.
Here we need to know more about internet security.

1) Completely upgrade your operating system. All the patches, fixes, updates, and upgrades must be saved to disk. Get a disk from Microsoft, or you have create one. You will be haunting Microsoft for quite a while.

2) Use all the recommended security settings for a high security machine.

3) Computer hackers are political, criminal, and antidemocratic.

4) Never have any open programs on your desktop except your browser. When you are on the internet. Otherwise, you may lose all your work. If you have Microsoft Office up. It will be totally trashed.

5) Never use any pirated software! This may be filled viruses, trojans, and hacker code. Be warned!

3) Adobe has a lot of problems. Disable "Flash". Watch out for spoofing. Spoofs are are malware programs.

6) Consider uninstalling Internet Explorer. If you can. Get with Microsoft on this subject. Uninstall net meeting, and disable automatic update. Disable file, and printer sharing.

7) Be wary of disk copy programs. They may add other machine  code to your programs.

8) Obviously, you are going to have another machine that never ever goes on the internet. Your vital data has to be stored there. Your have to "spoon feed" it everyday. It still must be scanned for virus, worms, spyware, and malware every day. Now, you won't lose any of your vital data to hackers, spies, criminals, and terrorists.

9) Kitten hates the "Internet Dog" that has to go out before any program will work on your machine. It is too risky! Get program upgrades on disk. Beware of bait and switch tactics.

10) Use a modem that connects to your telephone line. Then when you are hacked. You terminate the attack by pulling the phone cord out of your modem. Do that as soon as notice anything suspicious. Scan everything with everything you have. You will definitely have worms. Without Internet Explorer you won't lose your operating system. Modems are more secure than any other internet connection.

11) You have to "prune" your operating system. The Games; you don't need them. You can have X Box instead. Microsoft Agent may be bad. Windows Media Player: you don't need that at all. You don't need any Adobe software. Photoshop always has problems. Adobe Flash can be hacked. There are many spoofs out there, by the way that pose as upgrades to Flash. All Adobe software has bad machine code. It is apparently sabotage. This is nothing but, "Junkware".
12) If you have the resources you will have to analyze your operating system's machnine code. Kitten is sure you are up to it. You really have to clean house on Windows.

13) Download as many free programs from a reputable download source as you can. Antivirus, malware detection and removal, worm and Trojan detection and removal, and antispyware programs. In this case, more means better. Update every one of these, and run them right now. If there is anything bad on your computer. One of these programs will catch it. Adjust these programs as needed for maximum performance.

Next, download several free firewall programs. Remember, there is safety in numbers. You will have more than two programs running at any given time.

Windows always, needs a memory management program running in the background like "Ram
Booster," Otherwise, nothing will work on your computer. Because, you will be out of memory all the time.

You will need at least two programs to hack into Windows to change hidden settings. Then you can have Windows something like the way you want it. You must have control of Windows. After all, this copy of Windows is yours. That is your machine. You want it to stay that way.
You have downloaded several free registry cleaners. Use them regularly along with Norton. If you can get Norton System Works. Then buy it, update it daily, and use it daily.

14) Now, let's tweak that Start Up folder. When you boot up. You want only certain programs to run. There should be a Start Up control inside your Windows System. Download a few programs to make sure you get all of them.

Well it happened. You lost your system. It is time to format that disk, and start over. You do have your work backed up? Okay. Let's get started by turning off the power. Then pull out the CMOS battery. Pull out the RAM modules too. Now, your machine is free of virus.

Kitten understands.

It is time to know about Distribution Networks. How they are descended from the old Juke Box Gangs. This racket started in the fifties as a companion of the protection racket. There is a bar. You are the bar owner, and these goons show up in your place of business. You just found out you are going to have a juke box in your bar. There it is! It is being placed right next to their cigarette machine. They like you.

Now, all you have to do is make sure patrons use them. You will. No doubt about that. This well dressed man knows that too. You have a "Night Spot". The local paper will say so. You get a discount on the liquor. It comes right off the truck. There is a big strike going on. See the driver just stopped his truck there outside, and ran off for you. You get seven percent of everything. You'll take it. They will do the rest. But, you have got to be there always for them. This is called a "sweetheart" arrangement, or deal. That is all there is to it.

The Six Maggots of Culture
Hearing: Music; Rude
Sight: The Arts; Trash
Taste: Gourmand; Swill
Smell: Perfume; Stench
Touch: Sensation; Dirty
Mind: Thought: the Worm of Hel; Obscenity

Here is some Jack Lore according to the Quirken. Understand, they have these quirks. One of these quirks is a mindless hatred of authority.
Jack is a peasant trusted by the Crown of England.
"Jack be Nimble" is a man being burned at the stake.
"Jack of All Trades but, a Master of None". That is a dead man.
"Jack O' Lantern" is a human skull.

Here is some Hippy Lore.

"Don't be a Dick." That is a private investigator.

"Off the Pig!" Kill police.

"P.I.G. Peace in Germany." That is a Fascist, by the way.

"C9" That is cyanide poison for someone. Street jargon for it.

"Eight ball." Like "behind the eight ball." Eighth letter of the alphabet, namely "H" for heroin.
Some of the panhandlers were police informants. This was a good cover so they could be paid.

"Hobo" means whore's boy. Also called, like their mother a "tramp". It came into fashion after World War I. The dough boys were greeted in this fashion. World War I, or Wilson's War was the most unpopular war in American history. The issue was jobs since the returning war heroes wanted their place in Society back. "Sambo" is another variation of this theme. "Sambo" is Uncle Sam's boy.

Cop comes from the British word Copper; a kind of currency. Somehow, in America it came to mean a corrupt policeman who could bought for a Copper. A terrible insult to any police.
Rock and Roll: Rock means solid music, and Roll is movement.

Then we have a few Fairy Tales.

"Cinderella" is a Witch burned to ashes. Those ashes are scattered on the Corn Field. Corn is a generic name for Grain of any kind. Reborn as the "Corn Maiden".
"Snow White" is a Witch that is put out during the Winter. Reborn as The Ice Maiden.

"Old Man Winter" is a Wizard that has died like Rasputin. Is reborn among his Tribe as a Divine Child.

Little Red Riding Hood is the Little Red Witch of Rome, or maybe the Goddess Freya.

Hansel and Gretel are Pumpkins. They are two Big Pumpkins on the Vine. It is a Fertility Sign.

The "Wheat Sheaf" as known in Heraldry is "Dagon" (Corn) another Form of MLK that comes from Plenty: Tanith Pene El.

The Triune Candle Holder is actually a "Burning Cross". It is a traditional Call to War. Sacred to Mars, the Voice of Authority, and not be confused with the Mithraic Deity Artagnes Herakles Ares.

Now, it is time to know about the hidden aspects of Love. There is a difference between Priapus, and priapi. Priapus is a Mithraic Deity. Unsuitable for our attention here. However, the priapi are very different. That is part of a relationship with something that is not human. Pay attention to that.

Once upon a time. There was a Fisherman. The Fisherman is on an atoll. So our Fisherman has everything He needs to be a Fisherman for Tanith Pene El. This story should give you a picture of kind of what She is like, sometimes. All He has to do is catch fish. He gets to have some. That's true.

He is out in his boat. He always has one. He has fishing tackle. He always has that too. That is he does is fish. That is what fishermen do. He catches fish all the time. When he is not out fishing in his boat. He has traps catching fish all the time for him. He fishes all the time. That is twenty four/ seven.

Way down there coming up from the depthes is a giant cuttlefish. That one is his friend. They are not mates yet, but, they will be. So he is securing his gear. He will do that for her. There is one reason. That is because, she keeps him safe. He is safe. She is right there on top for the tribute due her. That is four good fish a day. There is no porpose, no seal, no shark to bother the fishing. She can do that too. You see she can't catch fish, but he can. That is the relationship. This continues for a space. Until, she starts to kind of like him. You know they can't mate with each other. But, somehow they do. He knows he can't go in the water, and do that. She knows that too. Giant cuddlefish, and her fisherman are very intelligent regarding this matter. That is the relationship they have. This where this priapi happens to culminate that Divine Union. That is what happens.

This is a secret of Roman Royalty. What is important is to not disturb this relationship. This preserves the stasis. Stability is important in Rome. Tiberias had Neptune (Dis Pater). Octavian had Honor. Liva had Juno. Understand, that. Romans know how to honor what is sacred. Barbarians can't do that because, they are hopelessly inferior.

The Klansman

Written by Kabal

"Whom the Devil will fool. He first makes wise."

So you know I organized many Ku Klux Klans. Sir Cabal is a Great, Great, Great, Grandfather of Friend Kitten. Now, you know more. Good. The reason was during Reconstruction in the South people were oppressed. No one's family was safe. The meeting place was a klavern. That way everyone got to know each other. There are Three objects that were to be in any of his klaverns.
 There has to be an Image of Dis Pater. Sir Cabal hasn't found any images of Dis Pater worthy of display. There aren't any. But, you can still look for them.

 There has to be a Book. The Book is usually, a complete Bible. In the case of the Jews, the Torah. The Muslims may have their Holy Book as well. That is to govern their conduct within the said klavern.

 There has to be a burning cross, or three candles burning in a single candle holder. It is a Call to Meeting, and also, a Call to War. Nonetheless, there shall be no public display of this object of our adoration.

 You shall not express hatred in any matter towards anybody in public, or even in the sanctity of your homes.

 You shall make no demonstration of said Masonry, because we are sacred.

The klavern is in place. There are rules that must be obeyed in every case.

 We all know brothers should get along, and do business in an ethical manner. Even though they may have some enmity between them. I Kabal have organized Other Masons. But, their ways are so much at variance we can't not marry. Tribal values bar this somehow. I wish they didn't. Someway, we can get by without this violence that intrudes into those relationships. It seems to be super natural because people have Tribal Gods, and the tireless machinations of Satan have there role to play in this social drama. Yes, I organized the Jews. I even did that for the Negroes. The Savages seem to interested in this too. Somehow, someway, and by what ever means we will have our Union.

But, I am frightened. Yet, I know this will bring everything together. I know it will.
You have your Charters. You have worked everything out. Fine, you have done it yourselves. Be proud then. Your families shall prosper.

But, if there should come into being a Dictator. If the Masonry should be known. You will a be in great peril. You have to leave your lands. You must scatter. Then you must assume new names. Leave before this happens. Then we can live elsewhere, wherever we are welcome.
1) You shall not be Greeks, nor shall you partake of any of the ways of Ancient Greece.

2) You shall not have Mithra in any form. None of Mithra's kind shall be hailed in your places. Never sworn in public places. Not at your abode wherever, that may come to pass.

3) You shall not engage in any Spiritual Practice that requires a Snake (Kundalini, Shiva, Shakti, Shaitan) remember the Fall of Adam, and Eve.

4) You shall not put on airs making extravagant claims of Royal personage.

That being said. There must be a place for women. Who are now, coming into their own. The above rules also, apply as well. Otherwise, they may be wailing for Attis, or lighting Lamps for Adonis, or something stupid.

Concerning Something Stupid

The Rites of Cybele
 Cybele partakes of the qualities the Goddess of Athens. He is just like Him. That is because, this is a form of Heracles. They are all men in drag. Not a girl to be found among them. For this is the sickest of the Sick. For they are all born in the image of some Devil. Such as they may have Him. First, there is Adonis. This one is fully mature. The Wild Boar is creeping up on the Sleeping Adonis. Adonis is being held down firmly by His Maidens. Who are all men obeying the Instructions of the Mithraric Ares. There is a boy of five years. He wears the Boar Mask. The cunning of the Wild Boar is manifest fully in Him. His Boar Tusk is surely sharp as sharpness can be then. It shall do. For the surgery must go well. Attis is waiting on His Rope. Otherwise, Attis is impaled on a pole that masquerades as a Tree. Superbly, balanced upon the Instrument of His Godhood. His Peace is certain. The wily Wild Boar is having his way with Adonis. The Wild Boar has devoured the testicles of Adonis. The boy has removed the Mask of Envy. For he is the new Adonis going forth to be adored by the Ladies of Greece. The former God has had His Wound skillfully cauterized. Abandoned by His Maidens in a Lonely Country Place. He mourns the loss of His Maleness for all to see. But, no one is present. He has to survive for two days. Finally, in the distance. There is the clash of cymbals. The noise of merriment. The Divine Procession of Cybele approaches the Place of Sacrifice boisterously. Should He Live. He shall take the place of Cybele. Dressed, and appearing in the manner of the Divine Lady for a season. There are Women there. They all hold the role of priestess. Understand, the Divine Women: the Eunuchs run everything for them only. You may call this an abusive relationship. What do you expect from a Mithraic Goddess. They hate women but, They will use them. They must go forth, and plunder the countryside. They will be able to do this. For the ignorant townsmen know nothing about this Role of Theirs'. Every farmer puts on an almost impenetrable show of Divine Poverty. This is the Land of Stupid. Those hidden stores of the farmer can be had only if they fall for one of their traps, or strategies. They only have a few of those. They are all appeals to superstition, and reverence for some Deity. Make a note of that. So there is tribute due them. But, there must be a Love Exchange. They will tell fortunes, cast lots, and prophesy. Understand, all these people are dangerously religious. These wandering troupes do know everything. After, they are done plundering the countryside. They got to be terrible in town. The Romans found out later. When this Cult came to Rome forever. So now, they can get their Black Stone: the Magna Mater (Great Mother). This was one of the most Evil Cults to get into anything. The later Cult of Isis is also, Evil differently. The Idolatry there is terrible. Then there is the Wine Bibber: Dionysus - The Divine Lout. This is the beginning of the undoing of the Roman Republic. This is where the Wine Bibber transforms into Bacchus. Bacchus is the Evil Drunk. Bacchus is truly the Mithraic Goat. As the Goat gathers Tribute for Mithra to get the Promise of the Man. That is not easy but, possible. That did happen in Rome. Once the Tribute is paid for Mithra's Goat. The Wine Bibber can be the Man as Mithra the Man. This where it gets good. Because, the Friendship has ruined everything. Then Juno can finally act. Juno has to overrule the Great Mother Cybele. For they are both terrible enemies of each Other. Because, the only place this Great Mother has for women is Divine Slavery. For what women wants to be the Slave of even a Divine Lout. Nothing but, a Kingdom of Slavery as Rome keeps filling up with Addicts. The Blameless Physcian shows up to make more Wine Bibbers. Then the Temple of Astarte is being built. That is Tanith as LOVE sneaking into Rome from Lebanon. Tanith is permeating everything in the capital. The Carthagian Tanith has already established the Juno of Rome. That has been there since the founding of Rome. That was treaty with Carthage concerning Rome's disputes with the Etruscans. The Etruscans although being of Greek origin had to bow to the power of Carthage in that matter. However, the Vision of Empire is still in Hellenized World. The Lebanese Tanith has come to found Astarte. Astarte will bring Divine Prostitution. As Rome fills with prostitutes. Those prostitutes will marry Romans. Then they became Matrons of Rome. Asceticism becomes rampant in Rome. Since, addicts hate their bodies. With the Blameless Physician around they will always be like that. This hatred of animals is in them. This is suicide. Mithra is not going to give anybody any reason to not kill themselves. Juno has to confront the Problem of Man, as does Astarte. First they have to kill Grandfather Time: Saturn. Because, He is Greek. The Saturnalia is a Satanic Sacrifice. Saturn is a Devourer. There is a Great Feast in His Honor. That goes on until there is an Exchange of Gifts. Then there is the Sacrifice of the First Born. You see the Problem of Man: Mithra is solved with death, trickery, and deception.

And, we return to the Box Turtle Saga that was in the movie "The Beguiled". We've got the Wandering Krishna in His Warrior Role. That man is totally dangerous. In this scene He is Dionysus the Wine Bibber. Little Girl: Nirrti is in Parlay. The Topic is Love. During this Parlay there has to be a Love Exchange. Little Girl has Box Turtle. He has to love the Box Turtle. Which is the same as loving Little Girl. This is a request. It is not an attack. He is not being attacked by the Box Turtle, or Little Girl. Totally understanding this, Bacchus has intervened. He has slain Box Turtle. For He is Playing the Role of Satan. Little Girl understands He is really Her Enemy. It is certain He is an Enemy of Juno. Hathor despises Him. Persephone is offended. He has found an Enemy in Dis Pater. Nirrti is devastated because, Little Girl offered Love, and got Hate instead. Plainly He is an Enemy of Women and Girls. Again, we have the Problem of Man.

This Other Juno and the Tanith of Lebanon

Well, this is a deep subject. Here we are back in Rome with the Problem of Man. Only thing we have got is Astarte, and Juno. Friend Kitten understands this. How are we going to get anything like peace, and safety with this situation? Organize, organize, organize, and mobilize the masses. Witches, Whores, and Lesbians if they are good with Kitten. Then they are good with everything. Kitten is a God of Love.
Here the big issue is kissing. Friend Kitten has just gotten the results of a huge Kissing Study. Kitten needs to break this to you gently. This study was financed by Government money. There were matching funds. Kitten thought it was fun to have a Kissing Study. You can see they definitely are kissing! That is the first part. Remember, Government money is involved. We needed to find out if they enjoy kissing. They do! Friend Kitten is not a prude. But, it is prudent because, girls are sexual. They are going to have sex with somebody. That is a practical fact of life. Knowing about the Problem of Man. Then you could wind up with one of Those People as a "Boy Friend". You can not afford to get married. Hell you can not even afford to out with him. It is bad to confide in an enemy. Word will be all over town that you are an easy lay in the sack. Who is going to hire you? That will happen if you are hungry for love, and you will be. That is biological. You can't change that. Do you want to be a nun? You are going to have to pair up with another girl. Then that guy can't pick you up easily. That way you won't get raped. You can be raped right out of high school. You can be raped out of a marriage easy. Because, you are lonely. See that can destroy you. You have got to get along with girls. You have got to know people. Men are from another world, and not a friendly one either. A Man's World is not a friendly world. That boy is gay but, he likes you. Don't fall for that.

Then there are creeps like Ted Turner. You have got to be nothing but, "hard shell". You better have your "plastron power". Because, that man is "Snake  Skin". The Real One!

You are going to have to be empowered more by Friend Kitten. All this has to come out of Friend Kitten. This has all  given in Love from Friend Kitten. Everybody gets a Piece of Soul Substance from Friend Kitten. That is to make them Good. That is a Gift you get from Persephone, and Tanith (Plenty). Now, you can have "the Girl".

Astarte has Girls. Astarte is frequently called "the Girl". The Juno that comes from the Tanith of Lebanon is frequently called Madame.

Now, the Soul Gift is the True Blessing of  the Guru. That is the Teacher. That Gift has to go to every Sentient Being in the Universe. That comes from Karma Kagyu Buddhism as the Guru as Buddha. That is according to God's Law of Hospitality. Friend Kitten has done all this to provide for "the Girl".

 Also, there is another Form of Persephone that comes from the City of Blood. This is another Scarlet Woman that is not Mithraic. Therefore, the Red Witch can do more. Understand, Persephone is not normally a Vampire Goddess. The Red Witch can only be with you only at certain occasions. This is not always "Jewish" (Greek) since, Other Peoples have Cabala like this too. They have Mithra instead of God. They also, could be Mithraic Masons. There are certain people that claim to have Hathor, or want Hathor. But, they have harmed girls with their much speaking. Now, they can have a Bloody One. Because, Hathor is Dead. Kitten's most Beloved Persephone killed Hathor. That is why. Hate can be their God. They can be the People of Hate an abhorrence to all Peoples. They can get the Goat of Menes also called, the Goat of Judea to browse away their Mithraic portions. Thereby, bring them into The Land of Servitude. But, Kitten's Beloved Persephone killed that Damn Thing in the Flame of Love. This my matrix, and Persephone owns it.

  We have a Dark Girl that has this Zion Matrix. That was shown in the hit movie "The Matrix". So you can find different Girls as you learn to look for them.

Now, how can Friend Kitten explain this? There is a man. He has harmed girls, even killed girls somehow. At least he has caused that to happen. When you have men like this. Kitten awards him a Nymph of Astarte, or Nymph of Circe, or Both Goddesses into the Center of his Soul. This is to destroy him by Kissing (Vampirism) in the manner of Love (Astarte). This is according to the Way of Rome. This will bring your Temple of Astarte into being.

You probably should see "The Matrix Reloaded", and look for Persephone. This is a spin off. Here Persephone is Not a sentient program. Persephone is the Matrix itself. The One does not know this is so. He could get anything. All he has to do is please Persephone. He does not have to have a Key Maker, see the Architect, fight Agent Smith, or save Zion from anything. The Matrix runs on Love. Persephone wants lovers, not fighters.

 Everything will go on until the Planet can support Life again. That can be hundred of years in the future.

Now, you can do all this too. You have to learn how to care for your Sap. Friend Kitten knows you don't want to love him. But, he does have your Implant. Sort like Mr. Smith when he implanted Mr. Anderson in the movie "The Matrix". By the way, the Zion Matrix, or the Goddess Persephone's Matrix is part of this web page's background. But, this Implant is a Girl, and should look like one. The Girl has to be his Mother to Mother him in order to vampirize him better.  He is being kissed by his mother! He is being Mothered now. Next, he is now, a very married man. He has a devoted Mate, or a Good Wife busy kissing her man to death. Finally, he gets a Mistress. Missy can kiss him to death too.
So make sure the Implant is in there. The Girl is kissing him. That usually is all it takes. That is the Nymph of Astarte.
The there is this matter of the Union. This is this amalgamation of the United States with Great Britain. Obviously, this is enviable There is even a Treaty with the United States concerning this work of pure beauty. King George the Third foretold that!

But, we have a problem. We all have trade with each other. We do. There are a lot of little shops in the import/export business, among other things. Likewise, there are thousands of little businesses constantly engaged in interstate trade, among other things. These are Little Shops of Horror.
We have to consult Maria of Auschwitz on this one. These shops were not unknown in Austria back then. They were very common in Vienna. These are spy fronts. Friend Kitten has noticed one of these enterprises here in Nashville. It is closed by the way. This little place is somewhat representative here. Except, they insulted Kitten. Anyway this Jewish gal came to Nashville from New York. She had connections with the apparel industry. She can get lingerie at cost. Not a bad deal when you are trying to start a business. She opened up shop. But, she has to go out, and model the lingerie. She has to make the rounds hitting all the night spots. She sells enough lingerie to kind of stay in business. Her husband is a lobbyist for the apparel racket. She is really spying for the New York Mob. She does sell some apparel, even blue jeans. She is doing another business out of this shop. She is a major drug trafficker. So far her stuff hasn't gotten anybody killed. Her husband is worse. He is not Jewish. He is also, with the boutique, and even the gun lobby. He has got a big problem with the gun lobby. You see the gun shows do really good here in Nashville. People here like things that go bang. You can even legally buy fireworks in Tennessee. But, New York gun law language was in a piece of legislation that almost made it to the floor. The gun lobby found out their man was married to a Yankee! It's Yankees again! That makes him an agent of the State of New York. Bad!!!  That can get him killed here in Tennessee. Most people don't understand interstate spying. Big secrets, big money, and big danger because, this guy could cost the gun lobby millions of dollars. Understand, that in a few countries it might cost five to ten dollars to pay someone to kill person like him. His wife isn't faring much better. She has sold several ounces of cocaine. But, it comes from New York City. It is pretty good stuff, but that could change. The Nashville Underworld is getting worried about her. You see bad cocaine has killed hundreds of people here in Nashville. Because, it contained a poison meant to do just that.

Fortunately, they didn't get any money from the United States Government! Otherwise, that shop would be a plague here. It would form a small cabal. Then more of these enterprises would open up forming still more of these cabals. The pattern overseas matches the pattern of Pre War Vienna, Austria.

Kitten has found out that These People: the Beachcombers have killed Father Love. Wantonly killing sea turtles is really hated by Kitten. That sea turtle is actually sacred to Astarte. Before, Kitten knew these creeps killed sea gulls, and played a lot really mean pranks. Then they were not connected to this Cult. But, that was thirty years ago. There has been a remarkable escalation in this activity even internationally.

In Pre War Austria a small sea turtle shell was worth three hundred dollars back then. That is a Ridley's sea turtle. This shell had magical properties with the klepoth. Just like rhino horn is used by the Chinese. So is sea turtle shell is used by superstitious Jews, and Hindoos as a kind of "medicine".

Anyway, there were several businesses that were prone to this kind behavior. One was sea shells. Music was always a big favorite.
Kitten will come back to this subject later.

Well here we are again in the Under Ground Stream of Neptune. This all about free enterprise both here, and abroad. You know this must be about rackets again. Sure enough, there are plenty of those. But, the War Department is in on this too. These enterprises are all run by the Mob. They seem to be anyway. It all starts out as a loan. Now, everybody knows loans have to be repaid. That money goes somewhere else, to get the even sweeter reloan. This continues all long as that show business,  enterprise, or little shop of horror continues to operate enriching the New York Mob. Why are they doing this? They're Yankees! Yankees hate Southerners. They do. Yankees hate foreigners. True. They are all spy fronts. Some countries might be gullible enough to believe something else. But, maybe they shouldn't. It won't take long for people in that land to notice this economic "death of a thousand cuts". As their capital is hemorrhaging out of their country. Do you wonder why Spain is having a hard time? Lebanon used to be a prosperous country. Then there is Greece. Do notice that the English are starting to lose patience?

The problem is exclusion in the United States in various forms. It is either New York, or California. It is endless forms of shaking people down. This came out of the Kennedy era. When a country is getting ready to fight World War III there is nothing but, this hostility. The United States State Department has not been told to stand down, and stop fighting.

Now, Friend Kitten has to award you the Kitten Daemon that comes from the God Kitten. Kitten is with you. Regardless of whether you are right, or wrong. Once, you are with Kitten. Kitten stays with you. Then Friend Kitten teach you better. You will be able to do this too. Once, you realize your own Deity as who you are. Good.

Now, that you gotten your Kitten Daemon. It is time to introduce you to Mushika. This is Mouse. Mouse will do things for you. "It all begins, and ends with the Mouse." That is when you are contending for the land. If you are a realtor you will love it. If you understand what Kitten is trying to tell you.

 The Zion Matrix of Destruction has been used to consume the opposition. That is to end the previous Eon. Since, it is too corrupt to continue. Understand, this work will continue as needed. But we have to put something else in its place. We are establishing the Administration.  This is building a new Zion. That is to accommodate all our Deities. That is the Dwelling Place that we have.

As you know Mice get into everything. That makes Mushika valuable to us. You have to pay attention to that. That is why Kitten went war against the Krishnoids: Western Krishna Students. They were unworthy of Mouse. Because, Kitten wanted Mouse. They do not deserve to have Snake either. These are Emblems, by the way.

 The Goat of India Mithra has been used on my People to gain spiritual control of their Lives. That is really part of it. In order to come up for an antidote for this Poison we have to use another Poison. That is Another Goat. That is Another Devil. He will serve Hathor. But, thanks to my Beloved Goddess Persephone those Goats are history.

 Whereas, when Mithra is bound to the service of Krishna. But, the Greater should not be in the service of the Lesser Godhead. That is Mithra the Man. This probably came from a real Mithriac Person. He was an Adept of the Occult Rank. He was caught by several Krishna People. He was forced to go into the body of a goat. Then the goat was released after his human shell was dead. So he was trapped inside the "goat shell" until the Day of Glad Tidings. That happened during the times of the Roman persecution of the Mithriac People. Lord Tiberius Caesar did this to Mithraic People, but the Emperor always slew the Goat for the Great Night Feast. That is the Truth of the Man. So we can't have Him. We can not get this Goat of India free from Krishna. Hence, people that do get Mithra in this manner tend to murder. This is what it does.

 This Goat has been given to people in my country without their complete knowledge, and consent. They have even sworn Oaths by Him! That is abominable. This Goat seeks to be born in a human form to complete His karmic journey. Nirrti still has claim on Him. But, He has to break free from Krishna first. Thus, He is always contriving Krishna's undoing. Many Yogis know how to give this Goat to their Students thinking it is some species of blessing. Most of them do! That Goat is Dead, now.

 Mithra is actually Incarnate on this Planet as either, Man or Woman. Mithra is native to Macedonia, and is the Man. To a person of Macedonian Ancestry Mithra is legitimate. Then Mithra isn't the Devil. The life of Alexander the Great is a case in point here. Although, many of the Peoples that were conquered by Alexander the Great may have believed he was. Understand, you can not kill Mithra's Person to take his God to serve you.

 Should they ever have Krishna, and adore Him. You can only get Krishna as your Lord and Master if you are born in a certain Region in India, and are of that Caste. Or, you have to do the Brahman Yoga. Otherwise, like Mithra: Krishna will be illegitimate hence hostile.

 That is why Kitten teaches that Krishna, or Mithra are Good only with certain Bloodlines. Ditto for YHVH! That capped Jane Fonda's Power. That is the Power of the Parthian Empire. That is Alexander the Great. Thus having abdicated Mithra. Kitten will be more than happy to relieve Jane Fonda of her Ancestral Burden. Persephone grabbed it for Kitten. The Girls of Macedonia will like getting Mithra from Kitten. Kitten, is such a Good Kitten! They lower themselves unspeakably should they worship Krishna. For the Greater should not worship the Lesser. Then they are in danger of being Possessed, and Governed by the Goat of India. But, the Goat is no more.
 That happened to Jane Fonda early in her life. It was Tanith that helped her Incarnate as a Mithraic Person with full powers. But, she has ignored Tanith. She got Mouse, and used Mouse wrongly. She has given this perverse practice to her students, and her relatives. She has turned against Mari-am, and has even harmed Kitten immeasurably. As a matter of fact, Jane Fonda is intolerant of any God that isn't herself. For the Goat has had His Way with Her. For Evil has Ways, and the Goat must follow those Ways always. Jane Fonda can also, give the Goat of India to anyone in her presence that can have Him. As a result Lauren Holly has the Goat of India, and this has gotten into the Masons too. Thus, she gained great favor from that Devil God. That has caused Mithraic Cults to form around this God of Light. They can live as long as they do not break any of those Laws that Bind Mithra the Man or the Woman. But, they broke those Laws of Manu. All of them. They have harmed Brahmans by their much talking, and even caused Brahmans to be murdered. They can not be reborn in a Good Life. This Curse of the Goat can go into Their Blood even into Their People. If this Curse gets into the Jews for example it can get into all of them. So they will tend to be murderous. They will be thieves. Natural liars, and wreckers. Very, very, very bad people. You see this Mithraic Goat is Satan. Who wants that in their bloodline?

The Girl has a beautiful romantic story for you. Once upon a time, in the far away Land of Mew. Mew!  There is a Kingdom. Friend Kitten is a King there sometimes. Least for the duration of this story. The King in Yellow is there as the Divine Coward. He always has Two Big Witches with Him. He rules in the City of Love (Auschwitz). Father Love is swimming through Oceans of Love with His Mate. Box Turtle is grazing peacefully in the strawberry patch, and there are two of them, of course. Watch out for Snapping Turtle. They can run like hell. They bite! They're strictly Hard Shell. The Pika  are safe in their Mountain Strongholds. Mouse is in His Mouse House with Mrs. Mouse. The Giant Cuddle Fish has come up from the depths. The Birds are singing. The Holly Trees are in full bloom. The Cherry Blossoms are magical. Old Man Winter is dead. Mr. Saturday has declared every day to be Saturday. The School Boys all like that. The Happy Guns are in their Gun Houses living in their Gun Cases. Sometimes they go out hunting. They still can. And, the Extravagance goes on.

In the Temple of Astarte there is just one rule: no fighting. You are never going to learn anything about the Girl Goddess if you are fighting Her. The first thing you must know is there is Peace, and Safety in Her Temple. Such as it is. Mars likes that, by the way. Because, the Roman does not want the Ladies of Rome to fight Him. Sometimes, this is a Whore's Marriage. Mars knows how to not fight. There are times when fighting is not appropriate. There are people out there that have been fighting for so long. They do not know they are fighting. Mars likes being Civilized. This is the Great Extravagance of Mars. He likes it. Mars is a Boy again. Astarte is a Girl. Astarte acts like a very young Girl in Her Temple. Mars will not marry an Enemy. Mars knows something. War is terrible. Mars is a God of War. Fighting is appropriate during wartime only. Even then fighting only belongs on the battlefield. It does! Mars trains people to fight. Mars trains people to abstain from fighting. Soldiers learn how to cease fire. After War the soldiers stop fighting. Mars is a Policeman always. Mars lets women into the ranks the police these days. Because, Mars is Married. During peacetime no one should be fighting.

If we read the Christian Scriptures like the Apostle Paul. Then were always fighting. So we have a real Fighting Book. We can even call it the "Sixth Book of Moses". If you follow the prescriptions contained in the "Good Book". You will be taught all about fighting. You will learn this at home, and in a good Christian Church. These Churches can be said to be Institutions of Fighting each other.

Judaism is likewise burdened with their own Fighting Book. All the above applies to the Jews as well as Christians. Jews don't fight each other as much as Christians like fighting so much. That is because, there are not as many Jews. Their Religion has no value in the marketplace. Because, there you have to agree on something important like cigarettes. It's good for business. If you can't agree on anything you can't have much of a marketplace that will employ everybody.
But, these days this seems kind of stupid. Because, it is stupid. Those values are not universal values. Although, they may think so sometimes. People can't live with their values because, they are different. Different, not bad, different. That does not make them freaks either. Their norms can not be shared by everybody. We can see these people are really fighting. They are being defensive. They are lying to us about this problem of theirs. Fighting.

Have you ever eaten corn on the cob? That is a bit of extravagance that we have. When you see it disappearing out of the supermarkets. You will know we all have a problem.

Friend Kitten is Extravagant too. Kitten likes being in the Temple of Astarte. What Kitten does in the Temple of Astarte. Is no one else's business. It costs a lot. It is a Big Extravagance for Kitten, But it is worth it. Don't bother Mars in the Temple of Astarte. Especially, when Mars is with His Mate. Mars knows there is no War. People outside should not disagree with Mars. If they value their lives.

 Christians have Rules. They do. Jews have Rules. They do too. Islam has Rules. They do. Hindus have Rules. They do. Buddhists have Rules. They do. There are Other Religions that have Rules too. They all do. Those Rules may work for them in their own camps. But, they don't work for us. Because, we have our own camp too.

Kitten has only one rule for them all. Stay in their own camp. Outside their camp their rules don't apply to everyone. They should pay attention to that. They should be on their very best behavior outside their camp. Because, that will disgrace them if they violate the Greater Rules. That is to insure peace, and safety for everyone. That means no fighting. Not making life harder for other people that aren't theirs. They shall oppress no one even, when they are in charge. They shall not start wars.

Astarte likes to play Secretary. Organizing your life, scheduling, making appointments, and making sure you keep them. And, there is more. Yes: the Girl becomes Your Girl, or My Girl. This was sixty years in the making. The Girl has never been down from Heaven at all. There are Other Girls. Any one of Them could be Your Girl. They are like young girls. You have to be very careful. What you want will be what you get. There is one thing. Once, you are in the Temple of Love you have to know you are secure. Because, girls fantasize. They do! Young girls have no problem with this, by the way. That is why this is for girls. That is a good way to meet the Deities. Meet Them in the Temple of Love. All of Kitten's Deities are there in the Temple of Love.

 The Kitten Daemon is there too in Kitten Form. That is Kitten's best Form. There is nothing scary about Kitten in that Temple of Persephone. Kitten teaches Girls. That is important. When girls are being girls. Leave them alone. Let them be themselves. Kitten does not bother girls, and no one should. Kitten is such a Good Kitten!

Then we have Persephone in the Temple of Love. Persephone being a Love Goddess has Her own Temple of Persephone there. Persephone is the Corn Maiden, and the Queen of May. The Corn Maiden: the Lady of Renaissance can take care of Kitten's Wheat Sheaf as a Family matter. Persephone is also known as, the Scarlet Woman along with Persephone's Sister Deities: Nirrti, Ceres, and Tanith. Persephone is also called, the Toten Girl. Her emblem is a human skull. Her Implant looks like that, but turns into a Girl later. Persephone is Another Girl. Persephone is a Witch Goddess. Persephone has all the qualities of Venus. Persephone presides over Girls, Love, Sex, and Death. Love Spells, and Death Spells are identical with Persephone. That is Mating Somebody with an Instrument of Death. Persephone is a Goddess of Euthanasia. Here Persephone is the Siren, and the Vampiress.
Kitten has found a whole Forest of Pomegrantes right here Nashville. The pomegrantes are still blooming. Kitten will fresh pomegranates in September! There are still pomegranates in the grocery stores today.

 Persephone will Release somebody who is in Hospice. Only girls can do this Witchcraft. Kitten can't do this Witchcraft. But, Kitten's Girl Friend Persephone can. Persephone is explaining the proper way to do this Witchcraft to Release someone. You have to look like a glamorous seductive Witch. The Witch Role is important. The Witchcraft might work over a distance, but you probably have to be present with the person to be released. Ideally, there should be three highly skilled Witches there. Privacy is essential. This is very much like guided meditation. Here a candle is used as a prop. The person to be released has been implanted, and ready to die. It is important that the person to be released is silent. Persephone is a Love Goddess; an Atmosphere of Love must be present. It should be sexual for the seduction to work. Understand, you, and coworkers are going to have to mate that person with the Flame of Love. You have to put him in the candle using your empathy. That is the Supernal Flame of Persephone. Persephone can do that because, Persephone is Kore. Here Persephone is a Young Girl: a Teenager. You might hear Persephone giggling, and talking to Other Girls. Those Girls are Persephone's Sisters. They will hold that person in the Flame of Love too.You are going have to keep them there in the Flame of Love while they are "Going Up", "Feeling Better", " He will no longer experience the Pain of Existence like he does now." You have to say that a lot. Eventually, their soul will catch fire as they continue to"Go Up". They should die within a short time: probably within an hour. Keep everything secret: don't advertise. If you have the talent this will work. Otherwise, you will feel better.

Sometimes, the Loving Cup of Persephone will work better in hospice. The Loving Cup comes from the Loving Cup of Plenty: a Gift of Cath. This a pledge with Another Sisterhood. Here our man is mated with the Loving Cup of Persephone. All rituals of Life, or Death are carried out in the same manner. You have to draw him into the Cup.

Now, this is a strong soul. You will have to beat them down with the Wand of Persephone. It is something sexy. He can be mated with celery stalk, candy cane, or cigarette in her holder.

Knowing all this you can integrate all the above practices into your Persephone work. Persephone will like you, and you will do good.

 Hate Spells don't work. Because, we don't use the Scape Goat. That will always come back on you. The Goddess will kill you if you do. You can't consort with the Enemy. Because, that Thing causes the persecution of women.

 Persephone is a Girl Friend of Kitten.
You must understand that this is all a fantasy. Most of this material here is a real fantasy brought to you by Persephone. You are in a safe place. It is okay to have fantasies. You are in a place of Love. You have to find out if Persephone is compatible with you. You understand a Kiss is just a Greeting. Kissing won't harm you. There is no Vampire there. Persephone has to introduce Herself. Persephone is being Friendly. There is a Rule. When Persephone is Friendly. You have to be Friendly. There are Three Big Rules: God's Law of Hospitality, Tanith's Law of Sharing, and Persephone's Law of Friendship. The Hidden Law: don't harm Kitten! Persephone just might give you a Kiss, and leave. There is no harm in that. That means Persephone really likes you. Pay attention to Kitten.
 Kittens are not vampires. No! They are kittens. Kitten does not do that either. Kittens are not sirens. No! They are kittens. Kitten does not do that either. Kittens can't harm people. No! They can't. They are kittens. Kitten does not do that either. Kitten is like the Buddha that holds nothing back in His clenched fist. Kittens have paws. They can't do that. They are kittens. There you have everything! Kitten looks for more always.

 Persephone noticed there don't seem to be any Angels around. That is a Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, and Other Supernumeraries of a Gnostic God that really isn't around. We will put that in the Flame of Love, and let that "All Go Up" with the rest of that bad World Soul. Actually, this World Soul should be burned up all the time since it doesn't favor you. That is good witchcraft isn't it?
 There is a lot of elaborate iconography in the Christian Churches, and in Judaism that peaked in the Middle Ages. This died out as the Black Death swept Europe. All the Angels got sick, and died. You are lucky. You have Persephone. Persephone wants you to know you can have fantasy but, pay attention to what goes on around you. Then the plague, and a host of other ills will not beset you. You can look this stuff up. Do that!

A Soul is a Hunting, and Gathering Device. You can lose your Soul, but it will grow back as long as your body is alive. You are not going to lose your Soul. Your are going to be a Cat. Persephone is going to do something really good for you. Persephone is going to put all those spirits, ghosts, elementals, larva, demons, devils, dead Saints, dead Gurus, Angels, spiritual guides, klepoth, and whatever else, that can haunt you in the Flame of Love. That is all "Going Up" too. You don't need any contact with the dead! It is just that clean. Persephone is making sure it is all burning up on the Other Side. Persephone will keep doing that to keep you free from Hades. You don't need ghosts to tell any fortunes. Stay sane, be sociable, and your future is assured.
 You should feel good. You should never feel depressed. That could be a health issue. You need to check into that. This is all a learning experience. You have to keep it up. You can dress up a as a Her Witch on Halloween, but keep it that way. You can have a purification ceremony with a real candle maybe two times a year. You can burn incense like this too. This can be accomplished with juju out there. You can do this around a camp fire with your friends. You can toast mash mellows, and hot dogs while you share "scary stories" with each other.
 You see Persephone is a Good Girl Friend. Persephone will do things for you. Persephone will get you Pure. Of course, keep everything secret.
Look! There is a picture of Persephone. Persephone has already had a piece of pomegranate. Persephone wants to share the rest with you. You can even drink pomegranate juice with your new Girl Friend. That means Persephone likes you. You can buy pomegranates for Persephone. You can eat them with your Girl Friend too. Then you can plant the pomegranate seeds together. Be sure to plant a least one pomegranate tree for Persephone. You will need to spend twenty days of solitude talking to Persephone. By then you have realized Persephone. Persephone is your Girl Friend. You will be in the Bliss of Persephone.
 This whole teaching of Persephone is about how to not get sick, and/or not to die because somebody wants you to.

So we have a beautiful Holly Story. Holly is a Deity of Plasma. There is Plasma deep near the Earth's Core. Persephone is the Magnetic Power of Kore. Now, plasma is mixed with the magma deep underground. A volcano erupts from time to time spewing out this magma plasma mixture. The lava exhibits behavior that is very different from molten rock. True.
 There is a man. He is wearing his white suite. But, it won't protect him entirely. Yet, he thinks he can get close enough to that lava flow without being harmed. Technically, the heat of that lava flow only radiates for ten feet, or four meters on either side. Also, lava radiates other electromagnetic energy that can harm you for about three hundred feet. Our man is a volcanologist that is measuring those various phenomena. He has made a grave error. Holly has spied him from three miles away. "What is this white suite? Maybe, he wants to meet Holly. The natives of that Polynesian Island always romanced Holly like that. But, they knew Holly as "Pele". "I am Pele, I burn for you." Then there was the Merry Chase. Pele always got Her Man." This is the taboo of everything. Here Holly is primordially sentient. Pele has some of the Sentience of the Lake of Holly. Holly is Super Sentient. The man in the white suite does not know he is being serenaded by Pele. That he is nearing the end of his years. Lava doesn't flow uphill does it? He doesn't think it can. But, it is coming. Look! It just got him! Now, you have to understand that he doesn't die exactly. Somewhere in some place he will be born again to continue the Merry Chase of Pele. That can be anywhere on Earth. Only after he has regained "all his senses".

Queen Persephone has commanded the Banshee to protect Kitten's Family from Our Enemies. Kitten has finally gained the Man. You see, Friend Kitten's Girl Friend has found the means for Kitten to be a Man for Her as soon as Kitten's Girl Friend discovered the Secrets of Mithra for Him. Kitten always goes out, and get good things for the people that love Kitten. The gifts will keep coming!

Persephone has informed Friend Kitten that LSD (lysergic acid diethyl amine) is making a comeback. Also, you will be in danger if you take this: probably a pill. This substance produces a distorted sense of values, bad empathy, and LSD is scary. That lasts for about twelve hours. LSD has long term effects by degrading romance, desire, compassion, and love. That is bad. The Administration does not like LSD. Especially, the way this drug has been formulated. It has a narcotic-like poison beta keto mixed with it. That causes a common phenomenon noted in the 60's called "burn out". It also, has several analogues that are mixed with this LSD. It is very strong even for an experienced tripper. Be warned!

Let us get back with Persephone as a Girl Friend. Persephone is the foundation of a kind of Yoga that Friend Kitten has with Persephone. Persephone is not a Shakti, and you don't have a Shakta. Persephone is a Love Goddess synonymous with the Goddess Aphrodite: the Dark Girl. This a form of Bhakti Yoga while understanding that Persephone always remains Other even though Persephone becomes you, and you become Persephone. That is so Persephone can get to know you intimately. Persephone as your Girl Friend is interested in Marriage. By now, you are at least Engaged, and Persephone is your Finance. After all your Girl Friend wants to know all about you. Persephone needs to know all about your body, and why it is like that. People are maladapted in many areas of their lives. Living strategies that were even useful can become an encumbrance later on. You may not even know that. Other people may not be able to recognize these life ways as bad, or might vaguely suspect it. Persephone is not human. Persephone is also very objective, and can find these things easily. Your Girl Friend will alter your habits, thinking patterns, and behavior. Your Girl Friend will inquire into, and weed out shame, guilt, horror, hatred, and investigate the causes of any visceral response you have ever had in your life as Persephone's Life. Persephone will find any relationship you have with another Deity especially if it is hostile, and find a solution for you. That can be very scary if you are not prepared for this sort of Limited Union. This will go on for awhile until you are Persephone's Daughter Goddess. Understand, you are not going to be devoured, or destroyed, and you won't die as a result of Persephone's affection. You are not going crazy. You are supposed to be in Love with Persephone. Who is your Beloved. During this time, there is only one Deity: Persephone. This is when Persephone has become your Main Deity: the Centre of Your Universe. Persephone is the Sun, and you are in Her orbit. You are totally Her's, and Persephone is totally Your's. This is Lovee. Persephone has picked you up. Persephone sweeps you off your feet. Persephone has chosen you. LOL: Lots of Love.

 Persephone is acting as a Lieutenant for all of Kitten's Deities. Kitten is Persephone's Lieutenant Deity that acts in the Name of Persephone. So Friend Kitten's relationship with Persephone is very intimate. It is a kind of marriage. Yet, Kitten is not Pluto, or Hades (Ades). He is the God Kitten. Imagine if you will, a eight week old kitten wearing a harness. Attached to Kitten's harness is a golden chain held in the right hand of the Goddess Persephone. Everywhere Kitten is including Kitten's Daemon, Persephone is there too. The relationship of Kitten with Persephone that is somewhere between a pet, and a husband. Kitten can not be a boyfriend since, Persephone hates men. Persephone is busy making Kitten a God, not a man. Kitten is a Daughter Goddess. That is to bring Friend Kitten into the Sisterhood with Persephone. It is very much the relationship Persephone has with girls as a Girl Friend.
You can practice Candle Meditation as a means of concentrating, and focusing your mind for two minutes a day. However, any object you find pleasing can be used too.

Mari-am is a Sister Goddess of Persephone. Friend Kitten was born with the God Kitten. Persephone is very ancient, and comes from Lebanon. Persephone has Juno like qualities. Persephone is a Goddess of Peoples. Persephone is the best Goddess you can have for Building Up the Blood. This is the Secret of Vampirism. You can take all the best qualities out of someone's bloodline, and add them to your blood without them knowing it. This is taken from boys. They shouldn't be harmed afterwards according to the Law of Persephone. That is what a vampire really does. Kitten can give Persephone. Persephone, and Kitten has a Daughter Goddess named Jane. Both Persephone, Kitten, and Jane frequently incarnate.

 There are several Sister Goddesses of Persephone. They are the Goddess June (not Juno), and the Goddess July. July likes to be called Julia. Both of them are Ancient Roman Goddess hence the months June, and July are named after them. Hera (Juno) is a Sister Goddess of Persephone that is also called Athena (Minerva). Of course, the Goddess Ceres (Demeter) also known as, Circe is Persephone's Sister Goddess. Persephone has still has Daughter Goddesses on the Other Side who will soon be with us.
Sophistry, especially of the psychological warfare variety always seeks to get the enemy to believe in something totally absurd. Failing that at least to imbue the enemy with shame, and guilt. But, the temperance attack has been overdone. Appeals to human rights still follow the temperance pattern. So the moral high ground is nowadays a no man's land. So Dadaism will have to suffice. That body theft is real. That everything is witchcraft. That witches can put spells on people that work supernaturally. That witches can really burn up a person's soul. Mind you,whatever a soul is questionable. That vampires can steal your blood heritage. The Blind Dragon can devour a person's manhood. That you can fly to the moon on a broomstick.You can literally turn base metals into gold. You can build a perpetual motion machine. There is probably a better explanation then is presented in such Sophistry. This is what Persephone wants you to know. Pay attention to Kitten.

A Love Poem
by Kitten

This is Love Talk. You have to do that for at least twenty days in perfect solitude until you realize the Bliss of Persephone. It could take as long as year since solitude of this nature may be not always practical. You have to talk out loud to Persephone every day. Nobody can be there but, you. You have to understand Persephone is sexual with girls. Persephone does not have any shame, or guilt. Neither, will you be controlled by shame, or any other such trickery of enemies, or circumstance. Persephone is like a teenage girl. You can use the "Pomegranate Girl" picture until get a kind of Satori with her. Then you may find Persephone will be your New Girl Friend. Persephone is a Unitary Goddess. Even though Persephone is with millions young girls. Persephone is very, very, very personal with each one of them. Persephone is still One Persephone. Persephone is not a "Stage Persona" like entertainers sometimes have to represent their careers. That "Stage Personality" is a klepoth, or "shell" that is intimately connected with their Death. When a klepoth matures it is ready to die. That is what they do. It acts as a God. "Ye shall be as Gods knowing Good, and Evil." That is Snake's Promise but, it is a Big Lie. You can be Reborn, or Reincarnated if you will. That is not true. Kitten knows this. Persephone might be able to do this for Kitten. Because, Persephone says so. That has to be worked out. If that is possible, then that will happen. Persephone has found souls that have the marks of reincarnation. But, Persephone can find out how they did this. Persephone wants Kitten around all the time. It seems that Kitten is mortal. Enjoy life while you have it!

 Understand, a "Stage Persona" can out live the person that has it. Yet, it is not that real person once they are dead, and gone. You can't use any such thing because, it will kill you. In Hindustan all they have as klepoth, and not any real Deities! Fortunately, we all know that system was derived from the Religion of Ancient Greece under Alexander the Great. If they had any real Gods they would have conquered the World. So what they have are these Devil Gods.
 The first thing Persephone did is kill them in order to have Kitten for Herself. Because, Persephone does not want Kitten to die.

 Cath (Plenty) does the same thing for girls according to what Persephone has told Kitten. Of course, Cath is a different Deity that has Cath's own Cult of Women. It is a small Cult. Cath is in this world, and is a trustworthy Goddesss.